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Award Recipients for SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships: Fall 2019 Competition

Applicant Affiliation Title Funding
Abdelhalim, Esraa  McMaster University Understanding the Willingness to Collaborate with AI Teammates $40,000
Abdelmaseh, Marette  York University Biased Affective Processing and Maternal Sensitivity: The Moderating Role of Emotion Regulation $80,000
Abi Zeid Daou, Léa  McGill University Keeping refugee women and girls safe through education and policy: gender-based violence and forced migration $80,000
Abolghasemi, Ali  HEC Montréal Asset Prices in a Granular Economy $20,000
Abou ElAtta, Pansee H. Carleton University Working at the museum: Resistance, meaning, and value at the borders of the cultural institution $20,000
Abrams, Nicholas R. University of Toronto The Paradoxes of Racism and the Populist Politics of Evil in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa $20,000
Abu Zaineh, Jude  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Home is Where the Maqlouba is: Understanding Palestinian diaspora through art, food, and technology $80,000
Achilles, Ricki-Lynn  Western University "Language Would Have Been Everything": Using language revitalization to create a safe and educational space with the Kapuskasing Indigenous Friendship Centre $60,000
Afif, Karima  HEC Montréal Étude longitudinale sur l'impact des instruments de la politique environnementale québécoise sur la décision des gestionnaires à adopter la pratique de la réduction à la source de leurs emballages $40,000
Ahmed, Hana Shams  York University Citizenship and Subjectivity of the Indigenous Jumma People of Bangladesh in the aftermath of the Peace Accord $40,000
Ahmed, Mishall  York University Bots, Bias and Borders : The Effects of Technologically Automated Decision-Making on the Canadian Immigration System $60,000
Akbar, Mohammad  University of Guelph Is there a convergence across countries for Mobile broadband adoption? $20,000
Akerele, Tolulope V. Memorial University of Newfoundland Transit Planning and Social Inclusion of Immigrants and Refugees in Atlantic Canadian Cities $80,000
Akhtar Khan, Hadia  University of Toronto The Social Life of Remittances: Revaluations of Social Reproduction in Rural Pakistan $20,000
Alary, Anouck  Université de Montréal Le tourisme bariatrique : de la biocitoyenneté à la bioéconomie globale $40,000
Allen, JoDee N. Concordia University Choreographic Echos: Animation, Archive, and Animated Female Movement in Videogames $80,000
Anand, Leena  McGill University Mindful matching: Swiping right for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Examining the role of attachment theory and mindfulness in Tinder use $40,000
Anderson Rathwell, Natalie A. York University The Senses in Canadian Worship Architecture: Churches by Montreal Architect Alexander C. Hutchison $40,000
Angehrn, Andréanne  University of Regina Towards a police culture of wellbeing: A gender-focused program $80,000
Aranas, Katrina  University of Alberta Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the Classroom: How Can We Best Utilize Physical Activity? $80,000
Arias Marin, David Eliecer  Université de Montréal Writing Human Mobility: International Migration and Subjectivities in Contemporary African and South American Narratives in Spanish $40,000
Armitage, Cole C. Concordia University The Webtoon Machine: The Uncanny Ontology of Webtoons $80,000
Ashley, Marilyn  University of Ottawa The Impact of Online and Offline Sexual Self-Concept Congruence on Sexual Satisfaction Among Canadian Lesbian Women $60,000
Au, Anson  University of Toronto Social Structural Transformations in Markets of Human Goods: An Economic Sociological Study of Cosmetic Surgery Consumption in South Korea $40,000
Aubé-Pronce, Jean-Félix  Université du Québec à Montréal Étude des annotations marginales dans les manuscrits de La Guerre des Juifs au haut Moyen Âge (VI-Xe s.) : travail d'édition et réflexion à l'œuvre dans les marges des manuscrits médiévaux $80,000
Aucoin, Philip M. University of Ottawa Math anxiety and performance: Understanding the role of feeling threatened by math $80,000
Azizi, Arash  New York University Arabs and Iranians in making of the Global Sixties (1958-1978): Revolutionary Alliances and Cold War connections $40,000
Bahary-Dionne, Alexandra  University of Ottawa Savoirs expérientiels et institutions de justice : une exploration dans le champ de la santé mentale $80,000
Bailey, Andrew R. York University Affect and Assemblage in the Art History of Videogames $20,000
Bailie, Krista M. The University of British Columbia Beyond Feminism: Post-identity selfhood and performance art in East Germany, 1974-1989 $60,000
Baraskewich, Jessica C. University of Calgary Does body image differ in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder compared to their peers? $40,000
Baril, Marie-Pier  Université Laval L'exercice du pouvoir discrétionnaire par les fiduciaires de fiducies testamentaires au Québec : concilier objectivité et subjectivité $80,000
Barker, Marianne E. McGill University Improving Canadian integration of immigrants: An exploration of the government-funded Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada program $60,000
Bates-Eamer, Nicole  University of Victoria Canada and Climate-induced Mobilities: From Discourse to Policy $20,000
Batty, Dustin J. University of Toronto Welcome to the concrete jungle: The urban nonhuman in Canadian fiction $40,000
Bauer, Michelle E.E. University of Ottawa Exploring Military Parents' Perspectives on Children's Outdoor Risky Play $40,000
Beaudry, Hélène  Université du Québec à Rimouski Description des interactions parent-enfant en contexte d'exploitation de trousses littéraires à la maternelle 4 ans $80,000
Beaulieu-Guay, Louis-Robert  Université de Montréal Le rôle de l'information dans la formulation des règlements canadiens $40,000
Beizaei, Banafsheh  New York University One Object or Two? A Dispute about Words $40,000
Bellows, Natasha E. McGill University Gaining insight into low graduation rates in Quebec $80,000
Belo, Dani  Carleton University Understanding Russia's Interventions in an Era of Gray Zone Conflicts $40,000
Benjamin, Tova  New York University Urban Prisons and Jews in Russia from 1880-1920 $40,000
Benjamins, Laura E. Western University Agency, inclusion, and relationality in church worship music $40,000
Bergeron, Fabrice C. Université de Montréal L'esthétique et la pensée balzaciennes dans l'oeuvre critique et romanesque de Barbey d'Aurevilly $60,000
Bergman, Jennifer D. University of Toronto Remedying Barriers or Reinforcing Them: The Role of the Law in Mental Health Service Use by Children Engaged in the Family Law and Criminal Justice Systems $60,000
Bergonzoni, Carolina  Simon Fraser University Translating Movement. Dance, Disability, and Inclusiveness $40,000
Bertet, David M. Université de Montréal Devenir moderne de la cruauté et sa relation dynamique avec le pouvoir cernés à partir de l'étude de pratiques violatoires aux droits humains et de cas de coupables fabriqués $20,000
Bettney, Esther  University of Wisconsin―Madison Don't be lazy, speak English!: A critical exploration of monoglossic and hegemonic approaches to bilingual education in Colombia $40,000
Bilodeau, Karine  Université Laval Insertion et maintien au travail des jeunes enseignantes de niveau préscolaire et primaire : la face cachée de l'expérience des femmes $20,000
Birch, Hillary  Sciences Po Paris Responding to urban disease outbreaks: Implications for urban governance across scales in Liberia $80,000
Biskupski-Mujanovic, Sandra I. Western University Canadian women in peacekeeping: opportunities, constraints, continuities and disruptions $40,000
Blais, Samantha L. University of Alberta Struggling to Survive: Health Impacts of Hydroelectric Development in Northern Manitoba's Indigenous Communities, 1960-2016 $40,000
Blouin, Philippe  McGill University Relating and belonging in Mohawk Kaianerekowa political philosophy: Towards an anthropology of alliance $80,000
Blunt, Jeremy  University of Calgary Animate Voices in an Animist Landscape: Listening to the Non-Human Voice in Old English Poetry $80,000
Bodnariuc, Rachel  Simon Fraser University The burden of (un)belief: Victorian Calvinism and postsecularism $80,000
Boivin, Mathieu  Université de Montréal Architecture des Premières Nations au Canada : Étude du développement de l'environnement bâti de deux communautés $60,000
Bonin, Maxim  Université du Québec à Montréal La circulation des productions culturelles locales à l'ère des plateformes web global : le cas de Vice $40,000
Borairi, Sahar  University of Toronto Identifying potential paths by which reflective parenting shapes children's emotional regulation $60,000
Borja Padilla, Pablo Danilo  University of Calgary Forest-Climate Adaptation and Conservation through Social Learning in Ecuador´s Amazon Forest $40,000
Borowicz, Julia  University College London Spaces of encounter and refuge: new models of affirmative and dignified human integration in Neukölln, Berlin $80,000
Borowiec, Christina  McMaster University Modeling Walking Trips for Work, Non-Work, and Recreational Purposes Across Canada $40,000
Borsa, Tomas  University of Oxford Totems and Tablets: Haida Hybridity in the Age of the Digital $60,000
Borsato, Joseph Y. Dalhousie University Natural Law and the Law of Nature: English Discourses of Intrusion, Subjugation, Nature, and Empire in the Wider World 1558 - 1640 $80,000
Bourgeois, Charles  Université de Sherbrooke Une analyse des systèmes d'activités d'enseignants de français en contexte d'apprentissage de la lecture et de développement de la compétence numérique des élèves du secondaire $80,000
Bourgeois, Sabrina  Université Laval Négocier les règles du Jeu : l'influence des peuples autochtones sur le développement minier au Québec et en Nouvelle-Calédonie $40,000
