Subventions Savoir du concours ayant pris fin en octobre 2017

* Chercheurs financés par l’initiative sur les répercussions sociétales de la recherche en génomique

Newfoundland and Labrador
Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Applicant Goodnough, Karen C. - Memorial University of Newfoundland 71 483,00 $
    Co-applicants Azam, Saiqa - Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Milford, Todd - University of Victoria
    Tippett, Christine D. - University of Ottawa
      Science teacher educators: Inclusive perspectives and practices
    Applicant Sullivan, Arthur M. - Memorial University of Newfoundland 57 591,00 $
      Irony, logic, and conversation
    Applicant Marland, Alex J. - Memorial University of Newfoundland 65 310,00 $
    Co-applicants Lalancette, Mireille - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Wesley, Jared J.H. - University of Alberta
    Collaborator Kerby, Matthew - Australian National University
      Crossing the floor and crossing lines: Parliamentarian party switching and media coverage in Canada
    Applicant Losier, Catherine - Memorial University of Newfoundland 176 664,00 $
      On the cod road: Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and Atlantic networks of the 17th-19th century
    Applicant Lepawsky, Joshua - Memorial University of Newfoundland 207 617,00 $
    Collaborators Goldstein, Joshua L. - University of Southern California
    Kahhat, Ramzy - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru
      Where is repair
Nova Scotia
Acadia University
    Applicant Rigg, Patricia D. - Acadia University 67266
      The Anglo-French literary community of the Fin-de-Siècle: sexual diversity, neurasthenia, and the genius of Italian poetic forms in a transitional society
Cape Breton University
    Applicant Callary, Bettina - Cape Breton University 227348
    Co-applicants Rathwell, Scott L. - University of Lethbridge
    Young, Bradley W. - University of Ottawa
      The development, validation, and practical utility of an assessment tool for surveying adult-oriented coaching practices in masters sport
Dalhousie University
    Applicant Foster, Karen R. - Dalhousie University 325794
    Collaborators Apostle, Richard A. - Dalhousie University
    Fong, Benjamin D. - No Institutional Affiliation
    Tsang, Connie - No Institutional Affiliation
      Seeing a future in it: generations and work in Atlantic Canada
    Applicant Helland, Christopher - Dalhousie University 151409
    Collaborators Grieve, Gregory P. - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Schaeffer, Kurtis R. - University of Virginia
    Singh, Rohit - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
      The cyber Lama and the virtual Sangha: Assessing the reach and impact of online religious authority within the Tibetan diaspora tradition
    Applicant Moore, Christopher L. - Dalhousie University 185452
      The development of moral foundations
    Applicant Smit, Michael - Dalhousie University 166206
    Co-applicants Parkins, John R. - University of Alberta
    Sherren, Kate - Dalhousie University
    Collaborator Holmlund, Mona L. - Dalhousie University
      Assessing the social impacts of hydroelectricity-driven landscape change using images, text, and archives: A big data approach
    Applicant Brooks, Kimberley R. - Dalhousie University 150708
      The role of tax law experts in sustainable development
    Applicant Bell, Christopher M. - Dalhousie University 65964
      Trade defence, air power and the North Atlantic triangle, 1939-43
    Applicant Torres, Sara - Dalhousie University 172018
    Co-applicants Parada, Henry - Ryerson University
    Ross, Nancy M. - Dalhousie University
    Yohani, Sophie C. - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Andrew, Caroline P. - University of Ottawa
    Campbell, Kathi - Minister of Children's Services
    Chiu, Yvonne - Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative
      Exploring the role of cultural brokers as intermediaries between immigrant and refugee families and child welfare workers
    Applicant Radice, Martha K. - Dalhousie University 183530
    Collaborator Regis, Helen A. - Louisiana State University
      Grasping joy: New-wave carnival krewes in New Orleans
    Applicant Mah, Catherine L. - Dalhousie University 127000
      Grocery gateways: An examination of the distribution and regulation of quality food at the nexus between supermarket firms and the informal food economy in Atlantic Canada
    Applicant Mechoulan, Stephane F. - Dalhousie University 86893
    Collaborator Eagly, Alice H. - Northwestern University - Illinois
      The impact of social reforms on the psychology of American youth
    Applicant Deacon, S. Hélène - Dalhousie University 291054
    Co-applicant Chen, Xi - University of Toronto
      Optimising children's reading comprehension: Sentence structure is key to success
Mount Saint Vincent University
    Applicant Walls, Martha E. - Mount Saint Vincent University 96980
    Co-applicant Slumkoski, Corey J.A. - Mount Saint Vincent University
      The Micmac community development program, 1957-1970
    Applicant Williams, Patricia L. - Mount Saint Vincent University 76784
    Co-applicants Anderson, Barbara J. - Acadia University
    Brady, Jennifer L. - Mount Saint Vincent University
    Egbe, Manfred E. - Mount Saint Vincent University
    Frank, Lesley A. - Acadia University
    Power, Elaine M. - Queen's University
    Collaborators Gordon, Steven B. - Feed Nova Scotia
    Johnson, Christine P. - Nova Scotia Health Authority
    Keating-Owen, Myrene M. - LEA Place Women's Resource Centre
    Norris, Deborah A. - Mount Saint Vincent University
    Reimer, Debra E. - Annapolis Valley Hants Community Action Program for Children
    Waddington, Madeleine - Nova Scotia Health Authority
      Dismantling stigma: Exploring experiences of and views on food insecurity, social exclusion, and shame among women through participatory action research
Saint Mary's University
    Applicant Stretton, Timothy - Saint Mary's University 36837
    Co-applicant Kesselring, Krista J. - Dalhousie University
      Marriage, separation and divorce in England, 1500-1857
    Applicant Sun, Xiaoping - Saint Mary's University 92706
      Feeding the nation from the wilderness: Food, migration, and environment on China's Northeastern borderland
    Applicant Pancer, Ethan - Saint Mary's University 95302
    Co-applicant Noseworthy, Theodore J. - York University
      Using computer vision algorithms to optimize the communication of new products to grow the economy
    Applicant Loughlin, Catherine A. - Saint Mary's University 128237
    Co-applicant Arnold, Kara A. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Collaborator Scheuer, Cara-Lynn - Coastal Carolina University
      Diversity specific transformational leadership
St. Francis Xavier University
    Applicant Callaghan, Tara C. - St. Francis Xavier University 97625
    Collaborator Warneken, Felix - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
      A longitudinal study of reciprocal sharing across diverse cultural contexts
New Brunswick
Mount Allison University
    Applicant Ouellette, Gene P. - Mount Allison University 101 513,00 $
      Storybooks, oral vocabulary, and learning to read: Exploring causal connections
St. Thomas University
    Applicant Allain, Kristi A. - St. Thomas University 99 882,00 $
    Co-applicants Marshall, Barbara L. - Trent University
    Rhodes, Ryan E. - University of Victoria
    Collaborators Phoenix, Cassandra - University of Bath
    Whittaker, Robin C. - St. Thomas University
      Snow on the roof, fire on the ice: Aging embodiment, gender, and national identity in Canadian winter sport
University of New Brunswick
    Applicant Bergeron, Patrick - University of New Brunswick 51 115,00 $
      Aux marges de la littérature légitime : le cas du roman de genre au féminin
    Applicant Schryer, Stephen E. - University of New Brunswick 72 585,00 $
      The conservative imagination: national review and its circle
    Applicant Rogers, Matthew W.B. - University of New Brunswick 94 130,00 $
    Co-applicants Burkholder, Casey M. - University of New Brunswick
    Gray, Robert William - University of New Brunswick
    Saul, Roger - University of New Brunswick
      Participatory filmmaking in Atlantic Canadian schools
    Applicant O'Donnell, Susan - University of New Brunswick 359 253,00 $
    Co-applicants Burkholder, Casey M. - University of New Brunswick
    Rogers, Matthew W.B. - University of New Brunswick
    Tubb, Daniel G.L. - University of New Brunswick
    Collaborators Hofmann, David C. - University of New Brunswick
    Lavoie, Sophie M. - NB Media Co-op
    Perley, David - University of New Brunswick
      Alternative media and support for sustainable rural communities
    Applicant Tubb, Daniel G.L. - University of New Brunswick 66 399,00 $
      Oil fields: oil palm plantations and Agrarian change in the Middle Magdalena region of Colombia
    Applicant Drira, Mohamed - University of New Brunswick 60 711,00 $
    Co-applicant Kochetova-Kozloski, Natalia - Saint Mary's University
      Towards an evolutionary matching theory of auditor-client relationship
    Applicant Shukla, Dhirendra - University of New Brunswick 88 994,00 $
    Co-applicant Venugopal, Aparna - University of New Brunswick
    Collaborator Hennessey, Michael D. - Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc.
      Power at the edge: Exploring sustainable energy security in the rural and remote communities of Atlantic Canada
Bishop's University / Université Bishop
    Applicant Lawford, Heather L. - Bishop's University 88443
    Co-applicant Ramey, Heather L. - Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    Collaborator Khanna, Nishad - Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement
      Uncovering early generativity: An exemplar and measurement development study
Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
    Applicant Harvey, François - Cégep Édouard-Montpetit 72798
      Je refuse d'être quoi que ce soit : biographie d'Hubert Aquin
Concordia University / Université Concordia
    Applicant McSheffrey, Shannon - Concordia University 65899
      Evil may day, 1517: Anti-immigrant violence, law, and patriarchal governance in Tudor London
    Applicant Gilabert, Pablo - Concordia University 59369
      Human dignity, human rights, and social justice
    Applicant Reuter, Shelley Z. - Concordia University 92598
      What's the matter with wellness: Campus health services and the teaching of responsible biocitizenship to Canadian university students
    Applicant Morin, Alexandre J.S. - Concordia University 319941
    Co-applicants Litalien, David - Université Laval
    Maiano, Christophe - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Vallerand, Robert J. - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Vandenberghe, Christian R. - HEC Montréal
      The centrality of self-equilibrium and self-complexity as critical indicators of optimal functioning across the transition into adulthood and entry into the workforce
    Applicant Stack, Dale M. - Concordia University 325387
    Co-applicants Morin, Alexandre J.S. - Concordia University
    Serbin, Lisa A. - Concordia University
    Collaborator Hastings, Paul D. - University of California, Davis
      The development of emotion regulation in at-risk youth from infancy through early adulthood: Mitigating adversity and enhancing wellbeing
    Applicant Amit, Vered - Concordia University 95529
    Co-applicant Dyck, Noel E. - Simon Fraser University
      Gearing down: an anthropological study of changing mobility patterns among previously peripatetic professionals
    Applicant Kryzanowski, Lawrence - Concordia University 84830
      Investment funds: Affiliations and agency issues
    Applicant Bhabra, Harjeet S. - Concordia University 84812
      The role of director networks in the resolution of corporate financial distress
    Applicant Warren, Jean-Philippe - Concordia University 249388
    Co-applicants Bergeron, Marie-Andrée - University of Calgary
    Couture, Jean-Pierre - University of Ottawa
    Lacroix, Michel - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Larivière, Vincent - Université de Montréal
    Larose, Karim - Université de Montréal
      Reconfiguration des lieux de discours et des formes d'intertextualité : le champ culturel et intellectuel des revues québécoises (1976-2016)
    Applicant Lynes, Krista G. - Concordia University 119444
      Grounded: Mediating social movements
    Applicant Gauvreau, Danielle - Concordia University 169710
    Co-applicants St-Hilaire, Marc - Université Laval
    Vézina, Hélène - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    Collaborator Frenette, Yves - Université de Saint-Boniface
      Du Québec aux État-Unis : nouvelle étude socio-démographique de l'émigration canadienne-française, 1850-1970
    Applicant Koreshkova, Tatyana A. - Concordia University 97000
      Private and social insurance of long-term care for the elderly
    Applicant DiTommaso, Lorenzo - Concordia University 253473
      The Mediaeval antichrist tradition: Texts and contexts
    Applicant Simon, Sherry - Concordia University 76382
    Collaborator Colombi, Matteo - Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa
      Sites of translation and contested urban space: Prague/Montreal
    Applicant Nelson, Bradley J. - Concordia University 49735
      Estranged espistemologies: science and culture in the Baroque and (neo)Baroque
    Applicant Wrosch, Carsten - Concordia University 276260
    Co-applicant Hoppmann, Christiane - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborator Kunzmann, Ute - Universität Leipzig
      Management of psychosocial stressors across older adulthood: The age-related roles of discrete emotions, motivational tendencies, and control strategies
    Applicant Liakin, Denis - Concordia University 54969
    Co-applicants Cardoso, Walcir C. - Concordia University
    Liakina, Natallia - McGill University
      L'utilisation de la technologie mobile dans l'enseignement de la prononciation en langue seconde
    Applicant Reiss, Charles D. - Concordia University 78800
      Towards a typology of fundamental phonological process
    Applicant Jiwani, Yasmin - Concordia University 89878
    Collaborators Failler, Angela - The University of Winnipeg
    Martin-Bariteau, Florian - University of Ottawa
      Virtual graveyards and cybermemorials
    Applicant Bandia, Paul F. - Concordia University 79385
      Translation and multilingual currents in contemporary postcolonial literature
    Applicant Cucuzzella, Carmela - Concordia University 153242
    Co-applicants Chupin, Jean-Pierre - Université de Montréal
    Hammond, Cynthia I. - Concordia University
      The eco-didactic turn in art and design installations for the public realm, 1992-2017
    Applicant Hale, Mark R. - Concordia University 80517
      Anatolian morphosyntax: Reflexive, unaccusative, middle
    Applicant Hunter, Andrea L. - Concordia University 88515
    Co-applicants Amend, Elyse - Concordia University
    Gasher, Mike J. - Concordia University
    Nielsen, Greg M. - Concordia University
      Inclusive journalism
    Applicant Dovonon, Prosper A. - Concordia University 170838
    Collaborator Atchade, Aguemon Y. - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
      Inference in high-dimensional generalized linear regression models with endogenous regressors
    Applicant Laroche, Michel - Concordia University 70000
    Co-applicants Mazaheri, Ebrahim - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Nepomuceno, Marcelo Vinhal - HEC Montréal
    Paulin, Michèle - Concordia University
    Collaborators Bartikowski, Boris - KEDGE Business School
    Habibi, Mohammad Reza - California State University, Fullerton
    Richard, Marie-Odile - SUNY Polytechnic Institute
      Understanding the changing cyberspace: Mobile consumers and insight communities
    Applicant Dolbec, Pierre-Yann - Concordia University 180940
    Co-applicants Arsel, Zeynep T. - Concordia University
    Fischer, Eileen - York University
      Complexity and market dynamics
    Applicant Walker, Thomas J. - Concordia University 71854
    Co-applicant Davis, Frederick J. - Concordia University
    Collaborator Pukthuanthong-Le, Kuntara - University of Missouri - Columbia
      Insider trading and earnings management surrounding takeover rumors
Dawson College
    Applicant Cooke, Stewart J. - Dawson College 87737
      A scholarly edition of the letters of Charles Burney, volume 4 (1802-1807)
HEC Montréal
    Applicant Coviello, Decio - HEC Montréal 91200
    Collaborators Deserranno, Erika - Northwestern University - Illinois
    Persico, Nicola - Northwestern University - Illinois
      Minimum wage and workers productivity
    Applicant Schiehll, Eduardo - HEC Montréal 36463
    Collaborators Lewellyn, Krista - University of Wyoming
    Terra, Paulo R.S. - Fundação Getulio Vargas
      Protection des investisseurs et la gouvernance corporative : une approche configurationnelle
    Applicant Tremblay, Michel G. - HEC Montréal 228431
    Co-applicants Hill, Kevin MA. - HEC Montréal
    Vandenberghe, Christian R. - HEC Montréal
      Étude longétudinale du rôle du leadership dans les conflits individuels et les collectifs, et leurs impacts sur la performance extra rôle et la satisfaction des clients
    Applicant Boyer, M. Martin - HEC Montréal 141600
    Co-applicants Stentoft, Lars Peter - Western University
    Van Norden, Simon - HEC Montréal
    Collaborator Reddic, Willie - DePaul University
      Asset allocation of insurance companies: Systemic, regulatory, and solvency risks
Institut national de la recherche scientifique
    Applicant Vultur, Mircea - Institut national de la recherche scientifique 145977
    Co-applicants Boudarbat, Brahim - Université de Montréal
    Bourdon, Sylvain - Université de Sherbrooke
    Kamanzi, Pierre Canisius - Université de Montréal
      Diplôme universitaire et insertion sur le marché du travail : approches statistique et compréhensive de la surqualification professionnelle
McGill University / Université McGill
    Applicant Zucchi, John - McGill University 97734
      Late nineteenth century failed group migrations: Why did prospective migrants subscribe to migration scams
    Applicant Poschke, Markus - McGill University 82602
    Co-applicant Kaymak, Baris - Université de Montréal
      Determinants of wealth inequality and their implications for economic policy
    Applicant Hasegawa, Robert - McGill University 95000
    Co-applicant McAdams, Stephen E. - McGill University
      Composing timbre in contemporary music
    Applicant Zien, Katherine A. - McGill University 190549
      Theatre of war: simulated combat as performance during Latin America's Cold War
    Applicant Ristic, Jelena - McGill University 99584
      Attention as the foundation of human social behavior
    Applicant Abizadeh, Arash - McGill University 77750
      Democracy, representation, and sortition
    Applicant Bakke, Gretchen A. - McGill University 68881
      Electricity and misunderstanding
    Applicant Alonso-Ovalle, Luis F. - McGill University 242686
    Co-applicants Schwarz, Bernhard - McGill University
    Shimoyama, Junko - McGill University
    Collaborators Coon, Jessica - McGill University
    Menéndez Benito, Paula S. - Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
      Modality across categories: Modal indefinites and the projection of possibilities
    Applicant Stapenhurst, Frederick - McGill University 83011
    Co-applicants Ertz, Myriam - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    Jo, Myung-Soo - McGill University
    Sarigollu, Emine - McGill University
    Collaborators Draman, Rasheed - African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs
    Karakas, Fahri - University of East Anglia
    Zyglidopoulos, Stelios - University of Glasgow
      The demand and supply sides of vorruption
    Applicant Pinsonneault, Alain - McGill University 158080
      The impact of explorative and exploitive use of information technology on individual performance
    Applicant Joly, Yann - McGill University 160393
    Collaborators Comeau, Ian - McGill University
    Ghosh, Shuvo - McGill University
    Holmes, Morgan L.F. - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Manousaki, Despoina - McGill University
    Ordal, Leslie P. - St. Michael's Hospital
    Susset, Françoise - McGill University
      Toward effective health communication with intersex Canadians: A study of ethical and legal challenges
    Applicant Ma, Yu - McGill University 66209
    Co-applicants Ching, Andrew T.T. - University of Toronto
    Dube, Laurette - McGill University
    Yang, Nathan - McGill University
      An empirical investigation of digital goods consumption and its impact on word-of-mouth marketing
    Applicant Hirose, Iwao - McGill University 83893
    Collaborator Segall, Shlomi - Hebrew University, Jerusalem
      The moral importance of the separateness of persons: Meaning, logic, solutions and scope
    Applicant Davies, David A. - McGill University 45333
      Artistic value(s) and the value of art: A non-aestheticist account of artistic value
    Applicant Gruber, Reut - McGill University 234641
    Collaborators Boursier, Johanne - Riverside School Board
    Sommerville, Gail - Riverside School Board
      Sleep revolution: Improvement of adolescents academic success by creation and mobilization of sleep knowledge through school-board partnership
    Applicant Scavone, Gary P. - McGill University 206822
    Co-applicant Fewer, Mark D. - McGill University
      Resurrecting the Messiah: Development, evaluation, and performance of a virtual acoustic replica of Stradivari's Messiah violin
    Applicant Chemin, Matthieu - McGill University 75312
      The causal impact of the judiciary on economic activity: Evidence from a field experiment in Kenya
    Applicant Barczyk, Daniel - McGill University 47221
    Collaborators Fahle, Sean - State University of New York at Buffalo
    Kredler, Matthias - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
      Savings of the elderly: Late-life-risks and bequest motives
    Applicant Long, Ngo V. - McGill University 81157
    Co-applicants Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco - McGill University
    Benchekroun, Hassan - McGill University
      Strategic and dynamic issues in the management of natural resources and the environment
    Applicant Kozak, Lynn A. - McGill University 181239
    Co-applicants Bonnechere, Pierre F.T. - Université de Montréal
    Cursaru, Gabriela - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Toillon, Valerie - Tufts University
      À travers le vortex
    Applicant Soehl, Thomas G. - McGill University 378910
    Co-applicant Stolle, Dietlind - McGill University
    Collaborators del Castello, Enrico W. - Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
    Diehl, Claudia - Universität Konstanz
    Ramos, Howard - Dalhousie University
      Early integration trajectories of Syrian refugees in Canada
    Applicant van den Berg, Axel P.M. - McGill University 68743
      Cutting the branch on which we are sitting: An empirical exploration of some central tensions in postpositivist sociological research
    Applicant Desrosiers, Diane - McGill University 259437
    Co-applicants Breitenstein, Renée-Claude - Brock University
    Frappier, Louise - University of Ottawa
    Gladu, Kim - Université du Québec à Rimouski
    Roy, Roxanne - Université du Québec à Rimouski
      Jeux et enjeux de la parole des femmes : l'énonciation féminine en question, XVe-XVIIIe siècles
    Applicant Borris, Kenneth H. - McGill University 98769
      Sidney, Spenser, and early modern literary pictorialism
    Applicant Parts, Lyudmila - McGill University 73055
      To see and be seen: micro-encounters in the Russian travelogue, from Karamzin to Mayakovsky
    Applicant Moser, Sarah - McGill University 73654
      Chinese urban mega-developments in Malaysia: Emerging socio-spatial inequalities and racialized patterns of growth
    Applicant Nadig, Aparna S. - McGill University 99819
    Co-applicant Onishi, Kristine H. - McGill University
    Collaborators Polka, Linda - McGill University
    Rvachew, Susan S. - McGill University
      Learning from child- versus other-directed socially contingent interactions: An investigation of physiological and behavioral responses during screen-based word learning
    Applicant Starr, Lisa J. - McGill University 259166
    Co-applicants Ballinger, Susan G. - McGill University
    Mitchell, Claudia A. - McGill University
    Sanford, Katherine J. - University of Victoria
    Collaborators Moletsane, Relebohile T. - University of Kwazulu-Natal
    Zenebe, Mulumebet - Addis Ababa University
      Designing and implementing pedagogical strategies for addressing sexual and gender-based violence in agricultural colleges in Ethiopia
    Applicant Straw, William - McGill University 65812
      Fan media, duplicator technology, and the amateur press association
    Applicant Hurley, Erin J. - McGill University 173031
    Collaborator Tibaldo, Emma - Playwrights' Workshop Montreal
      History of English-language drama and theatre in Quebec, 1930-2015
