Programmes de bourses de doctorat du CRSH : attribution des bourses du concours de novembre 2017

Candidature Organisme administrateur Titre de la demande Montant
Brunt, Michael W. University of British Columbia Transparency in the use of animals in science: perceptions and implications in Canada 80 000 $
Wilkinson, Sabrina R. Goldsmiths, University of London Policy options for the regulation of digital intermediaries in Canada 80 000 $
Saillant, Richard University of Toronto Canadian fiscal federalism in the age of the great demographic imbalance 80 000 $
Lowan-Trudeau, Kathleen M. University of Calgary The role of capital in children's access to natural spaces 80 000 $
Polkinghorne, Sarah C. Swinburne University of Technology Food and information: embodied practices in everyday life 40 000 $
Halaburda, Carlos Gustavo Northwestern University, Illinois Ungovernable bodies: melodrama and the governmentalization of life in Latin America, 1880-1916 60 000 $
Ghodse-Elahi, Yasaman New York University It takes two to tango: dyadic regulation of sexual satisfaction 60 000 $
Laveault-Frigon, Anthony University of California, Los Angeles Knowledge sourcing in Canadien cities 80 000 $
Phinney, Sarah M. University of Manchester Racialized landscapes of austerity Urbanism in post-industrial cities 80 000 $
Guy, Priscilla Université de Lille III - Charles de Gaulle L'autoreprésentation des femmes artistes comme stratégie de résistance et d'émancipation : analyse chorégraphique féministe des corps dansants à l'écran 40 000 $
Fabiani, Christina L. University of Essex Permanent tattoos/fluid meanings: the relationship of body ink, deviance, and normativity in twentieth-century America 80 000 $
Goulet Coulombe, Philippe University of Pennsylvania Machine learning and macroeconomic structural models: bridging the gap 60 000 $
Valadares, Desiree A. University of California, Berkeley Race, rights and reparations: the material culture of World War II confinement camps in Canada and the United States 40 000 $
Goldner-Jacobs, Jonathan D. University of Oxford In the spirit of engagement: assembling the sensorium in Innu canoe building 60 000 $
Galappaththi, Iroshani Madumali Université d'Ottawa Co-management of shipping corridors in the Canadian Arctic: governance and Inuit perspectives 80 000 $
Beauchemin, Bianca University of California, Los Angeles Arousing freedoms: women's sexuality and the Haitian revolution 40 000 $
Karrels, Nancy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Art and spolia in post-revolutionary France 40 000 $
Kruitwagen, Lucas University of Oxford Technology, information, and the governance of environmental risk: using data-driven technologies to build public inventories of real-economy assets 60 000 $
Grover, Edward R. University of California, Irvine Digital footprints: modeling psychological traits from patterns of technology use 60 000 $
Bailey, Carolyn A. Harvard University Rendering the invisible: video, architecture, surveillance 80 000 $
Boratto, Rachel H. Michigan State University Illicit trafficking of turtles and tortoises: compliance and non-compliance in the North American exotic pet trade 40 000 $
Petrich, Damon University of Cincinnati Ex-offender insights on community re-entry, employment and desistance 80 000 $
Obermeier, Katharina E. Cornell University Globalization by the rules: changing attitudes towards economic integration 60 000 $
Ichim, Cristina D. University College London A network approach to processes of cultural affiliation in the Middle and Late Bronze Age Aegean 40 000 $
Wright, Laura H.V. University of Edinburgh Play: activating engagement and resilience with refugee children 80 000 $
Duggan, Jennifer Norwegian University of Science and Technology Teens' self-fashioning of sexual and gender identities in online Harry Potter fan communities 80 000 $
Warren, Sarah L.K. Emory University Philosophy for an ailing Earth: phenomenology, new materialism, and the project of environmental ethics 60 000 $
Ripley, Colin S. European Graduate School Stealing home: the construction of a queer theory of architecture 60 000 $
De Lacroix, Pricile Université du Québec à Montréal Du premier référendum -1980 aux lendemains de la Crise de Kanesatake-Oka -1991 : une décennie tremplin d'art contemporain autochtone au Québec 80 000 $
Cheng, Jacky Indiana University, Bloomington The invisible heroes: Asian men and their career experiences in traditionally masculine workforces 40 000 $
Godfrey, Lisa M. University of Cincinnati Relationship quality and stability in young male same-sex relationships: the role of sexual agreements 60 000 $
Bourcheix-Laporte, Mariane Simon Fraser University Impacts of changes to provincial and federal cultural policies and funding instruments on British Columbia artist-run centres 80 000 $
Edwards, Mitchell R. Northwestern University, Illinois Contested mobility: a history of refuge-seeking in the Uganda/Sudan borderlands, 1880 to 1986 60 000 $
Boutilier, Sophia M.W. Stony Brook University Burned out: the emotional consequences of development 20 000 $
Frederick, Toni-Lynn M. The University of Reading Post-traumatic topography: a practice-based study of Holocaust-related sites and their surrounding landscapes 20 000 $
Murray, Patrick J. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Beyond social justice: socially-engaged compositional practice and the performance of community in recent American choral music 60 000 $
Brownstone, Veronica University of Pennsylvania The social logic of informality in contemporary Central American literature and film 20 000 $
Kusari, Kaltrina McMaster University A postcolonial exploration of the repatriation process for rejected asylum seekers from Kosovo 80 000 $
Komori, Jane University of California, Santa Cruz Resilient (agri)cultures: Japanese Canadian world-making since internment 80 000 $
Sroka, Robert University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Tax increment financing and professional sports facilities in North America 60 000 $
Howell, Jordan A. Harvard University Smelted earth: Canada, guinea and the global aluminum trade 60 000 $
Riley, Pierre University of Cambridge Bach pianism at the crossroads: transformative modernity in Britain 1920-1935 60 000 $
Showler, Paul D. University of Oregon The ethics and epistemology of reflexivity: towards a pragmatist philosophy of social science 60 000 $
Nichols, Maia I. University of California, San Diego The fabric of care in French and French colonial North African psychiatric asylums, 1905-1962 80 000 $
Anderson, Hannah E. University of Pennsylvania Lived botany: households, ecological adaptation and the origins of settler colonialism in Early British North America 20 000 $
Kinney, Michael E. Stanford University How opera ages: historiography, performance, and reception 60 000 $
Kenyon Sinclair, Geordie Harvard University Bonfire at night: a first English edition of Anna Barkova's works 40 000 $
Assaturian, Sosseh University of Texas at Austin The stoics on language, thought, and meaning 20 000 $
Gray, Jonah P. University of California, San Diego Unsettling the self: the imaginary Indian, the construction of whiteness and rethinking strategies of recursion in contemporary art 60 000 $
Boutet, Jean-Sébastien Royal Institute of Technology Transnational power and legacy in postwar nuclear expansion 60 000 $
Scarffe, Eric J. Boston University Moving toward a dignity-based account of international law 60 000 $
Shaw, Steven D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Conceptualizing engagement in a digital world: a unified framework of engagement strategies 40 000 $
