Résultats du concours des subventions de développement Savoir 2017


* Chercheurs financés par l’initiative sur les répercussions sociétales de la recherche en génomique

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Deshaye, Joel - Memorial University of Newfoundland 50 494 $
The Western in Canadian Literature
Lesiv, Mariya - Memorial University of Newfoundland 60 846 $
Host-Region: Post-Communist Diaspora Communities in Newfoundland
Rossignol, Sébastien - Memorial University of Newfoundland 47 604 $
Urbanization and the Environment in the High Middle Ages: A Cultural Perspective
Waite, Sean - Memorial University of Newfoundland 71 000 $
Denier, Nicole - Colby College (collaboratrice)
Employment Discrimination and the Labour Market Experiences of Canada's LGBT Population


Dalhousie University
Kabat-Farr, Dana - Dalhousie University 45 358 $
Holmvall, Camilla - Saint Mary’s University (cocandidate)
McKee-Ryan, Frances - University of Nevada, Reno (cocandidate)
Walsh, Benjamin - University of Illinois at Springfield (collaborateur)
Overqualified but Excluded? Understanding Incivility Experiences of Overqualified Employees
Kiepek, Niki - Dalhousie University 67 618 $
Beagan, Brenda - Dalhousie University (cocandidate)
Harris, Jonathan - Dalhousie University (collaborateur)
San Patten, San - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Substance use and professional socialisation
Kivinen, Steven - Dalhousie University 22 556 $
Tumennasan, Norov - Dalhousie University (cocandidat)
Consensus and Disagreement in Social Networks
Neyedli, Heather - Dalhousie University 59 800 $
Dithurbide, Lori - Dalhousie University (cocandidate)
Trust in Human and Automated Teammates
Vautour, Bart - Dalhousie University 50 709 $
Embassy Cultures: Building the Libraries and Cultural Life of Canada’s Foreign Missions
Wilson, Jeffrey - Dalhousie University 22 413 $
Hayden, Anders - Dalhousie University (cocandidat)
Beyond GDP, understanding the impacts of alternative indicators in practice: Motivations, policy change, and building a new economic narrative
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University
Mandrona, April - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University 66 885 $
Jakala, Michaelina - Coventry University (cocandidate)
Milne, Elisabeth-Jane - Coventry University (cocandidate)
Mitchell, Claudia - Université McGill (cocandidate)
For Us by Us: Children’s Picture Books to Promote Solidarity and Acceptance in the Age of Refugees
Saint Mary’s University
Chandler, Vincent - Saint Mary’s University 18 839 $
Gender bias in the evaluation of doctoral candidates
Closson, Leanna - Saint Mary’s University 55 081 $
Nice + Mean = Recipe for Success or Failure?
Driss, Hamdi - Saint Mary’s University 50 543 $
Bae, Kee-Hong - Université York (cocandidat)
Are Rating Agencies More Conservative in Rating Corporate Bonds?
Krishnamurti, Sailaja - Saint Mary’s University 45 320 $
Transnational Pedagogies of Hindu Religiosity: Vedic Heritage Classes for Children
Liu, Feng - Saint Mary’s University 72 525 $
Maitlis, Sally - University of Oxford (collaboratrice)
Rouleau, Linda - HEC Montréal (cocandidate)
Seeing the Unseen Dynamics in the Board Room: A Video Ethnographic Study on Board Team Interactions
Stanivukovic, Goran - Saint Mary’s University 35 843 $
Miniatures and Masculinity in Early Modern England
St. Francis Xavier University
Blair, Karen - St. Francis Xavier University $73 836 $
Couperthwaite, Lisa - University of Toronto (collaboratrice)
Holmberg, Diane - Acadia University (collaboratrice)
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Exploring the Dynamics of Giving and Receiving Disapproval for Marginalized vs. Non-Marginalized Romantic Relationships
Cho, Youngwon - St. Francis Xavier University 41 272 $
The Anatomy of East Asia’s Emerging Regional Economic Surveillance: The Promises and Limits of the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office
McGibbon, Elizabeth - St. Francis Xavier University 48 467 $
Fierlbeck, Katherine - Dalhousie University (cocandidate)
Mapping the social organization of health equity discourses in Canadian public policy: An institutional ethnography


Mount Allison University
Lalonde, Amanda - Mount Allison University 42 814 $
Music and Romantic Prophecy
Whynacht, Ardath - Mount Allison University 54 019 $
Insurgent Love: Transformative Justice Networks & Visions of Emotional Justice
St. Thomas University
Ingersoll, Marcea - St. Thomas University 72 504 $
Hirschkorn, Mark - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick (cocandidat)
Landine, Jeffrey - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick (cocandidat)
Sears, Alan - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick (cocandidat)
Canadian Teacher Preparation for International Contexts: Competencies & Catalysts
Université de Moncton
Tremblay, Emmanuelle - Université de Moncton 21 400 $
Les fantasmes de l’autochtonie et l’invention de l’appartenance dans la littérature québécoise
Urbain, Émilie - Université de Moncton 61 608 $
Tailleur, Sandrine - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Vaillancourt, Luc - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidat)
Voix autochtones, parole oubliée : une étude sociolinguistique des idéologies langagières dans les écrits acadiens et québécois de 1867 à 1939
Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Munoz Martinez, Hepzibah - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick 33 113 $
(In)Securities in Development: Crises and Financial Derivatives in Mexico


Université Bishop’s
Martin-Brule, Sarah-Myriam - Université Bishop’s 43 155 $
Trained to Share: Challenges for United Nations Peacekeeping Intelligence
Collège de Maisonneuve
Vallée, Jean-François - Collège de Maisonneuve 26 100 $
La Cymbale du monde numérique
Université Concordia
Cucinelli, Giuliana - Université Concordia 50 333 $
Davidson, Ann-Louise - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
Hoechsmann, Michael - Lakehead University (collaborateur)
Digital Device Practices and Policies in Quebec and Ontario K-12 Schools for Learning and Living
Hetherington, Kregg - Université Concordia 72 416 $
Bakke, Gretchen - Université McGill (cocandidate)
Furlong, Kathryn - Université de Montréal (collaboratrice)
Halpern, Orit - Université Concordia (collaborateur)
Myers, Natasha - Université York (collaboratrice)
Warren, Jean-Philippe - Université Concordia (collaborateur)
Re-energizing Québec
Mangen, Claudin - Université Concordia 43 962 $
Audousset-Coulier, Sophie - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
All on Board? The Politics of Power in Women’s Transition to Corporate Leadership
Mayer, Jean François - Université Concordia 57 304 $
Fighting invisibility: The repertoire of everyday forms of resistance to routinized violence among domestic workers in Brazil
Moses, Omri - Université Concordia 43 092 $
The Open Mind: Literature and Extended Cognition
O’Toole, Emer - Université Concordia 22 887 $
Activism, Aesthetics and State Ideology in Contemporary Irish Theatre
Prakash, Rajshree - Université Concordia 44 391 $
Kwon, Winston - University of Edinburgh (cocandidat)
Paquin, Raymond - Université Concordia (cocandidat)
Empowering Communities: The role of intentional work in addressing inequality
Qashu, Leila - Université Concordia 74 836 $
Digital Representations of Resistance: using participatory video to document young Arsi Oromo women’s challenges and expressive strategies for change in Ethiopia
Reilly, Rosemary - Université Concordia 59 386 $
Using research-informed theatre to develop local governmental responses and policies for trauma in communities.
Yao, Li - Université Concordia 46 985 $
Wang, Jin - Wilfrid Laurier University (cocandidat)
The Impact of Technological Spillover and Competition on Real Earnings Management
Zilberstein, Anya - Université Concordia 45 370 $
Flight Paths: Early Ornithology and Theories of Global Migration
École nationale d’administration publique
Savard, Jean-François - École nationale d’administration publique 67 505 $
Lackenbauer, P. Whitney - St. Jerome’s University (cocandidate)
Roussel, Stéphane - École nationale d’administration publique (cocandidat)
La perception des Autochtones des Forces canadiennes comme élément explicatif de leur faible représentation
HEC Montréal
Durand, Aurelia - HEC Montréal 52 570 $
Action Canada: what motivates individuals to (further) engage with the country?
Harvey, Jean-François - HEC Montréal 64 650 $
Edmondson, Amy - Harvard Business School (cocandidate)
Learning and Problem Space in Innovation Project Teams
Langley, Ann - HEC Montréal 57 687 $
Basque, Joelle - HEC Montréal (collaboratrice)
Sergi, Viviane - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
The ghost in the enterprise: Founder influence beyond the grave
Paquette, Julie - HEC Montréal 40 500 $
Stratégies des transporteurs routiers canadiens
Université McGill
Bassellier, Genevieve - Université McGill 56 805 $
Ramaprasad, Jui - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Dissuading digital piracy on online platform through persuasive computing
Berman, Anna - Université McGill 55 653 $
Family Plots in the Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel
Capozzi, Francesca - Université McGill 53 305 $
Ristic, Jelena - Université McGill (cocandidate)
The language of the eyes: Translating social hierarchies from groups to individuals
Carter, Mindy - Université McGill 57 300 $
Belliveau, George - University of British Columbia (collaborateur)
Chaine, Francine - Université Laval (collaboratrice)
Coffin-Caputo, Carolyn - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Conrad, Diane - University of Alberta (collaboratrice)
Handiak, Linda - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Howden, Jim - Université McGill (collaborateur)
MacCuish, Derek - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Mitchell, Claudia - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
Norris, Joe - Brock University (collaborateur)
Prendergast, Monica - University of Victoria (collaboratrice)
Mapping drama and theatre strategies and the impact of play building with in-service teachers exploring Aboriginal issues
Collin-Vézina, Delphine - Université McGill 64 890 $
Daigneault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Esposito, Tonino - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Rothwell, David - Oregon State University (collaborateur)
Trocme, Nico - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Valeur sociale et économique de centres d’intervention communautaires visant des clientèles vulnérables d’enfants, de jeunes et de leurs familles
Doering, Laura - Université McGill 58 221 $
Building Financial and Social Capital: Savings and Lending Groups in Colombian Housing Projects
Dory, Valérie - Université McGill 44 325 $
Cummings, Beth-Ann - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
Danoff, Deborah - Université McGill (cocandidate)
Gomez-Garibello, Carlos - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Orjuela-Laverde, Maria - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
Plotnick, Laurie - Université McGill (cocandidate)
Young, Meredith - Université McGill (cocandidate)
Assessor cognition in longitudinal performance-based assessment: the impact of sharing information regarding learners’ previous performance
Dubé, Adam - Université McGill 68 544 $
Are tablet math games helping or hindering children's flexible mathematical problem solving?
