Award Recipients for Canada Graduate Scholarships—Master’s Program: Fall 2021 Competition

Applicant Administering Organization Title Amount Awarded
Aalders, Caleigh T. York University The Strength of Corporate "Soft Law"? An Investigation of Human Rights Policies in Canada's Overseas Mining Sector $17,500
Abbasy, Muhammad Reza-Ul-Haq HEC Montréal Designing microfinance applications for unbanked users in developing countries $17,500
Abdalla, Salma Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) The Power of Care: A case study on the socio-spatial navigation of Muslim and/or Arab immigrants in the City of Mississauga $17,500
Abdulrazaq, Shahad Saint Mary's University Need for AVI and Computer Self-efficacy Predict Attitudes Towards AVI Through Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness $17,500
Abernethy, Zoe M.H. Carleton University Neoliberal Policies, Rhetoric and the Struggle for Gig Worker Rights in Ontario $17,500
Abolhosseini, Shokouh Queen's University Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Coping with Chronic Pain $17,500
Adam, Paige M. University of Ottawa Russian Folk Songs in Music of the 19th Century $17,500
Adam, Sarah Western University Coronavirus pandemic-related effects on mental health and service access for children under four $17,500
Addison, Jackie M. The University of British Columbia (Re)Creating Saulteaux Ways of Knowing and Being through Artistic Practices $17,500
Adhami, Mandana University of Ottawa Reflection of Roman Culture and Values in the Domestic and Urban Spaces of the Eastern Empire in Late Antiquity $17,500
Aglipay, Alyssa O. Western University The effect of seasonality on the accessibility and use of parks in London, Ontario $17,500
Agoston Villalba, Zsofia Western University Communicating Difficult Knowledge in Schools and Museums in Ontario $17,500
Ahia, Maya M.A. University of Toronto Correlates, Underlying Life Experiences, Traumatic Growth and the Understanding of Resilience-Building in Education $17,500
Ahmed, Hoor Emily Carr University of Art + Design Zindagi ki Girah Sazi (Persian for Patterns of Living) $17,500
Ahn, Joshua Western University The Effects of Dynamic Seating on Academic Performance and Memory Decay $17,500
Akhova, Dariya University of Toronto What it Means to Speak Russian in Ukraine Today: An Interpretivist Study of Kyiv Millennials' Language Attitudes $17,500
Akimoto Toyohama, Erika M. Université de Montréal La restauration latino-américaine à Montréal : ethnisation gastronomique et stratégies d'insertion sociale $17,500
Albert, Marc University of Ottawa Investigating the trustworthiness of research used to inform policy: A descriptive and qualitative study on the use of predatory journal citations in policy documents $17,500
Ali Bik, Assadullah University of Calgary Leadership development in refugees and newcomers through sport in Calgary, Alberta $17,500
Allen, Erik J.K. York University Pushing beyond the binary: The impacts of gender expression and gender self-concept on facial recognition accuracy $17,500
Al Naqeeb, Sarah A. York University The History and Theories of Carcerality in Canada $17,500
Alsalman, Hala OCAD University Back to the Future: Media Artifacts from a Neo Arab World $17,500
Al-Salman, Yusur University of Toronto Refugee Adult Education Programs and the (Re-)Construction of Alternative Learning Spaces $17,500
Altman, Emilie McMaster University Spelling Errors: An analysis of prevalence and affected populations $17,500
Amarakoon, Tanisha University of Toronto Security, Data, and COVID-19: Impacts on Black Canadians $17,500
Amarnath Nair, Medha Y.X. Simon Fraser University Attention Bias Modification Training for Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms $17,500
Amir, Maria University of Guelph Studying the Relationship Between Maternal Depression and Risky Driving in Adolescence as Mediated by Indirect Monitoring Using an In-Vehicle Recording System $17,500
Amyot, Emma University of Calgary Examining Preverbal Infants' Ability to Categorize Novel Facial Expressions using Labels $17,500
Anderson, Delaney E. The University of British Columbia Tracing the Movement of Meaning: Uncovering Republished Fiction from the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press $17,500
Anderson, Hannah E. University of Waterloo The arrogant eye and ecology: Effects on knowledge creation $17,500
Anderson, Lea M. The University of British Columbia The Good Life and Social Influence: A Discursive Analysis of Values and Consumption $17,500
Androsoff, Ngaire E.S. University of Alberta Freedom of Expression in an Age of Information Disorder $17,500
Antaki, May University of Ottawa Local Arts Councils and the Transformative Impact of Strategic Planning $17,500
Arcand, Maurane Université du Québec à Montréal Identités et solitude dans Starmania de Michel Berger et Luc Plamondon : analyse formelle d'un opéra rock désenchanté $17,500
Ardila, Lizeth The University of British Columbia The Right to Food: Urban Agriculture as Medium to Foster Food Sovereignty, Decolonization, and Community-Building in Winnipeg $17,500
Arès, Laura-Maude Université du Québec à Montréal Les comportements de recherche d'aide chez les jeunes suicidaires au Japon : développement et validation d'une échelle de mesure $17,500
Armani, Massima York University Socio-Technical Embodiments of Chronic Disease and Self-Care: Navigating Economic Precarity and Being Productive with Type 1 Diabetes $17,500
Armstrong, Jamie J.A. University of Guelph Proposing Reforms to Support Emerging Adults in the Justice System $17,500
Arndt, Katie-May Concordia University Textiles and Media: A Study of Past and Present Forms $17,500
Arsenault, Adrianna D. University of Ottawa Navigating school remotely: Experiences of Students with Disabilities and their families during COVID-19 $17,500
Arsenault, Elisabeth Université Laval Dispositif mondial humanitaire et migration forcée : analyse des effets de la catégorisation juridique et pratique des déplacés internes et des réfugiés au Cameroun $17,500
Arsenault, Kylie A. University of Regina Exploring Prospective Links Between Positive Psychological Well-Being, Self-Management Skills, and Early Diabetes-Related Complications in Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes $17,500
Arsenault, Maryon Université du Québec à Chicoutimi La contribution des symptômes du trouble de stress post-traumatique dans la relation entre l'agression sexuelle à l'enfance et la violence dans les relations amoureuses à l'adolescence $17,500
Avakumovic-Pointon, Isabelle S.B. University of Toronto Because She Resisted: Gender, Religion, and Ethnicity in the Balkan Wars, 1912-1913 $17,500
Avitzur, Syvanne University of Ottawa The Effects of Western Donors on Tunisian Women's Rights Organizations $17,500
Aytenfisu, Yehwalashet Z. McGill University Localizing International Development Work in Ethiopia: 1985-1995 $17,500
Badgley, Andrew T.R. University of Toronto Learning Greek and Latin for the Purpose of Investigating the Thought of Late Antique Neo-Platonists $17,500
Baek, Pumsun Western University Combining classical music education practices from Europe and North America $17,500
Baher, Tabarak University of Windsor Use of Chairwork to Predict Emotional Processing: A Meta-Analytic Approach $17,500
Baillargeon, Daphné Université de Montréal Appropriations citoyennes d'un espace éphémère, le cas de la friche ferroviaire de Viauville dans Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (Montréal) $17,500
Baker, Alexandra S. The University of British Columbia Bidding to Lose $17,500
Balan, Cindy Concordia University Educationally exploring the hypersexualization of Black women in Montreal $17,500
Barbedette, Leïla C. Université de Montréal Décrypter la voix du violon dans la communication entre luthiers et violonistes $17,500
Barber, Emily McGill University 'Internalized Gothic': Romantic Atmosphere and Ecological Haunting $17,500
Barber, Rachel L. Queen's University Older Adult Health Care Access in Elliot Lake: A Spatial Analysis of Walking and Public Transportation Routes $17,500
Bareket-Shavit, Carmelle The University of British Columbia Perceived harm of social bias across type of bias and surrounding context $17,500
Barkany, Alexandra Université de Montréal La dénonciation publique : quelle protection juridique pour les professionnels de la santé? $17,500
Barnett, Bronwen G. Simon Fraser University Building union renewal from the inside $17,500
Barrett, Cameron Dalhousie University Augustine on Free Will: The Importance of the Confessions to Augustine's Theory $17,500
Barrett, Emma K. University of Ottawa Teaching and Learning Across the Gender Spectrum within French-Language Instruction $17,500
Barsy, Diana J. Concordia University Niibidoon Dibaajimowinan Maamawi (Weave Our Stories Together) $17,500
Batista, Mackenzie R.B. McMaster University Landlords, Collective Responsibility and the Housing Crisis $17,500
Bauer, Lina The University of British Columbia Using converging evidence to differentiate English Language Learners who are at risk of language disorder from their peers $17,500
Baxter, Mary E. Western University Sand Mining in Lake Erie $17,500
Beattie, Laura A.M. Simon Fraser University Resilience in Municipal and Regional Strategic Planning Documents $17,500
Beatty, Anne M. Western University The Impact of Classroom-Level Adversity on Academic Motivation in High School Students $17,500
Beauchamp, Antoine Université Laval La pensée de minuit, suivi de L'art du réel : la cohabitation de la réalité et de sa mise en fiction dans l'écriture d'Emmanuel Carrère $17,500
Beauchamp, Daniel M. McMaster University The Role of Suicide and Agency in Greek Tragedy $17,500
Beauclair, Elizabeth McGill University Interruptions romanesques dans l'invention et l'expansion du genre : lorsque les narrateurs se font entendre $17,500
Beaudin, Jessica C. The University of British Columbia Euthanasia, Ecofeminism, and Animal Ethics in McCarthy's The Road and Coetzee's Disgrace $17,500
Beaudoin, Laurianne Université de Montréal Désubjectivation du lieu : l'espace abstrait dans Comment nous sommes nés de Carole David, suivi de Les meubles sont à pleurer $17,500
Beaudry, Jennifer-Ann Université de Sherbrooke Une analyse du vécu des journalistes issus de la diversité culturelle au sein de la Société Radio-Canada $17,500
Beaulieu, Émélie Université de Sherbrooke Être commissaire à Paris : entre médiation et répression (1762-1775) $17,500
Beaulieu-Pineault, Camille Université Laval Entrer en profession en contexte de diversité $17,500
Beauvilliers, Laurie Université de Montréal Échecs répétitifs en traitement de fertilité et sous-engagement conjugal : le rôle modérateur du besoin de parentalité et du diagnostic d'infertilité $17,500
Béchard, Justine Université Laval Cerner l'effet de rétroaction des politiques publiques sur l'engagement politique des minorités au Québec $17,500
Beck, Morgan Dalhousie University Staging Interpretation: Censorship and Metatheatre in Early Modern Drama $17,500
Beck, Natalie Simon Fraser University The Impact of Anti-Gang Campaigns in Schools: An Evaluation of a Multi-Faceted Gang Education, Prevention, and Awareness Initiative in a Lower Mainland School District $17,500
Bédard, Léonard Université Laval Réfugiés climatiques dans le contexte canadien : repenser la responsabilité libérale à l'égard de l'accueil des populations en exile $17,500
Bédard, Sandrine Université Laval Examen du phénomène de la récurrence chez les enfants suivis à la protection de la jeunesse $17,500
Beeby, Adam M. Athabasca University Psychological Stressors and Coping Behaviours in University Students: An examination of key social relationships and supports $17,500
Been, Johanna L. Queen's University Conceptualizing Becoming: Narrative Identity and the Postmodern Self $17,500
Beida, Lidiya University of Toronto Shipibo-Konibo textiles: Weaving Indigenous livelihoods with conservation in Ucayali, Peru $17,500
Bélanger, Emilie A. McGill University Examining the Effects of Gender on Children's Provision of Subjective Reactions During Sexual Abuse Disclosure $17,500
Bélanger-Landry, Philiippe Université du Québec à Montréal La représentation de la diversité ethnique dans les jouets au Canada depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale $17,500
Belford, Sydney M. Simon Fraser University Policy Options for Sustainable and Effective Foster Care Support Extensions in British Columbia $17,500
Bell, Andrew G. University of Toronto The AUX-Cord Études: Designing a Mixed Pedagogy $17,500
Bell, Antoney X. University of New Brunswick Between Two Worlds: Métissage and the Politics of Racial Identity in Colonial Louisiana and Quebec $17,500
Bellehumeur-Béchamp, Lily Université Laval Rôle de l'intimidation et des traumatismes vécus à l'enfance dans le développement de la compulsion alimentaire $17,500
Bengle, Sarah Concordia University Cartographie sensible de l'occupation transitoire de la Cité-des-Hospitalières à Montréal $17,500
Benhocine, Celia Institut national de la recherche scientifique Satellite University Branches in Canadian Cities: Evaluating Socio-Economic Impacts $17,500
Benoit, Zoe Université de Montréal L'expérience de la communauté LGBTQ2+ en procréation médicalement assistée $17,500
Bensmihen, Aaron F. McGill University Children's Mobility Patterns and Family Income Levels in the Greater Montreal Region $17,500
Beraldo, Sofia L. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) The Golden Age of Hollywood's Impact on Modern-Day Trendsetting in Women's Fashion $17,500
Berger, Mary University of Toronto Online University and the Trouble of Digital Community $17,500
Bergeron-Poulin, Gabriel Concordia University L'imaginaire de Pierre Perrault : du Québec à la Neufve-France $17,500
Berhane, Salina University of Toronto Black Canadian History $17,500
Bernier, Ambroise McGill University Faut-il revoir comment les cégeps sont financés? Une comparaison avec le système de financement des universités québécoises $17,500
Berthelot, Maggy Université Laval Conservation alternative de la nature : relations de coopération, collaboration et alliances entre les parcs naturels de la région de l'Alt Empordà, Espagne $17,500
Bertram, Brianne I. University of Alberta Sex Determination: Going past the binary $17,500
Bérubé-Cassista, Justine Université Laval Les compétences à développer chez les élèves du secondaire présentant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme afin de faciliter leur transition vers le marché du travail ou les études postsecondaires $17,500
Bhattacharya, Aparajita University of Waterloo Skeletal Indicators as Evidence of Intersecting Social Identities $17,500
Biderman, Carly University of Windsor Stigma and Mental Health Literacy: A Model of Mental Health Treatment-Seeking in Emerging Adults $17,500
Bilodeau, Anne-Julie Université Laval L'utilisation des céramiques de l'Archaïque récent du sud-est américain aux sites St. Catherines et McQueen : contribution des analyses de résidus organiques $17,500
Bilodeau-Carrier, Simon Université Laval Enseignement en temps de pandémie, persévérance et réussite scolaire : Le cas des étudiants de première génération à l'Université Laval $17,500
Bissonnette, Emily C. The University of British Columbia Experience of Social Media Popularity on Well-being $17,500
Black, Ashton R. York University The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Institutional Obligation $17,500
Blackbird-Riley, Shawnelle The University of British Columbia Building our relations through stories of sport $17,500
Black, Julia York University Decolonizing Maternal Healthcare: Exploring Community-based Midwifery Models in Northern Ontario $17,500
Blackmore, Anna M. The University of British Columbia Black Identity through Literature, Improvisation and Early Jazz Music $17,500
Blackmore, Luke T. University of Toronto Examining Performer Interaction with the Disklavier in piano player $17,500
Blain-Sabourin, Marilène Université Laval Évolution du paysage culturel de Tshishe Manikuan $17,500
Blais, Mélanie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Impacts du programme Alcochoix+ sur l'augmentation d'auto-efficacité dans un contexte d'exposition à des situations à risque de surconsommation d'alcool et le rôle des attentes d'auto-efficacité sur la réduction de la consommation d'alcool $17,500
Bleau, Marie-Anne H. Université du Québec à Montréal Les impacts de la double logique croissance-compétitivité issue des normes internationales en matière d'éducation sur l'environnement au Québec $17,500
Bleau, Marie-Michèle Université de Montréal Étude multi-isotopique d'une population urbaine de Montréal (Saint-Antoine, 1799-1854) : adaptation au milieu et pratiques alimentaires parmi les individus locaux et migrants $17,500
Bloch-Hansen, Mary-Dora York University A Pragmatic Mixed-Methods Examination of Racially Diverse Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Queer/Questioning Emerging Adults' Healthcare Experiences in Canada $17,500
Bloom, Zachary L. The University of British Columbia Structuralist Ontology for Mathematics $17,500
Bodrug, Thomas E. Trent University Restoring Student Motivation Through Inquiry-Based Learning in a Post-Pandemic Classroom: A Mixed-Methods Study $17,500
Boettinger, Casey E.K. Western University Social Age Within the Roman Auxiliary Fort Vindolanda $17,500
Boghosian, Sasha E. The University of British Columbia The Temple of Garni: Power, Politics and Monumentality at the Fringes of the Roman Empire $17,500
Bohnert, Sara A. University of Waterloo Evaluating the influence of social capital on community engagement for coastal adaptation in Surrey, British Columbia $17,500
Boisvert, Renaud Université de Montréal L'analyse de la nature des sources et des institutions juridiques d'origine autochtone (normes, processus et acteurs) auxquelles puisent les constitutions autochtones contemporaines ainsi que l'influence exercée par le droit constitutionnel canadien $17,500
Bonneau, Clara Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Double vulnérabilité chez les enfants maltraités ayant une déficience intellectuelle : examen et comparaison des conséquences comportementales et émotionnelles associées $17,500
Bonneville, Samuel Université de Montréal Facteurs visuels d'exclusion symbolique dans les galeries d'art montréalaises $17,500
Bordeleau-Gagné, Florence Université Laval Déchiffrer le territoire, défricher l'identité : prendre racine dans le paysage en littérature contemporaine québécoise et suisse romande $17,500
Bossé, Juliette Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Écrire le territoire au féminin dans la littérature contemporaine au Québec $17,500
Bouchard-Lussier, Juliette Université de Montréal Écriture picturale et dispositif texte/image dans La Cafarde et Bonaventure de Bona de Mandiargues $17,500
Boucher-Réhel, Maude Université de Montréal Analyse de la récidive chez les participants aux Programmes d'accompagnement justice et santé mentale selon les principes de justice thérapeutique $17,500
Boudoumit, Timothy J. University of Toronto History as a Tool for Political Legitimacy: Tracing the Evolution of Cross-sectarian Identity in Lebanon and Examining How Contemporary Protests Use History to Legitimize Their Objectives (2005-present) $17,500
Boudreault, Maélie Yan Université du Québec en Outaouais L'impact de la cooccurrence des types de maltraitance vécus durant l'enfance sur la sensibilité parentale des mères $17,500
Bourbonnais, Maxime Université du Québec à Montréal Conflits de travail et politisation à la veille de la Révolution française : le cas de la manufacture des Gobelins $17,500
Bourdeau, Fabien Université de Montréal La culture estudiantine dans les journaux périodiques des collèges privés d'enseignement secondaire au Canada français du XIXe siècle $17,500
Bowie, D'Andrea York University Material Reciprocity: Monuments for the Future $17,500
Boyce, Taib K. University of Ottawa The Experience of Black Executives in the Federal Public Service in Canada $17,500
Boyd, Amber D. The University of British Columbia Beyond the margins: Providing a literary landscape for Métis youth $17,500
Boyer, Thomas HEC Montréal Impact non linéaire des taux d'imposition sur les revenus fiscaux : une analyse empirique $17,500
Bradford, Stephanie Concordia University Ontario Midwives: "Labouring" on the frontlines of reproductive care $17,500
Bray, Emily R. University of Guelph Investigating Strategic Jurisprudential Usages of the Constitutional Principle of Judicial Independence $17,500
Brickner, Braden J. York University Ellyn and the Five Fathers $17,500
Brimacombe, Morgan P.I. Dalhousie University Human Well-being and Resiliency in New Environments: Nature-Based Programs for Newcomers in Atlantic Canada $17,500
Brodkin, Sabrina University of Toronto Decoding Dysregulation: A person-centered approach to studying family and community contributions to dysregulation in children with elevated psychopathology $17,500
Brosseau, Louis Université Laval Les relations diplomatiques soviéto-africaines à l'occasion du boycott des Jeux olympiques de Moscou de 1980 $17,500
Brown, Carly M. University of Alberta Client Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Teletherapy Delivery of the Comprehensive Stuttering Program $17,500
Brown, Cheri University of Northern British Columbia Indigenous Postsecondary Education Attainment $17,500
Brown, Emmarie A. Queen's University Refugees in Context: Reframing Instapoetry in Warsan Shire's Home $17,500
Brown, Maryjane E. University of Victoria A Game Theoretic Model of Competitive, Collaborative, and Collusive Vaccine Research and Development During a Pandemic $17,500