    Applicant Studnicki-Gizbert, Daviken F. - McGill University 76234
    Collaborator Coocoo, Christian - Conseil de la nation Atikamekw
      Weaving Buglé and Ngäbé histories into the Columbian encounter - Veraguá, Panamá January 6th - April 16, 1503
    Applicant Hunter, Mary J. - McGill University 86755
      Waiting: Slow time in the Impressionist era
    Applicant Blackstock, Cindy - McGill University 230795
    Co-applicants Bennett, Susan - Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
    Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas - University of Ottawa
    Collaborators Bearhead, Charlene M. - Missing Women Commission on Inquiry
    Brittain, Melisa - First Nations Children's Action Research and Education Service
    Libesman, Teresa - University of Technology, Sydney
    Porter, Janet G.M. - Nova Scotia Department of Education
    Shultz, Lynette - University of Alberta
    Smith, Sylvia R. - Other/Unknown
    Stromquist, Gail - British Columbia Teachers' Federation
      Just because we're small doesn't mean we can't stand tall: Reconciliation education in the elementary classroom
    Applicant Barg, Lisa - McGill University 293859
    Co-applicants Brackett, David - McGill University
    King, Richard L. - McGill University
    Collaborators Massenburg, George - McGill University
    Schmidt Horning, Susan - St. John's University
    Williams, Katherine A. - Plymouth University
    Zak, Albin J. - State University of New York at Albany
      Collaborative creativity: Sound recording and music making
    Applicant King, Richard L. - McGill University 299195
    Co-applicant Woszczyk, Wieslaw - McGill University
      Towards an immersive interactive music listening experience: Auditory design, techniques and methods for recreating the three-dimensional immersive presence of recorded musical performances
    Applicant Balan, Manuel - McGill University 45863
      Media and partisan polarization in the Americas
    Applicant Levy, Jacob T. - McGill University 57287
      Justice in Babylon
    Applicant Bélanger, Éric - McGill University 243814
    Co-applicant Nadeau, Richard - Université de Montréal
      Generational change and its impact on the political dynamics of Quebec and Canada
    Applicant Stolle, Dietlind - McGill University 289920
    Co-applicant Gidengil, Elisabeth L. - McGill University
    Collaborators Grzymala-Busse, Anna - Stanford University
    Harell, Allison - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Hibbing, John - University of Nebraska at Lincoln
    Smith, Kevin - University of Nebraska at Lincoln
      Is radical right populism compatible with democracy
    Applicant Krapfl, James - McGill University 65427
      The other 1968: a cultural history of East Central Europe in the Prague Spring Era
    Applicant Roberts, William C. - McGill University 75377
      Republicanism from below: Renovating political theory with the archive of popular struggles for liberation
    Applicant Hollister, Matissa - McGill University 66640
    Collaborators Denier, Nicole G. - Colby College
    St-Denis, Xavier - McGill University
      Should I stay or should I go - the consequences of job mobility on future hiring prospects
    Applicant Ramaprasad, Jui - McGill University 172806
    Co-applicant Pinsonneault, Alain - McGill University
      Examining value creation in the digital economy: A platform engagement perspective
    Applicant Moyse, Pierre-Emmanuel - McGill University 92912
      Le droit de l'obsolescence : un principe de responsabilité pour les objets intelligents
    Applicant Breau, Sebastien - McGill University 97910
    Collaborator Dubé, Jean - Université Laval
      The urban and regional dynamics of Canada's shrinking middle class: Evidence, explanations and implications
    Applicant Faraj, Samer - McGill University 320815
      Coordinating expertise across organizational and disciplinary boundaries
    Applicant Benessaieh, Afef - Télé-université 84943
    Co-applicant Imbert, Patrick l. - University of Ottawa
      Multiculturalisme, interculturalisme ou transculturalisme : discours et représentations sur l'identité culturelle dans les Amériques : une mise en perspective du Québec
Université de Montréal
    Applicant Gauvin, Lise - Université de Montréal 49882
      À l'aube des littératures francophones : les premiers romans
    Applicant Tardif, Maurice G. - Université de Montréal 357461
    Co-applicants Borges, Cecilia M.F. - Université de Montréal
    Cividini, Monica - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    Kamanzi, Pierre Canisius - Université de Montréal
    Karsenti, Thierry P. - Université de Montréal
    LeVasseur, Louis - Université Laval
    Morales Perlaza, Adriana - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    Mukamurera, Joséphine - Université de Sherbrooke
    Robichaud, Arianne - Université du Québec à Montréal
      La justice scolaire à l'école secondaire ; points de vue; pratiques et dilemmes des principaux acteurs éducatifs travaillant avec les élèves
    Applicant Daigle, Daniel - Université de Montréal 149924
    Co-applicant Berthiaume, Rachel - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Bosse, Marie-Line - Universite Grenoble Alpes
    Wolter, Julie - University of Montana
      L'enseignement de l'orthographe lexicale : évaluation des effets de différents dispositifs d'enseignement sur les apprentissages d'élèves en début de scolarisation
    Applicant MacLeod, Andrea Asenath Nora - Université de Montréal 99520
    Co-applicants Castellanos Ryan, Natalie - Université de Montréal
    Séguin, Jean R. - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Parent, Sophie - Université de Montréal
      Talking at home and at school: The developmental trajectory of oral language among young children who speak minority languages
    Applicant Pato, Enrique - Université de Montréal 66300
      Corpus oral de la langue espagnole à Montréal
    Applicant Leibing, Annette - Université de Montréal 200262
    Collaborators Antelius, Eleonor - Linköping University
    Giacomin, Karla C. - Fiocruz Minas - Centro de Pesquisas René Rachou
    Raz, Aviad - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    Schicktanz, Silke - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
      Situated prevention: A transcultural study on the new dementia
    Applicant Genin, Emilie - Université de Montréal 84186
    Co-applicant Laroche, Mélanie - Université de Montréal
      L'égalité professionnelle au point mort : une analyse des enjeux et des interactions entre les acteurs syndicaux, patronaux et gouvernementaux au Québec
    Applicant Saba, Tania - Université de Montréal 114087
    Co-applicants Chicha, Marie-Therese - Université de Montréal
    Dufour, Marie-Eve - Université Laval
    Genin, Emilie - Université de Montréal
      La gestion de la diversité en milieu de travail : vers une modélisation intégrative des perceptions de discriminations, de la dynamique des relations employeurs-employés et des impacts individuels et organisationnels
    Applicant Dupont, Benoit J. - Université de Montréal 385472
    Collaborator Shearing, Clifford D. - Université de Montréal
      L'art de la résilience : comment les professionnels de la sécurité gèrent l'imprévisible
    Applicant Da Sylva, Lyne - Université de Montréal 72809
    Co-applicant Maurel, Dominique - Université de Montréal
      Écosystème de la gestion des données de recherche : étude des processus documentaires, des rôles et des responsabilités des acteurs institutionnels
    Applicant Chung, Ryoa - Université de Montréal 70249
      Les inégalités de santé à l'échelle internationale : une approche féministe des enjeux éthiques et épistémiques des injustices structurelles
    Applicant Kaymak, Baris - Université de Montréal 78698
    Co-applicant Schott, Immo - Université de Montréal
      Business taxes and resource misallocation: A macroeconomic analysis
    Applicant Macdonald, Iain - Université de Montréal 66720
      Education unto maturity: Critical theory and the philosophy of education
    Applicant Licha, Emanuel - Université de Montréal 98964
    Collaborator Ortiz Lopez, Luis - École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris La Villette
      Still : un cinéma ancré pour décrire un monde en mouvement
    Applicant Belle, Marie-Alice - Université de Montréal 174915
    Co-applicant Hosington, Brenda M. - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Armstrong, Guyda - University of Manchester
    Boro, Joyce L. - Université de Montréal
    Boutcher, Warren V. - Queen Mary, University of London
    Coldiron, Anne E.B. - University of St Andrews
    Reid, Joshua - East Tennessee State University
    Schmidt, Gabriela - Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
      Trajectories of translation in early modern Britain 1473-1660: Routes, mediations, networks
    Applicant Papillon, Martin - Université de Montréal 220582
    Co-applicants Montambeault, Françoise - Université de Montréal
    Nagels, Nora - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Collaborators Selle, Per - University of Bergen
    Tockman, Jason - University of Washington
      Peuples autochtones, territoires et ressources : une analyse comparée des mécanismes de traduction du consentement préalable, libre et éclairé
    Applicant Lanovaz, Marc J. - Université de Montréal 254026
    Co-applicant Lippé, Sarah - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Carroll, Regina - West Virginia University
    Paquette, Geneviève - Other/Unknown
    Wheatley, Tara L. - Halton District School Board
      Identifying factors that influence learning in children with autism spectrum disorder
    Applicant Esposito, Tonino - Université de Montréal 319222
    Co-applicant Trocme, Nico - McGill University
    Collaborators Fallon, Barbara A. - University of Toronto
    Goyette, Martin - École nationale d'administration publique
    Hélie, Sonia - Centre intégrés universitaires de santé et de services sociaux Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal
    King, Bryn - University of Toronto
    Maurer, Katherine - McGill University
    Poirier, Marie-Andrée - Université de Montréal
    Rothwell, David - Oregon State University
    Sinha, Vandna - McGill University
    Sirois, Marie-Claude - Institut national d'excellence en santé et en services sociaux
      The influence of neighbourhood socioeconomic disparities on child maltreatment
    Applicant Perron, Bernard - Université de Montréal 272184
    Co-applicants Arsenault, Dominic - Université de Montréal
    Therrien, Carl - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Blanchet, Alexis - Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III)
    Dor, Simon - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    Khaled, Rilla - Concordia University
    Kirkpatrick, Graeme T. - University of Manchester
    Lowood, Henry - Stanford University
    Suominen, Jaakko - University of Turku
    Trépanier-Jobin, Gabrielle - Université du Québec à Montréal
      From technofetishists to art lovers: The evolution of video game criticism in Canada, France, U.K. and U.S.A.
    Applicant Brodeur, Patrice C. - Université de Montréal 96450
      L'islamisme à l'ère du post-printemps arabe : cartographier les acteurs théoriques pour mieux comprendre les enjeux épistémologiques et éthiques
    Applicant Harel, Simon - Université de Montréal 133320
      Vies et récits de réfugiés : du silence à la prise de parole
    Applicant Vitaro, Frank - Université de Montréal 113787
    Co-applicant Brendgen, R. Mara - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Longitudinal interplay between problematic peer experiences and antisocial behavior in childhood and adolescence: a genetically informed study
    Applicant Tremblay, Richard E. - Université de Montréal 313414
    Co-applicants Côté, Sylvana M. - Université de Montréal
    Duchesne, Stéphane - Université Laval
    Fontaine, Nathalie - Université de Montréal
    Vitaro, Frank - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Algan, Yann - Sciences Po (Paris Institute of Political Studies )
    Nagin, Daniel S. - Carnegie-Mellon University
      Intergenerational transmission of social adjustment problems during adulthood: The role of self-control development and socio-educational services
    Applicant Duchesneau, François - Université de Montréal 112427
    Co-applicants DeSouza, Nigel - University of Ottawa
    Dumouchel, Daniel - Université de Montréal
    Leduc, Christian - Université de Montréal
    Rioux-Beaulne, Mitia - University of Ottawa
      La philosophie à l'académie de Berlin (1745-1804)
    Applicant Tuite, Kevin J. - Université de Montréal 110908
      Vernacular religion in Soviet and post-Soviet Georgia
    Applicant Dimitrova, Diana - Université de Montréal 93466
      The Radhasoami tradition in Canada and the United States
    Applicant Gagnon, Jean - Université de Montréal 153100
    Co-applicant Jolicoeur, Pierre - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Rochat, Lucien - Université de Genève
      Précurseurs et régulateurs sociocognitifs du biais d'attribution d'intention hostile en situation sociale chez des adultes agressifs
    Applicant Grondin, David - Université de Montréal 176357
    Co-applicant Amicelle, Anthony - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Benbouzid, Bilel - Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée
    D'Aoust, Anne-Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Vukov, Tamara H. -Université de Montréal
      Policing North American borderlands in the digital age: Of mobilities, infrastructures and algorithmic security
    Applicant Coutu, Michel - Université de Montréal 156226
    Co-applicants Barré, Philippe - Université de Montréal
    Bourgault, Julie - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Drouin, Renée-Claude - Université de Montréal
    Dufour Poirier, Mélanie - Université de Montréal
    Legault, Marie-Josée - Télé-université
    Martin, Isabelle - Université de Montréal
    Murray, Gregor - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Daubler, Wolfgang - University of Bremen
    Daugareilh, Isabelle - Université de Bordeaux I
    Ferreras, Isabelle - Catholic University of Louvain
    Kirat, Thierry - Université Paris-Dauphine (Paris IX)
    Mueckenberger, Ulrich - Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences
      Le droit du travail et la grande entreprise au Canada : le déclin de la citoyenneté au travail/labour law and the large firm in Canada - a demise of citizenship at work
    Applicant Décary-Hétu, David - Université de Montréal 256986
    Co-applicants Coviello, Decio - HEC Montréal
    Robert, Jean-Marc - École de technologie supérieure
      Anonymat, technologies et délinquance : se cacher dans l'ombre
    Applicant Gaudreault, André - Université de Montréal 339224
    Co-applicants Furstenau, Marc C. - Carleton University
    Keil, Charles A. - University of Toronto
    Paci, Viva - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Perron, Bernard - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Albera, François - Université de Lausanne
    Chateau, Dominique - Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I)
    Dahlquist, Marina - Stockholm University
    Gunning, Tom - University of Chicago
    Kessler, Frank E. - Utrecht University
    Le Forestier, Laurent - Université de Rennes II (Université de Haute-Bretagne)
    Marion, Philippe - Catholic University of Louvain
    Pozner, Valérie - Centre national de la recherche scientifique
    Somaini, Antonio - Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III)
      L'invention du concept de montage au cinéma : ses sources, son développement, ses migrations
    Applicant Bellou, Andriana - Université de Montréal 99924
    Co-applicants Cardia, Emanuela - Université de Montréal
    Lewis, Joshua - Université de Montréal
      The socioeconomic impact of the great depression over the long run
    Applicant Morselli, Carlo - Université de Montréal 161200
    Co-applicants Charette, Yanick - Université Laval
    Ouellet, Frédéric - Université de Montréal
      Carceral sociability and the reinsertion of offenders
    Applicant Boivin, Rémi - Université de Montréal 80958
    Collaborator Gendron, Annie - École nationale de police du Québec
      Le biais de perspective lié aux caméras portatives des policiers
    Applicant Le Gall, Josiane - Université de Montréal 154117
    Co-applicants Hamisultane, Sophie - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Meintel, Deirdre - Université de Montréal
    Mossière, Géraldine - Université de Montréal
    Yampolsky, Maya A. -Université Laval
    Collaborator Therrien, Catherine - Al Akhawayn University
      Les identités plurielles des enfants de couples mixtes au Québec : entre transmission, choix personnels et contraintes sociales
Université de Sherbrooke
    Applicant Luneau, Marie-Pier - Université de Sherbrooke 139870
    Co-applicant Warren, Jean-Philippe - Concordia University
      De l'amour à 10 sous : le roman sentimental en fascicules au Québec, 1940-1965
    Applicant Watteyne, Nathalie - niversité de Sherbrooke 91949
      Archives et art poétique : Anne Hébert 1937-1999
    Applicant Brassard, Audrey - Université de Sherbrooke 190743
    Co-applicants Brault-Labbé, Anne - Université de Sherbrooke
    Gosselin, Patrick - Université de Sherbrooke
    Lafontaine, Marie-France - University of Ottawa
    Péloquin, Katherine - Université de Montréal
      A dyadic prospective study of the relationship satisfaction and commitment during the transition to parenthood
    Applicant Doré, Chantal - Université de Sherbrooke 236229
    Co-applicants Bourque, Denis - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Clement, Michèle - Université Laval
    Garon, Suzanne - Université de Sherbrooke
    Hyppolite, Shelley-Rose - Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale
    Leclerc, Bernard-Simon - Centre intégré universitaire de santé et services sociaux du Nord de l'Île de Montréal
    Maillet, Lara - Primary Health Care and Social Services University Institute
    Morin, Paul - Université de Sherbrooke
    Collaborators Allaire, Jean-François - Primary Health Care and Social Services University Institute
    Beauregard, Marie-France - Ctre intégré univ de santé et de services sociaux de l'Estrie - Ctre hospitalier univ de Sherbrooke
    Fréchette, Danièle - Centre intégré universitaire de santé et services sociaux du Nord de l'Île de Montréal
    Généreux, Mélissa - Université de Sherbrooke
      Comment articuler le sens et la mesure dans les pratiques et la gestion des interventions de proximité en CISSS et CIUSSS
    Applicant Lalonde, Louise - niversité de Sherbrooke 201810
    Co-applicants Azzaria, Georges - Université Laval
    Bernatchez, Stéphane - Université de Sherbrooke
    Choquette, Catherine - Université de Sherbrooke
    Fortin, Véronique - Université de Sherbrooke
    Lemay, Violaine - Université de Montréal
    Makela, Finn - Université de Sherbrooke
    Collaborator Maesschalck, Marc - Catholic University of Louvain
      L'interdisciplinarité dans la discipline juridique au miroir des disciplines : étude réflexive des représentations et des pratiques Canada-Belgique
    Applicant Dramé, Patrick - Université de Sherbrooke 99841
    Collaborators Blanchard, Emmanuel - Centre de recherches sociologiques sur le droit et les institutions pénales
    Ginio, Ruth - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
      Contrôler, surveiller et réprimer en Oubangui-Chari sous domination coloniale française (1919-1960)
    Applicant Bernatchez, Stéphane - Université de Sherbrooke 174498
    Co-applicants Choquette, Catherine - Université de Sherbrooke
    Comtois, Suzanne - Université de Sherbrooke
    Couture Ménard, Marie-Eve - Université de Sherbrooke
    Desjardins, Marie-Claude - Université de Sherbrooke
    Fortin, Véronique - Université de Sherbrooke
    Gilles, David - Université de Sherbrooke
    Lalonde, Louise - Université de Sherbrooke
    Mercure, Pierre-François - Université de Sherbrooke
    Rousseau, Guillaume - Université de Sherbrooke
    Vézina, Edith - Université de Sherbrooke
      La gouvernance de proximité : compréhensions de ses usages pour le droit
    Applicant Choquette, Catherine - Université de Sherbrooke 266890
    Co-applicants Bernatchez, Stéphane - Université de Sherbrooke
    Biron, Pascale - Concordia University
    Bouthillier, Luc A. - Université Laval
    Comtois, Suzanne - Université de Sherbrooke
    Coyle, Michael - Western University
    Dupont, Diane P. - Brock University
    Gravel, Dominique - Université de Sherbrooke
    He, Jie - Université de Sherbrooke
    Hudon, Christiane - Environment and Climate Change Canada
    Lalonde, Louise - Université de Sherbrooke
    Martineau, Nicolas-Guillaume - York University
    Mongrain, Steeve - Simon Fraser University
    Collaborators Larrivée, Caroline - Ouranos
    Verville, Antoine - Regroupement des organismes de bassins versants du Québec
      L'adaptation du droit de la gouvernance aux changements climatiques
    Applicant Lapalme, Mélanie - Université de Sherbrooke 336697
    Co-applicants Déry, Michèle - Université de Sherbrooke
    Le Corff, Yann - Université de Sherbrooke
    Martin-Storey, Alexa K. - Université de Sherbrooke
      Étude prospective longitudinale des facteurs de protection impliqués dans le processus de résilience chez des adultes émergents qui présentaient des problèmes de comportement extériorisés à l'école primaire
    Applicant Couturier, Yves - Université de Sherbrooke 182897
    Co-applicants Aubry, Francois - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Delli Colli, Nathalie - Université de Sherbrooke
    Dumont, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Gagnon, Dominique - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    Maubant, Philippe - Université de Sherbrooke
      Les compétences collaboratives et stratégies de développement professionnel des travailleurs sociaux oeuvrant depuis peu dans des organisations médicales de première ligne
    Applicant Courcy, François - Université de Sherbrooke 59874
    Co-applicant Dagenais-Desmarais, Véronique - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Montani, Francesco - Groupe sup de Co Montpellier
      Le processus de compassion en soutien à l'innovation et au bien-être au travail
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    Applicant Quéinnec, Jean-Paul - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 192805
    Collaborators Huynh, Emmanuelle École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts
    Sanatmaria, Diego - Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
    Tremblay-Thériault, Pierre - No Institutional Affiliation
      Mobilité sonore pour la création d'un théâtre environnemental et transmédiatique
    Applicant Ouellet, François - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 124865
    Co-applicant Bergeron, Patrick - University of New Brunswick
      Histoire du roman des femmes en France de 1900 à 1945
Université du Québec à Montréal
    Applicant Lalonde, Joanne - Université du Québec à Montréal 220050
    Co-applicants Cardinal, Serge - Université de Montréal
    Chassay, Jean-François - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Fraser, Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Gervais, Bertrand - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Lavoie, Vincent - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Marcotte, Sophie - Concordia University
    Collaborators Dallet, Jean-Marie - Université de Vincennes-Saint-Denis (Paris VIII)
    Guez, Emmanuel - Top Art School D'avignon
    Larivière, Vincent - Université de Montréal
    Saemmer, Alexandra - Université de Vincennes-Saint-Denis (Paris VIII)
      Archiver le présent imaginaire de l'exhaustivité dans les arts et littératures numériques
    Applicant Lacroix, Laurier - Université du Québec à Montréal 171432
    Co-applicant Hardy, Dominic - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Ateliers d'artistes au Québec, 1800-1980 : typologie, fonctions et représentations
    Applicant Guay, Alain - Université du Québec à Montréal 92416
      Inference when the number of moments is large or infinite
    Applicant Gendron, Corinne - Université du Québec à Montréal 359680
      Dialogue social et configuration des instances démocratiques intermédiaires : de l'acceptabilité sociale à la démocratie participative
    Applicant Paré, Sylvie - Université du Québec à Montréal 193481
      Transformations socioethniques des quartiers centraux : étude du cas montréalais de Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
    Applicant Fernet, Mylène - Université du Québec à Montréal 287341
    Co-applicants Hébert, Martine - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Lévesque, Sylvie - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Paradis, Alison - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Mission locas projet par et pour les adolescents : oser consentir à des activités sexuelles sans violence
    Applicant Philippe, Frederick L. - Université du Québec à Montréal 206498