Tolhurst, Tor N. University of California, Davis Heterogeneity in econometric models: high-dimensional fixed effects selection, distributional synthetic control, and partially identified distribution of treatment effects with finite mixture models 40 000 $
Russell, Tracy L. Saint Louis University Virginity, martyrdom, and Christian identity in the acts of the Persian martyrs 40 000 $
Proctor, Terren K. Vanderbilt University Investigating the embodiment of labour and mercury mining at Santa Barbara, Peru 20 000 $
Ren, Joseph Duke University The aesthetics of exhaustion: contemporary culture between economic and ecological crises 40 000 $
Sardinha, Elsa University of Victoria Broadening participation in investment treaty arbitration through third party interventions: omens to change in treaty drafting practice 80 000 $
Brown, Alexis C. University of Victoria Creating trans-systemic spaces in critical literacies education for Indigenous adolescents 20 000 $
Davis, Sarah K.A. University of Victoria Optimizing mental health at university: a case for self-regulated learning 40 000 $
Liu, Xuan University of Victoria The analysis of agricultural risk management strategies using farm management models 40 000 $
Rennert, Heidi M. University of Victoria To set the world on wheels: cycling literature and the late nineteenth-century imagination 80 000 $
Sinclair, Danielle A. University of Victoria Healing our nations: fostering connection with Zaagiidwin 80 000 $
So, Vivien Wing Yin University of Victoria Parenting perceptions, parent-child relationships and adjustment in immigrant youth 60 000 $
Sozen, Gizem University of Victoria Revolution and reaction in the political thought and aesthetics of the historical avant-garde (1880-1920) 40 000 $
Yoneda, Tomiko B. University of Victoria Do changes in personality affect successful aging: a coordinated analysis of longitudinal studies 60 000 $
Zion, Mark Z. University of Victoria A green legal theory of climate change: from emergency to ecological time 40 000 $
Bérard, Marie-Jeanne Université de Montréal Moi, millénaire, femelle et reniée, suivi de Lilith : anti-figure dévorant de l'intérieur les enfants du sabbat d'Anne Hébert 60 000 $
Bouchard, Julie Université de Montréal Des relations école, famille, communauté favorisant la réussite, le cas d'une école publique alternative en milieu défavorisé 60 000 $
Boutin, Marc-Antoine Université de Montréal La musique au cirque : les métiers et les pratiques professionnelles 80 000 $
Brady-Savignac, Charlotte Université de Montréal Musicalité de la répétition dans les arts contemporains 80 000 $
Chaffai-Parent, Shana Université de Montréal Le paradoxe du principe directeur de bonne foi procédurale dans l'instance civile : comparaison et critique 80 000 $
Derouin-Dubuc, Laurence Université de Montréal L'activité artistique dans les centres d'artistes autogérés : étude d'une configuration atypique de travail 20 000 $
Durocher, Myriam Université de Montréal De la culture alimentaire biomédicalisée à la production de corps contemporains particuliers 40 000 $
Gagné, Anne-Marie Université de Montréal La diffusion d'un (anti-)manuel : la trajectoire d'Invitation to sociology de berger en trois langues 80 000 $
Gagnon, Dominic Université de Montréal Le processus de la retraite : modélisation d'un phénomène en évolution 60 000 $
Guennouni Hassani, Rajae Université de Montréal Stratégies parentales autour de l'expérience socioscolaire de l'enfant : le cas de familles immigrantes musulmanes à Montréal 60 000 $
Prud'homme, Gabrielle Université de Montréal Giuseppe Verdi, réappropriation d un mythe politique du fascisme à l aube du miracle économique Italien (1922-1951) 80 000 $
Robillard-Martel, Xavier Université de Montréal La structure du racisme et la construction des identités ethniques chez les Cajuns et les Créoles de Louisiane 80 000 $
Robitaille, Andréanne Université de Montréal La transition des soins curatifs aux soins palliatifs : analyse des dynamiques organisationnelles, professionnelles et éthiques dans le contexte de l'implantation de la loi québécoise concernant les soins de fin de vie 60 000 $
Samson, Marie-Ève Université de Montréal Vieillir et mourir au Canada en contexte minoritaire : expériences de personnes vieillissantes originaires du Viêtnam, du Cambodge et du Laos vivant à Toronto et à Montréal 80 000 $
Théorêt, Alexandrine Université de Montréal Les répliques et les scripts : conditions d'attribution de la valeur en art conceptuel 80 000 $
Thériault, Pascale Université de Montréal Les femmes qui jouent sont dangereuses : comment des pratiques vidéoludiques engendrent un jouer féministe  60 000 $
Yale-Soulière, Gabrielle Université de Montréal Quel est le rôle de l'activité physique sur l'ajustement psychosocial et académique des enfants québécois : une étude longitudinale populationnelle 80 000 $
Barker, Conor W. University of Regina Using communities of practice to develop clinical competency with rural school psychologists 40 000 $
Desnoyers-Stewart, John University of Regina Designing expressive artistic interfaces for mixed reality using creative methodologies 80 000 $
Yu, Kwan Tsz (Mabel) University of Regina A cross-cultural examination of emotion regulation strategies between Canadians and Chinese immigrants in Canada 80 000 $
Boisjoli, Cyndi Université du Québec à Montréal Alexithymie et problèmes de comportement des enfants d'âge scolaire victimes d'agression sexuelle 40 000 $
Bordeleau-Pitre, Emile Université du Québec à Montréal Documenter l'autre : entre ethnographie et littérature, les savoirs sauvages de la revue documents 40 000 $
Bruyère, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec à Montréal Développement d'un dispositif de formation destiné aux enseignants du primaire pour planifier et réaliser une visite éducative au musée de science 40 000 $
Coenga Oliveira, Danielle Université du Québec à Montréal L'égalité de genre dans les programmes des nations unies : l'imbrication des systèmes d'oppression et l'hétéronormativité 60 000 $
Demers, Bálint Université du Québec à Montréal La montée de la droite et de l'extrême droite contemporaine en Hongrie : un essai documentaire 80 000 $
Garneau, Laurence Université du Québec à Montréal Lecture politique : superposition des temps dans le cycle astrologique au Palazzo della Ragione 80 000 $
Gratton, Noémie Université du Québec à Montréal Sentiment d'imposture et perception du soutien conditionnel parental chez des élèves entre la 4e année du primaire et la 4e année du secondaire 40 000 $
Houle, Iliane Université du Québec à Montréal L'intégration des souvenirs négatifs à l'identité comme prédicteur du bien-être psychologique à long terme 40 000 $
Kadhim, Nada Université du Québec à Montréal The buffering role of unhealthy eating norms and their internalisation 60 000 $
Laaroussi, Jaouad Université du Québec à Montréal Mémoires troubles : conscience historique et régime d'historicité des mouvements ouvrier et féministe québécois (1960-1990) 40 000 $
Labonté, Marilie Université du Québec à Montréal L'art contemporain pourrait-il transformer le musée 60 000 $
Maiorana, Roxane Université du Québec à Montréal Vivre la frontière dans la littérature d'écrivaines états uniennes d'origine hispanophone 80 000 $
Morin, Powen-Alexandre Université du Québec à Montréal Le politicien comme porte-parole, son parler politique et sa capacité de représentation politique: stratégies communicationnelles et relationnelles 80 000 $
Perras, Ariane Université du Québec à Montréal Aménagements et animations temporaires de la ville : enjeux de développement d'une pratique émergente de l'urbanisme à Montréal 80 000 $
Skelling-Desmeules, Yannick Université du Québec à Montréal Impacts des mécaniques d'un jeu vidéo éducatif en science sur l'intérêt situationnel et l'apprentissage 40 000 $
