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Titulaires de subvention Savoir – Concours d’octobre 2022

Candidature Cowling, Erin A. MacEwan University
Collaboration De Leon, Ann E. University of Alberta
Nieto-Cuebas, Glenda Y. Ohio Wesleyan University
Titre Siglo Latinx: Early Modern Spanish Theatre in the North American Context
Financement 94 296 $
Candidature Johnson, Matt D. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Maroto, Michelle L. University of Alberta
Collaboration Galambos, Nancy L. University of Alberta
Krahn, Harvey J. University of Alberta
Titre The Edmonton Transitions Study: Covering Four Decades of the Life Course
Financement 254 230 $
Candidature Clément, Dominique University of Alberta
Titre Mobilizing Dissent: Women's Movements in British Columbia
Financement 124 018 $
Candidature Rast, David E. University of Alberta
Collaboration Hogg, Michael Claremont Graduate University
Titre Threatened identities and polarized groups: How intergroup leadership can heal divided societies
Financement 99 369 $
Candidature Arnhold, Anja University of Alberta
Collaboration Trondhjem, Naja University of Copenhagen
Titre Linguistic complexity in the marking of new information
Financement 302 757 $
Candidature Stunden Bower, Shannon M. University of Alberta
Titre Watering the modern prairies: publicly-funded irrigation in Saskatchewan and Alberta after 1945
Financement 88 815 $
Candidature Kim, Mijung University of Alberta
Cocandidature Bulut, Okan University of Alberta
Collaboration Bowman, Carley Edmonton Public School Board
Roth, Wolff-Michael University of Victoria
Wong, Suzanna S.H. University of Alberta
Titre Enhancing students' reasoning and decision making skills: Science, values, and contradictions in socioscientific contexts
Financement 140 379 $
Candidature Parkins, John R. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Banack, Clark S.E. University of Alberta
Boucher, Martin University of Saskatchewan
MacArthur, Julie L. Royal Roads University
Marcoul, Philippe A. University of Alberta
Pigeon, Marc-Andre J. University of Saskatchewan
Collaboration Chewinski, Maximilian University of Alberta
Hoicka, Christina E. University of Victoria
McMurtry, John Justin Université York
Noble, Bram F. University of Saskatchewan
Tarhan, Derya University of Toronto
Titre Pathways to energy democracy in Canada
Financement 338 337 $
Candidature Bulut, Okan University of Alberta
Cocandidature DeLuca, Christopher Queen's University
Kim, Mijung University of Alberta
Koh, Kim University of Calgary
Titre Improving Canadian teachers' assessment literacy and decision-making through self-directed professional development
Financement 241 984 $
Candidature Fauteux, Brian A. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Selman, Brianne Université de Winnipeg
Collaboration deWaard, Andrew University of California, San Diego
Titre CanCon and its Digital Discontents: A Public Infrastructure Model for Canadian Music
Financement 90 157 $
Candidature Rasmussen, Carmen R. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Hartling, Lisa University of Alberta
Pei, Jacqueline R. University of Alberta
Collaboration Waterhouse, John Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium
Titre A systematic review of the effectiveness of school-based math interventions for children with neurodevelopmental difficulties
Financement 84 978 $
Candidature Gellatly, Ian R. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Luchak, Andrew University of Alberta
Titre Re-thinking EDI: Relational Coordination and the Implications for Management Practices
Financement 97 557 $
Candidature Wildcat, Matthew C. University of Alberta
Collaboration Jobin, Shalene M. University of Alberta
Voth, Daniel J.P. University of Calgary
Titre Relational Governance Project: Constituting knowledge networks through a relational governance database
Financement 315 577 $
Candidature Wesley, Jared J.H. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Maroto, Michelle L. University of Alberta
Snagovsky, Feodor University of Alberta
Titre Alberta in transition: assessing gaps between public opinion and political culture
Financement 361 671 $
Candidature Crawford, Lucas University of Alberta
Titre Get Mad: New Transgender Arts of Wellness
Financement 298 702 $
Candidature Lavoie, Malcolm M. University of Alberta
Titre The Subsidiarity of Private Law
Financement 23 000 $
Candidature Masuda, Takahiko University of Alberta
Collaboration Ishii, Keiko Nagoya University
Khurelbaatar, Sainsanaa National University of Mongolia
Kitayama, Shinobu University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Titre Cross-Cultural Research between Mongolia, Japan, and Canada on Perception and Cognition: Comparing Historically Nomadic-Pastoral vs Sedentary Societies
Financement 346 540 $
Candidature Sywenky, Irene University of Alberta
Collaboration Plach, Eva A. Wilfrid Laurier University
Richardson, Tanya Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre Public environmentalism in the post-socialist democracies of Poland and Ukraine
Financement 160 700 $
Candidature Davenport, Margie H. University of Alberta
Cocandidature McHugh, Tara-Leigh F. University of Alberta
Collaboration Humana-Paredes, Melissa M. Université York
Titre Canadian Sport Policy for Pregnant and Parenting Athletes
Financement 99 999 $
Candidature Donald, Dwayne T. University of Alberta
Titre Reimagining teacher education with Indigenous wisdom traditions
Financement 311 972 $
Candidature Carroll, William University of Alberta
Titre Cinephilia and film production in contemporary Japan
Financement 69 577 $
Candidature Brown, Heather M. University of Alberta
Cocandidature Ames, Megan E. University of Victoria
Connolly, Tara L. Carleton University
Di Rezze, Briano McMaster University
Douglas, Patricia N. Brandon University
Hodgetts, Sandy University of Alberta
McMorris, Carly A. University of Calgary
Nicholas, David B. University of Calgary
Searle, Michelle J. Queen's University
Collaboration Dwyer, Patrick University of California, Davis
Lopez, Jess R. University of Calgary
Soodeen, Claudius R. Red River College Polytechnic
Titre Campus Belonging: Exploring Accessible Education in Canadian Postsecondary Environments
Financement 317 932 $
Candidature Stapleton, Timothy J. University of Calgary
Titre Ways of War in Conquest Era Nigeria (c.1860-1930)
Financement 83 669 $
Candidature Staubli Muehlenbachs, Stephan University of Calgary
Collaboration Haller, Andreas Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)
Titre The Value of Disability Insurance
Financement 89 775 $
Candidature Whitfield, Harvey Amani University of Calgary
Titre Biographies of Enslaved Black People in Colonial Canada
Financement 59 972 $
Candidature Keyhani, Mohammad University of Calgary
Titre A Theory of Digital Portfolio Micropreneurship
Financement 69 376 $
Candidature Steel, Piers D.G. University of Calgary
Cocandidature Fariborzi, Hadi Mount Royal University
Collaboration Gagne, Marylene Curtin University
Hendijani, Rosa University of Tehran
Howard, Joshua L. Monash University
Titre The Effect of Rewards on Motivation, Effort and Performance
Financement 91 610 $
Candidature Tombe, Trevor University of Calgary
Titre Economic Volatility and Regional Integration in Canada
Financement 97 379 $
Candidature Bourdage, Joshua S. University of Calgary
Cocandidature Roulin, Nicolas P. Saint Mary's University
Schmidt, Joseph A. University of Saskatchewan
Titre Impression Management in the Workplace: A Dynamic Investigation Across Contexts
Financement 154 610 $
Candidature Sigler, David University of Calgary
Titre The Erotics of Rule-Following in British Romanticism
Financement 92 802 $
Candidature Magesan, Arvind University of Calgary
Cocandidature Crost, Benjamin University of Calgary
Titre Economic Dynamics of Non-State Armed Groups
Financement $86,762
Candidature Blue, Gwendolyn University of Calgary
Cocandidature Hogan, Mél University of Calgary
Collaboration Kofler, Natalie M. Autre/Inconnu
Titre Responsible governance of gene editing of animals: Situating and expanding debates in a Canadian context
Financement 136 660 $
Candidature Whalley, Alexander T. University of Calgary
Collaboration Kantor, Shawn Florida State University
Titre Scientific Labour Markets and Innovation
Financement 89 748 $
Candidature Jamal, Aamir University of Calgary
Cocandidature Baldwin, Clive St. Thomas University
Lorenzetti, Lisa University of Calgary
Titre Transforming Masculinities: A Global Study on Muslim Men participating in Gender Justice and Violence Against Women (VAW) Prevention
Financement 99 993 $
Candidature Huebert, Rob N. University of Calgary
Titre The New Arctic Security Threat Environment (NASTE): Understanding Arctic Security in the Return of Great Power Politics
Financement 97 952 $
Candidature McCaffrey, Graham University of Calgary
Cocandidature Moniz, Tracy Mount Saint Vincent University
Moules, Nancy University of Calgary
Rosenal, Tom University of Calgary
Venturato, Lorraine University of Calgary
Collaboration George, Theodore D. Texas A & M University
Titre Nursing and Humanities: An Evolving Relationship
Financement 61 759 $
Candidature Wright, David V. University of Calgary
Titre Building a Janus Perspective of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Impact Assessment
Financement 49 781 $
Candidature Duffett-Leger, Linda A. University of Calgary
Cocandidature Letourneau, Nicole L. University of Calgary
Moshirpour, Mohammad University of Calgary
Tryphonopoulos, Panagiota Western University
Collaboration Oxford, Monica University of Washington
Titre Development and Validation of Enabling Quality Interactions with Parents (EQUIP): An Automated Software that Codes Parent-Child Interaction Quality
Financement 397 623 $
Candidature Paris, Elizabeth H. University of Calgary
Collaboration Lalo, Gabriel T.P. National Institute of Anthropology and History
Titre Economic Surveillance and Artisanal Production at the Ancient Maya City of Tenam Puente, Mexico
Financement 99 932 $
Candidature Callahan, Brandy L. University of Calgary
Cocandidature Climie, Emma A. University of Calgary
Titre Distracted, hyperactive, and thriving: Factors supporting cognitive and affective functioning in adults with ADHD
Financement 98 270 $
Candidature Muehlenbachs, Lucija A. University of Calgary
Cocandidature Wheeler, Laurel E. University of Alberta
Titre Inequities in Oil Production
Financement 67 971 $
Candidature Vasey, Paul L. University of Lethbridge
Titre Developmental perspectives on kin selection and the evolution of male androphilia
Financement 257 148 $
Candidature Mansour, Jamal K. University of Lethbridge
Collaboration Pennekamp, Pia University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Titre Are you certain? Improving the collection, communication, and interpretation of eyewitness confidence in Canada
Financement 98 995 $
Candidature Bubel, Shawn University of Lethbridge
Cocandidature McGeough, Kevin M. University of Lethbridge
Collaboration Dawe, Robert J. Royal Alberta Museum
Titre Investigating the Early Phases of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Financement 212 330 $
Candidature Ghanbari, Hamed University of Lethbridge
Cocandidature Perrakis, Stylianos Université Concordia
Titre Liquidity Providers and Market Power in Index Derivatives Markets
Financement 73 403 $
Candidature Hardwick, Jennifer L. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Titre "curves spilling stories": Embodiment, Intersectionality, and Resistance in the Work of Virago Nation
Financement 67 585 $
Candidature Hrazdil, Karel Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Zhang, Ray R. Simon Fraser University
Titre Beauty bias in bank loan and audit fee settings
Financement 74 950 $
Candidature Wister, Andrew V. Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Kadowaki, Laura T. Simon Fraser University
Levasseur, Mélanie Université de Sherbrooke
Li, Lun MacEwan University
Ndjaboue, Ruth Université de Sherbrooke
Poulin, Valérie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaboration Dubé, Line École Polytechnique de Montréal
Ferron, Danielle Autre/Inconnu
Gaudette, Leslie Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of British Columbia
Jamieson, Kathleen Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of British Columbia
Lalji, Kahir Centraide
McMillan, Barbara Centraide
Titre Social Connectedness and Resilience Among Marginalized Older Adults and Caregivers: Co-Produced Intersectoral Knowledge Implemented with Community Organizations
Financement 394 400 $
Candidature Mitchell, Barbara A. Simon Fraser University
Titre Aging Amateur Family Genealogists: Linking Lives and Long-Lost Relatives
Financement 159 526 $
Candidature Markey, Sean P. Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Atleo, Clifford G. Simon Fraser University
Breen, Sarah-Patricia Selkirk College
Doyon, Andreanne Simon Fraser University
Shaw, Alison Simon Fraser University
Titre Nature-based Rural and Indigenous Infrastructure Solutions
Financement 170 932 $
Candidature Armstrong, Chelsey G.D. Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Blake, T. Michael University of British Columbia
Grenz, Jennifer B. University of British Columbia
Lepofsky, Dana Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Drummond, Patsy Kitselas First Nation
Earnshaw, Jacob K. Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Ritchie, Patrick M. Sts'ailes
Titre Cultivating Resurgence: A Deep Time Approach to People-Plant Relations and Indigenous Food Sovereignty
Financement 305 223 $
Candidature Aceves Sepulveda, Gabriela Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Lord, Susan R. Queen's University
Santos, Alessandra University of British Columbia
Titre Women Artists in the Americas: Art, Science and Technology after 1960s
Financement 182 185 $
Candidature LeBaron, Genevieve Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Bhagat, Ali H. Saint Mary's University
Phung, Kam J. Simon Fraser University
Titre The Effectiveness of Worker-Driven Alternatives to Corporate Social Responsibility in Governing Global Supply Chains
Financement 295 719 $
Candidature Antoine, Bertille Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Khalaf, Lynda Carleton University
Titre Identification, estimation, and inference of dynamic causal effects in macroeconomics
Financement 118 447 $
Candidature Schuurman, Nadine C. Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Viljoen, Carel T. University of Pretoria
Titre Identification of environments conducive to running using a mixed methods approach
Financement 210 680 $
Candidature Schmitt, Michael T. Simon Fraser University
Titre Imagining a just and sustainable world: Implications for climate and social policy support
Financement 277 799 $
Candidature Hayashi, Kanna Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Boyd, Jade L. University of British Columbia
Kerr, Thomas University of British Columbia
Titre Community-based evaluation of policing in the context of drug decriminalization: By and for people who use drugs in Vancouver, Canada
Financement 250 540 $
Candidature Salway, Travis J. Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Ferlatte, Olivier Université de Montréal
Gesink, Dionne C. University of Toronto
Keenan, Harper B. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Chabot, Frederique Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights
Titre Understanding variations in delivery of sexual and gender minority-affirming sex education across Canada
Financement 241 958 $
Candidature Pasquier, Philippe Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Schiphorst, Thecla H. Simon Fraser University
Titre User experience and acceptance of co-creative AI systems for music composition
Financement 271 529 $
Candidature Priest, Eldritch Simon Fraser University
Titre The Art and Politics of Spontaneous Thought
Financement 145 851 $
Candidature Holden, Meg Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Airas, Annika Simon Fraser University
Collaboration About, Cedissia Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée
Elbaz, Pascale S. Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II)
Jokela, Salla Tampere University
Larsen, Majken Toftager Roskilde University
Titre Sustainable Cities by Another Name: critical translanguaging for sustainability in English, French, Finnish, Danish and Squamish
Financement 303 000 $
Candidature Kumpulainen, Kristiina Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Burke, Anne M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Lin, Ching-Chiu Simon Fraser University
Vadeboncoeur, Jennifer A. University of British Columbia
Titre Children's ecological imagination with augmented storying
Financement 170 768 $
Candidature Herrenbrueck, Lucas M. Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Wang, Zijian Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre Crypto 'Money': Medium of Exchange, Store of Value, or Object of Speculation?
