Partnership Development Grants: An Overview

Partnership Development Grants support formal partnerships between academic researchers, businesses and other partners that will advance knowledge and understanding on critical issues of intellectual, social, economic and cultural significance. The grants allow partners to design and test new approaches to research and its real-world applications, foster valuable research relationships and networks across sectors, and provide hands-on training for students and new scholars.

Who leads the project? While the project director is responsible for the overall leadership of the partnership, intellectual leadership and governance may come from within the research community and/or from partners in other sectors (i.e., private, public and not-for-profit).
Who manages the funds? Grants are administered by an eligible institution (represented by a project director) on behalf of the partnership.
Who owns the intellectual property resulting from the research partnership? Intellectual property is negotiated among partners and the lead institution, based on the institutions’ policies.
Can both existing and new partnerships be supported? Yes. But in the case of existing partnerships, the supported research and related activities must be distinct from previous or ongoing activities.
Duration of award One to three years.
Value of award From $75,000 to $200,000.
Type of partners required Canadian or international institutions or organizations (private, public, not-for-profit) of any type.
Partner contributions Cash and/or in-kind contributions are required.
Subject matter See Eligibility of Subject Matter for details.
Application deadline See the complete Partnership Development Grants description for details.
Evaluation method Grants are awarded through a competitive process involving multidisciplinary review committees that include relevant expertise from the academic community, and public, private and not-for-profit sectors.