Award Recipients for Canada Graduate Scholarships—Master’s Program: December 2019 Competition

Applicant Administering Organization Title Amount Awarded
Abram, Maxwell Western University Aristophanes as the Voice of the Common People in 5th Century BCE Athens $17,500
Ackah, Nadia OCAD University Deconstructing the Affordable Housing Policy Model $17,500
Adams, Olivia University of Ottawa She's Still Sounding: Working towards a gender inclusive and intersectional piano curriculum $17,500
Addis, James University of Toronto Exploring the structure of technological interdependence: An empirical study of patterns in technological utilization $17,500
Aguila, Kylene Université de Montréal Évaluation des effets des stratégies linguistiques parentales et de l'usage quotidien sur le développement langagier des enfants bilingues $17,500
Ainsworth, Amelia University of Toronto America's Twentieth Century Adolescent Beauty and Personal Care Culture $17,500
Akerman, Kelly York University Translating Experience: The Education of a Professional Wor(l)d-Crafter in Two Interludes $17,500
Al Assafin, Samer Carleton University Natural Language Processing and Hate Speech Regulation $17,500
Alain, Laurence Université Laval Tension entre langues régionales en Espagne : rapports aux langues des Basques et des Catalans $17,500
Alarie-Vézina, Pascale Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Étude d’implantation d’un programme pilote culturellement adapté pour les Premières Nations et les Inuits du Québec visant l’usage modéré d’alcool $17,500
Alba, Razieh University of Calgary Seeing Through the Testimony of Survivors $17,500
Albrecht, Carina Simon Fraser University Imagining new ways of connection: an interdisciplinary approach to social media networks $17,500
Alcaine Aviles, Ana Sofia Université de Montréal Un regard sur Vérité et méthode de Hans-Georg Gadamer à la lumière de l’herméneutique analogique de Mauricio Beuchot $17,500
Aleksiuk, Stephanie Royal Roads University Deepening connections: Uncovering ordinary opportunities to nurture with nature in the city $17,500
Ali, Fatema University of Toronto Exploring how Care is Adapted in the Treatment of Diabetes Among Immigrant Women in Toronto, Ontario $17,500
Ali, Jordan University of Toronto Empire Online: The Territorialization of Cyberspace by the United States after 9/11 $17,500
Allard, Chloé Victoria Université de Montréal Deviant sexual fantasies in a university population: mechanisms and trajectories of on campus sexual assault $17,500
Allegro, Hailey University of Alberta An exploration of compassion for others and suicidality recovery in undergraduate students $17,500
Allin, Michelle Simon Fraser University Willa Cather’s Settler Colonial Imagination: Nationalist Depictions of Indigenous Cultures in Death Comes for the Archbishop, The Professor’s House, and Shadows on the Rock $17,500
Almazbekova, Zhanara The University of British Columbia Soviet and National Kyrgyzstan: Local Agency and State-Building in Central Asia (1918-1940) $17,500
Altaras, Nesi McGill University The Migration of Kurdistani Jews (1914-1918) $17,500
Amja, Kristina McGill University Implementation of a community-based multidisciplinary training course to teach YMCA based fitness instructors how to design effective programs for people living with chronic pain. $17,500
Amodeo, Allyson University of Waterloo It’s a Hard-Knock Life: An Analysis of Child Fostering and Adoption in British Territories Between 1800-1850 $17,500
Amyot, Valerie Concordia University Translation Across Difference: Transcultural Encounters in Gail Scott's Fiction $17,500
Anchante, Mayte University of Toronto I Am I As You Are You: Toward a Posthumanist Semiotic $17,500
Anderson, Cameron McMaster University Historic Changes in Musically Expressed Emotion $17,500
Anderson, Jackson University of Manitoba Truth, Reconciliation, and Catholic Archives $17,500
Anderson, Karly University of Saskatchewan Activity on Campus...Where Do You Sit? $17,500
Anderson, Nicole University of Saskatchewan Breaking down barriers: Educating parents on the importance of open dialogues regarding sexual violence $17,500
Anderson, Quinn McMaster University Social and Cultural Understandings and Expressions of Gender and Sexuality from Weimar into Nazi Germany $17,500
Andrews, Shauna The University of British Columbia Ghost Stories: Women's Trauma Treated as Lies $17,500
Ankomah-Hackman, Priscilla Queen's University Cities in despair: Are stakeholders prepared for the adoption of smart growth policies in Ghana? $17,500
Antal, Caitlyn Concordia University The neurocognitive and linguistic mechanisms underlying the enrichment of indeterminate event representation $17,500
Aqil, Maham York University Moving Beyond Barriers to Higher Education: Women Students in Dadaab Refugee Camps $17,500
Araya, Fetsami University of Toronto Predicting the Extent of Future Automation in Canada Based on How Quickly AI is Improving $17,500
Arbour, Lucie Université Laval L’action environnementale des fondations philanthropiques états-uniennes dans l'ancien bloc de l'Est (1989-2003) $17,500
Arcedo, Queveen University of Toronto Musical Expressions of Filipino-ness in the Filipino-Canadian Diaspora $17,500
Arceo, Carlos University of Toronto Intercultural Philosophies in the Early Twentieth Century East-West Encounters $17,500
Archambault Morneau, Anne-Catherine Institut national de la recherche scientifique La quantification de soi au service de la fertilité : Les répercussions de l'usage d'applications mobiles de suivi de fertilité (appsF) chez les couples en recherche d'une grossesse $17,500
Archontakis, Camélie Université de Montréal Stress et décrochage scolaire chez les adolescents en fin de parcours académique : étude de l'effet exacerbant de l'adversité familiale à l'enfance $17,500
Areias, Nicole McMaster University Modelling the Barrier and Transport Functions of the Syncytiotrophoblast at the Placental-Fetal Interface using the SynoplateTM Platform $17,500
Argan, Jennifer University of Victoria Connections to Place: A case study of Indigenous culturally-informed conservation $17,500
Arisman, Kayla University of Saskatchewan A Lick and A Promise: Understanding the Role of Companion Animals in Leaving Intimate Partner Violence $17,500
Arkilander, Paul Ryerson University A framework for a dockless e-scooters sharing program in Toronto, Canada $17,500
Armiento, Isabel University of Toronto “Masquerading” and “Grotesque” Women in 20th-Century American Literature $17,500
Armstrong, Jayne University of Toronto Place-Based Poverty Reduction in Malvern $17,500
Arnett, Jamie The University of British Columbia Development, Conflict, and Power: Analysis of Political Discourses and Legal Mechanism that Enable the Activities of Canadian Mining Companies in Honduras $17,500
Arnold, Patricia University of Toronto Evaluating the influence site characteristics have on mode choice during a major transit disruption $17,500
Arsenault-Gallant, Hannah Queen's University Is Animal "Rights" the Right Approach? A Comparative Analysis of Abolitionism and the Citizenship Model as Responses to Welfarism $17,500
Arslan, Sinem University of Toronto Sinem Arslan CGS-M Application $17,500
Askwith, Zoe Western University Examining Dimensions of Social Disparities in Children’s Active School Travel $17,500
Assi, Hussein Université de Montréal La disparité entre les résidents chirurgicaux et les chirurgiens enseignants dans la perception de l’enseignement à différents niveaux, soit pré-opératoire, intra-opératoire et post-opératoire $17,500
Athmer, Shailynn University of Alberta The Portrayal of Hearing Loss and Treatment in Mass Media Messaging: A Canadian Newsprint Analysis $17,500
Atkinson, Laura Western University Menarche in Transition: The relationship between cultural and biological change $17,500
Attia, Cheery-Maria York University The Coptic Diaspora in Canadian Multiculturalism: Questions of Belonging and Negotiated Identity $17,500
Aubé, Sophie Université Laval L’étiologie génétique et environnementale de l’association entre le langage au préscolaire et l’écriture au secondaire : une étude de jumeaux $17,500
Aubin-Jobin, Luka McGill University Le rôle et les motifs de la présence des acteurs subétatiques dans les négociations internationales sur le climat $17,500
Aubuchon, Olivier Université de Montréal Les conséquences de la relation d'attachement père-enfant sur les fonctions exécutives de l'enfant $17,500
Auchterlonie, Anthony University of Victoria Memory, Politics, and Place: Revitalizing Indigeneity and Unsettling Colonial Narratives with Lessons from Europe and the Holocaust $17,500
Aujla, Kajill Emily Carr University of Art + Design Other-Dimensions: An Exploration of Punjabi-Sikh Canadian Women in Visual Arts through Painting, Portrayal, and Receptivity $17,500
Ausman, Christine Dalhousie University Exploring how smartphones impact leisure and socio-emotional health among post-secondary students $17,500
Austin, Heather Memorial University of Newfoundland Cultural and Social Effects of Newfoundland Film and Dark Tourism $17,500
Avery, Ashley Mount Saint Vincent University Queer and Trans Experiences in the Nova Scotia Prison System $17,500
Avey, Emily University of Regina Digital Storytelling as a Conduit for Healing and Resilience $17,500
Awan, Muhammad McGill University Investigating the relationship between urban greenness, greenspace access and mental health outcomes in low-income communities of Montreal $17,500
Ayer, Joshua The University of British Columbia A Political Economy for a Thriving Canada $17,500
Azuelos, Sarelle Memorial University of Newfoundland What is the Holy Grail for Grassroots Women’s Organizing?: Comparing Issue-by-Issue to Systematic GBA+ Advocacy Approaches $17,500
Baayoun, Jihad Wilfrid Laurier University The Satsuma Revelation: How the Satsuma Uprising of Meiji Japan Revealed a Need for Reform in the Imperial Japanese Army $17,500
Bader, James McMaster University Odysseus the Hero? $17,500
Baginski, Brendan University of Guelph Using The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to Obtain the Right to a Healthy Environment $17,500
Bah, Rouguiatou University of Ottawa Understanding Stroke Families: The Recovery Process Among Familial Caregivers and Stroke Survivors $17,500
Bailey, Aaron Queen's University Policy enclosure and the alcogenic landscape of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, 1950-1990 $17,500
Baldwin, Bridget University of Guelph Moments of Liberation in Feminist Theatre $17,500
Bantjes-Ràfols, Ona Carleton University Mapping Queer Memories: An Oral History of LGBTQ Spaces in Barcelona $17,500
Barkved, Kaytlyn The University of British Columbia Neuroqueer Imaging $17,500
Barnett, Barbara Lakehead University The Impact of Food Acquisition Context on Pro-Environmental Behaviour $17,500
Barodi, Batol University of Toronto Assessment of the Impact of Different Provincial Policies on the Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees $17,500
Barry, Caitlin Queen's University The Impact of Negative Social Interactions on the Relationship Between Gender Identity/Expression and Psychological Wellness $17,500
Barry, Emily Western University Does a Classroom-Based Mindfulness Intervention Improve Math Performance Through Improved Emotion Regulation? $17,500
Barton, Kim University of Guelph Canadian Early Childhood Educator's Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Their Outdoor Learning Environment $17,500
Basque, Andréanne Université de Moncton Dystopies féministes : dynamiques du pouvoir dans The Handmaid’s Tale de Margaret Atwood et Chroniques du pays des mères d’Élisabeth Vonarburg $17,500
Baxter, Kaylee University of Calgary Recording and Mitigating the Disappearing Arctic Archaeological Record $17,500
Beals, Shyloe University of Toronto Textual Artefacts and the Instrumentalization of the Immanent Will in Thomas Hardy's Fiction $17,500
Beaudet, Camille Université Laval Le roman psychologique comme genre ambivalent de la fin du19e siècle : poétique en rupture et persistance du roman social dans Notre cœur de G. de Maupassant (1890) et Le Lys rouge d’A. France (1894) $17,500
Beaudoin, Lorrie Université Laval Trauma complexe et usage de substances psychoactives à l’adolescence : le rôle médiateur des traits de personnalité borderline $17,500
Beaudoin, William Queen's University Quantifying the impact of uncertainty shocks on private investment in emerging market economies: a panel Bayesian vector autoregressive approach. $17,500
Beaudry, Léa Université Laval Le traitement pénal de la criminalité économique : punir l'individu ou punir l'entreprise? $17,500
Beaudry, Marie-Claude Université de Sherbrooke Les obstacles conceptuels qui freinent les apprentissages relatifs aux interactions entre les espèces lors d'une activité extérieure chez les élèves du primaire $17,500
Beaulieu, Celine University of Alberta Is Religious Choice An Elementary Liberty? ―The Mediation of Religious Freedom within First Nations Reserves $17,500
Beaulieu, Geneviève Université de Sherbrooke Les effets psychosociaux du sport en fonction des traits de personnalité des adolescent.e.s $17,500
Beaupré, Lisa-Marie Université Laval Quelle est la contribution de facteurs génétiques et socio-démographiques spécifiques dans la prédiction des habiletés en mathématiques à l'enfance? $17,500
Bédard, Samantha Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle de l’engagement participatif dans un programme d’entraînement aux habiletés parentales offert en prévention des difficultés de comportement pour expliquer l’amélioration des pratiques parentales et les comportements de l’enfant d'âge préscolaire $17,500
Bedward, Anthony-Jordan University of Toronto The (un)Privileged Safe Space of the Academy: Black Counter-stories as Critical Expressive Practices for Black Student solidarity $17,500
Bégin, Alexandre Université du Québec en Outaouais Fusions municipales et développement local dans les petites agglomérations : le cas de Rivière-Rouge $17,500
Bélanger, Amélie Concordia University Développer une matérialité sensible et durable grâce à la fabrication d'un bio-plastique local $17,500
Belanger, Emma University of Guelph The Effects of Emotion Dysregulation on Psychological Well-Being in Children $17,500
Bélanger, Félix Université de Montréal Habitudes de consommation de substances chez les élèves en formation professionnelle : des liens séquentiels avec la réussite éducative, puis la transition en emploi? $17,500
Bélanger, Gabriel Université Laval La transition à l’âge adulte dans un contexte hétéro/cis/binormatif chez les jeunes des minorités sexuelles et de genres $17,500
Beletski, Leonid Western University Ethical Decisions at Different Organizational Levels $17,500
Belisle, Breanna The University of Winnipeg Discounting Life: Considerations of Domestic Violence in Canadian Second-Degree Murder Sentencing $17,500
Bélisle-Richard, Aurélie Université Laval Éthique de la terre qu'on cultive : John Baird Callicott et l'agriculture $17,500
Bell, Stephanie York University When what seems right is wrong: A Monte Carlo simulation investigating the robustness of omega-hierarchical to model misspecification. $17,500
Bellavance, Amélie Université de Montréal Relations entre différentes caractéristiques individuelles et la qualité de l’alliance thérapeutique (AT) précoce chez un groupe d’adolescents $17,500
Bellehumeur, Charlotte Université du Québec à Montréal Le Québec du Nord interculturel : assurer une place éthique aux professionnel-le-s allochtones du Sud $17,500
Bellehumeur, Emilie Université du Québec en Outaouais Les parents non-agresseurs face au dévoilement de l’agression sexuelle de leur enfant : impact de l’état psychologique sur le soutien parental $17,500
Belshaw, Ellen McGill University Sensorial Inclusion: Dismantling the Ocularcentrism of Canadian Art Institutions $17,500
Bemister, Krischanda Ryerson University Effect of Facial Manipulation on Memory and Matching Task Performance in Children $17,500
Benchimol-Elkaim, Brandon McGill University What Cognitive Processes Guide Selective Social Leaning in Preschool-Aged Children? $17,500
Bennett, Falan University of Toronto Racial Inequities in Despair: The Lived Experiences of Black Canadians $17,500
Benoit, Noémie Concordia University Système d'asile américain et crainte fondée de persécution : de la nécessité de prouver son identité sexuelle $17,500
Benot, Kirsten University of Manitoba Agroecology for Human Rights: Climate Change Solutions for Farmers and the Environment $17,500
Benzouak, Tarek Carleton University Psychological Well-being as a Protective Moderator in the Association Between Psychological Distress and Diabetes Incidence $17,500
Berasngar, Lacy Université de Moncton Comprendre les formes nominales d'adresse dans les message textes entre Tchadiens : formes et fonctions $17,500
Berezhnova, Darya Simon Fraser University Canadian Track II Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific $17,500
Bergeron-Boutin, Olivier McGill University Information Shortcuts, Invest-State Dispute Settlement and Public Support for Trade Agreements $17,500
Bernier, Abdullah University of Calgary The Impacts of Social Skills Improvement on Parental Stress $17,500
Berrada, Lamia Université de Montréal Migrer en famille ou seul : une étude géo-spatiale des facteurs d’attraction et de distance des migrants internes en Chine $17,500
Berthelet, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Montréal Le peuple au prétoire : vols, violences, police et justice à Spitalfields (Londres), 1829-1839 $17,500
Bertheussen, Morgen McGill University Community-level resources and services associated with psychosocial health and well-being in Nunavik $17,500
Bertoldi, Eve-Gabrielle Université de Montréal Effets différentiels du programme Check and Connect, en fonction des caractéristiques des élèves à risque $17,500
Bérubé, Éric Université Laval La tension des contraires : traitement de la citation et de la référence dans les essais d'Yvon Rivard $17,500
Bérubé-Deschênes, Natacha Université du Québec à Montréal Étude du fonctionnement et de la réussite scolaires des élèves doués au secondaire $17,500
Bespflug, Christopher University of Saskatchewan Vulnerability Assessment Framework for Remote Community Electrical Systems $17,500
Besplug, Mariah University of Lethbridge Building Refuge: Lessons from the Narratives of Privately Sponsored Refugees in Southern Alberta $17,500
Besselink, Maria Western University Promoting a Welcoming Canadian Community: Examining Contact as a Method of Refugee Integration $17,500
Bevan, Alicia Wilfrid Laurier University Investigating the role of educational interventions on youth engagement in environmental action $17,500
Bexte, Melissa University of Lethbridge Using social network analysis to assess household food (in)security in Nunavut $17,500
Bhopa, Shania McMaster University Mental and Physical Health:The Impact of Communication Methods in the Patient-Physician dialogue $17,500
Billet, Matthew The University of British Columbia Motivation for Sustainable Living: Eco-spirituality and Sacred Commitment to Protecting Nature $17,500
Bishop, Evan University of Ottawa Examining the Presence of Explicit Life Skills Transfer Techniques Among Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructors $17,500
Biskupovic, Aleksandra University of Waterloo Assessing Climate Change Risk Management in the Canadian Insurance Sector $17,500
Bisson, Mathieu Université du Québec à Montréal Programme de bourses d'études supérieures du Canada au niveau de la maîtrise $17,500
Blackburn, Jordan University of Waterloo Narratives of the Anthropocene $17,500
Blackburn, Melissa Brock University Plagued by Perfectionism: Competitive Dancers, Psychopathology and the Role of Self-Compassion. $17,500
Blacker, Elise Saint Mary's University Colonialism, Museums, and Public History $17,500
Blais, Cassandre Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Recommandations de pratiques en gestion de crise dans les classes du primaire spécialisées en trouble du comportement $17,500
Blais, Marc-Antoine Université du Québec à Montréal Mémoire littéraire et vie pratique : recadrage des logiques avant-gardistes chez Nathalie Quintane $17,500
Blakley, Taline Simon Fraser University Exploring the Criminal Justice System’s Role in the Overrepresentation of Children and Youth in Care $17,500
Blauer, Robert McMaster University How has the Perceptions of Visible Minorities in Ontario Been Shaped Towards Ontario's Police Service Organization's and their Policing Initiatives? $17,500
Bleier, Maria The University of British Columbia Revealing Gaps: How are Choices made for Community-Based Interventions of Hoarding? $17,500
Blimke, Andrew Western University Research Into Pre- and Post Radio Era Classical Music Popularization Efforts $17,500
Boatswain-Jacques, Anna-Francesca Université de Montréal Sharing Shortages: Examining the processes that contribute to infrequent sharing in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Bockelmann, Pascale McGill University How does culture influence cognitive development? $17,500
Bodenstein, Katie McGill University Nutrition and resiliency: Mitigating the long term effects of adverse childhood experiences $17,500
Boily, Ann-Sophie Université du Québec à Chicoutimi La réconciliation au Canada : discours de l'État et paroles autochtones $17,500
Boissinot, Elie McGill University Solo and Ensemble Performance Strategies for Cello: A Quest for Versatility $17,500
Bolduc, Marie-Louise Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle modérateur de la régulation volontaire sur la relation entre le risque environnemental associé à la parentalité précoce et les problèmes de comportement extériorisés $17,500
Boleslawsky, Lara-Sophie The University of British Columbia The Legacy of Influence: A Critical Inquiry Into Harold Bloom as ‘Gnostic’ and the Implications of Applying Bloom’s Literary Theory within Studies of ‘Gnosticism’ $17,500
Bond, Lindsey University of Alberta The Photograph as Alive: Reframing Family Stories around the Battle River $17,500
Bonnell, Kaila The University of British Columbia Including Parents in a Nature-Based Physical Activity Program $17,500
Bonneville, Dominique University of Calgary Exploring the Impact of Parenting on Youth Mental Health in First Responder Families $17,500
Boothroyd, Sydney University of Victoria Youth Anxiety in the Digital Age: The Indeterminate Dark Side of Technology $17,500
Bordonaro, Marisa University of Windsor Meant to be seen but not heard: Concrete poetry as a medium for the representation of mental illness $17,500
Borges, Logan University of Toronto Stretching Out yet Staying Within: Revolutionary Ukraine within a Federated Russia $17,500
