Fact Sheet

Research Portal

  • SSHRC, in collaboration with NSERC, is developing a new electronic grants management system that will simplify our application process.
  • A portal for all external users will provide a single point of entry for applicants, reviewers, committee members, institutions and partners.
  • The system will significantly improve the application and grant-management process.
  • The portal complies with Government of Canada standards for accessibility, usability, and interoperability.
  • The new Research Portal is based on a proven software platform that has been configured to SSHRC’s needs.

Canadian Common CV (CCV)

  • The new system will use the Canadian Common CV (CCV)
  • The CCV allows researchers to maintain their CV data in a single repository and use it to apply to 22 different funding organizations across Canada, including the tri-councils, CFI and the Canada Council for the Arts.
  • The CCV, developed and hosted by CIHR, is a web-based application that provides researchers with a single, common approach to gathering CV information required by a network of federal, provincial and not-for-profit research funding organizations. SSHRC is working with the developers of the CCV and with the Canadian Association of University Research Administrators (CAURA) to facilitate the use of the new CCV for SSHRC’s community.
  • In order to facilitate future convenience and benefit for applicants, reviewers and funding agencies, the SSHRC CCV will require that all information, including publications, be entered as structured data, and does not allow the attachment of PDF files.

Joint Launch

  • The new Research Portal and the CCV are separate systems, which SSHRC is adopting concurrently.
  • The Research Portal and CCV have separate portals, each of which require creation and setup of a user account. 

Implementation Timeline

  • Beginning in early November 2012, SSHRC will phase in the new Research Portal and CCV, starting with the Insight Development Grants.
  • All other funding opportunities will continue to use the current SSHRC CV and application system, until they are migrated to the new Research Portal.
  • All SSHRC funding opportunities will move to the new system by 2014.

More information

  • The Research Portfolio will offer a webinar on the Research Portal and CCV in December 2012. Details will be made available on the SSHRC website.
  • Based on the feedback we receive, SSHRC will release regular technical updates to both the Research Portal and the CCV.