Boutros, Michael  Duke University The Macroeconomic Consequences of Credit Card Borrowing $20,000
Boyco, Morgan W. University of Waterloo The Promise and the Practice of Participatory Planning in the Real World $80,000
Brackett, Shawn W. University of Calgary Student Life at Normal Schools in the North American West, 1880-1920 $20,000
Braham, Justine E. University of Ottawa Understanding How People Perceive Consent Cues During Technology-Mediated Sexual Interactions $80,000
Brault, Joshua J. Carleton University Structural Changes and the Business Cycle $20,000
Brien, Alexandre  Université de Sherbrooke Étude des facteurs d'influence de la supervision clinique $20,000
Brightwell, Laura A. York University Telling femme stories: Challenging gender-based discrimination in LGBTQ communities $20,000
Brodeur, Geneviève  Université du Québec à Montréal Évaluation des effets de la formation PAJ + destinée au personnel scolaire en matière de promotion des relations amoureuses harmonieuses à l'adolescence $80,000
Bromfield, Sheldon M. University of Toronto Connected yet disconnected: New Public Management and labour expropriation within employment services work $40,000
Bronski, Miriam  McMaster University Pessimism and the Badness of Death $60,000
Brooke, Auralia  University of New Brunswick Youth Narratives of Isolation, Belonging and Resistance in New Brunswick Schools $80,000
Brooks, Kyla Grace L. McGill University What does gender have to do with professional knowledge anyway? Perspectives from Audio Engineering $40,000
Brown, Owen R. Northwestern University Ordering/Racialising the World: Race and the Production of International Order $20,000
Buckle, Michelle J. University of Alberta Investigating the Experiences of Black Youth Homicide Co-Victims in Canada: An Educational & Therapeutic Drama Approach $80,000
Bunten-Walberg, Alexandra  University of Alberta Theorizing speculative fiction: uncovering historicity in posthumanist discourses $40,000
Buterman, Jan L. University of Alberta The damaged citizen: Personhood, citizenship and governance in the digital age $40,000
Cadger, Emily A. The University of British Columbia Constructing national identity in the British Empire through art and ecology $60,000
Caivano, Oksana  McGill University Adolescents' perceptions and perceived effectiveness of positive and negative responses to cybergossip $80,000
Callaway, Dallas A. University of Edinburgh Kierkegaardian selfhood and the inwardness of Christian love as pursuit of the Great Commandment $80,000
Carline, Katie A. Michigan State University African women's Christian self-help societies and the making of urban culture in a South African city, 1920-1981 $20,000
Carrier, Gregory P. University of Toronto Giving History to the Deaf: Deafness in Medieval Europe $80,000
Ceccarelli, Laura  University of Manitoba Understanding Student-Athlete Emotional Well-Being, Knowledge, and Resources $60,000
Cervantes, Marianna  Simon Fraser University Impact of Hormonal Environment on Accuracy of Adult Age Estimation $80,000
Chan, Jonathan M. University of Oxford Reputation and self-regulation in securities markets: A study of the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market $40,000
Chan, Yuly  York University Social housing: The new frontier of financialization $80,000
Chapados, Sydney E. The University of British Columbia Chaotic Worlds: Anomie and Sexual Violence $80,000
Chapman, Laticia V. University of Alberta In search of good lives on the land: Approaches to decolonial politics for Indigenous and rural communities in the Canadian context $80,000
Charbonneau, Sandrine  Université Laval Enjeux éthiques en intelligence artificielle sur les biais discriminatoires $80,000
Chaudhary, Zarah  The University of British Columbia How do you measure 'good enough'? Aligning high stakes assessments of learning with contemporary test validity theory standards $80,000
Cheng, Zhaohua  The University of British Columbia Urban forest-based solutions for enhancing urban resilience $60,000
Chiasson, Ross H. Carleton University Everything is Ruined: America's Collapse, Imaginary Ruins, and the Cultural Impact of Video Games $60,000
Choquette-Levy, Nicolas  Princeton University The Impact of Risk-Sharing Policies on Subsistence Farming Climate Adaptation $40,000
Cochrane, Karis S. University of Manitoba The Mediating Role of Parenting Stress in the Relationship Between Parenting Styles and Family Quality of Life in Mothers and Fathers of Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder $80,000
Cohen, Elissa  St. Francis Xavier University The elite few: Women in the upper echelons of academic medicine $80,000
Collaton, Joanna  University of Guelph Facilitating effective peer response to disclosures of sexual violence using a participatory-action approach $80,000
Cooper, Samantha M. New York University Cultivating High Society: American Jews engaging European Opera in New York, 1880-1940 $20,000
Corbett, Elisha M. Queen's University Media framing of murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls, and Two Spirit-people in Canada $40,000
Corrigan, Eamonn S F. University of Guelph Closing the Gender Gap in Engineering and Physics: The Role of High School Physics $60,000
Côté, Thierry  Université de Montréal L'Anthropologie musicale des Lumières $40,000
Coulombe, Derek V. York University Auto-Portrait of this Tourettic State: Or the Image that Fills a Body $40,000
Coulombe, Sophie  Université du Québec à Montréal La « prison thérapeutique » : une ethnographie institutionelle $80,000
Courchesne, Stephanie  Université de Montréal Partenariats en bibliothèques publiques : défis des bibliothécaires face aux nouvelles bibliothèques sociales $80,000
Couture, Stéphanie  Université du Québec à Montréal L'assertivité sexuelle au sein des dyades amoureuses à l'adolescence : un regard sur les expériences de violences sexuelles exercées par un partenaire intime et sur l'adhésion aux rôles de genre traditionnels $60,000
Crane, A.W. Geoffrey  Western University Precariously Employed Young Adults: Documenting the Benefits of Improved Emotional and Social Competencies $80,000
Croll-Baehre, Emma S. McMaster University 'Spectacle or Gift'?: How Twins Unsettle Individualism, Embodiment, and Autonomy $80,000
Cull, Shaelagh  Queen's University The Development of Professional Craft in Northern Ontario, 1967-1990 $80,000
Currie-Wood, Rob M. Carleton University Examining the Distribution of Decision-Making Power Between Elites and Volunteer Members Inside Canadian Political Parties $20,000
Da Costa, Jade  York University Organizing Around Identity: Understanding the Pragmatic and Intellectual Development of Toronto Activist Group AIDS ACTION NOW! $20,000
Dahir, Muna  Queen's University Against The Ideal of a Singular History: On Black Time and the Chronological Illusion $80,000
Dangoisse, Pascale  University of Ottawa Passing and Failing Identities: Trudeau Performing Feminism $40,000
Dauphinais, Chloé  Université du Québec à Montréal Les normes conjugales et familiales par leur envers : récits de femmes vivant seules $80,000
Davis, Stephen H. University of Regina French Immersion for Refugees in Canada: Exploring Inclusion and Learning $80,000
De Grâce, Nathalie  Université Laval Integrating Digital Tools in a Co-regulated Teaching and Learning Approach to Ear Training Pedagogy $60,000
De Marre, Adélie  Université de Montréal Le critère esthétique dans la reconnaissance internationale d'aires naturelles protégées: une étude de la Convention du patrimoine mondial $40,000
De Simoni Milione, Vitor  Université de Montréal La sémantique de la guerre dans la philosophie de Xénophon $60,000
DeCoste, Kyle A. Columbia University Popular Music and the Politics of Black Childhood $20,000
Del Fabbro, Eric J. McMaster University Ceramic analysis in the ancient countryside of Metaponto $80,000
Dennie, Martine  University of Calgary The Legality of Violence in Ice Hockey: Risk Assumption and Consent in the Playing Culture of Canadian Hockey Leagues $20,000
Deslongchamps-Gagnon, Maxime  Université de Montréal Devenir un joueur vertueux : le rôle de l'émotion dans l'engagement moral en jeu vidéo $20,000
Desrochers, Jessica  Carleton University The gender differences in the Dragons of Inaction Psychological Barriers $80,000
Desyatova, Yuliya  University of Toronto Portfolio-based language assessment: Practitioner experiences of an assessment policy implementation $20,000
DeVries, Megan M. The University of British Columbia Indemnification and Pipelines: Canadian Government Support Over Time $80,000
Dewar, Michelle  Université du Québec à Montréal Blessures morales, bien-être psychologique et soutien social des travailleurs humanitaires canadiens expatriés $40,000
DeWolfe, Christopher E.J. Dalhousie University Addressing the Gender Gap in Physical Activity Levels: A Comprehensive Examination of the Relationship Between Anxiety Sensitivity and Physical Activity Using Longitudinal, Think-Aloud, and Experimental Methodologies $40,000
Dignard, Catia  University of Toronto Linguistic Representations of Racialized Voices in Contemporary Cuban Fiction $40,000
Dilawri, Shikha  University of London Neglected Encounters: Rethinking the global colour line through exploring anti-Blackness in India $60,000
Dim, Emeka  University of Toronto Political institutions and the Gender Gaps in Political Participation in Africa $60,000
Ditmars, Hadani R. King's College London Hybridity, Gender and Cultural Narratives in Travelogues of Iraq $60,000
Dixon, Alina K.B. Queen's University Youth Perspectives on Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Northern Uganda: A Photo-Voice Project $60,000
Do Nascimento, Ashley  Western University Facing Climate Change in the 21st Century: Racialized, Female Youth Voices on Polluted Waters from an urban neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario $60,000