Ehret, Christian - Université McGill 63 731 $
Bebbington, Sandra - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Dupuis, Caroline - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Hollett, Tyler - Pennsylvania State University (collaborateur)
Investigating the participation gap and opportunities to learn with mobile media across home and high school
Eidlin, Carl - Université McGill 68 000 $
Wilmers, Nathan - Harvard University (collaborateur)
Does Democracy Pay? Determinants of Organizational Effectiveness in Labour Unions
Ellis, Jaye - Université McGill 63 326 $
Regulation of uncertain environmental law: Public and private law synergies
Elrick, Jennifer - Université McGill 61 251 $
Boswell, Christina - University of Edinburgh (collaboratrice)
Satzewich, Victor - McMaster University (collaborateur)
Determining the Role of Immigration Bureaucracies in Immigration Control: A Historical Case Study of Canada, 1952-1976
Henry, Chriscinda - Université McGill 64 155 $
Appropriating Italy: Imagery of Italian Travel Before the Grand Tour
Hunter, Matthew - Université McGill 60 749 $
The Actuarial Imagination: Insurance and Anglo-American Art, c. 1690-1860
Kahn, Sarilee - Université McGill 65 277 $
Toward a Model of Sexual/Gender Identity Acculturation for Sexual and Gender Minority Migrants
Kong, Hoi - Université McGill 57 311 $
The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Transnational Organizations and Network Governance in Theory and Practice
Liu, Xiao - Université McGill 69 430 $
Informatics, Technocultural Imaginations, and Postsocialist Politics in China
Lyster, Roy - Université McGill 68 439 $
Klein, Denise - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
Lee, Andrew - Université McGill (collaborateur)
Liakina, Natallia - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
The missing links in the acquisition of grammatical gender by second language learners of French
Raynor, Cecily - Université McGill 37 368 $
The Digital Geographies of the Hispanic World
Robinson, Brian - Université McGill 74 966 $
Barrington-Leigh, Christopher - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Baumgartner, Jill - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
Carter, Ellison - Colorado State University (collaboratricer)
Yang, Xudong - Tsinghua University (cocandidat)
Evaluating sustainable household energy transitions in a large-scale program in Beijing, China
Shor, Eran - Université McGill 62 361 $
A Comparative Analysis of Counterterrorist Legislation and its Consequences in Five Democracies
Wang, Juan - Université McGill 64 911 $
Local Evolution of The Police Power in China
Weinberg, Anna - Université McGill 72 200 $
Dirks, Melanie - Université McGill (cocandidate)
Human, Lauren - Université McGill (collaboratrice)
Rose, Amanda - University of Missouri - Columbia (collaboratrice)
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours: Exploring the roles behavioral and neural responses to prosocial behavior play in the development of healthy friendships
Université de Montréal
Caron, Roxane - Université de Montréal 71 248 $
Blain, Marie-Jeanne - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (cocandidate)
Rodriguez del Barrio, Lourdes - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Rufagari, Marie-Claire - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Parcours migratoires et repères identitaires de personnes réfugiées syriennes: perspective transnationale du Liban au Québec
Dassonneville, Ruth - Université de Montréal 44 370 $
Elections as a Linkage Mechanism between Public Opinion and Policy Outcomes: A Comparative Longitudinal Analysis
Fauveaud, Gabriel - Université de Montréal 72 485 $
Le façonnement de l’urbain : pratiques immobilières et nouveaux territoires périurbains à Phnom Penh (Cambodge)
Fernandez, Nicolas - Université de Montréal 71 225 $
Vers une modélisation du savoir-agir complexe sous-jacent à la pratique de collaboration interprofessionnelle
Fleming, Luke - Université de Montréal 41 984 $
The Sociolinguistics of Small-Scale Societies: A Pilot Study on Honorific Pronouns
Forest, Dominic - Université de Montréal 64 669 $
Mas, Sabine - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Exploration et analyse comparative des méthodes d'indexation automatique par assignation de mots-clés
Gagnon, Chantal - Université de Montréal 58 578 $
Gouverner par la traduction : le cas des budgets canadiens
Gervasi, Flavia - Université de Montréal 68 922 $
Musiques du monde, création et rencontre : comment les politiques culturelles territoriales réalisent le dialogue interculturel par le festival La Notte della Taranta
Godefroy, Raphael - Université de Montréal 63 329 $
Lewis, Joshua - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Determinants of productivity loss in agriculture: Evidence from 9 million plots of lands
Godrie, Baptiste - Université de Montréal 40 194 $
Repenser la hiérarchisation des savoirs. Le croisement des savoirs expérientiels et professionnels dans l’intervention sociale à Montréal (Québec) et à Grenoble (France)
Hall, Ingrid - Université de Montréal 59 790 $
L’autochtonie environnementale. Le « patrimoine bioculturel » des pommes de terre natives du Pérou
Kaminska, Aleksandra - Université de Montréal 41 986 $
Authenticating People and Things: Technical Materials and Media Convergence in the Search for Security
Karsenti, Thierry - Université de Montréal 66 500 $
Bugmann, Julien - Université de Montréal (collaborateur)
Collin, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Fortier, Yvan - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Frenette, Emmanuelle - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Goyer, Sophie - Université de Montréal (collaboratrice)
Quel est l'apport de l'usage d'un robot humanoïde pour la réussite éducative des élèves de l'adaptation scolaire?
Levert, Marie-Josée - Université de Montréal 67 120 $
Berger Valérie - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Desjardins, Michel - University of Saskatchewan (cocandidat)
Fortin, Marie-Andrée - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Lefebvre, Hélène - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Lussier, Marie-Thérèse - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Mélanie Levasseur, Mélanie - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
Michallet, Bernard - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidat)
Richard, Claude - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Mieux comprendre la pratique de l’accompagnement-citoyen en soutien à la participation sociale de populations fragilisées
Vitali Rosati, Marcello - Université de Montréal 67 095 $
Bouchard, Elsa - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Crane, Gregory - Universität Leipzig (collaborateur)
Pour une édition collaborative de l'Anthologie Palatine
Zhou, Han-Ru - Université de Montréal 57 339 $
Towards an Integrated Approach to Comparative Canadian-US Constitutional Law
Université de Sherbrooke
Beaucher, Chantale - Université de Sherbrooke 65 905 $
Beaupré, Sylvain - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (collaborateur)
Coulombe, Sandra - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Doucet, Manon - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Gagnon, Claudia - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
Maltais, Danielle - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Portrait des caractéristiques et des besoins des élèves ayant des besoins particuliers en formation professionnelle au Québec et pratiques professionnelles des intervenants
Desjardins, Marie-Claude - Université de Sherbrooke 67 435 $
Makela, Finn - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidat)
Étude d'effectivité de la certification équitable des bananes en République dominicaine sur la liberté d'association
Fortin, Véronique - Université de Sherbrooke 59 321 $
Bellot, Céline - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Chesnay, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
Greissler, Élisabeth - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Les pratiques punitives au sein du système d’aide sociale: ampleur, effets et défense de droits
Hasni, Abdelkrim - Université de Sherbrooke 58 542 $
Dumais, Nancy - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
Quelles formations aux controverses socio-scientifiques à l'université? Exemples issus de la virologie-immunologie
Paquette, Geneviève - Université de Sherbrooke 60 073 $
Couvrette, Amélie - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidate)
Lanctôt, Nadine - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
La maternité précoce chez les adolescentes placées en centre de protection de l'enfance: profils de difficultés et besoins de ces jeunes mères
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Brault, Marie-Christine - Université du Québec à Montréal 67 214 $
Janosz, Michel - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Van Houtte, Mieke - Gent University (cocandidat)
Étude détaillée des facteurs de l'environnement scolaire dans l’identification et l’étiquetage des élèves sous la catégorie Trouble du déficit de l’attention/hyperactivité (TDAH): comparaisons d'écoles québécoises et flamandes
Monney, Nicole - Université du Québec à Montréal 41 021 $
Couture, Christine - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Duquette, Catherine - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Les pratiques d'évaluation et de rétroactions des enseignants du primaire en univers social et en science et technologie : de la planification des objets d’apprentissage au bilan des apprentissages
Parent, Anne Martine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 66 741 $
Delvaux, Martine - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
Lavigne, Julie - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
Le sexe à l'écran. Représentation de la sexualité des femmes dans les séries télévisées
Université du Québec à Montréal
Bélanger, Anouk - Université du Québec à Montréal 63 932 $
Lussier, Martin - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Nouveaux acteurs, nouveaux métiers de la culture : musique et audiovisuel
Bourdeau, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal 23 557 $
IS Project Alignment: The Complementarity of Behavioural Science and Design Science
Courcy, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal 60 634 $
des Rivières-Pigeon, Catherine - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
White, Deena - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Les personnes adultes autistes rencontrant des défis dans l’utilisation du langage verbal : une démarche méthodologique adaptée pour élucider leurs perspectives et expériences
Cyr, Chantal - Université du Québec à Montréal 74 777 $
Bussières, Eve-Line - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Dubois-Comtois, Karine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Stipanicic, Annie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Sensibilité parentale et attachement chez des enfants présentant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme: Une étude quasi-expérimentale
Degan, Arianna - Université du Québec à Montréal 45 673 $
Xie, Huan - Université Concordia (cocandidat)
Favors exchange: Theory and Evidence
Dubeau, Annie - Université du Québec à Montréal 40 980 $
Chochard, Yves - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Plante, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
Examen de la validité d’un modèle théorique explicatif de la persévérance et la réussite en FP: une étude pilote
Dumais, Lucie - Université du Québec à Montréal 51 466 $
Gazzoi, Patricia - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaboratrice)
Jetté, Christian - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Lefèvre, Sylvain - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Le rôle des fondations dans le secteur des services à domicile et aux proches aidants
Düppe, Till - Université du Québec à Montréal 63 008 $
Boldyrev, Ivan - Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (cocandidat)
Prévost, Jean-Guy - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Historical Studies on Economic Knowledge in Socialism
Frangi, Lorenzo - Université du Québec à Montréal 54 976 $
Hebdon, Robert - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Peters, John - Université Laurentienne (collaborateur)
Renewing Unions as Social Movements: from declared Support to Activism in Canadian society
Landry, Guylaine - Université du Québec à Montréal 54 708 $
Chadwick, Ingrid - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
Panaccio, Alexandra - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
Improving interns’ learning of 21st century skills: Contributing factors
Lussier, Martin - Université du Québec à Montréal 56 138 $
Pratiques quotidiennes des travailleurs culturels institutionnels et associatifs au Québec : pour comprendre le développement partenarial en culture. Le cas des « cellules régionales d’innovation en médiation culturelle »
Pageot, Edith-Anne - Université du Québec à Montréal 62 543 $
Callison, Camille - University of Manitoba Libraries (collaboratrice)
Nally, Peter - Université McGill (collaborateur)
La culture artistique au Collège Manitou : agentivité et stratégies d’autodétermination
Robichaud, Arianne - Université du Québec à Montréal 70 409 $
LeVasseur, Louis - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Tardif, Maurice - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Nouvelle Gestion Publique (NGP) et Gestion axée sur les résultats (GAR) en éducation : vers une meilleure compréhension des impacts des politiques éducatives sur le travail enseignant
Schattke, Kaspar Philipp - Université du Québec à Montréal 66 513 $
Grégoire, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Schultheiss, Oliver - Friedrich-Alexander Universitat-Erlangen-Nurnberg (cocandidat)
Taylor, Geneviève - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
Mind Your Motives, Mind Your Goals: Does a Mindfulness Manipulation Increase Motive-Congruent Goal-Setting?
