Détenteurs de subvention et de bourse

Programme de bourses postdoctorales du CRSH : attribution des bourses du concours de septembre 2015

Candidat Organisme administrateur Titre de la demande Montant
Abdul Jabbar, Wisam K.H. University of Calgary Negotiating internalized subordination 81 000 $
Abji, Salina  Carleton University Unjust detentions: how do social movements and the state produce borders of belonging and exclusion 81 000 $
Alford-Duguid, Dominic A. King's College London Keeping properties in mind 81 000 $
Allam, Nermin  Princeton University Whose rights: understanding women's engagement in the 2010-2011 Tunisian uprising 40 500 $
Anwaruddin, Sardar Mohi  St. Francis Xavier University Examining the dissemination of educational research and its contribution to teacher knowledge 81 000 $
Ballantyne, Emily  Trent University The small design: criticism and scholarly edition of P.K. Page's non-fiction 81 000 $
Banerjee, Kiran M. Columbia University Theorizing the ethics of forced migration beyond the state 81 000 $
Banoub, Daniel E. Memorial University of Newfoundland Making fish: the political economy of marine finfish aquaculture in post-moratorium Newfoundland and Labrador 81 000 $
Bao, Huai  University of Toronto Media, agency and empowerment: an empirical study of the use of celebrities in transgender awareness education in the PRC 81 000 $
Barootes, Benjamin S.W. University of Toronto In nomine meo: the texts and contexts of Oxford Trinity College MS 8 81 000 $
Beall, Alec  University of Glasgow The mating/parenting trade-off and its implications for human functioning 81 000 $
Bégin-Caouette, Olivier  Université du Québec à Montréal Facteurs systémiques contribuant à la production de recherche universitaire dans les pays Nordiques et au Québec 81 000 $
Bégin, Mathieu  Catholic University of Louvain La prévention de la cyberintimidation : les représentations sociales de parents au regard de leur rôle d'éducateurs aux médias et des pratiques médiatiques de leurs adolescents 81 000 $
Bendaoud, Maroine  McMaster University L'État-providence en apprentissage : comparaison des politiques municipales de logement en Ontario 81 000 $
Benson, Alex  Nipissing University How peer interactions in youth sport influence moral behaviour 81 000 $
Bernards, Nicholas A. Queen's University Changing labour markets and alternative finance in the Global South 81 000 $
Borkent, Michael A. University of Calgary Multimodal cognition and Canadian comics and graphic novels in English 81 000 $
Boulanger, Dany  Aalborg Universitet Transitions et représentations sociales au coeur de la collaboration intergénérationnelle : les méthodes de recherche 81 000 $
Bruno, G. Anthony  Université McGill Facticity and the fate of reason 81 000 $
Calnitsky, David  Université du Manitoba When poverty disappears: investigating Manitoba's basic annual income experiment 81 000 $
Carleton, Sean F.P. University of Alberta Colonial violence and Indian residential schools in Western Canada, 1879-1930 81 000 $
Charbonneau, Mathieu  Université Concordia The emerging business of cyber risks: the construction of the cyber insurance market in Canada 81 000 $
Chiasson-LeBel, Thomas  University of California, Santa Cruz Pink capitalism in Latin America: the new relationship between domestically owned conglomerates and the state governed by the left in Bolivia and Ecuador 81 000 $
Chichekian, Tanya  Université du Québec à Montréal I like to study science but I do not want to become a scientist: using passion as a lens to examine college students motivation for engaging in extracurricular activities and pursuing a scientific career 81 000 $
Chinique de Armas, Yadira  Université de Winnipeg Weaning practices in times of change: comparative isotopic reconstruction of breastfeeding and weaning processes in Caribbean archaeological populations 81 000 $
Cirelli, Laura K. University of Toronto Musical engagement between mother and infant: social and emotional benefits 81 000 $
Clarke, Warren  McMaster University Sovereign patent funds: emergence and implications 81 000 $
Cordoba Blandon, Diana Marcela  University of Victoria Making biodiesel fair: agribusiness, family farming and the state in Brazil 81 000 $
Corsini-Munt, Serena A. Dalhousie University Applying self-determination theory to sexual desire using dyadic daily diaries 81 000 $
Côté, Isabelle  Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse de l'évolution du concept d'aliénation parentale au Québec à l'aune des discours et controverses lui étant associé 81 000 $
