Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada

Recherche subventionnée - Résultats du concours des Subventions de développement Savoir

Année de concours 2023


Athabasca University

Candidature Greene, Carolyn - Athabasca University 55 747 $
CoCandidature Maier, Katharina - Université de Winnipeg  
CoCandidature Urbanik, Marta-Marika - University of Alberta  
  Exploring the Relationship between Victimization, Spatial Mobility and Settlement among People Experiencing Homelessness
Candidature Armstrong, Jolene - Athabasca University 66 750 $
CoCandidature Tschofen, Monique - Toronto Metropolitan University  
Collaboration Egan, Kelly - Trent University  
Collaboration Fan, Lai-Tze - University of Waterloo  
Collaboration Fisher, Caitlin - Université York  
Collaboration Joosse, Angela - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Maaren, Kari - Toronto Metropolitan University  
Collaboration O'Flynn, Siobhan - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Pruska-Oldenhof, Izabella - Toronto Metropolitan University  
Collaboration Wang, Fangmin - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Digital Imaginations and the Decameron Storyworld (DIDS)

MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University)

Candidature Cankaya, Ozlem - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University) 45 142 $
CoCandidature Bulut, Okan - University of Alberta  
CoCandidature Leach, Jamie - Mount Saint Vincent University  
CoCandidature Milne, Emily - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University)  
CoCandidature Rohatyn-Martin, Natalia - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University)  
Collaboration Fagan, Laurie - MacEwan Institute for Research on Family and Youth  
Collaboration Shuchuk, Adine - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Storvold, Hannah - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Examining parent-child play types, duration, and engagement with loose parts: How parental income, educational attainment, and children's age and cognitive functioning shape loose parts play
Candidature Asirifi, Mary - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University) 62 210 $
CoCandidature Adjei, Charles - University of Ghana  
CoCandidature Burgess-Pinto, Elizabeth - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University)  
CoCandidature Gateri, Hellen - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University)  
Collaboration Naab, Florence - University of Ghana  
Collaboration Reisdorfer, Emilene - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University)  
  Development and validation of a culturally sensitive stigma scale for adolescents with disabilities in a Sub-Saharan Africa context
Candidature Woywitka, Robin - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University) 67 994 $
CoCandidature Reyes, Alberto - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Jankunis, Vincent - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Krista Gilliland, Krista - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Geoarchaeology of Boreal Forest Dune-Wetland Complexes in Alberta, Canada
Candidature Wright, Jessica - MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan University) 61 258 $
CoCandidature Burkholder, Casey - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
  Centering Queer Joy in Response to Gender-based Violence in Schools (Queer Joy!)

University of Alberta

Candidature Rak, Julie - University of Alberta 43 946 $
  Paper lives, post-digital connections: contemporary journaling
Candidature Kotelnikova, Yuliya - University of Alberta 72 763 $
  Mapping the Development of Self-Regulation: A Multi-Factorial, Multi-Method Approach
Candidature Fraser, Crystal - University of Alberta 68 050 $
  Gwiizii ts'àt gwitàatsàh, We Will Make It Better: A History of Truth, Reconciliation, and Indigenous Activism in Northern Canada, 1969 to Present
Candidature Markle, Josh - University of Alberta 66 819 $
  Pre-service teachers' embodied experiences of task design for spatial reasoning: a sensory ethnographic approach
Candidature Babenko, Oksana - University of Alberta 73 990 $
CoCandidature Daniels, Lia - University of Alberta  
  Developing a contemporary measure of lifelong learning
Candidature Demmans Epp, Carrie - University of Alberta 71 784 $
CoCandidature Cutumisu, Maria - Université McGill  
Collaboration Rivard Dexter, Julia - Aucune affiliation principale  
  I hate this lesson! Understanding how children manage their affect during online reading lessons
Candidature Jacquet, Marianne - University of Alberta 60 913 $
  Discours et savoir-agir inclusif de directions d’écoles francophones en Alberta : le cas de l’insertion professionnelle des enseignant.e.s d’origine immigrante et de minorités visibles
Candidature Lafreniere, Katherine - University of Alberta 61 876 $
CoCandidature Moore, Sarah - University of Alberta  
  Thanks, but no thanks: How firms should respond to positive word of mouth
Candidature Lewkowich, David - University of Alberta 71 835 $
  Learning to listen to the background sounds of school: A research-creation project to defamiliarize and renew the relationship between literacy education and the social conditions of sonic life
Candidature Oak, Arlene - University of Alberta 71 958 $
CoCandidature Anderson, Jane - Oxford Brookes University  
Collaboration Colwill, Simon - Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus  
Collaboration Nicholas, Claire - University of Oklahoma  
Collaboration PALLERONI, SERGIO - Portland State University  
  Mapping connections: Investigating experience in Community Design Education
Candidature Pellerin, Martine - University of Alberta 69 928 $
CoCandidature Cotnam-Kappel, Megan - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Collin, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Vivre, réfléchir et agir en ligne (#VRAenligne) : l’éducation à la citoyenneté éthique à l’ère numérique centrée sur les voix et le pouvoir d’agir des jeunes en contextes francophones minoritaires
Candidature Welchman, Jennifer - University of Alberta 20 094 $
  Aesthetic appreciation of nature's choreography
Candidature Meherali, Salima - University of Alberta 65 187 $
CoCandidature Chapola, Jebunnessa - Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina  
CoCandidature Lassi, Zohra - University of Adelaide  
Collaboration Matthews, Brett - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Minhas, Shabnam - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Nabi, Rafat - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Nizamani, Nisar - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Puinean, Giulia - University of Alberta  
  Exploring the financial literacy and numeracy of underserved working women in Pakistan for financial inclusion
Candidature Nagpal, Taniya - University of Alberta 33 633 $
CoCandidature Alberga, Angela - Université Concordia  
CoCandidature Côté, Marilou - Université Concordia  
CoCandidature Nutter, Sarah - University of Victoria  
Collaboration Adamo, Kristi - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Baillargeon, Jean-Patrice - Université de Sherbrooke  
Collaboration Brennand, Erin - University of Calgary  
Collaboration Daniel, Ariadne - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Heslehurst, Nicola - Newcastle University  
Collaboration Piccinini-Vallis, Helena - Dalhousie University  
  Ready for pregnancy and told to lose weight: Exploring the intersect between weight and infertility stigma
Candidature Bayatrizi, Zohreh - University of Alberta 39 312 $
Collaboration Erfani Hossein Pour, Rezvaneh - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Shmatko, Ivan - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Torabi, Samira - University of Alberta  
  Grieving Immigrants: Toward a Critical Conception of Loss and Grief
Candidature George, Rachel - University of Alberta 74 934 $
  Indigenous visions of justice: care and kinship in coastal storied practice
Candidature Ruissen, Geralyn - University of Alberta 66 185 $
  Examining the dynamic nature of physical activity-related subjective well-being over time: An idiographic approach
Candidature Symonds-Brown, Holly - University of Alberta 62 179 $
CoCandidature Ceci, Christine - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Pols, Jeannette - University of Amsterdam  
  Dementia and the Mobilities of Everyday Life in the Public Spaces
Candidature Onyango, Elizabeth - University of Alberta 69 700 $
CoCandidature Beckie, Mary - University of Alberta  
CoCandidature Mayan, Maria - University of Alberta  
CoCandidature Oba, Olufunke (Funke) - Toronto Metropolitan University  
CoCandidature Salami, Oluwabukola - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Bennett, Christine - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Kichere, Joseph - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration McDaniel, Nor'Ali - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Strohschein, Dunsi - University of Alberta  
  Engagement of African immigrants in municipal and community initiatives to address food insecurity in Alberta, Canada
Candidature Pituskin, Edith - University of Alberta 72 500 $
CoCandidature Symonds-Brown, Holly - University of Alberta  
  LIVinG with ChrONIc cancer TrEatments (LONGEVITI)
Candidature Yaro, Kwesi - University of Alberta 63 769 $
CoCandidature Wagner, David - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
Collaboration Kichere, Joseph - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Sub-Saharan African immigrant families Supporting their children's mathematics learning

University of Calgary

Candidature Jin, Ling - University of Calgary 74 984 $
CoCandidature Domene, Jose - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Domene, Jose - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
Collaboration Zamudio, Gabriel - University of Calgary  
  Ethno-racial traumas and mental health: The overlooked experiences of immigrants and refugees
Candidature Samson, Patricia - University of Calgary 74 130 $
CoCandidature Damianakis, Thecla - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature Kondrashov, Oleksandr - Thompson Rivers University  
CoCandidature Kustra, Erika - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature McConnell, Sheri - Memorial University of Newfoundland  
Collaboration Hrncic-Lipovic, Katka - University of Windsor  
Collaboration Mann-Johnson, Julie - University of Calgary  
  Critical thinking and transformative learning: Field Instructors Supporting students' transitions into the practice context
Candidature Liu, Qian - University of Calgary 69 214 $
  Relational Legal Consciousness of Chinese Immigrants to Canada
Candidature Gobin, Anuradha - University of Calgary 42 403 $
  Resistance Dance: The Sensorial and Material Legacy of the Dutch Atlantic
Candidature Kaya, Jean - University of Calgary 57 103 $
CoCandidature Dressler, Roswita - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Lenters, Kimberly - University of Calgary  
  Conceptualizing Teachers' Intercultural Learning for Social Action
Candidature Callahan, Brandy - University of Calgary 64 224 $
CoCandidature Kam, Julia - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Protzner, Andrea - University of Calgary  
Collaboration Mendham, Katherine - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Caregiver experiences and impact of social cognition difficulties in persons living with dementia
Candidature Klostermann, Janna - University of Calgary 69 194 $
CoCandidature Braedley, Susan - Carleton University  
CoCandidature Funk, Laura - Université du Manitoba  
Collaboration Jones, Zoey - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Care Work Shortages and Shifting Cultural Expectations in Alberta's Long-term Residential Care Sector: What Can We Learn at the Limits?
Candidature Vijairaghavan, Vaarun - University of Calgary 65 400 $
CoCandidature Nault, Barrie - University of Calgary  
  Improving Energy Productivity through Information Technology
Candidature Wagner, Martin - University of Calgary 44 837 $
  The History of the Idea that Illustrations in Literature Limit the Imagination
Candidature McLennan, John - University of Calgary 75 000 $
CoCandidature Afifi, Tracie - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature De Wannemaeker, Peter - Universidad Iberoamericana  
CoCandidature MacMillan, Harriet - McMaster University  
CoCandidature Wilson, Warren - University of Calgary  
Collaboration Mosquea, Maria - Servicio Nacional de Salud  
  Improving the measurement of child exposure to parent disciplinary behaviour in low- and middle-income countries
Candidature Bailey, Megan - University of Calgary 70 200 $
CoCandidature Brown, David - University of Alberta  
CoCandidature Myers, Erica - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Shaffer, Blake - University of Calgary  
  Field experiments to facilitate the electricity energy transition
Candidature Deneault, Audrey-Ann - University of Calgary 74 953 $
CoCandidature Cyr, Chantal - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Madigan, Sheri - University of Calgary  
Collaboration Schuengel, Carlo - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  
Collaboration Verhage, Marije - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  
  A Strength-Based Approach to Understanding Attachment Relationships in the Context of Maltreatment
Candidature MacGregor, Stephen - University of Calgary 62 076 $
  Education System Leaders as Knowledge Brokers of School-Based Mental Health Supports
Candidature Choudhury, Mahed - University of Calgary 44 292 $
CoCandidature Drolet, Julie - University of Calgary  
  Looking Back and Moving Forward: Interrogating `Resilient Communities' to Floods from an Emic Perspective in Southern Alberta
Candidature Goff, Leonard - University of Calgary 48 971 $
CoCandidature Mbakop, Eric - University of Calgary  
  Simplified inference for linear systems
Candidature Lucas, Jack - University of Calgary 74 500 $
CoCandidature Armstrong, David - Western University  
CoCandidature Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth - Queen's University  
  Policy Attitudes of the Canadian Public, 1945-2023
Candidature Dolphin, Glenn - University of Calgary 73 000 $
CoCandidature Hubbard, Stephen - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Nesbit, Paul - University of Calgary  
  Evaluating Student Engagement with Virtual Field Experiences as Standalone and Supplemental Activities in Geoscience Education
Candidature Nixon, Lara - University of Calgary 73 400 $
CoCandidature Kelly, Martina - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Milaney, Katrina - University of Calgary  
Collaboration Gray, Mandi - University of Calgary  
Collaboration Hay, Travis - Mount Royal University  
Collaboration Toohey, Ann - University of Calgary  
  "Aging Successfully": exploring people's lived experience of late-life homelessness
Candidature McMahon, Nicole - University of Calgary 54 697 $
  Gender Identity on the Ballot: Explaining the Electoral Politics of Gender Diversity

University of Lethbridge

Candidature Stuart-Edwards, Anastasia - University of Lethbridge 60 804 $
CoCandidature Hancock, Samantha - Western University  
Collaboration MacDonald, Adriane - Université Concordia  
  From individual mindfulness to team success: Exploring relationships between individual and team mindfulness, team processes and outcomes
Candidature Tu, Ke (Christy) - University of Lethbridge 57 873 $
CoCandidature Mesler, Rhiannon - University of Lethbridge  
Collaboration Argo, Jennifer - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Otterbring, Tobias - University of Agder  
Collaboration Simpson, Bonnie - Western University  
  No Hand Up or Hand Out: Consumer Status-Related Beliefs and Prosocial Behavior
Candidature McGeough, Kevin - University of Lethbridge 72 030 $
CoCandidature Bubel, Shawn - University of Lethbridge  
Collaboration Porter, Benjamin - University of California, Berkeley  
  Busayra Cultural Heritage Project: Investigating Building A


Capilano University

Candidature Wight, Christine Ki - Capilano University 69 931 $
CoCandidature Sensoy, Ozlem - Simon Fraser University  
  Critical and justice-oriented approaches to media production education

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Candidature Marzouk, Zahia - Kwantlen Polytechnic University 66 493 $
CoCandidature Winne, Philip - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Patzak, Alexandra - George Mason University  
Collaboration Rakovic, Mladen - Monash University  
  Resolving Temporal and Operational Expressions of Motivation and cognition

Royal Roads University

Candidature Newell, Robert - Royal Roads University 71 971 $
Collaboration Hodson, Jaigris - Royal Roads University  
Collaboration King, Leslie - Royal Roads University  
Collaboration White, Brian - Royal Roads University  
  Systems-based visualization tools for integrated watershed management
Candidature Veletsianos, George - Royal Roads University 69 697 $
  What do youth-generated higher education futures look like?

Simon Fraser University

Candidature Al-Rawi, Ahmed - Simon Fraser University 71 250 $
  Framing the opioid crisis in Canada
Candidature Lyubykh, Zhanna - Simon Fraser University 65 632 $
CoCandidature Jennings, Jennifer - University of Alberta  
  Reducing the stigma of workplace mistreatment: Exploring the roles of target response and target gender
Candidature Phung, Kam - Simon Fraser University 74 867 $
Collaboration Leon, Aaron - Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn (Splatsin Teaching Centre) Society  
  Indigenous language revitalization organizations: A participatory case study of Splatsín Tsm7aksaltn
Candidature Navas Iannini, Ana Maria - Simon Fraser University 71 990 $
CoCandidature Pedretti, Erminia - Institut d’études pédagogiques de l’Ontario / University of Toronto  
  Towards mindfulness and activism in science museums: Responses and lessons learned amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
Candidature Alonso, Natalya - Simon Fraser University 70 420 $
CoCandidature Brennand, Erin - University of Calgary  
  Exploring the role of gender in how professionals manage scutwork requests from clients
Candidature Girme, Yuthika - Simon Fraser University 71 814 $
  "We're in Sync!" Examining Parents' Behavioral Synchrony During Family Interactions
Candidature Chang, Daniel - Simon Fraser University 74 962 $
CoCandidature Liu, Qing - Simon Fraser University  
CoCandidature Nesbit, John - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Cukierman, Diana - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Sharp, Joan - Simon Fraser University  
  Collaborative Argument Visualization in Post-secondary Education
Candidature Seto, Samantha - Simon Fraser University 71 780 $
CoCandidature Bauer, Tim - University of Waterloo  
Collaboration Ulla, Jennifer - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
  Managing the Remote Audit - The Effect of Management Style and Algorithmic vs. Human Managers on Auditor Behaviors and Outcomes
Candidature Ramirez, Margaret - Simon Fraser University 68 404 $
  Gentrification, cultural politics and housing justice in Mexico City
Candidature Kil, Hali - Simon Fraser University 74 680 $
  When and for whom do parent-child acculturation gaps inhibit family and child flourishing? The role of acculturation-related cognitions
Candidature Closson, Kalysha - Simon Fraser University 62 836 $
CoCandidature Barbic, Skye - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Cassidy-Matthews, Chenoa - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Ichikawa, Jonathan - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Salway, Travis - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Kaida, Angela - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Raj, Anita - University of California, San Diego  
  Relationship Equity and Intersectional Measurement Among Gender-inclusive Young women, men, and Non-binary youth in British Columbia (RE-IMAGYN BC)
Candidature Marom, Lilach - Simon Fraser University 74 296 $
Collaboration Li, Guofang - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Ragnarsdottir, Hanna - University of Iceland  
Collaboration Rakhkochkine, Anatoli - Friedrich-Alexander Universitat-Erlangen-Nurnberg  
Collaboration Wimmer, Randolph - University of Alberta  
  IET Recertification as a Site for Overlapping Discourses of Migration and Diversification
Candidature Russell, Gillian - Simon Fraser University 58 731 $
CoCandidature Reilly, Katherine - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Hennessy, Kate - Simon Fraser University  
  Community Ocean Futures: activating data for alternative knowledges