Thériault, Joseph Yvon - Université du Québec à Montréal 69 757 $
Laniel, Jean-François - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborateur)
Meunier, E.-Martin - 65 rue Université (collaborateur)
Nationalisme transfrontalier dans l’espace post-canadien-français.
Uhl, Magali - Université du Québec à Montréal 53 960 $
Quels apports de la sociologie visuelle pour saisir les mutations de la ville canadienne au 21ème siècle ? Le cas du campus urbain intégré Emily Carr à Vancouver
Véronneau-McArdle, Marie-Hélène - Université du Québec à Montréal 59 940 $
Barker, Erin - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
Boudreault, Henri - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborateur)
Recchia, Holly - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
Serbin, Lisa - Université Concordia (cocandidate)
Stack, Dale - Université Concordia (cocandidat)
Le rôle de la compétence émotionnelle pour favoriser la réussite scolaire des élèves en formation professionnelle
Université du Québec à Rimouski
Flynn, Catherine - Université du Québec à Rimouski 71 208 $
Côté, Philippe-Benoit - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidat)
Cousineau, Marie-Marthe - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Damant, Dominique - Université de Montréal (collaboratrice)
Gélineau, Lucie - Université du Québec à Rimouski (collaboratrice)
Lapierre, Simon - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidat)
Violences faites aux femmes du Bas-Saint-Laurent et de la Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine - Mieux comprendre les besoins pour prévenir l'itinérance et en faciliter la sortie
Poirier, Martine - Université du Québec à Rimouski 70 500 $
Déry, Michèle - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
Temcheff, Caroline - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
Associations longitudinales entre les symptômes dépressifs et les problèmes de comportement : persistance des difficultés de l’enfance à l’adolescence et caractéristiques adaptatives au tournant de l’âge adulte
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Austin, Stéphanie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 46 500 $
Carbonneau, Noémie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Fernet, Claude - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidat)
Miquelon, Paule - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Trépanier, Sarah-Geneviève - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Travail, vie personnelle et pratiques de gestion : comment les concilier pour optimiser le bien-être psychologique des travailleurs parents et/ou proches-aidants?
Bachand, Marise - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 45 259 $
Dans le salon d'Octavia Walton Le Vert: Hétérosociabilité et politiques whigs dans le Sud urbain à l'époque de la guerre civile
Berthelot, Nicolas - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 70 333 $
Ensink, Karin - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Lemieux, Roxanne - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Muzik, Maria - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (collaboratrice)
Évaluation de la mentalisation auprès des adultes ayant une histoire d'abus ou de négligence en enfance
Dionne, Frederick - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 52 073 $
Bouchard, Stéphane - Université du Québec en Outaouais (collaborateur)
Grégoire, Simon - Université du Québec à Montréal (collaborateur)
Rousseau, Nadia - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaboratrice)
Cesser de remettre les tâches scolaires au lendemain : évaluation d'un programme d'intervention en ligne pour réduire la procrastination chez les étudiants post-secondaires
Gagnon-Girouard, Marie-Pierre - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 52 019 $
Brisson, Benoit - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidat)
Monthuy-Blanc, Johana - Université du Québec (cocandidate)
L'impact de l'acceptabilité sociale des préjugés corporels sur le traitement explicite et implicite de l'information
Poitras, Karine - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 71 160 $
Chateauneuf, Doris - Centre jeunesse de Québec - Institut Universitaire (cocandidate)
Hélie, Sonia - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Poirier, Marie-Andrée - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Simard, Marie-Claude - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Trajectoires-types de placement : liens avec les caractéristiques individuelles et familiales et les services reçus
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Bissonnette, Jean-François - Université du Québec en Outaouais 65 207 $
Bouthillier, Luc - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Chiasson, Guy - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidat)
Dupras, Jérôme - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidat)
Prévost, Louis - 360pi Corporation (collaborateur)
Senay, Dany - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Shaw, Terry - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Teitelbaum, Sara - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Analyse des approches de gouvernance en foresterie communautaire : étude comparative des modes de participation publique au Québec et en Ontario
Boutonnet, Vincent - Université du Québec en Outaouais 31 465 $
Arsenault, Dominic - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Éthier, Marc-André - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Lefrançois, David - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidat)
Usages publics et didactiques d'un jeu vidéo historique: étude d'Assassin's Creed
Charron, Mathieu - Université du Québec en Outaouais 65 785 $
Perron-Dufour, Mathieu - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidat)
Shearmur, Richard - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Les inégalité spatiales de revenu à l'échelle des voisinages et des régions
Jacques, Claudine - Université du Québec en Outaouais 53 185 $
Mottron, Laurent - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Soulières, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
Caractériser l’éventail des expressions émotionnelles des enfants autistes d’âge préscolaire exposés à une Situation de Stimulation en privilégiant des cotateurs experts
KAMMOUN, MANEL - Université du Québec en Outaouais 41 682 $
Chrétien, Stéphane - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Performance Evaluation Disagreement: The Impact of Fund Characteristics, Managerial Skills and Fund Flows.
Loum, Ndiaga - Université du Québec en Outaouais 66 490 $
Aubin, France - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (collaboratrice)
Corriveau, Raymond - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidat)
Sénécal, Michel - Télé-université (cocandidat)
Relations de pouvoirs entre le champ de la communication médiatique et le champ politique: études approfondies de deux (2) cas
Salvas, Marie-Claude - Université du Québec en Outaouais 71 083 $
Archambault, Isabelle - Université de Montréal (cocandidate)
Cantin, Stéphane - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
Guimond, Fanny-Alexandra - Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (cocandidate)
Robert-Mazaye, Christelle - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidate)
Vitaro, Frank - Université de Montréal (cocandidat)
La contribution des relations amicales et des pratiques éducatives dans l’engagement et la réussite en début de scolarité : une étude longitudinale-explicative
Turcotte, Sandrine - Université du Québec en Outaouais 61 473 $
April, Johanne - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidate)
Lanaris, Ekaterini - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidate)
Robert-Mazaye, Christelle - Université du Québec en Outaouais (cocandidate)
Pratiques des enseignantes en sciences à la maternelle dans une perspective de développement global: état des lieux et analyse de l'activité.
Université Laval
Bégin, Catherine - Université Laval 56 205 $
Dion, Jacinthe - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Gagnon-Girouard, Marie-Pierre - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Lemieux, Simone - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Examen de l’expérience de stigmatisation liée au poids corporel au sein du couple
Bélanger, Danièle - Université Laval 71 950 $
Atak, Idil - Ryerson University (collaborateur)
Beyaztas, Kadir - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Erdogan-Ertorer, Secil - Université York (collaborateur)
Karababa Kayaligil, Pinar - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Pendakis, Katherine - Western University (collaboratrice)
Saraçoğlu, Cenk - Ankara University (cocandidat)
Syrian Refugees and Turkish Host Communities: a study of informal actors
Bodet, Marc-André - Université Laval 62 516 $
Gélineau, François - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Thomas, Melanee - University of Calgary (cocandidate)
Tolley, Erin - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
How much of electoral politics is local?
Déméné, Claudia - Université Laval 58 658 $
Identification des conditions d’efficacité d’un affichage environnemental de la durée de vie estimée des produits électroniques par une intervention du design
Dorval, Michel - Université Laval 32 313 $
Chiquette, Jocelyne - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Québec (collaboratrice)
El Haffaf, Zaki - Centre hospitalier de l'université de Montréal (collaborateur)
Fradet, Vincent - Université Laval (collaborateur)
Joly, Yann - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Nabi, Hermann - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Préférences sociétales concernant la divulgation des découvertes fortuites issues de la génomique clinique : Perspectives de patients atteints de cancer et de la population générale
Dospinescu, Liviu - Université Laval 65 000 $
L’exode syrien dans le théâtre du réel : Vers une forme de ritualité sociale
Dufays, Arnaud - Université Laval 55 494 $
Modelling Financial contagions with Artificial Neural networks
Eaves, James - Université Laval 75 000 $
Cardou, Philippe - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Dorais, Martine - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Comparing the economic performance of a greenhouse to a vertical farm in several First Nation Communities
F.-Dufour, Isabelle - Université Laval 43 575 $
Arseneault, Catherine - Université Laval (collaboratrice)
Marcotte, Julie - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
L'impact des programmes correctionnels éducatifs, vocationnels et réhabilitatifs sur les trajectoires de persistance et de désistement du crime de jeunes adultes incarcérés au Québec.
