Award Recipients for SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships: Fall 2021 Competition

Applicant Affiliation Title Funding
Abat-Roy, Virginie Université d'Ottawa Les diverses facettes de l'(in)accessibilité : l'apport de la méthode participative PhotoVoice pour redonner une voix aux bénéficiaires de chiens-guides et de chiens d'assistance $40,000
Abu Alrob, Zainab Toronto Metropolitan University Safeguarding Legal Rights: A Comparative Study of Refugee Access to Justice in Canada $20,000
Abughannam, Rana Carleton University Counter-colonial: Investigating architectural rehabilitation as a form of resistance in Hebron, Palestine $40,000
Adams, Nathan A. McGill University Recovering St. Irenaeus' Teachings on Reconciliation $60,000
Afreen, Asma The University of British Columbia Teaching Bangla as a Heritage Language in the COVID Era $20,000
Ahn, Byunghoon B. McGill University Anti-Harassment Educational Intervention for Health Sciences Students $40,000
Aidelbaum, Robert S.W. University of Toronto Behavioural and Cognitive Responses to Social Exclusion: The moderating effects of psychosis and cognitive schemas $60,000
Al-Shihabi, Majd University of Toronto A shared vision for housing: Agent-based model of real estate markets in Canada $80,000
Amani, Farzaneh Concordia University Data Privacy Disclosure and Governance Practices $40,000
Amoak, Daniel Western University Seed Security for Enhancing Food Security, Climate Change Resilience and Mental Health in Malawi $60,000
Amuchastegui, Maria York University "Many possible arithmetics": The marginalized knowledges of Juan Caramuel $60,000
Anderson, Hannah University of Calgary Fictionally Examining the Impact of Sport-Hero Culture on Female Developmental Athletes $60,000
Anderson, Jamie L. University of Calgary Teaching While Trans: A Comparative Study of Gender and Teacher Professionalism in Canadian Schools $60,000
Annis, Sarina University of Toronto Mennonite Missions on the Rainy River: Cosmologies of Land, Religion, and Power $20,000
Antoniuk, Andrea S. University of Alberta Dimming the spotlight: Investigating anxiety in classroom assessments $40,000
Armstrong, Genevieve University of Toronto Improving tuberculosis policies for migrants with a precarious immigration status in Canada $40,000
Armstrong, Kathryn Concordia University By All Means: Canadian Co-Production and the Growth of Public Media $80,000
Asadi, Shayan University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Mechanisms of rejection sensitivity in sexual minority adults $80,000
Attrux, Monique York University Writing Chinese: Diasporic Entanglements in Chinese Canadian English Prose Fiction $60,000
Auchynnikava, Alena University of Windsor How does social trust influence life satisfaction of Canadians? A multiyear investigation of national surveys $80,000
Auclair, Olivia McGill University The nutritional, environmental, economic, and sociocultural implications of sustainable diets in Montreal $60,000
Audesse, Alexandre University of Ottawa Réfléchir le (et avec le) populisme pénal : réflexion sur les expressions démocratiques entourant les politiques canadiennes en matière pénale $20,000
Awad, Reem Carleton University The Temporary—a Way of Life and an Instrument for Displacement $60,000
Aylward, Breanne L. University of Alberta Exploring emotions and identity within a rapidly changing world: How do young people in Canada experience and cope with ecological grief and anxiety? $60,000
Barker, Rebecca York University Perpetual States of Becoming: Unlearning and Praxis as Experimental Animation Pedagogy $40,000
Barré-Benoit, Cynthia Université de Sherbrooke Les espaces de rencontre entre nouveaux arrivants et membres de la société civile face aux politiques d'intégration linguistique dans les villes plurilingues : regards croisés sur Montréal et Bruxelles $80,000
Barrett, Joshua University of Guelph New Localism to the Rescue of Rural Economic Development? An Examination of Newfoundland and Labrador $40,000
Barron, Amy H. University of Waterloo She can't handle the truth: Do gender stereotypes undermine managers' enactment of justice when communicating bad news? $80,000
Barron, Katherine York University Who Benefits from Curriculum Modifications? Exploring the Intended and Unintended Impacts of Curriculum Modifications on Equity, Achievement and Well-being $60,000
Barton, Emily York University Queer/Women/Archive: Cinema and Trans-Historic World Building $40,000
Baugh, Sylvanna L D. University of Toronto Talking Body: Revisiting Embodiment in Modernist Zimbabwean Literature $60,000
Beaupre, Jordyn K. McMaster University The Regulation of Women's Morality: Canadian Legal Relics in Context $80,000
Beck, Delaney R. University of New Brunswick Some of the sisters have shell shock as well as wounds: War Trauma in First World War Canadian Nursing Sisters $80,000
Bell, Kathryn J. Fielding Graduate University A multimodal study of how elders reveal heart wisdom $80,000
Benaguida, Aïda Université de Montréal La transition à la vie adulte des jeunes en situation de décrochage scolaire $60,000
Benteux, Bérenger Université de Sherbrooke À la croisée des savoirs sur la pauvreté : les pratiques d'éducation populaire pour inclure la pensée et l'action des personnes qui la vivent $40,000
Berard, Ashley A. University of Victoria Understanding the role of social capital in wildfire disasters in the rural Interior of British Columbia $40,000
Bergeron-Dumaine, Holly The University of British Columbia Reframing Gender and Race in Music Theory and its Pedagogy $80,000
Bernier, Alexe McMaster University Co-Creating Key Practice Principles with Girls for Gender-Specific Community Programs $60,000
Bernier, Guylain Université du Québec en Outaouais Conflit urbain et revitalisation des quartiers centraux à Gatineau $60,000
Bessette-Viens, Raphaëlle Concordia University Mastectomy beyond binaries: Understanding nuances of affective experiences through filmmaking $60,000
Bezerra Rodrigues, Renato Alan University of Manitoba Towards a Theoretical Framework for Sociotechnical Thinking $60,000
Bezzaz, Meryem Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) Natural Resources and International Cooperation $80,000
Bhalla, Manvi The University of British Columbia Epistemic Diversity Within Chemicals Regulation and Management: Implications for Intersectional Environmental Justice in Canada $80,000
Bhandari, Aparajita Cornell University Reviewing Places, Digitizing Spaces: Google Maps and the Construction of the City $20,000
Bigué, Rose-Ann The University of British Columbia Proteomic analysis of dental calculus: Detection of vitamin D-related proteomic biomarkers and exploration of possible link with host immunity and disease processes $80,000
Bilenkyy, Andriy University of Toronto An Institutional Account of Literary Aboutness $40,000
Blackburn, Melissa Brock University Examining the Protective Role of Self-Compassion in the Relationship Between Adolescent Perfectionism, Stress, and Mental Health $80,000
Blair, Chantelle University of Alberta Resilience and teen parents' motivation to complete schooling: Perspectives from teen parents and their teachers $80,000
Blouin, Sonia Université de Sherbrooke L'histoire de la danse orientale au Québec de 1940 à 2020 : un exemple de transfert culturel $80,000
Boivin Évangeliste, Lara Université du Québec à Montréal La quête des origines et la construction identitaire des adultes issus de l'adoption internationale $40,000
Boothroyd, Sydney University of Toronto The Time is Now: A Youth-Informed Approach to Understanding and Supporting Young People's Mental Health in the Digital Age $80,000
Borkowski, Alexandra York University Re-Sounding Voice Assistants: Histories of Gendered Interfaces, Politics of Disembodied Voices $40,000
Bossom, Isabella McGill University The Influence of Materialism on the Self-Concept $80,000
Both, Maxine European University Institute Solidarity Knows No Borders: Understanding Resistance to Immigration Control in Canada, the UK, and Italy $80,000
Botia, Luz Alejandra The University of British Columbia The Role of Peer Support in Eating Disorders $40,000
Bouchard, Alexandra Université de Sherbrooke Une administration publique augmentée par l'intelligence artificielle? L'adaptation du droit administratif aux transformations contemporaines des administrations publiques québécoise et canadienne $60,000
Boulay, Marie-France Université Laval Enquête sur les activités de développement professionnel (DP) des enseignant.e.s du Québec : analyse des facteurs influençant la participation des enseignant.e.s à des activités de DP transformatrices et ayant un effet sur les apprentissages des élèves $60,000
Bovi, Naomi Université de Montréal Dessiner les contours d'une identité séculière nationale. Une sociologie du mouvement pro-laïcité québécois $80,000
Brass, Laura The University of British Columbia Re-Skilling, Up-Skilling, and the De-Valuing of Skill: Skilled Immigrant Women's Lived Experiences of Identity $40,000
Braun, Sasha D. University of Manitoba Queer exile: Banished varieties, migration, and undomesticated feelings $80,000
Brenton, Jennifer Memorial University of Newfoundland Organizing in Place: Exploring the Role of Place in Cross-Sector Partnerships, Social Entrepreneurship, and Community Development $40,000
Briand, Étienne Université du Québec à Montréal Quelle est l'importance de l'actualité sur le cycle économique en information endogène? $60,000
Briggs, Chloe The University of British Columbia Self-disclosing on Instagram: Do Self-Disclosure Motivations Play a Role in the Relationship Between Social Media and Mental Health? $40,000
Brockington, Meghan University of Guelph Fish as Food: Exploring the Contribution of Fisheries to Food Security in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut $40,000
Brown, Carol A.M. University of Alberta Science Teacher Professional Development in a Post-truth World: Intersections of Information Literacy, Science and Society $80,000
Bryson, Janna York University Abortion, Medical Assistance in Dying and the Management of Labour Power $80,000
Burrows, Sarah University of Central Florida The Distribution of Entrepreneurship Within and Across Generations of Business Families $20,000
Burry, Meghan V. Queen's University Challenging constructs of gender and sexuality in women's writing of the long nineteenth century $20,000
Burton, Andrew Queen's University (De)Queering Art in America: Examining the Guiding Forces Behind Censorship Campaigns, 1980-Present $80,000
Bush, Jessica University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Un voile de silence : Sexual violence during the Holocaust in France $80,000
Bussière-Ladouceur, Élora Princeton University A Theory of Social Envy and Its Role in the Rise of Populism $80,000
Cafaro, Ursula Laurentian University University Later in Life: An Intersectional Analysis of Women's Experiences $80,000
Cagulada, Elaine K. University of Toronto Deafness, Disability, Race and Policing: Critical Engagements with Police, Training Modules, and Racialized Deaf People $20,000
Caldwell, Devyn M. University of Alberta The Effect of the Biocultural Environment on Growth during the Roman to Anglo-Saxon Transition in the South of England $80,000
Cameron-Steinke, Bryna Georgetown University Monks, Malaria and Marshlands: The Lived Landscape of Early Medieval Northwestern France $20,000
Campbell, Michael J. Western University Affect in the archives: Towards a thicker theory of transitional justice $80,000
Candy, Zachary Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Later Islamic logic and metaphysics: Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (1201-1274) on the analogy of being $80,000
Cannon-Brown, Lee Harvard University Musical thought and international ultramodernism, 1910-1950 $20,000
Carbone, Katrina Queen's University Shifting the higher education landscape: Promoting authentic assessment to support learning $80,000
Carreau, Kathryn Carleton University Towards an inclusion-focused model of police interviewing: Discursive constructions of experiences and challenges of neurodiverse adults in the Canadian legal system $40,000
Carrier, Christina D. York University Exploring the association between social functioning and physiological stress during school recess in children with autism spectrum disorder $80,000