Couture, Jérôme  Institut national de la recherche scientifique Le vote par internet et la participation électorale municipale 81 000 $
Couture, Selena M. Université McGill Performance history and coexistence in Kahnawà:ke/Montreal 81 000 $
Cranston-Reimer, Sharlee  Brock University The nation's gaze: hypervisibility and mis/recognition at the border in contemporary Canadian cultural texts 81 000 $
Debrosse, Régine  Northwestern University - Illinois When getting ahead and getting along are in conflict: the role of fundamental needs conflicts in the academic difficulties of the underprivileged 81 000 $
Dej, Erin  Université York Narrating homelessness: moving beyond the empowering/exploitative dichotomy 81 000 $
Dembo, Mana  Simon Fraser University Fossil hominin phylogenetic analyses using morphological characters from the entire skeleton 81 000 $
Desjardins, Sean P.A. University of Groningen Troubled water: food security and prosperity amongst circumpolar Inuit sea-mammal hunters, AD 1200 to present 81 000 $
Diamanti, Eleonora  University of Victoria Ruelles sensorielles - sensory alleys : Montréal et Vancouver une politique alternative et une approche écologique et sensible de l'espace urbain 81 000 $
Dupré, Jean-François  Université d'Ottawa Culture politics and recognition in divided democracies: the party system as context of choice 67 500 $
Enns, Charis  University of Guelph Crude commitments: investigating the gaps between the human rights discourses and practices of extractive companies in sub-Saharan Africa 81 000 $
Epule, Terence Epule  Université McGill Problems and prospects in Aboriginal food sovereignty: the role of agroecology and conventional cropping in Iqaluit, Nunavut 81 000 $
Espie, Jeffrey  University of British Columbia Narratives of early modernity: poets and periodization from Chaucer to Shakespeare 81 000 $
Fachin, Fernando F. Université de Montréal Identity and technology in collaborative workspaces 81 000 $
Falconer, James M. University of Alberta Successful aging in Canada: how do work and family life-course trajectories prepare seniors for success 81 000 $
Fletcher, Logan  University of British Columbia Truth in images: the psychology, epistemology, and aesthetics of mathematical diagrams 81 000 $
Fortin, Claude  Université McGill Montreal as the site of urban digital diversity 81 000 $
Francis, Jenny  University of Victoria How do we know: ontological and epistemological marginalization and community-based research 81 000 $
Gheller, Frantz  Université de Montréal Carbon land grabbing in North America: its impacts on food security 81 000 $
Gibeau, Emilie  City University London Leadership in professional service firms: (de)legitimating non-professional leadership 81 000 $
Guiry, Eric J. University of British Columbia Animal husbandry and trade in Southern Ontario 81 000 $
Hamm, Jeremy M. University of California, Irvine A motivation-enhancing treatment to promote goal engagement and sustain Independence in late life 81 000 $
Hartt, Maxwell D. University of Toronto Quality of life in shrinking cities 81 000 $
Healey, Jenna C. Université York Infertility, incorporated: research, regulation, and technology in the global reproductive marketplace 80 750 $
Hembruff, Jesse G. King's College London Debt-crisis management and the democratic defecit: contestation and change in the European Monetary Union 81 000 $
Henry, Aaron  University of Alberta Windigo panic and criminalization: distance, law and civilization in western Canada 1879-1935 81 000 $
Hétu, Dominique  University of Alberta Écriture et prendre-soin au Canada et au Québec : genres, espaces et imaginaires posthumanistes 81 000 $
Hingston, Kylee-Anne E. King's College London Embodied theology: disability and illness in mid-Victorian religious periodicals 81 000 $
Hobbis, Stephanie  University of British Columbia Gendered violence, womens access to social services and digital technologies in a weak state - Papua New Guinea 81 000 $
Hug, Angela G. McMaster University The univira in Roman society: representations and reality 81 000 $
Inglis, Kirsten A. University of Alberta Epistolary rhetoric and social networks in the early modern midlands: the correspondence of Anne Newdigate (1574-1618) 81 000 $
Jennings, Sheila K. University of Toronto Becoming aware: an exploration of legal and critical consciousness with mothers with disabled children 81 000 $
Joynt, Chase R. University of Chicago Your father, my father: cinematic intersections of violence, family and critical masculinity 81 000 $
