Grants to highlight research insights and identify knowledge gaps on dynamics of privilege and marginalization

June 16, 2023

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Genome Canada have awarded more than $890,000 in funding for 30 Knowledge Synthesis Grants on the issue of shifting dynamics of privilege and marginalization. SSHRC awarded grants for 25 research projects, and Genome Canada funded an additional five research projects focused on genomics.

Shifting political landscapes, increasing global uncertainty, and socio-cultural divisions risk amplifying inequalities between marginalized and privileged groups in society. This funding supports projects that will bring together existing research to help deepen our understanding of these issues and identify knowledge gaps to be considered for future research.

The themes being explored through this funding opportunity include the uncertainty of the economic and socio-political landscape, the divide between the privileged and marginalized, accessibility, the shifting education landscape, and life sciences and genomics.

The resulting syntheses will identify roles that the academic, public, private and not-for-profit sectors could play in promoting a more cohesive and equitable environment and can inform the development of effective tools and technologies, robust policies, and sustainable practices required to support the path toward a prosperous and equitable future for all Canadians. The grants focused on genomics will help inform and shape future work and investments at Genome Canada.


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