Dougherty, Christopher N. Carleton University How do changes in political representation affect funding for Canadian charities? $80,000
Dow, Hilary  Carleton University Re-writing Women's Images: A Feminist Critique of the Historiography of Canadian Women's Photography $80,000
Dudok, Stephanie A. University of Manitoba Assessing substance use, addictions and mental health literacy of public decision-makers $60,000
Dueck, Steven M. University of Wisconsin―Madison James Baldwins Buddha: African American thought and a proposal to address the flaws of Western mindfulness movements $80,000
Dumaresque, Renee S. York University Examining the socio-political emergence of vulvodynia in relation to neoliberalism, medicine, psychiatry, race, gender, and sexuality $60,000
Dunn, Kristy L. University of Alberta Improving the Reading Skills of English Language Learners: A 2-year Intervention $60,000
Dunn, Nicole  University of Toronto Engagements with life: Stories of resistance to unlivability among homeless youth $80,000
Dyakonov, Severyan  Graduate Institute Geneva Superpowers' Competition for Development and Modernization in the Global South: Soviet Public Diplomacy in India during the Cold War $40,000
Dykstra, Victoria  Brock University The influence of friends and peers on lie-telling during adolescence $80,000
Easby, Angela C. University of Guelph Exploring urban Indigenous relationships to land in southern and central Ontario $80,000
Edwards, Lauren E.A. York University Intransitive Love: The Love Without Object $20,000
Ekim, Sinan  London School of Economics and Political Science Towards a "new" Turkishness: Islam, education and "the ideal Turk" in the 1950s $60,000
Elawani, Jeffrey  Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7) Métaphysique et mathématiques chez Leibniz : du développement de la théorie dynamique aux Initia $80,000
Elliott, Christian M. University of Toronto Accountability and sustainability-focused investments: how the governance of green finance shapes environmental outcomes $80,000
El-Shamy, Lina  University of Toronto Inside out: The politics of contemporary Egyptian salon rooms $40,000
Embree, Robert  University of Toronto Forecasting Levels of Patent Applications: A Panel Data Approach $40,000
Enman-Beech, John N. University of Toronto Contract life: the legal theory of people-business relationships $20,000
Erdal, Cihan  Carleton University Resisting neoliberalism: Investigating activist youth experiences in Europe in the 2010s $60,000
Essafi, Safae  Western University The role of pain in the construction and persistence of self-identity: the actualization of the ontological status of the self through symbolic painful experience $80,000
Fadlallah, Hussein  York University The Governance of Voice in Digital Platforms $20,000
Fainstein, David  University of Oregon Coaching Teachers on Effective Math Instruction for Diverse Learners: Implications for Policy and Practice $60,000
Falek, Joshua B. York University Feeling to Flesh: New Configurations of Transgender Subjectivity, Governance and Affect $80,000
Farahmandpour, Hoda  University of Toronto Challenging the discourse of risk: Re-imagining employment programs for youth in Toronto $20,000
Farmus, Linda  York University An equivalence test for assessing distributional normality $80,000
Farokhi, Zeinab  University of Toronto Digital Islamophobia: A Transnational Comparison of Islamophobic Right-Wing Extremist Groups in Canada, the United States, and India on Twitter $40,000
Farwaha, Sumeet  McMaster University Examining the Influence of Self-Construal Style and Socioeconomic Status on Social Cognition $40,000
Fayter, Rachel  University of Ottawa Stories of Hope from Federally Sentenced Women in Canada: Promoting Resiliency and Reducing Barriers to Community Re-entry $60,000
Fischer, Olivia  The University of British Columbia Accessing mental health services: Barriers facing transgender and non-binary parents and prospective parents $80,000
Flath, Meghan  University of Saskatchewan At-home animal-assisted socialization to combat loneliness in older adults $80,000
Forrester, Kathleen M. Simon Fraser University Changing the Story: Queer Disruptions of Nature and Kinship in Children's Picturebooks $60,000
Fowlie, Hannah L. University of Guelph Understanding the Eighth Fire: Settler transformational change $80,000
Franklin, Gale M. Carleton University Supporting Newcomers in Canada through the Collaborative Development of Music Programming $80,000
Furlong, Caitlin  Université de Moncton Bricoler pour bien penser : étude de la résolution de problèmes dans les laboratoires de fabrication numérique $40,000
Gagné, Anne-Sophie  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Étude longitudinale du rôle de l'entourage sur l'estime de soi et l'image corporelle chez les adolescents $60,000
Gagnon, Cecile  Université de Montréal Solidarité féministe transnationale : pour une éthique mondiale et environnementale du care $80,000
Gagnon, Monica D. University of Toronto Denial of healthcare coverage: Citizenship rights and the discursive construction of deservingness $40,000
Gallagher, Benjamin  University of Toronto "Non-Linear" Pedagogy and Poetic Praxis $20,000
Garcia-Fialdini, Arianna  Concordia University Preparing, serving and sharing stories: Immigrants' exploration of identity through art-making, oral history, food and memory $40,000
Garfinkel, Jonathan  University of Alberta Diabetes as Illness and Metaphor: Stories from the Body-Technology $60,000
Gaspar, Carolyn M. Dalhousie University Assessing the effectiveness of a short course on Indigenous peoples' health in fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to help reduce Indigenous inequities among first-year health professional students $60,000
Gauthier, Charles  Western University Inattention and consumption inequality $20,000
Gauthier, Evelyne  Université du Québec à Montréal Stéréotypes de genre, désengagement scolaire et recherche d'estime dans les alter réalités du Web et des médias sociaux chez les élèves du secondaire $40,000
Gaylor, Lisa L.E. University of Central Lancashire Addressing the roles of culture and trauma in treating youth antisocial behaviour and delinquency $80,000
Ge, Jenny  Queen's University Cultivating teacher assessment identity: Toward a new paradigm for teacher education in assessment $60,000
Gélinas, Camilia  McGill University Poétique du roman « para-arthurien » (XIIIe-XVe siècles) $80,000
Georges, Velvalee M. University of Alberta Gathering Evidence of Learning: Indigenous language teachers and second language learning $20,000
Germaine, Mary  University of New Brunswick Crisis, Crisis: Climate, Ecopoetics, and Kierkegaardian Repetition $80,000
Ghelani, Amar  Wilfrid Laurier University Impact of cannabis use on the social relationships of young people with first episode psychosis: A qualitative study $80,000
Giacomin, Ginelle R. Royal Roads University From exploitation to education to efficacy: The experiences of Indigenous women $60,000
Girard English, Maïté  University of Victoria Colonisation épistémique : vers un regard anthropologique de l'histoire de la dépossession des terres autochtones au Canada $80,000
Gobin, Keisha C. York University A Brief Self-Compassion Intervention for Social Media Use: Exploring the Immediate Effects on Body Dissatisfaction $80,000
Goddard, Brandi S. University of Alberta From Witch/Craft to Craftivism: Exploring Gendered Discourses on Irish Craft and Artisanship $40,000
Goulden, Ami-Lynn  University of Toronto Well-placed but unprepared: Transforming social work practice by understanding sexual well-being among youth with disabilities $40,000
Granados Samayoa, Javier  Ohio State University Procrastination: Who, why, and how? $40,000
Grenier, Katia  Université de Montréal Des femmes victimes de violences s'expriment : du récit de vie à l'acte créatif pour soi, pour l'autre et avec autrui $60,000
Griffin, Andrew S. Dalhousie University The redefinition of the Platonic Tradition in the Middle Ages by Nicholas of Cusa. Making the doctrines of Learned Ignorance and Coincidence of Opposites fundamental, he unifies Augustinian and Proclean-Dionysian directions $80,000
Griffin-Merth, Shannon  University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary digital collaboration in contemporary English Canadian literature $40,000
Gryshchuk, Olena  University of New Brunswick Police officers' response to intimate partner violence cases with female offenders $80,000
Guernet-Mouton, Marianne  York University Représenter la flore du Nouveau Monde en France au siècle des Lumières $40,000
Gultia, Kimberly Y. McGill University The mestiza and the morena: the social construction of the Filipina and postcolonial domestic architecture in the Philippines (1946-1986) $40,000
Guyevskey, Victoria  Simon Fraser University Role of Play in a Digitised Elementary Mathematics Classroom $20,000
Ha, Vu Tien Dung  Cornell University Race Back to Diversity: Mapping Racial and Ethnic Difference in Southeast Asian National Genome Projects $40,000
Habrih, Khalil  University of Ottawa Subjectivations masculines sous surveillances policière et pénale à Aulnay-sous-Bois. Une étude ethnographique et sociohistorique de l'impact de la contrainte policière et carcérale sur les jeunes hommes noirs et arabes $60,000
Haché-Chiasson, Noémie  Royal Military College of Canada Les représentations contemporaines des alliés victorieux de la Grande Guerre dans les bandes dessinées (1979 à nos jours) $80,000
Halliwell-MacDonald, Emily  University of Toronto Novel Beauty: A New Aesthetics of Work in the Victorian Novel $20,000
Halpern, Ira  University of Toronto Economies of Care: Sickness, Medicine and Inequality in Modern American Literature $20,000
Hamel, Kayla G. York University Fostering Resilience and Well-Being in Nicaraguan Street-Involved Boys $20,000
Handfield, Nicolas  Université du Québec à Montréal Les lansquenets : une figure européenne du mercenariat au début de l'époque moderne (XVe-XVIIe siècles) $60,000