Anderson, Rebecca University of Waterloo Sub-creating space: transmedial storytelling of fantasy-based MMORPGs 40 000 $
Attrell, Daniel University of Waterloo Humanism, Hermeticism, and Heterodoxy: the Renaissance scholarship on Pagan philosophy, Arabic science, and Jewish Mysticism which catalyzed 16th century Christian reform 80 000 $
Clarke, Timothy S.A. University of Waterloo The space of memory: the Great War, memorialization, and African modernity 40 000 $
Crouch, Meghan K. University of Waterloo Psychological health and safety in small business: a hard sell 80 000 $
Cyr, Emily N. University of Waterloo Egalitarianism for me, traditionalism for you: the impact of (in)accurate romantic partner perceptions on career trajectories and well-being 80 000 $
Defraeye, Julien University of Waterloo Perspectives écopoétiques dans le roman québécois contemporain 20 000 $
Graham, Alexander V. University of Waterloo Assessing the effects of quantitative measures of performance in academia on interdisciplinarity, gender diversity, and scientific impact 80 000 $
Hudd, Taylor University of Waterloo Social injury and the nature and function of social pain in social anxiety 80 000 $
Massia, Kyle R. University of Waterloo Between oppression and nostalgia: remembering the Freie Deutsche Jugend in post-Wende literature 60 000 $
Mercer, Nicholas M.J. University of Waterloo Renewable energy to advance off-grid community sustainability: a case study of NunatuKavut, Labrador 60 000 $
Moriarty, Devon M. University of Waterloo Upvoting democracy: the political power of participatory citizenship in networked social voting communities 40 000 $
Nishioka, Midori University of Waterloo Why do employees behave unethically: the role of goal difficulty and velocity 40 000 $
Olenewa, Jenniffer University of Waterloo Who is the resilient subject: a multi-level analysis of the application of resilience discourse within Ontario's public sector 80 000 $
Thacher, Dana McMaster University Navigating the death of a child: an analysis of monumental commemoration in historical contexts 80 000 $
Bensalah, Linda HEC Montréal Les objectifs de développement durable: comment les gestionnaires intermédiaires contextualisent, diffusent et théorisent le changement 60 000 $
Robert, Véronique HEC Montréal Trois articles sur l'impact des groupes de travail sur l'engagement au travail et la santé psychologique des employés 60 000 $
Lagace, Philip L. Université Concordia Ardhanarisvara: gendered symbolism in the temples of Tamil Nadu 80 000 $
Millett, Kristopher Université Concordia Probing the emergence, mainstreaming and application of radicalization discourse in Canada 40 000 $
Morrissette, Katheryne University of Toronto In the service of colonialism: literary adaptations of Celtic motifs in medieval romance 80 000 $
Panarello, Bianca Université Concordia Early adolescent's experiences with the intolerance of uncertainty: an investigation of its contribution to psychological well-being and the moderating effect of friendship 80 000 $
Ruddock, Jessica Université Concordia Anatomy in contemporary poetry and poetics 80 000 $
Scheiding, Ryan C.P. Université Concordia Collective memory and the representation of atomic fears in video games 40 000 $
Seabrook, Deborah M. Université Concordia Toward an interdisciplinary understanding of music improvisation and wellbeing: mapping contemporary experiences and practices 60 000 $
Thomas, Rachel M. Université Concordia Contemporary teratology: to demonstrate the monstrous 80 000 $
Toso, Tricia Université Concordia Notes toward decolonization: infrastructure as actant in colonialism and social and environmental injustices 40 000 $
Davey, Dennis University of Alberta Protecting our history for our children's future 60 000 $
Durber, Chelsea M. University of Alberta The role of parental beliefs as a contributor to parenting practices and children's emotion regulation in families experiencing separation and/or divorce: a conceptual framework 80 000 $
Farmer, Joanne C. University of Alberta Personal situations that shape, and reshape, early career teachers' interactions with families: a narrative inquiry 20 000 $
Ferenz, Nicholas J. University of Alberta Quantified modal relevant logics 40 000 $
Kapasi, Aamena University of Alberta Understanding mindsets in an intervention for adolescents with FASD 40 000 $
Kennedy, Kathleen E. University of Alberta Culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students' comprehension of oral test directions administered during standardized assessment 80 000 $
Molin Cherneski, Kristina University of Alberta Keeping oneself to oneself: hierarchies of privacy in 19th-century Britain 60 000 $
Necyk, Bradley University of Alberta Co-creating understanding of patient illness experience: a research-creation inquiry 40 000 $
Predy, Larissa K. University of Alberta Delineating executive functions and attention related behaviours in early childhood 80 000 $
Sammons, Elise M. University of Alberta Lessons from the MS St. Louis: a comparative analysis of the Canadian and American commemoration of the MS St. Louis and its impacts on refugee politics 80 000 $
Spallacci, Amanda University of Alberta Deconstructing personal rape narratives 60 000 $
Wray, Kristine E.J. University of Alberta Making a place for Indigenous fishing livelihoods: navigating cross-scale institutions in Great Slave Lake commercial fisheries management 40 000 $
Bergman, Gwyneth E. Queen's University No hierarchy of rights: freedom of religion and the supreme court of Canada's balancing framework 60 000 $
Borsk, Michael G. Queen's University Flying the meteor flag: penetanguishene and the British empire, 1815-1856 80 000 $
Brown, Shannon Queen's University A helping hand: Canadians, space exploration, and cultural diplomacy, 1960-1990 80 000 $
Clifton, Owen J.M. Queen's University On national membership as the basis for claims to justice: a philosophical defence of our common-sense political practices 80 000 $
Couchoux, Oriane Queen's University Inspecting the auditors: getting inside the making of independent audit regulation in Canada 60 000 $
Long, Blair P. Queen's University Intergenerational wealth transfers, occupational sorting and earnings persistence 40 000 $
Martinborough, Alex Queen's University Constituting empire: the spread of written constitutions in British settler colonies, 1860-1910 80 000 $
Moon, Christine C. Queen's University Medical assistance in dying: a qualitative research study of Korean-Canadians 80 000 $
Phillips, Laura Queen's University Disrupting power in museums: leveraging Indigenous knowledge in museum practice in response to the truth and reconciliation commission and the United Nations declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples 80 000 $
Pitblado, Michael Queen's University Teaching the unteachable: historical thinking, pedagogical reasoning, and the Holocaust 40 000 $
Rampersaud, Marsha Queen's University To protect or to punish: the experience of youth in care in Ontario bail courts 60 000 $
Schell, Vanessa Queen's University The role of emotion mindsets in adolescent emotion regulation 40 000 $
Sharma, Sarah Queen's University Governing shelter through global disasters: a study of housing sustainability in Mexican slums 60 000 $
Soleas, Eleftherios Queen's University The price of admission: examining how expectancies and value can overcome the costs of innovation 40 000 $
Tremblay, Michael L. Queen's University The function of moral training in Epictetus 60 000 $
Troup, Daniel R. Queen's University Property, territory, and peace: the political economy of asymmetric integration in Canada and the United States 40 000 $
