Award Recipients for Canada Graduate Scholarships—Doctoral Program: Fall 2020 Competition

Applicant Affiliation Title Funding
McDonnell, Leah  University of Manitoba A way out: Human Trafficking of Inuit Women and Girls $105,000
Berezowski, Victoria R. University of Newcastle The application of geophysical techniques to clandestine gravesite discovery $105,000
Payne, Shannon M. Dalhousie University Touring the Gothic Anthropocene $105,000
Klassen, Andrea K. University of Texas at Austin The Super-Regional Transmission of Neo-Gregorian Chant in Western Europe $105,000
Ralph, Kharis J. University of Wisconsin - Madison The Politics of Musical Nationalism in South Korea, 1970-1990 $105,000
Ewusi-Boisvert, Esthelle  University of Southern California Well-meaning white people and support for harmful drug policies: The role of silent racism $105,000
Xia, Yunxiao  University of Alberta Effects of Syntactic Priming on First Language Reacquisition $105,000
Asselin, Pierre-Marc  Université du Québec à Montréal De la fiction aux faits : short stories et mythes sociaux aux États-Unis, suivi de 15 février 2039 $105,000
Saneie, Raheleh  Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Xenofuturism: a proposal for a liminal futurism $105,000
Nelischer, Claire S. University of California, Los Angeles Creating the commons: An evaluation of collaborative governance in Toronto's urban parks $105,000
Martin, Mackenzie  University of Oxford The Role of Program Facilitator Characteristics and Competent Adherence in the Scale-Up of the Parenting for Lifelong Health-Teens Program in Tanzania $105,000
Pavliuc, Alexandra M. University of Oxford Towards an understanding of the temporal network structures and strategies of disinformation operations $105,000
Brault, Annabelle  Université de Montréal Quebec youth perspectives on the interrelations between digital well-being and socio-digital inequities: An arts-based, participatory research $105,000
Mancini, Mark  University of Chicago Challenging Deference to the Carceral State $105,000
Bajakian, Aram  The University of British Columbia Navigating nostalgias: Musical identities in the Armenian diaspora $105,000
Bourgault, Samuelle  University of California, Santa Barbara Collaboration personne/machine/matériaux : pour des systèmes tangibles de fabrication numérique en art $105,000
Dare, Zoya  University of Vienna Screen Viewer/Art User: Examining the Effects of Smartphone Use on Art Viewing Behaviour $105,000
DeCuypere, Kevan M. University of Oxford Joyce's Chimera: Bare Life, Posthuman Politics, and the Ethical Philosophy of Ulysses $105,000
Lecours, Pierre-Luc  Université de Montréal Interprète de synthèse sonore : création d'œuvres et étude des enjeux de ce rôle émergent $105,000
Leung, Elizabeth H. University of Cambridge Demigods, Wizards, and Dyslexics Out of School: The Portrayal of Dyslexic Protagonists Across Genres in Children's Literature $105,000
Nan, Mei Mingxue  Harvard University Birth, Aging, Illness, Death: East Asian Literature on Health and Wellness $105,000
Paramashivan, Deepak  University of Alberta Beyond the Geographical Envelope of Musical Traditions: An Integrated Deep Neural Network for a Cross-cultural Composition $105,000
Shaalan, Noran  Columbia University Islamophobia and the Contemporary Novel $105,000
Suzuki, Kaoru R. University of Manitoba Face the Land: Nature-based performance art $105,000
Walker, Andrew J.H. University of Warwick Professional Choristers in Canada: An Artist-Centric Approach to Cultural Policy $105,000
Alkhoury, Sophia  University of Chicago Philosophy in Juvenal: the serious in the satire $105,000
Allibhai, Aabid  Harvard University The Black Seminoles, American Empire, and the Violent Struggle for Land and Power, 1783-1842 $105,000
Bombay, Jean-Philippe  Harvard University Crisis, Money and Debt in the Early Modern Mediterranean: A Socioeconomic and Computational Linguistic Analysis of Money $105,000
Chute, Sarah  University of Toronto Atlantic networks of bondage: Connections between the Maritimes and West Indies through slavery after 1783 $105,000
Goad, Colin R. University of Oxford A dignity-based ethic for reconciling associative obligations and general duties $105,000
Herran, Ana  University College London Contested Memories Worth a Century: Interwar Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia as (un)usable Pasts 1918-2018 $105,000
MacDonald, Max K. University of Southampton Harbours and Hinterlands: Mycenaean harbours and their relationship to the surrounding landscape $105,000
Megginson, Tess J. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill New Borders, New Identities, and Old Homelands: Community Mapping in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938 $105,000
Payne, Neal H. University of Cambridge Restoring the social complexity of Roman colonial encounters: an archaeobotanical analysis of cultural change in Britain across the Late Iron Age and Roman period $105,000
van Reenen, Catherine A. T. University of Manitoba Spiritualism in Twentieth-Century Canada: A Case Study $105,000
Zantingh, Deanna L. University of St. Michael's College Spirituality & Indigenous youth suicide: toward philosophically contextual life promotion $105,000
Ackerley, Christine R. University of Washington Research doesn't always speak for itself: Harnessing the power of rhetorical scholarship to develop tools that help knowledge mobilizers communicate evidence for policy uptake $105,000
Akpedonu, Trixie  York University The role of colonization, English and interlingual translations in gendering the colonial subject - a study of the Peki people of Ghana $105,000
Brandusescu, Ana  McGill University Who watches the watchers? Public and private governance of artificial intelligence $105,000
Habib, Hala  Columbia University Reconstructing Afghanistan: the manufacture of concrete and the durability of war $105,000
Hedlund, Kristina  Simon Fraser University The Criminalization of Illicit Drinking in Vancouver, BC $105,000
Ilyniak, Sophia  York University Suburbanized poverty: how the non-profit sector's role in urban governance betrays community resistance to disinvestment and displacement $105,000
Garner-Knapp, Lindsey R. University of Edinburgh Representing 'Our' People: An Investigation into the Role of Subnational Civil Servants from Canada and the UK in Free Trade Negotiations $105,000
Long, Zoe  Simon Fraser University Is the future shared, automated, or electric? A reflexive, mixed-method approach to anticipating consumer demand for new mobility technologies $105,000
MacArthur, Ewen  University of Oxford Valuing Life and Labour at the Borders of Africa and Europe: Migration, Racialization and Class Formation in Morocco $105,000
McLean, Mercedes A. University of Queensland Advancing Conservation Decision-Making and Resource Management: Using Indigenous Knowledge and Scientific Data to Inform the Conservation of Migratory Marine Species $105,000
Patino Sanchez, Camila  King's College London Transitions et souveraineté énergétique: Adaptations, contestations et visions à travers l'émergence des petites centrales hydroélectriques en Colombie $105,000
Paul, Andrew L. McGill University Indigenous-led Conservation for Reconciliation, Biodiversity Protection, and Cultural Survival: The Case of Salween Peace Park in Karen State, Myanmar $105,000
Peach, Laura J. University of Waterloo From the Ground Up: Investigating the Impact of Land-based Learning on Food Literacy among Indigenous Children and Youth in the Grand River Territory of Southwestern Ontario $105,000