Haq, Kazi Sabrina S. University of Victoria Can Racial Disparities in Cognitive Functioning be Attributed to Differential Access to Social Resources? $20,000
Harley, Daniel E. York University The virtue of virtual bodies: The discursive frames of contemporary VR $20,000
Hart, Melissa J. The University of British Columbia Novel and digital research as co-agents for eco-activism, in the rarest rainforest on Earth $80,000
Hatzifilalithis, Stephanie  McMaster University Contemporary Dynamics and Intergenerational Landscapes: Implications for Social Unity $20,000
Haugen, Stacey L. University of Alberta Marginalized Voices at the Border of International Relations and Rural Development: Experiences of Rural Refugee Resettlement and Integration $80,000
Hayward, Ashley L. University of Manitoba Incarcerated Mother's Experiences with Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Narrative Inquiry $80,000
Heaslip, Sean R. The University of British Columbia What helps and hinders during assumptive help-receiving experiences: An enhanced critical incident study $20,000
Heath, Sean M.R. University of Brighton Swimming in the Deep End: Embodied Practices, Injury and Sociability amongst Youth Swimmers in the UK $60,000
Heilporn, Geraldine  Université de Sherbrooke Stratégies d'engagement des étudiants dans des cours hybrides en enseignement supérieur : une approche méthodologique mixte $40,000
Henry, Shanelle  University of Toronto Examining child irritability and parental psychological distress among children with externalizing behaviour $40,000
Hermanutz, Alexander  York University "Investors Take Note": Extractive Capitalism, Settler Colonialism, and the Secwepemc First Nation's Resistance to Kinder Morgan $60,000
Herzog, Ian  University of Toronto Congestion charging's effect on commuting, employment, inequality, and welfare $20,000
Heyden, Ryan W. McMaster University The German Red Cross and Humanitarianism in Divided Germany, 1944-1975 $20,000
Holden, Michael  Queen's University Enhancing student learning of global competencies: Toward principles of classroom assessment for emergent learning $80,000
Hossack, Samantha N. University of Waterloo Uprooted and Displaced: Canadian Land Policies and Indigenous Rights, 1948-1982 $40,000
Houle, Jean-François  Université Laval En quête d'existence : requête, conflit et reconnaissance dans l'anthropologie philosophique de Paul Ricœur $40,000
Hoult, Andrew  Carleton University Policies and Processes of Restorative Justice in Canada's Criminal Justice System $20,000
Howard, Ashley  University of Victoria Shorelines: Waterscapes and Fishing in Early Modern Drama $80,000
Howe Bukowski, Nicholas W. University of Toronto Soccer and Christianity in Greater Vancouver: Bodies, Relations, and Formations in Canadian Settler-Colonialism $60,000
Howsam, Jessica K. University of Wisconsin―Madison Still in survival mode: How legacies of violence shape immigrant-host dynamics $60,000
Huang, Hsin yee Cindy  Arizona State University A Big Look at Small Tools: The Spread of Microliths Across Eurasia $60,000
Huang, Siqi  University of Windsor Coping with intergenerational conflict among Chinese-Canadian young adults: Testing a conceptual model with a mixed-methods approach $40,000
Huggins, Julia M. Brown University Litigating the Body: Gesture, Gadgetry, and the Gavel $40,000
Hui, Sze Shing Christian  Ryerson University Creating a Positive Health and Wellness Equity Action Plan: Assessing the impact of privilege on the clinical health outcomes of Canadians living with HIV and the creation of a community-informed health and wellness equity plan of action $80,000
Hunt, Robert  Concordia University Artificial Intelligence, Emotional Surveillance, and Mood Management $80,000
Hutchison, Jessica M. Wilfrid Laurier University "It's sexual assault. It's barbaric:" Women's experiences of being strip-searched in prison $40,000
Hyland, Corrie H.T. University of Cambridge Advancement of Palaeopathological Stable Isotope Research $80,002
Issa, Abdiasis B. Wilfrid Laurier University The Future of Peace and Security in the Horn of Africa: Can Regional Security Governance Mitigate Insecurity and Violent Conflict in the Most Conflict-Ridden Region? $60,000
Iwama, Daniel A. University of California, Los Angeles Planning Peace in the Pacific: Post-Military Land Use Planning and Indigenous Politics in Okinawa $20,000
Jagayat, Arvin S. Ryerson University User reputation indicators as means of reducing the spread of false news on social media $40,000
Jamal, Shaila M.S. McMaster University Inter-generational differences in everyday travel $60,000
James, Alyssa  Columbia University The production of heritage: Interrogating the revival of coffee production in Martinique $60,000
Jardey, Samaya  Simon Fraser University Hul'q'umi'num' language learning as a means of healing unresolved trauma $40,000
Jehn, Anthony  Western University The Effects of Postsecondary Fields of Study on Adult Health $40,000
Jerca, Ana-Maria  York University Comparing the effects of language on convictions in sexual assault trials in Québec and France $40,000
Jewell, Rachel R. University of Windsor Health and health care of socioeconomically vulnerable emergent adults with type 1 diabetes: Preliminary examination using the Canadian Community Health Survey, 2001-2016 $40,000
Johal, Rishma  McGill University Transgressing Boundaries: South Asian-Indigenous Relations in the Pacific Northwest, 1897-1947 $60,000
Johnson, Brendyn  Université de Montréal Culture(s) of Delay in Canadian Courts $60,000
Johnson, Letitia  University of Saskatchewan Responsibilities of Racism: Health Care and Japanese-Canadian Internment During the Second World War $60,000
Jones-Lavallée, Ahisha  Université Laval L'utilisation de l'entretien pour la formulation culturelle et la compétence culturelle chez les intervenants en santé mentale $60,000
Joseph, Leigh J. University of Victoria Feeding Our Spirit Indigenizing Ethnobotany to reconnect Skwxwu7mesh and Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin First Nations plant knowledge with cultural and physical well being $40,000
Joyce, S.J. Adrienna  McGill University Race, space, and power relationships: Critical teacher education through photovoice as pedagogy $40,000
Kachynska, Nadiia  University of Toronto Fostering the Values of Research: National Policies and Organizational Strategies of Public Universities in Central and Eastern Europe $40,000
Kampherm, Monique E. University of Waterloo Poll-Suasion: The Rhetoric of Digital Media Election Poll Trackers During the 2015 and 2019 Canadian Federal Elections $20,000
Kanary, Richard T. McMaster University The Canadian Federal Inmate in Context: Where are the Voices? $60,000
Karlson, Sarah  University of Victoria Vampire fiction, venereal disease, and infected Victorians $60,000
Kassen, Jenny  Western University  Working (In)visible binaries: Two-Spirit, Trans, and Nonbinary youths' experiences of accessing mental health supports in Ontario public secondary schools $20,000
Katz, Leanna  Harvard University Legal Conceptions of Time: The Time and Place of Work $80,000
Kelley, Stephanie L. Queen's University The adoption and effectiveness of artificial intelligence ethics initiatives $40,000
Khalil, Samiha  University of California, Irvine Between Modernity and Racial Slavery: Anti-Black Racism in the Arab World $60,000
Khan, Shoilee S. York University Intimate and Orphaned Disasters: Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Disaster Narratives $40,000
Khasanova, Nariya  University of Alberta Reproductive Decision-Making in a Comparative Familial Migration Context $40,000
Kidney, Joseph H. Stanford University Playing Until Doomsday: English Early Modern Drama and the Ars Moriendi $40,000
Kim, Hyunah  University of Toronto Effects of cultural familiarity on elementary students' performance on a standardized reading test $20,000
Kling, Lucas  The University of British Columbia Abstract encounters: queering nonrepresentational modern and contemporary art $80,000
Klingspor, Josefine A. Yale University On God's Mind and Idealism in Spinoza $80,000
Koberinski, Jodi  University of Waterloo Towards food democracy: tensions between commodification and commoning $80,000
Komorowski, Jennifer L. Western University The Masochian Woman $40,000
Konken, Lauren C. Princeton University The Politics of Constructive Ambiguity in International Trade Law $20,000
Kumar-Ratta, Amrita A. University of Toronto Gendered Geopolitics of Exclusion: Transnational Migration, Institutionalized Violence, and the Wellbeing of Punjabi Women in Canada $60,000
Kwakyewah, M. Cynthia  University of Oxford Explaining variations in companies' implementation of human rights principles: Insights from Ghana's extractive industries $60,000
Kwiatkowski, Brendan  University of Edinburgh Canadian adolescent males' masculinities and school experiences based on levels of emotional restriction $60,000
Labrie, Marie-Pierre  Concordia University Création numérique et corporéité dans un curriculum centré sur la coprésence connectée $40,000
Lacy, Rachel  The University of British Columbia Tokens in late medieval and early modern English theatre and theology $40,000
Laferté-Coutu, Mérédith  Pennsylvania State University What is Phenomenological Ethics? A Critical Take on Passivity and Affect in Husserl and Levinas $40,000
Landry, Pascal  Université Laval Archiver l'insaisissable : le cas de l'improvisation musicale non idiomatique $80,000
Langille, Justin  University of Toronto Envisioning Invisible Waters: How activists use images to manifest the political significance of Elora, Ontario groundwater $60,000
Langlois-Pelletier, Nicia  Université du Québec à Montréal Étude écosystémique des besoins des élèves-athlètes de 14-17 ans du programme Sport-études pour la gestion de l'anxiété de performance $60,000
