“An individual's skills are critically important to their life success…”

—Ross Finnie

What new ways of learning, particularly in higher education, will Canadians need to thrive in an evolving society and labour market?

Canada, like many other countries, is focusing critical attention on the way its education system—especially higher education—is conceptualized, structured and delivered in light of the knowledge and skills required for the 21st century. New insights are emerging in the research community and other sectors regarding effective methods of teaching and learning with a focus on learning outcomes.

Questions for further exploration:

  1. What knowledge, skills and delivery methods are required in order for the public education system to create an innovative, resilient and culturally rich society?
  2. What aspirations and expectations will a diverse and global citizenry bring to work environments, jobs and labour markets of the future?
  3. What conditions are needed for new models of research—particularly, co-creation of knowledge with the public, private and/or not-for-profit sectors—to flourish?
  4. What roles will emerging and/or disruptive information and communication technologies play in learning for individuals, institutions and society?
  5. What role should individuals, institutions and governments play in promoting and supporting the life cycle of knowledge, including creation, accessibility, retention and mobilization, across sectors, both domestically and internationally?
  6. How can we harness Canada’s strength and innovation in the arts, digital media and cultural industries to build social, economic and cultural well-being?

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