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Programme de bourses d'études supérieures du Canada Joseph-Armand-Bombardier : attribution des bourses de doctorat du concours de novembre 2017

Candidature Organisme administrateur Titre de la demande Montant
Adatia, Shelina Université d'Ottawa Culturally and linguistically diverse learners in French immersion: a study of the inclusion of diversity in elementary and secondary level Ottawa public schools 105 000 $
Agha, Ayda Université d'Ottawa Changes in social support and integration based on changes in housing status over time among homeless and vulnerably housed population in 3 Canadian cities 105 000 $
Ahdifard, Unita University of California, Santa Barbara Intermarriage, Intrigue, and the translated subject: women and migrants in eighteenth-century orientalism 105 000 $
Aikenhead, Moira University of British Columbia Crafting a Canadian legal response to online gender-based violence 105 000 $
Alaca, Betul University of Toronto Can play-based learning facilitate culturally responsive pedagogy in kindergarten 105 000 $
Allard, Jeanne Université McGill The Aristotelian sources of speculation in Hegel 105 000 $
Alt Kecik, Nil University of Toronto Food chains that bind us: a war-time account of flows of people and foods 105 000 $
Amrov, Sabrien University of Toronto Solidarity building and imperial histories: inter-Arab place-making in Istanbul after the Arab Spring 105 000 $
Anisimowicz, Yvonne Université du Nouveau-Brunswick Psychological well-being in individuals with an increased risk of cancer 105 000 $
Antaya, Sean Université York Labour militancy and the struggle to develop class consciousness: the Canadian union of postal workers, the left, and the state in the 1970s 105 000 $
Aoun, Wissam Université McGill The international patent practice narrative: patent agents, epistemic capture and the patent bargain 105 000 $
Araos Egan, Malcolm New York University Planning for social resilience to climate change in East Harlem, New York 105 000 $
Armstrong, Lisa Carleton University The discursive construction of sexual harassment in the hospitality industry 105 000 $
Arnott, Jeremy W. Western University Systematic constellations: Adorno, Benjamin and the new humanities 105 000 $
Ascough, Hannah Queen's University Growing stories: learning from degrowth narratives in South Africa 105 000 $
Atkinson, Breanna E. Western University Antecedents and correlates of a self-defeating interpersonal style of behavior 105 000 $
Atkinson, Nicole H. Université Concordia Risk and regulation: a longitudinal examination of parenting, biopsychosocial risk, and the development of emotion regulation from infancy to preschool 105 000 $
Auffrey, Vincent F. University of Toronto Le corps américain : approprié, disséqué et racialisé (XIXe siècle) 105 000 $
Av-Gay, Nir University of Toronto A cognitive basis for grammatical mood 105 000 $
Babcock, Sarah E. Western University Bridging the gap: revolutionizing psychoeducational assessment by building a collaborative evaluation process between classroom teachers and psychologists 105 000 $
Baker, Jillian M. University of Saskatchewan Rewriting the carceral self: creative writing and the self-representation of Indigenous men and women in Canada's prison system 105 000 $
Baril, David Université de Sherbrooke Les choix scolaires et professionnels des personnes peu scolarisées : l'influence de leurs rapports au travail et des normes sociales de réussite professionnelle 105 000 $
Bastani, Niyousha University of Cambridge Dangerous ideas: university governance, security, and freedom of expression in the age of global terror 105 000 $
Batac, Monica A. Université McGill Filipino workers in the Ontario settlement sector: examining care deficits and local links in the global care chain using Q methodology 105 000 $
Beals, Ann Marie Wilfrid Laurier University Inclusion of the Indigenous-Black experience in Ontario high school curricula 105 000 $
Beaulieu, Noémie Université de Montréal Le concept de soi sexuel selon la théorie de l'attachement : prédicteur de bien-être sexuel chez les couples adultes 105 000 $
Beauséjour, Marie-Pier Université Concordia Représentations symboliques et pratiques funéraires au tournant du 21e siècle au Québec : une socioanthropologie du corps 105 000 $
Bedard-Rubin, Jean-Christophe University of Toronto Dialogic or popular constitutionalism: the impact of the design of judicial institutions on legal stability 105 000 $
Belcourt, Billy-Ray University of Alberta The Indigenous paranormal: non-being and freedom in the aftermath of the long twentieth century 105 000 $
Bell, Elyse Marie Queen's University The Hudson's Bay company and changing notions of home, identity and belonging in the British Atlantic world from the 17th-19th centuries 105 000 $
Benghellab, Nour Université du Québec à Montréal Carl Schmitt, une relecture : de l'avant-garde aux ordres juridico-normatifs fascistes 105 000 $
Bergman, Daniel University of Toronto The rhetorical production of illegible immigrants in contemporary U.S. fiction 105 000 $
Bernier, Vincent Université Laval Perceptions des élèves présentant des difficultés comportementales vis-à-vis des pratiques de gestion de classe des enseignants du secondaire 105 000 $
Bertrand, Frédérick Université Laval L'imaginaire de la tranchée (1914-2018) : une histoire littéraire, culturelle et médiatique 105 000 $
Beynen, Tina L. Carleton University Improving student experience and retention in Canadas diverse post-secondary classrooms: evaluating a diagnostic assessment program 105 000 $
Blye, Clara-Jane University of Alberta Canadian national parks are for all Canadians: understanding new Canadians connection to parks and their experiences of participating in learn to camp programs 105 000 $
Blyth, Ben A. University of Calgary William Shakespeare and the Shoreditch Nineteen: investigating the impact of site-specificity on Elizabethan performance practice in Shakespeare's early plays 105 000 $
Boisvert, Marilyne Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Recherche collaborative portant sur les idéologies linguistiques d'enseignants de français, langue d'enseignement, oeuvrant au secondaire en milieu réputé homogène 105 000 $
Boivin-Chouinard, Mathieu Université du Québec à Montréal Les aspects identitaires du hockey soviétique 105 000 $
Boivin, Jade Université d'Ottawa L'influence de l'affect des fonctionnaires d'Immigration Canada dans le traitement de dossiers de réfugiés Syriens 105 000 $
Bolduc, Roxanne Université du Québec à Montréal L'attachement romantique et le fonctionnement conjugal : rôle de la dynamique de pouvoir conjugal 105 000 $
Borish, David University of Guelph Using documentary film and photography to understand the relationship between caribou and Inuit in Labrador, Canada 105 000 $
Boucher, Myriam Université de Montréal L'écriture musicale de l'image à partir des fondements de la musique électroacoustique 105 000 $
Boukhaffa, Abderrahman Université d'Ottawa Translating terror: MEMRI's reframing of Muslim related narratives and the propagation of fear 105 000 $
Bourgault Bouthillier, Iris Université de Montréal Correction des biais des mini-entrevues multiples administrées lors du processus d'admission en médecine au Québec : pour une meilleure égalité des chances entre les candidats 105 000 $
Brazeau, Hannah Carleton University Implementing social support into a dyadic model of the theory of planned behaviour 105 000 $
Bredovskis, Eriks E. University of Toronto Gender, class, space and sensory experience in Berlin's transit system, 1888-1933 105 000 $
Bridgman, Aengus Université McGill Social cohesion in diverse societies: non-ethnic drivers of social capital 105 000 $
Britton, Emily M. University of Waterloo Thriving in challenging times: how personal goals can promote resilient well-being 105 000 $
Brouillette, Jean-Félix University of Toronto Predicting long-term recidivism of criminals and identifying the causal effect of electronic monitoring devices on recidivism 105 000 $
