Titulaires des bourses postdoctorales du CRSH – Concours de septembre 2020

Candidature Établissement Titre Financement
Abodohoui, Alexis  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Knowledge-based view au prisme de la distanciation et de la proximité : étude des espaces diasporiques communautaires sur la collaboration 45 000 $
Alam, Md Mahbubul  Université York The antecedents, motives, and effects of managerial emotion regulation 90 000 $
Alderson, Aedan  University College Dublin Irish pathways for reconciliation in Canada: A study of current Irish-Indigenous relations 90 000 $
Allaire-Duquette, Geneviève  Université de Sherbrooke L'éducation scientifique pour lutter contre la COVID-19 : recherche collaborative avec des enseignant.e.s du Québec 90 000 $
Allan, Kate  University of Toronto Developing a framework for parental decision-making in Canada: Implications for vaccine hesitancy 90 000 $
Ally, Shuaib  Université McGill How did Pre-Modern Ottoman Scholars Interpret the Quran? Marginal Indexing Notes to the Supercommentary of Shihab al-Din al-Khafaji (1069/1659) on Baydawi's (719/1319) Lights 90 000 $
Amri, Michelle M. Harvard University What does health 'equity' mean for the World Health Organization and World Bank: clarification needed to align policy and practice 90 000 $
Anctil Avoine, Priscyll  Université de Lund La militance politique des femmes ex-combattantes en période post-accord de paix : corps, espaces et émotions en Colombie et au Népal 90 000 $
Archambault, Emil  Université d'Ottawa A Genealogy of Remote Warfare 90 000 $
Aref, Samin  University of British Columbia The migration of scholars: Personal and professional factors driving academics to move to and from Canada during 1996-2020 90 000 $
Ballantyne, Darcy P.Y. University of Toronto Reading the landscape: negotiating the porous borders of mixed race in the Canadian context 90 000 $
Barnes, Sarah  Université York Studying Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Sport Coaching 90 000 $
Bauer, Michelle E.E. University of British Columbia Exploring children's perspectives on outdoor risky play and neighborhood safety in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Canada 90 000 $
Beaton, Ryan S. University of Alberta Roots of Reconciliation: Recovering Canadian Traditions of Legal Pluralism in Indigenous-State Relations 90 000 $
Beaumier, Guillaume  Georgetown University La gouvernance hybride de l'intelligence artificielle : Innovation ou contournement réglementaire? 90 000 $
Becker, Sandra  University of Calgary Shifting Elementary Educators from Best Practice to Invention in a School Makerspace Community of Practice 90 000 $
Belu, Charlene F. Dalhousie University A multi-method investigation of the impact of perceived partner responsiveness on sexual wellbeing among women with orgasm difficulty and their partners 90 000 $
Bernauer, Warren M. Université du Manitoba The Politics of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction in Canada 90 000 $
Bessaïh, Nesrine Université du Québec à Montréal Pratiques langagières émancipatrices pour des droits sexuels et reproductifs 90 000 $
Biron, Charlotte  Université de Montréal Terrains d'écriture contemporains au Québec (2000-2020) 90 000 $
Boron, Usmon  University of California, Berkeley Toward an ethics of friendship: Islam and modern counterpublics in Kyrgyzstan 90 000 $
Bourns, Timothy J.S. University of British Columbia The Nature of Emotion in Medieval Romance 45 000 $
Boyer, Kurtis  University of Saskatchewan Reconciliation, Emotion, and the "Pull of the Status Quo" 90 000 $
Brant-Birioukov, Kiera  Queen's University The Transformative Implications of Haudenosaunee Theory for Indigenous Language Learners 90 000 $
Brassard, Léonore  Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis Ambivalences littéraires du soin chez la bonne, la nourrice et la prostituée (1945-2020) 90 000 $
Briggs, Jacqueline  Université d'Ottawa A History of Lawyering in the Department of Justice Canada 90 000 $
