Détenteurs de subvention et de bourse

Programmes de bourses de doctorat du CRSH : attribution des bourses du concours de novembre 2016

Manner of acquisition and its effects on bilingual lexical organization
Candidat Organisme administrateur Titre de la demande Montant
Abdul Reda, Amir University of Toronto From Laïcité to the Islamic revolution: renegotiating idea systems in the Lebanese Shia community of Côte d'Ivoire 60 000,00 $
Adams, Philippa R. University of Southern California Clash and collaboration: the meaning making practices of television audiences and producers 80 000,00 $
Ahmadi Vostakolaei, Taha University of British Columbia Citizenship education and identity: Iranian and Iranian-Canadian youth's experiences 60 000,00 $
Aime, Hilary Simon Fraser University How we learn from others: examining individual variability in children's social learning and social competence 80 000,00 $
Akbari, Sina University of Oxford Private exchange and the demands of justice 80 000,00 $
Alaszkiewicz, Paula R. Université Concordia The labyrinth of fashion display 80 000,00 $
Ali, Adam E. Queen's University They could be dangerous: a critical exploration of sport-for—deradicalization programs in the age of terror 40 000,00 $
Alie, Remi A. University of Toronto Mosque and state: Ottoman toleration in English political discourse, 1624-1699 80 000,00 $
Allan, Kate University of Toronto Unlocking the black box: understanding the parental decision-making process in Canada 40 000,00 $
Alvarez-Lizotte, Pamela Université Laval Le point de vue des enfants exposés à la violence conjugale postséparation : mieux comprendre leur vécu et leurs besoins en terme de soutien 80 000,00 $
Amasyali, David E. Université McGill Boundaries of intrusion: colonialism, state-building, and strategies of ethnic conflict 40 000,00 $
Amerongen-McKeon, Margaret R. University of British Columbia Centring land in an autoethnography of decolonization from a non-Aboriginal educator 60 000,00 $
Arbuckle, Alyssa University of Victoria Engaging open social scholarship 80 000,00 $
Archambault, Catherine Université McGill An investigation of the relation between attention and reading 80 000,00 $
Archambault, Jérôme Université d'Ottawa Le rôle des types de financement des partis politiques sur la structure interne de ces partis 20 000,00 $
Ariss, Alison J. University of British Columbia Material re-negotiations: coast Salish visual identity and Vancouver's urban imaginary 80 000,00 $
Arulanandam, Amanda University of Toronto The battle with fortune: agency, dependence, and confronting human limits in the work of Machiavelli 80 000,00 $
Athamny, Amny University of Toronto Keeping it all a Halal Muslim was never harder 20 000,00 $
Aubin, Mathieu J.P. University of British Columbia Here and queer in Vancouver: queer poetry, small presses, and the lesbian and gay liberation 1963-1989 40 000,00 $
Aujla-Bhullar, Sonia University of Calgary Crossing borders in schools: inclusive education and multicultural communities 40 000,00 $
Awad, Yomna University of Toronto Dialogue—centred, collaborative teacher professional learning: to educate for democratic peace in Egypt and Canada 20 000,00 $
Baczyk, Christophe Université du Québec à Montréal Entre multiculturalisme et identité artistique territoriale : les petits maîtres de la peinture napolitaine de la première moitié du 16e siècle 60 000,00 $
Baer, Pamela University of Toronto Theatre creation research program for youth with LGBTQ parents 40 000,00 $
Bahl, Nancy Université d'Ottawa I can read you like a book: exploring the impact of response—focused emotion regulation strategies 80 000,00 $
Bahrami, Somayeh Simon Fraser University Iranian women in Vancouver: gender, class, and post-Revolution migration, 1975-1985 60 000,00 $
Banwell, Jenessa University of Toronto Advancing women in coaching: an evaluation of a Canadian women in coaching mentorship programme 40 000,00 $
Barbu, Roxana M. Carleton University Language processing in autism 60 000,00 $
Bateman, Tyler J. University of Toronto Who cares about nature: the environmental sociology of perception 80 000,00 $
Bazely, Susan M. Queen's University Cultural landscapes of conflict: evolution, meaning and value to Canadian national identity 80 000,00 $
Beres, Jacqueline L. Brock University Optimizing socialization in doctoral student—advisor relationships: a qualitative analysis 20 000,00 $
Bernard, Maria V. Université York Understanding the politics of racialized youth inclusions in Toronto's youth serving sector 20 000,00 $
Berson, Amber E. Queen's University A case for utopian dreaming: feminism within Canadian artist-run centres 40 000,00 $
Bertram, Kris Université York Indigenous title to the radio spectrum: navigating Indigenous spectrum rights 80 000,00 $
Bikos, Lesley Western University The effect of police culture on the personal and professional lives of men and women police officers in Canada 80 000,00 $
Bird, Johannah University of Saskatchewan I have spoken, let my words be heard: articulating religious experience and identity in Cree Anglican life writing 80 000,00 $
Bissonnette-Lavoie, Olivier Université de Montréal La résistance politique à la croisée des chemins : art activiste subjectivité et commun au 21e siècle 60 000,00 $
Blackie, Rebecca A. Wilfrid Laurier University The role of self-compassion on ruminative thoughts in performance and communication anxiety 20 000,00 $
Blanchard, Catherine Utrecht University The elusive search for sustainable high seas fisheries: the role of the future regime for global oceans governance 80 000,00 $
Blatchford, Barrie R. Harvard University Pinnipeds in peril: popular discourses on Alaskan fur seal and walrus hunting, 1850-1911 80 000,00 $
Booth, Jonathon J. Harvard University Criminal law and post-emancipation society in the Atlantic world 40 000,00 $
Bouchard, Mathieu HEC Montréal The influence of clientele activism on professional practices and jurisdictional arrangements: a study of peer support and the user involvement turn in psychiatry 40 000,00 $
Bowsfield, Marissa L. Simon Fraser University The role of body satisfaction in predicting the sexual satisfaction of couples 80 000,00 $
Boyadjian, Mirna Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis Vers une esthétique de l'espérance : les rapports entre l'image et le son dans l'art libanais d'après-guerre civile, 1991-2016 60 000,00 $
Boyes, Jane Dalhousie University Defying containment: refugee voices in twenty-first century Canadian experimental literature 80 000,00 $
Brazil, Kristopher John Carleton University Mimicking a Don Juan: psychopathic traits and pretending to be a desirable intimate partner 80 000,00 $
Briggs, Jacqueline University of Toronto Administering justice: federal criminal legal aid for Indigenous peoples in Canada 1880 to 1970 40 000,00 $
Brousseau Desaulniers, Antoine Université du Québec à Montréal Le rapatriement de la constitution et les usages du passé dans le débat politique québécois 1935-1981 80 000,00 $
Brubacher, Katherine University of Toronto Can I learn to read and write too: literacy and identity experiences for newcomer students with limited prior schooling 60 000,00 $
Brunet, Carole École Polytechnique de Montréal Comment optimiser les ressources énergétiques renouvelables en vue d'un développement durable en faveur des plus pauvres : le cas de l'énergie solaire photovoltaïque sur le continent africain 80 000,00 $
Brunet, Tyler D.P. University of Cambridge Cyborgs: mechanical and organic mergers in the light of evolution 80 000,00 $
Brykman, Kyle M. Queen's University An investigation into how leaders can support individual and team proactivity: the emergence and consequences of voice climate 20 000,00 $
Brzezinski, Marek Université de Montréal Military intervention and dynamics of violence in civil wars 60 000,00 $
