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Privacy Impact Assessments

As part of the Government of Canada, and as an institution subject to the Privacy Act, SSHRC is committed to ensuring that privacy protection is a core consideration in the administration of its programs and activities that collect, use, disclose, retain and/or dispose of the personal information of individuals. The Directive on Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is one of several tools designed to meet this commitment.

The PIA directive provides a framework for evaluating the impact of an institution's activities on the personal information under its control, as well as for developing solutions to mitigate identified privacy risks. Assessments help managers and decision-makers avoid or mitigate privacy risks and promote fully informed policy, program and system design choices.

The PIA directive makes it mandatory to document, publish and maintain a PIA for all federal programs and services that may have an impact on privacy rights. Below is a list of summaries of PIAs  completed, either solely by SSHRC,  or jointly with other institutions: