Contract Expenditures July 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015

Date Vendor Name Description Value
2015-07-30 SCIENCE-METRIX INC. Other Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified $43,692.69
2015-09-08 ORACLE CANADA ULC Computer Services (Includes IT solutions / deliverables as well as IT Managed Services) $35,655.04
2015-09-09 ALTIS HUMAN RESOURCES Temporary Help Services $12,024.50
2015-09-16 EXCEL HUMAN RESOURCES Temporary Help Services $38,930.75

Proactive Disclosure for contracts over $10,000.00 in Fiscal Year 2015-2016 for the Period of July to September.

NB: The contract date represents the date that the contract is recorded in the departmental financial system.