COVID-19 Update

COVID-19: Impact on SSHRC programs, experts database and perspectives from our community.

Facts and Figures

From April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, SSHRC received 13,900 funding applications and awarded more than 5,600 new grants and fellowships.

Over the course of competitions, more than 900 people participated in the Research Training and Talent Development, Insight Research and Research Partnerships programs’ merit review committees, and SSHRC received over 2,800 external assessments of project proposals, in addition to thousands of reference letters for scholarship and fellowship applications.

Additional competition results from the 2021-22 fiscal year are included below.

These online interactive dashboards provide overviews of SSHRC's investments and competition results. The dashboards will be updated regularly and include filters for customizing a search.

Note: For the best user experience, set your display scaling to 100%. If the images glitch (e.g., overlapping text), reopen the dashboard with your browser set to incognito mode. We are currently working with Microsoft Power BI to address issues. Setting issues remain outside our team’s control.

COVID-19 Research

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on SSHRC applications and awards

Updated: December 7, 2022

This dynamic, accessible dashboard shows pre- to post-pandemic views. These are part of SSHRC’s efforts to monitor and understand COVID-19’s possible long-term impacts on social sciences and humanities research and support.

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SSHRC-funded researchers with expertise on the human dimensions of the pandemic

Updated: August 29th, 2022

SSHRC has developed a dynamic and accessible database highlighting SSHRC-funded researchers with expertise on the human dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as on longer-term recovery and resilience.

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SSHRC’s investments

Updated: September 1, 2023

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Competition results

Updated: September 1, 2023

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Updated: July 25, 2022

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Total number of applications received
(including non-eligible applications)

  • Number of fellowship applications received 9,100
  • Number of grant applications received: 4,800


Total number of new awards

  • New Fellowships and scholarships: 2,900
  • New grant awards: 2,700

Attracting, retaining and supporting students and researchers in the social sciences and humanities

Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

  • Master's scholarships awarded: 1,509
  • Doctoral scholarships awarded: 500
    • 68% to first-year students
    • 31% to second-year students
    • 1% to third-year students

Canada Graduate Scholarships

  • Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements awarded: 86
  • Vanier Scholarships: 195 eligible applications received, 55 scholarships awarded

Doctoral Fellowships

  • SSHRC: 2,390 eligible applications received, 528 fellowships awarded

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • SSHRC: 795 eligible applications received, 160 fellowships awarded
  • Banting: 198 eligible applications received, 23 fellowships awarded

Building new knowledge in the social sciences and humanities

Insight Grants

  • 1,213 eligible applications received
  • 637 grants awarded
  • 53% success rate
  • average grant value: $163,267
  • $104,001,032 awarded in total, to be issued over five years and supporting some 2,197 researchers and collaborators

Insight Development Grants

  • 661 grants awarded in 2021
  • 1,175 eligible applications received for the February 2021 intake

Mobilizing social sciences and humanities knowledge

Connection Grants

  • 396 applications received
  • 332 grants awarded

Encouraging collaborative research by supporting talent, fostering insight and building new connections

Partnership Development Grants

  • 114 eligible applications received
  • 85 grants awarded

Partnership Engage Grants

  • 317 eligible applications received
  • 271 grants awarded

Partnership Grants—Stage 1

  • 69 eligible applications received
  • 25 grants awarded

Partnership Grants—Stage 2

  • 25 eligible applications received
  • 20 grants awarded

Breakdown of partners by sector

Breakdown of partners by sector
Government Industry Not-for-profit Postsecondary
15% 8% 48% 29%
  • SSHRC funds more than 1,487 research projects with international co-applicants and/or collaborators from 89 different countries
  • SSHRC funds research partnerships that include 231 international partners
    • 24% of Partnership Development Grants involved at least one international partner
    • 10% of Partnership Engagement Grants involved at least one international partner
    • 80% of Partnership Grants involved at least one international partner
  • 18% of postdoctoral fellows held their awards abroad
  • 31% of Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are held by international students
  • 26% of Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships are held by international students
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