Brown, Shalom C. University of Toronto Broadening Understandings of Mixed-Race Identities: Exploring Experiences of Racism and Racial Privilege of Canadian Mixed-Race University Athletes $17,500
Brown, Slade B. Simon Fraser University Steely Foundations: Colonialism, Privatization, and the 1883-1925 Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company Land Grants $17,500
Brullemans-de Brouwer, Nathan Université du Québec à Montréal Le capital canadien en Amérique latine : quelle analyse pour la critique de l'économie politique? $17,500
Brunet-Jailly, Asa York University Hybrid Narratives: Anglo-Jewish and Irish Development of the Victorian Novel $17,500
Brunet, Lauren M. Carleton University An Exploration of Dark Personality Traits and Self-Harm in Family Violence Cases $17,500
Brunet, Maxime P. Concordia University Precarity in the Live Music Industry: A Podcast on Industry Working Conditions $17,500
Brunetti, Aria C. McGill University Caring in community: A narrative inquiry into agency, harm reduction and peer education $17,500
Buchkowski, Megan University of Victoria The Affects of Time Spent in Nature on Eating Disorder Recovery $17,500
Buckley, Rya University of Toronto Experiences of racialized students seeking support on postsecondary campuses $17,500
Budhoo, Caelan D.E. University of Manitoba Mastication to Influence Autonomic Arousal $17,500
Bueckert, Ashlee E. University of Saskatchewan Food Sovereignty for Indigenous Older Adults living in Long-term Care in rural Saskatchewan $17,500
Buenaventura, Ron Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) On the Misconstrual of the Epicureans as the Progenitors of Atheism $17,500
Buick, Amy N. Queen's University Rights in Social Justice $17,500
Bull, Amanda McMaster University Ageism in the Workplace and Labour Market: The Experiences of Older Adults $17,500
Burdman, Emily Concordia University How do new working conditions impact the effects of organizational culture on employee outcomes? $17,500
Burns, Brody C. University of Saskatchewan Past, Present, and Future $17,500
Burr, Marshall D. Carleton University Resonances of a Colonial Past: Modern Implications of the Colonization of South Africa $17,500
Burt-D'Agnillo, Madelin University of Toronto Adoption of Open Science Practices at the University of Toronto $17,500
Buss, Jessica R. University of Victoria Walking Through a Pandemic: How Trauma Survivors Heal Through Walking in a Time of Covid-19 $17,500
Butler, Laura OCAD University Human-Plant Relations: Deconstructing Human-Domination Over Plants in Art, Philosophy, and Science $17,500
Butt, Iqra Adil York University Racial Capitalism and Prison Labour in Canada $17,500
Butt, Melanie A. The University of British Columbia The effects of mood and executive functioning on life space and quality of life $17,500
Cabrita, Joshua D. York University Gilles Deleuze's Poetics of Cinema $17,500
Cadieux, Marie-Ève Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Effet d'un programme d'entraînement à la mentalisation chez les intervenants communautaires en santé mentale $17,500
Cameirao, Jacob A. McMaster University Factors affecting emotional self-expression in narrative production: A cross-arts analysis $17,500
Cameron, Teagan University of Toronto As If Free: Janissaries and the Designation of Slave in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire $17,500
Campbell, Sarah McGill University The Efficacy of Peer Review Support Programs to Improve Forensic Interviewing Methods $17,500
Campbell, Sarah N. University of Guelph Able to Cheer, Unable to Mourn: Football, Emotion, and Collective Trauma in Post-War West Germany $17,500
Campbell, Shannon J. The University of British Columbia Mina Loy: Linguistic Disruptions and the Embodied Female Subject $17,500
Campeau, Gabriela Université de Montréal Prévenir l'anxiété de performance chez les adolescents : évaluation de la mise en œuvre d'un programme probant en contexte scolaire $17,500
Camposarcone, Ava D. Queen's University Effective Self-Enhancement Strategies on Introverts' Self-Esteem $17,500
Candan, Gizem OCAD University Art and Anxiety in the Anthropocene $17,500
Cannon, Cameron M. York University Settler Enclosures: Indigenous Displacement, Resistance and the National Question $17,500
Cantlay, Stephanie Queen's University Redefining food access in Canada $17,500
Cap, Catherine Université de Montréal L'impact de la pandémie de COVID-19 sur les cyberpédophiles $17,500
Cappon, Alyssa M. Trinity Western University Social Integration After Addiction: Experiences of Residents Living in Recovery Communities $17,500
Caprara, Alexandra Simon Fraser University Tropisms and technology: Positioning design processes within the natural world $17,500
Carignan, Marie-Claude McGill University A Sustainable Livelihoods Approach to Leakage in a Local Forest Carbon Project in Panama $17,500
Carolli, Alecia York University Features and Psychological Outcomes of Zoom $17,500
Caron, Éléonore Université de Montréal Faire passer le malheur en régime autofictionnel : étude ethnocritique de l'avortement dans L'Événement d'Annie Ernaux et Folle de Nelly Arcan $17,500
Carr, Kaitlyn Brock University The Role of Knowledge Mobilization in the Adoption of Integrated Pest Management for Virus Vectors in Viticulture $17,500
Carson, Nicole L. The University of British Columbia Young Women's Retrospective Narratives of Their Abortion in Adolescence $17,500
Casey, Brianne S. Wilfrid Laurier University Rewriting Representation: Changes in Colonial Constructions of Indigenous Peoples in the Calgary Stampede and Banff Indian Days, 1946-1988 $17,500
Cashwell, Adriana W. University of Saskatchewan Young Women's Reproductive Intentions: Assessing the Individual and Societal Contexts $17,500
Casola, Madelyn A. Western University Self-Regulation in Early Writing Strategy Instruction for Children with Low Phonological Awareness $17,500
Cassell, Anna Wilfrid Laurier University Was Counterculture Real? Dating and Sexuality for Canadian Women in the 1960s and 1970s $17,500
Cater, Elyse University of Toronto DASS-21 and Resilience on Working Remotely $17,500
Catonio, Ash University of Toronto Demands and Barriers: Sexual Violence Prevention on a Canadian Campus $17,500
Cavaliere, Adriano University of Toronto Lanval and Pwyll: Reconsidering the Welsh Other in Marie de France's Breton Lays $17,500
Cesario, Adrien Université Laval Interactions sociales et économiques à Kabeshinàn (Hull, QC) au Sylvicole moyen : une analyse de la fabrication et de l'utilisation de la céramique en contexte communautaire $17,500
Chabot, Andréane Université Laval La bureaucratie, un outil colonial? Expériences du processus de recouvrement du statut d'Indien $17,500
Chabot, Benjamin Université du Québec à Montréal L'évolution de la configuration identitaire lors de l'intégration d'une nouvelle identité $17,500
Chabot, Mylène G. University of Manitoba The Representation of Indigeneity in Latin America depicted in Tintin $17,500
Chadronnet, Florence Université de Montréal L'écriture du trauma dans Le Voyage dans l'Est de Christine Angot, suivi de Ordonnance de non-publication $17,500
Chafe, Alexandra R. Queen's University An Artist's Fate: Elena Luksch-Makowsky, womanhood and conformity under National Socialism $17,500
Chalmers, Daphne P.M. McGill University Hope in the Anthropocene: Supporting Action-Competent Students in Environmental and Sustainability Education $17,500
Chamberland, Marie-Claude Université de Montréal Les imbroglios d'une communication exolingue comme véhicule humoristique : une recherche-création performative $17,500
Chan, Catherine Y. University of Guelph Visualizing Society and the Environment: Reconnection Through Imperfect Repair $17,500
Chan, Elizabeth W.Y. University of Toronto Time Use and Subjective Well-being in Midlife $17,500
Chan, Kaylene J. University of Toronto Kaylene Chan Application $17,500
Chan, Robyn M. University of Ottawa Community-led governance in the real estate state: False Creek South vs. City of Vancouver $17,500
Chao, Gwenyth Emily Carr University of Art + Design Compos(t)ing Spaces $17,500
Charalampopoulou, Marina York University Substance use as a maladaptive coping behaviour among the parents for children with autism spectrum disorder $17,500
Charbonneau, Jennie Institut national de la recherche scientifique La participation politique des jeunes pour l'enjeu des changements climatiques $17,500
Charles, Alicia M. McGill University Taino Resurgence in Jamaica: An Indigenous Leadership for the Ecozoic $17,500
Charles, Julia Morgan The University of British Columbia Autoimmunity and the Pathological Self $17,500
Charlton, Jaidyn K. Lakehead University A daily diary approach to examining the coping methods of the Dark Tetrad in response to everyday stressors $17,500
Chassé, Thomas J. Université de Moncton Histoire des mouvements LGBTQ+ en Acadie $17,500
Cheek, Oliver L. University of Windsor The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Adult Sexual Risk Behaviour in Transgender Samples $17,500
Chen, Chelsea University of Ottawa Shame-Proneness and the Moral Sunk Cost Effect $17,500
Chénier, Tiffany A. University of New Brunswick Accredited Rumours: Credit Reporting in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Saint John, New Brunswick $17,500
Cheuk, Yan Altan McGill University Chinese Heritage Language Learners' Perceptions of Varieties of Chinese $17,500
Chevalier, Clemence M.C. Université de Sherbrooke La définition des lanceurs d'alerte en droit international $17,500
Chevrier, Cameron É. University of Victoria Understanding the non-cisgender Indigenous experience: A case study of the Arctic $17,500
Chiasson-Losier, Olivier Université de Sherbrooke La résolution des conflits à Montréal sous le régime français : analyse spatiale du recours à la justice $17,500
Chisholm, Bailey M. Queen's University Interpersonal Trust and Relative Income Levels in European Countries $17,500
Cholette, Jérémie HEC Montréal Positioning Drift: An application to the music industry $17,500
Chong, Caitlin E.W. The University of British Columbia Class Contours: A Digital Content Analysis of Vancouver's Chinese-Canadian Communities on Instagram $17,500
Choquette, Julie Université de Montréal Érosion des gains en matière d'espérance de vie à la naissance dans les provinces canadiennes : étude des causes de décès à la hausse parmi les jeunes âges adultes $17,500
Chouinard, Félix Université de Montréal Analyse de la nouvelle philanthropie québécoise $17,500
Christensen, Brianne The University of British Columbia Hospitality in Crisis: New Sincerity and Receiving the Stranger in Ali Smith's Seasonal Quartet $17,500
Christenson, Rebecca D. McMaster University Bad to the Bone: Skeletal Evidence of Respiratory Infection in Women and Children in Three Dutch Post-Medieval Communities $17,500
Christianson, Traci-lee D. University of Saskatchewan Linguistic Bias in News Media: Perception and Influence $17,500
Chua, Christian Philip University of Calgary Beyond Four Walls: A Speculative Narrative of Sentient Homes and the Sentient City $17,500
Chudzik, Jessica N. Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle du stress financier sur la santé psychologique des personnes étudiantes universitaires $17,500
Chui, Bianca The University of British Columbia Travel with Yaji and Kita: Sugoroku Board Game Adaptations of Tokaidochu Hizakurige $17,500
Chu, Natalie E. The University of British Columbia Harnessing the Power of Online Education Through Corporate Partnerships: An Advantage or Crime? $17,500
Church, Camden McMaster University Examining Canadian Policy Responses to Climate Displacement and Migration $17,500
Chu, Richard C.S. Royal Roads University Western Asian Alienation: Analyzing the Messaging Around Multiculturalism and Diversity to Respond to Anti-Asian Racism in B.C. $17,500
Cinelli-Faia, Christopher A. McGill University Goalkeeper Techniques for Increasing Player Anxiety and Decreasing Player Performance During Penalty Kicks $17,500
Cinq-Mars, Ingrid Université de Montréal Diane dans les jardins de la Renaissance $17,500
Cizek, Erika University of Alberta Addressing housing affordability in small communities: Case studies from British Columbia $17,500
Clarke, Tayah McMaster University The Black Queer Feminist Lens: Community-Building in the 2020 Racial Justice Protests $17,500
Clark, Maureen A. Concordia University Drum as Resurgent Practice in Indigenous Two-Spirit Community $17,500
Clermont, Camille Université Laval Association entre l'insatisfaction corporelle, les expériences de stigmatisation et la compulsion alimentaire : examen du rôle de la régulation émotionnelle $17,500
Cleroux, Angelina M. Western University Evaluation of Western's Undressing Consent Sexual Violence Prevention Programming $17,500
Cloutier, Isabelle Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Développement et conceptualisation de la pensée complexe dans le milieu postsecondaire québécois $17,500
Cloutier, Karolyn Université de Moncton Maman au ménage, Papa au travail : mesure des stéréotypes implicites et explicites face aux rôles parentaux $17,500
Coelho, Sophie York University Minority stress, loneliness, and suicide-related thoughts and behaviours among sexual and gender minoritized youth: A longitudinal investigation $17,500
Cohen, Jared E. McGill University The messianic principle in Paul Celan and Ernst Bloch $17,500
Coleman, Astrid D. University of Windsor Prosocial Intentions of Older and Younger Adults Following Provided and Self-Generated Imagined Events $17,500
Coles, Ashlee Memorial University of Newfoundland Cannabis use and early initiation: A meta-analysis $17,500
Coletti, Aaron McMaster University Dedication to a Process $17,500
Collier, Keira M. St. Francis Xavier University Medical Charms, Spells, and Cures in Medieval Irish Literature $17,500
Collishaw, Skye R. University of Toronto Investigating park use of low-income renters in Toronto's St. James Town $17,500
Colpron-Bergsma, Léonore Université de Montréal Évolution des mœurs et de la pensée d'un peuple au cœur de deux impérialismes : le cas du Québec $17,500
Comeau, Brianna D. Wilfrid Laurier University Understanding Feelings About Identity and Experiences of Victimization from LGBTQ Youth with ASD $17,500
Confortin, Cameron D. Simon Fraser University International Climate Refugees and Policy Implications for Canada $17,500
Conrad, Mari Alice University of Alberta Looking North, Outside the Chamber: Empowering Youth Through Music $17,500
Contini, Nia Y. Western University Understanding University Students' Perceived Constraints to Active Transportation $17,500
Copoc, Paul E. University of Guelph To Recycle or Not to Recycle: A Norms-Based and Information-Based Intervention to Increase Proper Coffee Cup Disposal $17,500
Coque, Lucas McGill University On the Therapeutic Use of Deconstruction in Negotiating Religious Identities: An Analysis of Jacques Derrida's Circonfession $17,500
Corbett, Marja-Leena A. The University of British Columbia Suicide Scripts and Transgender Youth $17,500
Corken, Thomas B. Western University An Inclusive and Relevant Approach to Repertoire Selection for Academic and Community Choirs $17,500
Cormier, Danielle Université Laval De la surface des choses : l'objet-paysage (titre informatif) $17,500
Cormier, Gina L. McGill University Psychological Constructs Related to Ideological Openness $17,500
Cortinovis, Stephanie R. University of Waterloo Expanding the Climate Mitigation Toolkit: The Future of DAC in Canadian Carbon Markets $17,500
Côté, Guillaume Université de Montréal La préservation du caribou montagnard au Québec : l'acceptabilité sociale de l'activité forestière durable dans la région de la Gaspésie $17,500
Coulbeck, Vanessa Western University Testing a body image and self-compassion intervention for adolescent girls after sport drop-out $17,500
Courchesne, Jade M. The University of British Columbia Not Chinese Enough: Examining Heritage Language Use in Contemporary Chinese Diasporic Filmmaking $17,500
Cout, Isabel M. Université de Montréal Centralité et marginalité dans l'écriture de la Shoah : l'engagement affectif anticonformiste de la troisième génération $17,500
Coutu De Goede, Sophie McGill University Urbanisme temporel et espaces sous-utilisés : limites, pistes, outils et dispositifs pour renforcer le droit à la ville et animer l'espace urbain dans une perspective pérenne $17,500
Couturier, Marie-Alice Université du Québec à Montréal Gouvernance algorithmique et changements climatiques : manifestation du capitalisme de plateforme dans la gestion de la crise climatique $17,500
Couty, Morgane L.M. Université Laval Criminalisation de l'action collective au Chili : enjeux épistémologiques et pratiques des luttes socio-environnementales mapuches à l'aube d'une nouvelle ère constitutionnelle $17,500
Cox, Bronwen M.L. University of Toronto Women Artists, Surrealism, Spirituality, and Sexuality $17,500
Craig, Caitlin B.G. Simon Fraser University 1.5-Million-year-old Depositional Processes and Fire Evidence at FxJj20AB, Koobi Fora, Northern Kenya $17,500
Cripps, Rachel C. The University of British Columbia Climate Catastrophe and the Biocultural Theory of Moral Progress $17,500
Crosbie, Emma McGill University Education for Reconciliation? Assessing Canadian History Curriculum Reforms $17,500
Croteau, Guillaume McGill University Care for Space $17,500
Cuenca Rodriguez, Kharol T. Saint Mary's University Food Sovereignty in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology in agri-business $17,500
Cui, QingXiao York University Code-switching in young and adult Mandarin heritage speakers $17,500
Culbertson, Kennedy M. University of Saskatchewan The Impact of Multigenerational Living on Planned and Actual Fertility $17,500
Cummings, Joshua A. University of New Brunswick Falls Island/Cobscook Bay-Archaeological Research in the Quoddy Region $17,500
Cummiskey, Marina P. McGill University A prospective exploration of diet, exercise, and self-compassion in retiring athletes $17,500
Cunha, Vanessa C. University of Ottawa The Effect of Facial Movement for Recognizing Unfamiliar Faces $17,500
Cunningham, Sally J.L. Memorial University of Newfoundland Homebound: Fictions of Contemporary Home(s) $17,500
Cusson, Emma Université de Montréal Les interprétations féministes juives contemporaines des littératures biblique et rabbinique : le cas de l'avortement décortiqué $17,500
D'Agostino, Samantha University of Windsor The impact of social support on the psychological resilience of individual and team sport para-athletes $17,500
Dahl, Brett University of Alberta Queering the Classical Canon: Hedda Gabler Reimagined $17,500
Daigneault-Gilker, Frédéric K. Université du Québec à Montréal Le droit international de l'investissement et les nouvelles routes de la soie (Belt and Road Initiative) $17,500
Dain, Natanela University of Waterloo Peer Language Use and Criminal Decision-Making: Framing Effects of Peer Messages on Willingness to Commit Crime $17,500
Daliri, Hanieh Simon Fraser University Capital Structure Optimization Model Using Multi-Objective Approach for Funding Public-Private Partnership Projects Under Federal Government Contribution Strategy Constraint $17,500
Dandewich, Janae S. The University of Winnipeg Rape Myths in the Media: Police and the Social Construction of Sexual Assault $17,500
Dang, Michael A. The University of British Columbia The Queer Origins of Conceptual Art: New York Correspondence School $17,500
D'Aoust, Demmy Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Étude des pratiques d'enseignement innovantes en mathématiques au premier cycle du secondaire $17,500
Daoust-Zidane, Naïmé Université de Montréal Traumas et engagement scolaire chez les élèves de classe d'accueil : une étude qualitative sur le rôle de l'école comme facteur de résilience $17,500
Dark, Gabrielle D. McMaster University Provincial and Local Property Tax Buoyancies in Canada: Estimation and Analysis $17,500
Darling-Wolf, Hana T. University of Toronto Emotional Tech: Exploring the Role of Affect in Discourses of (In)accessibility in Computer Science $17,500
David, Claire C. University of Alberta The role of protective factors in reducing persisting concussion symptoms among adolescents with internalizing behaviours $17,500
Davila, Javier J. University of New Brunswick From Care to Accountability: Creating Radically Loving Alternatives to Shame, Punishment, and Disposability with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx, Racialized Men and Non-Binary Guys $17,500
Davis, Carrie Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Returning to Land, Culture, and Language $17,500
Dawe, Allyson M. University of Waterloo Inversions of Post-Siege Violence in Euripide's Bacchae $17,500
Dawood, Afsah University of Ottawa A Stigma-Reduction Intervention: Engaging the South Asian Community in Mental Health Awareness through Storytelling $17,500
Dawson, Sydney M. The University of British Columbia Referential Language Use and Perceptions of Relationship Validity $17,500
de Almeida, Hannah M.L. Carleton University Strengthening the Diagnosticity of Investigative Interviews by Incorporating Strategic Use of Evidence $17,500
De Angelis, Inessa A. University of Toronto Torrential Twitter: Climate Change, Female Politicians, and Harassment $17,500
Debanné, Laurianne McGill University Energy poverty in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia: Identifying levels of vulnerability and coping mechanisms $17,500
Décarie, Augustin Université de Montréal Les organisations administratives hybrides et les dispositifs participatifs $17,500