Boroto, Christiane University of Waterloo The Gendered Experiences of Internationally Educated Health Professionals $17,500
Bosnjak, Eva University of Calgary The Lived Experiences of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals in Sport and Physical Activity $17,500
Bouchard, Anabelle Laurentian University Enseignement robuste du vocabulaire et sensibilisation sociolinguistique : une recherche-action dans un contexte minoritaire $17,500
Bouchard, Samantha Concordia University Child Sexual Abuse, Financial Outcomes, Cognitive Ability, Mediation Analysis, Population-based study, Population-based study, Longitudinal Sample, Revenue, Mental Health $17,500
Boucher, Catherine Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse comparative des pratiques et procédures évaluatives pour l'accès aux services des ressources d'hébergement montréalaises pour les femmes victimes de violence conjugale $17,500
Boucher, Troy Simon Fraser University The Influence of Shared Interests on Social Interactions and Peer Evaluation in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Boucher-Meilleur, Laurence University of Ottawa Rôle politique des femmes autochtones de Guyane française dans la lutte contre le projet minier Montagne d’or $17,500
Boudreau, Karine Université de Moncton Les représentations linguistiques des enseignants en milieu minoritaire francophone et l'enseignement des sciences $17,500
Boudreau-Pineault, Raphaël Université de Montréal L'idée de classique : mémoire des œuvres dans la critique littéraire française au 19e siècle $17,500
Boulanger, Martine Université de Montréal Représentation des femmes musulmanes et du voile dans la pornographie nord-américaine post 9/11 $17,500
Boulden, Matthew McGill University Environmental Considerations in Canadian Passenger Rail Public Policy $17,500
Bourdeau, Caroline Université de Montréal Le rôle des jeux en soutien à la résolution de problèmes au premier cycle du primaire $17,500
Bourgeois-Fortin, Camille University of Ottawa The educational exclusion of migrant workers’ children in China: the puzzling failure of the Hukou reform $17,500
Bourret, Mélanie Université Laval Le rôle des parents dans la prise de décision vocationnelle des adolescents : la contribution des comportements et des émotions $17,500
Boutaleb, Safia The University of British Columbia A Female Economy: Socioeconomic Contributions Made by Cypriot Women in the Late Bronze Age $17,500
Bouzinelos, Amandia McGill University The Cultural Imperialism of Collecting ‘the Unrecorded Traditions of the Past’: An Examination of Ballad Antiquarianism in Atlantic Canada, 1800-1920 $17,500
Bowen, Jennifer University of Victoria Exhibition History of the Na-Dene Copper Knife $17,500
Bowers, Megan Simon Fraser University Adaptation to Sea Level Rise at the Port of Vancouver: Policy Implications $17,500
Boyd, Rebecca Concordia University (Emotional): Authenticity as Communicated in YouTube's Drama Culture $17,500
Boyer, Jeanne Université de Sherbrooke La qualité des interactions et la préparation scolaire des enfants québécois ayant fréquenté une maternelle 4 ans : effet modérateur de la compétence sociale $17,500
Boynton, Jordan York University China's Development Finance in the Global Political Economy: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and American Financialization $17,500
Brady, Ryan Wilfrid Laurier University Evaluating Visitor Perceptions of Ticks and Lyme Disease in Ontario Protected Areas $17,500
Brandenbarg, Claire University of Manitoba Climate change, transformative learning, and action: An exploration of adult climate activists in Manitoba, Canada $17,500
Brassard, Émile Université du Québec à Montréal Capitalisme comme source des empires coloniaux : étude du cas français au Sénégal entre 1800 et 1914 $17,500
Brast, Caitlin University of Waterloo The Lives of Things: Object Biographies and Southwestern Archaeology $17,500
Bratu, Bernard Université de Montréal Vers une théorie sociologique de la valeur $17,500
Brault, Alexandre Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse des mécanismes d’inclusion/exclusion des minorités sexuelles à la lumière de la théorie du bouc émissaire de René Girard $17,500
Braun, Graham The University of British Columbia Monumentality and Religious Space in Archaic Boeotia: The Polygonal Wall at Ancient Eleon $17,500
Braun, Robyn The University of British Columbia The Modernist's Infusoria $17,500
Brazeau, Jean Simon Fraser University Cognitive Mapping and The New Virtual Soundscape $17,500
Breen, Lorna University of Victoria Making Believe, Together: A Pilot Study of Improving Family Interactions Through Play Using Tabletop Role-playing Games $17,500
Bresch, Lauren University of Manitoba Manitoba's 'Modernization' Strategy for Improved Justice: Is it Failing Indigenous People? $17,500
Brewer, Julia The University of British Columbia Is rural to urban migration a driver of environmental change? An assessment of smallholder responses to rural-out-migration in Uganda $17,500
Brideau, Rachel Université de Montréal Étude de la gérontologie dans l’art photographique contemporain $17,500
Bridgman, Alyssa Simon Fraser University The Composite Archive: Reading and Representing Dickinson's Manuscripts in the Digital Era $17,500
Brimacombe, Zoe The University of British Columbia Constructing National Identity at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 $17,500
Brisebois, Catherine Université du Québec en Outaouais Évaluation de l'efficacité d'un programme d'intervention en réalité virtuelle ciblant la cognition sociale chez les personnes avec un trouble du spectre de l'autisme $17,500
Brosseau, Florence University of Ottawa Le savoir d'expérience en justice : juges, psychiatres et accusés à la Commission d'examen $17,500
Brouillette, Christel Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Être un « homme » en région et avoir besoin d'aide : Le portrait psychosocial des hommes en contexte de région éloignée au Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Abitibi-Témiscamingue  $17,500
Brown, Aaron Rachel York University Application to Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master's program $17,500
Brown, Ayla The University of British Columbia Pathways to Resilience: building resilience through local food in the Okanagan Valley $17,500
Brown, Hannah University of Toronto Exploring Electronic Music through Technology and Gender $17,500
Brown, Shelby University of Saskatchewan Water as Pedagogy $17,500
Brucculieri, Julia Ryerson University Gender Inequality and the Glass Runway in Fashion $17,500
Bruno, Natasha Queen's University Evaluating Quality Participation Among Children and Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities $17,500
Buchanan, John York University Grounding Universal Truths about Morality in Moral Psychology $17,500
Buchanan, Natalie University of Ottawa Invisible No More?: An Analysis of Child Soldier Reintegration Policies in Respect to Girls Who Become Mothers While They Are Soldiers and Their Children $17,500
Budman, Tali University of Manitoba Reimagined catastrophe―an architectural opportunity $17,500
Bullock, Clara Dalhousie University Biofortified Matooke's Influence on Female Empowerment in Uganda $17,500
Bullock, Hannah York University Misfitting Bodies: Informing Disability Discourse Through Artistic Practice $17,500
Bunke, Kadence University of Waterloo Indigenous-Led Planning and Decolonization of the Planning Process $17,500
Burant, Angela University of Saskatchewan Living in the Past: The Households and Social Organization of an Ethnographic Village Site in the shíshálh Nation $17,500
Burke, Mollie Emily Carr University of Art + Design Subverting Sight $17,500
Burns, Nicole University of Manitoba Survivance and Futurity as Modes of Colonial Resistance in Indigenous Speculative Fiction $17,500
Burron, Garrick University of Toronto Factors Affecting Educational Technology Selection for Classrooms: We Don’t Know What Teachers are Using… or Why $17,500
Butchart, Megan University of Alberta Articulating the South: Rethinking Positionality in Lillian Smith and Paula Snelling’s Literary Magazine South Today $17,500
Cadrain, Laura University of Alberta Mothers Underemployed?: Understanding the Employment Experiences of Canadian Mothers $17,500
Calderini, Guido University of Ottawa Evaluating the adequate regulation of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis through an institutional design approach: A rejection of the “treatment vs. enhancement” dichotomy $17,500
Camacho, Maria University of Ottawa Public understanding of biologically-based crime-prevention interventions $17,500
Campbell, Aidan University of Toronto Individual beliefs about genetics and their social and personal implications $17,500
Campos-Ordonez, Pamela University of Waterloo I Am Who I Am: Genetic Ancestry Tests, Ethnic Identity, and Diversity $17,500
Cantin, Valérie Université Laval Dispositif collaboratif de développement professionnel pour l’arrimage primaire-secondaire en mathématique : comprendre l’expérience de participation des enseignants et son effet sur leurs pratiques d’arrimage en mathématique $17,500
Cantú Patiño, Diego Université de Montréal Masculin sacré & Fin'Amors : l'archétype masculin de l'amant dans la lyrique des troubadours $17,500
Cao, Katherine The University of British Columbia Identity and Culture in Vietnamese Canadian Literature $17,500
Cappe, Natalie The University of British Columbia Exploring the Context Under Which Impact Benefit Agreements Are Signed in Canada $17,500
Cardin, Sophie Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue La consolidation du lien au territoire par les expériences de grossesse et d’accouchement des femmes autochtones $17,500
Carelse, Michael University of Victoria Impressionism in the Victorian Literary Imagination $17,500
Carmen, Elaine University of Toronto Classroom Discrimination among First-Generation Immigrant Children $17,500
Carney, Alison Ryerson University Evaluating the Utility of Attention Bias Training on Mental Fatigue $17,500
Caron Guillemette, Julia Université Laval Les oeuvres de Nadia Myre comme discours; l'ouverture d'une réflexion nouvelle quant à certains enjeux autochtones $17,500
Carpenter, Craig The University of British Columbia The Numinous Reel: How the personal magnetic tape recorder shaped poetry, poetics and an artistic community $17,500
Carpentier, Sarah Université Laval Recension des écrits sur les conditions optimales à mettre en place pour offrir des services psychoéducatifs à domicile basés sur les programmes d’entraînement aux habiletés parentales $17,500
Carr, Mareesa University of Toronto Transgender Activism and Reproductive Justice in Ontario $17,500
Carrese-Chacra, Emily Concordia University Promoting physical activity in obese individuals: Effects of spousal control and communal coping $17,500
Carroll, Taylor University of Waterloo Employee Perfectionism, Trust in Supervisor and Job Performance $17,500
Cartwright, Sally University of Victoria Être auteure dramatique en 1750 : trajectoires contrastées d'Anne-Marie du Boccage et de Françoise de Graffigny $17,500
Casidsid, Hera Joanna Mariz University of Manitoba The association between Healthy Baby program and postpartum depression among women: A retrospective cohort study $17,500
Cassidy, Kathleen University of New Brunswick Correlates of Individual Adjustment and Relationship Satisfaction Among Non-Offending Partners of Individuals Who Have Committed Sexual Offences $17,500
Castilloux-Gaboury, Mickaël Université de Montréal Du Salmon people au Farmed fish : étude des discours sur les changements culturels chez les populations autochtones de l’Île de Vancouver suite à l’introduction de la salmoniculture industrielle $17,500
Castle, Ysabel Nipissing University Environmental Influences on Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Crime in North Bay, ON $17,500
Castonguay-Truchon, Élie Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Étude expérimentale intra-sujets de l’effet de la présence d’une caméra sur les comportements de prise de risque et la réaction physiologique d’adeptes de sports de glisse hivernaux adolescents $17,500
Cécire, Pascale Université du Québec à Montréal Le rétablissement des enseignants au secondaire : l’effet des expériences de récupération durant les pauses-dîner sur la performance au travail selon les tendances perfectionnistes au quotidien $17,500
Chabot, Gabriel HEC Montréal Dans un contexte de commerce électronique, quel est l’impact de la perception des attributs hédoniques et utilitaires sur l'attitude cognitif et affectif des consommateurs et sur l’intention d’acheter sur un site web? $17,500
Chamberland-Fontaine, Sarah McGill University Enhancing sustainable management of mangrove forests through shared stakeholder perspectives: the case of Punta Galeta, Panama $17,500
Champagne, Lou Université de Montréal Perception catégorielle des graphèmes dans la lecture chez les enfants avec et sans dyslexie $17,500
Chan, Warren York University The Creative Machine: Examining the Role of A.I. in Video Art $17,500
Chapelski, Matthew University of Saskatchewan Effect of a 8-month Physical Literacy Intervention on the Competence, Confidence and Motivation of Children with Congenital Heart Disease to Engage in Physical Activity $17,500
Chapman, Brianna Queen's University An Examination of Behaviour in a Fear-Inducing Paradigm $17,500
Chapman, Cori York University Screaming into silence: Female filmmakers and onscreen sexual violence $17,500
Charbonneau, Chloé Université du Québec à Montréal Isabelle Eberhardt, Assia Djebar et Nina Bouraoui : Filiation et devenir métis dans la littérature algérienne au féminin $17,500
Charbonneau-Morin, Julie Université de Montréal La variabilité interindividuelle dans l'acquisition du langage chez les autistes $17,500
Charland, Christophe Université du Québec à Montréal Réitérations du sens. L’affectivité et l’interprétation dans la relecture $17,500
Charron-Bigras, Camille Université de Montréal Relation entre la qualité des représentations orthographiques et la compétence en lecture chez des élèves francophones en difficulté du collégial $17,500
Chattha, Ranfateh University of Toronto Understanding Human Nature Within Hyper-Technologized Capitalism $17,500
Chaumont-Goneau, Mireille Institut national de la recherche scientifique Impact financier à long terme d'avoir un enfant ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme selon le genre $17,500
Chaussegros de Léry, Caroline HEC Montréal Cette étude a pour intention de définir les caractéristiques clés du trans-ageism et ses différents sous-groupes $17,500
Chee, Kee Choon Wilfrid Laurier University How casual homophobia and transphobia online affect LGBT2SQ+ youth $17,500
Cheladyn, Ileanna Simon Fraser University Dance Is a Strength That Asks Us to Be Vulnerable: Agency, Power, and Kinesthetic Experience in Dance Practice $17,500
Chénier-Ayotte, Natasha University of Ottawa Impact d’un diagnostique de TDAH dans le choix de carrière $17,500
Cherniavski, Ronen York University A Dance of Anger: The Politics of Gender in Canadian Competitive Ballroom $17,500
Chila, Alexander University of Victoria Arctic Salmon Traditional Knowledge Project $17,500
Chokly, Catherine Carleton University Transing the Anthropocene: An Examination of Hormones Mediating the Boundaries Between Sex, Gender, Nature, and Culture $17,500
CHOW, Sonia NSCAD University Sculptural Books, Sensorial Aesthetics and Inclusivity $17,500
Churchill-Baird, Noah Wilfrid Laurier University A Cultural History of Canada and the 1972 Summit Series $17,500
Cigana, Emmanuel University of Ottawa Passing the Torch: Clara Schumann’s Penultimate Piano Composition and its Lasting Impact on Johannes Brahms’ Artistic Development $17,500
Clairoux, Tristan Carleton University The Privatization of Intelligence in the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Sector $17,500
Clarke, Julia University of Ottawa Experiences of Disordered Eating, Media Internalisation, and Gender Identity $17,500
Clement, Leah University of Ottawa Understanding psychological intimate partner aggression within community couples: Is romantic attachment security as important as insecurity? $17,500
Cloutier-Boulay, Joëlle Université du Québec à Rimouski Transformer le care en pratique véritablement féministe d'empowerment et de changement social en intervention psychosociale $17,500
Clowater, Victoria University of Guelph Queer License: Mapping the experiences of nonbinary Ontarians through public policy $17,500
Coad Epp, Mikayla University of Saskatchewan Cultural Identity within Pottery: A Holistic Approach to Understanding Transitional Pottery from Border Zones $17,500
Coady, Alanna The University of British Columbia The Role of Shame in Online Support Seeking $17,500
Cobban, Keiron York University Cultural Production for Development in Post-Conflict Colombia $17,500
Coghlan, Emily Université de Montréal Le paysage pris en charge localement : la place du statut de paysage humanisé au Québec $17,500
Cohen-Boulakia, Andréa York University Be my eyes $17,500
Coleman, Donna Royal Roads University Disaster response and mental health: Working towards mental well-being for volunteers $17,500
Coleman, Sydney Western University Opportunities to Build Mental Health Skills in Schools $17,500
Collard, Timothy University of Calgary The Race Meet as Contact Zone: Race, Gender, and Sport in Western Canada $17,500
Collie, James The University of British Columbia Redesigning Canadian Political Institutions to Accommodate Indigenous Nationhood $17,500
Collier, Isabelle Dalhousie University An Unrelenting State of Emergency: Canada's Northern Housing Crisis $17,500
Collins, Liam University of Lethbridge Investigating Behavioural Compensation as a Mechanism for Older Adults' Sedentary Behaviour $17,500
Colucci, Laura University of Waterloo How is the whole greater than the sum?: A systemic evaluation of the family stress model $17,500
Comeau, Christina Royal Roads University A Nation-to-Nation Conversation: Managing complex international border issues impacting Indigenous communities $17,500
Comtois, Marily Université du Québec à Montréal La mise en œuvre d’approches anti-oppressives : étude des pratiques de l’action communautaire autonome au Québec $17,500
Conquergood, Lorna Memorial University of Newfoundland Rural Resilience Through Art $17,500
Conrad, Kristin Lee The University of British Columbia What Survivors Know: Analyzing the Role of Narrative in Philosophy $17,500
Conrad, Laura University of Calgary Women as City Councillors: A Career Trajectory $17,500
Cooper, Kyra Ontario Tech University  Understanding Community Recreation Participation Among Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their Families $17,500
Coovi Sirois, Simon Université de Montréal Musique de données : sculpter le son en contexte performatif $17,500
Copley, Russell University of Calgary Building A Spatial Index Score for Disability Accessibility Within Urban Environments $17,500
Corbeil, Étienne Université Laval La théorie archéologique actuelle : analyse de contenu de trois revues scientifiques $17,500
Cordeau, Hugo Université de Montréal Évolution de la densité urbain et régionale : données satellitaire et de recensement $17,500
Cosens, Marshall Western University Imperial Domesticity and Immigration in Canada, 1919-1930 $17,500
Côté, Kathleen Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Blessures de stress post-traumatique et bien-être psychologique chez le personnel de la sécurité publique : le rôle de la mentalisation $17,500
Côté, Kiana Ryerson University Deconstructing the Notion of Citizen Participation from the Perspective of Citizens: A Case Study of the TOcore Planning Downtown Participatory Process $17,500
Côté, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Montréal Un algorithme pour l'identification des éléments rhématiques dans les énoncés dialogiques en anglais $17,500
Côté-Vaillant, Sara Université de Montréal La représentation des agressions sexuelles dans le cinéma québécois $17,500
Coulombe, Claudie University of Guelph Self-Concept Orientation and Organizational Identification: The Mediating Roles of Identification Motives $17,500
Couture-Cossette, Marianne Université du Québec à Montréal Quand le Nord rencontre le Sud : anordissement des nouveaux résidents du Québec septentrional $17,500
Cowan, Emily University of Toronto The Influence of Labelling and Attributions on the Disciplinary Exclusion of Students with Psychological Diagnoses $17,500
Cowley, Diana The University of Winnipeg Manito Aki Inakonigaawin as a Treaty-based Biocultural Heritage Management Protocol: Case study of Naotkamegwanning Anishinaabe Nation $17,500
Cramer, Dana University of Calgary Fast lane for data today: Power and privilege in contemporary Canadian data transportation $17,500
Crape, Drumlin University of Saskatchewan Hannibal Lecter and Reclaiming Queer Villains $17,500
Crawford, Daniel Concordia University The Work of Education in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Revival of the Storyteller $17,500
Crawford, Kegan St. Francis Xavier University Irish Metrics $17,500
Crichton, Madeline Western University The Effect of a Combined Physical Education and Mathematics High School Classroom on Learning and Executive Function $17,500
Cross, Natalie Carleton University Branching the Shingwauk Home: Correspondences of a Residential School Principal $17,500
Cruz, Maria University of Saskatchewan A community-based approach towards a gender-informed mental health assessment process for women in Canadian prisons $17,500
Cumming, Donna The University of British Columbia A Community-Based Approach to Gender Equity in Sport $17,500
Cunial, Gemma University of Windsor Representation Matters: Exploring the Impact of Female Protagonists in Film $17,500
Cunningham, Alexandra University of Calgary The Nature of Justified Belief $17,500
Curley, Evan Carleton University Artists' Representation Organizations and the Negotiation of Artistic Autonomy $17,500
Currie, Lian McGill University Training programs for social service providers working with suspected cases of maltreatment of children with disabilities: A Montreal study $17,500
Cybanski, Kara University of Ottawa Application to Master's of World Literatures and Cultures $17,500
Cyfko, John McGill University The Role of Temperament in the Association Between Screen Time, Screen Content and Developmental Outcomes $17,500
Da Silva, Simao Laurentian University A Reinterpretation of Craft through Timber Typologies $17,500
Dabas, Grishma Lakehead University Stigmatizing Public Perceptions of Individuals with Social Anxiety $17,500
