Bénéficiaires des bourses de maîtrise du Programme des bourses d’études supérieures du Canada Joseph-Armand-Bombardier – Concours de décembre 2018

Candidature Organisme administrateur Titre de la demande Montant
Fulla, Sara Vancouver Island University Leisure in a Cultural Context: An Exploration of the Kwakwaka'wakw Potlatch as Indigenous leisure 17 500 $
Fisher, Kathryn Simon Fraser University Evaluation of an interactive tool for avalanche risk communication 17 500 $
Hudes, Rebecca Université York The use of social technology among older adults: the relationship between perceived support, satisfaction, and cognition 17 500 $
Butt, Katie Memorial University of Newfoundland Adolescent Sexual Repression and Miseducation in Sheik and Sater’s Spring Awakening 17 500 $
McDonnell, Erika Université d'Ottawa Exploring Professional and Academic Transition Experiences of Immigrant Emerging Adults 17 500 $
Gallant, Kathleen Simon Fraser University Reducing Barriers for Measuring Social Impacts of Public Procurement Projects 17 500 $
Bowman-Smith, Celina University of Waterloo The Other Side of the Screen: The Impact of Perspective Taking on Children's Online Communication 17 500 $
Arsenault, Andrew Western University Class in the Past: Non-elite burial practices in Ancient Egypt 17 500 $
Nazeer, Maria University of Waterloo Cultural Effects on Decision-Making within Single-Cultured and Multi-Cultured Groups 17 500 $
Ghag, Kiranpreet University of Northern British Columbia Do Identity Processing Styles Mediate Effects of Traumatic Experiences? 17 500 $
Leung, Brandon Ryerson University The Photographic Self-Representation of Chinese-Canadians in British Columbia, 1888-1947 17 500 $
Fasola, Cynthia University of Calgary Medical Assistance in Dying: An Ethnographic Study of the Practice of Care 17 500 $
Perkins, Jana Université McGill “Humanised Knowledge”: Matthew Arnold and the Poetic Foundations of Social Criticism 17 500 $
Chapados, Sydney University of Windsor Food Insecurity in Windsor, ON: The Single Mother's Experience 17 500 $
Andrus, Helen Claire Université York Responsibility to Represent: Embedded Narratives in Images of Africa 17 500 $
Delmas, Eve Université du Québec à Montréal La réinsertion socioprofessionnelle des personnes en situation d’itinérance : quel sens pour l’employabilité? 17 500 $
Lockyer, Veronica Université York Youth Poverty Research, Quinte Region 17 500 $
Black, Kate University of British Columbia How A Mall Feels: The gothic dream of West Edmonton Mall 17 500 $
Daubioul, Marian University of Toronto “Tresexcellent et tresredoute”? Reconsidering Structures of Power in Later Medieval Britain 17 500 $
Lefebvre, Melanie Université Concordia Indigenous Women and Two Spirit People's Practice of Decolonization and Living in 21st Century Canada 17 500 $
Kazymerchyk, Amy University of British Columbia 631,490: A Return to Situation and Condition in Lucy Lippard’s Numbers Shows 17 500 $
Lareau, Justine Université de Montréal Les impacts sociaux des algorithmes de l'intelligence artificielle 17 500 $
Dang, Weiyu Université McGill Transpacific Bureaucracy: Legitimizing Migrants in Nieh Hualing’s Mulberry and Peach 17 500 $
Bogaski, Deanna Carleton University Transformation of the Land and the Transformation of Lives: Community Based Participatory Research on Changes Generated by Oil Sands Development 17 500 $
Waddell, Maitland Simon Fraser University When do we support harming another group? Investigating the psychological antecedents for the endorsement of destructive intergroup behaviour 17 500 $
Dubé, Catherine Simon Fraser University Skin care, self-tracking technologies, and the regulatory gaze upon young women 17 500 $
Lanthier, Kimberly Université du Québec à Montréal Impact des ressources herméneutiques sur la reconnaissance sociale de nos relations interpersonnelles 17 500 $
Krusto, Madeleine McMaster University Shifting the Spotlight: Using Performance as Research to Reimagine Early Modern Drama and Dismantle the Gender Binary 17 500 $
Marchant, Jean-Pierre Université York The Places We Lived 17 500 $
Moody, Suzanne Université McGill Applying text analysis techniques to stories by and about migrants in the United States, Canada and Australia 17 500 $
Zelmer, Adam Thompson Rivers University Building Sustainable Rock Climbing Areas in Canada's Rocky Mountain National Parks 17 500 $
Eirich, Rachel University of Calgary Technoference: The Impact of Maternal Phone Use on Parent-Child Attachment 17 500 $
Milne, Elizabeth University of Toronto The Impact of Technology on Women’s Work: A Feminist Case Study 17 500 $
Leblond, Maxime Université d'Ottawa L'influence des prédispositions personnelles et psychologiques des chefs de gouvernements canadien et américain sur les relations canado-américaines 17 500 $
Ciquier, Gabrielle Université McGill Decision Making in Psychotherapy and Counselling 17 500 $
Pearson, Erin Western University Mistakes and Misrepresentation: Changing Paralympic Media Coverage in Canada 17 500 $
Devine, Sean Université Concordia Prevalence-induced Concept Change in Older Adults 17 500 $
Fairbank, Eloise Université Concordia Social Hygge and Childhood Psychopathology: Do Cozy Environments Promote Child Mental Health? 17 500 $
Lee, Quinlan Tsun-Hei University of Toronto Immigration and the Housing Market in Canada 17 500 $
Lamoureux, Alex-Anne Université de Moncton Investigating the relation between math anxious parents’ expectations about their children’s success in math and their children’s math achievement 17 500 $
Borenstein-Laurie, James Université Concordia The role of subjective experiences in the longitudinal well-being of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth 17 500 $
Gallant, Catherine University of Prince Edward Island The Integration and Assimilation of Refugees to Islands: A sociocultural study of refugee experiences in Wellington, Manawatu, and Hamilton, New Zealand 17 500 $
Anaele, Best Wilfrid Laurier University The Risk Factors of Mass Shootings 17 500 $
Dawson, Andrew Wilfrid Laurier University A Model for Predicting Life Satisfaction 17 500 $
Henning, Colin Trent University Psychology Master's Student 17 500 $
Baril, Marie-Pier Université Laval L’exercice du pouvoir discrétionnaire par les fiduciaires de fiducies testamentaires au Québec : l’intention du testateur doit-elle être mise au rancart au bénéfice de l’opinion personnelle des fiduciaires ou de celle de la « personne raisonnable »? 17 500 $
dela Cruz, John Wayne Université Concordia Investigating Plurilingual and Pluricultural Competence and Identities of Tutors and Tutees of English as a Second Language in a Francophone Cégep 17 500 $
Allard, Benoit Université du Québec à Montréal Lutter contre soi : modalités de l’engagement masculin anti-patriarcal 17 500 $
Kang, Arvind Université York On the Road Again: Reconsiderations of the Road Film in Contemporary American Cinema 17 500 $
Langlois, Valérie Université du Québec à Montréal L'Intervention Relationnelle pour diminuer les comportements parentaux atypiques de parents signalés pour maltraitance 17 500 $
Regan, James University of Toronto Environmental Inhumanisms: Abject Subjects and the Nonhuman Other 17 500 $
Hudson, Tess McMaster University Developing a Formal Understanding of Mohawk Grammar: An Analysis of the Agreement System 17 500 $
McNicoll, William Université Laval Les relations entre les acteurs de la gestion des réfugiés syriens au Liban : le cas de la vallée de la Bekaa 17 500 $
Penney, Dana University of British Columbia Rey, Nebula, Gamora, and Wonder Woman: The Woman Warrior, Bodies, Subjectivity and Gender in Popular Culture and Society 17 500 $
Shutenko, Sofia Université d'Ottawa Extralegal Justice Initiatives in Activist Communities 17 500 $
Gogel, Deserae University of British Columbia Documenting Female Voice: Representation of Women within Protest 17 500 $
Mitra, Sharoni McMaster University Workers in the Periphery: Exploring Migrant Worker Experiences in Atlantic Canada 17 500 $
Gooding, Alexandra Ryerson University Photographic Representations of the Caribbean Region: 1839 to the 1950s 17 500 $
Galipeau, Thomas Université de Montréal L'impact des élites politiques sur la confiance politique polarisé aux États-Unis 17 500 $
Tardif-Paradis, Étienne Université de Montréal Développement durable, protection de l’environnement et éviction à Guwahati (Inde) 17 500 $
Huybregts, Ekaterina Carleton University The Flawed Foundations of Obesity Classification: Implications for Future Weight Stigma Reduction Policy 17 500 $
Tippins, Philippe University of Toronto Taiko Drumming in Toronto: expression of a multicultural mosaic and the Canadian Identity 17 500 $
Guglielmi, Stéphane Université du Québec à Montréal Réseau Internet et néolibéralisme : d'une affinité élective à une instrumentalisation par la praxis 17 500 $
Bolivar, Jose Université de Montréal La construction littéraire du paramilitarisme dans les œuvres de Caputo, Ferreira y Toro : esthétique, violence et mémoire historique 17 500 $
Elton, Chea University of British Columbia Social Capital and Food Systems in the Okanagan 17 500 $
Moser, Christiana University of Victoria The Syntax of Icelandic Expletive Constructions 17 500 $
teNyenhuis, Maria University of British Columbia Canada Graduate Scholarship: Master's Program 17 500 $
Chow, Julian University of Alberta Formalizing deception in dynamic epistemic logic 17 500 $
DeLucry, Kailey University of Regina Exploring Parental Perceptions of Online Service Use 17 500 $
Gehl, Kristin Université de Sherbrooke Attachement amoureux et détresse post-rupture : rôle médiateur des stratégies d'adaptation 17 500 $
Kersey, Carl-Andrew University of British Columbia All Mimsy Were the Borogoves: Nonsense and the Structure of Language in the Works of Lewis Carroll 17 500 $
Ross Dionne, Laurie-Mei Université de Montréal Dynamique identitaire vidéoludique: réception et interprétation des modèles de féminité véhiculés dans les jeux vidéo japonais conçus pour un public féminin 17 500 $
Waterer, Julia Queen's University Fantasy, Satire and Intertextuality in Terry Pratchett's Discworld 17 500 $
Zareian, Bita University of British Columbia Individual Differences in Anhedonia: The Role of Responses to Positive Emotions 17 500 $
Healey, Allana University of Toronto Coping Mechanism and Resiliency Development in the Mental Health of Marginalized Youth 17 500 $
Lalande, Dominique Université du Québec en Outaouais Les groupes de soutien au deuil périnatal : L’expérience des parents endeuillés 17 500 $
Termeer, Jordan University of Saskatchewan A prospective evaluation of protective factors that predict desistance from re-offending in young offenders 17 500 $
Campbell, Hannah Simon Fraser University An Affect Theory Approach to Understanding Loss and Grief Through Photography and Text 17 500 $
Dent, Nicolette Université McGill A Winter Welcome: Helping Newcomers Find Social Connections on Anchorage Parks and Trails 17 500 $
Stride, Shannon Université Concordia Towards a Feminist History of Photography: Surrealist Women, Convulsive Beauty, and Monstrosity 17 500 $
Learning, Maria Memorial University of Newfoundland An Evaluation of the Effect of Output Interference on Memory Recall in Police Interviews 17 500 $
Zentner, Emilie University of Alberta Does the River Flow Upstream? A Meta­Analysis of Benefit Distributions of Biotechnology Crops 17 500 $
Marcotte, Sophie Université de Montréal L'écriture de la post-mémoire dans La Femme qui fuit d'Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, suivi de Corps d'ivoire 17 500 $
Papadopoulos, Jazmin University of British Columbia The Wordless Nothing 17 500 $
Matson, Chelsea University of Toronto Culture of Growth: Cancer Narratives in Academia 17 500 $
Pachkowski, Mikayla University of British Columbia Personality Traits that Facilitate the Decision to Die by Suicide: The role of eccentric perceptions 17 500 $
Kahnami, Leila Université York The association between cognitive deficits and school functioning in children diagnosed with Epilepsy 17 500 $
Schoffro, Garett Western University A Commentary on Claudian’s Epithalamium for Palladius and Celerina (Carmina Minora 25) 17 500 $
Parent-taillon, Élizabeth Université du Québec à Montréal Facteurs de développement du biais attentionnel vers les souvenirs d’échec chez des jeunes 17 500 $
Busic, Milan Université du Québec à Montréal L'entreprise comme institution de régulation sociale: une étude de la Commission Armstrong-Freed au Québec, 1889 17 500 $
Paré, Jeanne Université de Montréal Gentrification à Parc-Extension : quels rôles pour les étudiant-e-s? 17 500 $
Aharoni, Jordan University of Toronto Spatial investigation of the relationship between cycling infrastructure and cyclist collisions in Toronto, utilizing quantitative analysis techniques 17 500 $
Bartol, Franklynn University of Toronto Gender and Sexuality Essentialism in Activist Narratives Across LGBTQ Identities 17 500 $
Bastien, Marie-France Université du Québec à Montréal Soutien du gestionnaire : un levier à la prévention des problèmes de santé psychologique au travail 17 500 $
Sobolewski, Kristina  Université Ontario Tech Supporting Durham Catholic School District Teachers in Implementing Movement Integration: Understanding and Addressing the Barriers Through Embedded Professional Development 17 500 $
Schloss, Rachel University of Toronto Schloss CGS-M Application 17 500 $
Rice, Mackenzie University of Toronto Securing Sovereignty: The Risks and Benefits of an Assertive Canadian Posture in the Northwest Passage 17 500 $
Simpson, Rachel University of Saskatchewan Was It Deadly or Just Diagenetic? An Experimental Study of Past Lead Exposure 17 500 $
Grenier, Ève Université du Québec à Montréal Les Plans d’intégration et d’implantation architecturale comme outil de protection du patrimoine des noyaux villageois 17 500 $
Renard, Alexia Université de Montréal Le véganisme au Québec : analyse de réseau et trajectoire d’un mouvement 17 500 $
DeLong, Janette University of Victoria Feeling at home: Sociocultural language learning and its effects on integration and belonging among adult newcomers 17 500 $
Ryan, Caitlin University of Calgary A Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Instruction for German Pragmatics 17 500 $
Gilchrist, Jessi Western University Global Governance and Imperial Entanglements: Cooperation, Competition, and Catastrophe in Anglo-Italian Relations, 1919-1935 17 500 $
Balyk, Joel University of Toronto CGS-M: Joel Balyk 17 500 $
Fogg, Cody University of Regina Mitigating and preventing risk-taking behaviors 17 500 $
Martin, Mathieu Université de Moncton Étude du discours de l’Église catholique sur la question du genre en Acadie (1960-1980) 17 500 $
Dagenais, Véronique HEC Montréal The impact of trade simultaneity and foreign direct investment on the trade deficit between Canada and China: updating the Marshall-Lerner Condition 17 500 $
Harms, Jake University of British Columbia The social history of post-independence Lilongwe: Understanding the “lived” city 17 500 $
Goel, Natasha University of Toronto Analysis of Governmental Decision-Making and Income Segregation: A Case Study of Toronto 17 500 $
Kinnear, Abbigail Western University The Effect of Social Threat and Social Anxiety on Appearance Evaluations 17 500 $
Keeping, Adam Université McGill The Gendered Maestro: From Gesture, Verbal Instruction and Managerial Style to Musical Product 17 500 $
Cowley, Kendra University of Alberta Digital Disability Justice: Counter-narration and social media 17 500 $
Qureshi, Maryam University of Calgary Counselling Experiences of Racialized Minorities with Cancer: A Phenomenological Study 17 500 $
Parkin, Cole Carleton University The Impact of Electoral Systems on Third-Party Behaviour on Prince Edward Island 17 500 $
Puccinelli, Nicole University of Calgary Identity of bilingual speakers in Alberta: The link between language and emotions 17 500 $
Colantonio, Caroline University of Toronto Reframing the Cultural Discourse of Fire through Invented Poetic Forms 17 500 $
Johal, Rumneek University of British Columbia Countering Misrepresentations of Canada’s Largest South Asian Community Through Intergenerational Storytelling 17 500 $
Farah, Alexander Université York Boyplay 17 500 $
Moorhouse, Kelsey University of British Columbia Writing Magic: The Quest of the Female Artist in Young Adult Fantasy 17 500 $
Green, Hannah Université Concordia Do You Know Where We Are?: Deconstructing the Canadian Highway 17 500 $
Lutek, Bryn University of Toronto Exploring Electroacoustic Percussion Music and Contemporary Aesthetic Theory through Stockhausen's Kontakte 17 500 $
St. Peters, Joel University du Nouveau-Brunswick Lovelace: Tying the Family Knot 17 500 $
Holmes, Andy University of Toronto LGBTQ Community Safety in Response to Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur 17 500 $
Siever, Mary University of Lethbridge The Good Mother? Student Mothering in Alberta 17 500 $
Ngo, Hazel University of Toronto Does Parental Differential Treatment Predict Emotion Dysregulation in Youth? 17 500 $
Nadeau, Éliane Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Impacts de l'approche en nature sur le développement global et le niveau de pratique d'activité physique des enfants en Centre de la petite enfance 17 500 $
Hogan, Mikailan  McMaster University HIV in Older Adults 17 500 $
Pratezina, Jessica University of Victoria “Disciples by Default”: Identity, Belonging, and Care of Former Members of New Religious Movements 17 500 $
Julien-Friolet, Roxane Université du Québec à Rimouski Entre Montréal et le Bic. L’art de vivre des villégiateurs du cap à l’Orignal d’après la culture matérielle 17 500 $
Hathway, Ailidh Simon Fraser University A Study of the Paleolake System at Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa: The Implications for Human Evolution 17 500 $
Penich, Tessa Carleton University (Re)conceptualizing Consent, (Re)imagining Justice: Sexual Violence and Sexual Pleasure in Canadian Law and Life 17 500 $
Taylor, Mischa University of Alberta Understanding the Psychosocial Needs of Syrian Refugees in Edmonton, Canada 17 500 $
Palkovits, Michele University of Toronto Syndemic Modelling of Ebola in Conflict: A Role for Health Diplomacy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 17 500 $
Larsen, Veronika University of British Columbia Evolution of Madness: A Diachronic Study of Jane Eyre through Film Adaptations 17 500 $
Ramos Boivin, Lenny Pier Université Concordia Hoaxers and Warriors: The Intellectual Dark Web and the Fight for Deliberative Democracy 17 500 $
Kaseram, Dylan HEC Montréal Why Has West Africa Not Yet Adopted a Common Currency? 17 500 $
Braham, Justine Université d'Ottawa What Does Consent Look Like?”: Understanding How Young People Perceive Consent During Technology-Mediated Sexual Interactions 17 500 $
Allard, Megan Université de Montréal Marie Stuart: le destin politique de la reine aux trois couronnes 17 500 $
Nickerson, Rebecca University of Waterloo Locating Gin Lane: Investigating the Effects of the Gin Acts on London’s Landscape from 1720-1760 17 500 $
Drobotenko, Natalia Queen's University Risk Algorithms for Borderline Personality Disorder with Childhood Emotional Abuse and Self-Injury 17 500 $
Huffman, Clarissa Royal Roads University Affordable Housing and Urban Environmental Sustainability: Policy Implications for Yukon, Canada 17 500 $
Klassen-Wiebe, Rebecca Université McGill Maternal Music: Explorations of Motherhood in North American Art Song 17 500 $
Chartray, Vincent HEC Montréal Adaptation du marché du travail canadien au commerce international : effets régionaux 17 500 $
Mathieu, Cléo Université de Sherbrooke Étude des attitudes socilinguistiques entourant l'accord du participe passé en vue d'une réforme 17 500 $
Del Rosario, Nicole University of Regina Do You Mind? Examining Public Views of Mindfulness Practices 17 500 $
Radke, Shane University of Toronto Trashing Our Future: An Examination of Waste and Community in Post-Apocalyptic Literature of the Twenty-First Century 17 500 $
Pashtoonyar, Salar Université York Borrowed Time 17 500 $
Logie, Colleen Brock University Mental Health and Wellness in Ontario Schools: Priorities of New Teachers' and their Mentors' 17 500 $
Bruce, Keegan Western University Showing Manliness: Catullus’ Interactions with Sappho 17 500 $
Sielsky, Kali University of Saskatchewan Written on the Rocks: Pictographs of the Coast Salish 17 500 $
Truffyn, Emma Western University The Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) Expression 17 500 $
Degenstein, Lauren University of Alberta Integration of a Product Stewardship Model into the Canadian Textile Waste Stream 17 500 $
Keus, Kelly Western University Examining Representations of Mental Illness in Children’s Literature 17 500 $
Keys, Kirsty University of Alberta Achievement-Related Shame and Guilt in Early Elementary Students 17 500 $
Dutchak, Ryan University of Saskatchewan Doukhobor and Ukrainian Cultural Integration in Saskatchewan, 1946-1971 17 500 $
Martens, Kyle Université Concordia Queer Identity, Reflexology, and Sculpture 17 500 $
Milne-Walasek, Nicholas Carleton University Evaluating the Rhetorical Narratives of International Happiness Indexes 17 500 $
Kroetsch, Nicola Simon Fraser University Filling the environmental-monitoring gap by tapping into the community-science resource 17 500 $
