Appel à propositions spécial pour l'attribution des subventions Connexion – Capacité de recherche autochtone et réconciliation 2018

Comité 1A
Comité 1B


Comité 1A

Candidature Margaret Kisikaw Piyesis All Nations Hope Network
Cocandidature Greg Riehl All Nations Hope Network
James Daschuk University of Regina
Collaboration Diane Kaiswatum All Nations Hope Network
Lana Holinaty All Nations Hope Network
Titre Kiskinowâpamew (s/he imitates her/him in order to learn): An Indigenous-led organization's research journey
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Deana Machin BC First Nations Fisheries Council
Cocandidature Astrid Niemann-Zajac BC First Nations Fisheries Council
Collaboration Louise Teh University of British Columbia
Rashid Sumaila University of British Columbia
Titre Communication Indigenous fisheries values and forging a path to economic reconciliation in pacific fisheries
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Stephen Augustine Cape Breton University
Cocandidature Janice Tulk Cape Breton University
Collaboration Alyce Maclean Cape Breton University
Emily Root Cape Breton University
Margaret Donahue Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat
Mary Beth Doucette Cape Breton University
Titre Building Research Capacity and Facilitating Reconciliation through Indigenous Ethics Processes
Valeur 48 890,00 $
Candidature Merrell-Ann Phare Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
Cocandidature Margaret Low Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
Natasha Overduin Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
Collaboration John Pomeroy University of Saskatchewan
Michael Miltenberger North Raven
Oliver Brandes University of Victoria
Susi Porter-Bopp BC First Nations Fisheries Council
Titre Consent-based Governance Approaches:  Extending and Mobilizing Knowledge to Support Policy Action-Research and Advance Reconciliation
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Nancy Poole Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
Collaboration Annette Cormier NB FASD Centre of Excellence
Cynthia Sewell NB FASD Centre of Excellence
Kathy Unsworth Canada FASD Research Network
Lindsay Wolfson Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
Melody Morton Ninomiya Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Tasnim Nathoo Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
Titre Advancing collaborative action of FASD prevention in Indigenous communities
Valeur 49 100,00 $
Candidature Glen Coulthard Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Cocandidature Harsha Walia Sans affiliation
Leanne Simpson Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Melanie Yazzie University of New Mexico
Robyn Maynard Sans affiliation
Tasha Spillett University of Saskatchewan
Collaboration Leroi Newbold Black Lives Matter - Toronto
Natalie Knight Simon Fraser University
Nick Estes Harvard University
Titre Land as Relationship:  Cultivating Cross-Struggle Solidarity through Land-Based Practice
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Leanne Simpson Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Cocandidature Glen Coulthard Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Kelsey Wrightson Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Collaboration Berna Martin Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Gordie Liske Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Jonas Sangris Goyatikö Language Society
Mary Rose Sundberg Goyatikö Language Society
Paul MacKenzie Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Titre Land as pedagogy:  immersive education for Dene life
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Kelsey Wrightson Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Cocandidature Erin Sutherland University of Alberta
Jarrett Martineau Société Radio-Canada
Leanne Simpson Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Lianne Charlie Yukon College
Tania Willard Okanagan College
Titre Dreaming new worlds:  Indigenous land based artistic practice and creative pursuit
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Lorrilee McGregor École de médicine du Nord-Ontario
Cocandidature Pamela Williamson Noojmowin Teg Health Centre
Titre First Nation Community Research Conference on Manitoulin Island
Valeur 39 580,00 $
Candidature Roseanna Radmanovich First Nations (Alberta) Technical Services Advisory Group
Cocandidature Laura Machial First Nations (Alberta) Technical Services Advisory Group
Collaboration Robert Patrick University of Saskatchewan
Titre Community-led source water protection planning
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Keith Williams First Nations Technical Institute
Cocandidature Alicia Peltsch First Nations Technical Institute
Collaboration Dan Longboat Trent University
Suzanne Brant First Nations Technical Institute
Umar Umangay First Nations Technical Institute
Titre Decolonizing food systems as the root of Indigenous cultural resurgence
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Hugo Maillhot Couture Grand Conseil De La Nation Waban Aki
Cocandidature David Bernard Grand Conseil De La Nation Waban Aki
Collaboration Stéfanie O'Bomsawin Grand Conseil De La Nation Waban Aki
Valérie Laforce Grand Conseil De La Nation Waban Aki
Titre Mobilisation des savoirs w8banakiak dans les activités du Bureau du Ndakinna : une initiative de réappropriation de la recherche
Valeur 45 822,00 $
Candidature Jerry Longboat Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
Collaboration Clayton Baraniuk Electric Company Theatre
Cynthia Lickers-Sage Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
Kevin Kerr University of Victoria
Lindsay Lachance Centre national des arts
Reneltta Arluk Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Titre Decolonization Within the Performing Arts:  Mobilizing Knowledge of Indigenous Practices in Creation and Performance and Equitable Collaborations between Indigenous and Settler-led Organizations and Artists
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Kelly Lendsay Indigenous Works
Cocandidature Craig Hall Indigenous Works
Peter Moroz University of Regina
Robert Anderson University of Regina
Titre Research Strategies for Corporate/Indigenous Engagements
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Shannon O'Hara Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Cocandidature Bob Simpson Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Jennifer Parrott Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Collaboration Alan Kennedy Fisheries Joint Management Committee
Cassandra Elliott Joint Secretariat
Chloe Brogan Joint Secretariat
David Livingston Joint Secretariat
Emily Waynee Fisheries Joint Management Committee
Jen Lam Joint Secretariat
Joel McAlister Aurora College
John Donihee Joint Secretariat
Kayla Hansen-Craik Joint Secretariat
Larry Carpenter Joint Secretariat
Mardy Semmler Inuvialuit Water Board
Michel Lindsay Joint Secretariat
Pertice Moffitt Aurora College
Vernon Amos Joint Secretariat
Titre Inuvialuit Self Determination Workshop
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Shari Fox Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre
Cocandidature Mike Jaypoody Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre
Robert Kautuk Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre
Collaboration Alex Taylor Autre/Inconnu
Ryan Rizzo Autre/Inconnu
Titre Linking Inuit knowledge and drones:  Increasing community capacity for research and monitoring using aerial technology
Valeur 49 954,00 $
Candidature Ivona Kucerova McMaster University
Cocandidature Brian Maracle Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa
Ryan DeCaire University of Toronto
Titre Identifying the rigor of Indigenous pedagogy in language revitalization and possible pathways for collaboration with university-based research
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Doreen E Linda Pearse Mount Allison University
Cocandidature Angela Acquin Devon Middle School
Ann Waltner University of Minnesota
Brian Francis Nova media Production Services
Collaboration Hubert Francis Sans affiliation
Jerome Bear Service correctionnel du Canada
Judie Acquin New Brunswick College of Craft and Design
Titre How do we listen:  interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration in performance and film
Valeur 49 812,00 $
Candidature Mark Sevestre National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association
Cocandidature Max Skudra Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Titre Understanding the Socio-Economic Impacts of Trusts on Indigenous Economic Development in Canada
Valeur 47 825,00 $
Candidature Gerald McMaster OCAD University
Cocandidature Julia Lum University of Toronto
Nika Collision Jisgang Haida Gwaii Museum
Collaboration Amber Lincoln British Museum
Emil Her Many Horses Smithsonian Institution
Eric Tootoosis Autre/Inconnu
George Hamell Rochester Museum & Science Center
Giida Kuujuus Walker Brown Autre/Inconnu
Greg Hill Musée des beaux-arts du Canada
Iris Edenheiser Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Jonathan Lainey Canadian Museum of History
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse University of Washington
Krista Zawadski Government of Nunavut
Lucy Bell Royal British Columbia Museum
Martha Black Royal British Columbia Museum
Richard Hill Six Nations Polytechnic
Roger Lewis Nova Scotia Museum
Stephen Augustine Cape Breton University
Titre The entangled gaze: a knowledge-exchange workshop
Valeur 39 823,00 $
Candidature Magdalena Smolewski Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
Cocandidature Julian Robbins Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
Collaboration Susan Barberstock Mohawks of the Bay Quinte
Tim Karihwakè:ron Thompson Wahta Mohawks First Nation
Veronica Nicholson Autre/Inconnu
Titre Relationships take time:  exploring the meaning of mutually respectful relationships and the engagement of Indigenous knowledge in research practices
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Lucie Lévesque Queen's University
Cocandidature Alexandra King University of Saskatchewan
Alex McComber Université McGill
Amelia McGregor Kahnawake Education Center
Colin Baillie Queen's University
Debbie Martin Dalhousie University
Heather Castleden Queen's University
Heather Foulds University of Saskatchewan
Isabelle Aubé Autre/Inconnu
Jack Robinson Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre
Jeff LaPlante National Aboriginal Diabetes Association
Jon McGavock University of Manitoba
Kate Storey University of Alberta
Leah Ferguson University of Saskatchewan
Malcolm King St. Andrew's College
Tara-Leigh McHugh University of Alberta
Treena Delormier Université McGill
Tricia McGuire-Adams University of Alberta
Collaboration Andrea Ianni Queen's University
Brittany McBeath Queen's University
Jeffrey Reading Simon Fraser University
Titre Indigenous science; gathering a community of practice
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Elizabeth Hartney Royal Roads University
Cocandidature Asma-na-hi Antoine Royal Roads University
Lauren Brown Skidegate Health Centre
Collaboration Diane Brown Skidegate Health Centre
Isabel Brillon Skidegate Health Centre
Janet Rigg Skidegate Health Centre
Susan Gladstone Skidegate Health Centre
Waneeta Richardson First Nations Health Authority
Titre Promoting Reconciliation through Research Collaboration between Xaaynangaa Naay and Northern Health Authority
Valeur 49 920,00 $
Candidature Sari Graben Ryerson University
Cocandidature Angela Cameron Université d'Ottawa
Jeffery Hewitt University of Windsor
Collaboration Myeengun Henry Chippewas of the Thames First Nation
Titre Indigenous administrative law:  mobilizing Anishnaabeg law for reconciliation
Valeur 37 376,00 $
Candidature Jeffrey Reading Simon Fraser University
Cocandidature Rebecca Lee Providence Health Care
Collaboration Alex Kent Simon Fraser University
Angela McIntyre University of Pretoria
Annalijn Conklin University of British Columbia
Annette Browne University of British Columbia
Charlotte Loppie University of Victoria
Chenoa Cassidy-Matthews University of British Columbia
Colleen Varcoe University of British Columbia
Jeannette Watts Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council
Jeff Sommers Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Jim Christenson University of British Columbia
Karin Humphries Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health
Krista Stelkia First Nations Health Authority
Laura Arbour University of Victoria
Leslie Bonshor Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Lynnette Lucas Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council
Malcolm Steinberg Simon Fraser University
Margo Greenwood University of Northern British Columbia
Michael Burgess University of British Columbia
Nadine Caron University of British Columbia
Pat Camp University of British Columbia
Patricia Spittal BC Children's Hospital
Roberta Price Snuneymuxw First Nation
Robert Boushel University of British Columbia
Sharla Drebrit University of British Columbia
Titre A concept paper for Indigenous community and institutional research reconciliation
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Shannon Bredin University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Darren Warburton University of British Columbia
Heather Foulds University of Saskatchewan
Janet Webster Lytton First Nation
Jan Hare University of British Columbia
Moss Norman University of British Columbia
Paul Oh University Health Network
Rosalin Miles Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle
Ryan Rhodes University of Victoria
Suzanne Johnson Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle
Tanis Mihalynuk BC Ministry of Health
Collaboration Gail Sparrow Musqueam Indian Band
Georgia Kyba Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle
Titre Engaging Indigenous Ways of Knowing Within Higher Education
Valeur 45 300,00 $
Candidature Peter Klein University of British Columbia
Cocandidature William Greenland Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation
Collaboration Catherine Lafferty Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Donald Prince Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation
Duncan McCue University of British Columbia
Ernest Betsina Yellowknives Dene First Nation
Felix Lockhart Stanton Territorial Hospital
Garrett Hinchey Société Radio-Canada
Titre Turning points:  an empowerment connection project for Indigenous People with alcohol dependence