Altenburg, Gerjan P. McMaster University Rules of customary behaviour in the Mulasarvastivada-vinaya 20 000 $
Clarke, Samantha McMaster University Polio walls: international medical collaboration, Cold War competition, and the fight against polio in Germany, 1947-1965 60 000 $
Dudley, Sean P. King's College London J.F. Herbart and the history of the philosophy of mind in the 19th century 80 000 $
Ferguson, Barbara D. McMaster University Ruck, muck, and a closed system of truth: the victorian rhetoric of spiritualism v. science 60 000 $
Guenther, Tasha A.M. McMaster University On afrofuturism and digital activism 80 000 $
Imbault, Constance McMaster University Individual and group differences in how we feel, and think others feel, about language 20 000 $
Nyirakamana, Colette McMaster University Why are local actors unable to raise enough revenues: a comparative study of the mobilization of local revenues in Accra (Ghana) and Nairobi (Kenya) 40 000 $
Penner, Jake M. McMaster University 1960s Canadian actvists and theories of social transformation 80 000 $
Van Haren, Emily C. McMaster University Archiving the foodie: the museological and auto/biographical practices of the food blog 80 000 $
Waked, Bianca M. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Causality, constitution, and complicity: three faces of hate speech 80 000 $
Barnwell Menard, Jean-Louis Université McGill Separating heterogeneity from uncertainty in the housing market 40 000 $
Barry, Suren P. Université McGill Taking risks in W. A. Mozart's piano concertos: improvising cadenzas with jazz pedagogy 40 000 $
Bullerwell, Peter James Université McGill Richard Hooker's Chalcedonian sacramental theology 20 000 $
Cormier, Elizabeth Margaret Université McGill Trauma at the opera: sexual abuse in twenty-first-century productions of Salome 40 000 $
Erl, Christopher E.R. Université McGill There's a party at city hall: political party organization and candidate diversity in Canadian municipal elections 60 000 $
Gazzard, Lauren Université McGill Blind at first sight: does forming an accurate first impression of your date lead to decreased romantic interest 80 000 $
Hallward, Laura Université McGill Understanding the effects of messaging strategies to enhance doping prevention for adolescent athletes 80 000 $
Khullar, Thomas H.J. Université McGill Friendships in university: what types of social support behaviours promote well-being in university students and who is best able to provide them 60 000 $
Leduc-Cummings, Isabelle Université McGill Motivation and obstacles in goal pursuit: the role of situation selection 80 000 $
Mathieu, Jean-Philip C. Université McGill A social history of Montreal rolling mills, 1868 to 1903 80 000 $
McPherson, Heather Université McGill Bridging the gap between policy and practice: a professional learning community for science teachers 40 000 $
Moschella, Jason Université McGill The art, craft, and science of risk management in SMEs and family businesses 60 000 $
Nagar, Pooja Université McGill Do securely attached children always tell the truth: the role of parent-child interaction and empathy on prosocial lie telling 80 000 $
Palma Fernandes, Tania Université McGill Emotion recognition in instrumental and vocal music and affective speech among children with autism spectrum disorders 20 000 $
Ravary, Amanda Université McGill Mass media fat-shaming: understanding and combatting the adverse effects of cultural influence on implicit anti-fat attitudes 60 000 $
Raycraft, Justin Université McGill Conflict or coexistence: the changing social and political landscapes of human-wildlife interactions in northern Tanzania 60 000 $
Singh, Cara A. Université McGill Intervention to facilitate co-regulatory strategies during collaborative complex math problem solving 80 000 $
Tang, Cynthia L. Université McGill The patient's role in the development of medical treatments: a social history of minimally invasive surgery, 1980-2000 40 000 $
van Schaik, Katarzyna Université McGill The unhappiness archives: economies of complaint in contemporary short fiction by women 40 000 $
van Vliet, Kiersten Université McGill Music and dance culture in Montreal's Gay Village 1980 to 1995 80 000 $
Bacher, Stéphanie Université d'Ottawa La société civile : un facteur de démocratisation ou de légitimation de l'autoritarisme - étude du cas de l'Ouganda 60 000 $
Bergen, Jennifer K. Université d'Ottawa Justice-oriented civic education: critical initiatives in Canadian teacher education programs 20 000 $
Caron-Lanteigne, Julien Université d'Ottawa Les enjeux de l'écriture chez Wittgenstein (provisoire) 60 000 $
Courtice, Erin Leigh Université d'Ottawa Motivations for and outcomes of using technology-mediated sexual communication in intimate relationships 40 000 $
Crépeau, Nancy Université d'Ottawa L'implantation d'un programme de conscience phonologique bilingue en milieu anicinabe : une étude longitudinale visant à décrire le développement des capacités métaphonologiques des élèves du premier cycle du primaire 40 000 $
Dali, Myriam Université d'Ottawa The syntax and semantics of Arabic plurals 40 000 $
David, Jean-Denis Université McGill La confiance dans la police et le signalement d'incidents de victimisation 80 000 $
Ferguson, Matthew Université d'Ottawa Blue memories: exploring the commemoration and memorialization of public policing in Ontario 80 000 $
Fulford, Casey L. Université d'Ottawa An evaluation of the knowledge mobilization process in a community service agency: implementing strategies to support friendships for adults with intellectual disabilities 20 000 $
Jazini, Alireza Université d'Ottawa Translating the media for linguistic minorities: language and translation policies in Iran 20 000 $
King, JaShong Université d'Ottawa Political norms and negotiations in the Christian reconfiguring of Late Roman Imperial legitimizers 80 000 $
LaBine, Joseph G. Université d'Ottawa A combination of contraries: violence, fragmentation, and metamorphosis in the modernist Celtic aesthetic 80 000 $
Lanouette, Frédéric Université d'Ottawa De la technologie menaçante à la disparition de la technologie : les métamorphoses de l'imaginaire apocalyptique en science-fiction contemporaine 80 000 $
Lee, Carol M.L. Université d'Ottawa Story-making reconciliation with Indigenous and non-Indigenous children 40 000 $
McKie, Raymond M. Université d'Ottawa Sexual consent, and sexual assault among young Canadian gay/bisexual men in the digital age 40 000 $
Murphy, Michael P.A. Université d'Ottawa Agency in the global economy of people and things: rethinking the Polis/Oikos dichotomy 80 000 $
Perdomo Paez, Gabriela Université d'Ottawa Saying no to peace: Colombian media voices and the failure of the 2016 peace referendum 60 000 $
Rouhani, Leva Université d'Ottawa Women as storytellers: collective action against gender-based violence: a case study of mothers' associations in benin 40 000 $
Ward, John T. Université d'Ottawa Anishinaabe Mino-Bimaadiziwin: preserving and revitalizing of Indigenous languages by aiding students with learning disabilities/learning differences 60 000 $
Winning, Ryan C. Université d'Ottawa Assessing dialect change: future reference and auxiliary alternation in metropolitan French 60 000 $
Chau, Jonathan J. Carleton University The Canadian spatiographic: graphic novels and the national imaginary 60 000 $
Coleman, John R. Carleton University British literature and the rise of the neoliberal university 20 000 $
Davydenko, Mariya Carleton University Reconciling theories on spending predictions 80 000 $
Duthie, Rick Carleton University Sudbury strike stories a theatrical exploration as public history from a Northern Ontario mining town 40 000 $