University of British Columbia

Candidature Kasahara, Hiroyuki - University of British Columbia $71 000 $
  Quantifying the response of maritime shipping CO2 emissions to trade shocks and policy regulations
Candidature Effros, Bonnie - University of British Columbia 49 620 $
  Preserved in wax: Catacomb martyrs, piety, and ultramontane politics in post-Revolutionary France
Candidature Hudson Kam, Carla - University of British Columbia 51 620 $
  Learning what why means: Characterizing the input to children learning American English
Candidature Malakaj, Ervin - University of British Columbia 40 377 $
  Divinatory Cultural Techniques: Queer Media Engagement, 1900-1933
Candidature Bostanci, Gorkem - University of British Columbia 69 232 $
  Causes and Macroeconomic Implications of the Growth of Labor Outsourcing
Candidature Corrigall-Brown, Catherine - University of British Columbia 55 200 $
  What happens after we win? Post-victory trajectories in the LGBTQ rights movement
Candidature Forde, Shawn - University of British Columbia 64 301 $
  Using Comics to Tell Stories about Health and Physical Education
Candidature Grenz, Jennifer - University of British Columbia 74 448 $
Collaboration Armstrong, Chelsey - Simon Fraser University  
Collaboration Hinkley, Dianne - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Martin, Tara - University of British Columbia  
  Re-Storying Restoration by Applying an Indigenous Food Systems Lens to the Reclamation, Revitalization, and Recovery of Ecosystems
Candidature Lukes, Laura - University of British Columbia 74 767 $
Collaboration Hickey, Kenneth - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Saylor, Joel - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Scoates, James - University of British Columbia  
  Exploring the development of professional identity and sense of belonging of future geologists in postsecondary geological field-based experiential learning opportunities
Candidature Laurin, Kristin - University of British Columbia 46 052 $
  Improving institutional land acknowledgments
Candidature Wilson, Tina - University of British Columbia 46 730 $
Collaboration Lynch, Heather - Glasgow Caledonian University  
  Nature, Nation and Profession: Uncovering the Natural Environment in the Historical Development of Social Work in Settler Canada
Candidature Beauchamp, Mark - University of British Columbia 69 960 $
  Psychological support providers in elite sport: An examination of the prevalence of ethics violations and effects on athlete trust and help-seeking.
Candidature Adebayo, Sakiru - University of British Columbia 33 539 $
  The Melancholic Diaspora: Postcolonial African Immigrant Subjects in the United States
Candidature Saifer, Adam - University of British Columbia 69 627 $
CoCandidature Ahmad, Fahad - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Connecting the dots: Investigating institutional philanthropy's entanglement with right-wing populism in Canada
Candidature Wong, Wendy - University of British Columbia 75 000 $
Collaboration Cuttner, Allison - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Jung, Danielle - Emory University  
Collaboration Murdie, Amanda - University of Georgia  
  Increasing Accessibility in Surveys
Candidature Mohamadpour Tosarkani, Babak - University of British Columbia 68 132 $
CoCandidature Li, Eric - University of British Columbia  
  A novel decision-support approach for exploring and analyzing factors affecting Canadian food industry performance
Candidature Li, Kai - University of British Columbia 64 290 $
  Causes and Consequences of the SEC Using Voluntary Disclosure to Enforce Mandatory Disclosure - Evidence from Conference Calls
Candidature Coelho, Jennifer - University of British Columbia 69 524 $
CoCandidature Hou, Sharon - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Mah, Janet - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Marshall, Sheila - University of British Columbia  
  Well-being and Vicarious Resilience in Healthcare Professionals: Cultural Considerations
Candidature Paulson, Timothy - University of British Columbia 49 520 $
  Canola Capitalism: Futures Markets and Genetically-Modified Rapeseed on the Canadian Prairie, 1963-2007.
Candidature Novek, Sheila - University of British Columbia 72 926 $
CoCandidature Funk, Laura - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Phinney, Alison - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Shariff, Mary - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Thompson, Genevieve - Université du Manitoba  
Collaboration Cooke, Heather - Alzheimer Society of British Columbia  
  Engagement and citizenship in nursing homes: An exploration of resident and family councils
Candidature Ayan, Irem - University of British Columbia 49 389 $
  Voices of the First Nations: Reflecting on Race and Gender in Indigenous Interpreting
Candidature Bian, Bo - University of British Columbia 69 280 $
CoCandidature Tang, Huan - London School of Economics and Political Science  
  Consumer Demand for Data Privacy: Large-scale Evidence from Global Mobile App Markets
Candidature Neimanis, Astrida - University of British Columbia 57 790 $
CoCandidature Forssman, Natalie - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Hole, Rachelle - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Rader, Matthew - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Frisque, Jenica - University of British Columbia  
  Enhancing Access and Inclusion in Environmental Humanities Research Practice
Candidature Abdulai, Abdul-Fatawu - University of British Columbia 72 114 $
CoCandidature Bungay, Victoria - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Guta, Adrian - University of Windsor  
Collaboration Gilbert, Mark - BC Centre for Disease Control  
  Understanding Technology-Mediated Trauma in Digital Technologies Designed for Promoting Sexual Well-being
Candidature Ronquillo, Charlene - University of British Columbia 74 210 $
CoCandidature Conati, Cristina - University of British Columbia Press  
CoCandidature Currie, Leanne - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Hamarneh, Ghassan - Simon Fraser University  
CoCandidature Janke, Robert - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Li, Xiaoxiao - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Brooker, Lorraine - Vancouver Coastal Health  
Collaboration Hardwick, Rebecca - University of Plymouth  
  Stakeholder perspectives and impacts of explainable artificial intelligence: A case study in a British Columbia health authority
Candidature Feng, Xiangjun - University of British Columbia 9 994 $
Collaboration Wu, Keping - Duke Kunshan University  
  Radio culture in modern China, 1923-1949
Candidature Raynard, Mia - University of British Columbia 71 588 $
  What is meat? Negotiating the meaning and future of cell-based meat as a viable market category
Candidature Todd, Rebecca - University of British Columbia 52 223 $
CoCandidature Blain-Moraes, Stefanie - Université McGill  
CoCandidature De Jaegher, Hanneke - University of the Basque Country  
Collaboration French, Claire - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Oliveira de Santana, Ivani - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro  
Collaboration Thompson, Brianna - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Generating and testing hypotheses about participatory sensemaking
Candidature Zeweri, Helena - University of British Columbia 22 676 $
  Beyond Refuge: The Impact of Offshore Detention on Afghan Social and Political Life in Australia
Candidature Ziethen, Antje - University of British Columbia 30 640 $
  Reverse Diaspora: The "Brazilians" in Francophone West Africa
Candidature Zuo, Mila - University of British Columbia 74 200 $
  Mongoloids: A Short Film
Candidature Dodson, Samantha - University of British Columbia 15 806 $
Collaboration Goodwin, Rachael - Syracuse University  
  The Causes and Consequences of Working Mothers' Mental Load
Candidature Schrimpf, Paul - University of British Columbia 73 125 $
CoCandidature Kasahara, Hiroyuki - University of British Columbia  
  The effect of telemedicine on healthcare practice and health outcomes
Candidature Lu, Juliet - University of British Columbia 68 645 $
  Supplying Sustainable Rubber: China and the Rise of Emerging Market Sustainability Initiatives
Candidature Lo, Veronica - University of British Columbia 71 980 $
CoCandidature Hagerman, Shannon - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Rhemtulla, Jeanine - University of British Columbia  
  Safeguarding what and for whom? Community perceptions of social safeguards in forest landscape restoration
Candidature Parra Perez, Alvaro Gonzalo - University of British Columbia 56 169 $
CoCandidature Farinha Luz, Vitor - University of British Columbia  
  Health Insurance with Endogenous Risks
Candidature Obeegadoo, Nikhita Sonia Richa - University of British Columbia 68 096 $
  From coelacanths to mangroves: A multilingual, multispecies and decolonial approach to global archipelagic literature
Candidature Yoon, Kyong - University of British Columbia 74 900 $
  Asian Canadian YouTubescape: Youth Cultural Politics of Visibility
Candidature Moore, Marcus - University of British Columbia 67 130 $
  Reenvisioning Mass Market Governance: Retheorizing Standard Contracts to Make Room for Regulation that Works
Candidature Sajjadiani, Sima - University of British Columbia 74 990 $
  Evaluating and Optimizing Performance Management Practices: A Comparative Analysis of Human and AI Performance Evaluators
Candidature Kadir, Aynur - University of British Columbia 72 290 $
Collaboration Byler, Darren - Simon Fraser University  
  Safekeeping Culture: Grassroots Preservation as Uyghur Survival
Candidature Qian, Yi - University of British Columbia 69 770 $
Collaboration Aquino, Karl - University of British Columbia  
  Testing Antecedents and Consequences of a Reversal of the Ethnocentric Bias Among White Liberals
Candidature Evans, Jonathan - University of British Columbia 63 150 $
  Leader curiosity: An investigation into the nature and effectiveness of leader curiosity displays
Candidature Chau, Shirley - University of British Columbia 63 271 $
CoCandidature Este, David - University of Calgary  
  Anti-racism task forces and reports at universities in Canada: What happens to them after the launch party? A Critical Race Theory application of institutional response to calls for action
Candidature Narayan, Priti - University of British Columbia 34 160 $
Collaboration Ramakrishnan, Geetha - Aucune affiliation principale  
  A radical feminist history of the city: Pennurimai Iyakkam in Chennai, India
Candidature Code, Jillianne - University of British Columbia 74 994 $
  NARRATE: learNer Agency emeRgence thRough Algorithmic liTEracy

Thompson Rivers University

Candidature Thomas-Francois, Kimberly - Thompson Rivers University 66 944 $
  Information Communication Technology at Hotels - A Route to Sustainable Development
Candidature Rankin, Scott - Thompson Rivers University 64 098 $
CoCandidature Barragan, Salvador - Thompson Rivers University  
Collaboration Martin, Bruce - Thompson Rivers University  
Collaboration Oluwafemi, Tolulope - Thompson Rivers University  
Collaboration Reed, Melanie - Thompson Rivers University  
  New Theories of People Management in Social Enterprise

University of Northern British Columbia

Candidature Freylejer, Leandro - University of Northern British Columbia 22 466 $
  Demand for quality, income and manufacturing wage inequality

University of the Fraser Valley

Candidature Schwartz, Noah - University of the Fraser Valley 35 318 $
  Evaluating Canadian Firearm Policies

University of Victoria

Candidature Weiler, Anelyse - University of Victoria 69 999 $
  Jobs, justice, and the environment: Analyzing labour movement responses to climate change in Western Canada
Candidature Hancock, Robert - University of Victoria 74 993 $
CoCandidature Gaudry, Adam - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Thomas, Robina - University of Victoria  
  Rhetoric, Responsibility, and Relationships: Approaches to Indigenization in Canadian Universities' Strategic Plans
Candidature Wang, Tao - University of Victoria 47 611 $
  Kernel-based modal regression for skewed or heavy-tailed data
Candidature Reid, Natasha - University of Victoria 58 411 $
CoCandidature LeBlanc, Natalie - University of Victoria  
CoCandidature Wiebe, Michelle - University of Victoria  
Collaboration McGregor, Catherine - University of Victoria  
Collaboration Whitinui, Paul - University of Victoria  
  Artistic approaches to anti-racism and anti-oppression: Artists and university students engaging in transformative action in a campus gallery
Candidature Sakamoto, Mariko - University of Victoria 71 762 $
CoCandidature Sheets, Debra - University of Victoria  
  Storytelling and Audio Diaries: A Novel Method to Capture and Support Dementia Caregiving
Candidature Woodend, Jonathan - University of Victoria 74 960 $
CoCandidature Domene, Jose - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Domene, Jose - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
Collaboration Syeda, Maisha - Western University  
  Making a Calculated Risk: Influences on International Students and Accompanying Partners' Career Decision-Making Process to Study in Canada
Candidature Bone, Christopher - University of Victoria 71 518 $
  Two-eyed seeing for discovering new approaches in human-wildlife interactions research
Candidature Salemi, Colette - University of Victoria 70 472 $
CoCandidature Anti, Sebastian - Bryn Mawr College  
CoCandidature Ayesh, Abubakr - University of Victoria  
  Firewood and Deforestation: A Study of the Clean Cookstove Sector and the Effect of Clean Cookstoves on Forests
Candidature Rush, Jonathan - University of Victoria 54 572 $
CoCandidature Ames, Megan - University of Victoria  
CoCandidature Cerino, Eric - Northern Arizona University  
CoCandidature McCunn, Lindsay - Vancouver Island University  
CoCandidature Sukhawathanakul, Paweena - University of Victoria  
  Day-to-day influence of climate change distress on daily well-being and climate action behaviours
Candidature Gormezano, Aki - University of Victoria 63 070 $
CoCandidature Card, Kiffer - Simon Fraser University  
CoCandidature Lachowsky, Nathan - University of Victoria  
CoCandidature Rodrigue, Carl - St. Jerome's University  
CoCandidature Sakaluk, John - Western University  
CoCandidature Shumka, Leah - University of Victoria  
  Defining group sex: Experiences of pleasure, risk, and belonging across sexual encounters with different numbers of simultaneous partners
Candidature Lewallen, Ann-Elise - University of Victoria 74 984 $
CoCandidature Goto, Erica - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  
Collaboration Smiles, Deondre - University of Victoria  
  Healing forests: Mapping biodiversity and multi-species relations in northeast India


University of Prince Edward Island

Candidature Dennis, Robert - University of Prince Edward Island 14 587 $
CoCandidature Patey, Ariana - University of Prince Edward Island  
  "Render Unto Caesar"?  The Freedom Convoy, Radical Traditional Catholics, and the Alt-Right in Contemporary Canada


Université de Winnipeg

Candidature Kohm, Steven - Université de Winnipeg $74 929 $
CoCandidature Ballard, Myrle - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Thompson, Shirley - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Walby, Kevin - Université de Winnipeg  
  Environmental Justice and Security: Climate Refugees and the Social Construction of Danger in Winnipeg
Candidature Goulding, Brandon - Université de Winnipeg 53 854 $
  The role of testimony in children's developing intuitions about knowledge, belief, and epistemic responsibility
Candidature Dyce, Matt - Université de Winnipeg 73 613 $
CoCandidature Bohr, Roland - Université de Winnipeg  
CoCandidature Storie, Christopher - Université de Winnipeg  
Collaboration Thomas, William - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Mapping Pathways to Asiniskaw Ithiniwak Territory

Université du Manitoba

Candidature Herath, Sreemali - Université du Manitoba 74 937 $
  Towards inclusive and reciprocal pedagogical practices for all learners: Insights from refugee journeys
Candidature Hladik, Stephanie - Université du Manitoba 45 963 $
  The Impact of Facilitating STEM Outreach: Perceptions, Identities, and Other Impacts
Candidature Tze, Virginia - Université du Manitoba 63 511 $
CoCandidature Li, Johnson - Université du Manitoba  
  Identifying Systemic Barriers Among People of Colour Entering in Professional Psychology
Candidature Cameranesi, Margherita - Université du Manitoba 69 904 $
CoCandidature Crooks, Claire - Western University  
CoCandidature Piotrowski, Caroline - Université du Manitoba  
Collaboration Ens, Stephanie - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Mackay, Dylan - Université du Manitoba  
  Finding Your Resilience (FYRe): Listening to the Voices of Racialized Refugee Youth to Learn About Their Multisystemic Resilience Using a Participatory Action Research Approach
Candidature Halas, Gayle - Université du Manitoba 72 154 $
CoCandidature Avery, Lorraine - Aucune affiliation principale  
CoCandidature Liu, Shuangbo - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Udod, Sonia - Université du Manitoba  
Collaboration Watson, Shannon - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Wiebe, Al - Université du Manitoba  
  Homeless, Recovering and `Back to the Street': Identifying the Support Network
Candidature McLeod, Suzanne - Université du Manitoba 39 168 $
  Early Distortion: Pinturicchio and the Genesis of a Constructed Image
Candidature Collins, Benjamin - Université du Manitoba 74 995 $
CoCandidature Alaica, Aleksa - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Kelvin, Laura - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Speller, Camilla - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration ten Bruggencate, Rachel - Université du Manitoba  
Collaboration Wren, Colin - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs  
  Narratives from Fragments: Re-Thinking Narratives of Manitoba's Archaeology
Candidature Daborn, Merissa - Université du Manitoba 62 761 $
  The Food Police: Carceral Food Spaces in Winnipeg
Candidature Ciurysek, Sarah - Université du Manitoba 55 958 $
  Navigating a land gift as a settler committed to decolonization: a photographic research/creation project
Candidature Gunay, Hikmet - Université du Manitoba 67 085 $
Collaboration Buyukboyaci, Muruvvet - Middle East Technical University  
  Anticipated Regret in Second-Price Auctions
Candidature Fan, Zhenzhen - Université du Manitoba 47 500 $
CoCandidature Lei, Xiaowen - University of Guelph  
  Market Crash Risk: Fact or Artifact?
Candidature Kim, Jeong Min - Université du Manitoba 29 379 $
  Unseemly Military : The Undocumented Workers of U.S. War and Military Occupation in Cold War Asia


Mount Allison University

Candidature Beck, Lauren - Mount Allison University 73 509 $
  Visualizing Far-Right Groups through Medievalism and Early Modernism
Candidature O'Connor, Alison - Mount Allison University 70 632 $
  Exploring socioemotional correlates of younger and older adults' lie-telling: A multi-methodological approach