Laporte, Antoine  Sorbonne Université L'Œuvre pour piano seul et musique de chambre avec piano de Gabriel Pierné (1863-1937) : sources, esthétique et interprétation $80,000
Larocque, Emmanuelle  University of Ottawa La mise en scène du yoga en travail social : analyse des (en)jeux de légitimation $60,000
Lateef, Rusan  McGill University Child sexual abuse survivors: Shame and non-disclosure in counselling $80,000
Lau, Parky  Ryerson University Rumination, Life Stress, and Insomnia Symptoms: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study $80,000
Lawrason, Sarah V.C. The University of British Columbia Enhancing physical activity quantity and quality among people with spinal cord injuries who ambulate $60,000
Lawrence, Toby K. The University of British Columbia Models of Reimagined Curatorial Practice: Labour, Land, and Community $20,000
L'Écuyer, Roxane  Université du Québec à Montréal Le rôle de l'enseignant dans les relations entre pairs en début de scolarisation $40,000
Lee, HeunJung M. University of Alberta Imagining time otherwise: lived experiences among persons living with dementia $20,000
Lehman, Samantha  Memorial University of Newfoundland Traumas, They Surround Us: Examining Women, Trauma, and Love in The Mists of Avalon and Le Morte Darthur $60,000
Lemay, Flavie  Université de Montréal L'utilisation régulière des réseaux sociaux numériques, quelle influence sur le processus de reconnaissance des préposées aux bénéficiaires et des travailleurs sociaux œuvrant en centre d'hébergement et de soins de longue durée? $80,000
Lepianka, Alexander B. Western University After Idealism: Critical Practice in the Work of F.W.J. Schelling, 1809-1815 $80,000
Lévesque-Lacasse, Alexandra  Université du Québec en Outaouais La stigmatisation sociale chez les personnes aux prises avec des douleurs chroniques $60,000
Liang, Jingen  University of Guelph Improving life: Exploring the relationship between psychological distance and automated versus human service $40,000
Linde, Eva  University of Victoria Climate Litigation and the Legislative Powers of Courts: Redrawing the Boundaries between Law and Politics? $80,000
Lindsay, Brittany L. University of Calgary Contact-based education for suicide stigma reduction $80,000
Little, Tarisa D. University of Saskatchewan A History of the Detroit River Wyandot Day School Experience, 1820-1850s $40,000
Lively, Christopher J. Memorial University of Newfoundland Youth Interrogation Rights: Can Comprehension Be Enhanced Through The Multimedia Effect? $40,000
Livingston, Meghann A. Memorial University of Newfoundland The Côte du Chapeau Rouge: Investigating the historic French cultural landscape of Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula, 1504-1713 $80,000
Lotay, Anureet  University of Victoria Family Matters: Pregnancy Loss and the Punjabi Canadian Diaspora $20,000
Lowe, Lana C. University of Victoria Dechinta nats'edeh / Witaskewin / Living on the land: revitalizing Indigenous law and environmental governance in Denendeh $40,000
Lu, Jun  York University Memory Restoration: Working through Histories in the Ethnic Chinese Diasporas $40,000
Ludwig, Dylan M. York University The Functional Contributions of Consciousness $20,000
Ma, Angela C. University of Alberta Situational factors affecting response to exclusionary leader rhetoric $60,000
Mac Donald, Kelly A. University of Guelph Work & retirement in Canada: a changing landscape $60,000
MacLean Legge, Justine E. University of Manitoba "I am not a Mindreader:" Dyadic Effects of the Belief that Mindreading is Expected on Romantic Relationship Quality $40,000
Maharaj, Sukshmadarshi  University of Toronto A Tale of Two Krishnas $60,000
Majumder, Debolina  University of Cambridge Constructing Delhi: labour informality and the urban landscape in the long twentieth century $40,000
Maksymetz, Christina K. McMaster University The concept of inclusion in the French language in classrooms, in French as a Second Language textbooks and in curriculum policy documents $20,000
Mallette, Frédéric  Université de Sherbrooke La vie personnelle comme facteur explicatif des comportements violents au travail $60,000
Maloney, Keisha D.R. University of Sheffield Pursuing reconciliation through challenging the symbolic and material spatial form: Explorations of urban Indigeneity in Toronto, Canada $80,000
Mantilla Morales, Valeria  University of Toronto Africans of Colonial New Granada: Food, Identity and Society in the Eighteenth Century $40,000
Manuel, Alexa B. The University of British Columbia Syilx Approaches to Literary Criticism $40,000
Mara-McKay, Nico  University of Guelph The Fluidity of Gender in Medieval Medical Treatises $80,000
Marani, Husayn  University of Toronto Public Financial Risk Protection for Family Caregivers of Community-Dwelling Persons Living with Dementia in Ontario $40,000
Marchand, François  University of Ottawa L'Éducation à la citoyenneté des enfants sous la loupe : l'expérience du comité des droits des enfants du Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Gatineau $60,000
Marcotte Bouthillier, Maxime  York University Beliefs and 'the Political' on the Edges of Regime Change $40,000
Marcoux, Rémi  Université de Montréal Modalités de la représentation et enjeux narratifs de la conversation artistique mondaine chez Marcel Proust et Virginia Woolf : suivi de Le salon de Madame Weil $80,000
Mardirossian, Vanessa  Concordia University La face cachée de la matière : une écolittératie du vêtement par le développement de biomatières à porter dans une pratique du design textile $60,000
Marino, Jessica P. Carleton University Making Memory, Marking Absence: Analyzing Uruguay's Dictatorial Past through the Production of Literature, Film and Commemorative Art $60,000
Marr, Kelsey L. The University of British Columbia Shifting futures: Swedish immigration, nationalism, and reproductive planning $60,000
Marrs, Sean P. Queen's University People and Paper: The bureaucracy of the French Foreign Ministry, 1774-1787 $60,000
Martin, Alicia  University of Guelph Agrifood literacy: an expert-validated definition, indicators and sampling of what Canadians know $80,000
Mascioli, Brittany A. Lakehead University Does Temporal Discounting Mediate the Relationship between Gratitude and Altruism? $40,000
Mash, Cole A.J. Simon Fraser University Read, Listen, Watch: Relationality of Forms and Media in Contemporary Performance Poetry $60,000
Mason, Alleson  University of Alberta African-Canadians and Supplementary Education Programs in Edmonton, Alberta $20,000
Mastorakos, Tessie  University of Toronto Developmental Progression of Attention Biases among Children with and without Domestic Violence Exposure $40,000
Mathews, Marrissa J.L. McMaster University Exploring Indigenous Education Alternatives in the Ontario Education Policy Landscape: A Comparative Study of Hawaiian and Alberta Culture-Based Charter Schools $40,000
Maurice-Hammond, Isabelle  University of Victoria Getting to the root of root garden cultivation $40,000
Mauro, Vincent  Cornell University Party Systems and Redistribution in Democratic Latin America $40,000
Mayne, Kyla  Queen's University The Continuity of Peer and Romantic Victimization in Sexual Minority Adolescents: Fostering a Supportive Classroom for LGBT2Q+ Students $80,000
McDevitt, Kelly  Queen's University Gender, Artificial Intelligence, and Posthuman Subjectivity in Contemporary Science Fiction $40,000
McDonell, Colleen M. University of Toronto The spectral class: female servants and supernatural insight in British ghost stories, 1845-1905 $60,000
McGregor, Kate J. University of New Brunswick "There is only one way to be pretty!" Racialized Norms Beauty in the Global German Empire, 1884 to 1939 $80,000
McKenna, Stephen William Bruce  Université du Québec à Montréal Struggles Over the New Democratic Party, 1961-2019 $80,000
McKenzie, Braeden C. University of Toronto The Negotiation and Mediation of Sports-related Concussion in Canada $80,000
McKinney, Sierra L. Université de Montréal Managing Shame and Working with Guilt in Heritage Contexts $80,000
McWhinney, Tara L. Carleton University Revisiting domestic labour in the context of austerity measures and new household formations through an examination of the household labour and freedom of women in Ontario $20,000
McWilliams, Jennifer M. University of New Brunswick Sibling caregivers of individuals with intellectual disabilities in New Brunswick and Ontario $60,000
Melvin, Christopher D. Yale University Remote and Desert Places: Indigenous Territoriality and the Political Ecology of Hemispheric Integration in Colombia and Venezuela, 1931-1989 $40,000
Midanik, Shaun B. University of Toronto The Emergence of Books of Prints in Early Modern Italy $20,000
Mihirig, Abdurrahman Ali  Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München Abstract Objects and General Ontology in Post-Classical Islamic Philosophy $60,000
Mikuska, Stefan S. York University Remaking sovereign money: the political economy of monetary reform in Zimbabwe $20,000
Milewski, Patricia D. The University of British Columbia Flowers of Parnassus: A Critical Survey and Analysis of Two Seventeenth-Century German Songbooks by Gertrud Möller and Johann Sebastiani $60,000
Millard, Robert G. Western University Early-Onset Disability, Financial Incentives, and Educational Investments $40,000
Millares Thomson, Alexis R. University of Toronto Bridging the Gap between Microtonal Worlds $80,000
Miller, Ian  University of Alberta Morphophonology and Semantics of Latin Diminutives and Words of Personifications $20,000
Miller, John S. University of Southern California Perverts and the Dope Peddlers: Psychoactive Drugs, the Construction of Sexual Deviancy, and LGBTQ Culture in the United States, 1930s-1980s $60,000
Millot, Pascale  Université de Montréal Mise en récit, stratégies narratives et performativité de l'expérience du vieillissement féminin chez Nathacha Appanah, Denise Boucher, Hélène Cixous, Annie Ernaux et Jacqueline Harpman $80,000