Brown, Colin J. University of British Columbia Movement and morphology in Sm'algyax (Coast Tsimshian) 105 000 $
Brunette, Edith Université d'Ottawa La liberté en acte : concepts alternatifs pour un art engagé politiquement 105 000 $
Bryant, Lindsay University of Guelph How does maternal depression increase young children's risk of injury 105 000 $
Burness, Phillip A. Université d'Ottawa How the attested typology of long-distance phonological patterns is shaped by their beneficial effects on spoken word recognition 105 000 $
Cabecinha-Alati, Sarah Université McGill Targeting parental emotion regulation to improve emotion socialization practices: evaluating the effectiveness of an online parenting program 105 000 $
Cadesky, Jessica N. Université d'Ottawa Transforming lives or simply ticking boxes: exploring the long-term impacts of gender mainstreaming in post-conflict aid programming in Sri Lanka 105 000 $
Caron, Christina Note de bas de page * Université du Québec à Montréal Les safe spaces et le droit de ne pas être offensé : perception et conscience du droit chez les étudiants universitaires 105 000 $
Carter, Sarah Université McGill Subversive objects: art and eros in the circles of Henry Fuseli 105 000 $
Chabot, Rose Université McGill Transnational Indigenous networks: citizenship in motion in Latin America 105 000 $
Chakma, Tanisha University of Toronto Fame and immortality: the epic hero in ancient Indian and Greek traditions 105 000 $
Champagne, David University of British Columbia How do sustainable city policies affect social equality: the case of water shortage in Los Angeles and São Paulo 105 000 $
Chapman, Jessica Carleton University Algorithms that punish: predictive policing, data impostors, and algorithmic culture 105 000 $
Chartrand, Martin Université d'Ottawa Les jeunes de la rue : impacts des changements organisationnels récents du réseau québécois de la santé et des services sociaux sur les trajectoires de sortie de rue à Montréal et à Gatineau 105 000 $
Chatwin, Merlin R. Western University Context matters: analyzing the role of local government in mitigating the civic exclusion of marginalized populations in distinct geographies 105 000 $
Chauffour, Julien Université du Québec à Rimouski Du fantasque à la lanterne : l'invention d'une presse satirique dans le Québec du XIXe siècle 105 000 $
Chen, Chih-En School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London The origin, development and classification of trompe-l'oeil porcelain in 18th century High Qing China 105 000 $
Cheng, Lauretta S.P. University of California, Berkeley Language experiences and speech processing in heritage bilinguals 105 000 $
Chevrette, Rosalie Université de Montréal La mouvance anti-immigration au Canada : une forme de participation citoyenne au contrôle social 105 000 $
Chiblow, Sue A. Université York N'be Kendaaswin 105 000 $
Chiodo, Suzanne University of Oxford The cultural context of class actions: where do they thrive and why 105 000 $
Cholette, Gabriel Université de Montréal Conter et compter : le récit bref au moment de la révolution commerciale du XIIIe siècle 105 000 $
Christianson, Adam Goldsmiths, University of London What can pre-exposure prophylaxis do: an analysis of the emergent uses for and the domestication of a novel safer sex technology 105 000 $
Cipollone, Deseree E. Université McGill Dante's influence on Milton's poetic self-representation 105 000 $
Ciszewski, Stefanie J. University of British Columbia A longitudinal evaluation of the psychosocial impact of weight stigmatization in youth 105 000 $
Cogné, Virginie Université du Québec à Montréal Nouveau regard sur les mazarinades : un système d'informations politiques propulsé par une guerre des mots 1648-1653 105 000 $
Cohen, Jeremy McMaster University Virtually dead: the life and death of digital representations 105 000 $
Collins, Tya Université de Montréal The special education pathways of racialized students in Quebec: a critical analysis 105 000 $
Comer, Leigha Université York The social organization of opioid use for chronic pain in Canada 105 000 $
Connors, Christina J. Institut universitaire de technologie de l’Ontario Assessing the protective value of Canadian interrogation rights: misinformation, comprehension, and efficacy 105 000 $
Conquer, Geoffrey A. University of Toronto Fingering strategies in piano performance: a case study on Ligeti's Piano Études 105 000 $
Cooley, Hannah R. University of Toronto Indigenous print journalism and transnational activism in 1960s and 1970s North America 105 000 $
Corbett, Jon University of British Columbia Indigenous digital media toolkit 105 000 $
Côté, Martin Université d'Ottawa L'encadrement juridique des produits d'assurance au Canada est-il à l'ombre du droit des valeurs mobilières 105 000 $
Cousineau-Pérusse, Maxime Université McGill The unexplained variance of suicidality in LGBTand youth: a school-based approach to minority stress 105 000 $
Cragg, Stephanie J. University of Windsor An examination of experiences and stigmatization in social outcomes of women with Turner syndrome 105 000 $
Crawford-Holland, Sasha P. University of Southern California Fatal media: a history of infrared targeting 105 000 $
Cripps, Jenna University of Toronto An intersectional examination of cyber-sexual violence and its impacts on diverse Canadian university students 105 000 $
Cropas, Youki E.K. Université McGill Back to school: women designers and educational landscapes in post-war Canada, 1956-1992 105 000 $
Crosby, Andrew A. Carleton University Policing and settler colonialism in Canada 105 000 $
Crouse, Mitchell S.T. Queen's University Identity after disaster: a multidirectional study of the literature of post-Katrina New Orleans and post-earthquake Haiti 105 000 $
Dahary, Hadas Université McGill Can music education enhance social and emotion recognition skills of children with autism spectrum disorder 105 000 $
Danson Faraday, Jacob A. Memorial University of Newfoundland The performance and politics of touring sound technicians at Cirque du Soleil 105 000 $
Darcus, Laurie A. Simon Fraser University Grinding what: using tribology and microscopic use-wear analysis to understand ancient foodways in Northern Ethiopia 1600 BCE to 1300 CE 105 000 $
Daroya, Emerich Carleton University The impacts of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use on the sexual practices and cultures of men who have sex with men: a Canadian study 105 000 $
David, Tansley R. University of Saskatchewan Réécrire l'histoire : analyse des oeuvres de Patrick Modiano, Jean Echenoz et Pascal Quignard 105 000 $
Davis, Adam C. Université d'Ottawa Women's competition and aggression: an evolutionary perspective 105 000 $
Davis Matthews, Merle A. University of California, Santa Cruz Enacting the state: resource extractions corporations relationship to Canada 105 000 $
Desbiens, Jennyfer Université du Québec à Montréal De la philologue à l'interprète-créatrice : quand l'étude des sources devient source d'inspiration 105 000 $
Desjardins, Roxane Université de Montréal Entre chaque adversaire suivi de Dans le dialogue et la conversation des formes : processus d'évolution formelle en poésie québécoise contemporaine 105 000 $
Desjarlais, Peige L. Université York Rewriting the nation and landscape in Canada Park 105 000 $
Desrochers-Turgeon, Émélie Carleton University Inuit voices in the colonized land: translating architectural imagination 105 000 $
Diabo, Gage K. University of British Columbia Listen and speak: what First Peoples literature can teach us about the process of dialogue 105 000 $
Dias, Giselle Wilfrid Laurier University Indigenous justice: moving towards self-determination 105 000 $
Donovan, Amy V. Université York Stranded: Cetacean cultures and the ethoecologies when humans and Cetaceans meet 105 000 $
Drzazgowski, Kyla University of British Columbia Secular imagined pilgrimage in middle English literature 105 000 $
