Award Recipients for Insight Development Grants: February 2020 Competition

Applicant Hossain, Ashrafee Memorial University of Newfoundland
Co-applicant Kryzanowski, Lawrence Concordia University
Title Corporate diversity and role of political corruption
Funding $30,220
Applicant Ricciardelli, Rosemary Memorial University of Newfoundland
Co-applicant Eriksson, Anna Monash University
Moran, Dominique University of Birmingham
Turner, Jennifer University of Liverpool
Title Correctional staff in Canada: Understanding the armed forces to civilian transition within three prison spaces in Canadian provinces
Funding $57,910
Applicant Cote, Isabelle Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Bittner, Amanda Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association
Matthews, John Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title "My roots, my rights": Opposition to internal migration in multinational states
Funding $74,511
Applicant Abadie, Karine Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Lucien Wahl ou l'avenir de la critique cinématographique en France
Funding $45,551
Applicant Stokes, Allyson Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title From Worst Kept Secrets to Me Too: A Study of Sexual Harassment in Creative Industries
Funding $59,508
Applicant Totten, Kelley Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title Craft Knowledge and Folk Schools, Examining Craft Education through Danish-modeled Initiatives in North America
Funding $49,524
Applicant Gordon, Sarah Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Andre, Leeroy No Primary Affiliation
Title Ts'eneye he edenets'eridí, growing and becoming yourself: A study of the Déline Got'ine Creation Story
Funding $70,616
Applicant Carvalho, Sergio Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Silvestre, Bruno University of Manitoba
Title Linking Charitable Giving to Investing in Social Ventures
Funding $50,754
Applicant Eramian, Laura Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Mallory, Peter St. Francis Xavier University
Collaborator Gambold, Liesl Dalhousie University
Title Friendship across public and private life: changing personal communities in the modern world
Funding $46,459
Applicant Lazare, Jodi Dalhousie University
Title Prohibited Advocacy: Farm Trespass Laws, Civil Disobedience, and the Constitution
Funding $43,804
Applicant Iftene, Adelina Dalhousie University
Collaborator Dieleman, Crystal Dalhousie University
Title Understanding the role of defendants' individual characteristics in the sentencing of older adults in Nova Scotia
Funding $66,752
Applicant Bejan, Raluca Dalhousie University
Title Following the refugee relocation scheme: Ideological interpretations of EU inter-state responsibility
Funding $42,951
Applicant Sarson, Leah Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Greaves, Wilfrid University of Victoria
Title Indigenous Global Politics and Natural Resource Extraction in the Far North: Who Decides?
Funding $66,274
Applicant Mannathukkaren, Nissim Dalhousie University
Title Post-truth and Hindu Nationalism in India
Funding $50,430
Applicant Ue, Tom Dalhousie University
Title Recovering George Gissing's Born in Exile (1892)
Funding $37,531
Applicant Burm, Sarah Dalhousie University
Co-applicant MacLeod, Anna Dalhousie University
Pack, Rachael Western University
Collaborator Rideout, Andrea Dalhousie University
Watson-Creed, Gaynor Dalhousie University
Title Who deserves admission to medical school? A case study exploring the complex realities of medical student selection
Funding $62,220
Applicant Sheehan, Lorn Dalhousie University
Co-applicant Klein, Georgia Dalhousie University
Lin, Shannon Dalhousie University
Medeiros, Andrew Dalhousie University
Collaborator Smith, Ariel No Primary Affiliation
Title Towards a Coastal Adaptation and Vulnerability Assessment Model for Tourism in Small Coastal Communities
Funding $58,393
Applicant Leroux, Darryl Saint Mary's University
Co-applicant Coburn, Veldon University of Ottawa
Meness, Jennifer York University
Title The Algonquins of Ontario: A Case Study in Modern-Day Land Claims
Funding $68,900
Applicant Malton, Sara Saint Mary's University
Title Wondrous Hunger: Salvation, Starvation and the Nineteenth-Century "Fasting Girl"
Funding $20,936
Applicant Hlaing, Khin Saint Mary's University
Co-applicant Boland, Matthew Saint Mary's University
Title The Effect of Taxes on Executive Compensation Structure: Evidence from the Canadian Tax Policy Change known as the "Halloween Massacre" of 2006
Funding $31,482
Applicant Vu, Tiffany Saint Mary's University
Co-applicant Mesler, Rhiannon University of Lethbridge
White, Katherine The University of British Columbia
Title Transitioning to Good: When is Striving to be an Ethical Business as Good as Being One?
Funding $54,917
Applicant Summerfield, Fraser St. Francis Xavier University
Co-applicant Inwood, Kris University of Guelph
Minns, Chris London School of Economics and Political Science
Title Intergenerational Mobility in Canada: Historical patterns and the role of education
Funding $42,204
Applicant Torrie, Julia St. Thomas University
Title Frozen Food and the Pursuit of Empire
Funding $45,465
Applicant Iancu, Penelopia Université de Moncton
Co-applicant Bourassa, Chantal Université de Moncton
Lanteigne, Isabel Université de Moncton
Richard, Jacques Université de Moncton
Rivest, Marie-Pier Université de Moncton
Title Comprendre les perceptions des parents quant aux transformations complexes ayant lieu dans des familles où un enfant vit avec des problèmes de santé mentale : une étude narrative exploratoire
Funding $65,845
Applicant Li, Wan University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Wang, Liang University of San Francisco
Collaborator Hu, Qinmin Ryerson University
Title Exploring Meta-organization and Collective Action for Sustainable Development
Funding $51,958
Applicant Scott, Amy University of New Brunswick
Co-applicant Betsinger, Tracy State University of New York College at Oneonta
Grimes, Vaughan Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title From Womb to Tomb: An Bioarchaeological Exploration of Childhood Health in 18th and 19th century Halifax, Canada
Funding $69,911
Applicant Hunt-Kennedy, Stefanie University of New Brunswick
Title The Slave Law Project
Funding $50,000
Applicant Perunovic, Wei Qi University of New Brunswick
Title How do people present themselves online to attract potential romantic partners? Cultural differences in online dating profile content
Funding $28,272
Applicant Sawchuk, Kimberly Concordia University
Title Escape from Elder Abuse: escape rooms and social impact games
Funding $71,920
Applicant McDonough, Kim Concordia University
Co-applicant Sato, Masatoshi Universidad Andres Bello
Title Expectancy violations in diverse English contexts: Exploring the role of intergroup contact
Funding $65,672
Applicant Lesnikowski, Alexandra Concordia University
Title Housing tenure and climate change adaptation in Canada
Funding $73,164
Applicant Hammond, Cynthia Concordia University
Co-applicant Sotelo Castro, Luis Concordia University
Tureli, Ipek McGill University
Title The Spaces of Restorative and Transitional Justice: Architecture, Oral History, and Design
Funding $71,795
Applicant Daoust-Boisvert, Amelie Concordia University
Collaborator Audet, René Université du Québec à Montréal
Lariviere, Vincent Université de Montréal
Noël, André No Primary Affiliation
Title Du réchauffement à l'urgence: les médias canadiens et la couverture des enjeux climatiques
Funding $71,143
Applicant Shevchenko, Anton Concordia University
Co-applicant Hajmohammad, Sara University of Ottawa
Title Operations of high-performing charities: A mixed-method research project
Funding $59,376
Applicant Lefter, Alexandru Concordia University
Co-applicant Hecht, Tracy Concordia University
Collaborator McCall, Brian University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Title New insights into the gender pay gap: Effects of family demands and job search on post-unemployment wages
Funding $53,351
Applicant Yeager, Stephen Concordia University
Title The Global Far North 500-1500 CE
Funding $69,553
Applicant Salas, Aphrodite Concordia University
Collaborator Atagotaaluk, Eric No Primary Affiliation
Burnouf, Jordyn No Primary Affiliation
Clifford, Hannah No Primary Affiliation
Henderson, Chris No Primary Affiliation
Humchitt, Leona No Primary Affiliation
Kahane, Jed No Primary Affiliation
Title Documenting Indigenous Clean Energy Initiatives Through Mobile Journalism: Employing Conciliatory Innovative Practices
Funding $74,091
Applicant McIntosh, Aaron Concordia University
Title Hot House / Maison Chaud
Funding $59,986
Applicant Frank, Marcie Concordia University
Co-applicant Pask, Albert Concordia University
Schantz, Ned McGill University
Title Situation: A Cross-Media Narrative Concept
Funding $48,627
Applicant Corrigan, Julie Concordia University
Co-applicant Slomp, David University of Lethbridge
Title Exploring Complex Writing Skills in the Digital Economy: A Novice-Expert Study
Funding $63,746
Applicant Kim, Heejeong Concordia University
Title Sources of rising student debt: rising tuition, wage inequality and delinquency rates
Funding $51,105
Applicant Trofimovich, Pavel Concordia University
Co-applicant O'Brien, Mary University of Calgary
Title Exploring and mitigating attitudinal bias towards immigrants in Quebec and Alberta
Funding $72,924
Applicant Jarry, Alice Concordia University
Co-applicant Bianchini, Samuel Académie de Paris
Boucher, Marie-Pier University of Toronto
Collaborator Fantini van Ditmar, Delfina Royal College of Art
Mosse, Aurélie École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs
Pais, Filipe ENSAD
Smitheram, Miranda Concordia University
Title Membranes en action : création multidisciplinaire d'interfaces durables entre collectivités, milieux écologiques et environnement bâti
Funding $74,706
Applicant Lahmiri, Salim Concordia University
Co-applicant Farhadloo, Mohsen Concordia University
Title Combining Signal Processing and Deep Learning for Bankruptcy Prediction
Funding $52,718
Applicant Dyer, Kester Dawson College
Title Otherworldly Incursions: The Supernatural in Québec Cinema
Funding $51,056
Applicant Touati, Nassera École nationale d'administration publique
Co-applicant Divay, Gérard École nationale d'administration publique
Prémont, Marie-Claude École nationale d'administration publique
Talbot, David École nationale d'administration publique
Tremblay-Racicot, Fanny École nationale d'administration publique
Title Relever le défi de la mobilité durable : l'importance des processus de gouvernance multi-niveaux pour la cohérence de l'action collective
Funding $64,851
Applicant Talbot, David École nationale d'administration publique
Co-applicant Boiral, Olivier Université Laval
Ordonez Ponce, Eduardo Athabasca University
Weber, Olaf University of Waterloo
Title L'efficacité des mécanismes de suivi des performances des politiques climatiques : analyse des enjeux des pratiques de divulgation
Funding $67,421
Applicant d'Astous, Philippe HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Boyer, Martin HEC Montréal
Scholnick, Barry University of Alberta
Title Peer Effects and Program Take-Up: Evidence from employer-employee linked administrative data
Funding $61,700
Applicant Candian, Giacomo HEC Montréal
Title Expectation Formation, Excess Currency Returns, and Foreign Exchange Interventions
Funding $72,200
Applicant Grégoire, Vincent HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Martineau, Charles University of Toronto
Collaborator Poulos, Zisis Paraskevas University of Toronto
Title The hardening of soft information in financial markets
Funding $59,574
Applicant Agogué, Marine HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Robinson, Melanie HEC Montréal
Title Innover pour enseigner le management : cadres théoriques, mise en oeuvre et mesure d'impact
Funding $31,000
Applicant Grange, Camille HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Pinsonneault, Alain McGill University
Title In algorithms we trust? Exploring the roles of disclosure and explanations on the societal acceptance of highly automated decision-making systems (ADMS)
Funding $59,114
Applicant Tezer, Ali HEC Montréal
Title Why Do Green Products Suffer from Low Consumer Preference? An Explanation Based on Ease of Benefit Visualization and Price Fairness Perceptions
Funding $46,186
Applicant C. Dantas, Danilo HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Parmentier, Marie-Agnès HEC Montréal
Tezer, Ali HEC Montréal
Collaborator Ladeira, Wagner Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Title Understanding Attitudes toward Artists with a Physical Disability
Funding $48,800
Applicant Di Vito, Jacqueline HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Trottier, Kim Simon Fraser University
Title Towards an Intelligent Corporate Governance Quality Index
Funding $50,250
Applicant Sokolovski, Valeri HEC Montréal
Co-applicant Dahlquist, Magnus Stockholm School of Economics
Title Options-based hedge fund strategy replication
Funding $67,000
Applicant Vultur, Mircea Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Co-applicant Viviers, Simon Université Laval
Collaborator Vendramin, Patricia Catholic University of Louvain
Title Les jeunes dans l'économie des plateformes numériques : profil des travailleurs, conditions d'emploi et rapport au travail
Funding $55,000
Applicant Amodio, Francesco McGill University
Collaborator Chiovelli, Giorgio Universidad de Montevideo
Frache, Serafin Universidad de Montevideo
Title Evaluating Export Benefits Along the Value Chain
Funding $67,094
Applicant Muis, Krista McGill University
Co-applicant Dubé, Adam McGill University
Title Fostering Digital Literacy in a Post-Truth Era: A Mixed-Methods Investigation and Pilot Intervention
Funding $74,732
Applicant Lasio, Laura McGill University
Co-applicant Grigolon, Laura McMaster University
Collaborator Evans, William McMaster University
Title The health and economic consequences of clinical practice variation: evidence from cancer care
Funding $67,210
Applicant Khern-am-nuai, Warut McGill University
Co-applicant So, Hyunji McGill University
Collaborator Yang, Nathan McGill University
Title The Economic Implications of AI Implementations on Online Platforms
Funding $33,212
Applicant Li-Jessen, Nicole Yee-Key McGill University
Collaborator Blanchette, Lisa Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Radio and Television Artists
Henderson, Allen Georgia Southern University
Title An Integrated Empirical and Computational Study of Social Stigma against Vocal Illness
Funding $53,000
Applicant Chemin, Matthieu McGill University
Collaborator Mitambo, Joackim No Primary Affiliation
Title The Causal Effect of Electricity and Aquaponics on Economic Development: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments in Kenya
Funding $74,638
Applicant Leary, Stephanie McGill University
Title Beyond the Hashtags: the Ethics of Belief in the #MeToo Era
Funding $40,849
Applicant Meng, Xiangfei McGill University
Co-applicant D'Arcy, Kenneth Carl University of Saskatchewan
Title Pan-Canadian comparison of life satisfaction from 2009 to 2018: How is social support linked to life satisfaction and self-perceived health over time?