Bundy, Jessica T. Université du Nouveau-Brunswick African Nova Scotian perceptions of the police in urban Nova Scotia 80 000,00 $
Burger, Marie Lou Université du Québec à Montréal Poétique du rituel dans l'art actuel 40 000,00 $
Burles, Regan University of Victoria Sovereignty and the politics of resilience in international relations 40 000,00 $
Callaci, Melissa Université de Montréal A dyadic analysis of attachment insecurities and romantic disengagement 40 000,00 $
Camirand, Élisabeth Université du Québec à Montréal Évolution des relations d'amitié à l'émergence de l'âge adulte en fonction du cheminement amoureux: examen longitudinal et implications pour le bien-être 60 000,00 $
Campbell-Page, Ruth University of British Columbia A multidimensional strategic framework for Canada's global affairs in trade and international assistance 60 000,00 $
Campbell, Cary L. Simon Fraser University Educating through semiosis: conceptualizing the learning process as edusemiotics with young music learners 60 000,00 $
Carlesimo, Teresa M. Queen's University A sea change: the cultural logic of anthropogenic climate change 60 000,00 $
Caron-Audet, Jessie Université de Sherbrooke Les compétences émergentes du travail social dans le contexte de troubles neurocognitifs sévères 80 000,00 $
Cashion, Timothy R. University of British Columbia Counting the costs and benefits of aquaculture: an estimation of aquaculture's economic and food security implications 80 000,00 $
Champagne, Julien Université du Québec à Montréal Quand le cinéma résonne : traces du cinématographique dans l'art sonore contemporain 80 000,00 $
Chan, Todd University of Michigan, Ann Arbor The world is your friend: just world beliefs promote well-being for the socially disconnected 60 000,00 $
Chang, David Simon Fraser University Learning off-grid: adaptation and implementation of BC'scurriculum on Lasqueti Island 40 000,00 $
Chang, Vivien L. University of Virginia U.S. outreach to Africa and the politics of race, 1960-1981 80 000,00 $
Chase, Amy A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Neandertal art and symbolism: a reappraisal of archaeological evidence in Western European paleolithic art sites 80 000,00 $
Cheechoo, Keri-Lynn A. Université d'Ottawa Re/missing Canadian histories, curricula, and systemic inequity: reproductive justice and Indigenous women 60 000,00 $
Cheng, Jeremy C.K. University of Saskatchewan Evaluating tribunal processing and outcomes for those not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder 80 000,00 $
Cherry, Kathlyn M. University of Guelph Positive youth development: a holistic model integrating positive schemas, positive life events, and positive affect 80 000,00 $
Chevalier, Valérie Université de Sherbrooke Comparaison de la transmission intergénérationnelle des représentations d'attachement et de la fonction réflexive auprès d'enfants typiques et d'enfants anxieux 40 000,00 $
Choi, Irene Yale University Enfolding of word and image: calligraphic screens—Munjado—and still life screens—Chaekgeori—from nineteenth-century Korea 80 000,00 $
Chris, Alexandra C. University of Guelph A meta—analysis of experienced workplace incivility and its correlates: synthesizing the literature and providing a theoretical perspective 40 000,00 $
Chung Siong Fah, Christina N. Université Toronto Configurations du sujet lesbien dans les textes contemporains français et québécois au féminin 40 000,00 $
Clark, David A.R. University of Toronto Jewish Scriptures in Nazi Germany: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Old Testament, 1932-1945 40 000,00 $
Colbourne, Thomas J.D. Université McGill The metaphysical foundation of political agents: a comparative study of Spinoza and Hegel 60 000,00 $
Connors, Katrina M. Royal Roads University Environmental assessments and Indigenous rights in the Skeena River watershed 40 000,00 $
Cook, William R.A. Université York Space, scale and language policy performativity in the United Arab Emirates 40 000,00 $
Cooper, Annelies E. Université York Colonial consultations: political ramifications of Canada's legal duty to consult 40 000,00 $
Corbeil, Renaud Université du Québec à Montréal La russie dans l'oeil américain à l'ère des bouleversements 1985-2000 80 000,00 $
Corbiere, Alan T. Université York Waking up the medicine: incorporating Manidoog and Ojibwe language sources in an Anishinaabe-centred history of the 19th-century Great Lakes 80 000,00 $
Coulling, Ryan Carleton University Becoming a sexist: masculinity in the manosphere 40 000,00 $
Cox, Amanda University of Guelph Understanding and measuring supervisory neglect in high-risk parents 80 000,00 $
Crewe, Bianca University of British Columbia On the persistent problem of bad science: addressing missing standards of evaluation for value-laden science in contemporary feminist scholarship 80 000,00 $
Crivello, Cristina Université Concordia Identifying the psychological mechanisms underlying infants' selective social learning 60 000,00 $
Cross, Wasontiio S. Carleton University Making cultural resurgence through contemporary-traditional Haudenosaunee art 40 000,00 $
Curlew, Kyle J.E. Queen's University Enacting Bill C51:
National security and settler-governmentality from Parliament Hill to the Canadian Hinterlands
80 000,00 $
Daborn, Merissa University of Alberta Toxic relations: colonization, contamination, and food security in the Northwest Territories 80 000,00 $
Dalkilic, Maryam University of British Columbia Expanding the capabilities of children labeled with disabilities in pre-primary programs as a matter of justice: relational inclusion put into practice 40 000,00 $
Dalley, Jessica University of Guelph The impact of emotion regulation and executive function on social competence in preadolescence 60 000,00 $
Dao, Lili New York University Crimmigration in deportation hearings in Canada and the U.S 40 000,00 $
Daumler, Davis University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Nontraditional family formation: evaluating the social capital and economic well-being of same-sex couples and their families 80 000,00 $
Davila, Maria V. Université McGill Women on the home front: Venezuelan domestic workers and the acquisition of architecture 60 000,00 $
de Lima, Lucas University of Pennsylvania Spirit geographies of race and coloniality in Brazil 20 000,00 $
DeGrace, Lise Université du Nouveau-Brunswick Canada's First Nations child welfare system: myths and realities of change 40 000,00 $
Delorme, Jean-Philippe University of Toronto Political nomenclature in ancient Israel and Judah: a diachronic and synchronic view of political identity in the Iron Age—1200-586 BCE 20 000,00 $
Derksen, Samuel D. Université McGill Empire through consumption: consumable goods and colonialism in New France, 1700-1763 80 000,00 $
Desbiens-Brassard, Alexandre Western University Monstrum ex machina: monstrous depictions of contemporary capitalism in selected works of North American speculative fiction 40 000,00 $
Deslauriers, Patrick Université du Québec à Montréal Discours, perceptions et banalisation : le cas de la surveillance dans l'industrie du jeu vidéo 60 000,00 $
Dewan, Rachel University of Toronto Scale and the spiritual: miniaturization and materiality in the religious art of the Aegean Bronze Age 60 000,00 $
Diaz-Cuellar, Vladimir Dennis University of Toronto The expansion of the extractive frontier in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and its impacts on Indigenous peoples and labour 80 000,00 $
Dionne, Karl-Emanuel HEC Montréal Ouverture et orchestration d'un écosystème d'innovation : le rôle d'une organisation frontière 20 000,00 $
Doody, Sara Université McGill Scholarly negotiation: exploring writing as a site of knowledge-making and identity development in doctoral biological physics 60 000,00 $