Valeur 49 790,00 $
Candidature Patrick Moore University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Christopher Cox Carleton University
Jordan Lachler University of Alberta
Lance Twitchell University of Alaska Southeast
Marianne Ignace Simon Fraser University
Siri Tuttle University of Alaska Fairbanks
Collaboration Daniel Tlen Council of Yukon First Nations
Stephen (Khasha) Reid Champagne and Aishihik First Nations
Tina Jules Yukon Native Language Centre
Titre Taking action on First Nations language priorities:  reconciling research with attaining fluency in Na-Dene languages
Valeur 49 948,00 $
Candidature Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond University of British Columbia
Cocandidature Gwen Phillips Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Treaty Council
Collaboration Amy Perreault University of British Columbia
Ann Stevenson University of British Columbia
David Alexander Royal British Columbia Museum
Elizabeth Shaffer University of British Columbia
Emma Wright Royal British Columbia Museum
Erica Hernandez-Read University of Northern British Columbia
Grant Charles University of British Columbia
Kimberley Lawson University of British Columbia
Lerato Chondoma University of British Columbia
Lisa Nathan University of British Columbia
Roshan Danesh Autre/Inconnu
Sarah Dupont University of British Columbia
Sheryl Lightfoot University of British Columbia
Steve Cundy University of British Columbia
Tricia Logan University of Manitoba
Titre Engagement Dialogues for Indigenous Data, Information and Records
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Robert Cockcroft University of Western Ontario
Cocandidature Richard Monture McMaster University
Collaboration David Kanatawakhon-Maracle University of Western Ontario
David Moses The Dam Studio
Janice Forsyth University of Western Ontario
Sarah Symons McMaster University
Tom Deer Six Nations Polytechnic
Titre Reconciliation through Indigenous skies:  Indigenous astronomical sky lore workshop to share document and disseminate local national and international knowledge and best practices in research teaching and outreach
Valeur 27 774,00 $
Candidature Jaime Cidro Université de Winnipeg
Cocandidature Tabitha Martens University of Manitoba
Collaboration Gladys Rowe University of Manitoba
Titre Strenghening foundations for health and self-determination:  piloting a local Indigenous food sovereignty assessment bundle
Valeur 48 865,00 $
Candidature Callie Hill Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna
Cocandidature Janice Hill Queen's University
Jill Scott Queen's University
Joe Brant Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna
Titre Ratiwennokwas:  gathering models for Kanien'kéha language revitalization
Valeur 38 296,00 $
Candidature Heather Igloliorte Université Concordia
Cocandidature Alysa Procida Inuit Art Foundation
Blandina Makkik Inuit Art Foundation
Britt Gallpen Inuit Art Foundation
Titre Supporting Inuit Research, Academic, and Professional Capacities in the Arts: Pathways for Best Practices
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Reginald Auger Université Laval
Cocandidature Nicolas Shattler Nunamit Foundation
Collaboration Amanda Crompton Max Planck Institut für wissenschaftsgeschichte
Titre Nunamit past, present, and future:  a multidisciplinary consultative conference to build research capacity and reconciliation in Inuit studies among the Inuit of the Quebec lower north shore
Valeur 48 088,00 $
Candidature Stephen Peters Université McGill
Cocandidature Annie Kasudluak Alaku Commission scolaire Kativik
Elma Moses Commission scolaire Crie
Iris Stacey Kahnawake Education Center
Jim Howden Université McGill
Joseph Levitan Université McGill
Karen Martin Listuguj Mi'gmaq Government
Kayla Johnson Université McGill
Laruen Deom Kahnawake Education Center
Limin Jao Université McGill
Lorna Sook Listuguj Mi'gmaq Government
Lucy Shem Commission scolaire Crie
Pasha Puttayuk Commission scolaire Kativik
Robin Delaronde Kahnawake Education Center
Victoria Simigaq Commission scolaire Kativik
Collaboration Amelia McGregor Kahnawake Education Center
Titre Gathering community knowledge, practices, traditions and values for future generations:  the symposium on research for Indigenous curriculum design
Valeur 46 295,00 $
Candidature Sonia Wesche Université d'Ottawa
Cocandidature Brian Horton Yukon College
David Hik Simon Fraser University
Ellorie McKnight University of Alberta
Kate Ballegooyen Kluane First Nation
Titre Kluane First Nation research summit:  fostering reconciliation, relationships and two-way knowledge mobilization
Valeur 49 800,00 $
Candidature Deborah McGregor Université York
Cocandidature Cheryl Recollect Chiefs of Ontario
Lorrilee McGregor École de médicine du Nord-Ontario
Melanie Jeffrey University of Toronto
Nicole Latulippe University of Toronto
Stephanie Allen Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation
Titre Indigenous knowledge systems, reconciliation and environmental governance
Valeur 49 515,00 $
Candidature Gabrielle Slowey Université York
Collaboration Andrijana Djokic Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation
Brian MacDonald Government of Yukon
Judy Gingell Kwanlin Dün First Nation
Tosh Southwick Yukon College
Titre Spirit and intent:  the Yukon umbrella final agreement today and tomorrow:  supporting the transfer of knowledge and promoting an understanding of what the agreements mean to improve future governance opportunities and relationships
Valeur 49 874,00 $
Candidature Gina Starblanket University of Calgary
Cocandidature Mandee McDonald Autre/Inconnu
Collaboration Alex Wilson University of Saskatchewan
Cutcha Rising Baldy Humboldt State University
Hokulani Aikau University of Hawaii at Manoa
Jessica Danforth Autre/Inconnu
Noelani Goodyear Ka'opua University of Hawaii at Manoa
Sarah Hunt University of British Columbia
Sarah Nickel University of Saskatchewan
Shalene Jobin University of Alberta
Titre Indigenous Women's Gathering on Gender and Resurgence
Valeur 49 937,00 $
Candidature Linda Larcombe University of Manitoba
Cocandidature Evan Yassie Sayisi Dene First Nation
Titre Sayisi Dene First Nation intergenerational engagement in land and resources use knowledge sharing for environmental repossession
Valeur 49 985,00 $
Candidature Ted Needham University of New Brunswick
Cocandidature Angie Paul Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick
Kevin Percy University of New Brunswick
Stephen Ginnish Eel Ground Community Development Centre
Titre Building Respectful Relationships in the Forestry Community Through Indigenous Knowledge
Valeur 47 450,00 $
Candidature Keith Carlson University of Saskatchewan
Cocandidature Albert McHalsie Sto:lo Nation
Amber Kostuchenko Sto:lo Nation
David Schaepe Sto:lo Nation
Collaboration Andy Philips Stolo Tribal Council
Brenda Point School District 33 - Chilliwack
Carolyn Sousa Surrey School District No. 36
Larry Commodore Soowahlie First Nation   
Rod Peters School District 78 - Fraser-Cascade
Titre Envisioning reconciliation within lower Fraser River Indigenous communities
Valeur 49 400,00 $
Candidature Sherry Fukuzawa University of Toronto
Cocandidature Erma Ferrell Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation
Jennifer Adese University of Toronto
Nicole Laliberte University of Toronto
Robin Gray University of Toronto
Sandra Styres University of Toronto
Veronica King-Jamieson Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation
Collaboration Darin Wybenga Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation
Desmond Wong University of Toronto
Garry Sault Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation
Harry LaForme Court of Appeal for Ontario
Murray Sinclair Autre/Inconnu
Titre Symposium on the importance of the Indigenous Curriculum in  Ontario Classrooms
Valeur 43 885,00 $
Candidature Mason White University of Toronto
Cocandidature Nicole Redvers Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation
Collaboration Donald Prince Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation
Lola Sheppard University of Waterloo
Titre Envisioning an Arctic Indigenous wellness centre:  workshops to support visioning and co-design of Indigenous wellness centre for Indigenous Elders and youth in Yellowknife, NT
Valeur 49 850,00 $
Candidature Nicholas Claxton University of Victoria
Cocandidature Denise Cloutier University of Victoria
Jennifer Chuckry Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services
Collaboration Andrea Mellor University of Victoria
Titre Supporting Culturally Appropriate Coming of Age Resources for Urban Indigenous Youth in Care on Vancouver Island:  (Re)Connecting with Self-Determined Health and Wellness
Valeur 49 256,00 $
Candidature Onowa McIvor University of Victoria
Cocandidature Callie Hill Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins University of Victoria
F.L. Jessica Ball University of Victoria
Nathan Brinklow Queen's University
Collaboration Arok Wolvengrey First Nations University of Canada
Titre Engaging, connecting, and mobilizing Indigenous language learning leaders, supporters, and reseachers through an online sharing space project - NILLA (Netolnew Indigenous Language Learning Atlas)
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Valerie Napoleon University of Victoria
Cocandidature Bonnie Leonard Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
Collaboration Jessica Asch University of Victoria
Julianna Alexander Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
Kelly Mortimer Four Directions Management Services Ltd
Rebecca Johnson University of Victoria
Richard LeBourdais Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
Sunny LeBourdais Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
Titre Secwépemc-kt ell k'weselktnéws-kt: A Gathering ("we are all Secwépemc and we are all interrelated")
Valeur 49 921,00 $
Candidature Georgina Martin Vancouver Island University
Collaboration Bev Sellars Soda Creek First Nation
Jean William Williams Lake Indian Band (T'exelc)
Titre We will survive if the salmon survive
Years/Années Valeur 47 985,00 $
Candidature Pamela Shaw Vancouver Island University
Cocandidature Ashley Van Acken Vancouver Island University
Geraldine Manson Vancouver Island University
Graham Sakaki Vancouver Island University
Collaboration Daniel Sailland Town of Qualicum Beach
Kim Burden Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce
Lawrence Cumqwa:tun Mitchell Snaw-Naw-As First Nation
Marc Lefebvre City of Parksville
Michael Recalma Qualicum First Nation
Steve Adams TimberWest Forest Corp.
Titre Coast Salish traditional place names:  reconciling a colonial past in the UNESCO-designated Mount Arrowsmith biosphere region
Valeur 47 004,00 $


Comité 1B

Candidature Kienan Williams Alberta Health Services
Collaboration David Brown Alberta Health Services
Mike McKnight Maskwacis Health Services
Titre Radon ReconciliACTION with Samson Cree Nation and Alberta Health Service
Valeur 46 860,00 $
Candidature Lois Edge Aurora College
Cocandidature Rachel Dell Northern Life Museum and Cultural Centre
Titre Deh Gah Gotine (I am) - A celebration of Northern Indigenous Heritage
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Max Skudra Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Titre Direction in disruption:  an exploratory workshop in Aboriginal business and the future of work
Valeur 49 900,00 $
Candidature Tuma Young Cape Breton University
Cocandidature Gloria Nicholas Membertou First Nation
Jane McMillan St. Francis Xavier University
Naiomi Metallic Dalhousie University
Pamela Glode Desrochers Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Paula Marshall Mi'kmaw Legal Support Network
Collaboration Albert Marshall Eskasoni Band Council
Clifford Paul Unamaki Institute of Natural Resources
Dale Sylliboy Millbrook First Nation
Kerry Prosper Paq'tnkek First Nation
Paul Prosper Paq'tnkek First Nation
Shelly Martin Membertou First Nation
Titre L'nuwey Tplutaqan Mawio'min:  traditional gatherings to discuss the development of a research agenda to explore Mi'kma'ki legal principles and to establish an L'nuwey legal institute in Atlantic Canada
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Andrew Judge Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Cocandidature Audra Mitchell Wilfrid Laurier University
Dave Skene White Owl Native Ancestry Association
Hannah Neufeld University of Guelph
Kathy King Wilfrid Laurier University
Kim Anderson University of Guelph
Stephanie Sobek-Swant rare Charitable Research Reserve
Collaboration Amina Lalor University of Waterloo
Banakonda Kennedy-Kish Bell Wilfrid Laurier University
Cameron Dearlove Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank
Donna Dubie Healing of the Seven Generations
Jean-David Tremblay University of Western Ontario
Jessica Robertson Wild Craft Permaculture
Mackenzie Lespérance rare Charitable Research Reserve
Melissa Ireland Wilfrid Laurier University
Nicole Robinson Waterloo Region District School Board
Peter Schuler New Credit Cultural Committee
Tammy Webster Waterloo Catholic District School Board
Titre Indigenous land-based research:  recovering earth wisdom
Valeur 49 900,00 $
Candidature Allan Zachariah Debwe Society
Cocandidature Joanne DiNova Ryerson University
Collaboration Albert Owl Debwe Society
Titre Feasting the language:  Indigenizing university language instruction
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Rebecca Big Canoe EnviroNative Training Initiatives Inc.
Collaboration Yvonne Davies-Robson EnviroNative Training Initiatives Inc.
Titre Capturing the Symphony of Indigenous Research: The Strength in the Voices of FNMI Women
Valeur 49 833,00 $
Candidature Laurence Kirmayer Hôpital général Juif Sir Mortimer B. Davis (Hôpital général Juif)
Cocandidature Dominique Geoffroy Hôpital général Juif Sir Mortimer B. Davis (Hôpital général Juif)
Elizabeth Perdok-Waboose Scw'exmx Community Health Services Society
Gary Monroe Cree Nation Tribal Health Centre Inc.
Karen Taylor Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services
Nicole D'souza Hôpital général Juif Sir Mortimer B. Davis (Hôpital général Juif)
Collaboration April Mazzuca Scw'exmx Community Health Services Society
Celina Blackhawk Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services
Chanda Gramada Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Inc
Erin Aleck Heskw'en'scutxe Health Services
Jonathan Weemusk Cree Nation Tribal Health Centre Inc.