Peacock, Taylor  University of Victoria Sex, Gender, and the Body: An Analysis of Gender in the 18th-19th Century $105,000
Pepper, Gwendoline M.F. University of York Following a thread: Tracing technology and techniques along the Silk Road $105,000
Walley, Meghan P. Simon Fraser University Deepening connections to landscape and heritage through the reconstruction of past fire management regimes on Lasqueti Island, British Columbia $105,000
Huard, Charlotte  Université du Québec à Rimouski Encadrement psychosocial des femmes immigrantes victimes de violence de genre dans leur pays d'origine $105,000
Kopp, Kristina R. University of Calgary kiskinohamakewin: Developing transformative education for Indigenous youth $105,000
Rice, Musqwaunquot D. University of Minnesota Ojibwe Verbal Mode: A Linguistic Analysis and Practical Guide for Learners $105,000
Vahedi, Luissa  Washington University in St. Louis Addressing the intersecting vulnerabilities of gender based violence and COVID-19 among migrant and refugee women $105,000
Voski, Anais L. The University of British Columbia The Overview Effect and Awe: Virtual Reality Applications for Increasing Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours $105,000
Akhmetova, Roxana  University of Oxford Efficient Discrimination: On the Use of AI by Canadian Immigration Agencies $105,000
Hachey, Alysha B.V. University of Hawaii at Manoa Teleworker well-being in the emerging asocial society $105,000
Harland, Fraser A.M. University of Toronto Crown Liability for Systemic Discrimination in Constitutional, Administrative, and Class Action Contexts $105,000
Olaizola, Alexia M. The University of British Columbia Causal Effects of Foster Care on Indigenous Children in British Columbia $105,000
Ouellet, André-Philippe  The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies L'objet et le but dans l'interprétation des traités : une énigme... à élucider $105,000
Rayegani, Anita  University of Hamburg Revisiting the State-centric regime of international law: cases of local participation in ocean governance $105,000
Tremblay-Auger, Benjamin  Stanford University Une théorie comportementale des conflits civils $105,000
Turner, Marcia  The University of Waikato Dismantling Colonial Systems: Locating Sigidem Haanak (Gitxsan Matriarchs) in Governance and Leadership $105,000
Daudjee, Zahid  Princeton University Mightier than the pen: linguistic challenges to literary authority over written Japanese, 1886-1924 $105,000
Dukelow, Alisha J.M. University of Southern California Horizonal Feelings: Radical Reimaginings of Almanacs, Weather Forecasts, and Other Standard Prophesies $105,000
Blackmore, Christopher  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Transnational Fascism: Comparing Popular Cinema and Ideology in Nazi Germany and Manchukuo $105,000
Muffet, Brittany L. King's College London The Cape of Good Hope Colony as the British World Upside-Down, 1806 to 1836 $105,000
Gontchar, Alexandre V. The New School An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Post-Democracy $105,000
Thompson, Kim-Ly S. Simon Fraser University Revitalizing Indigenous intertidal management practices as a pathway to climate change adaptation and social-ecological resilience $105,000
Watkins-Martin, Kia  McGill University The effects of walking in nature on the well-being of university students $105,000
Benhachmi, Salim  Columbia University Optimal Immigrant Neighborhood Choice in Canada $105,000
Byron, Chantalle  University of Cambridge Establishing a governance regime for internal and international climate-induced displacement, in the face of intensifying slow and sudden onset events $105,000
Falconer, Robert R. University of Oxford Measuring Outcomes of Immigrant Loan Programs from Linked Administrative Data $105,000
Lévesque, Maroussia  Harvard University Governing Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Polycentric Model $105,000
Rosborough, Anthony D. European University Institute Servitisation and the Disintegration of Ownership: Weighing the Private Regulatory Effects of Information Technology Design and the Prognosis of Intellectual Property Law in the Public Interest $105,000
Hosseini Nassab, Seyed Hossein  Emory University Muhammadan cosmology in Mulla Sadra, a prominent Islamic thinker of the seventeenth-century Iran $105,000
MacDonald-Liska, Carrie M. St. Francis Xavier University Exploring oncology self-management health coaching in baccalaureate nursing curriculum: a multiple case study design $105,000
Cameron, Derek H. University of Saskatchewan Risks and Rights: Anti-vaccine Activism in English Canada $105,000
Fiddler, Christine M. University of Saskatchewan A History of Nehiyawak (Cree) Health and Traditional Healing Practices in Northwest Saskatchewan $105,000
Kelly, Mckelvey B. University of Saskatchewan Landscapes of Love: Wandat Women, Sacred Spaces, and Healing from Historical Trauma $105,000
Doney, Ethan D. University of Saskatchewan People, Parks, & Wolves: Shifting Human-Wolf Conflict into Coexistence in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Region of British Columbia, Nuu-Chah-Nulth Traditional Territory $105,000
Sidloski, Michaela D. University of Saskatchewan Empowering resource-based communities to adapt to climate change $105,000
Sadika, Bidushy  Western University A Mixed-Methods Inquiry of Intersectional Microaggressions and Identity Development Amongst Women of Colour in Canadian Universities $105,000
Chartre, Thomas  Université de Montréal L'interprétation historiquement informée appliquée au répertoire français pour violoncelle et piano du début du XXe siècle $105,000
Harrison-Boisvert, Catherine  Université de Montréal Musique et discours dans la lutte pour le suffrage des femmes aux États-Unis $105,000
Legault, Matilde  Université de Montréal La musique sous l'Estado Novo (1933-1974) d'António de Oliveira Salazar $105,000
McCallum, Felicia D. University of Regina Indigenous Curatorial Sovereignty: Strategies, and Institutional Change $105,000
Sbih, Miriam  Université de Montréal L'expression littéraire de l'ineffable : métaphorisation de l'expérience mystique $105,000
Carrière-Bouchard, Ulysse  Harvard University Pindare et la vérité : rituel, inspiration et bouleversements épistémiques $105,000
Lefebvre, Justine  Université de Montréal L'économie du bronze du nord égéen aux époques archaïque et classique $105,000
Pycock Kassar, Laura  Université de Montréal L'herméneutique de la dispute de Jacob Taubes : sources et apports du judaïsme aux théories contemporaines de l'interprétation $105,000
Coyne, Paige A. University of Windsor Digitally connected, socially distant: Investigating the social, mental, and physical outcomes of growing up in the world of social networking sites $105,000
Melouka, Ismehen  Université de Montréal La réconciliation avec les peuples autochtones au Canada : la reconnaissance des victimisations structurelles par les allochtones $105,000
Vargas, Daniela  Université de Montréal Espaces, citoyenneté et participation dans le processus d'élaboration d'une nouvelle constitution post-dictature au Chili. Le cas des communautés politiques de Valparaiso et de Montréal $105,000
Colucci, Laura  University of Waterloo Family resilience during COVID-19: An analysis of coping and well-being $105,000
El-Hourani, Mira  Université de Montréal Cauchemars et ajustement psychosocial : Étude longitudinale chez les enfants et les adolescents $105,000