Sanger, Malcolm Université McGill Tulum's Tourists and Migrants: Gaps and Overlaps 17 500 $
Nguyen, Kim Carleton University Kim Nguyen's Masters Grant 17 500 $
Albert, Christina Maïna Université du Québec à Montréal Enseignement stratégique et stratégies communicationnelles: influence des compétences émotionnelles chez les enseignants de niveau collégial 17 500 $
Bartsch, Alysha University of Toronto Investigating Sociocultural Factors Impacting Access to and Use of Mental Health Care Services in Canada 17 500 $
Forbes, Marisa University du Nouveau-Brunswick The French Colonial Experience: A Bioarchaeological Exploration of Dental Health at the 18th century Fortress of Louisbour 17 500 $
Leclerc, Rebecca Université du Québec à Montréal Vers une esthétique pathologique : survivances et anachronismes dans les collections d'art brut 17 500 $
Saïb, Naïla Université de Montréal Entrave et soutien de l’autonomie et les dimensions du trouble de personnalité limite durant l’adolescence : Étude longitudinale 17 500 $
Dion-Baillargeon, Laurence Université du Québec à Montréal Tirer parti des référents culturels et artistiques des enfants nouvellement immigrés au Québec : améliorer leur intégration sociale et leur développement personnel par le biais des cours de théâtre 17 500 $
Auger, Alexis Université de Montréal Trajectoires migratoires et établissement des jeunes Français au Québec 17 500 $
Lin, Tian University of Toronto Effects of agrarian information exchange networks on agroforestry adoption in Myanmar 17 500 $
Palynchuk, Matthew Université McGill Disability and the Site of Justice 17 500 $
MacDonald, John University of Guelph Social Enterprise: Changing the Narrative of Rural Communities 17 500 $
Meilleur-Rivers, Emily McMaster University Reading the Rainbow: Queer Critical Literacies for Young Learners 17 500 $
Morrow, Jacob University of Toronto Where is the Gallery? Poetic Interventions into the Canadian Cultural Canon 17 500 $
Broschuk, Braeden Université de Winnipeg Barriers to Justice: An examination of police culture and its effects on restorative justice 17 500 $
DeBorba, Erin McMaster University The Role of Temporal Order in Language Development in Monolingual Children 17 500 $
Baribeau-Lambert, Alexane Université Laval Le rôle de l'orientation mentale paternelle dans le développement socio-affectif de l'enfant 17 500 $
Coutu, Alexandra Université de Montréal Au-delà de l'hégémonie humaine : l'éthique animale dans les oeuvres de Marc Séguin et d'Eruoma Awashish 17 500 $
Higashikata, Sayuri University of British Columbia Childhood Politicized: Children’s Literature and Nation Building 17 500 $
Harbour, John Université Laval Intermédialité et langage cinématographique dans l'œuvre de Raoul Barré (1874-1932) 17 500 $
Ferguson, Phillip University of Toronto Cultivating Well-Being and Resilience Through Emotion-Focused Meditation 17 500 $
Faucher Larochelle, David Université de Montréal Les fondements de la pensée musicale du compositeur et guitariste Fernando Sor 17 500 $
El Shazly, Adham Queen's University Global Justice: Universal Norms, Immigration and Self-determination 17 500 $
St-Pierre, Catherine Université Laval Compréhension biopsychosociale du fonctionnement des adolescents ayant vécu de la maltraitance à l’enfance en regard des fenêtres neurodéveloppementales 17 500 $
Baer, Cameron Wilfrid Laurier University A Not-for-Profit Case Study in Museum Studies 17 500 $
Ducharme, Marianne Université McGill Du récit de soi au récit de l'écriture : une lecture métascripturale de Cet été qui chantait 17 500 $
Michaluk, Kailer University of Victoria Nutritional evidence from juvenile skeletal remains in the Roman Western provinces 17 500 $
Pariseau, Simon Université du Québec à Montréal Innovation et solidarité sociale dans le contexte des ateliers de vélo communautaires de Montréal 17 500 $
Anderson, Gregory Saint Mary's University Too much caring, or just a bad fit? Examining the empathy and personality profiles and professional outcomes of new and experienced trauma workers 17 500 $
Perron, Magnolia University of Victoria Exploring the Legalization of Cannabis in First Nations: The Role of Culture, Community, and Commerce in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory 17 500 $
Renaerts, Emma University of British Columbia Impacts of Statue Removal on Memory and History: The Edward Cornwallis Statue in Halifax 17 500 $
Gopinathan, Narayan University of British Columbia Electrification of buses in India 17 500 $
Perry, Lauren Simon Fraser University Anne Conway and the Principle of Continuity 17 500 $
Tuffs, Brittany University of Saskatchewan A Kaska Perspective: The Kaska a’i Constitution and Legal Understandings of Land 17 500 $
Tamasauskas, Aiden University of Toronto Decolonizing Necessity: The Spectre of Colonialism within Human Rights Law 17 500 $
Speranza, Ana Université York Dispossession & Return: Repatriation of Indigenous Artifacts & Human Remains at the Museo de La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina 17 500 $
Deleurme, Kendall University of Saskatchewan The Use of Family Narratives as a Response to Wildfire Trauma 17 500 $
Jetté, Emmanuelle Université du Québec à Montréal Traduction et adaptation de La obediencia de la mujer del pastor de Sergio Martinez Vila 17 500 $
Doan, Emily Simon Fraser University Determining the Effects of Building and Neighborhood Types on Fuel-Switching and Retrofits 17 500 $
Hajaj, Guy University of British Columbia The Revised New World Atlas: Stories of exile, refugeeism and border­crossing in words and maps 17 500 $
Wyngaarden, Sara University of Waterloo Participatory Evaluation of the Impact of Youth Research Teams on Rural Development and Livelihood Stability in Honduras 17 500 $
Fortier, Maxandre Université du Québec à Montréal Vers une transition hégémonique? La Grande-Bretagne, l’Inde et le futur de l’ordre international libéral 17 500 $
Pimenova, Oxana University of Saskatchewan Pipeline Approvals: Epistemic Success of Consultations with Indigenous Peoples of Canada 17 500 $
Manning, Natalia Carleton University Investigating Formerly Incarcerated Indigenous Women and The Journey to Imprisonment 17 500 $
Pennetta, Sabrina Simon Fraser University Bandits in the Bedroom: Crime and Sexuality in 1970s Italian Film 17 500 $
Castonguay, Patrice Université de Montréal La question de la liberté chez David Hume : l'enjeu du compatibilisme et de la responsabilité morale 17 500 $
Cox, Adena Mount Saint Vincent University Investigating the Effects of Exposure to Violence on Academic Achievement Among High School Students in Nova Scotia 17 500 $
Cselinacz, Morgan University of Alberta Ethical Representation of Androids and Artificial Intelligence in Media 17 500 $
Lafrance, David Université Concordia Les effets de la médiatisation des changements climatiques sur la représentation du paysage en peinture 17 500 $
Boucher, Éliane Université d'Ottawa Les principes de lisibilité appliqués à la rédaction des textes de loi : un outil pour favoriser l'accès à la justice 17 500 $
Freund, Gabriel University of British Columbia Living in Fear: An exploration of our attitudes towards death as non-existence 17 500 $
Bansal, Jotthi University of Toronto Effects of regular dance engagement on psychological symptoms of Parkinson’s disease 17 500 $
Lisitza, Aryn University of Calgary The Intimate Relationships of Gifted Adults: Exploring Resilience Processes and Dabrowski’s ‘third factor’ 17 500 $
Meunier, Jordan Université de Montréal Musique actuelle et postmodernité : l’œuvre de Jean Derome comme vecteur de construction identitaire dans le Québec contemporain 17 500 $
Péloquin-Skulski, Gabrielle Université de Montréal Modes de scrutin : une préférence pour le statu quo? 17 500 $
Beirne, Luke McMaster University Ideological Impacts of the Cultural Cold War 17 500 $
Osmond, Jazpyn Memorial University of Newfoundland When You Can’t Unearth the Covered Up: Archaeology and the Memorialization of Mount Cashel Orphanage 17 500 $
Filoso, Daniella Université Ontario Tech The role of lineup presentation, lineup size, and culprit-presence on eyewitness accuracy 17 500 $
Ramadan, Ahmad University of British Columbia The Foghorn Echoes: a fictionalized account representing Queer Syrian Refugees in literature form 17 500 $
Baum, Dixie University of Calgary Identity Construction in Women Recovering From Substance Use Disorders 17 500 $
Braun, Terrance Western University Deindustrialization of the Music Industry 17 500 $
Volkov, Alexandra Ryerson University Proposed Research Application on Preventing Displacement in Processes of Gentrification 17 500 $
Schwenck, Gracielle Dalhousie University Evaluating relationship satisfaction and the presence of secondary traumatic stress in intimate partners of women with posttraumatic stress disorder 17 500 $
Borg, Meghan Wilfrid Laurier University Money, Money, Money: Examining Perceptions of Pay Negotiation and Remuneration in Adolescents 17 500 $
Roberge, Dominic Université Laval Expansions et résistances dans le parc national Hoàng Liên Son : les relations à l'environnement des populations minoritaires face aux politiques globales de protection de la nature dans la province du Lào Cai, au Vietnam 17 500 $
Arends, Patricia University of Alberta Does Active Rehabilitation as a Concussion Management Strategy Impact Mood Disorders? 17 500 $
Chevalier, Owen Université York The Role of Emotions in Rational Decision Making 17 500 $
MacDonald, Dani Queen's University Disrupting Refugee Literature: A Deconstructive Analysis of Parenthetical Phrases in Kim Thúy’s Ru 17 500 $
Moffet, Charlotte Université de Montréal La traversée, suivi de Défaire la scène pour la reconstruire sur le seuil : la complexité du statut générique de La nuit juste avant les forêts de Bernard-Marie Koltès 17 500 $
Rassart, Camille-Andrée Université du Québec à Montréal Agression sexuelle en enfance et stress parental à l'âge adulte : le rôle des capacités du soi 17 500 $
Hershler, Laen University of British Columbia Reaching for the Community: Critical Assessment of a Research Based Theatre Project 17 500 $
Gendron, Roxanne Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue L'analyse des besoins des enseignants au secondaire animant des cours d'éducation sociosexuelle auprès d'adolescents et d'adolescentes présentant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme (TSA) 17 500 $
Kim, Emily University of Toronto From Punitive to Rehabilitative: A Push for Educational Equity in Correctional Institutions 17 500 $
Zacharias, Jocelyn University of Alberta Evaluation of Training Modules for Parents of Children with Complex Communication Needs: Comparison of Parent Behaviours Before, During, and After Online Training 17 500 $
Nah, Kyoungsil University du Nouveau-Brunswick Cultural Differences in Spontaneous Causal Inferences: Variations of Automatic Interpretation of Bahavioural Causes 17 500 $
Maertens, Catherine Université Concordia La réception des revendications autonomistes des Inuit du Nunavik par le mouvement souverainiste, de 1976 à 2014 17 500 $
Pietrangelo-Porco, Evania Université York Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program 17 500 $
Smith, David Carleton University Aging, Auditory Memory, and Situation Awareness in Aviation 17 500 $
Campbell, Stephen Carleton University Understanding the Continuation of Urban Sprawl Development: What Do the 'Experts' Say? 17 500 $
Roberge, Vincent Université de Montréal Leadership habilitant et performance proactive : le rôle modérateur de la détresse psychologique au travail 17 500 $
Crawford, Kaitlin University of British Columbia Barriers and facilitators of help-seeking behaviours among professional athletes 17 500 $
Harrigan, Isabelle Université de Moncton Un examen du rôle médiateur de la visibilité relationnelle dans la relation entre les motivations sous-jacentes à la visibilité, les activités sur Facebook, et la satisfaction conjugale 17 500 $
Rondolo, Ryah University of British Columbia Marine Oil Spill Response Training Exercises as a Community Engagement Strategy 17 500 $
Panaite, Andreea-Catalina Université de Montréal Un détestable amour : le cas des manele roumaines 17 500 $
Gagnon-Rouillard, Julien Université du Québec à Montréal Produits d'un mythe collectif de croissance infinie : application des principes de la décroissance dans une pratique artistique de l'installation 17 500 $
Spence, Thomas University of Victoria Can mindfulness enhance the positive effects of nature exposure on vitality? 17 500 $
Zhong, Fangkuo University of Toronto Planning for Chinese domestic tourism: Examining the role of local agency in constructing the Miao ethnic identity in Zhangjiajie 17 500 $
Yee, Florence OCAD University Bad Forgeries Make for Good Originals: An Art-Based Research Practice in Cantonese Diasporic Issues 17 500 $
Boucher, Aurélie Université de Montréal Adapter les récits de personnes vivant avec un trouble anxieux par le biais de processus artistiques et médiatiques 17 500 $
Breton, Joëlle Université Laval La valeur de l'expression langagière du retard et de la ponctualité en français québécois et en russe au XIXe et au XXIe siècle: étude diachronique et interculturelle 17 500 $
Seo, Hyojung University of Toronto Designing Access to Canada's Public Information and Knowledge 17 500 $
Prosser, Jordan University of Toronto A Suburban Ideology 17 500 $
Guye-Perrault, Aurélie Université de Montréal Culture visuelle des arts vivants tsiganes, roms et gitans dans l’entre-deux-guerres : une histoire d’échange et d’invisibilisation 17 500 $
Cotter, Max Ryerson University Small Town Creative Communities of Learning: A Case Study of Sackville, New Brunswick 17 500 $
Rozanski, Rachel Ryerson University Visualizing Interdisciplinary Research of Environmental Deterioration in the Arctic 17 500 $
Miller, Alexia Université McGill Relationships between Emotion Dysregulation and Momentary Maladaptive Behaviours Associated with University Student Well-being 17 500 $
Beaudoin, Marie-Michèle Université du Québec à Montréal Récits d’empowerment : re-lectures religieuses et féministes des mythes de la Vierge Marie et de la Sorcière 17 500 $
Girodat, Jamie-Lee University of Alberta Wavering Possibilities: Visually Unravelling Genetics and Identity 17 500 $
Dionne, Louis-Charles NSCAD University Boiling Sap: The Cooking of Québécois Identity through Borrowed Rituals 17 500 $
Girard, Danielle Université McGill Urban agriculture—from crisis-management to long-term resiliency: An investigation into urban agriculture policy in Buenos Aires 17 500 $
Choi, Seenae Université York Hybridity of Screendance Actualized in Lights Dance Festival's Screening Format 17 500 $
Paloschi, Elisa Université York Memory of Forgetting 17 500 $
Shibish, Christina McMaster University British Colonialism in Lower Canada: French Canadian Culture Following the 1837-38 Rebellions 17 500 $
Lu, Henri Simon Fraser University Psychosocial Predictors of Fraud Susceptibility in Older Adults 17 500 $
Wadi, Ziad University of Toronto The Linguistic Influence of Akkadian on Syriac 17 500 $
Trussler, Katherine Western University Revamp of the Classical Singer's Classification System 17 500 $
Terpstra, Christina University of Calgary The historical development of progressive constructions in Dutch 17 500 $
Cline, Emily Université McGill “Detective-fever”: Sensation, Detection, and the Development of the Mystery Genre 17 500 $
Klassen, Kelsey University of Alberta Identifying Semantic Errors in Verb Use of Preschool Children with Developmental Language Disorders 17 500 $
Fisher, Laura Acadia University Getting Out of ‘The Welfare Trap’: The Impacts of Nova Scotia Employment Support and Income Assistance on Post-Secondary Educational Access and Attainment of Single Parents 17 500 $
Brockbank, Madison McMaster University Examining male-identified student perspectives of sexual violence on Canadian university campuses 17 500 $
Wah, Deanne University of Toronto The effect of sensory overstimulation on social development as measured by eye-tracking and emotional recognition: Autism Spectrum Disorders 17 500 $
Boudreau, Julien Université Laval Estimation du potentiel de génération économiquement rentable de biométhane au Québec 17 500 $
Linzel, Jessica Brock University The Shopkeeper Aristocracy: Mapping Trade Networks in Colonial Niagara 17 500 $
McKeen, Erica Western University The Gothic Architecture of the Female Psyche 17 500 $
Poirier, Joanie Université de Sherbrooke Étude exploratoire des difficultés relationnelles, émotionnelles et identitaires chez des adultes québécois ayant reçu une évaluation positive de douance 17 500 $
MacKinnon, Katrina University of Alberta Pedagogical Analysis of Intermediate Piano Concerti 17 500 $
Donaldson, Richel University of Northern British Columbia Designing Culturally Safe Sexual Health Education Programs for Indigenous Communities 17 500 $
Lamoureux, Frédérique Université de Montréal Entre filiation et ruptures: pour une esthétique du montage dans Ma mère rit de Chantal Akerman 17 500 $
Martel-Lachance, Xavier Université du Québec à Montréal La place du meneur de jeu de rôle sur table dans la communication du folklore 17 500 $
Balsom, Ashley University of Regina An Examination of the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Experiences of Infertility 17 500 $
Lelekach, Marisa University of Alberta Phonological Development of English-speaking Children Enrolled in Mandarin-English Bilingual Education Programs 17 500 $
Gryshchuk, Olena University du Nouveau-Brunswick Validation of the ODARA for Female Perpetrators and Personality Features 17 500 $
Chen, Maria University of British Columbia Chinese stakeholders' perceptions of pig welfare 17 500 $
Bilson, Lucy Université York Graphic design: an everyday visual language for cultural analysis? 17 500 $
Mojica, Angelic Université du Manitoba Assessing the prevalence of state-led gentrification policies in Canadian cities 17 500 $
Hummell, Caroline Queen's University Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Transformational Coach Workshop 17 500 $
Wai, Stefanie McMaster University Conceptions of Life and Death in the Andes: Examining Burial Orientations within the Broader Landscape 17 500 $
Bellows, Lindsay Memorial University of Newfoundland Relational Aggression, Self-Compassion, and Body Shame in Adolescence 17 500 $
Faria, Olivia Carleton University Internet of Torment: Governance of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices in the context of domestic abuse 17 500 $
Tiburcio-Carneiro, Marly Université de Montréal Circulations impériales : les Indiens de Birmanie et d’Indochine française au travail, 1919-1940 17 500 $
Sobanski, Brenna Dalhousie University Harm and Narratives of Sacrifice in Nonprofit Work 17 500 $
Chisholm, Catherine Emily Carr University of Art + Design Design for Sustainable Transitions: Formations of Publics and Resiliency 17 500 $
Farrow, Daniel Western University The Cape Bretoner & Home: A Generational Oral History Study of The Concept of Home 17 500 $
Mikol, Carmel Queen's University Vanishing Acts: The Politics and Potential of Women’s Disappearance Narratives 17 500 $
Claing, Aurélie Université de Sherbrooke Traumas interpersonnels dans l'enfance et violence conjugale : le rôle des traits de personnalité indésirable et de l’empathie dyadique 17 500 $
Patterson, Dylan University of Toronto Role of the ventral hippocampal-accumbens circuit in approach-avoidance decision making 17 500 $
Kapler, Erin University of Calgary What is the Described Experience of Adults with Autism in Learning of their Diagnosis? 17 500 $
Frendo, Christina Queen's University Urban Agriculture in Montréal, Québec: An Instrument of Gentrification? 17 500 $
Uy, Danielle Anne Ryerson University A diary study on other-oriented perfectionism and social comparisons 17 500 $
St-Yves, Alexandra Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Les contes en Paw Paw French du Missouri : entre tradition et subversion 17 500 $
Lopez Ricote, Maria Carolina (Carol) McMaster University Exploring Experiences of Gender-Based Violence in the Context of Legal Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada for Women living with HIV 17 500 $
Chaloux-Gendron, Virginie Université Laval Le récit d'enfance autobiographique comme thérapeutique de la honte dans deux oeuvres de Thomas Bernhard 17 500 $
LeClair, Stacey University of Calgary The Common Law and Society: The Expansion of Legal Theory in the Age of Elizabeth I 17 500 $
Fisher, Dale University of Alberta Social Strategies in Tool-Stone Procurement and Modification at the Mattheis Ranch, Newell County, Alberta 17 500 $
Anderson, Jamie University of Calgary The life and politics of passing: Gender, professionalism, and the LGBTQI teacher 17 500 $
Robillard, Benoit Université du Québec à Montréal Entre les murs du refuge: redéfinition posthumaniste de l'éthique du care à la SPCA de Montréal 17 500 $
Bacon, Elizabeth Université de Montréal Resilience through relationships: Quebec agri-food cooperatives, the social economy, and sustainable food systems 17 500 $
Beck, Cynthia University of Regina Innovation Exploration and Adaptation of Internet-delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: For Agriculture Producers by Agriculture Producers 17 500 $
Acheson, Cassidy University of British Columbia Erasure and Public Memory: Colonization and Indigenous History in the Central Okanagan 17 500 $
