Award Recipients for Canada Graduate Scholarships to Honour Nelson Mandela: 2021 Competition

Applicant Administering Organization Title Amount Awarded
Banville, Marie-Sophie University of Victoria Treaties Here, With the Earth: Grounded Pathways Toward Reconciliation(s) $105,000
Desai, Arshad University of Toronto Freedom Fighters: Black Canadians and Southern African Liberation from 1970 to 1993 $105,000
Hu, John Simon Fraser University Narratives as Knowledge Mobilization Tools for Low-income Youth's Health and Environmental Literacy $105,000
Marois, Sophie University of Toronto Commemorative Politics: Examining the Memory of Quebec City's Mosque Shooting $105,000
O'Rourke, Roxy H. University of Toronto Body-related shame, guilt, and pride experiences of youths with physical disabilities in sport $105,000
Pierce, Kathryn N. York University Engaging Students with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties in Self-Regulation Skills Development through Martial Arts: A Pilot Project $105,000
Rivest-Beauregard, Alexandra Université de Sherbrooke La considération des représentations familiales de l'enfant par le droit de la jeunesse : perspectives françaises et québécoises présentées à l'aune de la théorie des droits de l'enfant $105,000
Tomasiello, Melina McGill University Childhood externalizing difficulties, sleep, community mental health and school service use $105,000
Baillargeon, Jeff University of Toronto Rhetoric & Empire: Indigenous Policy & Canadian State Formation in the Pre-Confederation Era $105,000
Zhu, Jenney University of Calgary Maternal adverse childhood experiences and child socio-emotional and cognitive outcomes $105,000
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