Gagnon, Marie-Hélène - Université Laval 55 800 $
Power, Gabriel - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Forward looking portfolio allocation in Canada : accounting for the financialization of commodities
Jackson, Philip - Université Laval 74 762 $
Tremblay, Pascale - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Assessing intergeneration differences in social interaction with virtual realitye
Lloyd, Stephanie - Université Laval 63 736 $
Friedner, Michele - State University of New York at Stony Brook (cocandidate)
When Deaf People Hear: A Study at the Intersection of Neuroplasticity, Technological Interventions, and Experiences in the Grey Zone of Deaf and Hearing
Maclure, Jocelyn - Université Laval 26 077 $
Dumont, Isabelle - Université du Québec à Montréal (cocandidate)
L'objection de conscience des médecins dans le contexte de l'aide médicale à mourir. Une étude normative et qualitative
Peters, Valerie - Université Laval 67 955 $
Baudry, Claire - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (cocandidate)
Boucher, Hélène - Université McGill (cocandidate)
Creech, Andrea - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Nadeau, Danielle - Université Laval (cocandidate)
How musical learning acts as a protective factor, contributing to the development of socio-emotional competence for vulnerable populations
St-Germain, Daphney - Université Laval 59 935 $
Bélanger, Lynda - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Gagnon, Caroline - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Approche de design et formation des infirmiers(ères) à la sécurité des patients: élaboration d'un portfolio professionnel “réflexif” pour une continuité plus efficace des compétences entre le milieu académique et le milieu de travail
Takeda, Hirotoshi - Université Laval 58 170 $
Corbett, Jacqueline - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Exploring the Impact and Value Creation Process of Multi-Actor Open Data Initiatives
Viviers, Simon - Université Laval 64 397 $
Bourassa, Bruno - Université Laval (cocandidat)
Dionne, Patricia - Université de Sherbrooke (cocandidate)
Picard, France - Université Laval (cocandidate)
Analyse de l'activité de collaboration interprofessionnelle des professionnels non enseignants: point de vue de l'expérience du métier de conseiller d'orientation


Brock University
Lei, Jin - Brock University 25 968 $
Qiu, Jiaping - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Credit Risk Spillovers and Corporate Financial Policies
Steinbauer, Robert - Brock University 54 770 $
Biggane, Jonathan - California State University, Fresno (collaborateur)
Chen, Hsuan Shawna - Brock University (cocandidate)
Menzies, Teresa - Brock University (cocandidate)
How do mentors affect student entrepreneur proteges' moral cognition and ethical conduct?
Zinga, Dawn - Brock University 63 865 $
Connolly, Maureen - Brock University (collaboratrice)
Molnar, Danielle - Brock University (cocandidate)
Why do competitive dancers commit to dance? Exploring the lived experiences of young competitive dancers within a motivational framework.
Carleton University
Appel Kuzmarov, Betina - Carleton University 50 991 $
Butler, Deidre - Carleton University (cocandidate)
Joseph, Norma - Université Concordia (collaboratrice)
Troubling Orthopraxies: A Study of Jewish Divorce in Canada
Bivens, Rena - Carleton University 55 551 $
Imagining the Future with Speculative Design: Reconfiguring How We Think, Talk, and Intervene in the Problem of Sexual Violence
Casteel, Sarah - Carleton University 48 056 $
Josef Nassy's Black Holocaust Art
Evans, Jennifer - Carleton University 54 641 $
Libraries, Sound, and the Performance of Queer Kinship
Gross, Till - Carleton University 44 140 $
Klein, Paul - Stockholm University (collaborateur)
Makris, Miltiadis - The University of Southampton Science Park Ltd. (collaborateur)
Dynamic Tax Competition with Residence-based Capital Taxes
Hanvelt, Marc - Carleton University 36 755 $
History and Judgment in the Scottish Enlightenment
Horak, Laura - Carleton University 44 922 $
Imagining Transgender: Trans and Gender Variant Filmmaking in the United States and Canada
Kaisary, Philip - Carleton University 59 725 $
The Haitian Revolution and The Making of Freedom in the Postcolonial Atlantic
Ljubicic, Gita - Carleton University 74 880 $
Gough, William - University of Toronto (cocandidat)
Learning from Inuit Knowledge: Nunavik and Nunavut perspectives on the cumulative impacts of environmental change in eastern Hudson Bay
Malette, Sebastien - Carleton University 71 231 $
Gagnon, Denis - Université de Saint-Boniface (collaborateur)
Entre la Proclamation Royale de 1763 et l’arrêt Daniels: enquête sur les vestiges de l’existence juridique des « Métis » en Bas-Canada
McShane, Lindsay - Carleton University 44 532 $
Ashworth, Laurence - Queen's University (cocandidate)
A "Slap in the Face": The 'Taking-it-Personally' Bias in Consumer-Firm Interactions
Monaghan, Jeffrey - Carleton University 65 295 $
Pre-crime and the changing domains of anti-terrorism practices in Canada
Mylopoulos, Myrto - Carleton University 62 200 $
Consciousness, Intentional Control, and Automaticity
Rivers-Moore, Megan - Carleton University 65 116 $
Hardy, Kate - University of Leeds (cocandidate)
Macdonald, Laura - Carleton University (collaboratrice)
Compañeras! Sex worker organising in Latin America
Smith, Sarah - Carleton University 55 746 $
Exhibiting International Values: The Cultural Diplomacy of UNESCO's Museums Division
Tiampo, Ming - Carleton University 67 189 $
Carricki, Jill - Carleton University (collaboratrice)
Casteel, Sarah - Carleton University (collaboratrice)
Guha, Malini - Carleton University (collaboratrice)
Joyeux-Prunel, Béatrice - École normale supérieure Paris (collaboratrice)
Sanogo, Aboubakar - Carleton University (collaborateur)
Paris from the Outside In: Decolonizing 'Postwar' Art History
Huron University College
Kottelenberg, Michael - Huron University College 61 818 $
Lehrer, Steven - Queen's University (cocandidat)
Working and Caring: Exploiting Policy Variation in a Behavioural Model of Family Decision-Making
Lakehead University
Galway, Lindsay - Lakehead University 54 478 $
Buse, Chris - University of Northern British Columbia (cocandidat)
Gislason, Maya - Simon Fraser University (cocandidate)
Parkes, Margot - University of Northern British Columbia (collaboratrice)
Climate Change Communication and Engagement in Canada’s Provincial Norths: A Collaborative Place-based Approach
Université Laurentienne
Hawkins, Alicia - Lakehead University 66 937 $
Bain, Allison - Université Laval (collaboratrice)
Barriault, Chantal - Université Laurentienne (collaboratrice)
Ferris, Neal - Western University (collaborateur)
Labelle, Kathryn - University of Saskatchewan (collaboratrice)
Lesage, Louis - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Smith, Richard - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Trade and Diplomacy: An Examination of Huron-Wendat Relationships Using Oral Traditions and Archaeometry
Melançon, Johanne - Université Laurentienne 29 564 $
Analyse et mise en valeur des archives du théâtre franco-ontarien contemporain
Robillard, Manon - Université Laurentienne 63 469 $
Une analyse du vocabulaire de base d'enfants francophones âgés de 8 à 11 ans
McMaster University
Armstrong, Megan - McMaster University 48 987 $
Constructing Religious Coexistence: Holy Week Processions in Jerusalem, 1500-1700
Calic, Goran - McMaster University 56 580 $
Shevchenko, Anton - Université Concordia (cocandidat)
Achieving True Sustainability: Towards Understanding the Inception and Survival of Truly Sustainable Ventures
Freeman, Bonnie - McMaster University 64 010 $
Van Katwyk, Trish - University of Waterloo (cocandidate)
Testing the Waters: Building Relationships through Reconciliation and a Two Row Research Paradigm
Ghasemaghaei, Maryam - McMaster University 63 550 $
Hassanein, Khaled - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Improving Firm Decision Making Performance: The Role of Data Analytics Competency
Griffin, Meridith - McMaster University 50 818 $
Andrews, Gavin - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Gillett, James - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Playing with memories: The elicitation of leisure biographies
Heisz, Jennifer - McMaster University 68 700 $
Kim, Joseph - McMaster University (collaborateur)
Examining the impact of exercise breaks on learning in the classroom
Higgins, Christopher - McMaster University 49 705 $
Do Closed Schools Mean Disappearing Value? Exploring the Decapitalization of Education in Neighbourhood House Prices in Hamilton
Mordue, Greig - McMaster University 62 555 $
Sweeney, Brendan - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Industrial Policy in High Wage, Export-Oriented Economies: A Comparative Analysis of Automotive Manufacturing in Canada, Austria, Spain and Belgium
Neil-Sztramko, Sarah - McMaster University 52 627 $
Dobbins, Maureen - McMaster University (cocandidate)
AGE-ON 2.0: Expanding and evaluating a tablet training program for older adults
Prowse, Tracy - McMaster University 69 139 $
Carroll, Phyllis - University of Sheffield (cocandidate)
Evans, Jane - British Geological Survey (collaboratrice)
inskip, michael - McMaster University (collaborateur)
Deadly Lead? An Interdisciplinary Study of Lead Production, Lead Exposure, and Health on an Imperial Roman Estate in Italy.
Reid, Erin - McMaster University 49 920 $
From Journalist to Blogger? Careers, Job Quality and Gender in Precarious Occupations
Roger, Sarah - McMaster University 63 662 $
Barrett, Paul - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Reading Canada Reads: Big Data, Mass Reading Events, and Narratives of Nation
Young, Marisa - McMaster University 58 391 $
Family-Friendly Community Resources for Better Balance
OCAD University
Davila, Patricio - OCAD University 63 222 $
Akers, Joshua - University of Michigan - Dearborn (collaborateur)
Heffernan, Tracy - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Critical Visualization Assemblages
Haladyn, Julian Jason - OCAD University 38 728 $
Gardiner, Michael - Western University (collaborateur)
Accelerating Duchamp
Jofre, Ana - OCAD University 63 222 $
Berardi, Vincent - Chapman University (collaborateur)
Brennan, Kathleen - University of Hawaii at Manoa (collaboratrice)
Browsing and Analyzing Time Magazine: Open Access Data in the 21st Century
Sellen, Katherine - OCAD University 52 472 $
Holyoke, Paul - Saint Elizabeth Health Care (collaborateur)
Oikonen, Karen - Saint Elizabeth Health Care (collaboratrice)
Investigating, connection, communication and temporality in conversations on death and dying using a design research approach
Queen's University
Bolden, Benjamin - Queen's University 59 972 $
DeLuca, Christopher - Queen's University (cocandidat)
Building Creative Capacity through Assessment for Learning in the Arts
Davies, Theresa - Queen's University 66 000 $
Donnelly, Catherine - Queen's University (cocandidate)
Murphy, Susanne - Queen's University (cocandidate)
Building better together: Meeting the needs of assistive technology users within an educational environment
Grant, J. Andrew - Queen's University 31 547 $
Erickson, Jennifer - Boston College (collaboratrice)
Garcia, Denise - Northeastern University (collaboratrice)
Muggah, Robert - Igarapé Institute (collaborateur)
'Silver bullet' or 'flash in the pan'? Analyzing the emergence of the Arms Trade Treaty
Henderson, Gail - Queen's University 67 114 $
Beach, Pamela - Queen's University (cocandidate)
This Little Piggy Went Banking: Examining Potential Conflicts of Interest in Financial Literacy Education Resources for Elementary School Teachers
Majumdar, Sumon - Queen's University 30 730 $
The Role of Political Debate in Public Policy-Making
Möllers, Norma - Queen's University 57 391 $
Cybersecurity and the making of 'digital territory'
Parsons, Trisha - Queen's University 66 383 $
Freeman, John - Queen's University (cocandidat)
McColl, Mary Ann - Queen's University (cocandidate)
Narrative practice as research method in disability studies: a pilot study.
