Bénéficiaires des bourses postdoctorales du CRSH – Concours de l’exercice 2018-2019

Candidature Organisme administrateur Titre de la demande Montant
Acosta, Enrique Max Planck Institut für wissenschaftsgeschichte The Generational and Social Impact on Mortality Gradients: Understanding Baby Boomers Higher Risk of Death from Substance Abuse 90 000 $
Aiello, Daniela Queen's University The Contemporary Governance and Colonial Genealogy of Evictions in Vancouver 90 000 $
Allan, Veronica R. Université York Beyond the 'supercrip': Reframing narratives of athletes with spinal cord injury in news media 90 000 $
Amijee, Fatema University of Toronto Explanation and the Limits of Intelligibility 90 000 $
Ari Erol, Esra Ryerson University Negotiating Identities within an Ethnically and Religiously Divided Immigrant Group: The Case of Turkish Immigrants in "Multicultural" Canada 90 000 $
Armstrong, Chelsey G.D. University of British Columbia Archaeological and Oral Histories: Tsimshian Approaches to Legal Justice 90 000 $
Asiyanbi, Adeniyi P. University of Calgary Reconciling forest opportunities and risks in Alberta and British Columbia: Political ecology of forest carbon and forest fires 90 000 $
Bailey, Aly University of Guelph Re-visioning yoga and yoga bodies: Expanding modes of embodiment with non-normative bodies 90 000 $
Barlow, Meaghan University of California, Berkeley Examining the Motivational Mechanisms of the Effects of Anger and Sadness on Well-Being Across the Lifespan 90 000 $
Barrett, Matthew Musée canadien de la guerre Historical thinking and knowledge translation: exploring the Musée canadien de la guerre through a graphic novel 90 000 $
Basso, Andrew R. Western University Algeria, Displacement Atrocities, and the Global Migration Calamity 90 000 $
Beauregard, Philippe Freie Universität Berlin Les perturbations émotionnelles dans la communauté transatlantique 45 000 $
Bélair, Joanny Utrecht University Grabbing Land or Navigating Fragmented Power Relations? The Political Economy of FDI in Agricultural Land in Eastern Africa 90 000 $
Bencherif, Adib Northwestern University - Illinois Compétition entre élites "émergentes" et élites "traditionnelles" dans la mosaïque politique touarègue au Mali et au Niger 90 000 $
Berthelette, Scott Université McGill Terra Incognita: indigenous Informers, Elusive Empires, and Mismapping Early North America 90 000 $
Biglieri, Samantha Université York Planning dementia-inclusive suburban spaces with/for new Canadians in Toronto's inner suburbs 90 000 $
Blair, Kelsey Université McGill Ordinary Spectacles: Grand Cultural Events, Everyday Urban Life, and Civic Identity in the Twenty-First Century 90 000 $
Blanchette-Lafrance, Maude Université Concordia La place des femmes dans le théâtre montréalais : histoires orales d'actrices et de performeuses (1950-1975) 90 000 $
Bliss, Stacey L. University of Regina Improvised Soundscapes for Individual, Social, and Pedagogical Transformation: A Sonic Ethnography of Gong Masters and Their Spaces 90 000 $
Block, Katharina New York University The Boys Are Not Alright: How Stereotypes Shape Gender Differences in Communion 90 000 $
Bogdan, Eva A. University of Waterloo Creating space and building capacity for difficult conversations on flooding in Canada 90 000 $
Bouchard, Karen L. Institute de cardiologie de l'Université d'Ottawa Caring for caregivers:  The impact of a relationship-education program on cardiac caregivers' wellbeing 90 000 $
Bouchard, Pierre-Olivier Université de Sherbrooke Le roman historique français entre 1900 et 1039 90 000 $
Boyce, Margaret R. University of Alberta Creative States: The Institutionalization of Inuit Artistry in Canada 90 000 $
Breault, Geneviève Université Concordia L'injustice de la ville ou les impossibilités d'un système: le cas des expulsions sans faute à Montréal à partir d'une étude sur l'expérience du tribunal 90 000 $