Miquet, Françoise  Université de Montréal La traduction de la mémoire gréco-turque et sa réception en Grèce $60,000
Mody, Zankhna  The University of British Columbia Agricultural Strategies for Drought and Climate Change in Tropical Dry Zones: Comparative Case Studies from Bagan, Myanmar $80,000
Mohamed, Surer  University of Cambridge Space, Memory, and the Contested Politics of Conflict-Related Property Disputes in Mogadishu $40,000
Mohler, Elizabeth C. Western University Exploring the impact of the direct funding model on occupational performance and engagement for adults with physical disabilities $80,000
Mongrain, Philippe  Université de Montréal Citizens as election forecasters $40,000
Monnerat, Mélie  McGill University The price of spice: How high value non-timber forest product commodity chains influence ethnic minority livelihoods in Northern Vietnam $20,000
Montminy-Sanschagrin, Noémie  Université Laval Dynamique développementale des processus émotionnels et cognitifs de l'enfant en contextes éducatifs préscolaires $80,000
Mooney, Julie A. University of Alberta Living Policy: Canadian university professors begin moving toward reconciliation $40,000
Moore, Dylan T. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Optimal Design of Political Finance Regulations $20,000
Moorhouse, Emily A. University of Toronto Critical Media Literacy Approaches to Consent and Violence Prevention $40,000
Morin, Genevieve  École nationale d'administration publique Facteurs influencant la dynamique de l'intelligence culturelle des gestionnaires et professionnels en santé $80,000
Morris, Rae M. The University of British Columbia Interactions and Communication Between Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Providers: An Interpretive Description Study $40,000
Mostowski, Elizabeth H. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Polish-Jewish Literature After the Holocaust: Witnessing, Collective Memory, and Fictitious Remembering $60,000
Mukunzi Ntunga, Joana  University of Ottawa Évaluation de la surreprésentation des enfants et adolescents noirs dans le système de la protection de l'enfance $80,000
Muyingo, Lydia  Dalhousie University The Role of Acculturation on Alcohol Use $40,000
Myrick, Alexander  University of Ottawa Normalizing psychiatry: debates between psychiatrists and the rest of medicine over psychiatric treatment in Canadian hospitals 1900-1960 $80,000
Nathoo, Jasmine A. University of Alberta Seeking Refuge: Integration Experiences of Adolescent Syrian Girls in Canada $40,000
Nayfeh, Ayah  University of Toronto Exploring Medical Decision-Making and the Experience of Care from the Perspective of Family Members of Seriously Ill and Ethnoculturally Diverse Patients $40,000
Ngabusi Sapa, Lucie  Université Laval Parcours d'insertion : le cas des demandeurs d'asile entrés de manière irrégulière au Québec en 2017 et en 2018 $60,000
Nguyen, Duc Hien  University of Massachusetts Amherst The political economy of sexual orientation and gender identities $60,000
Nicolaides, Eleni  University of Guelph Advocating for policy change: legal mobilization by Canadian interest groups in constitutional cases and replies, 2009-2019 $40,000
Norris, Matthew P. The University of British Columbia Our Voices - Urban Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples $80,000
Novokowsky, Alexandria T. Carleton University Accelerating Transitions to Sustainable Food Systems $80,000
Nunoda, Erin S. University of Toronto Queer loneliness, or spectatorship after video $20,000
O'Neil, Kelly C. St. Francis Xavier University On the air: A Participatory Action Research project engaging older women in becoming change agents through a community radio initiative $80,000
O'Neill, Brittney K. York University Following Norms or Leading Change: The Language of Degendering in Social Dance $80,000
Orr, Erin  Ryerson University Reassurance Seeking Behaviour in Children $40,000
Orzel, Charlotte H. University of California, Santa Barbara Screening Circuits: Domestic Chains, Global Exhibition Practice, and Industrial Standards in Formation, 2000-2017 $40,000
Osborne, Peter C. McGill University Understanding the integration of social, ecological, economic, and technical systems of sustainable architecture $80,000
Ostridge, Lindsay  University of Ottawa Sexual Violence Prevention Campaigns in Ontario: An Examination of Discourses of Prevention $60,000
Ouimet, Gabrielle  Université de Montréal Le Spoken Word comme médium favorisant l expression de groupes linguistiques marginalisés : la microécriture performative en Suisse germanophone chez Aglaja Veteranyi, Ariane von Graffenried, Nora Gomringer et Stefanie Grob $80,000
Pachkowski, Mikayla C.D. The University of British Columbia Dissociating from the fear of death: An examination of personal characteristics that may facilitate the decision to die by suicide $80,000
Paliy, Anna  University of Toronto Stitching outskirts: Russian ballet stage costumes as intercultural media, 1890-1930 $40,000
Parent, Anne-Sophie  Université Laval Mise en place d'un dispositif de développement professionnel misant sur la réflexivité et l'apprentissage actif auprès d' d'éducation préscolaire afin de favoriser le soutien à l'apprentissage offert en classe $80,000
Parent-Chartier, Clothilde  University of Ottawa Quels mécanismes sociaux expliquent l'échec des réformes foncières censées faciliter l'accès des femmes à la terre au Sénégal? $80,000
Parent-Taillon, Élizabeth  Université du Québec à Montréal Étude du développement de l'anxiété d'évaluation du primaire au secondaire : son lien dans l'adaptation scolaire et ses prédicteurs personnels et familiaux $60,000
Parker, Megan  University of Ottawa Metis Women on the Plains, 1800-1885 $60,000
Patel, Khushi  Ryerson University The contributions of vision and magnocellular visual pathway in reading difficulties $40,000
Patel, Naznin Idris  McGill University When religion and philosophy part ways: Marsilio Ficino's reconciliation of revelation and reason $40,000
Patel, Sonali  University of Toronto Invisibilization of Queer South Asian Women in Canada $80,000
Pearce, Rebecca L. McGill University Preterm Children as Learners of Mathematics $40,000
Pearson, Erin  Western University Examining Socio-Political Contexts of Parasport Events in Canada and France $80,000
Pecile, Éric L. University of Toronto Private Wealth, Public Profits: Moral Economies in sixteenth century Italy $20,000
Peers, Robyn  The University of British Columbia The Terror Within: Neoliberalism and the rhetoric of fatphobia in North American public discourse $80,000
Peng, Hsin-Yun  York University Conceptualizing Identity and Belonging of Queer Chinese Migrants in Canada $20,000
Per, Megan  McGill University A mindfulness-based training program for self-injury: An approach to improve emotional regulation $80,000
Peraic, Ika  Concordia University Research-creational speculative re-imaginings of the Canadian museum: Indigenous heritage, sensorium and settler-colonialism $40,000
Pérez Cañizares, Marcos G. Cornell University An Empire of Mist: The North Pacific from Hapsburgs to Bourbons, 1600-1830 $40,000
Perkins, Jana M. McGill University Romantic Poetry and Perception in the Wake of Enlightenment-era Sciences $80,000
Perks, Matthew  University of Waterloo Community Management as Governance: Regulation and Resiliency in Online Communities $40,000
Perreault, Annie  Université du Québec à Montréal Courir, écrire : Les grands espaces $20,000
Philibert-Lignières, Gwenaëlle  McGill University The effect of a musical education program on cognitive skills of children with autism spectrum disorder $40,000
Phillips, Freedom-Kai  University of Cambridge Exploration of Law and Governance Mechanisms at the Nexus of Climate, Oceans and Biodiversity: Innovative Approaches for Advancing Sustainable Development and the Green Economy $80,000
Pieber, Darryl A. Western University Lost in space? Locative media use among LGBT youth in urban spaces $40,000
Pillersdorf, Daniel  University of Windsor Eyewitness memory in chronic cannabis users $60,000
Piskor, Ashley  Western University Negotiating power in cultural heritage management: a comparative study of national parks co-management in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Canada and Northern Territory, Australia $80,000
Pizzolato, Larissa A.V. University of Toronto Monitoring snow in Canada using a school-based citizen science initiative $80,000
Pomart, Peter N. University of Manitoba Reframing Stakeholder Management to Advance Indigenous Rights $60,000
Pon, Carmen L. University of Sussex Peacebuilding and the elite: A case study of Jordanian private schools serving youth from the Middle East and North Africa $60,000
Popa, Denisa R. University of Toronto Gender, Body and Health: Womens College Hospital (Toronto, Canada) $80,000
Potvin, Lynne A. University of Ottawa How is contraception determined in the context of intellectual and developmental disabilities? The perspectives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families using an intersectional, family, and justice-based framework $20,000
Pradhan, Kesha  The University of British Columbia Mate Selection: Young Adult-Parent Goal-Directed Processes $60,000
Preece, Cassandra  McMaster University Rights and Recognition: Paths to Ethnic Peace and Representation in East and Southeast Asia $80,000
Prevost, Madelyn C. Simon Fraser University Dead settlers and living museums: modern settler colonial identity and nostalgia in Canada $80,000
Prieur, Cynthia  Queen's University The Fortune of Perugino's Paintings, From Italy to France, 1797-1820 $40,000
Prior, Kayla E. Brown University Postapocalyptic Hope: Decolonizing Genres of Being in Contemporary North American Fiction $60,000
Pritchard, Kyle  Wilfrid Laurier University Implements of War: Industrial Science, Natural Resources and the Canadian Munitions Industry during the First World War $40,000