Dehaut, Catherine Université de Montréal Les réseaux monastiques féminins dans le nord de la France et l'est de l'Angleterre durant le haut Moyen Âge (VIe-IXe siècle) $17,500
DeKeseredy, Andrea S.M. University of Alberta What is the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Graduate Student Mothers? $17,500
de Lange, Mitch Western University Listening to Abuse Survivor Testimonies in the Institution $17,500
Deloria, Rochelle M. University of Calgary Who Can I Turn To: Navigating the Experiences of Filipina/x/o-Canadian Youth and Mental Health in Calgary $17,500
del Valle, Elias T.I. University of Victoria Towards a Historical Ecology of North Pacific Spiny Dogfish in the Salish Sea $17,500
Demers, Hélène Université du Québec à Montréal Histoire de maltraitance et dysfonctionnement d'enfants 6-12 ans placés en centre de réadaptation : le rôle modérateur des représentations d'attachement $17,500
Dempsey, Sean D. York University Performing 'Queer' for Canada: Ongoing Pressures to Emulate 'Authentic' Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Refugee Identities $17,500
Demy, Jazzmin York University Crisis on campus: Identifying factors and assessing postsecondary students' needs to improve psychological well-being, address barriers, and inform service delivery $17,500
Deol, Imroze S. OCAD University Panjabi-Centred Design: Building healthcare accessibility framework $17,500
de Pencier, Hannibal J. McGill University Visualizing English Verse: A study of Literary Spectacles in Late 18th Century London $17,500
Dernovsek, Sophie E. McGill University Translating Identity through Life Writing: A Study of Eurasian Women Memoirists $17,500
Derrick, Zackary University of Victoria Two-Spirit, Trans, and Gender-Diverse Abortion Access: A Reproductive Justice Approach $17,500
Deschamps, Gabriel Université de Montréal Imaginaire du divertissement au Québec à partir de l'œuvre romanesque de Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard $17,500
Desgagné, Victoria McGill University Devoir de mémoire : le patrimoine agricole bâti de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli $17,500
De Sousa, Deziray N. Université du Québec à Montréal The mediating role of emotional regulation and jealousy on the relationship between attachment style and coercive control: A dyadic study of adolescent couples $17,500
Desrosiers, Jeanne Université Laval Un avenir vert, juste et résilient d'un océan à l'autre : réorganisation, formation et mouvements de la main-d'œuvre des secteurs de l'énergie au Canada dans le cadre d'une transition énergétique juste $17,500
Dhaliwal, Ravia K. Carleton University #KisaanMajdoorEktaZindabad: The Indian Farmers' Protest and the Indian Diaspora in Canada $17,500
Dhillon, Ashley University of Toronto Construct Validity of the Dual Gender Identity Interview and the Gender Identity Questionnaire for Children $17,500
Dhillon, Satveer Western University The climate change-food security nexus: A gendered analysis in the Western Region of Uganda $17,500
Diamond-Rheault, Rosalie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Identité et appartenance : impacts des premières lois définissant l'indianité sur les couples interethniques dans la communauté d'Odanak, 1850-1880 $17,500
Dias Gomes, Giovanna F. Université de Montréal Les conditions d'emploi des enseignants dans les écoles publiques, privées et militaires sous le régime néolibéral autoritaire au Brésil $17,500
Dias, Kim University of Victoria 39 Lashes: An exploration of the parallels between kink, queerness and Christian spirituality $17,500
Di Carlo, Jonathan M. University of Ottawa From 'De Jure' to Disguised Segregation: How Post-Jim Crow Policing Implemented a 20th Century Middle Passage into Incarceration $17,500
Dion, Jay A. University of Manitoba Is the International Joint Commission meeting the requirements of binationalism in the Canada-United States relationship?: A Lake of the Woods-Rainy River case study $17,500
Dionne, Alexandre M. Laurentian University Virtual Cafés: An easily disseminated and cost-effective method of improving social connectedness in postsecondary students $17,500
Dipieri, Matilda C. University of Toronto Food Marketing and Distribution Innovations Shaping Canadian Food Policy $17,500
Diplock, Elise S. The University of Winnipeg Framing the Missing Persons Phenomenon $17,500
Dipple, Johanna E. McGill University Citizen-Sourced Water Quality Data in the Great Lakes Basin $17,500
Dockrill, Mya M. University of Waterloo The effects of temperamental shyness on children's abilities to interpret metaperceptions from an unfamiliar social partner $17,500
Dong, Ha Bao Ngan McGill University 'Al-Haraka Baraka': Palestinian Sportswomen's Boycott as Movement-Building for Liberation $17,500
Doucet, Tyler C. Dalhousie University Evaluating the contributions of non-governmental organizations and municipal government partnerships in urban-forest programming across Canada $17,500
Douglas, Anna Queen's University Histories of Cyberfeminism: subRosa, Digital Art, and Reproductive Health Technologies $17,500
Dowson, Mackenzie E. Carleton University Sustaining Change: Assessing the Influence of Nostalgia, Optimism and their Interaction on Psychological Well-being During the Action Stage of Change $17,500
Dowswell, Stacey M. University of Toronto Desire in Hindsight: How Feminism Changed the Literary Leading Man $17,500
Dragomir, Ioana Concordia University Something wrenches: Translating desire $17,500
Dressler, Harrison Queen's University Treating Blindness Through Underdevelopment: The Ontario Institute for the Blind, 1888-1903 $17,500
Drianovski, Kornelia University of Toronto Splitting the Narrated Self: Re-Imagining My Mother in Auto-Fiction $17,500
Driscoll, Brooke M. Trent University Working Like a Thule Dog: Stable Isotope Analysis of Canid Remains from the Canadian Arctic $17,500
Drouin, Frédérique Université de Montréal Dépister et interrompre : entre autorité parentale et statut moral du fœtus en utérus artificiel $17,500
Drummond, Quinn-Evelynn R. Concordia University Transgender Narratives in the Canadian Cultural Consciousness $17,500
Dubé, Laurence Université Laval Impacts psychologiques chez la personne ayant vécu une agression sexuelle du procès de l'agresseur présumé $17,500
Dubé, Valéry Université du Québec à Montréal Le rôle médiateur de la reconnaissance des émotions dans la relation entre l'agression sexuelle et l'alexithymie chez des enfants d'âge scolaire témoins de violence conjugale $17,500
Dubrûle, Justine V. University of Waterloo Communautés isolées : survie individuelle et collective en temps d'apocalypse $17,500
Dudney, Hannah R. Vancouver Island University Tourism Carrying Capacity for Individuals with Physical Disabilities: A Study of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve $17,500
Dueck, Rachel Wooryung University of Ottawa Developing a progressive chunking technique in music literacy: An analysis of the method books and sight-reading materials for beginner piano students $17,500
Dufour, Arnaud University of Ottawa Ascension philosophique et descente rhétorique : la figure du « politicien socratique » dans le Gorgias de Platon $17,500
Dufour, Rachel Concordia University Trajectories of risk for the development of disordered eating $17,500
Dumais, Samia Université du Québec à Montréal Le second Congrès des femmes noires, 1974 : mobilités, influences et représentations (titre provisoire) $17,500
Dumoulin, Amanda R. The University of British Columbia Improving interpersonal connectedness in asynchronous online learning environments with discussion forums $17,500
Dunn, Findley R. University of Victoria Whose Anxiety? Critically Assessing the Relevance of Eco-Anxiety to the Experiences of Diverse Groups $17,500
Duodu, Sara D. University of Toronto How Social Media Changes Individuals' Preferences and Impacts Social Movement Participation $17,500
DuPlessis, Danielle C. York University Supporting Participation and Development in High-Performance Sport for Young Athletes $17,500
Dupuis, Jacinthe Université de Montréal Le rôle de l'attachement dans la co-construction du sens dune trajectoire entrepreneuriale : analyse des relations avec les fournisseurs $17,500
Duskic, Joia Concordia University L'œuvre Maman de Louise Bourgeois : vecteur de compréhension de la relation entre l'institution muséale et l'espace public $17,500
Earnshaw, Mallory Wilfrid Laurier University You Remember, Don't You?: How Stress Impacts Children's Working Memory and Source Monitoring Capabilities $17,500
Eastman-Mills, Melanie F. York University Two Crises in Toronto: Human Trafficking and the Covid-19 Pandemic $17,500
Edirisinghe, Savidi K. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Examining the Malleability of Body Dissatisfaction in Gay Adolescent Males in Response to Mindfulness Practice $17,500
Edmundson, Randi A. University of Calgary Directing Outdoor Theatre with the Landscape as Creative Partner $17,500
Ekers, Joshua D. Concordia University Portrayal of Genre Through Mediums: Comparing How Film and Video Games Utilize Genre $17,500
Elizur, Leor The University of British Columbia The 'Dual Pandemic': Experiences of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) Therapists in COVID-19 $17,500
El-Mikati, Marianne The University of British Columbia Borders, Identity and Belonging: Navigating the Intersection of Racialized Refugee/Forced Migrant Solidarity with Indigenous Communities on Turtle Island $17,500
Elniski, David A. University of Lethbridge Addressing Employment Barriers in Canada's Trucking Industry $17,500
Eloulabi, Rama Western University Knowledge and attitudes towards the COVID-19 vaccines among Afghan refugees in Canada $17,500
El Shazly, Menatalla M.A. Simon Fraser University Decay: The Body in Question $17,500
El-Shebiny, Raghad York University Staying Relevant in Technology-Centred Societies: Creating Collaborative Learning Environments in STEM Education $17,500
Elsom, Anthony L. University of Manitoba Factors Affecting Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts in Indigenous People $17,500
Endress, Jessica M. Carleton University Athletic Aesthetics: Prudence Heward, Girl Under a Tree and Canadian Women's Health Ideals in the 1930's $17,500
Engel, Amanda R. Simon Fraser University Evaluating Provincial Regulations for the Prevention of Money Laundering in Real Estate $17,500
Enkhtugs, Bilguundari The University of Winnipeg Examining the Relationship between Maternal Imprisonment and Youth Food Security $17,500
Erb, Emily M. Western University Teaching Perspective-taking Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Eriksen, Jessica L. University of Alberta Parents' Understanding of their Child's Psychoeducational Assessment Report $17,500
Escobar Alvarez, Maria D. Université du Québec à Montréal R.A.S, Rien à signaler $17,500
Espinel Quintero, Natalia Concordia University Social Media, Digital Activism and Democracy in Post-Conflict Colombia $17,500
Esposito, Angelica McMaster University Through her eyes: Photovoice as a research method for women with mental health and substance abuse issues living in supportive housing $17,500
Evans, Stephen N. Cape Breton University Relationship between Aboriginal rights and title recognition and economic development opportunities $17,500
Fallows, Emily R. Carleton University Moral Reasoning for Global Vaccine Equity $17,500
Falutz, Rebecca M. Université de Montréal Perinatal Risk Factors for Young Adults to Not be in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) and its Mediators $17,500
Fantin, Hanna E. University of Lethbridge Ranching Childhood in Southern Alberta $17,500
Farhloul, Naomi University of Toronto Positionality in Decolonization: The Potential of Cross-Movement Solidarity in Protecting the Wedzin Kwa $17,500
Farrell, Brooke C.T. University of Toronto Exploring Views of Self in the Context of Self-Injury Recovery: A Thematic Analysis $17,500
Farrelly, Kyra York University Examining the Role of Childhood Environment, Family History, and Adolescent Cannabis Use on Risky Decision-Making in Young Adults $17,500
Fathi, Ava University of Toronto Recovering Paradise in the Shahnameh: The Mythic Homeland in Diaspora Literature $17,500
Fellini, Dallas N. University of Toronto Animating Transgender Histories Through Archival Excavation $17,500
Fenerdjian, Christopher Université de Montréal Intentionnalité perçue et rancune chez les personnes colériques $17,500
Ferdossifard, Ayda University of Toronto Developmental Progression of Receptive and Expressive Comprehension of Figurative Language in English Learners (ELLs): A Systematic Review $17,500
Ferguson, Natham P.G. Concordia University Situated Embodiments: The Cultural Dimensions of Traumatic Stress $17,500
Ferland, Gabriel Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Élus municipaux, dynamiques sociales et enjeux de sécurité publique dans une ville coloniale québécoise : le cas d'Amos en Abitibi (1914-1930) $17,500
Fernandes, Eva I. Trent University The Impact of Sexual Health Education on Sexual Communication and Consent Negotiation $17,500
Fernandes, Mae D.R. University of Waterloo Collective Mourning as a Source of Power in Euripides Suppliant Women $17,500
Fernandes, Taylor J. University of Toronto Exploring the Potential of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to Address Relevance in the History Classroom $17,500
Field, Haylee R. University of Alberta Assessing communication disorders online: Examining the effectiveness of a telehealth assessment of grammar $17,500
Fillion, Olivier McGill University Fourth-age Architecture for Quebec $17,500
Fiset, Ariane Université du Québec à Rimouski Le soutien au développement des fonctions exécutives chez l'enfant de maternelle 4 ans en contexte de lecture interactive : portrait de pratiques enseignantes $17,500
Forcione, Antoine Université du Québec à Montréal Vers une polyfocalité de la voix en chanson : L'homme dans l'automobile d'Ariane Moffatt $17,500
Fortin, Audrey Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Combiner le mouvement et l'engagement cognitif : effets sur les fonctions exécutives chez les enfants ayant un TDAH $17,500
Fortin, Laurie Université du Québec à Montréal Violence dans les relations amoureuses à l'adolescence et traumas interpersonnels à l'enfance : le rôle médiateur des stratégies de gestion des conflits et des compétences relationnelles $17,500
Foss, Fehn M. York University Pickup, Squelch, Clench: Preemptive Grief and Plastic Waste $17,500
Foster, Nolan M. Memorial University of Newfoundland Dying for Work: Asbestos Mining and Community in Baie Verte, NL $17,500
Fox, Nicolle J. York University Personality and contextual factors for planned and unplanned alcohol and cannabis use in emerging adults $17,500
Francoeur, Francesca Université Laval Madame Bovary ou De la quête perpétuelle du bonheur $17,500
Frank, Avery H. University of Alberta Constitutional Law and the (Mis)Treatment of Indigenous Religious Freedom $17,500
Frasunkiewicz, Agnieszka Concordia University Drawing the Curtain: Feminism and Female Artists of the PRL $17,500
Fravica, Sarah Université de Montréal Quelle libération pour les animaux domestiqués? $17,500
Freeze, Samuel M. Simon Fraser University Comparing the Decision-Making Processes of Crisis Workers and Police Officers When Responding to Persons with a Mental Illness $17,500
Frenette, Mélissa Université de Moncton L'utilisation de la créativité en intervention en santé mentale avec les adolescents $17,500
Friedman, Nathan H.C. University of Toronto Late Style and Disability in Schnittke $17,500
Friend Lettner, Alana University of Victoria Mahonia Hymnal: A Poetic-Ethical Investigation of Damaged Ecologies $17,500
Friesen, Oliver L. University of Saskatchewan Choosing Ethnicity or Religion: Mennonite and Doukhobor Language Preservation, 1872-1971 $17,500
Frost, Christy J. The University of British Columbia Intercultural and Intertextual Learning: A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Chinese Foreign Language Textbook Series $17,500
Fyfe, Frances Grace H. Concordia University Reading Like an Animal: On Metaphor and Methodology $17,500
Gabler, Yehuda A. University of Toronto Task-Analysis of the Resolution of Conflict During Pascual-Leone's Adult Stages: The transformation of emotion and executive schemes $17,500
Gadoury-Sansfacon, Georges-Philippe Université Laval La clarté de l'identité de couple comme prédicteur de l'autonomie en couple et de la satisfaction conjugale $17,500
Gaeta, Veronica M. Université du Québec à Montréal Modernité et perspectives socio-historiques du développement de la violence totale $17,500
Gagné-Pomerleau, Élodie Université Laval Troubles de la personnalité et violence conjugale : vers l'exploration de profils personnologiques distinctifs d'auteurs et de victimes $17,500
Gagnon, Louise Université de Montréal Contre l'extractivisme : la réécriture de textes et d'images dans La compañía de Verónica Gerber Bicecci $17,500
Gallone, Livianna Western University The Influence of Visual and Haptic Cueing on Haptic Abilities $17,500
Gans, Hannah University of Toronto The Role of Intersectionality in Workplace Ageism $17,500
Garcia, Emmanuelle University of Ottawa Le point de vue des parents innus d'Uashat mak Mani-Utenam sur les nouvelles normes minimales prévues par la Loi concernant les enfants, les jeunes et les familles des Premières Nations, des Inuit et des Métis (C-92) $17,500
Garcia, Lawrence Neal U. York University A Conspectus of Experimental Film Genres $17,500
Gardner, Kyle T.M. Laurentian University The Effect of Message Framing on Eating Behaviour $17,500
Gareau Paquette, Thomas McGill University Les déterminants des préférences en matière de redistribution au Canada $17,500
Gasteiger, Maglyn R.M. Wilfrid Laurier University Hinterland Health: Doctors and the Community in Mid-Century Northern Ontario $17,500
Gatti, Daniela Brock University After the Glass Ceiling: Assessing how marginalized genders attain managerial mobility in stigmatized industries $17,500
Gaulke, Taryn University of Manitoba Parenting Stress as a Predictor of Coparenting Quality in Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders $17,500
Gauthier, Melissa Université de Sherbrooke Gros plan sur le bien-être subjectif à l'école : perceptions de jeunes québécois de 15 à 17 ans à l'aide de la méthode Photovoix $17,500
Gauthier, Noah L.R. University of Ottawa Daughterless Lamprey: Including Indigneous Ideas in Great Lakes Genetic Control Programs $17,500
Gauvin, Laurence Université de Montréal Étaient-ils seulement cinq? Enjeux et limites de l'étiquette Groupe des Cinq $17,500
Gaylor, Brett Simon Fraser University Augmented-Reality Storytelling and Critical Big-Data Literacy $17,500
Gazeau, Avril Université de Montréal Un modèle formel des propositions complétives en arabe pour la génération automatique de textes $17,500
Geddes, Daniel M. The University of British Columbia The Politics of Play from Decadence to Modernism $17,500
Geldart, Rachel University of Alberta LGBTQ2S+ Community Members' Perceptions of Edmonton Police $17,500
Gelman, Shelly Queen's University Developing At-Risk Youth Resilience $17,500
Gendreau Robert, Henri-Bastien Université du Québec à Rimouski Rencontrer la mer : exploration du rôle des environnements marins en travail social – Points de vue d' et de $17,500
Genest-Binding, Olivia University of Toronto Comparative mythology and religion of Ancient Greece, from the Bronze Age to the Archaic period, with other Near Eastern, Indo-European, Mediterranean, and North African civilizations $17,500
Ghassemi-Bakhtiari, Nessa Université de Montréal Les déterminants de l'éco-anxiété à l'adolescence $17,500
Giesinger, Kayleanna University of Waterloo Identifying a Sustainable Economic System Without Post-Colonization Bias $17,500
Gill, Amneet Simon Fraser University Intersectional Cures for Academia through Indigenous Pedagogies $17,500
Gill, Hymnjyot K. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Improving Online Learning using Interpolated Testing $17,500
Gillies, William R. Concordia University No Energy to Keep Up: Energy Transition, Regional Deindustrialization, and the Story of the Cape Breton Development Corporation, 1967-2001 $17,500
Girard, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Montréal Effets de l'utilisation de doublets abrégés sur la lecture de textes : étude des mouvements oculaires $17,500
Girard, Jacqueline Nipissing University Hidden Mothers: The Experiences of unwed Mothers in the Hôpital de la Miséricorde, PQ, from 1940 to 1970 $17,500
Girard, Serena A.L. Thompson Rivers University Plant-Based Foods and Environmental Footprint Mitigation: Possibilities for Relative Success of Plant-Based Foods in British Columbia's Interior Region $17,500
Girodias, Ophélie Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Étude de cas sur les relations Allochtones-Autochtones selon la perspective Autochtones $17,500
Gishen, Roselyn M. Brock University Writing Self-Efficacy of Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities $17,500
Gisondi, Felicia F. McGill University Implications of Comprehensive Sex Education on Female Genital Mutilation on Conakry $17,500
Glaude, Emma Université du Québec à Montréal La culture de l'annulation au Québec et son imaginaire social $17,500
Glenn, Lucas University of Victoria Using Visual Art to Repurpose Equipment for Caring Ecologies $17,500
Gobeil, Cloé Université de Montréal Trajectoire des escortes indépendantes à Montréal $17,500
Goddard, Quinn University of Calgary Two for One: Copredication as Insight into the Lives of Semantic Categories $17,500