    Co-applicant Dandeneau, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Co-applicant Houlfort, Nathalie - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Integration of negative memories can contribute to psychological well-being and adjustment in important life spheres
    Applicant Amiot, Catherine E. - Université du Québec à Montréal 85299
    Collaborator Bastian, Brock - The University of Melbourne
      Capturing and unpacking the nature of our psychological connection with other animals
    Applicant Turcotte, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal 89883
    Co-applicant Loye, Nathalie - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Hebert, Michael - University of Nebraska at Lincoln
    Williams, Joanna - Columbia University
      De nouveaux instruments pour évaluer les textes informatifs d'élèves du primaire
    Applicant Smith, Elizabeth Allyn - Université du Québec à Montréal 86215
    Co-applicant Laforest, Marty - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Collaborator Lagorgette, Dominique - Université de Savoie
      Presupposition in action: theoretical, experimental and corpus-based analyses of questioning in legal settings
    Applicant Compton, Richard J. - Université du Québec à Montréal 93921
    Co-applicants Arnhold, Anja - University of Alberta
    Elfner, Emily J. - York University
    Johns, Alana - University of Toronto
    Newell, Heather S. - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Travis, Lisa D. - McGill University
    Collaborators Flaherty, Louise - Nunavut Arctic College
    Kudlak, Emily - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
      Polysynthesis and wordhood in Inuit
    Applicant Millerand, Florence - Université du Québec à Montréal 183441
    Co-applicants Coutant, Alexandre - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Latzko-Toth, Guillaume - Université Laval
    Millette, Mélanie - Université du Québec à Montréal
      La mise en données de la société : enjeux sociopolitiques de la production et de l'usage de jeux de données publiques et privées
    Applicant Robinson, Greg - Université du Québec à Montréal 72340
      Japanese Louisiana: economic and cultural connections
    Applicant Ferrer, Carolina - Université du Québec à Montréal 266483
    Co-applicants Bazié, Isaac - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Larivière, Vincent - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Meunier, Jean-Guy - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Les études littéraires et les nouveaux observables de l'ère numérique : le système de la littérature mondiale de l'après-guerre à nos jours
    Applicant Lachapelle, Ugo - Université du Québec à Montréal 225736
    Co-applicant Cloutier, Marie-Soleil - Institut national de la recherche scientifique
    Collaborator Manaugh, Kevin - McGill University
      Nouvelle organisation de la mobilité par l'accès à l'alimentation dématérialisé (nomaad)
    Applicant Noppen, Luc - Université du Québec à Montréal 256757
    Co-applicant Grignon, Marc - Université Laval
      L'affirmation d'une identité architecturale dans les diocèses catholiques romains du Québec : la bataille des styles et le renouveau des pratiques architecturales, 1850-1900
    Applicant Reeves, Nicolas M. - Université du Québec à Montréal 303355
    Co-applicants Jébrak, Michel - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Juniper, Stanley Kim - University of Victoria
    Collaborator St-Onge, David - École Polytechnique de Montréal
      Observatoires de l'inaccessible
    Applicant Gingras, Anne-Marie - Université du Québec à Montréal 117263
      La communication politique du bureau du premier ministre et du bureau du conseil privé : de P.E. Trudeau à J. Trudeau
    Applicant Gagnon, Frédérick - Université du Québec à Montréal 202255
    Collaborator Cloutier, Christophe - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Le poids du Québec, de l'Ontario et de la Colombie-Britannique dans les élections locales aux États-Unis à l'heure de Donald Trump, 2018-2020
    Applicant Houlfort, Nathalie - niversité du Québec à Montréal 97960
    Co-applicants Philippe, Frederick L. - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Vallerand, Robert J. - Université du Québec à Montréal
      A 360-degree analysis of the passionate worker
    Applicant Dorvil, Henri E. - Université du Québec à Montréal 276204
    Co-applicants Carle, Marie-Ève - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Clement, Michèle - Université Laval
    Dupuis, Gilles - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Expériences de travail et rôles des pairs aidants en milieu communautaire et institutionnel à Montréal et dans la ville de Québec
    Applicant Orellana, Isabel - Université du Québec à Montréal 335250
    Co-applicants Brière, Laurence - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Sauvé, Lucie - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Collaborator Marleau, Marie-Eve - Committee for Human Rights in Latin America
      Les dimensions critique et politique de l'éducation relative à l'environnement au sein des mobilisations sociales en contexte de conflit socio-écologique et leur apport à l'émergence d'alternatives
    Applicant Tanguay, Denis - Université du Québec à Montréal 65299
    Co-applicants Barallobres, Gustavo - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Bergé, Analia - Université du Québec à Rimouski
    Collaborator Durand-Guerrier, Viviane - Université de Montpellier II - Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc
      La conceptualisation des nombres réels
    Applicant Ollier-Malaterre, Ariane - Université du Québec à Montréal 96090
    Collaborators Allen, Tammy D. - University of South Florida
    Beham, Barbara - Berlin School of Economics
      An international study of work-family experiences: A multi-level perspective
    Applicant Dubé, Myriam - Université du Québec à Montréal 67155
      Incursion des hommes dans leur expérience comme auteur d'homicide intrafamilial
    Applicant Collin, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal 247190
    Co-applicants Karsenti, Thierry P. - Université de Montréal
    Ntebutse, Jean Gabin - Université de Sherbrooke
    Roy, Normand - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      Appropriation des tablettes tactiles par les futurs enseignants dans le cadre de leurs études universitaires à travers les contextes institutionnel et non-institutionnel
    Applicant Durif, Fabien - Université du Québec à Montréal 127142
    Co-applicant Guèvremont, Amélie - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Échelle de mesure de l'authenticité d'une marque responsable : une mesure novatrice pour comprendre et maximiser la performance responsable des marques
    Applicant Aubry, Monique - Université du Québec à Montréal 190258
    Co-applicant Floricel, Serghei - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Collaborators Ben Abdallah, Skander - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Brunet, Maude - École de technologie supérieure
    Guangshe, Jia - Tongji University
    Müller, Ralf - BI Norwegian Business School
    Piperca, Sorin - Birkbeck, University of London
    Prencipe, Andrea - Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli
      An Integrative theory of complex project development
    Applicant Floricel, Serghei - Université du Québec à Montréal 86445
    Co-applicant Ben Abdallah, Skander - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Collaborators Piperca, Sorin - irkbeck, University of London
    Tee, Richard - Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli
      Strategies for managing project complexity
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Applicant Turcot, Laurent - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 90581
      La naissance de l'entrepreneuriat de loisir au 18e siècle : le cas de Jean-Baptiste Nicolet
    Applicant Nootens, Thierry - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 245385
    Co-applicants Bellavance, Claude - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Normand, France - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Rousseau, Yvan - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      L'expérience sociale de l'urbanisation en milieu régional : ressources, stratégies et parcours des ménages (1870-1920)
    Applicant Lussier, Yvan - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 87740
    Co-applicants Brassard, Audrey - Université de Sherbrooke
    Ferron, Anik - Cégep de Trois-Rivières
    Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Daspe, Marie-Ève - University of Southern California
      Les technologies numériques et leurs impacts sur les relations intimes
    Applicant Blanchette, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 373406
    Collaborators Belleville, Geneviève - Université Laval
    Caparos, Serge - Université de Nîmes
      Comment les événements de vie hautement émotifs affectent-ils le fonctionnement psychologique
    Applicant Adanhounme, Armel Brice - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 94914
      La citoyenneté au travail dans les entreprises chinoises en Afrique sub-saharienne : enjeux et perspectives
    Applicant Lalancette, Mireille - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 172943
    Co-applicant Yates, Stéphanie - Université du Québec à Montréal
      L'usage des médias socionumériques lors de controverses publiques soulevant des enjeux d'acceptabilité sociale
    Applicant Jimenez, Estibaliz - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 253676
    Co-applicants Cousineau, Marie-Marthe - Université de Montréal
    Vissandjée, Bilkis - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Borri-Anadon, Corina - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    El-Hage, Habib - Collège de Rosemont
      Les violences basées sur l'honneur en milieu scolaire au Québec : portrait, besoins et propositions d'intervention
    Applicant Dubois-Comtois, Karine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 209059
    Co-applicants Bernier, Annie - Université de Montréal
    Cyr, Chantal - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Lacharité, Carl - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    St-Laurent, Diane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Collaborator Miljlkovitch, Raphaële - Université de Vincennes-Saint-Denis (Paris VIII)
      The interplay between relational and individual processes in predicting social and school adaptation of low-income children: A longitudinal study
    Applicant Trépanier, Sarah-Geneviève - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 157444
    Co-applicants Austin, Stéphanie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Carbonneau, Noémie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Courcy, François - Université de Sherbrooke
      Workplace bullying: Revisiting the Negative Acts Questionnaire-Revised and investigating the individual and contextual moderators involved in the relationship between bullying and its work-related and cross-domain outcomes
    Applicant Fernet, Claude - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 192930
    Co-applicants Austin, Stéphanie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    St-Pierre, Josée - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      Bien-être psychologique des dirigeants de PME et performance de l'entreprise
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    Applicant Grenier, Stéphane - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue 222000
    Co-applicants Angell, Gordon B. - University of Windsor
    Baskin, Cyndy A. - Ryerson University
    Namian, Dahlia - University of Ottawa
    Sinha, Vandna - McGill University
    Collaborators Esposito, Tonino - Université de Montréal
    Laliberté, Arlene - Timiskaming First Nation (Témiscamingue)
      Facteurs familiaux entourant le phénomène de l'itinérance autochtone : des services de protection de la jeunesse à la rue
Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Applicant Gauthier, Mario - Université du Québec en Outaouais 226956
    Co-applicants Chiasson, Guy - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Mevellec, Anne - University of Ottawa
      Gouvernance métropolitaine et planification spatiale collaborative dans la région de la capitale nationale du Canada
    Applicant Côté, Denyse J. - Université du Québec en Outaouais 95516
    Collaborators Lamour, Sabine - Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris
    Magloire, Danièle - Université Quisqueya
      Intervention en violence faite aux femmes en Haïti : croisement des savoirs locaux et internationaux
    Applicant Côté, Isabel - Université du Québec en Outaouais 290642
    Co-applicants De Montigny, Francine - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Dubeau, Diane - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Gervais, Christine - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Noel, Raphaële - Université du Québec à Montréal
      Intégration des enjeux identitaires liés à sa conception par don de gamètes : récits d'adolescents de familles hétéroparentales et lesboparentales
    Applicant Dubeau, Diane - Université du Québec en Outaouais 176627
    Co-applicants De Montigny, Francine - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Deslauriers, Jean-Martin - University of Ottawa
    Devault, Annie - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Gervais, Christine - Université du Québec en Outaouais
    Lacharité, Carl - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Pierce, Tamarha - Université Laval
    Tremblay, Gilles - Université Laval
    Collaborators Bouffard, René - Seperated Fathers
    Brunet, Marie-Laurence - Brunet & Associés Attorneys
      Adaptation psychosociale et trajectoire paternelle d'utilisation des services juridiques et psychosociaux à la suite d'une séparation conjugale
Université Laval
    Applicant Bolduc, Jonathan - Université Laval 323253
    Co-applicants Creech, Andrea R. - Université Laval
    Gosselin, Nathalie - Université de Montréal
    Rouleau, Nancie - Université Laval
    St-Pierre, Marie-Catherine - Université Laval
      Music training as an innovative approach to the treatment of dyslexia: A two-year experimental study with 8- to 10-year-old children in the province of Québec
    Applicant Jeffrey, Denis - Université Laval 137256
    Co-applicants Hirsch, Sivane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Maxwell, Bruce - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      Inconduites et normes professionnelles des enseignants
    Applicant Biron, Caroline - Université Laval 87228
    Co-applicant Fernet, Claude - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
    Collaborator Karanika-Murray, Maria - Nottingham Trent University
      Fostering functional presenteeism with flexible work resources: Validation of a taxonomy
    Applicant Luger, Richard - Université Laval 64932
      Variance targeting, heavy-tailed financial time series, and risk predictions: new methods for inference
    Applicant Marsan, Josianne - Université Laval 201974
    Co-applicants Audebrand, Luc K. - Université Laval
    Croteau, Anne-Marie - Concordia University
    Denford, James S. - Royal Military College of Canada
      Understanding and facilitating digital transformation: An organizational identity perspective
    Applicant Amara, Nabil - Université Laval 123283
      Why firms fail to learn from their innovation failures
    Applicant Collette, Bernard - Université Laval 57847
    Collaborator Dufour, Richard - Université Laval
      Le traité sur le destin d'Alexandre d'Aphrodise
    Applicant Baudou, Alban - Université Laval 76388
    Collaborators Clément-Tarantino, Séverine - Université de Lille III - Charles de Gaulle
    Fleury, Pascale - Université Laval
    Martinho dos Santos, Marcos - University of São Paulo
    Schneider, Catherine - Université de Strasbourg
      Le discours mythologique et l'enseignement dans la littérature latine profane aux IVe et Ve siècles
    Applicant Salamon, Anne - Université Laval 197939
      Histoires universelles en français du XVe siècle : entre respect et réinvention de la tradition
    Applicant Buysse, Alexandre A.J. - Université Laval 83089
    Co-applicant Martineau, Stéphane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      Développement de l'autonomie des élèves à travers le théâtre et l'écriture réflexive
    Applicant Hummel, Kirsten M. - Université Laval 86474
      Language learning aptitude: Identifying main components and effects on second language development
    Applicant Bouchamma, Yamina - Université Laval 87000
    Co-applicant Basque, Marc - Université de Moncton
    Collaborators Boucher, Danielle - Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles
    Giguère, Marc - Université Laval
      Professional learning/practice communities for improving schools
    Applicant Fleury, Charles - Université Laval 217377
    Co-applicants Bélanger, Danièle - Université Laval
    Gallant, Nicole - Institut national de la recherche scientifique
    Lechaume, Aline - Université Laval
    Luc, Sylvain - Université Laval
    Collaborators Laurentsyeva, Nadzeya - Centre for European Policy Studies
    Rea, Andrea - Université libre de Bruxelles
      Au-delà de l'exil : parcours des réfugiés au Québec de 1980 à aujourd'hui
    Applicant Poirier, Paul-Hubert - Université Laval 34525
    Collaborator Roman, Agathe - Collège Stanislas
      Le traité de Sérapion de Thmuis contre les manichéens : édition critique, traduction et commentaire
    Applicant Livernois, Jonathan - Université Laval 57807
      La littérature là où il ne devrait pas y avoir de littérature : poétique littéraire de la politique au Québec, 1900-1960
    Applicant Desmarais, Chantal - Université Laval 374557
    Co-applicants Careau, Emmanuelle - Université Laval
    Julien-Gauthier, Francine - Université Laval
    Lamontagne, Marie-Eve - Université Laval
    St-Pierre, Marie-Catherine - Université Laval
      Improving the communication and social skills of adolescents with a developmental language disorder: documenting the implementation and measuring the effects of a new intervention in schools
    Applicant Langevin, Louise - Université Laval 50968
      Le droit à l'autonomie procréative, entre liberté et contrainte
    Applicant Belleau, Marie-Claire - Université Laval 332412
    Co-applicant Valois, Martine - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Normandin, Mario - Ministry of Justice Quebec
    Parent, Brigitte - Ministry of Justice Quebec
      Modes d'intervention en situation de conflits pour les personnes physiques et morales dans leurs rapports avec létat
    Applicant Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed - Université Laval 74282
    Co-applicants Mossière, Géraldine - Université de Montréal
    Rousseau, Cécile - McGill University
    Collaborators Benabdallah, Boufeldja B. - Centre culturel islamique du Québec
    Lachance, Dominique - Centre multiethnique de Québec
      Étude ethnographique des interactions dynamiques entre islamophobie, détresse émotionnelle et stratégies de résolution de problèmes à Québec
    Applicant Montigny, Eric - Université Laval 74937
    Co-applicants Jacob, Steve - Université Laval
    Ouimet, Mathieu - Université Laval
    Collaborator Giguère, Émilie - Québec Lobbyists Commissioner
      Points d'accès : une analyse sectorielle du comportement des lobbyistes
    Applicant Boivin, Michel - Université Laval 300500
    Co-applicants Denault, Anne-Sophie - Université Laval
    Dionne, Ginette - Université Laval
    Matte-Gagné, Célia - Université Laval
    Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle - Université de Montréal
    Collaborator Kovas, Yulia - Goldsmiths University of London
      A bio-social investigation of the early determinants and developmental processes of interpersonal and academic difficulties in childhood and adolescence
    Applicant Paquin, Jonathan - Université Laval 187081
    Co-applicants Massie, Justin - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Roussel, Stéphane - École nationale d'administration publique
      Perceptions, rôles et stratégies des alliés démocratiques dans un monde post-américain
    Applicant Henrion-Dourcy, Isabelle - Université Laval 76268
    Collaborator Dondhup, Sangye - Cape Breton University
      Les arts du spectacle tibétains : patrimoine mondial, stratégie nationale, pratiques locales
    Applicant Michaud, Jean - Université Laval 252350
    Co-applicant Turner, Sarah E.J. - McGill University
    Collaborators Pham, Van Cu - Vietnam National University - Hanoi
    Smyer Yu, Dan - Yunnan University for Nationalities
      Livliehoods frictions in the Sino-Vietnamese boarderlands
    Applicant Dubé, Eve - Université Laval 205418
    Co-applicants Bettinger, Julie - The University of British Columbia
    Driedger, S. Michelle - University of Manitoba
    Graham, Janice E. - Dalhousie University
    Greyson, Devon L. - The University of British Columbia
    MacDonald, Nora Noni - Dalhousie University
    MacDonald, Shannon E. - University of Alberta
    Meyer, Samantha B. - University of Waterloo
      The nature and extent of vaccine hesitancy among chiropractors and naturopaths: identifying how vaccination views impact practice
Brock University
    Applicant Malleck, Daniel J. - Brock University 85 939,00 $
      Prescribing professionalism druggists doctors and the emergence of professional pharmacy in Canada
    Applicant Fazio, Xavier E. - Brock University 89 609,00 $
    Collaborators MacNeil, Mark A.G. - Brock University
    Ryerson, Rachel - Ontario Ministry of Education
      Connecting school science to local communities: Promoting meaningful engagement for students
    Applicant Raby, Rebecca C. - Brock University 125 061,00 $
    Co-applicant Lehmann, Wolfgang - Western University
      First jobs: Young people's reflections on very early paid employment in Canada
    Applicant Cameron, Elspeth M. - Brock University 53 600,00 $
      Biography of Canadian poet Dorothy Livesay
    Applicant Savage, Larry - Brock University 33 925,00 $
    Co-applicant Ross, Stephanie A. - McMaster University
      Academic unions, collective bargaining, and contract academic faculty
    Applicant Gammage, Kimberley L. - Brock University 192 960,00 $
      Learning to love the body you're in: Using physical activity to promote positive body image across the lifespan
    Applicant O'Neill, Thomas - Brock University 59 870,00 $
    Collaborators Jha, Kanchan - Sano Paila - A Little Step
    Katwal, Samrat - Hands-On Institute
    KC, Brabim Kumar - Other/Unknown
    Pariyar, Pradip - Samata Foundation
    Poudel, Bijaya Raj - Hands-On Institute
    Rai, Kalawati - Macquarie University
    Rawal, Nabin - Tribhuvan University
      Youth political engagement in emerging Nepali democracy
    Applicant Goodman, Nicole J. - Brock University 140 394,00 $
    Co-applicants McGregor, Michael - Ryerson University
    Spicer, Zachary D. - University of Toronto
      Electronic elections: The effects of voting modernization on local elections
    Applicant Brown, Kareen E. - Brock University 56 467,00 $
    Co-applicant Pacharn, Parunchana - Brock University
      CEO post-retirement employment and firms' reporting and operating decisions
    Applicant Trussell, Dawn E. - Brock University 193 771,00 $
    Co-applicant Kerwin, Shannon - Brock University
      More than child's play, it's a family affair: Board member, parent, and family life identity in community youth sport
    Applicant Trabelsi, Samir - Brock University 83 262,00 $
    Co-applicants Ghoul, Sadok El - University of Alberta
    Waweru, Nelson - York University
      The economic consequences of greenwashing
Carleton University
    Applicant Cross, William P. - Carleton University 138 239,00 $
    Co-applicant Pruysers, Scott W. - University of Calgary
      Exploring the local dynamics of political party organization and behaviour for a more complete understanding of parties' role and importance in Canadian electoral and representative politics
    Applicant Howard, Andrea L. - Carleton University 160 563,00 $
    Collaborator Barker, Erin T. - Concordia University
      Profiles of parenting during the transition to university: understanding environments that predict first-year academic success and well-being
    Applicant Peters, Paul A. - Carleton University 98 000,00 $
    Co-applicant McDonald, James T. - University of New Brunswick
    Collaborators Calhoun, John - Government of New Brunswick
    Carson, Dean B. - Charles Darwin University
    Taylor, Andrew J. - Charles Darwin University
      Agent-based modelling of population dynamics in small villages
    Applicant Macdonald, Laura - Carleton University 290 949,00 $
    Co-applicants Gabriel, Christina L. - Carleton University
    Muñoz Martínez, Hepzibah H. - University of New Brunswick
    Collaborators Ayres, Jeffrey M. - Saint Michael's College
    Staudt, Kathleen - University of Texas at El Paso
      Transnational civil society linkages in North America
    Applicant Mendez, Pablo - Carleton University 155 510,00 $
    Co-applicants Moos, Markus - University of Waterloo
    Weber, Olaf - University of Waterloo
    Collaborator Walks, Robert Alan - University of Toronto
