Bénéficiaires des bourses de doctorat du CRSH – Concours d’automne 2020

Candidature Établissement Titre Financement
Boudreau-Alguire, Patrick  University of Otago An Updated Model of Optimal Mental States for Adventure Recreation 40 000,00 $
Strong, Johanna C.E. University of Winchester The making of a queen: The effect of religion, national identity, and gender on Mary I's legacy in the English historical narrative 60 000,00 $
Adese, Sampson  University of Toronto When Things Fall Apart: The Afterlife of Shell Oil in Isoko Land 80 000,00 $
McDevitt-Irwin, Jesse  Columbia University Early-life Conditions, Parental Responses, and Childhood Outcomes 40 000,00 $
Krashinsky, Lewis AD. Princeton University Across the Detroit River: The comparative political behaviour of the white working class in North America 60 000,00 $
Hartley, Todd BA. Wayne State University Pathways to Peace: Trauma and Mental Health as Factors that Affect the Engagement of Urban Colombians in the Peace and Reconciliation Process 60 000,00 $
McAllister, Nathan  University of St Andrews Custom on Trial: Debating the New Kula and the Underlying Law in Papua New Guinea 80 000,00 $
Dreher, Emma  Syracuse University The Politics of Repeal and Replace: Testing the Limits of Behavioral Policy Feedback Effects 40 000,00 $
Voo, Samuel L. University of Wales Trinity Saint David Keys to Understanding: The Study of Allusion Technique in Ancient Jewish and Christian Literature With a View Especially to the Fourth Gospel 40 000,00 $
Greenwood, Catherine M. University of Sheffield Gothicizing a Poetics of Displacement: "Immigrants/Effects" 60 000,00 $
Oswald, Flora E. Pennsylvania State University The Role of Safety and Threat Cues in Weight Stigma 60 000,00 $
Stewart, Jeremy  Lancaster University I, Daniel: Dreaming Jewish Bastardy in Jacques Derrida's "Envois" 40 000,00 $
Perla, Armando  Université de Montréal Challenging Institutional Racism in Museums in Canada and the United States Through Digital Mobilization Strategies 80 000,00 $
Middleton, Jason  Université McGill A national survey of Canadian psychologist and psychotherapist attitudes toward Canadian clinical practice guidelines for anxiety and depression 80 000,00 $
Doll, Claire  University of Western Australia Do parks have to be green to be valued? Exploring public acceptance of alternative landscape designs under climate change 60 000,00 $
Skinner, Elise  Université d'Ottawa The prescribed face: Ethics and equity in the age of medical aesthetics 80 000,00 $
Huang, Carolin  University of California, Irvine "Excavating the Wound": Recognition, Desire and the Archive 80 000,00 $
Quevillon, Charles  University of the Arts Helsinki Sacred Technology: Can sanctifying technology make sound performances more meaningful? 60 000,00 $
Blackthorne-O'Barr, Erik AC. Columbia University Persian letters: the politics of language in the late Ottoman Empire and Qajar Iran 40 000,00 $
Cummins, Patrick T. Cornell University Deontological Hermeneutics and the Rational Inquiry: Philosophy of Language in Premodern South Asia 40 000,00 $
Smoker, James G. University of St Andrews The Imagination, the Dark, and Approaching the Divine in Samuel Taylor Coleridge 60 000,00 $
Sutherland, Grant M. Durham University Hierarchy and Authority in Early Trinitarian Theology: Origen of Alexandria and Gregory of Nyssa 80 000,00 $
Vanderkwaak, Matthew J. University College Dublin Noble Soul: The Metaphysics of the Heavens in the Middle Ages 60 000,00 $
Ali, Jasmine  Université McGill Planning for Post-Oil Futures: Urban Mega-developments in Gulf Countries as Engines of Economic Growth and Diversification 80 000,00 $
Holland, Nicole J. The University of British Columbia The development, implementation, and evaluation of a canine-mediated program for post-secondary students with autism spectrum disorder 80 000,00 $
Manner, Jillian  University of Edinburgh Importance of culture and context in the sustained implementation and effectiveness of complex workplace interventions 80 000,00 $
Arpin, Marjolaine  Université du Québec à Montréal Changements d'échelle : dispositifs scalaires dans les arts contemporains 80 000,00 $
Bourdin, Lara  Université McGill Towards a new aesthetics of hospitality in contemporary Latin American cultural production 80 000,00 $
Burlock, Rachel E. University of Alberta "Those Early Days": Colonial Nostalgia in the Small-Town Prairie Archive and Prairie Poetry 80 000,00 $
Chelhot Lemyre, Carine  University of St Andrews The Maison Bonfils in the Middle East (1867-1910) 40 000,00 $
Cullen, Lauren I. University of Oxford Beyond sentimentality: The animal character in nineteenth-century fiction 20 000,00 $
Dizdar, Ivana  University of Toronto Critical horizons: contemporary North American landscape painting as a site of decolonial critique 80 000,00 $
Gebremedhen, Helina  New York University Tracing Red Sea circuits: Islamic metalwork in Ethiopian church treasuries, ca. 1250-1450 60 000,00 $
Georgallas, Virginia  University of California, Berkeley "Linked by Secret Knots": Archaeologies of Style and Music in the Long Eighteenth Century 20 000,00 $
Low, Joni J. Simon Fraser University Synaesthetic Resonances: A curatorial research-creation study of the intercultural, neurodiverse and therapeutic potentials of sensorial contemporary art practices 80 000,00 $
Nurming-Por, Yasmin A. University of California, Los Angeles Soft Powers, Same Objects, Differing Histories: Reconsiderations of Museological Approaches to Art Collections and the Formation of Viewing Publics 80 000,00 $
Pellerin, Marie-Andrée  Kunstuniversität Linz Fluidité du langage et mots fictifs dans la science-fiction féministe 40 000,00 $
Pinvidic, Kévin  Université Concordia Matérialité urbaine augmentée : Création d'une expérience située de la ville dans une approche performative et participative de la scénographie 80 000,00 $
Rivera, Susan A. The City University of New York A magnet for all the lonesome exiles: Flâneurs, Exiles, Outsiders and the Poeisis of Space in the Modern and Postmodern City 80 000,00 $
Shatil, Assaf  University of California, Santa Cruz A theory of orchestration as a delineator of contemporary musical form, and Etudes for Orchestra - an original musical composition for symphonic orchestra 20 000,00 $
Van Branteghem, Laurane  Université du Québec à Montréal Les organismes de soutien de la danse contemporaine : des espaces de renouvèlement politiques? 80 000,00 $
Chen, Jeffery Chun-Jung  Stanford University The First Pacific War: Art, Steamships, and the Global Impact of Britain's Invasion of China, 1837-1846 40 000,00 $
Coady, Jesse Watkins  University of New Brunswick The Flowing Maritime Northeast: The Pursuit of River Worlds in the Eighteenth Century 80 000,00 $
El Nabolsy, Zeyad  Cornell University Sociological Approaches to the History of Philosophy: The Exclusion of Modern African Philosophy from the Canon as a Case Study 40 000,00 $
Field, Grace E. University of Cambridge Building black holes: analogical reasoning and analogue experiments 60 000,00 $
Hooks, James M. University of Oxford Pierre Bayle's theory of tolerance and its reception in early eighteenth-century England 60 000,00 $
Horton, Tyler A. University of Cambridge Pneuma in the Septuagint: a lexical study at the crossroads of Hebrew Scripture and Hellenistic Greek 60 000,00 $
Klassen-Marshall, Magdalene R. Johns Hopkins University Good Work: Jewish Sex Work in the British Empire, 1880 to 1920 40 000,00 $
MacInnis, Kaitlyn H. Simon Fraser University An animal history of modernity: the lives of sheep in Scotland, Britain, and the British Empire, 1700-2000 80 000,00 $
Peers, Max T.B. Brown University Constructing Memory: Architecture and Identity in Roman Sicily and Sardinia 40 000,00 $
Shadrina, Elena  Harvard University Documentary Culture of the Medieval Commercial Revolution in Venice 40 000,00 $
Strtak, Jennifer  Yale University The Politics of Transportation: Mobility, Society, and Urban Development in Early Modern Paris 20 000,00 $
Barber, Cassandra L. Maastricht University Investigating accountability outcomes in higher education, in the Canadian context 40 000,00 $
Casson, Jane  University of Toronto Architectural Design Guidelines to Address Individual Behavioural Needs of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Living in Intentional Communities 80 000,00 $
Gui, Jasmine Jia Ying  University of Toronto Asian Canadian Zines as/in Rupture: Archiving New Diasporic Coalitional Imaginaries 80 000,00 $
Hardiman, Amber  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor High-Profile Rape Trials in the 21st Century: Documentary, Entertainment, Law 60 000,00 $
Ho, Joyce Gong-Rou  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Disciplining knowledge: (Un)successful challenges to orthodox economics 60 000,00 $
Ignace, Lawrence R. University of Victoria Bridging different knowledge systems within natural resource management for reconciliation and sustainability 80 000,00 $
Kwao, Benjamin  University of Dublin Trinity College Interrogating the Poverty Reduction Impact of Gold Mining at the Community Level in Ghana 60 000,00 $
Minocher, Xerxes  University of Wisconsin - Madison Articulating Artificial Intelligence (AI): From private power to public engagement 20 000,00 $
Nadar, Danya  University of Antwerp Political Ecologies of Payments for Ecosystem Services and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Nicaragua & Guatemala 80 000,00 $
Victor, Samuel  University of Cambridge Between Orthodoxy and Pluralism: Evangelicals Grappling with Diversity in "the New Nashville" 40 000,00 $
Yu, Angela M. University of California, Berkeley Resolving the Image: A History of Super-Resolution Microscopy and Scientific Representation, 1960-2020 60 000,00 $