Dubé, Justin P. Dalhousie University Restrain or reframe: emotion regulation and sexual well-being in romantic relationships 105 000 $
Duerksen, Kari N. University of Victoria Reproductive coercion: measure development and relation to patterns of control 105 000 $
Dunford, Lu-Vada E. University of Toronto Terrorism as a practice of eradication: killing bodies to kill ideas 105 000 $
Dunn, Katrina M. University of British Columbia Real estate and theatricality in Vancouver's downtown core 105 000 $
Duranceau Lapointe, Emilie University of Michigan, Ann Arbor "Germans and ardent patriots": the categorization and self-identification of "Jews" in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 105 000 $
Dzitac, Isabel K. University of Toronto Excluding by inclusion: liminal colonialism and malleable identities in rural colonial Korea, 1910-1945 105 000 $
Earle, Julia University of Texas at Austin Socializing the stone: reconstructing meaning in materials, masonry technologies, and spatial patterns of quarrying in the Inca heartland 105 000 $
Eaves, Hayley Université McGill Anachronistic carnivalesque: puppets, transvestites, and other grotesque realisms in eighteenth-century Venice 105 000 $
Edell, Celia Université McGill Moral distance and the maintenance of misrecognition 105 000 $
Edwards, Stephanie McMaster University The sunken place: examining the disappearance of blackness in romantic literature and scholarship 105 000 $
Egeto, Peter Ryerson University Cognitive and self-confidence predictors of driving ability in older adults 105 000 $
El-Bialy, Rowan Université du Manitoba The influence of message framing on attitudes towards policy change to address inequities 105 000 $
Elliott, Deirdre A. Memorial University of Newfoundland The hunt for whales: Labrador Inuit whaling in the archaeological record 105 000 $
Evans, Unnur F. Yale University Landscape as musical process 105 000 $
Ewanation, Logan Carleton University Indigenous peoples in the courtroom: examining jury deliberations and decisions in a criminal trial 105 000 $
Faleschini, Sabrina Université Laval Les effets de la naissance prématurée sur la trajectoire de développement des enfants et les mécanismes familiaux sous-jacents 105 000 $
Fewster, Brenda M. Université Concordia soldier2civilian | soldatÀcivil: meaning making and motivation of Canadian military veterans across the life course 105 000 $
Filewod, Benjamin A. University of Toronto Ecology, climate change, and globalization: forest sector development in the long run 105 000 $
Fioret, Cameron J.W. University of Guelph On the unjustifiability of commodifying water 105 000 $
Fisher, Peter Wilfrid Laurier University About us: shedding light on bias against women in selection in STEM 105 000 $
Foley, Rebecca I.M. University of Alberta The right to try versus the right to die: morality policies, ethics of care, and the caregiver/care-receiver relationship 105 000 $
Forsythe, Kyle D. Université McGill New and exotic stones: lithic utility and sourcing among the Paleoeskimo of the Foxe Basin, Nunavut 105 000 $
Forsyth, Jillian A. University of California, Berkeley A monument to the typewriter: samizdat production and dissemination in the Soviet Union and beyond 105 000 $
Forsyth, Melissa L. University of Victoria Ancient midwifery knowledge: returning birth home to Indigenous communities 105 000 $
Fortin, Jo-Annie Université du Québec à Montréal L'impact de la rétroaction axée sur le changement supportant l'autonomie sur le e-leadership, la distance psychologique et l'expérience des télétravailleurs 105 000 $
Fortin, Jonathan Université du Québec à Montréal Vieilles filles et vieux garçons : le célibat laïc à Montréal de 1880 à 1929 105 000 $
Fortin, Josiane Université du Québec à Montréal Histoire des pratiques chorégraphiques du Canada central (de 1980 à 2000) : un point de vue poststructuraliste 105 000 $
Fulham, Lindsay Carleton University Does restorative justice effectively reduce reoffending: an evaluation of victim-offender mediation programs for juveniles and adults 105 000 $
Gaboury, Véronique Université Laval Les effets d'un programme interdisciplinaire de littérature de jeunesse d'éveil musical sur le développement des habiletés langagières, musicales et cognitives complémentaires auprès d'élèves du préscolaire 105 000 $
Gabriele, FeliciaNote de bas de page * Université McGill Emotions are the unacknowledged legislators of the world: emotions and the rise of human rights in the anglo-American anti-slavery movements, 1760-1865 105 000 $
Gagné, Jean-Philippe Université Concordia A mixed-methods approach to understanding the role of dysfunctional beliefs in the fear of losing control 105 000 $
Gallagher-Cohoon, Erin University of Saskatchewan Out as a family: a study of queer parenting in Canada, 1950-2005 105 000 $
Galmiche, Julia University of Toronto Analyzing the processes of creation, publication and reception of Caribbean literature: the case of Simone Schwarz-Bart 105 000 $
Gaudet, Manon D. Carleton University Conversation pieces: settler-colonial collections as agents of (un)settling 105 000 $
Gauquelin, Mathilde Université Laval La conception des mécanismes de règlement des différends dans les traités internationaux en cotutelle avec l'université de Ghent, Belgique 105 000 $
Gauthier-Duchesne, Amélie Université du Québec à Montréal Difficultés associées à l'agression sexuelle et expériences de dévoilement chez les garçons adolescents 105 000 $
Gélinas Duquette, Joëlle Université du Québec à Montréal Les nouveaux médias et l'espace-temps urbain 105 000 $
Gerber, Myriam B. Université Concordia Amnesiac sites of memory: an oral historical and ethnographic case study of a forgotten mass grave in Germany 105 000 $
Giannetti, Jessica Université Laval Coélaboration de séquences didactiques intégrant des outils technologiques et impacts de celles-ci sur les performances en écriture d'élèves de 10 à 15 ans 105 000 $
Giddings, Carla E. University of Guelph From helping distant refugees to welcoming new neighbours: experiences of care and belonging through the private sponsorship of refugees program 105 000 $
Girard, Renée Université McGill La rencontre alimentaire franco-amérindienne en Nouvelle France 105 000 $
Glass, Rivkah G. University of British Columbia From Jewish proselyte to Christian convert: sex, gender, and religion in Greek Joseph and Aseneth 105 000 $
Goldowitz, Jacob University of Toronto Dynamidia ca. 500-1100: the sources, influence, and fortunes of a Medieval medical text 105 000 $
Gomez, Camilo Université McGill The value of the sacred: extraction of natural resources in Indigenous territories in the Colombian Amazon 105 000 $
Gosselin-Tapp, Jérôme Université d'Ottawa Les fondements théoriques de l'interculturalisme : autour des écrits tardifs de John Rawls 105 000 $
Goubran, Sherif Université Concordia Our buildings have credentials...now what: green buildings and sustainable development goals in Canada 105 000 $
Goulet-Langlois, Maxime Université McGill Contrer les formes d'injustice épistémique vécues par les jeunes racisés : une recherche sur les pratiques éducatives d'enseignement de l'esprit critique en milieu communautaire 105 000 $
Greening, Spencer P. Simon Fraser University Al'algyax Laxyuubs Gitk'a'ata (The Territory of the Gitga'at Speaks): language, place based knowledge, and environmental stewardship in the heart of Gitga'at territory 105 000 $
Greenwood, Steven Université McGill Queering folklore: fairy tale adaptation and queer reception 105 000 $
Greer, Amanda A.S. University of Toronto Towards a philosophy of cinematic etiquette: the politics of politeness in film form 105 000 $
Grenier, Marie-Lyne Université McGill Teaching for diversity: a critical examination of the values, preparedness, pedagogical practices, and teaching realities of educators in Canadian post-secondary health professions programs 105 000 $
Greyeyes, Jarita University of Toronto Indigenizing from within: Okimaw Iskwewak (women leaders) of the academy 105 000 $
Griffin, Keelin T.S. Université York Power resources and public education in Canada, Sweden, and Austria 105 000 $