Gohier, Charles-Édouard Université du Québec en Outaouais L'analyse de l'expérience des familles biologiques et des familles d'accueil sur le processus de réunification familiale $17,500
Gold-Apel, Hannah Concordia University Access and Becoming through Algorithmic Media: TikTok, ADHD, and Youth Identity Formation $17,500
Goldberg, Simone Y. The University of British Columbia Body Disregard as a Longitudinal Predictor of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: Assessing the Influence of Gender Identity $17,500
Gooder, Austin J. McMaster University Locating labour organizing strategies within non-workplace movements $17,500
Gopalakrishnan, Sowmya The University of British Columbia Challenge-based practice: Relating objective and subjective measures of challenge to learning outcomes $17,500
Goranson, Max A. University of Toronto Determining the Sustainability of Past Fishing Practices Among the Mackenzie Delta Inuvialuit Through Zooarchaeological Analysis $17,500
Goraya, Navdeep K. McMaster University The intersection of culture, gender, and mental health: Investigating second-generation Punjabi Canadian mens perceptions of barriers to mental health resource's and support $17,500
Gosselin, Catherine Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Le rôle de la réserve cognitive dans le déclin cognitif associé à la prise de la retraite $17,500
Goulet, Charles-Antoine Université du Québec à Montréal Détournements et réutilisations : l'ephemera dans le corpus de Kurt Schwitters $17,500
Goulet, Justine Université de Montréal Influence de la présence attentive sur la régulation émotionnelle des couples primipares : une étude dyadique et journalière $17,500
Goulet-Ménard, Maude Université de Sherbrooke D'orphelins à citoyens? L'hôpital des Enfants-Trouvés dans la presse parisienne (1780-1810) $17,500
Gourlay, Sarah H.E. Memorial University of Newfoundland An Exploration Into the Archaeological Effects of Colonization and Christianization on Canadian Indigenous Peoples in Eastern Canada $17,500
Graca, Daniela N. McGill University Singing Bodies: Music, Anatomy, and Amateur Female Singers in Late Renaissance Italy $17,500
Grady, Alexandra M. University of Ottawa The effects of COVID-19 on older LGBTQ+ adults in Canada $17,500
Graham, Adriana C. University of Alberta Development and validation of an online digits in noise hearing test $17,500
Graham, Clara Carleton University Intersectional Gendered Policies and COVID-19 Gender-Related Responses in Industrialized States $17,500
Graham, Katie A. Dalhousie University Voice Production in Black Sacred Music from 1930 to 1950 $17,500
Graham, Megan E. Simon Fraser University To the Bottom of the Replication Crisis: Evaluating Nature of Science Understanding of Psychological Scientists $17,500
Grakist, Delena Carleton University Grey Zone Conflict from a Canadian Foreign Policy Perspective $17,500
Grant, Diane P. Acadia University A Diamond Seeker's Legacy: Stolen Voices in James Wickenden's Beyond the High Savannahs $17,500
Grant, Zachary W. University of Waterloo A Fork in the Road: How divergent interests are shaping food policy $17,500
Gray, Amesha Western University Africentric Alternative Schools Culturally Responsive Evaluation $17,500
Greenberg, Marley University of Toronto Posthumous Gamete Retrieval: Is there an Ethical Duty to use Advance Directives? $17,500
Green, Christine A.L. Lakehead University Exploring Cultural Representation in Public History: Indigenous Representation in Northwestern Ontario Community Museums $17,500
Green, Stephanie University of Ottawa Success Factors and Barriers to the Acquisition of Lasting and Healthy Habits $17,500
Grégoire, Charlène University of Ottawa L'évolution du discours du gouvernement canadien en matière de conduite responsable des entreprises (CRE) depuis 2009 : une analyse à l'aune de l'Affaire Garcia v. Tahoe Resources $17,500
Grenon-Simard, Nicolas Université Laval Entre monuments et fragments : étude de la mise en exposition des artefacts de la collection archéologique de Cartier-Roberval $17,500
Greto, Tia L. Brock University Ignored Intersections: The Case of Substance Use-Related Anti-Stigma Campaigns $17,500
Grier, Melanie A. University of Calgary Reconciliation in the workplace: Improving Indigenous employment experiences and perceived organizational support $17,500
Grimes, Gabrielle L. Trinity Western University Understanding Emerging Adults' Grief After Losing a Friend to Suicide $17,500
Grocott, Bronwen The University of British Columbia Do Cognitive Responses to Exclusion Predict Loneliness in the First Semester of University? $17,500
Groot, Paige M. Brock University Mapping the English Forest: Historical Geographical Information Systems and the High Weald $17,500
Grove, Monica E. University of Waterloo Does prevalent misogyny undermine state self-compassion in women? $17,500
Gruber, Teunisje E. University of Alberta Challenging Still Dominant Aesthetics of Realism through Scenographic Explorations $17,500
Grueva, Silvia D. Université de Montréal Effets de la pandémie de COVID-19 sur la mortalité : Comparaison de la surmortalité urbaine au Canada et en France $17,500
Guan, Carie McMaster University Influence of cross-cultural differences on cognition and social development $17,500
Guay, Roxane Université Laval Au-delà du travail bureaucratique : l'avocat comme intermédiaire à l'immigration au Québec $17,500
Guay, Sandryne Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Évaluation des effets sur le bien-être cognitif de l'apprentissage d'une langue seconde chez les personnes âgées de la Mauricie $17,500
Guilbault, Sophie Université de Montréal Étude de l'association entre la participation à un programme d'intervention artistique de groupe et l'évolution du fonctionnement social de jeunes vivant avec des troubles mentaux $17,500
Guilbert, Alice Université de Montréal L'absurde dans le cinéma de Sion Sono et Katsuhito Ishii : portrait extrême de la « génération perdue » japonaise $17,500
Guitard, Rachelle Université du Québec à Montréal Le silence organisationnel, un enjeu dans la qualité des soins : pour une reconnaissance du travail réel des préposées $17,500
Gumprich, Martha Simon Fraser University Investigating the experiences of non-binary youth in organized sport in Canada $17,500
Gunn, Ariella J.B. University of Manitoba Aphra Behn and Female Sexual Agency on the Restoration Stage $17,500
Gunther, Olivia E. McGill University Preventative Service Use and Subsequent Externalizing and Internalizing Problems and Academic Outcomes Among Children $17,500
Guo, Kitty M.Q. McMaster University Investigating the Effect of Lecture Breaks on Attention and Learning in Virtual Classrooms $17,500
Gupta, Garima Western University Investigating the relationship between trait neuroticism, pain reactivity and the brain $17,500
Guy, Éléonore Université de Montréal La revitalisation linguistique shor et la nostalgie de l'époque pré-stalinienne $17,500
Guzman Skotnitsky, Sabrina University of Victoria Coping with Climate Crisis: How Multimedia Storytelling can help Youth Combat Climate Anxiety and Ecological Grief $17,500
Haczkewicz, Kelsey M. University of Regina The influence of healthcare staff experiences on pain perceptions and depression in older adults residing in long-term care facilities $17,500
Haddad, Alexandra Concordia University Emotion Regulation: More than Strategy Use $17,500
Hage-Hassan, Ihsan Simon Fraser University Community Volunteers' Perceptions and Experiences of the Man-to-Man, Woman-To-Woman Prison Program $17,500
Haggerty, Cicely M. Queen's University Revisiting Dialectics of Isolation: An Exhibition of Third World Women Artists in the United States $17,500
Haight, Jessica B. University of Alberta Creating a better future: School-based supports for youth mental health $17,500
Hajizadeh, Saba Université Laval Efficacy of a mindfulness-based intervention for encouraging positive perfectionism in university students $17,500
Halary, Roxane Université du Québec à Montréal Dégenrer les espaces d'hygiène publics $17,500
Hall, Kayla E. University of Guelph Supporting Language Acquisition Amongst Students with Dyslexia in French as a Second Language Programs $17,500
Hamel, Catherine Université de Montréal Maltraitance à l'enfance et bien-être sexuel chez les couples dont la femme présente un faible désir sexuel : le rôle médiateur de la régulation émotionnelle $17,500
Hamilton, Catherine Carleton University An Analysis of Speaker Change and Speaker Selection in In-Person and Online University Math Classrooms $17,500
Hamilton, Emma L. Queen's University Achieving Literacy Excellence Through Identifying the Instructional Strategies of Exemplary Literacy Educators $17,500
Hamilton, Margaret B.K. University of Guelph Communes, Consciousness and Cultural Production $17,500
Hammond-Thrasher, Stephanie J. University of Alberta The power of gender: Effects of listener gender identity in stereotyped language processing $17,500
Hanigan, Éric Université du Québec à Montréal Effet d'un Programme de Yoga Bali sur l'anxiété de performance musicale, le flow et les douleurs musculo-squelettiques auprès d'étudiant(e)s universitaires en musique $17,500
Hannah, Ashley University of Toronto Echoes and Transfigurations: Sonic Instances of the Romantic Sublime and Rethinking of the Human Agent in the Poetry of Percy Shelley and Samuel Coleridge $17,500
Han, Ying The University of British Columbia Pregnant with Expectations: Portrayals of Motherhood in Japanese Women's Literature $17,500
Haque, Maria B. McMaster University Archival Research on Rohingya Refugee Women in Protracted Refugee Situations $17,500
Hardman, Madison University of Manitoba Understanding the Impacts of Occupational Stress and Trauma on the Perinatal Mental Health of Canadian Public Safety and Military Personnel $17,500
Hardy, Christopher T. University of Toronto Take Back the City: A Design Proposal for a Socially Just and Equitable Housing Future in Toronto $17,500
Harney, Patrick J. The University of Winnipeg The Risk Politics of Farming in a Changing Climate: The Relationship between Values and Climate Change Risk Perceptions among Canadian Prairie Farmers $17,500
Haskell, Alyssa University of Waterloo Bitten by the 'Travel Bug': The Role of Early Cultural Exchange in Creating the Intent to Study Abroad $17,500
Hassert, Naïma Université de Montréal Création automatique d'un dictionnaire des régimes verbaux du français $17,500
Ha, Stella-Luna L. The University of British Columbia Canadian Journalists on Reporting the COVID-19 Pandemic and Mental Health $17,500
Hastings, Tyler A. University of Toronto Tonality and Microtonality: Music Theory as a Reaction to 19th Century Europe $17,500
Hausknost, Charlotte J. University of Toronto Revoicing Womanhood: Listening for Maturation, Transformation, and Agency in the Singer-Songwriter's Re-recordings $17,500
Hawkes, Andrew Western University Making Men: Canadian Masculinity in London and Calgary during the First World War $17,500
Hayes, Bridget A. University of Calgary Cognition though a Different Lens in Autism $17,500
Hébert, Maggie Université Laval À propos de la reconnaissance de la liberté académique $17,500
Hébert, Nathalie Université Laval Applications pratiques et retombées d'interventions psychosociales en contexte de nature qui excluent la notion d'expédition $17,500
Held, Myla D. The University of Winnipeg Life in a Total Institution: Oral Narratives of Survivors of the Manitoba Developmental Centre $17,500
Henderson, Claire A.G. McGill University The Diffusion of Phonetic and Lexical Features at the Niagara Border $17,500
Henry, Ashley T.D. Western University Chinese development assistance in Jamaica: An ethnography of new imperial formations $17,500
Hermann, Danielle M. The University of Winnipeg Why Do Canadians Request Exemptions from Jury Duty? $17,500
Hernandez, Catalina Carleton University Dehumanizing Language Used Among All-White and Mixed-Race Juries: Examining Colonial Racial Understandings $17,500
Herrington, Madison A. University of New Brunswick Examining Attitudes Towards Ageing $17,500
Hewitt, Jackson University of Calgary Parent Psychopathology and Children's Developmental, Social and Psychological Outcomes $17,500
Hickey, Patrick M. Dalhousie University Association between social support and wellness: An examination of individuals in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community $17,500
Hicks, Andrew The University of British Columbia How Basic Income Affects Willingness to Take Risk: Evidence From the Manitoba Basic Income Experiment $17,500
Hickson, Stephen McGill University Who are the systems designed for? An equity accessibility analysis of transit in Ottawa-Gatineau $17,500
Hicks, Rebecca M. University of Toronto Loyalist Representations in Canadian Public Broadcasting $17,500
Hillis, Erin L. University of Regina Assessing deliberative democracy and water quality improvements in two watershed stewardship groups in Southern Saskatchewan $17,500
Hills, Andrew D. McGill University The Fetish of Law: Labour and Legal Philosophy $17,500
Hines, Cameron T. Queen's University Investigation of the Interaction between Cognitive Development and Motivation During the Prosocial Development of Preschoolers $17,500
Hinkson, Victoria P. Carleton University Underdogs Shaping the World: Global South's Contributions to International Humanitarianism $17,500
Hoan, Elaine University of Toronto Parasocial Relationships and Loneliness in a Digital Era $17,500
Hoang, Christina A. McGill University Private Space as a Public Matter: Conserving the social function of churches in Montréal $17,500
Hobson, Sarah University of Ottawa Counselling/Clinical Psychology Research $17,500
Hohol, Philip E. The University of British Columbia Rereading Romeo and Juliet: Queer Theory Toward a Shakespearean Critique $17,500
Hoholuk, Jamie Simon Fraser University Pornography as supplementary sex education: Canadian youth constructing meaning and negotiating intimacy online $17,500
Ho, Jessica Wing Yee University of Toronto Investigating the Impact of Relatable Cultural Content in Reading Curriculum-Based Measurements $17,500
Holland, Sydney A. Western University Changing societal structures in 19th century Montréal: Implications for infant feeding practices and disease susceptibility $17,500
Holmquist, Chloe R. McGill University Beauteous Race: Excess, Self-Control, and Miscegenation in Early Modern Literature $17,500
Horan, Craig McGill University Investigating whether Vancouver's policies are helping the live music industry recover from COVID-19 $17,500
Horsley, Griffen T. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) On the Construction of Knowledge: Third Space and Extra-Institutional Education $17,500
Hough, Lauren P. Brock University An Online Training Program to Educate Frontline Workers to Implement Differential Reinforcement to Reduce Resistance, Refusal, and Aggression in Persons with Acquired Brain Injury $17,500
Houle, Jasmine Université du Québec en Outaouais L'influence d'un passé d'agression sexuelle dans l'enfance sur l'exercice du rôle parental de parents non-agresseurs à la suite du dévoilement d'une agression sexuelle de leur enfant $17,500
Hoveling, Leonie University of Alberta Mathematical giftedness and disability in autistic children: Providing clarity to the heterogeneity $17,500
Hovey, Elsie M. University of Victoria Nonhuman Voices and Mourning in Christina Rossetti's Poetry $17,500
Huard, Catherine Université du Québec à Montréal Chanter pour raconter : une recherche participative par le chant communautaire pour explorer le bien-être avec les familles migrantes vulnérabilisées $17,500
Huber, Maegan L. University of Alberta Challenging Models of Human Behavior in Alberta's Boreal Forest $17,500
Huck, Madyson R.M. University of Victoria The Forgotten Mothers of Sci-Fi: Women Writers in The Strand Magazine $17,500
Hudson, Rupert A. The University of British Columbia The Emotionally Expressive and Aware Man $17,500
Hui, Roy Western University Shaping One's Social Circle: Affectivity and its Role in Determining One's Position in a Social Network $17,500
Hu, Lan McMaster University Impact of Temporal Patterns on Word Recall $17,500
Hull, Christopher J.E. University of Toronto Pelestarian and Gamelan Selonding: Autheniticity and Innovation, Preservation through Rebirth $17,500
Humes, Makenna M. Queen's University Canada's Solution is Sustainable Public Transportation, Not Just More Highways $17,500
Hundal, Harnaaz K. University of Alberta Ethnic and Gender Disparities in Student Mental Health and Help-Seeking Behaviours in Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic $17,500
Hurford, Tara A. Saint Paul University Critical Arts-Based Pedagogy and Social Transformation: An Inquiry into Lessons to be Learned from the Carceral System $17,500
Hutchenreuther, John P. Western University Measuring the Spatial Polarization of Neighborhood Housing Values Across Canada $17,500
Hutchingame, Tara M. York University The Stigma Surrounding Homelessness $17,500
Hwang, In Chan University of Toronto Socio-Economic Effects of Stadium Districts: A Case Study of Maple Leaf Square, Toronto $17,500
Hyslop-Margison, Caitlin E. University of New Brunswick A Supreme Gentleman: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Incel Ideology and Violence $17,500
Iannacci, Elio York University Queering the Diva: LGBTQ+ intersections in pop music iconography $17,500
Idreis, Ameer M. University of Toronto Line in the Land: Ontario's Greenbelt and Portland's Growth Boundary as Barriers to Sprawl $17,500
Ilyaz, Eynes Queen's University Adolescent peer attitudes and peer interpersonal stress in non-suicidial self-injury (NSSI) $17,500
Imbeault, Gabrielle Université de Sherbrooke Événements potentiellement traumatiques et trouble de stress post-traumatique chez les jeunes contrevenants : la contribution du trouble du déficit de l'attention avec hyperactivité (TDAH) et des traits psychopathiques $17,500
Ingram, Anya Z.G. University of Waterloo Stream Daylighting Impacts on Urban Morphology Active Transportation $17,500
Ingram, Megan K. Queen's University Unsolicited Advice: An Examination of the Affective Politics of Shame in Disabled People's Lives $17,500
Iqbal, Farhan University of Ottawa Analysis of Interpretations of the I am Statements in the Gospel of John $17,500
Irvine, Kristen E. Concordia University Contextualizing Online Higher Education for Refugee Students $17,500
Issett, Melanie University of Waterloo Implementing the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures Recommendations in Pension Funds and its Impact on Financial and Non-Financial Performance $17,500
Jackson, Lily E. University of Toronto Non-binary singular they: An electroencephalographic study $17,500
Jacob, Rebecca P. Laurentian University Climate Change Resiliency Through Low-Tech Biomimetic Design $17,500
Jacobsen, Kai Hanna V.G. Carleton University Autistic Trans Experiences of Gender-Affirming Care $17,500
James, Kerry-Ann York University Contemporary Black Cinema and the Aesthetics of Darkness $17,500
James, Rose University of Toronto Cracking Open the Literary Canon: Approaching English Curriculum Reform Through Relational Reading $17,500
Janis, Ashleigh L. The University of British Columbia Exploring Early Child Educators' Views About Anti-Racist Education $17,500
Jarry, Florence Université de Montréal Identifier les facteurs de risque et de protection de la solitude des jeunes adultes canadiens (18-24 ans) pendant la pandémie de COVID-19 : les effets de l'isolement social et du support social en ligne $17,500
Jaswal, Harpreet K. University of Toronto Determinants of Problem Drinking in the Punjabi-Sikh Community in the Greater Toronto Area $17,500
Jean, Frédérique Université Laval L'exploration phénoménologique des relations d'oppression : ou le concept d'être entre-les-mondes de Mariana Ortega pour actualiser la description phénoménologique du racisme dans l'œuvre philosophique de Frantz Fanon $17,500
Jean, Sarah-Maude Université Laval Impacts de la COVID-19 sur les motifs de signalement chez les adolescents et profils types associés $17,500
Jegatheeswaran, Nilojan University of Waterloo Shifting Identities and Embodied Memories: Unpacking the Canadian-Hindu Temples of the Sri Lankan-Tamil Diaspora $17,500
Jeong, Stella S.Y. University of Ottawa Coping with perfectionism: Integrating cultural values in music education for perfectionistic East-Asian university music performance students in Canada $17,500
Jewell, Carley B. University of Lethbridge Concussion Rehabilitation in University Sport: Addressing Athlete Identified Needs for Social Support During the Return-to-Sport Protocol $17,500
Jia, Arilys Université de Montréal Pour une poétique des romans-dont-vous-êtes-le-héros : agentivité, interactivité et narration $17,500
Jiapizian, Marie L. University of Ottawa Long Distance Nationalism and Media Technologies: The Armenian Diaspora $17,500
Johnson, Cole D. McGill University Investigating Peer Motivational Climate $17,500
Johnson, Kathia L. University of Toronto A City for David - The Urban mechanics of child disability planning $17,500
Johnson, Kristian A. Nipissing University After Tito: The collapse of Yugoslavia as seen through the New York Times and Guardian Newspapers $17,500
Johnson, Madeline R. University of Toronto Residue and Micro-Wear Analyses on Grindstones from Spitzkloof, A Rockshelter in Namaqualand, South Africa $17,500
Johnson, Rebecca Carleton University Investigating the Ontario Intentional Sustainable Communities Movement $17,500
Johnston, Ashley M. University of New Brunswick To Follow an Elephant's Footprint $17,500
