Building a more inclusive society

By studying group dynamics, researcher looks for ways to create healthier, happier workplaces

Canada increasingly needs for an educated, skilled labour force to meet the challenges of an expanding knowledge economy, but certain demographic groups—immigrant women among them—remain underrepresented in the workforce, despite their credentials.

Ann Beaton, Canada Research Chair in Intergroup Relations at Université de Moncton, studies group dynamics, with a focus on these underrepresented populations, to better understand social inclusion in the workplace.

Where existing research has focused more on overcoming obstacles to training and employment, Beaton concentrates instead on the experiences of women working in non-traditional occupations, as well as on Aboriginal youth achieving academic success and persons with disabilities trying to make a place for themselves in the labour market.

Beaton’s insights allow policymakers and community leaders to better counter the negative effects of social exclusion on these groups, improving their health, quality of life and standard of living.