Dion, Nathalie  Université d'Ottawa Assessing the impact of endogamy on minority-language grammar 80 000,00 $
Godoy, Maria P. Université du Manitoba Are we criminalizing vulnerable youth? Examining the rehabilitation pathways of Manitoba youth 80 000,00 $
Ma, Marsha Z.Y.F. Université McGill How social workers reach capacity determinations: expressed challenges and opportunities for innovation 80 000,00 $
Pankratz, Elizabeth C. University of Edinburgh Universal properties of compositional structure in language 80 000,00 $
Box-Couillard, Sébastien  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Effect of Public Aid and Private Insurance on Neighbourhood Disaster Resilience 60 000,00 $
Chandler, Allison  Dalhousie University Legitimating rebel governance: statebuilding and secessionist movements (working title) 80 000,00 $
Craske, Jonathan A. University of Southern California Fool Me Once: Examining the Dynamics of Recidivism in Financial Misconduct 60 000,00 $
Decter-Frain, Ari Gabriel  Cornell University The effect of online disinformation on political behavior 60 000,00 $
Henderson, Sophie E. King's College London Systemic barriers to alternative development in drug trafficking economies 80 000,00 $
Lockhart, Mackenzie W. University of California, San Diego Explaining how voters make predictable primary decisions when they lack all knowledge about their candidates 20 000,00 $
Mantha-Hollands, Ashley C. Humboldt University of Berlin Citizenship in a global perspective: a new approach to 'genuine links' 60 000,00 $
Polacko, Matthew  Royal Holloway, University of London The Politics of Income Inequality: Policy Polarization, Participation and Populism 20 000,00 $
Sullivan, Michael R. Yale University Network externalities and online platform competition 20 000,00 $
Carranza, Fabiola  University of California, San Diego What Ever Happened to Felicia Montealegre? 40 000,00 $
Dang, Weiyu  New York University Alien Passages: The Racial Aesthetics of Migrant Legislation 80 000,00 $
Lemieux, François  Université Concordia Collaborations artistiques transculturelles : itinéraire pratique pour une méthodologie décoloniale 80 000,00 $
MacKinnon, Chloé Brault  Stanford University Double coding: codification of/in French 20 000,00 $
Boeschenstein, Konrad  Harvard University Political Merit and Intellectual Elitism in Renaissance Florence 60 000,00 $
De Seta, Marina  Université du Québec à Rimouski Cultiver l'empathie à travers la création littéraire : un regard phénoménologique 80 000,00 $
Finlayson, Tori L. Johns Hopkins University Mechanisms of Power and Royal Women during Ancient Egypt's Middle Kingdom 20 000,00 $
Lloyd, Graham D. University of Toronto Labour Organizing in American-Owned Industries in the Mexican-American Borderlands 80 000,00 $
Mazzeo, Vincenza F. Johns Hopkins University Freedom Struggles: Cervical Cancer and Non-Racial Feminist Organizing in Apartheid South Africa, 1982-1994 40 000,00 $
Belalcazar, Catalina  Université d'Ottawa Sociocultural understandings that contextualize Masters sport internationally 80 000,00 $
Cowan, Maya C. State University of New York at Binghamton CPP Investments: Sustainable Investing for Canadian Well-Being 60 000,00 $
Yu, Carolyn  University of Amsterdam Mental healthcare and the politics of assimilation and integration: the embodied experiences of refugees in Vancouver 80 000,00 $
Hovhannisyan, Garri  Duquesne University A Novel Use of the Five-Factor Model of Personality in Clinical Assessment 40 000,00 $
Liu, Alice  University of Washington Neurons behind notes: Enhancing music making and community building through musical neuroeducation 20 000,00 $
Black, Trena L. University of Victoria How our traditional Canoe Teachings can inform contemporary T'Sou-ke wellness 80 000,00 $
Swarbrick, Dana CR. University of Oslo Being in Concert: Audience Experiences of Social Connection 60 000,00 $
Boivin, Noémie NB. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Femmes centraméricaines en situation migratoire irrégulière au Chiapas (Mexique) : vulnérabilité sociojuridique 60 000,00 $
Dias, Megan F. University of Texas at Austin Do mandatory civic integration programs for immigrants affect native-born citizens' attitudes towards immigrants? 60 000,00 $
Sapollnik, Ian  Massachusetts Institute of Technology New measures of the Canadian wealth distribution and implications for public policy 80 000,00 $
Tsao, Carolyn Chuan  Princeton University Non-wage amenities and the allocation of teacher quality in K-12 40 000,00 $
Fisher, Laura E. Dalhousie University Filling bellies? The impacts of Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Programs on rural mothers in Canada 80 000,00 $
Chartier, Michael  University of Saskatchewan D is for Dirty: A History of Teachers and Disease in Saskatchewan's Indian Residential Schools 80 000,00 $
Cullingham, Sarah C. Trent University Out of the weeds and into the smoke: Experiencing the transition to legal cannabis in Canada 60 000,00 $
Suurtamm, Karen  Trent University Documenting incarceration in Canada: implications for archival theory and practice 80 000,00 $
Cormier, Danielle L. University of Saskatchewan Suffering in sport: A mixed-methods exploration of gritty, self-compassionate athletes 40 000,00 $
Mogaji, Idowu Mary  University of Saskatchewan Improving the Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Schools Through Leadership Practice 60 000,00 $
Newton, Brendan J.P. University of Saskatchewan The relationship between class size and the subjective well-being of children 40 000,00 $
Thiessen, Brittany L. University of Saskatchewan Proactive sexual violence prevention with adolescents: Can we stop it before it starts? 80 000,00 $
Wood, Sarah J. Trent University An Indigenous oral history of Anishinaabemowin reclamation among adult second-language learners 80 000,00 $
Desrosiers, Judy-Ann  Université de Montréal Enjeux politiques et auctoriaux dans l'historiographie de la musique espagnole au XXe siècle : Le cas du Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians 60 000,00 $
Guité-Verret, Stéphanie  Université de Montréal Énoncer, renoncer au « je » : récits autobiographiques des femmes spirituelles de France et de Nouvelle-France du XVIIe siècle 80 000,00 $
Lacasse, Olivier  Université de Montréal Méthodes et savoirs des formes littéraires hybrides. La fonction des sciences humaines dans les écritures d'Annie Ernaux, Éric Chauvier, Christophe Hanna et Franck Leibovici 80 000,00 $
Lavallée, Sylvain  Université de Montréal La fin des mythes 40 000,00 $
Sanderson, Jerika  University of Waterloo Investigating Representations of Biovalue in Science Journalism and Science Fiction 60 000,00 $
Vaillancourt, Jean-François  Université de Montréal Performance romanesque dans l'oeuvre de Jean Echenoz, suivi de Black metal 40 000,00 $
Kettani, Ismael  Université de Montréal La création de l'Organon d'Aristote 80 000,00 $
Laverdure, Eliane  Université de Montréal La traduction gadamérienne de la métaphysique de Platon 60 000,00 $
Movahedi Pour, Hamed  Université de Montréal Continuity and the Event in Leibniz and Deleuze 40 000,00 $
Arsenault, Maude  Université de Montréal Le rôle de la méfiance dans le parcours du travailleur immigrant lésé au travail 40 000,00 $
Awissi, Madon-Manibahou  Université de Montréal Articulation travail-famille : pratiques, représentations et discours des femmes à Dakar et à Lomé 40 000,00 $
Baumann-Lapierre, Yannick  Université de Montréal Montréal, ville abordable? Évolution des marchés immobiliers et pressions résidentielles 80 000,00 $
Bigué, Rose-Ann  Université York Proteomic analysis of dental calculus: detection of vitamin D-related proteomic biomarkers and exploration of possible link with host immunity and disease processes 80 000,00 $
Boisnard, Maud J.U. Université de Montréal Réguler le cyberespace : pouvoir infrastructurel des plateformes numériques et co-gouvernementalité 60 000,00 $
Leger, Samantha  University of Waterloo Assessing the role of public streets for social connection later in life: a study of older adult walkers in Waterloo, ON 80 000,00 $
Martin-Moya, Diane  Université de Montréal Étude du métissage depuis la variabilité phénotypique et génétique crânienne des groupes socioculturels émergents à Montréal aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Analyse comparative du cimetière catholique de la première église Notre-Dame à Montréal 20 000,00 $
Sandhu, Guneet  University of Waterloo Water-secure and climate-resilient Canada: Developing a locally-attuned interdisciplinary water risk management framework to guide corporate water policies and sustainable water investments 80 000,00 $
Alawie, Fatima  Université de Montréal L'association prospective entre l'adversité familiale, le tempérament difficile ainsi que le sexe et les difficultés intériorisées, extériorisées et scolaires au début de l'adolescence : Rôle modérateur de l'activité physique 80 000,00 $
Almanssori, Salsabel  University of Windsor A Feminist Mixed-Methods Investigation of Teacher Candidate Understandings of Sexual Violence Prevention 40 000,00 $
Aubin, Anne-Sophie  Université de Montréal Trajectoires d'enseignants débutants en éducation physique et à la santé au Québec : une analyse de la socialisation professionnelle et de la construction des savoirs professionnels 40 000,00 $
Balsom, Ashley A. University of Regina The Impact of Infertility on Perceived Stigma, Shame, and Post-Traumatic Distress 80 000,00 $
Hanceroglu, Lerna  University of Windsor Understanding the bidirectional relationship between mindful parenting and children's temperament: A dynamic systems approach 80 000,00 $
Kim, Wan Seo  Université de Montréal Précurseurs et régulateurs sociocognitifs du biais d'attribution d'intention hostile en situation sociale chez des adultes agressifs 40 000,00 $