Carrier, Élianne Université du Québec à Montréal L'attachement au lieu : exploration de son rôle sur le bien-être d'aînés venant d'emménager en résidence pour personnes autonomes $60,000
Carson, Alexa R. University of Toronto Immigrant Seniors in Toronto, Ontario: Family Caregiver and Policy Perspectives $40,000
Carter, Theadora S. University of Alberta Building Healthy Relations for Indigenous Entrepreneurship $40,000
Carty, Alexander M. McGill University Fitting emotions, moral responsibility, and the canons of normativity $80,000
Cassidy, Kathleen University of New Brunswick Correlates of interpersonal adjustment among individuals with histories of sexual offences and non-offending romantic partners: The moderating effects of dyadic coping and psychological symptoms $40,000
Caswell, Liam P.B. Dalhousie University Facing Armageddon beyond the frontiers of empire: The role of the Royal Navy in the continuation of Britain's informal empire in China, 1930-1941 $40,000
Chakkour, Elias York University Memories of Home: Ethnography into the Experience of Aging in the Lebanese Canadian Diaspora $40,000
Chambers, Aminah R. University of Toronto Evaluating a Mental Health Screening Process in a Youth Criminal Court $20,000
Chambers, Emily London School of Economics and Political Science When a tree falls in the forest: Exploring capital and care during the climate crisis in western Canada's reforestation industry $80,000
Champagne, Clara Université de Montréal Stratégies d'écriture pour améliorer la communication de la science $80,000
Chanady, Alexandre Institut national de la recherche scientifique De Montréal à Berlin : mise en valeur et pérennité du patrimoine LGBTQ+ en milieu urbain $60,000
Chan, Melvin C.H. York University Learning with animals: Exploring diverse rabbit-human interactions in the animal shelter $80,000
Chan, Samantha York University Promoting Youth in Care's Readiness for Transition to Adulthood: The Development and Evaluation of the Milestone Program $40,000
Chapelski, Matthew S.J. University of Saskatchewan Physical Literacy Intervention in Children with Congenital Heart Disease $80,000
Charbonneau, Marjorie Université du Québec à Montréal Femme en politique : Marie-Antoinette, Catherine II et Georgiana Cavendish sous le trait gravé obscène de la presse imprimé $80,000
Charette, Michelle York University An Ethnographic Screening: Musculoskeletal Conditions and ePROs $40,000
Charron, Sophie University of Toronto Gender and Power: Bohemian Queenship in the Golden Age of Prague, 1346-78 $80,000
Chatelain, Marc-Antoine University of Toronto Essays in the Economics of Education: The Effects of Class Size Policies and Programs of Choice $20,000
Chazan, Devon University of Alberta NoBODY left behind: Examining 2SLGBTQ+ body image in the school context $40,000
Cheminais, Christian Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue La littératie en santé en travail social : un nouvel éclairage pour lutter contre les inégalités en santé $80,000
Chen, Crystal H.Y. University of Toronto A Competition-based Analysis of Definite Articles and Demonstratives $80,000
Chen, Emma University of Saskatchewan Immigrant Parent Knowledge in Heritage Language Education $60,000
Chernyavska, Maryna University of Alberta Innovation, representation, and heritage: Unorthodox archiving in the archival multiverse $60,000
Chineme, Atinuke S. University of Calgary Community-Based Biowaste Circularity: Utilizing the Self-organization Skills of Indigenous African Female-led Institutions $60,000
Chioini, Simon Université de Montréal Processus créatifs et pratiques de l'écologie du son : formulation de modèles pour les musiques électroacoustiques $80,000
Chokshi, Apoorve University of Calgary Anti-Racist Algorithmic Co-Design with Pre-service Teachers $40,000
Chu, Alanna K. University of Ottawa Living in Limbo: The psychological experiences of patients with advanced and metastatic lung cancer receiving immunotherapy and targeted therapy $60,000
Church, Lindsay Dalhousie University The Monster Returns/Arthur Returns: Collapsing the Binary Between Monster and Hero in Arthurian Adaptations $60,000
Clarke, Krystina M. Ontario Tech University Designing and Developing a Crowdsourcing Application Rooted in Theoretical Findings to Produce Simulators for Remote Health Professions Education Learners $80,000
Clausén, Marie S.E. University of Ottawa Heritage and sempiternity in the Norfolk Churchscape $40,000
Clowater, Victoria A. McMaster University Polyamorous families in Canada: Defining kinship otherwise under state-sponsored monogamy $80,000
Cocking, Olivia E.R. Emory University Bureaucratizing belonging: Gender in the emergent colonial spaces of Paris's urban infrastructure, 1880-1939 $60,000
Colavito, Elio University of Toronto Chasing Transtopia: Trans-Masculine Mutual Aid, 1970-2005 $60,000
Coleman, Matthew C. University of Toronto Seeing Beyond the Classical Tradition, Then and Now: The Diversity of Viewer Experience in Hellenistic Art $60,000
Coles, Megan G. Concordia University Consent in Modern Canadian Theatre: Playwright Investments and Approaches to Reconciliation $40,000
Collier-Jarvis, Krista D. Dalhousie University Of the Dead: Toward a Better Understanding of Living through Contagion $20,000
Collins Araiza, Camila University of Toronto Jewish Communities, Law and Slavery in the British Caribbean $80,000
Collins, Emily York University Sonic Ecologies: Sounding Difference, Resistance and Care in Contemporary Media Art $40,000
Collishaw, Anissa University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Examining the preferences and willingness-to-pay for nutrient-dense foods of pregnant and lactating women in Malawi $40,000
Comeau, Ghislaine Concordia University Early England and Islam: Tracing and Placing "Saracens" Within Early English Literature $80,000
Comtois-Cabana, Maude Simon Fraser University The role of genetic and epigenetic factors in the association between child maltreatment and youth's emotional and behavioural difficulties: A genome-wide and longitudinal study $60,000
Cooper, Rosalind University of Toronto Where God was, there Machine-Learning Algorithms shall be $20,000
Côté, Jean-Philippe Université du Québec à Montréal Utiliser des technologies obsolètes comme matériau source d'une installation interactive artistique $60,000
Covey, Nicole V.M. Trent University The True North Strong and Free: An Analysis of Canadian Arctic Security from 1947-2019 $60,000
Cranmer, Colleen V. University of Ottawa The dried fish economy in the Tonle Sap region of Cambodia: Understanding how women contribute to rural livelihood resiliency in an uncertain and changing environment $80,000
Crape, Drumlin N.M. University of Waterloo Monstrous Forms: Reclaiming Queer Horrors in New Media $80,000
Crawford, Kaitlin University of Bath Teamwork in action: A mixed methods investigation of teamwork training in sport $60,000
Cromwell, Kirsty L.. University of Alberta Stolen Lands and Sundown Towns $80,000
Cuerrier, Marjorie Université de Montréal Conception, mise à l'essai et influences d'une application numérique favorisant l'automatisation des processus de transcription en écriture au 1er cycle du primaire $40,000
Cwynar, Kari Queen's University Performing Public Space: Public Art After Monuments $80,000
Cyfko, John Edward Neto McGill University Advancing Understanding of Sibling Aggression in Preschool and Adolescence $60,000
Czarnowski, Alicia J. University of Ottawa Understanding the Role of Canadian Surrogacy Consultants $40,000
D'Amico, Danielle Toronto Metropolitan University Understanding the Effects of Cumulative Stress Across the Lifespan on Psychological Well-being Among Older Adults: The Buffering Role of Social Engagement $40,000
Darsigny-Trépanier, Laurence Université du Québec à Montréal De l'amante à la meurtrière : les femmes du Cantique des cantiques et de Proverbes 7 $80,000
Darveau Routhier, Florence Université de Montréal (Re)tracer les devenirs-pauvres en contexte urbain : ethnographie d'un Sherbrooke en train de se faire $40,000
Davey, Robline C.E. Simon Fraser University Examining Metis women's' experiences and identity construction in online postsecondary discussion spaces $60,000
Davis, Thomas R. McGill University A posthumanist approach to analyzing noise in saxophone music with live electronics $40,000
Décarie-Daigneault, Benjamin Pennsylvania State University L'idée de nature chez Merleau Ponty : de la phénoménologie transcendantale husserlienne à l'écophénoménologie $80,000
Delage, Véronic L. University of Ottawa Exploring the gender difference in math anxiety and spatial anxiety throughout development $80,000
Del Rosario, Nicole University of Manitoba Developing an Intervention for Older Adults to Improve Engagement in Specialty Mental Health Services $60,000
de Montigny, Béatrice University of Ottawa Recherche développement sur l'enseignement du consentement au préscolaire et au primaire en contexte québécois et ontarien $80,000
De Oliveira Soares, Roberta Université de Montréal Le processus de classement des élèves du secondaire avant et après le séjour en classe d'accueil à Montréal : une analyse interactionniste et intersectionnelle des prises de décisions $40,000
Deol, Simrit K. University of Alberta Is my bikini selfie empowering or contributing to my objectification?; A netnography of postfeminist sensibilities on Instagram $40,000
Depow, Gregory J. University of Toronto Must be nice: Mitigating upward comparisons on social media with a positive empathy intervention $40,000
Descary, Guillaume Université de Montréal Origines sociales défavorisées, exposition au stress et jeunes déscolarisés et sans emploi lors de la transition à l'âge adulte : le rôle protecteur de l'agentivité $60,000
Deschênes, Frédérick Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Le concept de résonance en sciences cognitives : vers une unification des approches incarnées et dynamiques de la cognition $80,000
Desrochers-Arsenault, Jeanne Université Laval Motivations des Premières Nations à occuper un emploi dans le secteur forestier $60,000
de Vries, Samantha K. Simon Fraser University International Cooperation in Transnational Wildlife Criminal Matters: Practitioner Experiences from North America and Eastern Africa $20,000
Dicks, Heather C. Memorial University of Newfoundland Poverty, Progress and Pandemic: Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on Remittances $60,000
Di Matteo, Sabrina Université Laval Une génération de transition : les catholiques québécois de 30 à 45 ans entre héritage et responsabilité $80,000
Dionne-Krosnick, Arièle McGill University Spaces of Bathing: Architecture and Blackness in the Eastern United States (1954-1968) $80,000
Di Renzo, Frankie Carleton University Radical Mycology: Collaborations with Fungi and the Pursuit of Sustainability $60,000
DiTecco, Delphine Carleton University The "oldest profession" meets the newest tech: A study of sex work and emerging sexual technologies $60,000
Dixon-Luinenburg, Titania L. The University of British Columbia What is psychological pain? Examining the nature and structure of unbearable psychological pain $80,000
Dmyterko, Juliane M.L. The University of British Columbia How can we support you? A grounded theory of neurodiversity-affirming practice $40,000
Dobrowolski, Ellen M. University of Alberta Missionary and Métisse: Unsettling conceptions of the ethnic and religious identities of Sara Riel $80,000
Doggett, Olivia University of Toronto A Multiphase Interdisciplinary Study on the Impacts of Emergent Agricultural Technologies on Farm Labour and a Participatory Design Approach to Envisioning Equitable Future Directions $60,000
Donald, Madeline C. The University of British Columbia What's in a weed? An ethnoecological study of non-Indigenous plants present in K'ǝmcnitkw, an Okanagan River floodplain re-engagement site $40,000
Donovan, Bonny Lynn The University of British Columbia Ecoliteracy in the Early Learning Years: A Land Education Study with Syilx Okanagan children $40,000
Dorion, Anne-Sophie Université de Sherbrooke Enfants canadien(ne)s et écoanxiété : conceptualisation et développement de questionnaire $40,000