D'Orazio, Dax University of Alberta Is the opposite of diversity, university: freedom of speech and inclusion, diversity, and equity in Canadian higher education 60 000,00 $
Dougherty, Sarah E. Queen's University All the town's a stage: the Stratford Festival, commerce, and culture in postwar Canada 40 000,00 $
Duguay, Ashley M. University of Windsor Emotional intelligence and social network analysis: advances in athlete leadership research 40 000,00 $
Duinker, Benjamin J. Université McGill Decoding the flow: metric and rhythmic aspects of North American hip-hop vocals 40 000,00 $
Dukic, Vladimir University of Alberta Returning to nature: ecological thought in Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Deleuze 60 000,00 $
Dwyer, Patrick T. Université York A new dangerous designation: risk and mental health in Canadian penitentiaries 40 000,00 $
Dylag, Matthew Université York Access to civil justice: an empirical study of Ontario's reform initiatives 80 000,00 $
Dyson, Amanda L. University of Toronto Working through emotion: recruiting fathers and kids to evaluate father capacity for emotional validation and promotion of child well-being 20 000,00 $
Dyzenhaus, Alexander P. Cornell University Local politics and the control of land in Kenya 80 000,00 $
Earle, Megan Brock University Dehumanization from the victims' perspective: the role of traits and ideology in predicting when individuals accept—vs. reject—media-based dehumanization 80 000,00 $
Ebrahimi, Sepideh McMaster University Understanding the role of data analytics tools in driving discriminatory decisions in organizations 20 000,00 $
Edwards, Robert G.T. University of Notre Dame A history of imaginative readings of the gospel of John 60 000,00 $
Eldridge, Aaron University of California, Berkeley Cultivating an Antiochian Orthodox tradition: renewal and political life in Lebanon 60 000,00 $
Ellis, Rebecca A. Western University Pollinator people: bees, weeds, and struggles for bee-friendly cities 80 000,00 $
Ellsworth, Jason W.M. Dalhousie University Global Buddhism, social frictions, and economic opportunities: on the soy trail from Atlantic Canada to Taiwan 40 000,00 $
English, Claire Université Concordia Congregations of sign: Jewish deaf communities in America, 1880-1940 60 000,00 $
Ens, Gerald A. McMaster University Professional and lay leadership in Mennonite communities: struggling for community amid alienation 80 000,00 $
Etigson, Daniel C. University of Toronto The poetics of scientific ambiguity: fiction and empirical mystery in the scientific revolution 80 000,00 $
Evans, Heather E. Université York Contested subjectivities: racialized gender and sexuality in the narratives and memorials of the transnational comfort women movement 80 000,00 $
Evans, Rochelle S. University of Waterloo When are leaders effective—it may depend on the follower: using a novel method to assess people's leader images 80 000,00 $
Fariborzi, Hadi University of Calgary Early internationalizing firms: drivers and performance outcomes 20 000,00 $
Fast, Anicka Ruth Boston University Understanding global allegiances: the development and negotiation of transnational identity among foreign missionaries and congolese Christians, 1912-1989 60 000,00 $
Febres-Cordero I., M. Belen Simon Fraser University A culture-centred approach to community media addressing women's health in Ecuador 80 000,00 $
Fevrier, Kesha Université York Against a politics of disposabilty 40 000,00 $
Fitz-James, Charlotte A. Université York Stitches, bitches and bodies: textiles and the 21st century female body 40 000,00 $
Fontaine, Kathryne M.J. University of Toronto War storytelling in contemporary French literature: ethics and poetics in the works of Mathias Énard, Wajdi Mouawad, Hubert Haddad and Andrée Chedid 60 000,00 $
Forget, Bettina E. Université Concordia Recontextualizing art and science: engaging girls with science and engineering through maker education 80 000,00 $
Forte, Kennis Queen's University Counter-reformation spirituality at the Sacri Monti of Varallo and Varese 60 000,00 $
Fournier-Simard, Michel Université McGill The impact of international policing: comparing the police in Haiti and the Dominican Republic 80 000,00 $
Fox, Amy N.M. University of Toronto Technological interactions of the archaeological Archaic Northeast 40 000,00 $
Frasca, Paolo S. University of Toronto Queering the Italian literary canon: Umberto Saba between self-censorship and self-expression 40 000,00 $
Fraser, Nicholas A.R. University of Toronto Explaining variation in asylum recognition rates: organizational culture in refugee status determination procedures 40 000,00 $
Friesen, Isaac University of Toronto Tolerant piety, ambivalent tolerance: reconsidering Muslim and Christian identities at Egyptian Coptic NGOs 40 000,00 $
Fung, Klint University of British Columbia When does social rejection help overcome shyness 40 000,00 $
Gabe, Emma University of Toronto Women's libraries in late—medieval Europe: a comparative analysis 80 000,00 $
Gallagher, Marina J. University of British Columbia Music and immersion in the pastoral and anti-pastoral landscapes of role-playing video games 60 000,00 $
Garcia, Brenda G. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Brigades forward: student activism, security and the redefinition of citizenship in Mexico city 20 000,00 $
Gasparik, Aaron A.J. University College London Analyzing variations in rotator cuff disease prevalence between different geographic, social and temporal contexts 80 000,00 $
Gaudreau, Joëlle Université de Montréal Les centres d'apprentissage autodirigé (self–directed learning centers) en tant qu innovation éducative : leur contribution à une gouvernance réflexive de l'éducation 80 000,00 $
Gauthier, Véronique Université Laval Prévenir les agressions sexuelles : une étude de cas d'un projet par et pour les femmes ayant des handicaps physiques 80 000,00 $
Genesse, Daphnée Université de Sherbrooke Les besoins psychologiques d'autonomie et de connexion et l'attachement amoureux comme prédicteurs du fonctionnement conjugal 60 000,00 $
Gerber, Kyle R. University of Waterloo Figuring forgiveness: rhetorical foundations of the Mennonite ethos of forgiveness 40 000,00 $
Gervais, Simon Université de Montréal Le montage sonore : une opération de différenciation et de pluralisation de l'écoute au cinéma 40 000,00 $
Ghrear, Siba S.G. University of British Columbia The effect of the curse of knowledge on social perspective taking 80 000,00 $
Gilfoy, Kieran J. University of Oxford In the shadows of moving mountains: indigeneity, sustainability, and struggle on a Peruvian mining frontier 60 000,00 $
Gingras, Samuel Université de Montréal Problèmes de décisions dynamiques 40 000,00 $
Glazier, Brianne L. University of British Columbia Memory of positive social events 60 000,00 $
Gorwa, Robert N. University of Oxford Understanding the new politics of cyberspace: information power in the digital age 80 000,00 $
Gould, Kelsey University of Calgary Targeting school psychology practices to increase student mathematics achievement 80 000,00 $
Gray, Mandi M. Université York Survivor—centric sexual assault policy on campus: an institutional ethnography of sexual assault policy in Ontario 40 000,00 $
Greenfield, Emilienne R.F. Université McGill Household gardens in early modern France and England 80 000,00 $
Guertin, Camille D. Université d'Ottawa How can we contribute to environmental sustainability: examining the effects of message framing on individuals' motivation and engagement in pro—environmental behaviours 40 000,00 $
Guesmi, Rym Université de Montréal Africanizing social contract theory through contemporary African writing 40 000,00 $