Johnston, Melissa The University of British Columbia Is Universal Water Metering Universally Feasible? A City of Vancouver Case Study $17,500
Joshi, Jarod A. University of Windsor Can Cognitive Reserve Predict Neuropsychological Performance in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment? $17,500
Julien, Nelly Université de Montréal L'apprentissage de la géométrie par le jeu en mouvement $17,500
Kabeer, Rohama E. University of Ottawa Temporal precedent between perfectionism, appearance anxiety, body image issues and disordered eating across adolescence $17,500
Kaci, Amayas B. Université de Montréal Étude critique de la preuve de l'existence de Dieu du Traité du premier principe de Jean Duns Scot (v.1265-1308) $17,500
Kahler, Natasha L. Trent University Social Anxiety and Body Image in Adolescents and Young Adults $17,500
Kaisr, Berta McGill University Participation and Planning within Immigrant Neighbourhoods $17,500
Karamally, Talib Western University Going Green: Does a Mindfulness Meditation Intervention Enhance Corporate Leaders' Motivation to Support Environmental Performance Initiatives? $17,500
Karatop, Ibrahim Tevfik McGill University Lived Theologies of Refugee Sponsoring Christian Congregations $17,500
Kardash, Katrina Concordia University To Love, Honour, and Obey? Evangelical Women and the Meaning of Submission in the Contemporary North American Context $17,500
Karim, Fairuz University of Toronto The Effect of Acculturative Stress and Social Isolation on the Mental Health of Visible Minority First-Generation Immigrant Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic $17,500
Karpinski, Hannah J. Concordia University Ghost: Writing Queer Intimacy into the Emergent Archive $17,500
Karuna, Antoinette Memorial University of Newfoundland What are you?: An Autoethnographic Look at the Complexities of Mixed-Race Identity $17,500
Kassimatis, Dimitri D. Université de Montréal Au pays du socialisme : les ouvriers occidentaux en Union Soviétique, 1921-1941 $17,500
Katkov, Daniil McGill University The effects of protected bike lane projects on businesses: A Montréal case study $17,500
Katz, Madeline Wilfrid Laurier University Examining sexual racial attitudes among 2SLGBTQ+ populations $17,500
Kay, Nicholas R. The University of British Columbia Religiosity and Moralized Beliefs About Income Inequality $17,500
Kay, Sebastian R.P. McGill University The Future of Canadian Psychotherapy $17,500
Keillor, Jasmine J. NSCAD University Staging the Wild: Deconstructing the Contemporary Canadian Camping Experience $17,500
Kempster, Jaime E. University of Ottawa Adolescents' Empathy, Antisocial Behaviour, and Self-Perception of Interpersonal Relationships $17,500
Kennedy, Ashley P. Mount Saint Vincent University Exploring the Impact of Reading Motivation on Statistical Learning, Orthographic and Phonological Knowledge in Diverse Young Learners $17,500
Kennedy, Mattea S. York University Expanding our understanding of more ecological ways to share our stories, utilizing the medium of painted scenery $17,500
Khan, Mohammad Morad Hossain The University of British Columbia Canada's Arctic affairs with the United States of America and China $17,500
Khan, Umang R. University of Toronto Children's Understanding of Possibility $17,500
Khoddami, Shaghayeghsadat University of Prince Edward Island Assessing the perspectives of Canadian veterinarians and dairy cow farmers on veterinary telemedicine using qualitative interviews $17,500
Kieffer, Madison Brock University Investigating Archaeological Evidence for Intermarriage and the Role of Indigenous Populations at Ancient Kyme (Cumae) from the 8th to 7th centuries BCE $17,500
Kiernan, Giulia P. University of Waterloo Urban Renewal As Spatial Violence: Documenting the Erasure of Minority Neighbourhoods in the Name of Urban Progress $17,500
Kim, Dong Wook Dalhousie University Depressed mood and relationship conflict: A three-wave longitudinal study of romantic couples $17,500
Kim Marriott, Ella A.S. University of Alberta Just for Whom? Including Immigrant Workers in the Just Transition Dialogue in Alberta $17,500
Kimura, Alianne T. McGill University Identifying Strategies of Survivance at Lemon Creek, a World War II Japanese Canadian Internment Camp $17,500
King, Ann M. University of Northern British Columbia Community Engagement of the Sahtu Dene and Métis People in the Remediation and Reclamation of the Norman Wells Pipeline $17,500
Kinnish, Nicholas M. University of Windsor Beyond Argument? Trust and Vaccine Hesitancy $17,500
Kinsman, Laura M. University of Regina Making the Personal Political: Evaluating a Dual Rumination Model following Sexual Harassment $17,500
Kirkpatrick, Sarah M.M. Ontario Tech University Perceptions of Wrongfully Convicted Offenders $17,500
Kish, Nicole Y. University of Victoria Perpetual Punishment Processes in Canada: An ethnography of lifers $17,500
Kitts, Jamie E. University of New Brunswick The Intersectional Gamer: A Political Sojourn into the Digital Walden $17,500
Kliewer, Benita University of Manitoba Responding to Climate Change: Regenerative Design Solutions Rooted in Biomimicry and Parametric Design $17,500
Klymchuk, Sophia Queen's University Literacy Achievement in French as a Second Language Classrooms $17,500
Kobrin, Hailey York University Dinner and a Show: Food as a System of Communication in Jewish Performance Artwork $17,500
Koenig, Nicholas S. Queen's University Streets for People: Repurposing Public Streets Through Municipal Partnerships $17,500
Kohlmann, Neil L. University of Victoria Making Political Music - Contrapuntalism and Indigenous-Settler Relations $17,500
Kohut, Grace P. University of Saskatchewan Estimating Ages of Reindeer from Late Holocene Arctic Siberia: Using Tooth Wear to Recreate Demographic Profiles $17,500
Kokolakis, Corynn P. York University Repositioning the Gaze - An Aesthetic of Care $17,500
Komeylian, Zahra University of Toronto Grammar of Animacy: Clay as decolonizing interlocutor in arts-based research and pedagogy $17,500
Kotsiopoulos, Jasmine K. Concordia University COVID-19 Vaccine hesitancy: An intervention promoting autonomy support in the important significant others of vaccine hesitant people $17,500
Kounna, Samia HEC Montréal Investigating the effect of immersive virtual reality as a pedagogical tool in the field of social sciences $17,500
Koziol, Claudia Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Make Me A Believer: Examining The Effect Cautionary Instructions Have On Alibi Evidence Believability And Judgments Of Guilt $17,500
Kremer, Lisa M. Simon Fraser University Community Gardens in the Downtown East Side: Are they Tools of Social and Economic Reform or Exclusionary Spaces? $17,500
Krmpotic, Amanda University of Toronto Successful Implementation of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Elementary Indigenous Students $17,500
Kronstein, Naama B. York University Personality, Boredom, and Excessive Gaming: Do Boredom Factors Mediate Personality's Role in Excessive Gaming? $17,500
Kropp, Kaelen A. The University of British Columbia To Out, or Not to Out? Conservative Provincial Approaches to Gay-Straight Alliance Confidentiality in Canada $17,500
Kuan, Tian York University Examining Parental Stress and Coping in Mothers and Fathers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Kuburi, Sarah University of Toronto Exploring Online and Offline Self-Disclosure and Social Support on Student Mental Health $17,500
Kuchma, Christopher N.J. York University How The Transnational Cultural Relationships Between Toronto and New York's Hip-Hop Scenes Have Unfolded Over Time $17,500
Kudryk, Sophia M. University of Waterloo Autobiographical Memory Patterns in Individuals With Social Anxiety Disorder $17,500
Kurzawski, Clarissa A. Wilfrid Laurier University Perceptions of people with lived crossover children experience $17,500
Kvern, Michael University of Guelph Achieving net-zero through land-use planning in rural Ontario $17,500
Kyei-Boateng, Kwame A. York University Death and Existential Virtual Environment: Using Artificial Intelligence as a Means to Contemplate Our Mortality Through Death Reflection $17,500
Kyne, Ashley Simon Fraser University A Culturally-Informed Examination of Risk Factors for Crime among Indigenous Peoples in Canada $17,500
Lacombe, Ariel Queen's University The Smiling Madonna of the South: A case study on the Madonna del Sorriso and modern forms of devotion in Roccavivara, Italy $17,500
LaCroix, Sarah L. York University Reconceptualizing Homelessness: An Intersectional Identity-Based Rights Approach $17,500
LaFayette, Ariel S. University of Toronto Philosophy Master's Research Application $17,500
Laffin, Sarah M. St. Francis Xavier University Power and Kingship: A Comparative Analysis of Early Medieval State Societies in Ireland and Scotland $17,500
Lafrance, Laura Université Laval La représentation des femmes dans les utopies féministes : étude des sociétés unigenres dans les œuvres Herland de Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Female Man de Joanna Russ et Chroniques du Pays des Mères d'Élisabeth Vonarburg $17,500
Lafrenière, Laurent Université de Montréal Husserl et le paradoxe de la conscience du temps $17,500
Lahaie, Alexandrine McGill University Protection constitutionnelle contre la discrimination fondée sur le sexe au Canada : analyse féministe de l'approche par catégorie de l'article 15(1) de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés $17,500
Lahosky, Rebecca Western University The Development of Lateralization in Tool-Using Capuchins $17,500
Laiwint, Jennifer H. York University Call Me Lana $17,500
Lajeunesse, Zoé Université de Montréal Juste pour rire? Les limites et les retombées de l'humour sur le (dés)ordre social d'une organisation culturellement diversifiée $17,500
Lambropoulos, Alexandra A.M. University of Toronto 'We Have Nowhere to Go': A Pilot Study on Designing BIPOC Adolescent-Friendly Public Spaces $17,500
Lam, Kimberly Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Addressing Systemic Health and Social Vulnerabilities in Racialized Multigenerational Households $17,500
Lamoureux-Duquette, Mylène Université du Québec à Montréal Rédaction épicène : pratiques et perceptions de futur.e.s enseignant.e.s de français $17,500
Lamoureux, Rachel Université du Québec à Montréal Le sentiment sexuel en démocratie : d'une poétique de la porno à une politique de la subjectivation dans Crâne chaud de Nathalie Quintane $17,500
Lancaster, Sydney A. Memorial University of Newfoundland 40 Chains a Side: Re-mapping Settler Attachment to Land $17,500
Landry, Jyllenna R. University of Saskatchewan A Process Evaluation Framework for Indigenous Youth Engagement Programs $17,500
Lapierre-Bédard, Arnaud A. Université de Sherbrooke Étiologie du narcissisme : interaction des conduites parentales et du tempérament $17,500
Lapointe-Fleichman, Antoine University of Ottawa L'Utopie de Thomas More, une œuvre fondatrice de la pensée politique $17,500
Larcenciel, Lulu Brock University Adolescent Development and Relational Social Skills Processes in Autism $17,500
Larivière, Philippe Université de Sherbrooke De groupes d'intérêt divergents à la mobilisation environnementale commune : une étude de cas de la coalition du G15+ $17,500
Larose-Rapin, Alexane University of Ottawa L'intégrisme juif et son influence sur la politique israélienne $17,500
Larouche, Alexandre Université du Québec à Montréal L'hybridation comme stratégie de transgression dans L'homme à tête de chou de Serge Gainsbourg $17,500
Lassance Maya Leitao, Luciana Université du Québec à Montréal L'influence des attributions relationnelles sur le lien entre l'exposition aux conflits interparentaux en enfance et les stratégies de gestion de conflits chez les couples parentaux $17,500
Latham, William Simon Fraser University The Limits of Intelligibility: Until the End of the World (1991), New Media, and Deleuze's Fold $17,500
Latosinsky, Claire E. University of Toronto Gender and Nationalism in Sibelius's Tone Poems $17,500
Lau, Henry The University of British Columbia Protecting cultural resiliency at the check-out: Diagnosing the decline of ethnic grocers $17,500
Laurin, Madison University of Toronto Toward Global and Local Solidarity: Nurturing Critical Consciousness in Young Adults Amidst a Global Climate Crisis $17,500
Lauzon, Véronique Université de Montréal La mesure de la compétence à l'animation et à l'accompagnement de groupes de formation par l'action $17,500
Lavallée, Juliette Université du Québec à Montréal La représentation des femmes queer dans les productions télévisuelles canadiennes francophones $17,500
Lavoie-Gingras, Vincent HEC Montréal Mesures d'ajustement du carbone à la frontière et les chaînes de valeur des entreprises canadiennes $17,500
Lavoie, Léandre Université Laval Effets des habiletés de raisonnement symbolique et de deux types de consolidation sur le fonctionnement cognitif après un événement hautement émotif $17,500
Lavoie-Rancourt, Camille Université Laval Une justice alternative en matière d'agression sexuelle : portrait des obstacles juridiques et des avenues possibles à l'ouverture d'une voie de non-judiciarisation $17,500
Lawall, Sophie C. University of Ottawa Middle English Adaptations $17,500
Lazette, Larissa D. University of Calgary Evidence of Food Stress among the Blackfoot during the 1850s-70s in Southern Alberta $17,500
Lazin, Sarah J. University of Ottawa The Last Word: Locating the Family Override within a Legal Right to Donate Organs $17,500
Leatham, Zion M. University of Waterloo Distributed Cognition as a Mechanism of Self-Nudging $17,500
Lebeau, Rose Université du Québec à Montréal L'agression sexuelle en enfance des hommes et leur régulation émotionnelle : le rôle des normes de masculinité et du stress de ne pas être assez masculin $17,500
Le Blanc, Anacapri Saint Mary's University Queer, Mixed Race Girls' Perspectives of Sexual Orientation and Race Representation in Television $17,500
Le Blanc-Brillon, Justine Université de Montréal Étude sur l'utilisation des médias sociaux chez les jeunes adultes $17,500
Leblanc, Emmanuelle Université de Montréal Représentation des concepts scientifiques relatifs à la COVID-19 dans la presse canadienne anglophone et francophone $17,500
Leblanc-Huard, Gabrielle Université Laval L'impact de la douleur chronique sur le fonctionnement social des jeunes adultes $17,500
LeBlanc, Sierra A.M. Western University Give Me Truth: LiveLeak's Curated Wars on Women in Iraq and Afghanistan $17,500
Leblanc, Tyler W. McMaster University Honorific Dedications in the West $17,500
Lebuis-Lamer, Alice-Anne HEC Montréal Connaissances et perceptions du marché immobilier dans la grande région de Montréal $17,500
Leclaire, Mackenzie E. University of Waterloo Reintegration and Healing Spaces: An Exploration of Restorative Justice-Based Peer Support Groups for People Who Have Offended Sexually $17,500
Lecomte, Léo J. Université du Québec à Montréal L'abolition du marqueur de sexe/genre sur les documents d'identification au Québec $17,500
Ledrou-Paquet, Vicki Université du Québec en Outaouais L'impact de l'ethnie des visages sur les stratégies perceptives utilisées avec les visages $17,500
Leduc-Frenette, Justin Université de Montréal Théâtraliser le maître : dramatisation et performativité du savoir chez Jacques Lacan $17,500
Leduc, Joé Concordia University Étude sur l'effet modérateur de la qualité relationnelle leader-membre sur le lien entre l'identification à l'équipe et le niveau de motivation chez les étudiants-athlètes universitaires $17,500
Lee, Jessica J. The University of British Columbia Consequences of the underrepresentation of women in STEM for children's engagement and interest in STEM $17,500
Legault, Danielle D.E. York University Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Investigating Animal Welfare in Canadian International Development Initiatives $17,500
Le Guern-Lepage, Jérémie Université Laval L'intervention par la nature et l'aventure : soutenir l'orientation et l'apprentissage tout au long de la vie détudiants collégiaux $17,500
Lemyre-Corbeil, Frédéric Université de Montréal L'impact de la fondation d'Amphipolis sur l'économie d'Argilos (437-357 av. J.-C.) $17,500
Lenoble, Marie Université Laval Les destins entrecroisés de la vie et du beau dans une société post-capitaliste $17,500
Lepera, Alexa Carleton University Exploring Representations of Black Canadian History at the Canadian Museum of History $17,500
Lépine Lopez, Anaïs Y. Université du Québec à Montréal Conception et validation d'un outil sur les limitations fonctionnelles des travailleurs avec un trouble mental courant ou un trouble musculosquelettique $17,500
Levasseur-Puhach, Sydney University of Manitoba The Pursuit of Mino-Bimaadiziwin Through a Decolonized Lens of Psychology $17,500
Levesley, Nichole M. University of Toronto Shifting Limits of Knowledge in Modern Cosmology $17,500
Lévesque, Anny-Pier Université Laval Contrôle attentionnel : comment influence-t-il le biais attentionnel et les symptômes d'intrusion chez des femmes rapportant des agressions sexuelles? $17,500
Lévesque, Félix McGill University La politique de l'identité et la remise en question de la démocratie représentative $17,500
Levin, Noa University of Toronto Exploring Representations of Wilderness in Science Fiction $17,500
Levy, Kristin A. Dalhousie University Progressing climate change adaptation practices through nature-based solutions in a rural municipality: The case of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia $17,500
L'Homme, Christophe HEC Montréal Le rôle des organisations internationales dans la coopération et la mise en place d'objectifs de développement durable auprès des acteurs privés $17,500
Li, Amy Y. University of Waterloo Displays of Emotions During Feedback: A Closer Investigation of Disappointment $17,500
Liang, Hai Wei H. University of Calgary The Education of Literacy in Ancient Sparta $17,500
Liao, Nicole University of Toronto Colours After Life and Early Photography $17,500
Liepmann, Alexandra P. York University The role of Biased Sexual Metaperceptions in Anxiously Attached Partners' Lower Satisfaction: Do Anxiously Attached People Know How Their Partner Views Them? $17,500
Lim, Jan The University of British Columbia Indigenous Patient Navigation Services and Healthcare Inequities $17,500
Lint, Drew York University Jouissance $17,500
Lints, Emily L. The University of British Columbia Redefining Feminist Ideals in Girlhood: The Influence of Contemporary Young Adult Literature on Generation Z's Girlhood Development $17,500
Li, Queenie K.W. University of Calgary Destabilizing Asian Canadian Identity: Microaggressions and Adolescent Well-being $17,500
Lirette, Samuel McGill University Sex, Shame and Subversion: A Queer Analysis of Botticelli’s Venus and Her Role as Pop-Cultural Icon $17,500
Lischka, Madeline P. University of Manitoba Determining Dental Trait Variations of Archaic Age Caribbean Islanders $17,500
Lis, Sean M. University of Alberta Decoding the KGB: AI Processing of Declassified ex-KGB Documents $17,500
Listwin, Brooke L. University of Saskatchewan Research proposal for understanding the influential resources creative entrepreneurs view in creating a competitive advantage $17,500
Liu, Dong-Zhao University of Calgary Cultural Influences on the Relationships between Suppression, Attention, and Depression $17,500
Liu, Jennifer McGill University The Unseen Hands Producing Bernini's Bronzes in St. Peter's Basilica $17,500
Li, William Z. McGill University Comparative Analysis of Chinatown Revitalization Plans in Canada $17,500
Li, Yu X. Dalhousie University (Un)Met Needs: An Examination of Help-Seeking Experiences Among Nova Scotian Youth $17,500
Lloy, Marie A. The University of British Columbia Effects of Language Experience and Language Attitudes on Talker Identification $17,500
Lockyer, Demeter V.M. Dalhousie University Transnational, Virtual Terrorism: Exploring the Unique Nature of the Incel Community $17,500
Longpré, Clara Université de Sherbrooke Les moments de stress et les sources de soutien du parent dans le contexte de la COVID-19 : liens avec sa capacité à comprendre les moments marquants vécus par son adolescent.e $17,500
Lopez Lena, Surya N. Université de Montréal Un mémoire sur l'absurde japonais dans les mangas d'après deuxième Guerre Mondiale $17,500
Lorbetskie, Julia McGill University The Latent Christianity of Modernity: Reconsidering Canada's Secular Foundations $17,500
Lou, Caroline J. University of Toronto Investigating the current state of participatory (in)justice within Great Lakes water governance and creating a participatory justice framework of best practices $17,500
Louter, Ben L. University of Alberta The Cultural Landscape of Alpine Cryogenic Sites in Northwestern British Columbia $17,500
Lowe, Krystal Saint Mary's University The Detection and Prevention of Suicidality in Justice-Involved Populations $17,500
Lowen, Kyle R. The University of Winnipeg Event Policing, Neoliberalism, and Social Control in the Context of Winnipeg’s Canada Life Centre $17,500
Low Horn, Sikapinakii S.N. University of Calgary Aaksikaitapiitsinikiwa (She will tell old stories) $17,500
Luba, Michael D.P. University of Toronto Moving Beyond Gladue: A Proposal for Sentencing Reform to Reduce Trauma and Curb Canada's Overrepresentation Problem $17,500
Luca, Cassandra McGill University "Live laugh love": Social media literary forms as a coping method for material conditions $17,500
Lukac, Tara N. Wilfrid Laurier University The remoteness in Canadian-American relations during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 $17,500