Financement 116 109 $
Candidature McCarty, Matthew M. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Egri, Mariana E. Cluj-Napoca Branch of the Romanian Academy
Rustoiu, Aurel Cluj-Napoca Branch of the Romanian Academy
Titre Globalizing Ancient Countrysides: Oarda Roman Villa Project
Financement 98 824 $
Candidature Vertinsky, Patricia A. University of British Columbia
Titre Owning the human movement system: The historical roots and shoots of Kinesiology's quest to become a regulated health care profession in British Columbia, Canada
Financement 90 377 $
Candidature Giammarino, Ronald M. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Carlson, Murray D. University of British Columbia
Titre Municipal Corporate Finance
Financement 65 500 $
Candidature Casas Aguilar, Anna University of British Columbia
Titre Images of Difference: Regionalisms, Gender, and the Evolution of Tourism in Spain (1960-2020)
Financement 58 636 $
Candidature Grinnell, George C. University of British Columbia
Titre Punk Pedagogy
Financement 89 130 $
Candidature Perla, Jesse University of British Columbia
Collaboration Fernandez-Villaverde, Jesus University of Pennsylvania
Leyton-Brown, Kevin University of British Columbia
Schmidt, Mark University of British Columbia
Titre Deep learning methods for solving high-dimensional equilibrium models
Financement 155 400 $
Candidature Doberstein, Carey University of British Columbia
Titre The delegated state: Arms-length agencies and authorities across Canada
Financement 118 834 $
Candidature Oberle, Eva University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Forer, Barry A. University of British Columbia
Gadermann, Anne M. University of British Columbia
Guhn, Martin University of British Columbia
Kassan, Anusha University of British Columbia
Konishi, Chiaki Université McGill
Collaboration Gist, Alexander BC Children's Hospital
Titre Trajectories of positive youth development in schools: understanding diversity and assets in population subgroups
Financement 181 792 $
Candidature LeBaron, Michelle University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Senbel, Maged W. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Bhangoo Randhawa, Karenjot S. University of California, Berkeley
Titre Choreographing Change: Applying Arts Practices to Transform Worldview Conflicts in Canada and Beyond
Financement 79 007 $
Candidature Moran, Patrick University of British Columbia
Titre Le marché céleste : essai sur l'émergence des genres littéraires narratifs au Moyen Âge
Financement 55 858 $
Candidature Tessier, Anne-Michelle University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Jesney, Karen C. Carleton University
Collaboration Bouchard, Marie-Eve University of British Columbia
Zamuner, Tania S. Université d'Ottawa
Titre Learning French Liaison: the roles of input, grammar and frequency
Financement 140 250 $
Candidature Vertinsky, Ilan University of British Columbia
Collaboration Li, Yong University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Titre The dynamic processes of intellectual property protection and litigation between partners in inter-firm alliances
Financement 79 920 $
Candidature Ichikawa, Jonathan J. University of British Columbia
Titre Epistemic Courage, Oppression, and the Duty to Believe
Financement 86 582 $
Candidature Sarfaty, Galit A. University of British Columbia
Titre Supply Chain Governance at a Distance: How Technocratic Tools Shape the Implementation of Human Rights Due Diligence
Financement 85 158 $
Candidature Brownlee, Kimberley L.L. University of British Columbia
Titre Face to Face: A Study of Interactional Ethics
Financement 73 045 $
Candidature Szkup, Michal University of British Columbia
Collaboration Liao, Xiaoye New York University Shanghai
Titre Understanding Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises: The Role of Contagion, Information, and Liquidity Support
Financement 99 805 $
Candidature Lahiri, Amartya University of British Columbia
Titre Supply Shocks, Wage-Price Spirals and Monetary Policy
Financement 79 029 $
Candidature Arneil, Barbara University of British Columbia
Titre The Past and Present of Domestic Colonialism and Organic Politics
Financement 93 350 $
Candidature Cornil, Yann University of British Columbia
Collaboration Chandon, Pierre The European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD)
Gomez, Pierrick Reims Management School
Titre Understanding Consumers' Attitudes Towards Food Processing
Financement 146 332 $
Candidature Bena, Jan University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Bian, Bo University of British Columbia
Collaboration Tang, Huan H. London School of Economics and Political Science
Titre Financing the Global Shift to Electric Mobility
Financement 209 658 $
Candidature Biesanz, Jeremy University of British Columbia
Titre Examining the consequences of likeability
Financement 95 000 $
Candidature Qian, Yi University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Lu, Zhi University of Victoria
Collaboration Kumar, Alok University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Shi, Huanhuan Texas A & M University
Xie, Hui Simon Fraser University
Titre Investigating the impact of business-to-business (B2B) buying groups on buyer-supplier relationships in Healthcare Industry
Financement 173 419 $
Candidature Zhao, Jiaying University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Donner, Simon D. University of British Columbia
Dunn, Elizabeth W. University of British Columbia
Titre Can we integrate happiness science and climate science to reduce carbon emissions?
Financement 316 542 $
Candidature Stein, Sharon University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Ahenakew, Cash R. University of British Columbia
Bowness, Evan W. University of the Fraser Valley
De Oliveira Andreotti, Vanessa University of British Columbia
Valley, William C. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Arefin, Mohammed R. University of British Columbia
Cohen, Tamara R. University of British Columbia
De Castro Ferreira, Mateus Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-brasileira
Dempsey, Jessica University of British Columbia
Holtzclaw, Hannah Simon Fraser University
McCarthy, Daniel P. University of Waterloo
Sobek-Swant, Stephanie rare Charitable Research Reserve
Susa, Rene Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Van Sluys, Shawn Musagetes Foundation
Yerxa, Jocelyn N. Government of Nova Scotia
Titre Decolonial Systems Literacy for Confronting 'Wicked' Social and Ecological Problems
Financement 274 577 $
Candidature Benedet, Janine University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Grant, Isabel University of British Columbia
Titre The Criminal Law of Sexual Offences and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Financement 86 074 $
Candidature Tworek, Heidi University of British Columbia
Collaboration Chun, Wendy Hui Kyong Simon Fraser University
Corpus Ong, Jonathan University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dubois, Elizabeth Université d'Ottawa
Hartmann, Ivar Insper Institute of Education and Research
Katzenbach, Christian University of Bremen
Laas, Molly S. Social Science Research Council
Laidlaw, Emily University of Calgary
Lasade-Anderson, Temi King's College London
Owen, Taylor Université McGill
Tiberghien, Yves E. University of British Columbia
Titre A Global Comparative Study of Policies to Protect Democratic Participation on Social Media Platforms
Financement 282 525 $
Candidature Sinnamon, Luanne S. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Nathan, Lisa P. University of British Columbia
Collaboration O'Brien, Heather L. University of British Columbia
Titre Understanding Personal and Public Sense Making in response to the Climate Crisis
Financement 226 962 $
Candidature Brown, Helen J. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Patrick, Lyana M. Simon Fraser University
Varcoe, Colleen M. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Jack, Dan Services correctionnels Canada
Porter, Cathee Wilfrid Laurier University
Sigerson, Kirsten M. Services correctionnels Canada
Wasegijig, Jean L'Armée du salut
Titre A.R.T. & Justice: Art & Storytelling towards Holistic Wellbeing, Community Building, and Good Governance for People in Prison in British Columbia
Financement 337 591 $
Candidature Gadermann, Anne M. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Forer, Barry A. University of British Columbia
Guhn, Martin University of British Columbia
Janus, Magdalena McMaster University
Oberle, Eva University of British Columbia
Schonert-Reichl, Kimberly A. University of Illinois at Chicago
Titre Pathways from early childhood to young adulthood: Early indicators of secondary and post-secondary graduation outcomes for children and youth in BC
Financement 246 721 $
Candidature Stecklov, Guy University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Inwood, Kris E. University of Guelph
Titre The Great War and Population Change in Canada
Financement 177 330 $
Candidature Latimer, Heather D. University of British Columbia
Titre Conceiving the Future: Dystopia and Reproductive Politics
Financement 73 768 $
Candidature Wagner, Katherine R.H. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Sallee, James University of California, Berkeley
Titre Equity and Economic Efficiency in Natural Disaster Insurance Markets
Financement 67 860 $
Candidature Juhasz, Reka University of British Columbia
Collaboration Lane, Nathaniel University of Oxford
Marczinek, Max University of Oxford
Titre How Did East Asia Ascend? The Impact of Industrial Policy on Industrialization in Post-war East Asia
Financement 70 000 $
Candidature Zhang, Li J. University of British Columbia
Titre Financial Analyst's Conflicts of Interest during M&A deal and activist short campaign
Financement 93 483 $
Candidature Kaushal, Asha University of British Columbia
Titre Immigration Law's Companions: Family Law, Criminal Law, and International Law
Financement 79 537 $
Candidature Savalei, Victoria University of British Columbia
Titre Model selection for psychological scales
Financement 94 500 $
Candidature Laurin, Kristin University of British Columbia
Titre Reluctance to disclose political identities: Causes and consequences
Financement 187 200 $
Candidature Mason, Glenda J. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Berube, Daniel Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Pollock, Karen University of Alberta
Titre Children's Speech Development in Complex Words Online
Financement 76 903 $
Candidature Hnatkovska, Viktoria V. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Gemaliel Vimala, Nadhanael Reserve Bank of India
Titre Price setting, welfare and monetary policy in emerging market economies: Theory and evidence from India
Financement 123 013 $
Candidature Sarsons, Heather University of British Columbia
Collaboration Dean, Joshua T. University of Chicago
Exley, Christine Harvard University
Harrington, Emma K. The University of Iowa
Titre The Economic Effects of Masculinity Norms
Financement 140 251 $ 
Candidature Hammerly, Christopher University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Arppe, Antti University of Alberta
Silfverberg, Miikka P. University of British Columbia
Tessier, Anne-Michelle University of British Columbia
Collaboration Quinn, Chad Autre/Inconnu
Titre Mapping and modelling grammatical person and voice in Ojibwe
Financement 263 348 $
Candidature DeLongis, Anita University of British Columbia
Titre How can I help? Dyadic coping and support in couples
Financement 98 955 $
Candidature Nesbitt, Lorien H.C. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Hagerman, Shannon M. University of British Columbia
Kozak, Robert A. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Campbell, Lindsay K. USDA Forest Service
Johnson, Michelle L. USDA Forest Service
Paqueo, Liza Vida USDA Forest Service
Svendsen, Erika USDA Forest Service
Titre Charting new pathways to achieving recognitional justice in urban greening
Financement 259 045 $
Candidature Duff, Patricia A. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Li, Duanduan University of British Columbia
Wang, Danping University of Auckland
Wang, Qian University of British Columbia
Titre Sociopolitical and sociocultural dimensions of learning Chinese as an additional language: Changing global contexts, media discourse, and learners
Financement 64 920 $
Candidature Silver, Erin University of British Columbia
Collaboration Black, Anthea L. California College of Arts
Clintberg (Klintberg), Mark (August) W.R. Alberta University of the Arts
Davies, Jon A. Stanford University
Himada, Nasrin Queen's University
Hollenbach, Julie C. NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University)
Kennedy, Jen Queen's University
McDonald, Robin A. MacEwan University
McGeough, Michelle Université Concordia
Titre Queer Operatives: Writing, Making, and Transmitting Queer Canadian Art Histories
Financement 99 148 $
Candidature Gornall, Will University of British Columbia
Titre The financial returns to innovation
Financement 83 045 $
Candidature Walker, David D. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature van Jaarsveld, Danielle D. University of British Columbia
Titre And just like that, things got worse? The role of key moments in service encounters on customer co-production, customer satisfaction, and employee performance
Financement 137 900 $
Candidature Dulic, Aleksandra University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Lasserre, Patricia University of British Columbia
Thorogood, Miles University of British Columbia
Collaboration Sears, Anna Warwick Okanagan Basin Water Board
Titre Okanagan WaterFutures: Experiential Games for Water Responsibility
Financement 313 360 $
Candidature Pollock, Courtney L. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Mortenson, William B. University of British Columbia
Titre Retired Para Athletes' Participation in Sport Leadership in Canada: Retention of Para Athlete Knowledge to Drive the Future of Para Sport
Financement 79 840 $
Candidature Miller, William C. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Bundon, Andrea University of British Columbia
Mitchell, Ian M. University of British Columbia
Mortenson, William B. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Bolt, Tanelle RAD Recreation Adapted Society
Labbé, Delphine University of Illinois at Chicago
Swallow, Andrea University of British Columbia
Titre A community-based system for sharing Recreational Assistive Devices (RAD)
Financement 206 635 $
Candidature Gerofsky, Susan G. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Nicol, Cynthia C. University of British Columbia
Titre Re-storying intergenerational community relationships with mathematics through embodied mathematical arts
Financement 140 488 $
Candidature Frohlick, Susan E. University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Chadya, Joyce M. Université du Manitoba
Titre Sound, Memory, Listening: Sonic Worlds and Refugees' Emergent Belonging in a Multiracial City
Financement 190 596 $
Candidature Ban, Natalie University of Victoria
Titre Blue justice, human well-being, and ocean changes
Financement 262 646 $
Candidature Chapman, Alison University of Victoria
Collaboration Dean, Heather University of Victoria
Dyck, Denae R. Texas State University - San Marcos
Fukushima, Kailey S.H. University of British Columbia
Huculak, John Matthew University of Victoria
Titre Scaling Up: Victorian Periodical Poets, Poetry, and Poetics
Financement 313 242 $
Candidature Stinson, Danu A. University of Victoria
Collaboration Lou, Nigel Mantou University of Victoria
Nutter, Sarah University of Victoria
Titre Embodied Approaches to Resisting and Healing from Stigma
Financement 175 085 $
Candidature Fox, Richard P. University of Victoria
Titre Transforming intimacy, family and fulfilment: Pop culture as argument in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Financement 309 702 $
Candidature Newenham-Kahindi, Aloysius Marcus University of Victoria
Titre Bad barrels in East Africa: The institutional causes and context of corruption in emerging economies
Financement 97 707 $
Candidature Rhodes, Ryan E. University of Victoria
Cocandidature Beauchamp, Mark R. University of British Columbia
Blanchard, Chris M. Dalhousie University
Carson, Valerie University of Alberta
Madigan, Sheri L. University of Calgary
Strachan, Shaelyn M. Université du Manitoba
Vanderloo, Leigh M. Western University
Titre All in the Family: Promoting Family Function through Physical Activity
Financement 359 980 $
Candidature Gutberlet, Jutta University of Victoria
Collaboration Frey, Klaus Universidade Federal do ABC
Lopes F. Gonçalves Dias, Sylmara University of São Paulo
Tremblay, Crystal University of Victoria
Titre Youth and Grassroots Engagement in Waste Reduction
Financement 99 832 $
Candidature Salem, Joseph R. University of Victoria
Titre The "12 Hommages a Paul Sacher" and the effects of unilateral philanthropy on serialism
Financement 75 076 $
Candidature Maganhotto Coraiola, Diego University of Victoria
Cocandidature Bastien, François University of Victoria
Foster, William M. University of Alberta
Price, Shelley T. University of Victoria
Collaboration Oliveira, Cíntia Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Schrempf-Stirling, Judith Université de Genève
Titre Historical Injustices and Organizations: How Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Produce, Reproduce, and Disrupt Legacies of Oppression and Disadvantage
Financement 281 427 $
Candidature Nowell, April S. University of Victoria
Collaboration Ames, Christopher J.H. University of Victoria
Cordova, Carlos E. Oklahoma State University
Pokines, James T. Boston University
Titre The Longest Journey: Pleistocene Human-Environment Dynamics in the Azraq Basin (Jordan) and Their Implications For Early Human Dispersals Across Arid Southwest Asia
Financement 332 353 $
Candidature Dietsch, Peter V. University of Victoria
Titre Sustainability and justice under a hybrid monetary constitution
Financement 99 858 $
Candidature Freund, Alexander Université de Winnipeg
Titre Father and son: a history of German immigrant fathers, sons, and their relations in twentieth and twenty-first century Canada
Financement 99 947 $
Candidature Zaerpour, Farzad Université de Winnipeg
Cocandidature Lang, Eddy University of Calgary
Leeies, Murdoch Université du Manitoba
McRae, Andrew D. University of Calgary
Taiwo, Enayon S. Université de Winnipeg
Titre A Data-Driven Decision Support System for Managing Patient Flow in Emergency Departments
Financement 99 000 $
Candidature Bohr, Roland J. Université de Winnipeg
Cocandidature Dyce, Matthew G. Université de Winnipeg
Collaboration Braith, Melanie J. Université de Winnipeg
Reimer, Mavis Université de Winnipeg
Titre Asiniskaw Ithiniwak (Rocky Cree) Place Names Project
Financement 299 984 $
Candidature Desjardins, Renée Université de Saint-Boniface
Cocandidature McDonough-Dolmaya, Julie Université York
Tremblay-Gaudette, Gabriel Télé-université
Collaboration Van Bolderen, Patricia (Trish) Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Titre TikTokers, Instagrammers, Podcasters, Livestreamers - and Translators: Translation in the Creator Economy
Financement 88 926 $
Candidature Haque, C. Emdad Université du Manitoba
Cocandidature Berkes, Fikret Université du Manitoba
Datta, Ranjan Mount Royal University
Collaboration Charles, Colleen J. Northlands College
Shahidullah, Akm Memorial University of Newfoundland
Titre Two-Eyed Seeing for climate-related disaster risk reduction, decolonizing science, and strengthening community resilience
Financement 337 068 $
Candidature Vorauer, Jacquie D. Université du Manitoba
Titre Implications of Self-Observation During Online Social Interaction for Group Membership Salience and Group-Based Performance Disadvantage
Financement 183 498 $
Candidature Schellenberg, Benjamin Université du Manitoba
Cocandidature Gaudreau, Patrick Université d'Ottawa
Verner-Filion, Jérémie Université du Québec en Outaouais
Titre Savouring and thriving in sport: Empirical evidence and lay beliefs
Financement 98 725 $
Candidature Roos, Leslie E. Université du Manitoba
Cocandidature Afifi, Tracie O. Université du Manitoba
Archibald, Mandy Université du Manitoba
Cameron, Emily E. Université du Manitoba
Giuliano, Ryan J. Université du Manitoba
Gonzalez, Andrea McMaster University
Hai, Tasmia Université du Manitoba
MacKinnon, Anna L. Université de Montréal
Mushquash, Aislin R. Lakehead University
Stewart-Tufescu, Ashley Université du Manitoba
Tomfohr-Madsen, Lianne M. University of British Columbia
Toombs, Elaine Lakehead University
Unger, Jo Ann Université du Manitoba
Titre Advancing Family Wellbeing through a Massive Open Online Intervention: The LightBEAM Program
Financement 320 000 $
Candidature Kelly, Christine Université du Manitoba
Cocandidature Funk, Laura M. Université du Manitoba
Shooshtari, Shahin Université du Manitoba
Collaboration Sauer, Jordan Emploi et Développement social Canada
Titre Care poverty in Canada
Financement 256 321 $
Candidature Gamble, Julia Université du Manitoba
Cocandidature Fayek, Mostafa Université du Manitoba
Hoppa, Robert D. Université du Manitoba
Zahedi, Rene Université du Manitoba
Collaboration Berner, Margit Natural History Museum Vienna
Binder, Novetus Novetus
Eggers, Sabine Natural History Museum Vienna
Pany-Kucera, Doris Natural History Museum Vienna
Tobias, Bendeguz Austrian Academy of Sciences
Wilkins, John A. Université du Manitoba
Wiltschke, Karin Natural History Museum Vienna
Titre Life course and social dimensions of early medieval Austria
Financement 339 507 $
Candidature Rogers, Janine G. Mount Allison University
Titre The Nature of Knowledge: Literary Humanities and Global Challenges in Museums of Science
Financement 194 524 $
Candidature O'Donnell, Susan St. Thomas University
Cocandidature Baldwin, Clive St. Thomas University
Harvey, Janice E. St. Thomas University
Ramana, M. V. University of British Columbia
Sapinski, Jean Philippe Université de Moncton
Secord, Andrew G. St. Thomas University
Collaboration Akagi, Hugh Peskotomuhkati Nation
Bowman, Sabrina Toronto Metropolitan University
Edwards, Gordon Regroupement pour la surveillance du nucléaire
Fitzgerald, Gretchen Sierra Club of Canada
Lavoie, Sophie M. NB Media Co-op
Tremblay, Ron Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Titre Contesting discourses for energy transitions
Financement 376 562 $
Candidature Ronis, Scott T. Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Cocandidature O'Sullivan, Lucia F. Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Collaboration Armitage, Rachel A. University of Huddersfield
Peterson, Zoe D. Indiana University, Bloomington
Titre Intimate Partners of Individuals With Histories of Sexual Offenses
Financement 98 935 $
Candidature Sandlos, John K. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cocandidature Cruikshank, Kenneth H. McMaster University
Green, Heather D. Saint Mary's University
Keeling, Arn M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaboration Jorgenson, Mica A.R. University of Stavanger
van Horssen, Jessica Leeds Metropolitan University
Titre Mining Danger: Industrial Disease, Accidents, and Pollution in Canada's Mines and Mining Communities, 1870-1990
Financement 296 133 $
Candidature Tenkorang, Eric Y. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaboration Owusu, Yaa A. University of Ghana
Titre Food insecurity and intimate partner violence among women living with HIV/AIDS in Ghana: A neglected problem in sub-Saharan Africa?