Ha, Olivia Katherine Simon Fraser University Immigration and crime in Canada: a neighbourhood level panel data analysis 60 000,00 $
Hankey, Jeffrey University of Alberta Exploring hidden resilience in sexual and gender minority youth 60 000,00 $
Harrigan, Galvin J.D. University of Alberta A quantitative analysis of Plains Cree verbal types 80 000,00 $
Hassani, Sara The New School Smothered by the system: a comparative study of the politics of self immolations in the Middle East 40 000,00 $
Hatef Naiemi, Atri University of Victoria Urban foundations under the Mongol rulers of Iran: examining transcultural interactions in the Ilkhanid capital cities (1256-1335 AD) 40 000,00 $
Heath, Charlene N. Ryerson University Photography in the margins: Jo Spence, Terry Dennett, and a still moving archive 80 000,00 $
Herdman, Jenna M. Carleton University The remediated Mayhew: digital encounters with 'London Labour and the London Poor' 80 000,00 $
Hiebert, Bradley C. Western University Combining photovoice and grounded theory to understand rural men's help seeking behaviours in rural Ontario 40 000,00 $
Hobbins, Justine O. University of Guelph Teaching and assessing higher order thinking skills in large undergraduate courses 80 000,00 $
Hogg, Erin A. Simon Fraser University Archaeological assessment of land claims in Canada 40 000,00 $
Holyoke, Kenneth R. University of Toronto Persistent places in the ancient Wabanaki landscape: past social and economic interactions and the Washademoak Lake chert source 80 000,00 $
Horvath, Erin J. Nipissing University Exploring Aboriginal social entrepreneurship education: a collaborative, experienced centred approach 40 000,00 $
Hotton, Tina University of Guelph Investigating the criminal justice response to intimate partner violence in Canada: assessing the impact of local police on police decision to charge 80 000,00 $
Houlden, Shandell E. McMaster University Canis Sacer: from the anthropological machine to the war machine 40 000,00 $
Hughes, Mary-Imelda M. Université du Manitoba Mi'kmaq Catholicism: an investigation of the negotiation of colonizer religion by Mi'kmaq nation 40 000,00 $
Hyatt, Ashley University of Toronto Aboriginal traditional knowledges and solutions to employment barriers 40 000,00 $
Isaacson, Talia University of Toronto Democracy, memory, and resistance 80 000,00 $
Jackson, Robert K. University of Alberta Being here in a good way: approaching Canadian poetry beyond the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 80 000,00 $
Jackson, Sarah N. University of British Columbia The King in a thicket of trees: memorial recursion and the medieval British landscape 80 000,00 $
Jeanbart, Naim C. Université McGill he spiritual wi-fi: on the role of distances and technology in Western Sufi Islam today 60 000,00 $
Jenkinson, Jesse I.R. University of Toronto Reintegration in post—conflict settings: understanding women's empowerment in northern Uganda 20 000,00 $
Jerreat-Poole, Adan McMaster University Playfully depressed: performing mad identity through autobiographical gaming 60 000,00 $
Johnson, Kay University of Victoria Settler education in museums: colonialism, cities and public pedagogies 40 000,00 $
Jung, Sunguk University of Toronto Genetics on the border zone: the central role of Harvard's Bussey Institution in the development of modern genetics 80 000,00 $
Kalkstein, Molly W. University of Arizona Harry Callahan and the institutional network of American art photography 60 000,00 $
Kalogeropoulos, Christopher Université McGill Evidence—based practices: bridging the researcher—practitioner gap to promote more successful outcomes in helping relationships 80 000,00 $
Kapoor, Anjani University of Toronto An investigation of the barriers to treatment for youth on probation 60 000,00 $
Keenlyside, Emily Université Concordia Practicing change: workplace learning in art museums 80 000,00 $
Kemick, Richard K. University of Calgary Acadia drive: a study of Calgary's suburbs and the creation of a curated reality 60 000,00 $
Kennedy, Mary Clare University of British Columbia The socioeconomic impacts of eviction among people who use drugs in Vancouver's downtown eastside 40 000,00 $
Kerr-Lapsley, Sarah Jane Université McGill Canadian social studies curriculum and holocaust education resources: a preliminary case study 80 000,00 $
Keum, Tae Hyuk University of Maryland Racism in the digital era: examination of perceived online racism 40 000,00 $
Khamitov, Mansur Western University Increasing personal saving behaviours to help citizens attain their long-term financial objectives 20 000,00 $
Khan, Adrian A. University of Toronto From the peaks and beyond: exploring school—work precarity of migrant Trans-Himalayan children and youth 60 000,00 $
Khanlari, Ahmad University of Toronto Collaborative knowledge networks to facilitate knowledge building in robotics: a longitudinal study 40 000,00 $
Kilgour, Lauren A. Cornell University Regulating design: criminal justice and the politics of technological innovation 60 000,00 $
King-Scobie, Cher A. University of British Columbia Post—flood disaster recovery planning: exploring environmental resilience in municipalities 40 000,00 $
Kingsmith, Adam T. Université York Exit, silence, and withdrawal: exploring the relationship between political apathy and the democratic deficit in Canada 20 000,00 $
Klar-Wolfond, Este H. Université York Enacting intra-ethnography for inclusive autism pedagogy 40 000,00 $
Klassen, Janell A. Western University School disruption and academic underachievement: an examination of influential social factors among school-aged students in Ontario, Canada 80 000,00 $
Klassen, Shelisa R. Université du Manitoba Newcomers and national ambitions: late 19th century immigration and displacement in Manitoban and western Canadian newspapers 80 000,00 $
Klausen, Catherine A. University of Waterloo Citizenship, inclusion, and developmental disability 60 000,00 $
Koller, Katalin E. Carleton University Cross—cultural solidarity networks counter environmental injustice: Indigenous rights and the anti—shale gas movement in New Brunswick 60 000,00 $
Komparic, Ana University of Toronto The normative logic of welfare states: a case study of ethical discourses in the Canadian national pharmacare debate 20 000,00 $
Koonar, Catherine I. University of Toronto The chocolate crossroads of the world: a cultural history of the Hershey Company, 1903-1980 40 000,00 $
Korpan, Roxanne L. University of Toronto Ruling by the book: the Colonial Bible in 19th century Canada 60 000,00 $
Koschade, Bettina T. Université Concordia A house to call a home: Inuit women, governance, and community well-being in Nunavik 40 000,00 $
Kouchakji, Kristi Université McGill Networked undergrounds and underground networks: new media and the Montreal metro 80 000,00 $
Koval, Sarah J. University of Toronto Pills to purge melancholy: overlapping rhetoric in early modern London's musical and medical marketplaces 80 000,00 $
Koyama, Jacklyn M.R. University of Toronto Increasing compromise and cooperation under threat: an intergroup perspective 80 000,00 $
Kushinski, Alysse V. Université York The aesthetics of abandonment: communicating the ruin in the digital contemporary 40 000,00 $
Kwon, Eunjeong Western University Examining the role of food literacy in shaping immigrant integration experiences in Canada 40 000,00 $
Kwon, Vicki Sung-yeon University of Alberta The mass games: nation-building spectacles in postcolonial Guyana and North Korea 40 000,00 $
Lafleche, Emily A. Université d'Ottawa Sex, marriage, and Magdalene: the companion of Jesus in the Gospel of Philip 60 000,00 $
Lamb, Christopher Queen's University Decolonizing education and unsettling British Columbia 60 000,00 $
Lambert, Tammy R. Western University Priming truth commissions: interrogating the relationship between precursory investigative institutions and truth commission processes 20 000,00 $