      Location sensitive mortgages and homeownership attainment among young adults in Canada
    Applicant Graham, Shawn M. - Carleton University 153 299,00 $
    Collaborator Huffer, Damien Garrett - Stockholm University
      Understanding the trade in human remains with machine learning and neural networks
    Applicant Phillips, Susan D. - Carleton University 211 361,00 $
    Co-applicants Grasse, Nathan J. - Carleton University
    Khovrenkov, Iryna - University of Regina
    Lauriault, Tracey P. - Carleton University
    Collaborators Carboni, Julia L. - Syracuse University
    Lecy, Jesse D. - Arizona State University
    Lenczner, Michael - Other/Unknown
      Strategies for enhancing the financial sustainability of Canada's charities
    Applicant Matheson, Kimberly J. - Carleton University 243 450,00 $
    Collaborator Branscombe, Nyla R. - University of Kansas
      Paradox of the politics of the underdog: Non-Indigenous Canadians' reactions to deficit versus strength-based discourses of the victimization of Indigenous peoples
    Applicant LeFevre, Jo-Anne - Carleton University 247 850,00 $
    Co-applicants Maloney, Erin A. - University of Ottawa
    Osana, Helena P. - Concordia University
    Skwarchuk, Sheri-Lynn - The University of Winnipeg
    Collaborators Chan, Wai Lan Winnie - University of Hong Kong
    Simms, Victoria - University of Ulster
    Susperreguy, Maria Ines - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
    Vandermaas-Peeler, Maureen - Elon University
    Wylie, Judith - Queen's University of Belfast
      Adding it up: The influence of home and school experiences on children's early math learning
    Applicant Otchere, Isaac K. - Carleton University 140 766,00 $
    Co-applicant Duxbury, Linda E. - Carleton University
      Two decades of wage transparency: Taking stock of the outcomes of Ontario's salary disclosure act
    Applicant Jiang, Guoliang - Carleton University 61 455,00 $
    Collaborator Jimenez, Alfredo - KEDGE Business School
      Private participation in infrastructure investment: An analysis of project consortium
Laurentian University / Université Laurentienne
    Applicant Tufford, Lea J. - Laurentian University 120 824,00 $
    Co-applicants Bogo, Marion C. - University of Toronto
    Lee, Barbara - The University of British Columbia
    Wenghofer, Elizabeth F. - Laurentian University
      Evaluating decision-making and relationship competence when reporting suspected child abuse and neglect
    Applicant Belanger, Roxanne M. - Laurentian University 99 499,00 $
    Co-applicants Mayer-Crittenden, Chantal E. - Laurentian University
    Minor-Corriveau, Michèle - Laurentian University
    Collaborator Lefebvre, Pascal - Laurentian University
      The early identification of children at risk of developmental language disorders using validated parent questionnaires: A partnered approach to childhood well-being
    Applicant Beaulieu, Alain - Laurentian University 70 808,00 $
    Collaborators Chitov, Gennady - Laurentian University
    Sholtz, Janae - Alvernia University
    Wichoski, Ubi F. - Laurentian University
      Gilles Deleuze and cosmology
McMaster University
    Applicant Racine, Jeffrey S. - McMaster University 176 593,00 $
    Collaborators Hansen, Bruce E. - University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Li, Qi - Texas A & M University
      A comprehensive framework for model averaging
    Applicant Pujolas Fons, Pau Salvador - McMaster University 82 422,00 $
    Co-applicants Brueggemann, Bettina - McMaster University
    Mahone, Zachary L. - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Conesa, Juan C. - Stony Brook University
    Navarro, Joaquin Naval - Universitat de Girona
      Quantifying labour market inefficiencies
    Applicant Shin, Youngki - McMaster University 79 745,00 $
    Collaborators Lee, Sokbae - Columbia University
    Liao, Yuan - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Seo, Myung Hwan - Seoul National University
      Estimation, prediction, and inference problems in nonlinear models
    Applicant Poinar, Hendrik N. - McMaster University 310 637,00 $
    Collaborators Carmichael, Ann G. - Indiana University, Bloomington
    Holmes, Edward - University of Sydney
    Manning, Sturt W. - Cornell University
    Marston, John - Boston University
    Onar, Vedat - Istanbul University
    Pradines, Stephane - Aga Khan University
    Salkeld, Daniel - Colorado State University
    Varlik, Nukhet - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
      Rewriting plague's second pandemic: History meets science
    Applicant Enns, Diane E. - McMaster University 62 993,00 $
      Loneliness and the social
    Applicant Kwan, Matthew - McMaster University 248 056,00 $
    Co-applicants Bray, Steven R. - McMaster University
    Cairney, John - University of Toronto
    Graham, Jeffrey D. - McMaster University
    Rhodes, Ryan E. - University of Victoria
    Collaborator Dunton, Genevieve - University of Southern California
      Integrative approaches in understanding physical activity change during the transition into emerging adulthood: Application of the multi-process action control model
    Applicant Ibhawoh, Bonny A. - McMaster University 262 528,00 $
    Co-applicant Bawa, Sylvia - York University
    Collaborator Ayelazuno, Jasper A. - University for Development Studies
      Confronting atrocity: Truth commissions, national reconciliation and the politics of memory
    Applicant Kaida, Lisa - McMaster University 95 015,00 $
    Co-applicant Hou, Feng - Western University
      The long-term economic integration of privately sponsored refugees in Canada
    Applicant Savelli, Mat - McMaster University 137 343,00 $
    Co-applicant Dyck, Erika E. - University of Saskatchewan
    Collaborators Herzberg, David - State University of New York at Buffalo
    Richert, Lucas P. - University of Strathclyde
      Psychoactivity for sale: The global advertising of psychoactive substances, 1886-2001
    Applicant Ogborn, David P. - McMaster University 259 038,00 $
    Co-applicant Tsabary, Eldad - Concordia University
    Collaborator Knotts, Shelly - Monash University
      Platforms and practices for networked, language-neutral live coding
    Applicant Swett, Pamela E. - McMaster University 41 885,00 $
      Landscapes of destruction: Germans and their environments, 1942-1948
    Applicant Bird, Karen L. - McMaster University 355 314,00 $
    Co-applicant Tan, Netina C. - McMaster University
    Collaborators Bochsler, Daniel - University of Copenhagen
    Bogaards, Pieter Johannes Matthijs - Central European University
    Ewig, Christina - University of Minnesota
    Salloukh, Bassel - Lebanese American University
      Ethnic quotas and political representation: A global study
    Applicant Balvers, Ronald J. - McMaster University 84 573,00 $
    Collaborator Luo, Hao Arthur - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
      Advancing and applying characteristic-mimicking portfolios
    Applicant Sarkar, Sudipto - McMaster University 55 600,00 $
    Co-applicant Charupat, Narat - McMaster University
      Operating flexibility, value enhancement and risk-shifting: The effect on capital structure
    Applicant Schutz, Michael - McMaster University 185 248,00 $
      Moved by music: Exploring emotional communication across two centuries of musical history
    Applicant Joseph, Ameil - McMaster University 70 062,00 $
      The ethics and social relations of undesirability: Exploring the experiences of immigration detention and deportation for Canadian immigrants with histories of mental health issues
    Applicant Marquis, Elizabeth - McMaster University 64 476,00 $
    Collaborators Cook-Sather, Alison - Bryn Mawr College
    Woolmer, Cherie - McMaster University
      Enhancing equity and inclusion in teaching and learning through a student-faculty partnership program
    Applicant Carranza, Mirna - McMaster University 93 641,00 $
    Co-applicants Carranza-Hernandez, Giovanni - York University
    Freeman, Bonnie M. - McMaster University
    Collaborators Coila, Rita - Other/Unknown
    Gonzales, Donato A. - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru
    Villasart, Henry J. - Universidad nacional de la Amazonía Peruana
    Zarate, Jose - Colleges and Institutes Canada
    Zea, Tarcila Rivera - Chirapaq - Centre for Indigenous Cultures of Peru
      The colonial contours of Indigenous women's inclusion in the Americas-the peruvian experience
Nipissing University
    Applicant Walters, Daniel F. - Nipissing University 94 420,00 $
    Co-applicant Molot, Lewis A. - York University
    Collaborators Gagnon, Rhonda - Union of Ontario Indians
    Miller, Susan L.J. - North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
      Assessing cyanobacteria bloom impacts and management in Ontario
OCAD University
    Applicant Poremba, Cindy - OCAD University 85 122,00 $
    Co-applicant Therrien, Carl - Université de Montréal
    Collaborators Hesler, Nicolas - Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    Porter, Alexander P. - New York University
      VVV: Volumetric video in videogames
    Applicant McMaster, Gerald - OCAD University 322 884,00 $
    Collaborators Brown, Alison K. - University of Aberdeen
    Bunn-Marcuse, Kathryn B. - University of Washington
    Collison, Nika N.R. - Haida Gwaii Museum
    Hill, Richard W. - Six Nations Polytechnic
    McCormick, Kaitlin - Brown University
      Indigenous views of the other
    Applicant Ladly, Martha J. - OCAD University 84 695,00 $
    Co-applicant Keefer, Katrina H.B. - Trent University
    Collaborators Lovejoy, Paul E. - York University
    Rehberger, Dean A. - Michigan State University
    Salau, Mohammed B. - University of Mississippi
    Sani, Abubakar Babajo - Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Katsina
      Creating a visual language of marks: Approaching African identities through data visualization
Queen's University
    Applicant van Deusen, Nancy E. - Queen's University 110 656,00 $
      The disappearance of Native American slavery in the early modern world
    Applicant Bailey, Gauvin - Queen's University 97 035,00 $
      Architecture and urbanism in the French Empire in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, 1643-1830
    Applicant Currarino, Rosanne N. - Queen's University 60 246,00 $
      Orange grove capitalism: Imagining the modern American economy, 1870-1910
    Applicant Ji, Li-Jun - Queen's University 172 150,00 $
    Collaborators Cai, Huajian - Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Li, Ye - Central China Normal Unviersity (AKA Huazhong Normal University)
      The meaning of adversity: Cultural differences in construing and responding to everyday adverse experience
    Applicant Ivus, Olena - Queen's University 75 593,00 $
      Intellectual property rights, innovator migration and technology diffusion
    Applicant Barling, Julian I. - Queen's University 209 046,00 $
    Co-applicant Turner, Nick - University of Calgary
      Early socioeconomic adversity and the development of later formal leadership
    Applicant Hollenstein, Tom - Queen's University 179 706,00 $
    Collaborator Lougheed, Jessica P. - Pennsylvania State University
      Development of socioemotional flexibility across adolescence
    Applicant Lovell, W. George - Queen's University 65 310,00 $
      Death in the snow: Pedro de Alvarado and the conquest of Peru 1530-1535
    Applicant McKegney, Sam W. - Queen's University 305 060,00 $
    Co-applicants Forsyth, Janice M. - Western University
    Henry, Robert - University of Calgary
    Mucina, Devi D. - University of Victoria
      Decolonizing sport: Indigeneity, hockey, and Canadian nationhood
    Applicant Haglund, David G. - Queen's University 27 918,00 $
      Sister acts: Strategic culture and bounded rationality in security relations between America and France
    Applicant Collins, Jeffrey R. - Queen's University 64 087,00 $
      The King's book: the intellectual history of a martyrdom
    Applicant Little, Margaret J.H. - Queen's University 200 159,00 $
    Co-applicants Marks, Lynne S. - University of Victoria
    Nickel, Sarah A. - University of Saskatchewan
      Alternative visions: The politics of motherhood and family among Indigenous, immigrant, racialized and low-income activist women's groups in Canada, 1960s-1980s
    Applicant Clark, Robert - HEC Montréal 88 050,00 $
    Co-applicant Aguirregabiria, Victor - University of Toronto
      The geographic flow of bank funding and access to credit: branch networks and local-market competition
    Applicant MacDonald, Tara K. - Queen's University 95 800,00 $
    Co-applicant Fabrigar, Leandre R. - Queen's University
      Exploring correlates and consequences of explicit/implicit ambivalence toward romantic partners
    Applicant Gordon, David L.A. - Queen's University 92 649,00 $
      How Canada became a suburban nation: The role of the central mortgage and housing corporation in reviving Canadian community planning
    Applicant McGarry, John - Queen's University 115 401,00 $
      Explaining consociational success and failure: A comparative analysis of power-sharing in Bosnia, Cyprus and Northern Ireland
    Applicant Malsch, Bertrand - Queen's University 151 375,00 $
    Co-applicants Kalyta, Pavlo - Queen's University
    Tremblay, Marie-Soleil - École nationale d'administration publique
    Collaborator Cockfield, Arthur - Queen's University
      Inside tax havens and the making of offshore accounting in Canada
    Applicant Collins, Patricia A. - Queen's University 236 327,00 $
    Co-applicants Asanin Dean, Jennifer L. - University of Waterloo
    Caldwell, Wayne J. - University of Guelph
    Irwin, Richard W. - Huron University College
    Masuda, Jeff R. - Queen's University
    Seasons, Mark L. - University of Waterloo
      Communities left behind a timely examination of school closure controversies for justice-informed decision-making on the fate of public schools in Ontario
    Applicant Poppenk, Jordan - Queen's University 84 537,00 $
    Co-applicant Lindsay, Roderick C.L. - Queen's University
    Collaborators Pukall, Caroline F. - Queen's University
    Collaborator Wilson, Daryl E. - Queen's University
      Maximizing utility of eyewitness testimony by distinguishing story-tellers from stenographers
    Applicant MacKenzie, Scott - Queen's University 197 978,00 $
    Collaborator Stenport, Anna W. - Georgia Institute of Technology
      The anxiety of ice: visualizing climate change through moving images and the global Arctic
    Applicant Fitneva, Stanka A. - Queen's University 66 891,00 $
      Children's information gathering: To explore or exploit
    Applicant Siljak, Ana - Queen's University 65 648,00 $
      The art of life: The Russian Renaissance, 1890-1917
    Applicant Ovchinnikov, Anton - Queen's University 81 504,00 $
      Consumer behaviour and the design of loyalty programs
Ryerson University
    Applicant Hunter, David A. - Ryerson University 33 150,00 $
      Belief as a rational capacity
    Applicant Pupato, Germán - Ryerson University 132 723,00 $
      International trade and inequality in Canada
    Applicant Yildiz, Halis M. - Ryerson University 109 926,00 $
    Co-applicant Stoyanov, Andrey - York University
      Economic implications of preferential trade liberalization: The role of uncertainty and scale economies in preferential trade agreements and policy motives behind generalized system of preferences
    Applicant Thomas, Sophie H.L. - Ryerson University 69 350,00 $
      Vital matters: Romanticism, museums, and the poetics of sculpture
    Applicant Bauder, Harald S. - Ryerson University 90 547,00 $
      Sanctuary cities, solidarity practices, and urban citizenship in international perspective
    Applicant Robinson, Pamela J. - Ryerson University 176 444,00 $
    Co-applicants Johnson, Peter A. - University of Waterloo
    Scassa, Teresa - University of Ottawa
    Sieber, Renee E. - McGill University
      Canadian smart cities: Smart for all or only some
    Applicant Jagger, Susan - Ryerson University 84 258,00 $
      Empowering young citizens: Children's participation in school garden-based curriculum and research
    Applicant Kane, Carolyn - Ryerson University 183 066,00 $
    Collaborator Koreitem, Zeina - Harvard University
      Electrographic architecture: Colour and the development of the urban surround, 1910-2010
    Applicant Pasternak, Shiri - Ryerson University 78 876,00 $
    Co-applicants Gettler, Brian - University of Toronto
    Mosby, Ian R. - University of Guelph
    Palmater, Pamela D. - Ryerson University
    Collaborators Di Gangi, Peter L. - Algonquin Nation Secretariat
    Scobie, Matthew - University of Sheffield
    Wawatie, Tony - Other/Unknown
      The politics of fiscal control: A critical look at crown-first nations funding relations
    Applicant Derkatch, Colleen - Ryerson University 73 557,00 $
      The self-generating language of wellness and natural health
    Applicant Anderson, Miriam J. - Ryerson University 217 876,00 $
      Women's advancement through peace negotiations ending civil wars
    Applicant Chisik, Richard A. - Ryerson University 37 982,00 $
      Does the Dutch disease depend on the distribution of natural resource rents, foreign aid, and remittances
    Applicant Hudson, Graham R.A. - Ryerson University 84 867,00 $
    Co-applicants Atak, Idil - Ryerson University
    Bauder, Harald S. - Ryerson University
    Collaborator Villegas, Francisco - Kalamazoo College
      Sanctuary cities in Canada: A socio-legal study
    Applicant Mohamed Ismail, Mohamed Wahab - Ryerson University 59 000,00 $
      The valuation of new-product introduction strategies
Western University
    Applicant Lochner, Lance J. - Western University 152 990,00 $
    Co-applicant Caucutt, Elizabeth M. - Western University
      Human capital production and returns
    Applicant Abelson, Donald E. - Western University 78 399,00 $
      Split decision; think tanks, universities, and the politics that divide them
    Applicant Adams, Tracey L. - Western University 99 481,00 $
      Regulating professions in a new global era
    Applicant Konrad, Alison M. - Western University 82 900,00 $
    Co-applicant Patel, Saurin - Western University
    Collaborator Goh, Kenneth T. - Singapore Management University
      Amplifying the benefits of gender diversity in majority male settings
    Applicant Radcliffe, Vaughan S. - Western University 68 642,00 $
    Co-applicant Stein, Mitchell J. - Western University
    Collaborators Andon, Paul - University of New South Wales
    Free, Clinton W. - University of New South Wales
      Advertising probity: Boundary work in the creation of the Government Advertising Act, 2004
    Applicant Bendle, Neil T. - Western University 84 490,00 $
    Co-applicant Wang, Xin - Western University
      Improving marketing accountability
    Applicant Duclos, Rod - Western University 125 309,00 $
      Understanding the psychology of saving-behavior to help citizens reach financial security
    Applicant Williamson, Stephen D. - Western University 96 721,00 $
      Implications of the current economic environment for central banking: Theory and policy
    Applicant Friesen, Deanna C. - Western University 93 200,00 $
      The development of reading comprehension and strategy use in elementary school native English speakers and English language learners
    Applicant Meister, Darren B. - Western University 78 110,00 $
      Small- and medium-sized enterprise growth and information system capability development
    Applicant Sooy, Matthew - Western University 42 512,00 $
    Collaborators Barradale, Nigel - Barradale Asset Management
    Goodson, Brian M. - University of Cincinnati
      Price, profit and market efficiency in laboratory asset markets: Does marking-to-market matter
    Applicant Chamberlain, Erika A.L. - Western University 79 029,00 $
    Co-applicant Kostal, Rande W. - Western University
      Canada's private law revolution
    Applicant Neyers, Jason W. - Western University 87 846,00 $
    Co-applicant Botterell, Andrew - Western University
      Deceit and per quod: A rights-based perspective
    Applicant Baruah, Bipasha - Western University 230 760,00 $
      How to promote social equity in the global green economy
    Applicant McMurran, Mary Helen - Western University 20 732,00 $
      The philosophy and poetics of embodied soul, 1680-1750
    Applicant Arku, Godwin - Western University 94 915,00 $
    Co-applicants Buzzelli, Michael D. - Western University
    Gilliland, Jason A. - Western University
    Haan, Michael D. - Western University
    Collaborators Bailey, David G. - Aston University
    Lafreniere, Donald J. - Michigan Technological University
    Sadler, Richard C. - Michigan State University
      Local impacts and policy response to plant closures: A Canada ON U.S. MI comparative analysis
    Applicant Oudshoorn, Abram - Western University 94 075,00 $
    Co-applicants Benbow, Sarah - Fanshawe College
    Brown, Cynthia D. - University of New Brunswick
    El Hazzouri, Mohammed - Mount Royal University
    Esses, Victoria M. - Western University
    Hamilton, Leah K. - Mount Royal University
    Theriault, Luc J. - University of New Brunswick
      Long term housing outcomes of under-housed Syrian refugees
    Applicant Robertson, Kirsty M. - Western University 82 253,00 $
      Somewhat natural histories: micromuseums and new museology
    Applicant Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce L.S. - Western University 88 434,00 $
      Acquisition of the syntax and semantics of silence
    Applicant Smeltzer, Sandra C. - Western University 88 238,00 $
    Collaborators de Peuter, Greigory - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Gabriele, Sandra - Concordia University
    Ironstone-Catterall, Penelope L. - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Johnston, Dawn E.B. - University of Calgary
    Moore, Paul S. - Ryerson University
    Savage, Philip D. - McMaster University
      Ethical and effective experiential learning for communication studies
    Applicant Stephenson, Laura B. - Western University 343 474,00 $
    Co-applicants Harell, Allison - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Loewen, Peter J. - University of Toronto
    Rubenson, Daniel - Ryerson University
      Attitudes toward democracy and elections in Canada
    Applicant Klein, Perry D. - Western University 238 307,00 $
    Co-applicant Archibald, Lisa M.D. - Western University
    Collaborator Tucker, William A. - Western University
      Early intervention in writing
    Applicant Hand, Carri L. - Western University 234 719,00 $
    Co-applicants Gilliland, Jason A. - Western University
    Kloseck, Marita - Western University
    Laliberte Rudman, Debbie - Western University
    McGrath, Colleen E. - Western University
    Collaborators Farrell, Bev A. - St. Joseph's Health Care - London
    Grawey, Terry A. - City of London, Ontario
    Kinghorn, Wesley E. - Urban League of London
    Menard, Don - No Institutional Affiliation
    Oliver, Cliff C.A. - Other/Unknown
      Exploring and promoting older adults' inclusion in neighbourhoods
    Applicant Kinsella, Elizabeth A. - Western University 88 102,00 $
      Mindfulness in the caring professions: Mapping experiences in higher education professional school and novice practitioner contexts
    Applicant Byrd Clark, Julie S. - Western University 209 882,00 $
    Co-applicant Roy, Sylvie - University of Calgary
      French immersion for new social realities in contemporary, transnational times
    Applicant Misener, Laura - Western University 229 352,00 $
    Collaborators Legg, David - Mount Royal University
    McGillivray, David - University of the West of Scotland
    McPherson, Gayle - University of the West of Scotland
      Major sport events and parasport participation: Investigating post-event opportunities and experiences
    Applicant Li, Zhichuan - Western University 58 056,00 $
    Co-applicants Dunbar, Craig G. - Western University
    Shi, Yaqi Ning - Western University
      Corporate social responsibility, CEO risk-taking incentives, and firm valuation
Trent University
    Applicant Iannone, Gyles J. - Trent University 99 342,00 $
    Co-applicant Macrae, Scott A. - Trent University
    Collaborator Pyiet Phyo, Kyaw - University of Yangon
      An integrated socio-ecological history for residential patterning, agricultural practices, and water management at the medieval Burmese (Bama) Capital of Bagan, Myanmar (11th to 14th Century CE)
    Applicant Meneley, Anne T. - Trent University 60 640,00 $
      Fitbit frenzies: The quantification and gamification of walking in material worlds
University of Guelph
    Applicant Deaton, Brady James - University of Guelph 371 300,00 $
    Co-applicants Alcantara, Christopher - Western University
    Longboat, Sheri A. - University of Guelph
      Collaborative water services between First Nations and municipalities in Ontario
    Applicant Bold, Christine - University of Guelph 89 370,00 $
      Vaudeville Indians on global circuits,1880s-1930s
    Applicant Gordon, Alan - University of Guelph 62 822,00 $
      Travel writing, tourism, and imperialism: Inventing the lost city in the Americas
    Applicant Abraham, Tara H. - University of Guelph 55 560,00 $