Financement 260 862 $
Candidature Oldford, Erin Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cocandidature Fiset, John Saint Mary's University
Titre Leadership Narratives in Systematic and Idiosyncratic Crises
Financement 57 054 $
Candidature Selby, Jennifer A. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cocandidature Barras, Amelie Université York
Dabby, Dia S. Université du Québec à Montréal
Mossière, Géraldine Université de Montréal
Wilkins-Laflamme, Sarah University of Waterloo
Collaboration Beaman, Lori G. Université d'Ottawa
Colorado, Carlos D. Université de Winnipeg
Koussens, David Université de Sherbrooke
Landry, Jean-Michel Carleton University
Lépinard, Eléonore Université de Lausanne
Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed Université Laval
Paquet, Mireille Université Concordia
Titre Secularism on the Move (SOM): Transnational Laïcité in Contemporary Québec
Financement 370 016 $
Candidature Frank, Lesley A. Acadia University
Collaboration Oleschuk, Merin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Titre Finding formula: Caregiver stories and institutional relations of the North American infant formula shortage
Financement 237 238 $
Candidature Rosen, Natalie O. Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Dawson, Samantha J. University of British Columbia
Tavares, Inês M. Dalhousie University
Collaboration Stephenson, Kyle Xavier University
Titre Supporting Couples' Sexual Well-being in the Transition to Parenthood: A Novel Online Prevention Program
Financement 332 237 $
Candidature Ungar, Michael T. Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Burgess-Pinto, Elizabeth MacEwan University
Khanenko-Friesen, Natalia University of Alberta
Satzewich, Vic McMaster University
Silvius, Ray M. Université de Winnipeg
Stepnisky, Jeffrey N. MacEwan University
Zhyznomirska, Lyubov Saint Mary's University
Titre The Impact of Temporary Status on the Settlement Experience of Newcomer Ukrainian Youth in Canada Arriving under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) Visa
Financement 299 840 $
Candidature Deacon, S. Hélène Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Chen, Xi University of Toronto
Demmans Epp, Carrie A. University of Alberta
Collaboration Thomson, Jenny M. University of Sheffield
Titre Digital natives: Understanding children's reading in a digital era
Financement 368 250 $
Candidature Aghakhani, Hamed Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Deval, Hélène Dalhousie University
Vu, Tiffany Saint Mary's University
Titre Beyond the bottom line: Toward a better understanding of when brands embrace a shared social responsibility mindset
Financement 95 871 $
Candidature Mbakogu, Ifeyinwa A. Dalhousie University
Collaboration Bundy, Devon Nova Scotia Health Authority
Chamagne, Julie Halifax Refugee Clinic
Cosmas, Timothy Danjuma Justice Development and Peace Initiative in Maiduguri Diocese
Ekwowusi, Sonnie Nothing is Greater than a Child Initiative
Elegbede, Olanrewaju National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons
Ogbuagu, Buster University of St. Francis
Osuoka, Isaac L. Social Action (Social Development Integrated Centre)
Siritsky, Nadia Nova Scotia College of Social Workers
Titre Pushing Them Out and Keeping Them In: Aligning Resettlement Programs to the Needs of African Survivors of Forced Displacement in the Lake Chad Basin and Canada
Financement 219 305 $
Candidature Wu, Haorui Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Najafi, Mohammad Reza Western University
Yamamoto, Shelby S. University of Alberta
Collaboration Bogdan, Eva A. Université York
Breen, Kyle Dalhousie University
Guilbault, Sophie Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction
Huang, Shih-Kai Jacksonville State University
Peek, Lori University of Colorado at Boulder
Strang, Jennifer Dalhousie University
Titre Canadian Disaster Rapid Response Research (3R) Enhancement: Initiating a Researcher Platform and Coordination Network (Can-3R)
Financement 338 218 $
Candidature Taunton, Carla J. NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University)
Cocandidature Igloliorte, Heather L. Université Concordia
Nagam, Julie Université de Winnipeg
Titre Curating Change: Centring Decolonization, Equity, and Social Justice in Exhibition Practice
Financement 340 943 $
Candidature Fridell, Gavin D. Saint Mary's University
Titre Sustainable Trade, Between Token and Substantive Change: Rethinking North American Trade
Financement 181 891 $
Candidature Liu, Xiaoyu Saint Mary's University
Cocandidature Fariborzi, Hadi Mount Royal University
Lu, Hao Saint Mary's University
Steel, Piers D.G. University of Calgary
Wang, Hai Saint Mary's University
Titre Will Good Names Go Wrong? Corporate Reputation, Idiosyncratic CSR Strategies and Negative Events
Financement 78 700 $
Candidature Loughlin, Catherine A. Saint Mary's University
Cocandidature Dimoff, Jennifer K. Université d'Ottawa
Weigand, Heidi A. Dalhousie University
Collaboration Kabat-Farr, Dana Dalhousie University
Murray, Robert R. St. Francis Xavier University
Nutt, David G. Soccer Canada
Scheuer, Cara Coastal Carolina University
Titre Building Healthy Leadership Systems Starts with our Leaders
Financement 297 567 $
Candidature Stretton, Timothy Saint Mary's University
Titre Patriarchy, Contract and Coverture in England, 1500-1800
Financement 37 273 $
Candidature Wright, Kailin St. Francis Xavier University
Titre No Mother, No Nation: Performing Reproductive Justice and the Future
Financement 83 400 $
Candidature Daigle, Christine Brock University
Cocandidature Dickinson, Adam W. Brock University
McCarthy, Francine M.G. Brock University
Collaboration Bartley, Brenna C. Conservation Halton
Brothers, Soren University of Toronto
Metsger, Deborah Royal Ontario Museum
Murphy, Michelle C. University of Toronto
Rawlings, Angela University of Iceland
Tammaro, Catherine Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Titre Bomb Pulse: Cultural and Philosophical Readings of Time Signatures in the Anthropocene
Financement 132 718 $
Candidature Volante, Louis Brock University
Collaboration Klinger, Don A. The University of Waikato
Titre The impact of the pandemic on socioeconomic inequality and student learning outcomes: A pan-Canadian analysis with policy implications
Financement 230 237 $
Candidature Braley-Rattai, Alison M. Brock University
Cocandidature Savage, Larry Brock University
Titre Union Responses to Workplace Vaccine Mandates in the Wake of COVID-19
Financement 80 864 $
Candidature Rich, Kyle A. Brock University
Cocandidature Edwards, Jonathon R. Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Giles, Audrey R. Université d'Ottawa
Hoeber, Larena N. University of Regina
Pegoraro, Ann University of Guelph
Titre A Regional Analysis of Sport Policy Implementation
Financement 270 842 $
Candidature Dyer, Hannah Brock University
Cocandidature Sinclair-Palm, Julia H. Carleton University
Collaboration Keenan, Harper B. University of British Columbia
Kouri-Towe, Natalie Université Concordia
Wells, Kristopher D. MacEwan University
Titre Drawing Queer and Trans Kinship: Learning about Family through Children's Art
Financement 91 356 $
Candidature Trabelsi, Samir Brock University
Cocandidature Athanasakou, Vasiliki Saint Mary's University
Chalwati, Amna Saint Mary's University
Collaboration Chaieb, Ines Université de Genève
Titre The Determinants and Impacts of Social Washing
Financement 90 128 $
Candidature Betts, Gregory B. Brock University
Titre How to Speak to Aliens: bpNichol and the Cosmic Other
Financement 69 491 $
Candidature Fritsch, Kelly M. Carleton University
Cocandidature Shanouda, Fady Carleton University
Titre Mapping the development and transformative impact of disability justice in Canada
Financement 340 000 $
Candidature Howard, Andrea L. Carleton University
Cocandidature Gunnell, Katie E. Carleton University
Tamminen, Katherine A. University of Toronto
Titre Understanding adolescent digital well-being: Online experiences, offline spillover, and developmental risk and protective effects
Financement 291 806 $
Candidature Murray, Stuart J. Carleton University
Collaboration Burgess, Sarah K. University of San Francisco
Greenspan, Brian Carleton University
Rowland, Allison L. St. Lawrence University
Titre Toward a New Politics of Pleasure: Beyond Identity, Consent, and Free Speech
Financement 86 699 $
Candidature Cherniwchan, Jevan Carleton University
Cocandidature Najjar, Nouri P.M. Western University
Titre The Effects of International Trade on Environmental Policy
Financement 99 906 $
Candidature Hall, Laura J. Carleton University
Collaboration Fornssler, Barbara University of Saskatchewan
Shute, Tanya G. Université Laurentienne
Todd, Zoe Carleton University
Titre Storying Indigenous Women and 2SLGBTQQIA Resurgence in Land-Based Learning and Design
Financement 94 140 $
Candidature Tolley, Erin Carleton University
Cocandidature Lu, Fan Queen's University
Thompson, Debra Université McGill
Collaboration Bittner, Amanda Memorial University of Newfoundland
Blackett, E. Adelle Université McGill
Chui, Tina W.L. Statistique Canada
Junn, Jane Y. University of Southern California
Lajevardi, Nazita Michigan State University
Laniyonu, Ayobami S. University of Toronto
Titre Improving the Collection of Racial Data in Research on Politics
Financement 314 946 $
Candidature Tiampo, Ming Carleton University
Collaboration Bentcheva, Eva Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Bruchet, Liz University College London
Cohen, Joshua The City University of New York
Collins, Susan A.R. University College London
Goodwin, Paul University of the Arts London
Greet, Michele George Mason University
Nasar, Hammad Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
Nerlich, France Institut national d'histoire de l'art
Nur Goni, Marian Université Paris 8
Singh, Devika Courtauld Institute of Art
Turner, Sarah V. Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
Velios, Athanasios University of the Arts London
Vo, Chuong-Dai H. The Cité internationale des arts
Titre Mobile Subjects, Contrapuntal Modernisms
Financement 319 549 $
Candidature Towns, Armond R. Carleton University
Titre A Black Studies Approach to the History of Communication Studies
Financement 156 590 $
Candidature Keen, Paul W. Carleton University
Titre The Joke of Literature: A History of the Essay in English
Financement 102 684 $
Candidature Farivar, Samira Carleton University
Cocandidature Wang, Fang Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre Devising Effective Warning Messages for Healthy Social Media Engagement
Financement 189 011 $
Candidature Zrill, Lanny R. Carleton University
Collaboration Crawford, Ian University of Oxford
Walker-Jones, David University of Surrey
Titre New Experimental Methods for Identifying and Measuring Preferences
Financement 98 205 $
Candidature Banducci, Laura M. Carleton University
Collaboration Gallone, Anna University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mogetta, Marcello University of Missouri - Columbia
Opitz, Rachel S. University of Glasgow
Terrenato, Nicola University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Titre Rhythms of Roman Urbanism: The Gabii Project
Financement 163 926 $
Candidature Dionisi, Angela Carleton University
Cocandidature Dupré, Kathryne E. Carleton University
Warren, Amy M. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Titre Workplace mistreatment: The lived experiences of people with disabilities
Financement 144 250 $
Candidature Daudelin, Jean Carleton University
Cocandidature Moore, Hollis L. Carleton University
Collaboration Ratton, Jose Luiz Z.Z. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Titre Economies of Order and Disorder in Brazilian Prisons
Financement 219 001 $
Candidature Darmody, Aron Carleton University
Cocandidature Fischer, Eileen Université York
Titre Understanding Marketer Behaviour, Technology Use and the Digital Marketing Process
Financement 231 661 $
Candidature Kennedy, Liam King's University College at Western University
Cocandidature Norman, Mark D. McMaster University
Silva, Derek M.D. King's University College at Western University
Titre Policing & Post-Pandemic Participation in Sport and Physical Activity
Financement 72 289 $
Candidature Michalski, Joseph H. King's University College at Western University
Cocandidature Bouchard, Geneviève Université de Moncton
Mishna, Faye University of Toronto
Collaboration Kerr, Donald W. King's University College at Western University
Tucker, Corina University of New Hampshire
Titre The Canadian National Study of Adolescent Sibling Conflict, Aggression, and Bullying
Financement 218 168 $
Candidature Pluim, Gary W.J. Lakehead University
Cocandidature Ingram, Leigh-Anne Lakehead University
Collaboration Faris, Solomon Belay Addis Ababa University
Titre Decolonizing Global Citizenship in Teacher Education: A Case Study of a Critical, Collaborative Experience for Canadian and Ethiopian University Students
Financement 51 961 $
Candidature Mushquash, Aislin R. Lakehead University
Cocandidature Chambers, Lori A.L. Lakehead University
Visser, Beth A. Lakehead University
Titre Relationships between trait victimhood and interpersonal stress and trauma: a daily diary and cross-sectional evaluation
Financement 99 349 $
Candidature Varney, Tamara L. Lakehead University
Cocandidature Cooper, David M.L. University of Saskatchewan
Coulthard, Ian B. Canadian Light Source Inc.
Grimes, Vaughan Memorial University of Newfoundland
Swanston, Treena M. MacEwan University
VanderSchee, Cassidy R. The King's University (Edmonton)
Titre Identifying the social determinants of lead poisoning in British colonial populations of the Caribbean
Financement 376 413 $
Candidature Connelly, Catherine E. McMaster University
Titre Wage theft: Antecedents and consequences for managers who illegally underpay their employees
Financement 210 248 $
Candidature Walmsley, Peter McMaster University
Titre Plant Animacy in the British Enlightenment
Financement 59 824 $
Candidature Yuan, Yufei McMaster University
Titre Employees' attitude towards a digital teammate: a threat or an enhancement of their job identity?
Financement 71 300 $
Candidature Zheng, Angela L. McMaster University
Collaboration Duque, Valentina American University
Gilraine, John New Université York
Titre The Short and Long-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Student Learning
Financement 44 147 $
Candidature Boamah, Sheila A. McMaster University
Cocandidature Arku, Godwin Western University
Havaei, Farinaz University of British Columbia
Vrkljan, Brenda McMaster University
Titre Caring for the carers: Using multi-methods approach to address social isolation and mental health concerns among caregivers
Financement 188 472 $
Candidature De Barros, Juanita L. McMaster University
Titre Historical Perspectives on Colonial Abortion Laws in the British Caribbean
Financement 98 482 $
Candidature Greene, Saara McMaster University
Cocandidature Dalmer, Nicole K. McMaster University
Gabel, Chelsea McMaster University
Vaccaro, Mary McMaster University
Collaboration Chazan, Mayera Trent University
DeVore, Charo McMaster University
Millar, Betty McMaster University
Richards, Barbara McMaster University
Sawchuk, Kimberly Université Concordia
Sidhu, Amanjot McMaster University
Titre Women Growing Older: Exploring Older Women's Experience of Accessing Cannabis Information and Support in a Virtual World
Financement 156 608 $
Candidature Lavecchia, Adam M. McMaster University
Collaboration Tazhitdinova, Alisa University of California, Santa Barbara
Titre The Effects of Income Taxes on The Economic Outcomes of Immigrants
Financement 51 817 $
Candidature Heath, Melanie McMaster University
Cocandidature Dion, Michelle L. McMaster University
Collaboration Bernstein, Mary University of Connecticut
Schlagdenhauffen, Regis École des hautes études en sciences sociales
Stambolis-Ruhstorfer, Michael Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Titre Theorizing Sexual Regimes in the United States, Canada, and France
Financement 228 291 $
Candidature Shehata, Mohamed M. McMaster University
Cocandidature Veenstra, Kevin J. McMaster University
Collaboration Mohamadean, Ahmed Wayne State University
Titre Test-Bedding the Impact of Trading with Artificial Intelligence on Stock Market Performance
Financement 99 928 $
Candidature Mills, Suzanne E. McMaster University
Cocandidature Haan, Michael D. Western University
Mazer, Katie Acadia University
Titre The future of work and inter-regional migration to Canada's resource peripheries
Financement 236 632 $
Candidature Zhu, Haibin Nipissing University
Collaboration Hou, Feng Western University
Kaida, Lisa McMaster University
Titre Social Simulation on Refugee Resettlement and Canada's Policy Making
Financement 341 716 $
Candidature Cheng, Liying Queen's University
Cocandidature DeLuca, Christopher Queen's University
Timmons, Kristy Queen's University
Collaboration Yan, Rong Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Titre Learning to Love Learning: Taking Control, Responsibility, and Pride through Self-Regulated Learning and Assessment
Financement 311 712 $
Candidature Lind, Stephanie K. Queen's University
Titre The impact of structural features of sound and music on player experience in video games
Financement 87 380 $
Candidature D'Elia, Una R. Queen's University
Titre Fictive Flesh: Painted sculpture in the Italian Renaissance
Financement 199 631 $
Candidature Bjorkman, Bronwyn M. Queen's University
Cocandidature Cowper, Elizabeth A. University of Toronto
Hall, Daniel C. Saint Mary's University
Siddiqi, Daniel A. Carleton University
Titre Feature interactions in complex paradigms: Competition and upstaging
Financement 172 752 $
Candidature Miglio Pinto Gonring, Gabriel Menotti Queen's University
Titre Computational Cinemas: exploring the effects of virtual simulation technologies in the reconfiguration of filmmaking practices
Financement 99 860 $
Candidature McKittrick, Katherine Queen's University
Titre Concertinas: Practicing Black Methodologies
Financement 299 055 $
Candidature Bala, Nicholas C.M. Queen's University
Cocandidature Birnbaum, Rachel King's University College at Western University
Chaze, Ferzana Sheridan College (Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning)
Houston, Claire L. Western University
Jaffe, Peter G. Western University
Medhekar, Archana A. Université York
Collaboration Clarke, Antoinette R.F. Université York
Titre Responding to Challenging Times: An Inflection Point for Family Justice in Ontario?