Dagenais-Lespérance, Jeanne Université de Montréal Représentations sociales de l’environnement en travail social : comprendre pour mieux agir $17,500
Dakin, Amanda University of Guelph The Lived Experiences of Homeless People in relation to Hostile Architecture $17,500
Dale, Victoria Western University Getting To Know You Project: A Study on New Dating Couples $17,500
D'Alonzo, Piero McMaster University Memory and Historiography in Livy's Rome $17,500
Dam-Vandekuyt, Krista University of Ottawa Can we talk? The lived experiences of teachears and parents in supporting children experiencing childhood traumatic grief  $17,500
D'Angelo, Stephanie Trent University An Examination of Mortuary Variabilities in the Final Palatial Period on Minoan Crete $17,500
Daniele, Isabella University of Toronto Maria di Canneto: Marian Devotion among the Montreal Italo-Canadese Community $17,500
Daoust Gauthier, Marie École nationale d'administration publique L’enjeu du rétablissement au Québec à la suite d’un sinistre : quels mécanismes à mettre en place? $17,500
Davey, Zane McGill University Urban Reserves: How city planning can better facilitate urban Indigenous communities $17,500
David, Bianca McGill University Identifying Gaps in Residential Services for Youth Aging Out of Government Care $17,500
Davidson, Emily NSCAD University Letterpress Relations: Dawson Print Shop as a Treaty Space $17,500
Davis-Abraham, John Memorial University of Newfoundland United States Foreign Policy on the Guatemalan Counterinsurgency 1960-1996: An Analysis of Dissent within the United States State Department $17,500
Davison, Sarah University of Prince Edward Island Cold-water islands and tourism imagery: An exploration of how photographic images represent off-season tourism and compare to and influence local understandings of self and place $17,500
de Barros, Ana Carolina University of Saskatchewan Exploring Positive Bisexual Identity $17,500
De Lano, Sarah University of Alberta Foraging Connections: Increasing resiliency and sense of belonging for immigrant women through engagement with natural spaces $17,500
Debly, Telina University of Waterloo Planning Strategies to Address Social Exclusion Among Older Adults $17,500
Debney, Kayden Carleton University The Stories We Tell: Transgender healthcare access and the 'born in the wrong body' narrative $17,500
Décarie-Daigneault, Benjamin Université Laval Merleau-Ponty, altérité et écologie : penser l'inhérence du sujet au monde naturel à l'aune d’une ontologie de la Chair $17,500
DeCarlo-Slobodnik, Danika University of Ottawa Mothering and Intersecting Rights in Harm Reduction Programs $17,500
Deckert, Sarah Canadian Mennonite University Jean Vanier and Richard Wagamese: Relationship-Building as Reconciliation $17,500
DeCoste, Katherine University of Victoria Motherhood and the female body in Victorian print culture $17,500
DeDecker, Kyle York University Spiritualism and the Gothic at the Victorian Fin de Siècle $17,500
DeGaine, Lauren University of Victoria A Woman’s Type: Recovering Early Women Type Designers in 20th Century Book History $17,500
deGroot-Maggetti, Jacob McGill University Microtonality in the Music of Jacob Collier $17,500
Delios, Rhys The University of British Columbia Queer Narratives and Identities in Young People’s Fantasy Cartoons and Comics $17,500
Delmore, Tyler York University Kinds of Minds―Epistemic Limits in Animal Cognition Science $17,500
Deluca, Anna University of New Brunswick Media Narratives on the Ethno-Religious Conflict in Myanmar $17,500
deMontigny, Jean-Sébastien Université du Québec en Outaouais L'élection des préfets de Municipalités régionales de comté : quelles incidences sur la démocratie participative? $17,500
Denneboom, Lucas University of Alberta Gestural Separatism: Gone with the Winds $17,500
Dennett, Brittany Simon Fraser University Relationships on a Pedestal: Single Peoples' Pro-Relationship vs. Singlehood Beliefs $17,500
Denomey, Nicholas University of Alberta Examining Contextual Factors Predicting Quality of Life in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Derbyshire, Kaitlin University of Toronto Master's of Science in Psychology $17,500
Desjardins, Annie University of Ottawa Médias en milieu minoritaire : les attentes du Comité organisateur des Jeux de la Francophonie Moncton-Dieppe 2021 envers les médias de l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick et la conception du rôle des journalistes $17,500
Desloges, Danielle Université de Montréal Les nuages sombres comme métaphore de la peste dans les oeuvres visuelles de la Renaissance en Italie $17,500
Desmarais, Rosemarie The University of British Columbia Education for the Future: Opportunities and Challenges of Education for Sustainability $17,500
Désormeaux, Michaël Université de Montréal Élections et autoritarisme : comment expliquer les régimes politiques de la Thaïlande et du Cambodge? $17,500
Despatie, Sarah The University of British Columbia Francophone Minority Communities and Attitudes toward Francophone Immigration $17,500
Despond, Anne Université du Québec à Montréal Le design dans la conception de dispositifs de « monitoring » environnemental : analyse de pratiques et exploration $17,500
Deyman, Emma Queen's University Post-Secondary Education as the Latest Global Commodity: The Changing Value of Education from 1960 to Present $17,500
Di Cicco, Laura The University of British Columbia Feminism and Brecht in The Visit $17,500
Di Francesco, Cynthia McGill University Removing Barriers to Employment for People with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities $17,500
Dick, Andrew Trinity Western University The Effects of Migration on Mennonite Religion and Practice $17,500
Dickinson, Holly Dalhousie University Women of the Healing Arts: Plant-Based Medicine in Nova Scotia, 1750-1850 $17,500
Dickson, Thomas Simon Fraser University Canadian Cinema as Specialty: The Availability of Canadian Content in the Era of Streaming $17,500
DiLoreto, Erika Carleton University The Strains of Inequality: Race and the Effects of Marijuana Legalization on the Penal System $17,500
Dingle, Jeanne Francis Nicole The University of British Columbia Contemporary ‘Komiks’ Culture and Filipino Transnational Identities $17,500
Dion Lariviere, Cassandre Ontario Tech University  Empathy-Based Approach for Treatment of Youth with Psychopathic Traits $17,500
Dion, Alexandra Université Laval Interrogatoire policier auprès de cyberdélinquants sexuels $17,500
Dionne, Hélène Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Indicateurs géographiques et culturels de la culture Chachapoya dans le secteur de Kuelap $17,500
Disimino, Katerina York University Effects of an online messaging intervention on physical activity support behaviours for parents of children with intellectual disabilities $17,500
Disipio, Ciera Cape Breton University Exploring the Psychosocial Coaching Approaches of Online Master's Coaches $17,500
Dizon, Elizabeth Carleton University Mapping the Mixed Race Identity in Contemporary Canadian Literature $17,500
Dobrina, Roksana Ryerson University Cultural Differences in Children's White Lie Telling $17,500
Dold, Kayla Carleton University Identity Formation and Moral Sources in the Modern West $17,500
Dong, Angela Western University The effects of Chinese Heritage Language schools on heritage speakers’ confidence and attitudes toward Chinese language $17,500
Dorion, Anne-Sophie Université de Sherbrooke Élaboration d'un modèle explicatif de la résilience des enfants réfugiés au Québec $17,500
Doucet, Hannah York University Illness, Fantasy and Escapism at Give Kids the World Village and Walt Disney World $17,500
Doucet, Léa Université de Moncton Le postmodernisme dans Pour sûr de France Daigle $17,500
Downton, Zabrina Brock University Rethinking Medicalised Understandings of Recovery: From Discourse to Dilemma $17,500
Dragon, Marilyne Concordia University Technologie et comportements prosociaux chez les enfants $17,500
Drolet, Gabrielle University of Guelph I'm Tired of the News: Essays on Politics and Queer Identity $17,500
Du Perron, Simon Université de Montréal À la recherche du cadre juridique applicable à la protection des renseignements personnels dans le contexte des mégadonnées $17,500
Duarte, Leah University of Toronto Investigating the Role of Monstrous Women in Postcolonial and Diasporic Narratives $17,500
Dubé, Caitlyn Western University Children being-with Specters: The Adolescent Ghost Motif, the Half-Ghost Character, and the Ethics of Mortality in Neil Gaiman's Coraline and The Graveyard Book $17,500
Dubé, Justin Université du Québec à Rimouski Les violets et l'émergence du centre politique dans la seconde moitié du 19e siècle au Canada français $17,500
Dubois-Francoeur, Camille Université de Montréal Ossements humains dans l’outillage maya : chaîne opératoire et provenance $17,500
Dubreuil, Anne-Marie Université du Québec à Montréal Rapports entretenus entre les milieux d'affaires et les institutions médicales montréalaises de 1900 à 1925 $17,500
Ducasse, Delphine Université de Sherbrooke La portée juridique de l’inclusion des normes environnementales et du travail dans le Partenariat transpacifique global et progressiste $17,500
Ducharme-Laliberté, Alexy Université de Sherbrooke La narration judiciaire des faits par les juges : instrument rhétorique ou simple description? $17,500
Duchesne, Émilie Université du Québec à Montréal Formalisation des droits fonciers ruraux et « révolution passive » en Afrique de l'Ouest francophone : les cas de la Guinée et du Bénin $17,500
Duchesne, Julia Ryerson University Working Together for the Land: Stories from Yukon First Nations and Conservation Allies $17,500
Dugas, Patrick Université de Montréal Hoverboy : recherche-création sur les jeux vidéo expérimentaux et développement d’un logiciel de visualisation musicale interactive $17,500
Duhaime, Florence Université Laval Entraînement à la pleine conscience à l’école : contribution des fonctions exécutives dans les bienfaits observés sur l’anxiété et la compassion $17,500
Dumas, Zoé University of Ottawa The Chaminade Music Clubs of the United States: women and music in the 19th Century $17,500
Dumont, Julianne Concordia University Identifying Trauma and Wellness amongst Algonquin Anishinabeg Communities $17,500
Duncalfe, Clay Carleton University The Political Economy of Sweden's Meidner Plan $17,500
Duncan, Caroline Simon Fraser University The Relationship Between Loneliness and Resilience: A Generational Analysis $17,500
Dupuis, Marie-Ève Université de Montréal Étude paléodémographique et paléopathologique de deux populations urbaines québécoises contemporaines aux épidémies du choléra : exploration d’une mortalité sélective en lien avec l’état de santé $17,500
Dussault, Sarah Université Laval Profil cognitif et comportemental d'enfants qui présentent un trouble déficitaire de l’attention avec hyperactivité (TDAH), un trouble anxieux ou la comorbidité TDAH et trouble anxieux : une revue systématique $17,500
Dutemple, Elizabeth Concordia University Selective learning in young children: the role of model characteristics and children's cognitive skills $17,500
Dwyer, Carrie Concordia University Empathy Games: Digital Platforms and Approaches to Humanist Praxis $17,500
Dyck, Nathan York University Disagreeing Well: A Pragmatic Approach to Truth and Disagreement $17,500
Dyck, Trevor The University of Winnipeg Decolonizing Canadian and European Archives $17,500
Earle, Christopher University of Waterloo Conflict Determinants: A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Conflict and Refining Governance $17,500
Eber, Anneliese Lakehead University Understanding Human Activity and Paleoecology at Liang Bua, Flores: A Two-Dimensional Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Murine Dentition $17,500
Edgson, Meghan University of Alberta Acquisition of Affricates in Children Enrolled in a Mandarin-English Bilingual Education Program $17,500
Edwards, Oriane The University of British Columbia “All These Years Have Changed You”: an Oral History of Factory Workers in 1970s Yugoslavia $17,500
El Omari, Zeina Concordia University Feeling at Home: How Syrian Refugee Women from an Agrarian Background Transform their Environment Thanks to their Embodied Knowledge and their Relationship to Food Production in Quebec $17,500
El Tal, Jad University of Toronto Reforming the History and Civic Education Curricula in Lebanon $17,500
Elango, Vidhya University of Toronto Multiethnolects in Toronto $17,500
Elgendi, Mariem Dalhousie University How students with a history of reading difficulties function in university $17,500
Elhadi, Asciea University of Toronto Collaborative translation & meaning making : Using English language learners first language as a resource for language learning & literacy achievement in the Academic English classroom $17,500
Elliott, Bradley Simon Fraser University Assessing the Role of Renewable Natural Gas in Decarbonizing British Columbia's Economy $17,500
Ellis, Harrison Dalhousie University Impact Assessment of the South Park Street Bike Lane $17,500
Ellison-Scowcroft, Gabriel Concordia University Language policy, deindustrialization and Anglophone resilience in Quebec’s Eastern Townships $17,500
El-Omari, Nada York University Fragments in Tale $17,500
Emery, Jamie The University of British Columbia Understanding Determinants of Poverty: The Interaction Between Tobacco Use and Food Insecurity $17,500
Emslie, Jenna Carleton University The 1911 Kirkland Gold Rush: Video Games as Vehicles for History $17,500
Enestrom, Maria Catalina McGill University The influence of non-shared experiences on relationship well-being $17,500
Eng, Sara University of Toronto Enhancing Sustainable Transportation Methods in Suburbs throughout the Greater Toronto Area $17,500
English, Sarah University of Waterloo The Influence of Unfairness and Punishment on Social Norm Learning and Sharing in Preschool Children $17,500
Enns, Camilla Simon Fraser University Social and Emotional School Readiness of Immigrant and Indigenous Children following Early Intervention $17,500
Eschenwecker, Tyler University of Waterloo When my Anxiety Speaks to me, What Does it Sound Like? $17,500
Estlin, Lara The University of British Columbia Authorship and Ethical Scholarship in Early Indigenous Literature: An Analysis of Jemison’s, Winnemucca’s and Zitkala-Ša’s Texts $17,500
Facal, Christophe Université de Montréal De l'éthique de la responsabilité à l'éthique de la discussion : vers une régulation des biotechnologies d'amélioration des capacités humaines $17,500
Facciponte, Antonia University of Toronto Voice Formation: Reshaping Spoken Word Poetics $17,500
Fader, Leah University of Alberta The Excavation of Sound: A Look into Recovered Mesoamerican Instruments $17,500
Fairley, Katherine University of Victoria Examining the Effects of the Brain Drain on the Well-Being of Indigenous Communities in Canada $17,500
Falk, Jerome University of Manitoba Towards a Contextual Reconstruction and Appraisal of Origen’s Theory of Knowledge $17,500
Falk, Jessica Brock University The Intersection of Xenophobia, White Supremacy, and Colonialism in the 2019 Dismissal of Don Cherry: A Critical Discourse Analysis $17,500
Fan, Mike McGill University Using Drag to Explore Gender and Queerness in Songs of Viardot and Contemporaries $17,500
Fappiano, Nicholas Wilfrid Laurier University Perceptions of Security Officers in a Mental Health Setting: Developing an Understanding of the Unique Circumstances Associated with the Role $17,500
Farah, Farhia University of Toronto “Get that O’ Sis”: Canadian and American Muslim women’s construction, navigation, and expression of sexual identities $17,500
Farbridge, Peter Concordia University Decolonizing Rehearsal Halls through Intercultural Theatre Practice $17,500
Farrell, Elizabeth Carleton University Inciting Positive Psychological Change through Architecture $17,500
Farrow, Celia McGill University Irony and the visionary medievalism of 20th century literature $17,500
Fauteux, Mathilde Concordia University Going Elsewhere to Find Oneself: Nonfiction Travel Filmmaking and the Postcolonial Encounter $17,500
Favret, Elena Queen's University Language Impairments and Communication: Effective Strategies for Collaborative Learning $17,500
Fawcett, Emmett University of Ottawa Comparing Conceptualizations of Restorative Justice: The Literature vs. Practical Programs $17,500
Federizon, Cecilia University of Toronto Catholicism’s Impact on Queer Filipinx-Canadian Intimacies $17,500
Fehr, Jacob University of Guelph Flourishing and Education $17,500
Fellows, Sarah York University Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada $17,500
Feniak, Megan University of Guelph Embodied Mysticism through Sculpture $17,500
Ferguson, Joyce University of Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island and Renewable Energy: The Preconditions for a Sustainable Future $17,500
Filiatrault, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Chicoutimi La gestion des forêts nourricières communautaires en milieu urbain $17,500
Fillion, Chantal University of Calgary Technology Mediated Education in Cultural Competence $17,500
Fillion, Samantha Trent University Understanding the Psychological Mechanisms of Sexual Offender Rehabilitation: A Mixed Methods Study of COSA Canada $17,500
Finley, Adam McGill University Identifying with Justice: Co-constructing Teacher Identities Rooted in Trans Equity $17,500
Finnerty, Mikayla Western University Toxic-Colonialism, Slow Violence, and Environmental Injustice: Aamjiwnaang First Nation $17,500
Fiorelli, Maia McMaster University Female Figures in Greek Tragedy: the Characterization of Women throughout the Ages $17,500
Fisico, Rebecca Ontario Tech University I Didn’t Ask for That! Comparing Profiles of Senders and Non-Senders of Unsolicited Sexual Images $17,500
FitzPatrick, Margaret McGill University Lev Tolstoy's Multilingual Fiction: Comparing the Author's Use of Western European and Caucasian Languages $17,500
Flegg, Olivia University of Guelph The Role of Indigenous Language in the Lives of Indigenous Youth on Reserve $17,500
Fleming, Kathleen Memorial University of Newfoundland Taken By The Fairies: A New Examination of Contemporary Fairy Belief and Changing Culture in Newfoundland $17,500
Fleming, Megan Queen's University Fighting the raging beasts’ blaze: Examining metaphors in wildfire news reports and risk perceptions $17,500
Flemmer, Kyle University of Calgary Mixed Signals: Embodiment in Computer-Mediated Poetry $17,500
Foglia, Federica York University Syllables $17,500
Fonarev, Elliot University of Toronto Examining social movements in organizations: a study of transgender inclusion advocates for corporate gender diversity and change $17,500
Fontes, Sara University of Toronto Museum Experience Design and the Small Museum: Keeping Culture, History and Art Alive in Communities $17,500
Forgie, Ella University of Alberta Medical mistrust and consequential conspiracies: Vaccine and antiretroviral treatment hesitancy in Alberta, Canada and Busoga, Uganda $17,500
Forster, Lauren Wilfrid Laurier University Gendering Consumer-Citizenship: An International Comparison of Nationalist Advertising to Women $17,500
Fortier, Jacob Université de Montréal L'influence de la montée de la Chine sur le positionnement stratégique des alliés américains du G7 $17,500
Fortier, Laurianne Université de Montréal Associations bidirectionnelles entre la pratique d'activité physique et les symptômes anxieux et dépressifs à l’adolescence : une étude longitudinale populationnelle $17,500
Fortier-Martineau, Camille École nationale d'administration publique Pénurie de main d'œuvre dans un contexte d'enseignement préscolaire, primaire et secondaire au Québec : diagnostic et constats $17,500
Fortin, Andréanne Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Lien entre les fonctions exécutives, la présence attentive et l'adaptation : comparaison entre une mesure autorapportée et des tests cognitifs standardisés selon le genre des travailleurs $17,500
Fortin, Claire McGill University State Motives, Security Risks, and the Commercialization of the Satellite Industry $17,500
Fortin, Seena Université Laval Engagement paternel : contributions du soutien social et des besoins psychologiques fondamentaux $17,500
Fortune, Megan University of New Brunswick Assessing the Operationalization of Access Provisions for Low-Income Families in Community Leisure $17,500
Foss, Kieran University of Victoria Music of the Lollards: Philosophical and aesthetical critiques of musical composition inside the Wycliffite movement $17,500
Foster, Rebecca Dalhousie University The Exiled Voices of Women in the Old English Elegies $17,500
Franker-Shuh, Ashley Western University Roman Archaeology ―Jewellery $17,500
Fraser, Thomas Concordia University Gentrification and the Production of Conceived Historical Space $17,500
Freed, Lindsay Carleton University Influence of the student housing experience on how undergraduate students relate to where they go to university $17,500
Frey, Sean University of Victoria Engaging with Darkness in Nature-Based Therapy Practices $17,500
Friskie, Luthfia University of Alberta The Spectre of Digital Blackface in Online Communities $17,500
Frooman, Tamara University of Toronto Affective Insights from Live Performance: Unpacking Abjection through Hedwig and the Angry Inch $17,500
Fuh, Simon University of Toronto The Shriners: Asian Masculinity and Difference in Prairie Canada $17,500
Fuller, William University of Toronto English Master's / Creative Writing Master's  $17,500
Fung, Kennedy McMaster University Judicial Independence, Statelessness and the Immigration and Refugee Board $17,500
Gagné, Anne-Laurence Université de Sherbrooke Le rôle médiateur de l’image corporelle dans les liens entre le soutien conjugal et la satisfaction sexuelle des couples de nouveaux parents $17,500
Gagné, Simon Queen's University The Use of Combinatorial Auctions as a Military Retention Model in the Canadian Context $17,500
Gagnon-Gouger, Marie-Ève Université de Montréal Diagnostic présymptomatique – Évacuation de la corporalité et objectivation de l’expérience de la maladie. Le savoir génétique comme assise biopolitique de la médecine prédictive $17,500
Gagnon-Lewis, Charlotte University of Ottawa « Label » et reconnaissance : l’idée de terroir dans le contexte bas-laurentien $17,500
Gallagher, Anna Queen's University The Impact of Mandatory Exercise on Anxiety Sensitivity and Related Mental Health Outcomes $17,500
Gallant, Laura Western University Oneida Language Revitalization in a Children’s Immersion Camp $17,500
Gallivan, Aislinn University of Ottawa Illustrating harm reduction: Zines, illness and art in Canadian prisons $17,500