St. Thomas University

Candidature Allain, Kristi - St. Thomas University 49 432 $
  Little rocks and old stones: An examination of intergenerational physical activity and aging across the life course
Candidature Hayes, Matthew - St. Thomas University 62 617 $
  Ordinary Suburbs: Lian Street and Experiences of Financialization in New Brunswick

Université de Moncton

Candidature Des Rochers, Arianne - Université de Moncton 48 280 $
  La traduction d’œuvres littéraires autochtones en contexte canadien
Candidature Dupuis, Audrey - Université de Moncton 74 730 $
CoCandidature Dionne, Patricia - Université de Sherbrooke  
Collaboration Lane, Julie - Université de Sherbrooke  
Collaboration LeBreton, Diane - Université de Moncton  
  l’influence de la participation au programme HORS-PISTE Orientation sur les parcours d’orientation des jeunes
Candidature Robichaud, Jean-Michel - Université de Moncton 70 875 $
CoCandidature Kil, Hali - Simon Fraser University  
CoCandidature Mageau, Geneviève - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Schumann, Karina - University of Pittsburgh  
  A culturally sensitive examination of parental apologies and their role in parent-youth relationships, youth wellbeing and youth apology behaviors
Candidature Tremblay, Emmanuelle - Université de Moncton 24 312 $
  l’émotion représentée: récits de la honte dans les œuvres de trois générations de femmes du Québec contemporain
Candidature Scaillerez, Arnaud - Université de Moncton 55 000 $
CoCandidature Black, Nancy - Université de Moncton  
CoCandidature Chembessi, Chedrak Sylvain De Rocher - Université de l’Ontario français  
CoCandidature Desjardins, Pierre-Marcel - Université de Moncton  
Collaboration Demers, Mireille - Université de Moncton  
Collaboration Sangare, Yalla - Université Sainte-Anne  
  Le télétravail au Canada : impact et potentialité sur les milieux ruraux francophones en contexte minoritaire
Candidature Lajoie, Denis - Université de Moncton 56 822 $
CoCandidature Boudrias, Jean-Sébastien - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Chénard-Poirier, Léandre - HEC Montréal  
CoCandidature Rousseau, Vincent - Université de Montréal  
  La motivation à l’ère du monitoring électronique de la performance
Candidature Desrochers, Julien - Université de Moncton 31 554 $
CoCandidature Doyon-Gosselin, Benoit - Université de Moncton  
  Au-delà de la consécration : le roman acadien non canonique des années 1972 à 2000
Candidature Mamprin, Caterina - Université de Moncton 61 011 $
CoCandidature Clément, Louise - Université Laval  
  Soutien disponible et soutien perçu par les enseignant·e·s des contextes minoritaires francophones : le cas du Nouveau-Brunswick

Université du Nouveau-Brunswick

Candidature Balcom, Sarah - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick 59 982 $
CoCandidature Durepos, Pamela - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
  Increased Workload Equity Among Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Candidature Eldridge, Patrick - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick 31 307 $
  The Intersubjective Remembrance Project


Acadia University

Candidature MacInnis, Cara - Acadia University 74 938 $
CoCandidature Gauvin, Stephanie - Acadia University  
CoCandidature Schulte, Fiona - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Tomfohr-Madsen, Lianne - University of British Columbia  
  Sharing in lieu of caring: Can prospective self-disclosure reduce death anxiety among parents with early onset cancer?

Dalhousie University

Candidature Harrison, Hannah - Dalhousie University 49 556 $
Collaboration Bartlett, Alanah - Fort Folly Habitat Recovery  
Collaboration Epworth, Wendy - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Goodbrand, Livia - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Latendresse, Danielle - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration LeBlanc, Jason - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Thibodeau, Stephen - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Whitelaw, John - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Tilling Wild Waters: Understanding wild Atlantic salmon conservation through hatcheries and stocking programs in the Maritime provinces
Candidature Stephens, Phoebe - Dalhousie University 57 548 $
  Venture Capital and Sustainable Food Futures: Opportunities, constraints and trajectories
Candidature LaCroix, Travis - Dalhousie University 74 516 $
  Philosophy on the Spectrum: The Philosophy of Autism and Autistic Philosophy
Candidature Chen, Jing - Dalhousie University 70 861 $
CoCandidature Yu, Bo - Dalhousie University  
  The perceived ethics of customer behaviors in the presence of unethical/fraudulent product returns
Candidature Wilby, Kyle - Dalhousie University 54 100 $
CoCandidature Perepelkin, Jason - University of Saskatchewan  
Collaboration Furlotte, Kirk - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Wilson, Grant - University of Regina  
  Exploring expectations for meaningful representation of 2SLGBTQ+ symbols in corporate pharmacy settings
Candidature Wu, Haorui - Dalhousie University 74 999 $
CoCandidature Adams, Cindy - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Chalmers, Darlene - University of Regina  
Collaboration Bernardi, Sarah - University of Guelph  
Collaboration Stoewen, Debbie - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Wasson, Erin - University of Saskatchewan  
  Necessities and Challenges: Initiating Veterinary Social Work (VSW) Practice in Canadian Veterinary Healthcare
Candidature Phelan, Shanon - Dalhousie University 68 695 $
CoCandidature Mah, Catherine - Dalhousie University  
CoCandidature McConnell, David - University of Alberta  
CoCandidature McIsaac, Jessie-Lee - Mount Saint Vincent University  
CoCandidature Moore, Sarah - Dalhousie University  
  Equitable access to inclusive early learning and childcare for disabled children: The family experience
Candidature Breen, Kyle - Dalhousie University 52 414 $
CoCandidature Wu, Haorui - Dalhousie University  
  Framing Labor Disruption as a Man-Made Disaster to University Environments: Experiences of and Impacts to Dual Role Students as Strike Actors and Victims
Candidature El Hazzouri, Mohammed - Dalhousie University 62 005 $
CoCandidature Bhatnagar, Namita - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Main, Kelley - Université du Manitoba  
  The Effect of Minimalist Retail Spaces on Perception of Stigmatized Products and Their Consumers

NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University)

Candidature Schwab, Joshua - NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University) 75 000 $
CoCandidature Liebenberg, Linda - Dalhousie University  
CoCandidature Mandrona, April - NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University)  
CoCandidature Mitchell, Claudia - Université McGill  
Collaboration Phillips, Morgan - Université McGill  
  Planting the seeds of cultural continuity: Using cellphilms, food and storytelling to create an international Mikmaq and Zapotec Indigenous youth-2-youth language and cultural reclamation network

Saint Mary's University

Candidature Boshanna, Abdlmutaleb - Saint Mary's University 37 128 $
CoCandidature Attig, Najah - Saint Mary's University  
CoCandidature Ghoul, Sadok - University of Alberta  
  Supply Chain Risk, Corporate Performance and Future Stock Price Crash Risk: A Textual Analysis Approach
Candidature Driss, Hamdi - Saint Mary's University 42 062 $
CoCandidature Ghoul, Sadok - University of Alberta  
CoCandidature Guedhami, Omrane - University of South Carolina  
  Mandatory Environmental Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: International Evidence
Candidature Stanivukovic, Goran - Saint Mary's University 35 182 $
  Wonder and the Romance in Early Modern England
Candidature Lu, Hao - Saint Mary's University 49 730 $
CoCandidature Koskinen, Yrjo - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Liu, Xiaoyu - Saint Mary's University  
CoCandidature Nguyen, Nga - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Why Do Canadian Firms Not Benefit from Corporate Social Performance?
Candidature Tajeddin, Mahdi - Saint Mary's University 72 110 $
CoCandidature Drira, Mohamed - Saint Mary's University  
Collaboration Simba, Amon - Nottingham Trent University  
  Small-Scale Holder Farmers' Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Tanzania (SFEET)

St. Francis Xavier University

Candidature Cupido, Kyran - St. Francis Xavier University 49 486 $
  Local Investigations of Life Expectancy in Atlantic Canada
Candidature Girard, Catherine - St. Francis Xavier University 56 263 $
  Generating a New Praxis and Theory of Intercultural Dialogue Around the Visual and Material Archive of the Komqwejwi'kasikl Language


Algoma University

Candidature Alam, Mahbubul - Algoma University 55 092 $
CoCandidature Singh, Parbudyal - Université York  
  Managers' Emotional Labour in Leading Employees: An Exploration of the Causes, Motives, and Outcomes
Candidature Aziz, Nusrate - Algoma University 72 139 $
CoCandidature Brown, Natalya - Nipissing University  
CoCandidature Di Matteo, Livio - Lakehead University  
CoCandidature Islam, Sadequl - Université Laurentienne  
CoCandidature Meades, Sean - Algoma University  
  Northern Ontario Labour Force Retention and Attraction in a Post-pandemic, Digital Economy

Brock University

Candidature Gordon, Neta - Brock University 71 348 $
CoCandidature Mauro, Aaron - Brock University  
Collaboration MacDonald, Ann-Marie - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Ribaric, Timothy - Brock University  
Collaboration Ustundag, Ebru - Brock University  
  Mapping Ann-Marie MacDonald
Candidature Zinga, Dawn - Brock University 74 950 $
CoCandidature Beaudette, Shawn - Brock University  
CoCandidature Holmes, Michael - Brock University  
CoCandidature Sirianni Molnar, Danielle - Brock University  
  Mapping Competitive Dancer Development: A Multidisciplinary Examination of Training Trajectories, Injury, Social Comparison, and Well-being
Candidature Fogel, Curtis - Brock University 63 904 $
CoCandidature Quinlan, Andrea - University of Waterloo  
  From Systemic Negligence to Systemic Change: Community Anti-Violence Advocates' Perspectives on Preventing Sexual Assault in Junior Hockey in Canada
Candidature Mahy, Caitlin - Brock University 40 792 $
  Developing and validating behavioural measures of young children's procrastination
Candidature Jhangiani, Rajiv - Brock University 47 256 $
Collaboration Lachaîne, Catherine - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Luke, Robert - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Assessing the maturity and capacity of Ontario's post-secondary sector to support open educational practices
Candidature Knight, Hunter - Brock University 15 953 $
CoCandidature Coomer, Maureen - Colorado College  
  Carcerality, Colonialism, and Cognition: Analyzing the Cultural Cognitive Structures that Uphold the Logics of Seclusion in Schools
Candidature Midzain-Gobin, Liam - Brock University 69 780 $
Collaboration George, Chris - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Knockwood, Michelle - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Redfield, Edmund - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Building Inter-National Sovereignty: The Case of the Big Salmon River
Candidature Libben, Gary - Brock University 58 281 $
CoCandidature Kuperman, Victor - McMaster University  
  New techniques to take the pulse of written language production in Canada
Candidature Zeida, Teegawende - Brock University 35 390 $
CoCandidature Koka, Katerina - Brock University  
  Aging and Welfare: Analyzing Intergenerational Political Support for Health Financing Policies in Canada

Carleton University

Candidature McShane, Lindsay - Carleton University 61 496 $
CoCandidature Deng, Qi - Dalhousie University  
  Understanding Chatbots: The Role of Threat and Anthropomorphism
Candidature Landry, Jean-Michel - Carleton University 57 486 $
CoCandidature Ghamroun, Samer - Université Saint-Joseph  
  The Making of Religious Sects in Contemporary Lebanon
Candidature MacLeod, Bethany - Carleton University 65 299 $
CoCandidature Ahn, Suzy - Université d’Ottawa  
  Individual variation in the perception-production link: evidence from phonetic imitation
Candidature Sorenson Duncan, Tamara - Carleton University 66 366 $
CoCandidature Arraiz Matute, Alexandra - Carleton University  
Collaboration Chen, Xi - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Genesee, Fred - Université McGill  
Collaboration Kay-Raining Bird, Elizabeth - Dalhousie University  
Collaboration Oracheski, Joan - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Pagan, Stephanie - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Sutton, Ann - Université d’Ottawa  
  Examining Diverse Perspectives on Inclusion in French Immersion
Candidature Copeland, Lyndsey - Carleton University 74 972 $
CoCandidature Watkins, Lee - Rhodes University  
Collaboration Gabie, Sharon - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Mapanka, James - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Otiono, Nduka - Carleton University  
  Sounding Indigenous in South Africa: Music and Performance Heritage in Khoisan Revival
Candidature Bae, Jin Sun - Carleton University 57 156 $
Collaboration Chung, Sun Wook - Sogang University  
Collaboration Kwon, Hyunji - Seoul National University  
Collaboration Lee, Joonkoo - Hanyang University  
  Making sense of a new global supply chain reality: climate change adaptation by apparel companies
Candidature Angus, Siobhan - Carleton University 70 510 $
  Beyond the Toxic Sublime: Visual culture, pollution, and environmental justice in petrochemical landscapes
Candidature Guha, Malini - Carleton University 43 484 $
  On Traction: Moving Images and Their Realities
Candidature Harasymchuk, Cheryl - Carleton University 64 415 $
Collaboration Sprecher, Susan - Illinois State University  
  Friendship in Middle Adulthood: The Role of Self-Concept Clarity in Shaping Close Connections
Candidature Murray, Julie - Carleton University 38 472 $
  A Literary History of "Women-as-Index"
Candidature Peetz, Johanna - Carleton University 73 260 $
  The role of similarity in financial values for relationship outcomes and impacts of financial stress
Candidature Sidhu, David - Carleton University 69 244 $
CoCandidature Bourdage, Joshua - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Pexman, Penny - Western University  
  Name Sound Symbolism and Personality Judgments
Candidature Solana Moreno, Vivian - Carleton University 68 170 $
  Intimate Transnational Aid: Regenerating Political Movements through Spanish-Sahrawi Relations
Candidature Li, Shi - Carleton University 49 373 $
CoCandidature Lu, Lei - Université du Manitoba  
  Can firms reduce their cost of equity capital by responding to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)?
Candidature Darroch, Francine - Carleton University 74 973 $
CoCandidature Giles, Audrey - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration McGettigan-Dumas, Roison - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Montano, Alysia - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Schneeberg, Amy - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Wykes, Dylan - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Staggered Starts: Inequities in Access to Recreational Participation in Marathons for Pregnant and Parenting Self-Identified Women, Transgender Men, and Non-Binary Individuals
Candidature Harris-Brandts, Suzanne - Carleton University 58 954 $
CoCandidature Sichinava, David - Carleton University  
Collaboration Gogishvili, David - Université de Lausanne  
  Megaproject Mirages: Uncovering the Politico-Economic Uses of Speculative Eco-flagships in the `Global East'
Candidature Burges, Sean - Carleton University 49 689 $
Collaboration Chagas-Bastos, Fabricio - University of Copenhagen  
  Brazilian Foreign Policy and the Bolsonaro Presidency: Lessons for Foreign Policy Analysis
Candidature Kilicaslan, Gulay - Carleton University 67 727 $
  Genocide Survivors as Migrant Citizens: Emerging Political Subjectivities of Yezidis during their Resettlement in Canada
Candidature Knezevic, Irena - Carleton University 53 868 $
  Methodologies for the study of market concentration in Canadian food processing
Candidature McArthur, Victoria - Carleton University 61 608 $
  Nak Muay Ying: A Multi-Modal Immersive Storytelling Project Exploring the Training Experiences of Women and Non-Binary Practitioners of Muay Thai
Candidature Duncan, Nana aba - Carleton University 62 636 $
Collaboration Martis, Eternity - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Surveying the Experiences of Black Journalists in Canada
Candidature Simard-Duplain, Gaelle - Carleton University 63 385 $
  Intergenerational transmission of health and health care use: Identifying untapped potential to improve the economic outcomes of parents and children
Candidature Auld, Graeme - Carleton University 63 932 $
CoCandidature Schiller, Laurenne - Carleton University  
Collaboration Allan, Jennifer - Cardiff University  
Collaboration Hanich, Quentin - University of Wollongong  
Collaboration Shibaike, Takumi - Duke Kunshan University  
  The evolution and consequences of industry engagement with global tuna fishery governance

George Brown College George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology

Candidature Bernier, Thérèse - George Brown College George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology 70 516 $
CoCandidature Abdulai, Abdul-Fatawu - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Bruckert, Christine - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Valiquette, Monica - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Sex work - the musical: altering societal perceptions of sex work through audience engagement with a musical play

Huron University College

Candidature Bloomfield, Richard - Huron University College 65 777 $
CoCandidature Ellis, Rebecca - Algoma University  
CoCandidature Lee, Deishin - Western University  
Collaboration Nasr, Joe - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Urban Agriculture: Understanding successes and failures in policy and practice

King's University College at Western University

Candidature Rodrigues, Felipe - King's University College at Western University 65 530 $
CoCandidature Ghamat, Salar - Wilfrid Laurier University  
CoCandidature Pedroso Estevam de Souza, Camila - Western University  
Collaboration Bendo, Daniella - King's University College at Western University  
Collaboration Birnbaum, Rachel - King's University College at Western University  
  Optimal contract policies for improving access to child and youth public services: the case of the Ontario Autism Program

Lakehead University

Candidature Fan, Lida - Lakehead University 30 158 $
CoCandidature Habibov, Nazim - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature Luo, Rong - University of Windsor  
  Are highborns born high? An in-depth investigation of intergenerational mobility in education in Canada in a cross-country comparison with meta-study
Candidature Geraldina Costa, Idevania - Lakehead University 64 964 $
CoCandidature Blanchette, Virginie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
CoCandidature Camargo Plazas, Pilar - Queen's University  
CoCandidature Kuhnke, Janet - Cape Breton University  
CoCandidature Phillips, Catherine - Lakehead University  
CoCandidature Spadoni, Michelle - Lakehead University  
Collaboration Botros, Mariam - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Caul, Jeremy - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Moss, Linda - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Digital storytelling: A tool for promoting critical reflection, advancing inclusivity and creating trauma-informed wound care