Funding $40,662
Applicant Han, Da Hee McGill University
Title The Effect of Life Transitions on Consumer Preference
Funding $51,709
Applicant Nicholson, Michael McGill University
Collaborator Banerjee, Sandeep McGill University
Chipello, Christopher McGill University
Hague-Yearl, Mary McGill University
MacLaren, Eli McGill University
So, Richard McGill University
Williams, Lauren McGill University
Title Living Calendars: Romanticism and Organic Time
Funding $45,000
Applicant Friesen, Phoebe McGill University
Collaborator Neufeld, Scott Simon Fraser University
Title Community Involvement in Research Ethics Oversight: Mapping Demands, Justifications, and Strategies
Funding $58,885
Applicant Gurbuzel, Sumeyra McGill University
Title Medical Knowledge and Social Power: Sufism and the Making of Ottoman Medical Knowledge (1500-1800)
Funding $46,140
Applicant Haruvy, Ernan McGill University
Title Price Discrimination and Bargaining in B2B: Empirical Evidence From Tech Manufacturing
Funding $55,337
Applicant Qi, Wei McGill University
Co-applicant Lu, Michelle McGill University
Collaborator Kim, Minkyung University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title Tackling Inequality in Urban On-demand Bikeshare Services
Funding $46,060
Applicant Schwarz, Kaylan McGill University
Co-applicant Mitchell, Claudia McGill University
Title Constructing Feminist Identities Through Participatory Visual Methodologies
Funding $55,565
Applicant Ceia, Vanessa McGill University
Title Mapping the Movida: Redefining the Cultural Legacy of Post-Authoritarian Spain, 1976-2019
Funding $59,125
Applicant Cohen, Maxime McGill University
Title Using Data Science and Behavioral Analytics to Alleviate Traffic Congestion
Funding $67,152
Applicant Kochanski, Adam McGill University
Title Cultural Adaptation and Local Resistance to International Norms
Funding $38,481
Applicant Otto, Ross McGill University
Collaborator Heller, Aaron University of Miami
Title Using psychophysiology and computational models to understand emotional responses to the outcomes of our choices
Funding $38,588
Applicant Sieber, Renee McGill University
Co-applicant Brandusescu, Ana McGill University
Collaborator Ahmed, Nasma No Primary Affiliation
Bush, Drew McGill University
davidson, robert No Primary Affiliation
Johnson, Peter University of Waterloo
Luccioni, Alexandra Université de Montréal
Mattern, Shannon New School University
Robinson, Pamela Ryerson University
Ruths, Derek McGill University
Sangiambut, Suthee No Primary Affiliation
Spieler, Michèle No Primary Affiliation
Wylie, Bianca No Primary Affiliation
Title AI for the Rest of Us
Funding $74,563
Applicant Latimer, Eric McGill University
Co-applicant Mann-Feder, Varda Concordia University
Nichols, Naomi McGill University
Roy, Laurence McGill University
Stich, Christine McGill University
Collaborator Fast, Elizabeth Concordia University
Title Co-construction of an innovative homelessness prevention intervention for youth leaving care
Funding $67,930
Applicant Harley, Jason McGill University
Co-applicant Feldman, Liane McGill University
Collaborator Fried, Gerald McGill University
Hall, Nathan McGill University
Title Defining and Combatting Harassment in Health Sciences Education
Funding $57,820
Applicant Ballinger, Susan McGill University
Co-applicant Cammarata, Laurent University of Alberta
Collaborator Bourassa, France No Primary Affiliation
Haj-Broussard, Michelle University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Tedick, Diane University of Minnesota
Title How do you transform one student into two teachers? A comparative study of immersion teacher education programs and their impact on teachers' awareness of content and language instruction
Funding $52,441
Applicant Williams, Shanna McGill University
Co-applicant Bruer, Kaila University of Regina
Evans, Angela Brock University
Title When do children become tattle tales?: Moral evaluations and tattling behaviours
Funding $68,946
Applicant Patitsas, Elizabeth McGill University
Title Want Ethical Technologists? Start With Their Educators
Funding $69,976
Applicant McMahan, Peter McGill University
Title Uncovering social influence online: power, propaganda, and hierarchy from natural language
Funding $62,139
Applicant Ferrari, Manuela McGill University
Co-applicant Iyer, Srividya McGill University
Mitchell, Claudia McGill University
Shah, Jai Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Collaborator Kershaw, Rob No Primary Affiliation
Title Learning to care: Exploring empathy and compassion using digital narratives
Funding $75,000
Applicant Soehl, Thomas McGill University
Co-applicant Erlich, Aaron McGill University
Title Nigerians Abroad and at Home: Politics and National Identity in a Global Diaspora
Funding $70,413
Applicant Hunt, Matthew McGill University
Co-applicant Eckenwiler, Lisa George Mason University
Hyppolite, Shelley-Rose Université Laval
Pringle, John McGill University
Schwartz, Lisa McMaster University
Collaborator Luneta, Mayfourth No Primary Affiliation
Title A qualitative inquiry into the ethics of closing humanitarian projects in the Philippines, focusing on moral experiences of community stakeholders
Funding $63,775
Applicant Leclerc, Catherine McGill University
Collaborator Miller, Michael David McGill University
Title La traduction inclusive, entre normativité et ouverture : un travail sur des formes non encore fixées
Funding $44,966
Applicant Bourgeois-Guérin, Élise TÉLUQ
Co-applicant Hassan, Ghayda Université du Québec à Montréal
Rousseau, Cécile McGill University
Venkatesh, Vivek Concordia University
Collaborator Beauregard, Caroline Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Crocker, Anne Université de Montréal
Title Côte à côte: le mentorat comme voie d'intervention en contexte de polarisations sociales?
Funding $72,857
Applicant Hébert, Marie-Hélène TÉLUQ
Co-applicant Boudreau, Monica Université du Québec à Rimouski
Frenette, Eric Université Laval
Richard, Mario TÉLUQ
bissonnette, steve Université TELUQ
Title Portrait des pratiques d'évaluation formative les plus efficaces pour soutenir le développement global des enfants à l'éducation préscolaire
Funding $28,665
Applicant Dupuis, Mathieu TÉLUQ
Collaborator Charbonneau, Marie-France No Primary Affiliation
Murray, Gregor Université de Montréal
Rutherford, Tod Syracuse University
Sweeney, Brendan No Primary Affiliation
Yates, Charlotte University of Guelph
Title La révolution numérique et l'organisation du travail: Une étude des transformations technologiques dans le secteur manufacturier canadien et de ses impacts sur l'emploi
Funding $65,182
Applicant Affes, Houda TÉLUQ
Co-applicant Ben Amar, Walid University of Ottawa
Francoeur, Claude HEC Montréal
Title Trouver réponse à un défi planétaire : gouvernance d'entreprise, motivations et pressions pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre
Funding $48,264
Applicant Blanchet Garneau, Amélie Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Bélisle, Marilou Université de Sherbrooke
Lavoie, Patrick Université de Montréal
Collaborator Nepton, Céline Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Parent-Bergeron, Michèle Laurentian University
Petiquay-Dufresne, Jennifer Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l'énergie
Villeneuve, Eric No Primary Affiliation
Wallace, Isabelle No Primary Affiliation
Ward, Cheryl No Primary Affiliation
Title Appropriation et déploiement d'une approche pédagogique antiraciste chez des formateurs en sciences de la santé
Funding $66,445
Applicant Goldman, Jonathan Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Bhagwati, Sandeep Concordia University
de Médicis, François Université de Montréal
fernando, nathalie Université de Montréal
Collaborator Evangelista, José Université de Montréal
Title Towards a Transcultural History and Theory of Heterophony
Funding $69,236
Applicant Ferlatte, Olivier Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Flores-Aranda, Jorge Université du Québec à Montréal
Frohlich, Katherine Université de Montréal
Gariépy, Geneviève Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal
Collaborator Morgan, Jeffrey No Primary Affiliation
Title Understanding stigma, minority stress and resilience among sexual and gender minority young adults attending college or university in Québec
Funding $64,928
Applicant Alvarez Hernandez, Analays Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Gu, Yi University of Toronto
Silina, Maria Université du Québec à Montréal
Title "Domestic art galleries" in Cuba, Russia, and China after 1989: a(n) (imagined) trans-socialist network
Funding $60,636
Applicant Blain, Marie-Jeanne Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Caron, Roxane Université de Montréal
Parent, André-Anne Université de Montréal
Rodriguez del Barrio, Lourdes Université de Montréal
Collaborator Bouchard, Émilie No Primary Affiliation
Brossard, Louise No Primary Affiliation
Hot, Aurélie No Primary Affiliation
Khanafer, Hicham No Primary Affiliation
Title Quel futur professionnel pour les jeunes adultes récemment immigré(e)s à Montréal? Identité, projets professionnels et expériences d'accès aux services
Funding $74,998
Applicant Darchinian, Fahimeh Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Magnan-Mac Kay, Marie-Odile Université de Montréal
Title Frontières vécues dans les institutions éducatives québécoises. Discours des cégépiennes musulmanes issues de l'immigration à Montréal
Funding $71,555
Applicant Daspe, Marie-Eve Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title Fighting over text: The role of digital technologies in couple conflicts
Funding $63,722
Applicant Dizdar, Deniz Université de Montréal
Title Investment incentives in matching markets: on the foundations of competitive models
Funding $31,768
Applicant Martel, Marie Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Dufour, Christine Université de Montréal
Lacelle, Nathalie Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Engagement des bibliothèques publiques et scolaires en faveur du développement des compétences en littératie pour les élèves du troisième cycle du primaire et du secondaire : portrait et stratégie de transfert
Funding $66,635
Applicant Ribot, Isabelle Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Gates St-Pierre, Christian Université de Montréal
Milot, Emmanuel Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaborator Bherer, Claude McGill University
Hussin, Julie Université de Montréal
Loewen, Brad Université de Montréal
Racimo, Fernando University of Copenhagen
Title Exploring ancestry in Montréal's Notre-Dame Cemetery (1691-1797), using 3D morphometrics and ancient DNA
Funding $73,107
Applicant Quirouette, Marianne Université de Montréal
Collaborator Sylvestre, Marie-Eve University of Ottawa
Title Defence Lawyers and the Relevance of Social Problems in Lower Criminal Courts: A Comparative Analysis
Funding $52,308
Applicant Deslandres, Dominique Université de Montréal
Title Femmes et pouvoirs dans le bailliage de Montréal (1644-1693)
Funding $44,935
Applicant Vives, Luna Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Lois, Maria Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Title The impact of restrictive border policies on unaccompanied migrant children in North America and Europe
Funding $72,270
Applicant Boutard, Guillaume Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Guastavino, Catherine McGill University
Collaborator Bernier, Nicolas Université de Montréal
Cluett, Seth Columbia University
McConchie, Jack Tate Gallery
Philippe-Aubert, Gauthier Université du Québec à Montréal
Silva Ramos Marinho Falcao, Patricia Tate Gallery
Woszczyk, Wieslaw McGill University
Title Sound Art Documentation : Spatial Audio and Significant Knowledge
Funding $62,826
Applicant Bastien, Frédérick Université de Montréal
Title La médiatisation de l'opinion publique au Canada
Funding $54,834
Applicant Lewis, Joshua Université de Montréal
Co-applicant Godefroy, Raphael Université de Montréal
Title The Role of the State for Long-run Economic Development in Europe
Funding $69,795
Applicant Chaloux, Annie Université de Sherbrooke
Title Gouvernance climatique mondiale, paradiplomatie et mise en oeuvre de l'Accord de Paris : le Québec et la Californie comparés
Funding $69,007
Applicant Smith, Jonathan Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Guimond, Fanny-Alexandra University of Ottawa
Larose, François Université de Sherbrooke
Nadon, Catherine Université du Québec en Outaouais
St-Amand, Jerome Université du Québec en Outaouais
Title Effets de projets à volet artistique sur la motivation scolaire et l'adaptation sociale d'élèves en sixième année du primaire
Funding $42,569
Applicant Lane, Julie Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Dagenais, Christian Université de Montréal
Gervais, Mathieu-Joel Université du Québec à Montréal
Ouimet, Mathieu Université Laval
Samb, Oumar Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Ziam, Saliha TÉLUQ
Collaborator Arsenault, Caroline Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Chaudière-Appalaches
Fleury, France No Primary Affiliation
Jean, Emmanuelle Université du Québec à Rimouski
Mc Sween-Cadieux, Esther Université de Montréal
Title Évaluation d'implantation de la structure de gouvernance et de la stratégie intégrée de transfert des connaissances du Consortium InterS4
Funding $74,957
Applicant Pascuzzo, Katherine Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Cyr, Chantal Université du Québec à Montréal
Lanctôt, Nadine Université de Sherbrooke
Paquette, Geneviève Université de Sherbrooke
Title Les difficultés des femmes ayant reçu des services en protection de la jeunesse: Les impacts sur leurs capacités parentales et l'adaptation de leurs enfants
Funding $74,254
Applicant Garon-Carrier, Gabrielle Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Laurent, Angélique Université de Sherbrooke
Letarte, Marie-Josée Université de Sherbrooke
Morin, Marie-France Université de Sherbrooke
Collaborator Lemelin, Jean-Pascal Université de Sherbrooke
Title Contribution des habiletés parentales et des services d'aide à l'école au fonctionnement adaptatif des élèves à risque, selon le type de vulnérabilité et le sexe
Funding $70,762
Applicant Nazif-Munoz, Jose Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Ouimet, Marie Claude Université de Sherbrooke
Collaborator Blazquez, Carola Universidad Andres Bello
Cedeno Laurent, Jose Guillermo Harvard School of Public Health
Title The interaction of cannabis legislation models, ridesharing and traffic fatalities in Canada
Funding $65,523
Applicant Couture, Melanie Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Courcy, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Désormeaux-Moreau, Marjorie Université de Sherbrooke
Gilbert, Elsa Université du Québec à Rimouski
Jacques, Claudine Université du Québec en Outaouais
Normand, Claude Université du Québec en Outaouais
Poulin, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Collaborator Beauregard, France Université de Sherbrooke
Dachez, Julie inshea
Title Trajectoire de vie et parcours identitaires des femmes autistes
Funding $58,961
Applicant Villemagne, Carine Université de Sherbrooke
Co-applicant Sauvé, Lucie Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Enquête sur les initiatives citoyennes et éducatives participant à la transition écologique au Québec
Funding $68,228
Applicant Del Fa, Sophie Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Co-applicant Boivin, Geneviève Université de Sherbrooke
Title Organiser la résistance: une approche communicationnelle
Funding $66,984
Applicant Boislard-Pépin, Marie-Aude Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Lafortune, David Université du Québec à Montréal
Millette, Mélanie Université du Québec à Montréal
Mishara, Brian Université du Québec à Montréal
Philippe, Frederick Université du Québec à Montréal
Smith, Elizabeth Allyn Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Dargis, Luc Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Characteristics of individuals self-identifying as "Incels": A content analysis and typology of their relational and sexual representations, and hatred and suicidal thoughts expressed online
Funding $69,339
Applicant Brillon, Pascale Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Endeuillés par homicide : Rôle des facteurs socio-cognitifs et de l'expérience du procès sur le bien-être
Funding $47,073
Applicant Da Silva Guerreiro, Joao Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Vaillancourt-Morel, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaborator Dubé, Sophie No Primary Affiliation
Title Portrait de la clientèle féminine des Services correctionnels du Québec sous l'angle de la traite de personnes à des fins liées à l'exploitation sexuelle
Funding $72,944
Applicant Dejean, Frédéric Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Gagné, André Concordia University
Title Le protestantisme évangélique au Québec : un Christianisme en contexte d'ultramodernité
Funding $53,340
Applicant Foisy, Catherine Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Laniel, Jean-François Université Laval
Title Une cartographie transnationale du catholicisme social au Québec : L'Entraide missionnaire, le Réseau des Politisés chrétiens et la revue Relations (1967-1982)
Funding $37,516
Applicant Inksetter, Leila Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Traditions juridiques autochtones au Québec vues à travers les archives judiciaires. Examen du Fonds de la Cour du banc du roi/de la reine, 1870-1950
Funding $38,005
Applicant Brault Foisy, Lorie-Marlène Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Masson, Steve Université du Québec à Montréal
Potvin, Patrice Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Allaire-Duquette, Geneviève Tel Aviv University
Borst, Grégoire Université Paris Descartes (Paris V)
Duval, Stéphanie Université Laval
Title Analyse exploratoire croisée des effets de deux variables didactiques sur la mobilisation du contrôleur inhibiteur afin de résister à des conceptions intuitives en sciences
Funding $57,592
Applicant Diédhiou, Serigne Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Duong Thi, Dan Thanh Université du Québec à Montréal
Robichaud, Arianne Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Le transfert interculturel du savoir-évaluer : une analyse interactionniste de l'ajustement des pratiques d'évaluation des enseignants formés à l'étranger au Québec
Funding $49,157
Applicant Fortier, Véronique Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Beaulieu, Suzie Université Laval
Collaborator Filion, Nancy Centre Louis-Jolliet
Title Identification d'indicateurs de l'engagement dans la tâche pour rendre compte de l'apprentissage de la langue de la majorité par des personnes immigrantes adultes peu scolarisées ou peu alphabétisées
Funding $66,512
Applicant Tremblay-Wragg, Émilie Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Plante, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Raby, Carole Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator jammes, helene Université du Québec à Montréal
Messier, Geneviève Université du Québec à Montréal
Viola, Sylvie Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Identification de séquences types qui illustrent une combinaison de stratégies pédagogiques actives faisant appel au numérique : une étude pilote
Funding $54,686
Applicant Barsalou, Olivier Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Circulation, distribution et déplacement : le droit international et la gestion des déchets
Funding $51,627
Applicant Lecler, Romain Université du Québec à Montréal
Title La fabrique globale des futurs. Comment les industries se projettent dans l'avenir sur les mégafoires internationales
Funding $73,896
Applicant Blanchet, Mariève Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Chaubet, Philippe Université du Québec à Montréal
Gauvin-Lepage, Jérôme Université de Montréal
Collaborator St-Onge, Marc No Primary Affiliation
Tran, Tina No Primary Affiliation
Title Jouer autrement dans les camps de jour pour favoriser la participation sociale des enfants atteints de dyscalculie
Funding $72,987
Applicant Gousse-Lessard, Anne-Sophie Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Boivin, Maxime Institut national de santé publique
Vallerand, Robert J. Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Champagne St-Arnaud, Valériane Université Laval
Title Écoanxiété et engagement citoyen: Comment transformer la détresse en moteur d'action pour la planète
Funding $66,561
Applicant May, Paul Université du Québec à Montréal
Title La gestion de la diversité ethnique, culturelle et religieuse au niveau municipal: le cas de Montréal
Funding $52,482
Applicant Lux, Gulliver Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Outils de mesure de la performance et Émotions positives : natures, relations et facteurs explicatifs
Funding $44,399
Applicant Cunha Oliveira, Ney Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Nouveaux arrivants créateurs : les retombés du théâtre de marionnettes sur le développement des habiletés langagières et sociales d'élèves en classe d'accueil
Funding $38,856
Applicant Tello Rozas, Sonia Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Heck, Isabel Université du Québec à Montréal
Pozzebon, Marlei HEC Montréal
Title Innovations pour l'inclusion sociale : regards croisés Québec, Pérou et Brésil sous l'approche des technologies sociales
Funding $43,697
Applicant Duval, Dominic Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Couvertures médiatiques inégales : la politique, la presse, le genre et la race
Funding $56,008
Applicant Vial, Stéphane Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Filion-Mallette, Ronald Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Coutant, Alexandre Université du Québec à Montréal
Meurs, Marie-Jean Université du Québec à Montréal
Pontevia, Anne-Francoise No Primary Affiliation
Title Les stratégies de conception et de design des services de cybersanté mentale et leur effets sur l'adoption et l'efficacité de ces services
Funding $72,963
Applicant Boisvert, Stéfany Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Les mutations de la culture audiovisuelle et la création de productions "originales" francophones sur les nouveaux services de télévision par contournement au Canada
Funding $61,743
Applicant Alloing, Camille Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Affects numériques et travailleurs du clic (ANTiC)
Funding $40,503
Applicant Contandriopoulos, Christina Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Écrits de femmes, sensualisme et architecture en France 1760-1820
Funding $41,745
Applicant Chebbi, Hela Université du Québec à Montréal
Co-applicant Ben Selma, Majdi Université du Québec à Montréal
Bouzinab, Kamal Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Labouze, Alexie Université du Québec à Montréal
Leclerc, France No Primary Affiliation
Title Explorer le lien entre l'innovation et l'internationalisation des PME : Une approche par les micro fondations des capacités dynamiques
Funding $39,487
Applicant Simard, Magali Université du Québec à Rimouski
Collaborator Beaudry, Catherine École Polytechnique de Montréal
Dessureault, Yves No Primary Affiliation
Title Les enjeux de gouvernance des projets collaboratifs R&D des centres de transfert technologique de l'industrie 4.0
Funding $52,994
Applicant Gladu, Kim Université du Québec à Rimouski
Co-applicant Bernier, Marc André Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Côté, Sébastien Carleton University
Gohier, Maxime Université du Québec à Rimouski
Collaborator Piéjus, Anne Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Schuwey, Christophe Yale University
Title Écrire l'Amérique française dans le Mercure Galant : discours d'actualité et imaginaire colonial sous Louis XIV
Funding $73,425
Applicant Pelletier, Claudia Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Cloutier, Martin Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Perspective écosystémique de la transformation numérique : pour un meilleur accompagnement des PME
Funding $44,836
Applicant Baetu, Tudor Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title Extrapolations in the life sciences
Funding $52,760
Applicant Bernard Barbeau, Geneviève Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Vincent, Nadine Université de Sherbrooke
Title La parole experte dans l'espace public: entre opposition et conciliation
Funding $69,925
Applicant Bussières, Eve-Line Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Couture, Mélanie Université de Sherbrooke
Gilbert, Elsa Université du Québec à Rimouski
Soulières, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Vallerand, Robert J. Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Repenser les intérêts restreints des personnes autistes sous l'angle des passions.