Julian, Erin C. Western University Rape under erasure in early/modern Shakespeare 81 000 $
Kirk, Emily J. Dalhousie University Cuba's sustainable development approach 81 000 $
Kojima, Dai  Université York Affinitive labours: LGBTQ Japanese im/migrant entrepreneurship in Canada 81 000 $
Kormos, Christine E. Simon Fraser University The potential for alternative-fuel passenger and fleet vehicles in Canada: an interdisciplinary market and policy assessment 81 000 $
Kovacs, Alexandra (Sasha) V. Université York The afterlives of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake 81 000 $
Larrabure, Manuel  University of California, Santa Cruz Post-secondary education in Chile: toward post-neoliberalism 81 000 $
Longpre, Nicole M. University of Victoria The circulation of knowledge and political behaviour in Britain, 1945-2012 81 000 $
Lyon, John M. University of Victoria Meaning intonation and word order in Okanagan Salish 81 000 $
MacEntee, Katherine M. Université York Cellphones, sex and cellphilms: building girls-centered policy on transactional sex in Jane-Finch, Toronto 81 000 $
MacKinnon, Lachlan F. Saint Mary's University Deindustrialization and the State: fighting disparity in Atlantic Canada and the Scottish Highlands, 1956-1995 81 000 $
Madden, Brooke  Université York Madden postdoctoral fellowship - decolonizing university course design: Aboriginal education collaboration across institutions 81 000 $
Magyarody, Katherine J. Texas A & M University The Hobbledehoy's Dilemma: adolescence and social failure, 1850-1914 81 000 $
Mannion, Patrick  Boston College The construction of Irish ethnicity in North America: the ancient order of Hibernians, 1875-1925 81 000 $
Martin, Nancy M. Memorial University of Newfoundland Stories of war: writing and re-writing the gendered self in First World War British fiction and life-writing, 1914-1930 81 000 $
McAndrews, John R. University of Toronto The deliberative performance of House of Commons and Senate committees 81 000 $
McLeod, Kimberley J.K. Simon Fraser University Just watch us: digital performance and intervention in Canadian political culture 81 000 $
Millar, Jason L. Université d'Ottawa Investigating the ethical, legal and policy implications of anthropomorphism in robotics and artificial intelligence 81 000 $
Milloy, Jeremy S. Trent University High priority: drugs, addiction, and freedom in the North American workplace, 1965-1985 81 000 $
Moniruzzaman, Md  University of Toronto A micro analysis of bike environment to model cycling behaviour in Windsor 81 000 $
Morency-Laflamme, Julien  Université McGill Military control in new democracies: a study of authoritarian legacies 81 000 $
Moser, Gabrielle  University of British Columbia Picturing race and citizenship: photography and belonging in Canada, 1900-1946 81 000 $
Nazif-Munoz, Jose Ignacio  Université McGill The global and national impact of child restraint legislation on variation in child occupant fatalities 40 500 $
Ng, Oi-Lam  University of Calgary 3D printing technology: new ways of teaching, new modes of learning 81 000 $
Ouellet, Marie-Eve  Université York En quête du bien et du  juste : les requérants devant l'intendant au Canada sous le regime français, 1700-1750 81 000 $
Ouellet, Marie L. Université de Montréal The structure of collusion: detecting illicit networks in public procurement 40 500 $
P. Bouliane, Sandria  Université du Québec à Montréal Montréal au rythme de ses orchestres - scènes, espaces, cultures, 1900-1939 81 000 $
Penner, Nina  Duke University The libretti of Myfanwy Piper: a study in operatic authorship and collaboration 81 000 $
Pepin, Matthias E.V. Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Évaluation du profil entrepreneurial des élèves au sein de l'école communautaire entrepreneuriale consciente 81 000 $
Perrier-Chartrand, Julien  University of Chicago Convoquer le ridicule. Représentations du duelliste et régulation sociale dans la comédie française du second tiers du XVIIe siècle (1629-1662) 81 000 $
Poitras, Daniel J.F. University of Toronto Mémoire, contestation et ouverture à l'autre dans les sixties : histoire comparée de trois journaux étudiants en Amérique du Nord (Le Quartier latin, The Varsity, The Michigan Daily) 81 000 $
Poliquin, Émilie-Jade  Columbia University Pour une définition du mode didactique dans la prose technique latine 81 000 $
Poll, Melissa J. Simon Fraser University Towards reconciliation: recognizing the intergenerational repercussions of colonization through intercultural performance-making 81 000 $