Dorman, Jennifer D. University of Calgary An interpretive description of Canadian hospice nurses' experiences of moral distress in medical assistance in dying (MAiD) $40,000
Dowling, Erin Jennifer University of Manitoba Testing the Role of Disfluency as a Strategy to Convey the Veracity of Health-Related Information $80,000
Downie, Andrea E. University of Calgary Exploring the integration of dance science and somatics in pre-professional dance technique classes for young adults $60,000
Dubois, Samuel Massachusetts Institute of Technology Modern Architecture for Modern Education: The Case of Polyvalente Schools in Québec $60,000
Duclos-King, Stephanie University of Toronto Religious Minorities in South India: Medical Missions, Development, and Dalit Women $40,000
Dugas, Jesse Aidyn Université de Montréal Revue et analyse de la réception des figures impossibles en jeu vidéo et mise en pratique par la création d'un monde impossible vidéoludique $80,000
Dunbar, Bronwyn R. University of Victoria Accelerating climate action: Developing a communications framework for policymakers $60,000
Dunning, Ann E.T. York University The Shape of Sound: Sound Sculpture and the Natural World $40,000
Dunsmore, Rachel Antonia University of Manitoba A Medical Sociological Study of COVID-19 Discourse and Policy in Manitoba, Canada $80,000
Dupre, Juliette K. York University Forensic Psychiatry and the Female Subject: A Lacanian Analysis of Gender and Sanity in the Event of Violence $60,000
Dyer Jalea, Gracia Concordia University Reimagining museums and cultural institutions as local sites for healing, social transformation and innovation in Canada $80,000
Edmondson, Kimberly R. University of Alberta The past is present: High school students' affective tensions with artifacts from a Canadian national park $60,000
Edwards, Gabrielle B. The University of British Columbia Experiences Implementing and Integrating a School Garden Project: An Ethnographic Case Study $40,000
Edwards, Jessica A. University of Waterloo Barriers to sexual consent: The role of attachment, perspective-taking, and emotion regulation $60,000
Edwards, Matthew R.G. York University Sexuality, gender and pedagogical discourse in Canadian psychology classrooms, 1918-1979 $80,000
Edwards, Travonne University of Toronto Exploring the Experiences of Black Families who are Unnecessarily Investigated for Maltreatment in the Ontario Child Welfare System $40,000
Ehrichs, Linda E. Saint Paul University Bridging Two Solitudes: Secularism and Religion in Development Assistance $60,000
Eisenkraft Klein, Daniel University of Toronto Understanding Support of and Opposition to Ontario Opioid Harm Reduction Strategies $40,000
Ellis, Tesni A. York University Making Comics with First-Generation Students: Enhancing Sense of Belonging Through Collaborative Arts-Based Educational Research $80,000
Ennab, Fadi S.G. University of Manitoba Racialized and refugee solidarities during crisis $80,000
Entem, Alicia R. Yale University Incorporating recreation values of Newfoundland's moose population within a natural capital accounting framework $20,000
Ereshefsky, Joshua I. McMaster University The Buddhist Apologetics of Bukkoku rekishohen $60,000
Estagnasié, Claire Université du Québec à Montréal "Work from anywhere?" Vers une meilleure compréhension des pratiques d'ancrages matérielles, sensibles et symboliques du travail à distance $40,000
Ethier, Ashley R. University of Calgary Motivational sensitivities as proximal risk factor of relapse $80,000
Farah, Lara E. York University Refugee Resistance, Alternative Citizenship and Belonging $60,000
Belkhiria, Fares McGill University Converging Digital Innovation in Food to Promote Individual, Firm, and Systems Resilience $80,000
Fawaz, Nathan V. University of Alberta Intersectional Expressions of Posttraumatic Growth $80,000
Feagan, Michael Western University Sneaks, jokers, dudes, ladies, and tramps: The embodied precarity of American and Canadian telegraphers, 1870-1929 $40,000
Feldman, Amalya A. University of Toronto Small Space Networks: Jewish/Converso Urban Identities in the Kingdom of Aragon, 1300-1700 $40,000
Felepchuk, Erin University of Guelph Stimming and Improvisation $40,000
Fernandes, Rachel M. Queen's University In Our Own Words: Writing the Asian Mixed Race Experience in Canadian Literature $20,000
Ferron-Desautels, Marie Concordia University Les pratiques caricaturales et les pratiques de collections de caricatures des femmes britanniques 1760-1830 $40,000
Filiasov, Sergei McMaster University The Role of Intra-Household and Intergenerational Mechanisms in Health-Related Behaviours $40,000
Fingler, Emma J. Queen's University Wading into the Disaster Zone: Analyzing Gendered Experiences of Humanitarian Response Operations in Southeast Asia $60,000
Fisher, Alina C. University of Victoria Where the wild things are $40,000
Fiske, Luke W. Queen's University Building and Transforming to Achieve Social and Environmental Compliance in Global Value Chains $40,000
Flaten, Erica J.M. McMaster University Contexts of coordination in caregiver-infant interactions and relations to early development $40,000
Fortier, Jacob Université de Montréal Les campagnes de dénonciation internationale et leurs conséquences sur les conflits civils $80,000
Foucault, Maël University of Cambridge Internationalisation de la pensée internationale : économie politique du savoir au XIXe siècle $80,000
François, Julien Université du Québec à Montréal Les effets de l'utilisation des objets connectés sur l'empowerment des individus : le cas du secteur de la santé $40,000
Frank, Kate L.F. University of Toronto Women's walking in 18th-century British literature: Transgression, turns, and transport $20,000
Frederickson, Alesha M. McGill University Re-Traumatization during Pregnancy and Childbirth for Individuals Who Were Sexually Abused as Children: A Mixed Methods Study $80,000
Friesen, Kelsey A. University of Calgary Daily Caregiving of Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure $40,000
Friesen, Kim University of Alberta The Great Musical Divide: Moving beyond a Eurocentric model of music education $60,000
Frinton, Danielle The University of British Columbia Navigating Precarity: Informal Care Institutions and Undocumented Migrants in Chile $80,000
Gagné, Rachel Université du Québec en Outaouais Comment les illustrations influencent-elle le récit écrit et l'expérience de lecture dans les romans graphiques? $80,000
Gagnon, Claudele Université Laval Géographie de la criminalité : conceptualiser et expliquer l'évolution spatiotemporelle des crimes commis à Montréal $60,000
Gallant, Jordan McMaster University Improving digital accessibility for newcomers to Canada: A psycholinguistic perspective $80,000
Gamble, Wilfred Chanze University of Victoria Indigenous Wealth Generation with a Recognition of Cultural Influence $60,000
Ganesh, Nadia Brock University Settling the Debate Between Double Jeopardy and Gendered Prejudice Theories: Sex Differences in The Extent to Which Black Women (vs. Black men) are Discriminated Against $80,000
Gariépy, Florence Université Laval « Plus que des ouvrages de dames » : la place des femmes dans les réseaux de production et de diffusion de tapisserie 1900-1965 $40,000
Gates, Marian Université du Québec à Montréal Garder en mémoire : l'œuvre d'art et son entrelacement scénographique d'après le réalisme agentiel $80,000
Gaudette, Maxim Université de Montréal Entre risques et plaisir : l'expérience des hommes gais, bisexuels et queer (HGBQ) qui font du chemsex à Montréal $60,000
Gaumond, Pierre-Olivier Université du Québec à Montréal Cartographie des théâtres de sciences : perspectives québécoises $80,000
Gauthier, Geneviève Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Le deuil au temps de la pandémie : les pratiques rituelles et symboliques à travers la voix de personnes endeuillées $80,000
Gauthier-Trépanier, Antoine Université de Sherbrooke Fondements et finalités de l'enseignement de l'histoire au collégial : le cas de la réforme du programme d'études préuniversitaires de sciences humaines en 2021 $80,000
Georgieva, Vanya E. University of Toronto Assessing the value of flexibility in urban transportation: The case of Bike Share Toronto $60,000
Ghaem-Maghami, Shervin University of Toronto Integrating Migrants through Inclusive Planning and Local Decision-Making Practices $40,000
Ghani, Aisha S. The University of British Columbia South Asian Adolescent Experiences of Parent-Child Relationships $60,000
Gibson, Ikee University of Toronto Segregated Inclusion in Post-Racial Organizations: How Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives Catalyze Social Closure $80,000
Giffin, Cole E. Laurentian University Creating structurally safe and inclusive sport environments through an occupational health and safety perspective $40,000
Gingras, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières L'art de la conversation : l'impact du contexte sur la qualité des interactions verbales entre les éducatrices et les enfants âgés de 4 et 5 ans en centre de la petite enfance $40,000
Girard, Meaghan HEC Montréal Programming values into algorithms: How value interactions between people, organizations and ecosystems shape technologies in the age of AI $60,000
Glaros, Alesandros University of Guelph Evaluating and Co-Designing Food Innovations for Equitable Food System Transformations $40,000
Goberdhan, Nicholas Concordia University Invisible Carers: An Intersectional Study on Racialized Young Carers $60,000
Godbout, Isabelle École nationale d'administration publique La reconnaissance politique des groupes : les avancées et les reculs de la profession infirmière au Québec $80,000
Goldberg, Jennifer M. University of Toronto A critical narrative inquiry into the experiences of queer and trans midwifery clients in Ontario $40,000
Golovchenko, Margaryta University of Oregon Strange Kinship: The Woman-Animal Relationship in French Portraiture, 1750-1900 $80,000
Gomez Cardona, Sebastian The University of British Columbia The effect of financial literacy on retirement savings $20,000
Grant, Erin R.C. University of Toronto To speak so indirectly I am loath: Articulating Consent in Early Modern Drama $60,000
Gravel, Jérôme Université Laval Adversité précoce et développement social affectif : identification de médiateurs relationnels et psychophysiologiques $60,000
Grenier-Benoit, Raphaël University of Oxford A Theory of Constitutional Adjudication $80,000
Grimaldi, Nicole New York University Digitization and the public sphere(s): From political apathy to popular protest $20,000
Grossman, Keely M. Carleton University Theorizing Blindness through Lived Experiences of Institutionalization $60,000
Grubb, Melissa K. University of Guelph Underlying mechanisms of reading proficiency in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder $60,000
Gryba, Rowenna D. The University of British Columbia Bridging Indigenous Knowledge and western science to better understand animal habitat use $20,000
Guidolin, Kendra University of Ottawa Turning Oneself Inside Out: Chronic Illness Narratives in Canadian Literature $80,000
Guité-Verret, Alexandra Université du Québec à Montréal Le cancer au-delà de la métaphore guerrière : une analyse métaphorique et existentielle de récits de femmes touchées par le cancer du sein $60,000
Guo, Yu The University of British Columbia Social Media Engagement Targeting Chinese International Students: A Decolonial Analysis of Canadian Postsecondary Institutions in BC $60,000
Gurung, Shreemouna Simon Fraser University Exploring Person-Centered Care for Ethnocultural Minority Residents in Long-term Care Homes $40,000
Hamilton, Rachel L.R. Queen's University Atrocious Attempts and Insidious Incidents: Gender, Media, Monarchy, and the Assassins and Stalkers Who Pursued Queen Victoria, 1837-1882 $80,000
Hammond Mobilio, Melanie University of Toronto Of is and of ought: The role of governmentality in operating room safety practices $60,000
Hamzagic, Zachariah Wilfrid Laurier University Moral decisions and the sunk-cost effect $80,000
Han, Hye Won University of Toronto Learners' Conceptual Growth: Facilitating Understanding for Sighted and Non-sighted Learners $80,000