Funding $72,926
Applicant Parent-Lamarche, Annick Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Dextras-Gauthier, Julie Université Laval
Title Vers un modèle de pratiques de gestion des ressources humaines favorisant le bien-être des travailleurs
Funding $62,814
Applicant Pichet, Isabelle Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Hammond, Cynthia Concordia University
Collaborator Kopecki, Branka Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Masse, Isabelle University of California, Los Angeles
Title Aux sources de la recherche-création: perspective historique / The Origins of Research-Creation in Historical Perspective
Funding $44,523
Applicant Prud'homme, Julien Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Flamand-Hubert, Maude Université Laval
Collaborator Nootens, Thierry Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Rousseau, Yvan Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title Cartographier les politiques de l'expertise professionnelle au Québec, 1868-2018. Régulation des métiers experts et hiérarchie sociale
Funding $50,000
Applicant Trépanier, Sarah-Geneviève Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Austin, Stéphanie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Fernet, Claude Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Collaborator Peterson, Clayton Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Title How to boost employee health? Exploring the interplay between job challenges, job hindrances and coping strategies
Funding $58,368
Applicant Woll, Nina Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Co-applicant Paquet, Pierre-Luc The University of Texas at Tyler
Title Promoting plurilingual practice in higher education: A crosslinguistic-communicative task sequence for learning and teaching additional languages
Funding $66,518
Applicant Labra, Oscar Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Co-applicant Angell, Gordon University of Windsor
Asselin, Hugo Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Déry, François Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Ependa, Augustin Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Maltais, Danielle Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Collaborator pénosway, ernest No Primary Affiliation
Title Facteurs facilitant l'accès aux services socio-sanitaires des hommes autochtones en région éloignée
Funding $75,000
Applicant Ayotte, Marie-Helene Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Co-applicant des Rivières-Pigeon, Catherine Université du Québec à Montréal
Poulin, Marie-Hélène Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Title Les enjeux de l'intervention policière auprès des personnes autistes et de leur famille
Funding $63,497
Applicant Dor, Simon Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Collaborator Bonenfant, Maude Université du Québec à Montréal
Gousse-Lessard, Anne-Sophie Université du Québec à Montréal
Monette, Gabriel Université de Montréal
Title Représenter le pouvoir autrement : figures alternatives dans les jeux de stratégie et de gestion
Funding $55,180
Applicant Pariseau-Legault, Pierre Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Bernheim, Emmanuelle Université du Québec à Montréal
Goulet, Marie-Hélène Université de Montréal
Holmes, Dave University of Ottawa
Jacob, Jean Daniel University of Ottawa
Ouellet, Guillaume Université du Québec à Montréal
Collaborator Labrecque-Lebeau, Lisandre Université du Québec en Outaouais
Title Survivre à la contrainte : Analyse situationnelle de la coercition en milieu psychiatrique à partir du point de vue des personnes concernées
Funding $73,130
Applicant Tandja Mbianda, Djerry Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Power, Gabriel Université Laval
Title The role of advisors in project, infrastructure and energy finance
Funding $48,000
Applicant Bérubé, Julie Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Gauthier, Jacques-Bernard Université du Québec en Outaouais
Venkatesh, Vivek Concordia University
Collaborator Coppet, Anykrystel No Primary Affiliation
Title Équité, diversité et inclusion dans les industries culturelles: quel est le rôle des organismes culturels?
Funding $62,920
Applicant Boucher, Marie-Pierre Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaborator Kruzynski, Anna Concordia University
Noiseux, Yanick Université de Montréal
Tremblay-Pepin, Simon Saint Paul University
Title Espaces de travail alternatif dans les NTIC et auto-exploitation: contributions critiques à l'expérimentation de formes de travail émancipateur
Funding $64,958
Applicant Nazon, Evy Université du Québec en Outaouais
Co-applicant Benoit, Monique Université du Québec en Outaouais
Perron, Amélie University of Ottawa
Rioux-Dubois, Annie Université du Québec en Outaouais
Title Analyse des impacts de la socialisation des infirmières pour comprendre l'invisibilité de leur rôle en milieu de soin
Funding $57,552
Applicant Barroca-Paccard, Marco Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaborator Gauthier, Mario Université du Québec en Outaouais
Luccioni, Alexandra Université de Montréal
Title Éducation aux risques d'inondations pour des élèves du secondaire québécois dans le contexte des changements climatiques
Funding $58,325
Applicant Duval, Stéphanie Université Laval
Co-applicant Bouchard, Caroline Université Laval
Matte-Gagné, Célia Université Laval
Collaborator Brault Foisy, Lorie-Marlène Université du Québec à Montréal
Title Validation d'une grille d'observation des fonctions exécutives chez les enfants âgés de trois à cinq ans en contextes éducatifs
Funding $72,791
Applicant Stan, Catinca Université Laval
Title Intégrer des oeuvres d'art dans l'enseignement de l'histoire: une méthode mixte d'analyse
Funding $51,858
Applicant Severino, Federico Université Laval
Co-applicant Cremona, Marzia Université Laval
Title Bubble detection in time series via functional motif discovery
Funding $60,550
Applicant Goussé, Marion Université Laval
Co-applicant Bissonnette, Luc Université Laval
Title Mismatch between workers' skills and labor market needs
Funding $58,928
Applicant Méhu, Didier Université Laval
Title Nouvelles approches en Archéogéographie : le territoire du monastère de l'Ile Barbe (Lyon), du XIVe au XVIIe siècle
Funding $42,878
Applicant Bédard, Mylène Université Laval
Title Écrire, lire, critiquer entre amies. Comment penser l'amitié féminine et ses effets sur les pratiques littéraires ?
Funding $37,826
Applicant Beaulieu, Julie Université Laval
Title Norman/Norma, de Psycho à Bates Motel. Sérialité et transmédialité
Funding $34,034
Applicant Martel Sauvageau, Vincent Université Laval
Co-applicant Monetta, Laura Université Laval
Title Do I sound happy or sad? Understanding emotional prosody and its deficits
Funding $26,147
Applicant Bodet, Marc-André Université Laval
Co-applicant Harell, Allison Université du Québec à Montréal
Stolle, Dietlind McGill University
Vachon, François Université Laval
Collaborator Bouchard, Joanie Western University
Title Accents as a factor of differentiation in an ethnically diverse society
Funding $70,205
Applicant Bélanger, Danièle Université Laval
Co-applicant Garnier, Adele Macquarie University
Geoffrion, Karine Université Laval
Collaborator Boucher, Claudine No Primary Affiliation
Simard-Gagnon, Laurence Université Laval
Title Guiding through the maze: The role of the local constituency office in the Canadian immigration services landscape
Funding $74,520
Applicant Euvrard, Elsa Université Laval
Collaborator Faubert, Camille Université de Montréal
Title La place de l'idéal de réinsertion dans les bureaux de probation
Funding $58,791
Applicant Desroches, Sophie Université Laval
Co-applicant Bégin, Catherine Université Laval
Bélanger-Gravel, Ariane Université Laval
Drapeau, Vicky Université Laval
Provencher, Véronique Université Laval
Title University students' use of social media when seeking lifestyle-related information
Funding $63,412
Applicant Guay, Frédéric Université Laval
Co-applicant Belleville, Geneviève Université Laval
Bureau, Julien Université Laval
voisin, julien Université Laval
Collaborator Gareau, Alexandre Université Laval
Title L'anxiété envers les mathématiques chez les étudiants universitaires: Le rôle de l'environnement d'apprentissage, des perceptions, de la mémoire de travail et des réponses neurophysiologiques
Funding $63,329
Applicant Flamand-Hubert, Maude Université Laval
Title Genèse de l'espace forestier privé au Québec
Funding $47,695
Applicant Dufresne, Yannick Université Laval
Collaborator Tremblay, Sébastien Université Laval
van der Linden, Clifton McMaster University
Title Données et démocratie
Funding $70,273
Applicant Tamini, Lota Université Laval
Co-applicant Korai, Bernard Université Laval
Title Vers une meilleure compréhension des performances des chaînes de valeur bioalimentaires canadiennes : analyse de l'impact de l'asymétrie de l'information, de l'aversion au risque et de l'aversion à l'iniquité
Funding $61,427
Applicant Darvish, Maryam Université Laval
Title Human centered algorithm design
Funding $57,038
Applicant Lavoie, Kévin Université Laval
Co-applicant Chadi, Nicholas CHU Sainte-Justine
Chiniara, Lyne Université de Montréal
Côté, Isabel Université du Québec en Outaouais
Pullen Sansfacon, Annie Université de Montréal
Title La préservation de la fertilité chez les jeunes trans au Québec : recueillir la parole de jeunes et de parents pour mieux soutenir les familles
Funding $72,059
Applicant P. Bouliane, Sandria Université Laval
Co-applicant Beaulieu, Marie Université du Québec à Montréal
Blais-Tremblay, Vanessa Université du Québec à Montréal
Risk, Laura University of Toronto
Collaborator Cambron, Micheline Université de Montréal
Larrue, Jean-Marc Université de Montréal
Savoie, Chantal Université du Québec à Montréal
Trottier, Danick Université du Québec à Montréal
Title La vie musicale au Québec : pour un décloisonnement de l'histoire, 1919-1952
Funding $74,268
Applicant Chum, Antony Brock University
Title Understanding disparities in substance-use related crisis across sexual orientations in Canada
Funding $73,600
Applicant Cronin, J. Keri Brock University
Title Navigating Niagara's Human-Animal History
Funding $46,027
Applicant Hall, William Brock University
Co-applicant Schmader, Toni The University of British Columbia
Title Climates of inclusion: Creating positive interpersonal dynamics in STEM
Funding $68,098
Applicant Michaelson, Valerie Brock University
Co-applicant Key Jr, Amos Brock University
Law, Madelyn Brock University
Collaborator Bannister, Arlene Brock University
Biancaniello, Cindy Brock University
Wong, Sandra Brock University
Title How do Indigenous undergraduate students experience the decolonization and reconciliation initiatives that are taking place in their university? A Participatory Action Research study
Funding $74,996
Applicant Grewatsch, Sylvia Brock University
Co-applicant Gehman, Joel University of Alberta
Title Reimagining the role of government in catalyzing solutions to grand challenges: Lessons from a 20-year experiment
Funding $59,786
Applicant Mirza, Amna Brock University
Co-applicant Frijters, Jan Brock University
Gottardo, Alexandra Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Do Oral Language Skills Predict Reading Acquisition? Profiles of EL1 and ELL 2nd and 3rd Grade children and Their Response to Vocabulary Intervention
Funding $67,006
Applicant Greene, Elizabeth Brock University
Collaborator Leidwanger, Justin Stanford University
Repola, Leopoldo Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, Napoli
Title Entangled Mobilities Across the Mediterranean: Archaeologies of Migrant Displacement
Funding $72,795
Applicant Hawreliak, Jason Brock University
Title Accessible Scholarship: Examining the Role and Impact of Middle-State Publishing in Game Studies
Funding $34,944
Applicant Anazodo, Kemi Brock University
Co-applicant Chan, Paul York University
Lyons, Brent York University
Ricciardelli, Rosemary Memorial University of Newfoundland
Collaborator Ahmadi, Reza No Primary Affiliation
Ali, Abdifatah University of Minnesota
Griffith, Jakari Bridgewater State College
Rade, Candalyn Penn State Harrisburg
Young, Nicole Franklin and Marshall College
Title A second chance in sight: Employer perspectives of employment for individuals with a criminal history
Funding $58,785
Applicant Rose, Colin Brock University
Title Mapping the Crimescape of Renaissance Florence
Funding $45,000
Applicant Chen, Shawna Brock University
Co-applicant Heslin, Donna University of Toronto
Steinbauer, Robert Brock University
Title From Thinking to Doing to Being: Women Entrepreneurs and Experiential Programs
Funding $54,915
Applicant Beland, Louis-Philippe Carleton University
Co-applicant Brodeur, Abel University of Ottawa
Collaborator Brent, Daniel Pennsylvania State University
Title Traffic, Judges and Immigration decisions
Funding $61,050
Applicant Doha, Ahmed Carleton University
Title DeepGraph: Beyond Domain-Agnostic Search Methods in Business and Management Literature Discovery
Funding $57,733
Applicant Farivar, Samira Carleton University
Co-applicant Wang, Fang Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Social Media Influencing on Instagram
Funding $54,074
Applicant Firoozi, Maryam Carleton University
Co-applicant Mohsni, Sana Carleton University
Title Cyber Security Risk Disclosure
Funding $38,710
Applicant Lu, Irene Carleton University
Co-applicant Kwan, Ernest Carleton University
Title Why do consumers buy repurposed products: A study of motivations in consumption behaviour that is good for the environment
Funding $53,692
Applicant Redmond, Melissa Carleton University
Co-applicant Martin, Beth Carleton University
Title When in doubt, go to the library: Public libraries as social service gateways
Funding $64,422
Applicant Ramzy, Carolyn Carleton University
Title Coptic Church as Woman: Song and Religious Revival in the Lives of Three Egyptian Coptic Women
Funding $58,200
Applicant McArthur, Victoria Carleton University
Collaborator Sowka, Elizabeth Carleton University
Title Augmented Reality Assisted Language Learning: A Heuristic Framework to Support Interdisciplinary Research
Funding $61,360
Applicant Darroch, Francine Carleton University
Co-applicant Giles, Audrey University of Ottawa
Collaborator Coolsaet, Reid No Primary Affiliation
DuChene, Krista No Primary Affiliation
Elmore, Malindi The University of British Columbia
Hillsburg, Heather No Primary Affiliation
Kelly, Keith No Primary Affiliation
McGettigan, Roisin No Primary Affiliation
Wykes, Dylan No Primary Affiliation
Title Water bottles and baby bottles: Community-based participatory research to understand the experiences, media and social media portrayals of parenting track Olympians and Olympic hopefuls
Funding $60,700
Applicant Siddiqi, Daniel Carleton University
Co-applicant Bjorkman, Bronwyn Queen's University
Cowper, Elizabeth University of Toronto
Hall, Daniel Saint Mary's University
Title What matters most? Feature competition and morphological upstaging in complex paradigms
Funding $45,648
Applicant Gentile, Patrizia Carleton University
Co-applicant Irving, Dan Carleton University
Title Learning the Ropes: The Beaver Boxing Club and the Re/Making of Marginalized Subjectivities
Funding $65,680
Applicant Waterman, Ellen Carleton University
Collaborator Anderson, Heather Carleton University
Cvetkovich, Ann Carleton University
Dyck, Sandra Carleton University Art Gallery
Grenier, Line Université de Montréal
Title Resonance: Towards a Community-Engaged Model of Research-Creation
Funding $56,736
Applicant Varughese, Anil Carleton University
Co-applicant Semetko, Holli Emory University
Title Political Campaigning and Vote Choice in Digital India
Funding $70,502
Applicant Piscitelli, Anthony Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Co-applicant Geobey, Sean University of Waterloo
Perrella, Andrea Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Representative Governance
Funding $47,823
Applicant Schofield, Scott Huron University College
Title Multiple Copies: An Examination of the Material Traces of Ownership and Readership in Ralph Brooke's A Catalogue of the Succession of the Kings, Princes, Dukes (London, 1619 and 1622)
Funding $43,070
Applicant Scharf, Deborah Lakehead University
Co-applicant Bédard, Michel Lakehead University
Klein, Rupert Lakehead University
Kone, Anna Lakehead University
Title Adolescent Exposure to Cannabis Marketing
Funding $49,431
Applicant Hay, Travis Lakehead University
Title The Colonial History of Medicine in Northwestern Ontario, 1930-1990
Funding $20,166
Applicant Filice, Sylvane Lakehead University
Co-applicant Hill, Mary Lakehead University
Lemee, Isabelle Lakehead University
Spadoni, Michelle Lakehead University
Title Regard en arrière, regard vers l'avenir : une approche herméneutique pour examiner le vécu des infirmiers/ères francophones dans le Nord de l'Ontario
Funding $38,203
Applicant Alzghoul, Manal Lakehead University
Co-applicant Kristman, Vicki Lakehead University
Sidani, Souraya Ryerson University
Title A Mixed Methods Study of Immigrant Parents' Perceptions of Risk Factors, Prevention Strategies, and Accessibility of Injury Prevention Programs to Prevent Unintentional Injuries in Children in Rural and Northern Ontario.