Roberge, Vincent  Université de Montréal L'entrave des buts comme antécédent du leadership abusif : Le rôle médiateur du sentiment d'auto-efficacité 60 000,00 $
Ross, Jessica  University of Waterloo The dynamics of goal pursuit: A metamotivational approach 80 000,00 $
Bayrock, Melissa  Carleton University Disruption and Prestige: The Contradiction and Resilience of Canadian Prize Culture 20 000,00 $
Bennett, Connor  University of Toronto Quiet Discontent: Minimalism and the Melancholy of Contemporary American Fiction 60 000,00 $
Bruce, Gregory A. University of Toronto Defying the Digital: The Analogue Electroacoustic Saxophone 40 000,00 $
Carron, Samantha M. University of Calgary From humility to action: Variations of Marie de l'Incarnation's ethos (1599-1672) in the Correspondance and the Relations de 1633 and 1654 40 000,00 $
Chen, Pei-Chen  University of Toronto Off the Bench, Sing and Play: Lived Experiences in Dalcroze-Inspired Piano Lessons for Amateur Adults 20 000,00 $
De Roy, Layna  Université Laval Phraser le regard : expérience et écriture subjective chez Georges Didi-Huberman 60 000,00 $
Desmeules, Anne-Marie  Université Laval Trajectoires du regard : une poïétique de la perception de soi dans la poésie québécoise contemporaine au féminin 80 000,00 $
Dusowoth, Sushma  University of Waterloo Représentation de la femme dans la littérature insulaire indianocéanique du XXIe siècle : entre soumission et désir d'agentivité 20 000,00 $
Feng, Xiao Fei  University of Toronto Intersections of Trauma and Vulnerability in Canadian and Québécois racialized women's writings 60 000,00 $
Garneau, Sara  Université Laval Le sourire du monolithe suivi de L'extase immanente dans la littérature québécoise contemporaine chez Gabrielle Roy, Louis Hamelin et Robert Lalonde 80 000,00 $
Gee, Erin M. Université de Montréal Feminist Frameworks for Biofeedback Music 80 000,00 $
Kelly, Gemey J. Carleton University Place and standing in Canadian art: the discourses of regionalism and the nationalization of culture in Canada, 1930-1967 40 000,00 $
Kruger, Angela May  McMaster University 'Justice in Our Time' - Tracing legacies of Redress in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside 80 000,00 $
LeBlanc, Amy A.J. University of Calgary She herself is a haunted house: Sickness and Hauntings in Canadian Fiction 80 000,00 $
Michaels, Jamie A.S. University of Calgary Graphic Nationalisms: Remediating the History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 80 000,00 $
Nguyen-Sears, Hong T. Carleton University Queer Embodiment in Romantic Visual Novels and Dating Sims 60 000,00 $
Parent, Catherine  Université de Sherbrooke Construction de la figure d'autrice : Analyse de la réception des écrits intimes de Claire Martin, Marie Uguay et Nelly Arcan 40 000,00 $
Ruddy, Evie J. Carleton University Transing the Lens on Trans Bodies: Collaborative Media Art Projects with Transgender People 80 000,00 $
Yu, Shuyin  University of Calgary My Damned Butterfly: Reimagining and Reinventing Identities in Contemporary Asian Diasporic Young Adult Literature 40 000,00 $
Abusarah, Mohannad  University of Toronto Uniquely Universal: Islamic Universalism in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries 80 000,00 $
Andjelkovic, Filip  University of Toronto History and Myth in the Construction of Serbian National Identity 60 000,00 $
Chan, Xenia  University of Toronto Reading Jeremiah's Confessions in an Honour-Shame Context: An Examination of Community (Re-)Formation Amidst Trauma and Disaster 80 000,00 $
Dakkach, Anass  University of Toronto The socio-economics of Egyptian priests in Roman Egypt 40 000,00 $
Guay, Jean-François  Université Laval Étude iconologique et contextuelle des mosaïques de la Maison de Dionysos de Néa Paphos (Chypre) 80 000,00 $
LeClair, Stacey  University of Calgary Legal Humanism and the Creation of the English Atlantic World, 1560-1690 80 000,00 $
MacAlpine, Rebecca-Ann P. University of Waterloo Networks of Violence: Deciphering Spaces of Gendered Violence in Early Modern England 40 000,00 $
Odland, Brent C. McMaster University Peirce's Critique of Russell's Principles of Mathematics 80 000,00 $
Recaj, Krenare  Carleton University Kosovar Refugees in Canada: Settlement Experiences and Foreign Policy Implications 80 000,00 $
Veillette, Andréanne  Carleton University Understanding the formation of beliefs in conspiracy theories within polarized political groups and their impact on public policy in Canada 80 000,00 $
Anagnostou, Michelle  University of Waterloo The Illegal Wildlife Trade and Converging Criminal Networks 60 000,00 $
Añonuevo, Christine  University of Northern British Columbia Stories of Solidarity: Documenting Racialized and Gendered Leadership That Connects Health Inequities to Resource-Based, Extractive Infrastructure in Northern British Columbia 80 000,00 $
Aspinall, Mary  University of New Brunswick Gendered practices in specialized domestic violence courts: A study of facilitators' perspectives on spousal abuse treatment programs in Canada 20 000,00 $
Balt, Christine  University of Toronto Mapping the emotional landscapes of youth in Toronto: drama, mobile ethnography and the city 20 000,00 $
Berg, Kelsey  University of Lethbridge Health equity representations in the public discourse on government income assurance (GIA): Perspectives from Alberta at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic 40 000,00 $
Butsang, Tenzin  University of Toronto "Blood Runs Thick and Long and For Ever": Stories on Parenthood and Incarceration 80 000,00 $
Canossini, Erika  University of Toronto Towards a Sociology of Clemency: An Exploration of Pardons in Canada and US 20 000,00 $
Chokshi, Crystal  University of Calgary Words to rely on? Writing in the age of data colonialism and artificial intelligence 40 000,00 $
Chubak, Lynda  University of Toronto Documenting essential: How work, worker, and migrant labour citizenship are socially constructed in Agri-food bureaucracies post-COVID-19 40 000,00 $
Clifford, Alicia G. McMaster University 'Where is the healing?': Mapping Indigenous women's well-being post-incarceration 60 000,00 $
Donia, Joseph  University of Toronto Normative viewpoints and designer agency in the development of an artificial intelligence technology for health: a design ethics case study 80 000,00 $
Finnsdottir, Maria S. University of Toronto Radical Women: Gendered Citizenship, National Identity, and the Scandinavian Radical Right 40 000,00 $
Fonarev, Elliot  University of Toronto Becoming included: Workplace experiences of Canadian gender minorities in white-collar and working class jobs 80 000,00 $
Hepburn, Taryn R. Carleton University Pepper Spray and Solitary: Governmentality in Correctional Officers' Practices of Youth Incarceration 40 000,00 $
Huybregts, Ekaterina  Carleton University A "Fundamental Disjuncture": Weight Stigma Reduction Interventions and the Medicalization of Fatness 80 000,00 $
Hanke, Andrea Nicole  University of Calgary Inuit-Academic Partnerships: Listening to Harvesters to Improve Caribou Conservation 60 000,00 $
Lee, Na-Mee  University of Waterloo The social life of data: A study of routine health data from conception to application in Western Province, Zambia 40 000,00 $
Legault-Leclair, Jacob  University of Waterloo Laicity and Religious Regimes in Canada and France: Towards a Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Immigration and Secularization on Patterns of Secularism, 1971-2021 80 000,00 $
Léonard, Naomie  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Citoyenneté, espaces d'exclusion et justice environnementale : perspectives de femmes autochtones en milieu urbain (Montréal, Canada et Leticia, Colombie) 80 000,00 $
Longstaffe, Matthew S. University of Calgary Household economic strategies in a resource "boomtown": The making of an ancient Maya frontier urban centre at Alabama, Belize 40 000,00 $
Madénian, Hélène  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Discours climatiques et pratiques de gouvernance urbaine : le cas de Montréal 40 000,00 $
Manatch, Monique J. Carleton University Indigital Voices: The Oral History of the Indigenous use of Digital Technology in Canada from 1990-present 40 000,00 $
Matheson, Rachel E. McMaster University Eros in Simone Weil, Marguerite Porete, and Anne Carson 40 000,00 $
McCutchin, Carla L. Carleton University Examining Technological Responses to The Pedophile 20 000,00 $
Meaning, Lindsay  University of Waterloo Strange Spaces, Familiar Frames: Material Traces of Empire in Open World Exploration Games 20 000,00 $
Rajdev, Vinay  University of Calgary Using complex systems and geospatial modelling to determine the sensitivity of the food procurement of the traditional food system that impacts Yukon First Nations food security 20 000,00 $
Shantz, Emily P. University of Waterloo Women, Lupus and Life: A biopsychosocial exploration of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 40 000,00 $
Theus, Anna-Lena  Carleton University Smartening up: Recentring Citizens in Smart City Design 60 000,00 $
Turcotte, Simon  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Analyse des stratégies atténuant les effets des vagues de chaleur extrême sur la perception de confort et les risques sanitaires dans les îlots de chaleur de la RLS de Québec-Sud (ville de Québec) et de Chicoutimi (ville de Saguenay) 60 000,00 $
Abraham, Eleenor H. University of Waterloo Cognitive risk and depressed mood in youth: An investigation of rumination, executive functions, and their interaction 80 000,00 $
Abu Qaddum, Wesal  University of Toronto Racialization, Poverty, Public Housing and Access to Post-secondary Education 40 000,00 $