      The cinderella of medicine : American psychiatry and medical education, 1900-1950
    Applicant Yap, Nonita T. - University of Guelph 299 771,00 $
    Co-applicants Brunet, Nicolas - University of Guelph
    Coates, Kenneth S. - University of Saskatchewan
    Gibson, Ryan F. - University of Guelph
    Longboat, Sheri A. - University of Guelph
    Collaborators Coronacion, Danielle Mae - University of Asia and the Pacific
    Devlin, John F. - University of Guelph
    Matthews, Hans L. - Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association
    Neuls, Emmy S. - University of Saskatchewan
      Global minerals and local communities: The challenge of corporate social responsibility
    Applicant Boetzkes, Amanda - University of Guelph 84 833,00 $
      Ecologicity, vision and art for a world to come
    Applicant Horgan, Mervyn - University of Guelph 94 665,00 $
    Co-applicant Liinamaa, Saara A. - Acadia University
      Sociable cities: Informal infrastructures of everyday urban convivialities
    Applicant Anderson, Kim - University of Guelph 87 938,00 $
    Collaborator Corbiere, Alan T. - York University
      We stand strong in our knowledge: Seeking meaningful entry points to Indigenous language revitalization in the academy
    Applicant Francis, Kimberly A. - University of Guelph 191 372,00 $
    Co-applicant Lachapelle, Sofie - University of Guelph
      Properly speaking: The development of the French sound, 1830-1914
    Applicant Smoliak, Olga - University of Guelph 66 409,00 $
    Co-applicant Rice, Carla M. - University of Guelph
    Collaborators LaMarre, Andrea M. - University of Guelph
    LeCouteur, Amanda A. - University of Adelaide
    Tseliou, Eleftheria - University of Thessaly
      The new sexism: The interactional production and management of sexist talk in contemporary psychotherapy
    Applicant Carstairs, Catherine L. - University of Guelph 45 425,00 $
      Healthy smiles: Social inequality, gender and oral health, 1920-1990
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Applicant Clow, Kimberley A. - University of Ontario Institute of Technology 73 373,00 $
    Co-applicants Czarnuch, Stephen M. - Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Ricciardelli, Rosemary - Memorial University of Newfoundland
      After innocence: Identifying factors that reduce stigma toward exonerees
    Applicant Leach, Amy-May - University of Ontario Institute of Technology 97 965,00 $
    Co-applicants Dufraimont, Lisa D. - York University
    Gazaille, Mariane - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
      Levelling the playing field: Examining the effect of language proficiency and interpreter presence on witnesses' testimony
    Applicant Wattie, Nicholas - University of Ontario Institute of Technology 137 090,00 $
    Co-applicants Forbes, Susan - University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Livingston, Lori A. - University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Collaborators Pearson, Nicola - Ontario Soccer Association
    Walsh, Lindsay - Ontario Basketball Association
      Making the right call: Understanding constraints on the recruitment, retention and development of sport officials
University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa
    Applicant Durocher, Sylvain - University of Ottawa 98 502,00 $
    Co-applicant Picard, Claire-France - Université Laval
    Collaborator Georgiou, Omiros - University of Manchester
      A stakeholder perspective on comprehensive income accounting information
    Applicant Martineau, France - University of Ottawa 249 807,00 $
    Co-applicant Remysen, Wim - Université de Sherbrooke
    Collaborators Linteau, Paul-André - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Thibault, André - Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)
      Normes et pratiques linguistiques au Québec (1763-1914) : mobilité, réseaux et alliances
    Applicant Thomas-Fogiel, Isabelle - University of Ottawa 53 965,00 $
      Les deux figures de l'idéalisme : étude sur les usages philosophiques du terme idéalisme de 1702 à nos jours
    Applicant Winter, Elke - University of Ottawa 183 083,00 $
      When others become us: The role of citizenship acquisition for immigrant and refugee integration
    Applicant Moggach, Douglas A. - University of Ottawa 70 462,00 $
      Perfectionism, before and after Kant: A history of German political thought, 1650-1850
    Applicant Côté, Antoine - University of Ottawa 31 893,00 $
      Jacques de Viterbe et ses critiques médiévaux
    Applicant Watson, Jada E. - University of Ottawa 78 475,00 $
    Collaborator Vellino, Andre - University of Ottawa
      A data-driven history of country music's geo-cultural origins
    Applicant Moreau, Nicolas - University of Ottawa 229 655,00 $
    Co-applicants Baril, Alexandre - University of Ottawa
    Fernandez, Fabrice - Université Laval
    Lloyd, Stephanie - Université Laval
    Namian, Dahlia - University of Ottawa
    Negura, Lilian - University of Ottawa
    Vinit, Florence - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Collaborator Brossard, Baptiste - Australian National University
      Tous addicts : Contribution à une sociologie des addictions comportementales à Internet, au travail, au sexe et au sport
    Applicant Fianu, Kouky J. - University of Ottawa 90 832,00 $
      L'espace d'un hôpital : les archives de l'Hôtel-Dieu d'Orléans XIIIe-XVIe s
    Applicant Kavwahirehi, Kasereka - University of Ottawa 87 402,00 $
      L'essai francophone africain : de la négritude à l'"afropolitanisme"
    Applicant Levey, Stephen S. - University of Ottawa 72 568,00 $
    Co-applicant Kastronic, Laura - University of Toronto
      Learning to sound like a native speaker: The acquisition of sociolinguistic competence in English by Canadian Francophones
    Applicant Zamuner, Tania S. - University of Ottawa 240 502,00 $
      Role of speech production in language learning
    Applicant McCurdy, Patrick - University of Ottawa 55 362,00 $
    Collaborators Feldman, Seth R. - York University
    Takach, Geo - Royal Roads University
    Young, Hilary A.N. - University of New Brunswick
      A tar sands tale: A critical study into the events and mediatized legacy surrounding the banned CBC docudrama 'tar sands' and the holding power of fossil fuels over the social imagination
    Applicant MacDonnell, Vanessa A. - University of Ottawa 70 683,00 $
      Quasi-constitutional statutes in Canada
    Applicant Bock, Michel G. - University of Ottawa 51 069,00 $
      Diversité, intégration et réconciliation : la conscience historique des mouvements de jeunesse francophones hors Québec devant le paradigme du postcolonialisme (1982 à aujourd'hui)
    Applicant Robidoux, Michael A. - University of Ottawa 343 266,00 $
    Co-applicants Clark, Natalie G. - Thompson Rivers University
    Gaudet, Cindy J. - University of Alberta
    Mason, Courtney W. - Thompson Rivers University
    Collaborators Brown, Russell John - Wapekeka First Nation
    Kapashesit, Stan - Moose Cree First Nation
    Morningstar, Melanie G. - Assembly of First Nations
    Philipp, Lois A. - Deh Gáh Elementary and Secondary School
    Stoney, Terry - Other/Unknown
    Trylinski, Wendy m. - Nishnawbe Aski Nation
      Fostering land based food initiatives as a local food security strategy in northern Indigenous communities in Canada
    Applicant Macdougall, Brenda - University of Ottawa 129 174,00 $
    Co-applicant St-Onge, Nicole - University of Ottawa
      They are not like us: the emergence and convergence of Prairie Metis Kinscapes
    Applicant Salanova, Andrés Pablo - University of Ottawa 196 440,00 $
    Co-applicants Arregui, Ana - University of Ottawa
    Coon, Jessica - McGill University
    Oliveira de Lima, Suzi - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Bruil, Martine - Leiden University
    Carol, Javier Jerónimo - Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas
    Epps, Patience P.L. - University of Texas at Austin
    Rivero, Maria Luisa - University of Ottawa
      Investigations on the theory of action nominals in highly nominalizing languages
    Applicant Musu, Costanza - University of Ottawa 60 401,00 $
      Art for war heritage looting, blood antiquities, and the international fight against terrorism financing
    Applicant Barwell, Richard - University of Ottawa 204 603,00 $
    Co-applicants Abtahi, Yasaman - University of Ottawa
    Kane, Ruth G. - University of Ottawa
    Suurtamm, Christine A. - University of Ottawa
      Migration in mathematics classrooms: promoting intercultural dialogue in school mathematics
    Applicant O'Reilly, Jane - University of Ottawa 76 062,00 $
    Co-applicant Neville, Lukas - University of Manitoba
      Inauthentic and authentic forgiveness in the workplace
    Applicant O'Sullivan, Sharon L. - University of Ottawa 133 405,00 $
    Collaborators Miller, Andrew M. - First Nations University of Canada
    Zikic, Jelena - York University
      The dynamics of Indigenous developmental relationships for environmental work: Bridging micro and macro levels of analysis
    Applicant Riding, Allan - University of Ottawa 34 000,00 $
    Co-applicants Nitani, Miwako - University of Ottawa
    Orser, Barbara J. - University of Ottawa
      Overconfidence and financial decisions among self-employed Canadians
    Applicant Lapierre, Laurent M. - University of Ottawa 207 576,00 $
    Co-applicants Bonaccio, Silvia - University of Ottawa
    Bourgeault, Ivy L. - University of Ottawa
    Donia, Magda B.L. - University of Ottawa
    Kelloway, Kevin E. - Saint Mary's University
    O'Reilly, Jane - University of Ottawa
    Turner, Nick - University of Calgary
      How can managers support and ensure the positive consequences of employees' disclosure of a mental health challenge
    Applicant Jaskiewicz, Peter - University of Ottawa 243 472,00 $
    Co-applicant Schillo, Sandra - University of Ottawa
    Collaborator Combs, James G. - University of Central Florida
      A family-based theory of the family firm
    Applicant Scassa, Teresa - University of Ottawa 189 916,00 $
    Co-applicants Penney, Jon - Dalhousie University
    Robinson, Pamela J. - Ryerson University
      Developing a public interest-based approach to ownership, users rights and privacy interests in publicly accessible platform data
    Applicant Doran, Marie-Christine - University of Ottawa 241 838,00 $
    Co-applicants Hébert, Martin - Université Laval
    Peñafiel, Ricardo - Université du Québec à Montréal
    van Isschot, Luis - University of Toronto
    Vanthuyne, Karine - University of Ottawa
      Violence et démocratie : la criminalisation de la lutte pour les droits en amérique latine
    Applicant Nakache, Delphine - University of Ottawa 213 936,00 $
    Co-applicants Atak, Idil - Ryerson University
    Foster, Jason B. - Athabasca University
    Goldring, Luin - York University
    Collaborator Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella - University of Alberta
      Pathways into and out of irregularity for temporary foreign workers in Canada: A cross-jurisdictional analysis
    Applicant Lagacé, Martine - University of Ottawa 46 528,00 $
      Leviers d'action contre l'âgisme au travail : une exploration du rôle du climat intergénérationnel
    Applicant Young, Bradley W. - University of Ottawa 179 462,00 $
    Co-applicant Baker, Joseph - York University
    Collaborator Hoar, Sharleen D. - Canadian Sport Institute
      Validation of a self-regulated learning survey for assessing quality sport practice in competitive athletes
    Applicant Rogers, Maria A. - University of Ottawa 271 043,00 $
    Co-applicants Ogg, Julia A. - University of Ottawa
    Whitley, Jessica L.M. - University of Ottawa
    Collaborators DuPaul, George J. - Lehigh University
    Santuzzi, Alecia M. - Northern Illinois University
    Shelleby, Elizabeth C. - Northern Illinois University
    Volpe, Robert - Northeastern University
      Parent engagement and ADHD risk: Reciprocal relationships in early elementary school
    Applicant Dutta, Shantanu - University of Ottawa 55 500,00 $
    Collaborators Bowen, Robert M. - University of San Diego
    Tang, Songlian - East China University of Science and Technology
    Zhu, Pengcheng - University of San Diego
      Board independence and corporate private in-house meetings
    Applicant Mignerat, Muriel - University of Ottawa 94 570,00 $
    Co-applicant Rivard, Suzanne - HEC Montréal
      Vers une gestion efficace des exigences contradictoires dans les projets de technologies de l'information
University of Toronto
    Applicant Hope, Ole-Kristian - University of Toronto 107 950,00 $
      Information in capital markets: investor relations and visibility of political connections field of accounting
    Applicant Cheetham, Mark A. - University of Toronto 94 956,00 $
    Collaborators Gu, Yi - University of Toronto
    Wong, Aida Y. - Brandeis University
      Analogy and the structures of art history in the global era
    Applicant Tilcsik, Andras - University of Toronto 103 500,00 $
      Can new technologies reduce employment discrimination and increase workplace diversity
    Applicant Soman, Dilip - University of Toronto 149 797,00 $
      Using implementation prompts to increase consumer task persistence and performance
    Applicant DeCelles, Katherine - University of Toronto 86 512,00 $
      Dehumanization and customer aggression in organizations
    Applicant Galasso, Alberto - University of Toronto 47 600,00 $
    Collaborator Luo, Hong - Harvard University
      Exploring the links between product liability and innovation
    Applicant Schillaci, Michael A. - University of Toronto 87 146,00 $
    Collaborators Kivisild, Toomas - University of Cambridge
    Mack, Steven - Southwest Archaeological Consultants Inc.
    Scheib, Christiana L. - University of Cambridge
      A study of the biological affiliations of the prehistoric Sopris and Apishapa phase cultures of the American Southwest
    Applicant Regehr, Cheryl - University of Toronto 140 469,00 $
    Co-applicants Bogo, Marion C. - University of Toronto
    Fallon, Barbara A. - University of Toronto
    Regehr, Glenn - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborator Paterson, Jane - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
      Improving social work decision-making in situations of risk and uncertainty
    Applicant Kloppenborg, John S. - University of Toronto 186 152,00 $
      Networks and the diffusion of ancient Mediterranean elective cults
    Applicant Zweig, David I. - University of Toronto 63 996,00 $
      Successful psychopaths and targets of knowledge theft
    Applicant Aggarwal, Pankaj - University of Toronto 92 412,00 $
      Tradeoffs and product flaws: applying social norms to anthropomorphized products
    Applicant * Beauchamp, Jonathan P. - University of Toronto 45 074,00 $
    Collaborators Benjamin, Daniel - University of Southern California
    Cesarini, David - New York University
      Genetic and environmental influences on economic preferences and outcomes
    Applicant Stark, Andrew H. - University of Toronto 60 478,00 $
      Political capital in America
    Applicant Kosnik, Clare - University of Toronto 176 680,00 $
    Co-applicants Beck, Clive M. - University of Toronto
    Dharamshi, Pooja - Simon Fraser University
    Menna, Lydia - University of Alberta
      Pedagogy of literacy teacher education: Meeting the challenges of 21st century literacies
    Applicant Abramovich, Alex - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 90 000,00 $
    Co-applicants Gaetz, Stephen A. - York University
    Kidd, Sean A. - University of Toronto
    Logie, Carmen H. - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Donaldson, Jesse - Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
    Harkness, Bonnie - 360Kids
    Kimura, Lauren - Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
    Noble, Amanda J.F. - Covenant House
    Region, David - Pflag Canada York Region
    Stubley, Anne M. - Blue Door Shelters
    Urman, Barbara - Family Services York Region
      Understanding LGBTQ2S youth homelessness in York region
    Applicant Jennings, Eric T. - University of Toronto 150 582,00 $
      Vanilla, a global commodity: Empire, transformation and tastes
    Applicant Wu, Yiching - University of Toronto 135 458,00 $
      How Mao's last revolution began: Toward a less Mao-centric and more open-ended history
    Applicant Chandra, Ambarish - University of Toronto 38 300,00 $
      A comprehensive account of price discrimination: New evidence from the airline industry
    Applicant Luo, Yao - University of Toronto 162 525,00 $
    Co-applicants Kroft, Kory - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Mogstad, Magne - University of Chicago
    Setzler, Bradley - University of Chicago
      Rent-sharing and imperfect competition: Evidence from procurement auctions
    Applicant Liu, Sida - University of Toronto 170 259,00 $
      Ecologies of globalisation: China's shadow on the legal professions in Hong Kong and Taiwan
    Applicant Gu, Jiaying - University of Toronto 90 215,00 $
    Collaborator Gilraine, John - New York University
      A new approach for estimating teacher value-added
    Applicant Oreopoulos, Philip - University of Toronto 96 400,00 $
      An experiment examining the behavioural economics of student effort
    Applicant Wolthoff, Ronald P. - University of Toronto 74 557,00 $
      The role of information in markets with search frictions: Empirical evidence, theory and policy implications
    Applicant Hoffman, Mitchell - University of Toronto 80 690,00 $
      Hiring and incentives in organizations: An economic analysis of referrals
    Applicant Ghosh, Shami - University of Toronto 205 581,00 $
      Rural commercialisation in Southern Germany, c.1200-c.1440
    Applicant Gervers, Michael - University of Toronto 286 050,00 $
    Co-applicant Hirst, Graeme - University of Toronto
    Collaborators David, Ravit H. - University of Toronto
    Dunning, Andrew N.J. - British Library
    McEwan, John A. - Saint Louis University
    Muehlberger, Guenter - Universitat Innsbruck
    Sutherland-Harris, Robin - University of Toronto
      Text as image, image as text: Charter integrity and topic modelling
    Applicant Suzack, Cheryl L. - University of Toronto 96 224,00 $
      Recovering a tribal voice in justice Thurgood Marshall's Indian law cases
    Applicant Galey, Alan E. - University of Toronto 71 436,00 $
      Bibliographic methods for born-digital texts: From paratext to performance
    Applicant Ford, Brett - University of Toronto 232 139,00 $
      When is emotion regulation adaptive versus maladaptive: A multi-method examination
    Applicant Malti, Tina - University of Toronto 248 616,00 $
      The development of prosocial behaviours in the early years: How affective experiences and adversity matter
    Applicant Manger, Mark S. - University of Toronto 87 711,00 $
      Neomercantilism and macroeconomic policy in East Asia
    Applicant Buckner, Elizabeth - University of Toronto 261 178,00 $
    Co-applicant Hayhoe, Ruth E.S. - University of Toronto
      Partners for development or privatizing the public good the role of private higher education in the global knowledge society
    Applicant Kidd, Sean A. - University of Toronto 210 588,00 $
    Co-applicants Frederick, Tyler J. - University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Karabanow, Jeff M. - Dalhousie University
    Mushquash, Christopher - Lakehead University
    Vitopoulos, Nina A. - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
    Voineskos, Aristotle N. - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
    Collaborators Arguello Ramos, Maria Jose - Covenant House
    Bobinski, Tina L.R. - Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
    Novak, Phyllis - SKETCH Working Arts
      Mobilizing youth experience: Scaling up a by-youth-for-youth resource to support pathways out of homelessness
    Applicant Gagné, Antoinette K.H. - University of Toronto 82 622,00 $
    Co-applicant Le Pichon, Emmanuelle - University of Toronto
      The social and academic integration of Syrian refugees in Ontario schools
    Applicant Friesen, T. Max - University of Toronto 399 140,00 $
    Collaborator Gross, Pamela - Kitikmeot Heritage Society
      Inuinnait heritage: A collaborative approach to archaeological research in the Canadian Arctic
    Applicant Ye, Minlei - University of Toronto 48 016,00 $
    Collaborator Ronen, Joshua - New York University
      Client relationship-building and audit quality
    Applicant Wei, Jason Z. - University of Toronto 89 500,00 $
      Trading behavior of option investors
    Applicant Kahnemuyipour, Arsalan - University of Toronto 141 988,00 $
    Collaborators den Dikken, Marcel - Other/Unknown
    Irimia, Monica Alexandrina - Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
    Massam, Diane - University of Toronto
    Shlonsky, Ur US. - Université de Genève
      The Syntax of nominal linkers
    Applicant Cossman, Brenda - University of Toronto 89 612,00 $
      Sex wars 2.0 - feminism, law and sexuality
    Applicant Valcke, Catherine - University of Toronto 142 635,00 $
      French and English private law paradigms
    Applicant Anand, Anita I. - University of Toronto 106 126,00 $
      Financial market fraud in Canada: putting investors' money back in their pockets
    Applicant Toh, Soo Min - University of Toronto 215 836,00 $
    Co-applicants Ma, David W.L. - University of Guelph
    McCarthy, Julie M. - University of Toronto
      Family-work enrichment: Resource recovery for well-being and work
    Applicant Hansen, Samantha D. - University of Toronto 178 934,00 $
    Co-applicant Griep, Yannick - University of Calgary
      The critical role of time on perceived employee and employer obligations: A new direction in the study of psychological contracts
    Applicant Wahid, Aida S. - University of Toronto 68 677,00 $
    Co-applicant Small, Christopher R.. - University of Toronto
    Collaborator De Franco, Gus - Tulane University
      Determinants and consequences of non-prosecution agreements
    Applicant Tenenbaum, Sergio - University of Toronto 81 230,00 $
      Rational powers in action
    Applicant Miller, Michael E. - University of Toronto 67 336,00 $
      Representing fundamental particles: Divergences and empirical adequacy
    Applicant Marin, Alexandra - University of Toronto 111 389,00 $
      Theorizing dormancy: Understanding non active ties in social networks
    Applicant Wodtke, Geoffrey T. - University of Toronto 87 819,00 $
    Collaborator Ard, Kerry - Ohio State University
      Neighbourhoods, schools, and environmental health hazards: A causal mediation analysis of contextual effects on academic achievement
    Applicant Siow, Aloysius - University of Toronto 91 908,00 $
      Team production, formation, matching and earnings inequality
    Applicant Smart, Michael - University of Toronto 71 209,00 $
      The taxation of corporate dividends
    Applicant Silver, Daniel A. - University of Toronto 85 498,00 $
    Collaborators Brym, Robert J. - University of Toronto
    Dôpking, Lars - Hamburg Institute for Social Research
    Jaffre, Maxime - Centre national de la recherche scientifique
    Knoebl, Wolfgang - Hamburg Institute for Social Research
    Raevskikh, Elena - Centre national de la recherche scientifique
      Canonization and disciplinary identity in sociology: Evidence from Canada, France, and Germany
    Applicant Poole, Janet - University of Toronto 71 509,00 $
      Going north and the history of Korean modernism
    Applicant Tamminen, Katherine A. - University of Toronto 131 672,00 $
    Co-applicant McEwen, Carolyn E. - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborators Danyluck, Chad M. - University of Colorado at Denver
    Wagstaff, Christopher R.D. - University of Portsmouth
    Wolf, Svenja A. - University of Amsterdam
      Interpersonal emotion regulation in sport
    Applicant Starmans, Christina J. - University of Toronto 159 816,00 $
      Children's understanding of inner moral conflict
    Applicant Buchsbaum, Daphna - University of Toronto 98 758,00 $
      Going beyond majority rule: How do children integrate majority and minority opinions that vary in quality
    Applicant Ware, Owen - University of Toronto 65 683,00 $
      The rise of reciprocity in early post-Kantian ethics
    Applicant Franklin-Hall, Andrew J. - University of Toronto 56 869,00 $
      Origins and departures: childhood in the liberal order
    Applicant Hussain, Waheed - University of Toronto 64 066,00 $
      Embracing the invisible hand: Corporations, market governance, and human freedom
    Applicant Clarke, Joseph L. - University of Toronto 65 675,00 $
      Open office design and the acoustics of the knowledge economy, 1960-1980
    Applicant Johnson, Stephen - University of Toronto 96 859,00 $
      A study of the petitions to censor Jim Crow in Toronto, 1840-43
    Applicant Gunitsky, Seva - University of Toronto 143 436,00 $
    Co-applicant Saideman, Stephen M. - Carleton University
      Legacies of blood and law: State formation in a global system
    Applicant Bakan, Abigail - University of Toronto 129 497,00 $
