Award Recipients for Connection Grants: February 2022 Competition

Applicant Casey Burkholder University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Funke Aladejebi University of Toronto
Collaborator Alicia Noreiga University of New Brunswick
Husoni Raymond York University
Title Black Lives Matter in New Brunswick Education
Years 1
Funding $26,377

Applicant Julie Andreyev Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Co-applicant Giorgio Magnanensi Vancouver Community College
Sadira Rodrigues Sunshine Coast Arts Council
Title Branching Songs
Years 1
Funding $47,558

Applicant Susan Berkhout University of Toronto
Co-applicant Kelly Fritsch Carleton University
Collaborator Margrit Shildrick Stockholm University
Title STS, Disability Arts, and the Frictions of Futurity in Transplant Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Salon Series
Years 1
Funding $17,360

Applicant Caroline Hachem-Vermette University of Calgary
Collaborator Gabriele Lobaccaro Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Jouri Kanters Lund University
Title Application of advanced simulations in the design of sustainable communities: Summer School and Public Seminar
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Wei Cai University of Calgary
Title International Conference of Chinese Second Language Teacher Education
Years 1
Funding $10,665

Applicant Jeehee Hong McGill University
Collaborator Hung Wu University of Chicago
Title Materiality and Affect: Emotion in Chinese Art
Years 1
Funding $12,829

Applicant Jen Rinaldi Ontario Tech University
Co-applicant Pierre Côté Ontario Tech University
Toba Bryant Ontario Tech University
Collaborator Samantha Walsh University of Toronto
Title Advocates Assemble: Disability Research from the Ground Up
Years 1
Funding $15,338

Applicant Christina Haldane Dalhousie University
Title Twelve Acadian folk songs and contemporary Francophone vocal works: dissemination and training activities
Years 1
Funding $14,910

Applicant Pierre-Luc Landry University of Victoria
Co-applicant Sylvie Thibault Université du Québec en Outaouais
Valérie Roy Université Laval
Title Médiations par la littérature des violences dans les relations intimes et amoureuses LGBTQIA2S+ : séminaire de recherche-création-intervention
Years 1
Funding $9,708

Applicant Marcia Ostashewski Cape Breton University
Co-applicant Graham Marshall Membertou First Nation
Rhonda Hinther Brandon University
Collaborator Darlene Baggio Holy Ghost Ukrainian Parish
Jane Arnold Cape Breton University
Jody Stark University of Manitoba
Kassandra Luciuk Dalhousie University
Logan Clark Smithsonian Institution
Michael MacDonald Cape Breton University
Title Songs and Stories of Migration and Encounter: Ukrainian Settler Communities, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, and Intercultural Connections Toward Reconciliation in Unama'ki
Years 1
Funding $52,452

Applicant April Mandrona NSCAD University
Collaborator Vanessa Vaughan Champlain Regional College
Title Cultivate/Create/Transform: Connecting Art, Science, and the Humanities
Years 1
Funding $15,589

Applicant Jason Webb Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Carrie Sanders Wilfrid Laurier University
Erin Dej Wilfrid Laurier University
James Popham Wilfrid Laurier University
Jessica Braimoh York University
Marcus Sibley Wilfrid Laurier University
Ryan Broll University of Guelph
Stephanie Howells University of Guelph
William O'Grady University of Guelph
Title Fostering Inclusive Community Responses to Homelessness in Midsized Cities
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Marlis Schweitzer York University
Collaborator Jamie Robinson York University
Keira Loughran York University
Kelly Read Why Not Theatre
Miriam Fernandes Why Not Theatre
Ravi Jain Why Not Theatre
Title Revisiting "Prince Hamlet": Why Not Theatre and Casting Shakespeare in Canada
Years 1
Funding $30,188

Applicant Andil Gosine York University
Title Nature's Wild
Years 1
Funding $33,215

Applicant Sylvie Paré Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Denyse Côté Université du Québec en Outaouais
Title Villes et territoires inclusifs
Years 1
Funding $7,000