Tomasone, Jennifer - Queen's University 70 267 $
Evans, Michael - Pennsylvania State University (cocandidat)
Harvey, Margaret - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Latimer, Amy - Queen's University (cocandidate)
Shirazipour, Celina - Dalhousie University (collaboratrice)
Smith, Brett - University of Birmingham (cocandidat)
Sweet, Shane - Université McGill (cocandidat)
An Exploration of Quality Participation within an Assisted Recreation Program
Collège militaire royal du Canada
Johnson, Sarah - Collège militaire royal du Canada 12 561 $
Martialling Gender in Early Modern English Drama
Landry, Pierre-Luc - Collège militaire royal du Canada 57 000 $
Une autre subversion du pacte : écritures de soi, surnaturel et hybridité générique
Ryerson University
Anderson, Alexandra - Ryerson University 57 083 $
Kemp, David - Ryerson University (cocandidat)
Toronto Hides Itself: Constructing a Database Documentary about Toronto on Film
Fink, Marty - Ryerson University 31 348 $
Wrong Body Narrative Project: Expanding Trans and Gender Identities through Fiction
Fisher, Laura - Ryerson University 34 520 $
Sociological Fiction: White Slavery Literature in North America, 1900-1920
Gervais, Thierry - Ryerson University 29 053 $
Retouched news photographs
Hasford, Julian - Ryerson University 52 334 $
Clarke, Jennifer - Ryerson University (cocandidate)
Collins, Tara - Ryerson University (cocandidate)
Day, David - Ryerson University (cocandidat)
Finlay, Judy - Ryerson University (collaboratrice)
Johns, Carolyn - Ryerson University (collaboratrice)
A Network Analysis of the Cross-Over Youth Project
Lee, Seung Hwan - Ryerson University 43 492 $
Encouraging the Donation of Time and Money to Social Causes via Virtual Reality Experiences
Parekh, Gillian - Ryerson University 52 711 $
Anastasakos, Roula - Toronto District School Board (collaboratrice)
Brown, Robert - Toronto District School Board (cocandidat)
Gaymes San Vicente, Alison - Toronto District School Board (collaboratrice)
Robinson, Uton - Toronto District School Board (collaborateur)
Seymour, Anne - Toronto District School Board (collaboratrice)
Underwood, Kathryn - Ryerson University (cocandidate)
Transformative action towards equity: Strategic remodelling of special education programming to support students' academic and social development
Zeller, Frauke - Ryerson University 53 270 $
Mazalek, Alexandra - Ryerson University (cocandidate)
Robinson, Pamela - Ryerson University (collaboratrice)
Participatory Campus Planning
Université Saint-Paul
Onguny, Philip - Université Saint-Paul 37 725 $
Developing a Typology of Frames for Land Conflicts in Africa: Evidence from Kenya
Western University
Armstrong, David - Western University 49 915 $
Big Data, Hypothesis Testing and the Future of Quantitative Political Science
Choi, Kate Heeyoung - Western University 66 400 $
Residential preferences and patterns: innovative use of data to describe the formulation of the cultural mosaic
Faubert, Brenton - Western University 50 446 $
Estimating Adequate Levels of School and District Resources: The Case of One Large Ontario Public School Board
Gilliland, Jason - Western University 73 778 $
Arku, Godwin - Western University (cocandidat)
Baxter, Jamie - Western University (cocandidat)
Seabrook, Jamie - Brescia University College (cocandidat)
Stanford, Jay - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Pilot Testing a Novel Intervention to Reduce Household Food Waste
Helsen, Katherine - Western University 22 555 $
Daley, Mark - Western University (cocandidat)
De Souza, Jonathan - Western University (collaborateur)
Melodic Construction and Evolution in Late Medieval Saints Offices
Hunsberger, Carol - Western University 74 230 $
Hoberg, George - University of British Columbia (cocandidat)
Justice and fairness in Canadian energy governance
Margolis, Rachel - Western University 74 950 $
Haan, Michael - Western University (cocandidat)
Hou, Feng - Western University (collaborateur)
Family Dynamics Surrounding Parental Leave in Canada: New Insights from Administrative Data
McGrath, Colleen - Western University 59 061 $
Astell, Arlene - University of Toronto (cocandidat)
Laliberte Rudman, Deborah - Western University (cocandidat)
The preservation of identity: Understanding the technology adoption patterns of older adults with age-related vision loss (ARVL)
Rafat, Yasaman - Western University 67 286 $
Joanisse, Marc - Western University (cocandidat)
Second language speech production, processing and reading of highly proficient bilinguals living in Canada: What does orthography have to do with it?
Simpson, Bonnie - Western University 62 219 $
MacDonnell, Rhiannon - University of Lethbridge (cocandidate)
White, Katherine - University of British Columbia (cocandidate)
A Global Food Paradox: Examining the Relationship Between Resource Scarcity and Food Waste
Trent University
Chazan, May - Trent University 57 096 $
Aceves Sepulveda, Gabriela - Simon Fraser University (cocandidate)
Aging, Activisms, and the Archive: Feminist Explorations across the Americas
Nisbet, Elizabeth - Trent University 64 254 $
Citizen science is in our nature: The effects of citizen science activities on nature relatedness, well-being, and environmental concern
Russell, Elizabeth - Trent University 63 377 $
Skinner, Mark - Trent University (cocandidat)
Developing rural insights for building sustainable age-friendly communities initatives
University of Guelph
Lupien, Pascal - University of Guelph 59 727 $
Indigenous Civil Society, Power and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Silver, Jennifer - University of Guelph 38 340 $
Commercial fisheries licensing in British Columbia: learning from the past to help sustain viable opportunities in the future
Srinivasan, Sharada - University of Guelph 58 880 $
Bedi, Arjun - Erasmus University Rotterdam (cocandidat)
Nanda, Aswini - Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (cocandidat)
Sebastian, Irudaya - Centre for Development Studies (cocandidat)
Relative contributions of adult daughters and sons to elderly parents' care in India
Stevenson, Allyson - University of Guelph 20 140 $
“Born out of struggle, determination and hard work:” First Nations’ and Métis Women’s Organizing for Indigenous Reproductive Justice in twentieth-century Saskatchewan
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Perry, Barbara - University of Ontario Institute of Technology 27 260 $
Policing Hate Crime in Canada : Identifying Individual and Organizational Determinants
Université d'Ottawa
Brunet, Jennifer - Université d'Ottawa 60 675 $
Harris, Cheryl - l’Hôpital d’Ottawa (collaboratrice)
Positive and negative views of the self: Building evidence to show both coexist in breast cancer survivors and have implications for psychosocial interventions
Chourou, Lamia - Université d'Ottawa 55 635 $
Purda-Heeler, Lynnette - Queen's University (cocandidate)
Saadi, Samir - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidat)
Can Banks Anticipate Corporate Misconduct?
EL Saddik, Abdulmotaleb - Université d'Ottawa 60 000 $
Al Osman, Hussein - Université d'Ottawa (collaborateur)
Al-Rawi, Ahmed - Université Concordia (collaborateur)
Eid, Mahmoud - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidat)
Daesh Discourse of Terror, Recruitment of Supporters, and Adaptive Use of Emojis on Twitter
Garred, Jason - Université d'Ottawa 58 732 $
Marden, Samuel - University of Sussex (collaborateur)
Is China Building a More China-Centered World?
Hammond, Stuart - Université d'Ottawa 66 155 $
From 'oops' to 'oh no!': Understanding the development of infants' early prosocial behaviour in the context of routine and problem situations
Juneau, Thomas - Université d'Ottawa 53 293 $
Carvin, Stephanie - Carleton University (cocandidat)
Get Smart: How well does intelligence analysis support policy making in Canada? How can it be improved?
Lenard, Patti - Université d'Ottawa 63 268 $
Pendakur, Ravi - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidat)
Success and failure in supporting agency among refugees: Lessons from refugees and their sponsors
Milley, Peter - Université d'Ottawa 47 713 $
Exploring Leadership Practices for Social Innovation in Canadian Universities
Perreault, Isabelle - Université d'Ottawa 68 003 $
Du droit à disposer de son corps et de sa vie dans la loi criminelle canadienne, 1945-2015.
Rousseau, Jean-François - Université d'Ottawa 72 400 $
Turner, Sarah - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Ethnic minority livelihoods beyond the littoral zone: Water resource allocation and consequences in the Red River watershed, Yunnan, China
Slavkov, Nikolay - Université d'Ottawa 64 012 $
Lamoureux, Sylvie - Université d'Ottawa (collaborateur)
Reimagining Language Background Profiling at Canadian Elementary Schools: Towards Bilingual and Multilingual Norms
University of Toronto
Bau, Natalie - University of Toronto 28 700 $
Derksen, Laura - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
The Link Between Education and Female Genital Cutting
Bernhardt-Walther, Dirk - University of Toronto 74 733 $
Cunningham, William - University of Toronto (collaborateur)
Swartz, Amy - Universté de l’École d’art et de design de l’Ontario (collaboratrice)
Waldburger, Natalie - Universté de l’École d’art et de design de l’Ontario (collaboratrice)
The role of symmetry in the aesthetic pleasure of viewing real-world scenes
Burchell, Kenzie - University of Toronto 39 686 $
“Exploiting the limits of Media Power: ISIS Censorship, Surveillance and Spectacle”
Celik, Murat - University of Toronto 51 115 $
The Effects of Misallocation of Resources on Economic Growth, Innovation, and Inequality
Chen, Feng - University of Toronto 54 765 $
Hou, Yu - Queen's University (cocandidat)
Richardson, Gordon - University of Toronto (cocandidat)
Targeted Firms’ Strategic Financial Reporting Choices Against Patent Trolls
Chen, Xi - University of Toronto 69 975 $
Georgiades, Katholiki - McMaster University (cocandidat)
Gottardo, Alexandra - Wilfrid Laurier University (cocandidate)
Jenkins, Jennifer - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
Lindner, Katrin - University of Munich (collaboratrice)
Paradis, Johanne - University of Alberta (cocandidate)
Riehl, Claudia - University of Munich (collaboratrice)
Successes and challenges of children who are Syrian refugees: Language, literacy and well-being
Craft, Jonathan - University of Toronto 61 816 $
Halligan, John - University of Canberra (collaborateur)
Policy Advice and The Westminster Tradition: Policy Advisory Systems in Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.