Bouvier-Valenta, Daniela University of Toronto The Politics of Czech and Slovak Memory Narratives of the Second World War Since 1989 17 500 $
Stoehr, Kate Marie University of Toronto Sowing Christians: Analyzing Conversion and Cultivation in the Civilizing Projects of 19th Century Canada 17 500 $
Oakes, Stuart University of Toronto Proposal 17 500 $
Sogelola, Opeyemi Carleton University Computational Propaganda: The Role of Bots in Shaping Political Discourse in Canada 17 500 $
Xanthoudakis, Alexandra Simon Fraser University Fanfiction Sub-Genre Circulation Between Online Fan Communities 17 500 $
Hazrati, Shahin University of Toronto Interventions in Higher Education: How to Know What Works 17 500 $
Nérisson, Thomas Université de Montréal Définir les religions avec dynamisme : articulation des définitions post-barthiennes de l'ethnicité avec les définitions spirituelles de la religion 17 500 $
Brooks, Laura University of Calgary Queer Roleplaying in Video Games and Video Game Literature 17 500 $
McKinnon, Amanda Université York Examining positive youth development through sport in youth with disabilities 17 500 $
Hawkins, Cole University of Alberta Indigenous Travellers and the Construction of Colonial Morality in Europe (1608-1725) 17 500 $
Gaudreau, Alice Institut national de la recherche scientifique Modalités de prestations globales de services dans les mesures d’emploi visant les jeunes au Canada 17 500 $
Lau, Parky Ryerson University Separating Fatigue and Sleepiness in the Etiology and Maintenance of Insomnia: A Cognitive Model 17 500 $
Ali, Andalah University of Toronto Creative Writing Proposal: Elegies for a Later Date 17 500 $
Mayer, Fabian Université York Race, gender, and precarity among platform economy workers in Toronto 17 500 $
Hutchings, Julia Université York Light Ahead, Setting Sun 17 500 $
Speller, Jeffrey Memorial University of Newfoundland L'Anse aux Meadows: An Integrated Geoarchaeological Investigation 17 500 $
Léveillé, Brigitte Université McGill Récits d'un quotidien féminin : la répétition signifiante comme ruse narrative 17 500 $
Wicklund, Evan Université de Winnipeg The Sociology of Body in the Life and Literary Works of Franz Kafka: A Cultural Disability Studies Perspective 17 500 $
St-Louis Ventura, Daphné Université du Québec à Montréal La représentation de l'électorat latino-américain dans les médias hispanophones aux États-Unis en période électorale 17 500 $
Nurmohamed, Alia Université Concordia Between Longing and Losing One's Self: Ambiguous Loss, Responsibilization and the Problem of Grief in Motherhood 17 500 $
McNutt, Brianna Saint Mary's University “The Champions of Temperance”: Reconstructing the Nova Scotian Sons of Temperance and their Influence on Prohibition 17 500 $
Kim, Yae Won University of Victoria Executive function and language development in preschoolers 17 500 $
Gleave Riemann, Samuel Université McGill The Reception of Sappho in Attic Comedy as it Reflects the Performance of her Poems 17 500 $
Bond, Audrey HEC Montréal L'effet de la similarité et la proximité des produits sur la qualité des décisions des consommateurs 17 500 $
Ballantyne, Matthew University of British Columbia Feathers to Flocks: Birds as Mereological Symbols 17 500 $
Anderson, Leah University of Alberta The Impact of the Automobile on Seniors’ Well-Being in Alberta 17 500 $
Schultz, Olivia Simon Fraser University Dismantling Evangelical Missions to Civilize Queer Populations in Canada 17 500 $
Houston, Bridget Western University Implementation of a Healthy Relationship Program with Voluntary Welfare Youth Services 17 500 $
Abell, Corey Simon Fraser University SSHRC Proposal for a Project in Digital Media and Rhetoric Studies 17 500 $
Chen, Qi-Sheng University of Waterloo How Equitable are Canadian Smart Cities? 17 500 $
Foucault, Maël Université d'Ottawa La construction d'un mythe. L'ambivalence canadienne en matière de lutte au changement climatique 17 500 $
Voort, Tianna University of Toronto People of the Book: Literature as Resistance during the Holocaust 17 500 $
Storozuk, Andie Université d'Ottawa Investigating the Emotional Experiences of Math-Anxious Parents When They Help With Math Homework 17 500 $
Dos Santos, Hannah University of Toronto Urban displacement and the “right to the city”: The case of Brazil’s mass social housing program Minha Casa, Minha Vida 17 500 $
Hopkins, Allan University of British Columbia Reservation Dogs 17 500 $
Morales Caceres, Andrea University of Toronto Analyzing Immigrant-Serving Organizations’ Challenges and Responses Towards Immigrant Women Unemployment and Underemployment 17 500 $
Bourque, Stéphanie Université d'Ottawa Programme de bourses d’études supérieures du Canada au niveau de la maitrise 17 500 $
Harvey, Sascha Carleton University The Changing Nature of Work and the Quality of Life in Elliot Lake Ontario 17 500 $
Moore, Conor Simon Fraser University Organizing Canadian theatre designers: The intersection of creative and precarious labour 17 500 $
Silvestre Fernandes, Luciana University of British Columbia Re-Claiming the Canon: A New Lens for the Staging of Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling 17 500 $
Chan, Yan Chuen Constance University of Toronto The 'Blood and Soil' Ideology in Anna Koppitz's Photographs 17 500 $
Harris, Amy Simon Fraser University The impact of smartphone technology on human outdoor recreational habits, and the difficulties and opportunities they present to Search and Rescue resources 17 500 $
Giamos, Dimitris HEC Montréal The impact of supervisor’s empowering leadership and shared leadership on employee performance and innovation behaviours 17 500 $
Cunningham, Timothy University of Victoria Expropriating 'Wilderness': Urbanization, Animalism, and Cultural Urban Environmental History in the Pacific Northwest 17 500 $
Ta, Viviane Université McGill Perspectives of family caregivers and older adults on ageist communication: A qualitative study 17 500 $
Towns, Ethan Carleton University The Silent Horror Film, 1896-1922: Narrative, Style, Context 17 500 $
Gaghadar, Austin University of Toronto Analysis of Productivity and Anti-Discrimination Legislation in Canada 17 500 $
McMillan, William Université York A Qualitative Exploration of Both Sides of Private Refugee Sponsorship in Toronto, ON 17 500 $
Franklin, Dylan Université d'Ottawa Elucidating the neural mechanisms of cognitive reserve in healthy younger and older adults using MRI 17 500 $
Russell, Allie Carleton University Moral Reasoning Among Shy Children: The Role of Theory of Mind 17 500 $
Depow, Gregory University of Toronto A representative experience sampling study of everyday empathy 17 500 $
El-Hourani, Mira Université de Montréal Rêves dysphoriques et ajustement psychosocial : Étude longitudinale chez les enfants et les adolescents 17 500 $
Groening, Jillian Université York Hanging Words in the Air Like Laundry: Developing Methods of Interdisciplinary Performance Documentation 17 500 $
Webber, Kaitlin University of Waterloo Exploring the relationship between transit-induced intensification and retail gentrification in a mid-sized Canadian city 17 500 $
Thomas, Kai University of Guelph Underground Legacies: Rethinking Canada and 1812 through Black Indigenous Stories 17 500 $
Maclennan, Samuel Queen's University Arts & Science 17 500 $
May, Kayla Western University Homelessness in London, ON: Assessing the sustainability of Housing First in light of a shift to models of prevention 17 500 $
Folger, Napatsi University of British Columbia Inuit Foodways Research Proposal 17 500 $
Arar, Barâa University of Toronto ‘Unveiling Algeria’: Violence and Resistance in Colonial Photographs of Algerian Women 17 500 $
Doody, Jorden University of British Columbia Ritu-all 17 500 $
van de Weetering, Jantje Université de Winnipeg Post-Secondary Education and Perceptions of Crime and Punishment 17 500 $
Sidi, Sofia Université York Examining the Relation Between Religion, Politics and the Law in the 21st Century 17 500 $
Ball, John Queen's University Vision and Revision: The Recovery of Transcendence in the Poetry, Prose, and Songs of Leonard Cohen 17 500 $
Lévesque, Frédérique Université du Québec à Montréal La médiation interculturelle en milieux communautaires au Québec 17 500 $
Pizem, Arianne Université McGill High Waters: Negotiating the Future of Venice 17 500 $
Desrosiers, Andrée-Anne Université du Québec en Outaouais L'expérience de stress des couples en périnatalité suite à un vécu d'infertilité comparée aux couples tout venant 17 500 $
Dugdale, Benjamin Memorial University of Newfoundland Summerfall: Revitalizing Rural Queer Experiences in Short Fiction 17 500 $
Jeon, Won Western University The stuff of art, fantasy, and schizophrenia: double-binds in film and psychotherapy 17 500 $
Perez Gonzalez, Laura Université York Education for Development: Grenada’s National and Regional Strategies 17 500 $
Baillargeon, Léanne Université de Montréal Une géographie critique de l'agriculture urbaine 17 500 $
L'Heureux, Samuel Université d'Ottawa La politique étrangère du Canada et la sécurité humaine : une analyse comparative de l’opérationnalisation par le Canada du concept de sécurité humaine dans le cadre des interventions au Kosovo et en Libye 17 500 $
Church, Lindsay University of Saskatchewan Medieval and Early Modern Alchemical Concepts in Twenty-First Century Fantasy Novels 17 500 $
Gates, Marian Université du Québec à Montréal L’espace « hors-pouvoir » en scénographie contemporaine 17 500 $
Saracuse, Taylor University of Toronto Use of Empathy-Led Emotional Literacy Programs in Northern Canada at Primary Levels 17 500 $
Orlowski, Katrina Ryerson University Women in the History and Preservation of Expanded Cinema: Audrey Capel Doray, a Case Study 17 500 $
McIlwraith, David Wilfrid Laurier University The Psychosocial Experience of Exercise Among Middle Aged Adults 17 500 $
Factor, Ethan University of Waterloo Expanding Experiential Learning Theory for Professional Competency Development 17 500 $
Stevens, Chris Memorial University of Newfoundland The Caribou and the Iron Horse: The Newfoundland Railway and its Impact on Indigenous Communities 17 500 $
Johnson, Jessica Université York Sense of Place 17 500 $
Gunderson, Rebecca Simon Fraser University Urban Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation – What does resilience look like to three urban indigenous groups in B.C.? 17 500 $
Roberts, Rebecca Memorial University of Newfoundland Movement and Artistic Production in Modernist Urban Landscapes 17 500 $
Dhaliwal, Manpreet (Preeti) University of Guelph The Impacts of Race and Colonization on Touch, Migration and Love in the Punjabi Diaspora: A Hybrid Novel Using Fiction, Autobiography and Monologue 17 500 $
Angers, Séverine Queen's University La contribution des femmes dans la vie de garnison de l'armée britannique à Québec, 1763-1871 17 500 $
Ouellet, Béatrice Université Laval Développement d’une modalité de soutien pour les parents en situation de vulnérabilité socioéconomique dans le développement de leur enfant de moins de cinq ans 17 500 $
Unrau, Alexis Simon Fraser University Maternal Depression and Conduct Problems: Hostile Attributions and Parenting as Serial Mediators 17 500 $
Breault, Meagan Carleton University A Family’s Role: Persecution of the Disabled Under National Socialism 17 500 $
Donabedian, Tvine Simon Fraser University Healing and Hallyu: Self-Care and Belonging in the International K-pop Fan Community 17 500 $
Trudel, Geneviève Université d'Ottawa Spatial Ability and it's Importance in Education 17 500 $
Shebaylo, Keaden Université du Manitoba The Influence of Visual Attention on Spelling Development: A Longitudinal Study 17 500 $
Noel, Alex Université Concordia Ties That Bind: Using Art to Shape the Post-Prison Experience of Women in Newfoundland 17 500 $
Cyr-Desautels, Laurence Université du Québec à Montréal Le rôle modérateur de la relation éducateur-enfant entre les expériences de maltraitance antérieures et les problèmes de comportements chez des enfants hébergés en centre de réadaptation 17 500 $
Moore, Miriam Simon Fraser University Reconciling Cohabitation: Resolving Disputes Through Collaborative Land Use Planning 17 500 $
DiCecco, Alexa University of Windsor Self-Preservation: Using Food Poetics to Open Dialogues on Mental Health and Sexuality 17 500 $
Baines, Margaret Université York Acts of Resistance in New Hollywood Cinema and 1970s Horror 17 500 $
Myette, Ella Université McGill Representation of Indigenous Peoples' Health and Wellbeing in Mining Project Assessment 17 500 $
LeBel, Marianne Queen's University Investigation of nanoparticle coatings for the consolidation of artifacts with friable paint media on porous substrates 17 500 $
Kaltsidis, Gesthimani Nodoka Université McGill Predictors of residential stability and social integration among homeless individuals in supportive housing 17 500 $
Lichtblau, Gabriela University of Toronto Materiality of the Mummy: Looking at the Body in Ritual 17 500 $
Noxon, Clarissa Memorial University of Newfoundland The Radical Right: Both Winners and Losers in Europe 17 500 $
Lisinski, Brianne Trent University Teacher Stress, Self Regulation and the Impact on Students with Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
MacDonald, Ariel University of Alberta (Un)Settling the West: Public Art and Settler Colonialism in Edmonton, Alberta 17 500 $
Doris, Samantha Western University Energy poverty in an urban Canadian landscape 17 500 $
Khan, Atif University of Toronto Drone Geographies: Mapping Violent Borderlands of AfPak 17 500 $
de Moissac, Holly University of Alberta The Anthropomorphic Garden: Visualizing Trauma in Ecological Bodies 17 500 $
Faveri, Benjamin Carleton University The Use of Sentencing Cases to Assess White-Collar Fraud: A Partial Test of Rational Choice Theory 17 500 $
Hotchkiss, Lauren University of Guelph Student Perceptions of Workplace Gender Discrimination 17 500 $
Johnsson, Quinn University of Lethbridge The Psychological Readiness of Concussed Athletes 17 500 $
Henderson, Corinne Simon Fraser University The media's depiction of women of colour political candidates 17 500 $
Grant, Emma Université d'Ottawa Moral identity development and moral motivation among university students participating in community service learning 17 500 $
Holt, Emerald University of British Columbia Miss 17 500 $
Sbaï, Firdaous Université McGill Racial disparities in incarceration 17 500 $
Morihovitis, Rachel Queen's University Greek Comedy and the Working Class: Portrayals of a 'Working-Class Hero' in Aristophanic Literature 17 500 $
Morales, Celeste University of Victoria New social movements in the social media age: An analysis of the animal rights movements, their tactics, and their metrics of success 17 500 $
finlayson, katherine Queen's University Drinking Culture in Victorian London 17 500 $
Dadgar, Kyle University of British Columbia Exploring the relationship between online and offline socialization in LGBTQ youth 17 500 $
Frim, Christine University of British Columbia Intermediality and the Five-Stage Degradation of the Muse in My Àntonia 17 500 $
Spicer, Chantel Simon Fraser University Decolonizing Parks Policy 17 500 $
Mir, Sadia University of British Columbia Invisible Worlds: Childhood Experience and Survival of Domestic Violence 17 500 $
Marinic, Madison McMaster University The Women of the French Colonial Empire in Shifting Political Winds 17 500 $
Boland, Jared University of Toronto Building Community and Queer French Resources 17 500 $
Curteanu, Cassandra Université de Montréal Investigating infant feeding transitions in wild chimpanzees using stable isotopes in hair keratin 17 500 $
Bhalloo, Insiya University of Toronto Predictors of Reading Development and Reading Difficulty in Urdu-English Bilingual Children 17 500 $
Arndt, Devin University of Waterloo Contemporary Nomadism: Designing for Spatial Mobility 17 500 $
Lakine, Denis Université McGill Sorokin's Day of Oprichnik: Vulgarity, Sacrality and Russianness 17 500 $
Fruchtman, Sara University of Toronto A Socio-Legal Analysis of Anti-Trafficking Efforts in Canada 17 500 $
Lamontagne-Dupuis, Leena Queen's University Understanding Growth Management in Northern-Ontario from Indigenous and Municipal Perspectives: A Case Study of Hearst, Ontario Official Municipal Plan and Constance Lake First Nation Community-based Land Use Plan 17 500 $
Lew, Dana University of Toronto Investigating Captivity Narratives from the American Revolutionary War Period 17 500 $
Schutte, Valerie Université d'Ottawa From Camps to Campus: English Literacy Development Programs for Low Literacy Refugee Background Students in Ontario Secondary Schools 17 500 $
Currie-Williams, Kelann Université Concordia Prolonging the Afterimage: Black Canada and the Photographic Archive 17 500 $
Lees, James Dalhousie University Timber, Crown, and Crisis: The Intersection of Early Modern English State Development and Woodland Management, Circa 1480-1700 17 500 $
Speigel, Ethan University of Toronto Motion, Activity, and the Structure of Capacity: Aristotle's Conception of Dunamis in Book Theta of the Metaphysics 17 500 $
Christy, Kayonne University of British Columbia Reducing racial disparities in maternal health: An intersectional analysis of Black women's experiences of discrimination in the health care system during pregnancy 17 500 $
Vila-Cha, Linda Université McGill Uncovering Demonstrations of Hidden Resilience on Pro-Eating Disorder Websites 17 500 $
Viseu, Bianca McMaster University A Geospatial Analysis of Iberia's Later Prehistory 17 500 $
Lachapelle, Sophia Queen's University Reimagining the post-carceral geographies of Public Health 17 500 $
Diez Gonzalez, Maria Estrella University of Alberta Contribution des Métis à la toponymie nord-américaine des régions du Midwest états-unien et des provinces des Prairies canadiennes 17 500 $
Wishloff, Thomas Université York A Cinema of Sadness or a Brighter Cinema: Conceptualizations of Smaller National Cinemas as Seen Through Taiwanese Cinema 17 500 $
Viger Beaudin, Olivier Université du Québec en Outaouais Analyse des impacts sur les inégalités de revenu des politiques publiques québécoises du développement régional 17 500 $
Morgan, Anthea Queen's University Etruscan Dance Culture as Represented in Tomb Paintings: A Dancer's Perspective 17 500 $
Carbonneau, Catherine Carleton University La place de l'amnistie conditionnelle en diplomatie de deuxième niveau : une étude comparative avec la justice transitionnelle 17 500 $
Ainsley-Vincent, Raphaëlle Institut national de la recherche scientifique L’expérience du logement des femmes autochtones : trajectoires résidentielles et enjeux en contexte montréalais 17 500 $
Lodders, Vanessa Simon Fraser University Gendered Campaign Appeals: Explaining the Voting Gap in Canada and the US 17 500 $
Gill, Anecia Simon Fraser University Townline Hill Conflict: A case study in racialized conceptualizations of gang-prevention by policy makers 17 500 $
Lessard, Florence Université d'Ottawa Négociations internationales sur les changements climatiques : l'influence des organisations non gouvernementales 17 500 $
Dawson, Kelsey University of Waterloo Kelsey Dawson - Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master's Program 17 500 $
Champigny-Fortier, William Université de Sherbrooke Démocratie et dictature dans l'oeuvre de Rosa Luxemburg 17 500 $
Smith, Ariel Université York cîpayâmatisow (She is Visited by Ghosts) 17 500 $
Montague, Samantha Brock University An Exploration of the Influence Military Leadership has on Sexual Misconduct 17 500 $
Hudecki, Alexandra Western University Inward Resistance: A study of Identity and Race in North America 17 500 $
McCarron, Sean McMaster University The Effects of Post-Secondary Education on Reading Proficiency 17 500 $
Ashour, Amani Cape Breton University Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's Program 17 500 $
Morgan, Alexander Western University Theorizing the Canadian Dystopic in Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy 17 500 $
McMullin, Sophie Université du Québec à Montréal Effets des programmes d'entraînements visant le développement des fonctions exécutives : une méta-analyse 17 500 $
Gibson, Eleni Vancouver Island University Assessing the feasibility of e-bike transportation in sprawled urban environments 17 500 $
Page, Damian University of Toronto Mental Health Literacy as a Determinant of Mental Health Service Access 17 500 $
LeBlanc, Abbie Université McGill Chimerical Human Rights: Rousseau on Judgment in the Contemporary Human Rights Debate 17 500 $
Tanguay, Caroline Université de Montréal Randonnée pédestre et aménagement de sentiers en terres privées : les pratiques et représentations de la propriété foncière mises à l’épreuve 17 500 $
Nadeau, Justin University of Calgary The Mysteries of Mithras and Sacred Space 17 500 $
Padros-Ross, Nathalie Université Concordia Revisiting Nursing Homes through Intergenerational Programs 17 500 $
Baugh, Sylvanna University of British Columbia Literary Anarchism and Postcolonial Possibility in the Writing of Dambudzo Marechera 17 500 $
Luymes, Gavin Queen's University Evaluating Military Base Redevelopment in Canada 17 500 $
Elijah, Angela University of Victoria Kanien’keha: Contributing Factors of Rapid Language Loss in Mohawk Communities 17 500 $
Dharamshi, Alannah University of Toronto Humanitarian Imperialism: A Critical Discourse Analysis 17 500 $