Lundale, Carly Western University Exploring the Effectiveness of Behaviour Change Techniques used in Small Business Workplace Wellness Programs: A Scoping Review of Existing Evidence and Suggestions for Future Program Design $17,500
Lund, Shelby N. University of Saskatchewan Redefining the Relationship between Humans and Nature through Oil Painting $17,500
Ly, May University of Regina Dependence on Institutions and Well-being in the Context of Institutional Betrayal $17,500
Lyne, Isabella M. York University Networks of Collective Care: Digital Organizing for Mutual Aid in Toronto $17,500
Lysakowski, Katie Simon Fraser University Connecting Non-dominant Voices: The Need for Cultural Competency in Crisis Line Services $17,500
MacDonald, Shayne W. University of Guelph Factors that Contribute to Elite Female Athlete Social Media Success $17,500
MacIntyre, Marie-Paule M.I. University of Ottawa Intersectional Microaggressions: The Cumulative Stress from Experiences of Racial Discrimination, Resilience, and Gender Identity as defined by QTPOC (Queer, Trans People of Colour) $17,500
MacIsaac, Alexandra M. University of Waterloo Investigating the Social and Ecological Benefits of Agroforestry in Andean Cloud Forests $17,500
MacKenzie, Sarah A. University of Toronto Animal Representation in the Novel: Exploring an Absurdist Narratology through Chicken Fiction $17,500
MacKichan, Liam F. University of Toronto Fostering Communities of Trust in Urban High School Classrooms $17,500
MacKinnon, Isabelle J. McGill University Defending the Nation, One Like at a Time: Nationalism in Canadian Pro-Oil Social Media $17,500
MacKinnon, Megan C. Memorial University of Newfoundland Paleoclimates of Mi'kma'ki: A Sclerochronological Analysis of Crassostrea virginica from an Archaeological Context in Malpeque Bay, PEI $17,500
MacLachlan, Madison B. Dalhousie University The role of preschooler's prosocial preferences in guiding selective accent adaptation $17,500
MacLise, Emily A. University of Northern British Columbia Allyship against Colonial Oppression in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Literature $17,500
Mahannah, Dayna A. The University of British Columbia A Mind in Traffic $17,500
Mahdi, Zahra Carleton University Examining the Impacts of Quebec's Secularism on Federal government's Settlement Actions and Canada's residential Patterns $17,500
Maki, Samantha Queen's University Visual attention to vulvas in pornographic images in women seeking labiaplasty versus women not seeking labiaplasty $17,500
Malcomber, Emma Queen's University The Associations between Peer Victimization, Perceptions of School Climate, and Internalizing Problems in LGBT Early Adolescents $17,500
Malik, Maria York University Securing Opportunities for Informal Waste Collectors in Cairo $17,500
Ma, Liya The University of British Columbia Teaching from East to West: Chinese immigrant teachers adapting to pedagogy in BC K-12 schools $17,500
Maltais-Tremblay, François Université de Montréal La mémoire du fragment : usages et supports de la notation chez Roland Barthes $17,500
Mansouri, Lyna I. Université de Montréal Migration comme stratégie d'adaptation aux changements climatiques : le cas du Sénégal et de la crise du bassin arachidier $17,500
Manuge, Taylor A.R. Brock University Evaluating the Impact of Acceptance and Commitment Training through Coding Verbal Behaviour of Caregivers of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities $17,500
Mappin-Kasirer, Antonia A. Queen's University Investigating Unidentified Ancient Ceramic Fragments from the Diniacopolous Collection at Queen's: Combining Perspectives in the Humanities and Conservation Science to Uncover "Hidden Histories" $17,500
Maqsood, Hasfa The University of British Columbia Bringing Situated Knowledges and Counter-narratives into the Newsroom: Muslim Female Journalists in Canadian Media $17,500
Marchese, Alyssa York University Factory Farming in Canada: Laws and Human/Animal Injustices $17,500
Marion-Pariseau, Laurence Université de Montréal L'empowerment en traduction féministe contemporaine : enjeux francophones et traductrices engagées $17,500
Markwell, Alexandra York University The Impact of COVID-19 Family Stress and Negative Parenting on Children's Cognitive Functioning $17,500
Marmen, Benjamin N. Dalhousie University Creating Reconciliatory Space: Two Case Studies in Collaboration Between Mi'kmaw Artists and Canadian Orchestras $17,500
Marques, Keyiana NSCAD University Art through Community: Giving Voice to Immigrant School Children in Quebec $17,500
Marriott, Emily C.S. Memorial University of Newfoundland Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Comorbid Diagnosis: Anxiety Symptoms and Tantrum Behaviours $17,500
Martel, Annie J.M. The University of Winnipeg The Inclusion of Métis Knowledge in Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Planning in Métis Communities in Southeastern Manitoba $17,500
Martino, Matthew McGill University White Noise: African American Vernacular English and Linguistic Appropriation Online $17,500
Martow, Jennifer H. University of Guelph Promoting adolescent wellbeing through goal setting interventions $17,500
Mason, Julia R. Carleton University Settler Colonialism, Settler Activism, and Solidarity in the City of Peterborough/Nogojiwanong $17,500
Massicotte, Charles University of Ottawa Poésie politique et philosophie comique : la philosophie politique d'Aristophane et le problème socratique $17,500
Masson, Romane Université du Québec à Montréal Les effets de la passion au travail sur la gestion de l'interface travail-vie personnelle $17,500
Masson, Tristan E. University of Ottawa Global Transitions in the Anthropocene: A Critical Analysis of Climate Finance $17,500
Mathur, Chhavi The University of British Columbia Picturing Paradise: An Ecocritical Study of Literature of the Okanagan Valley $17,500
Matthew, Samuel Simon Fraser University Protective Factors in Forensic Risk Assessment: Current Practices and Professionals' Attitudes $17,500
Matthews, Erin M. University of Saskatchewan Spit Spreads Death:The experience of the 1918-1920 Influenza Pandemic in Saskatchewan $17,500
Mayes, Lisa University of Alberta Lost Lineages: Intercultural Landscapes Within $17,500
McAllister, Sarah University of Ottawa A Vital Mind in a Vital Body: Integrating Yoga Practice into an Undergraduate Quality of Life Course $17,500
Mc Brearty, Claudia Université Laval Le rôle des pensées positives, négatives et réalistes dans l'adaptation psychologique au cancer du sein métastatique $17,500
McCormick, Rosemary L. Concordia University Environmental Activism and Climate Emotions $17,500
McCrow, Fiona K. University of Toronto Multiculturalism at a Local Level: Chinese Diaspora Festivals, 1970-2000 $17,500
McCuaig, Julia E. Trent University Strontium Isotopes and Camelid Management Practices at Cerro de Oro, Peru $17,500
McDaniel, Rachael N. The University of British Columbia Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults: A Play $17,500
McDougall, Andrea M. University of Manitoba Housing, Homelessness, and the Welfare State: A Comparison of Strategy and Policy $17,500
McGhie, Sophia The University of British Columbia Sacred Animals of this Secular Region: Orca Capture and the Knowledge of Commodification $17,500
McGlade-Bouchard, Cameron M. University of Waterloo Challenging voluntary sustainability standards' role in filling global regulatory gaps $17,500
McGovern, Molly K. Carleton University Exploring Ambiguous Loss in Advanced Stages of Dementia $17,500
McHardy, Robert J.W. University of Manitoba COVID-19-related distress and adolescent self-injury: Examining the protective nature of relationships $17,500
McInnis, Rhonda M. Acadia University Femmephobia: When Femininity is the Target in Gender-Based Violence $17,500
McIntyre, Aynslie McGill University Perfectionism and daily experiential avoidance, self-compassion, and well-being $17,500
McIvor, Jake University of Guelph Fueling the Fire: Hegemonic Masculinity as a Climate Issue $17,500
McKay, Arielle A. University of Alberta Telehealth Implementation Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Development of an Online Speech and Language Assessment Toolkit for Bilingual Preschool-Aged Children $17,500
McKennitt, Michaela University of Ottawa Science Communication: Whose job is it anyway? $17,500
McKenzie, Gabriella M. Simon Fraser University Starved for Choice: Women and Fasting in Post-Reformation England (1534-1700) $17,500
McLachlin, Jean F. Western University Rethinking Repetition: Using Phenomenology to Reinterpret Causality in Obsessive-compulsive Disorder $17,500
McNaughton, Carol M. Dalhousie University Experiences of Vicarious Resilience in Child and Youth Care Counsellors $17,500
Mehareen, Jeenat Simon Fraser University Trusting behaviour and productivity of workers in the face of an exogenous employer provided health insurance $17,500
Melanson, Elise M. University of Regina An Analysis of Gendered Assumptions and Perceptions in Mixed Gender Fitness Spaces $17,500
Melis, Carolina M. University of Toronto Textile Pastedowns in Ethiopian Manuscripts $17,500
Melville, Larissa S. The University of British Columbia Statistical and Distributional Learning in Word Segmentation $17,500
Menuz, Travis University of Victoria Competing Time and Energy Demands in Adolescence: Balancing Physical Activity with Day-to-Day Life $17,500
Menzies, Marybel University of Toronto The Value of Consciousness and its Ethical Applications $17,500
Merchant, Suzanne University of Toronto Building Successful Anglophone Canadian Crowdfunding Platforms: An Analysis of Network and Ecosystem Factors $17,500
Messier, Camille Université du Québec à Montréal Les représentations lesbiennes dans le théâtre québécois actuel $17,500
Metallic, Alexa T. University of Victoria Returning to Apigsi'gta'n $17,500
Miedema, Kassie OCAD University Building Resiliency by Understanding Reasons for Collapse: A Study of Societal Futures $17,500
Mihelich-Morissette, Thomas McGill University Attempting to Define the Perfect Utopia Through Intersectionality and Utopian Aesthetics $17,500
Mikhaylova, Evgenia University of Guelph The Language of Meaning-Making: A Sensory Connection $17,500
Miller-Harder, Claire The University of British Columbia One Acre of Land on Mars: A Collection of Short Fiction $17,500
Miller, Mairin D. Concordia University Hyperpop and the Problematic of Online Spaces of Resistance $17,500
Miller, Nadia University of Waterloo I didn't say that!: The Social and Political Philosophy of Deceptive Language $17,500
Milliken, Stephanie McMaster University Emergency Drop-In Programs $17,500
Milot-Poulin, Jeanne Université de Montréal Les Russes de Lettonie : une minorité instrumentalisée $17,500
Miranda, Daniela B. The University of British Columbia 'What Does Science Say?': Contested Meanings of Science in the Debates about the Toxicity of Agrochemicals in Argentina $17,500
Miranda, Eliane McGill University Community-driven monitoring of seabirds in the Canadian Arctic $17,500
Mireault-Lalancette, Colin Université de Montréal Classe à part – Écoles privées et populations racisées montréalaises $17,500
Miroshnichenko, Alla York University Arboreal Symphonies: Exploring and negotiating emergent collective meaning outside of spoken language $17,500
Mistry, Shona University of Toronto Beyond Feelings: The Development of Emotional Intelligence in Youth with Learning Disabilities Within the Context of a Residential Substance Use Treatment Centre $17,500
Mitchell, Cheryl Trent University Reconceptualizing Arctic Security: Decolonizing and Synthesizing New Approaches in the Canadian Arctic $17,500
Mix, Zoe S. Simon Fraser University Métis Publishing Practices: Developing protocol for editors, writers, and publishers $17,500
Mnaymneh, Marvin Ontario Tech University Marvin Mnaymneh's CGS-Application $17,500
Moghaddas, Milad University of Toronto Changing Labour Market Experiences Among High-Risk and Low-Risk Workers Amid COVID-19 $17,500
Mohtadi, Sana M. McGill University The Problem Child in 20th-Century Transatlantic Literature $17,500
Monaco, Julia University of Toronto Clamour of the Andes: Constructions of Regional Identity in the Music of Nariño, Colombia $17,500
Mondal, Suman Wilfrid Laurier University Construction of Non-Hindu LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual/Aromantic/Agender) Individuals in Northern India as Deviant and/or Criminal $17,500
Mongiardo, Veronica-Assunta Queen's University Masculinity, Embodied Affect, and Intimacy in the Works of Rawi Hage, Wayson Choy, and Richard Van Camp $17,500
Montakhaby Nodeh, Sevda McMaster University The Attentional Blink: Predictive versus Reactive Control of Attention $17,500
Moody, Valerie R. University of Alberta Mythology and Romanticism in Contemporary Speculative Fiction $17,500
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Morgan, Sophie J. University of Waterloo De-Coding Literacy: An Analysis of Ontario's K-8 2020 Mathematics Curriculum $17,500
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Morris, Mahala University of Lethbridge Pandemic Babies: The potential impact of pandemic containment measures on early childhood development $17,500
Morrison, Nicholas M. Carleton University The Tears of Micha: Exploring the Cultural Legacy of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Russia $17,500
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Mountford, Claire I. Queen's University The use of social media to further gender equity in Canadian politics $17,500
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Murphy, Dallas J. University of Manitoba Perceived control as a moderator in the internalized self-stigma model in older adult populations $17,500
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Murthy, Mayadevi B. University of Toronto In Refute of Rationalism: Tamil Public Religion Constructed Through Cinema $17,500
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Nakano, Robyn A.I. University of Victoria A Landscape Archaeological Approach to Accumulative Stone Throwing in West African Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) $17,500
Naoufal, Michael McGill University Promoting Self-Efficacy in Parents: Effects on Emotion Regulation and Child Outcomes $17,500
Nash, Dallas Western University Adverse Childhood Experiences and Suicide Risk in Adolescence: The mitigating effects of protective factors and their impact on overall well-being $17,500
Nasir, Malaika University of Toronto The Representation of Muslim Women in Postcolonial Western Literature $17,500
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Nelson, Hagen H. University of Toronto Film Festivals as Sites of Gathering: Toronto Film Festival Audiences Pre- and Post-Pandemic $17,500
Neumark, Samuel J. University of Toronto Improving Access to Health Services Through Virtual Care in Retirement Homes $17,500
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Newman, Jessica E. York University Social Rejection Affecting Social Approach Through Curiosity and Reward Perception $17,500
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Noel, Chelsea A. Lakehead University Are Youth Differentially Impacted by Cannabis Advertising? An Ecological Momentary Assessment of Demographic and Psychosis Risk Factors in a Canadian Post-legalization Context $17,500
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Novick, Jake Queen's University To Sext or Not to Sext? Disentangling the Relationship Between Parental Support, Time Spent Online, and Sexting amongst LGBTQ+ Adolescents $17,500
Novitsky, Christine M.E. Saint Mary's University The Effect of Couples Conflict on Gambling Behaviour $17,500
Nsamirizi, Arnaud University of Toronto Japan-Africa relations $17,500
Obadia, Shimshon The University of British Columbia Queer Sounds in the Substructure: Queering Space with Locative Digital Stories $17,500
Obomsawin, Anik Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Intergenerational Trauma and Resilience in Off-reserve Indigenous Peoples $17,500
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O'Halloran, Sinéad D.N. Carleton University Situating 'Sq**w' Within the Colonial Imaginary: The Shaping and Shaming of Indigenous Un/Womanhood in Western Canada during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century $17,500
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Okonna, Hanna École nationale d'administration publique Electronic monitoring at work $17,500
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Phillips, Chris C.Y. University of Alberta Paleontology and Power in Yoho National Park $17,500
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Popovic, Mila Lakehead University Is the Stigma of Mental Illness Separable from the Stigma of Self-Harm? $17,500
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Powell, Thomas A.A. University of Alberta Live Compositional Practice in Music: A Performance-Based Artistic Creation $17,500
Prabaharan, Nivetha University of Toronto Psychosocial correlates of peer victimization: The role of balance of power between the perpetrator and victim $17,500
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Pringle, Victoria R. University of Toronto What does it mean to get to know someone? $17,500
Pronovost, Justine Concordia University Infants in a Nature-based Educational Context $17,500
Proulx, Constance-Marguerite University of Ottawa Les inégalités d'accès à la représentation politique à la Chambre des Communes $17,500
Provencher, Sabrina McGill University Factors Associated with Physical Function and Disability among People with Systemic Sclerosis: A Cross-sectional Study $17,500
Prowse, Richard C. York University Exploring the role of peer support communities as a site of critical pedagogy $17,500
Pugliese, Melanie McMaster University Elucidating Plant Use in the Past $17,500
Puinean, Giulia University of Alberta Enhancing mental health services for teen mothers $17,500
Pulles, Kirstin The University of British Columbia Studying trade union organization in response to the climate crisis through social movement theory $17,500
Pulver, Gabrielle Queen's University Rising Waters, Rising Voices: Environmental Education for Youth Empowerment $17,500
Puplampu, Adiki University of Calgary Police Brutality in Canada: A Framing Analysis $17,500
Qaiser, Jaweria University of Toronto Understanding Compassion Fatigue $17,500
Quach, Aydin M.C. The University of British Columbia Hardening Men: Masculinities in Negotiation and Creation in Postwar Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaya $17,500
Quinn, Stéphanie University of Ottawa Traduction et adaptation en français canadien du Child Suicide Risk Assessment $17,500
Quintero, Daniel C. University of Toronto A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying International Trade Preferences in Populations $17,500
Quirion, Sophie Université du Québec à Montréal L'architecture Boomtown au Québec : un patrimoine méconnu $17,500
Qutub, Mona University of Waterloo Food Insecurity and Food Literacy between Postsecondary Students in Ontario $17,500
Racine, Charles Université Laval La perception du temps en réalité virtuelle : le lien avec l'immersion, l'émotion, le TDAH et le sexe $17,500
Radke, Jade The University of British Columbia Combating Climate Change: Can Plan Reminders Enhance Implementation Intentions? $17,500
Raichman, Paula G. Université du Québec à Montréal Les mycomatériaux en design : de la fabrication à la diffusion $17,500
Rais-Ghasem, Saman McGill University The geography of innovation and income inequality: Evidence from Canadian regions $17,500
Rajabi, Parsa Simon Fraser University Promoting Computational Thinking through an Introductory Computer Science Course $17,500
Ramirez, Cesar C.J. University of Toronto The Globalization of the War on Drugs: The Philippine Case $17,500
Ramos Socarras, Laura Université du Québec en Outaouais Le sommeil des familles ayant un nouveau-né prématuré et sa relation avec le fonctionnement familial $17,500
Rankaduwa, Saisha S. Dalhousie University What Makes a Skilled Reader? $17,500
Rathakrishna, Saivaishnavi McMaster University "Subversive Fantasies": Theorizing Televisual Representations of South Asian Diasporic Women $17,500
Rath, Grace S. University of Saskatchewan Overcoming Prisoners Perceived Stigma Through a Therapy Dog Program $17,500
Rautenberg, Deidre M. University of Victoria An Examination of Alcohol Policy and Practice for Women who Drink in Shelters $17,500
Rawal, Disha P. University of Windsor A Content Analysis of Fitspiration and Thinspiration on TikTok $17,500
Ray, Cassondra M. Mount Saint Vincent University Adult attachment styles and coping with social network member disapproval $17,500
Redublo, Tyler C. University of Toronto Identifying Needs of Young Caregivers of Dementia Patients Using Knowledge Translation $17,500
Rees, Anwen E. Simon Fraser University Nature-based solutions for reconciliation-informed climate change adaptation $17,500
Reesor, Alyshia J. Memorial University of Newfoundland The Ecology and History of Human-flea Relationships $17,500
Reid, Chelsea E. Western University The Impact of Workplace Violence on Individuals' Perception of Self-Worth $17,500
Reintjes, Caitlin M. McMaster University The Relationship Between Stress, Flow, and Learning Outcomes in University Students $17,500
Rempel, Cassidy L. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Reducing Mental Health Stigma with Communication $17,500
Renard-Daoust, Eva-Marianne Université du Québec à Montréal Portrait de la réalité de pères d'enfants autistes au Québec $17,500