Kyle Muswagon Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Inc
Margaret Ballantyne Cree Nation Tribal Health Centre Inc.
Michelle Kehoe Kenora Chiefs Advisory
Pamela Magee Association canadienne pour la santé mentale
Preston Copenance Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services
Stefanie Bryant Kenora Chiefs Advisory
Tammy Williams Association canadienne pour la santé mentale
Titre Implementation Research in Indigenous contexts: Recommendations for creating a culturally safe space to enhance collective strengths
Valeur 49 944,00 $
Candidature Christopher Henderson Indigenous Clean Energy
Cocandidature Kimberly Scott Indigenous Clean Energy
Troy Jerome Indigenous Clean Energy
Collaboration Neil Knudsen Indigenous Clean Energy
Titre Indigenous Energy Futures:  Collaborative Research to Identify Strategies and Modalities to Engage Indigenous Peoples and Communities in the Process of Clean Energy Evolution, Specifically New Energy Innovations and Advanced Energy Systems
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Monique Manatch Indigenous Culture Media Innovations
Collaboration Allan Ryan Carleton University
Cat Kutay University of Technology, Sydney
Elizabeth LaPensée Michigan State University
Richard Story Canadore College
Titre Indigital cultures
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Julie Harris Indigenous Heritage Circle
Cocandidature Karen Aird Indigenous Heritage Circle
Titre Closer to Home: Locating and Retrieving Indigenous Heritage from Archives Outside Canada
Valeur 49 718,00 $
Candidature Heather Ochalski Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Cocandidature John Sylvestre Université d'Ottawa
Ruth Kane Université d'Ottawa
Titre Inuit graduate student winter institute:  ensuring Inuit participation and success in research training
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Tyler Foley Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc.
Cocandidature Karen LeBlanc Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc.
Collaboration Millicent (Penny) Polchies Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc.
Titre Exploring opportunities and partnerships for Indigenous development in New Brunswick
Valeur 49 963,00 $
Candidature Jennifer Hardwick Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Collaboration Diane Purvey Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Vicki Haynes Sans affiliation
Titre Medicine in our very bones:  gender, sexuality and embodied resistance in Indigenous burlesque
Valeur 30 083,00 $
Candidature Ruth Beatty Lakehead University
Cocandidature Christina Ruddy Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin
Collaboration Anika Guthrie Lakehead Public Schools
Anne George Renfrew County District School Board
Beverly Caswell University of Toronto
Colinda Clyne Upper Grand District School Board
Danielle Blair Autre/Inconnu
Greer Atkinson Ogemawahj Tribal Council
Heather Lett Autre/Inconnu
Jody Alexander Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
Linda Grant Lakehead University
Michael Fitzmaurice Renfrew County District School Board
Pamala Agawa Keswick High School
Robin Debassige M'Chigeeng First Nation
Thecla Neganegijig Lakeview School
Titre Connecting Indigenous and western mathematical ways of knowing:  building capacity
Valeur 44 666,00 $
Candidature Martha Dowsley Lakehead University
Cocandidature Frederico Oliveira Lakehead University
Lana Ray Lakehead University
Collaboration Scott Hamilton Lakehead University
Titre When the snow blankets the earth, it is time to tell stories: using digital technology and Indigenous storytelling to communicate research on Lac Seul First Nation's history
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Rhonda Koster Lakehead University
Cocandidature Kevin Eshkawkogan Indigenous Tourism Ontario
Collaboration Brian McLaren Lakehead University
David Maclachlan Tourism Northern Ontario
Jeremy Capay Lac Seul Events Centre
Laurie Marcil Nature & Outdoor Tourism Ontario
Neil Debassige Autre/Inconnu
Titre Methods of Indigenous Consultation for Resource-based Research:  Moving from tokenism to relationship building in the "duty to consult" for resource-based develpoments, a case study of tourism in Northern Ontario
Valeur 49 935,00 $
Candidature Vincent Steinhauer Mannawanis Native Friendship Centre
Collaboration Diana Steinhauer University of Alberta
Lana Whiskeyjack University of Alberta
Margo Greenwood University of Northern British Columbia
Patricia Makokis University of Alberta
Sharon Steinhauer University Blue Quills
Titre miyo wahkotowin
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Richard Monture McMaster University
Collaboration Renae Hill Dwadewayehsta Gayogohono
Titre Dwadewayehsta Gayogohno -"we are all learning Cayuga":  Maintaining and Preserving the Cayuga Language at Six Nations of the Grand River
Valeur 49 730,00 $
Candidature Ian Sutherland Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cocandidature Beverley Diamond Memorial University of Newfoundland
Harris Berger Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jeffrey van den Scott Memorial University of Newfoundland
Kati Szego Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaboration Heidi Senungetuk Université McGill
Katie Rich Innu Nation
Michael Denny Sans affiliation
Natalie Jock Sans affiliation
Ursula Johnson Sans affiliation
Titre Indigenous Voices: Decolonizing the Music School Curriculum
Valeur 49 999,00 $
Candidature Brian Tucker Métis Nation of Ontario
Titre Ways of knowing:  conceptualizing a Métis research and research training model
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature John Kennedy National Association of Friendship Centres
Titre Advaning our Indigenous People in Tomorrow's Labour Market by Examing Present-Day Success
Valeur 49 996,00 $
Candidature Elana Finestone Native Women's Association of Canada
Cocandidature Carmela Murdocca Université York
Collaboration Roseann Martin Native Women's Association of Canada
Titre Re-imagining serving time in Indigenous communities:  Indigenous women and community leaders' perspectives
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Leah Quinlan Native Women's Association of Canada
Cocandidature Kim Wakeford Native Women's Association of Canada
Titre Rematriation:  a decolonized pathway to healing
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Chaneesa Ryan Native Women's Association of Canada
Cocandidature Jennifer Walker Université Laurentienne
Roseann Martin Native Women's Association of Canada
Collaboration Sarah Harney Native Women's Association of Canada
Titre A community-informed response to understanding aging in Indigeous populations
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Marci Shapiro Native Women's Shelter of Montreal
Titre Indigenous research capacity and reconciliation position paper
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Cheryl O'Connell North Island College
Cocandidature Dallas Smith Nanwakolas Council
Jesse Ronquillo North Island College
Scott Harris Nanwakolas Council
Titre North Island College and Nanwakolas Council collaboration on engagements honoring and documenting Indigenous knowledge for research and advanced science-based aquaculture technical education
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Amy Hudson NunatuKavut Community Council
Cocandidature Andrea Procter Memorial University of Newfoundland
Darlene Wall NunatuKavut Community Council
Debbie Martin Dalhousie University