Fairweather, Christopher J. McMaster University Left nationalism, transnational solidarity, and competing labour identities in Canada 80 000 $
Hadley, Lance Carleton University Determinants of subnational market resilience in East Africa 40 000 $
Hoque, Anna Carleton University Building Canada through Indigenous identity and the military 80 000 $
Mularczyk, Kimberly P. Carleton University Do indicators of success increase our vulnerability: examining the concept of the elusive successful psychopath 80 000 $
Normandeau, Danielle Carleton University Legislating care: an examination of care in Canada's immigration and marriage acts 80 000 $
Poitevin, Chloe Madeleine Carleton University Tapping into community: localism, place-making, and diverse economies in craft brewing 40 000 $
Ralston, Laurel M. Carleton University Rehearsing the unknown 60 000 $
Taylor, Danielle R. Carleton University Blood, bonds, and brothers: discourses of fraternity in fifteenth-century English literature 40 000 $
Vandervalk, Sandra J. Carleton University Border in mind and body: a post-brexit study of the life-world of borderlanders in Ireland and Northern Ireland 80 000 $
Downey, Adrian Université du Nouveau-Brunswick White skin, red heart: stories of Indigenous white-seeming privilege 80 000 $
Howden, Sarah E. University of Alberta Denialist attitudes in the anthropocene 80 000 $
Diallo, Ousmane Aly Wilfrid Laurier University Circumventing the capabilities gap: the war in Mali and security governance in West Africa 40 000 $
Hirniak, Alexandra C. Wilfrid Laurier University Why low self-esteem individuals are worse support providers and the benefits of matching instrumental support 60 000 $
KC, Hari Bahadur Wilfrid Laurier University Uncovering the gender code in labour migration governance of Nepal 40 000 $
Kim, Jeemin Wilfrid Laurier University The antecedents and outcomes of informal role occupancy within sport teams 40 000 $
Maavara, Alexander Wilfrid Laurier University Civil defence in First World War Great Britain 1914 to 1918 80 000 $
McCarthy, Grace Wilfrid Laurier University Not shaped for sportive tricks: representations of disability in film and digital media adaptations of early modern drama 40 000 $
Reinders, Nicole J. Wilfrid Laurier University Physical activity and sport for young people with neurodevelopmental disorders 40 000 $
Boulais, Stephanie Université Laval La transmission des savoirs intergénérationnels dans la gestion contemporaine des enjeux territoriaux: le cas des dépotoirs d'Opitciwan 80 000 $
Gagné, Alexandra Université Laval L'appropriation des pratiques d'enseignement du débat interprétatif sous l'angle des gestes professionnels par les enseignants du deuxième cycle du secondaire 80 000 $
Gaudreault, David Université Laval Vers une nouvelle compréhension des violences scolaires : une ethnographie de l'école 80 000 $
Marais, Ariane Université Laval Développement et application d'une méthode d'aide à la décision permettant d'intégrer la protection des sources d'eau potable à l'aménagement du territoire par le classement des menaces affectant la qualité de l'eau des sources 60 000 $
Ouellet, Catherine University of Toronto Quand l'enjeu fait la différence : systèmes électoraux et politique de brèche 80 000 $
Ouellet, Myriam Université Laval Réfugiés syriens et communautés hôtes : le rôle des acteurs informels au Liban 80 000 $
Rondeau, Sophie Université Laval Les spécificités du droit international humanitaire en matière de sources 20 000 $
Sévigny-Côté, Yasmina Université Laval Écritures de la complexité dans les romans d'édouard glissant et V.Y. Mudimbe 60 000 $
Therrien, Philippe Université Laval Dualisme, fausse prophétie et fausses péricopes dans les Pseudo-Clémentines et les écrits gnostiques 80 000 $
Veillette, Félix Université Laval Effets des interventions par la pleine conscience sur le fonctionnement attentionnel chez des enfants en milieu scolaire : comparaison entre la méditation et le yoga 60 000 $
Casavant, Bryce J. Royal Roads University In search of a wild peace: applying critical social theory to wildlife co-existence in BC 60 000 $
Bickle, Korri Institut universitaire de technologie de l’Ontario Toward an understanding of youth correctional officer orientation and the value of staff-youth relationships in custody 60 000 $
Collins, Carisa M. Institut universitaire de technologie de l’Ontario Exploration of non-offending pedophiles: prevention, clinician attitudes, and differences 40 000 $
Coveney, Ashley University of Saskatchewan Attachment characteristics and social exclusion 60 000 $
Murray, Jaylene A. University of Saskatchewan A comparative analysis of student engagement with sustainability in higher education 20 000 $
Sedgewick, Jennifer R. Université Concordia The impact of native reading direction on consumer decision-making 80 000 $
Zakharov, Dimitry University of Saskatchewan At the margins of surgery: surgical practice and experimentation in cancer treatment, 1890-1930 40 000 $
Ali, Syed Hammad University of Calgary Social in the creation of theological: the role of demography and interaction in influencing views of Muslim minorities on religion and intergroup relationship 40 000 $
Barrick, Simon J. University of Calgary Exploring the lived experiences of newcomers to Canada in introductory winter sport programs 40 000 $
Becker, Sandra University of Calgary Learning to make, making to learn: developing design principles for school makerspaces 40 000 $
Drake, Carly R. University of Calgary Female athletes' engagement with representations of the body in fitness advertising 20 000 $
Fonseca, Joseph F. University of Calgary Martial identities: militarized language, race, and masculinity in Anglo-Japanese relations 1894-1918 40 000 $
Jafari, Helia University of Calgary Developing resilience: how refugee youth successfully integrate within Canadian society 40 000 $
Lee, Patrick A. University of Toronto The shared interface of palaeoanthropology, the Maasai, and East African tourism: insights from science and technology studies 80 000 $
Little, Nicolette K. University of Calgary Beach stones, blogs and social media: three multimedia campaigns to end rape culture 40 000 $
Lypka, Celiese T. University of Calgary Anxious womanhood: troubling femininity in modernist women's writing 20 000 $
Markides, Jennifer M. University of Calgary Flood mud and other residues of trauma: what is lost and what remains in the lives of youth after disaster 40 000 $
Meunier, Paul N. University of Calgary Mapping poetics: retelling Calgarys queer history through experimental poetry 80 000 $
Moors, Matthew K. University of Calgary A year in the life of Kainaikoan and his people: a post-colonial perspective of Blackfoot attachment to place 80 000 $
Schembri, Taylor M. University of Calgary The experience of diagnosis and self-stigma in post-secondary students with autism spectrum disorder 80 000 $
Brenan, Julia L. Memorial University of Newfoundland Exposing toxic legacies: the history of WWII industrial contamination on Indigenous lands and the implications for people and the archaeological record 80 000 $
Campbell, Vashti L.S. Memorial University of Newfoundland White-washing normative representations of race and culture in the (sub)texts of psychiatry 60 000 $
McGrath, Monique Memorial University of Newfoundland Decolonizing music therapy: co-creating Indigenous perspectives with autistic children in Uganda 40 000 $
Morton, Katherine A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Unsettled ground: an institutional ethnography of the Alberni Indian residential school 20 000 $