McMaster University

Candidature Ravensbergen, Lea - McMaster University 68 822 $
  Gendered Mobility: An Exploration of Mobility of Care
Candidature Kucerova, Ivona - McMaster University 72 943 $
Collaboration Sprouse, Jon - New York University  
  Syntax in the brain: EEG exploration of syntactic dependencies in typologically distinct languages
Candidature Forbes, Allauren - McMaster University 61 724 $
  The Metaphysics of Marriage: Modern Women Philosophers
Candidature Smith-Turchyn, Jenna - McMaster University 53 285 $
CoCandidature Innes, Anthea - McMaster University  
CoCandidature Phillips, Stuart - McMaster University  
CoCandidature Sabiston, Catherine - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Thabane, Lehana - McMaster University  
CoCandidature Wrosch, Carsten - Université Concordia  
Collaboration Beauchamp, Marla - McMaster University  
Collaboration Richardson, Julie - McMaster University  
  Comparing the effects of different forms of social support on quality of life, feelings of support, and activity levels in older adult survivors of cancer
Candidature Abulfottouh, Deena - McMaster University 69 968 $
CoCandidature Fetner, Tina - McMaster University  
CoCandidature van der Linden, Clifton - McMaster University  
  Diffusion of Right-Wing Extremism Online: The Case of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy
Candidature Heath, Melanie - McMaster University 70 976 $
Collaboration Daniel, Clare - Tulane University  
Collaboration Kimport, Katrina - University of California, San Francisco  
  Lack of Access to Abortion as Structural Violence
Candidature Biggs, Alison - McMaster University 74 820 $
  The grammar of standards in Southern Min: Implications for the role of syntax in contextual vagueness resolution
Candidature Maxwell, Jessica - McMaster University 49 545 $
  Evaluating the Role of Sexual Mindset in Older Adults' Well-Being
Candidature Phoenix, Michelle - McMaster University 73 599 $
CoCandidature Micsinszki, Samantha - McMaster University  
  Advancing Equity in Childhood Disability Research Partnerships
Candidature Polanco Sorto, Aida - McMaster University 71 479 $
  Welcome a "Casa"? Feminizing Post-Deportation Reintegration Studies
Candidature Davidson, Adrienne - McMaster University 67 388 $
Collaboration Bednar, Vasiliki - McMaster University  
  First-Movers in Federal Systems: The Dynamics of Policy Innovation in Nascent Fields
Candidature Harvey, Kelsey - McMaster University 46 208 $
CoCandidature Allain, Kristi - St. Thomas University  
CoCandidature Griffin, Meridith - McMaster University  
  Intergenerational conflict and solidarity in physical culture eco-activism
Candidature Gillett, James - McMaster University 56 581 $
  Peer Support Initiatives as Form of Institutionalized Friendship
Candidature Lickers Xavier, Adrianne - McMaster University 54 357 $
  Food Sovereignty at Six Nations; understanding the nuance and impacts of funding and success
Candidature Wu, Ruhai - McMaster University 59 500 $
  Strategic Timing in Livestream Shopping
Candidature Livingstone, Anne-Marie - McMaster University 62 629 $
  Race and the Politics of Law and Order in Canada: Implications for Police Racism

Université de l’ÉADO

Candidature Reichenbächer, Helmut - Université de l’ÉADO 70 836 $
CoCandidature Brown, Susan - University of Guelph  
CoCandidature Meirelles, Isabel - Université de l’ÉADO  
Collaboration Debus, Johannes - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Menzefricke, Ulrich - University of Toronto  
  Mapping Cultural Resistance: Digital Humanities Research of Musical Theatre in the Third Reich

Université Ontario Tech

Candidature Barakat, Caroline - Université Ontario Tech 71 917 $
CoCandidature Elliott, Susan - University of Waterloo  
  Tracing and recruiting participants of the Hamilton Children Cohort (1976-1986) using Social Networking Sites
Candidature Malloy, Lindsay - Université Ontario Tech 67 401 $
CoCandidature Evans, Angela - Brock University  
Collaboration Sutherland, Jessica - Université York  
  A Multi-Methodological Examination of Dishonesty in Sibling Relationships
Candidature Harkins, Leigh - Université Ontario Tech 55 500 $
CoCandidature Einboden, Rochelle - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Marshall, Liam - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Roters, Jennifer - Brock University  
Collaboration Bates, Lynn - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration McCartan, Kieran - University of the West of England  
  Sibling Sexual Interactions

Queen's University

Candidature Bahng, Sojung - Queen's University 70 414 $
Collaboration Do, Min Seok - Korea National University of Cultural Heritage  
Collaboration Lee, Jaegeun - Pusan National University  
Collaboration Lukaszuk, Michael - Queen's University  
Collaboration Miglio Pinto Gonring, Gabriel Menotti - Queen's University  
Collaboration Soh, Joonghee - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Wheeler, Michael - Queen's University  
  Meta-metaverse: digital art-based research on reflective approaches to the metaverse
Candidature Hird, Myra - Queen's University 41 789 $
CoCandidature Cunningham, Michael - Queen's University  
CoCandidature Jacobs, Shoshanah - University of Guelph  
CoCandidature Walker, Tony - Dalhousie University  
Collaboration McLellan, Peter - Queen's University  
Collaboration Witmer, Ann-Perry - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
Collaboration Yang, Laurence - Queen's University  
  Reducing Canada's Plastics Waste: Exploring the Potential of a Contextual Engineering Approach to Engineering Plastics Design
Candidature McElgunn, Hannah - Queen's University 67 587 $
Collaboration Johnson, Tai - Longwood University  
Collaboration Sekaquaptewa, Susan - University of Arizona  
Collaboration Young, Lisa - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  
  (Re)storying Hopi Ethnobotanical Knowledge: A collaborative approach to oral history
Candidature Miglio Pinto Gonring, Gabriel Menotti - Queen's University 67 500 $
Collaboration Nunez Canabal Junior, German - Universidade de Sao Paulo  
  Entangled Traditions: mapping the emergence of new media and computer arts in postwar Brazil
Candidature Haak, Debra - Queen's University 27 448 $
  Sex in the Age of Gender: Conceptual Clarity as a Foundation for Reconciling the Interests, Rights, and Experiences of Women, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People in Canada
Candidature Ritchie, Leslie - Queen's University 32 160 $
  Black and White: The Spaces of Abolition in an Eighteenth-Century Newspaper
Candidature Stoller, Mark - Queen's University 68 809 $
Collaboration Ullulaq, Jennifer - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Facilitating Youth-Elder Engagement through Participatory Film and Oral History in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut
Candidature Thompson, Vanessa - Queen's University 68 841 $
  Abolition worlds. Transnational movements within the black diaspora
Candidature Pande, Ishita - Queen's University 67 499 $
Collaboration Davies, Julia - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Valiquette, Chantal - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Vanderhelm, Sarah - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Still Cancer: A Patient's History of Disease
Candidature Ahn, Claire - Queen's University 64 158 $
CoCandidature Pillay, Thashika - Queen's University  
Collaboration Underwood, Misty - Queen's University  
  Disrupting the "checkbox" pedagogy: Advancing critical social justice education in secondary English Language Arts classrooms
Candidature Eke, Surulola - Queen's University 60 646 $
CoCandidature Grant, J. Andrew - Queen's University  
  Beyond Social Norms and Customs: Researching Sustainable Formalization of Labour Relations in Agrarian Economies
Candidature Edgelow, Megan - Queen's University 73 600 $
Collaboration Khalil, Amal - Queen's University  
Collaboration Thurlow, Julie - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Van hulle, Henrietta - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Public Safety Personnel Mental Wellness: The Impact of Organizational Factors
Candidature Macdonald, Danielle - Queen's University 62 715 $
CoCandidature Purkey, Eva - Queen's University  
CoCandidature Snelgrove-Clarke, Erna - Queen's University  
CoCandidature Vélez, Maria del Pilar - Queen's University  
Collaboration MacDougall, Lindsay - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Birth during COVID-19 - Understanding how a pandemic influences experiences of birth
Candidature Thomas, Tandy - Queen's University 59 272 $
CoCandidature Slobodzian, Adam - University of Saskatchewan  
  Gender Equality and Engaged Fathers: The Role of the Marketplace in Bridging, or not, the Gender Gap in Dual Career Households
Candidature Vine, Vera - Queen's University 74 558 $
Collaboration Fleming, Karen - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Harkness, Kate - Queen's University  
Collaboration Khalid-Khan, Sarosh - Queen's University  
  Effects of Childhood Adversity on Adolescents' Interoception and Emotion Awareness
Candidature Salomons, Tim - Queen's University 68 906 $
CoCandidature Rizvi, Sakina - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Stewart, Jeremy - Queen's University  
Collaboration Filion, Ashley - Queen's University  
  Risk in a painful moment: Examining how dynamic increases in social disconnection increase suicide capability
Candidature Atuoye, Kilian - Queen's University 72 990 $
CoCandidature Kalolo, Albino - St. Augustine University of Tanzania  
CoCandidature Wulifan, Joseph - University for Development Studies  
  Equity and Community Wellbeing in Large Scale Land Acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Saint Paul University

Candidature Bem, Caroline - Saint Paul University 51 584 $
Collaboration Albury, Katherine - Swinburne University of Technology  
Collaboration Therrien, Carl - Université de Montréal  
  Développement d’une campagne vidéoludique francophone d’éducation et de prévention des violences sexuelles au postsecondaire

Toronto Metropolitan University

Candidature Agar, Nukhet - Toronto Metropolitan University 59 280 $
CoCandidature Noseworthy, Theodore - Université York  
  Fostering Well-Being in the Digital World
Candidature Halinski, Michael - Toronto Metropolitan University 75 000 $
CoCandidature Boekhorst, Janet - University of Waterloo  
CoCandidature Good, Jessica - Athabasca University  
  Virtual Play at Work:  An Exploration of How Virtual Play at Work Affects Work-Life Balance
Candidature Al-Hamad, Areej - Toronto Metropolitan University 60 523 $
CoCandidature Guruge, Sepali - Toronto Metropolitan University  
CoCandidature Metersky, Kateryna - Toronto Metropolitan University  
CoCandidature Yasin, Yasin - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Picturing the experiences of refugees: A Photovoice exploration of Ukrainian refugee women's experiences with their Canadian hosts in the Greater Toronto Area
Candidature Migone, Andrea - Toronto Metropolitan University 67 500 $
CoCandidature Howlett, Michael - Simon Fraser University  
  Can Canada Adapt to the new Post Post-Cold War Defence Environment: Overcoming Past Problems, Assessing New Risks and Mobilizing Resources in the Unstable Post-Ukraine World Order
Candidature Zolfagharinia, Hossein - Toronto Metropolitan University 65 115 $
  Investigation of Extended Warranty Services: Considering Supply Chain Structures and Consumers' Loyalty in a Competitive Market
Candidature Li, Nicholas - Toronto Metropolitan University 50 012 $
CoCandidature Galloway, Tracey - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Watson, Barry - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
Collaboration Daley, Angela - University of Maine  
  Evaluating policies to improve food affordability, nutrition and food security in Canada's remote Northern communities
Candidature Brady, Janelle - Toronto Metropolitan University 74 453 $
CoCandidature Berman, Rachel - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Honouring Black refusal through the counter-stories and lived experiences of Black community members in Early Childhood Education and Care: A Study with Black mothers, Early Childhood Educators, and Elders
Candidature Erentzen, Caroline - Toronto Metropolitan University 58 270 $
  Incentivized Witnesses as a Factor Contributing to Wrongful Convictions
Candidature Haghighi, Aida - Toronto Metropolitan University 56 918 $
CoCandidature Zolfagharinia, Hossein - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Understanding individual and workplace risk factors of slips, trips, and falls among truck drivers in Canada
Candidature Taghipour, Sharareh - Toronto Metropolitan University 72 000 $
CoCandidature Choi, Ellen - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Probabilistic modeling of human performance in critical time-sensitive missions
Candidature Campbell-Duruflé, Christopher - Toronto Metropolitan University 67 271 $
CoCandidature Jodoin, Sébastien - Université McGill  
Collaboration Bagheri, Ebrahim - Toronto Metropolitan University  
Collaboration Neve, Robert - Université d’Ottawa  
  Understanding Canada's Reception of International Environmental and Human Rights Law
Candidature Carlaw, John - Toronto Metropolitan University 67 450 $
CoCandidature Tungohan, Ethel - Université York  
Collaboration Kumar, Priya - Toronto Metropolitan University  
Collaboration Triandafyllidou, Anna - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Contemporary Paradoxes and Struggles of Migration and Belonging in Canada
Candidature Lavallee, Lynn - Toronto Metropolitan University 74 705 $
CoCandidature Lezard, Percy - Wilfrid Laurier University  
Collaboration Lickers, Lindsey - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Stevenson-Adamji, Melissa - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Resurgence, Reclamation and Queering of Ceremony for Indigenous Women, Two Spirit, Transgender, and Non-Binary People

Trent University

Candidature Firang, David - Trent University 71 916 $
CoCandidature Mensah, Joseph - Université York  
CoCandidature Samson, Patricia - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Sethi, Bharati - Trent University  
  International Students' Lived Experience and Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Candidature Liu, Yi - Trent University 43 958 $
CoCandidature Jin, Justin - McMaster University  
  Social Capital and COVID-19 Disclosure
Candidature Kermani, Mohammad Saeid - Trent University 52 845 $
CoCandidature Darke, Peter - Université York  
  Offensive advertising and consumer complaints: The role of social media backlash

University of Guelph

Candidature Silver, Jennifer - University of Guelph 31 442 $
  Canada and the burgeoning earth observation economy: satellites, data streams, and governance in/of outer space
Candidature Taylor, Allison - University of Guelph 71 607 $
CoCandidature Friedman, May - Toronto Metropolitan University  
CoCandidature McFarland, Jami - University of Guelph  
CoCandidature Rice, Carla - University of Guelph  
Collaboration Meerai, Sonia - Wilfrid Laurier University  
  Sizing up accessibility: an arts-based exploration of weight discrimination as a barrier to disabled people's public participation in Ontario
Candidature Nance, Susan - University of Guelph 45 025 $
  Greyhound Adoption and the Birth of the Multispecies Family: Finding an Oral History Methodology
Candidature Straus, Elizabeth - University of Guelph 69 612 $
CoCandidature Douglas, Patricia - Brandon University  
CoCandidature Rice, Carla - University of Guelph  
  Beyond the normative knot: Life and praxis at the gender-sexuality-autism nexus
Candidature Wick, Sara - University of Guelph 70 041 $
CoCandidature Berger, Leslie - Wilfrid Laurier University  
CoCandidature Huo, Kun - Western University  
  Exploration of the change in hustle culture values in professional service firms
Candidature Moola, Faizal - University of Guelph 69 730 $
CoCandidature Jolly, Helina - University of Guelph  
  A berried worldview: Socio-ecology of berries of Indigenous landscapes of Mi'kma'ki (Newfoundland)

Université d’Ottawa

Candidature Turcotte, Pier-Luc - Université d’Ottawa 71 190 $
CoCandidature Brousselle, Astrid - University of Victoria  
CoCandidature Holmes, Dave - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Thomas, Roanne - Université d’Ottawa  
  La respiration comme phénomène sociopolitique : comprendre le vécu des personnes rencontrant des difficultés respiratoires sévères en contexte de crise écologique
Candidature Nantel, Julie - Université d’Ottawa 74 827 $
CoCandidature Brunet, Jennifer - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Seaby, Christine - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Boxing program adherence and its effects on well-being and quality of life in people with Parkinson's disease
Candidature Domingue, Jean-Laurent - Université d’Ottawa 53 378 $
CoCandidature Holmes, Dave - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Paradis-Gagné, Etienne - Université de Montréal  
Collaboration Dufour, Mathieu - Université de Montréal  
  Experiences of Family Roles in the Forensic Psychiatric System: An Ontario-Québec Qualitative Comparative Study
Candidature Senechal, Carole - Université d’Ottawa 68 400 $
CoCandidature Larivée, Serge - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Stylios, Alexandre - Université Laval  
Collaboration Zhu, Jie - Université de Montréal  
  Étude exploratoire sur l’analyse des outils forensiques (intelligents) utilisés dans le contexte judiciaire canadien
Candidature Asim, Minahil - Université d’Ottawa 56 192 $
  Post-Secondary Education and Social Mobility in Low-and Middle-Income Countries
Candidature Holmes, Dave - Université d’Ottawa 56 018 $
CoCandidature Chartrand, Julie - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Domingue, Jean-Laurent - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Einboden, Rochelle - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Kilty, Jennifer - Université d’Ottawa  
  Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Nurses and Women Convicted of Infanticide: A Critical Qualitative Study
Candidature Skolnik, Terry - Université d’Ottawa 40 460 $
  Using choice architecture to improve criminal trials and sentencing
Candidature Rich, Sylvia - Université d’Ottawa 55 994 $
  Proportionality and Unjustified Harm in Sentencing
Candidature Ding, Shujun - Université d’Ottawa 59 763 $
CoCandidature Chen, Qiu - Université d’Ottawa  
  The application of Time-Driven Activity Based Costing in Canadian hospitals
Candidature Peker, Efe - Université d’Ottawa 57 213 $
Collaboration Capitaine, Brieg - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Dufour, Frédérick - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Laxer, Emily - Université York  
Collaboration Lizotte, Mathieu - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Vivès, Rémi - Université York  
Collaboration Winter, Elke - Université d’Ottawa  
  The Limits of Exceptionalism: Mapping out the Landscape of Right-Wing Populism in Canada
Candidature Stinchcombe, Arne - Université d’Ottawa 74 783 $
CoCandidature Kortes-Miller, Katherine - Lakehead University  
CoCandidature Wilson, Kimberley - University of Guelph  
  Aging, Leisure, and Video Games: Examining the Attitudes, Motivations, and Experiences of Older Adults Who Play Video Games
Candidature Chelli, Mohamed - Université d’Ottawa 62 322 $
CoCandidature Himick, Darlene - Université d’Ottawa  
  The Ethical Implications of Financial literacy
Candidature Massot, Pascale - Université d’Ottawa 55 714 $
  Opinion publique et couverture médiatique canadienne sur la Chine : Différences entre les communautés linguistiques francophones et en anglophones
Candidature Culver, Diane - Université d’Ottawa 63 714 $
CoCandidature Durand-Bush, Natalie - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Edwards, Carla - McMaster University  
Collaboration Pankow, Kurtis - Queen's University  
  Exploring the use of Design Thinking to support university student-athletes' mental health
Candidature Poplack, Shana - Université d’Ottawa 67 559 $
  A sociolinguistic foray into the Silver Tsunami
Candidature Rück, Daniel - Université d’Ottawa 45 858 $
Collaboration Di Gangi, Peter - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Madougall, Brenda - Université d’Ottawa  
Collaboration Reinsborough, Laura - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Tayler, Felicity - Université d’Ottawa  
  Kitchissippi Historical Research Project
Candidature Qi, Qianru - Université d’Ottawa 68 919 $
CoCandidature Mahmood, Rafid - Université d’Ottawa  
  Leveling the Playing Field: Synthetic Data Solutions for Labor Market Equality
Candidature Ben Ayed, Ahmed Khalil - Université d’Ottawa 74 830 $
CoCandidature Donia, Magda - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Vandenberghe, Christian - HEC Montréal  
  Coping with Service Failure: a Tripartite Model of Service Encounter Toxicity