Funding $65,250
Applicant Gokani, Ravi Lakehead University
Co-applicant Caragata, Lea Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Faith and service in evangelical faith-based organisations: Balancing competing mandates in social service provision in Western Canada
Funding $59,615
Applicant Hall, Laura Laurentian University
Co-applicant Pedri, Celeste Laurentian University
Shute, Tanya Laurentian University
Title Clayworks and Creation'ing: Addressing and Ending Violence through Land and Arts-Based Learning for Indigenous Women and 2SLGBTQQIA Communities
Funding $69,566
Applicant eshghi, kamran Laurentian University
Title The potential impact of the Adoption of Cryptocurrencies by firms: hype or a wise investment?
Funding $19,230
Applicant Beites, Steven Laurentian University
Co-applicant Dotta, Blake Laurentian University
Title Architecture, Neuroscience and Technology: An Investigation into the Experiential Dimensions of the Built Environment
Funding $74,656
Applicant Amaral, Izabel Laurentian University
Co-applicant Chupin, Jean-Pierre Université de Montréal
Cucuzzella, Carmela Concordia University
Title An Ecology of Wood Cultures in Canada (2003-2020): comparing constructive cultures through awarded architectural designs
Funding $74,983
Applicant O'Brady, Sean McMaster University
Co-applicant Doellgast, Virginia Cornell University
Collaborator Geiser, Nell No Primary Affiliation
Yam, Mike Unifor
Title Job Quality and the Politics of Technological Change: A Comparative Analysis of Contact Centres in Canada, Germany, and the United States
Funding $59,655
Applicant Kaida, Lisa McMaster University
Co-applicant Boyd, Monica University of Toronto
Title Occupational segregation trends in Canada
Funding $67,900
Applicant Vaid, Shashank McMaster University
Collaborator Feinberg, Fred University of Michigan
Lindner, Peggy University of Houston
Title Impact of Multiple Digital Sellers on Customer Utility
Funding $37,364
Applicant Kim, Soyeon McMaster University
Co-applicant Crawford, Jennifer University of Regina
Kolla, Nathan University of Toronto
MacDougall, Arlene Western University
Collaborator Adams, Nicole No Primary Affiliation
Gardiner, Leah University of Toronto
Hunter, Sarah Nipissing University
Mcauley, Amber No Primary Affiliation
Mink, Danielle No Primary Affiliation
Title Screen time and social-emotional competence in early adolescence: can mindfulness play a role?
Funding $74,860
Applicant Binik, Ariella McMaster University
Title Examining the Ethical Permissibility of Including Children in Challenge Studies
Funding $30,658
Applicant Scheibling, Casey McMaster University
Co-applicant Milkie, Melissa University of Toronto
Schieman, Scott University of Toronto
Title Fathering, Masculinity, and Mental Wellness: Examining How Gender Expectations Constrain or Encourage Fathers' Parental Involvement and Psychological Wellbeing
Funding $41,877
Applicant Pan, Yang McMaster University
Title A Multivariate Spatial Model to Predict Demand for a New Store without Historical Data
Funding $34,356
Applicant Khoury, Jennifer McMaster University
Co-applicant Bennett, Teresa McMaster University
Gonzalez, Andrea McMaster University
McTavish, Jill McMaster University
Prime, Heather McMaster University
Title Elucidating the impact of child maltreatment on key domains of child development: A series of systematic reviews and meta-analyses
Funding $74,287
Applicant Mahone, Zachary McMaster University
Co-applicant Brueggemann, Bettina McMaster University
Title Quantifying the impact of redlining on the Racial Wealth Gap in the United States
Funding $61,851
Applicant Dalmer, Nicole McMaster University
Co-applicant Griffin, Meridith McMaster University
Collaborator Gillett, James McMaster University
Title Aging in Place with Public Libraries: Mobilizing Social Infrastructures for Social Inclusion
Funding $60,449
Applicant Veenstra, Kevin McMaster University
Collaborator Andrejkow, Joanna Wilfrid Laurier University
Zhao, Zhuoyi Wilfrid Laurier University
Title The Impact of Temporary Workers on Firm Performance
Funding $59,808
Applicant Klein, Alexander McMaster University
Title Topic Modeling Russell's Philosophy and Politics
Funding $40,920
Applicant La Rose, Tara McMaster University
Title Behind closed doors? Understanding sousveillance video making and social media advocacy in mandated social welfare services
Funding $59,589
Applicant Boamah, Sheila McMaster University
Co-applicant Arku, Godwin Western University
Baumann, Andrea McMaster University
Title Worklife in Canada: Perspectives of Female Faculty
Funding $64,564
Applicant Sweetman, Lennox Arthur McMaster University
Co-applicant Georgiades, Katholiki McMaster University
Guindon, Godefroy Emmanuel McMaster University
Collaborator Garasia, Sophiya McMaster University
Title Home-care preferences among South Asian seniors in the Greater Hamilton Toronto Area (GTHA): a discrete-choice experiment
Funding $44,898
Applicant Carré, Justin Nipissing University
Collaborator Jiao, Peiran Maastricht University
Mertens, Joyce Maastricht University
Title Psychological and hormonal processes underlying financial decision-making
Funding $72,726
Applicant Stewart, Tyson Nipissing University
Title 'Truth and Reconciliation' Cinema: New Indigenous Filmmaking in Canada
Funding $39,021
Applicant Balabanoff, Doreen OCAD University
Co-applicant Setola, Nicoletta Università degli Studi di Firenze
Collaborator Harte, J Davis The Boston Architecture College
Newnham, Elizabeth Griffith University
Title TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE FOR BIRTH ENVIRONMENT: Knowledge mobilization for a new architectural paradigm
Funding $72,669
Applicant Morrissette, Suzanne OCAD University
Collaborator Hill, Richard Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Isaac, Jaimie Winnipeg Art Gallery
Title Social Histories / Indigenous Art: Curating Social Work's Influence on Winnipeg's Indigenous Art of the 80s and 90s
Funding $74,927
Applicant Jackson, Stephen Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Collaborator Panteli, Niki University of London, Royal Holloway
Title Organizational Trust in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Funding $17,765
Applicant Timmons, Kristy Queen's University
Co-applicant Pyle, Angela University of Toronto
Title Inequity at the starting line: The influence of teacher expectations, beliefs and practices on learning outcomes in kindergarten
Funding $61,446
Applicant Adeniyi Ogunyankin, Grace Queen's University
Title Youth, Labour and Neoliberal Urban Transformation in Ibadan, Nigeria
Funding $72,636
Applicant Kukreja, Reena Queen's University
Title Undocumented South Asian Male Migrants in Greece: Understanding Masculinity, Love, and Work in Troubled Times
Funding $53,529
Applicant Cohen, Dan Queen's University
Collaborator Baker, Tom University of Auckland
Rosenman, Emily Pennsylvania State University
Title Financing Social Progress: Market-making and Canada's Social Finance Fund
Funding $46,739
Applicant Lee, Eun-Young Queen's University
Co-applicant Airton, Lee Queen's University
Collaborator Latimer, Amy Queen's University
Szto, Courtney Queen's University
Title No level playing field: Towards quantifying intersectionality in large-scale population studies
Funding $50,026
Applicant Majumdar, Sumon Queen's University
Title Do Immigrants Face Barriers in Access to Local Public Services in Canada?
Funding $39,276
Applicant Grey, Colin Queen's University
Collaborator Aiken, Sharryn Queen's University
Title Humanitarianism and the Justification of Deportation for Criminality
Funding $41,742
Applicant Gopalakrishnan, Ragavendran Queen's University
Collaborator Ward, Amy University of Chicago
Title Behaviour-Aware Queueing Models for Smart Service Operations
Funding $60,100
Applicant King, Alyssa Queen's University
Collaborator Bookman, Pamela Fordham University
Title Travelling Judges, Moonlighting Arbitrators, and Global Common Law
Funding $27,370
Applicant Stewart, Jeremy Queen's University
Collaborator Armstrong, Thomas Whitman College
Hollenstein, Tom Queen's University
Title Unpacking Suicide Capability: Refining the Definition and Measurement of Fearlessness About Death
Funding $72,972
Applicant Fayed, Nora Queen's University
Co-applicant Avery, Lisa University of Otago
Title Wellbeing priorities for children with highly-complex disabilities and their parents
Funding $38,097
Applicant Hanniman, Kyle Queen's University
Co-applicant Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth Queen's University
Title Popular support for unpopular reforms: Testing the potential of independent experts to improve Canada's federal transfer system
Funding $46,032
Applicant Chandler, Eliza Ryerson University
Co-applicant Changfoot, Nadine Trent University
Jones, Chelsea University of Guelph
Rice, Carla University of Guelph
Collaborator Fisher, Lindsay Ryerson University
Gordon, Catherine No Primary Affiliation
Title Accessing the Arts: Centring disability perspectives in accessibility initiatives
Funding $72,697
Applicant Seko, Yukari Ryerson University
Co-applicant Juando Prats, Clara St. Michael's Hospital
Collaborator Gingras, Jacqui Ryerson University
Mudry, Jessica Ryerson University
Title Lunchbox shaming: Asian immigrant families' perspectives on Canadian school food environment
Funding $70,952
Applicant Jeon, Yoontae Ryerson University
Title The Economic Impacts of Climate Variability: Evidence From the Weather Derivatives Market
Funding $52,000
Applicant Bull, Sarah Ryerson University
Collaborator Hu, Qinmin Ryerson University
Title Book-Making: Text Recycling, Industry, and the Nineteenth-Century Book
Funding $55,897
Applicant Szpunar, Karl Ryerson University
Co-applicant Spaniol, Julia Ryerson University
Title Age-related differences in thinking about the future of society
Funding $42,236
Applicant Day, David Ryerson University
Co-applicant McCuish, Evan Simon Fraser University
Wiesner, Margit University of Houston
Collaborator Greve, Werner No Primary Affiliation
Title Picking up the pieces of your life: Successful aging after a life of crime
Funding $61,350
Applicant Goodman, Rob Ryerson University
Title Black Cicero: Classical Rhetoric in Black Political Thought
Funding $43,208
Applicant Jonathas Jean-Pierre, Johanne Ryerson University
Title A bilingual study of the institutional resources that promote persistence and academic success among first generation graduate students
Funding $67,604
Applicant Cleave, Evan Ryerson University
Co-applicant Arku, Godwin Western University
Title Improving Economic Development Planning in Ontario: A Framework for Building Capacity and Ability
Funding $74,165
Applicant Almeida, Shana Ryerson University
Title The Promise of Participation: Examining the Role of Consultation in Challenging Racism
Funding $71,356
Applicant Jennex, Craig Ryerson University
Title Collaborative Movements: Popular Music and Collective Dance in Canadian LGBTQ2+ Activism
Funding $61,595
Applicant Scott, Kristyn Ryerson University
Title Clarifying the nature of ambition and understanding it through the lens of others
Funding $49,872
Applicant Zolfagharinia, Hossein Ryerson University
Title Interdiction Policies for Illicit Drug Supply Chains: Considering Uncertain Outcomes and Networks with Partial Information
Funding $61,411
Applicant Zielinski, Ger Ryerson University
Collaborator Elmer, Greg Ryerson University
Title Buffering Online and Off: On Streaming Platforms, Creators, and the Turn to Embodied Festivality
Funding $58,666
Applicant Espin, Sherry Ryerson University
Co-applicant Koller, Donna Ryerson University
LeGrow, Karen Ryerson University
Matava, Clyde The Hospital for Sick Children
Collaborator Caldeira-Kulbakas, Monica No Primary Affiliation
Davidge, Kristen The Hospital for Sick Children
Kwan-Wong, Terence No Primary Affiliation
Lee, Benita No Primary Affiliation
Sepa, Andrea No Primary Affiliation
Tsang, Maisie University of Toronto
Title Children's Rights in the Pediatric Operating Room: Implications for Teamwork
Funding $69,959
Applicant McLaren, Coralee Ryerson University
Co-applicant Edwards, Geoffrey Université Laval
Koller, Donna Ryerson University
Collaborator Fraser, Patricia The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
Lundmark, Deborah No Primary Affiliation
St.Denys, Vicki Ryerson University
Title Dancing-bodies-moving-spaces: A radical approach to fostering movement in children with diverse physical abilities
Funding $63,719
Applicant Wilson-Mitchell, Karline Ryerson University
Co-applicant Flynn, Karen University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Collaborator Davies, Megan York University
Friedman, May Ryerson University
MacDonald, Margaret York University
Sundar Singh, Cyrus Ryerson University
Title The Canadian Midwives of Colour History Project
Funding $50,000
Applicant Wilson, Amanda Saint Paul University
Title Mapping Sites of Contestation and Possibility for Transformative Food (In)Justice in Canada's Carceral Food System
Funding $50,122
Applicant Tremblay-Pepin, Simon Saint Paul University
Co-applicant Akbulut, Bengi Concordia University
Durand Folco, Jonathan Saint Paul University
Perron-Dufour, Mathieu Université du Québec en Outaouais
Collaborator Posca, Julia No Primary Affiliation
Title Concevoir la planification démocratique de l'économie à partir de la couverture des besoins de base
Funding $73,392
Applicant Sula-Raxhimi, Enkelejda Saint Paul University
Title In the midst of violence and insecure futures: displacement, politics and climate change in Haiti
Funding $69,462
Applicant Li, Chengguang Western University
Title The impact of cultural tightness-looseness on merger and acquisition outcomes
Funding $47,152
Applicant Calnitsky, David Western University
Co-applicant Usmani, Adaner Harvard University
Title For better or for worse: Understanding the material bases of social change
Funding $69,652
Applicant Gualandris, Jury Western University
Co-applicant Lee, Deishin Western University
Title Towards the Circular Economy: How Firms "Connect the Dots" to Source and Use Waste
Funding $58,229
Applicant Huo, Kun Western University
Co-applicant Guo, Lan Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaborator Chen, Yasheng Xiamen University
Libby, Theresa University of Central Florida
Title The effect of pay transparency on pay dispersion and employee motivation
Funding $31,737
Applicant Najjar, Nouri Western University
Co-applicant Cherniwchan, Jevan University of Alberta
Title Decomposition Methods with Non-Representative Data
Funding $68,724
Applicant Mantler, Tara Western University
Co-applicant Jackson, Kimberley Western University
Collaborator Ford-Gilboe, Marilyn Western University
Tryphonopoulos, Panagiota Western University
Title Understanding the factors that shape resilience in rural Canadian women who have experienced intimate partner violence
Funding $28,994
Applicant Meyer, Alexander Western University
Collaborator Birley, Barbara No Primary Affiliation
Mullen, Alexandra University of Nottingham
Tomlin, Roger University of Oxford
Title Illuminating the Vindolanda Stylus Tablets
Funding $59,385
Applicant Teachman, Gail Western University
Co-applicant Abrams, Thomas Queen's University
Fritsch, Kelly Carleton University
Gibson, Barbara University of Toronto
Hamdani, Suryani University of Toronto
Collaborator Fadyl, Joanna Auckland University of Technology
Katzman, Erika King's University College at Western University
Title Reframing childhood disability: Bridging political and disciplinary boundaries to improve disabled children's lives
Funding $53,106
Applicant Pila, Eva Western University
Co-applicant Calogero, Rachel Western University
Title Characterizing and Cultivating Compassionate Movement: A Novel Physical Activity Promotion Paradigm
Funding $74,770
Applicant Shelley, Jacob Western University
Co-applicant Houston, Claire Western University
Johnson, Andrew Western University
McKinley, Gerald Western University
Smith, Maxwell Western University
Teachman, Gail Western University
Title Clarifying the best interests standard in children's medical decision making: Toward a consistent and reliable guide for practice
Funding $68,250
Applicant Longtin, Mario Western University
Co-applicant De Viveiros, Geneviève Western University
Title Alfred Boisseau (1823-1901) Artiste-bibliothécaire et passeur culturel
Funding $59,347
Applicant Mehta, Nirav Western University
Title Understanding the Evolution of Teacher Quality Using a Human Capital Framework
Funding $37,549
Applicant Waters, Andrea Western University
Co-applicant Longstaffe, Frederick Western University
Stock, Jay Western University
Title Dietary Precursors to Agriculture: Subsistence in Epipaleolithic Populations from Jordan prior to the Agricultural Revolution
Funding $43,030
Applicant Puvirajah, Anton Western University
Collaborator Sedaghat Jou, Mina Western University
Title Newly Arrived Refugee Children's Computational Thinking through Informal Learning Experiences: An Exploration of STEM Identity Development and Community Building
Funding $62,828
Applicant Allen, Roy Western University
Collaborator Rehbeck, John The Ohio State University
Title Increasing the Transparency and Robustness of Demand Analysis
Funding $45,198
Applicant Szpak, Paul Trent University
Co-applicant Raff, Jennifer University of Kansas
Collaborator Sykora, Lydia University of Kansas
Title Life Histories of Wichita Ancestors
Funding $69,459
Applicant Classens, Michael Trent University
Co-applicant Hanning, Rhona University of Waterloo
Collaborator Favreau, Joëlle No Primary Affiliation
Kennedy, Lauren No Primary Affiliation
Learmonth, Patricia No Primary Affiliation
Title Toward a Food Secure City Region Food System in Peterborough
Funding $44,900
Applicant Bailey, Kaytlin University of Guelph
Co-applicant Kelly, Evadne University of Guelph
McHugh, Tara-Leigh University of Alberta
Rice, Carla University of Guelph
Title Revisioning Fitness Through Non-Normative Embodiment
Funding $58,040
Applicant Briggs, Ryan University of Guelph
Title How private refugee sponsorship impacts sponsors and their friends
Funding $63,901
Applicant Stanley, Anna University of Guelph
Title Infrastructure, private investment and the political economy of settler colonialism in Canada
Funding $69,012
Applicant Silver, Jennifer University of Guelph
Collaborator Alexander, Steven Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Armitage, Derek University of Waterloo
Burt, Jenn Nature United
Okamoto, Daniel Florida State University
Stoll, Joshua University of Maine
Title Access and equity: strengthening the foundations for sustainable fisheries and prosperous coastal communities
Funding $43,650
Applicant Rezania, Davar University of Guelph
Collaborator Sasso, Thomas University of Guelph
Title Discourse Analysis of Talent Management in Canadian SMEs
Funding $67,120
Applicant Nost, Eric University of Guelph
Title Digital Conservation Practices and Perspectives: Insights from North America
Funding $39,927
Applicant Martin, Kim University of Guelph
Title Serendipity, Context, and Agency in Linked Environments (SCALE)
Funding $63,505
Applicant Hamann, Steffi University of Guelph
Title Open for Business? A Comparative Analysis of Investment Promotion in Sub-Saharan Africa
Funding $29,497
Applicant Liinamaa, Saara University of Guelph
Collaborator Blanchette, Lisa Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Radio and Television Artists
Title Actors, Performance Work and Cultural Labour Studies in Canada
Funding $52,554
Applicant Jones, Chelsea University of Guelph
Co-applicant Pridmore, Helen University of Regina
Collaborator Weber, Joanne No Primary Affiliation
Wong, Elisa The Big Sky Centre for Learning and Being Astonished Inc.
Title Troubling Vocalities: Disability and Deaf Art on the Canadian Prairies
Funding $52,628
Applicant Thomas-Francois, Kimberly University of Guelph
Co-applicant Somogyi, Simon University of Guelph
Title New retail food shopping, impacts on Canadian food retailing and consumers
Funding $44,869
Applicant Zuercher, Christoph University of Ottawa
Title From "Women" to "Peace" Understanding Causal Relations in the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda
Funding $27,971
Applicant Bonneville, Luc University of Ottawa
Title L'usage abusif du smartphone par les étudiants en salle de classe : une enquête exploratoire
Funding $51,542
Applicant Munro, Lauchlan University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Chimhowu, Admos University of Manchester
Title Science, technology and innovation policies in the new national planning
Funding $58,581
Applicant Rostamkalaei, Anoosheh University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Freel, Mark University of Ottawa
Title Immigrant entrepreneurs' access to and the costs of debt financing
Funding $36,114
Applicant Boutet, Isabelle University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Collin, Charles University of Ottawa
Title Do emojis work? Assessing whether emojis can be used to effectively communicate socially-relevant information
Funding $65,208
Applicant Ouimet, Allison University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Bottesi, Gioia Università degli Studi di Padova
Ghisi, Marta Università degli Studi di Padova
Humphrey-Murto, Susan University of Ottawa
Williams, Monnica University of Ottawa
Collaborator Labelle, Patrick University of Ottawa
Title Towards a culturally-informed understanding of emotion regulation: Knowledge synthesis and international expert consensus
Funding $71,640
Applicant Mathen, Carissima University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Alschner, Wolfgang University of Ottawa
MacDonnell, Vanessa University of Ottawa
Collaborator Skolnik, Terry University of Ottawa
Title Judging Equality Judgments: Applying Legal Data Analytics to the Supreme Court's Section 15 and Equality Caselaw
Funding $62,416
Applicant Hamel, Marie-Josée University of Ottawa
Title Un outil numérique pour optimiser les pratiques de rétroaction corrective écrite des enseignants de français langue seconde
Funding $74,900
Applicant Grudniewicz, Agnieszka University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Evans, Jenna McMaster University
Title Exploring the Relationship between Organizational Structures and Shared Mental Models in Inter-Professional Teams: A Convergent Mixed Methods Study
Funding $60,471
Applicant Moneta, Fabio University of Ottawa
Collaborator Chincarini, Ludwig University of San Francisco
Title Oil Investing and the Financialization of Commodities
Funding $60,299
Applicant Negura, Lilian University of Ottawa
Co-applicant de Rosa, Annamaria University of Rome 1
Collaborator Bocci, Elena University of Rome 1
Buhay, Corinna No Primary Affiliation
Title Social representations of immigrants from multi-voice and multi-agent institutional-policies-driven discourses and their echoes in the media: a comparative analysis between Canada and Italy
Funding $59,450
Applicant Riaz, Suhaib University of Ottawa
Collaborator Bhardwaj, Arjun The University of British Columbia
Title Organizing to address societal challenges: Insights from multiple stakeholder interventions for education among the marginalized
Funding $38,289
Applicant Rocchi, Meredith University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Gainforth, Heather The University of British Columbia
Lagacé, Martine University of Ottawa
Sweet, Shane McGill University
Collaborator Beaudry, Simon University of Ottawa
Title Data Literacy Education, Developing Best Practices for Higher Education in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Funding $59,587
Applicant Humayun, Mariam University of Ottawa
Title Reclaiming Consumer Privacy: Escapes Through Digital Detoxing
Funding $61,468
Applicant Créchet, Jonathan University of Ottawa
Collaborator Benatia, David École Polytechnique (France)
Marcoux, Mathieu Université de Montréal
Title Human capital spillovers across occupations
Funding $43,304
Applicant Dimoff, Jennifer University of Ottawa
Collaborator Kelloway, Kevin E., Saint Mary's University
Lapierre, Laurent University of Ottawa
Title Mental illness in the workplace: Understanding the impact of mental health climate on employees
Funding $65,798
Applicant Terretta, Meredith University of Ottawa
Co-applicant Compaoré, W. R. Nadège University of Toronto
Gueye, Abdoulaye University of Ottawa
Katz-Lavigne, Sarah Universitat Bayreuth
Title Canada's Visa Issuance to Africa-Based Researchers: In Sync with Francophonie and Internationalization in Higher Education?
Funding $48,949
Applicant Cornejo-Parriego, Rosalia University of Ottawa
Title Widowhood: A Cultural Analysis of Spain's Literary Widows (19th-21st centuries)
Funding $33,373
Applicant Kouamé, Saouré University of Ottawa
Collaborator Ambos, Tina University of Geneva
huy, quy INSEAD, Asia Campus
Title In Search of Greater Social Impacts: The Challenge of Innovation in UN Agencies
Funding $42,478
Applicant Andreev, Pavel University of Ottawa
Title Towards Sustainable Behavior Change: Developing and Validating a Theory Explaining How Habits Can Be Formed Using Digital Technologies
Funding $49,052
Applicant Taylor, Andrew University of Ottawa
Collaborator Taylor, Craig University of York
Toureille, Valerie Université de Cergy-Pontoise
Title Writing Chivalry: The Lettrure of Armes in Late Medieval England
Funding $54,872
Applicant Bouliane, Claudia University of Ottawa
Title Les représentations fictionnelles de la restauration multiethnique montréalaise
Funding $55,651
Applicant Best, Michael University of Toronto
Title Stigma and Social Exclusion Towards Mental Health: Examining the Interactional Processing Model
Funding $67,500
Applicant Zoican, Marius University of Toronto
Co-applicant Martineau, Charles University of Toronto
Title Technology and Information Supply in Modern Financial Markets
Funding $49,027
Applicant Kaplan, Sarah University of Toronto
Title Organizational response to "comply or explain" regulation for women on boards and executive leadership
Funding $68,266
Applicant Styres, Sandra University of Toronto
Title Tutoring and Peer Mentorship: Indigenous Student Success, Achievement and Well-Being
Funding $72,046
Applicant Hope, Ole-Kristian University of Toronto
Title Creditor Rights, Recovery Rates, and Accounting Information
Funding $67,920
Applicant Di Ruggiero, Erica University of Toronto
Collaborator Labonte, Ronald University of Ottawa
Slawecki, Eva No Primary Affiliation
Title Understanding Canada's approach to intersectoral action in the Sustainable Development Goal Era
Funding $65,916
Applicant Fan, Xing University of Toronto
Title When the Classical Meets the Avant-Garde: Experimental Theatre in the Academy of Chinese Traditional Theatre
Funding $34,190
Applicant Morrow, Peter University of Toronto
Title Profits, Workers, and Trade: the effect of trade on within-firm income and inequality in Canada
Funding $57,238
Applicant Levy, Evonne University of Toronto
Co-applicant Shugar, Aaron Buffalo State College
Collaborator Ellis, Lisa Art Gallery of Ontario
Levine, Adam Art Gallery of Ontario
Reedy, Chandra University of Delaware
Title The Technical Study of Bernini's Bronzes: Art History, Conservation, Material Science
Funding $74,162
Applicant Woods, Rebecca University of Toronto
Title Fossils, Flesh, and Frozen Mammoths: Movement and Method in the History of Nartural History
Funding $50,000
Applicant Jayaraman, Rajshri University of Toronto
Collaborator Li, Nicholas University of Toronto
Title Female Labor Force Participation in India
Funding $58,698
Applicant Hillewaert, Sarah University of Toronto
Title Brokering development. Yoga, wellness, and East Africa's newest humanitarians
Funding $66,374
Applicant Pettinicchio, David University of Toronto
Title Inclusion and Diversity in Cultural Productions of Disability: Pushing the Boundaries of Aesthetic Citizenship
Funding $74,321
Applicant Zuberi, Daniyal University of Toronto
Title Do microloans alter women's empowerment in the immigrant household and community?
