Contract Expenditures January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Date Vendor Name Description Value
2015-01-21 Monica Valsangkar-Smyth Communications Research Services - Design a common Research Classification System for the Four Federal funders (CFI, CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC). $15,000.00
2015-01-27 Excel Human Resources Management Consulting - Build web pages using current intranet and website structure, guidelines and templates. $38,646.00
2015-01-27 Conversart Consulting Human resources management services - senior management consultant to design, develop and deliver staff engagement events $24,408.00
2015-02-03 Eclipsys Solutions Inc. License/Maintenance fees for Operating System and Utility Software related to servers, storage, peripherals and components $185,325.76
2015-02-04 Southside Communications Inc. Other Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified - Editing, Proofreading and translation $79,043.50
2015-02-10 Altis Human Resources Temporary Help Services - experienced audit services to manage a number of audit engagements that are parts of the 2015-2018 Risk Based Audit Plan $78,592.51
2015-02-12 Université de Montréal Other Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified - Professional services for the creation of a report measuring impacts of SSHRC funding $24,700.00
2015-02-18 Altis Human Resources Management Consulting - development of a PM Strategy for the newly announced Canada First Research Excellence Fund $127,975.49
2015-02-20 Inmotion DVS Inc. Audio-visual Services - interviewing researchers, capturing custom b-roll footage, post-production and final delivery of six (6) videos $114,740.80
2015-02-24 White Knight Promotions Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles - Promotional items $10,000.00
2015-02-25 HintonX Corporation Communications Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified - Concept development, info-graphic poster and interactive video $14,125.00
2015-02-26 Commvault Systems Canada Inc. Purchase of Training Packages and Courses - COMMVAULT CORE FUNDAMENTAL TRAINING (SKU:ED-TR-UNIT-12) $10,170.00
2015-02-27 1210478 Ontario Inc. Operating as Ottawa Marriott Hospitality. Title: Hotel Accomodation Services. $185,056.59
2015-03-02 Les Traiteurs Bytown Catering Hopitality Committee Members Catering-During SSHRC Competitions $16,566.45
2015-03-06 Altis Human Resources Temporary Help Services - Translation, editing services $24,814.00
2015-03-06 Bonita Communications Communications Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified - Communication Plan to support new SSHRC’s Social Innovation fund for Colleges & Polytechnics $16,950.00
2015-03-06 Media Action Training Consultants - to provide op-ed writing support $11,300.00
2015-03-11 Access 2 Networks Image/Video Communications Equipment - Cisco switches $24,752.09
2015-03-16 CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc. Computer Services (includes IT solutions / deliverables as well as IT Managed Services) - Customizing and maintaining JATS $12,695.55

Proactive Disclosure for Contracts Over $10,000.00 in Fiscal Year 2014-2015 for the Period of January - March.

NB: The contract date represents the date that the contract is recorded in the departmental financial system.