Brown, Andrew S. Carleton University Dress to impress: Examining how officer appearance affects perception 40 000,00 $
Antono, Gregory  University of Toronto Nominalizations and the structure of events in Macuxi 80 000,00 $
Béchard, Nathan  Université Laval Représentations et caractéristiques de l'enseignant·e compétent·e : regards croisés d'élèves, de directions, de parents et d'enseignant·e·s du secondaire 80 000,00 $
Black, Jeffrey J. McMaster University Securing your own safety: Highlighting hidden harm reduction strategies in the opioid epidemic 80 000,00 $
Boily, Ann-Sophie  Carleton University La Loi sur les langues autochtones : analyse décoloniale de la construction identitaire 80 000,00 $
Boldyreva, Elena  University of Toronto Supporting Development of Scientific Competencies, 21st Century Competencies, and STEM Identities of High School Students Using Epistemic Tools of Collective Knowledge Building 40 000,00 $
Bonk, Devin N. University of Toronto Stress, coping, and emotion regulation in online video gaming 60 000,00 $
Boyd, Victoria A. University of Toronto Dialogue for change: advancing the teaching and practice of critical reflection in the health professions 40 000,00 $
Burton, Jennifer L. University of Toronto Emotion in Language Learning: Utilizing Spoken Word Poetry in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) University Classroom 20 000,00 $
Coleman, Taylor  Wilfrid Laurier University The influence of parents on interdependent youth sport teams 60 000,00 $
De Andrade, Marie-Maxime  Université du Québec à Montréal La construction et la diffusion du « goût moderne » par le grand magasin Eaton de Montréal dans les décennies 1920 et 1930 60 000,00 $
DeWolfe, Sacha  University of New Brunswick Living Through Desirability: Expanding Identity and Disrupting Colonial Ideologies 40 000,00 $
Dufour, Gena  Carleton University Judicial Acknowledgement of Canadian Victim Impact Statements 80 000,00 $
Ens, Georgia  University of Calgary Testing an integrated model of self-objectification and sociocultural pressures in youth figure skaters 80 000,00 $
Galway, Sarah C. Brock University It's all a numbers game? An investigation of calories on menus and body image across the lifespan 80 000,00 $
Healey, Lindsay  Carleton University Coercive bullying on inpatient forensic units: What is the nature of this disregarded problem? 40 000,00 $
Janse van Rensburg, Margaret G. Carleton University Exploring autism knowledge in Ontario social workers 80 000,00 $
Laurence, Stéphanie  Université de Sherbrooke Pratiques en enseignement et évaluation en écriture au primaire québécois 80 000,00 $
Lei, Ling  University of Calgary Pathways to Integration through Community Engagement: Exploring Adult Immigrants' Agency in Active Citizenship Learning 40 000,00 $
Magnan-Tremblay, Laurence  Université de Sherbrooke Les adolescentes placées en centre de protection de l'enfance : leurs capacités à composer avec les défis au tournant de l'âge adulte 60 000,00 $
Marashi, Maryam  University of Toronto Body Functionality and Strength Training: A combined intervention aimed at improving body image in adolescent females 80 000,00 $
Martel, Laurie  Université Laval La formation initiale en psychoéducation : contribution au développement  de la compétence d'évaluation psychoéducative 40 000,00 $
Martel, Sara  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Étude longitudinale du rôle de l'agression sexuelle dans la relation entre la consommation de pornographie et la violence dans les relations amoureuses chez des adolescents québécois 60 000,00 $
McCleary, Garrison T. Wilfrid Laurier University Land as Helper: Understanding the Role of Land to Urban Indigenous Wellness and Food Security 80 000,00 $
Pépin, Audrey  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Perceptions d'étudiants au collégial à la suite de formations à la prise de notes 80 000,00 $
Poirier, Joanie  Université de Sherbrooke Mieux comprendre les liens entre douance et bien-être : étude exploratoire d'adultes canadiens doués 60 000,00 $
Prusaczyk, Elvira  Brock University A Person-by-Situation Approach to Understanding the Effects of Pornography 40 000,00 $
Rudy, Lauren  University of New Brunswick Fear and Coping in Atlantic Canada: Addressing the Psychosocial Needs of Rural Cancer Survivors 60 000,00 $
Suessenbach, Lisa  University of Calgary Learning to perceive and produce German sounds through computer-assisted pronunciation training (CAPT) 40 000,00 $
Tyndall, Regan E. University of Calgary Diversity Teacher-Training for ESL and non-ESL: Canadian Secondary School Pre-service Teacher Preparation for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners 80 000,00 $
Weerawardhena, Himanthri D. University of Calgary Features of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Personality, and Coping Strategies in Adults 80 000,00 $
Wong, Katherine K. University of Calgary Understanding the Language of Art for Children who are Dying 80 000,00 $
Zarié, Alexandre  Université Laval L'influence des récits historiques familiaux, scolaires et médiatiques dans la formation de la conscience historique d'élèves de 5e secondaire issus de l'immigration au Québec 80 000,00 $
Bandula-Irwin, Tanya E. University of Toronto Coercion and Consent in Rebel Group Taxation: The Micro-Foundations of Legitimacy 40 000,00 $
Côté, Anne-Marie  Université Laval Déterminants du transfert international des pratiques de gestion des ressources humaines au sein des implantations occidentales au Vietnam 40 000,00 $
Couillard, Benjamin K. University of Toronto Improving Measurement in Urban Economics 80 000,00 $
Dordi, Truzaar  University of Waterloo Finance, Climate Risk, and a Canadian Low-Carbon Transition 20 000,00 $
Dumais, Charles  University of Toronto The Political Rhetoric of Anti-Americanism and the Emergence of Canada, 1864-1867: Its Dystopic Political Rhetoric and Place in The Atlantic Victorian Liberal Tradition 40 000,00 $
Elhelaly, Nehal  McMaster University Effective Product Co-Development Collaboration with Suppliers in Hi-Tech Industries 20 000,00 $
Halladay, Leonard J. Carleton University Queerly multicultural: rights, citizenship, and the (re)production of Canadian identity 20 000,00 $
Smith, Chelsie J. Carleton University Empowering safe voice in low-income and precarious work: an evidence-based intervention 60 000,00 $
Somda, Bezahinibe Micheline  Université de Sherbrooke La définition de l'organisation internationale non gouvernementale : quels critères d'internationalité pour une uniformisation de l'octroi de privilèges et d'immunités? 60 000,00 $
Beaulieu, Benoit  Université Concordia Robert de Montesquiou and the self-aestheticisation 60 000,00 $
Turner, Daria  Carleton University Kin aesthetics: Between a posthumous queer ethics and marginalized representation in contemporary media 80 000,00 $
Chandler, Timothy  Université Concordia Modern Lives: Failure and Tropes in 19th-Century Artist Biography 60 000,00 $
Cybanski, Kara J. Université d'Ottawa Writing for Freedom: Women's Intellectual and Literary Contributions in 20th Century Pre-War Spain 80 000,00 $
Damiano, Natasha L. The University of British Columbia An arts-based ethnography of immigrant children's group singing 60 000,00 $
Dansereau-Laberge, Simon  Université du Québec à Montréal « L'analyse contrefactuelle appliquée aux études littéraires : quand le ludique interroge la frontière entre fiction, vraisemblance et réel », suivi de « Qui est Gaia? » 60 000,00 $
Darvin, Hannah L.M. Queen's University Doctors at the deathbed: sentimentalizing medicine in late 19th-century Victorian painting 40 000,00 $
Dubé, Noémie  Université du Québec à Montréal Exploration écoféministe et géopoétique de la figure de la sorcière en littérature 80 000,00 $
Ducharme, Marianne  Université McGill Élaboration et analyse du caméo auctorial chez Gabrielle Roy et Marguerite Yourcenar 80 000,00 $
Duncan, Moira  Université d'Ottawa The Education of Tudor Princesses: The Commonplace Books of Mary I and Elizabeth I 60 000,00 $
Fritz, Chelsea L. University of Alberta Humiliating the Archive: Indigenous Creators Re-telling and Re-imagining a Colonial Past 80 000,00 $
Gauthier, Alexandre  Université d'Ottawa Au nom du père et du fils : la masculinité et la religion dans le théâtre canadien-français 80 000,00 $
Huang, Chunping  The University of British Columbia Heritage and Identity in Practice: A Visual Art Reflection on Diasporic Chinese-ness 60 000,00 $
Inaim, Rawia  Simon Fraser University Enjoy your conflict: a symptomatic reading of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 80 000,00 $
Jabeen, Sanniah  University of Toronto The Handmade in the Age of Reproduction: (Re)Evaluating Textile Crafts in Pakistan 60 000,00 $
Johnson, Adrienne R. Université McGill Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century African Canadian and Black Diasporic Artists: Embracing Blackness as Human 40 000,00 $
Johnson, Rebecca  Université McGill Negotiating Foreign Space: French National Infrastructure in Counter-Reformation Rome 40 000,00 $
Kolosov, Linara  Simon Fraser University The early history of life writings of literary authors in print 80 000,00 $
Kovacs, Skylar  Queen's University After fragmentation: trauma, mental health, and resilience in modernist women's literature 40 000,00 $
Kukiela, Lilika  University of Toronto A View From Somewhere: Reimagining American Literary Landscapes in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Creative Nonfiction 60 000,00 $
Manson-Curry, Keegan  University of Toronto Entangled Narratives of Sound and Meaning Along the Wolastoq 80 000,00 $
McGeough, Ella Dawn  Université York They Change Everything They Touch and Everything They Touch Changes: an aesthetics of relation in contemporary artistic practice 40 000,00 $