Financement 223 837 $
Candidature Goerzen, Anthony Queen's University
Titre Benefiting the impoverished within developing economies through value chain interventions
Financement 154 996 $
Candidature Hand, Martin J. Queen's University
Titre Post-Pandemic Temporalities: narratives, contexts and experiences of mediated disruption, synchronization and expectations beyond COVID-19
Financement 82 640 $
Candidature Lefort-Favreau, Julien Queen's University
Titre La liberté de publier. Politiques de l'édition équitable et bibliodiversité au Canada
Financement 74 473 $
Candidature Ovchinnikov, Anton Queen's University
Titre Green Technology Choice for Decarbonization: Combining Market Forces and Policy Instruments
Financement 108 220 $
Candidature McIntire, Gabrielle S. Queen's University
Titre Modernism and Mysticism: T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, W.B. Yeats, and Rabindranath Tagore
Financement 113 939 $
Candidature Szto, Courtney Queen's University
Cocandidature Wigglesworth, Jennifer University of Northern British Columbia
Collaboration Scott, Jacqueline L. University of Toronto
Titre Reclaiming the Outdoors: Structures of resistance to historical marginalization in outdoor culture
Financement 253 915 $
Candidature Wiljer, David The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
Cocandidature Cleverley, Kristin University of Toronto
Shen, Nelson Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale
Strudwick, Gillian Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale
Collaboration Charow, Rebecca University of Toronto
Johnson, Andrew C. Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale
Lo, Brian Fung The Hospital for Sick Children
McDiarmid, Erica Toronto Metropolitan University
Robb, Janine C. University of Toronto
Steele Gray, Carolyn University of Toronto
Sur, Deepy Association des travailleures et travailleurs sociaux de l’Ontario
Titre Supporting a Compassionate Experience for Transition-Aged Youth Seeking Support through Digital Technologies
Financement 295 572 $
Candidature Hunter, David A. Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre Desire and the Varieties of Goodness
Financement 52 600 $
Candidature Philp, Matthew Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Mantonakis, Antonia Brock University
Noseworthy, Theodore J. Université York
Pancer, Ethan Saint Mary's University
Collaboration Gruzd, Anatoliy Toronto Metropolitan University
Jacobson, Jenna Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre Feeding the economic recovery: Using social media content to predict resilience in Canada’s foodservice sector
Financement 96 917 $
Candidature Erentzen, Caroline A. Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Chasteen, Alison L. University of Toronto
Titre Moral Foundations of Responses to Muslims and Equity-Seeking Groups in Canada
Financement 50 957 $
Candidature Nikoofal, Mohammad Ebrahim Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Zargoush, Manaf McMaster University
Titre Designing Economic Incentives to Enhance E-commerce Supply Chain Cybersecurity
Financement 81 500 $
Candidature Dufour, Lucas Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Andiappan, Meena University of Toronto
Ogunfowora, Babatunde O. University of Calgary
Collaboration Nakara, Walid Université de Montpellier
Titre Socializing scruples: The effects of morally-oriented socialization on newcomer's unethical pro-organizational behavior over time
Financement 71 794 $
Candidature Hillebrandt, Annika Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre Understanding employee reactions to organizational transgressions: A multi-phase, multi-method investigation
Financement 150 917 $
Candidature Choma, Rebecca L. Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Starzyk, Katherine B. Université du Manitoba
Collaboration Efimoff, Iloradanon H. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Titre Tolerance or defiance? Sociopolitical ideology, intergroup emotions, and dynamic norms as a catalyst for social change
Financement 274 300 $
Candidature George, Usha G. Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Fuller-Thomson, Esme R. University of Toronto
Parada, Henry Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre Exploring Integration Experiences: A Study of South Asian Immigrant Women in the Greater Toronto Area
Financement 174 702 $
Candidature De Sousa, Christopher Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaboration Tischler, James University of Windsor
Titre Examining the Role of Public Funding and Financing Incentives in Supporting Brownfield Redevelopment in Canada
Financement 133 456 $
Candidature Luo, Yi Toronto Metropolitan University
Cocandidature Okafor, Oliver Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre Tackling Current and Emerging Tax Compliance Issues in Canada's Underground Economy
Financement 91 465 $
Candidature Bialuschewski, Arne Trent University
Titre Guna Ethnohistory: Resistance and Adaptation in the Darien, 1637-1727
Financement 66 750 $
Candidature Dunaway, Finis Trent University
Titre The Crying Indian: Iron Eyes Cody, Colonial Mythmaking, and the Origins of Greenwashing
Financement 58 370 $
Candidature Rosen, Melanie G. Trent University
Collaboration Mallett, Remington Northwestern University - Illinois
Parsons, Christine University of Aarhus
Titre Tracking dreams with wearable technology
Financement 89 805 $
Candidature Koning, Edward A. University of Guelph
Titre Investigating immigrant welfare exclusion in Western democracies
Financement 40 996 $
Candidature Snow, Andrew D. University of Guelph
Titre Limiting Charter rights in Canada: An empirical assessment
Financement 87 433 $
Candidature Barclay, Patrick University of Guelph
Collaboration Kawamura, Yuta Osaka Metropolitan University
Mishra, Sandeep University of Guelph
Titre Advancing the science of reputation & cooperation
Financement 207 573 $
Candidature Lassou, Philippe J.C. University of Guelph
Collaboration Lauwo, Sarah University of Sheffield
Soobaroyen, Teerooven University of Essex
Titre Localizing Sustainable Development Goals: Accounting and Reporting Implications
Financement 196 090 $
Candidature Lei, Xiaowen University of Guelph
Collaboration Kasa, Kenneth Simon Fraser University
Titre Heterogeneous beliefs and wealth inequality
Financement 84 881 $
Candidature MacDonald, David B. University of Guelph
Cocandidature Lightfoot, Sheryl University of British Columbia
Collaboration Charters, Claire W. N. University of Auckland
Davis, Megan J. University of New South Wales
Dhamai, Binota Moy Australian National University
Grafton, Emily K. University of Regina
Greaves, Lara M. University of Auckland
Joffe, Paul Grand Council of the Crees
Kuokkanen, Rauna University of Lapland
Macdonald, Lindsey Te Ata o Tu University of Canterbury
Maddison, Sarah The University of Melbourne
Nabers, Dirk Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel
Nakhid, Camille Auckland University of Technology
Narayanan, Pancha New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils
O'Sullivan, Dominic T. Charles Sturt University
Parasram, Ajay Dalhousie University
Patzer, Jeremy Université du Manitoba
Preston, Jennifer C. Canadian Friends Service Committee
Slowey, Gabrielle A. Université York
Stamatopoulou, Elsa Columbia University
Te Aho, Fleur University of Auckland
Toki, Valmaine The University of Waikato
Walker, Katherine A. University of Saskatchewan
Titre Maximizing Indigenous self-determination: Theory and practice of Indigenous sovereignties in settler states and the international system
Financement 397 520 $
Candidature Horgan, Mervyn University of Guelph
Cocandidature August, Martine J. University of Waterloo
Collaboration Dent, Geordie Federation of Metro Tenants Associations
Kusenbach, Margret University of South Florida
McKee, Kim University of Stirling
Morris, Alan University of Technology, Sydney
Poste, Mark k. County of Wellington
Ruonavaara, Hannu University of Turku
Watt, Paul Birkbeck, University of London
Titre The Rental Experience Project: centering renters' experiences in a hot housing market
Financement 249 845 $
Candidature Brown, Susan I. University of Guelph
Cocandidature Bourrier, Karen A. University of Calgary
Collaboration Batra, Kanika Texas Tech University
Binhammer, Katherine J. University of Alberta
Grundy, Isobel University of Alberta
Hickman, Miranda B. Université McGill
Holland, Kathryn MacEwan University
Jayasuriya, Maryse D. University of Texas at El Paso
Martin, Kim E. University of Guelph
Stacey, Deborah A. University of Guelph
Titre Meaningful Difference: Making Feminist Literary History with Data
Financement 336 532 $
Candidature Arndt, Felix University of Guelph
Collaboration Roell, Christiaan A. University of Sheffield
Titre Overcoming adversity in cross sector partnerships: A micro-level study of commitment
Financement 95 304 $
Candidature Baril, Alexandre Université d'Ottawa
Titre L'oppression des personnes suicidaires vivant à l'intersection d'autres oppressions : une analyse intersectionnelle du suicidisme
Financement 89 535 $
Candidature Rioux-Beaulne, Mitia Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Audidière, Sophie Université de Bourgogne
Pépin, François Académie de Paris
Titre Forces à l'œuvre : Diderot et l'écriture matérialiste de l'histoire de l'esprit humain
Financement 99 253 $
Candidature Alberts, Inge Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Eby, Craig Université d'Ottawa
Rutledge-Taylor, Matthew F. Université d'Ottawa
Titre A Language Action Perspective to Automate the Appraisal and Classification of Records with Artificial Intelligence
Financement 54 905 $
Candidature Webster, Cheryl M. Université d'Ottawa
Titre When overall stability masks internal instability: An exploration of intra-national variability in trends in imprisonment rates (1960-2022) and the hypothesis of 'selective' increased punitiveness in Canada
Financement 176 306 $
Candidature Brodeur, Abel Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Connolly, Marie Université du Québec à Montréal
Cook, Nikolai M. Wilfrid Laurier University
Dreber Almenberg, Anna Stockholm School of Economics
Miguel, Edward University of California, Berkeley
Titre Initiative for replication
Financement 246 532 $
Candidature Vucetic, Srdjan Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Boucher, Jean-Christophe University of Calgary
Massie, Justin Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Swing States: Shifting Security Alignments amid Great Power Competition
Financement 270 037 $
Candidature Akyol, Ali C. Université d'Ottawa
Titre The Strategic Use of Share Repurchases
Financement 96 683 $
Candidature Perron, Amélie Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Gagnon, Marilou University of Victoria
Martin, Patrick Université Laval
Pariseau-Legault, Pierre Université du Québec en Outaouais
Wright, David Kenneth Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Carnevale, Franco A. Université McGill
Marcogliese, Emily Université d'Ottawa
Titre Organizational governance and whistleblowing in healthcare settings: A study of middle and upper managers' perspectives on and experiences with care providers who blow the whistle
Financement 161 595 $
Candidature Taylor, Andrew Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Taylor, Craig D. University of York
Titre Writing and Reading Chivalry in Late Medieval England and France
Financement 62 450 $
Candidature Bernheim, Emmanuelle Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Ansloos, Jeffrey P. University of Toronto
Cénat, Jude Mary Université d'Ottawa
Doll, Agnieszka University of British Columbia
Jarvis, G. Eric Université McGill
Muray, Mwali Université d'Ottawa
Sheldon, C. Tess University of Windsor
Tanuseputro, Peter Université d'Ottawa
Williams, Monnica T. Université d'Ottawa
Wylde, Cyndy Université d'Ottawa
Titre Usages et expériences des pratiques psychiatriques coercitives dans les communautés noires et autochtones en Ontario et au Québec : premier état des lieux
Financement 389 139 $
Candidature Rocchi, Meredith A. Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Gainforth, Heather L. University of British Columbia
Lagacé, Martine Université d'Ottawa
Sweet, Shane N. Université McGill
Collaboration Beaudry, Simon G. Université d'Ottawa
Gal, Iddo University of Haifa
Titre Data Literacy Education - A New Approach To Quantitative Methods Instruction
Financement 270 896 $
Candidature Poplack, Shana Université d'Ottawa
Titre The individual, the community and the grammar: Tracking change across the lifespan
Financement 315 014 $
Candidature Ferland, Benjamin Université d'Ottawa
Titre Representation in Canadian Federal Electoral Districts
Financement 41 164 $
Candidature Guimond, Fanny-Alexandra Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Bureau, Jean-François Université d'Ottawa
Carbonneau, Noémie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaboration Beauparlant, Sophie Cégep de Jonquière
Titre Identification de facteurs parentaux de protection dans la transmission parent-enfant de l'insatisfaction corporelle : une étude observationnelle longitudinale
Financement 179 341 $
Candidature Mohnen, Myra M. Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Manjunath, Vikram Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Quirouet, Adrienne Université d'Ottawa
Titre From market design to empirical design and back
Financement 148 100 $
Candidature Oliver, Peter C. Université d'Ottawa
Titre Sustainable Jurisprudence and Canadian Constitutional Law
Financement 49 748 $
Candidature Nitani, Miwako Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Riding, Allan Université d'Ottawa
Titre Scarcity and Financial Decisions: Necessity and Opportunity Entrepreneurs
Financement 88 532 $
Candidature Lamine, Wadid Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Crick, David Université d'Ottawa
Titre Institutions and Space Entrepreneurship
Financement 94 940 $
Candidature Lenard, Patti T. Université d'Ottawa
Titre The politics and ethics of (re)integration in democracies
Financement 76 394 $
Candidature Stalcup, Meg Université d'Ottawa
Titre Topography of change: the politics of place in southern Bahia, Brazil
Financement 231 809 $
Candidature Chikoc Barreda, Naivi Université d'Ottawa
Titre Le télétravail transfrontalier confronté au régime des contrats internationaux de travail en droit international privé
Financement 111 052 $
Candidature Li, TieMei Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Chen, Changling University of Waterloo
Li, Yutao University of Lethbridge
Titre Environmental Sustainability Policy Divergence, Environmental Disclosure, and Environmental Performance: International Evidence
Financement 89 300 $
Candidature Straehle, Christine Université d'Ottawa
Titre Climate Migration, Autonomy and Human Needs
Financement 151 458 $
Candidature Reiter, Nayana University of Toronto
Cocandidature Wahid, Aida S. University of Toronto
Collaboration Down, Andrea University of Toronto
Titre Understanding Firm Adaptability to Virtual Investor Communications
Financement 125 063 $
Candidature Besco, Laurel J. University of Toronto
Collaboration Kirk, Elizabeth A. University of Lincoln
Titre Achieving Legal Targets for the Plastic Crisis: Assessing Industry Norms and Expectations to Improve Legislative Outcomes
Financement 292 107 $
Candidature Bernhardt-Walther, Dirk University of Toronto
Collaboration Cunningham, William A. University of Toronto
Vartanian, Oshin University of Toronto
Titre The role of perceptual grouping in the aesthetic pleasure of viewing real-world scenes
Financement 376 409 $
Candidature Mullin, Amy M. University of Toronto
Titre Supporting Agency in People with Developing, Compromised or Diminished Autonomy
Financement 85 000 $
Candidature Sayle, Timothy A. University of Toronto
Titre A Terrible Weapon: Canadian Nuclear Arms Policy
Financement 176 751 $
Candidature Karppi, Tero J. University of Toronto
Titre Platform Mars: How media technologies shape the next space race
Financement 65 221 $
Candidature Wolfe, Benjamin University of Toronto
Cocandidature Kosovicheva, Anna University of Toronto
Titre Improving readability in the digital age: Optimizing variable fonts for individual readers
Financement 302 875 $
Candidature Grundy, Quinn University of Toronto
Cocandidature Gagnon, Marc-Andre Carleton University
Collaboration Silas, Linda The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions
Titre Branded care: Understanding the policy impact of industry support programs for high cost specialty medicines
Financement 187 524 $
Candidature Burgess, Jonathan S. University of Toronto
Titre The Reception of Homer's Polyphemus
Financement 58 343 $
Candidature Lavigne, Eric University of Toronto
Titre How Performance Evaluations Shape Leadership: A Multiple-case Study Exploring the Experience and Sense-making of Canadian Higher Education Administrators
Financement 94 122 $
Candidature Mantie, Roger A. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Bell, Adam Patrick Western University
Gonzalez Ben, Antia University of Toronto
Niknafs, Nasim University of Toronto
Waldron, Janice L. University of Windsor
Titre Educational Beliefs on Sustaining Musical Cultures
Financement 96 418 $
Candidature Krmpotich, Cara A. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Barclay, Krista L. University of Toronto
Bohaker, Heidi R. University of Toronto
Klassen, Pamela E. Harvard University
Matthews, Maureen A. The Manitoba Museum
McLeod, Suzanne R. Université du Manitoba
White, Kevin J. University of Toronto
Titre Creating an ethics of care for Great Lakes digital heritage
Financement 281 727 $
Candidature Wei, Jason Z. University of Toronto
Collaboration Choy, Siu Kai King's College London
Titre Option Implied Expected Returns, Anomalies and Relative Market Efficiency
Financement 92 045 $
Candidature Aggarwal, Pankaj University of Toronto
Collaboration Yang, Linyun University of South Carolina
Titre The Male Bias for Anthropomorphized Products and Brands
Financement 87 731 $
Candidature Chattopadhyay, Akash University of Toronto
Cocandidature Reiter, Nayana University of Toronto
Collaboration Sethuraman, Mani Cornell University
Titre Information Content of Management Guidance Calls
Financement 80 210 $
Candidature Knappett, Carl J. University of Toronto
Collaboration Dewan, Rachel G. Skagway Public Library
Nikolakopoulou, Eirini Heraklion Archaeological Museum
Sager, Tia University of Toronto
Titre Containing Cultures: A New History of Minoan Pottery
Financement 143 685 $
Candidature O'Hogan, Cillian University of Toronto
Titre The transmission and reception of Prudentius in the Latin Middle Ages
Financement 196 450 $
Candidature Perlman, Michal University of Toronto
Cocandidature Howe, Nina Université Concordia
Collaboration Falenchuk, Olesya University of Toronto
Japel, Christa Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre How much instability is there in early childhood education and care, and what is it related to in terms program and child characteristics?