Hannah, Liam D. University of Toronto Reading into the Future: Investigating Machine Learning Techniques for a more Valid, Fair and Theoretically Grounded Measure of Prosody $80,000
Hanson, Sophie University of Manitoba Self-Compassion Training and Symptoms of Burnout in Socially Progressive Student Activists: A Randomized Control Trial $80,000
Haque, Maysa The University of British Columbia Muslims on Turtle Island: The Islamic Ethics of Inhabiting Treaty 4 Territory $60,000
Harding, Sara-Lynn P. University of Northern British Columbia Documenting Esk'etemc Experience of Place to Prepare for Generative Land-Use Planning $60,000
Harms, Jake University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Addis Ababa and the Making of Africa's Diplomatic Capital, 1950s to 1980s $80,000
Harris, Laura University of Washington Asexuality and Narrative in Latin Literature $60,000
Harris, Megan M. The University of British Columbia Contextualizing Pictographs of the Similkameen Valley, British Columbia $80,000
Hartlieb-Power, Justine K. University of Alberta Spectacular Boredom: Or, How to Make an Art Gallery for the End of the World $80,000
Haseeb, Attiya Toronto Metropolitan University Exploring environmental and social sustainability in travel behaviour of young adults $40,000
Hayes, Helen A. McGill University Oil's Digital Future $40,000
Hayes, Syler W. The University of British Columbia Comparing the outcomes of career-focused versus identity-focused group interventions for maintaining recovery from problematic alcohol use $40,000
Henderson, Louis S. University of Oxford Innocence and Experience: Early Childhood, Human Capital and Industrialization in England, 1767-1876 $40,000
Herati, Hoda University of Waterloo Exploring factors that contribute to and promote the well-being of immigrant and refugee children: A multimethod participatory study $40,000
Hernandez, Deborah M.R. Wilfrid Laurier University Demythologizing Our Stories: (Re)connecting with Cultural Teachings in the Filipino Diaspora $80,000
Hesse, Cassandra The University of British Columbia Fantasy or Reality? How Pornography Contributes to Adolescents' Understanding of Sexuality $60,000
He, Susan University of Toronto Academic probation from the academic advisors' perspective: A mixed-methods case study approach exploring student affairs praxis and response to policy at three Canadian universities $60,000
Hodson, Victoria University of Guelph International Biodiversity Commitments and Indigenous-led Conservation in Canada $80,000
Holmes, Jason York University Examining international student success in Canada: A multisite mixed method study $20,000
Houde, Erica K. University of Regina The gift of neurodiversity: Learning from the reflective experiences of gifted adults with ADHD $80,000
Houle, Laurie Princeton University Objectivism and romantic relationship outcomes $80,000
Hourie, Sarah University of Manitoba The Implications of Western Knowledge Production for Critical Indigenous Theory $80,000
Howard, Kathleen University of Alberta Strength Through Adversity: A Mixed Methods Study of Family Resilience in Early Intervention Programs for ASD $60,000
Hrymak, Haley The University of British Columbia Creating a Safer and More Effective Family Law System in British Columbia for Survivors of Violence $80,000
Hsieh, Yuli Harvard University Potential impact and cost-effectiveness of the use of a new tuberculosis (TB) disease diagnostic among immigrants in North America $40,000
Hung, Pamela University of Alberta Understanding how adults living with obesity participate in daily activities outside the home: A mixed methods study using ethnography and participatory geospatial methods $60,000
Hunter, Sarah University of Toronto Towards improving the public health impact of condominium design: Identifying the influences on architectural design decision-making and leveraging the role of the architectural designer $60,000
Huron, Miranda L.C. The University of British Columbia Indigenous Agency in Co-development: Understanding the Interpretation of Nation-to-Nation Policy Development through the Indigenous Languages Act $20,000
Hutchison, Megan J.E. Concordia University Death and grief: An exploration into mechanics of dying in videogames $80,000
Hyett, Maxwell G. Western University Cyclopean Technics: Against Monocular Art History $40,000
Iantorno, Mathew J. University of Toronto Manufacturing crisis, automating care: Robot caregivers and the 2050 demographic shift $60,000
Iqbal, Maleeha University of Toronto Understanding Transnational Identity Formation Amidst Global Islamophobia: The Case of Muslim Women in Canada and Pakistan $80,000
Irving, Michelle Rutgers University Moms in the House: Consequences of Intersectional Motherhood for Political Leadership $40,000
Jacinto, Daniel V. McGill University Rogue states and international norms: Social pressure and partial compliance in North Korean normative engagement $80,000
Jansen, Erik J. University of Waterloo Using a Metamotivational Framework to Improve Team Management $40,000
Jayasuriya, Avanthi N. Queen's University Geographies of debtfare: A political economic analysis on the socialization of the public debt crisis on urban and rural households in Sri Lanka $80,000
Jewers-Dailley, Kimberly Wilfrid Laurier University Social Media Surveillance of Caregiver Stress and Child Trauma during COVID-19 $40,000
Jimenez, Juan Carlos University of Toronto The Slow Violence of Climate Crises: Migration, adaptation, and rural livelihoods in El Salvador $40,000
Jin, Zhouhan Western University Does notetaking contribute to second language vocabulary learning? $60,000
Jokic, Dallas M. McGill University What Motivates Fascism? A Spinozist Account $60,000
Joly Hébert, Jessica Université Paris Nanterre Le consentement et le droit de la responsabilité des États $60,000
Jones, Cassandra McGill University Using sensory ethnography to develop a pedagogy of sensory care at end-of-life $80,000
Joudry, Shalan H. Dalhousie University L'nuita'si Wskitqamu'k $60,000
Julian, Ashley R. Acadia University Nestuin wiaqi - elmi'knik kekina'muemkewey: A community-engaged research approach for accessing linguistic resurgence, revitalization, and reclamation efforts $80,000
Kaechele, Nicole A. The University of British Columbia Compensating Impacts to Indigenous Communities from Resource Development, and the Transgression of Title and Treaty Rights $80,000
Kahnami, Leila York University Pediatric Stroke: Impact of Inflammation on Psycho-social Functioning, Daily Functioning, Lived Experiences and Academic Achievement $80,000
Kalyanaraman, Shruti York University Visible yet invisible: Pandemic narratives of unpaid, anti-racist community work as a site of immigrant and racialized mothering on Turtle Island $40,000
Kalynychenko, Iryna York University Felt distrust in the workplace $20,000
Kamps, Sophia D. University of California, Berkeley The Morality of Wallpaper: Taste-Making in the Victorian Middle-Class Home $80,000
Kapil, Margaret University of Victoria Mental Health, Stress Regulation and Self-Regulated Learning: Important Pieces in the Student Success Puzzle $40,000
Karbainova, Daria Concordia University The positive impact of purpose in life in the face of challenges in emerging adulthood $60,000
Kartal, Rebekah Lea The University of British Columbia The search for equity: A critical analysis of Ohio initiatives working to address the racial disparity in infant mortality $20,000
Katshunga, Jennifer York University Disability and Trans*(formative) Justice: Congolese Trans* and Disabled Girlhoods in Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo $80,000
Kennedy, Angel M. Simon Fraser University TAKE NOTICE: Targeting Action and Knowledge Exchange at the Nexus of Environment and Information Through Integrated Youth Climate Engagement $80,000
Khalatbari, Hamid-Reza McGill University Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Composition $80,000
Khanin, Ilana University of Toronto The Currency of Cryptoart: Artistic Innovation on the Blockchain $60,000
Khan, Noah Y.H. University of Toronto International Remote Learning Technologies: Making a Difference or Making Difference? $80,000
Kilius, Erica University of Toronto The nature of all seasons: Sleep practices and social connectivity in two Alaskan Yup'ik communities $20,000
Matthews, Kelsey Wilfrid Laurier University In voluntary always better? Investigating the use of voluntary furloughs to reduce labour costs $20,000
Knezevic, David Trent University Working Better Together: Ensuring Rapid and Equitable Access to Social Services to Prevent Youth Homelessness in Rural Communities Through Cross-Sectoral Collaboration $80,000
Knight, Sommer University of Ottawa Black fatigue: The intergenerational impact of systemic racism on the well-being of Black families $60,000
Knox, Erin University of Calgary The Role of Measurement and Quantified Data in the Multidisciplinary Treatment of Pain $80,000
Kobelt, Amy C. The University of British Columbia Building Trust After Sex Trafficking: A Dyadic Exploration $80,000
Koskie, Katherine A. University of Alberta Honouring Indigenous youths' truths: A narrative-informed exploratory case study of Indigenous students' experiences in provincial secondary schools in small urban Saskatchewan $60,000
Kramer, Eliazer Université de Montréal From Live to Virtual and Virtual to Live: Developing an Idiomatic Composition Practice for the Virtual Orchestra and Expanding Stylistic and Aesthetic Possibilities in Live Orchestration $40,000
Kumar, Dudett St. Francis Xavier University Improving Pedagogical Practices to Prepare Nursing Students for a Successful Outcome on the NCLEX-RN® $60,000
Kurta, Taylor University of Waterloo Breaking the silence: Collaborative songwriting with people living with dementia to challenge stigma $60,000
Lachapelle, Sophie C. University of Ottawa Feeling 'Freedom': Exploring the emotional geographies of post-prison reintegration $80,000
Lacroix, Anthony Université du Québec à Rimouski Un nénuphar dans les poumons suivi de Les fictions refuges : un monde partiel ou complet $40,000
Lafontaine, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Montréal L'ambiguïté du meurtre au féminin dans la littérature contemporaine des femmes, suivi de Tu ne seras jamais une femme battue $20,000
Lagore, Brooke E. University of Victoria Improving Academic Success and Completion Rates among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Postsecondary Students Both During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic $80,000
Laing, Stephanie University of Calgary Evaluating the implementation of a joint police and mental health team response to mental health calls: Unique challenges, successes, and emerging best practices $80,000
Lalonde, Jay Linden University of New Brunswick Model settlers, dirty foreigners, and colonial agents: Icelandic settlers in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada's immigration policy, 1850-1900 $80,000
Lamont, Allyson P.J. University of New Brunswick Food insecurity, medical/mental health services, and unmet service needs: Investigating the role of racial/ethnic identity, and comparing different methods of modelling food insecurity, in a nationally representative sample $80,000
Lam, Qian Yi University of Toronto The Experience of Interpersonal Invisibility $80,000
Lamy, Léandre Université de Sherbrooke Enseigner l'éducation physique et la santé en plein air à proximité de l'école : une solution pour amener les élèves du primaire à réinvestir des apprentissages dans leur vie quotidienne? $80,000
Langri, Khando Céline University of Oxford There is a road within us: Landscape, Orientation and Archive within Tibetan Refugee Camps $80,000
LaPierre, Carli R. Queen's University From Where We Stand: Visual Imagery and Understandings of Space in Eighteenth-Century Northeastern North America $80,000
Laplante-Anfossi, Marie Université du Québec à Montréal Circulation du savoir et responsabilité $80,000
Lapolice Thériault, Rose Université de Montréal L'interaction dyadique père-enfant comme médiateur du lien entre le stress paternel et les comportements de l'enfant $80,000
Larose-Dutil, Hubert Université d’Ottawa La déficience intellectuelle au Québec depuis 1970. Mémoire de la période de post-désinstitutionnalisation $80,000