University of St. Michael’s College

Candidature Locklin, Reid - University of St. Michael’s College 40 896 $
CoCandidature Dias, Darren - University of St. Michael’s College  
CoCandidature Jamieson, Christine - Université Concordia  
Collaboration Aldred, Raymond - Vancouver School of Theology  
Collaboration Black Elk, Maka Akan Najin - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Curry, Agnes - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Jacobs-Vandegeer, Christiaan - Australian Catholic University  
Collaboration Meehan, John - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Meissner, Shelbi Nahwilet - Georgetown University  
Collaboration Rixon, Gordon - Regis College, Toronto  
Collaboration Yount, Mary Beth - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Transcendental Method, Spiritual Violence and Genocide: "Turning to the Person" of Bernard Lonergan in the Context of Settler Colonialism

University of Toronto

Candidature Aggarwal, Pankaj - University of Toronto 60 508 $
  When Product Traceability Increases Trust
Candidature Ahmad, Aisha - University of Toronto 74 940 $
  Survival Without the State: Community-Led Famine Mitigation in War-Torn Somalia
Candidature Cavenaile, Laurent - University of Toronto 53 419 $
  The Effect of Human Capital Dispersion, Occupational Choice and Firm Market Power on Innovation, Economic Growth and Income Inequality
Candidature Corhay, Alexandre - University of Toronto 69 368 $
CoCandidature Tong, Jincheng - University of Toronto  
  Inventories, finance, and risk
Candidature Cowan, Mairi - University of Toronto 47 550 $
  "Fresh Flower of Youth": Adolescents Coming of Age in a Late Medieval Royal Court
Candidature Luo, Yao - University of Toronto 71 705 $
CoCandidature Chen, Yanyou - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Yuan, Zhe - Zhejiang University  
  Neural Network Approaches to Empirical Games with an Application to Ride-Hailing Platforms' Entry/Exit Decisions
Candidature Newman, George - University of Toronto 54 911 $
CoCandidature Ruttan, Rachel - University of Toronto  
  Lay Theories of Creativity and Their Psychological and Organizational Consequences
Candidature O'Neill, Kevin - University of Toronto 49 825 $
  The Servants of the Paraclete and a Global History of Clerical Sexual Abuse
Candidature Schramm, Madison - University of Toronto 58 816 $
  The Role of Gender and Psychology in the Appointment of Women to Senior Defence Ministries
Candidature Best, Michael - University of Toronto 51 000 $
  Examining the effects of diagnostic self-disclosure on stigma and social exclusion towards individuals with mental illness
Candidature Oladi Ghadikolaei, Soudeh - University of Toronto 74 120 $
  Stories Only a Mother Could Know: Schooling Experiences among Immigrant Children in Canada
Candidature Mazinani, Sanaz - University of Toronto 74 945 $
  Towards Sustainable Futures: Learning from the Nomadic Indigenous Communities of Iran
Candidature Tan, Jun Jie Eugene - University of Toronto 50 310 $
Collaboration Gyetvai, Attila - Institute for the Study of Labor  
  The Role of Human Capital Specificity as a Source of Risk for Entrepreneurship
Candidature Vedal, Nathan - University of Toronto 54 640 $
  Manchu Identity and Scholarly Culture in Qing Dynasty China (1644-1912)
Candidature Grohmann, Rafael - University of Toronto 69 170 $
CoCandidature Nieborg, David - University of Toronto  
  Worker-Owned Intersectional Digital Platforms: Action Research with Delivery and Tech Workers in Brazil and Argentina
Candidature Mant, Madeleine - University of Toronto 74 705 $
CoCandidature Abonyi, Sylvia - University of Saskatchewan  
CoCandidature Hackett, Frederick - University of Saskatchewan  
  Past in the Present: Dynevor Indian Hospital (1908-34) and Persistent Colonial Tuberculosis Legacies
Candidature Corral, Daniel - University of Toronto 58 623 $
CoCandidature Childs, Ruth - University of Toronto  
  Surveying for Equity? Understanding the Collection and Use of Student Race and Ethnicity Data in Canadian Higher Education
Candidature Mah, Julie - University of Toronto 59 676 $
CoCandidature August, Martine - University of Waterloo  
Collaboration Tranjan, Ricardo - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Zigman, Philip - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Preserving affordable housing through eviction prevention: Understanding the impacts of housing legislation on rental affordability
Candidature Oliveira de Lima, Suzi - University of Toronto 55 235 $
CoCandidature Costa, Isabella - Universidade Estadual de Roraima  
  Counting and measuring in Cariban languages from Roraima
Candidature Wang, Jue - University of Toronto 63 261 $
Collaboration Widener, Michael - University of Toronto  
  Environmental noise pollution and its effects on public well-being in Canada
Candidature Hampton, Alexander - University of Toronto 52 255 $
  Participation in Nature: Metaphysics, Ecology, and the Environment
Candidature Tieu, Lyn Shan - University of Toronto 50 858 $
  Understanding what is not said: How children acquire the typology of linguistic inferences
Candidature Battershill, Claire - University of Toronto 72 719 $
Collaboration Fernandez, David - University of Toronto  
Collaboration MacNeil, Kathleen - Aucune affiliation principale  
  `Lighting the Windows of the Past': Feminist and Queer Poetics, Data Visualization, and Creative Engagements with Literary and Historical Special Collections
Candidature Shahidi, Faraz - University of Toronto 69 790 $
CoCandidature Gignac, Monique - Institute for Work and Health  
CoCandidature Jetha, Arif - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature MacEachen, Ellen - University of Waterloo  
  Job quality and well-being in Canada: using national longitudinal data to generate insights on the new world of work
Candidature Atkinson, Emily - University of Toronto 74 910 $
  Investigating the development of sentence processing: Incrementality and prediction
Candidature Eidoo, Sameena - University of Toronto 64 680 $
Collaboration Balata, Angie - Inspirit Foundation  
  Muslims building narrative power: An exploration of the public pedagogies of Muslim pop culture for social change
Candidature Garrett-Walker, Whitnee - University of Toronto 74 361 $
CoCandidature Brant, Jennifer - University of Toronto  
  As Sunflowers Face the Sun: Exploring the Experiences of Black and Indigenous women educational leaders in Canada
Candidature Gu, Yi - University of Toronto 66 982 $
Collaboration Lam, Tong - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Wu, Yiching - University of Toronto  
  Rethinking Posters of Mao's China (1949-1976) through Digital Art History
Candidature Lockhart, Ellen - University of Toronto 72 410 $
  Aquatic Theatre and Oceanic Music in the Long Nineteenth Century
Candidature Nozawa, Yoshio - University of Toronto 58 642 $
  Why Are Corporate Bond Illiquid?
Candidature Roderique, Hadiya - University of Toronto 67 765 $
  Discourses of Racism in Canadian Media
Candidature Shachak, Aviv - University of Toronto 31 538 $
CoCandidature Bartlett, Joan - Université McGill  
Collaboration Mamdani, Muhammad - University of Toronto  
  Data Science in Context: Understanding the Work of Health Data Scientists
Candidature Logie, Carmen - University of Toronto 74 932 $
CoCandidature Abrams, Amber - University of Cape Town  
CoCandidature Gittings, Lesley - Western University  
CoCandidature Perez-Brumer, Amaya - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Taing, Lina - United Nations University (Canada)  
  Exploring Alliance Building and Knowledge Co-Creation across Water Justice Movements
Candidature Nowrouzi-Kia, Behdin - University of Toronto 74 920 $
CoCandidature Chattu, Vijay Kumar - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Yazdani, Amin - Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning  
Collaboration Bani-Fatemi, Ali - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Crichton, Karen - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Demedeiros-Howe, Aaron - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Feist, Rachel - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Jackson, Jacey - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Supporting work participation and return to work outcomes in individuals with post-concussive syndrome: A mixed-methods sequential explanatory study
Candidature Baker, Heather - University of Toronto 50 384 $
  Inheritance and inequality in urban Babylonia
Candidature Mercan, Gözde - University of Toronto 51 349 $
  How do L2 learners resolve ambiguity in complex sentences?
Candidature Swidrovich, Jaris - University of Toronto 55 889 $
CoCandidature Jarvis-Selinger, Sandra - University of British Columbia  
CoCandidature Kellar, Jamie - University of Toronto  
  Exploring the Experience of Senior Indigenous and Black Pharmacy Students' Professional Identity Formation: A Dual Canadian University Site Approach
Candidature Cheung, Felix - University of Toronto 52 500 $
  Towards an Equity-Informed Well-being Science
Candidature Wang, Tianyi - University of Toronto 64 224 $
  Political Impacts of Protest Songs
Candidature Wu, Yang - University of Toronto 47 514 $
  Infants' understanding of emotion words
Candidature Rodricks, Dirk Jonathan - University of Toronto 69 794 $
Collaboration Charise, Andrea - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Eswar, Sharada - Jumblies Theatre  
  Learning as Movement: Cultivating an Intergenerational Critical Cultural Literacy through Community-Engaged Movement Arts in a COVID-Altered Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Candidature Garcia Montoya, Laura - University of Toronto 74 447 $
CoCandidature Uribe-Castro, Mateo - Universidad del Rosario  
Collaboration Kaplan, Ethan - University of Maryland at College Park  
  The Long-Term Economic and Political Consequences of Land Reform: Evidence from Peru
Candidature Xu, Ting - University of Toronto 70 900 $
Collaboration Ayromloo, Shalise - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Denes, Matthew - Carnegie-Mellon University  
Collaboration Tello-Trillo, Cristina - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Regulating Biases: The Impact of Anti-Discrimination Policies on Firms
Candidature Bejar, Susana - University of Toronto 66 985 $
Collaboration Johns, Lois - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Nochasak, Christine - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Animacy and transitivity as a window into Inuttitut verb class
Candidature Baigrie, Brian - University of Toronto 46 256 $
  Public Trust as a Substantive Value for Public Health Ethics
Candidature Spence, Nicholas - University of Toronto 42 878 $
CoCandidature Grabb, Edward - Western University  
  The social connectedness of minorities in a changing world: Canada in international context
Candidature Merkley, Eric - University of Toronto 71 864 $
  The Causes and Democratic Consequences of Affective Polarization in Anglo-American Democracies
Candidature Compaoré, W. R. Nadège - University of Toronto 65 412 $
Collaboration Wall, Margaret - University of Toronto  
  Black Internationalism in Canada: Uncovering Traces, Spaces & Faces of Black Self-Determination

University of Waterloo

Candidature Jerreat-Poole, Adan - University of Waterloo 21 330 $
  Disabled Feminists and Digital Storytelling: Zine-Making Pandemic Lives
Candidature Akhtari, Nazli - University of Waterloo 72 080 $
  Archival Animations in the Global Iranian Diaspora
Candidature Johnson, Samuel - University of Waterloo 62 989 $
Collaboration Brown, Gordon - University of Warwick  
  Mental Task Management Theory
Candidature Nilsen, Elizabeth - University of Waterloo 66 461 $
CoCandidature Law, Edith - University of Waterloo  
  Associations between children's characteristics and their perceptions of, strategies toward, and learning from teachable robots
Candidature Moreno-Cruz, Juan - University of Waterloo 72 928 $
  The Role of Narratives on Sustainable Food Consumption
Candidature Bruce-Lockhart, Katherine - University of Waterloo 62 461 $
  Beyond the Mandela Rules: Global Governance, Prisoners' Rights, and "Universal" Prison Rules from the 19th-21st Centuries
Candidature Hurst, Ada - University of Waterloo 42 418 $
CoCandidature Safayeni, Frank - University of Waterloo  
  Understanding collaborative design problem framing by novice engineers: implications for engineering design education
Candidature Fahim Syed, Manaal - University of Waterloo 61 469 $
CoCandidature Triandafyllidou, Anna - Toronto Metropolitan University  
  Intergenerationality in the COVID-19 crisis: Evolving definitions and relations between older and younger generations in immigrant families and society
Candidature Teeple, Keisuke - University of Waterloo 44 820 $
  Financial Market Tatonnement
Candidature Misener, Katherine - University of Waterloo 74 974 $
CoCandidature Eys, Mark - Wilfrid Laurier University  
CoCandidature Trussell, Dawn - Brock University  
  Disrupting the norms of community sport through co-participation of parents and children
Candidature MacDonald, Logan - University of Waterloo 75 000 $
  Environmental Scan of Indigenous Artists in Archives

University of Windsor

Candidature Almanssori, Salsabel - University of Windsor 60 695 $
Collaboration Mendes, Kaitlynn - Western University  
  The intersections of manosphere masculinity and technology facilitated sexual violence in Ontario secondary schools
Candidature Jaber, Lindsey - University of Windsor 71 066 $
CoCandidature Airton, Lee - Queen's University  
CoCandidature Vanner, Catherine - University of Windsor  
Collaboration Johnstone, Dusty - University of Windsor  
Collaboration Lee, Eun-Young - Queen's University  
Collaboration Lotan, Barbara - Queen's University  
  #TeacherCandidatureesToo: Teacher Candidaturees' Experiences of Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment During School-Based Practicum
Candidature Lwin, Kristen - University of Windsor 69 377 $
CoCandidature Nikolova, Kristina - University of Windsor  
Collaboration Head, Sarah - Practice and Research Together  
  Decision Making in Child Welfare Service Delivery: Examining Impact of Worker Characteristics and the Decision Making Process
Candidature Song, Young Ho - University of Windsor 67 332 $
CoCandidature Park, Jungkyu - Kyungpook National University  
  Cognitive demands in call centres: How can AI technology help replenish cognitive resources to support service sector employees' productivity and performance?
Candidature Menard, Amy - University of Windsor 69 927 $
CoCandidature Soucie, Kendall - University of Windsor  
  Sexual wellbeing and resilience in women with endometriosis and women with PCOS
Candidature Callaghan, Geoffrey - University of Windsor 68 051 $
Collaboration Williams, Mita - University of Windsor  
  Interveners at the Supreme Court of Canada
Candidature Romero, Kristoffer - University of Windsor 68 375 $
CoCandidature Biss, Renée - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature Cruz, Edward - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature Kwantes, Catherine - University of Windsor  
  Exploring the impact of culture on metamemory
Candidature Pfaff, Kathryn - University of Windsor 59 903 $
CoCandidature Bondy, Jennifer - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature Guta, Adrian - University of Windsor  
  Affirming value-based care in a shelter health initiative: Understanding stakeholder perspectives about what data matter and why they matter