Financement 217 682 $
Candidature Alexander, Monica University of Toronto
Titre Deficits of migration in the age of Covid-19: A new approach to studying changing migration trends, patterns, and experiences
Financement 60 026 $
Candidature Misak, Cheryl J. University of Toronto
Titre Oxford Pragmatism
Financement 77 300 $
Candidature Hunter, Mark W. University of Toronto
Titre Drugs at Work: Social Geographies of Mandrax, Xanax, and Heroin in South Africa
Financement 89 871 $
Candidature Levy, Evonne A. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Daley, Mark J. Western University
Ellis, Lisa Art Gallery of Ontario
Collaboration Bourgarit, David Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France
Levine, Adam H. Art Gallery of Ontario
Reedy, Chandra University of Delaware
Shugar, Aaron N. State University of New York at Buffalo State (Buffalo State College)
Titre The Technical Study of Bernini's Bronzes: Art History, Conservation, Material Science
Financement 359 631 $
Candidature Ansloos, Jeffrey P. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Murphy, Michelle C. University of Toronto
White, Jennifer H. University of Victoria
Titre Suicide, extractivism, and terrains of struggle for Indigenous life
Financement 342 228 $
Candidature Kerr, Gretchen A. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Battaglia, Anthony University of Toronto
MacPherson, Ellen University of Toronto
Pegoraro, Ann University of Guelph
Titre A Collaborative Community-Based Educational Initiative to Address Maltreatment in Sport
Financement 224 208 $
Candidature Arbour, Kelly P. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Bassett-Gunter, Rebecca L. Université York
Bremer, Emily E. Acadia University
Kingsnorth, Shauna L. Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Latimer, Amy E. Queen's University
Leo, Jennifer A. University of Alberta
Shikako, Keiko Université McGill
Collaboration Perreira, Pamela York Region District School Board
Titre Applying a Family-Centred Research Approach to Developing and Testing Physical Activity Interventions in Children and Youth with Disabilities
Financement 198 032 $
Candidature Chmielewski, Anna K. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Dhuey, Elizabeth University of Toronto
Titre School Choice and School Segregation in Ontario: Using Large-Scale Geo-Data to Uncover Educational Inequalities
Financement 96 960 $
Candidature Buckner, Elizabeth University of Toronto
Titre Higher Education for Sustainable Development: An Emerging Global Mandate
Financement 264 301 $
Candidature Chen, Yanyou University of Toronto
Cocandidature Luo, Yao University of Toronto
Titre Algorithmic Wage-Setting and Platform Competition in Ride-Hailing
Financement 99 781 $
Candidature Robinson, John B. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Poland, Blake University of Toronto
Rolston, Imara A. University of Toronto
Teelucksingh, Cheryl A. Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaboration Creed, Irena F. University of Toronto
Holmberg, John Chalmers University of Technology
Holmén, Johan Chalmers University of Technology
McCrory, Gavin Chalmers University of Technology
Robinson, Pamela Toronto Metropolitan University
Romero Lankao, Patricia M.M. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Williams, Stephen G. University of Toronto
Titre Urban Climate Action Living Lab (UCALL): Co-creating Equitable and Integrated Climate Solutions with Disadvantaged Communities in Toronto
Financement 300 000 $
Candidature Vivalt, Eva L. University of Toronto
Collaboration Bartik, Alexander University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Miller, Sarah University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Rhodes, Elizabeth M. Open Research Lab, Inc.
Titre The Medium-Run Effects of Unconditional Cash Transfers
Financement 85 029 $
Candidature Kalmar, Ivan University of Toronto
Cocandidature Agathangelou, Anna M. Université York
Kasekamp, Andres University of Toronto
Pesarini, Angelica University of Toronto
Collaboration Balogun, Bolaji University of Sheffield
Bermudez Torres, Anastasia University of Seville
Campisi, Julian M. University of Toronto
Lewicki, Aleksandra University of Sussex
Panagiotidis, Jannis Research Center for the History of Transformations
Pankowski, Rafal Collegium Civitas
Scheiring, Gabor Bocconi University
Votavova, Klára Autre/Inconnu
Titre Illiberal Discourses at the Periphery: Eastern and Southern Europe
Financement 193 067 $
Candidature MacArthur, Julie E. University of Toronto
Titre Forest Rebels: the social life of forest fighters during the Mau Mau Rebellion, 1952-60
Financement 254 645 $
Candidature Jurgec, Peter University of Toronto
Titre Exceptionality at the crossroads of phonology and morphology
Financement 64 843 $
Candidature Rosella, Laura C. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Helliwell, John F. Institut canadien de recherches avancées
Kim, Eric University of British Columbia
Malti, Tina University of Toronto
Collaboration Mah, Sarah M. University of Toronto
Titre A National Data Platform to Inform Community Wellbeing and Flourishing Across Canada
Financement 208 950 $
Candidature Brant, Jennifer University of Toronto
Cocandidature Deer, Frank Université du Manitoba
Hare, Jan M. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Janzen, Melanie D. Université du Manitoba
Titre Examining the Effectiveness of Provincial Responses to Reconciliation Education: Indigenous Cultural Safety and Ethical Commitments across English Language Arts
Financement 225 836 $
Candidature Goldfarb, Avi University of Toronto
Titre Marketing and General Purpose Technologies
Financement 167 476 $
Candidature Spithoff, Sheryl M. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Grundy, Quinn University of Toronto
Lexchin, Joel Université York
Rowe, Robyn K. Queen's University
Collaboration McPhail, Brenda J. -Association canadienne des libertés civiles
Collaboration Persaud, Nav University of Toronto
Titre Pharmaceutical surveillance marketing in Canada: an explication and analysis
Financement 90 375 $
Candidature Aguirregabiria, Victor University of Toronto
Collaboration Guiton, Francis University of Toronto
Gu, Jiaying University of Toronto
Heydari Nejad, Mohaddeseh University of Toronto
Luo, Yao University of Toronto
Magesan, Arvind University of Calgary
Xie, Erhao Banque du Canada
Titre Pricing Dynamics, Oligopoly Competition, and Firms' Beliefs
Financement 155 500 $
Candidature Walton, Matthew J. University of Toronto
Titre Practices of Solidarity in Myanmar's Spring Revolution
Financement 162 262 $
Candidature Virani, Shafique N. University of Toronto
Titre Esoteric Interpretation (ta'wil) in Shi'i Islam
Financement 337 302 $
Candidature Slotta, James D. University of Toronto
Collaboration Dubek, Michelle University of Toronto
Gini-Newman, Garfield University of Toronto
Marks Krpan, Catherine Anne University of Toronto
Phillips, Christina A. University of Toronto
Stewart Rose, Leslie J. University of Toronto
Titre Preparing Teachers for 21st century classrooms
Financement 272 695 $
Candidature Frasca, Paolo S. University of Toronto
Collaboration Canton, Licia Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Terpstra, Nicholas University of Toronto
Titre Queer Italian-Canadian Artists: A Study on Ethnic Belonging and Cultural Production
Financement 15 540 $
Candidature Komaromi, Ann University of Toronto
Collaboration Coeuré, Sophie Université Paris Cité
Jampol, Justinian Wende Museum
Jurgenson, Luba Sorbonne Université
Kiebuzinski, Ksenya University of Toronto
Nathans, Benjamin University of Pennsylvania
Titre The Dissident Legacy: A Critical Examination
Financement 266 027 $
Candidature Dokshin, Fedor A. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Ramazi, Pouria Brock University
Titre Understanding behavior diffusion under conditions of political polarization
Financement 247 475 $
Candidature Williams, Katherine University of Toronto
Titre Representing Disability Histories
Financement 93 426 $
Candidature Andersen, Judith P. University of Toronto
Cocandidature Huey, Laura Western University
Titre Critical Incident Command: Exploring Decision-making in Dynamic, Complex, High-Risk Scenarios
Financement 244 109 $
Candidature Moscovitch, David A. University of Waterloo
Titre Effects of social anxiety on the nature, accessibility, and impact of positive autobiographical memories
Financement 96 983 $
Candidature Helleiner, Eric N. University of Waterloo
Titre Central bankers and financial supervisors as global environmental governors: Analyzing the origins, growth, and influence of the Network for Greening the Financial System
Financement 99 240 $
Candidature Wilkins-Laflamme, Sarah University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Ferland, Benjamin Université d'Ottawa
Narisada, Atsushi Saint Mary's University
Reimer, Samuel H. Crandall University
Tuxhorn, Kim-Lee University of Calgary
Collaboration Andres, Lesley C. University of British Columbia
Bennett, Scott E. Carleton University
Bilodeau, Antoine Université Concordia
Duval, Dominic F. Université du Québec à Montréal
Fuller, Sylvia A. University of British Columbia
Harell, Allison Université du Québec à Montréal
Koning, Edward A. University of Guelph
Lachapelle, Guy F. Université Concordia
Minaker, Leia M. University of Waterloo
Pammett, Jon H. Carleton University
Steinmetz, Stephanie Université de Lausanne
Stephenson, Laura B. Western University
Turcotte, Andre Carleton University
White, Stephen E. Carleton University
Wilkes, Rima C. University of British Columbia
Titre Canadian socio-political cleavages in comparative perspective
Financement 305 409 $
Candidature Snelgrove, Ryan J. University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Potwarka, Luke R. University of Waterloo
Wood, Laura University of Waterloo
Titre Illness-based events as impactful spaces
Financement 88 586 $
Candidature Friedman, Ori University of Waterloo
Titre Principle-based Reasoning about Ownership and Control
Financement 262 270 $
Candidature Beck, James W. University of Waterloo
Titre A Motivational Account of Feedback Provision: Antecedents and Outcomes of the Effort that Managers Allocate to Providing Subordinates with Feedback
Financement 265 644 $
Candidature Johnson, Samuel G.B. University of Waterloo
Titre Virtue Alignment Theory: A Unified Approach to Moral Judgment and Action
Financement 310 682 $
Candidature Scholer, Abigail A. University of Waterloo
Collaboration Fujita, Kentaro Ohio State University
Spencer, Steven J. Ohio State University
Titre A metamotivational framework for investigating and improving feedback provision
Financement 251 984 $
Candidature Riddell, Chris University of Waterloo
Titre The Manitoba Income Maintenance Experiment: New Evidence from Untapped Data
Financement 88 538 $
Candidature Gibson, Margaret F. Renison University College
Cocandidature Morrison, Aimee H. University of Waterloo
Ng, Edwin Renison University College
Van Katwyk, Patricia Renison University College
Titre Eloping: Autistic people's perspectives on departure and well-being
Financement 210 675 $
Candidature Nilsen, Elizabeth Sidonie University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Henderson, Heather A. University of Waterloo
Titre Associations between mentalizing and adolescents' on/off-line communication: Examining the role of temperament
Financement 285 135 $
Candidature Skuterud, Mikal University of Waterloo
Titre The impact of international students' skills on their immigration and labour market outcomes
Financement 90 230 $
Candidature Cui, Victor University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Roulin, Nicolas P. Saint Mary's University
Titre The Risk to Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Imposed by Foreign Subsidiaries
Financement 150 789 $
Candidature Henderson, Heather A. University of Waterloo
Titre Interpersonal Processes Underlying Social Connections: Development and Individual Differences
Financement 201 753 $
Candidature Bauer, Tim D. University of Waterloo
Titre Troublesome Clients: What do Auditors Experience and How Do They Deal With It
Financement 94 676 $
Candidature Purdon, Christine University of Waterloo
Titre Why is Once Sometimes Not Enough? The Persistence of Safety Routines
Financement 86 288 $
Candidature Parry, Diana C. University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Duguay, Stefanie Université Concordia
Filice, Eric University of Waterloo
Collaboration Johnson, Corey W. North Carolina State University
Titre Dating apps in Canadian context: Examining digital harms, intimate intrusions and equitable relationship-building through mobile technologies
Financement 240 945 $
Candidature Thistlethwaite, Jason A. University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Henstra, Daniel J. University of Waterloo
Titre Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managed Retreat in Canada
Financement 92 144 $
Candidature Beesley, Philip L. University of Waterloo
Collaboration Gorbet, Matthew Gorbet Design Inc.
