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These instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with the Race, Gender and Diversity Initiative description, which includes the criteria that will be assessed by reviewers.

Your application must be received by 8:00 p.m. (eastern) on the deadline date (i.e., November 15, 2021).

Grant funds may be administered only by an eligible postsecondary institution or eligible not-for-profit organization. Refer to the funding opportunity description for details and contact institutional.eligibility@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca for questions about the process for obtaining institutional eligibility, which is distinct from the grant application.

If you are a project director from an eligible institution, select the name of the administering organization in the Affiliations step when creating an application. The research administrator at your institution is responsible for submitting your application. Refer to “Submitting an application as the research administrator” below for more details. As your institution may have earlier internal deadlines, check with your research administrator regarding deadlines. All team members, including project directors, co-directors and co-applicants, should inform their institution’s research administrator or representative of their involvement in an application.

If your institution does not currently have institutional eligibility to manage SSHRC funding, please have a representative contact Corporate Strategy and Performance as soon as possible to discuss the required steps. The deadline for the institutional eligibility application is the same as the deadline for the grant application (i.e., November 15, 2021).

To start the grant application in the Convergence Portal, you must have started the institutional eligibility process so that the organization can be added to the list and selected as the administering organization in the Affiliations step when creating the application. An institutional representative will need to be identified as the research administrator and will be responsible for forwarding your grant application to SSHRC by the deadline. The creation of a research administrator role for your organization in the Convergence Portal can take up to approximately five business days, and will involve the institutional representative completing required documentation and creating an account in the Convergence Portal; however, during this time you can continue to work on key sections of your grant application (e.g., attachments in the Supporting documents section as outlined below). Contact institutional.eligibility@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca for more information.

Am I eligible to apply?

Consult the Eligibility section of the funding opportunity description to ensure that you can participate in this grant program as a project director, co-director, co-applicant or collaborator.

Accommodations and accessibility

If you need help completing online application forms due to circumstances arising from a disability, contact your institution (scholarship liaison officer, research grant office or other applicant support office) as early in the application process as possible to investigate available supports. If your institution cannot provide help, or needs SSHRC to collaborate on a solution, contact SSHRC at accessibility-accessibilite@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca. You can also contact SSHRC if you have questions or are seeking specific adaptation arrangements. You do not need to share your medical or sensitive personal information, and, to protect your privacy, should avoid doing so.

Frequently requested accommodations include, but are not limited to:

Collection and use of personal information

The information you provide in your application is collected under the authority of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Act and stored in a series of SSHRC data banks described in Information about programs and information holdings. Details on the use and disclosure of this information are described on the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information SSHRC page, in the Convergence Portal, and below. The information is used in accordance with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Self-identification information

You are required to complete the self-identification form in order to apply for SSHRC funding; however, you may select “Prefer not to answer” for any or all questions. SSHRC appreciates your participation, which supports the granting agencies in monitoring the equity of their programs and strengthening equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the research enterprise.

The self-identification information is collected as part of your user profile when you register in the Convergence Portal. It is not part of your application and is neither accessible to, nor shared with, external reviewers and/or selection committee members.

Application deadline

Your full application must be received at SSHRC by 8:00 p.m. (eastern) on November 15, 2021. The application will not be accessible to edit once it is submitted.

Using the Convergence Portal to prepare your application

You must complete the application using the Convergence Portal. The Convergence Portal is only supported on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. The portal may appear to function in other browsers, but can malfunction: for example, the information entered may not be properly captured in the system, without your being aware. Use of an unsupported browser is strongly discouraged.

Participant eligibility (to be completed by project director)

Step 1—Applicant eligibility: Answer the series of questions confirming the eligibility of your position.

Note: One question will ask if you are a student or postdoctoral researcher, as this would make you ineligible to apply as the project director. However, if you have a primary affiliation with a not-for-profit organization and are enrolled part-time in a program of study, you can indicate “no” to this question.

Step 2—Affiliations: List all of your current affiliations and identify your primary affiliation. Select the organization that will administer the grant. If the name of the organization with which you are primarily affiliated is not in the list in Step 2, contact partnerships@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca.

Step 3—Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI): Complete the self-identification form, as required in order to apply for SSHRC funding; however, you may select “Prefer not to answer” for any or all questions (see self-identification section above for more information).

Step 4—Fields of research: List your fields of research and indicate at least one as a primary area of research.

Step 5—Keywords: Provide a minimum of five keywords that best describe, overall, your areas of research.

Step 6—Summary: Review the content submitted and click Create Application.

Step 7—Terms and conditions: Accept the terms and conditions to begin the application process.

Step 8—Begin application: Complete all sections, including uploading your CV (up to six pages, PDF) based on the CV and Biographical Sketch Instructions in the CV Documents section as a download.

Completing the application

Before writing your proposal, consult the evaluation criteria in the funding opportunity description. Follow the instructions provided in the Convergence Portal to complete the application. The information required is outlined below.

The project director is responsible for completing all sections of the application, including verifying that all co-directors and co-applicants have finalized their profile and uploaded their CV document, and submitting it. Other team members (i.e., co-directors and co-applicants) must complete their own profile, as applicable. While they are able to see the other sections of the application, they do not have editing access. The co-director and co-applicant invitations must be finalized or removed by the project director in order to Finalize and Submit the application.

The project director is responsible for verifying the page lengths and proper formatting of any uploaded attachments. If an application contains one or more attachments that do not comply with the page limits or formatting standard, it may be withdrawn from the competition or pages may be removed.

Application details

Application title: Provide a short and descriptive title. It may be used for publication purposes. Limit the use of abbreviated forms (e.g., DNA, NATO, etc.) and avoid company or trade names.

