How to Use the Canadian Common CV (CCV)

Step 1—Registering and Logging In
Step 2—Selecting the SSHRC CCV
Step 3—Completing the SSHRC CCV
Step 4—Editing and Adding Entries
Step 5—Submitting the SSHRC CCV
Step 6—Uploading the SSHRC CCV

When applying for or participating as an applicant or co-applicant on a SSHRC grant requiring a SSHRC CCV, please follow these instructions to complete your SSHRC CCV and upload it to your SSHRC application. Note that SSHRC CCVs are no longer required or accepted for collaborators.

Step 1—Registering and Logging In

To Create a SSHRC CCV

Go to: Select English.

In the top menu bar, select Login.

screen shot of login page

To Register

If you are a new user, select Register.

Register login screen

Complete all mandatory fields (marked with an *) of the User Registration Personal Information page and select Next. The correspondence language you select will be the language that SSHRC uses to communicate with you.

personal information screen

Complete all mandatory fields (marked with an *) of the User Registration Account Information page and select Submit.

submit personal information screen

A CCV account has now been created for you.

To Log In

If you already have a CCV account, enter your username and password and select Login.

login screen

Step 2—Selecting the SSHRC CCV

Once you have logged in, the Welcome page will appear. In the top menu bar, select CV, then Funding.

Selecting sshrc ccv template

Select SSHRC from the Funding Source and CV Type drop-down menus, then select Load.

secting Funding Source and CV Type

Step 3—Completing the SSHRC CCV

A list of sections will appear. If you have previously entered information into the generic version of the CCV, this information will automatically populate any identical sections in your SSHRC CCV. Although not all sections of the SSHRC CCV are labeled as mandatory, it is recommended that you review all of the sections to ensure that you have completed all those that are relevant to your application. In the SSHRC CCV, select (?) for information on what needs to be provided in a section or field.

Note: All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

list of sections to complete screen

What fields do I need to fill in?

Please refer to the tables below to determine which fields are mandatory for you. Note that these instructions are not exhaustive. They are simply intended to clarify certain fields where necessary.

Applicants and Co-applicants

Section Name Mandatory Optional
Personal Information
  • The First Name and Family Name you indicate in the CCV should be the same as those in your Research Portal User Profile.
  • Committee members will have access to your Family Name, Middle Name, First Name and Language Skills, but no other personal information.
  • SSHRC will use the information provided in this section to communicate with you.
Identification x  
Language Skills x  
  • Up to three records.
  • Up to three records.
  • Up to three records.
Website   x
Degrees x  
Credentials   x
  • Prizes and awards that you have received.
  • Up to six records.
User Profile x  
Academic Work Experience
  • Enter your current and past academic work experience.
Non-academic Work Experience
  • Enter your current and past non-academic work experience.
Leaves of Absence and Impact on Research
  • Provide information on any leave of absence that affected research activities and/or dissemination of research results over the last six years counting back from the deadline date of the competition.
  • If there is no end date, insert date of competition deadline.
Research Funding History
  • List all sources of funding (including SSHRC grants and university start-up funds) held as a principal investigator, co-investigator and collaborator.
  • Funding sources: Total funding is in Canadian dollars.
  • Other investigators: only include the name of the principal applicant/principal investigator.
  • Up to eight records.
  • Describe your various activities over the last six years counting back from the deadline date of the competition. Entries prior to the six-year limit will not be assessed.
  • Graduate Examination Activities: Only the following entries should be used for Graduate Examination Activity Role:
    • Master’s Oral Exam Member
    • PhD External Examiner
    • PhD Oral Exam Member
Most Significant Contributions
  • List up to five of your most significant contributions over your entire career (in this case, the six-year limit does not apply). Therefore, contributions listed here may differ from those listed in other sections of your CCV. It is recommended that you explain briefly the significance of the contributions listed.
  • Describe your contributions to research over the last six years counting back from the deadline date of the competition. Entries prior to the six-year limit will not be assessed.
  • Any career interruptions indicated in the Leaves of Absence and Impact on Research subsection will be taken into consideration.
  • All contributions that resulted from previous SSHRC funding must be indicated by placing a plus sign (+) before the author’s name.
  • All contributions involving students must be indicated by placing an asterisk (*) before the student's name.
  • Presentations
    • Presentations that you have given at various conferences and events.
    • Co-presenters: enter the name of all presenters including the CCV user.
  • Interviews and Media Relations
  • Publications
    • While this section is mandatory, you are not required to complete each category.

Note: The CCV allows you to import publications from external bibliographic databases. It supports a web-based and a file-based import. The web-based import is limited to PubMed. The file-based import is limited to XML and BibTeX formats and we support the following databases:

  • PubMed - XML
  • Citeulike - BibTeX
  • DBLP - BibTeX
  • Google Scholar - BibTeX
  • IEEE Xplore - BibTeX
  • Plos - BibTeX
  • Scopus - BibTeX
  • Web of Science – BibTeX
  • Artistic Contributions
  • Intellectual Property

Step 4—Editing and Adding Entries

Completing or Updating Sections

Select the edit icon (Edit) icon to access and complete or update a section (e.g., the Identification section). All mandatory fields are indicated with an (*). When you have completed an entry (or “record”) within a section that allows for multiple records, a Submit? box will appear beside the entry. Check the box if you want that specific record to appear on your SSHRC CCV. You may also use the Submit All check box, as required. Note that in certain sections of the CCV, SSHRC limits the number of entries to a maximum number (e.g., up to three records for Address).

Consult the instructions specific to each section for more details (see (?) Help Bubble).

completing or updating sections screen

When you have completed a section, select Done. You must select Done in each section in order to save the information you have entered for that section and to return to the list of sections.

saving a completed section

Creating Multiple Entries In a Section

To create additional entries (or “records”) in a section, select Add. You must select one entry as your “Primary Record.”

creating multiple entries in a section

Confirming Which Sections Have Been Completed

Once all of the mandatory fields of a section have been completed, a green checkmark will appear next to the name of that section in the list of sections. Note that a green checkmark may also mean the section is not mandatory for the SSHRC CCV. If mandatory fields of a section have not been completed, a red X will appear next to the name of the section.

Step 5—Submitting the SSHRC CCV

Once you have completed the SSHRC CCV, select Submit.

Submitting your ccv

The Consent statement will appear. Review, and select I Agree.

Statement of Concent screen

A confirmation number will automatically be provided on screen once you select Submit. You will need to use this number when you later upload your SSHRC CCV in the Research Portal.

Confirmation screen

Step 6—Uploading the SSHRC CCV

Return to the Research Portal and go to your Welcome Page.

Find the relevant application. Select Open. This will take you to the Application Overview page.

Research Community Portal Welcome Page

Within the Canadian Common CV Attached section, select Attach. The Canadian Common CV Upload page will appear.

Application overview page within the Research Community Portal

Enter your SSHRC CCV confirmation number (see Step 5 above) and select Upload.

Canadian Common CV upload screen

A message will appear indicating that you have successfully uploaded your CCV. Co-applicants will select Back to Application overview.

Back to Application Overview

For co-applicants only: Select Submit to successfully validate your application.

Note: You may modify and upload your SSHRC CCV multiple times before you select Submit.