Mullin, Brianna  University of Toronto Je(ux) littéraires et visuels dans l'autoreprésentation surréaliste au féminin 60 000,00 $
Perram, Megan  University of Alberta Click me: multilinear cyberliterature as illness narrative for womxn with hyperandrogenism 40 000,00 $
Poirier, Étienne  Université McGill Impulsion romanesque de l'histoire dans Les Rougon-Macquart d'Émile Zola 80 000,00 $
Price, Jill A. Queen's University Unmaking: A critical methodology for land-based art in the age of the Anthropocene 40 000,00 $
Ruckenstein, Samantha P. Université McGill Women's Bodies as an Embodiment of Civil War Trauma in Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Cemetery of Forgotten Books Series 60 000,00 $
Salami, Titilope M. The University of British Columbia Power and policy in West African museums: a comparative analysis of Nigeria and Senegal 60 000,00 $
Savignac, Rosemarie  Université du Québec à Montréal La maison pavillonnaire. Subversion de l'imaginaire banlieusard dans la littérature québécoise de l'extrême contemporain 20 000,00 $
Seguin-Brault, Olivier  Université de Tours-François Rabelais Rabelais et l'architecture à la Renaissance 80 000,00 $
Singh, Jasleen  University of Toronto Just Buggin: Using Humour to Upset Perceptions of Race and Reality in the Novels of Paul Beatty 40 000,00 $
Skrynsky, Hannah M. Queen's University Anxious Preoccupations: Unearthing the Affective Dimensions of Settler Anxiety in Canadian Literature 40 000,00 $
Soulikias, Aristofanis  Université Concordia Sensing the city: revealing urban realities and potentials through handmade film animation 40 000,00 $
Valentine, Heath  University of Toronto Painting in Popular Cinema and Television: an Intermedial Art History 60 000,00 $
Vasileva, Elena  University of Toronto Remembering Russian modernism: Construction of modernist sites of memory in autobiographical discourse 20 000,00 $
Weigel, Matthew J. University of Alberta "Born of Scrip and Treaty": An Artist's Book of Poetry on the Extinguishment of Title 80 000,00 $
Whitehead, Kelly  University of Toronto Written on the Body: Intergenerational Trauma in Contemporary Canadian Women's Novels 40 000,00 $
Zimmermann, Sabine  The University of British Columbia The Figure of the Refugee in Contemporary German-language Literature: An Analysis Based on Human Mobility, Personhood, and Place 20 000,00 $
Arbic, Russell J. University College London At the Limits of Empire: Auxiliary Forces in the American Revolution's Southern Theatre 80 000,00 $
Bowler, Erica J. Université McGill An Ex-Brothel Keeper's Faith and Social Work: An Exploration of 19th-century Human Rights and Children's Health (in Honour of Nelson Mandela) 80 000,00 $
Butt, Azmat Abbas  Wilfrid Laurier University Impact of Anti-blasphemy Ideologies on Pakistani Diaspora in GTA, Ontario 80 000,00 $
Dickinson, Holly  Dalhousie University Medicine Women: Marginalized healing practices in the Maritimes, 1800-1900 80 000,00 $
Frew, Lee  University of Toronto Canadian External Relations and the Imperial Federation Movement, 1870-1914 80 000,00 $
Ghrawi, Sarah  Université York Exit Through the Gift Shop: The Commodification of Indigenous Culture in Post-War Ontario 80 000,00 $
Guillen, Esther M.S. Université McGill Hail O Philosopher: Problematizing the Reception of Matthew in Justin Martyr's Ancient Mediterranean World 60 000,00 $
Hase, Jackson  University of Toronto Negotiating Readership in Late Antiquity: Between Jerome of Stridon and His Reading Audience(s) 80 000,00 $
Heppner, Caitlin  Université d'Ottawa The Reason We Punish: Abnormality in Law and Medicine 40 000,00 $
Hill, Arthur  Queen's University Understanding Attachment-Based Claims to Territory 40 000,00 $
Hrycun, Leah  University of Alberta The stories of these lands: Uncovering Indigenous-Ukrainian narratives in east central Alberta 80 000,00 $
Khurshid, Nuzhat  Université York Left Universalism and Muslim Feminist Ethics 20 000,00 $
Kirby, Megan  Université York Aisle Strategies: Gender, Space, and the Grocery Store in Toronto 1920-1980 60 000,00 $
La Monica, Michael J. Université McGill Adjudicating Maritime Empire: The French Colonial Admiralty Courts of North America and the West Indies, 1717-1792 20 000,00 $
Leger, Sara J. Université York American Woman, American Religion: Hannah Adams & 18th Century Intersections of Religion, Gender, and Nation Building 80 000,00 $
Luna Morales, Xochiquetzal  Wilfrid Laurier University To encounter the other? How journalists make Catholic-inspired NGOs in Mexico and Russia visible 40 000,00 $
McFadyen, Ursula S. The University of British Columbia "For real college life is not all work:" UBC student community on the early co-ed campus, 1908-1930 60 000,00 $
McKoen, Margrethe  Université York Civil Defence is Everybody's Business: Intersectionality, Accessibility, and the Canadian Cold War, 1945-1962 80 000,00 $
Meehan, Jean-Philippe  Université du Québec à Montréal Ad fundamenta pragmatist? Pour un fondement pragmatiste en sciences cognitives et en éducation 80 000,00 $
Muccilli, Victoria  Université York Naming and Reclaiming: Reconsidering Global and Local Identities through Personal Names in Roman Spain 60 000,00 $
Nini, Mathiew  Université McGill Fichte's Theory of Manifestation: Philosophy and Religion from 1804 to 1806 20 000,00 $
Oberle, Thomas  University of Alberta Modality, Fundamentality, and Metaphysical Foundationalism 60 000,00 $
Perrin, Eliot H. Université Concordia Flour Mill se fane?: Deindustrialization and Urban Renewal in Sudbury's Francophone Quarter 40 000,00 $
Sharpe, Sara  University of Toronto Friendship as a Jewish Practice: Connecting Gender, Race, Age, and Queerness 80 000,00 $
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Starr, Taylor D. Université York Invisible Barriers: Gendered Problems in Canadian Law Faculties (1965-1994) 60 000,00 $
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Van der Post, Rebecca J. Université Concordia Making, Doing and Being in the Anthropocene: A critical phenomenology of how else things happen 40 000,00 $
VanWinkoop, Tiffany J. University of Wisconsin - Madison Processions and Politics: Reimagining Byzantine Ceremonies from the 10th to the 14th Century 80 000,00 $
Adjemian, Maro  Memorial University of Newfoundland Conquest and resistance: Re-mapping development, Indigenous territory, and life projects in Panama 60 000,00 $
Angnakak, Sharon L. Université d'Ottawa Uqattiartuq: An ethnohistorical study of how language influences our understanding of early cultural exchanges in Inuit history 40 000,00 $
Arndt, Laura A. Queen's University First Nations Young People: Together we are Feathers of Hope 20 000,00 $
Atputharajah, Akalya  Université d'Ottawa Development initiatives and negotiations of identity from the second generation of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in Canada 20 000,00 $
Biorklund Belliveau, Linn M.G. Université York Geographies of Violence and Contestation Across Borders: Everyday Politics of Migrant Women at the Mexico-Guatemala-U.S. Proxy Border 60 000,00 $
Bishop, Breanna E. Dalhousie University Labrador Inuit environmental indicators: Communicating climate change across ontological boundaries 80 000,00 $
Bonnett, Nicole  University of Alberta To stay or not to stay: relocation priorities and integration in strategic planning in Canadian communities vulnerable to climate stressors 80 000,00 $
Bork, Dietlind L. University of Alberta When bodies push back: Telling untold stories from the margins of mental health discourse 40 000,00 $
Borras, Jana Mara Aglaya  Université York Caring for Canada: the lived experiences of migrant care workers in institutional care settings 20 000,00 $
Cadman, Rachael A. Dalhousie University Bridging the gap between Indigenous and Western knowledge systems in Nunatsiavut's co-managed fisheries 60 000,00 $
Campbell, Cody William  University of Victoria Prophetic Economies: secularism and rural decline in Mormon Alberta 60 000,00 $
Carignan Jacob, Marilyne  Université Concordia Écoanxiété, discours médiatiques et pratiques individuelles : les figures socioaffectives de l'écoanxiété chez les Québécoises 80 000,00 $
Castelino, Anita E. Université York The Digital Welfare State: a comparative study of Toronto and London 40 000,00 $
Couture, Loisaida C. Université McGill Hard and soft talk: The conventionalization and gendering of talk radio, 1970-2000 80 000,00 $
Evans, Amanda C. University of Alberta Ecological habitus: Métis expressions of identity and place in oil sands work 80 000,00 $
Everett-Fry, Rachel  Université McGill Out on the Farm: Queer Agricultural Practice, Ethics, and Desire 80 000,00 $
Foster, Jordan  University of Toronto "Fashion's Front Row": Social Media Influencers and Class Inequality in the Digital Age 40 000,00 $
Frey, Bronwyn A F. University of Toronto The Datafication of Courier Labour: App-Based Food Delivery in Berlin 20 000,00 $
Girard, Vicky  Université du Québec à Montréal L'extrême droite québécoise : ses discours et son influence en campagne électorale 80 000,00 $
Helou, Ann-Marie  Université McGill Judicial Discourse in Sentencing 60 000,00 $
Herod, Megan R. Queen's University Planning in a post-COVID-19 urban landscape: is there a new role for the non-profit sector? 80 000,00 $
Hewa, Nelanthi  University of Toronto The knowing public, the transparent victim: Media coverage of sexual violence in the digital age 60 000,00 $
Hill-Tout, Kimberly  Queen's University Decolonial Approaches in the Chippewas of the Nawash First Nation Community COVID-19 Food Security Responses: Building Cultural Resilience & Resurgence From Climate Crisis Adversities 80 000,00 $
Hilstob, Kayla  Simon Fraser University The Canadian internet: A case of imagined sovereignty 60 000,00 $
