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[ 2023-09-26 ]

Award Recipients for Canada Graduate Scholarships to Honour Nelson Mandela: 2020 Competition

Applicant Administering Organization Title Amount Awarded
Cossette-Lefebvre, Étienne University of Toronto The unity of personhood: trans-systemic perspectives on self-ownership (a legal theory for the protection of human personality through a conceptualisation of the "rights of the personality" and "rights of privacy" as property rights) $105,000
Rollins, Kathryn A. Western University The Efficacy of Parent-Implemented Programs on Children's Speech and Language Outcomes $105,000
Seddon, Jessica A. University of Guelph Examining parental emotion socialization and child emotional-behavioural problems: The mechanistic role of parent-child physiological co-regulation $105,000
Smith, Kira Aislinn  York University Institutionalizing Mad Children in Canada 1870-1940 $105,000
Fairbank, Eloïse J. Concordia University An International Comparison of "Social Hygge" as a Predictor of Child Well-Being: Societal Differences in "Social Coziness" $105,000
Duncan, James K.T. University of Toronto Bordering the Anglosphere: Transnational policy networks and narratives in border policing $105,000
Sharp, Elizabeth  Queen's University Understanding kindergarten educators' conceptualization and practices of self-regulation $105,000
Walters, Jordan  McGill University Human Rights, Freedom, and Personhood $105,000
McNabb, Danielle  Queen's University Legal Intervention and Democracy: A comprehensive analysis of interveners at the Supreme Court of Canada $105,000
Vargas, Daniela  Université de Montréal Espaces, citoyenneté et participation dans le processus d'élaboration d'une nouvelle constitution post-dictature au Chili. Le cas des communautés politiques de Valparaiso et de Montréal $105,000
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