Brunet, Tyler D.P. Université de Montréal A neutralist account of metamorphosis 90 000 $
Burrill, Frederick  Cape Breton University Yea Though I Walk: Death and Dying in the Musquodoboit Valley 90 000 $
Campbell-Duruflé, Christopher R. University of Cambridge State Accountability through Regime Interactions: Assessing Opportunities to Enhance the Implementation of the Paris Agreement 90 000 $
Chalmers, Jason  Université Concordia A Decolonial Critique of Human Rights: History, Narrative, and Settler Colonialism in Canadian Museums 90 000 $
Charlesworth, Tessa  University of Toronto As circles expand and contract: How and why do social group categories and prejudices change over historical time? 45 000 $
Chipeur, Stephanie  University of Calgary Paying Family Caregivers: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Carework Policy in Canada 45 000 $
Coghlan, Kale A.H. University of Toronto Eratosthenes: Writing the World into Being 90 000 $
Collins, David  University of Oxford Why Good Art Matters: Connecting Artistic Value with the Value(s) of Art through the Philosophy of R.G. Collingwood 90 000 $
Collins, Tya  Université McGill Black Student Experiences after Special Education: Understanding the Intersections of Disability, Race and Language, and Resisting Structural Inequalities in Quebec 90 000 $
Cook, Nikolai M. Université d'Ottawa Increasing Transparency and Reproducibility in Economics Research 90 000 $
Coombs, Andrew J. Memorial University of Newfoundland Supporting teachers' assessment practices: A longitudinal examination of professional development models 90 000 $
Cormier, Matthew S. University of Toronto A Digital and Affective Study of Apocalyptic Preoccupations in the Literary Fictions of Canada in the Twenty-First Century 90 000 $
Cote, Nicolas University of Toronto The Ethics of Evidence and Uncertainty 90 000 $
Davis, Adam C. Nipissing University The Motives and Personality Traits of Canadian Women and Men Who Buy Sex 90 000 $
Del Gobbo, Daniel  Université McGill Restorative Justice Revisionism: The Challenge of Transformative Justice for LGBTQ2 Peoples in Canada 90 000 $
Deneault, Audrey-Ann  University of Calgary The contributions of father-child attachment, mother-child attachment, and parental sensitivity in fostering children's psychosocial well-being in the 21st century 90 000 $
Deschênes, Marie-France  Université d'Ottawa Développement et évaluation de la compétence associée au raisonnement clinique 45 000 $
Dhanvantari, Sujaya  Université McGill Theorizing the psychic trauma of racialized and colonized peoples: phenomenological and psychiatric approaches for the study of trauma in Frantz Fanon's writings (1952-1961) 90 000 $
Doucet, Emily G. Université McGill Mobile Images: Photographic Formats and the Postal Service, 1870-1945 90 000 $
Edwards, Robert G T. University of Toronto Rethinking Education: Monastic Schools in Ancient Syria 90 000 $
Fabiano, John M. Yale University Working for the City: Labour, Guilds, and the Socioeconomic Life of Non-elite Urban Populations in the Late Roman West 90 000 $
Fatigati, Michael  New York University Abu Dhabi The Development of Avicenna's [Ibn Sina's] Aristotelian Psychology in the Marginal Glosses 90 000 $
Feltes, Emma R. Columbia University Crises of Settler Colonialism: Jurisdiction and Disaster in Tŝilhqot'in Territory 90 000 $
French Bourgeois, Laura  Western University The effects of selective exposure on social identity, perceptions of social norms and attitudes towards immigrants and refugees 90 000 $
Gagnon, Audrey  Universitetet I Oslo Has the far-right gone mainstream? A comparative analysis of the normalization of far-right parties, groups and ideas in Quebec, France and Norway 90 000 $
Gan, Gregory  Freie Universität Berlin Picturing Postsocialism: Affective Dimensions in the "Renovation" of Socialist Panel Homes in Moscow and Berlin 90 000 $
