Contract Expenditures January 1, 2016 - March 31, 2016

Date Vendor Name Description Value
2016-01-05 COLLEGES AND INSTITUTES Other Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified $24,983.17
2016-01-12 TOYOTA CANADA INC. Road motor vehicles—Non-military $30,725.56
2016-01-14 ORACLE CANADA ULC Computer services (includes IT solutions / deliverables as well as IT managed services) $37,804.08
2016-01-15 3492125 CANADA INC. Communications professional services not Elsewhere Specified $23,956.00
2016-01-20 SCIENCE-METRIX INC. Communications research services $24,831.75
2016-02-09 UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA Research contracts $74,842.00
2016-02-24 INMOTION DIGITAL VIDEO Communications Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified $49,962.95
2016-02-24 TALENTCOR Temporary Help Services $20,475.60
2016-03-05 ACCESS 2 NETWORKS INC. License/Maintenance fees for client software related to distributed computing environment (DCE) $11,568.01
2016-03-10 CGI PAYROLL SERVICES CENTRE INC License/Maintenance fees for application software (including COTS) and application development and delivery software $12,870.36
2016-03-24 OCAD UNIVERSITY Research contracts $24,998.99

Proactive Disclosure for Contracts Over $10,000.00 in Fiscal Year 2015-2016 for the period of January to March.

NB: The contract date represents the date that the contract is recorded in the departmental financial system.