Gamache, Simon HEC Montréal L’influence du déséquilibre des ressources dans les partenariats intersectoriels quant à la durabilité des organismes à but non lucratif de missions différentes dans le contexte de partenariats intersectoriels OBNL-entreprise $17,500
Ganesh, Nadia Brock University The Role of Activation of Black Female Stereotypes in Explaining Why Black (vs. White) Female Rape Victims Receive More Negative Consequences for their Rape $17,500
Ganjavi, Mahdi University of Toronto Archives in Exile: Canadian Research Institutions and the Preservation of Records of a Stateless Nation $17,500
Garcia Orellana, Daniela University of Calgary Investigating the relationship of coaching efficacy on team cohesion and motivation in university male and female varsity athletes $17,500
Garon-Grimard, Charles-Philippe Université de Montréal Médias sociaux et militantisme : étude sur les leviers de la censure sur les campus universitaires québécois $17,500
Garson-Stewart, Fauve Thompson Rivers University The Relationship Between Indigenous Food Security and Climate Change in Fort Providence, North West Territories $17,500
Gascon, Audrey-Ann Université de Montréal De l'individuel au collectif : le sujet féminin écrivant et la communauté de femmes créatrices dans Journal intime de Nicole Brossard $17,500
Gaudreault, Benoit Université de Montréal Les représentations autochtones dans le matériel scolaire, 1923-1962 $17,500
Gaumond, Eve Université Laval Jury citoyen : délibération citoyenne sur l’accessibilité et l'intelligibilité de l’information judiciaire en ligne $17,500
Gauthier, Antonin Université du Québec à Montréal Au cœur de la faille suivi de Inquiétant dépassement $17,500
Gauthier, Ariane University of Ottawa Impacts de l’utilisation des médias sociaux sur l’adoption de comportements pro-environnementaux $17,500
Gauthier, Philippe HEC Montréal Adaptation aux effets des changements climatiques : comprendre les obstacles rencontrés par les entreprises $17,500
Gauthier, Sarah Université de Montréal L'écriture du temps et de la promesse dans Mèche de Sébastien B. Gagnon suivi de Déloger le présent $17,500
Ge, Bicong Ryerson University Policy Interventions to Address the Scientific Commercialization Gap in Canada $17,500
Geiger, Barbara The University of British Columbia Mother is a Verb $17,500
Geller, Philip York University Indigenous and Decolonizing Performance Techniques in Contemporary Canadian Theatre $17,500
Gelly, Maybel McGill University Conjointes et conjoints de vétérans souffrant de blessures de stress opérationnel : recherche sur la résilience face au stress pendant la transition vers la vie civile $17,500
Gelpi, Rebekah University of Toronto The Need for Belonging and Group Affiliation after Rejection $17,500
Genin-Brien, Thomas Université de Montréal L'Érablière suivi de Étude géocritique de L'Épi rouge et autres scènes du pays de Québec de Louvigny de Montigny $17,500
Gerke, Katherine University of Alberta Prosodic awareness as a predictor of later phonological awareness in kindergarten children $17,500
Gertler, Nicholas Concordia University Artificial Intelligence and the Canadian National Imagination $17,500
Gibson, John University of Toronto Democratic Citizenship Education in Ontario Elementary Schools $17,500
Gignac, Emma University of Ottawa Water and Infrastructure: flooding in Southern Ontario $17,500
Gilbert, Brian University of Calgary How instructors in the primary chemistry specializations perceive the relationship between training and teaching: A hermeneutic phenomenology interpretation $17,500
Gilbert, Cameron The University of British Columbia The Injustice of Coercive Police Interrogations $17,500
Gilbert, Christina University of Guelph Interpretations of Experienced Workplace Incivility: A Cultural Perspective $17,500
Gilbert, Sabine McGill University From Riches to Rags: The Secular Opulence of Prussian Blue in Picasso’s 'Blue Period' $17,500
Gill-Maher, Kira Vancouver Island University Best practices in a changing climate: Exploring the role of local government planners in adopting short term climate crisis mitigation policies in light of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC $17,500
Gilmore, Luke University of Ottawa What It Means to Be a Person in the XXI Century $17,500
Gilmour, Andrew Dalhousie University The City as a Thing to Be Deconstructed: A Reverse Choreography of Building $17,500
Gilpin, Cassandra The University of British Columbia Impacts of cultural capital on the perceived value of academic support programming in higher education $17,500
Ginter, Cara The University of Winnipeg Deviant, Deranged or Damsel-in-Distress?: Missing Women and the North American Press, 1900-1920 $17,500
Girard, Catherine Université de Sherbrooke Récits de vie : le processus de planification en trajectoire domiciliaire chez les aînés proactifs $17,500
Girard, Gregory Université Laval La diffusion de l'identité : le narcissisme comme protection contre la souffrance psychologique et une mauvaise estime de soi $17,500
Giroux, Alexandra Université du Québec à Montréal La détresse et le bien-être psychologique chez les travailleurs d'organismes sans but lucratif : le rôle de la passion et du surinvestissement au travail $17,500
Glasser, Laura Carleton University Canadian Graduate Scholarship Application - Master's Program $17,500
Goddard, Quinn McGill University Common concepts in uncommon grammatical systems: The progressive and ergativity $17,500
Goertzen, Rod University of Saskatchewan Creating a Visual Narrative of Acculturalization and Adaptation of New Canadians in Saskatchewan $17,500
Golland, Talia University of Toronto Moving Image Sculpture $17,500
Golshan, Sahar University of Guelph Shifting Diasporic Identities: Inter-generational Political Exile and Mixed Race Narratives in Canada $17,500
Gonzalez, Emilia McGill University Refugee youth’s experiences: Assessing the effects of community-based welcome programs $17,500
Goren, Rachel Ryerson University Latent Class Mixed Modelling―A study of maternal and infant stress and executive function $17,500
Gousopoulos, Christina University of Toronto The Success of the Early Jesus Movement: Uncovering the Significance of the Christian “Book Culture” in Cultic Diffusion $17,500
Graham, Rachelle Western University Evidence-based Programming in Vulnerable Youth Contexts: Successes and Challenges $17,500
Granger, Alexandre Université de Montréal Les représentations socio-spatiales et l'évolution du système alimentaire des Inuits à Kuujjuaq $17,500
Granger, Caroline Institut national de la recherche scientifique Diffusion d'une diversité extranationale : le cas du cinéma africain au Québec $17,500
Gran-Ruaz, Sophia University of Ottawa Perceptions of cultural safety among Indigenous peoples experiencing homelessness $17,500
Grant, Atlanta-Marinna The University of British Columbia Traditional Food Systems: food waste as a tool in mitigating climate change $17,500
Gravel, Shaun McMaster University Unburying the Warrior of Castiglione: Cultural Relations and Influences on the Indigenous Population in Archaic Sicily $17,500
Gray, Sonya Carleton University Displacement and Reclamation: Sovereignty in Climate Change $17,500
Green, Hannah The University of British Columbia Research in Salish Linguistics: Secwepemctsín $17,500
Green, Jared Mount Saint Vincent University Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence: The Role of Individual Characteristics in Determining Emotional Resilience and Deleterious Sequelae $17,500
Greenfield, Channah University of Manitoba Primacy of Tribal Culture in Afghanistan: Counterinsurgency Forces as External Entities $17,500
Greer, Maxim The University of British Columbia Disruption and Transformation: The Contemporary Political and Artistic Relevance of Drag Performance $17,500
Grenier, Marianne University of Calgary A comparison of formal and informal mechanisms on nuclear terrorism $17,500
Grenon, Sandrine Université Laval Analyse des ingrédients actifs des programmes de thérapie assistée par l'animal qui seraient transposables à la réhabilitation des personnes contrevenantes $17,500
Grier, Bianca University of Toronto Visitors with Dyslexia in Canadian Museums $17,500
Griffin, Alysha Dalhousie University Integrating social and ecological dimensions for connectivity conservation through participatory mapping in the Southwest Nova region of Nova Scotia $17,500
Griffin, Danielle University of Waterloo Genetic Possibilities, Eugenic Realities?: British and American News Coverage of the Lulu and Nana Controversy $17,500
Grittner, Garett University of Windsor Animals in Science: Canadian Regulations and Recommendations $17,500
Grocutt, Alyssa Queen's University Human resource management and employee safety: worker involvement and work intensification as mechanisms $17,500
Grogan, Tessa Trent University Investigating Trade and Early Camelid Herding through Stable Isotope Analysis of Pre-Hispanic Textiles from the Atacama Desert, Chile $17,500
Grossman, Shawna University of Toronto Long-term Impacts of a Vocabulary Intervention Program on Academically At-Risk Adolescents $17,500
Groulx-Julien, Raphaëlle Université du Québec à Montréal Mise en tension d’images gracieuses issues du quotidien et de leur matérialité dans une pratique de la peinture tridimentionnelle/installative/élargie $17,500
Grout-Brown, Frances Ryerson University Municipal Intervention in the Private Sector Dominated Housing Market: A Case Study of the Montreal Right of First Refusal $17,500
Guillas, Sophie Western University Cannibal Women: Victorian Depictions of Monstrous Femininity $17,500
Guimond, Grace McGill University Surveilling a Music City: Tech Startups and Disappearing Do-It-Yourself Music Venues $17,500
Gulliver, Tracy Memorial University of Newfoundland Cannabis Abuse and Mental Health in Canadian Men and Women $17,500
Gunpat-Motayne, Sasha Carleton University Associations Between Psychological Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Psychological Distress in Adults with Diabetes $17,500
Guscott, Noel Dalhousie University An Examination of the Canadian Armed Forces Health System and the Political Obstacles to Care $17,500
Gutierrez, Shala The University of British Columbia The Aesthetics of Grief $17,500
Gutmanis, Amanda Simon Fraser University Undertaking a Collaborative Governance Process―The Ways in Which Municipal Intents Shape the Starting Conditions $17,500
Guttormson, Kristian McGill University The Spectacle of Prehistory and the Polemics of Temporality $17,500
Guy, Julia University of Alberta Social Artificial Intelligence and Isolation $17,500
Gwozd, Kayla University of Alberta Predictors of Emergent Writing Ability $17,500
Hadaf, Maseh Carleton University Opportunities and Barriers to Operationalizing the Triple Nexus for Improved Health and Peace in Afghanistan $17,500
Haddara, Mahmood University of Toronto Incentivizing Performance-Based-Pay and Profit Sharing $17,500
Hagen, Zoe University of Saskatchewan Inducing Residential Demand as an Approach to Downtown Revitalization in Midsized Canadian Cities $17,500
Halili, Jonah McMaster University Workers and Working Conditions in Ancient Rome $17,500
Hall, Andrew Queen's University Vaccine hesitancy and metaphorical framing in anti-vaccination messaging $17,500
Hall, Marissa The University of British Columbia Examining the Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Promoting Practices on Young Children’s Well-Being and Academic Achievement $17,500
Hall, Meaghan York University Determining the Social Implications of Emotional Recognition and Memory Deficits in Those with Medial Temporal Lobe Damage $17,500
Halleran, Maria University of Regina Intergenerational Characteristics Which Impact Children’s Math Anxiety $17,500
Halperin, Robert Western University A Critique of Marcuse's Messianic Critical Theory $17,500
Halpern, Daniel University of Alberta Performance as Activism, Subverting the Political Body $17,500
Hamel, Christophe Université Laval La composante épistémologique de la philosophie du langage de Platon $17,500
Hamill, Julia Brock University Molida, that's Shimshali food: Multilocality, food talk and the constitution of place-based identity in Shimshal, Pakistan $17,500
Hammond, Bo-rum McGill University Redefining a Pianist’s Education: Introducing Chamber Music to Intermediate Piano Students $17,500
Hamzagic, Zachariah Wilfrid Laurier University Sunk-cost effect in moral dilemmas $17,500
Hanks, Robert The University of British Columbia Can Learning Circles be Square? The Strengths and Challenges of Classroom-based Indigenous Language Revitalization $17,500
Hanson, Victoria Western University Quantification of and Exploration of Factors Relating to Food Waste at University Cafeteria $17,500
Hanson-Wright, Brynley The University of British Columbia Social media impacts on wilderness tourism $17,500
Harder, Meghan University of Guelph Strange Fraktur: Speculative Archival Research of Ontario Folk Art $17,500
Hari, Shriya University of Toronto I Had Nobody to Represent Me, Part II: How Racialized Women Healthcare Providers Navigate Racial and Gendered Expectations $17,500
Harms, Chase University of Manitoba Migration and Othering: Perceptions of Immigration and Their Implications for Western Nations $17,500
Harnois-Blouin, Mathieu Université de Montréal Sténo ‒ restituer la parole marginalisée $17,500
Harper, Jonathan McGill University The Social Origins of Alcoholics Anonymous as Addictions Therapy in Canada $17,500
Harris, Laila Ancestral History,Archival Research,Barbados,Caribbean Studies,Collective Memory,Collective Memory,Cultural Identity,Oral Histories,Post-Colonial Theory,Slavery,Historical Memory Latin American & Caribbean Studies $17,500
Harrison, Charlotte Dalhousie University Transgender Workplace Discrimination Law & Epistemic Injustice $17,500
Hart, Eleanor Concordia University Perspectives and Experiences of Music Therapists in Working with Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Canada $17,500
Harvie, Helen University of Manitoba The Influence of Pet Dogs on Childhood Stress Reactivity $17,500
Hase, Jackson University of Toronto Reading in Late Antiquity: Mediating the Texts and Social Networks of Jerome of Stridon $17,500
Hash, Colton University of Victoria Visualizing Landscape Relationships $17,500
Hashimoto, Erin University of Victoria Mobilizing Legacies: Creating Corpora from the Archive for Community Use $17,500
Hashmi, Sidra University of Ottawa Seeking Justice for Racialized Immigrant Women in Canada that are victims of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence $17,500
Hawson, Kirsten University of Alberta Can we use Voice & Speech techniques to understand Misophonia and decrease sensitivity to our own voices? $17,500
Hayes, Emily University of Alberta Creating Space For Complex Narratives Of The Home $17,500
Hayward, Benjamin University of New Brunswick Pendulum: a magic realist narrative of the experiential realities of bipolar disorder $17,500
Hazrati, Shahin University of Toronto Interventions in Higher Education: How to Know What Works $17,500
Heath, Anna University of Ottawa Resettled Syrian Refugees in Canada and their Role in Shaping Peacebuilding in Syria $17,500
Helker-Nygren, Ellen University of Ottawa Can the Global Green New Deal Spark a Transition to Degrowth? $17,500
Helleiner, Zoe University of Toronto Testing the Feasibility of Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry in Arctic Contexts $17,500
Hénaire, Simon Université Laval Les politiques publiques canadiennes et québécoises de rémunération des personnes atteintes de troubles mentaux $17,500
Henry, Taya Ontario Tech University  Race and Wrongful Convictions in Canada $17,500
Hepditch, Kiersten McMaster University Political Extremism and the Cult of Personality in Joseph Conrad's Popular Fiction $17,500
Herget-Schmidt, Madison The University of Winnipeg The impact of facial reconstructive surgery on soldiers reintegrating into society post-World War One $17,500
Hermant, Jacob University of Toronto Defamiliarizing Eichmann: Hannah Arendt's Account of the Trial of Adolph Eichmann through the Theatre of Bertolt Brecht $17,500
Herzog, Andrea University of Calgary Newcomer youth: experiences of psychosocial support services in Canadian post-secondary institutions $17,500
Hibanada, Manolito HEC Montréal Global Marijuana-lization: How do Firms Internationalize to Countries Where Cannabis is Quasi-legal? $17,500
Hildebrand, Nolan University of Toronto Classification of Graphic Notation Symbols in Works by Logothetis and Cardew $17,500
Hill, Jordan University of Victoria Constructing Sensory Contention Through Augmented Reality $17,500
Hillier, Brandon The University of British Columbia New Uneven Spaces: Theorizing 'Uneven Development' with Japan $17,500
Hilton, Mackenzie McMaster University The Philosophical History of Medicine $17,500
Hinbest, Maggie Concordia University Challenging Managed Multiculturalism: Racialized Settler Artists in Canada $17,500
Hirsch, Brayden University of Alberta Educational Theory in the Epistles of Pliny the Younger $17,500
Ho, Jolie Tsoi Kan University of Waterloo Let your guard down: Promoting social pleasure and reward learning in socially anxious individuals via safety behaviour reduction $17,500
Hodges, Stefan Concordia University The Making of Solidarities Against Displacement in Montreal and Winnipeg $17,500
Hogan, Emily Memorial University of Newfoundland Graduate Scholarship Application for Master's $17,500
Hogan, Jennifer Simon Fraser University A Cultural Sequence of Indigenous Occupations in Canada's Western Boreal Forest $17,500
Holmes, Olivia Western University iBelong: A qualitative exploration of social media use, connectedness, and the transition to university among first-year postsecondary students $17,500
Homier, Marianne Université de Sherbrooke L’évolution des intuitions probabilistes d’élèves du primaire à travers une séquence d’enseignement des probabilités faisant intervenir l’approche subjective $17,500
Hopkins, Charlotte University of Toronto The Effect of an Academic Skills Intervention on Undergraduate Student Persistence $17,500
Hopwood, Pamela University of Waterloo Older women in low-income, precarious, physically demanding work $17,500
Horobetz, Jessica Dalhousie University Curiosity, Dancing, and Violence: Experimentation in Danses macabres from 1429 to 1538 $17,500
Horrocks, Phoenix McGill University The impacts of motivation and social support on well-being of women in STEM $17,500
Horsefall, Barbra Royal Roads University Experiences of Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit in Ceremony $17,500
Hostetler, Angela University of Alberta Understanding Teachers' Emotional Experiences by Making Comics $17,500
Houle, Sébastien Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Le lanceur d'alerte dans l'espace public québécois. Analyse des luttes de cadrage ayant mené à l'adoption de la Loi facilitant la divulgation d’actes répréhensibles à l’égard des organismes publics, en 2017 $17,500
Hourie, Sarah University of Manitoba Navigating Intersectionality: Indigenous Women in Canada $17,500
Howardson, Rebeka Acadia University Investigating the Collective Action of Incels: an Exploratory Study of a Violent Online Hate Group $17,500
Howarth, David University of Toronto Establishing Shelter for the Environmentally Displaced: Towards Gender-Based Housing Strategies that Accommodate Environmental Migrants in Canada and Germany $17,500
Howlett, Rebekah Queen's University Effects of the Canada Child Benefit on Female Labour Force Participation Rates $17,500
Huebner, Emma Concordia University Youth Programs and Curriculum in Canadian Art Galleries $17,500
Hughes, Christine University of Victoria Lesbian Identity Formation in Postwar Vancouver $17,500
Huh, Rachel University of Calgary Stories of Resistance: Survivors Fighting Back with Hashtag Feminism $17,500
Hui, Jenny University of Toronto Cultural Competence and Acceptance-Based Behavioural Therapy: Efficacy for Students' Mental Health $17,500
Hung, Jessamyn Simon Fraser University Lived experiences and recommendations of youth born of wartime rape in accessing sexual support services $17,500
Hunter, Sandra University of Manitoba Traditional Indigenous Parenting Practices $17,500
Huson, Kelsey Western University Enhancing Relationships for Indigenous Youth in Remote Communities $17,500
Hussain, Tajseem McMaster University Migration and the Construction of Identity in Canada $17,500
Hutchinson, Caleb York University Disability in Contemporary Cinema: Moving Beyond an Empathetic Sensibility $17,500
Huynh, Thi York University Examining barriers to Physical Education for Secondary Students with Developmental Disabilities $17,500
Ingalls, Aidan Dalhousie University Working in the Divine: Technical Production as Contemplation in Aristotle's Metaphysics $17,500
Ionescu, Paul University of Toronto The Romanization of Dacia $17,500
Isola, Carlo University of Waterloo Supervisory Coaching and Well-Being: Can Coaching Help? $17,500
Iverson, Tracy University of Calgary An Empty Grave: Funerals on the Homefront in World War I $17,500
Jacco, Katsistohkwiio University of Victoria Strengthening Family Relations Through the Reclamation and Consumption of Indigenous Foods $17,500
Jackson, Zoe Louise University of New Brunswick Caribbean and Canadian Connections: Black Migration in the World of Atlantic Slavery, 1783-1800 $17,500
Jafari Milani, Sonia The University of British Columbia How does sexual communal strength mediate the relationship between attention and sexual behaviour in women with low sexual desire? $17,500
Jakob, Deaglan Queen's University Evaluating Attempts to Solve the B.C. Housing Crisis $17,500
James, Anne University of Toronto From Temporary to Permanent: Understanding Tactical Urbanism Events in Toronto, Ontario $17,500
Jamula, Ryan The University of British Columbia The Impact of Income Assistance Design on Health and Social Service Utilization $17,500
Jean, Mireille Université de Montréal Étude longitudinale des liens bidirectionnels entre la sécurité d'attachement et la satisfaction sexuelle chez les couples $17,500
Jean-Thorn, Arianne Université du Québec à Montréal Adaptation de la mère et évolution des enfants victimes d'agression sexuelle $17,500
Jelic, Maria Western University Factors Influencing the Implementation of the MindUP Program $17,500
Jesik, Cassandra York University Common Threads: The Subversive Textiles of Joyce Wieland $17,500
Johnson, Adrian University of Alberta Perfectionism and Developmental Impact of Mindset $17,500
Johnston, Kristine University of Ottawa The Canadian Extractive Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Critical Evaluation of the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise $17,500