Prud'homme, Julie  University of Victoria Exploring daily experiences of heterosexism, sexism, and maladaptive coping behaviours in young sexual minority women: An experience sampling study $80,000
Prvulović, Dragana  University of Ottawa Who Is A Serb Here?: Negotiating Ethnic Difference in Contemporary Croatia $80,000
Pullen, Rebekah K.C. McMaster University Nuclear imaginings and anticipatory politics: Exploring exceptional decisions in popular film $40,000
Purcell, Kaitlyn E. University of Calgary Restoring ikazi: nate, hani, and heretlis as theoretical practice $60,000
Pynn, Shannon  University of Alberta Developing an education and support program to improve sport parents' emotional intelligence $40,000
Rainville, Rosalie  Université du Québec à Montréal La culture du terroir au Québec : une sociologie des nouvelles initiatives agricoles et alimentaires liées au terroir $20,000
Razek, Sherena  Brown University Histories of Dispossession, Images of Repossession: Indigenous Photography, Film, and Futurity in Canada and Israel-Palestine $60,000
Reed, Kathleen J. Simon Fraser University The Digital Experiences and Practices of Rural Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth $80,000
Reggin, Lorraine D. University of Calgary Grasping the invisible: Abstract vocabulary for literacy and learning $60,000
Rémy-Handfield, Gabriel  Université de Montréal Corporalités queer et post-humaines: étude comparée de la mutation dans la littérature et la culture visuelle sino-futuriste et (futuriste) autochtone $40,000
Ren, Yuxi  University of Toronto The Changing Landscape of Expert Searching: A Domain Analysis $60,000
Renaud, Marie-Pierre  Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Les relations thérapeutiques entre les professionnels de la santé et les patients autochtones en Abitibi-Témiscamingue : regard sur des mesures de sécurisation culturelle $60,000
Richard, Julie  Université Laval Explorer les expériences participatives des jeunes marginalisés des territoires ruraux au Québec $20,000
Robinson, Chanelle  Boston College Poetic Incarnations: Exploring Diasporic Poetry by Developing Womanist Theological Anthropology in Canada $80,000
Robinson, Lindsay E. Carleton University Unlikely Subjects? Girl-Child Subjectivity and the 'Girling' of Development $40,000
Robitaille, Christian  University of Ottawa L'action, ses effets et ses motivations $20,000
Rosenberg, Lindsay  Dalhousie University Understanding the relationship between awareness of word structure and reading comprehension in early readers $60,000
Rothschuh, Stefan  University of Calgary Mobilizing Mathematics: How Technology Enhances Embodied Learning $20,000
Rudraiah, Ganga  University of Toronto Akam Cinema: The Aesthetics of Love in Tamil FIlms $40,000
Rutigliano, Valentina  The University of British Columbia M&As and Labor Markets: How Human Capital Shapes Deals and How Deals Affect Incumbents $60,000
Ryken, Alexandra M. Dalhousie University The rhythm of reading: Examining the relationship between prosodic sensitivity and reading comprehension across the early elementary grades $80,000
Saaoud, Elie  HEC Montréal L'impact des technologies émergentes sur l'organisation en santé : vers une transformation des pratiques et une redéfinition du pouvoir $80,000
Safa, Ali  York University Opioid-using Women's Perceptions of Stigma and Discrimination in Health Service Interactions $80,000
Sanchez Nunez de Villavicencio, Paula  University of Toronto How Augmented Reality is affecting Labour in Canada $60,000
Santos, Rachel M. University of Toronto Parenting by lying and its relationship with dishonesty and social-emotional adjustment problems in children with and without severe conduct problems $20,000
Sarta, Andrew  Western University Attention Please: Cognitive Triggers for Organizations Adapting to the Emergence of FinTech $20,000
Saumier, Geneviève  Université du Québec à Montréal Contribution des pratiques artistiques participatives et dialogiques contemporaines au développement des méthodes de recherche de l'ethnographie collaborative $80,000
Savath, Leslie  Carleton University Québécois Folklore and the Politics of Nation-Making in English Canada $20,000
Savoie, Justin  University of Toronto Political Ideology: A Network Approach $40,000
Sawyer, Catherine E. University of Toronto Gender, indigeneity and geographical imagination in Peruvian avant-garde poetry $80,000
Schalburg-Clayton, Jessica R. University of Otago Agricultural transition and climate change at the emergence of social hierarchy in Iron Age Northeast Thailand $40,000
Schultz, Kimberleigh C. McMaster University A changing climate: Inuit livelihoods and development in the context of Arctic warming $40,000
Scott, Braden L. McGill University Building Worlds: The Globalization of Ancient Architecture in the Netherlandish Archaeological Imagination $20,000
Scully-Blaker, Rainforest  University of California, Irvine Workification and Labour Movements in the Video Game Industry $40,000
Shaffer, Miya  University of California, Los Angeles Towards a mixed-race analytic: theorizing race construction in North American dance studies $40,000
Shay, Matt  University of Calgary Home is where the heart is: How the home environment can protect against delayed child development in hypertensive pregnancies $40,000
Sheedy, Sydney J. Concordia University The Rise of Occultism in Queer Community Building in Montreal $60,000
Sheehy, Grace E. Johns Hopkins University Exploring perceptions of abortion legality among women in West Africa $40,000
Shum, Vanessa  Simon Fraser University Fear of missing out ("FOMO"): The perceived prevalence of better work experiences $40,000
Simone, Ariana C. University of Toronto To tell or not to tell? Social barriers and consequences of the disclosure of self-injury $60,000
Simpson, Alexandra W. York University Pipelines and Performance: embodied resistance in the anti-fossil fuel movement in Canada $60,000
Slack, Gregory  The City University of New York Black Marxism: Which Way Forward? $20,000
Smeja, Katrina  McGill University An exploration of Indigenous worldviews and community initiatives that support resilience and reclaiming cultural identity: Implications for decolonizing counselling psychology $80,000
Smith, Cameron W. University of Ottawa Supporting effective technology integration in Canadian French-as-a-Second-Language education $80,000
Smith, Kristina A. University of Toronto Exploring the relational dimensions of suffering and waiting in the context of paediatric transplant and palliative care $20,000
Smith, Olivia E. University of Oxford The Pre-Christian Funeral and the Representation of the Past in Old Norse Literature $80,000
Snook, Ashley  Western University Phylogenetic Interconnectivity: A Biophiliac Approach to Human and Nonhuman Kinship $60,000
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Spring, Cynthia J. York University Investing in the Future?: Debt, Mobility, and Post-Secondary Education in Ontario and Quebec $40,000
Stackaruk, Christian R. University of St. Michael's College Retrieving the Impact of Non-Western Voices at the Second Vatican Council $20,000
Stanton, Carley J. University of Oxford Wildfire, morel mushroom harvesting, and "Windows of Opportunity" for post-disaster change $60,000
Stendel, Moriah S. University of Oregon To know and be known: how is our Self represented in the minds and brains of friends? $60,000
Stewart, Jessica D.W. The University of British Columbia The Good Target Across the Lifespan $80,000
Stoica, Cristina T. Western University Romania and the Holocaust: Roma Persecution under the Antonescu Regime $60,000
Stone, Kerilee  University of California, Santa Cruz Reparative Game Design: Affect, Art, and Psychosocial Disability $20,000
Storey, Meaghan M.O. University of Victoria Connecting with core competencies: Learning from the experience of BC secondary language arts educators with curriculum-based social and emotional learning $20,000
Stormhunter, Tayzia  University of Manitoba First Nations Philanthropy Engagement Research Project $80,000
Stow, Meara K. Western University Social Development and Perception of Humanness in Autism Spectrum Disorder $80,000
Straus, Elizabeth  The University of British Columbia Supporting well-being and addressing marginalization for technology-dependent young people with disabilities $20,000
Sturtevant, Elliott  Columbia University Empire's Stores: Entrepôt Urbanism in America, 1846-1947 $20,000
Swyers, Erica L. University of Waterloo Learner beliefs about grammar learning and teaching $80,000
Tanga, Mansanga  University of Ottawa Assessing the impact of gendered migration trajectories on the political incorporation of immigrant women: The case of women of Congolese origin in Canada $20,000
Tetrault, Ella K. York University Living Well Together―Interspecies collaboration in video and performance $40,000
Thompson, Amanda J. Wilfrid Laurier University Relationships of Reciprocity: The Indigenous Oshkaabewis as a Bridge Builder in Post-Secondary $60,000
Thompson, Karen A. Simon Fraser University Kinaesthetic Strike: Dance as Radical Strike Within the Affective Encounter Between the Body and Technologies of Control $40,000
Thompson, Samantha  University of Washington Tenant experiences of care networks in affordable housing advocacy $60,000
Tilleczek, Elliott  University of Toronto Queer Digital Activism: The Affective Dimensions of World Making & Safety Seeking Practices $60,000
Timler, Kelsey M. The University of British Columbia Growing together: Strengthening foodways and legal traditions for wellbeing through a participatory gardening and culinary program with justice-involved Indigenous women $80,000
Timmermans, Matthew  The City University of New York RCA (The Radio Corporation of America) Victor's Portrait of America: Opera, Race, and Recording Post WWII Through the Civil Rights Act $60,000