Fern Brunger Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jennifer Shea Memorial University of Newfoundland
Julie Bull University of New Brunswick
Megan Hudson Athabasca University
Melita Paul NunatuKavut Community Council
Collaboration Ashlee Cunsolo Memorial University of Newfoundland
Brenda Gagne Mount Saint Vincent University
Brittany Chubbs Memorial University of Newfoundland
Catherine Connors Dalhousie University
Chandra Kavanagh Health Research Ethics Authority
Dana Mount Cape Breton University
Danielle Connell St. Thomas University
Heather Castleden Queen's University
Joy Knight University of Prince Edward Island
Karen Beazley Dalhousie University
Kelly Shaw Nova Scotia Community College
Titre The Naalak gathering:  a regional dialogue on Indigenous research governance
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Eric Solomon Ocean Wise Conservation Association
Cocandidature Shelly Elverum Ocean Wise Conservation Association
Collaboration Kent Spiers University of Calgary
Mia Otokiak Nunavut Impact Review Board
Titre ScIQ Summit:  Inuit Youth Bridging Traditions and Arctic Research
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Audrey Pinsonneault Regroupement des centres d'amitié autochtones du Québec
Collaboration Agathe Denis-Damée Centre d'entraide et d'amitié autochtone de Senneterre
Natasha Blanchet-Cohen Université Concordia
Oscar Kistabish Centre d'amitié autochtone Val-d'Or
Titre Autochtonie urbaine et recherche.  Les bases d'une production de savoirs par et pour les Autochtones des villes au Québec
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Shelagh McCartney Ryerson University
Cocandidature Janice Barry University of Waterloo
Michael Mckay Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Collaboration Judy Finlay Ryerson University
Keith Lawrance Windigo First Nations Council
Magdalena Ugarte Ryerson University
Mason White University of Toronto
Paul Dowsett Sustainable TO
Saverio Rizzo Matawa First Nations Management
Titre Designing the future:  co-creating a methodology for community-based housing design in Nishnawbe Aski Nation Territory
Valeur 49 684,00 $
Candidature Lila Pine Ryerson University
Collaboration Buffy Sainte-Marie Nihewan Foundation
Laura Hall Université Laurentienne
Titre Creative native:  a youth mentorship in the arts initiative
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Leon Andrew Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
Cocandidature Jennie Vandermeer Government of the Northwest Territories
Walter Bezha Deline Got'ine Government
Wilfred Jr McNeely Sahtu Dene Council
Collaboration Camilla Rabisca Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
Christine Wenman PlanIt North
Deborah Simmons Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
George Barnaby Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
Jean Polfus Trent University
Jennifer Fresque-Baxter Government of the Northwest Territories
Jonas Modeste Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
Kenneth Caine University of Alberta
Mylène Ratelle University of Waterloo
Rhea McDonald Norman Wells Renewable Resource Council
Titre Sahtu Ne K'e Dene Ts'ili (Living on the Land) Forum Research Strategy Delelopment and Community Review Workshop
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Juanita Lindley Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society
Cocandidature Yvonne Hare Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society
Titre Envisioning A HUB Centre for Healing
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Andrea Auger Société de soutien à l'enfance et à la famille des Premières Nations du Canada
Cocandidature Gabrielle Fayant Assembly of Seven Generations
Titre Indigenous Youth Voices:  A way forward in conducting research with and for Indigenous youth
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Tara Hyland-Russell St. Mary's University - Calgary
Cocandidature Catherine Broomfield ihuman Youth Society
Keith Callihoo ihuman Youth Society
Michelle Scott St. Mary's University - Calgary
Collaboration Casey Eagle St. Mary's University - Calgary
Randy Bottle St. Mary's University - Calgary
Russell Auger Ambrose Place
Ryan Hopper ihuman Youth Society
Titre Grief, Loss and Conciliation:  Are We Ready Yet for (Re)conciliation?  Seeking Healing Medicine through the Arts for Traumatized Indigenous Youth and Learners
Valeur 49 224,00 $
Candidature David Schaepe Sto:lo Nation
Cocandidature John Welch Simon Fraser University
Collaboration Dalton Silver Sumas First Nation
Natasha Lyons Ursus Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Titre A knowledge creation plan for advancing Sto:lo collaborative resource stewardship and shared land-use decision-making in southwest British Columbia
Valeur 45 676,00 $
Candidature Danbi Cho Teach For Canada
Titre Non-profit impact reporting:  a First Nations impact assessment framework
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Harry Nelson University of British Columbia
Cocandidature William Nikolakis Gathering Voices Society
Titre Participatory action to support economic reconciliation:  Clayoqout sound
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Theresa Satterfield University of British Columbia
Collaboration Clyde Snxakila Tallio Nuxalk Nation
Nicole Kaechele Nuxalk Nation
Rachelle Beveridge University of Victoria
Titre Nunuts'xlhuusnm:  Mobilizing Nuxalk Knowledges and Laws from the Ground-Up
Valeur 48 000,00 $
Candidature Mavis Reimer Université de Winnipeg
Cocandidature William Dumas Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Collaboration Andrew Wood Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Carol Prince Sans affiliation
Darlene Mason Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Donna Moore Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Erin Spring University of Calgary
Harry Spence Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Henry Wood Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Jacqueline Hart-Spence Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Kevin Lamoureux Université de Winnipeg
Leroy Francois Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc.
Linda DeRiviere Université de Winnipeg
Margaret Dumas School District of Mystery Lake
Scott Hamilton Lakehead University
Titre Nanatawi Kiskihtamowin:  Remembering the Knowledge that Nurtures Us
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Natalie Clark Thompson Rivers University
Cocandidature Minnie Kenoras Secwepemc Child and Family Services
Sarah Hunt University of British Columbia
Shelly Johnson Thompson Rivers University
Collaboration Patricia White Autre/Inconnu
Rebecca Jules Simon Fraser University
Rhyannon Garant Thompson Rivers University
Robline Forsythe Thompson Rivers University
Titre Cu7 me7 q'wele'wu-kt.  Come on, let's go berry-picking:  intergenerational land-based healing through Indigenous girls groups
Valeur 44 800,00 $
Candidature Darlene Sanderson Thompson Rivers University
Cocandidature Lisa Bourque Bearskin Thompson Rivers University
Noeman Mirza Thompson Rivers University
Rod McCormick Thompson Rivers University
Collaboration Shelly Johnson Thompson Rivers University
Titre Building research capacity through the sharing of St'kemlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation Elders' traditional teachings about water:  inspiring Indigenous youth, community members, educators, and water policy development toward reconciliation
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Warren Tremblay Three Nations Education Group Inc.