Breslin, Samantha Simon Fraser University Value(s) in Action: Consequences of Goverment-Univjersity-Industry Partnerships in Public Health Information Technology 45 000 $
Brillant-Giroux, Vincent University of Toronto From Ritual Performances to Everyday Ethics: Castes, Equality and Dynamics of Change in Kerala, South India 90 000 $
Brooks-Cleator, Lauren A. Carleton University Including Indigenous Seniors? Culture, Gender, and Meaning-Making in Age-Friendly Communities 90 000 $
Brooks, Skylar W.R. Carleton University The Political Economy of Emerging Market Debt Since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis 90 000 $
Brown, Ian P. University of Regina Playing the Farmer: agricultural discourse in ancient Christianity 90 000 $
Butler, Stephanie E. Ryerson University "Thank-You, Canada!": Canadian Women's Care-Giving  for British Child "War Guests" during World War II 90 000 $
Cavaliere, Elizabeth A. Queen's University "Images utterly unreal, and yet ... so convincing": Indigenous realities and colonial politics in Duncan Campbell Scott's Treaty No. 9 photographs, 1906 90 000 $
Chabot, Cecil Université Concordia Envisioning a Reconciled Canada: Lessons in Leadership and Reciprocity from the James Bay Cree and Fifty Years of a Transformative YMCA Program among them 90 000 $
Chan, Jessica University of South Carolina Two plus two is not the same as 2 + 2: Unpacking the academic language of math for children with and without language and reading impairments 90 000 $
Chenard-Poirier, Léandre Alexis Université du Québec à Montréal Leadership, autonomie et performance au travail : le rôle de la passion 90 000 $
Chen, Le University of Toronto Plurilingualism and Innovating the English for Academic Purposes Pedagogy: A Mixed-Methods Investigation 90 000 $
Cila, Jorida Ryerson University Approaching reconciliation policies from an intergroup perspective: An examination of symbolic threat, perspective-taking, and national identity 90 000 $
Colasante, Tyler Queen's University The shape of adolescents' shame in the online age: Mechanisms, development, and psychosocial implications 90 000 $
Conrad, Ryan T. Université York Excavating Technologies of Cultural Memory: Mining Canada's AIDS Activist Video Archive 90 000 $
Corbit, John E. Dalhousie University Morality across group boundaries: the influence ingroup bias and collaboration on care and fairness 90 000 $
Côté-Bouchard, Charles Université de Montréal Why avoid error? On the nature and significance of epistemic normativity 90 000 $
Côté-Lapointe, Simon Université Laval Préservation, diffusion et exploitation des archives audiovisuelles québécoises sur le web 90 000 $
Couture-Carron, Amanda Rowan University Law Enforcers as Immigration Enforcers: A Cross-National Comparison of Resistance During Encounters with Battered Undocumented Women 90 000 $
Craciunescu, Miruna University of Ghent Usages de la fiction dans les littératures environnementale et écologique (1977-2018) : une écopoétique narratologique 90 000 $
Dahl, Shayne A.P. McMaster University Mummified Monks in Contemporary Japanese Buddhism 90 000 $
Daoust, Marc-Kevin Harvard University De-Idealizing Normative Epistemology 90 000 $
Darchinian, Fahimeh Université du Québec à Montréal Les « frontières » à l'intersection de la religion, de la langue et des rapports de genre : discours de jeunes musulmanes à l'École québécoise 90 000 $
Dawson, Samantha Dalhousie University In the mood of sex? A multi-method approach to examine how affect and attention to sexual cues impact couples`sexual well-being 90 000 $
Decter, Leah Université York Troubling the settler imaginary: the performance of unsettlement in Canada and Australia 90 000 $
DeMichelis, Carey R. Vanderbilt University Biomedical Refusal and "The Best Interests of the Child" 90 000 $
de Geus, Roosmarijn University of Toronto Women in power: Exploring gender and political leaders in Canada 90 000 $