Gevaux, Nicole S. University of Waterloo Children's Social Behaviour During Games with Peers $105,000
Ho, Jolie Tsoi Kan  University of Waterloo Let your guard down: Promoting social pleasure and reward learning in socially anxious individuals via safety behaviour reduction $105,000
Le Normand, Celia S. Université de Montréal Trajectoires d'adaptation scolaire et sociale de jeunes Québécois ayant vécu la perte d'un lien d'attachement pendant l'enfance $105,000
Lefebvre, Marie-Eve  Université de Montréal Transition vers le postsecondaire chez les adultes avec un TSA $105,000
Messa-Hamidi, Isabelle L. University of Windsor What they give is what you get: Detecting suboptimal effort in undergraduate research participants $105,000
Paluszek, Michelle M. University of Regina Contagion of COVID-19 stress in couples: A mixed methods investigation into the psychosocial well-being of Canadian public safety personnel and their romantic partners during the pandemic $105,000
Fréchet, Nadjim  Université de Montréal Black lives matter in public opinion $105,000
Péloquin-Skulski, Gabrielle  Université de Montréal Electoral reform in the United States: The consequences of ranked choice voting $105,000
Renard, Alexia  Université de Montréal L'engagement des jeunes de 12 à 17 ans dans les mouvements véganes et antispécistes en France et au Québec $105,000
Serrano, Claudia  Carleton University Politiques migratoires et violations des droits des réfugiés et des migrants : analyse des pratiques états-uniennes et australiennes $105,000
Arsenault, Sarah-Anne  Université Laval Ouvrir l'enseignement de l'histoire de la musique aux savoirs non institués : enquête dans les universités canadiennes $105,000
Bolduc, Maxime  Université de Sherbrooke La relation auteur-éditeur dans le Québec contemporain $105,000
Chan, Madison Sara  McMaster University Knowing Her Self, Feeling Her Body: Embodiment as a Response to the Physician's Intervention in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Women's Literature $105,000
Corridon, Linzey S. McMaster University By the Books: Queer Caribbean and Diaspora Literature as Counterpolicy and Archival Practice $105,000
Duval, Sandrine  McGill University Les femmes ont soif : Émergence des dramaturges féminines dans la littérature francophone du Canada $105,000
Elahi, Moizza Shehzad  University of Toronto Rethinking Representation: Women and Gender in the Ancient Art of Gandhara $105,000
Harbour, John  Université Laval L'oeuvre inachevée Microbus 1er de Raoul Barré (1874-1932) : son importance et son apport dans l'histoire du cinéma d'animation québécois $105,000
Lansdowne, Emma  McMaster University Botanical Place-Making: Contact Gardens in the Eighteenth Century $105,000
Minier, Jessica  Université du Québec en Outaouais L'acquisition conjointe comme nouvelle modalité de muséalisation : les collections en copropriété dans les musées d'art $105,000
Nadeau, Marie-Hélène  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La singularité des mémoires canadiens-français (1850-1900) $105,000
Plourde, Valérie  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Le rôle du plaisir dans les scénographies du Moi chez Rousseau $105,000
Aiken, Beth L. McMaster University Brezhnev Comedy Films and the Soviet State (1964-82) $105,000
Bailey, Jordyn M. University of New Brunswick Intimate Exercises: Sexpionage in the East German STASI, 1968-1989 $105,000
Beaudet, Alexandre  Université Laval Les statuts des métallurgistes dans les royaumes francs, 400-900 $105,000
Bisson, Keven  McGill University The revision of the effective altruism effectiveness assessment framework: the integration of deontological principle in a utilitarian framework $105,000
Campbell, Sydney O. University of Toronto Medical Assistance in Dying for mature minors in Ontario: Informing policy deliberations and moving the discourse forward $105,000
Carvell, Nancy A. University of New Brunswick Diagnosis and Disposal: Personnel Selection and Psychiatric Care in the Canadian Army during the Second World War $105,000
Coleman, Scott J. University of Ottawa Byzantine Identity in a Pluralist Society: A Case Study of the Presentation and Representation of Byzantine Coins and Identity in Canadian Museums $105,000
Friend, Rebecca  Carleton University Conceptualizing Children, Childhood and Youth in Canada's Museums $105,000
Gagnon-Brouillet, Florence  Université Laval Les discours de la grande presse du Québec : entre plaisir de manger et normes de beauté féminine (1945-1990) $105,000
Martin, Mathieu  Université du Québec à Montréal Être femme et croyante : Portrait du féminisme chrétien en Acadie (1960-2000) $105,000
Pagnotta, Sarafina  Carleton University From 'somewhere in France' to 'somewhere in the collection': recovering soldier art at the Canadian War Museum $105,000
Prégent, Alexandra  University of Edinburgh Concilier la sécurité et la vie privée : Dilemmes moraux et politiques des systèmes d'analyse faciale $105,000
Traxler, Sophia E. University of Oxford "An Independent Body of Nationalist Irishwomen": Cumann na mBan's Self-Perception of its Revolutionary Identity, 1914-1958 $105,000
Bajaha, Binta  University of Toronto The Sacrificial Realities of Climate Change - Interrogating Intersectional Vulnerabilities, Resilience and Agency in the Sahel $105,000
Banbury, Tamara P. Carleton University Techno-sensory enhancements: deconstructing concepts of disability and ability $105,000
Bartol, Franklynn  University of Toronto Gender in the brain, feminism in the lab: How gender politics are shaping contemporary neuroscience $105,000
Baumann, Andrea L. University of Toronto Structural violence in a gendered workforce: A qualitative case study of nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic $105,000
Bautista, Darlyne  University of Toronto Transnational Affect, Agency and Memory: The Legacy of Filipina Garment Workers in Winnipeg (1966 to 1986) $105,000
Clapperton-Richard, Adèle  Université Laval Nitassinan : espace accaparé et territoire vécu $105,000
Doiron, Gabrielle E. University of Toronto Stewarding wildscapes: contesting relations to invasive species in Toronto $105,000
Douglas, Mariba  University of Toronto The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Fix?  Exploring Anti-Blackness on Campus $105,000
Duncan, James K.T. University of Toronto Bordering the Anglosphere: Transnational policy networks and narratives in border policing $105,000
Dunseith, Bradley Thomas  University of Toronto Waste Work in Mumbai: Food vendors, hungry animals, and informal infrastructures $105,000
Gordon, Loa  McMaster University (Self)care among Canadian university students with mental health struggles $105,000
Gray, Casey J. Carleton University Assembling bodies: the museum collection as apparatus of bodily production $105,000
Hughes, Nicole  University of New Brunswick Lineages of Louisbourg: an exploration of mitochondrial DNA analysis to investigate the ancestral diversity at the 18th century Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia $105,000
Jobson, Rachel E. Carleton University Not just nuclear: non-normative families in Canada $105,000
Kennedy, Suzanne  Carleton University Digital Secrets—Digital Selves $105,000
Kubat, Breanna D.A. Carleton University Uses and Promises of Canadian Studies: Experiences of International Canadianists and Implications for the Discipline $105,000