Western University

Candidature Nguyen, Dang Quang - Western University 55 128 $
Collaboration Donohue, Karen - University of Minnesota  
Collaboration Pourghannad, Behrooz - University of Oregon  
  Improving Energy Efficiency at Small and Medium Sized Suppliers: A Behavioral Investigation
Candidature Finneron-Burns, Elizabeth - Western University 71 367 $
  The Ethics of Human Extinction
Candidature Hein, Patricia - Western University 59 747 $
CoCandidature Glaser, Vern - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Ansari, Shaz - University of Cambridge  
  The Invisible Working Class - Uncovering and Addressing Invisible Marginalization in Organizations
Candidature Opini, Bathseba - Western University 71 733 $
CoCandidature Abdi, Ali - University of British Columbia Press  
Collaboration Abshire, Levonne - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Neeganagwedgin, Erica - Western University  
  Supporting Racialized Youths with Disabilities in Transitioning from High School to Post-Secondary: Learning from the Experiences of Parents and Guardians in British Columbia
Candidature Li, Zhichuan - Western University 46 460 $
CoCandidature Wang, Jun - Université du Manitoba  
CoCandidature Zhang, Jingyu - Queen's University  
  Corporate pension policy and corporate social responsibility
Candidature Arnaud, Sarah - Western University 72 202 $
CoCandidature Bodell, Lindsay - Western University  
CoCandidature Catala, Amandine - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Faucher, Luc - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Friesen, Phoebe - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Gagné-Julien, Anne-Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Gold, Ian - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Gupta, Mona - Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Soros, Erin - Simon Fraser University  
CoCandidature Sullivan, Jacqueline - Western University  
  Including psychiatrized communities in philosophy of psychiatry
Candidature Arku, Godwin - Western University 71 914 $
CoCandidature Antabe, Roger - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Kuuire, Vincent - University of Toronto  
CoCandidature Lawson, Erica - Western University  
CoCandidature Luginaah, Isaac - Western University  
CoCandidature Omorodion, Francisca - University of Windsor  
  Under the Blacklight: Exploring Black Lived Experiences in Southwestern Ontario
Candidature Ha, Pham Doan Trang - Western University 68 752 $
CoCandidature Haan, Michael - Western University  
CoCandidature Henstra, Daniel - University of Waterloo  
Collaboration Curtis, Katherine - University of Wisconsin - Madison  
Collaboration DeWaard, Jack - Population Council  
Collaboration Fussell, Elizabeth - Brown University  
  The spatial structure of inter-municipality migration in Canada: Insights from a new migration flow database
Candidature Jackson, Kimberley - Western University 42 769 $
CoCandidature Mantler, Tara - Western University  
CoCandidature O'Keefe-McCarthy, Sheila - Brock University  
  Empowered by art: an arts-informed exploration of the experiences of storytelling via art creation among Canadian mothers with histories of intimate partner violence
Candidature Robinson, Baxter - Western University 57 430 $
Collaboration Ayerst, Stephen - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Equity Markets and Aggregate Productivity
Candidature Dusenge, Mirindi Eric - Western University 73 580 $
CoCandidature Kpienbaareh, Daniel  - Illinois State University  
CoCandidature Luginaah, Isaac - Western University  
Collaboration Arku, Godwin - Western University  
Collaboration Nsabimana, Donat - National University of Rwanda  
  Agroecological and gender-transformative approaches to climate change adaptation in smallholder farmers in Rwanda, Africa
Candidature Connoy, Laura - Western University 32 695 $
CoCandidature Ford-Gilboe, Marilyn - Western University  
CoCandidature Webster, Fiona - Western University  
  An institutional ethnography of chronic pain among women living with trauma
Candidature Zhang, Mengxia - Western University 23 890 $
  Consumer and AI Co-creation: When and Why Nudging Human Participation Improve AI Creation
Candidature Ataullahjan, Anushka - Western University 69 962 $
CoCandidature Ali, Hussain - Abdul Wali Khan University  
CoCandidature Gittings, Lesley - Western University  
  The Gendered Impacts of Climate Change: A Case Study of the 2022 Floods in Swat Valley, Pakistan

Wilfrid Laurier University

Candidature Wang, Zijian - Wilfrid Laurier University 43 469 $
  Digital Payments, Credit Information, and Data Privacy
Candidature Wingate, Timothy - Wilfrid Laurier University 40 608 $
CoCandidature Bourdage, Joshua - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Robie, Chet - Wilfrid Laurier University  
Collaboration Powell, Deborah - University of Guelph  
  Targeting employment interviews to hire for specific kinds of work performance
Candidature Farrar, Jonathan - Wilfrid Laurier University 55 051 $
  Redeveloping the brand names of the RRSP and TFSA: A semantic and sound symbolic investigation
Candidature Lam, Catherine - Wilfrid Laurier University 66 870 $
Collaboration Deng, Hong - Durham University  
Collaboration Wong, Yuk - Hong Kong Baptist University  
  Skip-level leaders' trust and direct-leaders' abusive supervision: The mediating role of skip-level leader-member exchange (SMX)
Candidature Pin, Laura - Wilfrid Laurier University 63 737 $
CoCandidature Dej, Erin - Wilfrid Laurier University  
CoCandidature Haley, Elizabeth - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick  
CoCandidature Schwan, Kaitlin - Université York  
  Realizing the Right to Housing: Municipal Policy Responses to Encampments in Canada
Candidature Verma, Aadhaar - Wilfrid Laurier University 66 693 $
CoCandidature Kalimipalli, Madhu - Wilfrid Laurier University  
Collaboration Chakrabarty, Bidisha - Saint Louis University  
Collaboration Duong, Huu Nhan - Monash University  
  The informativeness of ESG ratings and their effect on asset prices
Candidature Cook, Nikolai - Wilfrid Laurier University 38 643 $
  Replication without replication, publication bias, and media engagement of economics research
Candidature Ngo, Anh - Wilfrid Laurier University 72 446 $
Collaboration Meerai, Sonia - Wilfrid Laurier University  
  The Cold War inscriptions we carry: A counter archive of one transnational family through digital storytelling
Candidature Lane, Dorian - Wilfrid Laurier University 58 155 $
CoCandidature Berger, Leslie - Wilfrid Laurier University  
CoCandidature Presslee, Charles - University of Waterloo  
  An Examination of the Effects of Social Controls on Group Performance
Candidature Kim, Sanghyun - Wilfrid Laurier University 61 372 $
  The end-of-the month trading and reporting practices of mutual funds
Candidature Karim, Ridwan - Wilfrid Laurier University 24 170 $
CoCandidature Priyo, Asad - North South University  
  Experimental evaluation of life-skills curriculum for vulnerable students in Dhaka
Candidature Mancino, Maria Antonella - Wilfrid Laurier University 28 784 $
Collaboration Diaz Campo, Cecilia - Washington University in St. Louis  
  The Role of Health Insurance Generosity and Doctor Prescription Behavior on Opioid Painkiller Use and Addiction

Université York

Candidature Biricik Gulseren, Duygu - Université York 69 415 $
CoCandidature Kelloway, Kevin, E. - Saint Mary's University  
CoCandidature Lyubykh, Zhanna - Simon Fraser University  
  Inconsistent Leadership: Scale Development and Measurement
Candidature Bassett-Gunter, Rebecca - Université York 74 034 $
CoCandidature Crandall, Jason - Western Kentucky University  
CoCandidature Weiss, Jonathan - Université York  
Collaboration Tristani, Lauren - Aucune affiliation principale  
  BINGOCIZE! Evaluating the Feasibility of a Physical Activity Program for Autistic Children
Candidature Aulakh, Preetmohinder - Université York 67 600 $
  Sustainable Agriculture in the Global South: Prospects and Challenges of Smallholders' Product Diversification and Marketing Channel Coordination
Candidature Bohn, Simone - Université York 74 518 $
  When Reproductive Self-Determination Remains Restricted. Women's Strategies of Resistance in Brazil
Candidature Bragg, Bronwyn - Université York 63 129 $
CoCandidature Hyndman, Jennifer - Université York  
  Slaughterhouse geographies: Comparing the integration experiences of refugee workers in Canadian meatpacking towns
Candidature Cribbie, Robert - Université York 62 300 $
  Modern Perspectives on Multiplicity Control
Candidature Foroughi, Pouyan - Université York 63 570 $
CoCandidature Hotchkiss, Edith - Boston College  
Collaboration Nini, Greg - Drexel University  
  Private Equity Sponsors in the Leveraged Loan Market
Candidature Johnston, Hannah - Université York 71 209 $
  Regulating algorithmic management in standard employment: A comparison of legislative and industrial relations approaches
Candidature Kecskes, Ambrus - Université York 59 883 $
CoCandidature Nguyen, Anh - Université York  
  Artificial intelligence innovation: A causal investigation of why firms produce it, how it impacts their workforce, and how firms evolve as a consequence
Candidature Kim, Chungah - Université York 74 994 $
CoCandidature Chum, Antony - Université York  
CoCandidature O'Campo, Patricia - St. Michael’s Hospital  
  Social policy solutions to deaths and diseases of despair in Canada
Candidature Brushwood Rose, Chloe - Université York 65 097 $
CoCandidature Schwartz, Andi - Université York  
Collaboration Swanson, Raegan - The ArQuives: Canada's Queer Archives  
  On our own terms: An oral history and archive of queer femme community and culture in Toronto, 1990-2000
Candidature Knouzi, Ibtissem - Université York 63 000 $
  Critical Transitions in the Literacy Development of International Multilingual Students in English-medium Universities: A Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study
Candidature Leisinger, Matthew - Université York 36 492 $
  Cudworth's conscious self
Candidature Li, Guangrui - Université York 59 005 $
CoCandidature Levesque, Moren - Université York  
Collaboration Zhang, Xiaoquan - Tsinghua University  
  Curse or Blessing: The welfare effects of algorithmic recommendations
Candidature Liang, Zhixiang - Université York 63 393 $
CoCandidature Carney, Michael - Université Concordia  
  The Impact of Institutional Systems on Foreign Direct Investment: A Multilevel Study of Chinese Multinational Enterprises
Candidature Murnaghan, Ann Marie - Université York 70 521 $
CoCandidature McCreary, Tyler - Florida State University  
  Old poles and new stories: archival knowledges and oral histories of C'idimsggin'is and Kurt Seligmann
Candidature Norcliffe, Glen - Université York 65 209 $
Collaboration Kruse, Annika - University of Graz  
Collaboration Lintangsari, Alies - Brawijaya University  
Collaboration Sugiono, Sugiono - Brawijaya University  
  Velomobility for disability: the design, production, and distribution of cycles that assist the mobility of persons with a disability
Candidature Ozai, Ivan - Université York 62 798 $
  Realizing global justice through the international tax system
Candidature Poirier, Mathieu - Université York 62 500 $
CoCandidature Hoffman, Steven - Université York  
CoCandidature Nanyangwe-Moyo, Tina - Université York  
  Centering gender in the evaluation of international laws
Candidature Sarta, Andrew - Université York 55 750 $
  Imagining Augmentation Possibilities and How Organizations Adapt to the Emergence of Artificial Intelligence
Candidature Saxton, Gregory - Université York 61 956 $
  The role of automated bots in the financial and consumer markets
Candidature Singh, Rianka - Université York 53 363 $
  Platform Feminism
Candidature Tremblay, Jean-Thomas - Université York 47 341 $
  Eco-subtraction: downsizing the environmental humanities
Candidature Zeng, Yishu - Université York 57 238 $
Collaboration Li, Ming - Université Concordia  
Collaboration Rajan, Uday - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  
  The Design of Information Disclosure Policy in Strategic Interaction


Université Concordia

Candidature Beitiks, Meghan Moe - Université Concordia 71 194 $
Collaboration Preston, VK - Université Concordia  
Collaboration Tymas, Baron - Université Concordia  
  Angles of Consequence
Candidature Jacob, Wilson - Université Concordia 56 960 $
  Changing Environments: Between Islamic and Imperial Visions of Good Life in the Indian Ocean World
Candidature Martineau, Jonathan - Université Concordia 44 567 $
  Penser le futur du climat à l’ère du présentisme : vers un dialogue interdisciplinaire
Candidature Ortiz-Apuy, Juan - Université Concordia 67 019 $
  Midnight Confusion
Candidature Bothello, Joel - Université Concordia 68 717 $
CoCandidature Weiss, Tim - Imperial College London  
  Transforming research practices on marginalized populations: From exploitation to engagement
Candidature Balaswaminathan, Sowparnika - Université Concordia 50 562 $
  Crafting Subjects: Aesthetics, Ethics, & Labour in the Neoliberal Nation
Candidature Chauhan, Satyaveer - Université Concordia 56 360 $
  Supply chain partnership, disruption and strategies
Candidature Grond, Florian - Université Concordia 72 000 $
CoCandidature Howes, John - Université Concordia  
CoCandidature Park, Melissa - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Unger, Matthew - Université Concordia  
Collaboration Berzi, Nicolas - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Prince, Dawn - Yale University  
  Sensing differently, creating inclusive atmospheres as sensory-friendly zones and their evaluation with immersive sound technologies
Candidature Macé, Fanny - Université Concordia 64 380 $
  Prolégomènes A : l’apport des locuteurs bi/plurilingues dans la modélisation du développement de la compétence lexicale en français langue seconde/additionnelle
Candidature Margaris, Panagiotis - Université Concordia 31 105 $
Collaboration Macnamara, Patrick - University of Manchester  
Collaboration Rossi, Raffaele - University of Manchester  
Collaboration Valentinyi, Akos - University of Manchester  
  Macroeconomics of Obesity
Candidature Mirhoseini, Mahdi - Université Concordia 73 798 $
  Towards a Sociotechnical Understanding of Fake News on Social Media

Polytechnique Montréal

Candidature Niamié, Octave - Polytechnique Montréal 64 678 $
  L’ingéniosité entrepreneuriale comme vecteur de mobilisation de ressources auprès de l’écosystème entrepreneurial par les personnes issues des communautés noires promoteures de startup

HEC Montréal

Candidature Hyun, Jungsik - HEC Montréal 55 000 $
  Environmental Impacts of Trade Liberalization: Establishment-level Evidence and Quantitative Implications
Candidature Brunet, Maude - HEC Montréal 61 712 $
CoCandidature Baba, Sofiane - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Drouin, Nathalie - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Gouvernance et acceptabilité sociale des grands projets publics
Candidature Lin, Xianran - HEC Montréal 45 000 $
CoCandidature Li, Kai - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Yan, Xinyan - University of Dayton  
  Quantifying Bondholder-Lender Conflicts: Evidence From Bondholders' Simultaneous Participation in Syndicated Loans
Candidature Parent-Rocheleau, Xavier - HEC Montréal 70 070 $
CoCandidature Gaudet, Marie-Claude - HEC Montréal  
CoCandidature Pasquier, Vincent - HEC Montréal  
  Comprendre les antécédents et les conséquences d’une gestion algorithmique transparente, juste et habilitante
Candidature Pastoriza, David - HEC Montréal 73 100 $
CoCandidature Carrillat, François - Griffith University  
CoCandidature Plante, Jean-François - HEC Montréal  
  Remaining at the Top: Predicting Enduring Success of Recent Champions at Top-Level Sports Contests
Candidature Grange, Camille - HEC Montréal 66 429 $
CoCandidature Ortiz de Guinea Lopez de Arana, Ana - HEC Montréal  
  Uncovering causal complexities and trade-offs in the acceptance of mobile apps used to protect communities: the case of emergency response and contact tracing technologies
Candidature Gregoire, Yany - HEC Montréal 63 796 $
CoCandidature Radanielina Hita, Marie Louise - HEC Montréal  
CoCandidature Sénécal, Sylvain - HEC Montréal  
  Examining the effectiveness of AI-powered health technology to improve self management of mental health and reduce inequities in mental health care
Candidature Chui, Celia - HEC Montréal 74 500 $
CoCandidature Lucas, Brian - Cornell University  
  Idea vitality and group idea elaboration

Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Candidature Drouin-Gagné, Marie-Eve - Institut national de la recherche scientifique 68 193 $
CoCandidature Éthier, Benoit - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue  
CoCandidature Guimont Marceau, Stéphane - Institut national de la recherche scientifique  
  Éducation par le territoire et cartographie narrative : Comprendre la ville de Val-d’Or comme territoire autochtone pour recadrer les relations entre autochtonie et urbanité
Candidature St-Denis, Xavier - Institut national de la recherche scientifique 74 945 $
Collaboration Denier, Nicole - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Hollister, Matissa - Université McGill  
  Employee commitment in an era of job insecurity: A mixed-methods approach