García Yero, Cary Aileen University of Toronto Black Art in Cold War: Race, Politics, and the Cuban-Eastern European Socialist Bloc Art Exchanges, 1961-1989 90 000 $
Ghaddar, Jamila  Université du Manitoba Responding to the Call: Canadian archival decolonization for land, law & sovereignty 90 000 $
Giasson-Dulude, Gabrielle  Université Laval En voix. Entre l'essai et l'autofiction au Québec, suivi de Cartes (essai littéraire autofictionnel) 90 000 $
Girard, Tyler  Duke University Bringing the Individual Back In: Leadership, Public Opinion, and Explanations of Global Norm Adoption 90 000 $
Giroux, Catherine  Université McGill Social media use in education and knowledge mobilization: A mixed methods study to inform education practices during COVID-19 90 000 $
Godfrey, Michael J. University of Windsor Campus climate and persistence of LGBTQ+ students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics 90 000 $
Godin, Marie-Pier  Université du Québec à Montréal Favoriser la continuité éducative en émergence de l'écrit de la maternelle 4 ans à la maternelle 5 ans 90 000 $
Golubović, Jelena Tufts University Covert civilian participation in civil war violence: A political ethnography of denunciation 90 000 $
Gosselin-Tapp, Jérôme  Queen's University Méthodologies en philosophie politique appliquée : une cartographie critique des approches récentes 90 000 $
Halaburda, Carlos Gustavo  University of Toronto Teratology of the marimacho: modernismo & avant-gardes, queer women, and the end of gender normativity in Latin America, 1888-1933 90 000 $
Harkin, Keelan J. University of Dublin Trinity College Until Our Final End: Negotiated Futures and the Novel in 1930s Ireland 45 000 $
Hétu, Martin  University of Toronto The impact of intellectual property institutions on international technology commercialisation and inventor mobility 90 000 $
Heyn-Jones, Zoë A. Western University Curating Food Security, Sovereignty and Justice in Canada and Mexico 90 000 $
Hicks, Jeffrey  University of Toronto Using large-scale administrative data to study the long-term causes and consequences of social assistance use 90 000 $
Hird-Younger, Miriam  Carleton University "Cocoa! Good, Good, Good!": The significance of fair-trade cocoa farming in Ghana 90 000 $
Holding, Anne C. New York University Researching mental contrasting as an intervention to harness the power of autonomous motivation for successful goal pursuit and disengagement from unattainable goals 90 000 $
Houser, Natalie E. Université du Manitoba Physical literacy, resilience, and creativity: An exploration of physical literacy enriched physical education 90 000 $
Huyghebaert, Céline Université Laval Enquête sur la maladie chronique, à travers le livre comme médium et la pensée incarnée comme forme 90 000 $
Ivry, Henry  University of Pittsburgh Improbable Metaphor: Future Histories of Black Anthropocenes 90 000 $
Jia, Lianrui  University of Toronto Analyzing Platform Power: Chinese App Stores and Their Global Impact 90 000 $
Johnson, Kelsey M. Queen's University Robo Care: Labour and the Making of Gerontechnology in Canada 90 000 $
Jolicoeur, Patrick C. University of Toronto Echoes of the Tuniit: Dorset-Inuit Interaction in Northern Nunatsiavut 90 000 $
Joly, Tara L. University of Victoria Traplines and Territorialities in the Oil Sands: A Community-Based Study of Loss and Reconciliation of Métis Space in Northern Alberta 90 000 $
Jurić, Dorian B. Université d'Ottawa "'Twas always known as the bloody Frontier": Rumours, Memories, and Bosnian Identity in the Migrant Crisis 90 000 $
Karmali, Francine  University of Toronto At the intersection of nonverbal behaviour and race: A challenge and threat account 90 000 $
Kennel, Maxwell  University of Toronto A Critical Theory of Conspiratorial Reason 90 000 $
Khakzad, Delbar M.S. Université McGill The Politics of Time in the Modern Shi'i Eschatology: Forgetting as a Technique of Power 90 000 $