Lamborn, Paige B. University of Windsor Help-seeking in caregivers of people with personality disorders: the role of personality and relationship quality 80 000,00 $
Landry, Iraïs E. Université du Québec à Montréal L'amour au temps du marxisme : dialectiques de l'émancipation conjugale chez les écrivaines et cinéastes françaises de 1939 à 1975 40 000,00 $
Laporte, Karine Leiden University La méthode de composition d'Hérodien 40 000,00 $
Lapp, Jessica M. University of Toronto Representing activism: conceptualizing the archival repertoire of resistance 60 000,00 $
Lark, David R. University of Victoria The politics of private transnational governance in the investor-state regime 40 000,00 $
Latremouille, Jodi M. University of Calgary Teachers as eco-intellectuals cultivating miyo pimatisiwin 40 000,00 $
Laurin, Daniel University of Toronto Straight guys: heterosexual masculinity in gay pornography and new authenticities 40 000,00 $
Lawson, Christopher M. University of California, Berkeley When the mill went silent: deindustrialisation and the remaking of British communities, 1957-1994 40 000,00 $
Leanage, Allison S.F. McMaster University Educational aspirations of immigrant children and its impact on their social and academic outcomes 40 000,00 $
LeBlanc, Stephanie Western University Involving mental health service users in professional education: a movement toward epistemic justice 40 000,00 $
Leclerc, Jean-Christophe Université d'Ottawa Université d'Ottawa 40 000,00 $
Lee, Soomin University of Toronto Blockchains and privacy in financial trading 20 000,00 $
Lefebvre, Béatrice Université du Québec à Montréal Le rapport au politique des organismes porteurs d'initiatives alimentaires alternatives à Montréal 40 000,00 $
L'Hirondelle, Cheryl University College Dublin Singing land: where everyone has their own song 60 000,00 $
Lindsay, Sarah M. McMaster University Co-sheltering victims of intimate partner violence and their pets: family cohesion, roles, and rehoming success in Canada 60 000,00 $
Liu, Jing Jing University of Toronto Belonging, time and mobility: the migration of West Africans to China 40 000,00 $
Liu, Lesley E. University of British Columbia Memes, pics, and snapchats: adolescent interactions and cyberbullying 80 000,00 $
Loft, Shelby L. University of British Columbia Contemporary genocide: Indigenous women's untold stories of embodied dispossession and intimate resistance 80 000,00 $
Lombardo, Nicholas S. University of Toronto Enframing infrastructural place: construction, operation, and failure in the Port of New York 40 000,00 $
Long, Carmen Brock University Beyond biology and behaviour: refiguring pan/epidemic disease stigma 60 000,00 $
Longair, Holly  City University of New York Epistemic justice in international development 80 000,00 $
Lowe, Julie University of Toronto Rape in Islamic law: doctrines in theory and practice 40 000,00 $
Luciuk, Kassandra L. University of Toronto Contracting legitimacy: nation building, ethnic identity, and the politics of citizenship in Cold War Canada, 1940-1991 40 000,00 $
Lyall, Gordon R. University of Victoria Heterodox hunters, fugitive fishers, and woodland warriors: Salish Sea identity in post-colonial borderlands, 1962-2007 80 000,00 $
Mack, Tracy L. Université York Reforming policies: coroner's inquests and psychiatrized individuals 40 000,00 $
Maddeaux, Frances J.R. University of Toronto The role of the individual's cognitive style in propagating language change 40 000,00 $
Madison, Ian University of Oxford Parallel states, public goods, and the competition for legitimacy in Kosovo 40 000,00 $
Madueke, Ijeoma C. University of Alberta A study of fifty years of Nigerian literature in French translation 1966-2016 20 000,00 $
Maich, Kristin H.G. Ryerson University An examination of the effectiveness of workshops on learning and implementation 60 000,00 $
Marchand, Elisabeth University of California, San Diego Bilinguisme et mathématique : analyse du transfert des habiletés d'estimation numérique d'une langue à l'autre 60 000,00 $
Marini, Matthew A.J. Brock University Using mental imagery or self—talk to help improve athletic performance under varying levels of pressure 60 000,00 $
Marleau Donais, Francis Université Laval Élaboration d'un processus d'aide à la décision pour un meilleur partage de la rue entre les modes de transport 80 000,00 $
Mason, Lindsay University of Toronto The sacred mundane: spirituality in contemporary American poetry 80 000,00 $
Mason, Stephanie Mount Saint Vincent University Learning in sites: exploring the potential of creative placemaking to activate adults' informal learning in Nova Scotia 40 000,00 $
Maurais, Jean Université McGill Found in translation: an analysis of the extent and significance of the contextualization of religious discourse in Greek Deuteronomy 40 000,00 $
Mayell, Stephanie D. University of Toronto Blood, sweat, and tears: kinship and transnational migration among Jamaican migrant agricultural workers 80 000,00 $
McAleese, Samantha Carleton University Do you have a criminal record: navigating and resisting the collateral consequences of punishment and criminalization in Canada 40 000,00 $
McAndrew, Annamaria University of Windsor Does this filter make me look fat: social media, disordered eating, and implications for help seeking 80 000,00 $
McEvoy, Amanda Carleton University The indirect effects of leadership: a family analysis 80 000,00 $
McGuire, Mollie McMaster University Struggles for solidarity: a participatory action approach to developing responsible settler 'allies' in Canadian universities 80 000,00 $
McKenzie-Naish, Jamie E.C. Queen's University Pedagogy, policy and the emergence of wonder: exploring the post-museum in 21st century Canada 40 000,00 $
McLachlan, Torin J. Western University Ecologies of exhaustion: posthuman literary affect 80 000,00 $
McLean, Lisa D. George Mason University Nurturing resistance: the politics of migration and gendered activism in Mexico 40 000,00 $
McNeil, James Queen's University Estimating of the role of monetary policy in transmitting economic shocks between regions 40 000,00 $
McNeill, Kristen Brown University Income-sharing, social ties, and formal work in Côte d'Ivoire 60 000,00 $
Meinen, David University of Waterloo Climate in/security: climate refugees and Canada's containment role in Haiti 80 000,00 $
Melle, Bradley University of Toronto Communicating Jesus through an Aboriginal lens: the growth of a self-determining Indigenous evangelicalism in Canada, 1945-1995 40 000,00 $
Menendez, Katherine E.P. University of Toronto Bible study, time, and the writing of history in the early Middle Ages 60 000,00 $
Mentanko, Josh Yale University Traditional medicine in modern Mexico, 1930-2000 60 000,00 $
Mercier-Roy, Mireille HEC Montréal L'économie collaborative en action : de la contestation des valeurs à la transformation des marchés 80 000,00 $
Mercuri, Marisa Université Concordia Synchrony of maternal and infant touch during face-to-face mother-infant interactions: a bidirectional perspective 80 000,00 $
Middleton, Jerry C. Université McGill A North American survey on the professional views and attitudes of psychologists and psychotherapists towards evidence-based practice research 80 000,00 $
Miljkovic, Morena Université du Manitoba Development and evaluation of online parent-training modules to teach parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder behavioural skills 80 000,00 $
Moghtader, Bruce Morteza University of British Columbia Historical identity, value education and knowledge—based economy 80 000,00 $
Mogyoros, Alexandra A. University of Oxford Trademarks and ethical consumerism 60 000,00 $