Applicant Jennifer Crane University of Saskatchewan
Collaborator Wayne Baerwaldt University of Regina
Title Meeting for Teas: On the Road to Decolonization
Years 1
Funding $15,459

Applicant Samuel Beswick The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Marcus Moore The University of British Columbia
Title Canadian Law of Obligations Conference: "The Power and Limits of Private Law"
Years 1
Funding $7,000

Applicant Theodore Cosco Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Andrew Sixsmith Simon Fraser University
Title Mental health needs and technological interventions for social connectedness amongst older adults: Development of a multi-media knowledge mobilization ecosystem
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Cosku Celik York University
Co-applicant Luann Good Gingrich York University
Title The Global Crisis of Social Reproduction and Rural Development
Years 1
Funding $12,046

Applicant Carrie Anne Marshall Western University
Co-applicant Rebecca Gewurtz McMaster University
Skye Barbic The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Marnie Lofsky Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
Seema Sindwani Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
Title Refining and disseminating the Bridging the Transition Framework: A social justice framework guiding occupational therapy research and practice in homelessness
Years 1
Funding $50,000

Applicant Catalina Sagarra Trent University
Collaborator Murielle Paradelle University of Ottawa
Vivianne Châtel University of Fribourg
Title De la culpabilité. Une notion aujourd'hui bafouée ?
Years 1
Funding $24,777

Applicant Debra Pepler York University
Co-applicant Nicole Muir York University
Shelley Cardinal Canadian Red Cross
Title Pathways to Our Truth: Canada's Responsibility
Years 1
Funding $220,500

Applicant Russell Cobb University of Alberta
Title The Muscogee Roots of the Oil Capital of the World
Years 1
Funding $20,100

Applicant Andrea Asenath Nora MacLeod University of Alberta
Co-applicant C. Allyson Jones University of Alberta
Cary Brown University of Alberta
Collaborator Mona Al Onazi University of Alberta
Patricia Manns University of Alberta
Title Intersections and Critical Theory in Rehabilitation Sciences
Years 1
Funding $10,000

Applicant Alexandra King University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Luke Heidebrecht University of Saskatchewan
Malcolm King University of Saskatchewan
Sarah MacDonald University of Saskatchewan
Collaborator Harvey Thunderchild University of Saskatchewan
Renee Masching Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
Title Kanata Indigenous Village
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Denise Spitzer University of Alberta
Co-applicant Alejandra Ballón Gutiérrez Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru
Jana Grekul University of Alberta
Jill Konkin University of Alberta
Kristin Black University of Calgary
Paulina Johnson University of Alberta
Susanne Luhmann University of Alberta
Vera Caine University of Alberta
Title Forced Sterilization and Coerced Contraception: Towards a Multi-National Agenda
Years 1
Funding $75,000

Applicant Sandeep Bhagwati Concordia University
Collaborator Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Leiden University
Gabriel Turgeon-Dharmoo Concordia University
Title Soundings Across The South: Listening and Sound Practices beyond the Eurological Context
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Estelle Joubert Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Jennifer Bain Dalhousie University
Collaborator David Weigl University of Music and Performing Arts
Sageev Oore Dalhousie University
Title The Music Encoding Conference 2022
Years 1
Funding $19,024

Applicant Lorie Donelle Western University 
Co-applicant Anita Kothari Western University
Jacob Shelley Western University
Joanna Redden Western University
Maxwell Smith Western University
Saverio Stranges Western University 
Collaborator Bradley Hiebert Western University
Title Health Data Dialogues: Supporting Data Stewards for the Future of Healthcare
Years 1
Funding $37,500

Applicant Sabrina Higgins Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Carolyn Laferriere University of Southern California
Chelsea Gardner Acadia University
Christine Johnston Western Washington University
Megan Daniels The University of British Columbia
Melissa Funke The University of Winnipeg
Title Presenting the Past: Responsible Engagement and Ancient Mediterranean History
Years 1
Funding $24,369

