SSHRC‑funded partnerships offer exciting and innovative ways for you, your colleagues and partner organizations to tackle a wide range of challenges in the past and present. Together you can revisit past interpretations, chart new paths of exploration, or seek solutions to difficulties facing all sectors of society in the 21st century (PDF document).

There are many benefits through partnerships, whether you are looking to connect and work with researchers from various academic fields, or you are seeking to network and collaborate with business or community partners.

SSHRC’s partnership funding opportunities allow you to build a personalized research, knowledge mobilization or training model that can best meet your needs.

Joint Initiatives

Through its joint initiatives, and according to these guidelines, SSHRC supports research and related activities in collaboration with other agencies, government departments and collaborators across the public, private and not‑for‑profit sectors. To support policy development and communications, SSHRC also partners with groups in Canada and around the world to encourage knowledge‑sharing; advance common priorities; and reinforce the central role of the social sciences and humanities in Canada’s prosperity and quality of life.

Other opportunities for collaboration.