Latif, Menahal Toronto Metropolitan University Signals of Religious Group Membership and Their Impact on Adult Face Processing $80,000
Laughton, Jennifer University of Alberta Working their fingers to the bone: A reconstruction of activity patterns and mobility in skeletal populations from the Upper Lena microregion of the Cis-Baikal (Siberia, Russia) $60,000
Laurendeau-Martin, Juliette Université de Montréal Les symptômes psychopathologiques au sein des familles : comprendre leur transmission intergénérationnelle pour mieux les prévenir $60,000
Laurin, Annie-Claude Université Laval Futilité et acharnement thérapeutique aux soins intensifs : expériences vécues d'infirmières soignantes et actes de résistance $40,000
Lauzier, Martine Institut national de la recherche scientifique La qualité du travail dans les services publics en éducation et en santé : l'expérience des jeunes travailleuses du care au Québec $60,000
Law, Denise S. University of Waterloo Working with misbehaving employees: Why does workplace deviance affect coworker cooperation and what can we do about it? $40,000
Laxamana, Kevin C. University of Alberta Filipino-ness in Edmonton, Alberta: Placemaking with Filipino Food and Memories $60,000
LeBlanc, Louisane Université de Montréal L'audiodescription en contexte muséal au Québec et au Canada $20,000
Leblanc, Maxime McGill University Architectures of Simulation: The Dome, the CAVE, and the Headset $60,000
Lebold, Margaret York University Around the clock: Understanding the career lives of diverse older registered nurses in Canada $60,000
Lee-Hyman, Tristan R. University of Wisconsin–Madison Farming for the Future: BIPOC Youth in Agriculture $80,000
Lee, Josephine Simon Fraser University Lost in Space: Art, Science and Technology at the Intersections of Racial Violence and Climate Change $80,000
Lee, Uyseok The University of British Columbia The Effects of Racial Segregation on Immigrant Outcomes in Canada $80,000
Legault-Beauregard, Myriam Université d'Ottawa Traduction et prix littéraires au Canada $80,000
Leger, Michael A. University of Cambridge Central Banking, Democracy, and Empire 1873-1999: From the Lender of Last Resort to the Eurozone $80,000
Leshchyshyn, Anastasia McGill University Promoting Judicial Integrity in Ukraine: Obstacles and Proposed Solutions to Reform $80,000
Leslie, Rashida D. University of Calgary Substance Use in First-Generation and Continuing-Generation University Students $80,000
Letourneau, Angeline M. University of Alberta Overcoming Resistance: Alternative pathways for energy transition in the heart of Alberta's "Oil Country" $60,000
Leung, Justin R. University of Toronto Complex event expression in two heritage varieties of Chinese in Toronto $80,000
Lew, Dana University of Toronto Tools of Colonialism: Captivity Narratives, Canon Reformation, and the History of the Novel $60,000
Lewis, Jennifer A. The University of British Columbia sqilwx chout (syilx-Okanagan ways) of healing trauma $80,000
Li, Amila The University of British Columbia You're So Quiet: Communicating Mental Illness in Asian North American Literature $80,000
Lim, De-Zhi Gabrielle University of Toronto Media Manipulation and the Role of Information Technology in Conflict Prevention $80,000
Lim, Elisha University of Toronto Value Enhanced: Critical Algorithmic Literacy on Social Media $20,000
Lin, Zhen The University of British Columbia A posthuman investigation of resources for Chinese-Canadian children's heritage language maintenance at home $40,000
Little, Christopher York University How has agrarian transformation in Guatemala and Canada during the neoliberal period shaped, and been shaped by, circuits of capital and migration across the hemisphere? $40,000
Liu, Ting Yi University of Toronto Fu Hao (fl. c. 1200 BC): China's First Female Collector $80,000
Liu, Yang University of Toronto Can Machines Learn to Make Ethical Judgement? Rethinking Freedom and Responsibility in AI for Social Good Projects in North America $40,000
Liu, Yina University of Alberta Digital Literacy Practices and Learning at Home for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children $20,000
Livingstone, Joshua D.J. Queen's University The Post-Truth Imagination: Hannah Arendt on the Use of Imagination in Times of Instability $40,000
Lochhead, Andrew E. Toronto Metropolitan University Artistic interventions in commemorative landscapes $80,000
Lodge-Tulloch, Kadija K. University of Toronto The Untold Stories of Criminalized, Canadian Black Lives: Faith and Prisoner Reintegration $20,000
Lodoen, Shannon University of Waterloo Subjectivity Under the Smartphone: The Rhetorical Construction of Subjects Through Digital Communications Technology $40,000
Lokstadt, Nicole C. McMaster University The Importance of Dignity and The Rule of Law: A Relational Approach to Lon Fuller's Jurisprudence $40,000
Loucks, Alanna C.M. Queen's University Montréal, 1642-1763: A Crossroad of Networks and Connections $40,000
Lowrie, James H. University of York Playing the concert frame: Composing a context for performing disability in the concert hall $80,000
Lund, Tatiana C. University of Calgary Co-constructing the past: The role of mother- and father-child reminiscing in children's socio-emotional development $80,000
Ly, Nathan Cornell University State intervention in a global economy: A Canadian case $60,000
Lynch, Marc H. University of Calgary A Wasp's Waist: A Research-Creation Project in Relationality and Chinese Narrative Theory $60,000
Lyon, Rachael E. York University Understanding adaptive and problematic screen media use and self-regulation in at-risk learners $40,000
MacDonald, Ceilagh McGill University Mitigating compassion fatigue in family caregivers of persons with chronic illness $80,000
MacDonald, Mary J. University of Toronto The Meaning of Equality $20,000
MacDonald, Shaya R. Trent University Using art as a form of resistance to (re)imagine decolonial love, relations, and identity $60,000
MacGregor, William J. York University Canadian Disability Poverty, Policy, and Marginalization: Lived Experiences within the Context of Canada's Liberal Welfare State $80,000
MacIsaac, Janet University of Windsor Being Trans and Femme: An Arts-Informed Adventure in Trans/Femme Embodiment and Gender Euphoria $20,000
Macleod, Ana C. University of California, Berkeley Fly Eagle Fly: Honouring Indigenous Adoptee Youth Stories in Education $80,000
MacLeod, Emily R. Queen's University Listening to and Learning from the Stories of Indigenous Women Survivors of Sexual Assault Using Narrative Inquiry $40,000
MacQuarrie, Amy University of New Brunswick A Theoretical Model of Cannabis Cessation: An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behaviour $60,000
Ma de Sousa, Ava Q. University of California, Santa Barbara Does exposure to mechanistic and animalistic dehumanizing language make us biased? $80,000
Maeers, Esther M.C. University of Regina Unpacking a child's school backpack: A narrative inquiry into object stories and the implications for parent engagement in early childhood programs $40,000
Makowska, Naomi Queen's University Women, Materiality, and the Inquisition in Early Modern Modena, Italy $60,000
Malikin, Hagit McGill University A Mixed-Method Approach to Studying Family Cohesion, Emotional Climate and Well-being $80,000
Malo, Benjamin Université Laval Internet et vaccination : entre communautés virtuelles, savoirs profanes et confiance $80,000
Ma, Ming Yale University Gender Stereotypes and Competence: Are Women More Likely than Men to Fall from Grace? $60,000
Mansour, Iman Queen's University History, Historicity, and Rethinking Universality in Nineteenth-Century Spanish America $40,000
Marinov, Robert N. Concordia University "Smart Cities" and the Climate Emergency: How discourses on "smart" technologies and infrastructures shape socio-political responses to climate change $80,000
Markle, Joshua R. University of Calgary Spatial Reasoning as Embodied Understanding in the Mathematics Classroom $40,000
Martel, Andrea University of Toronto ADVANCING the future of public health for Indigenous Peoples of Canada $40,000
Martel, Andréanne Université du Québec à Montréal Vision et visualité dans les cartes topographiques britanniques au XVIIIe siècle : le cas de l'Île de Sable $80,000
Martel, Marc-Antoine Université de Montréal Les élections au Canada : stratégies numériques et polarisation de l'électorat $60,000
Martin, Grace M. Carleton University Policy processes for inclusive Indigenous fisheries governance in Sahtú, Northwest Territories $60,000
Martin, Timothy York University Organizing Remembrance: Publicness, Commemoration, and Archival Practices at the Toronto Homeless Memorial $40,000
Martlin, Britny A. Simon Fraser University Investigating the Use of Fish-Finders and Citizen Science for Underwater Body Detection $60,000
Massie, Joanna C. McMaster University Bringing citizens back in: A prospectus for a digital deliberative democracy $60,000
Matejko, Emily University of Calgary Adolescent Dating Violence: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Adolescents with Disabilities Using An Arts-Based Engagement Ethnography Approach $80,000
Mathieu, Marie-Claude Université Laval Trajectoires d'enseignants de musique au secondaire au regard d'activités musicales créatives nouvelles issues d'une communauté de pratique $80,000
Mathuria, Sunjay Concordia University Unplanning Violence through Literary Walks: How Urban Planning and Literary Narratives Re-spatialize Memories of Conflict in Contested Cities $60,000
Mattes, Megan J. Simon Fraser University Can randomly selected citizens help create stronger climate policy in Canada? $80,000
Mauxion, Caroline Université du Québec à Montréal Un crip gaze : déjouer et perturber le corps de l'image photographique $80,000
Mazowita, Amy V. Concordia University Graphic Care: Autobiographical Comics as Mental Health Resources $60,000
McCabe, Sarah C.E. Guildhall School of Music & Drama Hear My Voice: Open Mics as Platforms for Community and Social Justice $40,000
McCarthy, Donald J. University of Toronto Latin Literary Slavery from Vergil to Augustine $60,000
Mcdonald, Alysha McMaster University The carceral continuum: Exploring the carceral experiences of individuals convicted of sexual offences and its impact on identity, reintegration, and movements towards desistance $80,000
McGinnis, Sarah University of Ottawa Educational Accountability: The Impacts of Standardized Teacher Testing in Ontario, Canada $40,000
McGrath, Eleanor M. University of Waterloo Complicating, exploring, and reimagining choice of care provider for pregnancy and birth: Creating an enabling environment to expand midwifery care in Canada $80,000
McIntyre, Heather University of Toronto Reading Religion, Reading Indigeneity: Religion and Colonialism in Anglican Missions and Residential Schools $60,000
McKay, Sandra Queen's University Can Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Contribute to Sustainable Rural Development in Peru? $80,000
McLean, Laura S. Harvard University An Italo-Celtic Ghost Theory Back to Haunt Us Again: Unique shared divinities pointing towards a common linguistic origin $80,000
McLetchie, Melissa P. York University COVID in captivity: Supporting an incarcerated loved one during a global pandemic $40,000
Melamedoff, Ariel A. New York University Response-dependence and mind-body relations in Spinoza $20,000
Melnikov, Daria Queen's University Decolonizing the Gothic Revival Interior in Ontario (1791-1914) $80,000
Mepham, Jennifer R. McMaster University The potential moderating effects of parenting on the association between prenatal maternal stress and dysregulation of emotion-regulation in offspring $60,000
Meunier, Justine Université de Sherbrooke L'impact d'une stratégie préventive antidopage par le commanditaire sur la performance de sa commandite $60,000
Micanovic, Nina Queen's University Beyond the Binary: Factors Affecting Non-Binary Experiences of Sexual Desire $80,000
Michalovich, Amir The University of British Columbia Participatory Video with Youth from Refugee Backgrounds in a Vancouver Secondary School: Bridging Imagined Communities and Educational Possibilities $20,000