Applicant Jeffrey Roberts University of Alberta
Co-applicant Michael Frishkopf University of Alberta
Collaborator Ann McDougall University of Alberta
Deepak Paramashivan University of Alberta
Edward Rothenberg The New School
Gamin Kang University of California, Los Angeles
Hankus Netsky New England Conservatory
Joseph Hill University of Alberta
Julia Byl University of Alberta
Kanykei Mukhtarova University of Alberta
Manijeh Mannani Athabasca University
Mojtaba Mahdavi University of Alberta
Theodore Levin Dartmouth College
Title Globalization and borderlessness in Asia and Africa: transregional flows of music and culture, past and present
Years 1
Funding $73,735

Applicant Marusya Bociurkiw Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaborator Alison Skyrme Toronto Metropolitan University
Kristin Walcott-Dass Toronto Metropolitan University
Melanie Panitch Toronto Metropolitan University
Michael Palamarek York University
Stephanie Springgay McMaster University
Title From Protest to EDI: Remediating the Student Advocacy Archive
Years 1
Funding $26,000

Applicant Idil Abdillahi Toronto Metropolitan Univeristy
Title Blackness, Gender, and New Surveillance Technologies in Canada
Years 1
Funding $31,901

Applicant Markus Hallensleben The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Elizabeth Nijdam The University of British Columbia
Collaborator David Gaertner The University of British Columbia
Dorothee Leesing The University of British Columbia
Maria Jose Athie Martinez The University of British Columbia
Title Decolonizing and Indigenizing European and Migration Studies through Indigenous Storywork Methodologies
Years 1
Funding $18,500

Applicant Michael Litwack University of Alberta
Co-applicant Beth Capper University of Alberta
Shama Rangwala York University
Collaborator Nataleah Hunter-Young Queen's University
Title Mediations of racial capitalism
Years 1
Funding $24,999

Applicant Nathalie Bélanger University of Ottawa
Title Pénurie de personnel enseignant en Ontario. Mobilisation des connaissances
Years 1
Funding $38,420

Applicant Jean-François Bissonnette Université Laval
Co-applicant Alain Olivier Université Laval
David Rivest Université du Québec en Outaouais
Genevieve Laroche World Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Nancy Gélinas Université Laval
Collaborator Cecile Tartera Groupe ProConseil
Christian Dupraz French National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research
Laurene Feintrenic Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
Marney Isaac University of Toronto
Raju Soolanayakanahally University of Saskatchewan
Title L'agroforesterie comme stratégie de transition écologique
Years 1
Funding $24,620

Applicant Casey Mecija York University
Co-applicant John Paul Catungal The University of British Columbia
Marissa Largo York University
Collaborator Conely de Leon Toronto Metropolitan University
Ethel Tungohan York University
Immony Men OCAD University
Lisa Davidson York University
May Farrales Simon Fraser University
Valerie Damasco University of Toronto
Title FilipiNEXT: Filipinx Studies in Canada and Beyond
Years 1
Funding $23,693

Applicant Delphine Collin-Vézina McGill University
Co-applicant Varda Mann-Feder Concordia University
Title National Council of Youth in Care Advocates Leadership and Advocacy Meeting: Improving Social Responses to Youth In and Out of Care
Years 1
Funding $29,500

Applicant Diane Poitras Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Parcours intimes: exposition vidéo autour de l'intimité en ligne
Years 1
Funding $29,144

Applicant Jude Mary Cénat University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Assumpta Ndengeyingoma Université du Québec en Outaouais
Cary Kogan University of Ottawa
Collaborator Oluwafayosolami Solola University of Ottawa
Wina Paul Darius University of Ottawa
Title Santé mentale des communautés noires au Canada : Surmonter les obstacles, combler les lacunes
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Lucie Morisset Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Alain Gelly Parks Canada
Bode Morin Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum
Dinu Bumbaru Héritage Montréal
Josée Laplace McGill University
Justin Bur Université du Québec à Montréal
Marie-Blanche Fourcade Montreal Holocaust Museum
Martin Drouin Université du Québec à Montréal
Myriam Joannette Université du Québec à Montréal
Steven High Concordia University
Title Industrial Heritage Reloaded | Le patrimoine industriel rechargé
Years 1
Funding $24,815