Jenkins, Hailey T. Simon Fraser University The Relationship Between Socio-Physical Environments, Social Participation, and Disability in Older Adulthood 80 000,00 $
Jiang, Cindy  Université York I've disclosed my disability, now what? Exploring how racialized women navigate disclosure, stigma, and workplace culture 40 000,00 $
Kamalova, Gyuzel  University of Toronto Social Life of Disability Diagnosis: Personhood, Incapacitation and Alternative Kinships in Kazakhstan 60 000,00 $
Laforest, Marie-Elise  Université McGill Splatsin sovereignty in action: forestry co-management in British Columbia 60 000,00 $
Lex, Elina  Université Concordia Archival Futures: Directions for Archival Interfaces in Virtual Reality 80 000,00 $
MacDonald, Thomas W.L. Queen's University Under the Influence: Influencer Marketing Platforms and Online Work in Canada's Digital Economy 40 000,00 $
MacDonnell, Mallory E. Université York Work at Sea: Labour complexities associated with marine ecologies and technologies 40 000,00 $
Majeed, Abdulla  University of Toronto The many states of exile: hope, displacement, and statecraft between Iraq and Jordan 40 000,00 $
March, Loren  University of Toronto Queering the in-between: Liminal space and environmental gentrification in Toronto 40 000,00 $
Mayers, Rebecca  The University of British Columbia Beyond Bike Lanes: The Politics of the Cycling Infrastructure Decision-Making Process 20 000,00 $
Mbulaheni, Adetola F. University of Toronto Narrative accounts of Black women accessing HIV services in Toronto, Canada: A critical qualitative inquiry of structural racism 40 000,00 $
Mikhail, Melody  Université York Mining the urban digital future: A feminist and postcolonial comparative analysis of Canada-Guyana relations 40 000,00 $
Ouellet, Michael  Ontario Tech University Police Perception of Danger 60 000,00 $
Parks, Amy  Queen's University More Than a Brand: The Identity Politics and Diplomacy of "We the North" 80 000,00 $
Patrick, George W. University of Victoria Politics of Settler Infrastructure: Colonial Monumentality and Indigenous Place-Making 80 000,00 $
Peter, Cate  University of Toronto Digital disruptions in cultural citadels: technology as a tool for decolonization and intersectionality in museums 80 000,00 $
Phung, Connie  Université Concordia Hong Kong in Theory: A Study on the Circulation and Adaptation of Pierre Bourdieu's Texts 40 000,00 $
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Richey, Meghan B. University of Victoria Generation Z and the environment: Exploring lived experiences of the natural world as a pathway for fostering human and planetary well-being 60 000,00 $
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Segovia, Ricardo A. University of Victoria Indigenous Resurgence in the Peruvian Amazon: The impact of Kukama identity on territorial struggles against extractivism and on perceptions of nationhood 60 000,00 $
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Sones, Meridith L.M. Simon Fraser University Reimagining cities for well-being: Assessing the impact of the urban built environment on social connectedness and equity 40 000,00 $
Soucy, Danielle N. McMaster University Indigenous Health Curriculum in Medicine: an Understanding of non-Indigenous Medical Educators' Perceptions of Professional Competency for the Integration and Delivery of Indigenous Health Curriculum 40 000,00 $
Sproule, Peter J. Queen's University Masculine Fashion Culture in Postwar Germany: Illustrators in the Circle of Hans Fischach 80 000,00 $
Tam, Michelle  University of Toronto Examining Reproductive Access for Racialized LGBTQ+ People 60 000,00 $
Tarar, Shaheer  University of Toronto The Fortified Frontier: Encounters with Border Infrastructures at the Edge of India and Pakistan 80 000,00 $
Thomson, Erica F. McMaster University Environmental education: children's agency in their climate futures 80 000,00 $
Tymczak, Aleksandra  University of Alberta Developing Enabling Policies for Local Food Systems in Alberta 60 000,00 $
VanEvery, Rachel M. McMaster University Harmonizing Poverty and First Nations Health 40 000,00 $
Wade, Harrison E. New York University Precarious Images: Streaming Video as Medium of Aesthetic Instability 80 000,00 $
Wallace, Yvonne M. University of Toronto Slow in the City: Engaging pace as critical for age-friendly initiatives 80 000,00 $
Whitford, Raylene J. University of Alberta Indigenous Leadership in the Natural Resources Industry: a study of the factors and decisions supporting the development of high-performing Indigenous communities 40 000,00 $
Yang, Ruilin  University of Toronto Localized Knowledge Generation from Outward Foreign Direct Investments: The Case of China 40 000,00 $
Zaman, Sunya  The University of British Columbia Decentralization, power relations, and the tragedy of institutions: A discursive institutional analysis of climate and disaster risk governance in Pakistan 20 000,00 $
Zhang, Yu Xing Z. University of Toronto Suturing the Microbial into the Techno-Ecological: Smart Agroecological Worlding in Contemporary China 60 000,00 $
Zhao, Yaxi  University of Toronto Designing an online psychotherapy platform: Supporting therapy practices and privacy measures 60 000,00 $
Zuzunaga Zegarra, Daniela S. Queen's University Digital Inequality, Race, and Social Media: Understanding the Racial Politics of Influencer Visibility in Instagram 60 000,00 $
Albatnuni, Mawdah  Université McGill Religious-Integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Muslim Students with Anxiety: a Randomized Controlled Trial 80 000,00 $
Alexander, Danielle  Université McGill Understanding the Quality of the Coach-Athlete Relationship in the Parasport Context 40 000,00 $
Alizai, Hassina  Queen's University Learning to Teach While Muslim: Examining Islamophobia in Canadian Teacher Education 40 000,00 $
Amponsah, Peter  Université York Careful: Unveiling the discourse of care in Child and Youth Care 40 000,00 $
Beaudoin, Marie-Joëlle  Université du Québec à Montréal Les effets de la pratique du yoga sur l'état d'anxiété, l'attention et la qualité de vie des adolescents ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme et sur la qualité de vie de leur parent 40 000,00 $
Blanchette Sarrasin, Jérémie  Université du Québec à Montréal Effets d'un enseignement de la neuroplasticité sur la mobilisation du contrôle inhibiteur et la réussite à une tâche contre-intuitive en mathématiques chez des élèves en difficulté d'apprentissage 40 000,00 $
Bond, Takara A. The University of British Columbia Self as a brand: the academic and social-emotional implications of online self-presentation among Canadian undergraduate students 40 000,00 $
Borenstein-Laurie, James  Université Concordia Optimism, pessimism, and subjective well-being in older adulthood: The mediating roles of coping style and social processes 80 000,00 $
Brain, Thea  The University of British Columbia Do, help, talk: Training teachers to implement a peer-mediated social skills intervention for elementary school students with autism spectrum disorder 80 000,00 $
Brosinsky, Larissa H. University of Alberta Listening to the Missing Voices of Adopted Teens and Emerging Adults in LGBTQ+ Families: A Qualitative Exploration 20 000,00 $
Butler, Bryan  Université McGill Sleep and well-being: a paternal perspective 60 000,00 $
Cao, Liang  Simon Fraser University Exploring Adult Queer (Im)migrants' Language Learning in Canada: A Sociolinguistic Ethnography 40 000,00 $
Champigny, Claire  Université York Pediatric Stroke: Lived Experiences and Impact on Daily Functioning 40 000,00 $
Costanzo, Valérie P. Université d'Ottawa Accès à la justice des enfants et injustices épistémiques, une étude ethnographique du rôle de l'avocat à l'enfant au Québec et en Ontario 80 000,00 $
Courtland, Margaret Darcy V. University of Alberta Education for Reconciliation: A Narrative Inquiry into the Learning Journeys of Non-Indigenous Teachers 40 000,00 $
Cranston, Kaela  The University of British Columbia Partnering for change: Co-developing a diabetes prevention program with urban Indigenous communities 60 000,00 $
Currie, Lauren N. The University of British Columbia Addiction and identity: The Identity Transition Matters group's influence on identity change with a problematic substance use population 80 000,00 $
Cyr-Desautels, Laurence  Université du Québec à Montréal Étude de la relation enfant-éducateur comme facteur de protection dans l'adaptation des enfants (6-12 ans) hébergés en centre de réadaptation 40 000,00 $
Dawson, Andrew J. Wilfrid Laurier University The Court of Social Media: What Factors Predict Forgiveness For Past Online Transgressions? 80 000,00 $
Day, Stephanie  Université McGill Culturally Safe and Accessible Mental Health Care for Indigenous Peoples through Decolonization within Canadian Counselling Psychology Programs 80 000,00 $
Dela Cruz, John Wayne N. Université McGill From assimilation to integration: Legitimizing immigrant learners' plurilingualism in Canadian second language education 80 000,00 $
Elgendi, Mariem  Dalhousie University The Unintended Consequences of Mandatory Homeschooling on Family Well-being during COVID-19 80 000,00 $
Feehan-Weber, Angela  University of Alberta Social communication in children with Tourette syndrome and Attention Deficit 60 000,00 $
Forte, Magali  Simon Fraser University The role of digital media and online plarforms in the sociomaterial identities of multilingual youth 20 000,00 $
Generale, Mariane  Université McGill Active music participation and emotion regulation in older adults 60 000,00 $
Georgievski, Georgi  University of Toronto Carrying our gifts into the future: An exploratory study of aging and wellness among older Two-Spirit men living with HIV 80 000,00 $
Giroux, Emily  The University of British Columbia Bridging the research to practice gap: An in-depth, prospective examination of the role of community-based organizations in fostering meaningful research partnerships 80 000,00 $
Gold, Vanessa  Université McGill Educational reform: Why not ask the kids what they think? 60 000,00 $
Ghaderi, Golnaz  Université d'Ottawa What are the Perspectives of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Support Providers Regarding Financial Abuse 40 000,00 $
Goossens, Ilvy  Simon Fraser University Communication breakdown? Improving recidivism risk communication in the criminal justice system 40 000,00 $
Groten, Sean D. University of Alberta Youth and musical becoming: responsive and creative music pedagogy through digital music technologies and place 80 000,00 $
Guyon, Roxanne  Université du Québec à Montréal Le fonctionnement psycho-sexuel et adaptatif des survivant·e·s d'agression sexuelle à l'enfance 40 000,00 $
Harasym O'Byrne, Jessica A. University of Alberta (Mis)Understandings about communication post-concussion: Perspectives of youth and their families 40 000,00 $
Hawson, Kirsten C. Université McGill Can research into misophonia help us better understand the challenges in trans-specific vocal modification? 80 000,00 $
Hillman, James G. Queen's University Assessing predictors of transgressor re-offence after receiving forgiveness 60 000,00 $
Hobbs, Chelsea L. University of Alberta The lived experiences of hope following a first pregnancy miscarriage 20 000,00 $
Holtby, Natalie Marilyn  University of Toronto Sluggish cognitive tempo, academic functioning, and emotional adjustment: Examining the pathways and contextual factors defining the relationship between a distinct attentional profile and children's outcomes 40 000,00 $
Jafarova, Zahra  University of Toronto University Autonomy in Peril: A Comparative Study of Higher Education Institutions in Countries Experiencing Democratic Backsliding 60 000,00 $
Kauffeldt, Kaitlyn D. Queen's University Optimizing the knowledge mobilization of national movement behaviour guidelines 40 000,00 $
Kim, Juensung J. University of Toronto Supporting Aspirations to Wisdom in University Students 20 000,00 $
Kubin, Dita  Université McGill Knowing who you are is knowing who to date: Self-concept clarity and dating partner evaluations 20 000,00 $
Lachance, Jean-Philippe  Université du Québec à Montréal Surmonter les obstacles à la pratique régulière d'une activité physique de loisir : Développement et évaluation d'une intervention personnalisée par message texte auprès de personnes en retour au travail à la suite d'un trouble mental courant 40 000,00 $
Larocca, Victoria F. Université York Creating Optimal Messages to Motivate Parents of Children with Disabilities to Support Physical Activity and Understanding Effective Dissemination Strategies 40 000,00 $
Lau, Mandy  Université York Linguistic neoimperialism through AI-powered high-stakes English proficiency tests 80 000,00 $
Lavoie, Charles-Étienne  Université du Québec à Montréal Rôle des stratégies de coping et de régulation émotionnelle dans la résolution d'épisodes de conflits travail-famille 40 000,00 $
Leckey, Jenn M. Dalhousie University Daily activities that predict self-control among youth: A short-term longitudinal study 80 000,00 $
Lefebvre, Jean Paul  Wilfrid Laurier University The True Self and Identity Development in Childhood 40 000,00 $
Lucibello, Kristen  University of Toronto Bearing the weight (of stigma): Exploring the experiences of weight stigma and body image in higher-weight adolescents 40 000,00 $
Luong, Raymond  Université McGill Building a global psychological science: validity evidence for measures in 23 languages 60 000,00 $
Ma, Cecilia  University of Toronto When and Why Do Liberals and Conservatives Avoid Empathy? 80 000,00 $
Macdonald, Erin P. Université McGill They just really get me: Emotional expressive accuracy and friendship outcomes in youth 60 000,00 $
MacPherson, Megan M. The University of British Columbia How Do We Know What to Say and When to Say it? User-Informed Development of a Text Messaging Intervention 20 000,00 $
Manning, Gabrielle  Université d'Ottawa Second language acquisition and processing in school-based French programs 40 000,00 $
Martinez Gutierrez, Naomi  Université York Effect Sizes for Equivalence Testing in the Psychological Literature 80 000,00 $
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Michot, Sandrine  Université du Québec à Montréal L'apport de la résolution de problèmes géométriques dans l'apprentissage de la géométrie et du raisonnement déductif à l'école primaire 80 000,00 $
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Moore, Monika Z. University of Toronto Exploring Tensions Between Disciplinary Norms and Equitable Postsecondary Learning Environments 60 000,00 $
Mosavarzadeh, Marzieh  The University of British Columbia Walking to make place: Towards building a pedagogical community of artists/researchers/teachers of Iranian origin in Vancouver, BC 40 000,00 $
O'Shea, Michael  University of Toronto Polishing the Chain: Cross-Border University Tuition Policies and the Jay Treaty 40 000,00 $
Pacheco, Tyler  Wilfrid Laurier University Overcoming the unseen: The effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the well-being of Canadian workers 80 000,00 $
Page, Christina J. Nipissing University Faculty Interculturality through the Eyes of Internationally-Educated Students: A Transformative Mixed-Methods Study 60 000,00 $
Peltier, Shanna  University of Toronto Dismantling Dominant Discourse surrounding Complex Death with Urban Indigenous Youth Experience 80 000,00 $
Perry, Scott J. University of Alberta Production and perception of reduced alveolar flaps in Spanish 60 000,00 $
Phyu, Hnin Pwint Z. Université York The Role of Schooling and Academic Achievement for Rohingya Refugee Youths in Ontario 20 000,00 $
Plouffe-Demers, Marie-Pier  Université du Québec à Montréal Impact de l'environnement culturel sur la communication non verbale de la douleur 60 000,00 $
Pour Iliaei, Sadaf  University of Toronto The Impact of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program on Adolescent Perceived Stress and Life Satisfaction 40 000,00 $
Qi, Hongyuan  The University of British Columbia The benefits of cross-racial and same-racial interactions on children's school functioning 80 000,00 $
Rassart, Camille Andrée  Université du Québec à Montréal Le lien entre le trauma cumulatif en enfance et le stress parental à l'âge adulte : Mécanismes explicatifs et trajectoires 40 000,00 $
Robertson, Madison  Queen's University Investigating the mental health implications for older adults and their caregivers when admitted into long-term care facilities 60 000,00 $
Robichaud, Bethany J. University of Prince Edward Island Realizing children's rights: Early childhood educators' perceptions and integration of children's rights 40 000,00 $
Rochefort, Corinne  Université du Québec à Montréal Conceptualisation du trauma chez les fratries d'enfants ayant un trouble du développement en présence de troubles graves du comportement 60 000,00 $
Rootman, Joseph  The University of British Columbia Drink Consumption in Cannabis-Alcohol Co-Use: Timing, Context and Subjective Intoxication 80 000,00 $
Sander-Montant, Andrea  Université Concordia Word understanding: How do input and maturation interact? 80 000,00 $
Shaikh, Majidullah  Université d'Ottawa Knowledge mobilization of sport-based trauma-sensitive practices in a national youth-serving community organization 20 000,00 $
Skinner, Sarah Y. The University of British Columbia Supporting academic inclusion for students with intellectual disabilities: A multiple case study examining how universal design for learning influences collaborative practices of a multi-disciplinary school-based team 40 000,00 $
Sluchinski, Kerry  University of Alberta Animate It and Genderless Comrade: Third Person Pronoun ta in Chinese LGBT Discourses 40 000,00 $
Stirling, Bridget E. University of Alberta The good child: Alberta and the politics of childhood 20 000,00 $
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Therriault, Christine  Université du Québec à Montréal Adhésion à la culture du viol : Rôle de l'intégration des représentations mentales sexuelles et relationnelles 40 000,00 $
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Vaillancourt, Monica  Université McGill A prospective study of the prevalence of distress, its determinants, and the impact of social stress among immigrant parents during the transition to parenthood 60 000,00 $
Vallières, Amélie  Université du Québec à Montréal Éducation des jeunes à la littératie en contexte de culture numérique : l'exemple du jeu vidéo 20 000,00 $
Villemaire-Krajden, Rosanne  Université Concordia Emerging Adults' Identity Formation. Extracurricular Activity Participation as a Channel for Exploring Possible Selves and its Association with Indicators of Adjustment and Well-being 80 000,00 $
Walker, Mattie  University of Victoria My Body Is Not a Safe Place to Be Right Now: Exploring Embodied Safety in the Context of Trauma Work with Trans, Two Spirit, and Nonbinary Young People 80 000,00 $
Walters, Alexandra Jennifer  Queen's University Promoting Quality Participation Through an mHealth Physical Activity Program for Persons with a Disability 80 000,00 $
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Wilson, Stuart G. Université d'Ottawa The psychology of recovery among endurance athletes 40 000,00 $
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Woolford, Kaleigh M. University of Toronto The impact of story-telling on language change 60 000,00 $
Wu, Si Jia  University of Toronto Exam Stress Assessment and Reduction using Smartphone 60 000,00 $