Grimard-Mongrain, Rosalie Université de Montréal Liturgie et genre au haut moyen âge : fonctions sociales de l'intercession monastique en Italie septentrionale et Gaule méridionale du VIe au IXe siècle 105 000 $
Grimshaw, Jennica Université Concordia Supplementing the foreign language classroom with speech technology 105 000 $
Gumuchian, Stephanie T. Université McGill Exploring the association of sexual orientation and self-compassion: a cross-sectional community-based Canadian study 105 000 $
Gushue, Kelsey M.T. Simon Fraser University Risk assessment and predictive validity across the life-course: gender-neutral or gender-informed 105 000 $
Hall, William K. Carleton University (Re)Imagining public lands: mapping solidarity and decolonization in relationships of access 105 000 $
Hama, Matthew University of Birmingham Dualisms at Qumran and beyond 105 000 $
Hamed, Sara M. University of Toronto Canadian Muslim imaginaries: metaphor use in Friday sermons and beyond 105 000 $
Hanna, Alan B. University of Victoria The River People: implementing Tsilhqot'in law for watershed governance 105 000 $
Harmsworth, Geoffrey Columbia University The representation of the Scythians in Imperial Greek literature 105 000 $
Harris, Elizabeth A. New York University They drank a beer: the relation between group identity and taste evaluation 105 000 $
Hawes, Emily J. University of Toronto Planning for prosperity or precarity: intergenerational inequality in Canada 105 000 $
Hicks, Benjamin Lee University of Toronto Speaking up works: queering teacher professional learning in support of transgender youth 105 000 $
Hill, Stephanie A. Ryerson University Uncovering the roots of politicized corporate speech: commercial intervention in public discourse and digital publishing 105 000 $
Hoff, Andrea E. University of British Columbia Drawing ourselves: exploring literacies, identity and resilience in young people through the creation of autobiographical comics 105 000 $
Hong, Caylee J. University of California, Berkeley Infrastructures of political belonging: Gilgit-Baltistan and the China-Pakistan economic corridor 105 000 $
Horne, Rebecca M. University of Toronto Love in the works: couples' relationship functioning over the course of job relocation 105 000 $
Hotte, Caroline Université du Québec à Montréal Identités et cosmologies autochtones à l'ère du 2.0 : les réseaux sociaux comme leviers de résistance et d'autonomisation pour les femmes autochtones 105 000 $
Houle, Vincent Université de Montréal Peuple de l'ombre, peuple universel : le républicanisme des résistants et des anciens résistants face à l'empire et la décolonisation (1940-1962) 105 000 $
Houser, Natalie E. University of Saskatchewan Developing physical literacy enriched opportunities within home, school, and community environments 105 000 $
Howe, Miles C. Queen's University Strategic incapacitation of Aboriginal public protest in the Canadian context 105 000 $
Hoyos Garcia, David Université McGill Cumbia and musical Imaginaries: crossing the border from South to North America 105 000 $
Huang, Vivian Ryerson University The influence of filial piety discrepancy, living arrangements, and acculturation on well-being of older Chinese immigrants across Canada 105 000 $
Hubert, Nicolas Université d'Ottawa Ressources environnement et conflits, l'industrie extractive une menace pour le Sahel 105 000 $
Janzwood, Scott University of Waterloo Unreliable oracles: model-based decision support and the governance of global catastrophic risk 105 000 $
Johnson, Anna University of Guelph Sentencing Indigenous offenders: an international comparison of policies and practices in Canada and Australia 105 000 $
Johnson, Anna E. University of Toronto Political finance regulation and equality of opportunity in the Canadian provinces 105 000 $
Johnson, Megan Université York Disability dramaturgy: a material study of disability performance forms in Canada 105 000 $
Jones, Samantha University of Calgary The stairway to burnout: a threshold model of ideological psychological contract breach 105 000 $
Joshi, Yuvraj Yale University Affirmative action as transitional justice 105 000 $
Jubinville, Danette S. University of British Columbia Indigenous feminism in action: exploring the role of the doula in Indigenous community settings 105 000 $
Kalman-Lamb, Gideon Université York The urban crises of late neoliberalism: trajectories of housing finance and urban development in North America 105 000 $
Karim, Sakeef M. Université McGill DESI: an experimental analysis of South Asian pan-ethnicity 105 000 $
Karsgaard, Carrie A. University of Alberta Mapping the issue of climate change in Canada's colonial context 105 000 $
Kennel, Maxwell McMaster University The critique of violence in religious and secular epistemologies 105 000 $
Khalesi, Zahra S. McMaster University Examining how social barriers influence quality of life 105 000 $
Khan, Maria University of Alberta Examining the contributions of temperament and parenting to child development 105 000 $
Kim, Samuel Queen's University An examination of school norms and adolescents' behaviours in bullying situations 105 000 $
Kintzel, Franziska University of Calgary The changing sense of who I am: a narrative inquiry of identity in high-school athletes post-concussion 105 000 $
Kirbyson, Emily University of Victoria Hunger at the communal table: an actor network theory approach 105 000 $
Klassen, Michael University of Toronto The politics of accreditation: a comparison of engineering education in five liberal market economies 105 000 $
Kljajic, Marko University of Toronto Letter from 2020: explaining rescue and rescuer behavior during the Bosnian War 105 000 $
Klymkiw, Deanna F. Ryerson University Trust within remedial relationships: a potential protective factor in the association between childhood trauma and criminal activity among justice-involved youth 105 000 $
Koebel, Kourtney L. University of Toronto The working poor in Canada: an analysis of government policy and workplace arrangements 105 000 $
Koop-Monteiro, Yasmin University of British Columbia Social networks and environmental engagement: a school gardens reach into the community 105 000 $
Kostecki, Isabelle Université de Montréal Accompagner les vivants devant la mort : analyse anthropologique de la fonction thérapeutique du rite en contexte hospitalier 105 000 $
Krieger, Laura Ryerson University Improving quality of life for older adults in retirement homes and long-term care using virtual reality 105 000 $
Kucheran, Riley S. Ryerson University Fashioning reconciliation: clothing in residential schools and indigenizing the fashion system 105 000 $
Kurchina-Tyson, Adria M. Queen's University Decolonizing kink: Indigenous resurgence and sexual sovereignty 105 000 $
Kvill, Kesia T. University of Guelph Canadian women, government, and food control during the First World War 105 000 $
Lacelle-Webster, AntoninNote de bas de page * University of British Columbia Democracy or democracies: convergence and divergence in the perceptions of democracy in Canada 105 000 $
Lachance, SarahNote de bas de page * University of British Columbia Ambiguity in electoral campaigns and its implications for democracy 105 000 $
LaGrand, Hannah E. McMaster University A sheltered sphere: privacy and loneliness in Hannah Arendt 105 000 $
Lainesse, Louise Université de Montréal La mort dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent préindustrielle, 1720-1870 105 000 $
Lajoie, Corinne University of British Columbia Venturing into the natural world: Maurice Merleau-Ponty's philosophy of time, nature and life 105 000 $
Lajoie-O'Malley, Alana S. University of Edinburgh Objectivity, independence, authority and trust in carbon budget discourse 105 000 $
Lamothe, Carmen Université York Governance, risk and responsibility: a critical examination of public health apps in Canada 105 000 $