Applicant Maurice Tardif Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Aline Niyubahwe Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Andréanne Gagné Université de Sherbrooke
Catinca Adriana Stan Université Laval
Christian Dumais Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Denis Jeffrey Université Laval
France Gravelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Geneviève Sirois Télé-université
Hélène Duval Université du Québec à Montréal
Joséphine Mukamurera Université de Sherbrooke
Marc-André Ethier Université de Montréal
Marie-Odile Magnan Université de Montréal
Nadia Cody Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Philippe Chaubet Université du Québec à Montréal
Sacha Stoloff Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Sawsen Lakhal Université de Sherbrooke
Title Colloque international en éducation: enjeux actuels et futurs de la formation et de la profession enseignante
Years 1
Funding $21,000

Applicant Henry Parada Toronto Metropolitan University
Co-applicant Marsha Rampersaud Toronto Metropolitan University
Sarah Turnbull University of Waterloo
Usha George Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaborator Danielle Ungara Peel Children's Aid Society
Heather O'Keefe StepStones for Youth
Irwin Elman The Laidlaw Foundation
Marcus Pratt Legal Aid Ontario
Oscar Vigil Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council
Title Strengthening Institutional Responses: Exploring Intersections of Child Protection, Immigration, and Criminal Justice to Better Support Caribbean and Latin American Children and Youth in Canada
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Valérie Angenot Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Jean Revez Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Montréal célèbre 200 ans d'égyptologie
Years 1
Funding $16,839

Applicant Sylvain Letscher Université du Québec à Rimouski
Co-applicant Audrey Dupont Université du Québec à Rimouski
Rachel Berthiaume Université de Montréal
Title Éducation des élèves sourds ou ayant une surdité : Entre participation sociale, inclusion et littératie
Years 1
Funding $16,990

Applicant Statia Elliot University of Guelph
Co-applicant Marion Joppe University of Guelph
Collaborator Esra Calvert Esra Calvert Consulting
Title Global Mobilization of Tourism Research Knowledge
Years 1
Funding $19,000

Applicant Jitse Dijkstra University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Andreas Bendlin University of Toronto
Title Appropriation: A New Approach to Religion in Antiquity
Years 1
Funding $20,024

Applicant Sarah Burch University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Christopher Orr University of Waterloo
Jose DiBella University of Waterloo
Collaborator Arnim Wiek Arizona State University
Tova Davidson Sustainable Waterloo Region
Title High-level Sustainability Summit: Building Transformative Capacity to Support Ontario SMEs
Years 1
Funding $12,000

Applicant Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada Université Laval
Co-applicant Cécile Rousseau McGill University
Vivek Venkatesh Concordia University
Title Islamophobie pseudo-savante et médiatique : regards croisés Canada-Europe
Years 1
Funding $24,500

Applicant Katherine Boggs Mount Royal University
Title Community Science Liaison Training Workshop
Years 1
Funding $20,900

Applicant Mary Elizabeth Luka University of Toronto
Co-applicant Kenneth Shawn Newman Toronto Arts Foundation
Robin Nelson MacEwan University
Robin Sokoloski Mass Culture
Tarah Wright Dalhousie University
Title Expanding impact: activating arts and culture today
Years 1
Funding $49,992

Applicant Amaya Perez-Brumer University of Toronto
Co-applicant Kelika Konda Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Lukas Engelmann University of Edinburgh
Collaborator Alfonso Silva-Santisteban Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Angela Mashford-Pringle University of Toronto
César Torres-Cruz National Autonomous University of Mexico
Emily Vasquez University of Illinois at Chicago
Erica Di Ruggiero University of Toronto
Richard Parker Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Sereno Reisner Harvard University
Title Data, epistemology, and justice: What counts as global health evidence?
Years 1
Funding $21,474