Michell, Adrianna G. University of Toronto Expected Losses of the Climate Crisis: Imagining the Future of Disability in Canadian Climate Literature $80,000
Miller, Shelley M. University of Ottawa Exploring the role of gender in Canadian higher education institutional climate policy development and enactment $80,000
Mills, Janet A. University of New Brunswick Rumour, Religion, and Rebellion: Demerara in the Age of Abolition, 1795-1834 $40,000
Milne, Aalaya University of Toronto Barriers to reporting gender-based violence in dance $80,000
Minguy, Thomas McGill University Mimetic Conflict $40,000
Mishra, Suman University of Alberta Pedaling towards a more sustainable city: Understanding how to integrate multiple modes with public transit to create sustainable transportation in Edmonton $80,000
Mizbani, Sharon Yale University Water and Memory: Fountains, Heritage and Infrastructure in Istanbul and Tehran $40,000
M-Lavoie, Dominique University of Ottawa Et si l'étude des masculinités permettait d'identifier des solutions pour mieux prévenir les violences sexuelles? Étude exploratoire des processus sociaux de construction des masculinités et de consolidation du rapport des hommes au consentement sexuel $80,000
M. Matte, Mélanie Lilia Université de Montréal Nationalism, Energy, and Biopolitics in James Bay and Northern Québec: An Intersectional History of Hydroelectric Development, 1960-2002 $80,000
Mogadam, Alexandra A.C. University of Toronto An Exploration of the Role of Substance Abuse and Comorbidities in the Offending Pathways, Rehabilitation, and Treatment of Justice-Involved Youth $80,000
Monfaredi, Zarah Simon Fraser University Towards resilient and sustainable cities: Examining the short and long-term impacts of street reallocations across three Canadian cities $60,000
Montanari, Melissa A. McMaster University Ah, but this was a story about rice: Reading Colonial Entanglements and Contaminated Ecologies $20,000
Moody, Suzanne A. Flinders University, South Australia Life writing as a window into well-being $80,000
Mookerjee, Siddhanth The University of British Columbia Nudging Consumers Towards Purchasing Medical Assistive Devices $40,000
Morena, Nina McGill University Knowledge making and online literacies of young people with metastatic breast cancer $40,000
Morin-Martel, Alexis McGill University AI Explainability: How Wide Must We Open the Black Box? $80,000
Motum, Robert C. University of Toronto Scripted Borders: The Political Performance of Micronationhood $20,000
Munroe, Tina L. McMaster University Trapped in the City: Traplines as Urban Indigenous Resurgent Praxis $80,000
Myre, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Montréal Un regard sur les violences interpersonnelles et la dysrégulation des parents maltraitant pour comprendre la transmission du risque et leur réponse à une intervention parent-enfant $60,000
Nader, Brenton University of Waterloo Making it in Toronto? Small-scale beer, furniture, and fashion manufacturing in the new economy, 1980-2020 $20,000
Naeem, Labiba University of Toronto Transgressive Translations: The Courtesan in South Asian Literature $80,000
Nalbandian, Lucia University of Oxford The Artificial Intelligence Hammer: Technological Solutionism in Migration and Asylum Management $80,000
Nash, Jessica L.P. University of Ottawa One part sane and three parts mad: A Quantitative Study of Disability in Victorian Fiction $60,000
Neels, Gerrit J. The University of British Columbia The Lottery Paradox and the Question-relativity of Belief $40,000
Nguyen, Duc M. University of Toronto Industrialization, Growth and Development $40,000
Niculescu, Iulia University of Windsor The effect of depressive symptoms and rumination on prospective memory in older adults $80,000
Noel, Alex Concordia University The art of remediation: Re/making buried histories of waste through research-creation $60,000
Obierefu, Prisca University of Toronto Race-Based, Cultural Invariance in the Assessment of Psychopathology in Racialized Blacks and Non-Racialized Blacks $80,000
O'Dea, Eireann Simon Fraser University Why do older adults volunteer? Exploring the influences of ethnocultural identity, generativity, and the COVID-19 pandemic $20,000
Odionu, Gideon The University of British Columbia Sustainable Development, Climate Change Mitigation and the Reconciliation of Competing Foreign Investment and Environmental Protection Goals in the Global South $20,000
O'Donnell, Catharina Harvard University The production and transmission of political discourse across social movements $60,000
Oehmsen-Clark, Anton Concordia University Peace? For Whom! Negotiating International Communications at UNESCO: 1945-1984 $40,000
O'Keefe, Kowan University of Maryland Assessing Canada's goal of a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2050: Does Canada have a serious climate change mitigation strategy? $40,000
Oliver, Bruce The University of British Columbia Possibility and Necessity (Modality) in Secwepemctsin $80,000
Olson, Erica L. University of Victoria The role of Indigenous Guardian programs in supporting Indigenous stewardship and decision-making $80,000
Onno, Karin Lakehead University Motivations to Forgive: Examining Pathways of Change $80,000
Onorato, Paolina R. York University The impact of modality and social anxiousness on real-time interpersonal emotion regulation $80,000
Onstad, Courtney Simon Fraser University Geoscience Communication in British Columbia: Implications for Formal and Informal Educational Settings $80,000
Ortiz, Drexler Klein University of Victoria Socialization and development of internalized racism among Filipino youth in Canada $40,000
Ortynsky, Mikaila L. Memorial University of Newfoundland Going with the Flow: Examining the Effects of the Menstrual Cycle in the Workplace $80,000
Oskalns, Megis York University A Two-Eyed Approach to Evaluating An e-Intervention For Inuit Youth Using An Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Framework $80,000
Osmat, Ghassan University of Toronto The Epic Poetry of Jibrayil ibn al-Qila'i (d. 1516): Identity, Language Ideology, and History Writing in the Contexts of the Late-Mamluk Empire and the European Renaissance $40,000
Otis, Ann-Sophie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Les stresseurs liés au travail et l'impact sur le fonctionnement psychologique des intervenants dans les services en déficience intellectuelle : le rôle de la mentalisation $60,000
Otis, Elijah A. Dalhousie University Investigating the role of intolerance of uncertainty in the relationship between trait anxiety, coping motives, and gambling involvement $60,000
Ovcharuk, Bogdan York University Conceptualizing the Good of Human Rights: Rewriting Hegel's Science of Logic for the "Double-Bind" of Ethics of Singularity and Political Economy $80,000
Palmer, Thomas M. McMaster University The Impact of Postsecondary Education and Training on Income Inequality in Canada $20,000
Paré, Éléonore University of Ottawa La violence par le prisme de la durée : dialogue entre la traumatologie et la philosophie politique $80,000
Parker, Daniel G. McGill University Resiliency and risk amongst Indigenous youth within Canada in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic $60,000
Parkes, Deborah W. University of Ottawa Children Growing up as Child Buddhist Monks: Rights, risks, responsibilities $40,000
Park, Jae Hyun University of Toronto Civil War Tycoons: Explaining Rebel Group Entrepreneurism in the Myanmar Civil War $20,000
Paron, Clarisse G. Dalhousie University Nudging out of the Womb: Ethical Challenges for Autonomy in Newborn Screening Practices $40,000
Pasyk, Victoria University of Calgary Parent perceptions and experiences of their adolescent children who have threatened or carried out targeted or mass school violence $40,000
Paterson, Carley E. The University of British Columbia Exploring the support networks of rural adults age 50 and over with mental health concerns $80,000
Patrick, Justin C.M. University of Toronto A History of Student Government at the University of Ottawa $60,000
Patrie, Nicole University of Alberta Pieced together learning: Examining the program patchwork in Alberta prisons $40,000
Patterson, Samantha Kaitlyn Queen's University Experiences of Colonialism among Algonquin Anishinaabekwewag and Gender-Diverse People: Stories from Mattawa/North Bay $20,000
Paul, Taylor N. Western University Who gets ahead in the Canadian and U.S. labour markets? $60,000
Pawlick-Potts, Danica L. Western University Indigenizing AI: (Re)framing AI Ethics Through Indigenous Knowledge $20,000
Pearl, Zachary N. University of Waterloo Fictocritical Cyberfeminism: A Paralogical Model for Post-Internet Communication $20,000
Pelletier, Sarah Carleton University "The Girl in Our Alley": Gender in the North American Typographical Trade, 1850-1910 $60,000
Pereira Ledo, Melissa-Ann McGill University What are the benefits and impacts of having 2SLGBTQ+ artist-facilitators in the classroom and how can a school best support their work? $80,000
Perreault, Marie-Anne McGill University S'entrevoir : vers une phénoménologie critique de l'intersubjectivité $80,000
Persaud, Donny Harry Cornell University Overcoming place through space: Conceptualizing place through satellite internet infrastructure $40,000
Peters, Allen L. The University of British Columbia Electricity grid reliability under climate change $20,000
Petrovic, Julia McGill University Fostering mindfulness in university students: An investigation into the impacts of developmental characteristics and the relative effectiveness of formal versus informal practices $80,000
Petterson, Adrian University of Toronto Power to the Players: Shaping the Future of Inclusive Games Through Participatory Action Research with Neurodiverse Designers $80,000
Phan, Michelle Simon Fraser University Canadian Police Surveillance and The Digital Carceral Regime $80,000
Phan, Vu Thuy Anh Toronto Metropolitan University "I dream about a state in a smartphone": Unpacking the socio-technical assemblages of Ukraine's digital government initiatives $80,000
Piccone, Caitlin Queen's University Exploring Community-Based Rehabilitation as a Tool to Address High-Incidence Psychosocial Conditions for Persons with Disabilities in Ghana $80,000
Piedboeuf, Emmanuelle Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Les unités de recherche autochtones : pratiques prometteuses pour le renforcement des capacités autochtones en recherche au Québec $80,000
Pigeon, Sereena McGill University Intergenerational continuity of child maltreatment and romantic attachment: The mediating role of dyadic perceptions of maternal relationship quality $60,000
Pinsent, Helen A. Dalhousie University Automonstrosity: The Social Function of Automobility in Post-War American Gothic $40,000
Planche, Ryan Wilfrid Laurier University Indigenous Conservation Geographies: Alternative pathways for economic development $80,000
Pognon, Queeny Université de Montréal La revictimisation sexuelle : un modèle intégratif des facteurs de risque chez les jeunes femmes $60,000
Pohl, Ethan Queen's University Media Portrayals of Not Criminally Responsible Offenders and Justice Policy Influence $60,000
Point, Marny G. The University of British Columbia Exploring the intergenerational stories and communication or relational aspects of Indigenous apprenticeship style of teaching and learning: Due to colonialism, the Indigenous one-to-one, guiding, teaching and learning were fractured and nearly lost $40,000
Poirier, Marie-Lise Université du Québec à Montréal Paul Gavarni (1804-1866) : une identité artistique plurielle $60,000
Poirier, William Université Laval Sans voix, l'acceptabilité sociale à l'ère numérique $80,000
Pongoski, Maria L. University of Manitoba Burnout and Job Satisfaction for Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention Clinicians in Canada $60,000
Poole, Alicia G. McGill University Processing Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Post-Invasion Migration from Iraq $40,000
Prasad, Sheetal York University Finding Voices: Bringing the Archive into History Classrooms $60,000
Proulx-Masson, Geneviève Université du Québec à Montréal Impact des mouvements de dénonciation de violences sexuelles sur les rapports de pouvoir dans l'intimité hétérosexuelle et l'agentivité des partenaires féminins et masculins $80,000