Kilgour, Lauren A. Université McGill Challenges to Enforcing Police Accountability: A Sociolegal Examination of Police Body Cameras in the United States, 2004-Present 90 000 $
Klostermann, Janna  Brock University Imagining Equitable, Sustainable Care Relations in Post-COVID-19 Canada 90 000 $
Kreuter, Aaron  Carleton University Unsettled Jews: Jewish Diasporic World Literature and Settler Colonialism 90 000 $
Lafontaine, Simon  University of British Columbia Loneliness and the Capacity for Creative Action 90 000 $
Lahey, Stephanie J. University of Toronto Edge effects: new work at/on the edges of parchment and Mediaeval Studies 90 000 $
Lapp, Jessica M. University of British Columbia Caring for Surrogate Bodies: Exploring Digital Records Conception 90 000 $
Laroche, Geneviève Centre international de recherche en agroforesterie (ICRAF) Exploring the gender-agroforestry-food security dynamics at the farm and landscape scale in Rwanda 90 000 $
Lavallee, Zoey A. Université McGill Rethinking Social Responsibility for Addiction from a Relational Autonomy Perspective 90 000 $
Lemay, Marie-Pier  University of Pittsburgh Searching for Feminist Solidarity in Informal Spaces: An Empirical and Theoretical Inquiry 90 000 $
Livernois, Rebecca D. University of Toronto Philosophy of Climate Economics 90 000 $
MacGowan, Taigan  Queen's University When good kids are bad helpers: Social factors that affect children's prosocial behaviour 90 000 $
MacGregor, Stephen W. University of Toronto Knowledge Brokering in a Research-Intensive Canadian University: Mapping Connections and Measuring Impact 90 000 $
Mackinnon, Debra  University of Windsor In the Business of Policing: Examining the Intersection of Private Security, Surveillance Technologies and Public-Private Partnerships in North American Business Improvement Areas 90 000 $
Marquis Bissonnette, Camille  Université McGill Lutter contre le terrorisme tout en protégeant les personnes migrantes vulnérables : incursions et limites de la lutte antiterroriste sur le régime de protection des réfugiés 90 000 $
Matte-Landry, Alexandra  Université McGill L'évolution du fonctionnement des enfants en situation de vulnérabilité dans le cadre de leur suivi au Garage à musique, centre de pédiatrie sociale en communauté soutenant la résilience 90 000 $
Mazumdar, Christine  Université Concordia Touch at a Distance: Examining Equity, Agency, and Consent in Virtual Movement-Based Training Practices 90 000 $
Mercier, Brett G. University of Toronto Single Cause Bias in Explanations of Politically Relevant Events 90 000 $
Millaire, Karine  Queen's University Justifying Waiver of the Right to Life since Carter v. Canada 90 000 $
Molinaro, Monica L. McMaster University Stories of Health Inequity and Moral Distress 90 000 $
Moore, Amber  Simon Fraser University Storied resistances: Rewriting & revisioning rape culture in YA fanfiction activist art 90 000 $
Moorsom, Toby L. Université du Nouveau-Brunswick In Search of Kind Herb: Canadian Investment in Jamaican Cannabis 90 000 $
Morinville, Cynthia  Université York Quebec's Lithium Rush: Global Mining and Recycling Markets for Fossil-Fuel Alternatives 90 000 $
Morneau-Vaillancourt, Geneviève  King's College London The persistence of anxiety in adolescence: the roles of genetic factors and peer victimization 90 000 $
Morrison, Kristen A. University of Toronto Examining the strategic approaches to membership growth by nonprofit community sport organizations 90 000 $
Mussell, Linda  Université d'Ottawa Breaking the chain: decarceration during COVID-19 in Canada and the United States 90 000 $
Neilson, Shane D. Université d'Ottawa Making and Unmaking: The Imbricated Fates of Socialized Medicine and Canadian Literature 90 000 $
Nemr, Carine R. Queen's University Situated in time and space: Integrating and evaluating a real-world virtual reality scenario for learning in undergraduate chemistry curricula 90 000 $
Nicholas, Vanessa K. Université Concordia Natural Objects: The Domestication of Wilderness by Interior Decorations in Victorian Canada (1840-1890) 90 000 $