Chambers, Charles University of British Columbia The Digitization of Design: Hand Drafting and the Evolution of Computer Drawing in North American Landscape Architecture, 1858-2020 17 500 $
Jabs, Faith University of British Columbia Expanding the Approach-Avoidance Motivation Model to sexual dysfunction 17 500 $
Megginson, Tess University of Toronto Irredentism in Contemporary Hungary 17 500 $
Ogilvie, Sonya University of Guelph Focus on resilience: Youth transition out of residential mental health treatment centres 17 500 $
Brownridge, Amelia University of Toronto Distinguishing a People: Remembering Exodus and Egyptian Bondage 17 500 $
Bauman, Martin University of Victoria Masculinity, mental health, and trauma: overcoming stigma and creating resilience 17 500 $
Labelle, Sandrine Université du Québec à Montréal Discours et mobilisations féminines autour de la question de l'amiantose (1972-1975) 17 500 $
Dobson, Alec Western University Social Movement Activists before the Supreme Court of Canada 17 500 $
Woods, Marissa University of Alberta Drawing and talking: Building syntax and pre-literacy through parent-child journaling 17 500 $
Vallerand, Amélie Université de Montréal Analyse comportementale des Néandertaliens et des Homo Sapiens: l'organisation spatiale à Riparo Bombrini (Ligurie, Italie) 17 500 $
Thérien, Jean-Philippe Université Laval L’évaluation de la performance fonctionnelle de l’architecture scolaire : développement d’une méthode d’analyse spatiométrique pour optimiser les solutions architecturales de rénovation 17 500 $
Helferty, Molly Queen's University Labour Economics: Overeducation in Canada 17 500 $
Mott, Patrick Université d'Ottawa The Criminalization of Medical Malpractice in Canada 17 500 $
Fortin, Andréanne Université du Québec à Montréal Consommation d'alcool et résolution de conflits dans les relations amoureuses à l'adolescence 17 500 $
Elbourne-Weinstock, Emma University of Toronto Climate Change and the Ethics of National Borders 17 500 $
Thorup, Ashley Université McGill “Slave Over the Epic”: (Re)presenting Voice in George Elliott Clarke's Canticles I 17 500 $
Laguë Maltais, Florence Université de Montréal Harcèlement et violence sexuelle via les technologies de la communication (TICs) : une analyse de la cyberviolence visant les femmes et propositions de solutions 17 500 $
Veillette, Andreanne Université de Sherbrooke Understanding an Epistemic Agent's Relation to Truth in Respect to Evolutionary Psychology: An Analysis Based on Tribalism 17 500 $
Bensalim, Amel Queen's University Layers of Life: Royalty, Elites, and Unrest in Late Medieval Urban Iberia 17 500 $
Roberts-Stahlbrand, Anika University of Toronto Cafeteria Curriculum: Investigating Informal Learning in the University Meal Hall 17 500 $
Pineau, Chantale Queen's University Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's Program 17 500 $
Magliocco, Ariana University of Toronto Community-engaged learning: Practice in de-centreing the academy 17 500 $
Howells, Catherine Université Concordia Sighting The Target: Clarifying the Goal of Science Literacy Efforts 17 500 $
Judah, Ilana University of British Columbia Adaptive mitigation: Assessing interactions between climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in urban multifamily buildings 17 500 $
Penner, Stacy University of British Columbia Whose Lightest Word: A Metafictional and Dystopian Novel Exploring Fake News and Propaganda 17 500 $
LeBlanc, Laurence Université McGill Impacts of Petroleum Extraction on Amazonian Indigenous Plant Knowledge 17 500 $
Cameron, Ashley Université McGill Examining Spatial Visualization in Relation to Geometry Learning 17 500 $
R.-Turgeon, Nicolas Université Laval Effets modérateurs des caractéristiques bâties des écoles primaires sur la relation entre la maltraitance et la réussite éducative des jeunes 17 500 $
Zaurrini, Joey Simon Fraser University Frequency Niche: Field Recording Narratives 17 500 $
Newbold, Leah Université York Black Affirmative and Black Liberatory Education 17 500 $
Semenov, Katherine Western University The Angelic and the Monstrous: Spectral Intersex Bodies in 19th- and 20th-Century American and French Literature 17 500 $
Haines, Marlene Université d'Ottawa Managed Opioid Programs: A Targeted Response to Canada’s Opioid Crisis 17 500 $
Wentworth, Annette University of Alberta Remembering Toward an Inclusive Future: Welcoming dis-ease: Unsettling grief in a time of HIV/AIDS 17 500 $
Bukkfalvi-Cadotte, Alix Institut national de la recherche scientifique L’accompagnement des parturientes par les sages-femmes : Approches socioanthropologiques 17 500 $
Coutts, Lauren Queen's University Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Users’ Understandings of Health Risk Estimates 17 500 $
Hedayati, Mona University of Victoria Visualizing Unspoken Words: A Creative Project 17 500 $
Elliott, Heather Université Concordia Unsettling the table: Settler colonization and the food movement 17 500 $
Guérin, Charlotte Université Laval L’osculatoire dans la France médiévale (XIIIe-XVIsiècle) : bilan de la recherche, analyse typologique et enquête sociohistorique 17 500 $
Sauvé, Corinne Université du Québec à Montréal Recherche théâtrale avec non acteurs: une création collective portée par des jeunes en situation d'itinérance 17 500 $
Harney, Niall Université McGill A Comparative Analysis of Changing Middle-Class Dynamics Across Canadian Metropolitan Areas, 1981-2016 17 500 $
Nelson, Emma Université York Fighting Poverty Through Green Space-Making 17 500 $
Vaillancourt, Denis Université Laurentienne The role of medication use and trait anxiety on the cognitive components of emotional facial processing: An Event-Related Potentials Study 17 500 $
Major, Melissa Université York Addressing religiospiritual consequences of historical trauma in Montreal Inuit and Mohawk communities: Exploring shame-based perceptions of mental illness and fostering resilience through narrative storytelling 17 500 $
Blanchard-Séguin, Camille University of Toronto Le langage inclusif de la communauté LGBTQ2+ dans les écoles de langue française en Ontario 17 500 $
Parris, Laurie Royal Roads University Creating Community Attachment to Retain Immigrant Newcomers to Rural New Brunswick 17 500 $
Schwartzman, Emily University of Toronto Master's project in GLB social perception 17 500 $
Lévêque, Patrick University of Prince Edward Island Governance and governmentality of unincorporated areas of Prince Edward Island 17 500 $
Pepe, Michelangelo Western University Destiny or Necessity? An Analysis Regarding the Role of Ideology in Fascist Italy's Decision to Enter the Pact of Steel 17 500 $
Mitchell, Fallon University of Windsor Using Social Engagement as a Temptation to Improve Perceptions of Physical Activity Among Older Adults 17 500 $
MacNeil, Allison Université McGill Food insecurity and adolescent psychological well-being: How does the cookie crumble? 17 500 $
Hamel, Véronique Université Concordia Indigenous farming and seed-saving in the Canadian Maritimes 17 500 $
Clarke, Dania Simon Fraser University Collective Responses to Housing (Un)affordability in Vancouver 17 500 $
Vachon-Chabot, Amy University of Alberta The impact of social media on the growing interest in conservatism in Canada 17 500 $
Toews, Kara University of Toronto The Defiance of Dawn - Creative Writing MA 17 500 $
March, Emma Queen's University A Comparison of Greek and Roman Concepts of Justice with the Concepts of Justice held by Canada's Indigenous Peoples Prior to Colonization 17 500 $
Mercier, Capucine Université Laval L'autoréférentialité du comportement féminin et le regard d'autrui 17 500 $
Davis-Abraham, Hannah University of Toronto Mapping Unexplored Canada: A Feminist Musical Analysis of Works by Alice Ping Yee Ho 17 500 $
Bound, Jessica Université du Manitoba Creative Thesis on Fantasy Literature and Mental Health 17 500 $
Vergani, Valeria University of Toronto Since Time Immemorial: Indigenous Peoples and the Interfaith Movement in North America 17 500 $
DiCarlo, Emily University of Toronto Temporal Limbo 17 500 $
Solinski, Zain Western University Performance and Promotion of Polish Art Song 17 500 $
Bedard, Oliver University of Victoria The Uncertain Body in Ann Radcliffe's The Romance of the Forest (1791) 17 500 $
Bergeron-Ouellet, Andréa Université Laval Quels sont les besoins des parents d’enfants ayant des besoins particuliers en matière de soutien via internet? 17 500 $
Bevan, Brendan University of Alberta Applications of Music Psychology to the Compositional Process 17 500 $
Gu, Qingchuan University of Alberta Is China a Settler Colonial State? A Conceptual Analysis of Chinese Policy in the XUAR 17 500 $
Rosenblum, Eliana Western University Refugee Girls’ Education in Canada: The Importance of Understanding Culture and Experience 17 500 $
Jackson, Jonathon University of Waterloo Hero Worship: Civic Commemoration and Community History 17 500 $
Catney, Ryan Queen's University The Growth of Independent Campaign Expenditure and Its Impact on American Income Inequality 17 500 $
Korcsog, Kassandra University of Windsor The Impacts of Trauma on Cognitive and Social Functioning 17 500 $
Pépin, Audrey Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Prise de notes manuscrites et numérique sur tablette : comparaison de la qualité des notes et des effets sur l'apprentissage d'élèves au secondaire 17 500 $
Ah Sen, Christelle University of Toronto Investigating the Potential of Problem-Based Learning for French Language Learning 17 500 $
Caouette, Justine Université du Québec à Montréal L’effet médiateur de la sécurité d’attachement parent-enfant dans la relation entre l’agression sexuelle et la reconnaissance émotionnelle chez les enfants d’âge scolaire 17 500 $
Velasquez Buritica, Juan Université McGill Gestures of Unproductivity in Latin American Film 17 500 $
Laurence-Brook, Gabriel Université d'Ottawa La protection de l'environnement peut-elle passer par la redistribution de la richesse? : Les effets environnementaux du revenu universel de base à travers le modèle de chevauchement des générations 17 500 $
Sam, Shezell-Rae University of Victoria Restorying lateral violence among Indigenous youth through Indigenous land-based methodologies 17 500 $
Boulanger-Bonnelly, Jérémy University of Toronto La justice participative comme solution au décrochage judiciaire et à la crise d'accès à la justice: une approche comparative 17 500 $
Mezdour, Meriem Université McGill Government Resettlement Programs and Their Impact on Syrian Refugees' Integration in Canada 17 500 $
Campbell, Chelsey University of Alberta Language Runs Dry: Visualizing Disability, Patient Narratives, and the Medicalized Body 17 500 $
Charette-Côté, Jade HEC Montréal Les effets de la comparaison sociale et de la quantification sur ses utilisateurs 17 500 $
Andrew, Keenan University of Victoria Re-weaving legacies of gender-based violence with Indigenous young men 17 500 $
Conlon, Quinn University of Toronto Naming and resisting settler-colonial assimilation strategies at the intersection of housing and child welfare in Winnipeg’s North End 17 500 $
Nixon, Jenaya University of Guelph Analysing the Role of Defence Lawyers in Private Bail Negotiations 17 500 $
Gottvald, Brittany McMaster University Brittany Gottvald SSHRC CGS-M Application 17 500 $
Lansue, Brette University of Windsor What Trying to Forget Tells Us About Trying to Remember 17 500 $
Zheng, Lan Cape Breton University Turn European Invasive Green Crab into a Profitable Product-Lan Zheng 17 500 $
Daniels, Jordan University of Guelph Indigenous Tourism and Reconciliation 17 500 $
DiTecco, Delphine Carleton University The Future of Canadian Sex Workers in a Fast Approaching Era of Robot Love 17 500 $
Cascadden, Zoe University of Calgary Women in the Northern Plains: How Have Women Impacted the Archaeological Record 17 500 $
Buist, Heather Université d'Ottawa Housing First in Practice 17 500 $
Brandt, Jonas McMaster University Between Romantic and Rationalist Expressivism: Charles Taylor and Jeffrey Stout 17 500 $
Connors, Stephen University of Waterloo Investigating the potential of daylighting urban streams to enhance ecosystem services and urban resilience: Spatial analysis of Amman's Seil and Seoul's Cheonggyecheon 17 500 $
Stark, Zoey Université Concordia Reading Based Leaning Disabilities: Social Implications and Potential Remediations 17 500 $
Boivin, Joel Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Propriété, stratégies familiales et pluriactivité économique en milieu villageois, 1851-1921 17 500 $
Montreuil, Frédérique Université du Québec à Montréal La solidarité interaméricaine comme outil de résistance : gauche colombienne et groupes de solidarité canadiens, 1970-1990 17 500 $
Houston, Kathryn University of British Columbia Belonging to Both Cultures: The People of Paper as a Chicano text 17 500 $
Saleem, Rija University of Toronto Teaching Global Conflicts through a Peacebuilding Approach 17 500 $
Dussault St-Pierre, Antoine Université du Québec à Montréal Le texte et son onde: une métaphysique de la création fictionnelle 17 500 $
Fitzpatrick, Siobhan University du Nouveau-Brunswick Alcohol and Athletics: A Study of Student-Athlete Risk 17 500 $
Basu, Kyron University of Victoria Cultural Appropriation and the Performer: Western Musical Settings of Tagore 17 500 $
Paterson, Carley University of British Columbia Older Ethnic Minority Men: Body Image and Aging 17 500 $
Djordjevic, Katarina Université du Manitoba Tracing Path Dependence: Corporate Development Legacies of Manitoba Hydro 17 500 $
Bleile, Sarah Université McGill Original Instruments in 17th-century Scottish Fiddle Music 17 500 $
Sallows, Errington Western University Determining if Pre-Service Music Teachers Experience Praxis Shock During their Practicum 17 500 $
Champion, Amanda Simon Fraser University The Impact of Technology Facilitated Sexual Violence: Investigating Risks and Protective Factors 17 500 $
Marlyn, Allison University of British Columbia Responses to Earthquake-Related Housing Damage at Pompeii 17 500 $
Beaudry-Pearson, Chanel Université de Sherbrooke Emmurées : analyse du motif de l'enfermement dans les romans Malina, d'Ingeborg Bachmann, et La cloche de verre, de Sylvia Plath 17 500 $
Gilmore, Jessica Queen's University Parenting in Adversity and Individual Perceptions of Access to Supportive Services 17 500 $
Bennett, Paige University of Victoria Behind the green screen: critiquing the narratives of climate change documentaries 17 500 $
Cyr, Sébastien Université de Montréal Étude sur les habitudes de raisonnements déductifs véhiculés dans des classes de mathématiques au secondaire 17 500 $
LaPierre, Megan Queen's University Rally Cry: Arkells and the Case for CanCon in the Digital Era 17 500 $
McGuire, Michaela Simon Fraser University Haida Justice and Law 17 500 $
Visser, Marius Université de Montréal La forme en éclats : le fragment comme fondation de l'oeuvre littéraire 17 500 $
Cyrus, Jason Université York Fashioning a Lewk: Explorations of Identity Among Transgender & Gender Non-Confirming People of Colour 17 500 $
Gaulin, Isabelle Université de Sherbrooke Au-delà de la thèse : pour une relecture des romans du terroir Québécois (1846-1931) 17 500 $
Doyle-Baggaley, Jessica University du Nouveau-Brunswick The Uncanniness of Creepiness 17 500 $
Savelson, Zachary Carleton University The Impact of Affect on Learning from Productive Failure 17 500 $
Hottote, Léonie Université du Québec à Montréal La notion d’Échelle(s) en Design de l’environnement : pour une approche de conception holistique du projet de design 17 500 $
White, Sandra Western University Excisemen and Smugglers: How taxes and Illegal Distillers of Whisky Helped Shaped Scotland Society 17 500 $
Commisso, Melissa Université McGill Moral contagion: Can children catch (dis)honesty like a cold? 17 500 $
Alcaraz, Maria HEC Montréal L’effet du stress sur le multitâche chez les utilisateurs qui textent en marchant 17 500 $
Klimenko, Marina University of Toronto Canada, Women, and Whiteness: Examining the Canlit Boom Through a Framework of Intersectionality 17 500 $
So, Tsz Ying University of Toronto An investigation of how teachers support kindergarten to grade 12 students to embrace the flipped classroom model (FCM) 17 500 $
Romyn, Anthony University of Toronto Moral decision-making as Flag-Planting: Moral decision-making and affiliation patterns within groups and tribes 17 500 $
Whittle, Daniel Université McGill Application - Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master's Program 17 500 $
Villeneuve, Karelle Université du Québec à Montréal Mouvement des Alcooliques Anonymes: une religiosité au coeur du quotidien 17 500 $
Granger, Alexander Université York Urgent Stillness 17 500 $
Wylie, Megan Queen's University Master's Thesis Research: Adolescent Suppression Use and Social Contexts 17 500 $
Vela Alarcon, Andrea University of Toronto The role of the state and the oil industry in the increase of sexual violence against Loreto Women 17 500 $
Vanderbyl, Greer University of Windsor Challenging Traditional Racial Approaches to Ancestry in the Investigation of Human Rights Violations 17 500 $
Wang, Tong Université McGill Cuteness Speaks Up to Cynicism: Recreating Japanese Animation Music in North America 17 500 $
Leshchyshyn, Cassandra Université McGill Unveiling Ukrainian Classical Music 17 500 $
Côté, Laurie Université Laval Profil clinique d’enfants ayant un trouble déficitaire de l’attention avec hyperactivité et un trouble anxieux : Une revue systématique 17 500 $
Fobert, Sophie Université d'Ottawa Deconstructing Mind-Mindedness 17 500 $
Little, Malcolm Western University Algorithmic GIS Approaches to Children’s Health and Social Behaviours 17 500 $
Ball, Alyssa University of Victoria Archaeological fish scales as a metric for understanding Wuikinuxv’s eulachon fishery 17 500 $
Southgate, Alexandra University of Toronto Empires Within Empires?: The Canadian Joint Intelligence Bureau, 1945–1964 17 500 $
Borle, Stephanie University of Alberta Investigating Verb Use of School-Aged Children With and Without Developmental Language Disorder 17 500 $
Matta, Crestina University du Nouveau-Brunswick Intimate Partner Violence: Unravelling Complexity through Multi-Level Modelling 17 500 $
Hunter, Shaylyn University of Alberta On the Streets: Gang Involvement of Indigenous Woman in Canada 17 500 $
MacMullin, Laura University of Toronto Reducing Negative Appraisals of Gender Variance in Children through a Stigma Reduction Strategy 17 500 $
Culshaw, Martha Dalhousie University Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship 17 500 $
Haines, Emily University of Alberta Investigating Northern Metis Identity and History through Archaeology 17 500 $
Sebastian, Troy University of Victoria Ktunaxa parables retold as contemporary short stories 17 500 $
Elliott, Tina University of Saskatchewan The social dimensions of community response to wildfire: An intersectional framework to close the post-disaster learning loop 17 500 $
Lybbert, Gilbert University of Calgary The Role of Environmental Policy in the Future Of Nuclear Power in Alberta's Oil Sands 17 500 $
Scott, Jillian McMaster University Sustainable Community Economic Development and People with Disabilities 17 500 $
Holland, Theo University of Victoria An Alternative to the Hegemony of Identity Politics: Affinity and Activity 17 500 $
Wittmaier, Kyle Université York Bridging the Gap: Exploring the Potential to Implement Lake Simcoe's Integrated Watershed Management Model in Callander Bay and Eagle Lake 17 500 $
Siemaszkiewicz, Meagan Université York The Differentiation of Ideology From Ideas: A Recovery of Marxist Thought 17 500 $
Scott, Michael Trent University Applying the Use of Lipid Biomarkers for the Reconstruction of Palaeoecology in the Canadian High Arctic 17 500 $
Fox, Alexi University of Toronto Making Museum Exhibits accessible for Those with Autism 17 500 $
Dowdell, Elizabeth University of Alberta Risk Perception and Social Amplification in the Lutsël K’e Dene First Nation 17 500 $
Sadika, Bidushy University of Saskatchewan Sexual Orientation Microaggressions in Interpersonal Relationships: An Intersectional Approach 17 500 $
Golovchenko, Margaryta Université York Between Beauty and Object: Alphonse Mucha’s Women as Turn-of-the-Century Hybrids 17 500 $
Finnsson, Ari Université York Understanding the Terror: Wittgenstein, Agamben and the Form-of-Life 17 500 $
Harris, Holly Université York Holly Harris CGS-M Application 17 500 $
Punjani, Salima Université McGill An evaluation of a participatory photography project exploring narratives of people living with multiple sclerosis 17 500 $
Snyder, Zoe University of Waterloo Ancient Identities: Attitudes Towards Gendered Others 17 500 $
Kirouac, Sarah Université du Québec à Rimouski État actuel de l’anxiété en contexte scolaire telle que perçue par les enseignants du préscolaire et du premier cycle du primaire 17 500 $
Barron, Amy University of Waterloo Increasing Similarities: Applicant Faking as a Social Mechanism 17 500 $
Folk, Dunigan University of British Columbia The Relationship Between Personal Values, Financial Security and Happiness 17 500 $
Bigué, Rose-Ann Université de Montréal Analyse paléopathologique du cimetière montréalais Saint-Antoine (1799-1854) et du cimetière beauceron Sainte-Marie (1748-1878) : exploration des interactions possibles entre maladies métaboliques, infectieuses et néoplasiques 17 500 $
