Subventions de synthèse des connaissances – Pratiques exemplaires dans les évaluations environnementales et les évaluations des impacts

Candidature Robert Gibson University of Waterloo
Cocandidature Daniel McCarthy University of Waterloo
Collaboration A. John Sinclair Université du Manitoba
Dayna Nadine Scott Université York
Meinhard Doelle Université York
Titre Synthesis at the nexus of sustainability assessment, regional/strategic assessment and Indigenous partnership and engagement
Durée 1 an
Montant 29 860 $
Candidature Arn Keeling Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cocandidature Brenda Parlee University of Alberta
Collaboration Ben Nind Giant Mine Oversight Board
Norman Barichello Ross River Dena Council
Titre Integrating socio-economic objectives into impact assessment for mine closure and remediation in Canada: sustainability, transparency, and inclusion
Durée 1 an
Montant 27 023 $
Candidature Jill Blakley University of Saskatchewan
Cocandidature Bram Noble University of Saskatchewan
Collaboration Jérôme Marty Conseil des académies canadiennes
Karen Vella Queensland University of Technology
Titre Lessons learned, best practices and critical gaps in regional environmental assessment: A synthesis of Canadian and international experience
Durée 1 an
Montant 29 206 $
Candidature Kelly Bronson Université d’Ottawa
Cocandidature Gwendolyn Blue University of Calgary
Collaboration Jason Chilvers University of East Anglia
Gwen Ottinger Drexel University
Titre Assessing meaningful participation in Canadian impact assessments: Lessons from environmental justice frameworks
Durée 1 an
Montant 26 250 $
Candidature Christopher Buse University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Kevin Hanna University of British Columbia
Collaboration Dawn Hoogeveen University of Northern British Columbia
Margot Parkes University of Northern British Columbia
Titre Best practices in integrated assessment approaches for regional and strategic environmental assessments: A realist review
Durée 1 an
Montant 30 000 $
Candidature Patricia Fitzpatrick Université de Winnipeg
Collaboration Byron Williams Public Interest Law Centre
Titre Learning for the future: Follow-up, monitoring and adaptive management
Durée 1 an
Montant 30 000 $
Candidature Thomas Gunton Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Murray Rutherford Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Christopher Joseph Swift Creek Consulting
Titre Best Practices for Assessment of Socio-Economic Impacts in Environmental Impact Assessment
Durée 1 an
Montant 29 300 $
Candidature Candace Nykiforuk University of Alberta
Collaboration Jennifer McGetrick University of Alberta
Joe Vipond Association canadienne des médecins pour l’environnement
Melissa Gorman Santé Canada
Titre Scoping Population Health in Impact Assessment (ScopHIA) Realist Review: Identifying Best Practices for Equity in Scoping of Major Natural Resource and Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects
Durée 1 an
Montant 30 000 $
Candidature Dayna Nadine Scott Université York
Cocandidature Cole Atlin Memorial University of Newfoundland
Estair Van Wagner Université York
Collaboration Robert Gibson University of Waterloo
Chris Moonias Matawa First Nations Management
Harvey Yesno Eabametoong First Nation
Peter Siebenmorgan Eabametoong First Nation
Titre Implementing a Regional, Indigenous-Led and Sustainability-Informed Impact Assessment in Ontario's Ring of Fire
Durée 1 an
Montant 28 830 $
Candidature Sara L. Seck Dalhousie University
Cocandidature Penelope Simons Université d’Ottawa
Collaboration Meinhard Doelle Dalhousie University
Naiomi Metallic Dalhousie University
Titre Impact Assessment and Responsible Business Guidance Tools in the Extractive Sector: Implications for Human Rights, Gender and Stakeholder Engagement
Durée 1 an
Montant 29 959 $
Candidature Deborah Stienstra University of Guelph
Cocandidature Leah Levac University of Guelph
Collaboration Craig Benjamin Amnistie internationale Canada Francophone
Bonnie Brayton Réseau d’action des femmes handicapées Canada
Jane Stinson Institut canadien de recherche sur les femmes
Jackie Hansen Amnistie internationale Canada Francophone
Laura Pin University of Guelph
Lema Ijtemaye Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
Titre Addressing the + in GBA plus: Exploring promising international practices in impact assessments
Durée 1 an
Montant 29 955 $
Candidature Jennifer Winter University of Calgary
Collaboration Alana Westwood University of Winnipeg
Titre Public interest determination in environmental decision-making: A synthesis of best practice and comparison to recent practices in Canada
Durée 1 an
Montant 30 000 $
Candidature Maya K Gislason Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Dawn Hoogeveen University of Northern British Columbia
Collaboration Christopher Buse University of British Columbia
Margot Parkes University of Northern British Columbia
Titre Gender Based Analysis Plus: A knowledge synthesis to assist with the implementation and development of inclusive, diversity-focused, gender-sensitive Impact Assessment processes and indicator frameworks in Canada
Durée 1 an
Montant 29 984 $
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