Imagining Canada’s Future: 16 Global Challenges

Researchers may wish to review Imagining Canada’s Future’s 16 future global challenges to consider addressing one or more of these areas in their research proposals. This is not an evaluation criterion for merit review, and does not offer additional or dedicated research funds through funding opportunities under SSHRC’s Research Training and Talent Development, Insight Research or Research Partnerships programs. SSHRC monitors research capacity in these areas, and develops and implements strategies and knowledge mobilization activities to enhance the contribution made by the social sciences and humanities across the future global challenges.

In addition, evidence briefs or summary reports related to SSHRC’s Knowledge Synthesis Grants competitions held on past future challenge areas highlight some gaps in current knowledge on related topics, which applicants may wish to further explore.

From 2022 to 2025, SSHRC plans to launch several funding opportunities to address four future challenges, and to hold Knowledge Synthesis Grants competitions to respond to additional emerging areas of public interest.

The title and description of each of the select future challenges will be updated and included in the relevant funding opportunity to reflect the evolving context of these global challenges:

Below is a description of each global challenge identified in 2018 in partnership with Policy Horizons Canada.

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