    Co-applicant Abu-Laban, Yasmeen M. - University of Alberta
      The UN as knowledge producer: world conferences on women, racialized and Indigenous peoples
    Applicant Lopez, Ann E. - University of Toronto 99 999,00 $
    Co-applicant Wane, Njoki C. - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Roofe, Carmel - University of the West Indies, Mona Campus
    Rugano, Peter - Embu University College
      School leadership across borders: Commonalities, complexities and possibilities
    Applicant King, Bryn - University of Toronto 91 601,00 $
    Co-applicants Begun, Stephanie - University of Toronto
    Fallon, Barbara A. - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Esposito, Tonino - Université de Montréal
    Filippelli, Joanne - University of Toronto
    Logie, Carmen H. - University of Toronto
    Schumaker, Kate - Catholic Children's Aid Society
      Promoting attachment and mitigating the risk of infant maltreatment among young expectant mothers involved in the child welfare system
    Applicant Dei, George J.S. - University of Toronto 99 891,00 $
      The potential for elders' cultural knowledge to contribute to a new education futurity
    Applicant Ferrari, Michel - University of Toronto 197 055,00 $
    Co-applicants Chen, Charles P. - University of Toronto
    Safdar, Saba F. - University of Guelph
    Collaborator Ardelt, Monika - University of Florida
      Wise life management among Iranian immigrants and Syrian refugees
    Applicant Viola, Tamas Bence - University of Toronto 215 850,00 $
    Collaborators Gunz, Philipp - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
    Kolobova, Kseniya - Russian Academy of Sciences
    Krajcarz, Maciej T. - Polish Academy of Sciences
    Krivoshapkin, Andrei I. - Russian Academy of Sciences
    Paabo, Svante - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
      Pleistocene population dynamics in Central Asia
    Applicant Darnell, Simon - University of Toronto 63 905,00 $
    Co-applicant Millington, Robert S. - York University
    Collaborators Donnelly, Peter A. - University of Toronto
    Dudfield, Oliver I. - Commonwealth Secretariat
    Leo, Jennifer A. - Institue of Technology Tralee
    Mourton, Niamh-Elizabeth - Institue of Technology Tralee
    Wilson, Brian S. - The University of British Columbia
      Sport, development and environmental sustainability: History, policy and practice
    Applicant Ekers, Michael A. - University of Toronto 94 578,00 $
    Co-applicant Van Wagner, Estair S. - York University
      Financiers in the forests: On fixes, colonial property regimes and resistance
    Applicant Hamza, Chloe A. - University of Toronto 91 234,00 $
    Co-applicants Goldstein, Abby L. - University of Toronto
    Co-applicant Heath, Nancy Lee - McGill University
      A longitudinal examination of the associations among recent stressful life events, emotional reactivity, and nonsuicidal self-injury among university students
    Applicant Wane, Njoki C. - University of Toronto 91 275,00 $
    Co-applicants Lopez, Ann E. - University of Toronto
    Neeganagwwedgin, Erica L. - Western University
    Opini, Bathseba M. - The University of British Columbia
      Black women's experience in leadership positions in Canadian universities
    Applicant Maghbouleh, Neda - University of Toronto 349 364,00 $
    Co-applicants Milkie, Melissa - University of Toronto
    Peng, Ito - University of Toronto
      Settlement, integration, and stress: A 5 year longitudinal study of Syrian newcomer mothers and teens in the GTA
    Applicant Saljoughi, Sara - University of Toronto 62 243,00 $
      Burning visions: The counter-cinema of the Iranian new wave
    Applicant Jain, Kajri - University of Toronto 134 542,00 $
      Inorganic nature and public space in post-liberalization India
    Applicant Most, Andrea - University of Toronto 82 984,00 $
    Collaborators Kaplan, Alisha - No Institutional Affiliation
    Rahr, Alexandra K. - University of Toronto
      The persephone project: Embodied stories, sustainable lives
    Applicant Narayanareddy, Rajyashree - University of Toronto 113 727,00 $
      Fixing unruly flows: the infrastructures of wastewater in Bangalore, India
    Applicant Tcheuyap, Alexie - University of Toronto 193 489,00 $
    Co-applicants Crosta, Suzanne M.C. - McMaster University
    Niang, Sada - University of Victoria
      Pratiques du cinéma documentaire en Afrique subsaharienne francophone
    Applicant Mourifie, Ismael - University of Toronto 84 663,00 $
    Collaborators Henry, Marc - Pennsylvania State University
    Kedagni, Desire - Pennsylvania State University
    Meango, Romuald N. - Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy
      Understanding under-representation of women in STEM in Canada: A partial identification approach
    Applicant Schwartz, Robert M. - University of Toronto 59 751,00 $
    Co-applicants Di Ruggiero, Erica MC. - University of Toronto
    Dobrow, Mark - University of Toronto
    Finegood, Diane T. - Simon Fraser University
    Collaborators Marchildon, Gregory - University of Toronto
    Price, Alex - Other/Unknown
      Strategies to alleviate social problems: From symbols to realities
    Applicant Waterman, Stephanie J. - University of Toronto 86 565,00 $
      Islands of sanctuary: First Nations/Native American student affairs units
    Applicant Portelli, John - University of Toronto 253 576,00 $
    Co-applicants Ibrahim, Awad - University of Ottawa
    Rezai-Rashti, Goli M. - Western University
      Investigating the impact of the Ontario equity policy
    Applicant Stern, Simon - University of Toronto 93 069,00 $
      Law's artifice: legal fictions and the legal imagination
    Applicant Light, Matthew A. - University of Toronto 218 310,00 $
    Collaborators Kosals, Leonid - University of Toronto
    Kupatadze, Alexander - King's College London
    Slade, Gavin - University of Glasgow
    Zaloznaya, Marina - University of Iowa
      International experts and anti-corruption initiatives in a transitional democracy: Ukraine police reform since 2014
    Applicant Mota Prado, Mariana - University of Toronto 56 351,00 $
      Institutional multiplicity as a tool to combat corruption: Cases from Brazil
    Applicant Colantonio, Angela - University of Toronto 163 902,00 $
    Co-applicants Duncan, Lindsay R. - McGill University
    Swaine, Bonnie R. - Université de Montréal
    Sweet, Shane N. - McGill University
    Wilkinson, Shawn - Concordia University
    Collaborators Brodeur, Pascal - Association Québécoise des Traumatisés Crâniens
    Trudel, Eric - Young Men's Christian Association
      Co-creating, implementing and evaluating a community-based peer-run physical activity program to enhance exercise and sport participation for adults with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury
    Applicant Pyle, Angela D. - University of Toronto 145 687,00 $
    Co-applicant Martinussen, Rhonda L. - University of Toronto
      Literacy and self-regulation development in play-based kindergarten classrooms: A comparison of pedagogical approaches
    Applicant Renwick, Rebecca - University of Toronto 195 648,00 $
    Co-applicant Cameron, Debra - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Gabison, Sharon - Ontario Federation of Adults with Developmental Disabilities
    Hingsburger, David - Vita Community Living Services
    Ngo, Melissa - Hand Over Hand
      Moving beyond inclusion: Pathways to belonging for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    Applicant Silverman, Brian S. - University of Toronto 123 928,00 $
    Collaborators Argyres, Nicholas S. - Washington University in St. Louis
    Rios, Luis - University of Pennsylvania
      Formal organization, informal organization, and innovative outcomes
University of Waterloo
    Applicant Wolfe, Sarah Elizabeth - University of Waterloo 125 650,00 $
    Collaborator Solomon, Sheldon - Skidmore College
      Do mortality reminders influence our water decisions: A new variable for the era of climate change, drought and uncertainty
    Applicant Nicholas, Jane - St. Jerome's University 35 241,00 $
      Sorrow: child death and grief in Ontario, 1867-1940
    Applicant Hall, Heather M. - University of Waterloo 253 305,00 $
    Co-applicants Coates, Kenneth S. - University of Saskatchewan
    MacDonald, Terri - Selkirk College
    Vodden, Kelly - Memorial University of Newfoundland
      Remote controlled: Technology in the mining sector and the future of development in peripheral regions
    Applicant Thistlethwaite, Jason A. - University of Waterloo 242 491,00 $
    Co-applicants Henstra, Daniel J. - University of Waterloo
    Oulahen, Greg - Ryerson University
    Therrien, Marie-Christine - École nationale d'administration publique
    Collaborators Priest, Sally J. - Middlesex University
    Raven, Emma K. - JBA Risk Management
    Scott, Daniel J. - University of Waterloo
      Effective flood risk governance in a changing climate
    Applicant Beck, James W. - University of Waterloo 153 156,00 $
    Co-applicant Scholer, Abigail A. - University of Waterloo
      Velocity as an antecedent of workplace shortcut behaviours
    Applicant Mehlenbacher, Ashley R. - University of Waterloo 73 676,00 $
      Networked expertise as a novel approach to complex problem solving
    Applicant Grimwood, Bryan S R. - University of Waterloo 278 170,00 $
    Co-applicants Berbary, Lisbeth A. - University of Waterloo
    Caton, Kellee - Thompson Rivers University
    Cooke, Lisa K. - Thompson Rivers University
    Lemelin, Raynald H. - Lakehead University
    Collaborators Brodie, Kathleen P. - South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
    Campbell, Lori A.C. - St. Paul's University College
    DeCaire, Lance M.G. - Wahta Mohawks First Nation
    Ellis, Stephen C. - Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation
    Higgins-Desbiolles, Freya - University of South Australia
      Unsettling tourism: Settler stories, Indigenous lands, and awakening an ethics of reconciliation
    Applicant Risko, Evan F. - University of Waterloo 218 390,00 $
      Integrating affect into an evidence-based approach to the design of recorded lectures in postsecondary education
    Applicant Homer-Dixon, Thomas F. - University of Waterloo 232 273,00 $
    Collaborators Cuhadar, Cerag Esra - Bilkent University
    Collaborator Last, David - Royal Military College of Canada
    Collaborator Leader Maynard, Jonathan - University of Oxford
    Collaborator Milkoreit, Manjana - Purdue University
    Collaborator Schroeder, Tobias - University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
    Collaborator Thagard, Paul - University of Waterloo
      Ideological conflict project: Application and field testing of conflict resolution tools
    Applicant Beesley, Philip L. - University of Waterloo 351 375,00 $
      Dissipative adaptation and responsive architecture
    Applicant Adams, Russell B. - University of Waterloo 197 894,00 $
    Co-applicants Dolphin, Alexis E. - University of Waterloo
    Yakymchuk, Christopher - University of Waterloo
    Collaborators Friedman, Hannah A. - Texas Tech University
    Gilbertson, David D. - Plymouth University
    Grattan, John J.P. - Aberystwyth University
    Haylock, Keith - Aberystwyth University
    Hunt, Christopher O. - Liverpool John Moores University
    Keen-Zebert, Amanda K. - Desert Research Institute
    Reimer, Paula J. - Queen's University of Belfast
    Shugar, Aaron N. - State University of New York at Buffalo State (Buffalo State College)
    Smith, Samuel J. - Oxford Brookes University
      Tracing the long-term footprint of anthropogenic pollution in the landscape: Evaluation of the evidence from a 5000 year old industrialized landscape in southern Jordan
    Applicant Qian, Zhu - University of Waterloo 129 353,00 $
    Collaborators Li, Huan - Other/Unknown
    Xu, Baogen - Other/Unknown
      Becoming urban citizens: Transformation and adaptation of displaced villagers in China's concentrated resettlement communities
    Applicant Moos, Markus - University of Waterloo 96 100,00 $
    Co-applicant Vinodrai, Tara - University of Waterloo
    Collaborators Cockayne, Daniel - University of Waterloo
    Doucet, Brian - University of Waterloo
    Filion, Pierre - University of Waterloo
    Worth, Nancy - University of Waterloo
      Housing the next generation: The case of new economy cities
    Applicant Friedman, Ori - University of Waterloo 218 045,00 $
      How non-material aspects of ownership influence children and their social interactions
    Applicant Moscovitch, David A. - University of Waterloo 137 571,00 $
      Mental time travel processes in social anxiety: Toward an understanding of the mechanisms and boundaries of autobiographical memory accessibility and appraisal
    Applicant Harris, Randy A. - University of Waterloo 150 896,00 $
    Co-applicants Randall, Neil - University of Waterloo
    Wilcox, Stephen M. - Wilfrid Laurier University
      Gamesourcing a rhetorical figure ontology
    Applicant Coleman, Beth - University of Waterloo 243 086,00 $
    Co-applicants Clarke, Charles L.A. - University of Waterloo
    Shade, Leslie R. - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Boyd, Danah m. - Data & Society Research Institute
    Campbell, Kelvin J. - Smart Urbanism Ltd.
    Cowan, Donald D. - University of Waterloo
    Powell, Alison - London School of Economics and Political Science
      City as platform: Smart cities and civic engagement in the data society
    Applicant Riddell, Chris - University of Waterloo 75 860,00 $
      The effects of compulsory interest arbitration on disputes, wages and service quality: Evidence from a unique natural experiment in Ontario
    Applicant Hoeppe, Goetz - University of Waterloo 195 743,00 $
      Making sense of data reuse in environmental science: A comparative ethnography
University of Windsor
    Applicant Chandler, Krista J. - University of Windsor 165 774,00 $
    Co-applicant Loughead, Todd - University of Windsor
    Collaborator Martin, Jeffrey - Wayne State University
      The effect of a psychological skills training program on youth athletes with a disability well-being in sport and life
    Applicant Kwantes, Catherine T. - University of Windsor 93 015,00 $
    Co-applicants Adair, Wendi - University of Waterloo
    Hewitt, Jeffery G. - University of Windsor
    Collaborators Campbell, Lori A.C. - St. Paul's University College
    Nahdee, Russell M. - University of Windsor
    Weir, Warren I. - Vancouver Island University
      Indigenous workways: Cultural safety, cultures of trust and psychologically safe workplaces
    Applicant Holloway, Susan M. - University of Windsor 93 379,00 $
    Co-applicant Gouthro, Patricia A. - Mount Saint Vincent University
    Collaborators Howitt, Clara - Greater Essex County District School Board
    MacArthur, Crystal D. - Nova Scotia Labour and Workforce Development
      Multiliteracies for adolescents and adults: Teaching and learning literacy in the 21st century
    Applicant Collier, Cheryl N. - University of Windsor 78 083,00 $
    Co-applicant Raney, Tracey - Ryerson University
      Gendering Canada's legislatures: A comparative examination of federal, provincial and territorial efforts to combat sexism and sexual harassment in politics
Wilfrid Laurier University
    Applicant Kocovski, Nancy - Wilfrid Laurier University 157 117,00 $
      Self-compassion and social anxiety: Coping with social evaluative stress through kindness
    Applicant Haughton, Michael A. - Wilfrid Laurier University 71 280,00 $
      Negotiation in freight transportation markets: impacts on businesses and environmental sustainability
    Applicant Liang, Lindie Hanyu - Wilfrid Laurier University 113 983,00 $
    Co-applicant Brown, Douglas J. - University of Waterloo
    Collaborators Ferris, D. Lance - Michigan State University
    Lian, Huiwen - University of Kentucky
      Lashing out or keeping their cool: A self-control perspective on leader mistreatment
    Applicant Krettenauer, Tobias - Wilfrid Laurier University 288 705,00 $
    Collaborators Matsuba, Kyle - Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    Riemer, Manuel - Wilfrid Laurier University
      Sustainable behavior and moral development
    Applicant Smith, David - Wilfrid Laurier University 62 521,00 $
      Defending companies: Legitimacy and ideas of social responsibility in England's first corporate economy
    Applicant Humphries, Mark O. - Wilfrid Laurier University 353 137,00 $
    Co-applicants Comacchio, Cynthia R. - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Copp, Terry - Wilfrid Laurier University
    Vance, Jonathan F.W. - Western University
      Aftermath: Canadian Great War veterans, their families, and the state, 1914-1962
    Applicant Riley, Liam - Wilfrid Laurier University 52 220,00 $
    Collaborator Riley, Paul D. - IBI Group
      Mapping African urban foodscapes: Youth experiences in Malawi's informal settlements
    Applicant Aguinaldo, Jeffrey P. - Wilfrid Laurier University 92 143,00 $
    Co-applicant Ahluwalia, Amrita - Fife House Foundation Inc.
      How HIV is made relevant in everyday interactions
    Applicant Ruffle, Bradley J. - Wilfrid Laurier University 90 977,00 $
      Working for a better match: An experimental investigation of co-op programs' matching mechanism and alternatives
    Applicant Kiss, Simon J. - Wilfrid Laurier University 88 314,00 $
    Co-applicant Graefe, Peter A. - McMaster University
      Understanding the new NDP: What is the price of winning votes
    Applicant Smith, Justin D. - Wilfrid Laurier University 86 990,00 $
    Co-applicant Hickey, Ross D. - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborator Payne, Abigail A. - McMaster University
      Explaining the determinants of charitable giving with detailed taxfiler data
    Applicant Hannem, Stacey N. - Wilfrid Laurier University 91 467,00 $
    Co-applicant Bruckert, Christine M. - University of Ottawa
    Collaborators Brents, Barbara G. - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Healy, Catherine A. - New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective
      Sex work policy and stigma: An international comparative analysis of sex workers' experiences of regulatory responses to prostitution
    Applicant Zhan, Yujie - Wilfrid Laurier University 166 695,00 $
    Collaborator Shi, Junqi - Lingnan University
      Developing and testing a dynamic model of identity and activity adaptation in work-to-retirement transition
York University / Université York
    Applicant Khalidi, Muhammad Ali - York University 91 248,00 $
      Taxonomic practices in the cognitive sciences
    Applicant Anisef, Paul - York University 378 020,00 $
    Co-applicants Axelrod, Paul D. - York University
    James, Carl - York University
    Lehmann, Wolfgang - Western University
    Maier, Reana G. - McMaster University
    Robson, Karen L. - McMaster University
      The class of '73: A 46 year longitudinal follow-up study
    Applicant Herren, Michael W. - York University 76 480,00 $
    Collaborators Porter, David W. - Southern University and A&M College
    Sauer, Hans - Munich University of Applied Sciences
      Critical edition of the Épinal-Erfurt Glossary
    Applicant Robinson, Joanna L. - York University 94 748,00 $
      Building a new environmentalism: Changing opportunities, frames and tactics in the Canadian environmental movement
    Applicant Pioffet, Marie-Christine - York University 96 463,00 $
      Le théâtre du Nouveau Monde : les dialogues dans les récits issus de la colonisation française de l'Amérique (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles)
    Applicant Toplak, Maggie E. - York University 294 538,00 $
    Collaborators Stanovich, Keith E. - University of Toronto
    West, Richard F. - James Madison University
      Measuring cognitive sophistication: Towards developing a tool for assessing rational thinking in adolescents
    Applicant Kawakami, Kerry L. - York University 273 010,00 $
      Intergroup biases in emotion identification
    Applicant Zha, Qiang - York University 78 993,00 $
    Co-applicant Lang, Daniel W. - University of Toronto
      Diversification and classification of Chinese higher education: An exploration of state, market, and institutional forces
    Applicant Hoffman, Michol F. - York University 153 660,00 $
    Co-applicant Nagy, Naomi - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Beline Mendes, Ronald - University of São Paulo
    Walker, James A. - La Trobe University
      Ethnolinguistic variation and change: Coordinating production and perception
    Applicant Knight, Katherine - York University 112 182,00 $
    Collaborators Knight, William C. - Canada Science and Technology Museum
    Marsters, Roger S. - Nova Scotia Museum
    Perrault, Marie - No Institutional Affiliation
      Modelling memory: Fact, imagination and Maritime ship models
    Applicant Henriques, Irene M. - York University 344 754,00 $
    Co-applicants Anderson, Robert B. - University of Regina
    Colbourne, Rick J. - University of Northern British Columbia
    Missens, Richard M. - First Nations University of Canada
    Peredo, Ana Maria - University of Victoria
    Schneider, Bettina - First Nations University of Canada
      Indigenous social entrepreneurship: A co-generated approach
    Applicant Tamim, Hala - York University 321 246,00 $
    Co-applicants Bohr, Yvonne - York University
    Hynie, Michaela - York University
    Riskedahl, Diane R. - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Alamgir, Akm - Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre
    Yunis, Khalid A. - American University, Beirut
      New country, new parenthood: Syrian refugees in the context of resettlement
    Applicant Cecchetto, David F. - York University 89 241,00 $
      Listening to digital culture: Individual sonic extension, collective resonant agency, and nonhuman aural materiality
    Applicant Birch, Kean - York University 269 242,00 $
      From entrepreneurship to rentiership: The changing dynamics of innovation in technoscientific capitalism
    Applicant Schweitzer, Marlis E. - York University 97 844,00 $
    Collaborator Barker, Roberta E. - Dalhousie University
      Performing phrenology: The theatrical roots of a 19th-century science
    Applicant MacLennan, Anne F. - York University 74 577,00 $
    Collaborator Moylan, Katie - University of Leicester
      Programming, practices, production and policy: Canadian community radio
    Applicant Jenkins, William M. - York University 80 756,00 $
      The famine generation in Toronto: Poverty, crime, and place 1847-1882
    Applicant Trilokekar, Roopa Desai - York University 155 382,00 $
    Co-applicants Thomson, Kelly J. - York University
    Winton, Susan - York University
    Collaborators Gribble, Catriona - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT University)
    Morris-Lange, Simon - The Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration
      International students are ideal immigrants: A critical discourse analysis of study-migration pathways in Canada, Australia and Germany
    Applicant Kistruck, Geoffrey M. - York University 263 685,00 $
    Co-applicant Slade Shantz, Angelique F. - University of Alberta
    Collaborator Tumsifu, Elly - University of Dar es Salaam Business School
      Reshaping entrepreneurship as a tool for poverty alleviation
    Applicant Thorne, Linda E. - York University 134 340,00 $
    Co-applicant Fiolleau, Krista J. - University of Waterloo
    Collaborators Gaa, James C. - University of Alberta
    Libby, Theresa - University of Central Florida
      The effects of technology on accountants' professional judgement
    Applicant Buchanan, Ruth M. - York University 83 167,00 $
    Collaborators Eslava, Luis - University of Kent
    Pahuja, Sundhya - The University of Melbourne
      Visualizing law and development
    Applicant Murray, David A.B. - York University 95 960,00 $
      Anachronic: The moral lives of HIV in post-crisis Barbados
    Applicant Shanahan, Theresa G. - York University 151 788,00 $
      Policy enactment in Ontario schools: Teacher professionalism in practice
    Applicant Mulé, Nick J. - York University 119 712,00 $
      Queer liberation theory: Resurrection and development
    Applicant Mayer, Connie C. - York University 184 311,00 $
    Collaborator Trezek, Beverly J. - DePaul University
      Literacy outcomes of deaf learners: Updating the evidence base
    Applicant Zikic, Jelena - York University 120 224,00 $
      Skilled immigrant integration: The role of local employers and skilled immigrants in enabling successful integration
Canadian Mennonite University
    Applicant Froese, Brian - Canadian Mennonite University 92682
      Trekking north: conservative American religious and political migrations to Western Canada
The University of Winnipeg
    Applicant Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene - The University of Winnipeg 78316
      Black African children in pre-modern Portugal
    Applicant Bullock, Ryan - The University of Winnipeg 256248
    Co-applicants Diduck, Alan P. - The University of Winnipeg
    Zurba, Melanie - The University of Winnipeg
      Climate learning and adaptation for northern development (C-LAND)
