COVID-19 Update

COVID-19: Impact on SSHRC programs, experts database and perspectives from our community.

Adel Badri appointed to SSHRC's governing council

In June 2020, the Privy Council Office launched a national call to fill vacancies on SSHRC’s governing council. In addition to three new appointments announced in March 2021, in July 2021 the following new appointment was also approved:

SSHRC's governing council offers a broad view of Canada’s needs and opportunities, and advises the president of SSHRC on strategy, risk management, performance management and stakeholder relations. Council members are leading representatives from the not-for-profit, public, private and academic sectors. They represent the diversity of the Canadian public across all regions of the country, and bring their knowledge of societal and research issues, including the application of research results, to ensure public funds are allocated in a way that maximizes outcomes and impacts.

Members of SSHRC’s governing council are appointed by the Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, following a formal selection process led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the Privy Council Office. SSHRC does not play any direct role in this selection process.

For more information, visit Governor in Council appointments.

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