Amini, Mohammad Farshad  Memorial University of Newfoundland Visualizing a Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to Address Food Insecurity in Rural NL 40 000,00 $
Anwar, Ali  Wilfrid Laurier University Salesperson Resilience and Learning from Failure 40 000,00 $
Baudet, Alex  HEC Montréal The role of algorithmic literacy in consumers' online experiences 60 000,00 $
Duan, Bufang  The University of British Columbia Ideological Estimation Using Twitter Content 80 000,00 $
Ducharme, Mason  University of Victoria The Retention of Indigenous Executives in Canadian Indigenous Organizations 80 000,00 $
Dutta Choudhury, Suvolaxmi  Université McGill Imagining the nation: Muslim identity mobilization in Bangladesh and West Bengal 60 000,00 $
Fischer, Franziska  University of Victoria Reconciling Narratives of Refugees through Community Projects 40 000,00 $
Goldberg, Jonah I. University of Toronto Explaining Policy Departure in Majoritarian Democracies 20 000,00 $
Grocutt, Alyssa  Queen's University Safety, family functioning, and leadership emergence in young adults 80 000,00 $
Hwang, Christine Chi Hye  Wilfrid Laurier University "It is Not Only What We Do, But Also What We Do Not Do, For Which We Are Accountable": The Effects of Perceived Managerial Inaction to Unfairness in the Workplace 40 000,00 $
Jourdeuil, Kaitlin  Queen's University Contested Territory: Collective Territorial Rights and Moral Justifications of Indigenous Land Claims 80 000,00 $
Kamgain, Olivia C.M. Université d'Ottawa Rethinking Descriptive Representation: Queer Perspectives on Political Representation 20 000,00 $
King, Adam R. The University of British Columbia Sense of Self, Systems Thinking and Leadership Success: How self-concepts impact systems thinking abilities, transformational leadership behaviours, and psychological well-being 80 000,00 $
Lachance, Erik  Université d'Ottawa Opening the Black Box: Exploring the Relationship between Board Decision-Making Processes and Effectiveness in Multi-Level Governance Systems 40 000,00 $
LaFortune, Gabrielle L.M. Université d'Ottawa Local Agency or Neocolonial Influence?: An Argumentation-Focused Critical Discourse Analysis of LGBT Rights Discourse in South Korea 40 000,00 $
MacEachern, Lauren E. University of Toronto Unlearning and the influence of psychological safety in Canadian long-term care settings 40 000,00 $
Mahdi, EbrahimiKahou  The University of British Columbia Can Machine Learning Enhance Economic Models with Heterogeneity? 20 000,00 $
Markevych, Mila  The University of British Columbia Who is Binging on Cognitive and Non-routine Tasks?  The Implications for Job Polarization and Income Inequality 40 000,00 $
McRae, Cameron  Université McGill Precision Retailing in Grocery and Supermarket Environments: Navigational Pathways to Support Adaptive Real-World Behavior and Lifelong Wellness 80 000,00 $
Scanlon, Michaela  Queen's University The negative consequences of stigma towards leaders with a mental illness 80 000,00 $
Music, Janet L. Dalhousie University Sustainable Inclusion: Overcoming Intersecting Discrimination Experienced by Small Scale Food Producers in Canada 80 000,00 $
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Ouellette, Devin J. University of Toronto Gender, Power, Freedom: The Political Thought of He-Yin Zhen 40 000,00 $
Poirier, Sara-Maude  HEC Montréal To err is not only human: When recommendation agents fail to suggest an optimal offering to customers 80 000,00 $
Sabbatasso, Esteban  Université York Of Agribusiness Populism and the Paradoxical Predicament of Smallholders in the Republic of the Soybean 40 000,00 $
Saravanamuttu, Siobhan  Université York "Inclusive" Work? Intellectual Disability and Employment Policy in Ontario 20 000,00 $
Sezgin, Yazgulu  Wilfrid Laurier University Investigating the impact of precarious status on social cohesion 60 000,00 $
Toniolo Barrios, Mariana  Simon Fraser University The good, the bad and the ugly: Examining the positive and negative effects of mindfulness in the workplace and its boundary conditions 40 000,00 $
Troy, Erin E. Université York Trauma Temporalities and Transitional Justice: Sharing Women's Stories in the AfterMath 20 000,00 $
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Verbakel, Derek K. Université York Transnational Configurations of Militarism(s) in/between India and Israel 40 000,00 $
Wiesner, Dominika  The University of British Columbia Corporate Sustainability Reporting as a Policy Tool: A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis 20 000,00 $
Ying, Cecilia Yat Ling  Queen's University Towards Equitable Access of Credit through Fair Machine Learning Models 80 000,00 $
Zaamout, Noureddin  University of Alberta The Spirit of an Uprising: The Question of Pluralism in Syrian Society Post Arab Spring 20 000,00 $
Duperron, Brenna  Dalhousie University Fear Not the Language of the World: Red Reading Literacy in The Book of Margery Kempe 20 000,00 $
Rossi, Meghan  Dalhousie University Can we make this work? Sexual destiny and growth beliefs and the trajectory of sexual and relationship well-being of couples with fertility problems 40 000,00 $
Witteman, Cassandra  Lakehead University Out of chaos, hope: Embodied topographies of the imagination 80 000,00 $
Tomko, Taylor K. Western University Hypno-ontologies: Contested Subjectivities In Late-Victorian Gothic Fiction 80 000,00 $
Wang, Hui  Western University Rewriting history: aesthetics and politics in Mainland Chinese and North American Chinese women writers' historical narratives since the 1980s 20 000,00 $
Champion, Heather V. Western University Algorithms and Practice: Towards a Phenomenological Account of Intelligent Algorithms 80 000,00 $
Khorshid, Sara  Western University America in Egyptian Cinema, Egypt in Hollywood, 1952-1975 40 000,00 $
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Black, Honoure R. Université du Manitoba Disrupting the Urban Settler Landscape, Public Art as Indigenous Acts of Resurgence in Winnipeg, Manitoba 60 000,00 $
Chan, Ryan H.Y. Western University The influence of machine learning decision support systems on healthcare workers' clinical decision-making process 40 000,00 $
Dansereau, Lisette  Université du Manitoba Choice, responsibility, and risk in Manitoba's Self and Family Managed Care Program 40 000,00 $
Evans, Calla  Ryerson University Fat Instagram: Mapping online community through collaborative digital methods 60 000,00 $
Govia, Leah  University of Guelph Digital-ecological spaces and transboundary conservation across North America 80 000,00 $
Graat, Megan A. Western University Examining the impact of the school travel planning intervention on children's travel behaviour and physical activity 80 000,00 $
Koziarski, Jacek  Western University The spatial patterns of mental health calls for police service 40 000,00 $
Pajovic, Vesna  Western University Long-term change in labour force participation and employment stability 20 000,00 $
Rochefort, Julie E. University of Guelph Dietetic undercurrents: engaging in Indigenous ethical frameworks to redress colonial epistemologies in dietetic practice 60 000,00 $
Smith, Taylor  Western University Reconstructing breastfeeding and weaning practices in the post-Medieval Netherlands through the comparison of synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence and incremental stable isotope analysis of human teeth 40 000,00 $
Ward-Kimola, Sabrina H. Goldsmiths University of London Deaf video cultures and publics of the moving image 80 000,00 $
Wick, Celine G. Carleton University Mamawihisicikewin: Coming Home 80 000,00 $
Chahar Mahali, Saghar  University of Guelph Measuring Interculturalism: An Empirical Investigation in Public Support for Intercultural Policy in Canada 60 000,00 $
Ellis, Taylor F. Université du Manitoba Historical Inquiry into Central and Western Arctic Education 20 000,00 $
Hannah, Kara E. Western University Communication abilities and knowledge of events in autism spectrum disorder 80 000,00 $
Hare, Carolynn  Western University Sensitive and Distracted: Sensory Processing and Inhibitory Control in Children with ADHD 80 000,00 $
Ho, Jordan  University of Guelph Stigmatization of Tattooed Black Men in Employment Interviews: Empirical Testing of an Intervention 40 000,00 $
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Pfau, Jamie J. Université du Manitoba Promoting placement stability in the child welfare system in Manitoba: Examining the use of preservice training programs for Manitoban foster parents 80 000,00 $
Provost-Walker, Olivia  Ryerson University A multimethod exploration of racial identity, stereotypes, and fear of negative evaluation 80 000,00 $
Root, Danielle  Mount Saint Vincent University Exploring Mi'kmaw childrearing values and practices through Msit No'kmaq 60 000,00 $
Salisbury, Marlee  Université du Manitoba Building Regulation in Dual Generations: Promoting Supportive Parenting to Improve Children's Emotion Regulation 80 000,00 $
Sick, Kelsey V. Western University The role of body-related self-evaluations and emotions in the development of self-concept in adolescent girls 60 000,00 $
Kennedy, John J. Western University Decoding the New Disinformation Battleground: Evaluating Cognitive Effects of Deepfakes and Other Synthetic Media Formats 40 000,00 $
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Schouten, Henk  Western University War, peace, and monotonic preservation 40 000,00 $
Wall-Andrews, Charlie  Ryerson University Critical Theory Analysis: Advancing Equity for Music Producers in the Canadian Music Industry 60 000,00 $
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Cooper, Mariah Memorial University The Body of Proof: Rape in Middle English Romance and Law 20 000,00 $
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