Funding $68,165
Applicant Gibson, Barbara University of Toronto
Co-applicant Gladstone, Brenda University of Toronto
Gray, Julia Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Kelly, Evadne University of Guelph
Rice, Carla University of Guelph
Title Difference and Movement: The Youth Mobility Project
Funding $69,601
Applicant Wright, Amy University of Toronto
Title International Perspectives on the Role of Indigenous Fathers in Meeting the Developmental Needs of Their Infants
Funding $58,215
Applicant Grundy, Quinn University of Toronto
Co-applicant Miller, Fiona University of Toronto
Collaborator Heesters, Ann No Primary Affiliation
Perkins-Meingast, Brenda No Primary Affiliation
Title Outsourced: Proprietary expertise, industry, and education in hospitals
Funding $58,180
Applicant Nxumalo, Fikile University of Toronto
Collaborator Khumalo, Thandi University of Swaziland
Mitchell, Claudia McGill University
Title Climate Change Education in the Global South: Developing Climate Justice Pedagogies with Young Children in a rural eSwatini Community
Funding $66,153
Applicant Denis, Derek University of Toronto
Title Multicultural Toronto English: Identity and ideologies
Funding $64,838
Applicant Obradovic, Dragana University of Toronto
Collaborator Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena Aston University
Title Between Socialist Modernity and the Peasant Co-Operative: Communalism of the Rural in Yugoslavia
Funding $19,771
Applicant Nacol, Emily University of Toronto
Title Reimagining Labour: The Politics of Risk and Blame in Early Modern Britain
Funding $41,669
Applicant Hannah-Moffat, Kelly University of Toronto
Co-applicant Maurutto, Paula University of Toronto
Title Algorithmic Governance in Criminal Justice Decision Making
Funding $71,440
Applicant Martin, Loren University of Toronto
Co-applicant Deldar, Zoha Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Fukuda, Keisuke University of Toronto
Stellar, Jennifer University of Toronto
Title Multidimensional conceptualization of empathy: trade-off between empathy, cognitive load and motivation
Funding $58,000
Applicant Leonardelli, Geoffrey University of Toronto
Title Subordinating Robots to Human Will: A Double-Edged Sword in Human-Robot Relations
Funding $74,315
Applicant Diaz Rios, Claudia University of Toronto
Co-applicant Mundy, Karen University of Toronto
Title Government responses to education of migrant children in the Global South: the case of Colombia
Funding $54,618
Applicant Shaw, James University of Toronto
Co-applicant Gibson, Jennifer University of Toronto
Paprica, P. Alison Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Rudzicz, Frank St. Michael's Hospital
Shilton, Katie University of Maryland at College Park
Webster, Fiona Western University
Title Values Ecosystems in the Design of Artificial Intelligence for Health Care: An Exploratory Focused Ethnography
Funding $61,142
Applicant Perez-Brumer, Amaya University of Toronto
Co-applicant Cortinois, Andrea University of Toronto
Gastaldo, Denise University of Toronto
Grace, Daniel University of Toronto
Logie, Carmen University of Toronto
Silva-Santisteban, Alfonso Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Collaborator Huerta, Leyla No Primary Affiliation
Title Migration at the Margins: Testimonios of Belonging and Social Rights for Venezuelan Transgender Refugees in Latin America
Funding $69,088
Applicant Andiappan, Meena University of Toronto
Co-applicant Ogunfowora, Babatunde University of Calgary
Title When doing good becomes doing bad: The effects of repeated necessary evil enactment on moral disengagement
Funding $51,794
Applicant Brilli, Elisa University of Toronto
Collaborator Milani, Giuliano Académie de créteil
Title Les « vies nouvelles » de Dante. Histoire, Biographie et Autobiographie
Funding $41,200
Applicant Hampton, Alexander University of Toronto
Title The Romantic Ecology of Novalis
Funding $47,124
Applicant Wade, Mark University of Toronto
Co-applicant Browne, Dillon University of Waterloo
Title Risk and resilience of cognitive functioning following early life adversity
Funding $55,993
Applicant Stevenson, Siobhan University of Toronto
Title A public library for the 2020s: librarians, social workers and the inclusive city
Funding $54,499
Applicant Levine, Brian University of Toronto
Title Cognitive and neural factors that relate to success in STEM professions across gender
Funding $67,866
Applicant Feng, Linda University of Toronto
Title How Does the Yellow River Begin?-Spatial Imagination from a Mongol Expedition to Ming-era Maps
Funding $40,904
Applicant Cochelin, Isabelle University of Toronto
Co-applicant Harvey, Isabel Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
More, Alison University of Toronto
Collaborator Carbone, Angela Università degli Studi di Bari
Duval, Sylvie University of Padova
Title The Other Sister: Towards a Re-Conceptualization of Christian Religious Women (1100-1800)
Funding $40,000
Applicant Chen, Feng University of Toronto
Co-applicant Hou, Yu Queen's University
Title Cultural Imprinting, Top Executives' College Experience, and Corporate Outcomes
Funding $41,140
Applicant Jetha, Arif University of Toronto
Co-applicant Gignac, Monique Institute for Work and Health
Hamdani, Suryani University of Toronto
Kristman, Vicki Lakehead University
Smith, Peter Institute for Work & Health
Collaborator Macdonald, Sara Institute for Work & Health
Shamaee, Ali Institute for Work & Health
Title Transitioning to the future of work: An intersectional study of vulnerable youth and young adults
Funding $72,171
Applicant Goldstein, Abby University of Toronto
Co-applicant Chen, Charles P. University of Toronto
Hamza, Chloe Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Collaborator Waterman, Stephanie Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Title University Leave Policies in the Context of Mental Health Challenges
Funding $73,481
Applicant Ozkan, Serdar University of Toronto
Collaborator Salgado, Sergio University of Pennsylvania
Weissler, Marco European Central Bank
Title Decomposing Heterogeneity in Individual Earnings Risk Using Machine Learning Tools
Funding $43,188
Applicant Hernandez, Alex University of Toronto
Title Re-Creations: Long Eighteenth-Century Devotional Craft and Lived Religion
Funding $33,866
Applicant Chan, Mons University of Toronto
Co-applicant Xu, Ming Queen's University
Collaborator Salgado, Sergio University of Pennsylvania
Warzynski, Frederic Aarhus School of Business
Title Estimating Productivity for Multi-Product Firms in Imperfect Markets
Funding $72,759
Applicant Mukherjee, Shivaji University of Toronto
Title State Motivations and Civil War Duration-Explaining sub-national variation in counter insurgency in India
Funding $59,241
Applicant Muehlebach, Andrea University of Toronto
Co-applicant Case, Robert Renison University College
Collaborator Jaffee, Daniel Portland State University
Title Tracking the Dynamic Cartography of Water Bottling and Contestation in North America
Funding $70,321
Applicant Moreau, Julie University of Toronto
Co-applicant Donnelly, Michael University of Toronto
Title Understanding LGBTQ Linked Fate and Political Participation in the US and Canada
Funding $71,602
Applicant Xue, Jia University of Toronto
Co-applicant Ahmed, Syed Ishtiaque University of Toronto
Andritsos, Periklis University of Toronto
Lyons, Kelly University of Toronto
Shier, Micheal University of Toronto
Collaborator Chen, Chen University of Toronto
Zhu, Tingshao Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title Mining Big Data: How Sexual Assault Nonprofit Organizations in Canada Use Twitter to Achieve Organizational Outcomes
Funding $64,872
Applicant Chu, Charlene University of Toronto
Co-applicant Abbasgholizadeh Rahimi, Samira McGill University
Bianchi, Andria University Health Network
Grenier, Amanda University of Toronto
Khan, Shehroz University Health Network
Leslie, Kathleen Athabasca University
Collaborator Nyrup, Rune University of Cambridge
Sandassie, Samantha No Primary Affiliation
Suckling, Jonathan Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
Title Ageism in A.I.: Exploring the Social and Ethical Implications of Age-Based Bias in Artificially Intelligent Systems
Funding $63,059
Applicant Kijima, Rie University of Toronto
Collaborator Bromley, Patricia Stanford University
Title Reformism: The causes and consequences of national education reform worldwide, 1970-2016
Funding $58,656
Applicant Chen, Julie Yujie University of Toronto
Co-applicant Sun, Ping Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Title Data-driven AI and the Future of Work
Funding $52,487
Applicant Cameron, Michelle University of Toronto
Collaborator Fortin, Marcel University of Toronto
Rhodes, Sara Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Title Human-environment interactions in the Southern African Later Stone Age
Funding $56,915
Applicant Loewen, Peter University of Toronto
Collaborator Bonikowski, Bart Harvard University
Title Automation, local and global economic dynamics, and populism
Funding $69,822
Applicant Touchie, Marianne University of Toronto
Collaborator Poland, Blake University of Toronto
Title Creating a Residential Baseline for Community Wellbeing with Pilot Social and Student Housing Evaluations
Funding $71,720
Applicant Paz, Alejandro University of Toronto
Co-applicant Stein, Rebecca Duke University
Title American Israel in the Shadow of the 2020 Presidential Campaign: An Ethnography of Branding "Special Relationship"
Funding $51,207
Applicant Satterthwaite, Emily University of Toronto
Title Tax-Driven Entrepreneurship? Rethinking the Taxation of Domestic Workers in a Gig Economy
Funding $38,182
Applicant Meyer, Samantha University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Perlman, Christopher University of Waterloo
Collaborator Brown, Patrick University of Amsterdam
Ward, Paul Flinders University of South Australia
Title Trust me, I'm a doctor?: Developing and validating measures of trust for research and system monitoring/evaluation
Funding $72,079
Applicant Whiteside, Heather University of Waterloo
Title Holding the Purse Strings: Joint-Stock Royal Charter Companies and the Origins of Capitalism in North America
Funding $33,457
Applicant White, Katherine University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Orena, Adriel John The University of British Columbia
Title Tracking the linguistic and social properties of bilingual speakers across languages
Funding $44,628
Applicant Kroeker, Greta University of Waterloo
Title The Reformation of Rape: The Early Modern Foundations of European Rape Culture (1450-1800)
Funding $30,000
Applicant Barry, Janice University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Legacy, Crystal The University of Melbourne
Title Between Virtue and Profession: Urban Planning and the Public Participation Industry in Canada and Australia
Funding $73,577
Applicant Rutty, Michelel University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Gunn, Grant University of Waterloo
Scott, Daniel University of Waterloo
Title The Future of Winter Sports Tourism in a Warmer and Decarbonizing Canada
Funding $74,514
Applicant Love, Heather University of Waterloo
Title The Rhetoric of Techno-Mediated Maternity in Early 20th-Century Literature, Media, and Medicine
Funding $49,947
Applicant Armitage, Derek University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Silver, Jennifer University of Guelph
Collaborator Alexander, Steven Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Burt, Jenn Nature United
Lee, Lynn Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
Okamoto, Daniel Florida State University
Title Democratizing quantitative models for sustainable fisheries and marine ecosystem-based management
Funding $67,697
Applicant Rehman, Uzma University of Waterloo
Title Sexuality in Older Age: How Attitudes Toward Aging Predict the Quality of Sexual Communication
Funding $71,672
Applicant Cox, Jordana University of Waterloo
Title Newsworthy: Journalistic imagination in Alexandra Bell's "Counternarratives" and Hill and Silvera's "Liberty Deferred"
Funding $38,225
Applicant Fan, Lai-Tze University of Waterloo
Title Unseen Hands: A Material History of the Gendered Design of Technologies from Typewriters to AI Virtual Assistants
Funding $45,231
Applicant McCordic, Cameron University of Waterloo
Co-applicant Doberstein, Brent University of Waterloo
Frayne, Guy University of Waterloo
Collaborator Raimundo, Ines No Primary Affiliation
Title The Sustainable Development Goals under a Changing Climate: Understanding the SDG-Relevant Urban Impacts of, and Adaptations to, Cyclone Idai
Funding $71,199
Applicant Aleks, Rachel University of Windsor
Co-applicant Saksida, Tina University of Prince Edward Island
Title An Imperfect Union: Sexual Harassment and Organized Labour
Funding $63,112
Applicant Rappaport, Lance University of Windsor
Co-applicant Menna, Rosanne University of Windsor
Collaborator Picard, Erin No Primary Affiliation
Title Implications of phasic emotion dynamics for adolescent development and well-being
Funding $66,350
Applicant Greenham, Craig University of Windsor
Co-applicant Loughead, Todd University of Windsor
Title The Broncos: A Social Support Approach to Team Tragedy
Funding $68,178
Applicant Ame, Robert Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Dzisah, James University of Ghana
Robinson, Andrew Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilson-Forsberg, Stacey Wilfrid Laurier University
Title The Impact of Bidirectional North-South Student Mobility Programs on Host Communities in the Global South: A Case Study of Wilfrid Laurier University's Partnerships in Ghana
Funding $59,116
Applicant Danilovic, Sandra Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Oliver, Vanessa Wilfrid Laurier University
Skop, Michelle Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Autobiographical Game Design for Young Adults Living with Opioid Addiction: A Phenomenology of Sense-Making
Funding $56,258
Applicant Smith, David Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Discovering Customs Enforcement and Criminal Networks during the 1720s in Britain
Funding $21,442
Applicant Khan, Maryam Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Rahman, Momin Trent University
Collaborator Shah, Sarah University of Toronto
Title Supporting Sexually and Gender Diverse Muslims in Social Work
Funding $41,524
Applicant FitzGerald, Carolyn Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Addressing Teacher Stress and Burnout Through Mental Health Competency Development in Pre-service Teachers
Funding $58,896
Applicant Han, Christina Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaborator Etherington, Nathan No Primary Affiliation
Johnson, Ian University of Sydney
Moyer, Geoffrey No Primary Affiliation
Title Comparative Spatial Histories of Brantford's Early Immigrant Communities (1900-1920): A Deep Mapping and Digital Storytelling Project
Funding $44,704
Applicant Risavy, Stephen Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Fisher, Peter Wilfrid Laurier University
Komar, Jennifer Wilfrid Laurier University
Robie, Chet Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Helping technology start-up companies grow: A focus on evidence-based hiring practices
Funding $50,574
Applicant Berger, Leslie Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Joshi, Preetika York University
Thorne, Linda York University
Title The Deterrence Effect of Tax Whistleblowing Programs
Funding $61,547
Applicant Yerichuk, Deanna Wilfrid Laurier University
Collaborator Hodson, Erin Wilfrid Laurier University
Niknafs, Nasim University of Toronto
Rakena, Te Oti University of Auckland
Robinson, Kathy University of Alberta
Title Community music in Canada: Leading music in culturally diverse contexts for social impact
Funding $66,971
Applicant Snudden, Stephen Wilfrid Laurier University
Title Asset Income and Wealth Inequality
Funding $62,752
Applicant Coulombe, Simon Wilfrid Laurier University
Co-applicant Auger, Emilie University of Waterloo
Fleury, Charles Université Laval
Prilleltensky, Isaac University of Miami
Collaborator Lechaume, Aline Université Laval
Luc, Sylvain Université Laval
Title Towards a nuanced understanding of the psychosocial experiences of precariously employed workers: A mixed-methods study focused on mattering and meaning in life
Funding $68,975
Applicant Allard-Tremblay, Yann York University
Title Disjunctive Indigenous Resistance and the Transformation of Political Thought
Funding $44,943
Applicant Cheng, Joey York University
Title Respect and fear: Whether, when, and why leaders shift their influence strategies when interacting with followers
Funding $73,684
Applicant Craig, Stephanie York University
Co-applicant Goulter, Natalie Simon Fraser University
McMahon, Robert Simon Fraser University
Moretti, Marlene Simon Fraser University
Pepler, Debra York University
Title Validating a developmental model of primary and secondary callous-unemotional traits
Funding $66,340
Applicant El Morr, Christo York University
Co-applicant Buettgen, Alexis McMaster University
Dinca-Panaitescu, Serban York University
Dua, Enakshi York University
Gorman, Rachel York University
Mgwigwi, Thumeka York University
Reaume, Geoffrey York University
Collaborator Maret, Pierre Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne
Muhlenbach, Fabrice Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne
Title Disability Wikibase: Modelling and Implementing an Intelligent Bilingual Knowledge Network, through Mapping Disability Advocacy Data Needs Scaled to Local, National, and International Policy Interventions
Funding $67,994
Applicant Gicas, Kristina York University
Co-applicant Hwang, Stephen Unity Health Toronto
Stergiopoulos, Vicky Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Title Differential Cognitive Contributions to Functional Ability and Quality of Life in Homeless Adults
Funding $65,188
Applicant Kanagaretnam, Kiridaran York University
Title Climate risk, information environment and cost of equity capital
Funding $50,000
Applicant Lande, Kevin York University
Title Forms of Mind
Funding $49,016
Applicant Larkin, Yelena York University