Neill, Daniel W. Memorial University of Newfoundland Meaning in making: masculinity, class, and labour intersectionality in pedal steel guitar cultures 40 000 $
Cameron, Barbara Kirsty Université du Manitoba Art as anodyne in the romantic drama of Tennessee Williams 60 000 $
Agostinelli, Gianluca Brock University For the boys: exploring male homosociality in team sports 40 000 $
Hunter-Young, Nataleah Ryerson University The cultural impact of eLynching: mediated police brutality and artistic audience interventions 60 000 $
Cregan, Brianna Saint Mary's University Understanding group-level behavioural expectations in workplace safety 60 000 $
Cairncross, Molly University of Windsor An online mindfulness course to improve university student outcomes: implications for academic achievement and retention 40 000 $
McArthur, Jane E. University of Windsor Investigating women's narratives of breast cancer risks 20 000 $
Muir, Irene L. University of Windsor Developing a dance imagery questionnaire for children 80 000 $
Provenzano, Daniel University of Windsor An ecological approach to polyvictimization and school outcomes 80 000 $
Scavone, Antonette University of Windsor Predictors of academic engagement and academic success among university students 80 000 $
Amos, Margaret D. Dalhousie University Two-eyed seeing, resilience, and Inuit youth: the application of a two-eyed seeing approach to investigate the impacts of climate change and youth priorities in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut 60 000 $
Kay, Emma Dalhousie University Strategies for survival: women's non-governmental organizations in Canada 80 000 $
Nelson, Erik R. Dalhousie University Logic as a machine: inference, logic, and animal cognition 60 000 $
Squires, Bonita J. Dalhousie University Exploring morphology, meta-linguistic awareness and reading abilities in children who are deaf or hard-or-hearing 20 000 $
Erb, Sandra R. University of Guelph Development and validation of the brief trauma-related shame and guilt scale 60 000 $
Gillis, Jacqueline University of Guelph Integrative adaptation: linking Indigenous traditional and western scientific knowledges in adaptive strategies 40 000 $
Hou, Sharon University of Guelph The effect of the acculturation gap on East Asian immigrant families 40 000 $
Karmel, Ezra J. University of Guelph The impact of decentralization on human rights organizations in authoritarian regimes 60 000 $
Lemak, Abigel Greta University of Guelph Recasting (e)bibliographies: Canadian small presses and digital publishing 60 000 $
Mavandadi, Veesta University of Guelph A longitudinal examination of the transition to university: how stress and coping interact 80 000 $
Moline, Rachel University of Guelph Parent-child communication and emotion regulation: soothing both parent and child distress with rational compassion 80 000 $
Pitel, Marian Carizze University of Guelph The management of use-of-force errors in policing 80 000 $
Harker, Sydney Université du Nouveau-Brunswick Loyalist friends: a comparative study of the Pennfield and Adolphustown Quaker communities 80 000 $
Akerman, Erin L. Western University Unsettling sympathy: representations of Indigenous identity in the upper Great Lakes region of Canada in nineteenth-century literature 40 000 $
Bruijns, Leona Maria Western University Engaging men as allies to transform a rape culture 60 000 $
Church, Courtney L. Western University Things have a life: stage properties, thing theory, and the voice in 20th century British and Irish theatre 40 000 $
Espinoza Mogollon, Jose A. Western University The need for purpose: understanding a fundamental human motivation 40 000 $
Fowler, Trevor D. Western University Making history: the negotiation of international conventions and heritage management policies and practices 80 000 $
Horn, Austin R. Western University Fiduciary loyalty in medical and research ethics 40 000 $
Joubert, Carla Western University The role of white women in the settler colonisation of the Canadian prairies and the South African republic: a comparative analysis 40 000 $
Kamranzadeh, Ali Western University Optimal negotiation protocols for mitigating costly conflicts 40 000 $
Keating, Amy Western University Empathy and social change: exploring effective empathy through feminist epistemology and research 80 000 $
Liu, Fulei Western University High frequency costs of index front-running to Canadian investors 40 000 $
Maddigan, Lori Western University Discovering the stories of other-than-human kin in Anishinaabe literature 40 000 $
McFarland, Jami L. Western University Queering age, aging queers 40 000 $
McKee, Taylor Western University The making of worthy men: media, masculinity, and hockey violence in the pacific coast hockey association 40 000 $
Moffat, Ellen N. Western University Embodied resonance: sounding bodies and sensing spaces this research proposal into sound, experience and performance includes creative practice using human and nonhuman bodies in field studies, and research/writing about women sound artists in Canada 80 000 $
Moradipour, Maral Western University Stories that listen: Anishinaabe storytelling and Indigenous-diasporic relationality 40 000 $
Plouffe, Rachel A. Western University Perpetration and victimization: the role of dark personalities in intimate partner violence 40 000 $
Ramaj, Sagi Western University Neighbourhood characteristics and the economic trajectories of LGB immigrants 80 000 $
Redikopp, Sarah University of Toronto Intersectional analysis of self-harm as embodiment of structural violence 80 000 $
Rollo, Andrew S. Western University Effects of stability ball chairs in the elementary school classroom on academic performance, classroom behaviour, and student-teacher satisfaction 40 000 $
Shumlich, Erin J. Western University Aboriginal Canadians' experiences with sexual consent: an information motivation behavioural skills model approach 40 000 $
Abrar-ul-Hassan, Shahid University of British Columbia English for academic purposes: practitioners' construction of assessment literacy and practices 60 000 $
Alonso, Natalya University of British Columbia A new lens to understand organizational misconduct: exploring masculinity and white identity 40 000 $
Arnold, Lauren M. University of British Columbia The adaptation and use of cumulative effects assessment by First Nations in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories 80 000 $
Bakker, A. Myfanwy University of British Columbia Emotions in the digital context: examining emotion regulation, smartphone use, and the impact on well-being in emerging adulthood 80 000 $
Cockram, Nathan University of British Columbia Contextualizing testimony: theory and application 20 000 $
Day, Kevin University of British Columbia The algorithmic/artistic event: a study of contemporary art, digital media, and knowing 40 000 $
de Oliveira Andreotti, Bruno Luis University of British Columbia Control and aspect in the Comox-Sliammon language 80 000 $
Dring, Colin University of British Columbia Invisible contributions: the role of racialized immigrant farmers in Canadian agricultural policy 60 000 $
Dubois, Patrick J. University of British Columbia Knowledge exaggeration: meaning and mechanics 40 000 $
Fabris, Michael P.C. University of British Columbia The dispossession(s) of law: enacting Indigenous jurisdiction in urban and reserve environments 60 000 $
Fritzlan, Amanda University of British Columbia Pedagogies of indigenizing mathematics education in an urban context 60 000 $
Geddes, Kathryn M.S. University of British Columbia Sanskrit poet"esses" and multilingual literary spheres 80 000 $
Gill, Randip University of British Columbia Supporting the academic achievement trajectories of diverse groups of immigrants and refugees in Canada, a population-level analysis 80 000 $