Lam, Vienna C. Simon Fraser University In search for the missing and murdered: aquatic human body detection, recovery and repatriation 105 000 $
Lapierre, Hugo G. Université du Québec à Montréal Conception et mise à l'essai d'une formation à distance portant sur la robotique éducative destinée aux enseignant-e-s de science et technologie au secondaire 105 000 $
Laplante-Dubé, Pascale Université du Québec à Montréal Here be dragons les dragons en fantasy nord-américaine : figurations des rapports de pouvoir sexués entre réitération, résistance et subversion 105 000 $
Larivière, Marie-Eve Université d'Ottawa Comprendre les transformations de la definition du religieux une exploration de l experience vecue de la religion chez les jeunes adultes quebecois 105 000 $
Larsen, Erica Nicole University of Toronto Using stories to ignite young children's interest in science 105 000 $
Latremouille, Chelsea B. University of Toronto Figurative language and creative process in Bishop, Robinson, and Levertov 105 000 $
Laurence-Ruel, Corynne Université de Montréal Le travail de soin pour personnes âgées au Québec : étude comparative des modalités d'organisation du travail dans les CHSLD privé, public et associatif 105 000 $
Lavigne, Andrew University of Toronto Semantic internalism and the pragmatics of meaning negotiation 105 000 $
Lawther, Isaac H. University of Toronto New politics in the global food order: why Chinese agribusinesses are investing in Africa, and what it means for African food security 105 000 $
Leader, Joelena S. University of Saskatchewan Exploring technology, culture, and society: Indigenous perspectives on telehealth and remote presence robotics for building community capacity and social well-being 105 000 $
Leblanc, Élizabel Université de Montréal La qualité du lien d'attachement, la morphologie du cerveau et le fonctionnement socio-émotionnel 105 000 $
LeBlanc, Jeanine L. University of Alberta Mi'kmaq women: strengthening identity and community through devotion to Saint Anne 105 000 $
LeBlanc, Robert Université York Re-contextualizing early colonial society in Mi'kma'ki/Acadia 105 000 $
LeBlanc, Sophie S. University of Toronto Software cultures: a history of computer-aided design systems in the United States and France, 1959-1994 105 000 $
Lecavalier, Emma K. University of Toronto The origins of transnational city networks: urbanizing global health, climate, and security governance 105 000 $
Lehmann, John D. Western University Mathematics and empirical science: understanding the role of structure in theory 105 000 $
Lehmann, Mériol Université du Québec en Outaouais Le territoire comme système complexe : une approche contemporaine du paysage 105 000 $
Lenton-Brym, Ariella P. Ryerson University Psychological predictors of intimate partner violence: exploring the role of rejection sensitivity, attributions, and emotion regulation 105 000 $
Leung, Pauline Queen's University Investigating the role of perfectionism and attachment in body dissatisfaction 105 000 $
Levere, Drake University of British Columbia Can being helped actually hurt: a daily diary design assessing the role of support visibility on subsequent mood and self-esteem 105 000 $
Lewington, Sarah Université McGill Porn as teacher: a comparative study of sex education in Ontario and Quebec 105 000 $
Lewis, Marie-Josée Université Laval Le travail émotionnel des sages-femmes québécoises : entre abnégation et culpabilité 105 000 $
L'Heureux, Marie-Hélène Université Laval Évaluation et gestion de la complexité dans le secteur public au Canada 105 000 $
Lindberg, Darcy University of Victoria The land as a relative: Plains Cree constitutional/legal theory and the ecological world 105 000 $
Lindquist, Kirsten A. University of Alberta A research-creation approach to representing and reconciling sustainable relations 105 000 $
Ling, Adrian Université McGill Orchestration and classical form 105 000 $
Litt, Claire S. Queen's University Gemstones in early modern Italian medicine 105 000 $
Li, Vincci T. Université York Social crowdfunding and the neoliberalization of philanthropy 105 000 $
Li, Yanhong Université d'Ottawa International business travelers and the work family interface: what contributes to improved work family balance 105 000 $
Lobo, Rachel Université York Race and the photographic archive in Canada 105 000 $
Lopes, Karel Université du Québec à Montréal Élargir les stratégies communicationnelles dans la lutte aux changements climatiques 105 000 $
Lund, Jessie I. Lakehead University Examining sexual assault survivors' experiences of disclosure 105 000 $
MacArthur, Ewen University of Oxford The meaning of Europe, Africa, and the value of life at the strait of Gilbraltar 105 000 $
MacAulay, Alison C. University of Toronto The moving archive: a history of film in Rwanda 105 000 $
MacKay, Elizabeth J. Dalhousie University The role of sentence structure in understanding complex texts 105 000 $
MacLean, Tessa C.Note de bas de page * Université McGill Conducting democracy: gendered civic empowerment and the high school band 105 000 $
Majeau-Bettez, Emmanuelle Université McGill Through time and space: Eliane Radigue's relationship with sound 105 000 $
Malenfant, Jayne Université McGill Ensuring access to effective education for homeless youth: how can we navigate an increasingly neoliberal economic context 105 000 $
Malenfant-Robichaud, Guillaume Université du Québec à Montréal Relation entre les fonctions exécutives et le changement conceptuel en sciences chez les élèves du primaire 105 000 $
Maltais-Landry, Aude Université de Sherbrooke L'inclusion de perspectives autochtones au cours d'histoire du Québec et du Canada : points de vue d'enseignants, d'élèves et d'historiens 105 000 $
Maltais, Louis-Simon Université de Montréal Conceptualisation et validation d'un programme éducatif ayant pour visée le développement de l'autodétermination et de la participation sociale d'adultes présentant une déficience intellectuelle moyenne à sévère 105 000 $
Manitowabi, Joshua W. Brock University Historiography of Anishinaabek governance and treaty relationships: eighteenth-century Anishinaabek occupation of Manitoulin Island, fact or myth 105 000 $
Marcinkowski, Adam Université York As if my tongue were broken: affect, speech acts, and the longinian sublime 105 000 $
Margot, Sylvain Université McGill Le style musical galant, une simple transition esthétique : un rapprochement entre l'analyse formelle et l'analyse topique 105 000 $
Marinett, Matthew University of Toronto The legitimacy of corporate rulemaking and adjudication 105 000 $
Marquis, Marie-Hélène Université de Moncton La voix des passeurs identitaires à la petite enfance en contexte francophone minoritaire 105 000 $
Martel-Morin, Marjolaine Université de Montréal Réponses sociales et politiques aux changements climatiques : comprendre l'opinion publique au Canada par la segmentation de l'audience 105 000 $
Massey, Candace K. University of Toronto Translating the promises of genetic medicine: a cultural history of the participatory role of cancer activists in scientific knowledge production (1940-2014) 105 000 $
Mastrocola, Christopher G. McMaster University Working-class learning within social unionist movements 105 000 $
Matson, Zannah University of Toronto Post-Conflict urbanism: territorial construction and counterinsurgency infrastructure along Colombian ruta nacional 65 105 000 $
Maughan, Andrea Université York Acceptance, commitment and psychological flexibility in parents of children with autism: a strengths-based mixed-methods study 105 000 $
McAuley, Tara L. University of Windsor Exploring how we process adjective-noun combinations with unique features 105 000 $
McCord, Curtis W. University of Toronto Citizens, systems, states: finding a place for online consultations in Canada 105 000 $
McCorkle, Mark K. Western University Fictional vibrations: jazz mythology, place, and meaning 105 000 $
McFadden, Taylor Université d'Ottawa Physical activity participation and mental health of medical trainees 105 000 $
