Guidelines for Research-Creation Support Materials

If, in their application, applicants / project directors identify their proposal as a “research-creation” project, they may include a website link to provide samples of work that illustrate their qualifications and/or the nature of the proposed research-creation.

Reasonable efforts will be made to view or listen to support material; however, due to technical challenges, SSHRC cannot guarantee that samples will be accessed. Applicants should consider that reviewers will have limited time per application to view, read or listen to samples of work.

Applicants including a website link in their application must ensure that the website and all links involved will be operational up to six months after the application deadline.

Note: SSHRC assumes no responsibility in cases where links provided are broken or the server is unavailable during the adjudication period.

Use and Management of Support Materials

SSHRC is responsible for the consistent management of support materials as indicated in SSHRC’s regulations governing applications. Websites are created and maintained by applicants and may be accessed by committee members and external assessors for the purposes of the merit review process. Although URLs may appear in applications, the websites presented in support of applications submitted to SSHRC are not physically maintained or retained by SSHRC, and may not be accessible after the adjudication process has been completed.