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Ted Hewitt

Ted Hewitt
President, SSHRC

Securing Public Trust in AI: A Question of Policy or Social Licence? (The Globe and Mail, May 2019)

Re/innovating innovation (ResearchLIFE, Summer 2018)

SSHRC celebrates 40 years of ideas, talent and diversity

Underemployment of PhDs hurts research (The Chronicle Herald, January 2018)

Multidisciplinarity Issues: An interview with Ted Hewitt (Découvrir, December 2017)

Arrival, the movie: How linguistics saved the world? (University Affairs, January 2017)

Could “Uberification” be an opportunity rather than a threat? (The Hill Times, October 2016—subscription required)

Moving beyond the “moonshot” approach to innovation (iPolitics, August 2016)

Open innovation at Canada’s universities: an idea whose time has come? (Re$earch Money, April 2016)

Canada’s researchers eager to support truth and reconciliation efforts (University Affairs, January 2016)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action

Good research key to helping refugees, youth flourish (Chronicle Herald, January 2016)

"It’s time to ‘think different’ about innovation" (The Hill Times, November 2015—subscription required)

Libre accès pour le bien public (Découvrir, May 2015)

"Canada’s newest resource is flexible, sustainable, potentially unlimited" (The Hill Times, October 2014—subscription required)

"Canadian Research on Social Licensing Can Bridge the Gap in Technological Innovation" (The Hill Times, July 2014—subscription required)

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