Rendek, Kathleen K. University of Ottawa Where is home for you? $17,500
René, Grégoire McGill University RDoC and the future of clinical psychiatry $17,500
Reparon, Rachel O. Western University Exploring Occupational Possibilities and Social Participation of Youth with Developmental Disabilities Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication $17,500
Reynolds, Jaimie Memorial University of Newfoundland Setting the stage for aggrieved entitlement: Evaluating responses to virtual reality scenarios $17,500
Rhude, Sarah E. University of Victoria Spirit in the Fringes: Uncovering Visions of Indigenous Freedom and Hope Within the Western School System $17,500
Richard, Audrey Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Regardez-vous toujours? Étude transversale sur les antécédents et les effets de l'engagement soutenu avec les médias $17,500
Richards, Gabrielle University of Ottawa Who is left?: Diaspora Jews, Community and Activism in Jerusalem $17,500
Riddell, Haileigh M.P. Lakehead University Eugenics in Canada: New Insight Through A Comparison of Two Eugenic Bodies $17,500
Riel, Monique D.L. University of Calgary Indigenous Religious Traditions of Ancient and Early Medieval Gaul: A Postcolonial Perspective $17,500
Rioux, Mélanie University of Ottawa Irréconciliabilité des postures prostitution/travail du sexe : étude exploratoire de ses fondements $17,500
Rittenberg, Benjamin S.P. Dalhousie University A Preliminary Investigation of the Implicit Theories in Sport Coaches $17,500
Rivest, Frédérique Université Laval Vieillir dans la rue : expériences des femmes aînées en situation d'itinérance dans la ville de Québec $17,500
Robbenhaar, Madeline E.A. University of Alberta Forgotten or ignored?: Understanding the socioecological context of rural women in Alberta, and the facilitators and barriers that influence rural women's economic empowerment $17,500
Robert-Lacroix, Ulysse University of Ottawa Dépendance pétrolière et transition énergétique au Canada $17,500
Roberts, Sarah M. Memorial University of Newfoundland The Summer Houses (DhAp-01): An archaeological investigation of 18th-century salmon fishing on the Gander River $17,500
Roderbourg, Lorelie Université de Montréal Association between athletic identity in parasport athletes and life satisfaction following retirement: A longitudinal study on the moderating effect of perceived social support $17,500
Rodrigue, Lancelot McGill University Walkability around future light-rail stations in Montreal, Canada $17,500
Rogers, Heather A. McGill University Digitizing Botanical Herstory: Women, Botany, and the Digital Humanities $17,500
Roman Justo, Karla Karina Concordia University Andean Epistemology in the Art Gallery: The Quipu's presence in Contemporary South American Art $17,500
Ronald, Roger J. Institute for Christian Studies Being Is Said in Many Ways: Ontological Pluralism in Medieval Scholasticism $17,500
Rooney, Amanda E. York University Planning for Resilient Food Systems $17,500
Rosal, Giovanna P. Carleton University Representations of Policing and Prisons in Children's Literature $17,500
Ross, Elizabeth University of Toronto Professional Boundaries Versus Critical Witnessing: Should Teachers Share Emotions? $17,500
Rossit, Andrew P. York University Aegean Catholics: From the Greek Revolution to Integration into the Greek State $17,500
Ross, Megan University of Prince Edward Island Horse Owner Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Horse Care on Prince Edward Island $17,500
Rouillier, Fallon Université du Québec à Montréal Conserver et transmettre nos mémoires : l'histoire des Archives lesbiennes du Québec (1983-1993) $17,500
Rouzgard, Simin Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Measuring group belonging of the adherents of Covid-19-related conspiracy theories $17,500
Roy, Eliane McGill University Understanding and Disrupting Discrimination Through Eye Tracking Analyses $17,500
Royer-Quesnel, Gabriel University of Ottawa Vux et Banquet du Faisan : le rôle des vux dans la pratique politique des ducs de Bourgogne au XVe siècle $17,500
Roy, Isabelle Université de Montréal Amélioration du raisonnement socio-moral par le jeu vidéo sérieux MorALERT : validation d'un outil interactif et identification des facteurs prédictifs de la compétence sociale chez les adolescents $17,500
Roy-Liard, Camille Institut national de la recherche scientifique Studentification et mobilités résidentielles étudiantes : l'expérience des étudiants universitaires québécois et belges $17,500
Roy, Sarah-Jade Université du Québec à Montréal Adaptation et validation de l'EXAmen Cognitif abrégé en Traumatologie (EXACT) chez une population pédiatrique $17,500
Roy-Trudeau, Jean-Daniel Université du Québec à Montréal Le Parti démocrate face aux changements socio-économiques et démographiques : transformations suburbaines et stratégies électorales lors des élections présidentielles de 2016 et 2020 $17,500
Rozuel, Cécile Saint Paul University Mobilizing unconscious resources for self-knowledge and well-being: Exploring the therapeutic relevance of Jungian active imagination $17,500
Rucco, Emma HEC Montréal Obstacles à l'accès des services en santé mentale de la population immigrante à Montréal $17,500
Rueb, Karen J.M. University of Waterloo 19th Century French Women's Travel Writing and the History of Anthropology $17,500
Ruelland, Evelyne Université Laval La pensée philosophique de Karl Jaspers $17,500
Ruest, Dominique C. University of Manitoba The impacts of cross-language activation on reading development in bilingual children $17,500
Ruiz Sanchez, Isaias R. McMaster University Individualism and its Limits $17,500
Rumbolt, Daniel M.W. Concordia University To Make and Make Do: Rurality and the Contemporary Art Canon $17,500
Rutherford, Isabelle J.A. Western University Inferring Lifestyle and Behaviour from Bone Morphology: Accounting for Neutral Variation $17,500
Ryan, Shaelyn J. Queen's University Missing Parts: A Critical Analysis of Amputees and Disability History in Three Canadian Archives and Museums $17,500
Sacco, Sabrina Concordia University Early developmental trajectories for obesity and their associations with well-being in adolescence and young adulthood $17,500
Salehi, Kyan Concordia University Did the Jailbird Fly Away? An electroencephalography investigation of compound processing $17,500
Saleh, Sofiya Concordia University War and Work: The Economic Integration of Afghan Refugees Facing Psychological Distress $17,500
Salihue, Nuzreth H. Simon Fraser University Using Social Innovation to Scale up the Farm to School Program in British Columbia $17,500
Sameen, Durr-e University of Calgary Racial microaggressions, social support, ethnic identity, and psychological well-being among immigrant youth $17,500
Samis, Lydia C. University of Alberta Establishing Validity of a Bilingual Tagalog/English Augmentative and Alternative Communication Core Language Board $17,500
Samson, Marie-Odile Concordia University Jewish Refugees and Community-Building in Soviet Asia during World War II $17,500
Sanghera, Harleen University of Lethbridge Understanding the Lived Experiences of Indigenous Women Affected by Intimate Partner Violence to Inform Intervention Development $17,500
Sanguino, Hangsel University of Calgary Sleep and Quality of Life in Autistic Youth $17,500
Santucci, Katya McGill University Still Friends?: Examining the Association between Implicit Friendship Beliefs and Real-Life Friendship Dissolution in University $17,500
Sarraf, Lisa Carleton University Does friendship support make it easier to cope? The role of maladaptive coping as a mediator between victimization and internalizing symptoms $17,500
Sarthou, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Montréal L'apport d'Hilma af Klint aux théories des couleurs en histoire de l'art $17,500
Saunders, Paige O. University of Guelph Sociology and Anthropology on Cultural Revitalization $17,500
Savard-Arseneault, Adrien Université de Montréal Construction de la masculinité et grammaticalisation du genre dans Le Roman de Silence $17,500
Savard, Maïa Université de Sherbrooke Portrait des violences à caractère sexuel dans les sports universitaires du Québec $17,500
Schaffer, Joelle E. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Do daily emotion regulation processes differentiate between suicide attempters and suicide ideators? $17,500
Schauer, Zachary R. University of Toronto Medieval Latin and Arabic Psychology in Contemporary Bioethics $17,500
Schimke, Jordan R. University of Toronto The Effects of Quantitative Easing: An Analysis of the Canadian Stock Market $17,500
Schmaus, Lucas J. University of Alberta Beyond Sustainability: Agriculture that Works for People and Planet $17,500
Schmidt, Mackenzie I. The University of British Columbia The Effects of Indigenized On-Reserve Space for Indigenous Community Members' Well-being $17,500
Schneider, Marion C. Université du Québec à Montréal Robot-artistes sentimentalistes : Recherche-création sur un art robotique engagé et sensible $17,500
Schuknecht, Corbin C. University of Alberta A Study of The Middle-Management of the Hudson's Bay Company $17,500
Schulzke, Paula E. York University Venezuelan Refugee Education and Buen Vivir $17,500
Scott, Andrea L. The University of British Columbia Mother Of All Fears $17,500
Scott, Holly B. Western University Oneida Ethnography of Speaking: An Exploration of Language in Practice Among Adult Second-Language Learners of Oneida $17,500
Scott, Olive L. University of Saskatchewan Paint-Scapes: Coming of Age in the Young Adult Kunstlerroman $17,500
Seidman-Wright, Taliya York University Indigenous-settler relations in Toronto's food movement: A study of Indigenous food sovereignty $17,500
Semenoff, Nadia J. University of Alberta Inclusivity of Hearing Testing in Canada: Examining the Impact of Accented Speech on Performance in a Digits in Noise Test $17,500
Sen, Diyasha Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Desirability Politics in Women of Colour's Memoirs $17,500
Shabbar, Omar O. York University The Musical Exploration of Acoustic and Material Resonances in Muslim Instruments $17,500
Shafei, Oswa University of Toronto The Limits of Research Ethics and Necessary Supplements to Research Ethics Review: Ethical Reproducibility $17,500
Shannmugaratnam, Achuthan Nipissing University Exploring the Coach-Initiated Motivational Climate and Athlete Mental Health $17,500
Sharif Esfahani, Parisa University of Guelph Authentic Female Leaders and Leadership Aspiration in Young Women $17,500
Sharp, Sydney Wilfrid Laurier University Manipulating Cooperation Beliefs in a Prisoner's Dilemma $17,500
Shaw, Madeleine University of Ottawa Aux frontières de l'utopie écoféministe : une écocritique de trois romans d'Élisabeth Vonarburg $17,500
Shearer, Lauren N. University of Ottawa Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and well-being of Canadian university (U SPORTS) student-athletes $17,500
Sheehy, Andréanne Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Profil développemental, psychopathologique et processus de passage a l'acte des agresseurs sexuels : impacts sur la serialite $17,500
Sherlock, Jessica M. McMaster University Invoking a Natural Consciousness: Erasmus Darwin's Exploration of Cosmology $17,500
Shiau, Yun An McGill University Disclosure of Coach Sexual Abuse Among Child Athletes $17,500
Shibre, Lidia T. Dalhousie University Gender-Based Violence in Ethiopia's Gambella Refugee Camp $17,500
Shipton, Donald L. Simon Fraser University Digital Holdings: 3D Digitization in the bpNichol Fonds at Simon Fraser University $17,500
Shnitzer, Hila D. Queen's University Promoting Quality Participation in Disability Sport Programs $17,500
Shoychet, Gillian York University Empirical Validation of the COVID-19 Family Disruption Model $17,500
Shriner, Lincoln J.A. Dalhousie University Platform Economies in the Post-pandemic Context $17,500
Siddall, Thomas E. University of Toronto Contemporary Visual Culture and Cold War Structures of Feeling in Two Chinas $17,500
Siddiqui, Uzma University of Toronto Bureaucratizing Sufism in Contemporary Pakistan $17,500
Silva, Wellage C. The University of British Columbia Do We Get a Say? First-Generation Immigrants' Discourses on Citizenship and their Rights to the City: The Case of the Filipino Community in Vancouver $17,500
Simpson, Anna L. University of Alberta Virtual Versus In-Person Anxiety and Experience Outcomes for Patients Who Stutter $17,500
Sinclair, Eliscia S.L. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Understanding 'breaking even' in gambling behaviour $17,500
Singh, Karanveer McMaster University A New Perspective on the Ethics of Gene Editing $17,500
Sinotte, Étienne Université de Montréal Les organisations non gouvernementales intermédiaires péruviennes et la chute du financement international occasionné par la pandémie de COVID-19 $17,500
Siqueira, Melissa University of Toronto Estimating the Breadwinner Impact on Household Division of Labour $17,500
Sirois, Chloé Université de Sherbrooke Quels sont les différents profils d'enfants québécois maltraités présentant des incapacités? $17,500
Sivajothy, Subhanya University of Guelph Mortuary of Tongues: Exploring Counter-Memory Production of Tamil Refugees $17,500
Skelly, Kaitlyn C. Carleton University Trauma Informed Care Practices for Integrating Refugees into Host Countries $17,500
Skelton, Stephanie R.G. Lakehead University Assessing Proteomic and Stable Isotopic Analyses of Archaeological Ceramics $17,500
Slater, Kelsie H. Concordia University of Edmonton Developing an Integrated Model of Self-Regulation Across Childhood and Adolescence $17,500
Slobodov, Alexandra J. University of Toronto Green Extractivism in Russia: The Social Impacts of a Transition to Green Energy $17,500
Slofstra, Kathleen N. University of Waterloo Best Practices for Cultural Safety in Abortion Care $17,500
Smith, LaRae K. University of Lethbridge Environmental and economic challenges for southern Alberta family farms during the Great Depression $17,500
Smith, Mary-Frances University of Alberta Support for Pedagogocal Practices of Early Childhood Educators in Early Learning and Care $17,500
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Snell, Katherine University of Toronto The Jail and the Archive: Spatial Logics of Settler Colonialism in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Peel $17,500
Snider, Brook E.A. Wilfrid Laurier University The Effectiveness of Mental Health-Based Apps in Mitigating Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Emerging Adult Populations $17,500
Sohail, Roshni Carleton University Psychopathic Traits and Vocal Affect Recognition in University Students $17,500
Sokolowski, Brian D. York University Boat Story $17,500
Soltan, Hajar University of Guelph Acculturation Gap among Afghan Refugee Families in Canada: Implications for Family Conflict and Well-being $17,500
Soma, Saya University of Waterloo Impact of Private-Public Partnership on Sustainable Labour Migration Programs $17,500
Somberg, Lilach The University of British Columbia On Not Obeying a Command: Practice and Normative Discourse in the Babylonian Talmud $17,500
Sommers, Maria R.H. Simon Fraser University Fashioning leisure into labour: Gendered consumption work in app-based fashion styling games $17,500
Sooknanan, Vishal Western University Subtle Discrimination, Harsh Outcomes: The Impact of Microaggressions on Job Engagement Among Sexual Minority Employees $17,500
Spada, Veronica M. University of Toronto The Third Consciousness: Creating and Disentangling Textual Minds in Wordsworth $17,500
Spadidakis, Robert McGill University The Politics of Emotions: Resentment and Injustice $17,500
Spiller, Manuel University of Guelph Reshaping the way we play: Developing a linear playscape design guide by analyzing benefits and drawbacks of linear playscapes in Germany $17,500
Spilsbury, Oliver C. The University of British Columbia Rhetoric of Adaptation $17,500
Sproule, Cali P. University of Calgary Trauma-Informed Consent Culture for University Theatre Performance Training $17,500
Srikanth, Shankhalika University of Victoria Acquisition of Oral Proficiency in Heritage Speakers of Tamil $17,500
Stadnyk, Faith C. Carleton University Examining Health at Every Size's Potential to Combat Fatphobia in Ontario Health Promotion Programs and Policies $17,500
Stafa, Alma University of Waterloo The Female Body as a Terrain of War: The Absence of Transitional Justice for Women in Kosovos State-Building Process $17,500
Stef, Cristina McMaster University Preventing elderly orphans: Transnational caregiving of Romanian older adults $17,500
Stephenson, Kai Memorial University of Newfoundland Food For Thought: Neoliberalism and Food Sovereignty in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador $17,500
Sterling, Julia N. Carleton University The Climate Virus: Comparing COVID-19 Strategies to Enhance Climate Action $17,500
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Stevenson, Julianne M. York University Birth Rights: A critical legal analysis of the treatment of birthing persons in Canada $17,500
Stewardson Gregory, Charlotte I. The University of British Columbia The Effects of Social Adversity on Youth with Social Communication Difficulties and Anxiety $17,500
Stewart, Alexandra A. University of Toronto Defying white desirability: Investigating racialized students experiences with dress codes $17,500
Stewart, Jayme The University of British Columbia Stalking and the Escalation Towards Serious Violence: A Canadian Perspective $17,500
Stewart, Jonna M. The University of British Columbia Colonial Secondary Worlds: Medievalism and Postcolonialism in Modern High Fantasy $17,500
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St. Louis, Samara P. University of Alberta Pattern learning and accent familiarity in monolingual and bilingual English speakers: Generalizing learning across accented speech $17,500
Stojanovic, Luka Trent University Extractivism, Settler Colonialism, and Resurgence in Indigenous Media in Canada $17,500
Stojanovski, Sylvie A. Concordia University ARTRE/CESS: Building on the Working Model for Artrepreneurial Success $17,500
Stokoe, Mehak University of Calgary Understanding the Sociocultural Experience of Adolescent and Young Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease $17,500
Stone-Barney, Evangeline University of Toronto Emerging Media and New Approaches to the Classical Vocal Recital $17,500
Stone, Michael D.J. University of Alberta Examining Speech Sound Accuracy in Children of Various Language Backgrounds Enrolled in Bilingual Mandarin-English Education Programs $17,500
Stoski, Corene L. University of Manitoba An Intergenerational Approach to Spatial Design and Urban Sustainability $17,500
St-Pierre Campbell, Marie-Eve Université du Québec à Rimouski Cuisiner les champs, la forêt et la mer : étude sociologique de la gastronomie hors des villes $17,500
St-Pierre-Gaudreault, Julie University of Ottawa Féminismes, aide étrangère et Fonds pour l'égalité : le financement mixte fait-il progresser l'égalité de genre? $17,500
Strand, Dawson T. University of Calgary Protesting Responsibility: Navigating Individual and Communal Ethics amidst COVID-19 $17,500
Street, Savonnaé The University of British Columbia Where does equity fit? An evaluation of municipal official plans in mid-sized cities in Canada $17,500
Stringham, Kristine F. University of Calgary The Latter-day Saint 'Talk' as an I-Thou Relational Event $17,500
Sugars-Keen, Neve M. Carleton University What on Earth: The Destabilizing Effects of Environmental Change on Economic and Political Stability $17,500
Summers, Megan O. University of Toronto The Rural-Urban Divide: Adoption of the Ontario Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy $17,500
Su, Randy University of Toronto Student Interaction of Varied Socioeconomic Status with Existing Support Systems: What Education Changes Could Lead to Increased Resilience and Academic Success? $17,500
Sutton, Dru M. Western University The Usefulness of Subtitles in Language Learning: A Meta-Analysis $17,500
Sweder, Leslie R. Memorial University of Newfoundland The Sticks and Stones That Make My Bones: A Relational Investigation of Interconnectedness $17,500
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Tanaka, Momo S. University of Saskatchewan Examining youth delinquency and abstention through cumulative disadvantage $17,500
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Tanovich, Evan J. University of Toronto Analyzing Schubert's Approach to Main Theme Construction in the Late Instrumental Works $17,500
Tan, Yuwei University of Toronto Cross-Canada Examination of Employees' Ability to Disclose Covid-19 Concerns $17,500
Tapp, Kenzie M. University of Windsor The Lived Experiences of Gender Diverse Individuals with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome $17,500
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Taylor, Sophia University of Victoria Stability and Crisis: Creating a Sense of Home in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside $17,500
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Têtu, Madeleine McGill University Le rôle des objets dans les romans Madame Bovary et L'Éducation sentimentale de Gustave Flaubert : entre créateurs d'illusions et rappels à la réalité $17,500
Thériault, Antoine Université du Québec à Montréal Regards sur la représentation médiatique des anarchistes lors des manifestations de Black Lives Matter en 2020 $17,500
Therrien, Steven Université Laval L'ethos du trader et ses orientations $17,500