Université McGill

Candidature Khern-am-nuai, Warut - Université McGill $62 792 $
Collaboration Shimizu, Takumi - Keio University  
  Uncovering the Changes in Content-Generating Behavior on Online Platforms in Response to Online Hate Speech Regulation: A Case Study of Japan
Candidature Han, Da Hee - Université McGill 61 448 $
  Will Sharing This Taint Me or Help Others: The Effect of Message Framing on Willingness to Share Information about Stigmatized Health Topics on Social Media in the Opioid Crisis Context
Candidature Baccini, Leonardo - Université McGill 71 241 $
Collaboration Weymouth, Stephen - Georgetown University  
  Inflation Politics in the United States
Candidature Vaast, Emmanuelle - Université McGill 68 563 $
CoCandidature Serpa, Juan - Université McGill  
  Unpacking open data initiatives for environmental nonprofit organizations
Candidature Roh, Yongoh - Université McGill 71 048 $
Collaboration Bratek, Ferdinand - New York University  
  Show me the money: Pay Transparency and the Quality of Workplace Practices
Candidature Coon, Jessica - Université McGill 70 700 $
Collaboration Alonso Ovalle, Luis - Université McGill  
Collaboration Bejar, Susana - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Brant, William - University of Toronto  
Collaboration DeCaire, Ryan - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Kucerova, Ivona - McMaster University  
  Understanding Kanien'kéha verbs: Linguistic research and language revitalization
Candidature le Polain de Waroux, Yann - Université McGill 71 994 $
Collaboration Abizaid, Christian - University of Toronto  
Collaboration Coomes, Oliver - Université McGill  
Collaboration Giesbrecht, Kennert - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Moser, Sarah - Université McGill  
Collaboration Nobbs-Thiessen, Benjamin - Université de Winnipeg  
  Land for the faithful: Culture, land deals and frontier development in Latin American Mennonite colonies
Candidature Scott, Darius - Université McGill 43 995 $
  Stigma and the emplacement of Black gender and sexual minorities in Montreal
Candidature Weitzner, Gregory - Université McGill 64 280 $
Collaboration de Motta, Adolfo - Université McGill  
  How Does Bank Information Enter Financial Markets?
Candidature Serpa, Juan - Université McGill 61 659 $
CoCandidature Gumus, Mehmet - Université McGill  
Collaboration Fernandez, Carla - INCAE Business School  
Collaboration Perez-Pineda, Felipe - INCAE Business School  
  Pests, Community Alerts, and the Cry-Wolf Effect: Theory and Field Experiments in Coffee Plantations
Candidature Chang, Minyu - Université McGill 72 692 $
CoCandidature Johns, Brendan - Université McGill  
  Repetitions are not created equal: Examining the role of contextual diversity in the repetition-based truth effect
Candidature Gonsalves, Allison - Université McGill 73 631 $
CoCandidature Dechief, Diane - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Harvey, Blane - Université McGill  
Collaboration Lewis-Sutherland, Charlene - Université McGill  
Collaboration Sprowls, Emily - Université McGill  
  Informal learning for sustainability in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs: Navigating emotions and identities to develop relational competencies
Candidature Gvili, Gal - Université McGill 51 877 $
  Possessed: Superstition and Gender in Modern Chinese Literature
Candidature MacIntosh, Heather - Université McGill 75 000 $
CoCandidature Marshall, Zack - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Menard, Amy - University of Windsor  
CoCandidature Santinele Martino, Alan - University of Calgary  
CoCandidature Ware, Syrus - McMaster University  
  Sexual Healing for LGBTQA+ Survivors of Childhood Trauma
Candidature Elrick, Jennifer - Université McGill 71 865 $
Collaboration Schneiderhan, Erik - University of Toronto  
  Who Do We Think You Are? Deliberation and Public Perceptions of Immigrants and Refugees in Canada
Candidature Ajzenman, Nicolas - Université McGill 55 488 $
Collaboration Acemoglu, Kamer Daron - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
Collaboration Aksoy, Cevat - King's College London  
Collaboration Fiszbein, Martin - Boston University  
Collaboration Molina Guerra, Carlos - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
  The Imprint of Democracy on Civic Culture
Candidature Douek, Daniel - Université McGill 59 155 $
  Political Assassinations in Colonial Africa
Candidature Hehman, Eric - Université McGill 63 865 $
  Tracking and Predicting Daily Experiences of Prejudice
Candidature Lobczowski, Nikki - Université McGill 64 481 $
  How are emerging technologies currently being integrated into secondary math curricula?
Candidature Christophe, Noah Keita - Université McGill 70 628 $
  A longitudinal examination of Black Canadian adolescents coping with discrimination: day-to-day and long-term resilience
Candidature Wenzel, Brian - Université McGill 44 207 $
  Exclusivity in the North American financial system: evidence from the lack of halal lending
Candidature Stilwell, Peter - Université McGill 69 785 $
CoCandidature Bussières, André - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
CoCandidature Gallagher, Shaun - University of Memphis  
CoCandidature Hudon, Anne - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Pagé, Gabrielle - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Wideman, Timothy - Université McGill  
Collaboration McIntyre, Virginia - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Meldrum, Calvin - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Understanding the roles of self and society in pain-related suffering and empowering people living with pain to shape novel research on their lived experience
Candidature Chitti, Marco - Université McGill 39 178 $
CoCandidature Moser, Sarah - Université McGill  
Collaboration Gola, Alessandra - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven  
Collaboration Kittana, Abdalrahman - Birzeit University  
  New urban trends in Palestine: Local challenges, regional influences, and global aspirations of emerging city builders in the West Bank
Candidature Gopalakrishnan, Sanjith - Université McGill 43 730 $
CoCandidature Ray, Saibal - Université McGill  
Collaboration Sankaranarayanan, Sriram - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad  
  Adoption of Traceability Technologies in Supply Chains
Candidature So, Hyunji - Université McGill 63 744 $
CoCandidature Khern-am-nuai, Warut - Université McGill  
Collaboration Lee, Kyunghee - Wayne State University  
  The Rise of the Creator Class : Examining the Shift in the Media Market Dynamics
Candidature Cutumisu, Maria - Université McGill 75 000 $
  Multimodal learning models of feedback-seeking behaviour
Candidature Williams, Shanna - Université McGill 61 185 $
CoCandidature McWilliams, Kelly - City University of New York - Graduate Center  
  Supporting forensic interviewers: Tools to support adherence to best practice protocols
Candidature Takamura, Kazue - Université McGill 66 290 $
CoCandidature Caouette, Dominique - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Kuhonta, Erik - Université McGill  
  The Predicament of the Philippine Migrant Worker: An Analysis of Labor-Sending Countries' Responses to the Plight of Citizen Workers Abroad
Candidature Dakhlallah, Diana - Université McGill 73 238 $
Collaboration Cohen, Lisa - Université McGill  
  How social incentives shape motivation for misconduct in organisations

Université TÉLUQ

Candidature Larose-Hébert, Katharine - Université TÉLUQ 74 175 $
CoCandidature Bourgeois-Guérin, Élise - Université TÉLUQ  
CoCandidature Dumais Michaud, Audrey-Anne - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Le Pain, Isabelle - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Truong, Alexis - Université d’Ottawa  
  Judiciarisation des troubles de santé mentale : rôle et expérience des proches-aidants dans le phénomène
Candidature Dupré, Jean-François - Université TÉLUQ 35 647 $
  Subjugating Hong Kong: national integration and autocratization on China's periphery

Université de Montréal

Candidature Alonzo, Davide - Université de Montréal 51 601 $
  Marriage, Sorting, and Segregation Across U.S. Cities
Candidature Galindo da Fonseca, Joao Alfredo - Université de Montréal 44 172 $
  The role of referral networks on job outcomes
Candidature Park, Hyejin - Université de Montréal 43 302 $
  Aging Population and the Macroeconomy
Candidature Halperin, Christina - Université de Montréal 74 639 $
Collaboration Freiwald, Carolyn - University of Mississippi  
Collaboration Garrido López, Jose - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration MillerWolf, Katherine - University of West Florida  
  Regime Change and Resilience of Maya peoples at the end of the Classic period (ca. 800-1000 CE)
Candidature Lyraud, Pierre - Université de Montréal 43 455 $
  Voix empruntées. Pratiques de la citation littéraire dans la Première Modernité (1595-1692)
Candidature Khoury, Emmanuelle - Université de Montréal 74 476 $
CoCandidature MacDonald, Sue-Ann - Université de Montréal  
  Mental health Recovery from Youth Right-based Perspectives
Candidature Montambeault, Françoise - Université de Montréal 67 455 $
CoCandidature Nagels, Nora - Cœur des sciences - UQAM  
  Penser la citoyenneté vécue des femmes dans les pratiques participatives du care au quotidien en Amérique latine : Le cas des cuisines communautaires de la ville de Mexico
Candidature Ménard, Sophie - Université de Montréal 63 746 $
  Étude du devenir-écrivaine en régime naturaliste : le cas de Georges de Peyrebrune (1841-1917)
Candidature Jacques, Olivier - Université de Montréal 68 665 $
  Les priorités des citoyens quant aux politiques de santé et à l’État-providence
Candidature Arel-Bundock, Vincent - Université de Montréal 74 600 $
CoCandidature Briggs, Ryan - University of Guelph  
  Is quantitative research in political science credible?
Candidature Gosselin-Lavoie, Catherine - Université de Montréal 39 213 $
CoCandidature Charette, Josée - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Gosselin-Gagné, Justine - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Description et analyse des interactions orales entre adulte (enseignante/parent) et enfant en lien avec les habiletés narratives lors de la lecture d’albums plurilingues dans une perspective de collaboration école-famille en milieu pluriethnique
Candidature Barreau, Jean Marc - Université de Montréal 73 000 $
  Étude sur l’apport de l’expérience de l’émotion de la tristesse vécue et exprimée par des enfants endeuillés face à la réalité du processus de deuil tel que vécu au Québec
Candidature Celis, Abigail - Université de Montréal 74 984 $
  l’art Noir: cartographies for an emerging field
Candidature Dassonneville, Ruth - Université de Montréal 74 415 $
  Voters' Identities in their Own Words
Candidature Hamila, Ahmed - Université de Montréal 74 998 $
CoCandidature Lee, Woo Jin Edward - Université de Montréal  
  Juger l’homosexualité, attribuer l’asile : le traitement des demandes d’asile OSIG au Canada
Candidature Deschênes, Marie-France - Université de Montréal 63 786 $
CoCandidature Caty, Marie-Eve - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
CoCandidature Fernandez, Nicolas - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Lavoie, Patrick - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Lechasseur, Kathleen - Université Laval  
  La transformation sémantique et syntaxique des données de situations professionnelles pour l’apprentissage du raisonnement clinique
Candidature Gagné, Karine - Université de Montréal 73 000 $
CoCandidature Bérubé, Annie - Université du Québec en Outaouais  
CoCandidature Tarabulsy, George - Université Laval  
  Mentalisation parentale non verbale sous la loupe : Valeur ajoutée à la relation parent-enfant et complémentarité avec la mentalisation parentale verbale
Candidature Fraser, Sarah - Université de Montréal 74 882 $
CoCandidature Archambault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Beauregard, Nancy - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Dupéré, Véronique - Université de Montréal  
Collaboration Lapalme, Josée - Université de Montréal  
Collaboration Roy, Melanie - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Participation jeunesse Autochtone dans la prise de décision en milieu scolaire
Candidature l’Homme, Marie-Claude - Université de Montréal 69 834 $
CoCandidature Mollen, Yvette - Université de Montréal  
Collaboration Tshernish, Marjolaine - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Uauitamutau assi. Terminologie de l’environnement en langue innue (innu-aimun)
Candidature Koubeissy, Rola - Université de Montréal 59 982 $
CoCandidature Papazian-Zohrabian, Garine - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Rahm, Jrène - Université de Montréal  
  Les pratiques pédagogiques qui favorisent l’inclusion socioculturelle et scolaire d’élèves immigrants nouvellement arrivés au Québec : regards croisés d’enseignants et d’élèves
Candidature Lanoix, Alexandre - Université de Montréal 46 130 $
  Le contrat didactique en sciences humaines au primaire : mieux comprendre les pratiques enseignantes et leurs effets sur l’apprentissage
Candidature Rainville, Pierre - Université de Montréal 75 000 $
CoCandidature Hétu, Sébastien - Université de Montréal  
  Social hierarchies and the non-verbal communication of pain
Candidature Orkin, Joseph - Université de Montréal 74 822 $
CoCandidature Flachs, Andrew - Purdue University  
  Sociocultural Foodomics of Heritage Preserved Salmon
Candidature Mavrikakis, Catherine - Université de Montréal 64 840 $
CoCandidature Harel, Simon - Université de Montréal  
Collaboration Dupuis-Morency, Clara - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Théorie de l’improvisation comme pratique de vulnérabilité en recherche-création
Candidature Simon, Jonathan - Université de Montréal 47 648 $
  What Do Deep Learning Systems Understand?
Candidature Loewen, Brad - Université de Montréal 75 000 $
  La forêt sous l’eau. Dendrochronologie et dendroprovenance du bois des épaves et quais submergés du haut Saint-Laurent

Université de Sherbrooke

Candidature Bégin, Vincent - Université de Sherbrooke 65 975 $
CoCandidature Déry, Michèle - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Lapalme, Mélanie - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Le Corff, Yann - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Continuité des différents traits psychopathiques chez les enfants avec ou sans problèmes de comportement et effet modérateur de la chaleur affective parentale dans la continuité et les manifestations de ces traits jusqu’à l’âge adulte
Candidature Busque-Carrier, Mathieu - Université de Sherbrooke 67 151 $
CoCandidature Le Corff, Yann - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Étude des mécanismes psychologiques qui sous-tendent les associations entre les valeurs de travail, les valeurs générales, les traits de personnalité et l’épanouissement au travail
Candidature Carrier, Annie - Université de Sherbrooke 70 000 $
CoCandidature Queenton, Johanne - Université de Sherbrooke  
Collaboration Robillard, Sophie - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Stratégies de gestion décentralisée : une recherche action participative pour et avec les acteurs-terrains
Candidature Moreau, Claire - Université de Sherbrooke 43 356 $
  Au delà d’une liste de tâches : le rapport au travail de professeures d’université à la lumière du genre
Candidature Nadeau, Sandy - Université de Sherbrooke 74 959 $
CoCandidature Laurent, Angélique - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Pratiques déployées par les acteurs scolaires dans le cadre du volet Parents de la maternelle 4 ans : importance accordée par les parents aux pratiques déployées selon leurs dispositions à s'y engager
Candidature Niang, Anta - Université de Sherbrooke 74 977 $
CoCandidature Dumollard, Marie - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Euvrard, Elsa - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Leclair Mallette, Isabelle-Ann - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Vargas Diaz, Rosita - Université Laval  
  De l’interaction à la participation : Les jeunes au cour du jugement pénal au Québec
Candidature Pierre, Julien - Université de Sherbrooke 61 127 $
  Exploration des Imaginaires de la Transition (EXIT) : enquête sur les pratiques communicationnelles dans les phases d’inspiration de projets de transition socio-écologique
Candidature Fournier, Pierre-Luc - Université de Sherbrooke 66 371 $
Collaboration Chênevert, Denis - HEC Montréal  
Collaboration Hung, Dorothy - University of California, Berkeley  
Collaboration Shortell, Stephen - University of California, Berkeley  
  The microfoundations of agility in healthcare: the effects of daily management systems and leadership on worker cognitions and behaviors
Candidature Lamothe, Josianne - Université de Sherbrooke 71 383 $
CoCandidature Couturier, Yves - Centre de services de santé et de services sociaux-Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Nugus, Peter - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Paquette, Geneviève - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Démarrer du bon pied en pleine crise de la main-d’œuvre : une étude sur les processus d’adaptation, le bien-être et les facteurs organisationnels qui les soutiennent chez les intervenant.e.s et la relève
Candidature Villeneuve, Marie-Pierre - Université de Sherbrooke 63 637 $
CoCandidature Lanctôt, Nadine - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Turcotte, Mathilde - Université Laval  
  Développement identitaire et désistement du crime : l’influence de l’expérience de judiciarisation dans les récits de vie de jeunes adultes judiciarisés
Candidature Bencherif, Adib - Université de Sherbrooke 47 192 $
  Pouvoir et politiques dans le Sahara algérien : Regards et récits des élites touarègues
Candidature Bouchard, Joanie - Université de Sherbrooke 67 498 $
  Regards sur l’implication politique des personnes immigrantes et réfugiées au Canada
Candidature Daoust, Jean-François - Université de Sherbrooke 60 000 $
  Le déclin de la participation électorale au Canada
Candidature Therriault, Danyka - Université de Sherbrooke 74 163 $
CoCandidature Letarte, Marie-Josée - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Paquette, Daniel - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Tougas, Anne-Marie - Université de Sherbrooke  
  l’accommodation parentale : différences entre les mères et les pères, effets sur l’anxiété de l’enfant et raison de l’utiliser
Candidature Bonneau, Adelphine - Université de Sherbrooke 68 189 $
Collaboration Gratuze, Bernard - Centre national de la recherche scientifique  
Collaboration Robichaud, Léon - Université de Sherbrooke  
Collaboration Schibille, Nadine - Centre national de la recherche scientifique  
  De pacotille à parure : utilisation différenciée et aspects socio-culturels des perles de verre de part et d’autre de l’Atlantique (XVIe-XVIIIe s.)
Candidature Lapalme, Mélanie - Université de Sherbrooke 73 970 $
CoCandidature Martin-Storey, Alexa - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Paquette, Geneviève - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Tougas, Anne-Marie - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Point de vue de jeunes adultes qui présentaient des problèmes de comportement à l’enfance sur leur processus de résilience

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Candidature Morais, Sylvie - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 61 979 $
  l’art et le vivant : des voies écosensibles pour l’éducation artistique et culturelle
Candidature Binet, Jonathan - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 71 686 $
CoCandidature Bizot, Dominic - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi  
  Expériences du projet professionnel et rapports à l’entrepreneuriat de soi des jeunes adultes en difficulté d’insertion
Candidature Biao, Florent - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 60 046 $
CoCandidature Allaire, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi  
CoCandidature Thériault, Pascale - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi  
  Processus et retombées d’une démarche d’ingénierie didactique collaborative visant l’articulation lecture-écriture-grammaire au primaire