Dunning, Susan C.B. University of Oxford Humans as gods in the Roman world 90 000 $
Dunsworth, Edward I. Université York Canada's Guestworkers: Memory, Migration, and Labour, 1955-present 90 000 $
Durand, Marion University of Oxford The Stoic Theory of Prediction 90 000 $
Esling, Natalia M.E. University of British Columbia Immersive Performance Practices for Translating Experiential Knowledge: Assessing the Affective Potential of Sensory-Focused Dramaturgies in Generating Empathy and Understanding 90 000 $
Faruque, Muhammad Omar Queen's University Climate Crisis, Energy Democracy, and Environmental Movements in Bangladesh 90 000 $
Fazel-pour, Sina Carnegie-Mellon University Varieties of Algorithmic Unfairness and a Unified Framework for Assessing Them 90 000 $
Fewster, Gregory P. University of Toronto Material Histories of Egyptian Papyri at the Royal Ontario Museum 90 000 $
Fillion, Eric University of Toronto International Music Festivals and Identity Performance in a Canadian Context: On Being and Becoming (1959-1974) 90 000 $
Fitzgerald, Saira Lancaster University The global reach of the International Baccalaureate and its implications for education policy 90 000 $
Fong, Deanna Université Concordia Towards an Ethics of Listening in Literary Study 90 000 $
Fort, Emilie Durham University Creating peace in the post-Yugoslav space:addressing identity building through local and transnational women organizations 90 000 $
Fournier, Lauren F. University of Toronto Towards a Practice-Based Feminist Autotheory: Curating Multidisciplinary Art Exhibitions Attuned to Issues of Settler-Colonialisms and Working-Class Knowledges 90 000 $
Fradkin, Jeremy A. Université McGill The Refugee in Early Modern British Thought 90 000 $
Gaffney, Caitlin Birkbeck University of London Linguistic, psychological, and emotional sources of indivual differences in second language fluency 90 000 $
Galilee, Alena I. University of Calgary Reading development in novice and skilled readers: A cross-sectional brain imaging study 90 000 $
Gao, Zhipeng Simon Fraser University Moving China: Reimagining community through empathetic governance 90 000 $
Gemmell, Katie M. University of Victoria The Implementation of Integrated Education Policy in Catholic Indian Residential Schools in British Columbia, 1951-1984 90 000 $
Gendron-Blais, Hubert Université McGill Expérimentations musicales et politiques en commun: écologies sonores, perceptions collectives et performances improvisées pour un peuple à venir 90 000 $
Georgis, Mariam Université du Manitoba Assyrians: the Invisible Remnants of Colonial Modernity in Iraq? 90 000 $
Girardin, Catherine University of Toronto Johann Gottfried Herder's complete dramatic works: a critical edition 90 000 $
Gittings, Lesley University of Toronto Exploring identity, gender and relationship experiences amongst Northern and Indigenous Youth using arts-based participatory methods 90 000 $
Gobby, Jennifer Université Concordia Niches, not Silos: Fostering diversity, interdependence and collaboration across difference in the Climate Movement(s) in Canada 90 000 $
Haddon, Edward University of Victoria Perceptions of Class Conflict in Comparative Perspective 90 000 $
Harrison, Teddy Harvard University Legitimate Criminal Justice in Unjust Conditions 90 000 $
Healey, Devon Kathryn Université York Enacting Blindness: Performativity and Identity 90 000 $
Henderson, Julia S. Université Concordia Dramaturgies of Assistance: Shifting Stigma by Engaging Persons with Dementia in Theatrical Research-Creation and Performance 90 000 $
Houle-Courcelles, Mathieu Université d'Ottawa Consommer et produire par nous-mêmes : expériences coopératives en milieu ouvrier au Québec (1886-1920) 90 000 $
Huizenga, Daniel L. University of Toronto Property, autonomy, and territorial pluralism in South Africa: The right to 'say no' to large-scale development 90 000 $