Thompson, Alison Riverside Architectural Press
Verkerk, Teun J. Delft University of Technology
Titre Transforming Architecture: Pluripotent and Quasigeostrophic Space (TA:PQS)
Financement 318 868 $
Candidature Habibov, Nazim University of Windsor
Cocandidature Fan, Lida Lakehead University
Titre Influence of institutional trust on life satisfaction: A multilevel analysis of 28 nations through the Covid-17 pandemic and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
Financement 65 300$
Candidature Vanner, Catherine E. University of Windsor
Titre Students Speak, Educators Listen: Achieving Gender Justice in Canadian Secondary Schools
Financement 96 917 $
Candidature McLeod, Carolyn W. Western University
Collaboration Gahleitner, Silke B. Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences
Stewart, Heather Oklahoma State University
Titre Institutional Distrust and Injustice
Financement 92 958 $
Candidature Kotsopoulos, Donna Western University
Cocandidature Goebel, Tina University of Guelph
McKee, Joanne Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre Organizational Change in Higher Education
Financement 220 006 $
Candidature Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica Western University
Cocandidature Delgado Vintimilla, Cristina Université York
Land, Nicole Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaboration Aguilar, Josefina Universidad Nacional de Educación
Apolo Buenano, Diego Eduardo Universidad Nacional de Educación
Titre Early Childhood Educators for Ecological Justice
Financement 343 252 $
Candidature Martino, Wayne J. Western University
Collaboration Adelman, Madeleine Arizona State University
Ingrey, Jennifer C. Western University
Skelton, J. Wallace University of Regina
Titre Supporting transgender students and transgender affirmative education in a context of resurgent anti-trans backlash and far-right extremism
Financement 224 381 $
Candidature Clark, Daniel R. Western University
Collaboration Justo, Rachida IE (Instituto de Empresa) University
Tietz, Matthias A. University of St. Gallen
Titre Confidence and Gendering in Entrepreneurial Emergence
Financement 156 149 $
Candidature Zhang, Zhe Western University
Titre BMW is Powerful, Beemer is Not: Nickname Branding Impairs Brand Performance
Financement 134 082 $
Candidature Turgeon, Mathieu Western University
Cocandidature Brie, Èvelyne Western University
Fournier, Patrick Université de Montréal
Lachapelle, Erick Université de Montréal
Collaboration Santos, John Bernard Western University
Titre Climate change misinformation in Canada: Its prevalence, determinants, and potential for inoculation and correction
Financement 245 305 $
Candidature Faez, Farahnaz Western University
Cocandidature Specht, Jacqueline A. Western University
Collaboration Karas, Michael Renison University College
Markus, Paula E. University of Toronto
Titre Teacher Self-Efficacy to Teach in Multilingual School Contexts
Financement 99 976 $
Candidature Tarc, Paul Western University
Cocandidature Mishra Tarc, Aparna R. Université York
Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Ausman, Tasha Université d'Ottawa
Brant-Birioukov, Kiera Université York
James, Catherine Université d'Ottawa
Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica Western University
Pashby, Karen Manchester Metropolitan University
Reis, Giuliano Université d'Ottawa
Rogers, Pamela Fédération canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants
Titre Translating and Mobilizing 'A New Social Contract for Education:' Illuminating and supporting teachers' worldly and critical pedagogies
Financement 98 240 $
Candidature Mantler, Tara Western University
Cocandidature Uwizeye, Glorieuse Western University
Collaboration Howes, Laura Counselling Services of London
Reay, Keri Waterloo Region District School Board
Titre Caregivers' Perspectives on Children's Resilience and Protective Factors After Exposure to Parental Gender-Based Violence
Financement 89 907 $
Candidature Boers, Frank Western University
Cocandidature Friesen, Deanna C. Western University
Suvorov, Ruslan Western University
Titre Comparing the efficacy of exercises for language learning: A process - outcome perspective
Financement 114 032 $
Candidature Misener, Laura Western University
Collaboration Fairley, Sheranne University of Queensland
McGillivray, David University of the West of Scotland
McPherson, Gayle University of the West of Scotland
Titre Disability Rights and Sport Events
Financement 283 160 $
Candidature Buzzelli, Michele (Michael) D. Western University
Cocandidature Arku, Godwin Western University
Gardiner, Rita A. Western University
Titre The university and its region: Geographies of networks and collaboration
Financement 170 435 $
Candidature Dippel, Christian Western University
Cocandidature Behrens, Kristian Université du Québec à Montréal
Heblich, Stephan University of Toronto
Titre The Economic Geography of the Fur Trade
Financement 281 375 $
Candidature Tararova, Olga Western University
Titre Typology or Order of Acquisition? Gender in Third Language Spanish
Financement 88 996 $
Candidature Stark, Charles Luke Alan Western University
Cocandidature Adler, Melissa A. Western University
Centivany, Alissa L. Western University
Lizotte, Daniel J. Western University
Locklear, Sofia Western University
Redden, Joanna Western University
Titre Situating London's AI Predictive Homelessness Model: Historical, Social, Political, Legal and Policy Contexts
Financement 227 659 $
Candidature Oudshoorn, Abram Western University
Cocandidature Babenko-Mould, Yolanda B. Western University
Bikos, Lesley King's University College at Western University
Caxaj, Claudia Susana Western University
Gilliland, Jason A. Western University
Kteily-Hawa, Roula Brescia University College
Marshall, Carrie Anne Western University
McLean, Sarah Western University
Preston, Jeffrey M. King's University College at Western University
Collaboration Garinger, Christine Western University
Rolfe, Steven W. Indwell
Thuemler, Natasha K. Indwell
Titre Modelling Permanent Supportive Housing into Canada's Housing and Homelessness System
Financement 326 436 $
Candidature Antia, Kersi D. Western University
Titre Recovering from Adversity: Evidence from a Multinational Franchise System's Expansion into Multiple Markets
Financement 126 042 $
Candidature Pila, Eva Western University
Cocandidature Calogero, Rachel M. Western University
Titre Advancing a conceptual model of the "Experience of Embodied Movement" construct
Financement 310 020 $
Candidature Sandomierski, David S. Western University
Cocandidature Bernbaum, Piper Carleton University
Habermacher, Adrien Université de Moncton
McMinn, John University of Waterloo
Collaboration Blumberg Thornley, Shirley Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects
Kedzior, Marcin M. Toronto Metropolitan University
Nash, Diarmuid M. Moriyama & Teshima Planners
Titre The Architecture of Law Schools
Financement 266 206 $
Candidature Hodgetts, Lisa M. Western University
Cocandidature Lyons, Natasha L. Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Goodwin, Rebecca L. Parcs Canada
Gordon, Alexandrea Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Gruben, Ethel-Jean Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Hennessy, Kate Simon Fraser University
Voudrach, Tamara L. Inuvialuit Communications Society
Titre The Inuvialuit Living History Project Phase 3: A relational approach to Inuvialuit digital heritage
Financement 339 799 $
Candidature Finn, Jonathan M. Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre The Self-Tracking Project: Strava and the Structuring of Sport
Financement 77 571 $
Candidature Gill, Tripat Wilfrid Laurier University
Cocandidature Ranaweera, Chatura Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre When Managers Collaborate with AI: Issues of Accountability, Ethicality, and Transparency
Financement 139 006 $
Candidature Akesson, Bree Wilfrid Laurier University
Cocandidature Stewart-Tufescu, Ashley Université du Manitoba
Collaboration Alnaji, Nada Autre/Inconnu
ElRayes, Wael University of Nebraska Medical Center
Mahmood, Iftikher U. Autre/Inconnu
Sousa, Cynthia Bryn Mawr College
Titre The life goes on: Refugee family experiences of psychosocial wellbeing during the perinatal period
Financement 164 968 $
Candidature Mitchell, Audra L. Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre Autistic Knowledge Ecologies and Critical Futuring
Financement 277 301 $
Candidature Nguyen, Anh Université York
Cocandidature Kecskés, Ambrus Université York
Titre Labour force aging and business vibrancy: Evidence and solutions for businesses and workers in Canada and around the world
Financement 193 356 $
Candidature Birch, Kean Université York
Collaboration Bednar, Vasiliki A. McMaster University
Fay, Robert Centre for International Governance Innovation
Goldenfein, Jake The University of Melbourne
Komljenovic, Janja Lancaster University
Titre Digital Data Value Paradox: An Empirical Investigation of Personal Data Valuation
Financement 328 946 $
Candidature Rutherford, Alexandra Université York
Collaboration Bazar, Jennifer L. University of Akron
Faye, Cathy University of Akron
Titre Intersecting difference: Gender, race and sexuality in 20th century U.S. psychology
Financement 134 090 $
Candidature Cribbie, Robert A. Université York
Titre Extensions of Negligible Effect Statistical Testing
Financement 251 006 $
Candidature Paciocco, Palma Université York
Titre The Gatekeeper and The Timekeeper: Regulating Expert Evidence and Trial Delay in Criminal Courts
Financement 51 777 $
Candidature Fisher, Caitlin Université York
Cocandidature Hoffman, Steven J. Université York
Collaboration Engel, Maureen University of Queensland
Titre Mobilizing the arts for global health: a virtual museum of antimicrobial resistance
Financement 236 457 $
Candidature Nitzan, Jonathan Université York
Collaboration Bichler, Shimshon Jordan Valley College
Titre The capital-as-power fractal: toward a general theory of the capitalist mode of power
Financement 111 766 $
Candidature Langlois, Ganaele Université York
Cocandidature MacHenry, Rachel Contemporary Textile Studio Co-operative
Medaglia, Joseph Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaboration Dewan, Rituraj 7 Weaves
White, Tanya Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre The Art of Necessity: Making Sustainable and Just Worlds through Local Textiles
Financement 228 206 $
Candidature Creet, M. Julia Université York
Cocandidature Becker, Manfred W. Université York
Guitton, Matthieu J. Université Laval
Collaboration Arnold-de Simine, Silke Birkbeck, University of London
Cann, Candi K.. Baylor University
Cymbalista, Renato University of São Paulo
Stedman, Ian N.K. Université York
Titre Digital Afterlives
Financement 283 757 $
Candidature Pathman, Thanujeni (Jeni) Université York
Cocandidature Malloy, Lindsay C. Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Collaboration Brown, Deirdre University of Otago
Brubacher, Sonja P. Griffith University
Cribbie, Robert A. Université York
Klemfuss, (Jessica) Zoe University of California, Irvine
Lyon, Thomas D. University of Southern California
Peterson, Carole Memorial University of Newfoundland
Reese, Elaine University of Otago
Wang, Qi Cornell University
Titre How accurate is memory for time across childhood and adolescence? Theoretical and practical implications for forensic settings
Financement 240 030 $
Candidature Bae, Kee-Hong Université York
Collaboration Xie, Tian Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Titre Incentive-focused corporate culture
Financement 74 440 $
Candidature Shvartzshnaider, Yan Université York
Collaboration Apthorpe, Noah Colgate University
Sanfilippo, Madelyn R. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Titre Virtual Classrooms Privacy
Financement 291 971 $
Candidature Adamopoulos, Tasso Université York
Titre Inequality and Productivity in Developing Countries
Financement 125 669 $
Candidature Savage, Robert S. Université York
Cocandidature Georgiou, Georgios University of Alberta
Collaboration Parrila, Rauno K. Macquarie University
Titre Tackling two of the most important unresolved tasks in reading intervention
Financement 278 472 $
Candidature Deutsch, Yuval Université York
Collaboration Choi, Jaehyun Erasmus University
Titre Social capital, corporate social responsibility and corporate irresponsibility
Financement 133 799 $
Candidature Kolpashnikova, Kamila Université York
Cocandidature Desai, Shital Université York
Gazso, Amber Université York
Collaboration Wu, Cary Université York
Titre Gender Inequality in Retirement: Understanding Social Organization in Domestic Tasks
Financement 88 145 $
Candidature Schweitzer, Marlis E. Université York
Titre Decoding the Lecture on Heads: Performing Objects and Satire on the 18th-Century Stage
Financement 99 923 $
Candidature Longfellow, Brenda S. Université York
Cocandidature Morrison, Brenda E. Simon Fraser University
Titre Abolition Feminism: Collaborating Across Communities
Financement 352 679 $
Candidature Adam, Simon Université York
Cocandidature Davies, Adam W.J. University of Guelph
Gold, Efrat University of Toronto
Morrow, Marina H. Université York
Titre Entangled identities: Exploring neurodiversity through social media expression
Financement 103 553 $
Candidature MacKinnon, Kinnon R. Université York
Cocandidature Kia, Hannah University of British Columbia
Pullen Sansfacon, Annie Université de Montréal
Salway, Travis J. Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Gould, W. Ariel University of Toronto
Lam, June University of Toronto
Valdes, Leo Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Titre Detransition: Examining pathways and care needs
Financement 112 113 $
Candidature Chum, Antony Université York
Cocandidature Abramovich, Alex Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale
Brennan, David J. University of Toronto
Muntaner, Carles University of Toronto
O'Campo, Patricia Unity Health Toronto
Salway, Travis J. Simon Fraser University
Titre Social and policy determinants of self harm across gender identities in Canada
Financement 328 104 $
Candidature Ritter, Caroline University of Prince Edward Island
Cocandidature Von keyserlingk, Marina A.G. University of British Columbia
Collaboration Gunn Mcquillan, Heather J. University of Prince Edward Island
McGrath, April L. Mount Royal University
McKenna, Shawn L.B. University of Prince Edward Island
Mitchell, Jean University of Prince Edward Island
Proudfoot, Kathryn University of Prince Edward Island
Titre An application of cognitive dissonance theory to decisions affecting animal welfare
Financement 212 060 $
Candidature Lau, Sunny Man Chu Bishop's University
Cocandidature Brisson, Genevieve Université de Sherbrooke
Constant, Alberte Magally Simon Fraser University
Dezutter, Olivier Université de Sherbrooke
Moore, Danièle Simon Fraser University
Parks, Philippa Université de Sherbrooke
Collaboration Vachon, Lisa Centre de services scolaire des Appalaches
Titre Cross-language and Cross-curricular Teacher Collaborations: Plurilingual Instruction and Assessment for Critical Engagements
Financement 255 070 $
Candidature Malboeuf-Hurtubise, Catherine Bishop's University
Cocandidature Ayotte-Beaudet, Jean-Philippe Université de Sherbrooke
Ethier, Marc-André Université de Montréal
Gagnon, Mathieu Université de Sherbrooke
Geoffroy, Marie-Claude Université McGill
Herba, Catherine M. Université du Québec à Montréal
Joussemet, Mireille Université de Montréal
Lefrançois, David Université du Québec en Outaouais
McLarnon, Mitchell Université Concordia
Mendrek, Adrianna Bishop's University
Nadon, Catherine Université du Québec en Outaouais
Smith, Jonathan Université de Sherbrooke
Wiseman, Dawn Bishop's University
Collaboration Bergeron, Patrick Bishop's University
Chadi, Nicholas Université de Montréal
Généreux, Mélissa Université de Sherbrooke
Titre Impact d'une intervention axée sur l'éco-anxiété, combinant l'art-thérapie et la philosophie pour enfants, sur le bien-être d'élèves du primaire
Financement 267 912 $
Candidature Bernard, Robert M. Université Concordia
Cocandidature Hassan, Ghayda Université du Québec à Montréal
Schmid, Richard F. Université Concordia
Titre Social isolation in remote learning contexts among post-secondary students: Using systematic review to understand and improve institutional strategies for addressing achievement, satisfaction, and mental well-being
Financement 90 879 $
Candidature Bale, Alan C. Université Concordia
Collaboration Barner, David University of California, San Diego
Titre Pragmatics in the age of misinformation: Default reasoning and the theory of other minds
Financement 303 892 $
Candidature Gilabert, Pablo Université Concordia
Titre Work, Well-Being, and Social Justice
Financement 75 156 $
Candidature de Almeida, Roberto G. Université Concordia
Titre On the nature of concepts: a psycholinguistic investigation of verb meaning
Financement 290 126 $
Candidature Frank, Marcie A. Université Concordia
Cocandidature Pask, Albert K. Université Concordia
Schantz, Edward Université McGill
Collaboration Bartoszynska, Katarzyna Ithaca College
Black, Scott University of Utah
Deer, Glenn University of British Columbia
Frank, Adam University of British Columbia
Holmgren, Lindsay A. Université McGill
Lessard, Jonathan Université Concordia
Moon, Michael Emory University
Rooney, Monique Australian National University
Titre Reading for Situation
Financement 129 048 $
Candidature Rudin, Ronald Université Concordia
Titre Escuminac: Postwar New Brunswick through the Prism of a Disaster
Financement 97 540 $
Candidature Bitektine, Alex B. Université Concordia
Cocandidature Song, Fei Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre The Effects of Institutional Logics on Judgments and Behavior of Social Actors
Financement 158 700 $
Candidature Acland, Charles R. Université Concordia
Titre McLuhan in New York
Financement 66 124 $
Candidature Stack, Dale M. Université Concordia
Cocandidature Morin, Alexandre J.S. Université Concordia
Serbin, Lisa A. Université Concordia
Véronneau-McArdle, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Hastings, Paul D. University of California, Davis
Titre Dyadic co-regulation from infancy through early adulthood: Uncovering the mechanisms that underlie emotion (dys)regulation in at-risk youth
Financement 372 087 $
Candidature Sloan, Johanne Université Concordia
Titre Montreal in a postcard world, 1900-1914
Financement 54 046 $
Candidature Sheftel, Anna Université Concordia
Cocandidature Cook, Katherine R. Université de Montréal
Collaboration Villani, Benyamin Musée du Montréal juif
Titre Cemetery as Metaphor: Stories of Jewish Migration and Settlement, Intercultural Encounters and Mourning at Montreal's Back River Memorial Gardens
Financement 85 000 $
Candidature Arsel, Zeynep T. Université Concordia
Collaboration Aboelenein, Aya HEC Montréal
Kuruoglu, Alev Pinar University of Southern Denmark
Zanette, Maria Carolina NEOMA Business School
Titre Platforms and Market Change
Financement 202 320 $
Candidature Swiffen, Amy E.J. Université Concordia
Cocandidature Lindberg, Darcy University of Victoria
Morales, Sarah University of Victoria
Nichols, Joshua B.D. Université McGill
Pavlich, George University of Alberta
Collaboration Asch, Michael University of Victoria
Millett, Kristopher Université Concordia
Nelems, Rebeccah J. Université McGill
Sutherland, Sarah Institut canadien d'information juridique
Williams-Davidson, Terri-Lynn White Raven Law Corporation
Titre Shining Light on the "Blackout" Period in Aboriginal Law in Canada
Financement 304 998 $
Candidature Papai, Szilvia Université Concordia
Titre Segregation and Priority Treatment Policies in School Choice Design
Financement 75 288 $
Candidature Wasson, Haidee S. Université Concordia
Titre Small Film Formats
Financement 219 733 $
Candidature Caquard, Sebastien Université Concordia
Cocandidature Hammond, Cynthia I. Université Concordia
Taylor, D. R. Fraser Carleton University
Collaboration Gauthier, Manon Université Concordia
Pulsifer, Peter L. Carleton University
Titre (Re)tracer la mémoire cartographique
Financement 289 250 $
Candidature McDonough, Kim Université Concordia
Cocandidature Trofimovich, Pavel Université Concordia
Titre Identifying and mitigating discrimination in higher education settings
Financement 204 006 $
Candidature Folaron, Deborah M.C. Université Concordia
Titre Translating Romani Voices
Financement 82 954 $
Candidature Salazkina, Maria (Masha) Université Concordia