Noone, Rebecca Jane McGuire  University College London Like a local (guide): Google Maps and the information practice of placemaking 90 000 $
Nunn, Neil  University of British Columbia Industrial primacy, colonial constraint, and false promises of environmental protection: An historical analysis of the Fisheries Act in BC 90 000 $
P. Lepage, Louis-Pierre  Queen's University Biased Beliefs and Labor Market Discrimination 90 000 $
Patrick, Stephanie  Ryerson University True North Strong and Fierce: Canada's Drag Race and the Future of CanCon 90 000 $
Pérez-Gay Juárez, Fernanda  Université McGill Fiction and cultural perspective taking, from social categorizaition to Theory of Mind 90 000 $
Pérez-Rivera, Gloria C. University of Toronto Flows of People, Flows of Credit and Debt: Examining Informal Financial Schemes among Latin American Migrant Workers in Canada 90 000 $
Peterson St-Laurent, Guillaume  Wildlife Conservation Society New frontiers in conservation: implications of novel interventions in an era of climate change 90 000 $
Peterson, Jonathan  Stanford University Deciphering Difference: Scripture, Polemic & Community in Early Modern India, 1520-1700 90 000 $
Petoukhov, Konstantin S. University of Liverpool Imagining the Complex Victim of Crime in Restorative Justice 90 000 $
Pigeon, Stephan R. Dalhousie University How News Transformed Empire: C.F. Moberly Bell and Britain's Global Journalism, 1865-1911 90 000 $
Pisapia, Jasmine  Université McGill Aesthetics and Environmental Catastrophe: A Sensory Ethnography of Southern Italy's "Landscapes of Crisis" 90 000 $
Plamadeala, Cristina  Loughborough University Files, Fear and Espionage: A cultural history of the Securitate's surveillance practices in Romania under communism 90 000 $
Polleri, Maxime  Université McGill Citizen science and COVID-19: Governing health during the pandemic era 90 000 $
Posteraro, Tano S. Université Concordia Sympathy and symbiosis: Henri Bergson's Creative Evolution and the New Philosophy of Biological Individuality 90 000 $
Pothier Bouchard, Geneviève  Université Laval Biomolecular archaeological investigation into the subsistence shifts of the last hunter-gatherers in NW Italy 90 000 $
Pratte, Anne-Sophie  Université de Montréal Chinese Qing (1644-1911) Imperialism in Inner Asia: An Environmental History of the Mongolian Steppe 90 000 $
Pue, Kristen M. University of Chicago The Consequences of Social Welfare Nonprofitization for Civil Society 90 000 $
Qian, Miao  Harvard University Reducing implicit racial bias in children over the long term: An evidence-based approach 90 000 $
Racine, Maryliz  Université libre de Bruxelles Les intérêts coloniaux et postcoloniaux de la France à l'ONU, 1950-1969 90 000 $
Ravensbergen-Hodgins, Léa  University of Oxford Toward Age-Friendly Communities: Planning for Mobilities of Care 90 000 $
Reid, Tiana A. University of Toronto Our World-Work: Reading Black Left Feminism 90 000 $
Renaud, Kiev  Université de Montréal Le portrait en littérature québécoise de l'extrême-contemporain (2005-...) : comment le cliché fait mémoire 90 000 $
Rioux, Philippe  Université Concordia Les représentations de l'héroïsme dans la bande dessinée au Québec (1968-2019) 90 000 $
Rnic, Katerina N. University of British Columbia A multi-method approach to examining the cognitive basis of emotion regulation and its impact on personal and interpersonal well-being 90 000 $
Robinson, David S. Regent College Self-Divestment for a Finite Earth: Recovering Philosophical and Theological Wisdom in the Anthropocene 90 000 $
Roukema, Aren B. The University of British Columbia Augmentation and evolution: race and the emergence of the superhuman mind in Anglo-American science and culture 90 000 $
Rudestam, Kirsten S. Royal Roads University Critical Thinking and Critical Feeling: Defining Existing Barriers to Sustainable Water Education, Research and Policy 90 000 $