Language of the application: Indicate the language in which the application will be submitted. The main body of your application should be written in either English or French, rather than in a mix of both official languages.


Invite the co-directors and co-applicants for this application. Those invited will receive an email, which will include the project director’s name and email address, and the project title, as well as a link to the Convergence Portal. Once they have selected Accept Invitation and completed their own eligibility profile, the co-directors’ and co-applicants’ names will be displayed in the Participants section of your application.

Co-directors are required to upload a CV (up to six pages, PDF), following the CV and Biographical Sketch Instructions provided in the CV Documents section as a download. Co-applicants, as outlined in the same instructions, may choose to upload the CV document or a brief, one-page biographical sketch.

Ensure that co-directors and co-applicants invited in this section are eligible for that role by consulting the Eligibility section of the funding opportunity description.

Note: Email addresses are not verified and bounce backs are not registered. We strongly recommend that you follow up directly with invited co-directors and co-applicants if an individual has not accepted your invitation in a timely manner. When accepting an invitation, individuals will be redirected to the Convergence Portal to log in (or create an account), to verify their eligibility, and to complete the participant content. If you currently have an account on the Research Portal, please use your existing credentials to log in.


This section lists all co-directors and co-applicants who have successfully joined the application. If an individual has not accepted your invitation, follow up with them to confirm they have received it. If an invited co-director or co-applicant is listed as Pending Eligibility, they have accepted your invitation, but not yet completed their eligibility profile. Their status will show as Complete when the required information has been finalized.


List the collaborators who will contribute to the research activities, but who will not have access to grant funds. Do not list co-directors or co-applicants in this section.

Any individual who will make a significant contribution to the project is eligible to be a collaborator. Consult the Eligibility section of the funding opportunity description.

Partner organizations

List the partner organizations that have agreed to participate in the formal partnership. Include the contact information of each partner organization contact person. If the organization to which the applicant is affiliated wishes to participate as a partner organization, the project director must list it in this section.

Upload letters of support from each partner organization and include cash and in-kind contributions in the Supporting Documents section as outlined below.

Fields of research

List the fields of research that best describe this specific application according to the 2019 version of the Canadian Research and Development Classification (CRDC). You must provide at least one primary field of research, and you may list up to a maximum of five fields of research.


List a minimum of five keywords that best describe this specific application. You may list up to a maximum of 10 keywords.

Summary of proposal

Provide a clear summary of your proposal, indicating:

Proposed budget

Enter the yearly amounts requested. Additional budget details are required in the Supporting Documents section (i.e., “Funds requested from SSHRC” and “Budget justification” attachments).

Certifications, licenses and permits

Complete this section by answering the questions as they relate to the proposed research project.

State whether or not your proposal involves human beings as research subjects. If it does, select “Yes” and consult the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans—TCPS 2 (2018) and submit your proposal to your organization’s research ethics board.

The Impact Assessment form (Appendix A) must be completed and submitted with grant applications only if at least one of the following situations applies to your research or research-related activities, as per the Impact Assessment Act, 2019 (IAA):

  1. any phase of the proposed research takes place on federal lands, other than lands under the administration and control of the Commissioner of Yukon, the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, as interpreted in section 2 of the IAA;Footnote *
  2. any phase of the proposed research takes place in a country other than Canada;Footnote *
  3. the grant funds permit a designated project (listed in the Physical Activities Regulations) to be carried out in whole or in part; or
  4. any phase of the proposed research depends on a designated project (listed in the Physical Activities Regulations) being led or carried out by an organization other than SSHRC.

If none of the above situations apply to your proposed research activities, you do not need to complete or submit the Impact Assessment Form in the Supporting Documents section.

Reviewer exclusions

List potential reviewers who, in your opinion, would be unlikely to provide an impartial review. While SSHRC cannot be bound by this information, it will be taken into consideration in the selection of reviewers. This information will be held in strictest confidence and will not be provided to members of the adjudication committee.

Supporting documents

Instructions for attachments

Prepare the documents
  1. Prepare your attachments following the requirements below.
  2. Any acronyms and abbreviations must be explained.
  3. Pages must be 8 ½" x 11" (216 mm x 279 mm).
  4. Text must be single-spaced, with no more than six lines of type per inch.
  5. All text must be in black, using 11 pt. Arial font; condensed fonts will not be accepted.
  6. Margins must be set at a minimum of ¾" (1.87 cm).
  7. In multi-page attachments, pages must be numbered sequentially.
  8. The application identification number (i.e., 936-2021-xxxxx) must appear at the top of each page of the attachment.
  9. The name of the document must appear at the top (e.g., Research Proposal).
Convert the documents

All attachments must be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) before they can be attached to the application. The conversion process varies with the operating system and word processing software you are using. If you have questions about converting your documents to PDF, contact your institution’s technical support staff.

If you do not have a PDF conversion program, you may download a free version of PrimoPDF. Macintosh users have a PDF conversion option in the Macintosh system "print" function.

Submitting the application

Review your application to ensure that it is complete. Follow the prompts from the Finalize Application section to submit it.

After you accept the Terms and Conditions, the status of your submission will change to Received by Administrator. If you want to make any changes at this point, you may request that your research grants office (research administrator) return it to you. Once your research administrator has approved and submitted your application, the application status will be changed to Received by Agency. No further changes can be made. If the research administrator does not forward the application, it will expire.

Submitting an application as the research administrator

When you receive an application submitted by a project director at your institution, you will be asked to approve the application and submit it.

By forwarding the application, the research administrator, on behalf of the institution, certifies that:

Contact information

If you have questions:

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