Samokishyn, Marta Royal Roads University Structural Concept Mapping as a Teaching Tool in Information Literacy Instruction: Movement towards Agility in Higher Education 17 500 $
Jemcov, Anastasija Dalhousie University Developing an Intervention Aimed to Improve Poor Student-Teacher Relationships for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Problems 17 500 $
Reaume, Chelsea University of Guelph Sibling Emotion Exchanges, Family Stress, and Links to Child Emotional Functioning 17 500 $
Walters, Lucas Université d'Ottawa I got it from my mama: exploring the relationship between maternal stress and child adaptive skills as moderated by fetal sex and maternal social support 17 500 $
Watson, Tia Université du Manitoba Reimagining the Module: How Architecture Can Adapt to the Changing Urban Landscape 17 500 $
Gosse, Emily Université Concordia Art Institutions and the Anthropocene 17 500 $
Jayadev, Anjali University of British Columbia An Exacting Grace: A Stage Play 17 500 $
Leblanc, Felix Carleton University The Dynamics of Change: Policy Implementation in Xi Jinping's China 17 500 $
Joensuu, Eva Simon Fraser University Addressing the Harms of Disgust: Applying Emotion-Focused Therapy 17 500 $
Noel Tremblay, Barbara Université du Québec à Chicoutimi L’effet médiateur du motif d’utilisation d’Instagram dans le lien entre la satisfaction de vie et la dépendance aux réseaux sociaux 17 500 $
van Schaik, Monica Wilfrid Laurier University The Neurodiversity Enriched Classroom: Learning from Those with Lived Experience 17 500 $
Nastevski, Alexandra University of British Columbia She Sells Sea Shells: Learning Complex Sound Patterns in an Artificial Language 17 500 $
Moyen, Celine University of Toronto Developing A Microscopic Imaging Method for Sex Assessment of Human Bone 17 500 $
Buckley, Clare University of Alberta Political flip-flops: Assessing changes in parties’ election platforms 17 500 $
Hutchinson, Christopher Memorial University of Newfoundland The Alexander Technique and the Role of Somatic Pedagogies in Musical Performance Training 17 500 $
Milani, Christina Queen's University Personal vs. Perceived Alcohol Use on University Campuses: Investigating the Generalizability of the Social Norms Theory 17 500 $
Malikin, Hagit Université McGill Parent and Child Emotion Regulation: The Importance of Parent-Child Relationship Quality 17 500 $
White, Abigail Wilfrid Laurier University Service Providers' Perceptions of Challenges Faced by Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence 17 500 $
Asch, Jessica University of Victoria Unsettling Law: exploring Canadian law’s capacity to reimagine itself operating with and within Indigenous legal traditions 17 500 $
Taylor, Olivia University of Toronto Lack of Trans-Specific Physician Education and the Mental Health Implications for Transgender Youth in Canada 17 500 $
Skobkareva, Anastasia University of Windsor Aggression and Delinquency in Dark Traits and the Role of Self-Esteem 17 500 $
Tsatas, Sofie University of British Columbia She's Ahead of the Times: A Study of how Buffy Sainte-Marie's Music Addresses Indigenous and Indigenous Women's Rights 17 500 $
Latulippe, Etienne Queen's University Décomposition des chocs de prix du pétrole brut canadien à l'aide d'un modèle vectoriel autorégressif 17 500 $
Wilson, Joseph University of Toronto The Role of Structural Metaphor in Explaining Artificial Intelligence Research Through the Analysis of Scientific Texts 17 500 $
Larivière-Bastien, Danaë Université de Montréal L’anxiété chez les adolescents après un traumatisme crânio-cérébral : effets sur la qualité de vie 17 500 $
Brais-Dussault, Jade Université de Montréal L'art du tatouage autochtone : Réappropriation, revitalisation et affirmation identitaire 17 500 $
Reid, Carissa University of Windsor Rising above: Commonalities among Canadian university students previously in residential care 17 500 $
Chartrand, Delia Université du Manitoba Decentering Histories: Challenging settler narratives by developing an Indigenous oral archive in northern Manitoba 17 500 $
Armstrong, Graham University of British Columbia Neuropsychologies Machine Assistant: Predicting Functional Outcomes With Machine Learning 17 500 $
Both, Maxine Université McGill Student 17 500 $
Ouellette, Pierre-Marc Université Concordia Danses Kaléidoscopiques : Exploration de langages chorégraphiques interrogeant les corporéités contemporaine et historique 17 500 $
Duerksen, Rebecca University of Victoria Young Bodies and Chronic Illness: A Look at Disclosure Practices In Young Adults with Rheumatoid Arthritis 17 500 $
Brunet, Casandra Carleton University Julius S. Held and the Shaping of Art History in Canada 17 500 $
Vucetic, Nevena Dalhousie University Gendered Climate Change Adaptation in Uganda 17 500 $
Kelly, Bronwyn Université McGill Tonality in Transition : New Analytic Perspectives on Richard Strauss' Lieder 17 500 $
Makepeace, Tyler Université d'Ottawa Do Masters athletes apply psychological skills training as a performance enhancement strategy in sport? 17 500 $
Scott-Henderson, Mharie University of Waterloo Discrepancies in Perception: Correlations Between Authoritarianism and the Fight Against Climate Change 17 500 $
Hall, Alicia University of Windsor Trans and gender non-conforming individuals' experiences in mental health services 17 500 $
Kirker, Lindsay University of British Columbia Rebuilding Within the Anthropocene 17 500 $
Ogilvie-Hanson, Eva Université McGill Sounding the Non-Human Body: Human Voices and Virtual Realities 17 500 $
Bolduc, Maxime Université de Sherbrooke La posture des éditeurs québécois contemporains : le cas d'Alto, du Quartanier et de Marchand de feuilles 17 500 $
Arsenault, Kaitlyn Université d'Ottawa In Specie: Educational Advocacy, the Material Book, and a New Type of Intellectual Woman in Seventeenth Century England 17 500 $
Bourbeau, André Université York Lives of the Game Designers: Towards a Theory of the Video Game Artist 17 500 $
Minarik, Julia Université du Manitoba Series Obligations; On Incurred, Artwork-Grounded Aesthetic Obligations 17 500 $
Wenglenski, Virginie Université de Montréal Quête d’identité juive par les archives : quand il ne reste que la généalogie. Un cas concret de recherche matérielle et virtuelle 17 500 $
Andrews, Maddison Queen's University Visually Reconstructing Italian Renaissance Dressing Sculptures 17 500 $
Hayes, Helen Université McGill Race, Poverty, and the Socio-Legal Infrastructures of 21st Century American Natural Disaster 17 500 $
Guénette, Maxime Université de Montréal Le cas des Bacchanales dans la Rome de la Haute république : réinterprétation des sources grâce à la religion 17 500 $
Howard, Kathleen University of Alberta The Role of Achievement Emotions in the Academic Math Performance of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
Kettani, Ismaël Université de Montréal Faculté des arts et des sciences 17 500 $
Chan, Diana University of British Columbia Examining secondary school teachers’ ability to incorporate self-assessment strategies in their daily practice: A survey study in the new B.C. curricular context 17 500 $
Arquillano, Esther University of British Columbia Bridging the gap with refugee families: A call for culturally appropriate emotional development programs 17 500 $
Bernard, Charles Université de Sherbrooke Analyse de l'évolution du cadre normatif sur le commerce électronique sous l'égide de l'AEUMC 17 500 $
Tucciarone, Julia University of Waterloo The Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency on Human Teeth 17 500 $
Bischoff, Alexandra Université Concordia Figure Model as Performance Artist: Re-asserting Creative Control Over the Female Nude 17 500 $
Rundle, Samantha University of Toronto The Brain Disease Model of Addiction; Measure Development and Stigma Implications 17 500 $
Shifrin, Alexandra University of Toronto The role of norms in the relationship between sensation seeking, impulsivity, and binge drinking over time among university students 17 500 $
Reardon, Hannah Université McGill Local Resource Management Frameworks in Calha Norte: Conservation with a Human Dimension 17 500 $
Shelton, Kira University of Alberta The Evaluation of Training Modules for Children with Complex Communication Needs: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Module Surveys 17 500 $
Desjardins, Gabriel Université Concordia Biblical Studies as a Means for Dialogical Engagement with Theologically Conservative Evangelicals 17 500 $
Proteau, Josyanne Université Laval Au-delà de l'insécurité alimentaire : l'intervention au prisme de la justice alimentaire 17 500 $
Tajalizadeh Dashti, Sepideh Western University Identity Crisis: The issue of domesticity and identity 17 500 $
Sharp, Elizabeth Queen's University Assessing early years educators knowledge and approach to fostering self-regulation 17 500 $
Mackay, Sarah Université McGill Deconstructing Self-Compassion: Self-Warmth and Self-Coldness as Distinct Pathways towards Psychological Well-Being and Distress 17 500 $
Clark, Ashley Queen's University Disaster-Related Displacement: The Politics of Vulnerability and Risk 17 500 $
Heslop, Deborah University of British Columbia Supercity: An exploration of the societal ecosystem supporting the rampant opioid crisis 17 500 $
Lefebvre Morasse, Hugues Université du Québec à Montréal Appropriation et surveillance : la transgression comme fondement du lieu identitaire chez les hommes ayant des relations sexuelles dans l’espace public. Le cas des villes régionales au Québec 17 500 $
Breeden, Ryan Simon Fraser University Application for History Research 17 500 $
Giorgio, Lisa-Marie Université McGill Bedtime Behavior and Executive Function in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
Baziw, Christopher Université Laurentienne The Missed Potential of Architecture in Treating Homelessness in Northern Ontario 17 500 $
Thériault, Camille Université Laval Se soigner au quotidien : étude archéologique des bouteilles de médicament du site Anderson, Limoilou (Québec) 17 500 $
Feist, Henri Université d'Ottawa The Concept of the Self in the Works of Derek Parfit and Marcel Proust 17 500 $
Pouliot, Chloé Université Laval À ceux et celles qui répandent les eaux suivi de l'analyse paratextuelle du roman Wigrum de Daniel Canty : quand l’imaginaire devient source de connaissances au détriment de la pensée cartésienne 17 500 $
Szpiro, Emily Université McGill Ecological Artistry in H.D.'s Madrigal Cycle 17 500 $
Ennis, Brittany University of Waterloo Analysis of Inequalities and Mistreatment of Raced Bodies through Biometric Technology 17 500 $
Brière, Marc-Antoine HEC Montréal La relation avec les parties prenantes et les mécanismes internes de gouvernance des fonds d'investissement responsable 17 500 $
Oliver, Diane Wilfrid Laurier University The Other War Brides 17 500 $
Tseu, Anne University of British Columbia Predictors of Subjective-Well Being: Monocultural vs. Bicultural individuals 17 500 $
Dion-Cliche, Flavie Université du Québec à Montréal Repenser la prophétie de l’acceptation sociale : Dissoudre le cycle de vulnérabilité sociale en manipulant l’anticipation 17 500 $
Henderson, Siobhan Université McGill Coach and athlete perspectives of ways to enhance team cohesion in youth sports 17 500 $
Schallert, Hannah Université York Digital Bodies in Abstract Space: The Experimental Animation of Science Fiction Space Battles 17 500 $
Dark, Zachary Université York Subverting State Planning Through Alternative Institutions 17 500 $
Stidwill, Jenna Western University Animated Networks: Institutions, Infrastructures, Artists, and International Culture 17 500 $
McIlroy-Young, Bronwyn University of British Columbia Scientific Controversy Around Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals 17 500 $
Withers, Nicole Université McGill Decision Making-Tools: Mathematics or Child Protection? 17 500 $
Potvin-Gingras, Marie-France Université de Sherbrooke Analyse des facteurs influençant l'implantation de la mesure « À l'école, on bouge! » auprès d'élèves du primaire 17 500 $
St. Louis-McBurnie, Keisha University of Toronto Creating Equitable and Inclusive Communities: An Evaluation of Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge and Community-Driven Smart City-Building in Canada 17 500 $
Chan, Melvin University of British Columbia Social-Emotional Learning in Children: A Human-Animal Studies Approach 17 500 $
Whebby, Marin Mount Saint Vincent University Exploring Transgender People's Experiences of and Relationships to Food and Eating 17 500 $
Miller, Courtney OCAD University Exhibition of Land-Based Pedagogy Within Art Practice 17 500 $
Wowk, Lucy Ryerson University Tracing the Queer Archive: Embodied Experience 17 500 $
Kinsley, Samantha University of British Columbia Embodied data; A Material Study 17 500 $
Magnacca, Carly Brock University Evaluating Behavioural Skills Training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Caregivers of Children with Neurodevelopment Disabilities 17 500 $
Harrison, Ceilidh Wilfrid Laurier University Impact of Peer-Led Creative Writing Groups on LGBTQ Youth 17 500 $
Nguyen, Hue An University of Alberta Moving across difference: designing physical activity programs for LGBTQ2S participants experiencing disability 17 500 $
Pector-Lallemand, Jules Université de Montréal Pourboire. Étude sur les employées de service de la restauration 17 500 $
Friesen, Sarah Lakehead University The Evolution of Human Locomotor Behaviour: Shape Variation in the Chimpanzee Foot 17 500 $
Williams, Kaitlyn Université York Resource Accessibility for Sex Workers and Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Toronto 17 500 $
Gagnon, Morgan Université Concordia Des Chums qui Jugent des Chums or Friends Helping Friends: Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence in the University 17 500 $
Levasseur, Julie Université McGill La traductologie féministe face au « bad feminism » : l’exemple de Roxane Gay 17 500 $
Jones, Emilie Rose University of British Columbia Filling in the gaps: Literature as Reconciliation for Indigenous victims 17 500 $
Lindberg, Melissa University of Calgary Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy (IFOT) as a Counselling Approach 17 500 $
Guéricolas-Gagné, Alice Université Laval Entre le rire et les larmes : la tradition satirique en République Tchèque de la Première Guerre Mondiale à nos jours 17 500 $
Bladou, Romane Emily Carr University of Art + Design The Poetics of Translation and Displacement in Visual and Linguistic Landscapes 17 500 $
Levitan, Julia Université McGill Do Fluid Attitudes Mediate the Relationship Between Sexual Arousal and Sexual Aggression? 17 500 $
Bisson, Keven Université Laval Critique institutionnelle de l'altruisme efficace 17 500 $
Avalon, Liam Université Concordia Piety and Papacy: Saint Peter in Early Christian Literature 17 500 $
Doyle, Liam Trent University SSHRC Application - Masters of Science 17 500 $
Battaglini, Ashley University of British Columbia Personality, Stress and Thinking Styles 17 500 $
Bouchard, Maximilien Université de Montréal Trajectoires de recherche d’aide de familles avec un enfant ayant reçu un diagnostic de trouble du spectre de l’autisme : points de vue de parents sur les stratégies et les ressources significatives et aidantes 17 500 $
Kilger, Mitch Saint Mary's University Criminal records, race, and hiring decisions: A Canadian perspective 17 500 $
Twiss, Georgia University of British Columbia Hail the Queen of May!: Gender, Childhood, and Colonialism in the New Westminster May Day Parade, 1870-1939 17 500 $
Hunsche, Michelle University of British Columbia Theory of Mind and Social Adjustment in Youth with Social Deficits and Anxiety 17 500 $
Howard-Gosse, Abigail Acadia University Reading Strategies Used by Students with a History of Reading Difficulties and Their Relation to Academic Achievement 17 500 $
Jones-Lavallée, Ahisha Université Laval Le rapport à l'Autre et son évolution chez les étudiants en psychologie 17 500 $
Bethune, Eileen Memorial University of Newfoundland Cobbling Together the Past: Investigations into Ferryland's Prettie Streete 17 500 $
Lipski, Candice University of British Columbia Journalistic Coverage of Toronto's 1981 Gay Bathhouse Raids 17 500 $
Hawkins, Joshua Lakehead University Quality of Life (QoL) and Integrated Care Management for Complex Cancer Patients 17 500 $
Shwed, Alanna Nipissing University What do children and parents value about youth sport? Exploring parental rewards and the role it plays on children's motivation to participate in sport 17 500 $
Bodnariuc, Rachel Simon Fraser University The Manifestation of Religious Hypocrisy in Victorian Novels 17 500 $
Mercier, Joanie Université Laval Vie militaire et coparentalité : défis et stratégies favorisant la résilience 17 500 $
Waterman, Aley University of Toronto Truth is the Freshest Fruit: Seeking Honesty, Sincerity, and Soulfulness in Contemporary Flash Fiction 17 500 $
Kenny, Joseph McMaster University Canadian Graduate Scholarships - Master's 17 500 $
Chernishenko, Jennifer University of Lethbridge How Growth (vs. Fixed) Mindset Affects Girls' Sense of Belonging and Participation in Sport 17 500 $
Valade, Florence Université de Montréal Le fonctionnement académique des adolescents ayant eu un diagnostic de trouble développemental du langage à l'enfance : Étude du rôle modérateur de l'attachement parental 17 500 $
Slatcher, Derval Université York Incorporating Curiosity: The Impacts of Youth Learning at Film Festivals 17 500 $
Schenk, Abbie University of Alberta Exploring transgender people's shifting experiences with and barriers to travel before, during, and after gender transition 17 500 $
Plourde, Paméla Université du Québec à Montréal L'agentivité sexuelle des femmes travailleuses du sexe dans le cadre de leur travail 17 500 $
Potter, Stephanie Lakehead University Towards Management Recommendations for the Franklin Wreck Sites 17 500 $
Ali, Emaan University of Waterloo The Implications of Feminist International Development Policy 17 500 $
Galipeau, Caroline Université du Québec à Montréal Étude du rôle médiateur de l'utilisation des forces personnelles dans la relation entre le soutien à l'autonomie et l'expérience positive des travailleurs 17 500 $
Dubé, Noémie Université du Québec à Montréal Femmes à la rencontre de la nature: apprentissages, résistances et réappropriations 17 500 $
Russell, Daniel Université d'Ottawa Non-Romans in Late Antique Historiography 17 500 $
Giesbrecht, Angela Trinity Western University Theory-of-Mind and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 17 500 $
Minnikin, Amy University of Waterloo The Relationship Between Feedback Seeking Behaviour and Performance 17 500 $
Miller, Meghan Université McGill Policies to safeguard breastfeeding in the context of child protection: a stakeholder analysis 17 500 $
Lee, Austen University of Alberta Gossip Girl, Here: Gender, Television and Rural Girlhood in Alberta 17 500 $
Gagnon, Mélissa Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Le subjonctif en espagnol : étude de grammaires (langue seconde) et difficultés d'acquisition chez les apprenants francophones 17 500 $
Kruger, Nicole Trinity Western University A Proposition for Meaningful Reconciliation between Emerging Adults and Indigenous Peoples of Canada 17 500 $
Harwood-Johnson, Emily University of Saskatchewan Ecological factors affecting the physical activity behaviours of newcomer youth 17 500 $
Paré, Samuel Université de Montréal La représentation du pouvoir dans la poésie d'Yves Boisvert : lecture sociocritique du visage belliqueux de la socialité 17 500 $
Frankel, Ya'el University of British Columbia The Poetics of Trauma: Formal Experimentation and Reading as Recovery 17 500 $
Karn, Sajan Brock University Ethics 17 500 $
Drody, Allison University of Waterloo Boredom in Experimental Tasks 17 500 $
Burton, Leah McMaster University An Evaluation on the Implementation of a Parental Participation Engagement Model in Children’s Mental Health 17 500 $
MacLeod, Lucy Dalhousie University Understanding the Relationship Between Training Volume, Perfectionism, and Burnout in Youth Athletes 17 500 $
Tardi, Laura Brock University A Comparison of a Modified Food Chaining Procedure with Sequential Presentation plus Nonremoval of the Spoon for Food Selectivity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
McLean, Michelle University of Alberta A Grounded Theory of How Women Develop Assertiveness 17 500 $
Piccin, Kyla Carleton University The Affective Dimensions of State Violence in Canada 17 500 $
Wellspring, Ian University of British Columbia Gender and Deception: How Gender Differences in Language May Affect Deception 17 500 $
Lavoie, Stéphanie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Végan des villes, végan des champs, l'expérience géographique et le véganisme 17 500 $
Gateman, Madison Dalhousie University Selective Generosity: Indochinese and Syrian Refugees, Media Rhetoric, and Canadian Self-Perception 17 500 $
Pilon, Laurence University of Guelph Towards A Feminist Ecology of Painting: Spaces of Emancipatory Reflection 17 500 $
Abusarah, Mohannad University of Toronto Scolarship for Studying at the University of Toronto 17 500 $
Silverberg, Zoe Université McGill Proposal: An Outcome Based Program Evaluation 17 500 $