Hvidberg, Madisen  University of Calgary Toward Reconciliation Through Representation: Investigating Physicalization of former Alberta Indian Residential School Sites through Community Partnerships $105,000
Mckay, Ashley K. McMaster University Rethinking Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence Policies on University Campuses: How a Feminist, Anti-Oppressive Framework Can Inform Meaningful Change $105,000
Graham, Nelson A. Wilfrid Laurier University How do immigrant entrepreneurs' opportunity structures vary across SMCs in different countries? $105,000
Percel, Joyce-Ann  University of Calgary The Right to Own: Decoding histories of racial violence in property data and algorithms $105,000
Radcliffe, Josalyn B. University of Waterloo Exploring and Mapping the Collective Stories of Food Growers in the Northwest Territories: Resilience, Challenges, and Tensions in the Foodscape $105,000
Sumanth, Snehanjali C. Carleton University Reinterpreting Toronto's housing crisis through lived experiences of housing insecurity $105,000
Tompalski, Jaclyn L. Carleton University A Return to Community: Indigenizing Alternatives to Criminalization $105,000
Vaillancourt, Benoit  Université du Québec à Montréal Heurs et malheurs de l'art populaire en région : la reconnaissance artistique et patrimoniale de l'œuvre d'Arthur Villeneuve, 1958-2020 $105,000
Watts, Andrew  University of Calgary Tracing the History of Pathescope 28mm Film between 1912-1934 $105,000
Ahmad, Sidrah M. University of Toronto Finding Hope Between A Rock and a Hard Place: Mapping the Journeys of Muslim Women Survivors of Gendered Violence in the Canadian Context $105,000
Al-Azzawi, Amad  University of Toronto Reforming Professional Education in Developing Higher Education Systems: The Case of Clinical Training in the UAE $105,000
Al-Jbouri, Elizabeth  Brock University Dating Games: A Mixed Methods Investigation of Relational Aggression in Adolescent Girls' Romantic Relationships $105,000
Atay, Elaine  University of Calgary Indigenous mentorship for the health sciences $105,000
Aubé, Sophie  Université Laval Le rôle des interactions gènes-environnement dans l'association longitudinale entre les habiletés langagières et la poursuite des études postsecondaires $105,000
Bell, Sheena  University of Toronto The how of education quality reforms: which policy approaches will bridge the implementation gap in middle-income countries? $105,000
Bence Mathezer, Michelle L. University of Calgary Exploring Dialogic Talk and The Development of Cognitive Oracy in Kindergarten Classrooms With Designed-Based Research $105,000
Benoit, Aryn A. University of New Brunswick The role of social supports in help-seeking among university students with mental illness: A mixed methods design $105,000
Bhalloo, Insiya  University of Toronto Early predictors of future literacy development in Urdu-English bilingual children $105,000
Bideaux, Clémence  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Polémiques autour de l'autisme : analyse de discours de la convergence et du dissensus entre scientifiques et experts d'usage $105,000
Boyne, Holly P. University of Toronto Negative self-beliefs and nonsuicidal self-injury among post-secondary students $105,000
Burchell, Diana M. University of Toronto Improving assessment, interventions, and resources for students with disability and/or low socioeconomic status in French Immersion $105,000
Burns, Samantha  University of Toronto Understanding and improving collaborative skills in children $105,000
Campbell, Harrison M. University of Calgary Imagining Literacy: Finding What is Real By Making Believe $105,000
Couvrette, Romane  Université Laval Le deuil illustré par des aînés présentant une déficience intellectuelle $105,000
Dagenais, Matthieu  Brock University Indicators of Positive Body Image and Physical Activity Across Various Social Identities and the Lifespan $105,000
Doyle-Baggaley, Jessica N. University of New Brunswick Quality of Reporting Following Use of Force Encounters: Psychological Factors $105,000
Eirich, Rachel  University of Calgary Technoference, parental sensitivity, and parent-child attachment $105,000
Feng, Zhe  University of Toronto Graduating amidst a global recession: A person-centered comparison of the experience of recent graduates in Canada, the U.S.A., mainland China, and Taiwan $105,000
Fraser, Bailey  Carleton University The Influence of Race and Discrepancies in Officer Testimony on Mock-Juror Decision-Making in Police Use of Force Cases $105,000
Gingras, Anne-Sophie  Université de Sherbrooke L'engagement des couples vivant la transition à la parentalité : attachement, symptômes anxio-dépressifs et rôle protecteur du soutien conjugal $105,000
Hubley, Candice  University of Waterloo Promoting Optimal Disengagement from Personal Goals $105,000
Jalbert, Sophie  Université Laval L'éducation musicale et l'éducation entrepreneuriale : l'interdisciplinarité au service du développement des fonctions exécutives en milieu scolaire $105,000
Jenkins, Bryce W. Carleton University Tactical training: a precursor to expertise or excessive force? $105,000
Katan, Aleece  University of Waterloo How can we prevent self-regulatory failure in our daily lives? Investigating the protective role of self-compassion $105,000
Lepage, Alexandre  Université de Montréal Exploitation de l'intelligence artificielle en éducation et en enseignement supérieur : comprendre et accroître l'acceptabilité sociale au bénéfice de l'enseignement et de l'apprentissage $105,000
Levasseur, Alice  Université Laval L'importance de la confiance relationnelle des enseignants de centres de la formation professionnelle pour favoriser leur santé psychologique $105,000
Nelson, Holly  University of Toronto Parents' perceptions and scaffolding of school readiness skills $105,000
Qureshi, Maryam  University of Calgary Examining Muslim Identity in the Face of Islamophobia: Dominant and Counter Discourses $105,000
Redekop, Michelle C. University of Calgary Veteran Couples in Transition: Constructing Meaning and Shared Identity in Recovery $105,000
Richard, Morgan E. University of New Brunswick Violence prevention app usage among women at risk of intimate partner violence $105,000
Smyth, Aidan P.J. Carleton University Investigating the Role of Mindfulness Meditation in Personal Goal Pursuit $105,000
Tait, Lesley M. University of Calgary What are you trying to lift? Kikway Enohte-Ohpinaman?: An inquiry into Wahkotowin and Wîcêhtowin as pedagogical imperatives $105,000
Thériault-Couture, Frédéric  Université Laval Développement des fonctions exécutives et problèmes socioaffectifs chez l'enfant : une approche multidimensionnelle et longitudinale $105,000
Thierry, Sophia M. Brock University First impressions of child faces: The behavioural consequences and developmental trajectory $105,000
Tremblay, Karine  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières L'expérience du placement d'un enfant après son adoption : points de vue de tous les membres de la famille $105,000
Villeneuve, Annie-Claude  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Exploration des effets de l'utilisation de la rétroaction vidéo combinée à un soutien technologique pour favoriser les comportements de stimulation chez les parents présentant une déficience intellectuelle $105,000
Abimbola, Gbemisola  University of Waterloo Effects of Pre-existing Conceptual Frameworks on Collaborative Group Problem Solving $105,000