Collaboration Katalin Koller Carleton University
Ron Tremblay Sans affiliation
Titre Reconciling Indigenous and grassroots interests in unceded Wabanaki territory:  The Wolastoq Grand Council's Unification Gathering
Valeur 49 999,00 $
Candidature Jamie Snook Torngat Wildlife Plants and Fisheries Secretariat
Cocandidature Carie Hoover Dalhousie University
Jason Akearok Nunavut Wildlife Management Board
Megan Bailey Dalhousie University
Tommy Palliser Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board
Collaboration Aaron Dale Torngat Wildlife Plants and Fisheries Secretariat
Allen Gordon Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board
Amber Giles Nunavut Wildlife Management Board
Ashlee Cunsolo Memorial University of Newfoundland
Daniel Shewchuk Nunavut Wildlife Management Board
David Borish University of Guelph
Ian Mauro Université de Winnipeg
Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board
Mark Basterfield Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board
Robert Moshenko Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board
Titre Inuit self-determination through equitable, sustainable and economically viable access to commercial fisheries in the Eastern Arctic
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Verena Hofmann Treaty 8 Tribal Association
Cocandidature David Christie Northern Lights College
Collaboration Lorisha Desjarlais Northern Lights College
Mia O'Neil-Simpson Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research Centre
Richard Resener Northern Lights College
Ryan Dickie Sans affiliation
Titre An assault on our collective memory and voice:  understanding the present state of Indigenous relationships with research across disciplines and is there space for reconciliation moving forward?
Valeur 49 738,00 $
Candidature Nadia Myre Université Concordia
Titre Dish with one spoon:  the country where the beavers, deers, elks and such beasts keep
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Marie Thériault Université de Montréal
Cocandidature Elizabeth Labelle Éducation des adultes Premières Nations
Marcel Bissonnette Université de Montréal
Titre Vers un référentiel des compétences expirmant la vision holistique et autochtone de l'enseignement et de l'apprentissage en éducation des adultes des Premières Nations
Valeur 46 468,00 $
Candidature Chantal Viscogliosi Université de Sherbrooke
Cocandidature Carole Lévesque Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Catherine Hudon Université de Sherbrooke
Dominique Gagnon Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Guillaume Léonard Université de Sherbrooke
Hugo Asselin Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Jill Torrie Conseil cri de la santé et des services sociaux de la Baie James
Julie Lane Université de Sherbrooke
Karine Croteau Université d'Ottawa
Laurent Marcoux Autre/Inconnu
Marie-Josée Drolet Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Mélanie Levasseur Université de Sherbrooke
Suzy Basile Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Yves Couturier Université de Sherbrooke
Collaboration Angela Phenix Hay River Health and Social Services Authority
Audrey Pinsonneault Regroupement des centres d'amitié autochtones du Québec
Claire OBomsawin Conseil de bande Abénakis d'Odanak
Gaëlle Mollen Université d'Ottawa
Irene House Bearskin Conseil cri de la santé et des services sociaux de la Baie James
Jimmy Fireman Cree Nation of Chisasibi
Julie Martel Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones
Mathieu-Joffre Lainé Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones
Matthieu Fannière Intergénérations Québec
Naomi Georges Femmes autochtones du Québec inc.
Raymond Gros-Louis Conseil de la nation Huronne-Wendat
Sarah Vassigh Carrefour action municipale et famille
Titre Favoriser le mieux-être et la santé des communautés autochtones par la transmission des connaissances: vers une recherche partenariale mobilisant la participation sociale des aînés et les solidarités intergénérationnelles
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Elisabeth Kaine Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Cocandidature Jean-François Vachon La Boîte rouge vif
Collaboration Constanza Camelo-Suarez Université Laval
David Bernard Grand Conseil De La Nation Waban Aki
Denis Bellemare Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Dolorès André Commission de développement des ressources humaines des premières nations du Québec
Gloria Vollant Innu Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-Utenam
Jacinthe Dion Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Jacques Kurtness La Boîte rouge vif
Jean St-Onge Innu Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-Utenam
Karine Awashish Coop Nitaskinan
Marie-Eve Vollant Institut tshakapesh
Mathieu Cook Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Nadine St-Louis Productions Feux Sacrés
Nancy Gros-Louis McHugh Commission de la santé et des services sociaux des premières nations du Québec et du Labrador
Quentin Condo Sans affiliation
Samuel St-Onge Innu Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-Utenam
Sylvie Morais Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Titre Co-conception d'une structure de gouvernance d'une Chaire de recherche institutionnelle intégrant les savoirs philosophiques, épistémologiques et méthodologiques autochtones PAR et AVEC les Premiers Peuples
Valeur 49 813,00 $
Candidature James MacDougall Université McGill
Cocandidature Paige MacDougall Canadian Deafness Research and Training Institute
Sandy Kownak Nunavut Deaf Society
Collaboration Clayton Ungungai Nunavut Deaf Society
Titre A Workshop to Increase Indigenous Research and Training Capacity:  Including deaf Nunavummiut and their families who use Inuit Sign Language (ISL)
Valeur 42 550,00 $
Candidature Janine Metallic Université McGill
Cocandidature Bronwen Low Université McGill
Jessica Coon Université McGill
Mela Sarkar Université McGill
Mindy Carter Université McGill
Collaboration Allan Vicaire Université McGill
Elizabeth Fast Université Concordia
Janelle Kasperski Université McGill
Katsi'tsakwas Ellen Gabriel Centre culturel et de langue
Vicky Boldo Université Concordia
Titre Building capacity in Indigenous research:  Exploring relational research strategies in a Canadian university
Valeur 39 762,00 $
Candidature Susan Dion Université York
Collaboration Tanya Senk Toronto District School Board
Titre Pwenatameneyo:  looking back, looking forward, looking with intention
Valeur 49 980,00 $
Candidature Adam Gaudry University of Alberta
Cocandidature Alexandria Wilson University of Saskatchewan
Coral Voss Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research
Elizabeth Piper University of Alberta
Eve Tuck University of Toronto
Hadley Friedland University of Alberta
Heidi Swanson University of Waterloo
Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez University of Alberta
Norma Kassi Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research