Leore, Corey Université d'Ottawa Financing the War of 1812: The Army Bills and the Modernisation of Canada's Currency System 17 500 $
Jenkins, Amanda Western University Exploring the Effects of Instagram on Young Women through the Lens of Carl Jung's Process of Individuation 17 500 $
Routledge, Jennifer Trent University Stable Isotope Analysis of Ostrich Eggshell Recovered From Archaeological Sites On the Eurasian Steppe 17 500 $
Cibart, Sarah Simon Fraser University The Impact of Canadian Unions on LGBTQ2S+ Workers 17 500 $
Munger, Justin Université d'Ottawa Understanding Maoist changes made to Chinese Opera 17 500 $
Kirsh, Erin University of British Columbia Outside 17 500 $
Li, Yachen University of Toronto Look beyond the art: the role of emotion in perspective taking 17 500 $
O'Connor, Dara Université d'Ottawa Communicating science in a multilingual world: Can machine translation help pick up the slack? 17 500 $
Brassard, Florence Université du Québec à Montréal Entre le droit, l'économie et les sentiments: sociocritique de l’institution familiale dans les Lettres d’Adélaïde de Dammartin, de Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni 17 500 $
Sanyal, Aparna Université McGill Mental Distress and Colonialism in African and African Diasporic Literature 17 500 $
Viens, Nicolas Université York Understanding the interrelation of states and business organizations and their role in reaching a sustainable society 17 500 $
Cochrane, Karis Université du Manitoba Parenting Style as a Predictor of Parenting Stress in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders 17 500 $
Hartling, Liza University of Calgary Women Dancing with an Aging Body 17 500 $
Chow, Crystal Tze Ying University of Toronto Effect of language background on discrimination of intonation contours in speech versus non-speech 17 500 $
Rogers, Kenya University of Victoria Centring Voices of Survivors: Evaluating Post-Secondary Sexualized Violence Policy 17 500 $
Boivin, Marie-Christine Université de Montréal Marcelle Ferron : Agentivité et discours de résistance dans sa production picturale (1948-1965) 17 500 $
Vitt, Kathleen Université du Manitoba The Potential for Transformative Relationship Building between Indigenous and Newcomer Youth: A Shared Exploration of Resiliency through Arts-Based Research Methods 17 500 $
Huard Nicholls, Brandon Université Concordia Effects of Product Packaging on Consumer Perceived Brand Personality and Purchase Intent 17 500 $
Noussis, Thomas Université McGill Reviving Timber Ornament 17 500 $
Goudreau-Lajeunesse, Etienne Université de Montréal Un athéisme spirituel : danse et temps dans le cinéma de Béla Tarr 17 500 $
Armitage, Cole Université Concordia Deanimation: The Experiential Anthropocene in Animate Media 17 500 $
Lacombe, Corina Université d'Ottawa The Impact of Social Stigma on Assistive Technology Device Abandonment in a Visually Impaired Population 17 500 $
Martin, Katherine University of British Columbia Focus and the Structure of Information in Gitksan 17 500 $
Southey, Basil Queen's University Observing the Parks: Public Park Usage Patterns in Parks Across the Income Gradient of Toronto 17 500 $
Labonté, Ariane Université de Sherbrooke Les conséquences associées aux étudiants et étudiantes victimes de violence sexuelle en milieu universitaire issus des minorités sexuelles et de genre selon les réactions de l'entourage à la suite du dévoilement 17 500 $
Hollett, Kayla Memorial University of Newfoundland Examining the Social Stigma of Binge Eating Disorder 17 500 $
Jourdeuil, Kaitlin Queen's University Tyranny of Man, Vindication of Woman: Political Theory, Bias, and Women's Rights in Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and John Stuart Mill's On the Subjection of Women 17 500 $
French, Andrew University of British Columbia Ecosystem of Influence: Leonard Cohen and Al Purdy’s Narrative Procedures 17 500 $
Cameron, Leigh Université d'Ottawa “We always say what we like to one another:” The Influence of Education on Women and Marriage in Early 19th Century British Literature 17 500 $
Dashkewytch, Jemma University of British Columbia The Social Media Movie Trailer: Form and Function 17 500 $
Celli, Kristina University of Victoria Urban Indigenous Child Welfare in British Columbia, 1975-1995 17 500 $
Malinowski, Claudia Simon Fraser University The Future of Economic Development in the Canadian North: A Closer Look at Adaptation 17 500 $
Woodhouse, Paul University of British Columbia Reputation Capital in the Digital Economy 17 500 $
Cangiano, Kyla University of Alberta Geothermal Power in the Indigenous World 17 500 $
Murray, Lydia Western University Caregivers of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Motives for Peer Mentorship 17 500 $
Quach, Winnie Meng Hsuan University of Toronto Experiences of LGBTQ+ Youth and its Implications 17 500 $
Newman-Bachand, Simon Université McGill Aquaponic Agriculture in Development Economics 17 500 $
Martens, Shelby University du Nouveau-Brunswick Understanding Women's Labour on Southern Alberta Farms 17 500 $
Vangeest, Jacob Western University From Deleuze to Laruelle: A Re-invigoration of the Political Nietzsche for Nietzsche Studies 17 500 $
Everett-Fry, Rachel Université d'Ottawa Agrarian Lives: Experiences and Relationships on a Small Farm 17 500 $
Berlin, Graham Ryerson University Triggers of Unjustified Shame and Subsequent Modes of Coping in Gay and Bisexual Men 17 500 $
Webber, Katherine (Katie) University of Calgary Understanding Relational Complexity within the Care Provider-Care Receiver Relationships 17 500 $
Fernandez, Tatiana Western University Aboriginal Perspectives & Language Awareness in the Wiwa Classroom 17 500 $
Lacasse, Olivier Université de Montréal Enquête Grammaticale : Étude des dispositifs textuels dans Un privé à Tanger et ma haie d’Emmanuel Hocquard 17 500 $
Johnson, Michelle University of Toronto Whose Video is it Anyway? UbuWeb, Cultural Institutions and the Challenges of Digitizing Moving Image Art for Public Access 17 500 $
Bideaux, Clémence Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Le français québécois sur YouTube : analyse des idéologies linguistiques véhiculées par des non-spécialistes 17 500 $
Tarar, Shaheer University of Toronto Mapping Partition: The Role of Cartography in India's Decolonization 17 500 $
Egag, Egag University of Toronto Justice for refugees: Exploring the influence of cultural knowledge and sensitivity on professional decisions for forensic mental health clients in Ontario 17 500 $
Shakespear, Mark University of Victoria Renewed Power to the People? A Cross-National Comparison of Renewable Energy Movements and their Implications for Socioeconomic Organization 17 500 $
Singh, Aishwarya Université McGill Space, Subjectivity, and the Subaltern: A Comparative Study of Contemporary Dalit and African American Literature 17 500 $
Aranibar Zeballos, Maria Daniela Université Concordia Street Newspapers: An Educational Tool for Social Change 17 500 $
Poole, Brandon University of Toronto Immersion and Nausea: The IMAX Corporation from Cinesphere to VR Lounge 17 500 $
Martin-Cannon, Jennifer Université York Cutting Through the Shadows: The Feminist Animation of Film Pioneer Lotte Reiniger 17 500 $
Wood, Danielle University of Waterloo The True Effects of Foreign Aid: Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy and the Middle East 17 500 $
Gagnier, Sheena University of Windsor Health Literacy and Nursing 17 500 $
Parrott, Julia Université Saint-Paul  D.R.E.A.M. Teacher Focus Group Development and Analysis 17 500 $
Armstrong, Jacinte NSCAD University Knowing the Body through Dance and Performance at NSCAD 17 500 $
Antal, Caitlyn Université Concordia The cognitive and linguistic basis underlying the enrichment of indeterminate event representation 17 500 $
Blais, Myriam Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Études taphonomiques en climat subarctique. Les applications de la géomatique en archéologie expérimentale 17 500 $
Yassine, Ghinwa Simon Fraser University Relational Autobiography as Radical Position of Belonging 17 500 $
Raven, Jessica University du Nouveau-Brunswick The Truth is Out There (But is it Necessary?): The Redundancy of Fidelity when Adapting Folklore and Fairy Tales in The X-Files and Once Upon a Time 17 500 $
Laframboise, Lauren Université Concordia Dust in the Wind: Experiences of Deindustrialization in Montreal’s Garment Industry 17 500 $
McCann, Michelle Wilfrid Laurier University Examining the impact of an early intervention program on school readiness in English language learners 17 500 $
Dubash, Soli University of Toronto Resilience, Mental Frames, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Emotional Inequality 17 500 $
Cox, Emily Wilfrid Laurier University The impact of self-care strategies on the well-being of LGBTQ migrants 17 500 $
Clowater-Eriksson, Camas Carleton University Canadian Service Women and Peacekeeping: a gender analysis of oral histories 17 500 $
Hollinger, Megan Université d'Ottawa Antisemitism in Contemporary Canada: Examining the relation between federal policy, legislation, and discourse in cases of antisemitism 17 500 $
Williams, Danielle Lee Université York The Return: A Pre-Apocalyptic Multi-Platform Project 17 500 $
Fletcher, Emilie Université McGill Examining the role of disinhibition and internalizing problems in the development of substance use for those with a history of childhood externalizing behavioural tendencies 17 500 $
Russell, Curtis University of Toronto Small game hunting and identity (re)construction within the British population of colonial Assam, 1826-1947 17 500 $
Shaw-Müller, Kyle University of Toronto Seasonal landscapes of residence and production in the Cerro Cañoncillo Complex, Peru 17 500 $
Spiratos, Raven Université McGill “Fear of Beiges Babies”: Visualizing African-Europeans in Canada from the Eighteenth Century Onwards 17 500 $
Pelletier, Samuel University of Toronto Système de relations industrielles de l’intelligence artificielle : Comparaison Montréal-Pékin 17 500 $
Côté, Sylvie McMaster University In Plain Sight: Fictional Comparisons Between Sex Trafficking and Speciesism 17 500 $
Béland Ouellette, Alexandre Université Laval Comparaison entre les programmes de mesures de rechange du Québec et de la Nouvelle-Écosse 17 500 $
Chukhovich, Yanina Université McGill Assessing the case study: bridging social work education and Indigenous knowledge through narrative 17 500 $
Pelletier Gagnon, Héloïse Université de Montréal Point de vue des professionnels sur l'utilisation de la punition corporelle chez les parents issus de groupes culturels minoritaires : interprétation et pistes de solution 17 500 $
Lépine, Olivier Université du Québec à Montréal Impact des normes émergentes sur les relations humains-animaux: vers une compréhension des attitudes et des comportements ciblant le traitement des animaux 17 500 $
Manzhura, Aleksandra Université de Winnipeg Physician Assisted Death: At the Crossroad of Healthcare and Religion 17 500 $
Scher, Benjamin University of Waterloo Protection or Interference: Police practices and their impact on supervised injection site users in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver 17 500 $
Bouchard, Marianne Queen's University Leading Roles? The Impact of Women in 1990s Peacekeeping Operations 17 500 $
Zantout, Shaymaa University of Windsor Teaching a Nation: Intellectual Attempts at Educational Reform in Egypt at the Turn of the Twentieth Century 17 500 $
Stephenson, Chloe University of Calgary Philosophical investigation of biological species arbitrarily designated as natural kinds or as individuals and their implications in conservation 17 500 $
Nikcevic, Hana Université McGill Women's Ecological Art (1960s to present) 17 500 $
Lussier, Kelsey University of British Columbia To what extent can Schenkerian Analysis be applied to the analysis of North American popular music and how can the theory be modified to more accurately reflect the conventions of the genre? 17 500 $
Korade, Chloe University of Alberta The Role of Syntactic Priming in the Development of Sentence Processing 17 500 $
Walker, Jaisie University of Lethbridge Unsettling Lateral Violence: Queer Genealogies of Non/monogamy in Southern Alberta 17 500 $
Bencic, Renee Université Ontario Tech Analyzing the Predictive Validity of Risk Assessments on a Female Sample of Intimate Partner Violence Offenders 17 500 $
Gen, Wakana University of Toronto Does gamers' collaborative play facilitate vocabulary learning from dialogues with Non-Player Characters? 17 500 $
Lenarcic Biss, Danielle Ryerson University Lights, Camera, Action: Exploring Potential for Studio Production Space in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas 17 500 $
Perreault, Julie Université d'Ottawa Le traitement des facteurs psychologiques dans le parcours des victimes d'agression sexuelle: évaluation des mesures de rechange aux procès criminels 17 500 $
West, Joel University of Toronto The Meaning of Paradigm Shifts 17 500 $
Guay, Audrey Anne Simon Fraser University Housing for systemic change: a case study of Hogan's Alley Land Trust in Vancouver, BC 17 500 $
Llewelyn-Williams, Jessica University of Saskatchewan Implications of Cannabis Legalization on University Students Cannabis Use and Perceptions 17 500 $
Royer, Jean-Philippe Institut national de la recherche scientifique Les stratégies de positionnement des initiatives citoyennes d'appropriation de l’espace vis-à-vis des institutions municipales montréalaises 17 500 $
Beauchemin, Jean Mathieu Université McGill The Political Affect of Radio – A History of Electrified Sound from Late Qing to Modern China 17 500 $
Roe, Jean University of British Columbia Enhancing Culture and Creativity through Coworking Spaces 17 500 $
Arsenault, Sarah-Anne Université Laval Processus de co-création d'une comédie musicale avec des adolescents : apport de l'observation participante active à une approche de recherche-création 17 500 $
Tod-Tims, Cahley Simon Fraser University Promoting Inuit food sovereignty: community views on the commercialization of country foods 17 500 $
Rorem, Devyn University of Alberta Childhood Internalizing and Parenting Stress: A Transactional Relationship Across Early Childhood 17 500 $
Lahay, Ryan Université Ontario Tech An assessment of the influence of body-worn cameras on the willingness of citizens to cooperate with and report crime to legal authorities 17 500 $
Remon, Alexandra Université Laval Quels sont les environnements prénataux et périnataux ayant un effet modérateur sur les facteurs génétiques impliqués dans l'apprentissage de la lecture? 17 500 $
Mirlycourtois, Amaryllis Université Laval Effets d’un entraînement à la pleine conscience sur la compassion pour soi chez des enfants de 8 à 11 ans 17 500 $
Occhiuto, Anna-Maria Université Concordia The Invisible Shift: The Mental Load of Motherhood 17 500 $
Hache, Tyler University of Toronto Masters in Creative Writing: Lyric-Narratives of Climate Change 17 500 $
Johnson, Emily University of Calgary Anti-Trump Activism on Instagram: Theorizing Feminist Activism in Postfeminist Digital Space 17 500 $
Gottlieb, Marcus Western University Optimizing the Application of Meditation in the Classroom 17 500 $
Thibaudeau, Felycia Université McGill La brièveté poétique ou l’évidence politique dans l’œuvre de Paul Éluard 17 500 $
Marinov, Robert Université d'Ottawa A Study of The Nature and Scope of Infotainment in Canadian News Media and Politics 17 500 $
Facy, Patricia University of Toronto Virtual Accountability: Ethical Considerations of Existing in Virtual Reality 17 500 $
Jacinto, Daniel University of British Columbia International Norms Discourse in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under Kim Jong-un 17 500 $
Mayne, Kyla Queen's University Arts and Science 17 500 $
Langlois, Alissa Université du Québec en Outaouais Perceptions de l’âge, empathie et contacts sociaux : Une étude expérimentale 17 500 $
Roy, Andréanne Université de Sherbrooke Étude de réplication des profils de personnalité basés sur le Modèle à cinq facteurs dans la population québécoise 17 500 $
Ambrose, Angela University of Calgary Models of Citizenship: A Comparative Analysis of Digital Humanitarianism and Local Activist Engagement 17 500 $
Hubley, Brittney University of Toronto This is Not What We Meant to Be: Intimacy, Alliance, and Refusal in Times of Crisis 17 500 $
Agyemang, Cathy Carleton University The Semantic/Pragmatic Distinction: The Roles of Boolean Complexity and Completeness of Answer in Meaning 17 500 $
Arsenault, Amelia Université d'Ottawa The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) Ontological Security in the Age of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems 17 500 $
Fisher, Sarah Simon Fraser University Meaning-making in the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities 17 500 $
Bourgeois, Rebecca University of Saskatchewan Searching for Personhood in Fragmentary Human Remains at Moty-Novaya Shamanka 17 500 $
Duval, Sandrine Université de Moncton La rencontre entre conte et monologue dans la dramaturgie acadienne 17 500 $
Jarry, Vincent Institut national de la recherche scientifique La qualité des voies cyclables à Montréal, Laval et Longueuil : construction d'un indicateur synthétique multidimensionnel 17 500 $
Belot, Charlotte Université McGill Urban Greening, Neighbourhood Change, and Experiences of Livability in Montreal 17 500 $
Ormiston, Ruth University of Victoria Artifacts, Museums, and Empire Building in Victorian Literature 17 500 $
Boger, Emily Western University From Rome to Brazil: Power and Politics in Natural Resource Control 17 500 $
Avery, Emma Université McGill Chinese investment in Forest City, Malaysia and impacts on rural Johor communities 17 500 $
Payne, Neal Simon Fraser University Romano-British Foodways: An Archaeological Approach to Foodways and Cultural Change 17 500 $
Beaudoin-Gagnon, Simon Université de Montréal Coopérer au-delà des frontières : le cas de l'environnement 17 500 $
Arbic, Russell Queen's University A Western Sport in an Entangled World: A Global History of Hockey's Expansion to China 17 500 $
Visser, Anaisa University of British Columbia All We Are: Overcoming trauma, somewhere between memory and a dream 17 500 $
Mannard, Emily Université McGill Addressing the Decline in Reading for Pleasure in Secondary Schools: Collaborative Instructional Practices for Building Lifelong Readers 17 500 $
Harvey, François Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Création d'un cinéma expérimental à partir d'un processus documentaire, poétique et sonore 17 500 $
Zakaria, Anam University of Toronto The Reconstruction of 1971 in the Collective Imagination: State Narratives and Personal Memories in Pakistan 17 500 $
Zinger, Katharine Université du Manitoba Visual Attention Resolution and Reading Ability 17 500 $
Inaim, Rawia Simon Fraser University Gendered Personification in Romantic Literature 17 500 $
Désautels, Jolaine Université de Sherbrooke Perceptions des élèves du primaire par rapport à des initiatives visant à favoriser leur pratique régulière d’activités physiques 17 500 $
Tousignant-Groulx, Julien Université du Québec à Montréal Qualité de vie personnelle et au travail, détresse psychologique et épuisement professionnel chez les pairs aidants en milieu communautaire et institutionnel 17 500 $
Laaser, Nicola Université McGill Common-Pool Resource Management and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: How the Potlatch changes the Game 17 500 $
Luong, Raymond Université McGill Developing an Efficient Statistical Method to Address Replication Issues in Social Psychology 17 500 $
Han, John Université McGill Mr 17 500 $
Alemneh, Henok Université de Winnipeg Resilient Indigenous Tourism as a Conduit for Reconciliation: A case study of the Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site 17 500 $
Lévesque-Lacasse, Alexandra Université du Québec en Outaouais Déterminants de la stigmatisation de la douleur chronique 17 500 $
McHarge, Erin Carleton University Space Oddities: Drag and Performer/Audience Relationships 17 500 $
Klan, Amy Université d'Ottawa Exploring the Context of School Attendance Problems Among Children with Mental Health Needs 17 500 $
Darko-Mensah Jnr., Kwaku University of British Columbia Black in Time: Lyrical reflections on Afrofuturism 17 500 $
Boustani, Lama Université de Montréal Demandeurs d'asile à Montréal: cartographier l'intégration par les émotions 17 500 $
Deboer-Smith, Avery Royal Roads University Assessing methods for successful implementation of a Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Framework 17 500 $
Rak, Stephanie University of Guelph Improving consumer well-being through understanding the effects of negative emotion on variety seeking behaviour 17 500 $
Sones, Margaret Université Concordia Decolonizing the National Gallery of Canada: New Strategies in the Canadian and Indigenous Galleries 17 500 $
Desjardins, Chloé Université du Québec à Montréal Faculty of Social Sciences 17 500 $
Brunner, Lexi University of Waterloo The Outcomes of Exclusion in the Workplace for the Ostracizer 17 500 $
Bellisario, Luca University of Toronto Myself Unseen: On Surveillance and Narrativity in British Literature 17 500 $
Anderson, Hannah University of Calgary Spatial: Fictional Representations of Developmental Athletic Systems 17 500 $
Greco, Samantha University of Toronto Oral Histories and Zora Neale Hurston: Unmuting Literary Studies 17 500 $