    Applicant Friesen, Justin P. - The University of Winnipeg 99800
    Co-applicant Gaucher, Danielle - The University of Winnipeg
      System justification and immigration: How motivated defence of the status quo affects stereotypes and attitudes about newcomers
    Applicant Ruml, Mark F. - The University of Winnipeg 274521
      Indigenous spiritual biography as the matrix for truth and reconcilliation
    Applicant Frimer, Jeremy A. - The University of Winnipeg 83923
    Collaborators Aquino, Karl - The University of British Columbia
    Skitka, Linda J. - University of Illinois at Chicago
      Civility and the reduction of social biases
    Applicant Bullard, Olga A. - The University of Winnipeg 83445
    Co-applicant Main, Kelley J. - University of Manitoba
      For the benefit of others: How consumption actvities that benefit others relate to consumer goals
Université de Saint-Boniface
    Applicant Desjardins, Renée - Université de Saint-Boniface 37858
    Co-applicant Pahud, Danielle M. - University of Manitoba
      Citizen science, translation, and social media: Analyzing multilingual participatory constellations on science-related social platforms
University of Manitoba
    Applicant Vorauer, Jacquie D. - University of Manitoba 98838
      Identifying beneficial versus detrimental forms of empathic responding in conflictual intergroup interaction situations
    Applicant Funk, Laura M. - University of Manitoba 130967
    Co-applicants Cohen, Robin S. - McGill University
    Mackenzie, Corey S. - University of Manitoba
    Rounce, Andrea - University of Manitoba
    Stajduhar, Kelli I. - University of Victoria
    Collaborator Krawczyk, Marian - University of Glasgow
      A mixed methods policy research study of dying at home in Canada
    Applicant Whicher, Ian R. - University of Manitoba 82978
      Freedom and the principle of intelligence in yoga
    Applicant Bugslag, James F.P. - University of Manitoba 96617
    Co-applicants Labrecque, Claire - The University of Winnipeg
    Sanfaçon, Roland - Université Laval
      Shedding light on collections of pre-modern stained glass in Canada
    Applicant Caza, Brianna - University of Manitoba 93223
    Co-applicant Reid, Erin M. - McMaster University
    Collaborator Ashford, Susan J. - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
      Investigating resilience in the gig economy
    Applicant Zhu, Lei - University of Manitoba 138350
    Co-applicant Aquino, Karl - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborator Restubog, Simon Lloyd - Australian National University
      Moral identity symbolization in organizations: Mechanisms and consequences
    Applicant Caza, Arran - University of Manitoba 84839
      Role of age in leadership
    Applicant Jochelson, Richard - University of Manitoba 68720
    Co-applicants Bertrand, Michelle I. - The University of Winnipeg
    Desroches, Amy S. - The University of Winnipeg
    Ireland, David A. - University of Manitoba
    Lindsay, Roderick C.L. - Queen's University
      Understanding justice: Jury comprehension of Canadian judicial charges in the criminal law
    Applicant Haque, C. Emdad - University of Manitoba 329260
    Co-applicants Berkes, Fikret - University of Manitoba
    Doré, Michel C. - Université du Québec à Montréal
    Collaborator Shahidullah, AKM - Center for Natural Resources Studies
      Social learning matters: Change in disaster management for building resilience
    Applicant Lassi, Etienne-Marie - University of Manitoba 153391
    Co-applicants Kavwahirehi, Kasereka - University of Ottawa
    Tcheuyap, Alexie - University of Toronto
      L'imaginaire social en Afrique francophone : Les lieux de lecture et de mise en sens de l'événement postcolonial
    Applicant Ferris, Shawna - University of Manitoba 315338
    Co-applicant Allard, Danielle R.N. - University of Alberta
      The sex work activist histories project
    Applicant Larson, Paul D. - University of Manitoba 99600
    Collaborators Halldorsson, Arni - Chalmers University of Technology
    Parsons, Robert V. - Other/Unknown
    Sundgren, Caroline - Hanken School of Economics
      Reducing food waste: The role of consumer logistics
University of Regina
    Applicant Petty, Sheila J. - University of Regina 79 167,00 $
      A cinematic history of the origins and legacy of la marche pour l'egalité et contre le racisme in France (1983-2018)
    Applicant Freddolini, Francesco - Luther College 78 805,00 $
      Regal alterities: imagining exotic rulers and ambassadors in early modern Europe
    Applicant Hurlbert, Margot A. - University of Regina 245 045,00 $
    Collaborators Andrews, Bridget A. - Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds
    Dormuth, Darryl - University of Regina
    Finlay, Kerri - University of Regina
    Gauthier, Sarah - University of Saskatchewan
    Hutch, Gregory F. - Information Systems Management Canada
    Peng, Wei - University of Regina
    Sauchyn, David J. - University of Regina
    Warren, James W. - University of Regina
    Wheaton, Elaine E. - University of Saskatchewan
      Implementing community citizen engaged best management practices through adaptive management
    Applicant Robertson, Carmen L. - University of Regina 396 644,00 $
    Co-applicant Phillips, Ruth B. - Carleton University
    Collaborators Baker, Richard H. - Richard H. Baker Barrister & Solicitor
    Corbiere, Alan T. - York University
    Green, Christopher - The City University of New York
    Grussani, Linda L.A. - Canadian Museum of History
    Hill, Greg A. - National Gallery of Canada
    Hill, Richard W. - Emily Carr University of Art + Design
    LaVallee, Michelle L. - Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
    McGeough, Michelle S. - The University of British Columbia
    McMaster, Gerald - OCAD University
    Nicks, Gertrude - Royal Ontario Museum
    Sihin, Gaye M. - Westerkirk Works of Art
    Wilson, Jessica - Westerkirk Works of Art
      Morrisseau project: 1955-1985
University of Saskatchewan
    Applicant Noble, Bram - University of Saskatchewan 91 834,00 $
    Co-applicant Hanna, Kevin S. - The University of British Columbia
    Co-applicant Poelzer, Gregory M. - University of Saskatchewan
    Collaborator Narayanasamy, Ranjith - SaskPower
      Knowledge-based impact assessment for renewable energy transition
    Applicant Lawson, Karen L. - University of Saskatchewan 87 076,00 $
    Co-applicant Downe, Pamela J. - University of Saskatchewan
      Later baby: psycho-social factors underlying the formation of intentions to delay motherhood
    Applicant Berdahl, Loleen - University of Saskatchewan 60 574,00 $
    Co-applicant Malloy, Jonathan P. - Carleton University
      Political science career mentorship in Canada
    Applicant Roy, Wendy J. - University of Saskatchewan 79 780,00 $
      Women of the apocalypse: Writing the end of the world in Canada
    Applicant Chernoff, Egan J. - University of Saskatchewan 75 482,00 $
      Probing the probabilistic knowledge of prospective mathematics teachers: An investigation into the use of logical fallacies
    Applicant Pushor, Debbie A. - University of Saskatchewan 184 491,00 $
    Collaborators Amendt, Ted H. - Saskatchewan School Boards Association
    Currie, Rob - University of Saskatchewan
    Huber, Natalie - University of Saskatchewan
    MacDougall, Barry D. - Saskatoon Public Schools
    MacFadden, Alastair - Government of Saskatchewan
      Systematic parent engagment in teaching and learning: Creating a prototype to enhance academic and social outcomes for children and parents
    Applicant McWilliams, Lachlan A. - University of Saskatchewan 93 276,00 $
    Co-applicant Prime, Steven L. - University of Saskatchewan
      Adult attachment and functioning of the attention networks
    Applicant Nelson, Brent - University of Saskatchewan 146 203,00 $
    Co-applicant Harkema, Craig M. - University of Saskatchewan
    Collaborators Bath, Jon - University of Saskatchewan
    Smith, Lisa W. - University of Essex
      The social network of early modern collectors of curiosities
    Applicant Okoko, Janet M. - University of Saskatchewan 78 712,00 $
    Collaborators Hyshka, Wendy J. - Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools
    Prowse, Patricia M. - University of Saskatchewan
    Tilbury, Shauna - Saskatoon Public Schools
      Parental engagement with school leadership: Preparing principals for work with English as an additional language newcomers
Athabasca University
    Applicant Peuramaki-Brown, Meaghan - Athabasca University 285859
    Collaborators Howie, Linda A. - Western University
    Morton, Shawn G. - Northern Arizona University
    Webb, Elizabeth - Western University
      Becoming an ancient Maya boomtown: People, spaces, and things in East-Central Belize
Grant MacEwan University
    Applicant Toth, Josh - Grant MacEwan University 74572
      Plasticity, ethics, and American literature
The King's University (Edmonton)
    Applicant Gordon, Elizabeth S.W. - The King's University (Edmonton) 177213
    Co-applicant Battershill, Claire D. - Simon Fraser University
    Collaborators Southworth, Helen - University of Oregon
    Staveley, Alice E. - Stanford University
    Widner, Michael - Stanford University
    Wilson, Nicola - The University of Reading
      The modernist archives publishing project (MAPP)
University of Alberta
    Applicant Johnson, Matt D. - University of Alberta 162282
    Co-applicant Galovan, Adam M. - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Anderson, Jared R. - Kansas State University
    Min, Joohong - University of Alberta
    Neyer, Franz F. - Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
    Walper, Sabine - German Youth Institute
      Modern family ties
    Applicant Nicoladis, Elena - University of Alberta 261700
    Co-applicant Marentette, Paula F. - University of Alberta
      The development of viewpoint in children's gesture production
    Applicant Frei, Christoph - University of Alberta 136467
      Should central banks issue digital currencies and impose position limits to increase market efficiency
    Applicant Beck, David J. - University of Alberta 297096
    Co-applicant Kondrak, Grzegorz - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Lam, Yvonne Y. - University of Alberta
    Snoek, Conor - University of Lethbridge
      Internal classification linguistic ecology and typological variation in central Totonac: An endangered Mesoamerican language family
    Applicant Abbott, Marilyn L. - University of Alberta 99602
      Portfolio-based language assessment in language instruction for newcomers to Canada LINC literacy classes: the need for data to guide policy and practice ractice
    Applicant Carpenter, Sara C. - University of Alberta 98524
    Collaborator Shultz, Lynette - University of Alberta
      Post-secondary as prerequisite: Understanding university access initiatives for adult and non-traditional learners
    Applicant Van Vliet, K. Jessica - University of Alberta 97369
    Co-applicant Domene, Jose F. - University of New Brunswick
      A social mentalities framework for understanding person-environment fit and well-being in the workplace
    Applicant Rak, Julie S. - University of Alberta 109172
    Co-applicant Martin, Keavy K. - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Cariou, Warren - University of Manitoba
    Igloliorte, Heather L. - Concordia University
    Ruffo, Armand G. - Queen's University
      Government agents, literary agents: Inuit books and government intervention, 1968-1985
    Applicant Rast, David E. - University of Alberta 89816
    Collaborator Hogg, Michael A. - Claremont Graduate University
      Building social connectivity and cohesion within fractured communities: identity dynamics and the challenge of intergroup leadership
    Applicant Yohani, Sophie C. - University of Alberta 239817
    Co-applicants Gokiert, Rebecca J. - University of Alberta
    Kirova, Anna - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Chiu, Yvonne - Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative
    Georgis, Rebecca - University of Edinburgh
      Psychosocial adaptation and integration of Syrian refugee communities using community learning empowerment groups
    Applicant Roth, Lukas - University of Alberta 125351
    Co-applicant Dyck, Alexander - University of Toronto
    Collaborators Lins, Karl - University of Utah
    Towner, Mitch - University of Arizona
    Wagner, Hannes - Bocconi University
      Institutional investors and firms' corporate social responsibility: A cross-country analysis
    Applicant McHugh, Tara-Leigh F. - University of Alberta 93506
    Co-applicants Ferguson, Leah J. - University of Saskatchewan
    Holt, Nicholas L. - University of Alberta
    McGuire-Adams, Tricia - University of Alberta
    Collaborator Kuptana, Donald - Municipal and Community Affairs
      That was our sport back then: An exploration of the holistic benefits of participating in Northern games
    Applicant McMahon, Rob D. - University of Alberta 99972
    Co-applicants Fletcher, Fay L. - University of Alberta
    Gow, Gordon A. - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Ginther, Donald - First Nations (Alberta) Technical Services Advisory Group
    Good Rider, Crystal L. - Peigan Board of Education
    Janes, Diane P. - Cape Breton University
    Many Guns, Herman T. - Piikani Nation
    Whiteduck, Tim - First Nations Education Council
      Exploring Blackfoot digital literacy through the Piikani cultural and digital literacy camp program
    Applicant Koslicki, Kathrin M. - University of Alberta 152589
    Co-applicants Cameron, Margaret A. - University of Victoria
    Raven, Michael - University of Victoria
      The essence of anti-essentialism
    Applicant Taylor, Chloe - University of Alberta 87230
      Intersections of animality
    Applicant Villeneuve, Anne-Jose - University of Alberta 65295
    Co-applicant Bigot, Davy - Concordia University
    Collaborators Beaulieu, Suzie - Université Laval
    Nagy, Naomi - University of Toronto
      Norme(s) et variation socio-stylistique : démythifier le français québécois
    Applicant Ensslin, Astrid C. - University of Alberta 208653
    Co-applicant Rice, Carla M. - University of Guelph
    Collaborator Riley, Sarah C. - Aberystwyth University
      Writing new bodies: Critical co-design for 21st century digital-born bibliotherapy
    Applicant Sockbeson, Rebecca S. - University of Alberta 147217
    Co-applicant Weber-Pillwax, Cora K. - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Alexis, Tony - Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation
    Crier, John - Maskwachees Cultural College
    Louis, Claudine - Maskwachees Cultural College
    Oliveira Andreotti, Vanessa - The University of British Columbia
    Steinhauer, Evelyn L. - University of Alberta
      Indigenous knowledge mobilization: A purposeful collaboration between Indigenous communities and higher education
    Applicant Fauteux, Brian A. - University of Alberta 49316
    Co-applicant Selman, Brianne - The University of Winnipeg
    Collaborators Dahlman, Ian - Canadian Heritage
    deWaard, Andrew - University of California, Los Angeles
      The cultural capital project: Digital stewardship and sustainable monetization for Canadian independent musicians
    Applicant Boily, Frédéric - University of Alberta 80559
      Droitisation et comparaison des droites intellectuelles au Canada : 2006-2016
    Applicant Hryshko, Dmytro - University of Alberta 103642
    Collaborator Manovskii, Iourii - University of Pennsylvania
      Improving the measurement of consumption and income dynamics
    Applicant McDougall, E. Ann - University of Alberta 91735
    Collaborators Bellucci, Stefano - International Institute of Social History
    Ould Cheikh, Abdel Wedoud - Université de Lorraine
      Freed-slave workers in the Mountain of Iron: a history of Haratine labour in Mauritanian mining (1940-2020)
    Applicant Ross, Shelley P. - University of Alberta 91368
    Co-applicants Hamza, Deena - University of Alberta
    Milford, Todd - University of Victoria
    Poth, Cheryl-Anne - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Schipper, Shirley A. - University of Alberta
    Van der goes, Theresa - The University of British Columbia
      Examining changes to self-regulated learning during competency-based professional training
    Applicant Asfeldt, Morten - University of Alberta 88050
    Co-applicant Purc-Stephenson, Rebecca J. - University of Alberta
      Outdoor education in Canada: Guiding philosophies, distinguishing characteristics, and central goals
University of Calgary
    Applicant Russell-Mayhew, Michelle K. - University of Calgary 59940
    Co-applicants Estefan, Andrew - University of Calgary
    Moules, Nancy J. - University of Calgary
    Collaborator Levine, Michael P. - Kenyon College
      Weight of the world: Expert conceptualizations of the complexities of weight
    Applicant Farfan, Penny - University of Calgary 87989
      Re-staging modernism, 1879-2017
    Applicant Adorjan, Michael C. - University of Calgary 90681
    Co-applicant Ricciardelli, Rosemary - Memorial University of Newfoundland
      Responding to youth and cyber-risk: Assessing parents' and educators' experiences, attitudes and strategies towards online risks facing youth
    Applicant Whalley, Alexander T. - University of Calgary 96824
    Collaborator Wright, Greg - University of California, Merced
      Patents and performance in the global economy
    Applicant Rice, Roberta L. - University of Calgary 95000
      Indigenous activism and the new extractivism in global perspective
    Applicant McDonough, Meghan H. - University of Calgary 84220
    Co-applicants Crocker, Peter R.E. - The University of British Columbia
    Hewson, Jennifer A. - University of Calgary
    Collaborator Matsune, A.J. - The City of Calgary
    Collaborators McDonough, Raynell A. - Other/Unknown
    Toohey, Ann M. - University of Calgary
    Won, Stephanie - The City of Calgary
      Social support for social participation and physical literacy for older adults
    Applicant Rosol, Marit - University of Calgary 87142
      Good food is just the beginning: Scaling up and scaling out urban community food initiatives in Calgary, Alberta
    Applicant Jubas, Kaela - University of Calgary 93956
      Popular culture as a resource for critical curiosity in the professional studies classroom
    Applicant Kwon, Seok Woo - University of Calgary 46536
      Explaining entrepreneurship trends using hierarchical age-period-cohort models
    Applicant Shadmehr, Mehdi - University of Calgary 84299
      Capitalists in revolution: Capital control, labor repression, and the nature of right wing governments
    Applicant Zytaruk, Maria C. - University of Calgary 56977
      Seeds for tomorrow: A material history of eighteenth-century seed exchange and seed collections
    Applicant Curran, Dean F. - University of Calgary 92215
      The risks of interconnectedness system-wide risk in finance and the digital
    Applicant Hughes, Lisa A. - University of Calgary 50901
    Collaborator Aycock, John D. - University of Calgary
      The art of performance in the theatre gardens of Ancient Rome
    Applicant Leblanc, Jean-René - University of Calgary 65772
    Co-applicant Eiserman, Jennifer R.F. - University of Calgary
    Collaborators Côté, Karine - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    Gadbois, Denis - University of Calgary
    Rusted, Brian G. - University of Calgary
      Real-life cowboys: representing new male subjectivities in 21st Century cowboy art using participatory visual methods and research creation
    Applicant Drolet, Julie L. - University of Calgary 83654
      In the aftermath of the 2016 Alberta wildfire: experiences of social work practitioners and human service professionals in long-term disaster recovery
    Applicant Walls, Matthew D. - University of Calgary 231495
    Co-applicant Hayashi, Naotaka - University of Calgary
    Collaborators Johansen, Trine B. - University of California, Davis
    Knudsen, Pauline B.K. - No Institutional Affiliation
      Inughuit creativity and environmental responsiveness in NW Greenland
    Applicant Bourdage, Joshua S. - University of Calgary 131272
    Co-applicant Ogunfowora, Babatunde O. - University of Calgary
    Co-applicant Roulin, Nicolas P. - Saint Mary's University
      Manipulation and influence in the workplace
    Applicant Laidlaw, Emily - University of Calgary 61642
      Online abuse: Developing the tort of privacy for the digital age
    Applicant Madigan, Sheri L. - University of Calgary 91278
    Co-applicant Campbell, Tavis - University of Calgary
    Giesbrecht, Gerald F. - University of Calgary
    Letourneau, Nicole - University of Calgary
    Plamondon, André - Université Laval
    Racine, Nicole M. - University of Calgary
    Collaborators Hart, Joan Martha - University of Calgary
    Lyons-Ruth, Karlen - Harvard University
      Disorganized attachment in early childhood: An examination of its multi-factorial etiology using a large prospective cohort study
University of Lethbridge
    Applicant Taylor, Aaron E.N. - University of Lethbridge 98970
    Co-applicants MacArthur, Douglas E. - University of Lethbridge
    Sadr, Javid - University of Lethbridge
      Screen acting and embodied cognition
    Applicant Baulkaran, Vishaal R.A. - University of Lethbridge 37610
      Board effectiveness
British Columbia
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    Applicant Ohler, Paul J. - Kwantlen Polytechnic University 20 801,00 $
      The complete works of Edith Wharton: Volume 2, short stories 1 1891-1903 and contribution to Digital Wharton
Royal Roads University
    Applicant Rekar Munro, Carolin - Royal Roads University 78 783,00 $
      The leadership revolution: Emerging generation Y leaders charting new pathways for doing business globally
    Applicant Jorgensen, Suzanne Frances - Royal Roads University 55 108,00 $
    Collaborator Bish, Adelle J. - North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
    Noesgaard, Mette - University of Southern Denmark
    Teo, Stephen T. - Edith Cowan University
      An investigation of the effects of presenteeism on workplace accidents and injuries amongst frontline service employees
    Applicant King, Leslie - Royal Roads University 177 147,00 $
    Collaborator Ogilvie, Astrid E.J. - Stefansson Arctic Institute
      Northern knowledge for resilience, sustainable environments and adaptation in coastal communities (NORSEACC)
Simon Fraser University
    Applicant Zazkis, Rina - Simon Fraser University 374 350,00 $
      Mobilizing mathematical knowledge in secondary school teaching: towards enhanced mathematics teacher education
    Applicant Dagenais, Diane H. - Simon Fraser University 203 994,00 $
    Co-applicant Brisson, Genevieve - Simon Fraser University
    Collaborators Armand, Francoise - Université de Montréal
    Sinclair, Nathalie M. - Simon Fraser University
    Toohey, Kelleen K.A. - Simon Fraser University
      Ecologies of multilingual and multimodal story production
    Applicant Karaivanov, Alexander - Simon Fraser University 77 740,00 $
      Contracts and markets in the new digital economy: Theory, data analysis and policy
    Applicant Johnson, Genevieve F. - Simon Fraser University 140 068,00 $
      Sex work and sexualized violence: Analyzing the potential for shared concerns and strategies
    Applicant Schuurman, Nadine C. - Simon Fraser University 190 030,00 $
      Spatial big data from fitness devices: methods, protocols, and theorization
    Applicant Pidgeon, Michelle E. - Simon Fraser University 270 381,00 $
    Collaborators Mika, Carl - The University of Waikato
    Tiakiwai, Sarah-Jane - The University of Waikato
      Understanding Indigenous ethics and wholism within academic and Aboriginal community research settings
    Applicant Hrazdil, Karel - Simon Fraser University 98 725,00 $
      Executive personality traits as determinants of corporate governance structure and firm performance
    Applicant Aragon Sanchez, Fernando Martin - Simon Fraser University 81 454,00 $
    Collaborator Rud, Juan Pablo - Royal Holloway University of London
      Climate change, adaptation, and agriculture in developing countries
    Applicant Gencay, Ramazan - Simon Fraser University 153 591,00 $
      Economic networks and global financial stability
    Applicant Fillion, Nicolas - Simon Fraser University 75 713,00 $
    Collaborators Corless, Robert M. - Western University
    Smeenk, Christopher J. - Western University
      The third pillar of scientific rationality
    Applicant Schellenberg, Betty A. - Simon Fraser University 95 875,00 $
      Reader creations: eighteenth-century manuscript poetry miscellanies in English
    Applicant Schmitt, Michael T. - Simon Fraser University 92 380,00 $
      Identification with nature, politicized environmental identity, and pro-environmental behaviour
    Applicant McCann, Eugene J. - Simon Fraser University 230 709,00 $
      Referencescapes and public space: Futures; pasts and elsewheres in contemporary urban politics
    Applicant Cornut, Jérémie - Simon Fraser University 123 959,00 $
      The transformative impact of new communication technologies on public diplomacy in a comparative perspective