Mongeon, Mylene Université McGill Birthing women: embodied knowledge in the context of increased pressure to standardize reproductive health practices in post-war Guatemala 80 000,00 $
Moon, Martha E. Lakehead University Learning through relationship: in-context development for teachers of Indigenous students 20 000,00 $
Moore, Emily C. Université McGill Perfectionism and goal progress: an investigation into the mediating factors 60 000,00 $
Moosavi, Marjan S.Z. University of Toronto Ludic wigs, unveiling tales: studying interventionist stories and styles in the Iranian theatre 20 000,00 $
Moreau, Olivier Université de Sherbrooke Les sens du refus de services, d'aide et de soins chez les personnes aînées en perte d'autonomie fonctionnelle, mais cognitivement aptes à consentir 80 000,00 $
Morelli, Didier Northwestern University, Illinois Form follows action: performance in and against the city, New York and Los Angeles, 1970-1985 40 000,00 $
Morford, Ashley C. University of Toronto De-firsting official maps, re—claiming Indigenous landscapes: Pauline Johnson's Legends of Vancouver and Kent Monkman's The Triumph of Mischief 60 000,00 $
Mori, Yondu Université McGill Sociocultural factors influencing vocal emotion recognition 60 000,00 $
Morrice, Elliott Université Concordia The impact of social awareness campaigns on the stigma associated with sensory impairment 80 000,00 $
Morritt, Noah J.A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Interpreting Shag Harbour: legend, community, and the pursuit of disclosure 40 000,00 $
Mosher, Kimberley D. Queen's University Unattainable desires and imaginative mental experiences 20 000,00 $
Muller, Amber D. University of California, Davis Disposable bodies: the postfeminist politics of economic and sexual precarity in Alberta 20 000,00 $
Munro, Daniel University of Toronto What it means to know why 80 000,00 $
Munro, Matthew J. University of Calgary An archaeology of resistance and resilience in rural landscapes of southern Italy, AD 400-800 60 000,00 $
Murphy, Patrick J. University of Toronto The effect of dialect differences and dialect exposure on speech perception in French 40 000,00 $
Murray, Laura C.M. New York University To crossbreed a sacred cow: environmental and religious politics in contemporary India 60 000,00 $
Murray, Sarah Wilfrid Laurier University The global governance of disability rights: a Ghanaian case study 60 000,00 $
Naumes, Sarah Université York International relations, international bodies: the politics of militarized performances of pain 20 000,00 $
Nelson, Melanie T. University of British Columbia Family—school partnership with Aboriginal parents of students with special needs: the lived experience 80 000,00 $
Nespoli, Kendra A. University of Windsor Memory retrieval for events witnessed under certain and uncertain encoding conditions 80 000,00 $
Nicholas, Vanessa K. Université York Indigenous feminism in the age of new materialism 60 000,00 $
Nicol, Jessica K. University of Calgary Lost in the stacks: digitization and the Bob Gibson collection 20 000,00 $
Nicola, Nicolas Queen's University Thinking in time 80 000,00 $
Nosrat, Amir H. Université McGill The role of risk in low carbon societies 40 000,00 $
Novakowski, Dallas R. University of Calgary Disentangling reactions towards inequality: envy versus relative deprivation 80 000,00 $
Nutter, Sarah University of Calgary Weight bias and deservingness: outcomes, justice reactions, and social hierarchy 40 000,00 $
Nwanekezie, Kelechi Joy University of Saskatchewan Our energy future: strategic environmental assessment design for facilitating energy policy transition 40 000,00 $
Oliver, Diandra Simon Fraser University The crisis isn't over until we say it's over: Spanish youth and the experience of diaspora in place 80 000,00 $
O'Regan, Karen R. University of British Columbia Writing community in contemporary Hispanic Canadian literature 40 000,00 $
Ozog, Cassandra University of Regina Representations of mental illness in the media 60 000,00 $
Palma, Paolo Western University Multiculturalism and Canada: the role of ethnic diversity in shaping people's attitudes towards immigrants and immigration policy 80 000,00 $
Pang, Nora Celeste University of Toronto Queers aging in Canada: a study of contemporary regimes and relations of care 40 000,00 $
Parasher, Tejas University of Chicago Towards economic democracy: social republicanism in Indian constitutional thought 20 000,00 $
Pavka, Evan D. University College London Toward a queer necrogeography: architecture, sexuality, and the rural cemetery 1835-1935 80 000,00 $
Pedneault, Chloe Carleton University Examining the causal role of evaluations in the perpetration of sexual assault 80 000,00 $
Pellerin Catellier, Frédérique Université du Québec en Outaouais Les programmes de paiements pour service écosystémique de séquestration de carbone en amérique latine : les forêts plantées survivent-elles aux programmes 80 000,00 $
Penner, Sara J. Université du Manitoba Transformational philanthropy and the grieving process 20 000,00 $
Penney, Samantha A. Saint Mary's University Creating an engaged and efficient workforce through leadership training 40 000,00 $
Perez, Mery Angeles University of Guelph Indigenous music festivals as communication for social and environmental change: an in-depth analysis of Nicaragua's Unidos por Bosawas festival 40 000,00 $
Piché, Marie-Eve Université McGill Évocation de la tonalité chez Rangström, Atterberg et Rosenberg 80 000,00 $
Plante, Stephanie Université de Montréal Autour de gui de dampierre : littérature et pouvoir à la cour de flandre, 1260-1305 60 000,00 $
Pow, Lindsey S. Central European University Conquest, withdrawal, and diplomatic overture: understanding the Mongol invasions of Europe in the thirteenth century 40 000,00 $
Preece, Bronwyn University of Huddersfield Performing embodiment: improvisational investigations into the intersections of ecology and disability 40 000,00 $
Pritchard, Paul University of Toronto In transition: youth and precarious legal status in the new economy 80 000,00 $
Protodyakonova, Maria University of Alberta Polyphonic exercises by Nikolay Shabalin: the first set of preludes and fugues in Udmurtia 40 000,00 $
Pushkarenko, Kyle J. University of Alberta Exploring the concept of physical literacy: perceptions within the context of disability 20 000,00 $
Que, Hua Memorial University of Newfoundland Refugee youth's educational trajectories after high school in Canada 40 000,00 $
Querengesser, Johanna M. Université McGill Cultural matching and mismatching: the impact of person-environment congruence on Indigenous students' self-determination and academic success 40 000,00 $
Quitasol, Matthew University of Toronto Savouring and integrating life's feasts: writing as a path to personality coherence and self-knowledge 80 000,00 $
Rachar, Matthew City University of New York Social kinds: the foundations of social science 40 000,00 $
Rahman, Mohammad Saidur University of Victoria Building dynamic capabilities for resilience: a study of competitive firm strategies that achieve environmental sustainability while also increasing competitiveness 40 000,00 $
Rajani, Nasreen Carleton University Tech to silence violence: examining the designs and interventions of emerging feminist digital technologies in ending violence against women 40 000,00 $
Ralston, Daniel S. Columbia University Mariano Fortuny, Raimundo de Madrazo, and the Hispanic presence in Paris, 1860-1890 40 000,00 $
Ramirez Herrera, Juliana Columbia University Eloquent feathers and gems: towards a material interpretation of Mestizo texts 80 000,00 $
Rasiulis, Nicolas Université McGill Stewardship meets conservation: reindeer pastoralist livelihoods and collaborative land management in Northern Mongolia 80 000,00 $