Addis, James L. University of Toronto Understanding the utilization of technologies in novel contexts $105,000
Beaulieu, Christopher  McGill University L'apport d'une pédagogie de type « transformative learning » dans un programme d'éducation citoyenne et ses effets longitudinaux sur les attitudes et opinions à l'égard de la démocratie de jeunes vivant leurs premières expériences citoyennes (18 à 21 ans) $105,000
Burroughs, Robert T. University of New Brunswick New relations: Building a path to Reconciliation through a teleological interpretation of the Crown in New Brunswick $105,000
Rahman, Basmah S. Queen's University (Mis)Education in Contemporary Canadian Literature: Asserting BIPOC Voices and Rethinking Classroom Culture $105,000
Cossette-Lefebvre, Étienne  University of Toronto The unity of personhood: trans-systemic perspectives on self-ownership (a legal theory for the protection of human personality through a conceptualisation of the "rights of the personality" and "rights of privacy" as property rights) $105,000
Davis, Jessica M. Carleton University Countering the financing of terrorism: privacy, human rights, and efficacy $105,000
Ducasse, Delphine  Université de Sherbrooke La portée juridique systémique de l'inclusion de normes environnementales et de normes du travail dans les accords de libre-échange $105,000
Hervieux, Valérie  Université Laval Travailler malade : exploration du rôle de l'activité physique et des risques psychosociaux dans le phénomène du présentéisme $105,000
Lefebvre, Camille  Université Laval Intégration du droit international en droit canadien : le recours à l'expulsion et ses effets sur la sécurisation des migrants au Canada $105,000
Loertscher, Oliver  McMaster University Canada's green future: taxes and employment $105,000
Provencher, Yannick  Saint Mary's University The Effect of Job Stress on Incivility Enactment: The Moderating Role of Personality $105,000
Tremblay-Antoine, Camille  Université Laval Le suivi des promesses électorales : Ses outils, ses mesures et sa validité $105,000
Alariaq, Nakasuk  Concordia University Sanaugavut Qikiqtani: Art from Qikiqtaaluk $105,000
Ali, Zaynab  York University World Narratives of Internal Exile: Critical Remains $105,000
Baouche, Amine  McGill University Texte, corps, rythme : pour une poétique du sujet dans le rap français (1995-2020) $105,000
Bortuzzo, Nans  Université du Québec à Montréal Recherche-création proposant une esthétique des données massives à partir des méthodes d'enquête du journalisme de données $105,000
Bouraly, Lisa  Université du Québec à Montréal Redéployer les collections, un geste curatorial pour repenser l'histoire des expositions $105,000
Brown, Kira A. McGill University The Obsolete Object: The Documentation and Representation of Early Virtual Reality Artworks (1991-1994) $105,000
Bulford, Matthew A. Simon Fraser University Medicine Bundle Stories: Health and the Nonhuman in Indigenous and Feminist Technoscience $105,000
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Downey, Beth A. Memorial University of Newfoundland Representations of Il/literacy in Contemporary Canadian Atlantic Fiction $105,000
Dussault St-Pierre, Antoine  Université du Québec à Montréal L'expérience de la complexité : les possibles épistémologiques de la fiction littéraire à l'ère du jeu vidéo, suivi de Contreparties $105,000
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Friars, Rachel  Queen's University An exclusively female ensemble: neo-Victorian lesbianism and nineteenth-century queer narratives $105,000
Jabr, Rimah  York University Performing spatiality: A performance ethnography research-creation with Palestinian designers in Hebron $105,000
Kenney, Fiona L. McGill University Architecture as/of care: ethics and the design of the hospice $105,000
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LeBlanc, Jennifer L. Queen's University Indigenous Youth, Music and Urban Space: Negotiating Identities through 'heavy music' $105,000
Lee Lacharite, Yaniya  Queen's University Liberatory Aesthetics: Community, Archives, Activism and the matter of Black Canadian art $105,000
Legault, Donna M. Concordia University Learning from Organisms: The sympoiesis of bio-artistic technology $105,000
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McLaren, Laura R. University of Toronto 'Take Me To Church': Post-secularism in Popular Music $105,000
Meyers-Guiden, Kira  York University Transforming Social Isolation: Online Performance Ethnography with Queer Youth $105,000
Mohamed, Maandeeq  University of Toronto Canadian Grammar: Reading Freedom in 20th and 21st Century Black Canadian Literatures $105,000
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Ouimet, Marie-Josée F. University of Alberta A History of Francophone Choirs in Canada's Prairie Provinces and Their Importance to the Retention of the French Culture and Language in a Minority Setting $105,000
Pawluk, Micah  University of Alberta The importance of the relationship between humanity and nature as revealed by art music and folk music $105,000
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Prowse, Kathryn  Memorial University of Newfoundland Shakespearean Dance, Embodiment, and Gender at the National Ballet of Canada and the Royal Ballet $105,000
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Williams, Alexander D.S. York University The Trust Accounts: A Legal/Historical Documentary Film on Crown-Indigenous Fiscal Relations $105,000
Willmann, Hannah C. University of Ottawa Rehearsing Canada: Music, Multiculturalism, and the National Spectacle $105,000
Bensalim, Amel  University of Southern California Christian Affairs of State: Religious Identity and State Formation in North Africa, 13th-15th c $105,000
Blair, Megan  The University of British Columbia Teenage Feminism: Canadian High School Students and the Women's Liberation Movement $105,000
Davies Barton, Tyeson  The University of British Columbia Toward an Ecological and Enactive Theory of Information for the Cognitive Sciences $105,000
Delmore, Tyler  York University Does Olfactory Perception Give Rise to Unique Kinds of Mind? The Case of Smell Maps $105,000
Glass, Melissa B. Queen's University Tenurial negotiations as political acts in England, 1640-1690 $105,000
Goulet, Emmanuelle  University of Ottawa Rejetée par l'histoire? Madame de La Ferté-Imbault à rebours des Lumières $105,000
Grenier, Olivier  Université du Québec à Montréal L'épistémologie des sciences de l'éducation $105,000
Grisdale, Ottilie K. University of Toronto Who protects Canadians from white terrorism? $105,000
Harper, Jonathan C.K. McGill University Prescribing Modernity: Psychopharmaceuticals as Symbols in Canada's Nuclear Age $105,000
Johnston, Andrew T. University of Victoria A Global Analysis of British Royal Navy Courts Martial Proceedings, 1815-1890 $105,000
Kim, Emy  University of Toronto The Cost of Fusion: Social and Environmental Consequences of Modern Welding Technology $105,000
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McCart, Jack  University of Toronto Seismicity and the city: Earthquake response and reslience in Italy, 1275-1500 $105,000
McCullough, Kimberly  The University of British Columbia Antiquity Reconsidered: Domestic Spaces and Lived Experiences in Roman North Africa $105,000
Millman, Lara  Dalhousie University Doxastic Warrant and Socially Problematic Beliefs $105,000