Collaborator Grinstein, Yaniv Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Title Corporate social responsibility and industry restructuring
Funding $27,656
Applicant Mead, Nicole York University
Title Belief in the Implicit Social Contract Governs Pro-Environmental Behaviour
Funding $72,230
Applicant Nielsen, Emilia York University
Title Life Writing and Life-Altering Disease: Engendering Counternarratives of Chronic Illness
Funding $47,506
Applicant Rzeznik, Aleksandra York University
Co-applicant Lehar, Alfred University of Calgary
Collaborator Randl, Otto Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Title Strategic timing of earnings announcement
Funding $62,066
Applicant Tan, Justin York University
Title Digital Technology Adaptation and Business Ethics: An Exploratory Study of Artificial Intelligence in Canada
Funding $50,648
Applicant Wahab, Amar York University
Title No Country for Refuge?: A Critical Case Study of Venezuelan Migrants, Asylum-seekers and Refugees in Trinidad and Tobago
Funding $60,635
Applicant Prasad, Gail York University
Co-applicant Lory, Marie-Paule University of Toronto
Title Awareness Matters: Fostering Critical Multilingual Language Awareness for All
Funding $71,246
Applicant Chapdelaine-Feliciati, Clara York University
Title Sexual Exploitation of Girl Children in the Entertainment Industry in Ontario and Quebec
Funding $54,193
Applicant Laxer, Emily York University
Title Politicians Against the Law: Populist Representations of Rights and Legality in Contemporary Canadian Politics
Funding $55,325
Applicant shahrokni, shirin York University
Collaborator Madibbo, Amal University of Calgary
Mianda, Gertrude York University
Title Undelivered Promises of Immigration? Examining the Integration Pathways of Toronto's University-Educated Immigrants from France through an Intersectional Approach
Funding $47,974
Applicant Zamora, Alejandro York University
Title (re)Cycling the Self and the City. The Poetics and Politics of Urban Cycling in Mexico: A Geocritical Approach
Funding $33,345
Applicant Bonnell, Jennifer York University
Co-applicant Corbiere, Alan York University
Collaborator Fortin, Marcel University of Toronto
Title Indigenous Experience and the Creation of a Settler-Colonial Order within the Black Creek/Humber River Watershed
Funding $38,000
Applicant Kawakami, Kerry York University
Title Cultural Differences in the Impact of Temporal Emotional Contexts on the Construal of Affective Expressions
Funding $74,832
Applicant Chen, Chaoran York University
Title Macroeconomic implications of insecure land tenure on China's structural transformation and agricultural productivity
Funding $51,380
Applicant Ferrara, Ida York University
Co-applicant Malik, Sadia York University
Title The Effect of Retirement on the Mental and Physical Well-Being of the Elderly Population in Canada
Funding $52,646
Applicant Kwak, Laura York University
Title Race and Representation in Canada's Parliament, 2006-2019
Funding $58,076
Applicant Musto, Marcello York University
Title Alternative Socio-Economic Ideas, 1789-1871
Funding $70,305
Applicant Dao, Nga York University
Title Territory and Politics of Resources: everyday lives and landscapes in the Northwest Vietnam
Funding $54,066
Applicant Goitom, Mary York University
Title Contemporary Transnational Formations: Exploring Integration and Identity Among Second-Generation Ethiopian Youth in Canada
Funding $53,380
Applicant Kennedy, Eric York University
Title Assessing and Overcoming Barriers to Community Wildfire Preparedness
Funding $72,956
Applicant Ong, Yuzhi Joel York University
Collaborator Gordon, Mark York University
Guttman, David University of Toronto
Lorusso, Mick University of California, Los Angeles
Mahon, Patrick Western University
Title Frozen Sound: Bioart and the Atmospheric Microbiome
Funding $39,562
Applicant McCulloch, Allison Brandon University
Co-applicant Fakhoury, Tamirace Lebanese American University
Title Power-Sharing Politics and Refugee Governance: Crafting Asylum Policy in Deeply Divided Societies
Funding $49,228
Applicant Flisfeder, Matthew The University of Winnipeg
Title The Hysterical Sublime: A Critical Study of the Aesthetics, Rhetorics, and Ethics of New Materialist and Posthumanist Critical Theory
Funding $32,062
Applicant Chinique de Armas, Yadira The University of Winnipeg
Co-applicant Roksandic, Mirjana The University of Winnipeg
Collaborator Laffoon, Jason Universiteit Leiden
Pérez Iglesias, Lourdes Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment
Valcarcel Rojas, Roberto Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo
Title Weaning in times of colonialism: Isotopic reconstruction of breastfeeding and weaning practices in pre and post-contact indigenous population of Chorro de Maita in Cuba
Funding $63,831
Applicant Thrift, Eric The University of Winnipeg
Title Untangling the ethics of "sustainable" cashmere
Funding $67,628
Applicant Brown, Brenda University of Manitoba
Title Manitoba Farmstead Shelterbelt Landscapes: Documentations, Analyses, Stories, Creation
Funding $67,487
Applicant Smandych, Russell University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Oriola, Temitope University of Alberta
Yusuf, Muhammad No Primary Affiliation
Title Reframing Media Studies of Crime, Insurgencies, and Counterterrorism in Nigeria: Toward a New Multi-Disciplinary Criminology-Mass Communication Stakeholder Approach
Funding $58,487
Applicant Au, Shiu-Yik University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Tremblay, Andréanne Université Laval
Title Workplace Racial Discrimination and Firm Value
Funding $70,662
Applicant Bartlett, Nadine University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Gorkoff, Kelly The University of Winnipeg
Collaborator Dokken, Cassandra No Primary Affiliation
Title Prevention and Intervention: An Examination of Community Mobilization Responses to Crime
Funding $66,645
Applicant Wu, Zhenyu University of Manitoba
Co-applicant Liu, Mingzhi University of Manitoba
Title Climate Risk and Financial Reporting Quality: International Evidence
Funding $63,180
Applicant Desmarais, Annette University of Manitoba
Collaborator Mauro, Ian The University of Winnipeg
Oke, Stuart No Primary Affiliation
Title Transitioning to Agroecology in the Canadian Prairies: A Research and Visual Methods Pilot Project
Funding $59,998
Applicant Jacobson-Konefall, Jessica University of Manitoba
Title Ecological Aesthetics on Treaty Territory: Eco Arts in Winnipeg, Kenora, and Thunder Bay
Funding $57,435
Applicant Hechter, Richard University of Manitoba
Title Mah-kom: Cultivating empathy through ethnoastronomy
Funding $63,718
Applicant Cui, Victor University of Manitoba
Title Star Inventors and Firm Exploratory Innovation
Funding $56,440
Applicant Seniuk Cicek, Jillian University of Manitoba
Title Are Canadian Access Programs Making Space for Indigenous Students in STEM Postsecondary Education?
Funding $62,650
Applicant Sana, Faria Athabasca University
Title Examining the Specificity of the Pretesting Effect
Funding $50,004
Applicant Collins, Katherine Concordia University of Edmonton
Collaborator Boyd, Ryan Lancaster University
Title News media and shared representations: The development and validation of an automated approach to the detection of linguistic bias
Funding $64,848
Applicant Boyd, Brendan Grant MacEwan University
Co-applicant Caron, Isabelle Dalhousie University
Levasseur, Karine University of Manitoba
Rounce, Andrea University of Manitoba
Wesley, Jared University of Alberta
Collaborator Spicer, Zachary No Primary Affiliation
Stephenson, Laura Western University
Thomas, Paul Carleton University
Title Public Servants' Role in Canadian Democracy
Funding $56,220
Applicant Haney, Timothy Mount Royal University
Title The Ethics, Practice, Activism, and Resilience Potential of Permaculture
Funding $59,240
Applicant Varella Connors, Paul Mount Royal University
Title Sustainability through Cross-Sector Innovation: Synergies between Environmental NGOs and Resource Intensive Companies
Funding $44,176
Applicant Clément, Dominique University of Alberta
Co-applicant Braun, Jennifer The King's University
Collaborator Cramer, Leslie No Primary Affiliation
Ramos, Howard Dalhousie University
Title Immigrant and Refugee Settlement in Canada: Trends in Government Funding
Funding $72,156
Applicant Oliver, Marilene University of Alberta
Co-applicant Punithakumar, Kumaradevan University of Alberta
Collaborator Cohn, Jonathan University of Alberta
Ensslin, Astrid University of Alberta
Laforest, Daniel University of Alberta
McTavish, Lianne University of Alberta
Ogbogu, Ubaka University of Alberta
Smallwood, Scott University of Alberta
Thompson, Richard University of Alberta
Title My Data Body / Your Data Body
Funding $69,723
Applicant Sawchuk, Elizabeth University of Alberta
Co-applicant Harrington, Lesley University of Alberta
Collaborator Bocaege, Emmy University of Kent at Canterbury
Grillo, Katherine University of Florida
Hildebrand, Elisabeth Stony Brook University
Title Health and herding around Lake Turkana, Kenya: bioarchaeological perspectives on pastoralism, climate change, and resilience in eastern Africa
Funding $62,418
Applicant Urbanik, Marta-Marika University of Alberta
Co-applicant Greene, Carolyn Athabasca University
Title Exploring Victimization Experiences in/near Lethbridge's SCS
Funding $25,163
Applicant Van Deusen, Natalie University of Alberta
Title "Completely Healed": Miracles, Cures, and Constructions of Disability in the Old Norse-Icelandic Sagas of Bishops
Funding $43,760
Applicant Berry, Tanya University of Alberta
Co-applicant Locke, Sean The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Ori, Elaine University of Alberta
Title Exercise-related cognitive errors and believability of exercise information
Funding $29,725
Applicant Goegan, Lauren University of Alberta
Co-applicant Daniels, Lia University of Alberta
Title The Next Chapter: Exploring the Perceptions and Experiences of Students with Learning Disabilities and the Transition to Postsecondary Education
Funding $55,368
Applicant Jefferies, Cameron University of Alberta
Title Uncharted Waters: The Future of Canadian Cetacean Conservation and Ecosystem-based Management
Funding $56,724
Applicant Reyes Ayala, Brenda University of Alberta
Title Preserving our digital heritage: Improving the detection of quality problems in web archive
Funding $61,771
Applicant Archer, Stephanie University of Alberta
Co-applicant Pexman, Penny University of Calgary
Title Sound symbolism may bootstrap infant word learning
Funding $68,913
Applicant Denier, Nicole University of Alberta
Title Patterns of labour market instability across Canada
Funding $47,165
Applicant Corkum, Philip University of Alberta
Title Cause and Context: An Experimental Methods Approach to Causal Discourse
Funding $49,690
Applicant Salma, Jordana University of Alberta
Co-applicant Kleib, Manal University of Alberta
Tong, Hongmei Grant MacEwan University
Collaborator Allana, Saleema University of Alberta
Kadri, Salwa No Primary Affiliation
Smith, Nicole Athabasca University
Title Exploring Information and Communication Technology Use and Digital Learning in Older Arab Immigrants: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project
Funding $59,047
Applicant gahan, jairan University of Alberta
Title Morality on Trial: Prostitution in Tehran, 1911-1955
Funding $44,956
Applicant Madden, Brooke University of Alberta
Title Teacher Identity & Truth and Reconciliation Education Across Institutions
Funding $66,953
Applicant Klein, Reisa University of Alberta
Co-applicant Cadell, Susan Renison University College
Davidson, Deborah York University
Collaborator Macdonald, Mary Ellen McGill University
Oliver, Marilene University of Alberta
Reid Lambert, Melissa No Primary Affiliation
Title (Re)Marked: Holocaust Commemorative Tattoos in a Time of Renewed Antisemitism
Funding $44,865
Applicant Davenport, Margie University of Alberta
Co-applicant McHugh, Tara-Leigh University of Alberta
Collaborator Khurana, Rshmi University of Alberta
Thornton, Jane Western University
Title Sport policy for pregnant and postpartum athletes
Funding $54,236
Applicant Nash, Kyle University of Alberta
Collaborator Yogeeswaran, Kumar University of Canterbury
Title Tolerating Conflict: A Social Neuroscience Perspective on Tolerance and Wise Reasoning
Funding $55,195
Applicant Muneroni, Stefano University of Alberta
Title Interrogating Mediterranean Migration through Theatre and Performance
Funding $57,863
Applicant Ruetalo, Victoria University of Alberta
Title From 'Monster' to Mentor: Developing PhD Supervision Competencies
Funding $64,200
Applicant Durou, Guillaume University of Alberta
Title La francophonie des Prairies au début du 20e siècle: statut socioprofessionnel, mobilité sociale et structure familiale
Funding $43,930
Applicant Lapointe-Gagnon, Valérie University of Alberta
Title La Commission Pépin-Robarts et le rêve de renouvellement du fédéralisme
Funding $40,870
Applicant Chen, Shu-Ping University of Alberta
Co-applicant Shankar, Janki University of Calgary
Collaborator Cone, Carolyn No Primary Affiliation
Peterson, Karen No Primary Affiliation
Title Job retention and career development for people with serious mental illnesses: A Participatory Capacity Building project
Funding $71,679
Applicant Raso, Jennifer University of Alberta
Title Shifting Front Lines in the Digital Welfare State: Coding Canadian Social Assistance Laws
Funding $67,333
Applicant Spence, John University of Alberta
Co-applicant Clark, Marianne University of New South Wales
Rhodes, Ryan University of Victoria
Title Acceptance of autonomous vehicles and potential impact on active transport
Funding $61,778
Applicant Daskalaki, Evangelia University of Alberta
Co-applicant Paradis, Johanne University of Alberta
Collaborator Soto-Corominas, Adriana University of Alberta
Title The bilingual development of immigrant children in Western Canada: Predictors and outcomes of cross-linguistic influence
Funding $59,281
Applicant Tremblay, Melissa University of Alberta
Collaborator Barraclough, Rhonda No Primary Affiliation
Dowding, Jillian No Primary Affiliation
Fallon, Barbara University of Toronto
Janz, Michael No Primary Affiliation
Jeske, Amy No Primary Affiliation
Title The Experiences of Children and Youth in Care With Formal Mentoring: A Participatory Action Research Project
Funding $69,985
Applicant Messinger, Paul University of Alberta
Title Channel Power in the Cannabis Industry
Funding $45,775
Applicant Zach, Richard University of Calgary
Title Toward a Philosophy of Programming Languages
Funding $45,378
Applicant Weatherhead, Julie University of Calgary
Co-applicant Carleton, Erica University of Saskatchewan
Title Implicit Expectations of Leaders' Emotions
Funding $61,886
Applicant Palacios, Joy University of Calgary
Title Business Ritualization: Religious Performance in Corporate North America
Funding $45,895
Applicant Hanson, Aubrey University of Calgary
Collaborator Bouvier, Victoria Mount Royal University
Title Indigenous Creativity and Presence in the City: Unsettling and Reframing Calgary
Funding $71,844
Applicant Dressler, Roswita University of Calgary
Co-applicant Kawalilak, Colleen University of Calgary
Title Teachers Reflecting Upon Study Abroad Sojourns
Funding $44,907
Applicant Athanasopoulou, Angeliki University of Calgary
Co-applicant Curtin, Suzanne University of Calgary
Title When a blue berry becomes a blueberry: Children's development of the melodic differences between a phrase and a compound
Funding $71,099
Applicant Ferrer, Ilyan University of Calgary
Co-applicant de Leon, Conely Ryerson University
Rodriguez, Robyn University of California, Davis
Title Multidirectional (im)migration, aging and care: Transnational older Filipinos in Canada
Funding $65,086
Applicant Zhang, Jian University of Calgary
Co-applicant Nault, Barrie University of Calgary
Title The Impact of Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Data Economy
Funding $45,422
Applicant Wada, Kaori University of Calgary
Co-applicant Fellner, Karlee University of Calgary
Strong, Tom University of Calgary
Collaborator Horie, Norichika University of Tokyo
Shimazono, Susumu Sophia University
Title Medicalization of grief: Looping effects and its alternatives
Funding $71,000
Applicant Bray, Signe University of Calgary
Co-applicant Kopala-Sibley, Daniel University of Calgary
Madigan, Sheri University of Calgary
Title How do screen media activities (SMAs) engage children's brains?
Funding $75,000
Applicant Jenney, Angelique University of Calgary
Co-applicant Scott, Katreena University of Toronto
Title Using Standardized Client Simulation to Identify Procedural Competencies for CEIPV Professionals
Funding $58,386
Applicant Lorenzetti, Liza University of Calgary
Co-applicant Amin, Husnul International Islamic University Pakistan
Hosein, Gabrielle University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
Ibrar, Muhammad University of Peshawar
Jamal, Aamir University of Calgary
Amin, Husnul International Islamic University Pakistan
Collaborator Liverpool, Kevin No Primary Affiliation
Mancey, Abbas No Primary Affiliation
Sehgal, Kamal No Primary Affiliation
Title Stories of Personal Transformation: Men Working for Violence Prevention and Gender Equity
Funding $69,930
Applicant Stark, Trevor University of Calgary
Title The Treason of the Clerks: Dada Rationalization
Funding $59,563
Applicant Staubli Muehlenbachs, Stephan University of Calgary
Co-applicant Laliberté, Jean-William University of Calgary
Title Universal Childcare and the Labor Supply of Parents and Grandparents
Funding $47,134
Applicant Simmons, Marlon University of Calgary
Title Writing Black Life in Canada: Notes from Calgary
Funding $63,640
Applicant McDermott, Mairi University of Calgary
Title Mothering on the Tenure Track: A Qualitative Case Study
Funding $45,876
Applicant Lenters, Kimberly University of Calgary
Co-applicant Mosher, Ronna University of Calgary
Title Playful(l) Literacies: Language and Literacy Learning in the Early Elementary Years
Funding $67,613
Applicant Laliberté, Jean-William University of Calgary
Co-applicant Bau, Natalie University of California, Los Angeles
Title Can Affirmative Action Reduce Socio-Economic Inequality?