Ratih, Igustiagungayu University of British Columbia Women survivors of the 1965-66 political genocide in Indonesia 40 000,00 $
Rhodes, Christopher C. University of Victoria Time, change, and intergenerational amnesia: shifting baselines syndrome, First Nations, and traditional ecological knowledge on the British Columbia coast 40 000,00 $
Richard, Marie-Odile Université du Québec à Trois–Rivières La figuration littéraire des personnalités politiques sur le banc des accusés : quand l'autonomie de la littérature française contemporaine se joue au tribunal 80 000,00 $
Ritchie, Genevieve B. University of Toronto Youth consciousness across borders: civic engagement among young Middle Eastern refugees in Canada 60 000,00 $
Robert, Maryse Université Laval e Roman syriaque de Julien l'Apostat : introduction, traduction, notes philologiques et commentaire 60 000,00 $
Rodrigues, Monyka Université Concordia Through their eyes: promoting reading development with shared book reading 80 000,00 $
Romanchych, Erin L. University of Windsor Violent video gaming, parent and child factors, and physical aggression in school-age children 40 000,00 $
Rorick, Layla University of Victoria Ancestral continuity in Indigenous Language Revitalization ILR: Nuu-chah-nulth-centred educational practice for polysynthetic language immersion 80 000,00 $
Rose, Natalie A. University of Toronto A critical ethnography of disability in romantic relationships 20 000,00 $
Rowinski, James W. Université du Nouveau-Brunswick Contesting crisis in history education: exploring student empowerment, voice, and citizenship in the classroom 80 000,00 $
Roy, Mélissa Université d'Ottawa Le gouvernement de soi et de ses corps étrangers : le cas Ebola 60 000,00 $
Roy-Desrosiers, Stéphane Université du Québec à Montréal Friedrich Nietzsche et les fruits de l'ignorance - de l'utilité de l'oubli pour la justice 40 000,00 $
Rudolph, Terence A. Université York No indemnity: the geo—economics of rescue on the Mediterranean Sea 40 000,00 $
Ruest, Carl University of British Columbia The impact of the Canadian interprovincial exchange program on the development of intercultural competence 60 000,00 $
Salt, Joel E. University of Saskatchewan Squaring the circle: analyzing the material space in John Donne and John Milton 40 000,00 $
Samuel, Ayana T. University of California, Los Angeles The role of reason in moral motivation 60 000,00 $
Samur, Sebastian X. University of Toronto The rhythmic voyage of the performer: a nautical examination of three collectives 40 000,00 $
Sargent, Andrew A.S. Western University Poetics of abjection: the citational self and romantic subjectivity 80 000,00 $
Savage, Mathieu Université d'Ottawa Étude comparative des parcours de vie des non–diplômés de l'école secondaire de 20 à 25 ans à Ottawa Ontario et à Gatineau Québec 20 000,00 $
Savard, Karine Université du Québec à Montréal Afficher le travail : le cas de l'archive audiovisuelle de l'usine de textile Chardonnet–Rhodiaceta 40 000,00 $
Schmirler, Katherine M. University of Alberta Plains Cree tense in discourse: the realization of temporal situations in narration and conversation 60 000,00 $
Schott, Nicole D. University of Toronto Teacher education and social justice: challenging common beliefs about bodies through a research-informed play 40 000,00 $
Schrage, Kristina M. University of Toronto Communicating love to the intimacy averse: is increasing or decreasing displays of affection more effective 80 000,00 $
Schwartz, Naomi R. University of Toronto Food insecurity and mobility among Toronto working age adults with disabilities 60 000,00 $
Sheppard, Rebecca I. University of British Columbia The mind of the criminal: crime and responsibility in Victorian fiction, science, and the law 60 000,00 $
Simeonova, Vesela Tihomirova Université d'Ottawa Dimensions of evidentiality 40 000,00 $
Singer, Alanna J. Ryerson University The importance of early motor experience in enhancing social attention in infants 80 000,00 $
Smachylo, Julia C. Harvard University Nature state: managed forests in Southern Ontario 60 000,00 $
Smith, Kristen A. Université York Listening anew: modern soundscapes of mid-twentieth century to contemporary poetry 60 000,00 $
Smith, Zachary L.W. University of Toronto Family matters: treaties, governance and settler colonialism in Early Canada 40 000,00 $
Snagovsky, Feodor Australian National University Descriptive representation and external efficacy of ethnic minorities in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand 60 000,00 $
Snooks, Gina D. Western University Trauma, testimony and the art of healing through auto/biographical portraiture 60 000,00 $
Sorensen, Thomas K. Western University The climate of our poems: pragmatism and hermeneutics in American literature 60 000,00 $
Spalding, Pamela R. University of Victoria Indigenous plant management in the 21st century: cultivating co—management relationships in BC 40 000,00 $
Spiers, Kent University of Calgary Toward best practices in socio-ecological sustainability: a critical evaluation of community-based monitoring programs in northern coastal North America 40 000,00 $
Stamoulos, Constantina Université McGill Practice guidelines in the social care sector: the knowledge, perceptions, and experiences of policy makers and professionals in Quebec 20 000,00 $
Stead, Victoria E. McMaster University Examining emotion dysregulation and interpersonal problems using a biogical and developmental perspective 80 000,00 $
Steinhoff, James Western University Towards a political economy of the artificial intelligence industry in North America 40 000,00 $
Stokes, Kathleen M. University of Manchester Turning livelihoods to rubbish: responsibility and labour in South African waste management 60 000,00 $
St-Pierre, Joannie Université d'Ottawa Les ajustements de l'agir enseignant au cours de la gestion de classe en contexte ethnoculturel diversifié québécois au niveau secondaire 40 000,00 $
Strickland, Noelle J. Dalhousie University An ecological momentary assessment study investigating the effect of context on socially anxious university students' drinking motives and alcohol-outcomes 80 000,00 $
Strumm, Brianna Carleton University Social workers' use of reflective practice in international settings: implications for global development work 20 000,00 $
Sukarieh, Rana Université York Rethinking international solidarity—a comparative study among engaged activists in Canada and Lebanon 60 000,00 $
Sullivan, Maryse Université d'Ottawa Entre fiction et histoire : la construction de la figure de la sorcière dans la littérature contemporaine 40 000,00 $
Sun, Hongmei Western University A theoretical comparison between health outcome based and non-health outcome based risk sharing agreements 20 000,00 $
Sun, Prophecy D. S. Simon Fraser University Carrying others: an ethnographic exploration of maternal subjectivity and the technological unconscious 60 000,00 $
Sunar, Kiran K. University of British Columbia Gender, sexuality, and the fantastical in Punjabi narrative traditions—the Qissa 60 000,00 $
Swift, Victor University of Toronto Grounding measuring and cultivating conscientiousness 40 000,00 $
Syeda, Maisha University of Calgary Learning the role of mindfulness in managing anxiety in gifted children 40 000,00 $
Sylliboy, Michelle Simon Fraser University Reviving our past, honouring our future: Mi'kmaq hieroglyphic curriculum sculpture project 60 000,00 $
Szwedska, Thomas M. Duquesne University New lines of critique: reading capitalism and schizophrenia 80 000,00 $
Tanner, Jessica Lakehead University Dispelling gambling myths in younger and older occasional and regular gamblers 40 000,00 $
Tarhan, Mumtaz Derya University of Toronto Energy democracy: renewable energy co-operatives and democracy in Ontario's electricity sector 40 000,00 $