Iqbal, Basit K. University of Alberta Identity and Security through the Chronotopic Regimes of the Al Rashid Muslim Community 90 000 $
Johnston, Matthew S. Université Concordia Making mental health stories count: A case study of a home treatment program in Kitchener 90 000 $
Jones, Lori K. Carleton University Beyond public print: personalized knowledge creation in early modern medical manuscripts 90 000 $
Kalashnikov, Antony University of Alberta Soviet imaginings of the communist future: the inconstant utopian theme and its varieties, 1956-1977 90 000 $
Kasa, Deni University of Oxford Anti-Trinitarianism and Religious Liberty in Grotius, Milton, and Locke 90 000 $
Kim, James Western University Examining Trajectories of Sexual Compatibility in Relationships 90 000 $
Koenig, Boris University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Occult afflictions, healing places and the dynamics of religious pluralism in Côte d'Ivoire 90 000 $
Landry, Julien University of Alberta Les intellectuels, les militants et la renégociation de l'identité conservatrice canadienne 90 000 $
Lay, Jennifer C. Chinese University of Hong Kong Mind over solitude: Cultivating adaptive affective and physiological responses to being alone across the adult lifespan 90 000 $
Lesnikowski, Alexandra C. University of Waterloo Assessing policy integration for climate change adaptation in Canada: A mixed methods approach 90 000 $
Lew-Levy, Sheina Simon Fraser University Investigating how BaYaka forager children learn to make and use tools 90 000 $
Lewandoski, Julia University of British Columbia Mission Secularization, State Building, and Indigenous Survival in North America 90 000 $
Loiselle, Marie-Ève University of Waterloo I am 110101000: Governance challenges of the biometric registration of refugees 90 000 $
MacKinnon, Anna L. University of Calgary It Takes a Village: How and for Whom Neighbourhood SES Impacts Social-Emotional Development in Children 90 000 $
Maghsoudlou, Salimeh Université McGill The legacy of Avicenna or Muhammad? Theorizing Models of Rationality and Spirituality in the Islamic Context and its Significance for Rewriting the Intellectual history of the Islamic World, 1200-1500 AD 90 000 $
Mamolea, Andrei Université McGill A new history of the laws of war 90 000 $
Marston, Andrea University of Toronto After Ore: Mine Waste Across the Americas 90 000 $
Martin, Philip A. University of Toronto The legacies of rebel governance for state-citizen relations 90 000 $
Mathew, Jaby Columbia University Democarcy as a Global Formation: Race, caste, and the Idea of Equal Freedom 90 000 $
Maynard, Catherine Université de Sherbrooke Le rapport à l'écrit des futurs enseignants : sa transformation lors d'ateliers de formation à la littératie universitaire 90 000 $
McClelland, Alexander Université d'Ottawa Confidentiality, anonymity & epistemological exclusion: challenges & strategies for realizing ethical & inclusive research 90 000 $
Midzain-Gobin, Liam University of Northern British Columbia Indigenous Knowledge: Community-based approaches to mobilization 90 000 $
Millar, Heather L. Université d'Ottawa Risk politics: the role of risk frames in explaining public resistance to renewable energy technologies in Canada 90 000 $
Mourad, Lama Harvard University Seeing is Believing: The Politics of Visibility in the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon 90 000 $
Muirhead, Jacob B.M. Université York The missing role of private contracts in global agri-food governance 90 000 $
Murray, Adrian T. Université McGill A Crisis for Whom? Social Movements, Austerity and Struggles for Public Water in Cape Town and Detroit 90 000 $
Murray, Nathan W. University of Virginia Surface Writing: Resistance to Critique and Anti-Modernism in Popular Fiction, 1920--1975 90 000 $