Cziraki, Peter - University of Toronto 37 470 $
CEO Immobility
Derksen, Laura - University of Toronto 74 670 $
Carvalho Loureiro de Souza, Pedro - Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janerio (cocandidat)
Internet Provision, Educational Outcomes and Social Networks
Eli, Shari - University of Toronto 48 676 $
Aizer, Anna - Brown University (collaborateur)
Lleras-Muney, Adriana - University of California - Los Angeles (collaborateur)
Do Youth Employment Programs Work? Evidence from the New Deal
Everett, Nicholas - University of Toronto 67 500 $
Star, Sarah - University of Toronto (collaborateur)
Tavormina, M - Michigan State University (collaborateur)
Wallis, Faith - Université McGill (collaborateur)
The Henry Daniel Project
Flynn, Alexandra - University of Toronto 63 283 $
Indigenous–municipal consultation in local planning processes
Fulton, Carrie - University of Toronto 63 671 $
Manning, Sturt - Cornell University (collaborateur)
Viduka, Andrew - Flinders University of South Australia (collaborateur)
Underwater Survey of a Late Bronze Age Anchorage at Maroni-Tsaroukkas, Cyprus
Gamble, Julia - University of Toronto 64 425 $
Boldsen, Jesper - University of Southern Denmark (collaborateur)
Poinar, Hendrik - McMaster University (collaborateur)
One thousand years of disease dynamics: Integrating molecular biology and palaeoepidemiology in Medieval Denmark
Golubov, Andrey - University of Toronto 67 313 $
Dessaint, Olivier - University of Toronto (cocandidat)
Labour market implications of mergers and acquisitions
Gutsche-Miller, Sarah - University of Toronto 49 991 $
Finding Creativity on the Popular Stage: The Ballets of Belle-Époque Boulevard-Theatre Spectacles
Holmstedt, Robert - University of Toronto 31 463 $
The Grammar of Classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez) in the Abba Garima Gospel of Mark
Impett, Emily - University of Toronto 74 375 $
Muise, Amy - Université York (cocandidate)
Sakaluk, John - University of Victoria (cocandidat)
Not in the Mood? A Conflict Negotiation Perspective on Sexual Rejection in Romantic Relationships
Inbar, Yoel - University of Toronto 38 200 $
Moral language across the political spectrum
Isakson, S. Ryan - University of Toronto 73 370 $
Weather Derivatives, Farmer Vulnerability, and the Financialization of Agricultural Risk Management in Guatemala
Keilty, Patrick - University of Toronto 39 577 $
Sexy Data: Algorithms, Curation, and Desire in the Pornography Industry
Klenk, Nicole - University of Toronto 53 007 $
Transdisciplinary Science-Policy Interfaces in Climate Change Adaptation Decision-Making
Kramer, Anna - University of Toronto 48 284 $
Davidoff, Thomas - University of British Columbia (collaborateur)
Goonewardena, Kanishka - University of Toronto (collaboratrice)
Kershaw, Paul - University of British Columbia (cocandidat)
Zoning regulation, residential density, and housing affordability: Potential for up-zoning to increase housing supply in low-rise residential neighbourhoods in Toronto and Vancouver
Kuruscu, Burhanettin - University of Toronto 37 872 $
Arslan, Yavuz - Bank for International Settlements (collaborateur)
Guler, Bulent - Indiana University, Bloomington (collaborateur)
Interaction of Household and Bank Balance Sheets and Macroprudential Policies
Lehleiter, Christine - University of Toronto 38 730 $
Neurohumanities: What can we learn from the 18th Century?
McElheran, Kristina - University of Toronto 69 200 $
Entrepreneurial Firms in the Digital Age
Neville, Kathryn - University of Toronto 59 935 $
Martin, Sarah - Memorial University of Newfoundland (cocandidate)
Contesting infrastructure: political claims along pipelines
Rault, Jasmine - University of Toronto 52 013 $
Cowan, Theresa (T.L.) - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
Building a Digital Research Ethics (collaborateur)y for Minor(itized) Materials
Rheault, Ludovic - University of Toronto 46 701 $
The Diffusion of Political Opinions on the Web
Schertz, Jessamyn - University of Toronto 56 263 $
Hawthorne, Kara - University of Mississippi (collaboratrice)
Shifting perception: How listeners adapt to a multi-accented world
Smith, Craig - University of Toronto 54 208 $
Derksen, Laura - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
Closing the Integration Gap: Assessing Impacts of Social Networks & Integration of Government-Assisted Refugee Newcomers
Steinberg, Joseph - University of Toronto 31 634 $
Macroeconomic Adjustment to Protectionist Trade Policies: The Case of NAFTA Repeal
Stellar, Jennifer - University of Toronto 70 736 $
Awe a key collective emotion: Understanding the role of awe in group membership and intergroup relations
Wall, Shelley - University of Toronto 36 600 $
Time and Space in Graphic Narratives of Eldercare
Wang, Yiwen - University of Toronto 46 202 $
Yellow Books in Red China: Sex, Media, and Modernity in the People's Republic
University of Waterloo
Armitage, Derek - University of Waterloo 71 716 $
Small Fish, Big Problems: Analyzing the Human Dimensions of Forage Fisheries
Basir, Nada - University of Waterloo 50 542 $
Riaz, Suhaib - University of Massachusetts - Boston (collaborateur)
Incubating for Social Impact: Entrepreneurship amidst Shifts in Institutional Logics
Cadell, Susan - University of Waterloo 71 093 $
Baljko, Melanie - Université York (collaboratrice)
Davidson, Deborah - Université York (cocandidate)
Macdonald, Mary Ellen - Université McGill (cocandidate)
O'Gorman, Marcel - University of Waterloo (collaborateur)
Reid Lambert, Melissa - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Memorial Tattoos: Inking the Bond
Cockayne, Daniel - University of Waterloo 55 560 $
Entrepreneurial Education and Startup Economies
Feke, Jacqueline - University of Waterloo 58 198 $
Law and Nature in Ancient Greek Mathematics
Kolentsis, Alysia - University of Waterloo 20 940 $
Shakespeare's Changing Language: Early Modern English and Linguistic Innovation
MacLeod, Colin - University of Waterloo 74 453 $
Attention (and inattention) contagion in the classroom
Mitchell, Carrie - University of Waterloo 65 518 $
Burch, Sarah - University of Waterloo (collaboratrice)
Oulahen, Greg - Ryerson University (cocandidat)
Taylor, Zachary - Western University (collaborateur)
The process and politics of planning for resilience in Canadian cities
Shaikh, Arshi - University of Waterloo 46 178 $
Gilbert, Gael - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Hodder, Kimberley - Supportive Housing of Waterloo (collaboratrice)
Peressini, Tracy - Renison University College (cocandidate)
Animal hoarding: Perspectives of individuals who hoard animals and their family members
Siemerling, Winfried - University of Waterloo 43 874 $
Nonsimultaneity and Incomplete Time: From Bloch, Benjamin, and the Frankfurt School to Contemporary Black Critique
Thompson, Jessica - University of Waterloo 30 765 $
Whitson, Jennifer - University of Waterloo 54 199 $
Technology, Surveillance and Selective Exposure: The Paradox of Social Media and Queer Activism
University of Windsor
Guta, Adrian - University of Windsor 72 525 $
Laforest, Rachel - Queen's University (cocandidate)
Orsini, Michael - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidat)
van der Meulen, Emily - Ryerson University (cocandidate)
Ontario’s Chilly Charitable Climate: Examining the Impact of the 10% Rule for Political Activities
Wilfrid Laurier University
Chang, Jing Jing - Wilfrid Laurier University 61 922 $
The Politics of the Invisible: Sex, Censorship, and the Other in Hong Kong Cinema
Fox Tree, Erich - Wilfrid Laurier University 47 206 $
Lexicography of the Indigenous Sign Language of Guatemala: Decoding Ancient Mesoamerica Art, While Valorizing Modern Peoples
Mfoafo-M'Carthy, Magnus - Wilfrid Laurier University 69 423 $
Grischow, Jeff - Wilfrid Laurier University (cocandidat)
“Trudging through the contours of life”: Experiencing Disability Stigma and its Impact on Individuals and their Families
Nancarrow Clarke, Juanne - Wilfrid Laurier University 51 489 $
Clarke, Lauren - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Marlow, Taylor - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Moini, Moses - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Nicholson, Cindy - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
What do sponsorship groups and sponsorship agreement holders identify as needs, challenges and best practices in settling refugees: A Pilot Study
Packard, Grant - Wilfrid Laurier University 61 089 $
Conversation Dynamics in Customer Care: The Impact of When and How Help Agents Speak on Customer Attitudes and Behaviours
Root, Jennifer - Wilfrid Laurier University 50 596 $
Godderis, Rebecca - Wilfrid Laurier University (cocandidate)
Post-secondary instructor responses to student disclosures of gendered violence: A qualitative study exploring impacts on teaching and learning
Wang, Fang - Wilfrid Laurier University 53 572 $
Xu, Bixia - Wilfrid Laurier University (cocandidate)
Where should Firms Invest? The Structure and Strategy of Firm Resource Allocation and Budgeting
Université York
Couture, Stéphane - Université York 56 540 $
Inscribing social justice in Internet infrastructures: design proposals from civil society in the context of Internet Governance
Dong, Ming - Université York 47 600 $
Does A Strong Corporate Culture Create Shareholder Value?