Templeman, Jessica Université York Deciding to deport: collateral immigration consequences in Canadian criminal courts 60 000,00 $
Terzopoulos, Tatyana Ryerson University Children's current affairs media and the digital public sphere: towards an alternative transmedia content framework 80 000,00 $
Thibault, Tabatha Saint Mary's University Cyber deviance at work 80 000,00 $
Thibodeau-Doré, Mélyssa Université du Québec à Montréal Repenser la neuropsychologie cognitve à la lumière de la neuroscience cognitive 2.0 80 000,00 $
Thiboutot, Gabrielle Stanford University Big data, art, and economy: a new approach to Roman mummy portraits 40 000,00 $
Thomas, Anna B.G. Brown University Race, caste, and indigeneity in diasporic literatures of the Caribbean 20 000,00 $
Thomas, Fiona C. Ryerson University Social ecological analysis of displacement and resilience in Northern Sri Lanka 40 000,00 $
Thompson, Emma K. Queen's University Stitched in: a custom—made exploration of body ideals and appearance norms in mainstream clothing 60 000,00 $
Thompson, Katherine E.A. Dalhousie University Interrogating the utility of ecosystem services concepts for land use planning in Nova Scotia, Canada 80 000,00 $
Toffoli, Camille Université du Québec à Montréal Politique de l'émotion et discours féministe chez Colette Audry, Françoise d'Eaubonne, Clara Malraux et Christiane Rochefort, 1949-1970 80 000,00 $
Toffoli, Erica Christina University of Toronto Imagining illegality: the origins and reinvention of the Mexican illegal alien in the United States 1965-1986 20 000,00 $
Tomlinson, Monica F. Western University The role of cognitions in the relationship between drinking and psychological well-being 60 000,00 $
Toop, Carissa M. University of Saskatchewan Use of the violence risk scale to assess risk and identify treatment needs in a sample of intimate partner offenders 80 000,00 $
Tozer, Angela C. Université McGill Political economy of the family: Mi'kmaq oral traditions, and British settlement on Prince Edward Island, 1830-1867 40 000,00 $
Tremblay, Frederic D. Queen's University Carbon taxes and inequality: how to design an efficient and fair Tax system 60 000,00 $
Trussler, Marc J. Vanderbilt University The effect of high information environments on political accountability and representation 20 000,00 $
Turville, Joni University of Alberta Blurred boundaries: the experience of email in teachers' lives 40 000,00 $
Vafaeikia, Parnia University of Toronto Women of the past, women of the future: constructing female religious authority in the Iranian Shia tradition 60 000,00 $
Vallières, Annick Université de Montréal Perspectives intersectionnelles du vécu de l'allaitement maternel: entre aspirations et réalités 20 000,00 $
Vandenberg, Virginia Queen's University The entanglements of imperial—science cultures—British women and scientific networks, 1800-1840 40 000,00 $
Varty, Christianne Wilfrid Laurier University Do organizational citizenship behaviours undermine women: the role of benevolent sexism 80 000,00 $
Vaswani, Mamta University of Guelph An embedded organization of Canadian bicultural identities 60 000,00 $
Vaughan, Joel W. University of Toronto William Blake: the patron saint of poverty 80 000,00 $
Velentzas, Irene Memorial University of Newfoundland Challenging representations: creating counter-narratives of mental illness in comics 80 000,00 $
Vlavonou, Sohe Loic Elysee Gino Université d'Ottawa Autochthony and the role of elites in framing belonging, land and symbolism: discourse and violence in the Central African Republic 40 000,00 $
von Eccher, Magdalena P.H. Université McGill Beyond Terezín: illuminating Viktor Ullmann's late piano sonatas 60 000,00 $
Vorobej, Lucy L.C. University of Waterloo By their own efforts: social identity, health narratives, and Indigenous peoples in Canada, 1945-1980 80 000,00 $
Walfish, Miriam-Simma Harvard University Rabbinic mothers: exploring Rabbinic constructions of motherhood 40 000,00 $
Wanamaker, Kayla A. Carleton University Maltreatment, gender, and criminal behaviour: assessing the role of strengths over time among a Canadian sample on community supervision 40 000,00 $
Wannyn, William Université de Montréal Neurodroit, neurocriminologie, neuroéducation : enjeux sociologiques des controverses entourant l'utilisation des neurosciences dans la recherche en sciences sociales 80 000,00 $
Watson, Kaitlyn S. Western University A case study of Indigenous and non—Indigenous participation in a truth and reconciliation event: implications for relationship building 40 000,00 $
Weatherhead, Julie G. Queen's University Leadership and emotional intelligence 40 000,00 $
Werner, Karolina Wilfrid Laurier University Localized governance: understanding governance in sub-Saharan Africa 40 000,00 $
Whitehead, Robin Université d'Ottawa Policing mental health disabilities: barriers to liability for excessive or unjustified force 40 000,00 $
Wigle, Jannah M. University of Toronto The right to participate: adolescent involvement in reproductive health policy-making in Malawi 40 000,00 $
Williams, Emily P. University of Calgary Family's understandings of eating disorder disclosures: an interpretative phenomenological analysis 80 000,00 $
Williams, Lawrence H. University of Toronto What keeps employees on the job: learning from referred employees 20 000,00 $
Williams, Meaghan A. University of Toronto Two canoes, one river: theorizing Aboriginal political representation in treaty federalism 40 000,00 $
Williams, Stephen G. University of British Columbia The splash and the ripples: the societal impact of social innovation labs 40 000,00 $
Wilson, Katherine Memorial University of Newfoundland Mobilizing Inuit sea—ice knowledge for community decision-making: the SmartICE Pond Inlet, Nunavut case study 60 000,00 $
Wittmer, Josie University of Guelph Women waste pickers in Ahmedabad, India: precarious livelihoods, coping, and resistance 60 000,00 $
Wood, Hannah K. University of Toronto Spiritual Franciscan sentiment in the Wycliffite corpus 40 000,00 $
Wright, Leah O.S. Université Concordia Does socio—economic status make a difference: a multi-level, multicultural assessment of the impact of risk and protective factors on mental wellness by socio-economic status 80 000,00 $
Wykes, Timothy University of Guelph The ivory tower downtown: stranger harassment, social provisioning, and the urban campus 40 000,00 $
Yan, Wei Queen's University Success from China to Canada: grade interpretation and use across educational systems 80 000,00 $
Yanick, Valérie Université Laval e rôle des usages et de la réception médiatiques dans la construction de l'identité de genre chez les personnes transgenres 80 000,00 $
Yank, Tyler Université McGill Resistant women: violence and British abolition in colonial Mauritius 20 000,00 $
Yeganehfarzand, Seyedhamed University of Victoria Ismaili castles of the Quhistan region, Iran: origins and characteristics 60 000,00 $
Younan, Nadia University of Toronto Cultural trauma, collective memory, and expressions of resilience in the transnational Assyrian community 40 000,00 $
Young, Kaitlin University of Alberta Unmapping Kalaallit Nunaat: resources, power, and participation 40 000,00 $
Zealley, Andrew Université York This is not art therapy: artistic responses to the biopolitics of HIV/AIDS 40 000,00 $
Zeng, Rong University of Calgary Value created by inward foreign direct investment in Canada's energy industry 40 000,00 $
Zhang, Shelley M.S. University of Pennsylvania Western art music is Chinese music: the politics of musical indigenization in the People's Republic of China 60 000,00 $
Zhou, Evan Université McGill Insuring the insurers: annuity pricing under mild segmentation 40 000,00 $
Zhu, Yuan Yi University of Oxford China's use of international law in territorial disputes 80 000,00 $