Applicant Ashley Falzetti University of Windsor
Title Reinvigorating Myaamia Language Revitalization
Years 1
Funding $25,290

Applicant Corinne Schuster-Wallace University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Louise Arnal University of Saskatchewan
Collaborator Margaret Romuld Canadian Water Resources Association
Nicky Pacas Town of Canmore
Nicole Fougere artsPlace Canmore
Tricia Stadnyk University of Calgary
Title Changing Attitudes through Art: The Art-Water-Climate Connection
Years 1
Funding $21,723

Applicant Claudia Mitchell McGill University
Co-applicant Lisa Starr McGill University
Seyed Mohammad Hani Sadati McGill University
Title Re-visioning in Cellphilm Methodology: An International Dialogue
Years 1
Funding $23,753

Applicant Samira Belyazid Université de Moncton
Collaborator Leyla Sall Université de Moncton
Mbaye Diouf McGill University
Title Francophonie mondiale : l'expérience sino-canadienne en enseignement et en recherche à l'horizon de 2030
Years 1
Funding $24,918

Applicant Kristina Fagan University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Allyson Stevenson University of Saskatchewan
Celiese Lypka Athabasca University
David Gaertner The University of British Columbia
Jennifer Hunnef University of Saskatchewan
Marie-Eve Bradette University of Regina
Collaborator Johannah Bird McMaster University
Karon Shmon Gabriel Dumont Institute for Native Studies & Applied Research
Title kîhokêwin tâcimoyin: Visiting to Tell Stories
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Alan MacEachern University of Prince Edward Island
Co-applicant Philip Smith University of Prince Edward Island
Collaborator Lesley Clement Lakehead University
Title 15th International L.M. Montgomery Conference: L.M. Montgomery and Re-vision
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Emily Grafton University of Regina
Co-applicant David MacDonald University of Guelph
Jérôme Melançon University of Regina
Title Settler Colonialism in Canada: Perspectives, Comparisons, Cases
Years 1
Funding $32,474

Applicant Guy Lachapelle Concordia University
Co-applicant Erick Duchesne Université Laval
Serge Granger Université de Sherbrooke
Title Valeurs, identités et politique - Congrès de la SQSP 2022
Years 1
Funding $15,040

Applicant Ilyan Ferrer Carleton University
Co-applicant Fritz Pino University of Regina
Collaborator Monica Anne Batac McGill University
Veronica Javier York University
Title Kwentuhan (storytelling) with Filipino/a/x Canadian social work practitioners, scholars, and students: A knowledge mobilization podcast and outreach project
Years 1
Funding $47,748

Applicant Doris Farget Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Christian Gates St-Pierre Université de Montréal
Dimitri della Faille de Leverghem Université du Québec en Outaouais
Geneviève Motard Université Laval
Laurent Jérôme Université du Québec à Montréal
Marie-Pierre Bousquet Université de Montréal
Nicolas Houde Université du Québec à Montréal
Richard Compton Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Entre décolonisation et autochtonisation : comment penser un monde plus juste ?
Years 1
Funding $24,948

Applicant Kevin Banks Queen's University
Co-applicant Rafael Gomez University of Toronto
Richard Chaykowski Queen's University
Title Rethinking the Foundations of Workplace Law: A Sustained Exchange in Two Connected Workshops
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Ian MacDonald Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Rafael Gomez University of Toronto
Collaborator Jason Foster Canadian Industrial Relations Association
Mélanie Laroche Université de Montréal
Title The Climate Crisis and the Future of Work
Years 1
Funding $33,145