Coleman, Matthew University of Waterloo Relics of Roman Identity: Antiquities Collection and Cultural Memory in the Italian Renaissance 17 500 $
Belliveau, Rémi Université du Québec à Montréal Jean Dularge (1965-1966) : chansonnier autofictif comme exploration artistique transdisciplinaire du patrimoine immatériel acadien 17 500 $
Roy, Josiane Université Laurentienne Attention, langage et fonctionnement exécutif chez les enfants nés prématurés dans le nord de l'Ontario 17 500 $
Michaud, Alexandra Université Laval Le jeu dans la réécriture policière de conte de fées : hybridation, transfictionnalité et réflexivité 17 500 $
Zoelman, Madeline Brock University A Math Problem: How do Students’ Attitudes Toward Math Impact Career Aspirations? 17 500 $
Sylvestre, Michelle University of Lethbridge Impact of the Medicalised Body in the Construction of Identity 17 500 $
Katz, Joshua University of Saskatchewan Masculinity Threat and Attitudes Towards Guns 17 500 $
Langlais, Bree Université du Manitoba Post-Secondary Indigenous Mentorship Program 17 500 $
Jouvet, Laure Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Étude des profils de récidive à long terme des adolescents auteurs d’agressions sexuelles 17 500 $
Hare, Carolynn Brock University Control is the key: The role of attention, trait anxiety and individual differences in cognitive control 17 500 $
Saini, Anandvir University of British Columbia Climate Change in Metro Vancouver Regional District: Assessing Resilience of a Socio-Ecological System 17 500 $
Dion-Van Royen, Zoé OCAD University Programme de bourses d’études supérieures du Canada au niveau de la maîtrise 17 500 $
Marcotte, Romane Université Laval La manifestation d'autrui et la réponse à son appel : dialogue phénoménologique entre les éthiques du care et la morale existentialiste de Simone de Beauvoir 17 500 $
Pagé, Maxime Université d'Ottawa De la littérature du pays à la littérature du peuple au Canada français 17 500 $
Rootman, Joseph University of British Columbia Concurrent Cannabis Use and Heavy Drinking: Quantity, Consequences and Individual Differences 17 500 $
Pellerin, Erika Université de Montréal La qualité de la relation maître-élève et les comportements perturbateurs en classe au niveau collégial 17 500 $
Parvizian, Sepinood Carleton University Perceptions of gender bias in female leaders 17 500 $
Perez, Rocio Université de Montréal Évaluation des effets d’un programme novateur misant sur l’art mural pour prévenir le décrochage chez les élèves du secondaire 17 500 $
Moore, Travis Université York Italian Nationalism and Migrant Worker Organizing in Calabria 17 500 $
Hrycun, Leah University of Alberta Beading Histories: Reframing Métis Material Culture Repatriation 17 500 $
HU, WANZHI University of Waterloo Memory, Architecture, and Dualism 17 500 $
Alter, Udi Ryerson University Recommendations for Precision-based Sample Size Calculations in Estimation Statistics 17 500 $
Downie, Kathleen Université York Facilitating Bonding Between Parents and Newborns in the NICU 17 500 $
Varickanickal, Joann McMaster University Heat vulnerability in Hamilton, Ontario 17 500 $
Zoleta, Czarina University of Calgary Addressing Eating Disorders in Health & Fitness Cultures Through Playwriting 17 500 $
Lucas, Maxwell Western University Music 17 500 $
Skorstengaard, Jana Université d'Ottawa A Shot at Redemption: A Qualitative Exploration on the Rehabilitative Impacts of Arts-Based Prison Programs for Incarcerated Women in Canada 17 500 $
de Montmollin, Peter University of British Columbia Hydro-Transitions: An Environmental History of Electrification in Chile 17 500 $
Durand, Giselle Wilfrid Laurier University The Effect of Imagery Perspective on Affective Forecasts 17 500 $
Valentine-Lewis, Andrea Université McGill Gallery Gardens: The Affective Charge of Plant Installations Today 17 500 $
Farra, Jason University of Toronto The Relationship Between Perceptions of Road Safety and Attitudes Toward Bike Lanes 17 500 $
Legrand, Anne-Sophie Université du Québec en Outaouais Les caractéristiques du récit historique dans l’exposition : comparaison avec le récit de bande dessinée 17 500 $
Carswell, Jessica Western University Fostering a Trauma and Violence Informed Community: Using Citizen Engagement and Integrated Knowledge Translation Techniques to Inform Public Education Content 17 500 $
Fatapour, Elham Université York Invisible Infrastructure: Censorship and Propaganda 17 500 $
Stephen, Heather Université de Brandon Lived Experiences of Domestic Violence Survivors 17 500 $
Smith, Heather University of Toronto Songs of the City: Mapping Music and Movement in Sixteenth-Century Florence 17 500 $
Townshend, Ewan University of British Columbia Locating Conceptual Content: Pragmatics, Semantics and Intentionality 17 500 $
Williams, Savoy University of British Columbia Investigating Trans Representation in Television and Film 17 500 $
Plakhov, Demyan Carleton University West vs. Russia: The Efficacy of Economic Sanctions 17 500 $
Feltis, Lindsey Wilfrid Laurier University Mindful self-compassion for children and adolescents 17 500 $
Roth, Timothy University of Toronto Reconstruction of works by Chadabe and Stockhausen 17 500 $
Kowalski, Larissa Western University “Sometimes I say I’m okay when I’m not”: A dyadic analysis of caregiver burden, self-perceived burden, and unmet care needs 17 500 $
Gushue, Angela Carleton University Only open for some: Improving inclusive childcare in Ontario 17 500 $
Trudel-Lopez, Luis Université de Montréal Étude des performances et activités reliées au jeu de balle maya au Classique Terminal par l’analyse de ses dépotoirs 17 500 $
MacDonald, Kristi Western University Math processing in FASD and developmental dyscalculia 17 500 $
Jenkins, Megan University of British Columbia Locating women painters in Turkish modernity 17 500 $
Guay, Jean-François Université Laval Étude iconographique et iconologique des mosaïques de la Maison de Dionysos de Néa Paphos (Chypre) 17 500 $
Budimlic, Daniella University of Toronto Slobodan Miloševic: Use of Power to the Use of Violence 17 500 $
Tomasiello, Melina Université McGill Externalizing Problems in Childhood & Risk Behaviour Outcomes in Adolesence 17 500 $
Lush, Chelsey McMaster University History is Magic: The Importance of History and Memory in Harry Potter 17 500 $
Côté-Pitre, Rosemarie Université d'Ottawa Éducation à la citoyenneté des filles : étude de l'organisme Groupe Femmes, Politique et Démocratie 17 500 $
Barnard-Chumik, Hannah University of British Columbia Comparing the Incomparable 17 500 $
Somchynsky, Kalyna University of Alberta Embroidering Power: Feminism and Nationalism in Contemporary Ukrainian Art 17 500 $
Brecht, Ariel University of Saskatchewan A Companion To The Medieval Preacher: MS Ege 4 17 500 $
Little, Kaitlyn Memorial University of Newfoundland Pacific Intersections: Indigenous Hawaiians, British Colonial Enterprise, and the Displacement of Indigenous North Americans 17 500 $
Wiebe, Leanna Université du Manitoba Examination of Pathways and Barriers to Improved Management Addressing Nutrient-Related Water Quality Issues on the Canadian Prairies 17 500 $
Cobb, Rhiannon Université York Reintroducing Capitalism as a Determinant of Social Movements: Intersectionality, Neoliberalism, and the North American feminist movement 17 500 $
Dunsmore, Rachel McMaster University Aging in Place or Aging in Precarity? How Aging and Care Are Experienced by Older Women Living in Community 17 500 $
Raymond-Desjardins, Alexandre Université du Québec à Montréal Les impacts de la mobilisation en faveur de Sacco et Vanzetti sur le discours de la Liga antimperialista de las Américas (1925-1930) 17 500 $
Smith, Hailey University of Alberta Evaluation of Parent Training Modules for Children with Complex Communication Needs: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Parent Perceptions of Program Effectiveness 17 500 $
Bordeleau, Justine Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Étude sur les effets directs et indirects des facteurs du perfectionnisme et de la flexibilité cognitive sur le fonctionnement 17 500 $
MacPherson, Donald McMaster University The Ontology of Yogacara-Madhyamaka 17 500 $
Edwards, Matthew Carleton University Anathema: An Archival Examination of Power, Marginalization and Ignorance in Canadian Academic Culture, 1946 - 2010 17 500 $
Szabo, Cassandra University of British Columbia A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Imbalance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream 17 500 $
Kabbash, Laura University du Nouveau-Brunswick Making a Dent in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Investigating the Potential Effects of Prostitution Laws and Policies Globally 17 500 $
Arathoon, Garrett Université York The Interrelation Among Culture and Victims’ Post-Transgression Responses 17 500 $
Yurkiw, Jennifer University of Alberta Exploring Mental Health and Sexuality in Couples 17 500 $
Côté, Élie Université de Montréal Les chiens de soutien lors des entrevues d'enquête effectuées auprès d'enfants victimes d'agression sexuelle 17 500 $
Gayfer, Brianne University of Guelph Addressing knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy during peer disclosures of self-injury: A pilot intervention 17 500 $
Peters, Craig Cape Breton University Indoctrination of new teachers into an Indigenous context 17 500 $
Goodwin-McCabe, Brenna University of British Columbia Monstrous Progeny: The Cinematic Transformation of Gothic Literature 17 500 $
Corne Klein, Lily Université Concordia Anticipatory Projections: The Utopian Visions of Queer Children in Cinema 17 500 $
Patel, Aayesha University of Toronto Transit-oriented development and gentrification: A case study on the Eglinton Crosstown 17 500 $
Hart, Chelsie University of Calgary The Development of Social Communication Across Early Childhood 17 500 $
Bangert, Renita Université Concordia The Other Ganges: Genre-Blending in Journalistic Storytelling 17 500 $
Champagne, Mallory Memorial University of Newfoundland French Trade in the North Atlantic 1763-1815: a View from Saint-Pierre 17 500 $
Auclair, Justine Université Laval Entre rahui local, aires marines protégées nationales et objectifs environnementaux internationaux : la fondation Pew à la jonction du local et du global en Polynésie française 17 500 $
Licursi, Flavia Université d'Ottawa Exhiber la noblesse à travers l'éducation : comprendre le rôle des écoles pour la noblesse appauvrie dans la formation d'un idéal identitaire corporel 17 500 $
MacDougall, Frédrique Université McGill Université McGill 17 500 $
Bertoia, Gianluca University of Toronto Demystifying the Mathematics of Beckett’s Short Prose 17 500 $
Kosch, Henry University of British Columbia Next Stop: Broadway - City Hall 17 500 $
Harvey, Alexandra University of Toronto Portuguese narcotic liberalization: Lessons for the global drug policy regime 17 500 $
Lee, Hyunmin University of Toronto Learning from Blind Pianists: Understanding the Connection Between Tactile and Aural Senses 17 500 $
Pavelich, Alexandria University of Saskatchewan Mattering & Resilience: Exploring the Significance of Human-Animal Bonds in the Context of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Youth Suicide Crisis 17 500 $
Brouillard, Meilanie Université Concordia The effects of bilingual children’s language environment on language outcomes 17 500 $
Wilson, Kelsey University of British Columbia Translating Community: Constructing National Identity through Oral Elements in Translations of The Shahnameh 17 500 $
St. Amant, Niya Wilfrid Laurier University Concussions in Minor League Hockey Players; The Impact of Rowan’s Law on Parents 17 500 $
Bathalon, sarah Université du Québec en Outaouais Améliorer le sommeil de son enfant : une intervention innovante et bénéfique pour les familles vivant en contexte de vulnérabilité 17 500 $
Steinhauer, Brooke Memorial University of Newfoundland Messing with the gender binary: Understanding perceptions of gender diverse candidates in contemporary elections” 17 500 $
Phu, Anthony Wilfrid Laurier University Métis through the Media: Settler Perspectives on the Red River Rebellion, 1869-70 17 500 $
Marceau, Catherine Université Laval Interrogating Social Control, Deviance, Music and Resistance in Post-World War II Fiction 17 500 $
Barry, Erinn Wilfrid Laurier University Pretending to be Normal: Development and Validation of a Social Masking Scale for Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
del Giorgio, Olivia Université McGill Smallholder land use responses to landscape fragmentation in a deforestation frontier of the Paraguayan Chaco 17 500 $
Schmid, Katrin University of British Columbia Imagining Gitxaala: Constructions of Place in a Changing Environment 17 500 $
Bretholz, Ruth Université Concordia Arts Entrepreneurship: Assessing Educational Strategies in Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools 17 500 $
Wieczorek, Karolina University of Calgary The development of preschoolers’ sensitivity to speaker characteristics and disfluency cues 17 500 $
Campbell, Meaghan St. Francis Xavier University The Sacred Landscape of the Irish Cailleach 17 500 $
Nikolic, Leona Université du Québec à Montréal The Museum Selfie and the Commodification of the Self 17 500 $
Nan, Mingxue University of Alberta Rethinking transnationality in early 20th century Chinese modernist literature: Liu Na’ou, Ling Shuhua, and their translingual writings 17 500 $
Mohammed, Shakira Lakehead University Promoting Mattering to Support Adjustment in First-Year University Students 17 500 $
Goslin, Noah Université d'Ottawa Resistance, Decolonization, and Knowledge Production in Kahnawà:ke 17 500 $
Guilbeault, Savannah University of Waterloo The Global Compact on Refugees: Solution or Superficial Gesture? 17 500 $
Bair, Rebecca Emily Carr University of Art + Design We Are Not Who We Are Oppressed to Be 17 500 $
Maurice, Andréanne Université de Sherbrooke L'effectivité de la politique de prévention du harcèlement psychologique en milieu de travail 17 500 $
Davies, Leda University of Alberta Dismantling the disciplinary boundaries of circus and theatre: How virtuosic movement tells a story 17 500 $
Crichlow, Camille Université Concordia Instagram Baddie Blackness as Neo-Minstrelsy Form 17 500 $
Scott-Grimes, Cailleah Université York Between Us 17 500 $
Roche, Kailey Saint Mary's University Clinician Implicit Biases Towards those with Pedohebephilia 17 500 $
Kempe, Tyler Université du Manitoba Enhancing Student Self-Efficacy Through a Mobile Phone Delivered Intervention 17 500 $
Miller, Olivia Ryerson University From Imagined to Tangible Communities: The Podcasting Medium and its Social Utility 17 500 $
Huberdeau, Shawn Université Concordia Politicizing the Philosophy of Sex and Gender 17 500 $
Ferland, Nicole University of Saskatchewan Developing a Métis urban land education curriculum for Winnipeg, Manitoba 17 500 $
Draper, Jacquelyn Simon Fraser University The Rate of Creative Destruction: Analysing Post-Soviet Satellite State Growth Under Regime Changes 17 500 $
Irimescu, Lisa University of Toronto The Consequences of Perceptions: Attitudes towards Migrants in a Colonial and Post-Colonial World 17 500 $
Faitakis, Martina Saint Mary's University Assessing Perpetrators who Sexually Assault Intimate Partners 17 500 $
Massé, Camille Université de Montréal Sociologie de l'évaluation scolaire : une comparaison Québec-Finlande 17 500 $
Ibrahim, Yasmeen Dalhousie University Insight into How Preschoolers Interpret Confidence 17 500 $
Willson, Michelle Wilfrid Laurier University An Explanatory Case Study Examining the Underlying Mechanisms in a Workplace that Employs and Retains Employees with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 17 500 $
Lapointe, Mathilde Université Laval Pluralisme médical en milieux autochtones urbains: à l’intersection de deux rapports au monde 17 500 $
Mac, Carrie University of British Columbia Stay - Or How to Not Jump Off a Bridge 17 500 $
Battaglia, Anthony Université York The role of personality in self-compassion and self-stigma 17 500 $
Feltmate, Ashleigh Carleton University Grammaticalization of Metafunctions on Twitter 17 500 $
Mueller, Megan University of Toronto Intervention to Improve Depressive Symptoms in Child Athletes who Suffer from Concussions 17 500 $
Senechal-Becker, Elena University of Toronto Poetry, Participatory Cultures and Social Networks in Queer Communities 17 500 $
Buunk, Cassandra University of Victoria Turning down the heat: Landscape restoration using low-intensity fire 17 500 $
Bédard-Daigle, Alexandra Université Laval Étude comparative des macrorestes archéobotaniques provenant des deux occupations du site wendat Ellery (BdGx-8), dans le comté de Simcoe 17 500 $
Harris, Laura University of Toronto An Examination of Women and the Toga 17 500 $
McCreary, Breanna University of Victoria Compensatory Green Beliefs and Pro-Environmental Behaviour 17 500 $
Asselin, Marie-Noëlle Université Laval La construction sociohistorique des discours scientifiques sur les risques associés à la surconsommation de sucre 17 500 $
Filaber, Adam University of Toronto Cadential Structure in Sixteenth-Century Vocal Music 17 500 $
Irwin, Jamey Université d'Ottawa Investigating Inconsistencies: LGBTQ and Reproductive Rights in Colombia and Costa Rica 17 500 $
Robidoux, Julie Université de Montréal La production de textes écrits chez les élèves québécois: développement et évaluation quantitative 17 500 $
Peltier, Shanna University of Toronto Dismantling Dominant Discourse surrounding Complex Death with Urban Indigenous Youth Experience 17 500 $
Lalonde, Samuel Université de Montréal Subventions des projets d’infrastructures dédiées au sport professionnel : les conditions vers des ententes moins onéreuses pour les municipalités canadiennes 17 500 $
Panzica, Martine Dalhousie University Examining the Effectiveness of Canadian NGOs on the Asylum-Seeking Alternatives for Queer Refugees 17 500 $
Murphy, Kasanndra Queen's University Tackling Gender Norms: An Exploratory Study of Female Tackle Football Players Experiences 17 500 $
McConkey, Emily Université d'Ottawa Christina Rossetti and the English Hymn 17 500 $
Wolfson, Andrea Université McGill Exploring Sex-Work Policy in Canada 17 500 $
Gracie, Kristen University of Waterloo Labelling a Genocide: The Rohingya Crisis 17 500 $
Lavergne, Patrice Université de Montréal Spinoza et émancipation politique 17 500 $
Follwell, Tianna University of Toronto Attrition Among Black Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math 17 500 $
Haalboom, Alex Simon Fraser University Managing Indigenous off-reserve housing using a cumulative effects framework: a case study of the Metlakatla First Nation in British Columbia 17 500 $
Roth, Lara University of Calgary Epistemic Processes Perpetuating Socially Problematic Beliefs: What can we Do? 17 500 $
Daljeet, Sarena University of Waterloo Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism and Motivation to Change 17 500 $
Barlow, Amanda University of Alberta Faculty of Native Studies 17 500 $
Anderson, Cole Ryerson University Coming out in the Archive: Queer Heterotopias in the Films of Michel Audy 17 500 $
Perron, Marie-Hélène Université McGill L'Orient de l'esprit dans quatre recueils de poésie québécoise 17 500 $
Gagnon, Isabelle Université de Montréal Mise en scène de la comédie romaine 17 500 $
Mizen, Sara University of Toronto Emotional Labour in Mixed-Gender Friendships 17 500 $
Fournier, Catherine Institut national de la recherche scientifique Adaptation des gouvernementaux locaux face aux changements climatiques 17 500 $
Séguin-Brault, Olivier Université McGill François Rabelais architecte 17 500 $
Franks, Scott Université York Implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action 27, 28 and 50: Integrating prejudice reduction theory, Indigenous legal education, and Indigenous cultural competency in Canadian legal education 17 500 $
Georgieva, Vanya University of Toronto Barriers and Gateways to Seeking Mental Health Care 17 500 $
Carrière-Bouchard, Ulysse Université de Montréal L'immortalité chez Pindare : parole poétique, discours religieux, et héritage indo-européen 17 500 $
McWhirter, Austin University of British Columbia The Effect of Market Concentration on Executive Compensation 17 500 $
Bull, Brooke Dalhousie University Oppression and Resistance: Working-Class Youth in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland 17 500 $
Cheminais, Christian Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Le rapport entre la littératie en santé et les relations de partenariat entre les travailleurs sociaux, les ainés et leurs proches aidants en contexte de soutien à domicile 17 500 $
Guité-Verret, Stéphanie Université de Montréal Paradoxes du récit de soi chez Marie de l’Incarnation et Madame Guyon : énonciation personnelle et imaginaire mystique 17 500 $
Morden, Matthew Wilfrid Laurier University Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Masters Research Grant Request 17 500 $
Ronaghan, Dana Université du Manitoba Marital Satisfaction and Coparenting: A Meta-analysis 17 500 $
Mueller, Alyssa Western University Social Influences on the Development of Depression 17 500 $
Girard, Louis-Alexandre Université de Montréal Les travailleurs-euses d'agences et la conciliation travail-études 17 500 $
