Notification of Competition Results

SSHRC makes competition results available to applicants (via the SSHRC Extranet for Applicants) and institutions (via the Grants and Scholarships Administration Portal), as applicable. For additional information, including when SSHRC will release a competition’s results, refer to SSHRC’s Service Standards and the appropriate funding opportunity description.

The recipients from recent SSHRC award competitions are posted quarterly on the Government of Canada Grants and Contributions page, as well as on SSHRC’s website, following the official public announcement of results by the federal government.

Applicants seeking additional information about their application should contact the appropriate SSHRC division. Under no circumstances should applicants contact members of the selection committees.

Scholarships and Fellowships only

In addition, due to the large number of scholarships and fellowships applications in each competition, selection committees are unable to provide written explanations for the scores assigned, and comments on the application's standing in the competition. The only information available from the selection committee is the competition results, which are released directly to the applicants. Competition results are not communicated by telephone or email.