McGeown, Laura M. Lakehead University The role of heart rate variability and self-compassion in the link between perfectionism and disordered eating 105 000 $
McIlveen, Kirsten University of British Columbia The paradoxes of learning while incarcerated: challenges to post-secondary education in the controlled spaces of Canadian women's prisons 105 000 $
McKay, Rachelle McMaster University Decolonizing representations of sex work within Indigenous women's advocacy 105 000 $
McKnight, Stéphanie Queen's University Colder now: a critical examination of Canada's new anti terrorism act 2015 105 000 $
McNeill, Katie-Marie Queen's University Prisoner aid beyond borders: a transnational history of prisoner aid societies in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, 1930-1970 105 000 $
Ménard, Guillaume Université McGill Figures de la vie ordinaire : une poétique du récit français contemporain 105 000 $
Menzie, Lauren A. Carleton University Interrogating consent in legal, social, and virtual spaces 105 000 $
Messelink, Jennifer Université McGill Moving beyond kitsch: a genre study of exotica (1947-1964) 105 000 $
Mettler, Jessica Université McGill Examining facets of mindfulness in adolescents and young adults 105 000 $
Michaud, Gabriel Université de Montréal Enseignement de la grammaire en contexte communicatif : avant, pendant ou après une tâche 105 000 $
Michel, Amélie Université Laval Le (dés)enchantement dans l'oeuvre narrative de Corinna Bille, d'Anne Hébert et de Marie NDiaye 105 000 $
Middleton, Thierry R.F. Université Laurentienne The acculturation of immigrant and refugee youth through community sport programming 105 000 $
Mignault, Marie-Catherine Université McGill Why is the happy person transparent: exploring how personality coherence leads well-adjusted individuals to be accurately perceived in first impressions 105 000 $
Molinaro, Monica L. Western University A critical narrative exploration of identity negotiation and care provision in pediatric oncologists and nurses 105 000 $
Monk, Bryan Simon Fraser University How policing interventions affect the evolution of organized crime networks 105 000 $
Moore, Amber J. University of British Columbia Through ally eyes: developing pedagogy for teaching sexual assault narratives 105 000 $
Morman, Megan University of Lethbridge Moving images: lenticular affects in public space 105 000 $
Mowatt, Morgan L. University of Victoria The illusion of decolonization: reproduction of colonial-patriarchy in Indigenous resurgence and nationhood movements within Canada 105 000 $
Murphy, Emily Brock University Perfectionism, social experiences and mental health in adolescents: a mixed-methods approach 105 000 $
Murray, Nathan Université Laval Passions populaires, passions politiques : une histoire émotionnelle de la foule romaine sous la République et le début de l'Empire (133 av. J.-C. - 68 ap. J.-C.) 105 000 $
Nadeau, Janice Université de Montréal Le présent des images animées, le détournement comme matériau créatif en cinéma d'animation d'auteur 105 000 $
Nesterova, Iuliia University of Waterloo The link between conspicuous consumption and income inequality 105 000 $
Niziol, Tegan G.E. University of Toronto A postnarrativist approach to the narrative of musical modernism 105 000 $
Norton, Jennifer E. Université York In distance: metaphor, analogy, and imaginative processes in physics and art 105 000 $
O'Brien, Kelly A. Université York Beauty and despair: narratives of self and nature in the anthropocene 105 000 $
O'Connor, Alison M. Brock University Seniors' evaluation and use of antisocial and prosocial deception: a multi-method approach to understanding deception across adulthood 105 000 $
O'Hara, Gabrielle Université McGill Social-emotional antecedents to math achievement: the influence of parent and teacher emotions on children's performance 105 000 $
Oligny-Bissonnette, Andréanne Université du Québec à Montréal La remise en cause de Roe v. Wade aux États-Unis : les impacts du ressac conservateur sur l'accès à l'avortement pour les femmes appartenant à une minorité ethnoculturelle 105 000 $
O'Loughlin, Julia I. University of British Columbia The role of masculinity ideology in Canadian veteran men's and women's military to civilian transition 105 000 $
Olszowy, Laura Western University Strengthening safety networks for children living with domestic violence: the role of child protection in safety planning and risk management with high-risk domestic violence cases 105 000 $
Orr, Krystn University of Toronto Multi-perspective exploration of disability sport experiences among emerging adults 105 000 $
Ostrowski, Christopher P. University of Calgary What is a disability and how do I include it: preservice teachers' representations of disability and inclusion 105 000 $
Ott, Mary Western University Participatory assessment for 21st century learning 105 000 $
Ouslis, Natasha E. Western University How does team collaboration emerge over time 105 000 $
Palaschuk, Nicholas P.W. University of Alberta Rethinking the transition pathway: the role of community-based energy in governing sustainable futures 105 000 $
Panwar, Nidhi S.Note de bas de page * University of Toronto Counterterrorism and the creation of a suspect community: the case of Islamic terrorism in India 105 000 $
Papale, François Université de Montréal Une analyse pragmatiste du rôle de la classification en science : le cas de la microbiologie 105 000 $
Papineau, Jacob W. University of Alberta Innovation and the future of resource-based communities in the Northwest Territories 105 000 $
Paris, Britney M. University of Calgary Developing instructional strategies to promote English language learners effective use of written corrective feedback 105 000 $
Parker, Sébastien University of Toronto Relational processes between anti-hegemonic organizations: a comparative analysis of the far right in France and Italy 105 000 $
Patrick, Reagan University of Toronto Josephus in Syriac: Jewish influence on Syriac Christian and Islamic traditions 105 000 $
Pauls, Monica University of Calgary Digital activism among youth: the search for meaning in a study of youth experience 105 000 $
Pearson, Phyllis University of British Columbia Understanding why we ought to believe the truth: an inquiry into the source of epistemic normativity 105 000 $
Peladeau, Hillary Western University Going with the flow: exploring the movement of data within police organizations in Canada 105 000 $
Pelletier, Daisy Université Laval La motivation à lire chez les élèves de 9 à 17 ans : une analyse en fonction du soutien offert par les enseignants, les parents et les pairs 105 000 $
Pelletier, Raphaël Université du Québec à Montréal Pour une sociologie des sciences géographiques au Québec : perspectives sur la discipline, les institutions et la production des savoirs 105 000 $
Perras St-Jean, Gabrielle Institut national de la recherche scientifique Représentations et usages de l'espace urbain chez les personnes présentant une déficience intellectuelle domiciliées dans la communauté à Montréal 105 000 $
Perrault, Nicolas University of Oxford A bone and lithic approach to testing the origins of the iberomaurusian 105 000 $
Perreault, Anna Université de Montréal Isolario et pouvoir : les représentations des îles égéennes aux XVe et XVIe siècles 105 000 $
Perron-Brault, Alexis HEC Montréal L'impact de la commandite événementielle sur les comportements à l'égard des jeux de hasard et d'argent : le cas de Loto-Québec 105 000 $
Peters, Andrew University of Toronto The syntax of tense in Mandarin-Mongolian bilingual speech 105 000 $
Peters, Mercedes E. University of British Columbia Gendering the Indian 'brother'hood in Canada 1969-1985 105 000 $
Petsnik, Corey D. Université du Manitoba Does primed attachment security attenuate antisocial reactions to witnessing ostracism and prompt assistance of ostracized targets 105 000 $
Petty, Sarah K. Université du Manitoba Friendship impairments and social anxiety: the impact of perceived responsiveness on self-disclosure and intimacy 105 000 $