Joseph, Jessica University of Alberta Adolescents and Social Media: Examining the Magnitude of Negative Effects on Subjective Well-being Through A Short Longitudinal Study of Social Comparisons on Instagram and Snapchat 17 500 $
Bilodeau, Simon Université Laval Tourisme, intégration et résistance : la négociation des Hmong du nord du Vietnam 17 500 $
Morhun, Janelle University of Calgary What Messages do Adolescents Who View Fitspiration on Social Media Receive? 17 500 $
LaPierre, Daniel Trent University Archaeological Prospection for Burial Mounds Using a Lidar-Derived Digital Terrain Model: A Case Study from the Kawartha Lakes Region 17 500 $
Drouin, Antoine Université Laval Les représentations de la variation syntaxique en français québécois chez les enseignants 17 500 $
Miller, Rowan University du Nouveau-Brunswick End of the Vacation: Emergence of Anti-Neoliberal Populisms in New Brunswick 17 500 $
Higgins, Stefan University of Victoria What do Memes Want?: Studying How to Study New Media and Unstable Images 17 500 $
DeWelles, Madeleine University of Toronto Narratives of Down Syndrome: Exploring intellectual disability in early learning contexts 17 500 $
McLean, Shawna-Rae University of Waterloo The Implementation Challenges of Sustainable Development Practices Within Municipalities 17 500 $
Perry, Samantha Saint Mary's University Minimization and Maximization in Interrogations 17 500 $
Gregory-Alcock, Grace University of Toronto Refining and Validating a Method of Microscopic Human Skeletal Sex Assessment 17 500 $
Orr, Christina University of Toronto Sexual Diversity in the Catholic Classroom - Perspectives from Queer-Identified Pre-Service Catholic School Board Teachers 17 500 $
Lasanen, Brittany University of British Columbia Personal and Relational Self-Expansion as Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction in Long-Distance Couples 17 500 $
Mallette, Frédéric Université de Sherbrooke La vie personnelle comme facteur explicatif des comportements violents au travail 17 500 $
Chigbo, Adanna University of Toronto Critiquing Digital Humanities Studies: the Last Decade 17 500 $
Choquette, Marie-Hélène Université de Montréal Le patriotisme dans la musique russe et étasunienne reliée à la deuxième guerre mondiale: une étude comparative 17 500 $
Morpheus, RainShyne Université de Winnipeg Research Funding Application for A Masters Thesis in Criminal Justice 17 500 $
Pawluk, Micah University of Alberta Sounds of the Forest: Three Aesthetic Approaches in Music for Solo Piano 17 500 $
Germain, Sara Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse de la capacité de mobilisation des organisations de la société civile russe dans un contexte de cyber surveillance 17 500 $
Hildebrand, Jenna University of British Columbia The Role of Indigenous Youth in Planning for their Communities: Engaging Youth in Comprehensive Community Planning 17 500 $
Bédard-Wien, Olivia Université de Montréal Pour une poétique du rendre étranger : Slogans de Maria Soudaïeva et Antoine Volodine 17 500 $
Chai, Miin Miin April Simon Fraser University Pathways of the crime aftermath: Examining offenders’ behaviors following a sexual homicide 17 500 $
Brownlie, Kate University of Waterloo Domesticating Density: a New Model for Affordable Housing in Toronto 17 500 $
Goulet, Rachel Université de Montréal « L’anarchie resplendissante » ou la violence de la rébellion poétique dans Les Aurores fulminantes de Suzanne Meloche 17 500 $
Lemelin, Émilie Université de Montréal Favoriser les relations entraineur-athlètes afin d'optimiser la motivation, le bien-être et la performance des athlètes 17 500 $
Chazan, Nathan University of Toronto Masters in Medieval Studies 17 500 $
Caissie, Danielle University of Regina Exploring the lives of older adult parent caregivers and their children with disabilities 17 500 $
Scully, Moira University of Waterloo The Rebirth of Rape: Depictions of Sexual Violence in Renaissance Art Inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses 17 500 $
MacIntyre, Jillian University of Guelph Challenges to Food Sovereignty in Atlantic Canada 17 500 $
deBruyn, Claire University of British Columbia Post-traumatic Growth in Canadian International Student Populations: A Qualitative Study 17 500 $
DeCock, Meredith Brock University A Changing Lake Ontario Shoreline: learning from the past in the Town of Lincoln 17 500 $
Jager, Cassia McMaster University Religious and Cultural Continuity in Russian Avant-Garde Art: 1910-1930 17 500 $
Peter, Cate University of Alberta Enabling Access to the Federal Writers' Project Slave Narratives 17 500 $
Drolet, Marie Hélène Université d'Ottawa L’acquisition du langage chez les nourrissons unilingues et bilingues : ressemblances et différences à 6 et à 18 mois 17 500 $
Yusofi, Zainab University of Toronto Child Labour and Forced Labour in Canadian Consumer Products 17 500 $
McCart, Jack University of Toronto Down the Rabbit Hole: Managing and Regulating the Rabbit in South-East England, 1230-1500 17 500 $
Therien, Mark Université York A Geography of Political Ecology and Migration: Nature, Society, and Haitian Migration to Canada 17 500 $
Curtis, Alison University of Waterloo Examining Impacts of the Participatory Budgeting Process on Perceptions of Public Parks 17 500 $
Rawling, Luke Queen's University Masters in Economics at Queen's University 17 500 $
Hanes, Amy Queen's University The Lived Experiences of 20 to 30-year-olds with Epilepsy 17 500 $
Couvrette, Romane Université Laval L'éducation postsecondaire inclusive comme vecteur d'inclusion sociale pour les personnes présentant une déficience intellectuelle 17 500 $
Sowter, Deanne University of Toronto Defining the Standard Conception of the Family Law Lawyer 17 500 $
Wagner, Suzanna University of Alberta Nursing on the Eastern Front: Canadian First World War Experiences 17 500 $
Davies, Emma University of Toronto Mothering Nature: Examining Human Responsibility for Climate Change in Contemporary Literature 17 500 $
Clement, Sara Université du Manitoba Concordance between Maternal Attachment and Paternal Attachment: A Meta-Analysis 17 500 $
Bryk, Sydney Brock University Using Artifacts to Teach More Than Just History 17 500 $
Dupéré-Poundja, Malika Université du Québec à Montréal Jardins pédagogiques au secondaire 17 500 $
Harris, Madeleine McMaster University The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Parenting Behaviours: An Examination of Psychological and Cognitive Moderators 17 500 $
Nastase, Iulia Université de Montréal La gentrification du quartier d’Hochelaga-Maisonneuve : le discours sur la mixité à l’épreuve de ses réalités socio-spatiales 17 500 $
Nolin, Marie-Chloe Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La maltraitance durant l’enfance et le bien-être psychologique à l’âge adulte : rôle médiateur des symptômes dissociatifs 17 500 $
Siddiqui, Hasan McMaster University Essentialist Development of Children's Social Categories 17 500 $
Dunphy, Karissa Memorial University of Newfoundland Tolkien's Forests and Humanity's Return to Nature 17 500 $
Fournier, Veronique Université Laval Les acteurs non-étatiques, nouveaux joueurs clés de la mise en œuvre des accords internationaux sur l’environnement? 17 500 $
Seddon, Jessica University of Guelph Parents’ Gendered Beliefs about Emotion and Children’s Emotional Development 17 500 $
Wise, Meghan University of British Columbia Understanding the intersection of Climate Change, Populist Radical Right, and Gender 17 500 $
Marcinkiewicz, Amanda Brock University Evaluating Committed Action Outcomes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Caregivers of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 17 500 $
Lih, Ariadne Université McGill Six Recitals: Works for Soprano by Women and Non-White Composers 17 500 $
Long, Brittany Carleton University SS-Aufseherinnen: Female Guards in the Nazi Concentration Camp System 17 500 $
Nicolaides, Ariel University of British Columbia The Rhetoric and Reality of Immigration Policy in Canada, Australia and South Africa, 1968-1980 17 500 $
Koyanagi, Nicola Université York Strategies for Collective Healing in the Context of Collective and Intergenerational Trauma: A Case Study of Healing Justice Organizations 17 500 $
Glass, Liana University of British Columbia Who's Designing Our Cities? Gendered Experience in Urban Design Professions 17 500 $
Demeter, Aaron Ryerson University Turner's Empire: The Frontier Theory in Modern American War Films 17 500 $
Philibert, Victoria University of Toronto The Epistemology of Transformative Experience: Accountability in Multicultural Canada 17 500 $
Elsayed, Danah University of Guelph Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour and Well-Being in Religious Minority Youth: Assessing the Roles of Child- and Family-Level Factors 17 500 $
Rangan, Meena Ryerson University The role of protective factors as predictors of inpatient behaviour and risk management decisions in forensic psychiatry 17 500 $
Dharmawan, Erica University of British Columbia Brand Concepts and Parental Linguistic Input 17 500 $
Poitras-Raymond, Chloé Université du Québec à Montréal Pouvoir et sexualité : la gestion des crimes sexuels par les autorités britanniques lors de l’occupation de l’Allemagne 1945-1949 17 500 $
Tingle, Elizabeth University of Calgary Voices of Women Who Have Overcome Internalized Weight Bias Through Transformative Learning 17 500 $
Sheldon, Jordyn McMaster University The white Supremacy Aesthetic: A Racial Capitalist Intervention on Instagram 17 500 $
Walker, Andrew Carleton University Choral Music and Federalism: Artists' Perspectives on Canadian Cultural Policy 17 500 $
Ferreira-Pennell, Chantal Memorial University of Newfoundland Chantal Ferreira-Pennell SSHRC Proposal: All My Relations: Beauty in an Urban Wasteland 17 500 $
Michaud, Mathieu Université McGill Teaching Methods and Communication Strategies for the Motor Development of Pre-Verbal and Non-Verbal Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
Mrozewski, Josephine University of Victoria History of Tuberculosis among Canada's Inuit in the Context of Changing Federal Policies 17 500 $
Stewart, Breanna Université McGill Personal and Compositional Metamorphosis in the Works of Henri Dutilleux and Witold Lutoslawski: An Analytical Comparison 17 500 $
MacCallum, Emily University of Toronto The Intersection of Form and Timbre 17 500 $
Lampron, Mireille Université Laval L’empathie comme caractéristique centrale pour distinguer les troubles psychotique des troubles de la personnalité 17 500 $
Ayson, Gladys Université d'Ottawa Future-Oriented Thinking in Children 17 500 $
Mousseau, Caroline University of Guelph Threading the Line: Craft and Doubt in Contemporary Abstract Painting 17 500 $
de Brouwer, Samuel Université d'Ottawa Nominalisme et normativité chez Max Weber : une lecture à partir de l'œuvre de Michel Freitag 17 500 $
Nicol, Marielle Dalhousie University Greek Foundations of 'Process' in Nicholas of Cusa's Philosophical Theology 17 500 $
Ingram, Margaret University of Lethbridge Female-Specific Psychopathic Expressions 17 500 $
Rajabi, Zahra University of Toronto Smart Cities: Assessing Co-Design Efforts in Emerging Environments 17 500 $
Ochoa, Isabel University of Waterloo Domestic Ritual: Temporal, Spatial and Social Order in Contemporary Domestic Environments 17 500 $
Dewhirst, Alexa University of Waterloo An Examination of Cross-Cultural Preference for Apology Moderated by Locus of Control 17 500 $
Hasan, Syed Arshan University of Toronto Comparative Semitic Historical Linguistics 17 500 $
Willerton, Savanna Université McGill Putting Theories of Morphological Productivity to the Test 17 500 $
Yang, Peng Fei Université McGill Creating Social Spaces in Support of Mental Health 17 500 $
Ranger, Valerie Université d'Ottawa Using Serial Trichotomization with Cognitive Measures: The Standard Off-Road Driving Test 17 500 $
McDonald, Michael University of Victoria When the Government Apologizes: Understanding the Origins and Implications of the Apology to LGBTQ2+ Canadians 17 500 $
Plamondon-Dufour, Lisa Université d'Ottawa L'économie morale des proches des femmes et des filles autochtones disparues ou assassinées au Québec 17 500 $
Payer, Brittney University of Guelph Breaking the Stained-Glass Ceiling: High Medieval Courtly Culture and Female Agency in Alfonso X's Castile 17 500 $
Lim, Hyun-Joo Université d'Ottawa Reclaiming Truth through a Feminist Phenomenology 17 500 $
Brahmi, Tarik Université d'Ottawa Controlled Vocabulary Detection as a Means of Facilitating Automatic Post-editing of Neural Machine Translation Output 17 500 $
DiStefano, Vincent Université McGill Changing the culture of safety in sport: Using an educational intervention implementation framework to change attitudes and risky on-field behaviors in order to prevent sport-related head injuries in youth football 17 500 $
Youssef, Alia Ryerson University Our History: Muslims in Canada 17 500 $
Haines, Cat University of Regina Gendered Affect and the Performative Loop - A New-Materialist Theory of Gender 17 500 $
Hahn, Marika Université McGill The legal grounding and politicization of abortion in Canada and the United States 17 500 $
Hoang, Joe University of Toronto Do Individuals in China and America Perceive Relationships Differently? A Cross-Cultural Examination of Differences in Romantic and Non-Romantic Relationships 17 500 $
Cockcroft, Michelle "Elly" University of Saskatchewan Playing Dead - The Affective Potential of Death in Video Games 17 500 $
Carver, Bronson Lakehead University A+Vengers: Empowering Indigenous Students through Superheroic Re-Storying 17 500 $
Farhang-Khoei, Raha University of Toronto A New Look at Old Stuff: An Archaeological Study on the Stone Tools from the Royal Ontario Museum's Mahidasht Project, Western Iran 17 500 $
Wagner-Lapierre, Sarahlou Université de Montréal La question croisée de l’histoire et de la vérité dans la pratique interprétative de Martin Heidegger (1930-1943) 17 500 $
Gladu, Jessica Université d'Ottawa Stepping In: Digital Citizenship in Ontario's Civics Course 17 500 $
Leblond, Alyssa Université d'Ottawa Barriers to Re-Entry for Prisoners in Provincial Institutions 17 500 $
Langlois, Alex Université Laurentienne Revitalization of Cultural Heritage & Landscape in Killarney through Neo-Vernacular Architecture 17 500 $
Boucher-Lafleur, Véronique Université Laval Les élections à date fixe au Canada 17 500 $
Coia, Lucas Brock University Off the Beaten Path: Rural Cult and Local Identity in Southern Italy, 1200-1500 CE 17 500 $
Gagliano-Veiga, Christina-Maria University of Toronto The Development of Green Building Standards in Canada 17 500 $
Areguy, Fitsum University of Guelph Communal Orientation and Coping among Young Carers in Postsecondary Institutions 17 500 $
Puri, Varun McMaster University Democracy and the Work of Public Institutions in Canada 17 500 $
Boulay, Marie-France Université Laval Les pratiques de développement professionnel des enseignants des écoles primaires du Québec: efficaces ou non? 17 500 $
Paoli, Maria Chiara University of British Columbia Economic Impact of Refugees on Rural Communities 17 500 $
Cameron, Ashley Memorial University of Newfoundland Analysis of Stone Tools from Archaeological Site FjCa-51, Area 9 and Area 11, Sheshatshiu, Labrador 17 500 $
Masson, Chelsey  Western University Effectiveness of Individualized Education Plan Strategies for Children with Learning Disabilities 17 500 $
Beaton, Page University of Saskatchewan Adolescent Cannabis Use and Risk Perception Post Legalization: A Mixed-Methods Exploratory Study 17 500 $
Venne, Béatrice Université du Québec à Montréal Les Anicinabek en tant que destinataires du droit du travail : quelle portée pour ce corpus normatif en contexte autochtone? 17 500 $
Lucky, Nathan University of British Columbia Negotiated Identity: The Vancouver Jewish Community Responds to the Holocaust, 1939-1945 17 500 $
Laurin, Marianne HEC Montréal Impact économique de l’expansion du réseau de transport collectif dans le Grand Montréal: une analyse coûts-bénéfices du projet Réseau express métropolitain 17 500 $
Hooke-Wood, Frederick Trent University Types of Nature and Citizen Science 17 500 $
MacIlroy, Alycia University of Victoria Complicating Sex: Exploring Intersex Bodies in Ancient Greek and Roman Anatomical Discourse 17 500 $
Linklater-Wong, Paige Nipissing University Indigenous Cultural Camps and the health of Indigenous youth in the James Bay Area 17 500 $
Dawson, Francis Carleton University Canada Graduate Scholarship 17 500 $
Andrews, Ben Dalhousie University Local Political Participation in a News Desert: Effects of the Closure of a Local Daily on Municipal Voter Behaviour 17 500 $
Chang, Shea Université York Shadowed Bodies: Divergent Orientations and New Symbioses in Visual Art 17 500 $
Dirksen, Ryrie Nipissing University The Motivations of the Russian Mennonite Selbstschutz in relation to the Second German Reich 17 500 $
Young, Caleb Mount Saint Vincent University Classroom Emotions and Teacher Decision-Making Processes: A Single-Subject Qualitative Study 17 500 $
Dallaire-Habel, Samuele Université Laval Le rôle des fonctions exécutives et attentionnelles dans le développement de la compassion chez l'enfant 17 500 $
Holloway, Elizabeth Université York Innovation in the Canadian energy sector: Assessing the impact of gender on demand-side innovation networks 17 500 $
MacSorley, Cody University of Regina Exploring the Use of Mindfulness-Based Therapy to Improve Emotion Regulation in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 500 $
Gagné Zouvi, Colin Université de Montréal Le cantique de Sinera : empreintes du désir dans le poème de Salvador Espriu 17 500 $
Luciantonio, Christopher Université York Authorship in Current Japanese Cinema: An Industrial Analysis of the Films of Sono Sion 17 500 $
Bois, Emmy Université Laval L’évolution d’une pratique de gestion seigneuriale dans la vallée laurentienne : les papiers-terriers (1632-1854) 17 500 $
Dupuis, Cathie-Anne Université de Montréal Analyse de la fécondité des esclaves noirs et autochtones au Québec Ancien (1690-1840) 17 500 $
McCready, Matthew Université York Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program Application: Matthew J McCready 17 500 $
Shi, Qiaodi Université York Qiaodi Shi_CGS Application 17 500 $
Abba, Celina Dalhousie University Border Zones and the Refugee Crisis: Redefining Conditions Along the Canada - United States Border 17 500 $
Kubota, Haruho University of British Columbia Mobile Students and Immobile Histories: A Study of Identity Sense-Making of Transnational Post-Secondary Students in Canada from Japan 17 500 $
Hodgson, Elizabeth Université York Electric 17 500 $
Pennington, Sarah Ryerson University Cultural and Digital Contexts of Christina Rossetti's Song (When I am dead, my dearest) 17 500 $
Kelly, Briana Dalhousie University Getting Acquainted: Considering the Significance of Acquaintance Relationships 17 500 $
Dubé, Cerah University of Saskatchewan The Over-Incarceration of Indigenous Women: The Use of Section 718.2(e) in Manitoba Courts 17 500 $
Ahasniou, Zakia Université de Montréal Hôte.ss.e.s : Recherche-création pour une écriture cinématographique féministe 17 500 $
Lint, Renée Université du Manitoba Is Quinoa a Crop for the World? An Ethnographic Study of Quinoa as an Alternative for Sustainable Farming on the Canadian Prairies 17 500 $
Shamkhi, Fatemah McMaster University Remodelling Settlement; An Examination of Current Newcomer Services – Shifting towards Anti-Oppressive and Strengths Based Practices 17 500 $
Guerreiro, Ferron Dalhousie University Virginal Bodies in Tumultuous Times: Centering Women’s Chastity in Early Modern Literature 17 500 $
Griffin, Andrew Dalhousie University Plato's Doctrine of Participation in the Dialogue 'Parmenides' 17 500 $
Jankowski, Marlena Université du Manitoba Patient-Focused Interiors 17 500 $
Kim, Giwoon Université York Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship 17 500 $
Chou, Sharon Université du Manitoba Relationship Satisfaction in Situational Couple Violence: What Happens When They Decide To Stay? 17 500 $
Wyman, Christopher Université du Manitoba Experiencing Other Worlds: The Role of the Narrator in Constructed World Fiction 17 500 $
Huddleston, Amanda Université du Manitoba The Canadian Armed Forces: Factors Affecting Retention 17 500 $
Kates, Beth University of Calgary Augmented Intelligence in the Performance Creation Process 17 500 $
Hadley, Louisa University of Northern British Columbia The impact of personal cap-and-trade systems and carbon labelling on individuals’ sense of efficacy, attention to environmental information and support for collective environmental initiatives 17 500 $
Garinger, Laura Université de Winnipeg Climate Change Data in the Archives 17 500 $
Friesen, Connery Université du Manitoba Responsive Architecture Amid Rapid Global Change 17 500 $
Martel-Dion, Audrey Université de Montréal Changement dans les discours sur l'homosexualité féminine en Italie au XVIIIe siècle 17 500 $
Chyz-Lund, Dylan Université du Manitoba Participatory Budgeting as Multi-Sector Partnership Building in Canada: A Case Study 17 500 $
Santino, Nicholas Université York The examination of possible mediators of the negative relationship between physical activity and sport with loneliness among youth with physical disabilities 17 500 $
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