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Date published: March 20, 2020

Achievement reports

All recipients of SSHRC funding must report on how they have used grant funds, and on the outcomes and impact of their research. SSHRC has replaced the final research report and activity report with a more concise, user-friendly achievement report.

The information collected through the achievement report is of great value to SSHRC. It is a vital input to future planning and strategy setting, and helps SSHRC to:

  • promote social sciences and humanities research, and show how it contributes to a better future for Canada and the world;
  • demonstrate the impact and outcomes of the research it funds, and how the findings from this research are used to improve our quality of life, enrich cultural expression, and drive prosperity, equity and sustainability through innovation;
  • monitor the performance of its funding opportunities;
  • report to government; and
  • provide input for decision-making on and the evaluation of funding opportunities.

Consult your Notice of Decision for a complete list of reporting requirements.

A list of the achievement reports for each SSHRC funding opportunity is provided below.

Recipients of: Must complete the following:
  • Connection Grants
  • any other funding opportunity with a file number starting with a “6” except “633,” “681” or “651”

Connection Achievement Report

  • Standard Research Grants
  • Insight Development Grants
  • Insight Grants

Insight Achievement Report

  • Partnership Development Grants
  • Partnership Engage Grants
  • Partnership Grants
  • the Community and College Social Innovation Fund
  • any other funding opportunity with a file number starting with an “8”

Partnership Achievement Report

  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program—Doctoral Scholarship
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships

Talent Achievement Report

  • SSHRC Institutional Grants (file number starting with “633”)

SSHRC Institutional Grants Achievement Report

SSHRC Institutional Grants Activity Report 2015-18

SSHRC Institutional Grants Activity Report 2018-21

Partner organizations can also choose to report to SSHRC on their involvement in a SSHRC-funded project, and its benefits to them, by using the Partner Report (preview the questions). The information provided is submitted directly to SSHRC and will not be shared with the project director or other partners involved in the project.

Important notes:

  • The achievement reports are in survey format and are available on a secure web platform.
  • Preview the questions before beginning the report to ensure that you have all relevant information available.
  • Refer to the Privacy Notice for details on how SSHRC collects, uses and discloses personal information.

Due date for submitting reports

Achievement reports must be submitted six months after the end of the grant period, inclusive of any extension. Consult this chart on extensions to determine whether a grant will automatically be extended for a year, or an extension must be requested.

Recipients who do not meet this deadline will be ineligible for future grants or awards until the outstanding report has been submitted.


Questions about the Partnership Achievement Report

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Questions about the Insight Achievement Report

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Questions about the Connection Achievement Report

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Questions about the Talent Achievement Report

Tel.: 613-943-7777

Questions about the SSHRC Institutional Grants Achievement Report

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Technical inquiries

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