Johnston, Rebecca Carleton University The Impact of Teen Girl Friendships on the Mental Health System $17,500
Johnston, Shaelyn The University of British Columbia Letters from Nimaamaa (my Mother) $17,500
Joly, Éric Université du Québec à Montréal L'imaginaire géographique de la vie quotidienne au sein des habitats précaires en Afrique subsaharienne. Le cas de de Awansouri-Ladji (Bénin) $17,500
Just, Delane University of Saskatchewan My Generation: Genre-Bending in Short Fiction by Millennial Canadian LGBTQ+ and Women Writers $17,500
Kaedbey, Mira McGill University Examining the effect of a music-making program on problematic behaviours and student-teacher relationships for children with autism spectrum disorder and typical development. $17,500
Kahn, Keanna The University of British Columbia Politicizing the Young Adult Novel Through Contemporary Post-Truth Politics $17,500
Kalinowski, Katharine University of Manitoba Pyramidal Training of Caregivers living in Remote First Nations Communities on the Principles and Applications of Applied Behaviour Analysis: Training the Trainer $17,500
Kamblé-Bagal, Nikita University of Ottawa L'usage de l'écriture inclusive dans les médias : une étude comparative entre la France et le Québec $17,500
Kamocki, Zena York University The Problematic Use of Mindwipe in Children's and Young Adult Literature $17,500
Kamps, Sophia Queen's University Virtuous Interiors: Gender in Victorian Decorative Arts $17,500
Karabatsos, Alexandra University of Ottawa Uncertain Promises: An Anthropological Study of Greek Pensioners $17,500
Katzman, Rachel University of Windsor Online Help-Seeking Behaviour in Adolescence $17,500
Kav, Anusha The University of British Columbia Identity, Voice and Representation in Late-Night Political Comedy $17,500
Kawchuk, Olenka University of Saskatchewan Finding the missing children: using community-driven archaeology to locate graves at Canada's Residential Schools $17,500
Kazakov, Alan University of Ottawa Clearing the Fog: Towards a Consistency Between Philosophy and its Practice $17,500
Keczem, Paul Western University An examination of the writings of Justice Radhabinod Pal and their significance in a Japanese and postcolonial context $17,500
Kehew, Everett University of Ottawa Ecologies of Knowledge in the Yoga Studio: The Science of Experience $17,500
Kekesi-Lafrance, Kristina McGill University Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) and the nuclear family $17,500
Kelleher, Rachel McGill University The Enfranchised Soul: Marguerite Porete, her Mirror of Simple Souls, and the Rejection of Female Enclosure in the Middle Ages $17,500
Kelly, Carolyn Emma University of Guelph LGBTQ+ Perceptions of Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy $17,500
Kent, Brendan Carleton University Improvising Sound Interactions: Facilitating Music Making Through Sound Installations $17,500
Keough, Erin Memorial University of Newfoundland Understanding student's experiences of the therapeutic recreation internship $17,500
Kern, Audrey McGill University Exploring the Relationship Between Childhood Maltreatment and Pregnancy Complications $17,500
Khalatbari, Hamid-Reza University of Toronto Composing on the boarders $17,500
Khan, Nadia Wilfrid Laurier University Understanding Trauma and Effective Treatment: A Syrian Perspective $17,500
Khan, Tehniat University of Toronto Interfaith Interaction Through Sacred Spaces / Decolonizing Documentary Photography $17,500
Khelawan, Rajni University of Toronto Gender and Ritual in Fijian Hindu Women $17,500
Khurana, Wesley University of Toronto Phrase Structure and Tonal Design in Beethoven's Middle-Period String Quartets $17,500
Kibria, Khalood University of Toronto Mapping Infrastructural Fantasies: Transnationalism, Development and Securitization in Gwadar, Pakistan $17,500
Kielstra, Paula University of Toronto Mediated Misogyny and Disinformation in Canadian Climate Change Denial Discourse $17,500
Kim, Hyeonji University of Toronto Physical and Emotional Distance in Modernist Texts $17,500
Kim, Sara University of Toronto Does School Leadership Impact Education Equity Practices?: The Role of Principals in Shaping how Teachers Implement Equity in the Classroom $17,500
Kim, Steve Simon Fraser University Urban Participation of Korean-Canadian Immigrants in Ethnoburbs $17,500
King, Grace University of Toronto Extinction anxiety: Revisiting the Beothuk extinction narrative in contemporary Newfoundland literature $17,500
King, Stephenie Trent University The Social Power of Clothing in Fifth Century Constantinople $17,500
Kingdon, Rebecca University of Manitoba Exploring International Alliances as a Tool for Community Resistance to Hydro-Dam Development $17,500
Kinghan, Patrick Western University Impressions of History: Reenacting the War of 1812 $17,500
Kingunza Makasi, Sophie McGill University Housing affordability and food security in Montreal $17,500
Kirby-McGregor, Lindsey University of Ottawa Program Development for Community Resilience $17,500
Klassen, Aynsley Lakehead University The mental, emotional, and spiritual health impacts of climate change on youth: A comparative case study $17,500
Klein, Elliott University of Ottawa Motivations for and Implications of Electronic Communication Device Use at Live Entertainment Events $17,500
Klingler, Jessica University of Toronto They Listen, We Live: Uncovering Strategies to Integrate Peer Harm Reduction Workers’ Expertise Into Provincial Policy Development $17,500
Kneller, Kennedy The University of British Columbia Skating on Ice with Boys: Navigating gendered experiences in Canadian Hockey $17,500
Knight, Lauren Simon Fraser University Urban soundscape design on placemaking and wellbeing $17,500
Koch, Laura Queen's University Investigating the relationship between quantity and quality of participation in a community-based recreation program for individuals with disabilities $17,500
Kocsis, Kristina Wilfrid Laurier University Preventing suicide within prison: Correctional Officers’ experiences of suicide risk assessment and management $17,500
Koffman, Alexis University of Manitoba Reading Acquisition and Visual attention in Developing readers: An ERP Study $17,500
Kollaard, Jelissa Trent University Functional analysis of a Middle Paleolithic ground stone tool assemblage at Nesher Ramla, unit II $17,500
Konikoff, Marlee McMaster University Mental Health and Post-Secondary Institutional Practices $17,500
Koopman, Allison York University Care―Feature Length Screenplay Thesis $17,500
Kooy, Sophia McMaster University Kierkegaard and Yannaras: Social and Political Personhood $17,500
Korchagina, Veronika University of Toronto Moscow Conceptualism: Intermediality and Desacralization $17,500
Kosteckyj, Anastasia Simon Fraser University Assessing Sexual Assault Training Practices in the Criminal Justice System $17,500
Koufis, Meagan Western University An Exploration of STEM Engagement and Social Skills Development in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) $17,500
Kowalchuk, Katelynn The University of British Columbia Roads to Recovery-Oriented Care: Applying Australian and UK Mental Healthcare Innovations to the Canadian Context $17,500
Kowalchuk, Saskia Concordia University Moved by Memes: Generic Trends in Online Visual Culture from 2016 to 2020 $17,500
Koyama, Maxwell University of Toronto I Have Never Been There: 193 Travelogues $17,500
Krajewski, Maegan University of Regina Examining the Challenges and Possibilities of Expanding Urban Agriculture in Regina, Saskatchewan $17,500
Krentz, Courtney The University of British Columbia Reassessing Postmodernism in the Post-Truth Era $17,500
Kruisselbrink, Emma Simon Fraser University The Role of Pre- and Post-Goal Emotions on Susceptibility to Misinformation $17,500
Kryvobok, Nadia McMaster University Contextual effects in incidental vocabulary learning $17,500
Kubat, Breanna Carleton University All Bark, No Bite? A critical analysis of Canada’s international reputation in relation to its contributions to peacekeeping $17,500
Kula, Raechel York University If These Walls Could Talk: a collection of augmented reality stories by students with disabilities $17,500
Kurs, Charlotte Western University Influence of Social Movements on Municipal Housing Initiatives $17,500
Kutchaw, Emily York University Food as Harm Reduction: Exploring The Relationship Between Food Security and Harm Reduction Service Utilization in Toronto $17,500
Kwarko-Fosu, Nana Akua University of Waterloo Voices of Tomorrow: Hearing stories from New Canadian Youth through Photovoice $17,500
La Posta, Alessandra York University Canada's Humanitarian Immigration Crisis $17,500
Laberge, Dominique Université du Québec à Rimouski L'impact des initiatives agricoles alternatives sur la sécurité alimentaire en Gaspésie $17,500
Lacasse, Kellie Université du Québec à Montréal Les crimes sexuels commis par l'armée allemande durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale $17,500
Lacasse-Vollant, Étienne Université Laval La spiritualité autochtone comme moyen de guérison : étude auprès de la communauté de Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam $17,500
Lacelle, Étienne Concordia University Imaginaire Collectif Québécois : visions cinématographiques émergentes $17,500
Lacerna, Alixa University of Manitoba Climate Change-Adaptive Indigenous Architecture $17,500
Lachapelle, Maude Université du Québec à Montréal Cybervictimisation en contexte de relations amoureuses chez les jeunes $17,500
Lacombe, Olivier Université Laval L'obligation de prévenir le crime de génocide en droit international : tenter une définition $17,500
Lafrance, Claudelle Université de Sherbrooke Effets longitudinaux du counseling de carrière individuel sur le bien-être : l'influence de l'alliance de travail $17,500
Lafrenière, Sarah Université du Québec à Montréal Analyse comparative de structures subordonnées en LSQ et en français écrit chez des sourds signeurs $17,500
Laguë, Isabelle Université de Montréal De la théorie à la pratique : comment une formation axée sur le trauma complexe modifie les pratiques des intervenants, en contexte de protection de la jeunesse? $17,500
Lajoie, Mireille Université Laval Migrations Maghreb-France-Québec chez les jeunes : étude des tendances et des facteurs migratoires $17,500
Lam, Ashley University of Toronto Pre-service Teachers’ Preparedness to Administer Sexual Health Education Components of the 2019 Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum $17,500
Lamarche, Émily Université de Sherbrooke L'évolution de la pensée féministe chez la Fédération des femmes canadiennes-françaises $17,500
Lambert, Jean-Gabriel McGill University Recontextualiser la guitare acoustique en jazz contemporain $17,500
Lambert-De Francesch, Jessica HEC Montréal L’évaluation de la perception des consommateurs québécois par rapport aux messages véhiculés par le nouveau Guide alimentaire canadien $17,500
Lamm, Ellery University of Victoria Summer Bucket List: an original play about the mental health of teen girls and their potential for resiliency $17,500
Lamoureux, Benjamin Université de Montréal Les mobilités douces et leurs liens avec les préférences résidentielles des ménages. Le cas de travailleurs métropolitains de la région de Montréal $17,500
Lamoureux, Bryanne Dalhousie University Community Empowerment for Climate Adaptation: A Participatory Action Framework for Building Community Resilience $17,500
Lamy, Odile McGill University The Space of Wood $17,500
Lang, Dave University of Victoria The Manufacturing Condition: British Columbia's Log Export Debate, 1901-2003 $17,500
Langlois, Lidia Université Laval Anne-Marie Proulx : ouverture de l'imaginaire du Nord occidental par la présence humaine $17,500
Languedoc, Josh University of Alberta Creation of a Dramatic Play Exploring the Trauma of Indigenous People $17,500
Lapeña, Julia Queen's University Exploring youth usage patterns of renovated sports units in Guadalajara, Mexico $17,500
Laplante, Mélyna Université de Montréal Impacts des émissions de poussières minérales sur les activités de subsistance traditionnelles de la Première Nation Kluane, Burwash Landing, Yukon $17,500
Lapointe-Missud, Thomas Université de Montréal Association entre l'anxiété chez les enfants du primaire et la relation maître-élève : le rôle modérateur du soutien ou contrôle parental $17,500
Lariccia, Liliana McGill University Adolescents’ evaluations of psychological and emotional abuse scenarios in teen dating relationships and the role of parental monitoring $17,500
Larivière-Jeannotte, Cloé Université du Québec à Montréal L’usage des réseaux socionumériques et la solidarité en situation de crise : le cas de la tragédie de Lac-Mégantic au Québec $17,500
LaRoche, Jeanne Institut national de la recherche scientifique Les lieux de participation culturelle de jeunes immigrant.e.s à Montréal au regard de l’inclusion sociale $17,500
Lassek, Ingrid McGill University Shakespeare, a German Phenomenon: A Cultural Comparative Revision of Christoph Martin Wieland's German Shakespeare Translation $17,500
Lassman, Matthew Université de Montréal Exploring Youth Athletes' Psychological Readiness To Return to Sport Following a Concussion $17,500
Latif, Menahal Ryerson University Caregiver Influence on Infants’ Emotion Regulation During a Stressful Task $17,500
Lauzon-Rhéaume, Laurent Université Laval Tarification du carbone, justice climatique et acceptabilité sociale au Canada $17,500
Lavoie, Émélie Université Laval Sentiment d'appartenance à la communauté et réseau social personnel en ligne et hors ligne lors de la transition à la vie adulte $17,500
Lavoie-Racine, Simone Université Laval L’endométriose à Paris, France : entre initiative nationale et expériences subjectives $17,500
Lawrence, Vanessa The University of British Columbia Exploring How Science Faculty Construct “Research” in Undergraduate Teaching $17,500
Lawson, Samantha University of Toronto The Perception of LGBTQ+ Narratives in the Queer Biopic $17,500
Layng, William University of Toronto Epistemological Ambiguity and Female Sexuality in 18th century English Fiction $17,500
Learning, Austin McGill University Supporting Language Skills of Pre-service French as a Second Language Teachers $17,500
LeBlanc, Amy University of Calgary I Don’t Feel Well: illness, pandemics, and feminisms in fiction $17,500
Leblanc-Martineau, Béatrice University of Ottawa Une paternité incertaine : les femmes et la filiation dans les Causes célèbres de François Gayot de Pitaval $17,500
Leboeuf, Julie McGill University Alcohol cues and their effects on sexual and physical aggressive thoughts $17,500
Lebre, Danielle University of Waterloo Flood Risk Management in Canada: A Post-Flood Political Discourse Analysis $17,500
Leckey, Jenn Dalhousie University Understanding the nature disconnection among children: An application of the behaviour change wheel $17,500
Leclair, Kamille University of Toronto Quand la pauvreté coûte cher : évaluation des pratiques d'achat de titres de transport en commun dans la Ville de Québec $17,500
Leclerc, Mathilde Université du Québec à Montréal L’identité québécoise : une identité perçue et construite de quelle façon par les jeunes Montréalais francophones dans un contexte de diversité culturelle? $17,500
Lecours, Véronique Université du Québec à Montréal L’anxiété de performance au secondaire : rôle des pratiques parentales et influence sur le fonctionnement scolaire et psychologique $17,500
Leduc, Marjorie University of Toronto Vowel Harmony in Turkana $17,500
Lee, Ji Eun The University of British Columbia Dear Anne: Writing Specific Asian Canadian Children's Experiences $17,500
Lee, Samuel York University Hallway (a film) $17,500
Lee-Scott, Nicholas Ryerson University Discretionary Decision-Making in Canadian Immigration Governance: An Analysis of Past, Present, and Future Practices $17,500
Lefebvre, Audrey-Ann Université de Sherbrooke Mieux comprendre les facteurs explicatifs de la faible satisfaction conjugale au sein des couples en situation de violence conjugale $17,500
Lefebvre, Magalie University of Ottawa Analyse critique des processus structurels des constructions identitaires chez des femmes biraciales francophones au Québec. Perspective sur les pratiques discursives de la subjectivité face à la racialisation $17,500
Lekei, Madelaine The University of British Columbia Collective Margins: Curating Inclusion within Emerging Digital Landscapes $17,500
Lemaire, Eve Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Prise en compte de la diversité ethnoculturelle, religieuse et linguistique au sein des pratiques évaluatives d’orthopédagogues œuvrant à l’extérieur de la zone urbaine métropolitaine $17,500
Lemay-Gobeil, Aude Alegria Université du Québec à Montréal Pratique de l'auto-violence : élaboration de protocoles portant sur la rentabilité sociale, académique et artistique en art performance $17,500
Lemieux-Aird, Marianne Université du Québec à Montréal Design et cohabitat en milieu urbain : analyse de précédents et scénario d’application $17,500
Lemieux-Lepage, Alexis École nationale d'administration publique Les facteurs qui font le succès du régime climatique suédois. Recommandations pour bonifier les politiques publiques québécoises en matière d'environnement à la lumière du cas suédois $17,500
Lenny, Elizabeth University of Waterloo The Temporal Nature of Things: Evolution through Material, Movement and Function $17,500
Leone, Donald Carleton University Reconciling Data Colonialism in Canada: Decolonizing Power through Indigenous Data Governance $17,500
Lesyk, Nicholas University of Alberta Enhancing Child and Youth Resilience Through Wraparound Supports in Schools $17,500
Leung, Jamie The University of British Columbia Socially Responsible Fandoms: Transnational Political Participation and Fan Activism $17,500
Leung, Justin University of Toronto The Expression of Motion Events in Cantonese and Hokkien Heritage Speakers in Canada $17,500
Levac, Étienne Université du Québec à Montréal Affirmations cosmologiques et structures coloniales : analyse des relations entre politique et cosmologie dans l’activisme autochtone au Québec $17,500
Lévesque, Anne Université de Montréal Le mobile-witnessing sur les médias sociaux : partager l’inhabituel avec la collectivité $17,500
Lévesque, Gabriel Université du Québec à Montréal Stratégies de reformulation des politiques du cannabis au Québec, en Ontario et au Maine $17,500
Levesque, Natasha Université de Moncton Soutien parental, résilience et fonctionnement psychologique et académique chez l'adolescent $17,500
Lévesque, Philippe Université de Montréal Le perspectivisme dans la mythologie innue $17,500
Lévesque, Samuël McGill University Poétique de l’ekphrasis dans Gargantua : une approche intergénérique de la guerre picrocholine $17,500
Levin, Yoel The University of British Columbia Jewish Identities after the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. Reinterpreting Scripture $17,500
Levinstein Rodriguez, Andrea University of Calgary When definite articles go missing: Analysing optionality in Spanish $17,500
Lewis, Kristen Concordia University Art, Meaning, and Human Subjectivity: A Hegelian Study of Modern Conceptual Art $17,500
L'Heureux, Kassandra Université de Sherbrooke La décontextualisation pour favoriser le transfert des apprentissages en science $17,500
Li, Amila Simon Fraser University Family/ Fortunes: Economic Investments and Mental Health in Asian North American Literature $17,500
Li, Wen University of Toronto Growth mindset as a predictor of reactance and motivation $17,500
Li, Yue Mount Saint Vincent University Empowering the Marginalized: Using Participatory Research and Filmmaking to Explore the Role of Food and Food-Based Programming on Canadian International Student Experiences $17,500
Lichtenstein, Sidney Memorial University of Newfoundland Hospitalization and post-secondary education for students with severe mental illness $17,500
Liesemer, Kailee Western University Enhancing Participation of Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Children's Museum $17,500
Lieu, Erika University of Calgary Conflict in Multi-Team Systems $17,500
Light, Erin University of Victoria Executive Functions and Pragmatic Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Lim, Danielle Ryerson University The protective role of maternal parenting behaviours on the relationship between neighbourhood socioeconomic status and infant growth patterns $17,500
Lim, Jungeun University of Toronto Mining the Road to the Canadian Dream: A Data-driven Study on Immigrants’ Information Needs $17,500
Lima, Sarah University of Toronto Disability and Refugee Politics $17,500
Lin, Nicole The University of British Columbia Literary Reflections of Collaboration in Colonial Korea $17,500
Lin, Rou Chen The University of British Columbia Examining failure literacy in secondary students: An analysis on coping strategies and mechanisms among students in specialized programs $17,500
Lindl, Josef Simon Fraser University Italian Comic Filmmakers and the Postwar Legacy of Fascism $17,500
Lindquist, Kelsey University of Alberta Quantitative Entanglement: Statistical Analysis of Aboriginal Participation in Higher Education $17,500
Lindsay, Erin The University of British Columbia MonsterGames: Narrative as an antidote to dehumanization, and a tool for disability rights activism $17,500
Lint, Renée University of Manitoba Is Quinoa a Crop for the World? An Ethnographic Study of Quinoa as an Alternative for Sustainable Farming on the Canadian Prairies $17,500
Liska, Tayah McGill University Exploring Maintenance To Leisure Time Physical Activity Amongst Adults With Spinal Cord Injury $17,500
Loewen, Rachel Carleton University Representation and Reception of Anorexia in YouTube Video Testimonials $17,500
Loncar, Nicole University of Toronto Invisible Dads: Exploring the Absence of Fathers in Investigations of Domestic Violence $17,500
Long, Jennifer University of Victoria Not So Clear Cut: Gender-based Oppression in BC’s Tree Planting Industry $17,500
Longrigg, Anna University of Waterloo Socio-spatial Segregation in South Africa $17,500
Longtin, Emilie University of Victoria Exploring the relationship between refugees and private sponsors: A local response to a global crisis $17,500
Lonz, Stephanie Carleton University Mangrove Deforestation and Coastal Development in Ambergris Caye, Belize $17,500
Lopez-Asselin, Edgar Université de Montréal Figures de la passivité : dialectique du non-identique dans les travaux de T.W. Adorno $17,500
Lord, Phil McGill University Scientology's Legal System $17,500
Lord, Thomas Université de Sherbrooke Renseignement et diffusion du communisme : la perception du Québec selon les informateurs et les publications soviétiques (1953-1991) $17,500