Flicker, Sarah - Université York 61 431 $
Gagnon, Marilou - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidate)
Gilbert, Jen - Université York (cocandidate)
Guta, Adrian - University of Windsor (cocandidat)
MacEntee, Katie - Université York (cocandidate)
Oliver, Vanessa - Wilfrid Laurier University (cocandidate)
Sanders, Thomas - Lakehead University (cocandidat)
Enacting Sex Ed Updates: A view from Ontario's Teachers
Gilbert, Jen - Université York 62 481 $
Yes? Discourses of Consent in California's Sex Education Policy and Practice
Hossein, Caroline - Université York 70 488 $
African origins in the social economy: A study of the Black Banker Ladies and economic collectives in Canada
Jones-Imhotep, Edward - Université York 54 904 $
Turkel, William - Western University (collaborateur)
Reliable Humans, Trustworthy Machines: A Cultural History of Technological Failure
Kecskes, Ambrus - Université York 63 000 $
Nguyen, Anh - Université York (cocandidat)
Demographics and innovation: Evidence from Canada and around the World
Larkin, Yelena - Université York 27 108 $
Grullon, Gustavo - Rice University (collaborateur)
Zhdanov, Alexei - Pennsylvania State University (collaborateur)
Short interest and investment
Levine, Gabriel - Université York 26 858 $
Moving Splendour: The Aesthetics and Politics of Contemporary Processional Art
Ojo, Tokunbo - Université York 60 610 $
Chinese News Media in Africa
Petronijevic, Uros - Université York 65 200 $
Student Mentoring and Coaching: Using Technology to Reach Everyone
Singh, Parbudyal - Université York 31 260 $
Boekhorst, Janet - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Entrepreneurship, human resource management and firm performance
Whelan, Jodie - Université York 46 236 $
Johnson, Allison - Western University (cocandidate)
Thomson, Matthew - Western University (cocandidat)
Attachment Styles, Brand Anthropomorphism, and Social Class


Université de Winnipeg
Cai, Wenbiao - Université de Winnipeg 51 752 $
Historical Development and Current Policies in Canadian Agriculture: A Macroeconomic Analysis with Micro Longitudinal Data
Kerr, Jeannie - Université de Winnipeg 34 242 $
Andreotti, Vanessa - University of British Columbia (collaboratrice)
Sutherland, Dawn - Université de Winnipeg (collaboratrice)
Woloshyn, Debra - Université de Winnipeg (collaboratrice)
Crossing Borders in Initial Teacher Education: Supporting Translations in the Inner-City Practicum
Wall, Sharon - Université de Winnipeg 60 974 $
Taber, Nancy - Brock University (collaboratrice)
Putting up a Good Front: Masculinity, Military Men and their Families in Cold War Canada
Université du Manitoba
Calnitsky, David - Université du Manitoba 34 347 $
Forget, Evelyn - Université du Manitoba (cocandidate)
The Labour Market and Its Alternatives: Investigating Manitoba’s Mincome Experiment
Collins, Benjamin - Université du Manitoba 74 900 $
Ames, Christopher - University of Victoria (cocandidat)
Halden, Norman - Université du Manitoba (collaborateur)
Sealy, Judith - University of Cape Town (collaboratrice)
Wilkins, Jayne - University of Cape Town (collaboratrice)
Refining the Middle­-to-­Later Stone Age Transition: The Perspective from Grassridge Rockshelter, South Africa
Delay, David - Université du Manitoba 34 027 $
Corbally, Melissa - Dublin City University (collaboratrice)
Hughes, Judith - Université du Manitoba (collaboratrice)
Exploring the narrative constructions of men as perpetrators/victims of intimate partner violence: Comparing police, probation officers and service user narratives of men's reporting experiences
Dubois, Danielle - Université du Manitoba 41 771 $
Marguerite Porete in the Italian, French, and English Historical Record, 15th-19th Century
King, Regine - Université du Manitoba 59 001 $
Bishyanuka, Joseph - National University of Rwanda (cocandidat)
Hakizimana, Emmanuel - National University of Rwanda (cocandidat)
Kamuzinzi, Masengesho - National University of Rwanda (cocandidat)
The true healing is healing together. Lessons about Healing and reconciliation processes in post-genocide Rwanda
Liao, Chi - Université du Manitoba 49 695 $
Kramer, Lisa - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
The Impact of Peer Effects on Financial Risk Taking
Mizzi, Robert - Université du Manitoba 30 566 $
Schmidt, Clea - Université du Manitoba (cocandidate)
Out There: A Study of LGBTQ Educators Working Overseas
Wang, Luming - Université du Manitoba 49 460 $
Bullard, Olga - Université de Winnipeg (cocandidate)
Ma, Yu - Université McGill (cocandidat)
Choice Architecture: The Effect of Cross-Classification on Consumer Choice


Athabasca University
Sana, Faria - Athabasca University 68 816 $
Yan, Veronica - University of Southern California (collaboratrice)
Investigating the Interleaving Effect in Classrooms to Boost Student Retention
Concordia University of Edmonton
Bradford, Tolly - Concordia University of Edmonton 38 307 $
Connors, Richard - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidat)
Imperial Networks and the Reorganization of the Hudson’s Bay Company, 1809-1816
Grant MacEwan University
Muralidharan, Etayankara - Grant MacEwan University 10  370 $
Sustainability Values, Transformational Leadership, and Social Entrepreneurship
Mount Royal University
Smith, Erika - Mount Royal University 55 813 $
Undergraduate Digital Literacies in Disciplinary Contexts
University of Alberta
Covell, Christine - University of Alberta 61 672 $
Bourgeault, Ivy - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidate)
Esses, Victoria - Western University (cocandidate)
Neiterman, Elena - University of Waterloo (cocandidate)
Designed to Stay: Canadian-Educated International Students as Future Permanent Residents
Cutumisu, Maria - University of Alberta 51 700 $
Schwartz, Daniel - Stanford University (collaborateur)
A Model of Memory for Critical Feedback
Gibson, Lindsay - University of Alberta 71 769 $
Duquette, Catherine - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (cocandidate)
Seixas, Peter - University of British Columbia (collaborateur)
Small cards, big picture: Constructing students’ narrative frameworks in Canadian history
Hodgetts, Sandra - University of Alberta 57 958 $
Nicholas, David - University of Calgary (cocandidat)
Phelan, Shanon - University of Alberta (cocandidate)
Ryan, Jackie - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Building inclusive communities: A collective case study of community inclusion for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families
Kim, Mijung - University of Alberta 44 672 $
Wagner, David - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick (cocandidat)
Science and Mathematics textbook writers’ hopes for peace and sustainability
Korda, Andrea - University of Alberta 55 168 $
Looking and Learning in the Age of New Media: Object Lessons, Visual Instruction and Scouting from 1830 to 1914
Lachler, Jordan - University of Alberta 70 582 $
Shulist, Sarah - Grant MacEwan University (cocandidate)
Developing New Tools for Understanding Endangered Language Dynamics
Li, Xiaoting - University of Alberta 57 200 $
Unfinished Utterances in Mandarin Conversation
Lund, Anna Jane - University of Alberta 41 404 $
Providing Income Support to the Ill and Injured: Decoupling Medical and Financial Distress
Mosewich, Amber - University of Alberta 47 783 $
Gunnell, Katie - Carleton University (cocandidate)
Holt, Nicholas - University of Alberta (cocandidat)
Krepps, Robert - University of Alberta (collaborateur)
McHugh, Tara-Leigh - University of Alberta (cocandidate)
Sapieja, Klaudia - University of Alberta (collaboratrice)
Fostering resilience and wellbeing in sport: A longitudinal study of athlete psychosocial development
Smallwood, Scott - University of Alberta 44 843 $
Bulitko, Vadim - University of Alberta (collaborateur)
Gouglas, Sean - University of Alberta (collaborateur)
Moore, Stephan - Northwestern University (collaborateur)
Oliver, Marilene - University of Alberta (collaboratrice)
Rowe, Aidan - University of Alberta (collaborateur)
The Lost Garden: Exploring Audio in Interactive Spaces
Sulz, Lauren - University of Alberta 53 045 $
Gleddie, Douglas - University of Alberta (cocandidat)
Humbert, Margaret - University of Saskatchewan (cocandidate)
School Sport and Educational Success: Exploring KidSport’s Stay-in-School Initiative for Low-Income Youth in Alberta
Tomsky, Terri - University of Alberta 27 672 $
Imagining Justice After Globalization
Wiebe, Joseph - University of Alberta 50 589 $
Decolonizing Environmental Imagination: Perceptions of Indigeneity and Ecology in Religious Settler Migration
University of Calgary
Anderson, Mark - University of Calgary 46 000 $
Innovation, productivity, and competitiveness at Canadian business establishments
Bell, Adam - University of Calgary 71 578 $
Hacking Disability in Music Education
Bridel, William - University of Calgary 63 234 $
LGBTQ2SI Inclusion in Canadian Sport: A Case Study
Burns, Victoria - University of Calgary 69 446 $
Hewson, Jennifer - University of Calgary (cocandidate)
Walsh, Christine - University of Calgary (cocandidate)
Beyond Housing: Creating a sense of place among formerly homeless older adults in Calgary, Alberta
Callaghan, Tonya - University of Calgary 49 027 $
The Catholic Closet: An International Comparative Study of Homophobia and Transphobia in Catholic Schools
Franceschet, Antonio - University of Calgary 39 487 $
Theorizing Resistance Rights in International Politics
Francis, Krista - University of Calgary 60 448 $
Davis, Andrew - University of Calgary (cocandidat)
The intersection of math, spatial reasoning, and coding: an emergent, multi-faceted study on how children learn through robotics
Gobin, Anuradha - University of Calgary 34 674 $
Picturing Punishment: The Material Afterlife of the Criminal Body in the Dutch Republic
Henry, Robert - University of Calgary 62 360 $
Sites of Survivance: Indigenous Street Gangs and Settler Colonialism
Hynes, Laura - University of Calgary 47 500 $
Agha, Ari - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Barton, Bruce - University of Calgary (collaborateur)
Hamann, Keitha - University of Minnesota (collaboratrice)
Viczko, April - University of Calgary (collaboratrice)
ConcerT: Testosterone and the Transgender Singing Voice
Kassan, Anusha - University of Calgary 67 500 $
Arthur, Nancy - University of Calgary (cocandidate)
Goopy, Suzanne - University of Calgary (cocandidate)
School Integration Among Canadian Newcomer Youth: An Art-Based Ethnographic Study
Milaney, Katrina - University of Calgary 53 383 $
Examining Gaps in Services for Immigrant and Refugee Women and Children who are Trapped in Canada’s Emergency Shelters
Noel, Melanie - University of Calgary 71 236 $
Graham, Susan - University of Calgary (cocandidate)
Peterson, Carole - Memorial University of Newfoundland (cocandidate)
Co-constructing the Past: Examining Mother- and Father-Child Narratives About Past Events involving Pain versus Sadness
Peric, Sabrina - University of Calgary 73 949 $
Ilegala: Reading, Radicalism and Paramilitarism in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pexman, Penny - University of Calgary 74 904 $
Curtin, Suzanne - University of Calgary (collaboratricer)
Investigating the Origins of Sound Symbolism in Infancy
Reese-Taylor, Kathryn - University of Calgary 58 425 $
Anaya-Hernandez, Armando - Universidad Autónoma de Campeche (collaborateur)
Carr, Christopher - University of Cincinnati (collaborateur)
Dunning, Nicholas - University of Cincinnati (cocandidat)