Philipp-Muller, Aviva Z. Ohio State University Perceived and structural moral bases of attitudes: psychological mechanisms and behavioural implications 105 000 $
Piersig, Elsa Sophie Carleton University Confidence game: contextualizing non-confidence votes and their impact on parliamentary democracy 105 000 $
Pimentel, Erica Université McGill Capital market impact of greenhouse gas emissions: a Canadian perspective 105 000 $
Poirier-Saumure, Alexis Université de Montréal Pour une approche globale de l'éducation anti-homophobie à Montréal : état des lieux et analyse queer des pratiques communautaires et scolaires 105 000 $
Portelance, Eva Stanford University Learning minimalist grammars: a probabilistic approach to minimalist grammar induction 105 000 $
Poulakidas, Georgios University of Toronto State support for biotechnology in the post-developmental state era 105 000 $
Prince, Holly Lakehead University Wiiji'iwe: an Indigenous researcher's exploration of a First Nations community's experience of participatory action research 105 000 $
Pritchard, Tyler R. University of Guelph Investigating the longitudinal associations between online social interactions, self-injury, and affect in youth who self-injure 105 000 $
Proulx, Stéphanie University of Toronto Les représentations de la dépendance dans le cycle Soifs de Marie-Claire Blais : vers une poéthique de l'inclusion et de la compassion 105 000 $
Rackow, Hannah C. Université York Performance after atrocity: forensic aesthetics and the role of performing artists in international human rights investigation 105 000 $
Ragetlie, Rosalind O.P. Western University The relationship between gender and experiences of food insecurity in rural Bénin 105 000 $
Ramos, Andrew Université du Nouveau-Brunswick Small worlds: a novel of the 2010 G20 Toronto summit protests 105 000 $
Rascle, Laetitia Université Laval L'agriculturel, vecteur de développement local durable : agriculture, culture et communautés pour une recherche-action en milieu rural francophone 105 000 $
Raulier, Marie Université McGill L'art d'écrire des traités d'équitation en France pendant l'Ancien Régime (1593-1730) : instruction de la noblesse et contribution au savoir européen 105 000 $
Raven, Krystl D. University of Saskatchewan Gabriel Dumont and the Métis diaspora: a history of homeland(s), culture and kinship 105 000 $
Reed-Wood, Louis W. University of Toronto Disseminating the brotherhood: communicating the transatlantic fenian movement, 1858-1880 105 000 $
Reid, Michael University of Toronto Gay lives: literature, secrecy, and the problem of evidence in the eighteenth century 105 000 $
Revington, Robert C. Duke University Popular attitudes to modern scholarship on Jesus and the Bible 105 000 $
Richmond, Aaron A. Université McGill Victor Basch and the critical reception of German aesthetics within the publication of l'esprit nouveau, from 1920 to 1925 105 000 $
Ritchie, Patrick M. University of British Columbia The archaeology of Indigenous rights and title 105 000 $
Robert, Camille Université du Québec à Montréal Femmes en grève : une analyse des rapports de genre dans les grèves du secteur public au Québec (1985-1990) 105 000 $
Robichaud, Philippe Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Les procès de l'ornement : histoire d'une notion esthétique à l'âge des Lumières (1699-1792) 105 000 $
Rochon, Élisabeth Université du Québec à Montréal La place Maubert. micro-histoire d'un espace urbain au XVIIIe siècle 105 000 $
Rogers, Allyson Université McGill The music and sound of the National Film Board of Canada's unit B, 1948-1964 105 000 $
Rondeau, Serge-Olivier Université de Montréal Les relations entre éleveurs et animaux dans l'aviculture urbaine de Vancouver : un vecteur de transformations des modes de vie citadins 105 000 $
Rousseau-Lesage, Simon University of Antwerp Critique énactive du traitement prédictif en sciences cognitives 105 000 $
Roussel, Stephanie Université du Québec à Montréal Do it together, les communautés autopubliées. nouvelles modalités de la création 105 000 $
Roy, Jonathan Université du Québec en Outaouais Exploration des liens entre le sommeil, le perfectionnisme et les performances scolaires et sportives des élèves-athlètes de niveau secondaire 105 000 $
Roy, Mélodie Université de Montréal Prédire et comprendre le style parental optimal en situation de problématiques récurrentes chez les enfants 105 000 $
Russell, Catherine J. University of Toronto The endurance of visceral emotions: laughter, transgression, and moving image media from the postwar period to the present 105 000 $
Rutkair, Jennifer F. Queen's University Shaping geography, history, and experience: photography, national parks, and nation-building, 1885-1914 105 000 $
Saenz, Daniel Santiago Université McGill Catholic virtue, sodomitical vice and masculine imaginaries: the visual culture of colonial masculinities in the Spanish Empire, 1577-1782 105 000 $
Salcedo, Esteban Université d'Ottawa Regulating marine renewable energy: rethinking the law in light of paradoxical harm 105 000 $
Sato, Christa University of Toronto Navigating intergenerational family conflict between Filipino parents and second-generation young adults 105 000 $
Saumure Régimbald, Camille Université du Québec en Outaouais L'impact de la culture sur les stratégies visuelles utilisées dans le jugement d'expressions faciales de douleur 105 000 $
Savard, Valérie Université de Montréal Disparaître autrement : la disparition de l'individu et l'émergence de nouvelles formes de relation au social dans la littérature et les arts contemporains 105 000 $
Schluter, Magdalen University of Calgary Going for broke: an examination of the interplay between gambling misbeliefs, reward-related decision-making and gambling behaviours 105 000 $
Schultz, William J. University of Alberta Guilty until proven innocent: drug use, instability, and violence in pre-trial custody 105 000 $
Schussler, Stuart Université York Bringing autonomy home: the influence of Zapatismo on North American movements 105 000 $
Sebastien, Zoe Harvard University Transgender legal cases and the metaphysics of gender 105 000 $
Shanahan, Erin Wilfrid Laurier University Routes to a brighter future: implicit theories and beliefs about the impact of daily behaviours on life satisfaction 105 000 $
Shaw, Robert University of British Columbia Peer power: examining the psychosocial and economic impact of peer mentoring for people with spinal cord injury 105 000 $
Sheiner, Eli O. Université McGill An ethnographic study of addiction in Japan 105 000 $
Shortreed, Kim S. University of Victoria Learning to Indigenize the digital: decolonizing the colonial despatches 105 000 $
Sibalis, AnnabelNote de bas de page * Ryerson University Addressing stress in Ontario high schools: implementing a mindfulness-based social emotional learning program 105 000 $
Sideris, Sophia D. Carleton University Philosophical perspectives on immigration and global poverty 105 000 $
Simardone, Camille J. McMaster University Frequentist model averaging: a new framework for inference and its application to labour 105 000 $
Simpson, Isabelle Université McGill Welcome to the next frontier: startup societies and the future of citizenship 105 000 $
Slemon, Alice University of British Columbia An institutional ethnography of nurses' integration of an equity-oriented care intervention in an emergency department setting 105 000 $
Sokolovic, Nina University of Toronto Sharing minds to build brains: investigating what works, how, and for whom when coaching parents and educators to use cognitive sensitivity 105 000 $
Soo, Rachel University of Toronto Tone perception and merger in Cantonese heritage and native speakers 105 000 $
Soucy, Karina Université Laval Au-delà de la bonne fermière : savoirs et places occupées par les femmes rurales québécoises 105 000 $
Stang, Sarah M. Université York White radicalization: men's rights activism, gamer culture, and the rise of the alt-right 105 000 $
