Titulaires des subventions de synthèse des connaissances – Émergence de la société asociale

Candidature Mervyn Horgan University of Guelph
Cocandidature Saara Liinamaa University of Guelph
Thomas McIlwraith University of Guelph
Collaboration Ajay Heble University of Guelph
Michael Deland Gonzaga University
Sofya Aptekar City University of New York 
Laavanya Kathiravelu Nanyang Technological University
Annick Germain Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Karen Landman University of Guelph
Alan Latham University College London
Camilla Lewis Newcastle University
Pavel Pospech Masaryk University
Emma Jackson Goldsmiths University of London
Nicole Dalmer McMaster University
Martha Radice Dalhousie University
Hannu Ruonavaara University of Turku
Brendan Stewart University of Guelph
Margarethe Kusenbach University of South Florida
Titre Spaces of sociability: enhancing copresence and communal life in Canada
Durée 1 an
Financement 24 954 $
Candidature Bree Akesson Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre A synthesis review of socio-spatial initiatives to foster belonging among refugee families who have resettled in Canada
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 972 $
Candidature Yao Yao Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Lorenzo Frangi Université du Québec à Montréal
Titre Bonding in isolation: worker collectives in the digital space
Durée 1 an
FinancementNote de bas de page * 29 989 $
Candidature Sarah Burm Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Erin Kennedy Western University
Frances Kilbertus Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Anna MacLeod Dalhousie University
Jackie Phinney Dalhousie University
Susan Robinson Canadore College
Titre Unravelling grief: A scoping review of physicians' and nurses' experiences of grief during COVID-19
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 961 $
Candidature James Popham Wilfrid Laurier University
Cocandidature Samantha Henderson Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaboration Lucas Pokrywa Western University
Sarah Daly Saint Vincent College
Titre Tracing radicalization to the incel movement and its connection to loneliness
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 728 $
Candidature Natasha Gallant University of Regina
Cocandidature Atul Jaiswal Université de Montréal
Collaboration Heather Finnegan Université du Manitoba
Caroline Monnin Université du Manitoba
Titre Critical analysis of historical and contemporary evidence related to expressions of belonging within the Canadian long-term care sector: A rapid scoping review
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 962 $
Candidature Sean Lauer University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Miu Chung Yan University of British Columbia
Titre Making friends and connections through community organizations
Durée 1 an
FinancementNote de bas de page * 29 892 $
Candidature Thomas Falkenberg Université du Manitoba
Titre Understanding and addressing loneliness and belonging in Canadian schools
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 595 $
Candidature Debbie Laliberte Rudman Western University 
Cocandidature Rebecca Aldrich University of Southern California
Titre Social isolation, third places, and precarious employment circumstances: A scoping review
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 870 $
Candidature Marcus Sibley Wilfrid Laurier University
Cocandidature Erin Dej Wilfrid Laurier University
Samantha Henderson Wilfrid Laurier University
Carrie Sanders Wilfrid Laurier University
Jason Webb Wilfrid Laurier University
Titre Approaches to social inclusion, community resilience, and homelessness in the context of emerging asocial societies
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 994 $
Candidature Sarah Kaplan University of Toronto
Titre The intersectional gendered impacts of hybrid work in the post COVID-19 economy
Durée 1 an
FinancementNote de bas de page * 28 228 $
Candidature Ann Farrell Brock University
Cocandidature Tracy Vaillancourt Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Irene Vitoroulis Université d'Ottawa
Titre Lessons from the COVID-19 global pandemic: implications for social relationships, loneliness, and the well-being of Canadian children and youth
Durée 1 an
FinancementNote de bas de page * 27 940 $
Candidature Cathia Papi Télé-université
Cocandidature Serge Gérin-Lajoie Télé-université
Titre Serge Gérin-Lajoie Télé-université
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 786 $
Candidature Adebiyi Boco University of Lethbridge
Cocandidature Lars Hallstrom University of Lethbridge
Collaboration Md K. Islam University of Lethbridge
Samuel Mantey Ofori Dei University of Lethbridge
Ogochukwu Onyeso University of Lethbridge
Titre Economic implications of the asocial society: a scoping review of loneliness among young adults across the life course
Durée 1 an
Financement 28 860 $
Candidature J. David Smith Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Maria Rogers Carleton University
Jessica Whitley Université d'Ottawa
Collaboration Natasha McBrearty Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre
Titre Roll call: A scoping review school attendance problems
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 911 $
Candidature Nicole Dalmer McMaster University
Cocandidature Pamela McKenzie Western University
Paulette Rothbauer Western University
Collaboration Lorisia MacLeod Alberta Library
Briony Birdi University of Sheffield
Tami Oliphant University of Alberta
Anne Goulding Victoria University of Wellington
Jamie Johnston Oslo Metropolitan University
Titre “Palaces for the People”: Mapping Public Libraries' Capacity for Social Connection and Inclusion
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 984 $
Candidature Karim El Bardeesy Toronto Metropolitan University
Titre The role for civic engagement in countering social isolation and loneliness among youth in Canada
Durée 1 an
Financement 30 000 $
Candidature Meg Holden Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Atiya Mahmood Simon Fraser University
Meridith Sones Simon Fraser University
Meghan Winters Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Stacy Barter Simon Fraser University
Michelle Hoar Simon Fraser University
Titre The housing, sociability and well-being nexus in Canadian communities
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 776 $
Candidature Albert Banerjee St. Thomas University
Titre Connector programs as a promising means of addressing social isolation and loneliness among older adults: a review of the evidence
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 913 $
Candidature Robert Bernard Université Concordia
Cocandidature Ghayda Hassan Université du Québec à Montréal
Richard Schmid Université Concordia
Titre Social isolation among post-secondary students: A systematic review of online learning and its effect on achievement, satisfaction, and self-reported feelings of well-being
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 728 $
Candidature Heather Nelson Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Cocandidature Natasha Hubbard Murdoch Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Erin Langman Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Paula Mayer Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Bev Ziefflie Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Collaboration Deborah Norton Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Susan Page Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Shannon Fuchs-Lacelle Courtside Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Titre Increasing prosocial behaviour in community dwelling older adults through phone visiting programs: A rapid systematic 
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 319 $
Candidature Yves Couturier Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature François Aubry Université du Québec en Outaouais
Ruth Ndjaboue Université de Sherbrooke
Titre Asocialité et resocialisation professionnelle en contexte de stress pandémique. Une revue de portée sur la socialisation et la resocialisation numérique en travail social
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 770 $
Candidature Andrea Chandler Carleton University
Titre Alleviating loneliness, encouraging friendship: the role that political society can play
Durée 1 an
Financement 30 000 $
Candidature Nancy Newall Brandon University
Cocandidature Verena Menec Université du Manitoba
Titre Community connector programs linking isolated older adults to community services
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 564 $
Candidature Denise Handlarski Trent University
Collaboration Elan Babchuck National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
Seth Goren University of Toronto
Daniel Libenson Judaism Unbound
Sid Schwarz Hazon
Shena Jaffee University of Cincinnati
Marc Katz Temple Ner Tamid
Titre Addressing the loneliness epidemic: religion and culture in a changing world

Durée 1 an
FinancementNote de bas de page * 18 731 $
Candidature Vicki Kristman Lakehead University
Cocandidature Lynn Martin Lakehead University
Titre Virtual work from home & mental well-being: A scoping review
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 923 $
Candidature Haorui Wu Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Dominic Silvio Dalhousie University
Titre Promoting healthy, resilient, and sustainable individual, family, and community social development: A systematic review and meta-analysis of human-animal interactions
Durée 1 an
Financement 29 999 $
Candidature Shanna Williams Université McGill
Cocandidature Victoria Talwar Université McGill
Titre Youth and technologies: Computer-mediated communication, maltreatment, and exploitation of youth
Durée 1 an
Financement 28 821 $
Candidature Fabian Neuhaus University of Calgary
Cocandidature Matthias Drilling University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Collaboration Natalie Robertson University of Calgary
Titre Asocial society and form
Durée 1 an
Financement 30 000 $
Candidature Tara Milbrandt University of Alberta
Cocandidature Ondine Park University of British Columbia
Titre A multi-dimensional social inquiry into the loneliness problem
Durée 1 an
Financement 24 578 $
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