Nadler, Amanda L. University of Vienna Integrating the Stereotype Content Model to understand the effects of male media model body size on men's stereotype content, social judgement and consumer-related behaviours 90 000 $
Neubauer, Robert J. University of Victoria Fossil Fuels and the National Interest: Mapping Industry and Civil Society Discourse Promoting Canadian Energy Development Throughout Legacy and Social Media 90 000 $
Nourpanah, Shiva University of Guelph The Experiences of Foreign Women Escaping Domestic Violence in Rural Nova Scotia 90 000 $
Onosson, Sky Université du Manitoba An ethnolinguistic study of Filipino-Canadians in Winnipeg 90 000 $
Ortuzar, Jimena Ryerson University Women's Reproductive Labour as Collective Action in the Americas: A Cross-cultural History, 1970-1990 90 000 $
Ozburn, Avery Université McGill Vowel harmony in child language acquisition 90 000 $
Pâquet, Myriam University of British Columbia Can being supportive do more harm than good? A daily diary study examining the role of support transactions on subsequent mood and self-esteem 90 000 $
Parent-Rocheleau, Xavier Curtin University The effects of algorithmic management on workers: The role of work design 90 000 $
Paszat, Emma Université York Rethinking Solidarity: How International LGBTQ Activism Works 90 000 $
Peacock, Claire E. Université Laval Ties that Release: Withdrawal Clauses in International Environmental Agreements 90 000 $
Peirce, Jennifer E.H. University of Toronto The International Travels of "Humane Prison" Models: An analysis of human rights and rehabilitation in three cases of prison reform 90 000 $
Peirone, Amy E. University of Guelph Intimate Partner Violence in Canada: Types, Risks, & Consequences 90 000 $
Perreault, Isabelle Université du Québec à Rimouski La musique, mémoire de la modernité : poétiques anticontemporaines dans le roman français et québécois depuis 1980 90 000 $
Perrott, Katherine J. Université York Densifying the dream: "Missing middle" housing, sustainable suburban growth, and affordability 90 000 $
Plowright, William R. Universiteit van Amsterdam Aid Workers in the Crosshairs: the disintegration of humanitarian inviolability in the twenty-first century 90 000 $
Pulizzotto, Davide Université de Sherbrooke L'apprentissage continu dans l'analyse de texte assistée par ordinateur en sciences humaines 90 000 $
Reid, Genevieve University of British Columbia Indigenous Geospatial Data Sovereignty in Canada 90 000 $
Rich-Zendel, Sarah Université York Do Anti-Trafficking Awareness Campaigns Have a Long-Term Impact? Evidence from a Longitudinal Randomized Control Trial in Nepal 45 000 $
Rombough, Julia E.G. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italia Air Quality in Early Modern Naples 90 000 $
Rossy, Katherine Carleton University Children Under Fire: Emergency Humanitarianism from World War II to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1939-48) 90 000 $
Roy Grégoire, Etienne Université McGill Que signifie dialoguer en contexte minier? Trajectoire globale d'une norme canadienne 90 000 $
Rozsa, Irene Tulane University The International Catholic Office for Cinema in Latin America: Comparative Perspectives 90 000 $
Ruelland, Isabelle Université de Montréal Les espaces d'innovation démocratique de réseaux locaux de santé mentale 90 000 $
Sabourin, Charlotte University of British Columbia Rethinking Prejudices against Women from a Kantian Perspective 90 000 $
Saghafian, Marzieh Stanford Children's Health The dynamics of team leadership in medical emergency conditions 90 000 $
Sax, Marieka University of Northern British Columbia Benefits and burdens: Social location and structural (dis)advantage with liquefied natural gas (LNG) development in northern British Columbia 90 000 $
Schwarz, Kaylan C. Université McGill Grassroots humanitarianism, refugee artisans and the gendered construction of solidarity 90 000 $
Shahbaz, Pegah University of British Columbia Narrative Texts in South Asian Multi-Lingual Context 90 000 $
