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Salary Research Allowances

Under certain SSHRC programs, postsecondary institution-based researchers and non-academic researchers form partnerships to do research, advanced research training and knowledge mobilization. SSHRC recognizes that some not-for-profit organizations face financial difficulty in replacing one of their staff members so that person can participate in a SSHRC-funded research project.

To help address this situation, SSHRC has made salary research allowances an eligible expense within a grant. These stipends cover up to 50% of the cost of temporarily replacing an employee from a not-for-profit organization who will be devoting their time as a principal investigator / project director, co-director or co-investigator on a SSHRC-funded research project.

Only not-for-profit organizations that have applicants, co-directors or co-applicants listed on their Notice of Award can request salary research allowances. Researchers holding an academic position at a postsecondary institution and government employees are not eligible for salary research allowances.

Eligible programs

Not-for-profit organizations can only request a salary research allowance as part of an application for a research grant. See the funding opportunity description and accompanying application instructions to determine if the funding opportunity to which you are applying provides a salary research allowance.

Value and duration

SSHRC salary research allowances are a contribution to a not-for-profit organization to help compensate for the time an employee will spend participating in a SSHRC-funded research project.

Applicants can apply for up to 50% of the annual salary of the person who is to be replaced. Applicants can request the salary replacement allowance for each year of the award.


Recipients of a salary replacement allowance are not considered SSHRC employees. The 50% amount must be based on total salary costs, including all benefits.

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