Applicant Marie-Pierre Robert Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Pierre Noel Université de Sherbrooke
Raphaël Mathieu Legault Laberge Université de Sherbrooke
Title Enjeux historiques, sociojuridiques et religieux de la mort : cadavre, cimetières et sépultures
Years 1
Funding $14,221

Applicant M. Kamari Clarke University of Toronto
Title Rethinking Futures of Justice: Beyond the Limits of the Law
Years 1
Funding $24,580

Applicant Jean-William P. Laliberté University of Calgary
Co-applicant Arvind Magesan University of Calgary
Donna Leanna Feir University of Victoria
Maggie Jones University of Victoria
Rob Gillezeau University of Victoria
Title Banff Empirical Microeconomics Conference 2022
Years 1
Funding $10,000

Applicant Sandra Breux Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Co-applicant Anne Mevellec University of Ottawa
Title Dictionnaire politique de la scène municipale québécoise
Years 1
Funding $7,821

Applicant Peggy Davis Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Dominic Hardy Université du Québec à Montréal
Nicole Milette Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Anne Grace The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Ginette Deslauriers No Institutional Affiliation
Hugues Ouellet Université du Québec à Montréal
Philippe Lupien Université du Québec à Montréal
Title (Re)découvrir Albert Dumouchel (1916-1971) : expositions, livre, symposium
Years 1
Funding $49,996

Applicant Sara Matthews Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Christine McGuire Diefenbunker Canada's Cold War Museum
Kevin Spooner Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Mapping the Cold War: The Spatialization of Preparedness
Years 1
Funding $20,429

Applicant Usha George Toronto Metropolitan University
Co-applicant Anna Triandafyllidou Toronto Metropolitan University
Harald Bauder Toronto Metropolitan University
Henry Parada Toronto Metropolitan University
Collaborator Barbara Sheffield Other/Unknown
Vera Dodic City of Toronto
Title Increasing Capacity for Refugee Family Reunification in Canada
Years 1
Funding $24,989

Applicant Allyson Ion McMaster University
Co-applicant Richard Monture McMaster University
Collaborator Matthew Walker No Institutional Affiliation
Serena Mendizabal Western University 
Todd Williams Other/Unknown
Title "Which them and their Posterity are to enjoy forever...":  Six Nations and their Allies along the Grand River Tract
Years 1
Funding $49,381

Applicant Gabriel Blouin-Genest Université de Sherbrooke
Title La crise et l'urgence comme politique : nouveaux modes de gouvernance ou nouveaux rapports à la démocratie?
Years 1
Funding $14,291

Applicant Christoph Emmrich University of Toronto
Co-applicant Katharine Rankin University of Toronto
Nadine Plachta University of Toronto
Title Himalayan Studies Conference 6
Years 1
Funding $20,000

Applicant Carole Levesque Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Thomas-Bernard Kenniff Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Arnaud Hendrickx Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Louise Pelletier Université du Québec à Montréal
Riet Eeckhout Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Title Drawing Conversations. Exposition, colloque international, symposium-ateliers et salon de dessin
Years 1
Funding $49,890

Applicant Nicolas Guichon Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Jean Gabin Ntebutse Université de Sherbrooke
Simon Collin Université du Québec à Montréal
Simon Parent Université de Montréal
Collaborator Charles Bourgeois Université de Sherbrooke
Title Perspectives critiques sur le numérique en éducation et formation
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Emilie Fortin-Lefebvre Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Thierry Beaupré-Gateau Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Les 20 ans de la paix des braves! Retour sur les acquis entrepreneuriaux de la nation crie à travers la cocréation de matériels audiovisuels
Years 1
Funding $20,452

Applicant Sylvie Morais Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Title Vers l'éducation artistique de 2030
Years 1
Funding $16,550

Applicant Maarouf Ramadan Université de Sherbrooke
Title 5e Colloque interdisciplinaire sur la défaillance d'entreprise (CIDE)
Years 1
Funding $10,234

Applicant Yann Joly McGill University
Collaborator Ma'n Zawati McGill University
Title The 2022 Genetic Discrimination Observatory Conference
Years 1
Funding $21,850