Povitz, Lana D. Université Concordia Activist lives after women's liberation and the early fight against AIDS 81 000 $
Pruysers, Scott W. University of Calgary Sore losers: the effects of intra-party competition on party cohesion 81 000 $
Pryce, Paula  University of British Columbia Body as temple, body as cosmos: ritual practice, pluralized selves, and the phenomenology of space and time in global contemplative Christianity 81 000 $
Przybylo, Elzbieta M. Arizona State University Polish asexualities, transnational desires 81 000 $
Roger, Charles B. University of Toronto The rise of informal IGOs and the politics of institutional change 81 000 $
Rollo, Tobold  University of British Columbia Striking accord: Aborginal consent and dissent in comparative perspective 81 000 $
Saltes, Natasha  Université d'Ottawa Bridging disability barriers in teaching: communicating and implementing accessibility policies and practices in higher education 81 000 $
Schellenberg, Benjamin  Université d'Ottawa If you're passionate does it help to be self-compassionate exploring the benefits of treating oneself kindly for emotional well-being, motivation and achievement 81 000 $
Smith, Julia M. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Labour feminists in Canada 1940-1980 81 000 $
Smith, Tyler J. Université d'Ottawa Literary aesthetics and the gospel of John: a critical history of calling scripture beautiful 81 000 $
Sneyd, Lauren Q. Wilfrid Laurier University Zones of food retailing in urban Africa 81 000 $
Sodero, Stephanie  Lancaster University Crisis mobilities and mobilities of crisis: the international committee of the Red Cross and coordination of social media and supply chains in fast and slow onset events 81 000 $
Souchen, Russell Alexander  Wilfrid Laurier University Drowned at sea: an environmental history of disarmament, 1940-1950 81 000 $
Speltz, Andrea M. Université du Manitoba War in the age of sentimentalism: the interplay of violence and emotion in literary responses to the seven years' war 81 000 $
Strachan, Jeremy J. Cornell University Experimental music in Canada: 1972 and after 81 000 $
Stuart, Michael T. London School of Economics and Political Science A philosophical and cognitive scientific study of the role of the imagination in scientific representation 81 000 $
Sukhawathanakul, Paweena  Université du Manitoba The impact of attitudes on older adults' decisions to regulate driving behaviours: examining the longitudinal influence of driving-related attitudes on objective driving behaviours in older adults 81 000 $
Sussman, Reuven  University of Toronto Environmental exemplars: what makes them effective 81 000 $
Sylvester, Benjamin D. University of Toronto Understanding the effect of variety on well-being and participation in adolescent sport 81 000 $
Thai, Sabrina P.C. Université McGill Plenty of fish in the sea...for my partner: being compared by one's romantic partner 81 000 $
Thomas, Paul E.J. Carleton University Looking beyond size: examining the capacity and performance of Canada's provincial legislatures 81 000 $
Thompson, David A. Université d'Ottawa A land fit for veterans - rethinking the history of returned soldiers in Canada, 1917-1939 81 000 $
Tockman, Jason  University of Washington Governance, citizenship, and development: a comparative study of indigenous rights in the Americas 81 000 $
Tunnicliffe, Jennifer E. University of Waterloo From hate speech to human rights: public debates over limits to freedom of expression in Canada, 1960 to 2000 81 000 $
Turner, Hannah E. Simon Fraser University Object, specimen, data: material culture and information technologies in Canadian museums 81 000 $
Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier  Université de Montréal Do approach and avoidance goals influence the sexual wellbeing of child sexual abuse survivors: a one-year dyadic prospective study 81 000 $
Vanderwees, John C. Western University Aesthetics of decline: American ruins and documentary photography in the post-9/11 decade 81 000 $
Vannier, Sarah A. Dalhousie University Relationship satisfaction during the transition to parenthood: the role of violated sexual expectations 81 000 $
Vignola-Gagné, Etienne  Université McGill Organizational change as experimental practice in contemporary innovation systems 40 500 $
Vosters, Helene T. Université du Manitoba Unsettling nationalisms: situating Canadian performances of redress in a Pan American dialogue 81 000 $
