Taking a closer look at the emerging asocial society

SSHRC and Employment and Social Development Canada are pleased to announce that more than $860,000 has been awarded to 30 research teams following a call for proposals for Knowledge Synthesis Grants (KSGs) on the emerging asocial society. The theme, one of 16 future global challenges identified in a 2018 horizon scan as part of the Imagining Canada’s Future initiative, focuses on the current state of research knowledge on issues related to growing feelings of disconnection, isolation and loneliness in Canadian society.

Social detachment, loneliness and isolation, which can be linked to asocial behaviour and increased mental health problems, appear to be significant developments in modern society. Further understanding of the drivers, trends and impacts of these issues is needed. Grant recipients will prepare syntheses on the state of existing research knowledge, in addition to identifying roles the academic, public, private and not-for-profit sectors can play in promoting more connected and resilient communities. These syntheses will inform the development of effective tools, robust policies and sustainable practices required to support the transition to a more equitable, healthy and prosperous future. They may also identify knowledge gaps that can be explored in future research.

The Emerging Asocial Society KSGs also offer an opportunity to reflect on how COVID-19 has increased awareness of the importance of social connections and that detachment from society is a widespread challenge with profound health and socio-economic implications.

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