Timms, Catherine A. University of Waterloo The Forest Remains: An Environmental History of the Carolinian Forest $60,000
Tissera, Hasagani  McGill University To know, or not to know, that is the question: Exploring short- and long-term benefits of accurate and biased perceptions of partner's understanding $40,000
Todorov, Emily-Helen  Université du Québec à Montréal Conflict, Conflict Resolution, and Satisfaction in Adolescent Romantic Relationships: A Daily-Diary Study $40,000
Toman, Dario  University of Toronto Counterinsurgency, Radicalization, and Demobilization: Evidence from Colombia $80,000
Torelli, Julian  McMaster University Making Successful Human Rights Claims: Claims-Making and Responding Activities about Human Rights Violations in East Timor $60,000
Torrell, Ehryn  Loughborough University How does one make and teach art post Black Lives Matter? $80,000
Tovmasyan, Hasmik  University of Calgary Syrian-Armenian Refugees in Canada: War, Forced Migration and Cultural Trauma $40,000
Tremblay, Alice  Université du Québec à Montréal (Dés)incorporation nominale en innu : étude d'un changement structurel en cours $80,000
Tremblay, Monique D. Ryerson University An investigation of the contribution of cognitive biases to anger outcomes and reactive aggression $20,000
Trusolino, Madison R. University of Toronto Producing Laughs: Women & LGBTQ+ Comedians in the Canadian Comedy Industry $40,000
Tsekova, Virginia  Ryerson University The effect of a computerized task on romantic relationship functioning in individuals high in rejection sensitivity $80,000
Turgeon, Stéphanie  Université de Montréal Effet d'une formation interactive en ligne sur le développement de pratiques parentales visant la gestion des comportements problématiques de leur enfant ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme $20,000
Uher, Valerie  University of Waterloo Not showing up, together: Labour unrest in Canadian literature across the long 20th century $60,000
Vachon, Catherine  Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Évaluation de l'efficacité d'un programme d'interventions métacognitives à long terme sur le transfert des fonctions exécutives développées en jouant à des jeux vidéo d'action vers les situations d'écriture en contexte de remédiation pédagogique $80,000
Valcke, Alanna G. University of Waterloo Working With Others: The influence of partner and socio-cognitive skills $40,000
Vallejo Toledo, Esteban  University of Victoria A legal geography case for land value taxation and the right to the city $80,000
Vallette, Salomé  Institut national de la recherche scientifique La participation politique des aînés : de l'expérience de la ville aux élections municipales $40,000
Valois, Darcie D. Memorial University of Newfoundland Anti-fat attitudes and body image in young adults: The moderating role of self-compassion $80,000
Van Dyk, Leah  University of Calgary Narrating Climate Crisis: Genre and Environmental Literature in the Age of Climate Change $80,000
Van Dyk, Stacey L. University of Oxford Antiquity as authority: Jesus and his Jewish forefathers in the Fourth Gospel $60,000
Van Giessen, Eric J. York University Queerly faithful: Using collaborative art-based inquiry to explore the weaving of religious and sexual identities $80,000
Vasko, Jillian  University of Toronto Wages for Women's Work: ASMR, Value, and Labor in the Digital Age $40,000
Vegter, Vanessa M. University of Calgary Constructions of Wellness in a Rural Alberta Community: A Critical Ethnography $40,000
Venovcevs, Anatolijs  University of Tromsø―The Arctic University of Norway Living with Ruins - A Contemporary Archaeology of Industrial Vestiges $60,000
Vero, Eric  University of Waterloo A history of our own: an oral history of disability in fan communities, 1965-2019 $80,000
Viens, Catherine  Université du Québec à Montréal Le gouvernement local en Inde comme tremplin pour le développement de mécanismes fédéraux en matière environnementale $40,000
Villeneuve, Louis-Étienne  Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières La connaissance en histoire : une épistémologie naturaliste fondée sur les théories de l'information et le narrativisme $40,000
von Schütz, Konstanze  University of Toronto Possibilities and limitations of sharing access and control in the law of property $40,000
Wadams, Morgan L. University of Alberta A narrative inquiry study into the experiences of transitions into and out of Alberta correctional facilities for people living with HIV $40,000
Wadden, Jordan  The University of British Columbia Examining the Moral and Epistemic Space for Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare $40,000
Wainwright, Samuel G. University of Oxford "Two souls dwell in the German nation": British scholars, the "two Germanies", and the two World Wars $60,000
Wang, Anna  Harvard University Music Theory as Cultural Ethnography on Two Regional Chinese Operas $40,000
Warner, Carmen M. Carleton University Racial histories, contested spaces: media and displacement in Nova Scotia, Canada $40,000
Webber, Katherine M. University of Calgary Understanding Online and Offline Relational Complexity in Care Provider-Care Receiver Relationships $80,000
Weber, Melissa  University of Ottawa Self-determined tourism development at the Wrecks of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror National Historic Site $40,000
Weber, Stephanie H. McGill University Glass culture and Canadian architecture in the Victorian era, 1856-1901 $80,000
Webster, Christine A.S. University of Victoria Nuu-chah-nulth Leadership Frameworks Embedded in Ceremony $80,000
Wedlake, Grace  Queen's University Suicidal ideation as a flux-state: Centring the needs and experiences of people living with passive suicidality $80,000
Weisler, Alexander T. Université de Montréal Gig City: Labour and Life Under Airbnb $80,000
West, Alyssa  University of Calgary Seeing the Invisible: An Intersectional Analysis of the Cross-Cultural Transitioning Experiences of Sexual and Gender Minority Refugees in Canada $80,000
Whittingham, Lisa M. Brock University Examining factors involved in police decision-making regarding persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities $40,000
Wickstrom, Hanna C. University of Toronto Meeting in the middle: How can teachers and children optimize kindergarten math education? $40,000
Wight, Christine Ki  Simon Fraser University Developing critical pedagogies to support diversity and equity in post-secondary media production programs $40,000
Wilkinson, Michael J. The University of British Columbia Make it Real: Peformance, Technology, and Meaning-Making in Arthur Conan Doyle $80,000
Willcott-Benoit, Whitney  University of Saskatchewan Can we centralize other people's traumatic experiences? An examination of non-offending mothers of sexually abused children $80,000
Wilson, Alexander P. University of New Brunswick The impact of recreational cannabis legalization on the illicit cannabis industry in New Brunswick $80,000
Wilson, Jordan Philip Henry  New York University The Politics of Language Revitalization in the Settler Colonial Present $60,000
Wilson, Joseph B. University of Toronto Communicating Science: A critical ethnography of knowledge production in the field of artificial intelligence $80,000
Wilson, Michelle M. Western University Wallow: Understanding the effects of patriarchal settler colonialism on interspecies relations through bison $40,000
Woo, Brandon M. Harvard University Infants' understanding of others' actions in sociomoral contexts $40,000
Wood, Cristina M. York University Enchanting the Ottawa: An Affective Environmental History of the Ottawa River $80,000
Wyman-McCarthy, Timothy D. University of California, Berkeley Politicizing Human Rights: Social Movements Funding and the Future of Liberal Internationalism $40,000
Wyse, Emma F.L. Queen's University Empire's children: The uneasy acceptance of Jewish-British child migrants, 1938-1950 $60,000
Xiang, Ran  The University of British Columbia A cultural analysis of the tea ceremony as a form of aesthetic pedagogy $60,000
Xie, Elisabeth B. Carleton University The Secret behind Sexual Desire: A Dyadic Approach to the Motivation and Consequences of Sexual Self-Concealment among Romantic Partners $80,000
Yeomans, Richard D. University of New Brunswick Inventing a Bountiful Earth: New Brunswick Settler Science and the Moral Economy, 1785-1885 $60,000
Yu, Christine M. The University of British Columbia The Help-Seeking Process for Racial and Ethnic Minority Parents of Children with Anxiety: A Grounded Theory $40,000
Yusuf, Badriyya H.R. Queen's University Impact Assessment of Internet Governance and Readiness for Emerging Technologies in West Africa's Tech Hub Cities―Accra, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria $60,000
Zalis, Jordan W. Memorial University of Newfoundland WE THE NORTH: hip hop, basketball, and building community $20,000
Zeni, Megan  The University of British Columbia No child left inside: loose parts, risky play, and teachers' perceptions of risk associated with playful learning outside the classroom $60,000
Zhang, Ying Shan Doris  University of Alberta Well-being, Language, and Social Connectedness of Chinese Immigrants in Canada: A Cohort Comparison Study $40,000
Zhao, Can  University of Victoria State and firms in China's information revolution 1994-2019 $40,000
Zhu, Ma  The University of British Columbia Assessing resilience: Do Chinese international students and Canadian domestic students process resilience items differently? $80,000
Zia, Belal  University of Manitoba Promoting treatment seeking among Canadian Muslims: The development, implementation and evaluation of a novel theory-based psychoeducational intervention $80,000
Zuhair, Taif  McMaster University Even When it Appears to be English We are Speaking: Indigenous Literatures, Listening, and Immigrant Repositioning on Colonized Lands $40,000
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