Myers, J. Gary R. York University Gay Ghetto to Gay Village to Post-Gay: Exploring Gay Nostalgia and the Erosion of Toronto's Gay Identity & Culture in the Church-Wellesley Village Using Knowledge Mobilization $105,000
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Pass, Michael B. University of Ottawa Japan and the Search for a Canadian Far Eastern Policy, 1941-1955 $105,000
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Phipps-Burton, Anna K. McMaster University Honour Among Thieves? Thieves, Bandits, and Monks in Buddhist Literature and Law $105,000
Poitras-Raymond, Chloé  Université de Montréal La victime au banc des accusés : les femmes françaises et allemandes dans les procès pour violence sexuelle de la cour martiale américaine en Europe (1944-1949) $105,000
Shahed, Syed  University of Toronto Public Religion and Religious Publics: Secularism and the Idea of East Bengal, 1926-1971 $105,000
Simpson, Rachel M.L. University of Alberta Investigating lead exposure in ancient Greece through chemical analysis of human skeletal remains $105,000
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Walters, Jordan  McGill University Human Rights, Freedom, and Personhood $105,000
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Alexie, Elaine D. University of Alberta Gwichin Material Culture, Relationality and Museum Research $105,000
Barlow, Amanda F. University of Alberta Indigenous Hyper-Incarceration: How Do Gladue Reports Impact the Lives of Participants? $105,000
Bell, Lucy M. Simon Fraser University Yahgudang: Haida repatriation and reconciliation $105,000
Bernard Fournier, Anabelle  University of Victoria Barriers to Abortion Access: Conscientious Objection and the National Implications of Denial of Care $105,000
Bider, Emma Ruth  Concordia University Mundane Realities as Teaching Tools: Innovative Pedagogy as Anthropological Practice $105,000
Brais, Hannah  McGill University Identifying and building programming for homeless substance users in Montreal: increasing access to care for a right to housing $105,000
Chadha, Kartikay  McGill University Finding Lives in Data: Information Studies and the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade $105,000
Champion, Amanda R. Simon Fraser University Misogynist terrorism: Understanding incels using the biopsychosocial model $105,000
Cima, Samantha L. University of Alberta The Unheard: Male, Trans, and Non-Binary Experiences of Sexual Victimization $105,000
Couturier, Alexane  Université du Québec à Montréal Aborder la maladie dans les autofictions vidéoludiques : (re)penser les formes et les usages du jeu vidéo comme acte de témoignage $105,000
Crawford, Colin J.M. Concordia University Platform Television: Re-thinking Media Value in the Age of the User $105,000
Crocker, Bradley J. McGill University Navigating health (mis)information: Assessing proficiency in online information-seeking $105,000
Durbau, William  University of Ottawa Faire du spectateur un joueur : le jeu et la ludification comme moteurs de la communication dans le théâtre européen et nord-américain des années 2000 $105,000
Dwyer, Carrie E.L. Concordia University Simulated Sweethearts: Non-Monogamies and Queer Possibility in Games $105,000
Finch, David M. Memorial University of Newfoundland Practicing Heritage: Community-based Archaeology and Learning in Labrador $105,000
Fraser, Shannon C. Memorial University of Newfoundland Down and Out in a Post-Work World: Social Suffering, Socioeconomic Exclusion and Therapeutic Governance $105,000
Frenzel, Janna  Concordia University The Northern Frontier: The Data Centre Industry Pursues Renewable Energy $105,000
Frost, Robert B. University of Toronto A Service-Oriented Approach to Evaluating AI Governance Systems $105,000
Gauthier-Davies, Christophe  École nationale d'administration publique Délinquance et sortie de placement $105,000
Gonet, Jared M.G. University of Alberta Intersections of indigenous knowledge and western science in conservation planning $105,000
Gunton, Cameron K.M. Simon Fraser University Resolving conflicts in resource development: The role of impact benefit agreements $105,000
Harvey-Sánchez, Amanda L. University of Toronto Just Transitions: The Climate Justice Movement Building a Post-Carbon Economy in Canada $105,000
Hashmi, Sidra  The University of British Columbia Understanding Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Perpetrated Against Racialized Immigrant Women $105,000
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Hormozinejad, Sara  University of Toronto 'Home' Makers: Belonging and the Precarity of Citizenship for Afghan Migrants in Iran $105,000
Cyrus, Jason  York University Couture and the Colonial Lens $105,000
Jutras, Laurence  Université du Québec à Montréal Autorité et modes de légitimation des savoirs chez des guérisseuses et clairvoyantes musulmanes de la Côte d'Ivoire $105,000
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Laing, Allison M. The University of British Columbia Violence mitigation among homeless people who use illicit drugs $105,000
MacDonald, Margaret A. University of Toronto Incognito Mode: hidden pornography networks and the platformization of a culture industry in Canada $105,000
Melling, Rowan  Simon Fraser University Digital Romanticism: Programming the Neoliberal Self $105,000
Melo, Carli  York University Internal migrants in Myanmar's manufacturing sector: examining exploitative labour practices and social reproduction in global production networks $105,000
Miller, Jason A. University of Victoria Supporting youth leadership and intergenerational alliance-building in Canada's climate justice movement $105,000
Miraj, Umaima  University of Toronto Ghadar Party and Women: A Revolutionary Feminist World Systems Analysis $105,000
Nader, Zahra  York University Afghan women's political histories from the 1960s to 1990s $105,000
Nyela, Océane I. York University Braiding our way home: ethnomathematical thinking and identity in the Black Canadian diaspora $105,000
O'Connor, Alida  The University of British Columbia Operationalizing a landscape approach in Kalomo District, Zambia $105,000
Olsen, Jonah L.D. University of Toronto Situating Mondragon: The Importance of Understanding Socio-Spatiality for the Planning of Alternative Economic Models $105,000
Palozzi, Julia E. University of Victoria Exploring stewardship feedbacks with a cross-cultural (wet)land-based learning program $105,000
Parsons, Alastair D. McGill University Craving and Aversion: An Ethnography of Thai Buddhist Concepts of Addiction in a Cross-Cultural Context $105,000
Paskulin, Lindsey Marielle  The University of British Columbia The search for ancient chocolate: Using proteomics to identify cacao in Pre-Columbian vessels $105,000
Pludwinski, Brandon  University of Ottawa The voices and experiences of climate-induced migration from the Yukon Territory $105,000
Reynolds, Jeanne  Université du Québec à Montréal Corps, sexe, travail : effets de la mixité sur la construction sexuée des corps $105,000
Schall, Jenna L. University of Toronto Advancing the accurate identification of transgender individuals in forensic anthropology $105,000
Sharma, Neha  The University of British Columbia Understanding the Repair Economy in Context of Electronic Waste $105,000
Sobanski, Brenna  University of Toronto Enacting social justice in community-based non-profit work $105,000
Spooner-Lockyer, Kassandra  University of Toronto Haunted Imaginaries: Deindustrialization and Ghosts in Cape Breton $105,000