Provost, Lysandre Université Laval Le rôle de l'inhibition comportementale à 19 mois dans la prédiction des problèmes anxieux au préscolaire $60,000
Pundik Sagie, Eyal University of Toronto InteRealisms: Towards a history of intermediality in the Burgundian Netherlands $60,000
Qasqas, Hala University of Victoria Coffee and Coffeehouses: Urbanism and Early Modernity in Damascus (1600-1800) $80,000
Quan, Cindy University of Victoria Intervention to Promote Help-Seeking for Mental Health Issues in Asian Canadian Communities $20,000
Quesnel, Danika A. Western University Examining the important but understudied role of dysfunctional exercise in Canadian men $80,000
Racicot-Lanoue, François Université de Sherbrooke « Vieillir chez soi » : potentialiser le réseau de connexions instrumentées des aînés par un système d'échange local soutenu par les technologies numériques $40,000
Rafélis de Broves, Olivier Université Laval Le modèle coopératif à l'épreuve de l'économie de plateforme : de la gestion algorithmique du travail à la précarisation de l'emploi $80,000
Rai, Bali Royal Roads University Exploring Interrelationship through the Indigenous Worldviews of the Indigenous Bayung (Bahing) Rai community of Nepal $80,000
Ramey, Catherine E. University of Waterloo A New Womanhood: The Gendering of Canadian Missionary Education in Central Angola, 1879-1925 $80,000
Rammal, Rachel McGill University Unsung Heroes of Migrant Families: The role of siblings in second-generation social mobility $60,000
Ramos, Brenda Université de Montréal La communication entre partenaires comme facteur explicatif du lien entre la violence amoureuse et le désir sexuel au sein de jeunes couples $60,000
Ratz, Ella Dalhousie University Feminist Urban Poetics in Canada $80,000
Remon, Alexandra Université Laval Étiologie des compétences en lecture : rôle des facteurs génétiques $40,000
Reyes Márquez, Carolina University of Toronto Cultivating a sense of belonging: A multilevel perspective to assessing immigrant integration policy current and future challenges in the Canadian context $80,000
Ribbers, Eva Simon Fraser University Preventing Miscarriages of Justice by Improving Judicial Assessment of Eyewitness Identification Evidence $80,000
Richard, Claudèle Université du Québec à Montréal Le ferroviaire comme héritage dans l'urbanisme montréalais contemporain $80,000
Richards, Grayson York University New World Synthesis: Artificial Intelligence and New Futures of the Image $40,000
Rigby, Richard A. Simon Fraser University Themes in sexual discussions as mediators of the link between attachment security and sexual quality in mixed-sex couples $60,000
Rioux, Eve Julie McGill University Language Outcomes of Allophones in Later Years of Adolescence: A Study of French and English Writing Abilities $40,000
Roberts, Kyla M. University of Calgary What are the experiences of Black transracial adoptees who are raised by White parents in Canada? $20,000
Robinson, Gillian L. University of Alberta Beyond Inclusion? Undoing deficit in queer-inclusive policy $40,000
Rodier, Chantal University of Ottawa STEAM Toolkit: Leveraging the Benefits of Artistic Approaches in STEM Interdisciplinary Environments $60,000
Rodrigues, Daniel York University The Epistemology of Online Misinformation and the Ethics of Combating It $80,000
Rodrigues, Erica R. Toronto Metropolitan University Supporting family reunification among mothers with problematic substance use $80,000
Roman, Karolina University of Ottawa La traduction littéraire au Canada : un portrait sociologique $80,000
Rorem, Devyn C. University of Alberta Leveraging Video Gaming for Healthy Development: Investigating Key Indicators $60,000
Rosie, Katrina T. Queen's University Insuring health, home, and the hereafter: The development of protective rites in Byzantine Christianity $40,000
Ross, Edward A.S. University of Reading Crucible of Religious Interchange: Understanding the Evolving Spirituality of the Hellenistic Far East $60,000
Ross, Michael I. Queen's University The London Connection: British State Surveillance of Transnational Fascism, 1919-1939 $60,000
Rouxel, Virginie Université du Québec à Montréal La pratique de l'art dramatique et le développement de l'identité : l'apport et l'engagement de l'artiste pédagogue dans la construction identitaire de l'élève $20,000
Roy-Vallières, Maude Université du Québec à Montréal Comparaison des approches de la maternelle 4 ans et des centres de la petite enfance pour offrir une qualité éducative élevée aux enfants québécois $40,000
Sack, Leah University of Guelph Risk Factors for the Influence of Early Maladaptive Schemas on Youth's Well-Being $80,000
Salmon, Emily J. University of Victoria Value capture by community stakeholders: Mechanisms, processes and consequences $20,000
Salvoni, Sandra Université Laval Présentéisme excessif et télétravail : quelles pratiques de gestion peuvent servir de leviers? $60,000
Sandhu, Harman S. University of Toronto Lessons for public health governance amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Qualitative insights from Ontario Board of Health members $60,000
Sandra, Dasha University of Toronto Using Placebo Enhancers to Develop Lasting Exercise Habits $80,000
Santoire, Bénédicte Université d'Ottawa La mise en œuvre de l'agenda Femmes, paix et sécurité dans l'espace postsoviétique $60,000
Sapuridis, Effie Western University Fandom on New Media Platforms: Exploring the Potential of Networked Storytelling $40,000
Sarlak, Lara The University of British Columbia Infrastructures of the Displaced: A case study of Istanbul $40,000
Schallert, Hannah York University (Im)material Knowledge: Movement, Labour, and Technology in Contemporary Visual Effects Animation $80,000
Schmidt, Rose A. University of Toronto A Feminist Standpoint Exploration of Pregnancy, Mothering and Opioid Use $40,000
Schnittker, Joy McMaster University (Dis)continuity? Exploring the Transformative Potential of Re-Municipalization $60,000
Scholze, Andre University of Toronto Plurilingualism in action: Backgrounds, beliefs, and practices of second language teachers integrating language and cultural diversity in the classroom $20,000
Schwebel, Shoshana M. The University of British Columbia Poetics of Trauma in Childhood Memoirs, 1900-1945 $40,000
Séguin Aubé, Iseult P. Université de Montréal Qualité paysagère et rapport à la nature urbaine des adolescents montréalais issus de milieux défavorisés : un enjeu de justice environnementale? $60,000
Seldon, Alana J. McMaster University Mapping the discursive stabilization and mobilization of commercial sex as social problem in colonial to contemporary Cambodia $80,000
Sellar Voll, Isabella Wilfrid Laurier University Re-evaluating the Eventfulness of Genocide: A Feminist Approach to Genocidal Endings and the Constraints of International Law $60,000
Sellitto, Teresa M. York University Flourishing in Autistic Youth $80,000
Sénécal, Ariane University of Ottawa Comparaison du contrôle cognitif chez les trilingues et les bilingues : vers un avantage plurilingue? $80,000
Sepehri, Parisa Concordia University Consequences of Intensity and Variability of Sadness and Anger on Older Adults' Well-Being and Health-Related Behavioural Functioning $80,000
Hafez, Shady University of Toronto Race and Religion in Articulations of Indigenous Identity $80,000
Shaheen, Hadi Queen's University Stakeholder activism: How employees transform organizations $40,000
Shahnaz, Arezoo The University of British Columbia Temporal associations between problematic eating behaviours and suicidal thoughts: A daily diary study $40,000
Shakerifard, Solmaz University of Washington Negotiating Modernity and Authenticity: Iranian Classical Music and its Relationship with the West $60,000
Shalansky, Brandon University of Alberta Theatre of Horror: Immediacy, Intimacy, and Immersivity of Fear $80,000
Shankland, Mylène Université d'Ottawa L'éthique des soins maternels : regards des différentes parties prenantes $60,000
Shatokhina, Kristina Ontario Tech University Multiple-Perpetrator Sexual Offenses (MPSOs): Characteristics of Leaders and Followers $60,000
Shaw-Müller, Kyle University of Toronto Alternative Urbanism at the Late Moche Temple Settlement of Huaca Colorada, Peru $20,000
Shen, Jen-Li Simon Fraser University Paying the mortality penalty: The elevated risks of early mortality upon community reentry $40,000
Shen, Jenny Stony Brook University Unseen effects of discrimination: Evaluating rejection sensitivity through an intersectional approach $40,000
Shibli, Nawroos University of Waterloo Institutionalizing Is[law]mophobia: Islam, Freedom of Religion and the European Court of Human Rights $20,000
Shi, Wenyangzi University of Toronto Intersectional Identities and Development as English Language Teachers: A Case Study of International Graduate Students in a Canadian Language Teacher Education Program $60,000
Sidhu, Tandeep University of Waterloo Understanding the Use of Police Tactical Units in Canadian Cities $40,000
Sihra, Jasmine Concordia University Envisioning (Watery) Climate Futures: BIPOC Artists, Sustainability, and Relationality $80,000
Simard, Laurie Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Programme d'intervention technopédagogique combinant le mouvement et l'engagement cognitif : effets sur le développement global des enfants avec ou sans TDAH $40,000
Simms, Kyla University of Toronto Negotiating Race, Ethnicity, and National Belonging: A Study of the Adult Children of Black Immigrants in Canada $40,000
Simon, Starlit A. University of New Brunswick Exploring Etuaptmumk Through Art Production to Facilitate Healing with Mi'kmaq Youth in Digital and Physical Spaces $80,000
Sinclair, Johanna M.H. University of Oxford Dynastic Marriage Banquets and Xenophobia in Renaissance Italy and France $80,000
Smail-Crevier, Rachel University of Windsor Momentary predictors of acute weight-related distress $80,000
Smit, Emily University of Guelph Connecting humans and nature in the regenerative built environment: Putting posthumanism into practice $60,000
Smith, Caighlan Memorial University of Newfoundland A Hero in Isolation: Individualization and Self-Idealization in the Video Game Hero Narrative $60,000
Smith, Kyla M. University of Oxford Self-efficacy in out-of-field teaching within secondary sciences and mathematics $40,000
Sofouli, Eleni C.P. McGill University Understanding diverse stakeholders' perceptions in sustaining recovery-oriented interventions in housing services for people with mental health problems: A mixed methods multiple case study $40,000
Solitario, Jeizelle Ann University of Toronto Good Servants are Good Citizens: Catholic Filipinos and Transnational Belonging $20,000
Song-Choi, Pauline University of Victoria A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Racialized Youth Who Receive Mental Healthcare in Victoria, BC $20,000
Southey, Sarah J. Wilfrid Laurier University The Experiences of Autistic Professionals in Employment $80,000
Spohr, Melissa University of New Brunswick Hunger Swells Best On a Good Memory: An Exploration of Mental Illness, Disordered Eating, and Intergenerational Trauma $80,000
St. Amant, Niya Queen's University One-Size-Fits-All? A Gendered Approach to Youth Concussion Legislation $60,000
St. Aubin, Zoe-Lea T. University of Manitoba Resource extraction labourers: The forgotten voice in ethical sustainable consumerism choirs $80,000
Steel, Jade R. University of Victoria Understanding access and barriers to Indigenous food, social, and ceremonial salmon fisheries in the central coast of British Columbia $80,000
Stethem, Isaac Columbia University Jewish Non-territorial Politics: Historical Insights for Contemporary Contestations of Space, Territory and Environment $20,000
Stijelja, Stefan Université du Québec à Montréal Comprendre le profil psychologique des Incels (célibataires involontaires) : détresse psychologique et risque suicidaire $60,000
St-Louis, Caroline Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse comparative du discours de la vulgarisation scientifique dans les médias : étude des unes des magazines de vulgarisation scientifique imprimés Québec Science (Québec) et Science et Vie (France), de 1970 à 2019 $40,000