Shalene Jobin University of Alberta
Collaboration Carol Wanyandie Sans affiliation
Elaine Alexie University of Alberta
Shirley Peterson Chief Julius School
Wanda Pascal Tetlit Gwich'in Council
Titre Land-based learning partnerships and reconciliatrion: supporting Indigenous research capacity in on-the-land knowledge transmission
Valeur 49 402,00 $
Candidature Stephanie Montesanti University of Alberta
Cocandidature Bert Auger University of Alberta
Be'sha Blondin University of Alberta
Jeffrey Johnson University of Alberta
Kimberly Fairman Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
Rassi Nashalik Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation
Susan Chatwood University of Alberta
Collaboration Denise MacDonald University of Alberta
Francois Paulette University of Alberta
Jim Martin Tlicho Government
John Zoe Tlicho Government
Kim Raine University of Alberta
Norma Spicer Métis Nation of Alberta
Sharon Firth Government of the Northwest Territories
Titre Together in a good way:  fostering reconciliation through institutional excellence
Valeur 49 836,00 $
Candidature Peter Dawson University of Calgary
Collaboration Derek Lichti University of Calgary
Kent Ayoungman Old Sun Community College
Vivian Ayoungman Old Sun Community College
Titre Developing a strategy for commemorating and preserving former residential schools in Alberta
Valeur 22 500,00 $
Candidature Karlee Fellner University of Calgary
Collaboration Lauren Monroe Jr University of Calgary
Titre Engaging Niitsitapiisinni:  centring Blackfoot knowledges in community-driven research
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Melissa Arcand University of Saskatchewan
Cocandidature Alfred Gamble Muskeg Lake Cree Nation #102
Anthony Johnston Iron Buffalo Centre
Dale Worme National Indigenous Agriculture Association Limited
David Natcher University of Saskatchewan
Graham Strickert University of Saskatchewan
Kelsey Watson-Daniels Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians
Ken Bear National Indigenous Agriculture Association Limited
Lori Bradford University of Saskatchewan
Sheldon Wuttunee Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence
Collaboration Deb Shewfelt Respec
Titre Forum on Indigenous agriculture in Saskatchewan:  sowing a way towards revitalizing Indigenous agriculture in Treaty 4 and 6 Territories
Valeur 34 367,00 $
Candidature Robert Patrick University of Saskatchewan
Collaboration Katherine Finn North Saskatchewan River Basin Council
Vernon Lewis Onion Lake First Nation
Titre Building Indigenous research capacity and reconciliation thorugh source water protection planning
Valeur 28 283,00 $
Candidature Alexandria Wilson University of Saskatchewan
Cocandidature Shirley Thompson University of Manitoba
Collaboration Jacob Mans Autre/Inconnu
Titre Wachusko weesti (Muskrat Hut) project: collaborative research to support sustainable community design and address water, wastewater and housing issues in First Nations
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Jill Carter University of Toronto
Cocandidature Antje Budde University of Toronto
Jon Johnson University of Toronto
Sylvia Plain Sans affiliation
Collaboration Gabriele Simmons University of Toronto
Megan Davies Université York
Susan Aaron University of Toronto
Trina Moyan Bell and Bernard Limited
Titre Research as restitution and redress:  the Great Lakes Canoe Journey and the transmission of Anishinaabewin through deep time
Valeur 50 000,00 $
Candidature Bonnie McElhinny University of Toronto
Cocandidature Debbie Danard Union Star Consulting Life Teachings Lodge
Nancy Rowe Akinomaagaye Gaamik
Titre Thirteen moon journey and gathering
Valeur 48 775,00 $
Candidature Heidi Stark University of Victoria
Cocandidature Aimée Craft Université d'Ottawa
Andrea Walsh University of Victoria
Brian Thom University of Victoria
Christine O'Bonsawin University of Victoria
Daniel Voth University of Calgary
David Milward University of Victoria
Gina Starblanket University of Calgary
Glen Coulthard Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
James Tully University of Victoria
Jeff Corntassel University of Victoria
John Burrows University of Victoria
Leanne Simpson Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning
Matt James University of Victoria
Rita Dhamoon University of Victoria
Robert Hancock University of Victoria
Sarah Hunt University of British Columbia
Sheryl Lightfoot University of British Columbia
Shiri Pasternak Ryerson University
Valerie Napoleon University of Victoria
Collaboration Alfredo Garcia University of Victoria
Brydon Kramer University of Victoria
Corey Snelgrove University of British Columbia
Dian Million University of Washington
D. Jan Mennell Queen's University
Hokulani Aikau University of Hawaii at Manoa
Lisa Hall Wells College
Philip Henderson University of Victoria
Shianna McAllister University of Victoria
Stacie Swain University of Victoria
Zoe Verlaan University of Victoria
Titre Indigenous Resurgence and the Reconciliation of Community-Engaged Research Ethics
Valeur 49 929,00 $
Candidature Sarah Wright Cardinal University of Victoria
Collaboration Jeff Welch Autre/Inconnu
Thor Gauti Autre/Inconnu
Titre Language, land, and healing:  stories of preparing for canoe journeys restoring Coast Salish men's roles through youth mentorship
Valeur 43 566,00 $
Candidature Diane Sawchuck Vancouver Island Health Authority
Cocandidature Brennan MacDonald First Nations Health Authority
Emma Jane James Vancouver Island Health Authority
Ian Knipe Vancouver Island Health Authority
Michelle Weizel Vancouver Island Health Authority
Rory Allen Vancouver Island Health Authority
Shannon Waters Vancouver Island Health Authority
Collaboration Angela Thachuck First Nations Health Authority
Eunice Joe First Nations Health Authority
Ken Champoux Vancouver Island Health Authority
Mary Knox Vancouver Island Health Authority
Shaun Lorhan Vancouver Island Health Authority
Titre Building health care facilities and primary care networks guided by local Indigenous communities: A new path in the Cowichan Valley regional district using a nations based approach
Valeur 49 610,00 $
Candidature John Gagnon Wawatay Native Communications Society
Cocandidature Kim Anderson University of Guelph
Susan Roy University of Waterloo
Tomson Highway Autre/Inconnu
Collaboration Diane Riopel Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre
Garry Anaquod Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
Heather George University of Waterloo
Krystle Pederson Sans affiliation
Lancelot Knight Sans affiliation
Titre Blending traditions and technologies:  Indigenous broadcasting, performance and music and community-centred language revitalization initiatives
Valeur 48 432,00 $
Candidature Tosh Southwick Yukon College
Cocandidature Bronwyn Hancock Yukon College
Clint Sawicki Yukon College
Collaboration Jamie Reschny Yukon College
Titre What about the land and the water?  Indigenous worldviews and the research ethics process
Valeur 46 848,00 $