Titre Genealogies of the Global-Popular: Circulation and Reception of Latin American Melodramatic Media in the Socialist Bloc, 1950s-1990s
Financement 209 085 $
Candidature Vandenberghe, Christian R. HEC Montréal
Titre La qualité des relations employé-superviseur : un modèle processuel des antécédents, conséquences, et modérateurs des évaluations comparatives
Financement 197 996 $
Candidature Samano, Mario HEC Montréal
Collaboration Lamp, Stefan Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Titre Reinforcement Learning in Electricity Markets with Storage Technologies
Financement 72 185 $
Candidature Barin Cruz, Luciano HEC Montréal
Cocandidature Lashitew, Addisu A.A. McMaster University
Slade Shantz, Angelique F. University of Alberta
Collaboration Al-Dajani, Haia Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College
Boehe, Dirk Michael Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
Titre Mobilizing Women's Entrepreneurship for empowerment and local economic development
Financement 180 680 $
Candidature Grégoire, Yany HEC Montréal
Cocandidature Radanielina-Hita, Marie Louise HEC Montréal
Sénécal, Sylvain HEC Montréal
Titre Understanding Consumers' Differential Responses Toward Anti-Racism Movements: Marketing and Public Policy Implications to Reduce Extremist Responses
Financement 206 184 $
Candidature Casemajor Loustau, Nathalie Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Cocandidature Couture, Stéphane Université de Montréal
Collaboration Miller, Michael David Université McGill
Ottawa, Thérèse Conseil des atikamekw de Manawan
Rochon, Benoit Autre/Inconnu
Titre Protocoles de pluralisation culturelle des savoirs : comparaison des Wikipédias en français et en anglais
Financement 90 921 $
Candidature McClintock, Nathan C. Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Cocandidature Quintal-Marineau, Magalie Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Collaboration Grey, Minnie Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services
Richer, Joannie Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services
Titre Scoping and Storying Food Governance in Inuit Nunangat
Financement 397 169 $
Candidature Charton, Laurence Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Cocandidature Jochems, Sylvie Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Usages d'une application mobile de fertilité pour avoir un enfant : expériences, effets et enjeux sociaux
Financement 99 933 $
Candidature St-Denis, Xavier Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Cocandidature Simard-Duplain, Gaëlle Alexandra Carleton University
Collaboration Dostie, Benoit HEC Montréal
Finnie, Ross E. Université d'Ottawa
Ford, Reuben Social Research and Demonstration Corporation
Girard, Magali Université de Montréal
Heisz, Andrew J. Statistiques Canada
Titre Social mobility, gender inequality, and life course processes: New insights from two generations of longitudinal tax data
Financement 198 149 $
Candidature Lecker, Robert Université McGill
Titre Music in Michael Ondaatje's Fiction
Financement 88 756 $
Candidature Béland, Daniel Université McGill
Cocandidature Lecours, André Université d'Ottawa
Titre Identités territoriales et développement des politiques publiques infra-étatiques au Canada et en Espagne
Financement 89 996 $
Candidature Alonso-Ovalle, Luis F. Université McGill
Collaboration Coon, Jessica Université McGill
Hirsch, Aron Z. Leibniz Center for General Linguistics
Hsieh, Henrison Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Menéndez-Benito, Paula G. Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Royer, Justin University of California, Berkeley
Rubinstein, Aynat Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Titre Grammar and possibilities across categories: Exploring the Modal Anchor Hypothesis
Financement 242 694 $
Candidature Denov, Myriam S. Université McGill
Cocandidature Afolabi, Taiwo University of Regina
Alexandrakis, Othon Université York
Fennig, Maya Université McGill
Titre Hidden Sites of Liminality: Children Affected by War and Protracted Displacement in Greece and Israel
Financement 359 082 $
Candidature Van Dussen, Michael Université McGill
Titre Pre-Modern Research and the Social Life of Reformist Texts: the Wycliffite Floretum
Financement 97 920 $
Candidature Schwarz, Bernhard Université McGill
Cocandidature Bale, Alan C. Université Concordia
Collaboration Coppock, Elizabeth Boston University
Crippen, James A. Université McGill
Doetjes, Jenny Leiden University
Shimoyama, Junko Université McGill
Solt, Stephanie Leibniz Center for General Linguistics
Titre Relative measurement in language
Financement 283 661 $
Candidature Amodio, Francesco Université McGill
Cocandidature Medina Quispe, Pamela Milagros University of Toronto
Collaboration Chiovelli, Giorgio Universidad de Montevideo
Del Prete, Davide University of Naples Parthenope
Di Maio, Michele University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Frache Derrégibus, Serafin Universidad de Montevideo
Morlacco, Monica University of Southern California
Pham, Hoang Oregon State University
Sanfilippo, Marco Universita Degli Studi di Torino
Titre Labor Market Power, Industrial Development and Economic Growth
Financement 147 838 $
Candidature Coon, Jessica Université McGill
Cocandidature Crippen, James A. Université McGill
Hammerly, Christopher University of British Columbia
Mateo Pedro, Pedro University of Toronto
Oxford, Will Université du Manitoba
Thivierge, Sigwan Université Concordia
Titre The grammar of hierarchy effects
Financement 300 970 $
Candidature Levy, Jacob T. Université McGill
Titre The emergence of injustice: Spontaneous orders, social injustice, and moral microfoundations
Financement 52 489 $
Candidature Sheppard, Colleen N. Université McGill
Titre Social Inclusion and the Promise of Equality
Financement 86 055 $
Candidature Archambault, Philippe S. Université McGill
Cocandidature Boucher, Normand Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale
Croteau, Claire Université de Montréal
El-Geneidy, Ahmed Université McGill
Gélinas, Isabelle Université McGill
McIntyre, Julie Université de Montréal
Morin, Diane Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Le Bouedec, Mathilde Société de transport de Montréal
Titre Facilitating the use of public transport for people with disabilities through participatory research
Financement 242 060 $
Candidature Goncalves, Silvia Université McGill
Titre Bootstrap methods for complex dependent data structures
Financement 153 186 $
Candidature Hwang, Heungsun Université McGill
Cocandidature Falk, Carl F. Université McGill
Miocevic, Milica Université McGill
Titre Conducting construct-level conditional mediation analysis in psychological research
Financement 241 350 $
Candidature Kobiela, Marta Université McGill
Collaboration Crawford, Angela R. Boise State University
Jarry-Shore, Michael A. Boise State University
Lehrer, Richard Vanderbilt University
Schrauger, Christi Springdale Public Schools
Zhang, Zhikun Beijing Normal University
Titre Learning to see space: Integrating spatial reasoning into mathematical practice
Financement 319 032 $
Candidature Luthi, Lorenz M. Université McGill
Titre Occupied and Divided Berlin, 1945-1994
Financement 80 285 $
Candidature Biamonte, Nicole Université McGill
Cocandidature VanHandel, Leigh University of British Columbia
Collaboration Duinker, Benjamin J. Université McGill
Reymore, Lindsey Arizona State University
Shea, Nicholas J. Arizona State University
White, Christopher University of Massachusetts Amherst
Titre Interactions of Timbre, Texture, and Form in a Multi-Genre Popular Music Corpus
Financement 157 222 $
Candidature Ellis, Jaye D. Université McGill
Titre Transnational normative networks: Towards corporate accountability for environmental damage
Financement 88 049 $
Candidature Soranzo, Matteo Université McGill
Titre Searching the Philosophers' Stone in Quattrocento Italy. The Texts and Culture of a Forgotten Alchemist
Financement 91 807 $
Candidature Havakhor, Taha Université McGill
Cocandidature So, Hyunji N.. Université McGill
Collaboration Vaghefi, Isaac Baruch College
Titre Social Media Use and Workforce Disparities: A Study of Gender Pay and Promotion Gaps
Financement 95 789 $
Candidature Manikis, Marie Université McGill
Cocandidature Quirouette, Marianne Université de Montréal
Collaboration du Bois-Pedain, Antje University of Cambridge
Titre Rethinking state responsibility: Developing and assessing participatory strategies and mechanisms to empower marginalized individuals and communities in holding the state responsible in the context of criminal justice
Financement 183 546 $
Candidature Sieber, Renee E. Université McGill
Cocandidature Robinson, Pamela Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaboration Bankey, Ruth Agence du revenu du Canada
Canning, Martin Evergreen
Chatwin, Merlin R. Open North Inc.
Davidson, Rob Conseil des technologies de l'information et des communications
Deshaies, Benoit Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Canada
Johnson, Peter A. University of Waterloo
Lauriault, Tracey P. Carleton University
Martin, Alexandra University of Toronto
McKelvey, Fenwick Université Concordia
Sawhney, Gabe Aucune affilitation institutionnelle
Sengupta, Ushnish Algoma University
Spieler, Mich, Michèle The Centre for Community Organizations
Stark, Charles Luke Alan Western University
Wylie, Bianca Autre/Inconnu
Titre Meaningfully engaging the public in artificial intelligence
Financement 399 114 $
Candidature Haruvy, Ernan E. Université McGill
Collaboration Popkowski Leszczyc, Peter T.L.. University of Queensland
Titre Uncovering the relationship between investment in socially responsible funds and donation activity in Canada
Financement 92 000 $
Candidature Sheldon, Signy A.M. Université McGill
Cocandidature Bartz, Jennifer A. Université McGill
Titre Using episodic memory to engage empathy and helping behaviour in younger and older adults
Financement 205 878 $
Candidature Montreuil, Tina C. Université McGill
Cocandidature Côté, Sylvana M. Université de Montréal
Herba, Catherine M. Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Nguyen, Tuong-Vi Université McGill
Titre Parents & Babies: Promoting emotional regulation and self-efficacy during the transition to parenthood to improve child cognitive and social-emotional development
Financement 196 275 $
Candidature Welsh, Jennifer M. Université McGill
Cocandidature Bradley, Megan E. Université McGill
Titre Protecting the internally displaced: Sovereignty, agency and the localization of international norms
Financement 316 359 $
Candidature Neidhofer, Christoph Université McGill
Titre Theorizing Gesture in Post-Tonal Music
Financement 99 371 $
Candidature Heaman, Elsbeth Université McGill
Titre A Biography of Jacob Viner
Financement 62 551 $
Candidature Betermier, Sebastien Université McGill
Collaboration Calvet, Laurent E. EDHEC Business School
Kvaerner, Jens Tilburg University
Titre Investigating investor portfolio holdings to understand the risk-return relations in capital markets
Financement 66 500 $
Candidature Shikako, Keiko Université McGill
Cocandidature Jodoin, Sébastien Université McGill
Collaboration Arim, Rubab Statistiques Canada
Belanger, Neil J. British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society
Estey, Steven B. Dalhousie University
Joffe, Kerri ARCH Disability Law Centre
Lai, Jonathan K.Y. University of Toronto
Lenahan, Brenda C. Autre/Inconnu
Levandier, Tara Inclusion Canada
Martens, Rachel E. McMaster University
McGuinty, Carleen Commission canadienne des droits de la personne
Whalen, Christian R.C. Assemblée legislative du Nouveau-Brunswick
Wolff, Lisa UNICEF Canada
Titre Beyond Convention: How is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities working for Persons with Disabilities in Canada?
Financement 299 252 $
Candidature Burack, Jacob A. Université McGill
Cocandidature Bertone, Armando Université McGill
Brodeur, Darlene A. Acadia University
Iarocci, Grace Simon Fraser University
Kelley, Elizabeth Queen's University
Collaboration Russo, Natalie Syracuse University
Titre Utilitarian Processing: A New Strengths-Based Approach to Examining Unique Ways that Autistic Persons Understand the World in Which They Live
Financement 343 945 $
Candidature Silver, Christopher Benno Université McGill
Titre Sound Legacy: Music and Contested Identities
Financement 165 168 $
Candidature Rosenblum, Darren P.Q. Université McGill
Titre Unsex Big Business: Why and How to Desegregate Corporate Leadership
Financement 92 880 $
Candidature Faraj, Samer Université McGill
Titre How AI Technologies Transform Coordination in Resource Constrained Organizations
Financement 265 773 $
Candidature Jao, Limin Université McGill
Titre Life in the "real world": Examining early career secondary mathematics teachers' experiences and factors affecting use of reform-based teaching approaches
Financement 96 917 $
Candidature Jadoulle, Jean-Louis Télé-université
Cocandidature Richard, Mario Télé-université
Titre Outiller les enseignantes et les enseignants d'histoire pour développer la maîtrise du temps historien chez les élèves du secondaire
Financement 222 815 $
Candidature Ehlers, Lars Université de Montréal
Titre Public School Choice and Refugee Assignment: (Dynamic) Minimal Instability for Non-Unit Capacities and for Lotteries and Weak Priorities
Financement 98 000 $
Candidature Fernando, Nathalie Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Mossière, Géraldine Université de Montréal
Ndongala Maduku, Ignace M.G. Université de Montréal
Titre La musique est-elle une prière?
Financement 235 315 $
Candidature Grondin, Jean Université de Montréal
Titre Heidegger et Gadamer. Correspondance et bilan
Financement 94 401 $
Candidature Loewen, Brad Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Burke, Adrian L. Université de Montréal
Collaboration Cottreau-Robins, Catherine M.A. Nova Scotia Museum
Dieulefet, Gaëlle Université de Nantes
Fitzhugh, William Smithsonian Institution
Titre Contact by sea : Basques et Autochtones dans le golfe Saint-Laurent, 16e-18e siècle
Financement 240 057 $
Candidature Tappolet, Christine Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Rossi, Mauro Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Varieties of Valuings
Financement 155 565 $
Candidature Habib, André Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Cisneros, James R. Université de Montréal
Niemeyer, Katharina Université du Québec à Montréal
Uhl, Magali Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Corbillé, Sophie Sorbonne Université
Fantin, Emmanuelle Sorbonne Université
Fevry, Sebastien Université catholique de Louvain
Paquet, Suzanne Université de Montréal
Therrien, Carl Université de Montréal
Titre Environnement, médias, archives : une anatomie contemporaine de la mélancolie et de la nostalgie
Financement 93 302 $
Candidature Dimitrova, Diana Université de Montréal
Titre The Brahma Kumari Tradition in Canada and the United States
Financement 97 956 $
Candidature Godbout, Jean-Francois Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Blais, André Université de Montréal
Rabbany, Reihaneh Université McGill
Titre Measuring Partisan Conflicts on Social Media
Financement 99 905 $
Candidature Esposito, Tonino Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Trocme, Nico Université McGill
Collaboration Boatswain-Kyte, Alicia Université McGill
Bywaters, Paul University of Huddersfield
Fallon, Barbara A. University of Toronto
Fluke, John D. University of Colorado School of Medicine
Goyette, Martin École nationale d'administration publique
Hélie, Sonia Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal
Hill, Lesley Université de Montréal
Hollinshead, Dana University of Colorado School of Medicine
Laprise, Claudie Agence de santé publique du Canada
Tonmyr, Lil Agence de santé publique du Canada
Webb, Calum J.R. University of Sheffield
Titre Beyond socioeconomic disadvantages: Deepening our understanding of structural inequalities in disparate child protection involvement
Financement 330 826 $
Candidature Zadra, Antonio Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Carr, Michelle Université de Montréal
Hidalgo, Santiago Université de Montréal
Titre What dreams may come: How cinema shapes the language, experience, and images of dreaming
Financement 252 240 $
Candidature Martin, Patricia Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Pantaleon, Jorge F.F. Université de Montréal
Collaboration Camargo, Abbdel El colegio de la frontera Sur
Langlais-Oligny, Pénélope Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Centre-Ouest-de-l'île-de-Montréal
Prieto Diaz, Sergio Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia - Mexico
Prunier, Delphine National Autonomous University of Mexico
Titre Between precarity and hospitality: The contentious spaces of migration in North America's borderlands
Financement 200 703 $
Candidature Fernandez, Nicolas Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Bilodeau, Karine Université de Montréal
Collaboration Akremi, Haifa Université de Montréal
Titre Le développement de la compétence de collaboration interprofessionnelle : perception des membres d'une équipe de professionnels en exercice de la dynamique de coaction
Financement 79 831 $
Candidature David, Pierre-Marie Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Bélisle-Pipon, Jean-Christophe Simon Fraser University
Bouthillier, Marie-Eve Université de Montréal
Mac-Seing, Muriel University of Toronto
Snyder, Jeremy Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Gagnon, Marc-Andre Carleton University
Ganache, Isabelle Institut national d'excellence en santé et en services sociaux
Mittmann, Nicole Agence des médicaments et des technologies de la santé du Canada
Titre Understanding Drug Exceptional Access Programs (DEAPs) Across Canada: A Question of Equity
Financement 299 588 $
Candidature Poellhuber, Bruno Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Mamprin, Caterina Université de Moncton
Michelot, Florent Université de Moncton
Roy, Normand Université de Montréal
Tremblay, Chantal Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Bernet, Emmanuel École française internationale
El Ayoubi, Yara Université de Montréal
Gruslin, Edith Collège Ahuntsic
Titre Des dispositifs de développement professionnels transformateurs pour les enseignants du postsecondaire
Financement 396 363 $
Candidature Harting, Heike Université de Montréal
Titre Viral Conjunctures: Pandemics and Planetary Health Narratives
Financement 77 826 $
Candidature Covatta, Alice Université de Montréal
Collaboration Boontharm, Davisi Chulalongkorn University
Radovic, Darko Keio University
Sano, Satoshi Keio University
Titre Architecture comme tissu spatial et social : perspectives japonaises pour promouvoir les relations multi échelles
Financement 59 889 $
Candidature Ouellette, Nadine Université de Montréal
Collaboration Barbieri, Magali University of California, Berkeley
Bourbeau, Robert Université de Montréal
Titre Recul des gains d'espérance de vie au Canada depuis 2010 : la contribution de la mortalité par drogues, par maladies cardiovasculaires et le rôle catalyseur de la pandémie de COVID-19
Financement 211 383 $
Candidature Chung, Ryoa Université de Montréal
Titre Santé, justice et sécurité au 21e siècle
Financement 70 000 $
Candidature Koudogbo, Jeanne Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature Adihou, Adolphe Université de Sherbrooke
Titre L'hétérogénéité dans les pratiques enseignantes en mathématiques : quelle compréhension chez les enseignants, quels défis et quelles solutions?
Financement 87 382 $
Candidature Myre Bisaillon, Julie Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature Lemire, Colombe Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Paul, Marianne Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Titre Pratiques de littératie familiale en contexte rural vulnérable
Financement 191 507 $
Candidature Grenier, Benoît J.P. Université de Sherbrooke
Titre Seigneuresses au Canada : genre et propriété seigneuriale dans le Québec préindustriel
Financement 67 323 $
Candidature Hasni, Abdelkrim Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature Dumais, Nancy Université de Sherbrooke
Collaboration Covino, David Centre de services scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries
Titre Former aux controverses socioscientifiques dans les cours de sciences : rôle du débat et de l'argumentation
Financement 270 015 $
Candidature Prémont, Karine Université de Sherbrooke
Titre L'évolution de la vice-présidence aux États-Unis : une histoire de partenariats?