Lorteau, Steve University of Toronto The Problem of State Immunity in the Anthropocene $17,500
Losev, Tania  Simon Fraser University Data Visualization as a Process for Cross-Cultural Collaboration $17,500
Loudghi, Kawtar HEC Montréal Étude empirique du modèle allemand des soins de longue durée et l'évaluation de sa faisabilité au Canada $17,500
Louis-Delsoin, Cindy Université de Montréal Fidélité inter-examinateurs de l'Évaluation à Domicile de l'Interaction Personne-Environnement (ÉDIPE) ‒ version cognitive $17,500
Lu, Yanfei Western University Adult Second Language Acquisition of Pronominal Prefixes in Oneida (Iroquoian) $17,500
Luce, Davin The University of British Columbia The Power of the Liminal: Eunuchs in Middle Period Chinese Art Production and Collection $17,500
Luddu, Jastej York University The Politics of Disaster Narratives: Denaturalizing Hurricane Katrina $17,500
Luo, Han Wei The University of British Columbia Doxastic Control and the Wrongs of Mere Belief $17,500
Lutfallah, Susan University of Windsor The Meaning of Words: For Richer or For Poorer $17,500
Lutz, Katherine Saint Mary's University Educational Motivations of Mature Students in Halifax Colleges $17,500
Ly, Cindy University of Windsor Stress and Motivation of Pet Ownership Among University Students $17,500
Lynch, Jennifer Western University Helping Others to Help Oneself: When Narcissism may Predict Prosocial Behaviour $17,500
Lyons, Kelly The University of British Columbia Too Many Hats?: Post-Secondary Coaches' Role in Managing Athlete Mental Health in Canada $17,500
Macdonald, Lena York University Four Rode By: The Story of the Wild McLean Gang $17,500
MacDonald, Megan University of Prince Edward Island Islands of Words; An Analysis of Island Cultures Through Their Poetic Works $17,500
MacInnis, Jessie University of Manitoba A Grassroots Approach to Mobilizing the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants $17,500
Mackie, Juliet Concordia University Exploration of Indigenous Female Identities through Portraiture and Storytelling $17,500
MacPherson, Shaelen York University Gender and Registered Retirement Savings Plans: Evaluating Canadian Pension Policy through a Feminist Lens $17,500
MacRae, Jenna University of Toronto Establishing a Method for Skeletal Gender Assessment to Identify Transwomen $17,500
Magnan, Charlotte Université du Québec à Montréal Portrait des besoins des familles québécoises dont l’enfant présente trouble du développement : vers l’utilisation d’un modèle théorique cohérent pour le développement de services valides socialement $17,500
Magnan-St-Onge, Carolanne Université du Québec à Montréal Femmes, médias et santé mentale : analyse de la représentation des problèmes de santé mentale des femmes dans les séries télévisées québécoises $17,500
Mahdi, Lobna University of Toronto Uncovering Forgotten Histories: Investigating Poor and Peasant Egyptian Women’s Anti-Colonial Resistance $17,500
Mahhouk, Shahdah University of Guelph Emotion Regulation Strategies and Post-traumatic Growth in Syrian Refugee Youth in Canada $17,500
Mahon, Megan University of Toronto Transforming Museums: Ethical Exhibitions and Return of Material Culture $17,500
Mahon, Victoria Simon Fraser University Media Framing and Environmental Policy $17,500
Maize, Andrew University of Guelph Cultivating Aerial Perspectives: visualizing fragmentation and slow violence in the forests of Southern Ontario $17,500
Majewski, Robert Concordia University L’application du journalisme constructif en contexte réel : le cas du ruralisme radical dans le Bas-Saint-Laurent $17,500
Makowecki, Erika University of Alberta Adolescent Cognitive Appraisals Associated with Reasoned Risk Behaviours $17,500
Malcomson, Nathan York University The Language of Our Ethics $17,500
Malo, Benjamin Université Laval Analyse comparée des processus de professionnalisation des chiropraticiens et naturopathes québécois : légitimation, pouvoir et vaccination $17,500
Malyk, John University of Saskatchewan Could the Gay Community be Hurting Mental Health? Exploring the Benefits and Downsides of Gay Culture $17,500
Manova, Viktoriya McGill University Development of Observation Scale of Nonverbal and Verbal Emotional Support Skills $17,500
Ma-O, Jennifer Institut national de la recherche scientifique Perception des enfants de leur voisinage lors de leurs déplacements entre l'établissement scolaire et le lieu de résidence $17,500
Maraj-Guitard, Arianne McGill University Integrating Syrian refugee children into Montreal schools: Issues and challenges facing their parents $17,500
Maranda-Bouchard, Frédérick University of Toronto Strategic Resource Management and Regional Integration in Central Asia $17,500
Marcelli, Nicholas Queen's University Naming and Identity Construction in the Plays of Arthur Miller $17,500
Marcotte, Florence Université du Québec à Montréal Contribution de la conscience syntaxique à la compréhension en lecture en langue première et en langue seconde : étude des effets médiateurs des habiletés syntaxiques et de la reconnaissance des mots $17,500
Marcoux-Piché, Simon Université du Québec à Montréal Modernité coloniale : étude socio-historique des dispositifs extractivistes québécois $17,500
Markovic, Mina Ryerson University Periphery/Center: The Minna Keene Collection $17,500
Marks, Lindy McGill University Over Her Dead Body: Posthumous Punishment of Female Criminal Bodies in Nineteenth-Century Britain $17,500
Markwart, Emily McGill University The Montreal Women's Symphony Orchestra and its Impact on Canadian Music $17,500
Marois, Félix Université de Montréal Effet de l'abrasion éolien et le transport de lœss sur les os et dents exposés et comparaison avec des restes osseux anciens issu du site de Old Crow Flats au Yukon afin de déterminer la présence d’Homo sapiens dans la région $17,500
Marquis, Joshua Simon Fraser University Sound and the End of Democracy: Ambient Citizenship in Sound Art $17,500
Marshall, Jordanna The University of British Columbia Interspecies Kinship in the Anthropocene: Bridging Western and Indigenous Ontologies to Care for the Planet $17,500
Martel, Guillaume HEC Montréal Les tremblements de terre et l'impact sur le rendement et la volatilité des actions des assureurs de dommages $17,500
Martel, Sara Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Effets du programme de prévention de la violence dans les relations amoureuses PAJ+ chez les adolescents ayant vécu une agression sexuelle $17,500
Martin, Kara McGill University Climate Change, Transportation, and Public Health: How can active transportation contribute to local adaptive capacity? $17,500
Martin, Kelsea (Kel) Queen's University Tech beyond the binary: Exploring transgender and/or gender non-conforming students’ technology-mediated experiences of gender $17,500
Martin, Vanessa Queen's University Emotional Identity: The Development of a Construct $17,500
Martinez Gutierrez, Naomi York University Perceptions of Effect Size Magnitude $17,500
Martini, Julia University of Toronto Wellness in mothers and fathers of children with intellectual or developmental disability: A comparative analysis $17,500
Massong, Haley The University of British Columbia Economic Impact of Transition to Climate Change Resilient Crops in the Fraser Valley Regional District $17,500
Matchett, Brittany Dalhousie University Exploring the Impact of Relationship Status on Undergraduate University Students Practices and Conceptualizations of Sexual Consent $17,500
Matchett, Katherine University of Windsor Do idiosyncratic patterns of visual attention mediate the relationship between ADHD traits and inattentional blindness in university students? $17,500
Mathieu, Marie-Claude Université Laval Composantes et perceptions du processus de création musicale en collectif au secondaire $17,500
Matte, Mélanie M. Concordia University Domesticating Landscapes: Hydropower, Indigenous Histories, and Gendered Sovereignty in Quebec $17,500
Mattucci, Laurie University of Alberta Honouring Nêhiyawêwin: Empowering the People through the Cree Language $17,500
Mauti, Helena Trent University The Possibilities for Indigenous-Led Conservation in Ontario $17,500
Maxwell, Georgia University of Toronto “It Can’t Happen Here”: Re-Reading On The Beach and The Day of The Triffids as Climate Crisis Narratives $17,500
Maxwell, Lexi The University of British Columbia Parks for Social Connection: Exploring Successful Aging in Place $17,500
Mazo, Aaron University of Alberta Kant, Hegel, and Speculative Realism: New directions in thinking about knowledge and otherness $17,500
McArthur, Jennifer Saint Mary's University Credibility, verdict outcomes & jailhouse informants: The utility of the Vetrovec warning in Canadian courts $17,500
McCallum, Emma University of Toronto Tempering “Queer Rage”: Emotional Labour and Queerness in the Classroom $17,500
McCardell, Heather University of Windsor -opathy: Women's Bodily Health and Conceptual Poetry $17,500
McClenagan, Elizabeth University of Victoria German Christians and the De-Judaization of Protestant Theological Texts in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 $17,500
McCoy, Katharine McGill University Tobacco Transition Program: A Study in Rural Canadian Voting Behaviour $17,500
McCurry, Brennan Western University Ancient Animality: The Agency of Animals in the Hebrew Bible $17,500
McDevitt, Jennifer University of Alberta Educating and Empowering Teen Activists in Public Libraries: A Case Study of the Impact of Reading on Young Adult Social Justice Actions $17,500
McGowan, Hayden University of Ottawa En Attendant: Intertextuality, Anachronism, and Research-Creation $17,500
McGuire, Charleigh McGill University A Exploration of Disability, Motherhood, and Social Supports in Montreal, Quebec $17,500
McIntee, Sara-Emilie University of Ottawa Personality, Determinants of Behaviour, and Consumption Restriction: A Mediation Model $17,500
McKay, Sandra York University Artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Peru: What is the effect of accessing global markets on sustainable rural development? $17,500
McKee, Kathleen Wilfrid Laurier University Microaggressions and Microaffirmations Experienced by People who Identify as LGBTQ+ and Disabled $17,500
McKeen, Patara The University of British Columbia Japanese Canadian Intergenerational Trauma $17,500
McKenzie, Katarina Western University How do community level factors and family level factors interact in child sleep problems? $17,500
McLean, Grace Queen's University Untapped Potential: Japanese Tissues in Preventive Conservation $17,500
McLean, Jeffrey McMaster University Adaptive co-management: The case of Pikialasorsuaq $17,500
McLean, Maxime University of Calgary Impact of the LTAD program on the Mental Development and Progression in Athletes $17,500
McLellan, Hayley Memorial University of Newfoundland Firearm Availability and Suicide in Canada $17,500
McLennan, Danielle Western University The New York Times and the Publishing of the Pentagon Papers $17,500
McLeod, Joy Carleton University Secret-keeping and well-being $17,500
McMillan, Catharine York University Reconciling Canadian domestic and international corporate tax base erosion reduction initiatives: Transfer pricing and bilateral tax treaty dispute resolution $17,500
McMurtry, Evan York University Carolina Benedicks-Bruce and William Blair Bruce: Art History and Its Muses $17,500
McNamee, Clara University of Toronto A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Bisexuality and Mental Health $17,500
McNeill, Jacqueline McMaster University Erased Bodies: Investigating the Neoliberal University’s Space for Gender Non-Conforming Students $17,500
McNeilly, Sophie University of Toronto The Adaptability and Theatrical Potential of Role-playing Games $17,500
McRae, Erin University of Ottawa United States-North Korean psychological operations during the 1960s $17,500
McWhinney, Andrew McMaster University Class and the Circulation of Subjectivity in Contemporary Canadian Fiction $17,500
Meckelborg, Anastasia University of Alberta Dipping, falling, then rising: The tone of school-aged children learning Mandarin $17,500
Mees, Jayna University of Toronto Accessibility and Approachability in Immersive/Site-Specific Theatre $17,500
Meilleur, Marilou Université de Montréal Liens entre la participation à des activités parascolaires d’enrichissement musical et l’engagement scolaire chez des élèves de la 4e à la 6e année du primaire en contexte pluriethnique $17,500
Melanidis, Marina The University of British Columbia Big Ideas with Big Potential Impacts: Examining how nature-based solutions are (re-)shaping relations of conservation governance $17,500
Melendez, Sofia Queen's University Building Healthier Lives for Transgender Communities: Improving Clinical Education $17,500
Melindy, Jacqueline York University Material Sub-culture: Hip-hop Dancers and their Sneakers $17,500
Melles, Michelle Ryerson University Mad in a Mad World: An Alternative and Integrative Approach to Mental Health $17,500
Ménard, Solène Université de Montréal Association entre les stresseurs scolaires et l'engagement scolaire des élèves immigrants : effet modérateur du soutien des enseignants $17,500
Ménard-Bélanger, Danaë Université de Montréal Les avancées en recherche sur la prise de décision au service du processus de création en composition musicale $17,500
Mendel, Jonathan Simon Fraser University Can a Poverty Simulation Intervention Improve Attitudes Towards Particularly Stigmatized Populations Living in Poverty? $17,500
Mendoza Avina, Marco Emiliano Université de Montréal Pourquoi taxer les entreprises est-il populaire? $17,500
Merasty, Reanna University of Manitoba Ecology & Indigenous Design: Reciprocal, Animate and Sustainable Design for Remote Northern Indigenous Housing Strategies $17,500
Merchant, Chenee University of Manitoba Documenting skeletal cranial traits to be able to identify unknown human remains belonging to Canadian Indigenous peoples $17,500
Merrall, John McMaster University Hedonic Analysis of the Effect of Schools on House Prices in Hamilton, Ontario $17,500
Métellus, Sarafina Université de Montréal Attachement, jalousie liée aux médias sociaux et surveillance électronique du partenaire : impact sur la satisfaction conjugale des adolescents et jeunes adultes $17,500
Meunier-Rochon, Aude Université Laval Le refus d'un discours dominant établi par le storytelling : la fragmentation et la mise en recueil de la perception identitaire des femmes autochtones dans la littérature québécoise d’expression francophone d'autrices innues $17,500
Micanovic, Nina Queen's University Factors Affecting Variability of Sexual Motivation in Women: The Effects of Emotional Valence and Attention on Processing of Sexual Cues $17,500
Michalofsky, Jessica University of Victoria Discourse Analysis, Parenting, BC Opioid Crisis $17,500
Michaud, Florent Université du Québec à Montréal Le flou en photographie contemporaine : une expérience du temps $17,500
Michaud, Rachel McGill University The moderating role of parental reactions on child emotion regulation: An observational pilot study $17,500
Michell, Adrianna McMaster University Logging Into Biocapitalism: Navigating Self and Other Through Digital Health Practices $17,500
Mihalicz, Amanda University of Regina Phenomenological Study of the Maternal Strengths and Experiences of Women with Schizophrenia $17,500
Mihandoust, Shahab Concordia University Dust Haze, The Apparatus: An Investigation of the Everyday Ordinary Under an Environmental Crisis in Khuzestan, A Province at the Border of Iran and Iraq $17,500
Miller, Courtney University of Calgary Bullying Victimization and Anxiety Among Children With ADHD $17,500
Miller, Percephone University of Toronto Joint-Use Libraries: Implications for Atlantic Canadian University Towns $17,500
Mills, Edward University of Victoria The Role of Alternative Food Initiatives in Addressing Food Insecurity among Canadians in Poverty $17,500
Mills, Margaret McGill University Queer, Feminist Networks: Sustaining Community and Creative Practice in the Digital Economy $17,500
Milne, Aalaya University of Toronto Gender-Based Violence in Dance $17,500
Minister, Claire York University Influence of Food-Based Social Media Images Exposure on the Eating Behaviours of Dieters $17,500
Minnick, Carolyn University of Waterloo Association between food insecurity and eating disorders among an international cohort $17,500
Miraj, Umaima University of Toronto Ghadar's Gulab Kaur(s): The Absence and Historical Silencing of Women in the Ghadar Party $17,500
Mirzazadeh, Farzan Western University The Canadian Premier League: Launching a Professional Sports League in a Digital Age $17,500
Missal, Shalegh Simon Fraser University Ancient DNA Study of Traditional Whale Hunting and Whale Use by the Indigenous Peoples of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada $17,500
Mitchell-Cranfield, Robin Simon Fraser University Syllabic type design in the twenty-first century $17,500
Mobarak, Ola York University Evaluating Aboriginal Charter Rights Claims in Relation to Historical and Treaty Evidence $17,500
Mogadam, Alexandra University of Toronto Community Green Thumbs: Feasibility of Horticulture-Embedded Counselling for At-Risk Youth $17,500
Mogg, Ashley Wilfrid Laurier University Beyond the Brain Disease Model: Transcending 'Recovery' from Alcohol Use Disorder $17,500
Mohazabnia, Bahar The University of British Columbia Post-Revolutionary Iranian Art: A Study of Martyr Images from the Iran-Iraq War $17,500
Moir, Rose McMaster University The Role of Rivers in Connecting Communities During the Late Pleistocene - Early Holocene in Southwest Asia $17,500
Molot, Jordan Concordia University Jewish queers in a Montreal bathhouse: modern 'religion' on-location $17,500
Molyneux, Tonje The University of British Columbia Effects of Teachers' Beliefs about Social-Emotional Learning on Program Delivery $17,500
Monkelbaan, Casey Nipissing University Hidden Stories: The Lives of Wives of Major SS Perpetrators $17,500
Moonilal, Vindra McMaster University Islamic Conversion in Trinidad and Tobago $17,500
Morgan, Jaclyn Western University The Suppressed Generation: Early Modern Censorship Practices in 17th-Century England $17,500
Morningstar, Sarah Brock University Compassion fatigue and burnout in poverty-reduction work $17,500
Moro, Jordana University of Toronto The Ineffability of Language: Transforming Identity through What Cannot Be Said $17,500
Morton, Edward Thompson Rivers University The impacts of mountain bike tourism on provincial and First Nation's governments $17,500
Mou, Yanchi University of Alberta Children's Perspectives on Family Functioning $17,500
Mousseau, Vincent Université de Montréal À l'intersection des expériences : les théories de développement identitaire chez les populations noires LGBTQ+ $17,500
Moyles, Trina The University of British Columbia How Bears Make Us Human―Stories of Co-Evolution, Conservation, Climate Change and the Loss of the Wild $17,500
Moynes, Raegan University of Regina Subjugation, Liberation and the Ballerina Body: Installation and Performance-based Research $17,500
Mpeletzikas, Zoe York University Fleeting Euphoria: A Woman's Approach to Climate Change and Recycled Ubiquitous Waste in Art $17,500
Muchka, Ashley Simon Fraser University Addressing Canadian Immigration Program Integrity in Vancouver $17,500
Muise, Megan University of New Brunswick Sexual desire discrepancy: The role of attachment and distress in long-term couples $17,500
Mullan, Andrea The University of British Columbia Cradle Songs: The Connection Between Addiction and Family Violence $17,500
Mumford, Cara York University Bawaajigan (Vision) $17,500
Mund, Mariah Simon Fraser University Achieving Deep Decarbonization in Canadian Freight: Modeling Policy Pathways $17,500
Murphy, Christina Memorial University of Newfoundland The Positive Side of Things: Examining Factors that Predict Positive Mental Health in Individuals with Problematic Substance Use $17,500
Murphy, Dawn Memorial University of Newfoundland How the Mental Health of a Leader Impacts Perceptions of Warmth and Competence $17,500
Murray, Brigitte University of Ottawa Idéologies linguistiques et pratiques du français écrit chez les élites francophones féminines en Ontario aux 19e et 20e siècles $17,500
Murynka, Anna University of Waterloo The Self-Reflection Palace: Improving Self-Esteem with the Method of Loci and Virtual Reality $17,500
Musta, Safo University of Ottawa Canada's role in advancing transitional justice in Colombia $17,500
Muth, Emily Lakehead University Understanding Experiences with Prevention-Focused Child Welfare Services $17,500
Mutune, Catherine York University Families in the Trenches – The Implicit Contradiction of the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada $17,500
Myatt, Haley Brock University Taking the Lead: Evaluating Student Leadership in Atlantic Canadian Secondary Schools $17,500
Myers, Olivia Queen's University Vergil's Trojans: An Augustan Propaganda Project $17,500
Mylett, Marisa Simon Fraser University The Effects of Vicarious Hostile and Benevolent Sexism on Bystanders' Self-Esteem and Well-Being $17,500
Naar, Abbey University of Toronto Integrating Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives into Environmental Education: Learning from Indigenous Educators $17,500
Nachtigall, Rebecca University of Toronto Facilitating Women’s Labour Market (Re-)entry: Approaches of Non-Governmental Organizations $17,500
Naeem, Labiba University of Toronto Poetry as an Act of Translation: Situating Meaning at the Crossroads of Word and World $17,500
Najafizadeh, Anahid University of Toronto Normative, National and Structural Barriers to Intelligence Sharing in the European Union $17,500
Najovits, Ariella University of Ottawa Corporate Advertising on Social Media $17,500
Nakagawa, Hanika University of Manitoba Indigenous Food Sovereignty: Amami Memories of a Time Before Capitalist Food Systems $17,500
Nandhra, Roshon York University Structural Barriers to Co-Resistance Under Racial Capital: Intersecting Exploitations and Dispossession $17,500
Nasser, Noura Concordia University Food Identities and Race in Montreal: Emancipatory Food Initiatives by and for Racialized Communities $17,500
Nasser, Wael University of Lethbridge The power of digital migration: How Nigerian asylum seekers use technology in their migration journeys to Canada $17,500
Neeson, Emily University of Toronto Growing green infrastructure: policy implementation and challenges across Ontario municipalities $17,500
Nelson, Holly Wilfrid Laurier University Maternal reminiscing and mental state talk in children’s source monitoring skills $17,500
Newman, Evan Nipissing University Exploring Stakeholder Perceptions of a Potential Safe Consumption Site in North Bay, Ontario $17,500