Shanouda, Fady City University London International students experiences' of distress: colonialism, technology, and madness 90 000 $
Shu, Fei Université de Montréal A Comparison between Web of Science and Érudit in terms of Quebec Authors and Their Performance in Social Science and Humanities 90 000 $
Sidhu, David M. University College London Investigating Effects of Iconicity in Communication 90 000 $
Simard, Mathieu Katholieke Universiteit Leuven L'imaginaire des genres littéraires dans la culture visuelle (2000-2018) 90 000 $
Smith Elford, Jana R. Université d'Ottawa Networked Feminism: Feminist Media, Digital History, and Social Change 90 000 $
Soros, Erin M. Université du Manitoba The See: Visionary Witnessing in Indigenous Storytelling 90 000 $
St-Laurent, Méi-Ra Université Concordia La polémique du politiquement correct dans la musique populaire : analyse socioculturelle d'un phénomène en expansion 90 000 $
St-Pierre, Marilou Université d'Ottawa Médiatisation du sport, diversité et stéréotypes: un portrait canadien 90 000 $
Switzer, Sarah L. University of Toronto Beyond the Toolkit: Exploring Pedagogical Approaches for Community Engagement with Youth Participatory Action Researchers, Community Facilitators and Community Artists 90 000 $
Szymanski, Adam University of Chicago The Production of Subjectivity in Psychotherapeutic Uses of Film 90 000 $
Thumbadoo, Romola V. Carleton University From Campfire to Cybercartography: Is the Digital Atlas Now Elder William Commanda's Storytelling Campus? 90 000 $
Trahan, Michaël University of Toronto La vie écrite : fictions de la vocation et désir de littérature 90 000 $
Tremblay, Gabrielle University of Technology, Sydney Pour une approche interdisciplinaire de la création scénaristique dans un contexte universitaire 90 000 $
Uddin, Mohammed Salim University of Waterloo Social Learning Makes a Difference: Mapping Adaptation and Community Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Disasters 90 000 $
Valen, Dustin R. Université Concordia Climate exchange: technology, race, and the origins of British environmental architecture 90 000 $
Van Damme, Trevor M. University of Victoria Autochthonous Athens? Social Resilience, Technological Innovation, and the Creation of Sacred Space on the Athenian Acropolis (1200--700 BC) 90 000 $
Verdugo Ulloa, Felipe Université McGill L'invisible et le visible du geste pianistique : dynamiques internes de l'expression musicale et optimisation de la production sonore 90 000 $
Verner-Fillion, Jérémie Université du Québec en Outaouais Gestion du stress chez les athlètes: La réalité virtuelle comme outil d'entrainement 90 000 $
Vincent-Lamarre, Philippe Université de Montréal Reviewing reviews: a large-scale textual analysis of referees' reports 90 000 $
Waldman, Devra J. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Aiming for (the) 'green': politics and implications of the production of purified sport cities in India 90 000 $
Webb, Christopher S. London School of Economics and Political Science New Technologies of Poverty: Biometrics and Financial Inclusion in Southern Africa's Cash Transfer Programs 90 000 $
Wesley, Bernabé Université de Vincennes-Saint-Denis (Paris VIII) Des amnésies mémorables. La mise en texte de l'oubli collectif dans le roman français (1900-1950) 90 000 $
Whitfield, Gregory Université McGill On the Ethics of Political Manipulation 90 000 $
Wu, Cary University of Toronto Is Education Always Good for Democracy? The Effect of Education on Trust in Comparative Perspective 90 000 $
Xu, Chang Université Concordia Exploring the effects of targeted instruction for children with different levels of prior number knowledge 90 000 $
Youdelis, Megan University of Guelph Conservation as Decolonization: Tribal Parks and Alternative Sustainabilities in Canada 90 000 $
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