Applicant Geneviève Dufour Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Richard Ouellet Université Laval
Collaborator Delphine Ducasse Université de Sherbrooke
Title Réforme de l'Organisation mondiale du commerce : vers un nouveau multilatéralisme économique
Years 1
Funding $24,998

Applicant Stacey Fitzsimmons University of Victoria
Co-applicant Anupama Phene George Washington University
Jen Baggs University of Victoria
Rajneesh Narula University of Reading
Collaborator Dana Minbaeva King's College London
Sudhir Nair University of Victoria
Title Global Mobility of People Colloquium
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Isabelle St-Amand Queen's University
Co-applicant André Dudemaine Présence Autochtone
Marion Delaronde Kanien'keháka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center
Collaborator Deborah Walker University of Auckland
Natalia Möller Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Title Revisioning the Americas through Indigenous Cinema: Connections, Sustainability, Crisis
Years 1
Funding $24,999

Applicant Naomi Seidman University of Toronto
Co-applicant Glenn Dynner Fairfield University
Collaborator Marcin Wodziński University of Wroclaw
Title Bais Yaakov in historical and transnational perspective
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Kathleen Martin Ginis The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Amy Latimer Queen's University
Emilie Michalovic Abilities Centre
Pinder DaSilva Abilities Centre
Shane Sweet McGill University
Tanya Forneris The University of British Columbia
Collaborator E. Jane Arkell Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability
Gail Hamamoto BC Wheelchair Sports Association
Janine Giles Rocky Mountain Adaptive
Jennifer Leo University of Alberta
Jennifer Tomasone Queen's University
Matthew Greenwood Pickering Football Club
Nick Boyle Rocky Mountain Adaptive
Title Co-creation of an interactive technology digital program-evaluation toolkit for Canadian physical activity programs for people with disabilities
Years 1
Funding $46,075

Applicant Leith Davis Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Kevin James University of Guelph
Collaborator Melissa McAfee University of Guelph
Title Networking Jacobites, 1688 to the Present Workshop
Years 1
Funding $24,905

Applicant Gilles Dupuis Université de Montréal
Co-applicant François Harvey Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
Nicholas Cotton Lizotte Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
Title Thanatographies : (re)penser la mort en littérature
Years 1
Funding $24,997

Applicant Heike Härting Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Simon Harel Université de Montréal
Title Planetary Drifts: Methodology, Technology, and the Creative Imagination in the Age of Planetary Transformation
Years 1
Funding $22,856

Applicant Alexander Oehler University of Regina
Co-applicant Susanne Kuehling University of Regina
Title Open Spaces – Close Encounters / Espaces ouverts – Liens étroits CASCA 2022
Years 1
Funding $24,907

Applicant Frederick Packer University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Ghuna Bdiwi University of Ottawa
Kawkab Al-Wadeai Other/Unknown
Nadia Abu-Zahra University of Ottawa
Collaborator Philip Leech-Ngo University of Ottawa
Title Activists-in-Exile in Theory and Practice
Years 1
Funding $23,055

Applicant Patrice Aubertin National Circus School
Title Colloque interordre de la recherche étudiante en sciences sociales et humaines
Years 1
Funding $24,995

Applicant Melanie Ross Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Collaborator Brendan Griebel Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Doug Brown Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Kim Crockatt Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Sandi Gillis Inuit Heritage Trust Incorporated
Title Culturally Driven Sustainable Building in the Arctic Workshop
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Riley Kucheran Toronto Metropolitan University
Title Fashioning Resurgence Panel Series 2022
Years 1
Funding $25,000

Applicant Maxime Gohier Université du Québec à Rimouski
Co-applicant Dominique Deslandres Université de Montréal
Léon Robichaud Université de Sherbrooke
Title Nouvelle-France maritime : école d'été en culture numérique et gestion des données de recherche
Years 1
Funding $24,547
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