Grenz, Jennifer B. University of British Columbia Invasive species and Indigenous knowledge: measuring impacts on food security and food sovereignty in a changing climate 40 000 $
Haddock, Taeh B. University of British Columbia Fluency misattribution and the curse of knowledge bias in children 60 000 $
Hicks, Jeffrey University of British Columbia The effects of part-time work incentives while receiving employment insurance 40 000 $
Howe, Adam C. University of British Columbia Resource extraction and reconciliation: how settler-canadians reconcile conflicting desires 40 000 $
Iyar, Megumi M. University of British Columbia The role of self-compassion and social support in mitigating stress: evaluating coping strategies in students pursuing higher education 80 000 $
Klassen, Susanna E. University of British Columbia Assessing the contributions of organic farming to food system sustainability 80 000 $
Kysow, Kate University of British Columbia Examining community hoarding cases and intervention responses 80 000 $
Lloyd, Neil D. University of British Columbia Essays on marginal employment and job search 40 000 $
Luu, Tram May University of British Columbia The effect of negative social exchanges on object attachment 80 000 $
Mackenzie, Pamela University of British Columbia Microscope/macrocosm: early modern technology, visualization and nature 40 000 $
McBride, Hillary L.S. University of British Columbia Testing the efficacy of being a girl: a positive body image program 40 000 $
Mills, Katelyn E. University of British Columbia Dairy cattle veterinarian perceptions on transition cow welfare in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia 60 000 $
Oluic, Gianluca University of British Columbia The idea of Europe: the "old continent" perceived from the southern periphery 20 000 $
Schmalor, Anita University of British Columbia Does economic inequality make people care more about their status 80 000 $
Schroeder, Ryan D. University of British Columbia Standing before kings: scribal authority and the production of ancient Hebrew literature 40 000 $
Vasquez Fernandez, Andrea Milagros University of British Columbia Addressing conflicts through understandings of respect: collaborative research with two Indigenous peoples in the Peruvian Amazon 20 000 $
Wolsak, Anna S. University of British Columbia The history of string: a cross-cultural study of the biodiversity, technology, and mythology of humanity's most versatile tool 80 000 $
Yanko, Matthew J. University of British Columbia Learning assessment in early childhood music education 60 000 $
Akhtari, Nazli University of Toronto Hybrid talks: an inquiry into transnational and diasporic Iranian digital performances 60 000 $
Allidina, Suraiya University of Toronto Stereotype formation through biased information-seeking 80 000 $
Arpin, Emmanuelle University of Toronto Evaluating Canada's national child benefit in a comparative provincial perspective on children and families 60 000 $
Bonyeme, Lyota University of Toronto Fashioning dialogues aesthetic markets and the construction of Afro-Brazilian diaspora and identity: investigating contemporary African migration and the role of beauty and style in new Brazilian racial politics 40 000 $
Cosentino, Nicole A. University of Toronto Do you see what I see: knowing our reputation for perceiving others in idiosyncratic ways 80 000 $
Cruz, Ailén University of Toronto Resurgent bestiaries: reimagining the bestiary in contemporary Hispanic literature 40 000 $
Curran, Veronica R. University of Toronto Multiple moralities: German playwriting and the effect of realist depictions of morality 60 000 $
Davis, Elizabeth University of Toronto Aesthetics and politics of the senses: a disability studies genealogy of pornography 60 000 $
Dickau, Joel R. University of Toronto Making protein matter 40 000 $
El Halwany, Sarah University of Toronto Emotions in science and technology education discourses: the case of the microbiology lab 20 000 $
Faraj, Roula University of Toronto The role of thought experiments in the evolution of science 40 000 $
Feltaous, Elisabeth B. University of Toronto Inummarik youth: tobacco use and biocitizenship in Nunavut 60 000 $
Fergani, Dina University of Toronto Breaking chains and linking arms: dissident aesthetics, global networks, and third world decolonization (1955-1991) 40 000 $
Fiorella, Giancarlo University of Toronto The policing of protests in Venezuela 40 000 $
Gagliardi, Connie M. University of Toronto Re-imagining the holy land: the craft of iconography 20 000 $
Gallo, Tiziana A. University of Toronto Forgotten artifacts: late Woodland Iroquoian woodworking tools in Southern Ontario 60 000 $
Gibbon, Elizabeth A.L. University of Toronto Combining social network analysis and material studies as a new method for understanding interaction in the ancient Near East 40 000 $
Godsoe, Charles N. University of Toronto Classical music and the politics of post-genre in the twenty-first century 80 000 $
Golick, Danyse University of Toronto You are what you read: gender and reading communities in the digital age 60 000 $
Goodman, Matthew University of Toronto Lost in translation: the curious reception of French romance in Norway, 1220-1320 80 000 $
Greenblatt, Andrea University of Toronto Becoming an oncology social worker: experiences of transition and professionalization 60 000 $
Guzman, Cinthya J. University of Toronto The generative potential of boredom 40 000 $
Iankilevitch, Maria University of Toronto Prejudice faced by interracial couples 40 000 $
Isenstein, Sari University of Toronto How the presence of a companion animal influences therapists and others' perceptions of them 80 000 $
Judges, Rebecca University of Toronto Protection against fraud across the lifespan 40 000 $
Kampen, Melanie T. University of Toronto The spectre of reconciliation: Mennonite theology and residential schools in Canada 40 000 $
Khan, Hammad A. University of Toronto I live here too: an ethnographic study of sense of belonging 40 000 $
Knight, Hunter University of Toronto The problem child: troubling citizenship and belonging in public education 60 000 $
Lamanna, Benedetta University of Toronto Creating the female subject: gender existentialism in Veronica Franco 40 000 $
Lee-Foon, Nakia University of Toronto Exploring the sexual health literacy of young Black-Canadian men who have sex with other men in Toronto, Ontario 20 000 $
Liu, Shasha University of Toronto Mediating Dunhuang with images in 1940s-1990s 20 000 $
Ly, Lynn University of Toronto Framing refuge, developing citizens: visual culture in the age of the refugee 40 000 $
McPhail, Sean A. University of Toronto Fraternity on the frontlines: fictive kinship and the Great War 40 000 $
Morgan, Andrew University of Toronto Building civic capacity with evaluation: participatory planning and the most significant change technique in Parkdale, Toronto 80 000 $
Nacif Campany Neves, Nadia University of Toronto De nouveaux sentiers : le placement des adverbes en acquisition multilingue 80 000 $
Nelson, Zachery University of Toronto Race in postwar Japan 60 000 $
Omar, Laila University of Toronto Outside the mosque: understanding the role of religious identity in the everyday process of integration among Syrian newcomers in Canada 80 000 $
Ortega Paez, Yecid University of Toronto Understanding the lived experiences of marginalized English language students in post-conflict Colombia 40 000 $
Perron, Shawn A.T. University of Toronto Organized labour and the moral economy: effects of contextual union density on egalitarian attitudes 60 000 $