Financement 39 816 $
Candidature Garon-Carrier, Gabrielle Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature Fitzpatrick, Caroline Université de Sherbrooke
Nazif-Munoz, Jose Ignacio Université de Sherbrooke
Collaboration Ansari, Arya Ohio State University
Margolis, Rachel Western University
Titre An investigation of parental leave policy and its association with parent wellbeing and child developmental outcomes
Financement 271 756 $
Candidature Bourassa Forcier, Melanie Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature Corriveau, Anne-Marie Université de Sherbrooke
Jean-Bouchard, Évelyne Université de Sherbrooke
Joly, Yann Université McGill
Collaboration Chattu, Vijay Kumar University of Alberta
Depincé, Malo Université de Montpellier
Kanavos, Panos London School of Economics and Political Science
Kraus, Daniel Université de Neuchâtel
Ncube, Caroline University of Cape Town
Taubman, Antony Organisation mondiale du commerce
Titre Développement de la recherche et accès équitable aux médicaments et aux vaccins brevetés en contexte de pandémie
Financement 266 432 $
Candidature Pouliot, Eve Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Cocandidature Gervais, Christine Université du Québec en Outaouais
Maltais, Danielle Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Tardif-Grenier, Kristel Université du Québec en Outaouais
Titre L'utilisation du Digital Storytelling pour favoriser le pouvoir d'agir et la résilience d'adolescents et de leurs parents exposés à une catastrophe naturelle en contexte de vulnérabilité
Financement 99 987 $
Candidature Harvey, Cynthia Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Collaboration Ouellet, François Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Titre Imaginaire du territoire dans la littérature du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
Financement 80 151 $
Candidature Ertz, Myriam Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Titre Influence des facteurs contextuels perçus dans le développement des intentions de recyclage du plastique durable
Financement 90 086 $
Candidature Tailleur, Sandrine Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Cocandidature Martineau, France G. Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Bédard, Mylène Université Laval
Frenette, Yves Université de Saint-Boniface
Titre Langue et pouvoir en régions : dynamiques sociolinguistiques des élites francophones québécoises (1840-1945)
Financement 334 897 $
Candidature Dunn-Lardeau, Brenda Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Virr, Richard Université McGill
Titre Incunables enluminés et décorés conservés au Québec
Financement 148 725 $
Candidature Saint-Charles, Johanne Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Bérubé, Maxime Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Mongeau, Pierre Université du Québec à Montréal
Stewart, Michelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Dörk, Marian University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Fronzetti Colladon, Andrea Universita degli Studi Di Perugia
Melançon, Guy Université de Bordeaux I
Roth, Camille Centre Marc Bloch
Titre Les réseaux de partage de discours comme réseaux mutualistes
Financement 277 154 $
Candidature Guerrero, Sylvie Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Arrangements individuels en emploi et inclusion des employés : apports dans un contexte de diversité
Financement 71 351 $
Candidature Boisvert, Mathieu Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Dimitrova, Diana Université de Montréal
Pasche Guignard, Florence I. Université Laval
Collaboration Badrinathan, Vasumathi University of Mumbai
Shoukla, Vatsala Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University
Titre Identités, sexualités et spiritualités multiples : la communauté et les imaginaires sakhi en Inde
Financement 162 496 $
Candidature Brault Foisy, Lorie-Marlène Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Brisson, Janie Université du Québec à Montréal
Duval, Stéphanie Université Laval
Masson, Steve Université du Québec à Montréal
Plante, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Borst, Grégoire Université Paris Cité
Titre Effets d'interventions adaptées aux caractéristiques du contenu d'apprentissage sur la mobilisation du contrôle inhibiteur et la réussite d'apprentissages scolaires fondamentaux au primaire
Financement 136 156 $
Candidature Vallerand, Robert J. Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre The Role of Passion in Social Perception
Financement 88 539 $
Candidature Bonneau, Claudine Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Alloing, Camille Université du Québec à Montréal
Millerand, Florence Université du Québec à Montréal
Sergi, Viviane Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Aroles, Jeremy University of York
Bourdeau, Simon Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Workaround practices: Hacking algorithmic power through inventive circumvention (HAPTIC)
Financement 180 598 $
Candidature Ramboarisata, Lovasoa N. Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Berrier-Lucas, Celine International Business School
Ramonji, Dimbi Excelia Group
Titre Décoloniser les savoirs et pratiques gestionnaires : significations et expériences
Financement 97 521 $
Candidature Ouellet, Maxime Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Ménard, Marc Université du Québec à Montréal
Mondoux, André Université du Québec à Montréal
Richert, Fabien Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Lavoie-Moore, Myriam Australian National University
Titre Crises, capitalisme de plateforme et régulation algorithmique : la plateformisation de la société québécoise
Financement 76 142 $
Candidature Vasquez, Consuelo Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Bencherki, Nicolas Télé-université
Matte, Frederik Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Del Fa, Sophie Université catholique de Louvain
Titre Au delà du bénévolat, la relationalité : comment s'organise l'entraide dans les marges?
Financement 320 285 $
Candidature Noppen, Luc Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre « L'architecte-constructeur » : Victor Bourgeau et son époque. Enquête sur la pratique architecturale aux fondements du paysage ecclésial québécois, 1850-1900
Financement 98 741 $
Candidature Dion, Eric Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Borokhovski, Evgueni Université Concordia
Charland, Patrick Université du Québec à Montréal
Cyr, Stephane Université du Québec à Montréal
Plante, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Cheung, Alan The Chinese University, Hong Kong
Lysenko, Larysa Université Concordia
Titre What works better in secondary math instruction, why and for whom? Insights and implication from a meta-analysis
Financement 85 032 $
Candidature Alloing, Camille Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Pierre, Julien Université de Sherbrooke
Richert, Fabien Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Emotions, communication numérique : enjeux et stratégies (EMOTICONES)
Financement 176 152 $
Candidature Potvin, Maryse Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Bosset, Pierre Université du Québec à Montréal
Chung, Ryoa Université de Montréal
Ethier, Marc-André Université de Montréal
Lacroix, Michel Université du Québec à Montréal
Lefrançois, David Université du Québec en Outaouais
Maclure, Jocelyn Université McGill
Maxwell, Bruce Université de Montréal
Nadeau, Frederick Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
Waddington, David I. Université Concordia
Collaboration Dhume, Fabrice Catholic University of Louvain
Titre Liberté d'expression en milieux éducatifs: cartographie des polémiques publiques, des encadrements juridiques et politiques, des pratiques et expériences
Financement 228 645 $
Candidature Cnockaert, Véronique Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Les Rusées ou l'intelligence en embuscade. Les femmes à mètis dans le roman français de 1853 à 1930
Financement 63 807 $
Candidature Deruelle, Benjamin Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Campion, Jonas Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaboration Le Gac, Julie Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X)
Legault, Roch Royal Military College of Saint-Jean
Masson, Christophe Université de Liège
Rousseaux, Xavier Catholic University of Louvain
Verreycken, Quentin Catholic University of Louvain
Titre Justice militaire en Europe occidentale et en Amérique du Nord (14e-20e siècles)
Financement 313 548 $
Candidature Vial, Stéphane Université du Québec à Montréal
Cocandidature Dumont, Mathieu Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Prom Tep, Sandrine B. Université du Québec à Montréal
Trudel, Sylvie Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Coutant, Alexandre Université du Québec à Montréal
Gambs, Sébastien Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Le codesign des technologies numériques en santé mentale
Financement 299 777 $
Candidature Hébert, Louis Université du Québec à Rimouski
Cocandidature Walsh Matthews, Stéphanie M. Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaboration Angenot, Marc Université McGill
Angenot, Valérie Université du Québec à Montréal
Bernoussi, Mohammed Université Moulay Ismail Meknès
Contré, Dolorés Université de Montréal
Couégnas, Nicolas Université de Limoges
Fontanille, Jacques Université de Limoges
Janowitz, Naomi University of California, Davis
Leone, Massimo Universita Degli Studi di Torino
Rastier, François Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales
Soltes, Ori Z. Georgetown University
Titre Sémiotique et spiritualité. Médiateurs et médiations entre immanence et transcendance
Financement 250 721 $
Candidature Castonguay, Stéphane Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Cocandidature Clifford, Jim S. University of Saskatchewan
MacFadyen, Joshua D. University of Prince Edward Island
Ruiz, Julie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Troupe, Cheryl L. University of Saskatchewan
Titre Genèse du système agro-alimentaire canadien : trajectoires paysagères, infrastructures techniques et commercialisation, 1870-1930
Financement 361 440 $
Candidature Poitras, Karine Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Cocandidature Dubois-Comtois, Karine Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Pagé, Geneviève Université du Québec en Outaouais
Poirier, Marie-Andrée Université de Montréal
Tarabulsy, George M. Université Laval
Titre Contacts entre l'enfant placé et son parent d'origine : quelles conséquences pour le développement socioaffectif de l'enfant?
Financement 252 695 $
Candidature Adanhounme, Armel Brice Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Titre Systèmes de représentation et modèles de gouvernance dans les entreprises en Afrique subsaharienne : quelles solutions à quels problèmes?
Financement 238 049 $
Candidature Beaulieu, Judith Université du Québec en Outaouais
Cocandidature Lehrer, Joanne S. Université du Québec en Outaouais
Robert-Mazaye, Christelle Université du Québec en Outaouais
Ruberto, Noémia Université du Québec en Outaouais
Titre Communauté d'apprentissage professionnelle pour favoriser la réponse aux besoins des enfants du préscolaire dans une perspective de continuité des services
Financement 99 067 $
Candidature Verdon, Chantal Université du Québec en Outaouais
Cocandidature Bergeron-Leclerc, Christiane Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Cadell, Susan Renison University College
Cherblanc, Jacques Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
deMontigny, Francine Université du Québec en Outaouais
Grenier, Josée Université du Québec en Outaouais
Meunier, Sophie Université du Québec à Montréal
Noel, Raphaële Université du Québec à Montréal
Zech, Emmanuelle Catholic University of Louvain
Collaboration Girard, Eric Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex
Titre Bien vivre son deuil en société : reconnaissance et soutien social à travers le temps des personnes vivant le décès d'un proche
Financement 99 722 $
Candidature Côté, Isabel Université du Québec en Outaouais
Cocandidature Lavoie, Kevin Université Laval
Noel, Raphaële Université du Québec à Montréal
Péloquin, Katherine Université de Montréal
Zeghiche, Sabrina Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaboration Courduriès, Jérôme Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès
Titre Les liens intergénérationnels au prisme de la procréation pour autrui
Financement 263 597 $
Candidature Polotskaia, Elena Université du Québec en Outaouais
Cocandidature Cavalcante, Alexandre University of Toronto
Freiman, Viktor Université de Moncton
Savard, Annie Université McGill
Squalli, Hassane Université de Sherbrooke
Titre Enhancing and studying the Equilibrated Development Approach to algebraic thinking in primary grades
Financement 336 434 $
Candidature Bélanger-Gravel, Ariane Université Laval
Cocandidature Alberga, Angela Université Concordia
Provencher, Véronique Université Laval
Vanderlee, Lana Université Laval
Collaboration Gauthier, Annie Institut national de santé publique du Québec
Janezic, Isidora Institut national de santé publique du Québec
Parent, Marie-Pier Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux
St-Pierre, Julie Institut national de santé publique du Québec
Titre Au-delà de l'efficacité, l'appel à la peur est-il prometteur pour réduire la consommation des boissons sucrées?
Financement 78 543 $
Candidature Coelho, Leandro C. Université Laval
Cocandidature Renaud, Jacques Université Laval
Titre Urban mobility of people and goods - improving performance while decreasing emissions
Financement 304 000 $
Candidature Delas, Olivier Université Laval
Cocandidature Mondélice, Mulry Royal Military College of Saint-Jean
Ndiaye, Ndeye Dieynaba Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaboration Audebert, Cédric Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Catala, Michel Université de Nantes
Crépeau, François Université McGill
Diop, Abdou Khadre Université Virtuelle du Sénégal
Galy, Karine Université des Antilles-Guyane
Gariépy, André Office des professions du Québec
Gauthier, Catherine Académie de Bordeaux
Moleda-Zdziech, Malgorzata Warsaw School of Economics
Pachocka, Marta Warsaw School of Economics
Plouffe-Malette, Kristine Université de Sherbrooke
Sarolea, Sylvie Catholic University of Louvain
Titre Penser le Canada et les migrations internationales dans un monde post-Covid : d'une approche par crise à une gestion durable par la réalisation d'une gouvernance mondiale fondée sur le droit international
Financement 245 919 $
Candidature Audet, René Université Laval
Cocandidature Marcotte, Sophie Université Concordia
Collaboration Baroni, Raphaël Université de Lausanne
Martens, David Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Xanthos, Nicolas Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Titre Raconter hors du livre. Penser les dimensions matérielles et médiatiques de la poétique du récit
Financement 383 745 $
Candidature Livernois, Jonathan Université Laval
Collaboration Bradette, Marie-Eve Université Laval
Normand, Sylvio Université Laval
Titre Se donner droit de cité : une histoire des rapports entre la littérature et le droit civil au Québec (1857-1890)
Financement 71 603 $
Candidature Cloutier, Geneviève Université Laval
Titre Les actions citoyennes locales : quels apprentissages pour les institutions et l'aménagement du territoire?
Financement 152 884 $
Candidature Baker, Patrick Université Laval
Cocandidature Thériault, Gaétan Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Corpus des inscriptions grecques et latines de Xanthos
Financement 186 914 $
Candidature Stan, Catinca Adriana Université Laval
Cocandidature Simard, Denis Université Laval
Titre Enseigner l'histoire par l'entremise des œuvres d'art : une méthode mixte d'analyse
Financement 92 482 $
Candidature Tremblay, Pascale Université Laval
Cocandidature Blanchette, Isabelle Université Laval
Monetta, Laura Université Laval
Peters, Valerie R. Université Laval
Collaboration Roy, Johanna-Pascale Université Laval
Titre Aging of spoken language production in singers and non-singers
Financement 238 035 $
Candidature Mundler, Patrick Université Laval
Cocandidature Parent, Geneviève Université Laval
Titre Les systèmes alimentaires alternatifs peuvent-ils constituer une voie pour la transition écologique?
Financement 153 309 $
Candidature Roche, Stephane Université Laval
Titre Intelligence des environnements urbains anthropocènes - IAU
Financement 158 500 $
Candidature Bélanger, Danièle Université Laval
Cocandidature Cote-Boucher, Karine Université de Montréal
Fleury, Charles Université Laval
Garnier, Adèle Université Laval
Paquet, Mireille Université Concordia
Vives-Gonzalez, Celia Université de Montréal
Collaboration Bergevin-Estable, Gabriel Antoine Parlement du Canada
Bissonnette, Patrick Université Laval
Dangzalan, Lou Janssen LJD Law Professional Corporation (LJD Law PC)
Koltun, Andrew LJD Law Professional Corporation (LJD Law PC)
Tao, Wei William Heron Law Offices
Titre The New Face of Migration Management in Canada: Digitalisation, Automation and AI
Financement 359 685 $
Candidature Auchter, Jessica G. Université Laval
Collaboration Newman, Elana University of Tulsa
Nobel, Carmen Harvard University
Titre Representing Atrocity
Financement 133 300 $
Candidature Bégin, Catherine Université Laval
Cocandidature Daspe, Marie-Ève Université de Montréal
Dion, Jacinthe Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Gagnon-Girouard, Marie-Pierre Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Gauvin, Lise Université de Montréal
Lemieux, Simone Université Laval
Matte-Gagné, Célia Université Laval
Titre Examen de l'expérience de stigmatisation liée au poids corporel au sein des familles et ses effets à long terme
Financement 294 425 $
Candidature Achim, Amélie M. Université Laval
Cocandidature Cellard, Caroline Université Laval
Demers, Marie-France Université Laval
Roy, Marc-André Université Laval
Collaboration Fossard, Marion Université de Neuchâtel
Knutsen, Dominique Université de Lille
Vigneault, Luc Université Laval
Titre Communiquer pour se rétablir : une approche innovante des difficultés communicationnelles dans les troubles psychotiques
Financement 245 221 $
Candidature Larregue, Julien Université Laval
Cocandidature Warren, Jean-Philippe Université Concordia
Titre Hiérarchies savantes et inégalités sociodémographiques dans le financement des sciences humaines et sociales au Canada
Financement 130 064 $
Candidature Leman-Langlois, Stéphane Université Laval
Cocandidature Sanders, Carrie B. Wilfrid Laurier University
Steeves, Valerie Université d'Ottawa
Titre Artificial Intelligence in Policing
Financement 125 655 $
Candidature Herve, Caroline Université Laval
Collaboration Laoun, Ève Makivik Corporation
Mahieu, Marc-Antoine Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales
Ouimet, Lucie Gouvernement regional de Kativik
Plante, Benoit Service de police du Nunavik
Titre Médiation interculturelle et conflits ontologiques dans le milieu de la justice au Nunavik (Arctique québécois)
Financement 345 420 $
Candidature Flint, Catrina M. Cégep Vanier College
Collaboration Fleury, Raphaèle Institut International de la Marionnette
L'Ecuyer, Sylvia Université de Montréal
Titre Little Wooden Actors at the Petit-Théâtre de la Marionnette (Paris, 1888-1894)
Financement 61 979 $
Candidature Tang, Yili University of Regina
Collaboration Zhao, Bingyu Vienna University of Technology
Titre Human factors and operation strategies for on-demand transit services in urban and suburban communities
Financement 99 600 $
Candidature Farney, James University of Regina
Cocandidature Borwein, Sophie E. Simon Fraser University
Davidson, Adrienne McMaster University
Mou, Haizhen University of Saskatchewan
Triadafilopoulos, Triadafilos (Phil) University of Toronto
White, Linda A. University of Toronto
Collaboration Khovrenkov, Iryna University of Regina
Titre Assessing the Financial, Governance, and Parental Feedback Effects of School Choice in Canada
Financement 396 885 $
Candidature Magnan, André J.R. University of Regina
Cocandidature Desmarais, Annette A. Université du Manitoba
Rotz, Sarah E. Université York
Titre Digitalization, financialization, and consolidation in the Canadian agri-food sector
Financement 264 715 $
Candidature Racine, Louise University of Saskatchewan
Cocandidature Clark, Nancy University of Victoria
Desjardins, Michel University of Saskatchewan
D'Souza, Melba Thompson Rivers University
Fowler-Kerry, Susan E. University of Saskatchewan
Hwang, Monica Mi Hee St. Thomas More College
O'Mahony, Joyce M. Thompson Rivers University
Saleh, Nasrin University of Victoria
Vatanparast, Hassanali University of Saskatchewan
Titre Influences of Gender, Religion, and Social Context on Arab Muslim Refugee Women's Perspectives on Breast Awareness
Financement 94 800 $
Candidature Squires, Vicki L. University of Saskatchewan
Cocandidature Dolf, Matt A. University of British Columbia
London, Chad L. University of Saskatchewan
Collaboration Dawe, Chris Northwest Missouri State University
Dooris, Mark University of Central Lancashire
Tacto, Chris Oliver Washington University in St. Louis
Titre Advancing Welbeing: Using Systems Approaches on Campuses and Across Health Promotion Networks
Financement 99 010 $
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