Starosta, Lindsay A. University of British Columbia Reducing bullying in secondary schools through adolescent collaboration 105 000 $
St-Denis, Natalie N. University of Calgary Indigenous women storytelling: creating an Indigenous healing model for child sexual abuse in an urban setting 105 000 $
St.Denis, Thomas L. University of Calgary One more mission: how Canadian combat veterans attempt to reintegrate into civilian society 105 000 $
Steinberg, Ian McMaster University Making, working, stealing: a documentary film about the cultural history of the photocopier and the digital communication revolution 105 000 $
Stick, Max McMaster University Liminal masculinity: Korean male immigrants' acculturation of Canadian masculinty 105 000 $
Stoliker, Bryce Simon Fraser University The intersection of police and persons with mental illness: a mixed-methods examination of time and place within the Canadian context 105 000 $
Stout, Erik Université de Montréal Prévost, Bougainville et l'écriture du voyage mise en livre et mise en récit du voyage, dans les romans et les relations authentiques du XVIIIe siècle 105 000 $
Stringham, Thomas K. University of Toronto Developing a feasible control function estimation method for non-linear economic models with reciprocal causality 105 000 $
Strong, Trevor O. Queen's University Creativity in the Ontario curriculum: a step towards conceptual clarity 105 000 $
Stroud Stasel, Rebecca Queen's University Culture shock and teacher efficacy in international schools: exploring the organizational, cultural, and leadership skills for teacher adaptation and thriving 105 000 $
Struve, Stephan Carleton University Biorisk and biodata determinism: deconstructing genetic journeys on YouTube 105 000 $
Sutton, David I. University of Toronto A study of sexual storytelling as masculine performance in Latin literature 105 000 $
Swain, Molly S. University of Alberta Kin-making and landlessness: Métis governance in the 21st century 105 000 $
Szilagyi, Katherine A. Université d'Ottawa Artificial intelligence and the machine-ation of the rule of law 105 000 $
Tanguay, VanessaNote de bas de page * Université McGill Expériences vécues et narratifs : quel éclairage sur les conceptions juridiques de l'égalité en droit québécois 105 000 $
Tasker, Heather Université York Gendered impacts and conceptions of MONUSCO: conflict, subjectivity, and sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers 105 000 $
Tatham, Rebecca University of Saskatchewan Women, resistance, and extractive development in Guatemala: striving for a gender-inclusive agenda 105 000 $
Théorêt, Valérie Université du Québec à Montréal Coercition sexuelle dans les relations amoureuses des jeunes : le rôle de l'attachement romantique 105 000 $
Thériault, Rémi Université du Québec à Montréal Influencing behaviour by changing unconscious racial attitudes: a loving-kindness meditation intervention 105 000 $
Thivierge, Vincent University of California, Santa Barbara The incidence of carbon pricing policy in Canada 105 000 $
Tigchelaar, Alexandra Université Concordia The history of Montréal and sex worker knowledges 105 000 $
Tomin, Brittany E. Université York Science fiction and critical thinking: a pedagogy of consequence and questioning 105 000 $
Tomkinson, Matthew J. University of British Columbia The edge of your seat: representations of anxiety disorders in performance 105 000 $
Tran, Amy W.Y. University of Windsor Young children's use of mobile technology: the role of temperament and media content 105 000 $
Tran, Tanya Queen's University Pathways to psychosocial functioning: the role of motivation to engage in cognitive activity 105 000 $
Tremblay, Christophe Université Laval Les perspectives des personnes vieillissantes vivant avec un trouble mental grave et des intervenants qui exercent auprès de cette clientèle en lien avec le rétablissement dans la communauté 105 000 $
Tremblay-Perreault, Amélie Université du Québec à Montréal Revictimisation par les pairs chez les enfants victimes d'agression sexuelle : le rôle des attributions de blâme 105 000 $
Trimble, Sabina University of Waikato Transforming post-secondary, honouring treaty: a comparative study of decolonization and Indigenization in Canada and New Zealand 105 000 $
Trudeau Beaunoyer, Karianne Université de Montréal L'autoportrait littéraire contemporain (XXe-XXIe siècle) : pratique intermédiale de la représentation de soi espace interstitiel des transfuges (de classe, de genre et de race) 105 000 $
Tulloch, Bonnie J. University of British Columbia Do the ends justify the memes: how democracy, freedom, and human rights relate to Internet memes, digital citizenship, and Canadian youth 105 000 $
Usher, Camille Queen's University Subtle gestures: sovereignty through Indigenous stories of public mark making (working title) 105 000 $
Vallée-Dubois, Florence Université de Montréal L'impact du vieillissement de la population sur la représentation démocratique au Canada 105 000 $
Vallianatos, Mary Anne University of Victoria Asians at the intersection of law and belonging: a study of exclusionary housing and education policies in Canada 105 000 $
van Beinum, Amanda Carleton University Unable to live, unable to die: tensions of life-saving death-facilitating in the intensive care unit 105 000 $
Van Haren, Ian M. Université McGill Outsourcing migration control: private sponsorship of refugees in Canada and alternative pathways to resettlement 105 000 $
Vani, Madison F. University of Toronto Keeping girls involved in sport: an examination of weight commentary, body talk, and body-related emotions 105 000 $
van Roessel, Arnoldus D. University of Toronto Towards a modern commentary on the zoological books of Pliny the Elder's natural history 105 000 $
Vaughan-Johnston, Thomas I. Queen's University The role of structural and meta attitude bases in introspection 105 000 $
Veillette, Anne-Marie Institut national de la recherche scientifique Les femmes et la favela : dynamiques sociales et pouvoirs transformateurs de l'espace urbain à Rio de Janeiro 105 000 $
Veilleux, Vicky Université de Sherbrooke Acceptation de la mort : conceptualisation et élaboration d'une mesure adaptée au contexte contemporain 105 000 $
Wagner-Lapierre, Claudie Université Laval Le droit comme aide thérapeutique aux victimes d'agression sexuelle 105 000 $
Walton, Katherine E. University of Toronto Affective piety, spiritual society, and the late-Medieval English vision narrative 105 000 $
Ward, Margret McMaster University Inheriting hurts: trauma and healing in twenty-first century Indigenous-Canadian fiction 105 000 $
Waring, Sydney V. University of Waterloo Moving from self-criticism to self-compassion 105 000 $
Weiner, Ariel R.K. Northwestern University, Illinois Constellations of media and messianism in the writings of Walter Benjamin 105 000 $
Weinsheimer, Camille C. Simon Fraser University Unintended effects of evaluating reports from multiple witnesses in criminal court 105 000 $
Wilkes, James Queen's University Indigenous governance and environmental assessment 105 000 $
Wilson, Emily Université Concordia Neuro novelty: a cognitive methodology of literary critique 105 000 $
Wingate, Timothy GHL. University of Calgary Making interviews work for interviewers: integrating structure and goals 105 000 $
Wisdom-Dawson, Evan University of Chicago Narrative ecologies: forms of apocalyptic rights in contemporary fiction 105 000 $
Wong, Edward F. Université York Mental health social work practices and police interventions 105 000 $
Wong, Tracy Université McGill The multidimensionality of prosocial behaviours and its relation to achievement: a cross-cultural study on the roles of parental values, parenting styles, and parenting practices on adolescents' outcomes in Canada and Hong Kong 105 000 $
Yildiz, Nadine R. Memorial University of Newfoundland Developmental dyscalculia, math anxiety and low math performance 105 000 $
Zhou, Yan University of Toronto Contemporary professional practice in Chinese museums and cultural organizations 105 000 $