Plesnik, Eva K. University of Toronto Italians and Italian learning in fourteenth century Prague 80 000 $
Reis, Marianna B. University of Toronto Dilemmas of citizenship: making claims and making meaning among Palestinian citizens of Israel 40 000 $
Rossi, Mari University of Toronto Affective negotiation of gender identity in anorexia and beyond 80 000 $
Rozad, Katy G. University of Toronto Spoiled identity: exploring re-entry after wrongful imprisonment 40 000 $
Russell, Thomas M. University of Toronto Partial identification in program evaluation 40 000 $
Ryu, Na-Young University of Toronto The role of L1 background and universals in L2 acquisition 20 000 $
Sager, Tia University of Toronto The politics of space: a regional analysis of the cretan postpalatial built environment 60 000 $
Salehyar, Hamidreza University of Toronto Mourning rituals, popular music, and Shi'a agency in the Islamic Republic of Iran 40 000 $
Shakory, Sharry University of Toronto A step towards ensuring reading success for all children in French immersion: longitudinal evaluation of the efficacy of English screening measures in identifying at-risk readers 80 000 $
Sochaczewski, Janina University of Toronto Across generations: the role of religion in collective trauma and its transmission 40 000 $
Springer, Amanda N. University of Toronto Caring for bodies and souls: nuns creating and disseminating remedies in Early Modern New France 80 000 $
Tosaj, Nicholas University of Toronto Finding France in flour: constructing colonial identities in the modern French empire through wheat in the 19th and 20th centuries 20 000 $
Toukan, Elena L. University of Toronto Navigating the aims of education: a comparative study of transnational education and development projects 40 000 $
Tsujimoto, Kimberley C. University of Toronto Early motivation and engagement: associations with reading development in elementary school 60 000 $
Turpin, Aaron University of Toronto Identifying factors and characteristics of organizational implementation of social innovation 80 000 $
Van Dyk, Janita G. University of Toronto Changes in the meaning and practice of agricultural time: slow food between Italy and Canada 80 000 $
Vickers, Simon T. University of Toronto Jobs, homes and the right to exist: neighbourhood activism in de-industrializing Toronto and Montreal, 1963-1995 20 000 $
Walker, Dawn University of Toronto Data justice by design: building environmental civic technologies 60 000 $
Wang, Sze Yuh Nina University of Toronto Moral language use across the political spectrum 80 000 $
Boisvert St-Arnaud, Thomas Université de Sherbrooke L'antifragilité comme réponse à l'imprévisibilité 60 000 $
Pérez Bedoya, Santiago Université de Sherbrooke La mise en place des capacités graphomotrices et orthographiques dans l'acquisition de l'écriture au début du primaire 80 000 $
Mendonça, Joao Pedro Université de Sherbrooke Influence d'activités d'appréciation esthétique en arts visuels sur l'attention et les performances scolaires générales d'élèves du primaire 60 000 $
Breshears, Sherry D. Simon Fraser University Understanding the working conditions of English as an additional language teachers of adults in B.C.: a case study 20 000 $
Cho, Sylvia Simon Fraser University Effects of clear speech and language background on multimodal perception of English fricatives 40 000 $
Jonnson, Melissa Simon Fraser University Improving responses to sexual and gender minority youths in the justice system 80 000 $
Kitson, Alexandra J. Simon Fraser University Putting the human back in human-bomputer interactions: designing positive experiences for young adults to increase meaningful connection through virtual and augmented realities 20 000 $
Kong, Victory GaYan Simon Fraser University Colliding with the present: contemporary art in the aftermath 40 000 $
Meloche, Chelsea H. Simon Fraser University Evaluating Indigenous experiences with repatriation in Canada 40 000 $
Nichols, Katherine L. Simon Fraser University Uncovering unmarked graves at the Brandon Indian residential school 60 000 $
Pearl, Tamara Simon Fraser University Reconciliation and healing in a Canadian correctional facility 20 000 $
Stanton, Alisa J. Simon Fraser University Creating conditions for well-being through higher education course design 40 000 $
Wang, Yuening Simon Fraser University The impact of childhood trauma on social cognition and social functioning in adulthood in a marginally housed sample 60 000 $
Amini, Behnam Université York Geopolitical turmoil and Kurdish struggles: the alternative(s) of Kurdish political movements to the crisis of modern nation-state in the Middle East 40 000 $
Bikowski, Victoria A. Université York Securing development certainty via Aboriginal consultation 60 000 $
Bliss, Stacey L. Université York From the colonization of mindfulness to a socially orientated understanding of collective suffering: a cross-cultural ethnographic study of meditation teachers 40 000 $
Carson, Indigo A. Université York Railway empire and national space: technology and capital in the (re)imagination of political territory, 1850-1950 20 000 $
Clancy, Devin M. Université York Policing tobacco across the North American borderlands 40 000 $
Dehghansai, Nima Université York A comprehensive analysis of the factors affecting the development of expertise in para-sport athletes 60 000 $
Duchastel de Montrouge, Catherine Université York Cripping fandom: disability and disabled fans in online fanfiction spaces 20 000 $
Guilfoyle, Joshua R. Université York Offenders' willingness to apologize: the role of mindfulness and self-control 20 000 $
Howison, Meghan E. Université York Episodic disabilities and access in post-secondary education: student and instructor interactions 40 000 $
Hurst, Emilie B. Université York Worshiping at the shrine of Wagner: fandom, media and Richard Wagner 40 000 $
Klimek, Caroline A.G. Université York Granting gold: funding new media technologies at Canadian film festivals 40 000 $
Mastrocola, Daniela Université York Campus/community radio in an era of digitalization and deregulation: translating local realities into national policy 40 000 $
McCloskey, Erica C. Université York Making sense of the kitchen: scientific nutrition, dietary expertise, and the state in Canada, 1948-1969 20 000 $
Mc Donald, Krysta M.G. Université York Differential effects of multisystemic factors on the developmental trajectories of emotion regulation 40 000 $
Norouzian, Nikoo Université York An empirical test of the relationship between empathy and interpersonal functioning 80 000 $
Nussbaum, Sarah Jane Université York Constitutionalism and criminal law in Canada 60 000 $
Reichert, Veronika S.H. Université York Mending the citizen: reconstituting emotions in political life 40 000 $
Rosenberg, Rae Université York Homeless queer, trans, and two-spirit youth: support and survival in Toronto's gay village 20 000 $
Rueter, Josefina Université York Education assemblages in a changing Arctic climate 20 000 $
Smith, Wendy L. Université York Propriety: Peter Russell, his sister Eliza, their slave Peggy, Mississauga chief Wabakinine, and the founding of Toronto 60 000 $
Sutherland, Colin R. Université York Pyrogeographies in context: geographies of wildfire knowledge in Canada 40 000 $
Taheri, Azin Université York The experiences of families with the assessment process of autism spectrum disorder 40 000 $
Trommer, Michael K. Université York Solastalgia 80 000 $
Vogh, Kendall D. Université York Language ideologies and attitudes in Canada regarding bilingual language use: a survey study 80 000 $
Wong, Angie Université York The social justice work of the Asianadian (1978-85): confronting settler colonial metaphysics and the truth of experience in Canada 20 000 $