Stepanova, Ekaterina R. Simon Fraser University Creating EntangoVR - a bio-responsive telepresent virtual reality experience using embodied phenomenological experiences of human connection to inform design practice $105,000
Temmer, Jennifer K. Wilfrid Laurier University Re-Thinking Resilience in Indigenous Food Systems in the Northwest Territories $105,000
Trépanier, Sonia  Université du Québec à Montréal Facebook au temps de la retraite : nouveaux horizons numériques pour les Québécois·e·s de plus de 65 ans $105,000
Turner, Justin  The University of British Columbia Wildfire Emergency Planning for Dakelh First Nations People in North Central British Columbia $105,000
Vij, Asmita Bhutani  University of Toronto Invisible Violence, Displacement and Labour of Migrant Workers in Microwork Industry $105,000
Way, Kieran  University of Toronto Together and Apart: Practices of Reform, Reciprocity and Refusal in a Settler City $105,000
Wiebe, Joshua H. University of Toronto Cine Qua Non: On Labour and the Cinematic Negative Image $105,000
Wilkinson, Alisha  The University of British Columbia Urban Improvement and Environment: Imagining Urban Futures in Lima, Peru $105,000
Wood, Natalie  York University Black futurity, performing change and the Radical Organizations of Black artists in Toronto $105,000
Zanussi, Darren A.S. Queen's University Colonial Complicity, Racism, and Reconciliation: Rural Settler-Ontarians in Close Proximity to First Nations $105,000
Akimenko, Olessya  Simon Fraser University Troubling discourses of non-native English as an additional language (EAL) teachers: identity and employment prospects in Canada $105,000
Battaglini, Ashley  The University of British Columbia Intra- and interpersonal emotion regulation $105,000
Billet, Matthew I. The University of British Columbia Leveraging sacred values to combat environmental apathy $105,000
Bird, Simon D. University of Victoria A double-edged sword: Is social media merely a distraction or does it have a meaningful role in Indigenous Language Revitalization? $105,000
Bolanis, Despina  McGill University Urban residential greenspace, cognition, and psychological well-being in youth $105,000
Bozek, Emma  Queen's University Prosocial behaviour development in Ontario's play-based kindergarten program $105,000
Brouillard, Melanie  Concordia University Tomorrow's bilinguals: Exploring the family factors shaping infants' language learning $105,000
Caouette, Justine  Université du Québec à Montréal Reconnaissance des émotions et sécurité d'attachement chez les enfants d'âge scolaire victimes d'agression sexuelle $105,000
Chesworth, Janine L. University of Alberta Wicipahpimohtewin: Experiences of speech and language assessment and diagnosis in an Indigenous preschool $105,000
Cimon-Paquet, Catherine  Université du Québec à Montréal Le rôle protecteur des parents dans le parcours scolaire des jeunes de l'enfance à l'âge adulte $105,000
Ciquier, Gabrielle C. McGill University Psychologists' decision-making processes and engagement in evidence-based practice in psychotherapy and counselling settings $105,000
Coady, Alanna  The University of British Columbia How Do Passive Users Benefit From Online Health Communities?: Proposing a Novel Construct of Vicarious Social Support $105,000
Crickard, Travis J. Wilfrid Laurier University The communicating coach: Perceptions of deliberate practice to improve communication skills $105,000
Crowshoe, Lisa  University of Victoria Sooksipaatapiisin kii Nitsitapiipowahsin (Good Life Through Speaking Blackfoot): Improving Mental Health Outcomes in Blackfoot Youth through Knowledge and Use of Blackfoot Language $105,000
DesRochers, Jacob J. Queen's University Undoing religious-versus-secular binaries: Mapping Canadian school-aged sexuality education $105,000
Dumont, Julianne  Concordia University Identifying Culturally-Specific Resilience Pathways for Anishinabe Youth $105,000
Elkassem, Siham  Memorial University of Newfoundland Exploring Islamophobia Through the Lived Experiences of Muslim Youth $105,000
Fairbank, Eloïse J. Concordia University An International Comparison of "Social Hygge" as a Predictor of Child Well-Being: Societal Differences in "Social Coziness" $105,000
Ferreira, Jessica S. Simon Fraser University Emotional expressions and communication in couples' sexual problem discussions: Associations with trajectories of relationship and sexual satisfaction over one year $105,000
Findlay, Denise M. Simon Fraser University Gathering Our Medicine: Healing and Strengthening Troubled Kinship Relationships $105,000
Fisico, Rebecca A. Ontario Tech University Capturing a Snapshot of Senders', Receivers', and the Public's Perceptions of Unsolicited Sexual Images $105,000
Folk, Dunigan  The University of British Columbia Beyond close friendship: An investigation into alternative avenues for belonging $105,000
Fortin, Andréanne  Université du Québec à Montréal L'escalade des conflits et l'occurrence de la violence dans les relations amoureuses à l'adolescence : le rôle des comportements et des perceptions subjectives en situation de conflit $105,000
Galarneau, Emma  University of Toronto Social Hardships of COVID-19 for LGBTQ+ Canadian Youth $105,000
Gauthier, Valérie  Laurentian University La sociologie relationnelle : un regard sur les défis interculturels et intergénérationnels de communication $105,000
Gloade, Katharine R. Dalhousie University School Readiness from a Mi'kmaq Perspective $105,000
Goldberg, Briana Jamie  York University Connection in a time of disconnection: A relational parent-training workshop as a means of combatting bullying and mental health concerns $105,000
Gran-Ruaz, Sophia  University of Ottawa Mapping the risk of COVID-19 to improve mental health outcomes, quality of life, and well-being across diverse communities in Canada $105,000
Guan, Kate  The University of British Columbia Why we hate when good people go bad: Investigating how moral impression violations contaminate trust in others $105,000
Guerin, Victor F. Simon Fraser University Indigenous Welcome Speeches: Performance and Protocol $105,000
Hagen, Amanda E.F. Dalhousie University Shame and rumination as predictors of drinking behaviour: a daily diary study $105,000
Hamodat, Teba  Dalhousie University Exploring Syrian Refugees' Access to Services for their Children with Developmental Disabilities $105,000
Hunsche, Michelle C. The University of British Columbia Perspective taking and social adjustment in youth with social communication difficulties $105,000
Jambrovic, Samuel J. University of Toronto The problem with "proper": A unified analysis of noun behaviour $105,000
Kaba, Adama  McGill University Understanding Black girls' experiences in schools and community education in Montreal $105,000
Katz, Jasmin L. University of Toronto A longitudinal exploration of the impact of negative affect and interpersonal stress on the drinking behaviour of emerging adults $105,000
Kennedy, Heather  McGill University Emotion Socialization of Youth: Understanding a Transitional Stage in Development using EEG $105,000
Kenny, Samantha L. McGill University An investigation into how first-time and experienced mothers' and fathers' sleep and well-being evolve throughout the first postpartum year $105,000
Keys, Kirsty M. University of Alberta Developmentally-Supportive Parenting Behaviours in Indigenous Communities: Co-Creating Knowledge and an Assessment Tool $105,000
Khoramshahi, Ceara  University of Toronto High-Stakes Decision Making in Secondary Course Selection: Student Experiences Across Three Canadian Provinces $105,000