    Applicant Sinclair, Nathalie M. - Simon Fraser University 164 370,00 $
    Co-applicant Chorney, Sean - Simon Fraser University
      Gestural arithmetic: Introducing early multiplicative thinking using mobile technology
    Applicant D'Andrea, Catherine A. - Simon Fraser University 263 453,00 $
      Historical ecology of early state development in the Horn of Africa
    Applicant Antle, Alissa N. - Simon Fraser University 319 958,00 $
    Collaborators Hoskyn, Maureen J. - Simon Fraser University
    Wise, Alyssa F. - Simon Fraser University
      Understanding how and why hands-on interaction with tangible reading systems may support early language acquisition for at-risk readers
    Applicant Moulton, Keir - Simon Fraser University 131 603,00 $
    Collaborator Han, Chung-hye - Simon Fraser University
      Processing pronouns and quantifiers
    Applicant Daniel, Henry I. - Simon Fraser University 222 782,00 $
    Collaborators Abdi, Ali - The University of British Columbia
    Rapisarda, Simone Andrea - Simon Fraser University
    Wright, Handel K. - The University of British Columbia
      Contemporary nomads
    Applicant Knowles, John A. - Simon Fraser University 83 389,00 $
    Collaborator Bidner, Chris - Simon Fraser University
      Meritocracy, genetics and marital sorting
    Applicant Herrenbrueck, Lucas M. - Simon Fraser University 79 146,00 $
      Liquid assets and the macroeconomy
    Applicant Saraf, Nilesh - Simon Fraser University 87 892,00 $
    Co-applicant Ruckman, Karen E. - Simon Fraser University
      On inter-operability standards in the information and communications technology sectors
The University of British Columbia
    Applicant Li, Kai - The University of British Columbia 181 436,00 $
    Collaborators Gao, Huasheng - Fudan University
    Mai, Feng - Stevens Institute of Technology
      Corporate culture mergers and acquisitions and corporate innovation outcome
    Applicant Aquino, Karl - The University of British Columbia 148 300,00 $
    Co-applicant Lin, Pei-Shiuan (Lily) - Simon Fraser University
    Collaborators Cheng, Joey T. - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Graso, Maja - University of Otago
      Workplace and consumer vigilantes: Predictors and consequences
    Applicant Mikami, Amori Y. - The University of British Columbia 97 790,00 $
      Characterizing positive social communication in the digital age
    Applicant Robinson, Sandra L. - The University of British Columbia 128 200,00 $
      Organizational bad actors: what happens to them
    Applicant Li, Guofang - The University of British Columbia 275 737,00 $
    Co-applicant Gunderson, Lee - The University of British Columbia
      Behind the model minority mask: identifying early factors in cantonese and mandarin-speaking children's divergent literacy and academic trajectories in Canadian schools
    Applicant Taylor, Alison - The University of British Columbia 243 621,00 $
    Co-applicants Lehmann, Wolfgang - Western University
    Mirchandani, Kiran - University of Toronto
    Shan, Hongxia - The University of British Columbia
    Sweet, Robert - Lakehead University
    Collaborator Raykov, Milosh M. - University of Malta
      The hard working student: A Canadian study
    Applicant Frelick, Nancy M. - The University of British Columbia 83 384,00 $
      Reading, writing, and gender: Refashioning women writers of the French Renaissance
    Applicant Glassman, James F. - The University of British Columbia 140 525,00 $
      Geopolitical economies of urban-industrial development in East Asia and North America
    Applicant Perrin, Benjamin E.A. - The University of British Columbia 99 861,00 $
    Collaborators Hermida, Alfred - The University of British Columbia
    McCurdy, Patrick - University of Ottawa
      Social media crime: Enhancing Canada's response to sexual offences, threats and criminal harassment on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat
    Applicant Doberstein, Carey - The University of British Columbia 169 122,00 $
      Designing and evaluating collaborative governance through experimentation
    Applicant Corrigall-Brown, Catherine - The University of British Columbia 95 811,00 $
      Money matters: how government funding of NGOs helps or hinders civil society
    Applicant Andres, Lesley C. - The University of British Columbia 70 820,00 $
    Collaborator Lauterbach, Wolfgang - University of Potsdam
      Education work and income inequality across the life course: A Canadian and German longitudinal analysis
    Applicant Webb, Taylor - The University of British Columbia 129 686,00 $
    Collaborators Gulson, Kalervo N. - University of New South Wales
    Sellar, Sam - Manchester Metropolitan University
      The education of and by machines: the impact of artificial intelligence on education policy
    Applicant Wilson, Roger J.A. - The University of British Columbia 184 432,00 $
    Collaborators MacKinnon, Michael R. - The University of Winnipeg
    Mukai, Tomoo - Centre national de la recherche scientifique
    Ramsay, Jennifer H. - State University of New York at Brockport
    Richards, Michael P. - Simon Fraser University
    Veal, Robyn J. - University of Cambridge
      The Villa of Philippianus: economy and society in late Roman Sicily
    Applicant Buffam, Bonar - The University of British Columbia 87 215,00 $
      Minority politics and religious divides: citizenship and the state regulation of religious minorities in Western Canada, 1900-1975
    Applicant Hanser, Amy - The University of British Columbia 63 362,00 $
    Collaborator Elliott, Sinikka - The University of British Columbia
      Sitting the month: Understanding immigration and embodiment through the postpartum practices of Chinese immigrants to Canada
    Applicant Tracy, Jessica L. - The University of British Columbia 150 915,00 $
    Collaborators Hill, Alexander - University of Washington
    Koster, Jeremy - University of Cincinnati
      Are prestige and dominance communicated with distinct nonverbal displays
    Applicant Klonsky, David - The University of British Columbia 95 800,00 $
      advancing the measurement of emotional experience
    Applicant Antweiler, Werner - The University of British Columbia 88 320,00 $
    Co-applicants Gulati, Sumeet - The University of British Columbia
    Lee, Sanghoon - The University of British Columbia
      New frontiers of urban mobility economics
    Applicant Wilson, Brian S. - The University of British Columbia 112 566,00 $
    Collaborator Millington, Bradley J. - University of Bath
      Real Utopian experiments in environmentalist sport: A focus on golf
    Applicant Pinar, William F. - The University of British Columbia 187 609,00 $
      Curriculum studies in Canada: Intellectual histories, present circumstances, and future prospects
    Applicant Le Normand, Brigitte - The University of British Columbia 282 627,00 $
    Co-applicants Corbett, Jonathan M. - The University of British Columbia
    Crompton, Constance - University of Ottawa
    Collaborators Badescu, Gruia - University of Rijeka
    D'Alessio, Vanni - University of Rijeka
    Pavlakovic, Vjeran - University of Rijeka
    Perak, Benedikt - University of Rijeka
      Rijeka in flux: Borders and urban change after World War II
    Applicant Ichikawa, Jonathan - The University of British Columbia 79 741,00 $
      Sexual assault, knowledge, and the epistemology of testimony
    Applicant Li, Wei - The University of British Columbia 119 180,00 $
    Collaborators Tan, Xu - University of Washington
    Veszteg, Robert F. - Waseda University
      Learning in local networks
    Applicant Zhang, Li - The University of British Columbia 93 000,00 $
    Co-applicant Yeung, Ira - The University of British Columbia
      Consequences of private meetings between managers and institutional investors
    Applicant Perla, Jesse - The University of British Columbia 159 183,00 $
    Collaborators Hjort, Jonas - Columbia University
    Peters, Michael - Yale University
      Coordination frictions in macro-development: spatial equilibrium, technology traps, and industrial policy
    Applicant Siu, Henry E. - The University of British Columbia 220 701,00 $
    Co-applicant Cortes, Matias - York University
      Impacts of the changing occupational structure of the economy
    Applicant Yi, Christina - The University of British Columbia 78 061,00 $
      Literatures of dislocation: Repatriation and the remnants of empire
    Applicant Konijnendijk, Cecil - The University of British Columbia 90 185,00 $
      Urban forest governance in Canadian cities - managing for success and handling calamities
    Applicant Dempsey, Jessica - The University of British Columbia 232 977,00 $
    Collaborators Bigger, Patrick M. - Lancaster University
    Nelson, Sara H. - The University of British Columbia
    Shapiro, Elizabeth - Duke University
      Biodiversity conservation as financial asset tracing for-profit conservation finance
    Applicant Harris, Leila - The University of British Columbia 254 926,00 $
    Collaborators Galvin, Mary - University of Johannesburg
    Jepson, Wendy - Texas A & M University
    Walsh, Shannon D. - The University of British Columbia
    Wilson, Jessica R. - Environmental Monitoring Group
      Beyond access: Comparative analysis of non-material dimensions of water insecurities
    Applicant Pritchard, Robert B. - The University of British Columbia 175 294,00 $
    Collaborators Daniel, Henry I. - Simon Fraser University
    Fels, Sidney S. - The University of British Columbia
    Hamel, Keith A. - The University of British Columbia
    Paris, Nancy Joan - British Columbia Institute of Technology
      Tracking and smart textiles environment (TASTE)
    Applicant Alden, Lynn E. - The University of British Columbia 93 077,00 $
    Collaborator Graf, Peter - The University of British Columbia
      Social anxiety and memory for social events
    Applicant Darko, Odic - The University of British Columbia 94 620,00 $
      Sorry, you've got the wrong number: the role of intuitive number error monitoring in learning mathematics
    Applicant Boyd, David R. - The University of British Columbia 201 600,00 $
    Co-applicants Giang, Amanda - The University of British Columbia
    Satterfield, Theresa A. - The University of British Columbia
      Environmental justice and air quality in Canada: identifying and evaluating inequities in the production, distribution, and regulation of industrial air pollution
    Applicant Kershaw, Paul W. - The University of British Columbia 84 692,00 $
    Collaborators Erskine-Smith, Nathaniel B. - Liberal Party of Canada
    Swanson, Eric W.A. - Association for Generational Equity
    Wolfson, Michael C. - University of Ottawa
      Budgeting for all generations
    Applicant Cameron, Maxwell A. - The University of British Columbia 50 598,00 $
    Collaborators Anria, Santiago - Dickinson College
    Boesten, Jan - University of Oxford
    Ilizarbe, Carmen - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru
    Jaramillo, Grace - The University of British Columbia
    Marx McCarthy, Michael - American University
      The survival of defective democracies in the Andes
    Applicant Li, Xiaojun - The University of British Columbia 159 497,00 $
    Collaborator Cruz, Araceli - The University of British Columbia
    Fang, Songying - Rice University
      Historical ownership, territorial indivisibility, and international conflict: A comparative study of China, India and the Philippines
    Applicant Katz, Jennifer N. - The University of British Columbia 177 703,00 $
    Collaborators Katz, Laurence Y. - University of Manitoba
    Lamoureux, Kevin - The University of Winnipeg
      Supporting mental health in our schools: Building resiliency with DBT
    Applicant Gleason, Mona L. - The University of British Columbia 76 805,00 $
      Talking back to Victoria: parental advocacy for rural education in British Columbia, 1920 to the present
    Applicant Geary, David M. - The University of British Columbia 64 817,00 $
    Collaborator Mukherjee, Sraman K.K. - Ashoka University
      Reconfiguring a Buddhist homeland: Transnational memory and moral geographies in postcolonial India, 1947-2017
    Applicant Kamat, Vinay R. - The University of British Columbia 166 430,00 $
    Collaborator Mwaipopo, Rosemarie N. - University of Dar Es Salaam
      Contested landscapes: The social complexity of natural gas extraction in a marine protected area in Tanzania
    Applicant Martindale, Andrew - The University of British Columbia 392 542,00 $
    Co-applicants Guiry, Eric J. - The University of British Columbia
    Supernant, Kisha M. - University of Alberta
    Collaborators Ames, Kenneth M. - Portland State University
    Coupland, Gary G. - University of Toronto
    Edinborough, Kevan - University College London
    Grier, Colin - Washington State University
    Kantakis, Adam M. - First Nation Community of Lax Kw'alaams
    Letham, Bryn - No Institutional Affiliation
    Macdonald, George F. - Simon Fraser University
    Marsden, Susan - Museum of Northern British Columbia
    McKechnie, Iain - University of Victoria
    Mutrie, Erin - Metlakatla First Nation
    Patton, A. Katherine B. - University of Toronto
      Cartographies of deep time: Explaining Tsimshian history through archaeological, environmental, and oral records
    Applicant Fisher, Kevin D. - The University of British Columbia 276 338,00 $
    Collaborators Berna, Francesco - Simon Fraser University
    Georgiou, Artemis - University of Cyprus
    Manning, Sturt W. - Cornell University
    Opitz, Rachel S. - University of Glasgow
      Investigating the socio-environmental dynamics of an ancient urban landscape
    Applicant Gadermann, Anne M. - The University of British Columbia 145 743,00 $
    Co-applicants Gagne, Monique H. - The University of British Columbia
    Georgiades, Katholiki - McMaster University
    Guhn, Martin - The University of British Columbia
    Janus, Magdalena - McMaster University
    Oberle, Eva - The University of British Columbia
    Schonert-Reichl, Kimberly A. - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborators Forer, Barry - The University of British Columbia
    Milbrath, Constance - The University of British Columbia
      Identifying risk and protective factors for the social-emotional development of immigrant and refugee children
    Applicant Chamberlain, Sandra L. - The University of British Columbia 76 135,00 $
    Co-applicants Begley, Joy - The University of British Columbia
    Zhang, Li - The University of British Columbia
      Bankers' pay practices in the post crisis period: Risk and accounting outcomes
    Applicant Wang, Yanwen - The University of British Columbia 141 500,00 $
    Collaborators Lewis, Michael - Emory University
    Lynch, John G. - University of Colorado at Boulder
      Pre-retirement leakage of employer-sponsored defined contribution plans
    Applicant Qian, Yi - The University of British Columbia 96 900,00 $
      The impacts of intellectual property rights on pharmaceutical access and marketing
    Applicant Cui, Wei - The University of British Columbia 178 370,00 $
    Collaborator Liu, Li - International Monetary Fund
      Building rule-based tax collection: Empirical analyses based on large-scale, firm-level administrative data from China
    Applicant Mawani, Renisa - The University of British Columbia 93 524,00 $
      Enemies of empire: A socio-legal history of piracy
    Applicant Donner, Simon D. - The University of British Columbia 320 203,00 $
    Co-applicant Kandlikar, Milind - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborator Webber, Sophie R. - University of Sydney
      From science to service: Examining the circulation of useful climate information for adaptation in Pacific Island countries
    Applicant Reiner, Peter B. - The University of British Columbia 112 445,00 $
    Collaborators Felsen, Gidon - University of Colorado School of Medicine
    Nadler, Roland - University of Ottawa
    Nagel, Saskia - Twente University of Technology
    Niker, Fay R. - Stanford University
    Specker Sullivan, Laura - Harvard University
    Wexler, Anna - University of Pennsylvania
      The mind in your pocket
    Applicant Norman, Moss E. - The University of British Columbia 192 982,00 $
    Co-applicant Hart, Michael A. - University of Manitoba
    McRae, Heather - University of Manitoba
    Petherick, LeAnne - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborators Albert, Edward M. - University of Manitoba
    Bundon, Andrea - The University of British Columbia
    Mason, Gerald - Fisher River Cree Nation
      Restor(y)ing place-based Indigenous physical cultural identities: Examining the relationships between movement, land, language, and masculinities
    Applicant Brown, Helen J. - The University of British Columbia 262 861,00 $
    Co-applicants Martin, Ruth E. - The University of British Columbia
    Morrison, Brenda E. - Simon Fraser University
    Olsen Harper, Anita - University of Manitoba
    Varcoe, Colleen - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborators Guichon, Ann - Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society
    Johnny, Daryl - ?Esdilagh First Nation Government
    Leask, Laura - Correctional Service of Canada
    Leon, Arthur - Correctional Service of Canada
    Lulua, Jimmy - Tsilhqot'in National Government
    Petal, Rhoda - Yunesit'in Government
    Stump-William, Shannon - Denisiqi Services Society
    Taylor, Melissa - Correctional Service of Canada
    Williams, Loretta - Tsilhqot'in National Government
      Working 2 give and connect: Sustaining a federal prison and Aboriginal partnership for offender rehabilitation and first nations community well-being
    Applicant Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad - The University of British Columbia 123 475,00 $
    Co-applicant Freund, Luanne S. - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborators Darwish, Kareem M. - Hamad Bin Khalifa University
    Elsherif, Mohamed - Crowd Analyzer Inc.
    Klein, Peter - The University of British Columbia
    Mohamed, Eid - University of Guelph
    Nakov, Preslav - Hamad Bin Khalifa University
    Ungar, Lyle H. - University of Pennsylvania
      Contextual misinformation detection in Arabic social media
    Applicant Walsh, Zachary - The University of British Columbia 250 950,00 $
    Co-applicants Holder, Mark D. - The University of British Columbia
    Holtzman, Susan - The University of British Columbia
    Milloy, Michael-John - The University of British Columbia
    Collaborators Hawthorn, Tracey - The University of British Columbia
    Thiessen, Michelle S. - The University of British Columbia
      Beyond reefer madness: Capturing the normal cannabis user in a nomological net
    Applicant Wiltschko, Martina E. - The University of British Columbia 226 253,00 $
    Co-applicant Ritter, Elizabeth A. - University of Calgary
    Collaborators Bliss, Heather A. - University of Victoria
    Brinton, Laurel J. - The University of British Columbia
    D'Arcy, Alexandra F. - University of Victoria
    Elfner, Emily J. - The University of British Columbia
    Farkas, Donka F. - University of California, Santa Cruz
    Hinzen, Wolfram W. - Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona
    Sichel, Ivy - University of California, Santa Cruz
      How to do things with nominals: A linguistic investigation of referring speech acts
    Applicant Parkes, Debra L. - The University of British Columbia 78 653,00 $
    Co-applicants Grant, Isabel - The University of British Columbia
    Hannah-Moffat, Kelly L. - University of Toronto
      The most severe sanction: Lived experience of life sentences in Canada
    Applicant Hanna, Kevin S. - The University of British Columbia 215 975,00 $
    Co-applicants Bull, Gary Q. - The University of British Columbia
    Gergel, Sarah E. - The University of British Columbia
    Noble, Bram - University of Saskatchewan
    Collaborator Crowe, Gary - Tsilhqot'in National Government
    Myers Rose, Russell - Yunesit'in Government
    Scott-May, Cathy - Other/Unknown
      Connecting cumulative effects assessment to decision-making
    Applicant Zhu, Ying - The University of British Columbia 94 884,00 $
    Co-applicant Basil, Debra Z. - University of Lethbridge
    Collaborator Belk, Russell W. - York University
      The impact of touchscreen devices on individual judgment and decision making
    Applicant Walker, David D. - The University of British Columbia 85 547,00 $
    Co-applicant van Jaarsveld, Danielle D. - The University of British Columbia
      I take it, you can too, or can you - Employee history of mistreatment by customers and abuse of service employees
Thompson Rivers University
    Applicant Oppong, Richard F. - Thompson Rivers University 72 250,00 $
      International dimensions in family law: Same-sex unions, surrogacy and intercountry adoption in commonwealth Africa
Trinity Western University
    Applicant Scott, James M. - Trinity Western University 27 214,00 $
      Cosmopolitanism and empire: A comparative study of Galatians 3:28 in light of Greco-Roman and Jewish apocalyptic conceptions of cultural integration
University of Northern British Columbia
    Applicant Hernandez-Read, Erica J. - University of Northern British Columbia 182 540,00 $
    Co-applicants Brown, Marthe - Laurentian University
    Duranti, Luciana - The University of British Columbia
    Frogner, Raymond O. - University of Manitoba
    McCracken, Krista - Algoma University
    Collaborators Adams, Melissa M. - Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
    Brake, James - Nunatsiavut Government
    Burnham, Marnie L. - Library and Archives Canada
    Callison, Camille L. - University of Manitoba
    Jansen, Jennifer - Tsawwassen First Nation
    Johnson, Donald B. - Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan
    McLean, Marianne - Eigg Road Consulting
    Swanson, Raegan M. - Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
    Vonk, Nichole - United Church of Canada
    Wright, Emma L. - Royal British Columbia Museum
      Establishing a framework for reconciliation action and awareness within the Canadian archival system
University of the Fraser Valley
    Applicant Pechlaner, Gabriela - University of the Fraser Valley 69 494,00 $
      Global agrifood restructuring and alternative food movements: Third party certification as solution to the food systems social problems
University of Victoria
    Applicant Vahabzadeh, Peyman - University of Victoria 88 721,00 $
      The art of democracy: The impact of the arts on democratic and human rights activism in Iran, 1950s-Present
    Applicant Cazes, Hélène J. - University of Victoria 146 565,00 $
      La perfection du corps féminin à la renaissance : autour du discours anatomique
    Applicant Hopper, Timothy F. - University of Victoria 211 906,00 $
    Co-applicant Sanford, Katherine J. - University of Victoria
      New Curriculum, twenty-first century competencies and digital portfolio assessment for learning
    Applicant Chapman, Alison - University of Victoria 269 133,00 $
    Co-applicants Ehnes, Caley L. - College of the Rockies
    Holmes, Martin D. - University of Victoria
    Collaborators Dean, Heather - University of Victoria
    Huculak, John Matthew - University of Victoria
      Victorian periodical poetry: Ephemera, culture, forms
    Applicant Penning, Margaret J. - University of Victoria 156 607,00 $
    Co-applicants Chappell, Neena L. - University of Victoria
    Wu, Zheng - University of Victoria
      Immigrant status, gender and race intersections: Implications for well-being in middle and later life
    Applicant Douglas, Christopher - University of Victoria 81 698,00 $
      Fundamentalist fictions: God, suffering and American Literature
    Applicant Hadwin, Allyson F. - University of Victoria 349 330,00 $
    Collaborators Järvelä, Sanna M. - University of Oulu
    Järvenoja, Hanna - University of Oulu
    Milford, Todd - University of Victoria
    Miller, Mariel F.W. - University of Victoria
    Winne, Philip H. - Simon Fraser University
      Promoting adaptive regulation: Innovative technologies (PAR-IT)
    Applicant Rudnyckyj, Daromir - University of Victoria 95 126,00 $
      The politics of producing money after financial crisis
    Applicant Burke, Brendan - University of Victoria 94 430,00 $
    Collaborator Burns, Bryan - Wellesley College
      Becoming Mycenaean: A burial complex at Ancient Eleon Central Greece
    Applicant Garcia Sinner, Alejandro - University of Victoria 83 800,00 $
      Beyond contacts: tracing identities and cultural change in the Roman West
    Applicant Jenstad, Janelle Auriol - University of Victoria 339 475,00 $
    Co-applicants Holmes, Martin D. - University of Victoria
    Kaethler, Mark B. - Medicine Hat College
    Collaborators Gillespie, Alexandra J. - University of Toronto
    Griffin, Andrew - University of California, Santa Barbara
    Hill, Tracey - Bath Spa University
    McLean-Fiander, Kim R.D. - University of Victoria
      Walking texts in early modern London
Other/Unknown / Autre/Inconnu
    Applicant Fortin, Claude - McGill University 68 546,00 $
      The bridge sublime and the emergence of monumental interactive media architecture