Jones, John - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Lentz, David - University of Cincinnati (collaborateur)
Pedersen, Mikkel - University of Copenhagen (cocandidat)
Wales, Nathan - University of California - Berkeley (collaborateur)
Walker, Debra - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Exploring the development of a complex agricultural system in the Maya lowlands through the analysis of eDNA
Shepherd, Tamara - University of Calgary 56 513 $
Power in Policymaking: Regulatory Framings of Canada’s Internet
Wagner, Martin - University of Calgary 40 153 $
Narratives of Obedient Agency, 1700-1900
University of Lethbridge
Li, Yutao - University of Lethbridge 39 078 $
Lobo, Gerald - University of Houston (cocandidat)
An Investigation of Banks’ Lending Network


University of Regina
Belisle, Donica - University of Regina 26 340 $
Sugar: A Canadian History
Bundock, Christopher - University of Regina 30 222 $
Romanticism's Foreign Bodies
University of Saskatchewan
Baker, Jeff - University of Saskatchewan 71 402 $
Aikenhead, Glen - University of Saskatchewan (collaborateur)
Lewis, Kevin - University of Saskatchewan (cocandidat)
kiskinwahamâtowin: Indigenous science teacher education through land and language
Brunet, Nicolas - University of Saskatchewan 74 011 $
Henri, Dominique - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Shirley, Jamal - Nunavut Research Institute (collaboratrice)
Strickert, Graham - University of Saskatchewan (cocandidat)
The role of environmental researchers in Inuit youth land-based learning through collaborative science literacy activities
Dieleman, Susan - University of Saskatchewan 17 862 $
Epistemically Just Democracies
Doi, Carolyn - University of Saskatchewan 51 723 $
Luyk, Sean - University of Alberta (cocandidat)
Sounds of Home: Exploring Local Music Collections and Collecting in Canada
Kaye, Julie - University of Saskatchewan 67 472 $
Sex Work and Peer Supports: Embodying Resistance on the Prairies
Lemisko, Lynn - University of Saskatchewan 56 276 $
Clausen, Kurt - Nipissing University (cocandidat)
Far from Normal: A comparative historical study of teacher education in Ontario and Saskatchewan, 1925-1975
Leow, Joanne - University of Saskatchewan 54 553 $
Water, Sand, Steel, and Glass: Urban Ecologies and Literary Speculations
Nickel, Sarah - University of Saskatchewan 68 678 $
Auxiliary Organizations and Indigenous "Mothers of the Nation": Gender, Politics, and Place in Canada's West
Zhang, Di - University of Saskatchewan 44 588 $
Creating consumer-oriented value in genetically modified foods: exploring consuimer attitudes and willingness to pay

British Columbia

College of the Rockies
Kramer-Kile, Marnie - College of the Rockies 54 162 $
A Targeted Interventional Program for Canadian –Educated Nursing Graduates who have been Unsuccessful on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN®): A Pilot Study
Royal Roads University
Dale, Ann - Royal Roads University 62 068 $
Bernard, Mary - Royal Roads University (collaboratrice)
Hodson, Jaigris - Royal Roads University (cocandidat)
Leighton, Hilary - Royal Roads University (collaboratrice)
Research Curation: Making a Difference
Mittelman, Robert - Royal Roads University 48 677 $
Dow, John - The University of Melbourne (cocandidat)
An Exploration of Psychic Distance in Charitable Giving to International Disaster Relief
Pulla, Siomonn - Royal Roads University 47 178 $
Social licensing in Major Resource Development Projects: Corporate–Indigenous Relations, Indigenous Rights, and Responsible Resource Development in Canada
Veletsianos, George - Royal Roads University 61 160 $
Hodson, Jaigris - Royal Roads University (cocandidat)
Female Academics’ Experiences of Harassment on Social Media
Simon Fraser University
Aceves Sepulveda, Gabriela - Simon Fraser University 40 482 $
Bronfman, Alejandra - University of British Columbia (collaboratrice)
Weaving the Electric Wave: Latin American Women Composers, 1914 -1980
Aknin, Lara - Simon Fraser University 53 385 $
Automatic Evaluations of Helping: Developing and Testing an Implicit Measure of Self- and Other- Interest
Du, Songzi - Simon Fraser University 22 300 $
Zhu, Haoxiang - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (collaborateur)
Optimal Trading Frequency with Heterogeneous Trading Speeds
Lazarova, Mila - Simon Fraser University 53 009 $
Employers' Perspectives on Skilled Immigrants' Workplace Integration
McGregor, Hannah - Simon Fraser University 54 325 $
McMenemy, Siobhan - Wilfrid Laurier University Press (collaboratrice)
Scholarly Podcasting in Canada
Odom, William - Simon Fraser University 55 200 $
Developing A Theory of Slow Interaction For Design
Oh, Chang Hoon - Simon Fraser University 61 320 $
Social License to Operate: Its Effects on the Operational, Financial, and Social Performance of Firms
Viljoen, Jodi - Simon Fraser University 64 218 $
Aknin, Lara - Simon Fraser University (collaboratrice)
Desistance from Crime: New Methods for Collecting and Mobilizing the Life Stories of Former Adolescent Offenders
Wong, Jennifer - Simon Fraser University 63 723 $
Enhancing successful transitions to high school: Evaluation of after-school mentoring programs for at-risk youth in Metro Vancouver
University of British Columbia
Caperchione, Cristina - University of British Columbia 66 994 $
Berg, Stephen - University of British Columbia (cocandidat)
Ferguson, Leah - University of Saskatchewan (cocandidate)
Kowalski, Kent - University of Saskatchewan (cocandidat)
Novakowski, Michelle - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Sabiston, Catherine - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
A league of their own: Examining the effectiveness of a psycho-social and sport program targeting at-risk adolescent girls
Farinha Luz, Vitor - The University of British Columbia 44 340 $
Multidimensional private information in insurance markets
Galla, Candace - University of British Columbia 57 174 $
Digital Technology Use for First Nations Language Education and Revitalization in British Columbia
Gornall, Will - University of British Columbia 58 100 $
Venture Capital Contracts and Valuations
Griess, Verena - University of British Columbia 67 262 $
Bulkan, Janette - University of British Columbia (collaboratrice)
Zerriffi, Hisham - University of British Columbia (collaborateur)
Indigenous land-use planning and the discourse of sovereignty: Communicating values at the contact zone
Guiry, Eric - University of British Columbia 55 632 $
Hawkins, Alicia - Université Laurentienne (collaboratrice)
Needs-Howarth, Suzanne - Aucune affiliation principale (collaboratrice)
Orchard, Trevor - University of Toronto (collaborateur)
Szpak, Paul - Trent University (collaborateur)
The Historical Ecology of Lake Ontario: An Isotopic Perspective
Hagerman, Shannon - University of British Columbia 67 112 $
Campbell, Lisa - Duke University (cocandidate)
Gray, Noella - University of Guelph (cocandidate)
Targets through time: Negotiating knowledge (s) and constructing future possibilities for global biodiversity governance
Honey-Rosés, Jordi - University of British Columbia 72 726 $
Diaz Calderon, Juan Ramon - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Sanchez Navarro, Paul - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
No one showed up at our public meeting. Testing theories of public engagement in the context of groundwater management
Joy, Annamma - University of British Columbia 56 384 $
Deschenes, Jonathan - HEC Montréal (cocandidat)
Walsh, Zach - University of British Columbia (collaborateur)
Ganjapreneurs in the Okanagan Valley: Exploring emerging market formation for recreational cannabis in British Columbia
Kasahara, Hiroyuki - University of British Columbia 52 200 $
Schrimpf, Paul - University of British Columbia (cocandidat)
Suzuki, Michio - University of Tokyo (collaborateur)
Identification and Estimation of Production Function under Unobserved Heterogeneity
Laurin, Kristin - University of British Columbia 51 911 $
Understanding the nature of rationalized confidence in the sociopolitical system
LeMoult, Joelle - University of British Columbia 72 869 $
Co-Rumination in the Context of Adolescents' Friendships
Marshall, Christopher - University of British Columbia 39 104 $
Thomas Heywood and the Classical Imagination
Oberle, Eva - University of British Columbia 50 455 $
School's out - what now? A population-level study on how out-of-school time is linked to trajectories of social-emotional wellbeing and academic success in middle childhood and early adolescence
O'Hogan, Cillian - University of British Columbia 53 051 $
Romans, Christians, and their books, 300-486 CE
Rosenblum, Daisy - University of British Columbia 64 819 $
Wasson, Christina - University of North Texas (collaboratrice)
q'?nq'ot?a??nc ??wi'nagwis (Knowing our land): Documenting Gwa’sala and ’Nakwaxda’xw Cultural Keystone Places in Kwak'wala
Tan, Yuen Sze Michelle - University of British Columbia 64 129 $
Amiel, Joshua - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Lo, Chih-Shen - University of British Columbia (cocandidat)
Supporting teachers’ design and implementation of theories-framed, reform-based pedagogies: Case of teacher professional development for science teachers in BC
Walsh, Shannon - University of British Columbia 67 500 $
Mitchell, Claudia - Université McGill (cocandidate)
We grew as we grew: Longitudinal perspectives on youth activism, visual methodologies, and HIV prevention
Thompson Rivers University
Dagne, Tesh - Thompson Rivers University 43 790 $
3D Printing, the Canadian Consumer and Intellectual Property Law
Jeyapal, Daphne - Thompson Rivers University 45 040 $
Desai, Chandni - University of Illinois at Chicago (cocandidat)
Anti-terrorism or anti-activism? Examining public and policy discourses on Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act (2015) and its implications for transnational resistance
Neudorf, Lorne - Thompson Rivers University 66 865 $
Parliamentary Supervision of Executive Lawmaking: A Comparative Study of Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand
Trinity Western University
Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl - Trinity Western University 59 890 $
Astle, Barbara - Trinity Western University (cocandidate)
Beaman, Lori - Université d'Ottawa (cocandidate)
Dixon, Duncan - Trinity Western University (collaborateur)
Ero, Ikponwosa - Aucune affiliation principale (collaborateur)
Ibhawoh, Bonny - McMaster University (cocandidate)
Sawatzky, Ricard - Trinity Western University (collaborateur)
Tettey, Wisdom - University of British Columbia (cocandidat)
The welfare and security of persons with albinism: Developing a Research-Policy Network to address the interplay of spiritual/cultural practices and human rights
University of Victoria
Chan, Kathryn - University of Victoria 63 401 $
Kislowicz, Howard - Université du Nouveau-Brunswick (cocandidat)
Divine Intervention: a study of the operation and impact of NGO interveners in Canadian religious freedom litigation
Gillezeau, Rob - University of Victoria 62 865 $
Cunningham, Jamein - Portland State University (collaborateur)
Racial Uprisings and the Responsiveness of Governments
Sakaluk, John - University of Victoria 74 675 $
Impett, Emily - University of Toronto (cocandidate)
For Richer or Poorer: Finance Norms and Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships
Turner, Brianna - University of Victoria 74 841 $
Testing a person-context model of risk-taking behaviours in first-year undergraduates