Thienes, Logan A. University of Alberta Knights in Japan: Investigating Medievalist Modes in Japanese Role-Playing Games $17,500
Thomas, Molly I. University of Alberta Current and Future Viability of Affordable Rental Cooperative Housing in Edmonton $17,500
Thomas, Sarah Université de Moncton Comparaison des politiques et des pratiques portant sur la prévention, l'identification et la lutte contre les dommages sexuels faites aux enfants dans la province du Nouveau-Brunswick $17,500
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Thomson, Alexander R. The University of British Columbia Towards Decolonization: Dismantling Colonial Masculinities in Contemporary Canadian Literature $17,500
Thomson, Chase R. McMaster University The Power of Queer and Trans Auto/Biography $17,500
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Thorin, Clara HEC Montréal Le paradoxe environnement-stratégie : vers une compréhension des forces à appliquer pour encourager l'action environnementale des entreprises canadiennes de l'industrie forestière $17,500
Thraya, Sophia University of Calgary Translanguaging as a Tool to (Re)Connect: Co-designing Land-Based Learning Environments with Refugee Children $17,500
Thurairajah, Bavisha McGill University The Moderating Effect of Housing Conditions in the Association Between Neighbourhoods and Health $17,500
Tigchelaar, Joy A. University of Waterloo Planning for Healthy Kids in High-Rises: Policy Analysis and Qualitative Interview Study $17,500
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Tkachenko, Alyson K. University of Victoria Anarchy and Environmental Movements: Renewed possibilities for ecological security $17,500
Tollestrup Massey, Erin University of Alberta Family-Centred Approach for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Resource Implementation in Dënesulinë $17,500
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Tongol, Nicole Anne C. University of Manitoba Examining Gender Differences in Parent Acute Stress Using a Novel Internet-Adapted Stressor $17,500
Tooley, Mary R. York University Resistance Breeds Revolution: A Study of Refusing the Invitation in Participatory Theatre $17,500
Torvi, Alexander M. University of Saskatchewan The Power of Player Connections: Viewing the Potential of Role-Playing-Games Through Persona 4 and Final Fantasy XIV $17,500
Totino, Micaela C. Brock University Designing and Implementing a Public Transportation Navigation-Skills Training Program for Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disability $17,500
Touchburn, Hayley P. McMaster University Emerging Virtual Care Platforms and Primary Care Outcomes in New Brunswick $17,500
Trampleasure, Sage L. The University of British Columbia Parental motivations, problematic behaviours, and screen time for young children: A daily-diary investigation $17,500
Travers, Owen J. The University of British Columbia Economic and Environmental Progress, or Human Health Risk? Integrating across tensions between framings of the circular plastic economy in Canada $17,500
Trembath, Aidan F. University of Alberta Vaccination Barbs: How Canadian Provincial Leaders Use a Rhetoric of Blame to Construct Indigenous Communities as Impediments to COVID-19 Recovery $17,500
Tremblay, Amélie Université du Québec à Montréal Perceptions et usages des technologies numériques chez les personnes âgées en contexte de pandémie de COVID-19 au Québec $17,500
Tremblay D'Ettorre, Jasmine University of Toronto Feasibility Constraints and Duties of Justice in The Climate Crisis Era $17,500
Trottier, Amélie University of Ottawa Mémoire en recherche-création – L'utopie théâtrale $17,500
Trudeau-Laurin, Léonie Université de Montréal Évolution des arrangements résidentiels des ménages autochtones au Canada au début du XXe siècle $17,500
Trudel, Philippe J. Université du Québec en Outaouais L'expérience de la douleur chronique : comparaison entre les personnes issues des minorités sexuelles et de genre et celles faisant partie d'un groupe normatif $17,500
Truglia, Holly Saint Mary's University Dealing with the devil inside: An intervention to cope with perfectionism among physicians $17,500
Tsygankova, Olga Concordia University Shakespeare in Russian Formalist Theory $17,500
Tuck, Emlyn Memorial University of Newfoundland Understanding the Legacy of Racist Monuments in Newfoundland and Labrador $17,500
Turner, Elyse M.M. Concordia University Choosing 'Tiny Life' in Quebec: An Anthropological Study Alongside Tiny House Advocates $17,500
Turner, Kate E. Western University Inter-brain synchrony in individuals with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder during social interaction $17,500
Tychon, Ofelia University of Toronto Babylonian Women's Mobility and Independence, 626-484 BCE $17,500
Upfold, Casey L. Queen's University Differences in typical and atypical sexual interests and behaviours on dimension of sexual self-concept $17,500
Urusov, Alexey University of Waterloo Family processes during the COVID-19 pandemic: Identifying typologies and exploring costs associated with social service use $17,500
Usenko, Natasha Simon Fraser University Case formulation in psychopathy: Considering morality and values as motivators to crime $17,500
Vacalopoulos, Panayiota University of Waterloo Recovery-versus-Reform: Storying a Staffing Crisis for the Tourism Sector around the Waterloo Region $17,500
Vaillancourt, Josée L.K. University of Ottawa Vivre avec des ruines sur les îles Niijima et Naoshima : les dynamiques d'occupation dans des paysages capitalistes postindustriels $17,500
Valiquette, Matthew J. University of Toronto Exploring how values underlying psychiatry influence how we conceptualize and define recovery $17,500
Vallée, Laurence École nationale d'administration publique Faut-il revoir comment les cégeps sont financés? Une comparaison avec le système de financement des universités québécoises $17,500
Valmestad, Kari J. Carleton University Heritage at a Cost: Memorializing Canadian Industrial Landscapes $17,500
Vandal, Philippe Concordia University Mésocosmes urbains : micro-remédiation de sols montréalais contaminés aux hydrocarbures par le biais d'interventions art-science et citoyennes situées $17,500
Van De Kamp, Celina M. University of Saskatchewan Surveillance Capitalism and Metadata: Advanced Technology Delivering a New Era of Privacy Violation $17,500
van den Hoeven, Marijke R. McGill University Do As We Say, Not As We Do: Gender, Policy, and Norms in the Canadian Armed Forces $17,500
Van Der Ahe, Katrina H. Wilfrid Laurier University Perception of Italian Women's Contributions to Italian Culture from 1400 to 1600 CE $17,500
Vande Wiele Nobert, Geneviève University of Toronto Leaning Into Abjection: A mad Black (non)Existence $17,500
Van De Wiel, Sydney A. York University Exploring Changing Masculinities: Gender, Consent, and Sexuality $17,500
Van't Schip, Kirsten A. Athabasca University The Land Speaks $17,500
Van Veghel, Daniel W. McMaster University Induced Demand of Bike Share Rides from Cycling Infrastructure Investment: A Level of Traffic Stress Perspective $17,500
Varkul, Olivia J.S. Queen's University Investigating the effects of the novel COVID-19 context on perceived barriers and quality participation among persons with disabilities returning to in-person community-based physical activity programs $17,500
Vasudevan, Varsha Western University The Influences of the Mindfulness Ambassador Program on Canadian Graduate Students $17,500
Ventrone, Davide Carleton University The Political Economy of Corporate Financialization and Labour Strikes in Ontario: The Case of Unifor and United Steelworkers $17,500
Verjee, Bianca The University of British Columbia Contingency in the Evolution of Human Morality: Why We Ought to Adhere to a Morality That Could Have Been Otherwise $17,500
Verma, Neha McGill University At Risk Students and School Experience $17,500
Vernooy, Madison J. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Using Capital Infrastructure to Support the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes $17,500
Verreault, Cedrik Université Laval Plus « verts » que « vert » différents chemins pour les véhicules politiques de l'environnement : quels effets pour les cadres perceptuels sur le « vote écologique » au Canada? $17,500
Vettese, Alexia Carleton University Indigenous Canadians on the stand: Influence of witness race and age on mock-juror perceptions of eyewitness and defendant credibility $17,500
Veysey, Emily M. Queen's University Mom-bots and Cyborg Babies: Reproduction and Artificial Life in Contemporary Science Fiction Narratives $17,500
Viens, Noémie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Impact de divergences perfectionnistes sur le fonctionnement conjugal et global $17,500
Villa Alvarez, Brian D. University of Toronto Fostering Equitable Career Education in Ontario Secondary Schools $17,500
Villeneuve-Dubuc, Marie-Pier Université de Montréal Les cybercrimes : le rôle de la collaboration internationale sur les interventions policières $17,500
Villeneuve, Elsa Université du Québec à Montréal Usages de matériel pornographique écrit chez les personnes s'identifiant comme femmes : une étude exploratoire $17,500
Villeneuve, Kathleen Université de Montréal Le rôle des Sœurs Grises de Montréal dans l'établissement des pensionnats indiens dans l'Ouest canadien (1870-1900) $17,500
Virata, Marielle Angela University of Alberta An Investigation Into an Early Literacy Screener and How It Predicts Literacy Abilities $17,500
Visram, Aqil K. University of Toronto Institutions, Service, and the Formation of Identity: A History of the Ismaili Community in East Africa $17,500
Vlahos, Fotini University of Toronto Supporting the Undergraduate Academic Success of Black International Students from Francophone sub-Saharan Africa $17,500
Vo, Julie Western University Enhancing social connectedness among university students through an evidence-based social media campaign: A knowledge mobilization study $17,500
Vorsteher-Styrczula, Morgan McGill University Developing an Integrated Design Approach for Supervised Injection Sites in Montreal $17,500
Vorstman, Isaure T.M. University of Toronto The Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic (1918): Armenian and Azerbaijani perspectives on territory, identity, and statehood $17,500
Vranken, Thomas L. The University of British Columbia The Adventure of the Multiple Archives: Four Arthur Conan Doyle Archives, Four Arthur Conan Doyles $17,500
Vrhovsek, Zachary D. The University of British Columbia The Economic Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Agriculture $17,500
Vroemen, Nina Concordia University Radiant Tools: Environmental Slow Violence and the Plight of the Invisible $17,500
Wack, Amy L. University of Ottawa Music and Mental Health: Manifestations of Bi-Polar Disorder in Schumann's Davidsbündlertänze Op. 6 $17,500
Wade, Dawson K. Royal Roads University Investigative Research on Fossil Fuel Businesses Influence on Environmental Policy and Political Process in Western Canada $17,500
Walia, Rina University of Toronto Intersections of Gender and Race in British Romanticism $17,500
Walker, Kelsie L. University of Calgary From Commemoration to Condemnation: The Changing Image of Sir John A. Macdonald in Canadian Public Memory $17,500
Walton, Alexa R.B. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Emerging Networks of Community Food Security Infrastructures in Toronto $17,500
Waly, Yomna University of Calgary Preschoolers' Attention to Emotional Prosody in Unfamiliar Languages $17,500
Wang, Haotong University of Saskatchewan Empirical Investigation of the Chinese Sociocultural Models of Mental Health and Mental Illness $17,500
Wang, Victoria M.Y. University of Toronto Dismantling the deficit model of science communication using ethical and epistemological frameworks $17,500
Ward, Ashley C. Western University Echoes of Synergism: Identifying Syndemics in the Bioarchaeological Record $17,500
Watson, Harmoni University of Toronto The Effects of Calling-Out Racists through Social Media on Black Youth $17,500
Wattam, Katey L. University of Toronto Weaving Stories of Resilience: Exploring Theatre as a Resource for Collective Healing, Social Transformation, and Identity Building for Urban Indigenous Youth of Montréal $17,500
Watterodt, Felicia M. University of Waterloo Community adaptation and climate disaster: The 2021 British Columbia floods as a focusing event for transformative change $17,500
Watts, Dana N. University of Calgary Associations between Maternal Cannabis Use on Childhood Developmental Outcomes $17,500
Watts-Wooldridge, Benjamin R. University of Victoria Sexual Hierarchies and Language in Ancient Greek Vase Inscriptions $17,500
Weary, Rachel H. University of Alberta Guarantor Protection in Alberta: The History and Future of the Alberta Guarantees Acknowledgment Act $17,500
Webster, Alexis D. The University of British Columbia Who's Responding to Your Online Survey? Evaluating Methods to Detect Bots and Problematic Responders $17,500
Weckend, Emily F. University of Toronto Platform Studies and Censorship $17,500
Weitzner, Leah H. McGill University Ritual Devotion, Women, and the Performance Practice of the Lauda in Renaissance Mantua $17,500
Wenger, Maia M.C. Carleton University Compounding Marginality: Peer Workers' Experiences in Ottawa's Safe Consumption Sites $17,500
Wethey, Holly A. University of Toronto Ekphrasis in the 21st Century $17,500
White, Chloe L. Simon Fraser University An Investigation of Gender Differences in Emotion Regulation Strategies and their Associations with Maladaptive Behaviours $17,500
White, Erin E. University of Manitoba Cultural Connection: A Medicine for Indigenous Peoples' Historical Trauma $17,500
White-Hill, Eliot O. Emily Carr University of Art + Design What is Sacred: Revitalizing Coast Salish Art $17,500
White, Natasha University of Toronto Soul Sickness: Illness and Sentiment in 19th Century Russian Serf Memoirs $17,500
Wiebe, Mackenzie University of Guelph Foul Reveries: De-composing the Fractured Poetry of Disability and Queerness $17,500
Wildish, Sarah K. Ontario Tech University Enabling Factors of Recreational Trail Usage for People With Physical Disabilities who use Wheelchairs $17,500
Wilke, Nicole The University of British Columbia Rethinking Spaces of Education $17,500
Williamson, Emma V.C. University of Calgary Boring Gay People: Sanitization, Own-Voices Narratives and the Visual Novel $17,500
Williamson, Jennifer University of Calgary Understanding the Mental Health Experiences of Autistic Students in Higher Education $17,500
Williams, Tessa Simon Fraser University Cycling "Everywhere-to-Everywhere" in Mid-Sized Canadian Cities: Comparing change in cycling frequency, perceived safety and accessibility after infrastructure investments in Victoria, Kelowna and Halifax $17,500
Wilson, Angus G. Dalhousie University Virgil's Aeneid: The Politics of Ancient Poetics $17,500
Wilson, Brooklyn K.M. Lakehead University Queerness as a Gift from God: The United Church of Canada's Religious Leaders' Opposition to Conversion Therapy $17,500
Wilson, Grace E.T. Laurentian University The Strategic Architecture of Isolation: Balancing Dementia Well-Being and Infection Control through Design $17,500
Wilson, Stephanie P. University of Waterloo Interspecies Citizenship: A Reevaluation of Being $17,500
Wishloff, Sarah E. McGill University When Violence Enters the Clinic: An Ethnography of the Homeless Mentally Ill in New York City $17,500
Witwicki, Kirstin R.L. The University of Winnipeg Fighting Fire with Fire: Amplifying the Voices of Indigenous Fire Affected Communities across Western Canada $17,500
Wobeser, Alan G. University of Saskatchewan Migration Patterns and Social Worlds of Vietnam War Resisters in Canada $17,500
Wojciechowska, Victoria M. McMaster University Slavic Mythology and Queer Futurities in Game Space $17,500
Wolfries-Thomas, Diontay University of Toronto Classics in the Civil Rights Movement $17,500
Woodbury, Lilly I. University of Victoria Advancing Collaborative Environmental Governance in British Columbia Through a Blue Carbon Protection Strategy $17,500
Woodland, Candace A.J. University of Victoria Questioning a Non-Binary Identity: An Exploration of Trans Non-Binary Identity Development $17,500
Woodward, Ayana McGill University The overrepresentation of Black families in Canadian child welfare services $17,500
Wozencroft, Melanie R. The University of British Columbia Allied Activism: Restoring Traditional Food Sovereignty Through Multilateral, Indigenous-led Salmon Reintroduction along the Columbia River $17,500
Wright, Celine The University of British Columbia Art as a Boundary Tool: Breaking Down Barriers for Sustainable Landscapes $17,500
Wright, Jeremy J. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) Emotional Context, Ideology, and the Moderating Role of Knowledge in Scientific Beliefs $17,500
Wronski, Michelle E. University of Ottawa Hate Speech Targeting Public Health Officials on Twitter $17,500
Wu, Jason University of Toronto Active Preservation of Taishanese Diaolou through Re-inhabitation $17,500
Wu, Ruo Qing The University of British Columbia Leveraging Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Transformation of Vancouver's Chinatown $17,500
Xavier, Julia-Maria University of Toronto The Paradox of Too Much Equality: Women's Response to Sexism within the Soviet Union During the 1970s $17,500
Yaceyko, Taryn L. University of Alberta Speakers' Perceptions of AAC Materials Developed for Denesuline: Determining Appropriateness of a Core Board through Focus Group Interviews $17,500
Yagubi, Mojde University of Ottawa Linguistic and Cultural Barriers in Health Communication: A Qualitative Analysis of Cultural Schemas practised by Middle Eastern Muslim Patients residing in Ontario, Canada $17,500
Yahya, Hijaab Carleton University Navigating (In)Access to Healthcare in COVID-19: The Case of Undocumented Afghan Refugees in Northern Pakistan $17,500
Yearwood, Jane E. University of Toronto Urban Peri-Capitalist Commons and Subjectivity Formation: A Case Study of Cooperatives and Community Gardens in the City of Toronto $17,500
Yilma, Ruth University of Toronto Gossip as a mechanism of stereotype formation and maintenance $17,500
Yoon-Potkins, Qwisun M. The University of British Columbia Reimagining Sexual Health Education: Centering Youths' Perspectives $17,500
Young, Jessica L. University of Calgary How should trauma-informed care be taught to medical learners? Exploring the perspectives of physicians across Canada who practice trauma-informed care $17,500
Youtzy, Rashana A. University of Victoria Analyzing Alienation: Examining Isabella d'Este's Collection of Black Subjects $17,500
Yuan, Linlanxin McGill University Thriving Against the Odds: The Rise of Alternative Clubs in Chengdu, China $17,500
Yu, Anton University of Toronto The 15-Minute City: Short-Distance Accessibility to Nonwork Destinations in Toronto, Canada $17,500
Yulmuk-Bray, Ketzali Université du Québec à Montréal Faire récit avec les bêtes : l'animalité à la croisée des disciplines dans Autobiographie d'un poulpe de Vinciane Despret $17,500
Yung, Allison T. University of Toronto Collaborative Potential of Community Land Trusts and Housing Cooperatives in Toronto $17,500
Yusuf, Mohamed A. Queen's University Protective and Risk Factors affecting black students' enrolment into Graduate studies $17,500
Yu, Xia Ying Queen's University Mary Wollstonecraft and Feminist Discourses on Race during the Age of Enlightenment $17,500
Yu, Yinan McGill University Astronaut Households: The Lived Experience of Pseudo-Single Chinese Immigrant Mothers with Childcare in Canada $17,500
Zabian, Samira University of Calgary Early Life Stressors in Children and Adolescents: Contributions to Well-being $17,500
Zaheer, Fathima B. University of Waterloo Biocultural Community Protocols: A tool for advancing Indigenous-led environmental stewardship $17,500
Zamfir, Ioana A. University of Toronto LGBTQ+ Body Politics and Historical Trauma in Life Stories of Queer People of the Former Eastern Bloc $17,500
Zareashkezari, Manzarsadat University of Ottawa Coping at the intersection of racism, sexism, and Islamophobia: The case of Muslim women in Canada $17,500
Zarir, Amélie Université Laval Un retour à l'agriculture vivrière dans une perspective agroécologique et de lutte aux changements climatiques : le cas du projet PROTEGE en Polynésie française $17,500
Zarrillo, Maria A. Royal Roads University Building equitable practices in arts non-profits $17,500
Zehr, Laura University of Guelph Guiding Collaborative Management: Testing a Framework for Resolution of Complex One Health Issues $17,500
Zemp, Nathan J.B. Simon Fraser University Quantifying the Effect of Single-Family Zoning on Housing Prices in Metro Vancouver, B.C. $17,500
Zhang, Yang Bo Queen's University The Spirits I am Carrying: The Braided Resilience Framework in Two-Spirit Individuals $17,500
Ziakin-Cook, Jessica G. University of Victoria The Fool Eaten By God: Cecil Collins, Simone Weil, and the Art of Christian Contemplation $17,500
Zinman, Julia University of Calgary Social behaviour; sociability; social dysfunction; preschool children; early life stress; gut microbiota; cortisol reactivity $17,500
Zitars, Jillian H. Lakehead University Matching Mobile Crisis Models to Communities: Examples from Northern Ontario $17,500
Zukiwsky, Rachel D. University of Alberta Emotional Recognition and Prosocial Behaviours in Children with Siblings with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
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