Kunnas, Rachel Marika  York University Situating Race in French Immersion $105,000
Lacombe, Corina  University of Ottawa The influence of social and asocial contexts on emotional expression recognition $105,000
Lafortune, Stéphanie  McGill University Exploring the Promise of Game-Based Educational Data for Informing Mathematics Teaching and Learning $105,000
Langlois, Valerie  Université du Québec à Montréal Mieux intervenir en contexte de maltraitance parentale : un examen des comportements parentaux atypiques et du fonctionnement socio-émotionnel de l'enfant $105,000
Lefebvre, Melanie  Concordia University Traditional tattooing: research creation as radical care and (re)connection for urban Indigenous 2SLGBTQIA+ and Indigenous women $105,000
Li, Yachen  University of Toronto Does awe experience promote empathy? $105,000
Long, Elizabeth U. University of Toronto Ungluing the self: Dissociating different forms of self-prioritization in object ownership $105,000
Magnan-Tremblay, Charlotte  Université du Québec à Montréal Besoins des familles dont l'enfant présente un trouble du développement : un modèle théorique cohérent pour des services valides socialement $105,000
Maraj, Arianne  McGill University What support do Syrian refugee parents need to integrate their children into Montreal schools? $105,000
Mau, Kianna J. Queen's University Scaffolded transition to independence for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities $105,000
McCreary, Breanna  University of Victoria Testing the Social Identity Model of Pro-Environmental Action: The Role of Collective Efficacy Amidst the COVID-19 and Climate Crises $105,000
McKay, Emma  McGill University How does the physics community work and for whom?: Assessing tools for community building & change in equity organizations $105,000
Mcvittie, Jordan S. University of Toronto Community-based approach to exploring childhood suicide as it exists within Indigenous communities $105,000
Meilleur, Alexa  Université du Québec à Montréal Association entre le type de passion et le fonctionnement optimal en autisme $105,000
Michaud, Mathieu  McGill University Physical activity solutions for children with autism spectrum disorder $105,000
Miller, Alexia  McGill University The Emotional and Environmental Contexts for Specific Impulsive Behaviours in Young Adults $105,000
Molyneux, Tonje M. The University of British Columbia Strengthening educators' capacity to support schoolwide social and emotional learning: a mixed-methods evaluation of an online professional learning program $105,000
Muchenje, Marvelous  University of Toronto Cultural influences shaping African women body image in Canada and Zimbabwe: Implications for African women living with chronic diseases that alter their body appearance $105,000
O'Brien, Daniel C. University of Calgary Exploring the experiences of Canadian youth with secure care programs for substance use $105,000
Oveisi, Niki  The University of British Columbia Knowledge Translation for Menstrual Health, Equity, and Sustainability: A Randomized Evaluation Trial of Canadian Healthcare Students $105,000
Panofsky, Sarah C. The University of British Columbia Wet'suwet'en wellness: healing trauma according to Wet'suwet'en ways $105,000
Petillion, Riley J. The University of British Columbia Affective Learning in Post-Secondary Science Education: Context-Embedded Curricula for Persistent Behaviour Impacts $105,000
Petker, Tashia  The University of British Columbia Longitudinal evaluation of the impact of cannabis use on cognitive and psychosocial well-being in university students $105,000
Phillips, Patrick  University of Ottawa Unsettling big data in education for reconciliation: visualization, truth, and teacher education research $105,000
Price, Jenson M.L. University of Ottawa Understanding how yoga relates to women's experiences and their relationships with oneself and others after gynecologic cancer treatment $105,000
Proulx, Jason D.E. Simon Fraser University Beyond the curriculum: Can classroom prosociality interventions increase generosity and happiness among youth? $105,000
Pynoo, Emily  University of Alberta The intersection of justice and education: Improving school-based policing for Indigenous youth $105,000
Reid, Luke J. University of Toronto Finding their Voice: Self-Advocacy Among Students with Autism $105,000
Rickey, Nathan  Queen's University Constructing a new theory for supporting student self-assessment: Profiling essential cognitive and affective characteristics $105,000
Ross, Charlotte B. University of Victoria Adult Silent Speakers in Saskatchewan: A Cree Perspective $105,000
Samson, Lindsay E. York University Imagery Rescripting for Internalized Weight Stigma $105,000
Schwenck, Gracielle  Dalhousie University Evaluating the Associations Between Reported and Perceived Responses to Sexual Rejection and Sexual Well-being in Couples Coping with Low Desire $105,000
Sharp, Elizabeth  Queen's University Understanding kindergarten educators' conceptualization and practices of self-regulation $105,000
Shenfield, Robyn T. University of Victoria Serious play: Exploring moral philosophy with a young people's theatre ensemble $105,000
Shifrin, Alexandra  University of Toronto Understanding Problematic Cannabis Use Practices in Emerging Adulthood: The Role of Cannabis Species, Modes of Administration, and Cannabis Use Motives $105,000
Sisson, Natalie M. University of Toronto Gratitude Promotes Autonomous Motivation to Make Partner-Requested Changes through Increasing Feelings of Competence $105,000
Smith, Gabrielle M.L. McGill University Toward music education for social justice: working to close the gap between research and practice in music teacher education $105,000
St-Jacques, André  Université du Québec à Montréal Antecedents, mechanisms and consequences of psychological need sacrificing among university students $105,000
Stol, Jacqueline M. McGill University Kwetong buhay: Surfacing the narratives of lived migration realities and community-building of LGBTQ+ Filipino/a/x migrants $105,000
Storozuk, Andie  University of Ottawa Investing in a better future: Understanding how math anxiety contributes to financial illiteracy in Canada $105,000
Sweeney, Juliette  University of Toronto Recruitment of Women into Canadian Graduate Engineering Programs $105,000
Swerdfager, Bronwyn M.M. The University of British Columbia Colonialism in Canadian Education Systems: A Comparative Analysis Between Ontario and Yukon $105,000
Tang, Karen  Dalhousie University The impact of stigma and culture on the development of problematic video gaming $105,000
Trudel, Geneviève  University of Ottawa Parents' spatial anxiety and its impact on children's spatial learning $105,000
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Lane, David  University of Guelph Improvising in-between: youth experiences with co-created, intercultural performance $105,000
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Alter, Udi  Ryerson University Identifying the Reasons Behind Poor Research Practices Among Canadian Psychology Researchers and the Effects of Voluntary Training on Adherence to Methodological Recommendations $105,000
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Ritter, Chantel  University of Guelph Evaluating the role of strengths in positive outcomes for justice-involved youth with FASD $105,000
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