Université du Québec à Montréal

Candidature Broudehoux, Anne-Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal 73 878 $
Collaboration Carter, Jennifer - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Ciarcia, Gaetano - Centre national de la recherche scientifique  
Collaboration Fourcade, Marie-Blanche - Musée de l’Holocauste Montréal  
  Architectures of healing: The production and reception of memorials to collective atrocities
Candidature Hope, Jonathan - Université du Québec à Montréal 52 495 $
CoCandidature Basile, Suzy - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue  
CoCandidature Bérard, Cassie - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Cyr, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Grosbois, Guillaume - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue  
CoCandidature Montoro Girona, Miguel - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue  
  Réécrire la forêt boréale. Cultures et natures de l’esker
Candidature Lemelin, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal 53 621 $
  Figures maccabéennes dans l’iconographie sioniste et populaire (1897-1947/1948-1998)
Candidature Houlfort, Nathalie - Université du Québec à Montréal 67 458 $
CoCandidature Laurin, Julie - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Philippe, Frederick - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Étude de la dynamique de la sphère familiale et professionnelle en contexte de conflit travail-famille : Rôle des besoins psychologiques fondamentaux
Candidature Véronneau-McArdle, Marie-Hélène - Université du Québec à Montréal 65 965 $
CoCandidature Ellenbogen, Mark - Université Concordia  
CoCandidature Marin, Marie-France - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Serbin, Lisa - Université Concordia  
CoCandidature Stack, Dale - Université Concordia  
  Predicting psychosocial functioning and resilience from early to late adulthood: A multisample, prospective study of cumulative stress using hair cortisol
Candidature Bissonnette, Joëlle - Université du Québec à Montréal 55 297 $
  Vieillir en tant que femmes entrepreneures dans les industries musicales canadiennes francophones
Candidature Leroux, Marie-Louise - Université du Québec à Montréal 50 553 $
CoCandidature Malak, Natalie - University of Alabama in Huntsville  
CoCandidature Yazbeck, Myra - Université d’Ottawa  
  An economic evaluation of the health consequences of using assisted reproductive technologies using Australian and US databases
Candidature Newell, Heather - Université du Québec à Montréal 59 800 $
CoCandidature Leu, Thomas - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Scheer, Tobias - Centre national de la recherche scientifique  
  Pronouncing Pronouns : What pronominal variation tells us about the Human Language Faculty
Candidature Nader, Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal 66 942 $
CoCandidature Simard, Daphnée - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Itinéraires d’acquisition de la morphosyntaxe en production orale en français chez des enfants de langue d’origine
Candidature Ayoobzadeh, Mostafa - Université du Québec à Montréal 67 000 $
Collaboration Beigi, Mina - University of Southampton  
Collaboration Shirmohammadi, Melika - University of Houston  
  Career Challenges and Strategies of LGBT+ Immigrants in Canada
Candidature Amamou, Salem - Université du Québec à Montréal 74 182 $
CoCandidature Araújo-Oliveira, Anderson - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Bernier, Vincent - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Desbiens, Jean-François - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Relations entre les pratiques effectives des personnes stagiaires en gestion de classe, leur sentiment d’efficacité personnelle et les pratiques d’accompagnement reçues : une étude pilote
Candidature Brisson, Janie - Université du Québec à Montréal 72 775 $
Collaboration Markovits, Henry - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Robert, Serge - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Raisonnement logique et processus intuitifs : Une investigation des fondements de la pensée critique
Candidature Collin-Vallée, Tommy - Université du Québec à Montréal 58 179 $
CoCandidature Dubeau, Annie - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Conditions favorisant le bien-être et la motivation au travail pour prévenir le décrochage du personnel enseignant québécois en formation générale des jeunes
Candidature Godin, Marie-Pier - Université du Québec à Montréal 60 079 $
Collaboration Turcotte, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Utiliser les albums sans texte pour développer la cohérence textuelle dans les récits écrits par des élèves ayant un trouble développemental du langage
Candidature Kamga, Raoul - Université du Québec à Montréal 74 953 $
CoCandidature Fournier, Frédéric - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Potvin, Patrice - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Stockless, Alain - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Villeneuve, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Mercier, Marc-André - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Usages de l’intelligence artificielle dans le développement de la résolution collaborative de problèmes des élèves du secondaire
Candidature Mercier, Jean-Pierre - Université du Québec à Montréal 74 174 $
CoCandidature Joncas, Jo-Anni - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Exploration des possibilités de conciliation études-vie en milieu autochtone de formation générale des adultes
Candidature Roussel, Katrine - Université du Québec à Montréal 36 971 $
CoCandidature Marcotte, Sylvie - Université du Québec en Outaouais  
  l’évaluation de l’écriture au cour de la classe de français : une recherche écocollaborative pour comprendre les pratiques enseignantes au secondaire québécois
Candidature Goulet, Nathalie - Université du Québec à Montréal 42 377 $
CoCandidature Boily, Manon - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Représentations des personnels éducateur et enseignant à l’égard du concept d’éducation inclusive et compétences mises en ouvre pour favoriser l’éducation inclusive dans les milieux éducatifs en petite enfance (0-8 ans)
Candidature Arseneau, Rosianne - Université du Québec à Montréal 74 224 $
CoCandidature Carignan, Isabelle - Université TÉLUQ  
CoCandidature Giguère, Marie-Hélène - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Maynard, Catherine - Université Laval  
Collaboration Bélanger, Amélie - FEEP  
Collaboration Blaser, Christiane - Université de Sherbrooke  
Collaboration Legault, France - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Stasse, Sébastien - Aucune affiliation principale  
  Stratégies de révision grammaticale en français et rapport à la révision de textes sur support numérique et papier : une étude descriptive auprès d’élèves de 1er et de 2e cycle du secondaire en classes plurilingues
Candidature Mayneris, Florian - Université du Québec à Montréal 69 594 $
CoCandidature Behrens, Kristian - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Lafourcade, Miren - Académie Versailles  
  Which workers can still afford to live in big cities?
Candidature Coulon, Thibaut - Université du Québec à Montréal 38 110 $
CoCandidature Bourdeau, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal  
CoCandidature Cheikh-Ammar, Mustapha - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Hémond, Yannick - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Ringeval, Mickaël - HEC Montréal  
  Investigating resilience in the workplace: a much-needed mindset to cope with unexpected events
Candidature Fonseca, Raquel - Université du Québec à Montréal 69 699 $
CoCandidature Créchet, Jonathan - Université d’Ottawa  
  Internal mobility frictions and aggregate unemployment dynamics across OECD countries
Candidature Frate, Benoît - Université du Québec à Montréal 55 489 $
CoCandidature Robitaille, David - Université d’Ottawa  
  Ces villes pionnières : comprendre l’innovation réglementaire municipale au Canada
Candidature Jaimes, Annie - Université du Québec à Montréal 62 977 $
CoCandidature Bentayeb, Naïma - Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la Montagne  
CoCandidature Gautier, Lara - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Hanley, Jill - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Hynie, Michaela - Université York  
CoCandidature Merry, Lisa - Université de Montréal  
Collaboration Gagnon, Mélanie M - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Gilbert, Sophie - Université du Québec à Montréal  
  Expériences des équipes communautaires et migration forcée : Quelles pratiques porteuses face aux enjeux d’accueil, de trauma et de pluralité?

Université du Québec à Rimouski

Candidature Deschênes, Andrée-Anne - Université du Québec à Rimouski 52 209 $
CoCandidature Beaudry, Catherine - Université du Québec à Rimouski  
  Soutenir l’inclusion du personnel dans l’organisation hybride du travail : investir le rôle des pratiques inclusives de gestion des ressources humaines
Candidature Zeng, Tian - Université du Québec à Rimouski 42 317 $
  Les mécanismes d’amélioration du bien-être alimentaire perçu du consommateur

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Candidature Castonguay, Stephane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 48 570 $
CoCandidature Ruiz, Julie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
  Une transition socio-écologique en agriculture au Québec entre 1871 et 1921 : production laitière, paysages agraires et élites rurales
Candidature Gauthier-Boudreault, Camille - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 68 231 $
CoCandidature Caouette, Martin - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
CoCandidature Milot, Elise - Université Laval  
  Pour un vieillissement actif et dans la dignité des personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle : Expérimentation de la démarche Transition vers un âge d’or concerté
Candidature San Martín Pizarro, Antonio - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 65 454 $
  Analyse sémantique spécialisée fondée sur des corpus à l’aide de word sketches
Candidature Talbot, Nadine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 69 909 $
  Les élèves face à l’évaluation : étude des effets de l’anxiété de performance, du sentiment d’efficacité personnel et de l’autorégulation
Candidature Paul, Marianne - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 45 895 $
CoCandidature Goad, Heather - Université McGill  
CoCandidature Nader, Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Girard, Stéphanie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
Collaboration Gonzalez Barrero, Ana Maria - Dalhousie University  
Collaboration Safi, Dima - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
Collaboration Stipanicic, Annie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
  Trajectoires d’acquisition de la phonologie des enfants unilingues et bilingues
Candidature Guimaraes Czelusniak, Roseane de Fatima - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 71 853 $
CoCandidature Carbonneau, Noémie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
CoCandidature Fitzpatrick, Caroline - Université de Sherbrooke  
CoCandidature Mathieu, Marie-Eve - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Touchette, Evelyne - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
  Utilisation du smartphone chez les enfants et adolescents : étude pilote sur les facteurs associés

Université du Québec en Outaouais

Candidature Dioh, Marie-Laure - Université du Québec en Outaouais $70 911 $
CoCandidature Guilbert, Lucille - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Ramdé, Jean - Université Laval  
Collaboration Arsenault-Paré, Laurie - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Breugnot, Jacqueline - Universitat Koblenz-Landau  
  Tisser l’intergénérationnel dans la diversité
Candidature Levy, Charmain - Université du Québec en Outaouais 44 608 $
CoCandidature Alberio, Marco - University of Bologna  
  Platform co-operatives as urban commons actors: The case study of Fairbnb in Italy
Candidature Bigras, Noémie - Université du Québec en Outaouais 74 968 $
CoCandidature Bergeron, Sophie - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Daspe, Marie-Eve - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières  
  Childhood trauma, affection and sexual wellbeing among couples: A daily diary and longitudinal study
Candidature Marchand, Isabelle - Université du Québec en Outaouais 74 756 $
CoCandidature Cousineau, Marie-Marthe - Université de Montréal  
CoCandidature Van Pevenage, Isabelle - Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale  
Collaboration Dubé, Kim - Université du Québec en Outaouais  
  Trajectoires de victimisation de femmes aînées aux prises avec de la violence conjugale

Université Laval

Candidature Roy, Valérie - Université Laval $57 472 $
CoCandidature Grenier, Josée - Université du Québec en Outaouais  
  Nouvelle gestion publique et travail social : Stratégies déployées par les travailleuses sociales pour un exercice éthique de leur profession
Candidature Ghio, Alessandro - Université Laval 49 108 $
Collaboration Beretta, Valentina - Università degli Studi di Pavia  
Collaboration Demartini, Maria Chiara - Università degli Studi di Pavia  
  Les indicateurs de performance concernant la diversité : Une étude de cas
Candidature Garnier, Adele - Université Laval 73 450 $
CoCandidature Labman, Shauna - Université de Winnipeg  
Collaboration Bélanger, Danièle - Université Laval  
Collaboration Blais, Agnès - Université Laval  
  Transforming Protection: The multiscalar impact of Canada's welcome to displaced Ukrainians
Candidature Coulombe, Maxime - Université Laval 68 574 $
  Au-delà du silence : de la réception à l’exposition de la spiritualité dans l’l’œuvre d’Irene F. Whittome.
Candidature Giard, François - Université Laval 73 475 $
CoCandidature Brault, Nicolas - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Saint-Pierre, Marie-Josée - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Tremblay, Jean-Jacques - Université Laval  
  l’intelligence artificielle dans le domaine de l’animation : opportunités et défis pour l’artiste
Candidature Geoffrion, Karine - Université Laval 58 443 $
CoCandidature Balla Ndegue, Séraphin - University of Yaounde I  
CoCandidature Oduro, Georgina - University of Cape Coast  
  Impacts des bouleversements récents aux frontières sur les femmes vivant du commerce transfrontalier (Afrique Centrale et de l’Ouest) : regards sur les négociations et stratégies de passage
Candidature Cardinal, Monique - Université Laval 53 962 $
  Droit, révolution, islam en Syrie 2011-2023
Candidature Mayer, Maryse - Université Laval 45 378 $
CoCandidature Hahn, Till-Arne - HEC Montréal  
  In-house tax experts' role in corporate tax decision-making: Evidence from the field
Candidature Koo, Thomas - Université Laval 57 170 $
CoCandidature Argo, Jennifer - University of Alberta  
Collaboration Moore, Sarah - University of Alberta  
  Phatic brand communication: how brands communicate with consumers using phatic language to create an atmosphere of sociability
Candidature Darveau, Jessica - Université Laval 48 305 $
CoCandidature Faber, Aida - Université Laval  
  Sustainable behaviors: When is effort the way to go?
Candidature Bureau, Julien - Université Laval 70 900 $
CoCandidature Gaudreau, Patrick - Université d’Ottawa  
CoCandidature Guay, Frédéric - Université Laval  
CoCandidature Peters, Martine - Université du Québec en Outaouais  
CoCandidature Verner-Filion, Jérémie - Université du Québec en Outaouais  
  Tirer le meilleur apprentissage de l’intelligence artificielle en visant l’excellence
Candidature Pasche Guignard, Florence - Université Laval 52 937 $
CoCandidature Damus, Obrillant - Université de Sherbrooke  
  Les enseignantes en gestion alternative de la fertilité : santé des femmes, contraception et religion au Québec et en Haïti
Candidature Polleri, Maxime - Université Laval 52 123 $
Collaboration Gusterson, Hugh - University of British Columbia  
Collaboration Macfarlane, Allison - University of British Columbia  
  Le tombeau nucléaire canadien : étude sur l’acceptabilité sociale du stockage géologique des déchets nucléaires
Candidature Loriaux, Sylvie - Université Laval 37 690 $
  l’envers de la liberté. Vulnérabilité, diversité et subordination dans la pensée politique kantienne
Candidature Henrion-Dourcy, Isabelle - Université Laval 67 398 $
CoCandidature Letizia, Chiara - Université du Québec à Montréal  
Collaboration Rai, Janak - Tribhuvan University  
  Stratégies d’influence et agentivité locale dans les projets de développement culturel chinois au Népal
Candidature Gani, Raphaël - Université Laval 50 147 $
Collaboration Donovan, Patrick - Université Concordia  
Collaboration Scott, David - University of Calgary  
  Revendication et reconnaissance curriculaire des minorités de langue officielle : comparaison Alberta-Québec (2013-2023)
Candidature Pelletier, Mariève - Université Laval 70 962 $
CoCandidature Giguère, Émilie - Université Laval  
Collaboration Jauvin, Nathalie - Institut national de santé publique  
Collaboration Lahrizi, Imane - Université Laval  
  Violence envers les éducatrices de services de garde scolaires : facteurs de risque organisationnels et santé mentale
Candidature Michaud-Leclerc, Catherine - Université Laval 61 117 $
Collaboration Bau, Natalie - University of California, Los Angeles  
Collaboration Das, Jishnu - Georgetown University  
  Long-term Impacts of School Quality in a Low-Income Country


University of Regina

Candidature French, Lindsey - University of Regina 45 236 $
Collaboration Pawelec, Mark - Aucune affiliation principale  
Collaboration Young, Alex - Carnegie Mellon University US  
  Olfactory Media Library
Candidature Mathes, Carmen - University of Regina 16 087 $
  Seizure Theory in Long Eighteenth Century Literature and Medicine
Candidature Moeeni, Safoura - University of Regina 54 740 $
CoCandidature Olivo Villabrille, Miguel - University of Sydney  
CoCandidature Zaresani, Arezou - University of Sydney  
Collaboration Lavecchia, Adam - McMaster University  
  Do Partial Unemployment Insurance Programs Work? Evidence from the Canadian Working While on Claim Pilot Project
Candidature MacDonald, Jennifer - University of Regina 54 971 $
CoCandidature Pind, Jackson - Trent University  
  Seeing, Reading, and Experiencing the World Differently: Interdisciplinary Possibilities of Counter-Mapping for Truth and Reconciliation Education
Candidature Stoddart, Alexandra - University of Regina 49 475 $
CoCandidature Humbert, Margaret - University of Saskatchewan  
  Physically Literate Women, May We Know Them and Be Them: An Exploration into the Development of Physical Literacy through Young Women's Lived Experiences in High School Physical Education

University of Saskatchewan

Candidature Lalonde, Amanda - University of Saskatchewan 72 367 $
  Juliette Dillon: Improvisor, Critic, and Composer
Candidature Hunnef, Jennifer - University of Saskatchewan 46 443 $
  The Hard Press: Allotment Debates in Indian Territory Newspapers, 1866-1906
Candidature Cenerini, Chantale - University of Saskatchewan 73 761 $
  kiyokewin an Michif: Michif Language banking project
Candidature Fisher, Kirsten - University of Saskatchewan 67 493 $
Collaboration Drumbl, Mark - Washington and Lee University  
Collaboration Stewart, Robert - Université McGill  
  International Criminal Lawfare, the International Criminal Court, and Peace Negotiations


Memorial University of Newfoundland

Candidature McGrath, Sean - Memorial University of Newfoundland 59 393 $
CoCandidature Otabe, Tanehisa - University of Tokyo  
CoCandidature Voigt, Uwe - Universität Augsburg  
Collaboration Amari, Sakura - Kobe University  
Collaboration Duvernoy, Russell - King's University College at Western University  
Collaboration Lofts, Stephen - King's University College at Western University  
Collaboration Stephenson, Barry - Memorial University of Newfoundland  
Collaboration Voigt, Stefanie - Universität Augsburg  
Collaboration Wirth, Jason - Seattle University  
  European and Asian Environmental Aesthetics: A Critical Comparison
Candidature Thorne, Sarah - Memorial University of Newfoundland 38 462 $
  Between Theory and Play: Critical Games as Critical Media Theory
Candidature Shan, Desai - Memorial University of Newfoundland 69 512 $
Collaboration Neis, Barbara - Memorial University of Newfoundland  
  Safety on Board British Columbia Tugboats: Improving Safety for Seafarers and Their Families
Candidature Sarkar, Atanu - Memorial University of Newfoundland 75 000 $
CoCandidature Cooper, Thomas - Memorial University of Newfoundland  
  Exploring current consumption and sustainability of waste management: a pilot study
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