Award Recipients for Open Research Area Seventh Call for Proposals

Applicant Alison Phinney The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Elaine Wiersma Lakehead University
Title Centring the Lived Experience of Dementia within Policy, Practice and Community Development
Years 3
Funding $399,900
Applicant D. Stephen Lindsay University of Victoria
Collaborator Eric Mah University of Victoria
Title 3D Interactive Lineups
Years 3
Funding $147,355
Applicant Allison McCulloch Brandon University
Co-applicant John McGarry Queen's University
Title Citizen Inclusion in Power-Sharing Settlements
Years 3
Funding $337,185
Applicant Vanessa MacDonnell University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Philippe Lagassé Carleton University
Collaborator Geneviève Cartier Université de Sherbrooke
Hillary Nye University of Alberta
Marie-France Fortin University of Ottawa
Mark Walters Queen's University
Peter Oliver University of Ottawa
Yuvraj Joshi The University of British Columbia
Title Unwritten Constitutional Norms and Principles: A Comparative Study
Years 3
Funding $399,787
Applicant Patrick Watson Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Carmen Nave Wilfrid Laurier University
Christopher Schneider Brandon University
Erick Laming Trent University
Title Visions of Policing: How Visual Technologies Shape Police Oversight and Training
Years 3
Funding $398,412
Applicant Susan Elliott University of Waterloo
Title CANVAS: Children, Attitudes, Norms, Violence, Society
Years 3
Funding $400,000
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