Walschots, Michael H. University of St Andrews Moral obligation in Kant and the Scottish enlightenment 81 000 $
Wendimu, Mengistu A. Université du Manitoba Social impacts and environmental implications of changing land ownership patterns in Manitoba 81 000 $
White, Kimberly M. Université de Montréal Réseaux de promotion, de consommation et de commercialisation dans l'industrie de la partition musicale en feuilles en France au XIXe siècle 81 000 $
Whitman, Jennifer C. University of British Columbia Social and situational factors affecting perceptions of climate change 81 000 $
Williams, Shanna M. University of Southern California Lie-telling for others 81 000 $
Wilson, Sarah J. University of Victoria Restoring an uncertain future: people, mountains, and rapid environmental change 81 000 $
Yao, Christine  University of British Columbia Sex without love: affect, bodies, and resistance in 19th-century sex work narratives 81 000 $
Lougheed, Jessica P. Pennsylvania State University Parent-child dynamics in infancy and early childhood: bridging the theory-method gap 81 000 $
Jensen, Jason O. Copenhagen Business School Disentangling the causes of sovereign debt accumulation 81 000 $
Pope, Jacquelyn Paige  Université d'Ottawa Designing messages for the promotion of physical activity: identifying the most effective message framing strategies 81 000 $
Golubev, Alexey  University of Toronto Selling knowledge to the masses: gnoseological propaganda in the post-World War II Soviet Union 81 000 $
Cole, Emily C.C. University of British Columbia Reading text - reading image: the languages of monumental display in Egypt during the Greek and Roman periods 40 500 $
Rutty, Michelle K. Western Norway Research Institute Geography of tourism growth in a decarbonized world 81 000 $
Metcalfe, Jessica Z. University of British Columbia Human-bison interactions and environmental conditions at the Late Prehistoric Promontory Caves: Implications for Athapaskan transitions from the Subarctic to the Southwest 81 000 $
Geniole, Shawn N. University of Vienna When does testosterone promote prosocial versus antisocial behaviours aimed at gaining or maintaining status 81 000 $
Holm, Jennifer D. Wilfrid Laurier University Starting early: examining mathematics professional development in early childhood 81 000 $
Waite, Sean F.J. University of British Columbia Low skilled, low paid and part-time work for women and sexual minorities in Canada 81 000 $
Mulvin, Dylan W. New York University Embedded dangers: the history of the Year 2000 problem and the politics of technological repair 81 000 $
Rivest, Justin K. Université McGill The global circulation of secret remedies: medical monopolies and corporate consumers in French military, mercantile, and missionary endeavours, 1688-1789 81 000 $
Mugg, Joshua  Washington University in St. Louis The nature and ethics of belief 81 000 $
Stevens, Katharina  University of Oxford Authority in common law reasoning 81 000 $
Ferguson, Brock D.H. University of British Columbia Exploring the social-communicative origins of language in human infants 81 000 $
Benzan, Carla D. Université McGill Suspending belief: visual images and the art of falling (1570/1970) 81 000 $
Elrick, Jennifer  University of Edinburgh Historicizing migrant illegality: immigration bureaucracies and the construction of illegal immigrants in postwar Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom 81 000 $
Steflja, Izabela  Université McGill The International Criminal Court: whose justice 81 000 $
Scott, Amy B. University of York The signature of stress: comparing ancient biomolecules with macrosopic indicators of stress in archaeological skeletal remains 81 000 $
Batraville, Nathalie  Université de Sherbrooke Sécularisation et défense de l'esclavage à l'ère des révolutions 81 000 $
MacArthur, Laura M. Princeton University Gender genre and power in the theatre blogosphere 81 000 $
Dunlop, Margaret A. Queen's University Changes in the ways undergraduate Mandarin language learners process and use computer-based automated language learning feedback: an experimental study 81 000 $
Birollo, Gustavo Adolfo  Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences In the search of sensemaking cues: do we observe the walk/or do we just listen to the talk 81 000 $
Cohen, Daniel A. Université York The oil sands and the city: a political sociology of planetary urbanization 81 000 $
Dunning, Andrew N.J. University of Oxford Modelling technology-independent primary sources through reassembling the medieval library of Cirencester 81 000 $