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Acknowledging SSHRC support and using logos

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Federal support for research is an investment by Canadians. As such, it is important for taxpayers to know how their research dollars are being spent. By demonstrating the social, economic and cultural value of their social sciences and humanities research, SSHRC award recipients help strengthen public understanding of and support for SSHRC-funded research.

As a SSHRC grant recipient, you must acknowledge, verbally and/or in writing, your SSHRC funding and the role it has played in your research. This applies in the following cases:

When possible, make acknowledgements in English and French. For more information, consult Canada’s Official Languages Policy.

Acknowledging SSHRC funding

Whether acknowledging SSHRC verbally or in writing, you must make it clear that your research project was supported by SSHRC but not a SSHRC product.

In written formats, you must use one of the following messages:

This [output] draws on research supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.


[Researcher’s name or project name] is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Note: If multiple grants, funding agencies and partners have supported the research project, list all sources of funding and support.

Using SSHRC’s signature and logo

We encourage you to use the SSHRC signature and/or logo and the Government of Canada identifier in communications products related to your SSHRC-funded project. The SSHRC signature and logo must always be accompanied by one of the acknowledgement messages.

Do not use the signature or logo in a manner that suggests a publication or other research output is a SSHRC product. For example, this should appear on a separate acknowledgements page, instead of on a publication’s front cover or entry page.

The use of the logo is also subject to SSHRC’s permission, which you can assume is granted in advance. However, SSHRC owns its logo and can request it to be removed from a research output at any time, for any reason.

Refer to the Federal Identity Program Manual for instructions on how to use the signature. If space is limited and the signature will be difficult to read, use our logo. It is our organization’s unique visual identifier.


Communicating the value and impacts of your research

At SSHRC, we will make every effort to work with you and your institution to:

Inform us of your research initiatives, developments and discoveries, especially those that will be published, so that we can work with you, your institution and other funding partners (if applicable) to publicly promote their value and impact.

Sharing your work on social media

Tag SSHRC in your social media posts about SSHRC-funded research so we are notified and can help spread the word. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Contact information

To work with us on a communications initiative or media story, contact

For more information about using SSHRC’s signature and logo, contact SSHRC’s webmaster.

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