Training for the Traditional Craft Trades



Release Date

March 24, 2014


Monica Shore discusses the Traditional Craft Trades (TCT) sector, representing Nicole Vaugeois. This knowledge synthesis report explores the labour market needs for the TCT sector and identifies challenges and enhancements for training and skill development for artisans. Her research called for a greater connection between entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, the attraction of young people to work in TCT, and training in digital technology and business development for craftspeople.

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Monica Shore
Research assistant
Vancouver Island University

Monica Shore: Formerly, there were no—there have been no statistics on the traditional craft trades sector. One of the problems has been lack of a good definition of this sector using words that people don’t understand or just a variety of definitions. So one of the major contributions of this knowledge synthesis report has been on defining what this sector is about.

Further implications include a better understanding of the development, the development needs of training institutions, so how schools and universities can improve their apprenticeship programs, can improve that transition from the education institution into the marketplace into the workforce and just generating a much more widespread awareness of what this sector is about in order to enable growth.