Nishima-Miller, Jeffrey The University of British Columbia Indigenous Led Impact Assessment $17,500
Noble, Laura McGill University Self-critical perfectionism, expressive suppression, reappraisal, and well-being: A longitudinal study of community adults $17,500
Nolan, Robert Memorial University of Newfoundland Municipal Mergers: Amalgamation in Newfoundland and Labrador $17,500
Noorishad, Pari-Gole University of Ottawa Attitudes et expériences des jeunes adultes avec la coercition sexuelle impliquant la technologie $17,500
Normandin, Amy-Lee Université de Montréal Le rôle socialisateur de la conséquence logique et les facteurs favorisant son utilisation en contexte de vie réelle $17,500
Nyela, Océane York University Blackness beyond borders: Digital diasporas & Identity for Black Canadians $17,500
Oakes, Spencer The University of British Columbia Melt: A Meditation on Mental Health in the Climate Crisis $17,500
Obregon, Jean-Francois Ryerson University Community organization in Toronto's suburbs in response to transit and real estate projects $17,500
O'Brien, Daniel University of Alberta Experiences of parents and youth using secure care programs for substance use disorder $17,500
O'Brien, Rachel McMaster University Representing the Holocaust through Fairy Tales $17,500
Odobasic, Ajla York University Sleepers $17,500
Ofori-Atta, Eric University of Calgary Towards financial well-being: A narrative study of African immigrants in Canada $17,500
O'Gorman, Tristan Laurentian University Regenerative Urban Ecology Hubs $17,500
O'Hagan, Maire Ryerson University Enhancing Science-Based Interviews $17,500
Okungbowa, Eki University of Alberta It's Like a Hazy Maze: Experiences of Black Youth Navigating Health and Social Services in Canada $17,500
Olcott, Helen Ryerson University Digitization and Finding Aids: Increasing Access to Indigenous-Specific Photo Collections at Library and Archives Canada $17,500
Oliver, Amanda University of Regina Informing the Development of an Interactive, Evidence-based, Internet Delivered Program for Siblings of Youth with Congenital Heart Disease $17,500
Olpindo, Janica York University Breaking Barriers: Exploring and Transforming Breaking Movements and its Culture $17,500
O'Neil, Allison York University From Apology toward Reconciliation? Federal Political Policy Discourse in Canada, 2008–2019 $17,500
Onorato, Paolina York University Parental Responsiveness and Children's Social Anxiety: The Role of Children's Friendship Quality $17,500
Oppel, Sophia University of Toronto A Metabolized Complicity $17,500
Oprean, Raluca Wilfrid Laurier University Nature for All: Linking Canadian Newcomer Experiences in Nature to Conservation Planning and Management $17,500
Orchard, Jaymie Western University Nature, Bodies, and Violence in the Ancient Greek Novels $17,500
O'Reilly, Meghan Memorial University of Newfoundland The Impact of Race on Voter Turnout $17,500
O'Sullivan, Liam University of Victoria The Strange Face Illusion and Intersubjectivity Awareness, a Model for an Artworks Investigation of Empathy and Identity $17,500
Otasowie, Erogu The University of British Columbia Urban Intensification: Best Practices from Vancouver to Nairobi $17,500
Otis, Ann-Sophie Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Impacts des comportements problématiques des personnes présentant une déficience intellectuelle sur les intervenants : besoins, stratégies de gestion et facteurs de protection $17,500
Ouellet, Raphaël Université du Québec à Montréal Le corps et la technologie au sein de la Noise $17,500
Ouellette, Loïc-Alexandre University of Ottawa La notion de dunamis chez Aristote et Proclus $17,500
Ovcharuk, Bogdan Concordia University The importance of the 'third party' for the phenomenological theory of human rights $17,500
Pacheco, Tyler Wilfrid Laurier University Exploring occupational recovery: A latent profile analysis with Ontario-based workers $17,500
Palladino, Elia Carleton University Exercising Power: Creating a Community of Practice to Address Physical Activity Inequities $17,500
Palleson, Leslie The University of British Columbia Journey Home: A Metatheatrical Experience in Cultural Appropriation $17,500
Pallotto, Michael University of Toronto Kierkegaard's Existential Mariology $17,500
Palmer, Amberlynn University of Toronto Broken School Rules: Black Youth Experiences of Discipline in Ontario's Public School System $17,500
Palucci, Jonathan McGill University Free Choice: the interaction between modality and quantificational expressions $17,500
Panchyshyn, Kelly The University of British Columbia Collaborative Food Planning in Canada's North: Supporting Wild Food Harvest and Community through Participatory Action Research in Whitehorse, Yukon $17,500
Papadopoulos, Anastasia Dalhousie University Developing an Indigenous Protected Areas Management Framework Rooted in Mi'kmaw Values $17,500
Papich, Mikaela McGill University Elite Tennis Coaches’ Perceptions of the Interpersonal Elements of the Coach-Athlete Relationship $17,500
Paquet, Antoine Université Laval L’énergie du Nord : Une étude des perceptions de la production et de l’utilisation de l’énergie dans une communauté du Nunavik $17,500
Paquet, Jérôme Queen's University DNA extraction and analysis of historic manuscripts on parchments $17,500
Paquette, Catherine Institut national de la recherche scientifique La construction du Collectif Bienvenue à la lumière de la théorie de l'acteur-réseau : régimes d'engagement face à la question des demandeurs d'asile $17,500
Paquette, Charlotte Université de Montréal Les agents stressants et les symptômes de dépendance aux jeux vidéo : le rôle modérateur des difficultés de santé mentale de type intériorisé $17,500
Paquette, Jonathan Université de Montréal Le déplacement mimétique du désir dans l’œuvre de Witold Gombrowicz $17,500
Paquette-Lacasse, Alexis Université de Montréal Queer avant la lettre. Horizon et Grand Écart esthétique : «l'âne de Carpizan» et la littérature d'identités sexuelles marginales au Canada français entre 1944 et 1964 $17,500
Paquin, Antoine Université de Montréal Le rôle de l'imagination dans la perception chez Maurice Merleau-Ponty $17,500
Pareja Conto, Laura Concordia University Adolescents’ Reasoning About Retributive Justice in Colombian Schools $17,500
Parent, Charles-Olivier Université de Sherbrooke Les rôles, défis et enjeux des petites et moyennes municipalités dans l’adaptation à la crise climatique au Québec $17,500
Parent, Jade Université de Montréal Application d’une méthode en protéomique pour estimer le sexe d’individus archéologiques : exploration des variations de la mortalité au sein de cimetières historiques euro-québécois $17,500
Park, Jimin The University of British Columbia Competition for the Curbside: Unlocking the Potential of the Broadway Corridor $17,500
Parks, Amy Queen's University Un-settling the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies $17,500
Parlatore, Victoria University of Toronto Addressing the Under-Representation of Indigenous Students in Ontario University $17,500
Parnia, Abtin University of Toronto Racial and ethnic dimensions of the healthy immigrant effect $17,500
Parra-Lokhorst, Manuela McGill University Public Transport: A Tool for Social Equity $17,500
Parsons, Kayla Saint Mary's University Experiences in the Foster Care System’s Impact on Criminality in Women $17,500
Pasloski, Nicole University of Saskatchewan Cultural influences and forces and our declining knowledge around food $17,500
Patel, Sonak University of Alberta What determines community-based renewable energy development? Insights from a mixed-method study of municipalities in Alberta $17,500
Pattman, Gavin The University of British Columbia Parks on the Roof: Green Roofs in Vancouver as Public Amenities $17,500
Pearson, Diana University of Alberta Polyamory and the Ethics of Consent: Beyond Legalities of Consent in Sexual Violence Prevention $17,500
Peckford, Ashley Simon Fraser University Mixed Methods Analysis of Hate Speech on Reddit $17,500
Pelletier, Catherine McGill University La représentation de l'altérité dans les œuvres de Gabrielle Roy : apprentissage, appropriation, réflexions $17,500
Pelletier, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Montréal Perspective psychodynamique et écosystémique de la construction de la parentalité en contexte de procréation médicalement assistée : expériences et influences réciproques des couples et des professionnels $17,500
Pepetone, Alexandra University of Waterloo Comparison of experiences of food insecurity among youth between five countries $17,500
Perreault, Carrie University of Waterloo Fine Arts: Complex trauma, posttraumatic grief, mental illness $17,500
Perreault, Marie-Anne Université de Montréal Éthique et esthétique dans l’oeuvre de Flaubert : le romantisme comme littérature de l’échec $17,500
Perreault-Corbeil, Élisabeth Université de Montréal Le roi empereur : le droit romain et la justice pénale sous Charles VI $17,500
Perry, Shayna University of New Brunswick Right-Wing Extremism in the Canadian Armed Forces $17,500
Peters Parkinson, Chelsea The University of British Columbia The Work of the Songbird: Stories of Sexual Assault in Rural Canada in the Twitter Age $17,500
Peters, Charles University of Alberta Reflexivity in Theatre Directing Practice and the Creation of Equitable Spaces $17,500
Pethrick, Helen University of Calgary Experiencing Transition and Mental Distress: Narratives of First-Year University Students $17,500
Petrovic, Julia McGill University Emotion regulatory difficulties in university students: How might mindfulness help? $17,500
Petrunick, Kostyn Brock University Anthropocenic Poetics in Dionne Brand’s Inventory and Juliana Spahr’s The Transformation $17,500
Pickering, Hollyanne University of Alberta Assertion of LGBTQ+ identity and belonging: wide-awakeness, creativity and participation in social justice communities as salve for alienation $17,500
Picone, Katherine HEC Montréal Socio-Innovative Solutions in Municipal Solid Waste Management $17,500
Pillon, Nicole University of Windsor Skating the Line: The Transnational Culture of Professional Hockey in the Windsor-Detroit Borderland $17,500
Pinard-Frappier, Èma Université de Montréal Étude des facteurs influençant la transition de carrière chez les artistes professionnels : Le cas des danseuses et danseurs à Montréal $17,500
Pinard-L'Abbée, Mylène Université du Québec à Montréal La permaculture comme outil d’analyse stratégique de la gestion des ressources humaines : une étude de cas dans une organisation de l’économie sociale $17,500
Pistor, Liam Western University Enhancing Piano Performance through the Targeting of Prioprioceptive Challenges: A Case Study of a Musician with Autism $17,500
Pitter, Johann The University of British Columbia The Representation and Reconciliation of the Chavista Legacy in the Literary and Musical Production of the Bolivarian Diaspora $17,500
Pittman, John York University An Environmental History of the Athabasca River During the Early Development of Oil Sands Operations, 1972-1980 $17,500
Piumbini, Cecilia University of Toronto Teacher Intervention Strategies in Bullying: A Qualitative Study of Ontario Elementary Teachers $17,500
Plamondon, Ian McGill University Le processus de laïcisation au Québec : l'affirmation d'une identité collective contrariée par la religiosité $17,500
Plante, Stephanie Wilfrid Laurier University The East in the West: Polish Jews in Paris and the Holocaust $17,500
Plumb, Mackenzie Carleton University Prison Expansion as Prison Solutions: Exploring Government Discourses Concerning Expansion Projects in Thunder Bay and Ottawa $17,500
Pognon, Queeny Université de Montréal Le rôle modérateur de la résilience sur la violence dans les relations amoureuses chez les adolescentes et les adolescents victimes d'agression sexuelle $17,500
Poirier, Étienne McGill University Dénouement terrible de l'histoire dans Les Rougon-Maquart d'Émile Zola $17,500
Poirier, Nathalie Saint Paul University Women and the Arctic: An Exploration of Climate Change, Food Insecurity and Gender $17,500
Poirier, William Université Laval De l’apport de la scolarisation à la gauche $17,500
Polillo, Daniel Simon Fraser University The Early History of Formal Epistemology $17,500
Pomerleau-Fontaine, Lara McGill University Exploring the coach-athlete relationship of Parasport athletes who have an acquired disability $17,500
Pontbriand, Patrick L. Université Laval Le « Trésor des esprits » (Thesaurus spirituum) : un traité inédit de magie rituelle au 15e/16e siècle $17,500
Pope, Myfannwy Simon Fraser University Evaluating Implementation of Collaborative Land Use Plans: A Case Study of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement $17,500
Porter, Ivy University of Alberta Developmental Trends of General Language Performance Measures in Narratives $17,500
Posa, Stephanie University of Toronto Camp, Collaboration and the Changing Self: Exploring Illness Identity Among Pediatric Cancer Survivors $17,500
Potter, Erika Queen's University The Viewer as Subject and the Body as Object: Compelling Identity in Canadian Periodical Images in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century $17,500
Poulin, Marie-Pier Université du Québec à Montréal L'innovation et l’adoption de meilleures pratiques en bâtiment durable chez les grands propriétaires immobiliers $17,500
Powell, Nancy University of Victoria Regenerative Capitalism―How today's corporate leaders are going beyond profits to tackle climate change and preserve the planet $17,500
Power, Cameron The University of British Columbia Disaster-relevant open geographic data gaps in British Columbia $17,500
Predko, Hillary Queen's University Reuse, Repair, and Refurbishment in Pangnirtung, Nunavut $17,500
Prince, Jessica University of Saskatchewan Predicting Recidivism Using the Level of Service Inventory-Saskatchewan Version: Implications for Gender and Ancestry $17,500
Protheroe, Amy University of Toronto Cycling in Seniors: A Study of Older Adults’ Use of Cycling Infrastructure in Toronto $17,500
Proulx-Giraldeau, Ophélie McGill University Émile Ollivier et la notion de « mère-patrie » $17,500
Prud'Homme, Isabelle Université du Québec à Montréal La réponse des paysannes au contexte d'insécurité alimentaire béninois $17,500
Puiras, Erika Lakehead University The Blurring Boundaries Between Gambling and Online Gaming $17,500
Pulver, Benjamin Queen's University Fashioning Enemies of the State: Investigating Sartorial Subversion in Soviet Berlin $17,500
Pun, Sara The University of British Columbia Couple Repair: Emotionally Focused Therapy & Music $17,500
Pybus, Colin Vancouver Island University A Review of the Current State of Physical Education in the Northwest Territories $17,500
Qi, Hongyuan The University of British Columbia Transactional links between positive peer relationships and academic performance in elementary school-age children $17,500
Qiyomiddin, Komin University of Toronto In the Age of Technological Acceleration and Increased Migration: Understanding the Impact of Digital Economy on Immigrant Population in Canada $17,500
Quesnel, Ange-Aimee The University of British Columbia Forced Sterilization in British-Columbia within the 20th Century $17,500
Quintero, Romeo Joe Carleton University Is there a Right Kind of Gay? Queering and Decolonizing the Canadian Refugee Determination Process $17,500
Qurashi, Avery The University of British Columbia Temporality and Environmental Change in Canadian Literature $17,500
Raby, Julie Université du Québec à Montréal Étude des enjeux de la prise en compte d'une perspective écologique au sein des discours du mouvement des femmes québécois $17,500
Ragan, Monica Dalhousie University Understanding the Relationships Between Government, Managers, and Users of Small Craft Harbours in Nova Scotia, Canada $17,500
Rainville, Anne-Marie Laurentian University Formation pour les parents afin d’améliorer leur reconnaissance des expressions faciales de douleur des enfants $17,500
Rak, Nicole University of Waterloo Architectural Tactics in the Context of Toronto’s Cultural Renaissance $17,500
Ramey, Catherine University of Toronto Dondi Mission Station: African Women in the Records of Canadian Missionary Women $17,500
Ramsay, Phoebe University of Victoria Exploring power and (in)dependency within the refugee-sponsor relationship $17,500
Ranney, Julia Queen's University Plaster Madonna and Child Sculptures from the Italian Renaissance $17,500
Rashid, Sana University of Alberta Object manipulation to enhance the reading comprehension of English language learners $17,500
Raven, Sarah The University of British Columbia Sustainable Textiles and the Slow Fashion Movement $17,500
Razavi, Sepehr Université de Montréal La mémoire des images : la question du temps et la vie posthume de l’Antiquité chez Aby Warburg $17,500
Razurel, Fanny Université Laval Le personnage comme outil de remise en question des procédés romanesques dans À rebours de J.-K. Huysmans (1884), Paludes d’André Gide (1895) et Monsieur de Phocas de Jean Lorrain (1901) $17,500
Reeve, Kate McGill University The Sanctification of Empire: Anglican Missionaries in Mandate Palestine $17,500
Regier, Kristen University of Toronto Equitable Green Infrastructure as Climate Change Adaption: Distributional & Procedural Justice in the City of Toronto $17,500
Regimbald-Roy, Florence McGill University Scottish Elites in Montreal: Identity, Culture and the Self in Portait Photography, 1860-1900 $17,500
Reid, Brenda University of Waterloo Care as an Architectural Act: Design for an Empathetic Public Realm $17,500
Reid, Catriona York University Contentious Landscapes: Activist Potential in Eco Art $17,500
Reid, Florence Université Laval Création et diffusion d'un corpus d'expressions conventionnelles québécoises pour l'enseignement du français langue seconde $17,500
Reid, Katherine Wilfrid Laurier University Mother-Child Shared Reading of Wordless and Worded Picture Books in Preschool Children $17,500
Renaud, Mia McGill University “As Remorseless as Nature”: Experimental Ethics and Scientific Community in H.G. Wells $17,500
Renault, David Université Laval Analyse du processus herméneutique engageant la prise de conscience d'un trait ironique dans le livre de Jonas : de l'intention du texte à l'intuition du lecteur $17,500
René, Jean-Louis University of Ottawa Speech Perception under Noisy Conditions in Bilingual Children: The Impact of Sentence Context and Visual Speech Cues $17,500
Retanal, Ledirose University of Ottawa Math Anxiety and Reflective Thinking $17,500
Revill, Fiona The University of British Columbia Jacob Jospeh Judas Joan: A Stageplay $17,500
Reynolds, Anna The University of British Columbia A Critical Historiographic Analysis of Chronology in Greek Archaeology $17,500
Ribeiro, Savannah University of Toronto Understanding Variation in Prosecuting Sexual Violence in International Law $17,500
Ricciardi, Giorgia University of Victoria National Memory & Identity: Spanish Republican Women and their Antifascist Resistance in and out of Nazi Camps $17,500
Rice, Emily University of Ottawa Investigating Doctor-Patient Education about the Sexual Side-Effects of Coming off of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors $17,500
Richard, Anne-Julie Université du Québec à Montréal Le pouvoir mélancolique de l'oeuvre d'art comme dialogue entre l'art moderne et contemporain $17,500
Richard, Claudèle Université du Québec à Montréal Assainir la ville : la gestion des matières résiduelles à Montréal au tournant du 20e siècle $17,500
Richard, Eric Memorial University of Newfoundland Sailing the Ancient Atlantic: The Seafaring Vessels of the Ancient Maritime Celts $17,500
Richard, Morgan University of New Brunswick Open Communication, Withholding, and Relationship Strain for Intimate Partners Dealing with Cancer $17,500
Richard-Pelchat, Daniel Université Laval Sécurisation culturelle des pratiques décisionnelles de la Commission d'examen des troubles mentaux $17,500
Richardson, Nicole York University Application to Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master's Program 2019 $17,500
Rickey, Nathan Queen's University Unpacking the 'new black box': Investigating the cognitive and affective underpinnings of student self-assessment $17,500
Rigby-Thompson, Mina The University of British Columbia The Cyprus Crisis: Turkey, NATO, and the Cold War $17,500
Rintjema, Jacqueline McMaster University The Effects of a Music Therapy Intervention on Perceived Quality of Life of Patients With Dementia: a Qualitative Study $17,500
Rioux, Gabrielle Université du Québec à Montréal Barrières systémiques d'accès aux services en violence conjugale : vécu de violences structurelles et systémiques $17,500
Ritcey, Noah University of New Brunswick Investigating Leadership in Community-Based, Youth-Centered Makerspaces $17,500
Rivard, Angeline McGill University Exploring the Role of Community-Based Programming in Building Relationships Between Newcomer and Indigenous Youth $17,500
Robbins, Liam Western University Changing Times: Cognitive Processes Underlying Rhythmic Minimalism $17,500
Roberge, Emy Western University Cranial Modification and Dental Health in Peruvian Mummies $17,500
Robinson, Alexander University of Waterloo Empowering Toronto’s Vulnerable Populations Through Salvaged Materials: Challenging Land Value Through the Commons $17,500
Robinson, Connor Simon Fraser University Activism through Poetic Archives: Understanding Bud Osborn’s Downtown Eastside $17,500
Robinson, Sarah Memorial University of Newfoundland The Use of Geographical Information Systems in Oral History and Community Archaeology $17,500
Robitaille, Camille Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Les perceptions du volet parental de la maternelle 4 ans à temps plein de parents ayant des enfants présentant une ou plusieurs vulnérabilités de développement $17,500
Rochefort, Marielle University of Toronto The Muskoka Initiative: From Inception to Unveiling $17,500
Rochette Braun, Mathilde Université du Québec à Montréal La représentation grammaticale abstraite chez les nourrissons $17,500
Rogers, Morgan University of Calgary The influence of the coach-athlete relationship on athlete mental health $17,500
Roh, Jinho University of Toronto Recruitment and Equity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: How far has Canada come? $17,500
Rollins, Kathryn Western University The Impacts of Parent Coaching in Speech and Language Interventions $17,500
Romaniuk, Alyssa University of Manitoba A Comparison of Family Quality of Life in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Populations $17,500
Rondeau, Olivia Queen's University A Journey Towards Reconciliation: Soaring into the Generation of Change $17,500
