Workplace Inclusion



Release Date

March 24, 2014


Sally Lindsay talks about her knowledge synthesis project, which focused on identifying ways to improve the participation of persons with disabilities whose talents are underutilized in the Canadian labour market. Her research identified policies, programs and employment practices in order to demonstrate the importance of people with disabilities being included in the workforce. The report calls for more research in the area, and for different agencies to communicate and work together on the issue.

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Sally Lindsay
Scientist at the Bloorview Research Institute

Sally Lindsay: Our research synthesized the most promising programs and policies to include people with disabilities in the Canadian labour market. And we found that there will be significant implications for employers in how to further include people with disabilities in their workplaces for the further development of programs to help people train to learn more skills, and also for policy, to further include people with disabilities.

I think what would be important is for different agencies to speak to one another a bit more clearly rather than working in silos, so for employers to work with employment service agencies and also with policy-makers and people with disabilities to get a better understanding of how they can be included.