St-Louis, Sophie Université de Montréal L'évaluation et l'intervention auprès des adolescents auteurs d'infractions à caractère sexuel : assembler le puzzle et travailler sur la grande image $80,000
Stragapede, Elisa T. University of Ottawa Walk a mile in my shoes: A mixed method dyadic investigation of how couples expression of empathy can improve psychological well-being when coping with chronic pain $80,000
Stringer, Michael C. University of Chicago The Power of Imaginary Worlds: Worldbuilding and Cinematic Ethics $80,000
Strongman, Alysha Queen's University Changing Thulé Realities Envisioned Through Ivories $60,000
Stroyan, Thomas Western University Crossing the Andes: A Comparative Analysis of Canada's Engagement with Chile and Argentina in the Trudeau Era, 1968-1984 $80,000
Stuart, Alanna C.V. Goldsmiths, University of London Music's Silicon Valley: Jamaican studio production techniques and processes as a new paradigm for cultural innovation $80,000
Stubbs, Rachel T. University of Calgary "Rebellion in Every Movement:" Women Writing Indigenous Girlhood in Twentieth-Century Western Canada $60,000
Sumantry, David M. Toronto Metropolitan University Hidden Consequences: An intervention game to increase political perspective-taking $20,000
Sun, Cheuk Him Ryan The University of British Columbia Enemy Aliens or Destitute Refugees? Jewish Internment in Hong Kong and Singapore (1936-1941) $40,000
Suri, Salina E. Harvard University Lost at Port: Making Relations with Ballast-Borne Exogenous Species in the Great Lakes $60,000
Suski, Artur R. University of Oxford An Early Christian Behavioural Psychology? Early Christian Interpretations of Romans 7:14-8:2 and the Mind at War with Its Surroundings $60,000
Sweetnam, Andrew McMaster University Exploring alternatives to address challenges in long-term-care food service: A critical gerontology perspective $60,000
Switzer, Andrew C. University of Victoria Exploring thoughts, feelings, and themes of user submissions to a peer support forum for suicide-related thoughts and behaviours $80,000
Taggart, Sarah L. Victoria University of Wellington Mad Lit: A Mad Reading of Janet Frame's Madness Narratives Faces in the Water, Owls Do Cry, and An Angel at My Table $60,000
Taha, Reem University of California, Santa Barbara "Of Here and Everywhere:" (Re)Mapping Mediterranean Identities at the Ibero-African Frontier $20,000
Tailor, Jesse York University Material matters: Post-consumer, community-based interventions into trans clothing (in)accessibility $60,000
Tait, Aiden Dalhousie University "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places": Queer and BIPOC Subversions of Lovecraftian Horror $80,000
Tanotra, Ritika York University Beyond COVID Concepts of Racialized Struggle: Anti-Asian Racism and the Eclipse of South Asians in Canada $60,000
Tavakkoli, Tahereh McGill University The Foot Pilgrimage of Arba'een: A Ritual of Peace and Diversity $60,000
Thambinathan, Vivetha Western University Pain, Postmemory, Porattam* (*transl: revolutionary struggle): Unpacking historical trauma and community healing through an arts-based participatory action research project with Tamil refugee young adults living in Canada $20,000
Theocharis, Maria E. University of St. Michael's College The Development and Influence of Gregory Baum's Theological Thought on the Post-Vatican II Relationship Between Catholics and Jews in Canada $40,000
Thielmann, Glen N. University of Northern British Columbia Possibilities of Place: Situating Problems of Practice Among Place-Responsive Educators in North Central British Columbia $40,000
Thornley, Isaac N.F. York University No Pipeline to Transition: Ideology, Disavowal and the Politics of the Trans Mountain Expansion $60,000
Tjandra, Christina University of Toronto Creative Schoolscaping: Engaging Plurilingual Children in Creating Linguistically Equitable and Inclusive School $40,000
Tomas, Vanessa M. University of Toronto Codesigning and evaluating a workplace disability disclosure decision-aid and planning tool for autistic youth and young adults to enhance self-determination and decision-making skills $40,000
Tourigny, Sarah Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Participation des enfants de 6-12 ans aux interventions : compréhension des facilitateurs et des obstacles en contexte de protection de la jeunesse au Québec $80,000
Tran, Christine University of Toronto Pink-Collar Playbour: The Digital Housework of Video Game Livestreaming $40,000
Traynor, Jane K. University of Hawaiʿi at Mānoa Jigoku (Hell) is Empty and All the Oni are Here: An Examination of the Satirical Usage of Oni (Demons) in Kyogen Theatre $80,000
Tremblay, Kelly Université du Québec à Montréal Évaluation des attitudes des enseignants envers la pratique basée sur des données probantes auprès des élèves autistes en classe ordinaire : retombées pour la formation continue $80,000
Tremblay, Vicky Université de Montréal La performance des œuvres de musique vocale au Québec à la fin du XXe siècle : analyse qualitative de la cocréativité des interprètes $80,000
Trinh, Janice Université de Montréal La philosophie de la culture chez Gadamer : la rencontre avec la tradition comme lieu de la parole et de l'action de l'homme $40,000
Tse, Wing Yee University of Southern California Accurate Sample Size Determination for Credible Findings in Multilevel Research $40,000
Tsuji, Stephen R.J. Queen's University Evaluating and Analyzing the Cultural Sustainability of Indigenous Peoples $80,000
Tulk, Christine Carleton University A Broadened Perspective on Responses to Mental Health Problems in the Workplace $60,000
Turcot, Virginie Université de Montréal Étude et édition de La Vengeance de Nostre Seigneur $60,000
Vachon, Isabelle Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Étudiant·e·s issu.e.s de la migration récente au Québec : types de parcours et facteurs influençant leur réussite dans les cégeps de régions ressources éloignées $60,000
Vaillancourt, Denis University of Saskatchewan Effects of Security Priming Methods and Adult Attachment Characteristics on Attention $80,000
van den Brink, Timothy S. Simon Fraser University Canada's Official Languages: Governments, Intellectuals, and Ideologies $80,000
Vargas-Madriz, Luis Francisco McGill University Promoting the Social Inclusion of Newcomer Students in Canadian Postsecondary Schools $40,000
Vashi, Nisha B. York University Flourishing in families of autistic youth $80,000
Vásquez Benavides, Winy The University of British Columbia The Right to Food in Contested Spaces: Nutrition and Food Sovereignty Inside of Protected Areas in the Peruvian Amazon $60,000
Vera, Isabela J. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona From Farm to Fork? Grounding urban food policies in migrant realities for inclusive and sustainable food system transformation $80,000
Vera Oviedo, Ada Nilda P. Cornell University Indigenous Research Knowledge as a Pivotal Decolonial Practice Towards Reconciliation: Between Borderlands and Intersections $80,000
Vesik, Kaili E. The University of British Columbia Obstacles to fluency: Investigating cognitive linguistic biases and comparing challenges in Estonian second-dialect acquisition by computational model vs human learner $60,000
Ville, Cassandre Université Laval Prescrire la nature : comprendre la redéfinition du lien entre santé mentale et environnement par l'analyse anthropologique des thérapies vertes au Québec $80,000
Violette, Nadine J. Stanford University A Critical Pedagogical Approach to Queer Self-Concept Under Capitalism $80,000
Vis-Gitzel, Janice McMaster University Imagination and Infestation: The Stories of Aesthetic Pests in the Great Lakes Region $60,000
Visram, Imran University of Oxford Twentieth century ginan history: Music, migration, and memory $60,000
Vong, Silvia University of Toronto The Impact of New Public Management on Anti-Racism Work in Canadian Universities $40,000
Vreeker-Williamson, Emma C. University of Guelph Creating Healthier Goals than Perfection: A Workplace Intervention $60,000
Vuckovic, Dana University of Oxford Qu'est-ce qu'un classique? Une étude des textes classiques d'Honoré de Balzac et de leurs adaptations sous forme de traductions, de films, de drames radiophoniques et de bandes dessinées $80,000
Wagstaffe, Alexandra A. McMaster University Dark Women, Dark Nature $60,000
Wai, Christopher S. University of Toronto Communities in Crises: Conflict and Identity at Cerro Prieto Espinal, Peru $40,000
Wakunick, Daryl Western University "Thou resemblest now thy sin:" Phenomenological disability in early modern literature $40,000
Wallace, Riley McGill University Archives, Governance, and the Politics of Information in Post-Conquest Quebec, 1759-1791 $60,000
Warner, Lindsay S. University of Calgary Career-Relationship Intersections for Emerging Adult Sexual and Gender Minority Couples $80,000
Weadick, Valley University of Toronto Trapped in the Wrong World: Transgender and Paranormal Phenomena $60,000
Webb-Campbell, Shannon L. University of New Brunswick Only Young $40,000
Webster, Keira Massachusetts Institute of Technology Applying a local lens to climate migration: Understanding and addressing the impact on urban systems $80,000
Wei, Casey X. Simon Fraser University The Other Commune $80,000
Weisenberg-Vincent, Joshua R. Queen's University The forgotten decade: Amelioration of slavery and the limits of classical liberalism, 1823-1833 $80,000
Weselowski, Sam University of Warwick Metropolitan Frontiers: Vancouver and the Poetics of Urbanization, 1965-2013 $40,000
West, Rebecca University of Toronto Examining the role of psychological flexibility, self-compassion and PTSD in educational outcomes for survivors of campus sexual violence $40,000
White, Lauren The University of British Columbia Swampy Consciousness: Cultivating the Undermind in Contemporary Ecological Art $80,000
Wilkes, Johanna Wilfrid Laurier University Canadian Food Systems Across Scales: Pathways for Transformation $20,000
Willsie, Jane Columbia University Where is the modernist woman? Building a world literary feminist archive $80,000
Willson, Erin University of Toronto Exploring Gender-Based Violence in Canadian Youth Athletes $40,000
Woodley, Philip Western University Memory and Tradition at the Christie Site $40,000
Woods, Justine Toronto Metropolitan University Re-stitching Aabitaawizininiwag Sovereignty Through Indigenous Fashion Technologies $80,000
Woolgar, Sarah R. The University of British Columbia An individual, online mentoring program for identity-distressed young adults: The effects of the working alliance and perceptions of technology $40,000
Wu, Abraham University of Cambridge "In Loving Memory:" Applying an Augustinian Theology of Relation and Intersubjectivity to Memory Loss and Personal Identity $80,000
Wyers, Cassandra R. York University LGBTQ+ Experiences of Trauma and Well-being: A Qualitative Study $80,000
Young, Elliott J. University of Alberta Bill C-92: An Opportunity to Transform Operational Policy and Practice Frameworks $80,000
Yuen, Francis The University of British Columbia Examining the origins of dehumanization in preverbal infants $80,000
Zago, Martina The University of British Columbia Standards of Civilization: Art, Law and Empire, 1798-1945 $20,000
Zavgorodny-Freedman, Katrin McGill University Building Pluralism: The Impact of Collaboration in Vancouver Architecture on Canadian Identity Building, 1963-1983 $80,000
Zdravkovic, Ana University of Toronto Emotionally Aware Digital Math Game to Lower Math Anxiety in Children $40,000
Zennia, Sabrina Université Paris Cité Politiques migratoires, droit d'asile et effets sur la subjectivation : analyse comparée du cas des demandeurs d'asile déboutés en France et au Canada $80,000
Zettle, Jamie G. University of Waterloo Gays, Crime and Identity in the Canadian and British Armed Forces in World War II $40,000
Zhang, Ruoshui H.Z. University of Cambridge Modernist Poetry and Post-theology: Deconstructing the Christian Myth in Wallace Stevens, T.S. Eliot, René Char $80,000
Zreim, Sarah McGill University Examining the impact of sexual cyberbullying on the sense of school belonging among the intersectional identities of Canadian adolescent girls $60,000
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