Are you a researcher looking to connect with other researchers and partners?

Do you have a project planned but need to engage other participants and institutions to help you achieve success and explore the potential impacts of your research?

SSHRC-funded partnerships enhance researchers’ ability to connect with a wide range of organizations within and beyond academia. These partnerships have led to exciting and innovative discoveries and helped chart paths toward new and evolving solutions while mobilizing knowledge in dynamic ways across the country and around the globe.

Choosing to embark on a partnership can enhance your research by injecting new ideas and perspectives into your approach, for mutual benefit.

Partnerships in Action

Still-video image of Barbara Neis and Robert Glossop

Barbara Neis &
Robert Glossop

How it works

  1. In thinking about your research and ideas for knowledge mobilization and training, consider what sectors may benefit from your project findings and what external resources and collaboration may be needed to carry out your research. Ensure that your research meets SSHRC’s subject matter eligibility criteria.
  2. Find or follow‑up on expressed interest from the businesses, community groups, not‑for‑profit organizations and other potential partners best suited to your needs. Approach these potential partners directly, or request communications assistance from your institution’s research administration office.
  3. Meet with academic colleagues, business or industry association representatives, community groups and not‑for‑profit organizations and others (e.g., different levels of government) and their representatives to discuss the potential partnership. Discuss the degree to which they want to participate in the proposed project (i.e., as individual participants (applicant, co‑applicants, collaborators) or partner organizations).
  4. Work with your team members and partners to develop and submit a grant application. The application must be submitted on behalf of the partnership by a “project director.” All grants awarded by SSHRC must be administered by an eligible institution, and the project director must be affiliated with this institution.
  5. After a competitive review process, your partnership may be awarded a grant. See Funding for complete funding opportunity descriptions and upcoming application deadlines.

At any time, contact SSHRC for more information on partnership funding opportunities including Partnership Development Grants and Partnership Grants.

Read the tips in the Partnerships Tool‑Kit.