Funding $57,713
Applicant Dunn, Jeff University of Calgary
Co-applicant Jacobsen, Michele University of Calgary
Shanahan, Marie-Claire University of Calgary
Collaborator Beattie, Tara University of Calgary
Berreth, Nikki No Primary Affiliation
Cahill, Dennis No Primary Affiliation
Christie, Tara University of Calgary
Johnston, Kelly University of Calgary
Pontifex, Carly University of Calgary
Title Improving the ability of science and technology researchers to communicate using skills from arts and social sciences
Funding $73,791
Applicant Brassolotto, Julia University of Lethbridge
Co-applicant Chivers, Sally Trent University
Sedgwick, Monique University of Lethbridge
Waring, Duff York University
Collaborator Fortunaso, Theresa No Primary Affiliation
McGean, Rachel No Primary Affiliation
Walsh, Dionne Alberta Health Services
Title Medical Assistance in Dying: Ethical and Policy issues in Southern Rural Alberta
Funding $57,322
Applicant Otto, Jennifer University of Lethbridge
Title Remembering Anabaptists Martyrs
Funding $23,050
Applicant McManus, Karla University of Regina
Title Flight of Fancy or Fact? Producing, Circulating, and Viewing Ornithological Art and Photography as Ecological Knowledge
Funding $62,673
Applicant Granovsky-Larsen, Simon University of Regina
Title The security practices of Canadian extractive companies in Central America
Funding $70,109
Applicant Fletcher, Kara University of Regina
Co-applicant Milne, Lise University of Regina
Novotna, Gabriela University of Regina
Collaborator Beckwell, Erin University of Regina
Cessna, Andrea No Primary Affiliation
Hallen, Daniel No Primary Affiliation
Mercredi, Jason No Primary Affiliation
Title Stories to Tell: A Pilot Podcast Project for Youth with Lived Experience of Crystal Meth Use in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Funding $74,935
Applicant Hebert, Cristyne University of Regina
Title Telling Stories in Multilingual Classrooms: Teacher Professional Development for Multimodal Learning and Assessment
Funding $64,630
Applicant Milne, Lise University of Regina
Co-applicant Collin-Vézina, Delphine McGill University
Fletcher, Kara University of Regina
Collaborator Field, Andrew No Primary Affiliation
Title Supporting Workers to Build Resilience in Trauma-Impacted Children: A Saskatchewan Pilot Study in a Residential Program
Funding $52,452
Applicant Makarova, Veronika University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Anderson, Tim University of Victoria
Li, Zhi University of Saskatchewan
Title Collaborative development of written academic genre awareness by international graduate students
Funding $58,461
Applicant Quinlan, Elizabeth University of Saskatchewan
Title Mobilizing collective action with discursive frames of injustice: A moment in the history of worker movements in Canada
Funding $68,748
Applicant Morrison, Dirk University of Saskatchewan
Co-applicant Kumaran, Maha University of Saskatchewan
Mykota, David University of Saskatchewan
Vassileva, Julita University of Saskatchewan
Title Artificial Intelligence in Education: Mapping a New Frontier
Funding $60,046
Applicant Gadassik, Alla Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Title Animate Mineral and Fibre: Toward a Material-Based Theory of Animation
Funding $63,621
Applicant Veletsianos, George Royal Roads University
Title Faculty perspectives on the future of higher education
Funding $62,823
Applicant McKinney, Cait Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Mulvin, Dylan London School of Economics and Political Science
Collaborator Chun, Wendy Simon Fraser University
Title HIV and the network society: developing a methodological toolkit for marginalized internet histories
Funding $69,119
Applicant Giovas, Christina Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Kraan, Claudia No Primary Affiliation
Title Reconstructing Curaçao's Cultural Landscapes for Long-Term Records of Biodiversity
Funding $73,594
Applicant Aceves Sepulveda, Gabriela Simon Fraser University
Collaborator DiPaola, Stephen Simon Fraser University
Santos, Alessandra The University of British Columbia
Title Re-activation, Re-mediation and Re-enactment as Feminist Explorations in the Media Arts Archive
Funding $58,730
Applicant Riecke, Bernhard Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Schiphorst, Thecla Simon Fraser University
Collaborator Kingstone, Alan The University of British Columbia
Title JeL: Synchronization through a Virtual Reality installation for interpersonal connection
Funding $72,875
Applicant Heng Hartse, Joel Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Anderson, Tim University of Victoria
Zappa-Hollman, Sandra The University of British Columbia
Title Underground Literacies: The Use of Private Academic Support Services by International EAL Students
Funding $55,973
Applicant Chorney, Sean Simon Fraser University
Title Mathematizing social issues in Canadian secondary schools
Funding $51,340
Applicant Watson, Amanda Simon Fraser University
Title The Politics of the BirthStrike Movement
Funding $73,417
Applicant Higgins, Sabrina Simon Fraser University
Title The Early Cult of the Virgin and the Hegemony of the Text
Funding $32,598
Applicant Socholotiuk, Krista Simon Fraser University
Co-applicant Domene, Jose University of Calgary
Title Early Relationship Formation in Cross-Cultural Counselling: Actions and Processes
Funding $70,847
Applicant Kuus, Merje The University of British Columbia
Title Arctic diplomacy in flux: Arctic Council, China, and The European Union
Funding $54,080
Applicant Kasahara, Hiroyuki The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Shimotsu, Katsumi University of Tokyo
Title Bootstrap Validity of Nonparametric Estimator by Deep Neural Network
Funding $59,650
Applicant Marshall Manriquez, Guillermo The University of British Columbia
Title How Strong are Weak Patents?: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry
Funding $51,000
Applicant Noda, Shunya The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Kawaguchi, Kohei Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Matsushima, Hitoshi University of Tokyo
Title Mechanism Design and Blockchains
Funding $35,200
Applicant McCasland, Jamie The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Squires, Munir The University of British Columbia
Title Nepotism, Need, and Negligence: Why do so many firms in Africa hire kin?
Funding $73,895
Applicant Bena, Jan The University of British Columbia
Title Stakeholder Culture and Pay Inequality within Firms
Funding $68,374
Applicant Ahmed, Rumee The University of British Columbia
Title The Other Muslim Creed: Theology, Power, and the Making of Islamic Orthodoxies
Funding $37,988
Applicant devereux, michael The University of British Columbia
Title Macroeconomic consequences of the breakdown of the world trading system
Funding $40,000
Applicant Cohen, Tamara The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Gouin, Jean-Philippe Concordia University
Kakinami, Lisa Concordia University
Rhodes, Ryan University of Victoria
Collaborator Farnesi, Biagina-Carla Concordia University
Title Development of a diet self-monitoring tool for assessing dietary behaviours according to the new Canada's Food Guide
Funding $74,980
Applicant Yu, Lingtao The University of British Columbia
Title Revisiting Abusive Leadership Through A Temporal Lens
Funding $66,040
Applicant Weaver, Michael The University of British Columbia
Title Contesting Publicity: The Politics of Legitimating and Delegitimating Racial Violence in the United States
Funding $59,993
Applicant Gladwin, Derek The University of British Columbia
Title Energy Literacy, Narrating Futures through Storytelling
Funding $31,367
Applicant Palombo, Daniela The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Gaesser, Brendan State University of New York at Albany
Madan, Christopher University of Nottingham
Rights, Jason The University of British Columbia
Title The Interplay between Episodic Prospection and Far-sighted Decision Making
Funding $60,100
Applicant Clough, David The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Wu, Andy Harvard Business School
Title Software Hackathons and the Diffusion of Digital Platforms
Funding $43,275
Applicant Lee, Barbara The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Cameron, Sara No Primary Affiliation
Chan, Sherman No Primary Affiliation
Wong, Anna Chinese Family Services of Ontario
Wong, Nicole No Primary Affiliation
Title Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators for Effective Child Welfare Intervention for Asian-Canadian Children and Families: Perspectives of Service Users and Service Providers
Funding $74,390
Applicant Schnellert, Leyton The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Davidson, Sara University of the Fraser Valley
Title Working towards relational accountability through local Indigenous ways of knowing and being
Funding $69,640
Applicant Zappa-Hollman, Sandra The University of British Columbia
Title A Case Study of Canadian University Instructors' Beliefs, Dispositions, and Perceptions of Ability Towards Working with Emergent Multilingual Undergraduate Learners
Funding $35,344
Applicant Valencia, Felipe The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Riano Rodriguez, Juan Felipe The University of British Columbia
Tur Prats, Ana University of California, Merced
Title Conflict in history: the spoils of war
Funding $75,000
Applicant Keenan, Harper The University of British Columbia
Title Building Blocks: The Construction of Gender and Race in Primary Education
Funding $66,857
Applicant Oberle, Eva The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Pardhan, Almina Aga Khan University
Collaborator Gadermann, Anne The University of British Columbia
Rafique, Ghazala Aga Khan University
Title Positive youth development in a global context: Examining personal and contextual assets in relation to wellbeing in children in Pakistan
Funding $69,054
Applicant Hutchison, Camden The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Lin, Li Wen The University of British Columbia
Title Law and the Development of Entrepreneurial Regions
Funding $68,103
Applicant Black, Alexis The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Aslin, Richard Haskins Laboratories
Bergmann, Christina Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Title The impact of stimulus complexity on infant learning and behaviour
Funding $70,922
Applicant Laurin, Kristin The University of British Columbia
Title Understanding who values democracy, why: The beginnings of a new program of inquiry
Funding $54,070
Applicant Moon, Seok Min The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Milligan, Kevin The University of British Columbia
Title Corporate Concentration, Investment, and Labour Demand
Funding $75,000
Applicant Makris, Georgios The University of British Columbia
Title The Archaeology of Monasticism in the Medieval Southeastern Balkans
Funding $71,709
Applicant Aziz, Arslan The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Lee, Gene The University of British Columbia
Title Combating Fake Reviews
Funding $53,672
Applicant Heine, Steven The University of British Columbia
Title Cancel Culture: The psychological responses to moral character violations
Funding $67,781
Applicant Lowe, Matthew The University of British Columbia
Title WhatsApp with India? A Field Experiment on Partisan Misinformation and Political Preferences
Funding $72,496
Applicant Frohlick, Susan The University of British Columbia
Collaborator McDonald, Fiona The University of British Columbia
Title Unwanted Sound? Contested Lake and Highway Noise in Okanagan Summer Tourism
Funding $66,962
Applicant Der, Lindsay The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Ready, Elspeth Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Title Disruptive Technologies and Negative Heritage: Evaluating the Social and Economic Impacts of the 3D-printed Triumphal Arch of Palmyra
Funding $71,380
Applicant Ward, Shannon The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Turin, Mark The University of British Columbia
Title Revitalizing Mother Tongues in Diaspora: Early Childhood Language Socialization among Tibetan Refugees
Funding $60,351
Applicant Silfverberg, Miikka The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Davis, Henry The University of British Columbia
Matthewson, Lisa The University of British Columbia
Nicolai, Garrett The University of British Columbia
Title Inferring Inflectional Paradigms from Glossed Corpora for First Nations Languages
Funding $64,999
Applicant Dobson, Teresa The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Radzikowska, Milena Mount Royal University
Collaborator Macfadyen, Leah The University of British Columbia
Title Web mapping for collaborative place-based storytelling
Funding $66,300
Applicant Nesbitt, Lorien The University of British Columbia
Co-applicant Harris, Leila The University of British Columbia
Konijnendijk, Cecil The University of British Columbia
Lauster, Nathanael The University of British Columbia
Collaborator Buijs, Arjen Wageningen University & Research
Landucci, Rob No Primary Affiliation
Nichol, Edward No Primary Affiliation
Title Green gentrification and equitable urban forest governance in Metro Vancouver
Funding $73,460
Applicant Bullard, Julia The University of British Columbia
Title Subject description from the margins: Indigenous and Canadian scholarship
Funding $39,939
Applicant Mirza, Noeman Thompson Rivers University
Title Effects of Abductive Reasoning Training on Hypotheses (EARTH) of Post-Secondary Students in Increasingly-Complex Scenarios
Funding $60,855
Applicant Sharma, Manu Thompson Rivers University
Title A Critical and Comparative Exploration of Secondary School Social Justice Initiatives In Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal
Funding $62,920
Applicant Mathew, Deepak Trinity Western University
Title Successful Career Decision-Making of Young Canadians in a Digital Economy
Funding $39,170
Applicant Hale, Joshua Trinity Western University
Co-applicant Arbeau, Kelly Trinity Western University
Clements, David Trinity Western University
Title Integrated Creative Practices (ICP) for Research Innovation and Mobilization
Funding $55,523
Applicant Chou, Fred University of Victoria
Co-applicant Buchanan, Marla The University of British Columbia
Costigan, Catherine University of Victoria
Collaborator To, Nathan No Primary Affiliation
Wong Sneddon, Grace University of Victoria
Title Stories that shape us: Intergenerational trauma and Chinese Canadians
Funding $66,935
Applicant Rhodes, Ekaterina University of Victoria
Title Exploring consumer motivations to adopt electric heat pumps in Canada: An application of the Attitude-Behaviour-Context theory
Funding $71,056
Applicant Allen, Willow University of Victoria
Co-applicant Nath, Nisha Athabasca University
Title In the deep: How do public sector workers reproduce and disrupt settler colonialism?
Funding $42,099
Applicant Garcia Sinner, Alejandro University of Victoria
Collaborator Jackson, Marie University of Utah
Llabres, Sebastian No Primary Affiliation
Oleson, John University of Victoria
Pandozi, Javier No Primary Affiliation
Title The 'Ses Llumetes' Wreck (Porto Cristo, Majorca): Trade, Shipbuilding and Technology in the Western Mediterranean during the 1st century CE
Funding $67,485
Applicant Monchalin, Renee University of Victoria
Co-applicant Auger, Monique Camosun College
Loppie, Charlotte University of Victoria
Title Métis Women's Identity and Access to Culturally Safe Services in Victoria, British Columbia
Funding $63,174
Applicant Williams Boyarin, Adrienne University of Victoria
Title Medieval Anglo-Jewish Women: New Resources for a Lost Diaspora
Funding $58,246
Applicant Lukaniec, Megan University of Victoria
Collaborator Michelson, Karin State University of New York at Buffalo
Title Kwakwendahchondiahk: Building bilingual dictionaries of Wendat from archival documentation
Funding $74,935
Applicant Carodenuto, Sophia University of Victoria
Collaborator Kehoe, John No Primary Affiliation
Title Follow the bean: Tracing zero deforestation cocoa
Funding $74,942
Applicant Krawchenko, Tamara University of Victoria
Collaborator Foster, Karen Dalhousie University
Markey, Sean Simon Fraser University
Title Canada's 'left behind' places: Understanding rural and small town economic restructuring and government policy responses
Funding $30,869
Applicant Routh, Supriya University of Victoria
Collaborator Hanna, Alan University of Victoria
Title Regulating sustainable development in Canada: exploring spaces of non-hegemonic legal imagination
Funding $57,581
Applicant Baer, Patricia University of Victoria
Collaborator Goddard, Lisa University of Victoria
Surridge, Lisa University of Victoria
Title Visualizations of Old Norse Myths for Victorian and Edwardian Children (1837-1914)
Funding $24,347
Applicant Aijazi, Omer Other
Title Muslim affects: lived religion and social repair in Pakistan's Northern Frontier
Funding $67,500
Applicant McAndrews, John Other
Title Role Models, Marginalized Groups, and Political Learning
Funding $56,500
Applicant Juando Prats, Clara Unity Health Toronto
Co-applicant Gladstone, Brenda University of Toronto
Parsons, Janet St. Michael's Hospital
Pritlove, Cheryl St. Michael's Hospital
Collaborator Fryszberg, Isabel University of Toronto
Title "Flourishing": an Exploration of Parenting at a Young Age through the Arts
Funding $66,378
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