Rudzinski, Katherine  University of Windsor Gendering the impact of COVID-19 on women who use drugs: Considerations for ethical service provision, restrictive measures, and community engagement 90 000 $
Ruiter, Keith N. Université de Montréal Renegotiating Early Scandinavian Law 90 000 $
Scheibling, Casey  University of Toronto Fathers on the Frontlines: Perceptions and Negotiations of Work-Family Stress Spillover Among Essential Worker Fathers During the COVID-19 Pandemic 90 000 $
Schrage, Kristina M. Université York New and Exciting or Tried and True? Tailoring Relationship Activities to Insecurely Attached Partners 90 000 $
Schroeder, (Nina) Helena C.M. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Mennonites and Art in the Dutch Republic: Church, Home, and Art Marketplace 90 000 $
Sevi, Semra  Columbia University How do young voters and young ethnic minorities acquire party attachments? 90 000 $
Shewan, Kascindra I.S. Université McGill Popular Culture as Pedagogy: The Role of Representations of Sexualized Violence in Prevention Programs 90 000 $
Slothouber, Vanessa  Université du Nouveau-Brunswick Narratives of De/Retransition: Fat Matters 90 000 $
Spadafora, Natalie  Brock University Why should we care about uncivil behavior in class? An examination of classroom incivility in adolescents 90 000 $
Spanner, Leigh Anne  Mount Saint Vincent University Supporting Injured and Ill Veterans: Gender, Caregiving and the Modern Canadian Veteran 90 000 $
Steinhoff, James  University of Toronto Not for Profit AI: Soft Power and the Tech Industry 90 000 $
Stephens, Phoebe G. University of Toronto Enabling Sustainable Food Transformations: Exploring the Intersections between Digital Technologies, Agroecology, and Investors in Supporting more Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems 90 000 $
St-Laurent, Guillaume  Université Laval L'antinomie de la raison pure revisitée : Charles Taylor et la question de la viabilité de la métaphysique spéciale 45 000 $
Suffren, Sabrina  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Transmission intergénérationnelle des symptômes d'anxiété et de  dépression dans des contextes stressants : études longitudinales 90 000 $
Sylvestre, Paul A. Carleton University Innovations in settler colonial policing: Tracking the rise of the Ontario Provincial Police Provincial Liaison Teams 90 000 $
Tanti, Melissa  University of Manchester Transnational Experiments: Women's Innovative Writing in a Global Frame 90 000 $
Taylor, Allison E. University of Guelph Fatness and/as disability: An arts-based exploration of disability and weight discrimination as barriers to women's public participation in Ontario 90 000 $
Thériault, Pierre-André  University of Toronto Between a Rock and a Hard Place: An Empirical Assessment of Security Inadmissibility and Refugee Exclusion in Canada 90 000 $
Turner, Christina L.B. Université du Manitoba Reimagining Indigenous Law Through Anishinaabe, Cree, and Métis Speculative Fictions 90 000 $
Úlehla, Julia T. Queen's University Towards an Extra-rational Vocal Performance Laboratory: Forms, Media, Analysis 90 000 $
van Beinum, Amanda  Université d'Ottawa Changing minds in psychiatric spaces: social impacts of implanted deep brain stimulation devices 90 000 $
Visserman, Mariko Lisa  University of Toronto The hidden potential of relational sacrifices for bolstering individual and relational well-being 90 000 $
Wagner, Sarah N. University of Victoria From lived experience to actionable results: Mobilizing meaningful media environments in long-term care 90 000 $
White, Amanda M.L. Western University Entangled Roots: Imagining human-plant futures differently in an age of crisis 90 000 $
White, Cindel J.M. Columbia University How karmic attributions shape predictions, person perception, and punishment 90 000 $
Wynes, Christopher S. Université Concordia How do citizens and government officials understand and make decisions about climate change? 90 000 $
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