Rose, Katelyn University of Toronto Effects of Single Motherhood on Toddlers’ Socio-Emotional Development $17,500
Ross, Jade Lakehead University Investigating origin of individuals from a British Royal Navy Hospital Cemetery, English Harbour, Antigua: A Multi-Isotopic Analysis $17,500
Rouillard, Jeanne Université Laval Les relations entre tradition et éducation dans l'oeuvre de Pierre Vadeboncoeur et celle de Mathieu Bélisle $17,500
Rouleau, Étienne Université de Montréal Le rôle de la dialectique dans la recherche aristotélicienne de la vérité $17,500
Roulx, Dominic Université de Montréal Ricœur et Kundera : enquête sur la fonction herméneutique de la fiction pour la compréhension de soi $17,500
Routhier, Frédérique Université du Québec à Montréal Recherche-intervention en milieu non-lucratif $17,500
Roy, Evelyne Université du Québec en Outaouais Obstacles et facilitateurs au développement et au maintien de relations intepersonnelles chez des personnes ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme âgées de 16 à 40 ans $17,500
Roy, Rachel University of Manitoba Autism Spectrum Disorder: Prevalence and Factors Influencing Late Diagnosis in a Canadian Sample $17,500
Rozendaal, Kate University of Alberta Exploring Best Practices for Albertan Multicultural Counsellors $17,500
Ruhdorfer, Adele Carleton University Inclusions and Exclusions within the Disability Arts Movement $17,500
Ruhl, Leo Simon Fraser University Science, Rhetoric, and Morality in the B.C. Influenza Prevention Policy $17,500
Rumeo, Carla University of Waterloo The effects of parental stress and locus of control on Emotion Focused Family Therapy outcomes $17,500
Russell, Jessica Western University Ridge Pine 3: Functions and settlement-subsistence patterns at a Late Archaic site $17,500
Saadeddin, Lina Western University Supporting Transition Resilience in Newcomer Groups (STRONG): Impacts on Resilience and Implications from Parents’ Involvement on Children’s Resiliency $17,500
Saas, Jessy Lee University of Saskatchewan The Myth of the Homesteader: Challenging the Saskatchewan Settler Narrative, 1880s to 1920s $17,500
Sack, Leah University of Guelph Mothers’ and Fathers’ Self-efficacy in the Context of Emotion Socialization $17,500
Sadek, Meray York University The Repatriation and Integration of Children Recruited and Exploited by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS); thus Undermines Canadian Public Policy $17,500
Saher, Malika Université de Montréal Où sont les enfants? Le droit à la participation des enfants en milieu scolaire au Québec, à la lumière de la Convention relative aux droits de l’enfant $17,500
Saint-Michel, Charles Université de Montréal Dimensions sonores de la Villa d'Este à Tivoli $17,500
Saj, Danielle Carleton University Institutional responses to racism and sexism in long-term care settings and self-perceptions of well-being among care workers $17,500
Sajid, Othmane Institut national de la recherche scientifique Dynamisme et désuétude des agglomérations commerciales en région métropolitaine : une étude du cas montréalais (1995-2020) $17,500
Sakata, Naoko McGill University Will Mental Skills Training Improve Music Performance? $17,500
Salim, Sabrin University of Toronto Using Knowledge Translation to Support Families’ Decision-Making After a Loved One’s Brain Death $17,500
Salloum, Nourhan York University Health in All Policies framework implementation in Ontario public policies and its impact on Health equity enhancement: assessment of government intersectoral obstacles, policies reform and implementation strategies research $17,500
Samoylenko, Valentina McGill University A Comparison between Immigrants’ Sense of Belonging in Urban and Suburban Neighbourhoods $17,500
Samson, Olivier Université du Québec à Montréal Révision et réconciliation : la conception éthique de la justice réparatrice à l’épreuve de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada $17,500
Samuelson, Cody York University The Shift from Crisis Response to Prevention: Youth-Homelessness in Oslo $17,500
Sanchez-Meza, Carlos Université du Québec à Montréal Le rôle et les effets de l'implication des pères avec un enfant ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme (TSA) entre 2 à 5 ans dans les services d'intervention comportementale intensive (ICI) au Québec $17,500
Sander-Montant, Andrea Concordia University The first signs of understanding: How exposure to diverse bilingual environments changes early word comprehension $17,500
Sandrin, Ryan Simon Fraser University Intimate partner violence in Canadian territories and its communities: Characteristics, prevalence rates, gendered differences, risk factors, and criminal justice system responses $17,500
Sanfaçon-Gagnon, Geneviève Université Laval L'expérience adaptative chez les enfants ayant vécu une réunification familiale $17,500
Sanmugalingam, Mithura McGill University Understanding the well-being of graduate students when transitioning to research $17,500
Santacroce, Brenna Concordia University Screen-free learning for success in the digital age: a case study of the Toronto Waldorf School $17,500
Sartor, Jacob Queen's University Evaluating the effectiveness of the “on-the-ground” strategy matrix in promoting quality participation in community-based recreation programs $17,500
Sarwar, Muhammad Ameer ul Azeem University of Toronto Perspectives on Causal Specificity $17,500
Sasseville-Langelier, Tristan Université du Québec à Montréal Pratiques performatives au Québec : résistance aux discours institutionnels en santé mentale $17,500
Satre, Hugo Université de Montréal Leonard Cohen et la Bible : l'héritage hébraïque dans Book of Mercy $17,500
Sauchuk, Anna Brock University Perpetual Faith: Early Christian Martyrdom in the Roman Empire $17,500
Sauvé, Corinne Université du Québec à Montréal Autoethnothéâtre collectif : recherche-création parmi un groupe de jeunes femmes avec expérience vécue d'itinérance $17,500
Savard T., Roselyne Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Impact de l'offre de services des Services intégrés en abus et maltraitance (SIAM) sur la trajectoire sociojudiciaire des cas d'enfants faisant l'objet d'une Entente multisectorielle dans la grande région de Québec $17,500
Schaefer, Brittany University of Guelph Living with Waste and Caring for Place: Trash and Tourism in Koh Lanta, Thailand $17,500
Scheltens, Taryn Trent University Nature Relatedness and Human Perceptions of Wildlife $17,500
Schers, Ashley The University of Winnipeg Media Shifts in Archival Theory $17,500
Schick, Amber University of Regina Reconciliation and Non-Indigenous Canadians’ Perspectives of the Economic Circumstances of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples $17,500
Schmid, Steven OCAD University A Critical Analysis of the Patriarchal Foundations in a Bahamian Home $17,500
Schmidt, Kevin University of Toronto Artistic Research and Analysis on the Knowledge-Sharing History of a DIY Community $17,500
Schmitt, Gabrielle Ryerson University Maternal socialization of infants' positive affect: A transactional model $17,500
Schnider, Raina University of Calgary Attitudes on Multilingualism and the Development of Pragmatics in Multilingual Child Language $17,500
Scholte, Daniel Carleton University Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds: Removing Barriers for Immigrant Intimate Partner Violence Survivors $17,500
Schultz, Cassandra University of Toronto Monstrosity and Gender in the Nowell Codex $17,500
Schultz, Jessica University of Alberta Teen Parents' Experience of Self-Compassion $17,500
Schultz, Olivia Concordia University Kissing Purity Goodbye? A Critical Rhetorical Analysis of Former Evangelical Purity Leader, Joshua Harris, and Evangelical Response $17,500
Sciberas, Chris University of Toronto The Moderating Role of Clique Stratification and Individual Centrality on Clique Socialization of Overt and Relational Aggression $17,500
Scola, Natalie University of Toronto Truth/Power: Indigenous Representation in Art $17,500
Segura González, Tamara York University Feliciades Mama $17,500
Seldon, Alana McMaster University After HIV/AIDS: Exploring alternative determinants and discourses of sex workers' health and illness in Cambodia $17,500
Sellitto, Teresa York University Parental Emotion Socialization and Child Emotion Regulation as Protective Factors for Children in Low Socioeconomic Status Families $17,500
Sénécal, Anne-Marie Concordia University Make the right Click! Learning with Learner Response Systems $17,500
Senicar, Hannah University of Regina Prairie Gothic Poetry Collection $17,500
Serrano, Claudia Université de Montréal Conséquences des politiques d’immigration restrictives sur les violations commises à l’égard des réfugiés : le cas de l’Italie $17,500
Seven Deers, Haley The University of British Columbia Anesthesiology, Pain, and the ‘Woman Question’ in the United Kingdom in the Nineteenth and early-Twentieth Centuries $17,500
Severson Mason, Meryn University of Alberta Changing Housing Transitions in Canada and Policy Implications $17,500
Sevilla Valenzuela, Victor The University of British Columbia Linguistic Intergroup Bias in news media regarding Central American migrant caravans of 2018 $17,500
Shakil, Maheen McMaster University Children's essentialist views of religion from ages 5 to 8 $17,500
Shan, Yina University of Toronto Integrating health equity into the design, implementation, and evaluation of energy interventions for an equitable path to decarbonization $17,500
Shankaruk, Roan University of Manitoba Bridging the Gap between Composer and Performer $17,500
Sharman, Alanna University of Manitoba The Impact of Income and Uncertainty on Consumer Adoption of Energy-Efficient Technology $17,500
Shaw, Ashley Wilfrid Laurier University Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control for Job Seekers with Visual Impairments $17,500
Sheahan, Ciaran University of Toronto The Future of Democracy In an Age of Genetic Enhancement $17,500
Sheahan, Madeleine University of Toronto Gender and Healthcare in Early Modern Bologna $17,500
Sher, Caleb University of Toronto What does it mean to speak Yiddish in the 21st Century? $17,500
Sherifi, Emilia Queen's University Exploring Gender Differences in Impulsivity and Suicide $17,500
Shields, Karen University of Alberta The Canadian Armed Forces: A Means to Promote Canadian Wind Band Music $17,500
Shillington, Katie Western University Kindness as an Intervention for Student Social Interaction Anxiety, Resilience, Affect, and Mood: The Kiss of Kindness Study II $17,500
Shipton, Catherine University of Ottawa Systems of Land Tenure in Haiti: Rural Women and Canadian Agricultural Development $17,500
Shire, Fatima University of Toronto Oral History of Syrian Diaspora In Canada $17,500
Shotlander, Ryan University of Toronto Drivers of Canadian bond liquidity: a machine learning approach $17,500
Sidhu, Manjinder The University of British Columbia Lost and Found: Understanding Modern Indo-Canadian Identity $17,500
Sidloski, Michaela University of Saskatchewan Empowering Forest Communities to Adapt to Climate Change $17,500
Sihra, Jasmine Concordia University Indigenous Art: Perspectives on Climate Change $17,500
Silver, Monica Carleton University Improving Worlds of Work: Canada’s Effect on International Labour Standards $17,500
Simard Farout, Julien McGill University Les mots, le corps : la poétique incarnée de Louis-Ferdinand Céline $17,500
Simard, Maïté Queen's University Connecting through stories: creating stability in transitory migration settings $17,500
Simmons, Gabriele University of Toronto Challenging Experiential Learning in Ontario: A Critical Assessment of Student Placement Expansion in the 21st Century $17,500
Simpson, Braden University of Lethbridge Promoting Advance Care Planning by Mitigating Terror through the Unexpected $17,500
Sinclair, Amanda University of Saskatchewan Executive Controls of Attention and Adult Attachment $17,500
Sinclair, Ghislaine University of Victoria Alternative Maps and Relationships to Canadian Land in Marlene Create's Places of Presence and Rita Wong and Fred Wah's beholden $17,500
Singleton-Polster, Rachel Simon Fraser University Racism: an unconsidered cost of caribou decline in BC $17,500
Sinha, Nicole Brock University Learning challenges or lack of focus? The role of attention in acquiring reading skill $17,500
Skinner, Jasmyn Western University The Impact of an Integrated Math and Physical Education Classroom on Students’ Math Perceptions $17,500
Sky, Rowan University of Toronto The relational intelligence of orality in Indigenous performance and cinema $17,500
Slade, Lindsay Acadia University Understanding Youth Homelessness: How the Built Environment in Rural Nova Scotia Impacts Homelessness $17,500
Slessor, Sophie Saint Mary's University Recreational camp as a medium of moral education $17,500
Slodki, Mark University of Ottawa Urban Foraging and Ecological Harm: a Comparative Study of an Emerging Hobby $17,500
Smail-Crevier, Rachel University of Windsor Common Contributions to the Development of Weight Concerns and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents $17,500
Smith, Adrian University of Northern British Columbia Historical Ecology and Land-Use Planning: Understanding Landscape Change to inform Landscape Use in Luutkudziiwus First Nation $17,500
Smith, Charlotte York University Saving Lives, Making Subjects: Biopower and Neoliberalism at the Supervised Consumption Site $17,500
Smith, Dawn The University of British Columbia Are British Columbia Housing programs consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? $17,500
Smith, Gabrielle Saint Mary's University An Intersectional Feminist Approach to Student Perceptions of Sexual Violence and Harassment at SMU: How safe is our campus and who is it safe for? $17,500
Smith, Joanne McGill University Harmonizing Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Northwestern BC: Indigenous, International and Canadian Perspectives $17,500
Smith, Pamela University of Victoria Implicit Bias and Theories of Intelligence in Cross-Cultural Learning Relationships $17,500
Smith, Patrick University of Northern British Columbia Precontact Indigenous Terraforming on the Babine River $17,500
Smith, Ryan The University of British Columbia Simulated volume: painting, terrain, utopic space $17,500
Smith, Spenser The University of British Columbia Comment Section: A Poetic Response to Opioid-Related Stigma on Social Media $17,500
Smyth, MacKenzie The University of British Columbia The Posthuman Prairie Gothic: A Short Story Collection $17,500
Snider, Erin Carleton University Overcoming Barriers to Northern Agricultural Expansion Through Fish Waste Composting in Kakisa, NT $17,500
Sobotkiewicz, Isabel York University Hierarchies of Water and Place: The Degradation of a Natural Resource in Ontario, Canada $17,500
Socholotiuk, Erin The University of British Columbia A Proposed Examination of Skeletal Taphonomic Processes within a Seasonally Cold Climate $17,500
Solas, Eddia University of Toronto Towards Culturally Relevant and Responsive Science Teaching for Black Students $17,500
Sollazzo, Anna University of Alberta Deciphering and Disseminating the Data of the Comédie Française $17,500
Sommerfeld, Jocelyn Trent University Influence of Parental Views of Nature on Children’s Level of Nature Connectedness $17,500
Song, Hui Ying York University Ms. $17,500
Sosa-Hernandez, Linda University of Waterloo The moderating role of metaperceptions on the relation between shyness and social anxiety among pre-adolescents $17,500
Sparling, Matthew University of Toronto Can Municipal-Federal Partnerships in Immigration Governance Work? A Case Study of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot in Canada $17,500
Spasov, Hannah University of Waterloo The Ontario Lodge: an alternative to the contemporary cottage through designed communal space and shared environmental stewardship $17,500
Speers, Shoshannah University of Waterloo Gender-responsive disaster preparedness to extreme weather events among income-poor women in Negros Occidental, Philippines $17,500
Spenst, Kevin The University of British Columbia Rereading the Routes of Madness through Liz Howard’s Infinite Citizen… $17,500
Spohr, Melissa University of New Brunswick This is What I Know―An Exploration of Exile, Genocide, and Fractured Selves $17,500
Sprangers, Nolan University of Toronto Orpheus's Afterlives $17,500
Sprott, Steven Queen's University Gothic, Space, and the Mind: Architecture and Literature in the 19th Century $17,500
Srivastava, Shannon The University of British Columbia Canadian Gender Development Work in the African Subcontinent $17,500
St Dennis, Finnianne University of Alberta Non-binary Albertan's speak on the introduction of X gender markers $17,500
St. John, Elizabeth University of Ottawa Does a high perceived sense of meaning act as a protective factor in child refugees from Syria? $17,500
Stadder, Emily University of Windsor A case study of strategic event volunteer management $17,500
Stainsby, Anna University of Toronto Mi Vi - Creative Writing MA $17,500
Stamatescu, Ioana Concordia University Between the East and the West—Imaginary Constructs in the Romanian New Wave $17,500
Stecher, Kristen McGill University Bodily Movement as a Teaching Tool in Undergraduate Physics $17,500
Steele, Robert The University of British Columbia Changing Times: Timepieces and Industrialization in Victorian Sensation Fiction $17,500
Stehr, Rodney The University of British Columbia Mapping the Sexual and Mental Health Post-Migration Pathways of 2SLGBTQ+ Youth Moving from Rural or Northern Natal Communities $17,500
Stendel, Jacqueline McGill University Art Education for the Climate Crisis $17,500
Stewart, Mairead OCAD University Exploring the Influence of Technologically Mediated Culture on Human Experience Through Podcasted Interviews $17,500
Stewart, Tyler University of Lethbridge Silencing―The Politics of Sound $17,500
Stewart-Lee, Jess Concordia University The In-Between: An examination of archival media in autobiographical documentary film $17,500
Stijelja, Stefan Université du Québec à Montréal Exploration de la détresse psychologique chez les incels (célibataires involontaires) $17,500
Storr, Nicholas York University After the Twelfth: Post-Sponsorship Relationships in Canadian Refugee Resettlement $17,500
Stout, Madeleine University of Alberta “Celebrated, not just endured:” Winterizing the Prairie City $17,500
Strachan, Anton Queen's University Oscan Graffiti in Roman Pompeii $17,500
Strazds-Esenbergs, Megan Wilfrid Laurier University For-Profit Long-Term Care: Impacts on Quality of Care for Older Adults and Families $17,500
Stringer, Michael The University of British Columbia Film as Thought Experiment: Philosophical Ramifications Seen in the Films of Yorgos Lanthimos $17,500
Strutt, Courtney Lakehead University Environmental Justice Education and the Climate Action Movement in Settler-Colonial Hub Cities $17,500
Su, Chun Fu Simon Fraser University Preventing Underage Gambling: Understanding Digital Loot Boxes and Problem Gambling in Canada $17,500
Sureshkumar, Brittney Brock University A Comparison of Written Instructions and Video Modeling to Teach First Aid Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $17,500
Sutherland, Hannah University of Ottawa La formation d'une résilience langagière chez les jeunes francophones en milieu minoritaire $17,500
Suzor-Morin, Marie University of Ottawa Towards a Critique of Social Change: Baby Boomers and the Promise of Political Consumerism $17,500
Swaby, Giovanna OCAD University Rooted: A Visual Exploration of Blackness, Womanhood and Hair Through Fibre Arts and Multimedia Installation $17,500
Swan, Heather University of Ottawa Cancer Screening Practices in South Korea $17,500
Sweeney, Larissa Saint Mary's University Irregular migration in The Gambia: the role of climate change and environmental degradation $17,500
Switzer, Andrew University of Victoria The Moderating Effect of Dyadic Coping on The Psychological Cost of Received Support $17,500
Switzer, Gabriella York University Lesbians with Intersectional Identities and Access to Assisted Reproduction $17,500
Szabo, Shivhan York University The Humanization of Labour: Crafting Capital in the Digital Age $17,500
Szklarczyk, Nicole Queen's University Visual Representations of Sexual Trauma in Women's Comics $17,500
Szozda, Alisha University of Ottawa Investigating how chemists engage in Systems Thinking in Chemistry Education $17,500
Tacuri, Natalie Brock University From Artists to Athletes: Examining Perceptions of Dance as Sport in Ontario Universities $17,500
Taillon, Elina The University of British Columbia Fabulism as an Expression of Trauma and Resilience in Chronic Illness $17,500
Talbot, Annie Université du Québec à Montréal Pour une nouvelle historiographie en acte et une posture historienne située : HHhH de Laurent Binet $17,500
Teesdale, Shane Lakehead University Maize, Wild Rice, and Anthropogenic Activity: A Paleoecological Reconstruction of Woodland Period Upper Peninsula Michigan $17,500
Thawani, Roshni University of Toronto Accessible Exposure: Utilizing Technology for Educational Insight Beyond the Confines of a Classroom $17,500
Theriault, Daniel McGill University A Unique Responsibility: State Identity, U.S. Humanitarian Intervention and the Yazidi Crisis $17,500
Thériault, Kassandre Université de Montréal Une nouvelle réponse à la crise environnementale : l'écologie et la spiritualité Jaïn $17,500
Thériault, Kim University of Ottawa Semantic priming paradigm in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease $17,500
Thériault, Mylène Université du Québec à Montréal Le cadrage médiatique du travail du sexe lors de l'arrêt Bedford et du projet de loi C-36 $17,500
Thibaudeau, Félycia McGill University La brièveté poétique ou l’évidence politique dans l’œuvre de Paul Éluard $17,500
Thibault-Canas, Melissa University of Ottawa Rethinking approaches towards people with suicidal thoughts $17,500
Thibeault, Laurianne Université Laval Quand l’intime se veut universel : subjectivité et nuance du discours chez Gabrielle Roy $17,500
Thibodeau, Alex Université Laval Brûler Chengdu suivi de la représentation de la courtisane en littérature, de Feng Menglong à Alexandra Curry $17,500
Thibodeau, Fabrice Université Laval Le développement durable en tant que politique gouvernementale et concept contesté : le cas du Québec $17,500
Thierry, Sophia Brock University Children's sensitivity to facial cues of trustworthiness when forming first impressions of child faces $17,500
Thiessen, Kaschelle Royal Roads University The transmission of queer narratives in the Canadian context $17,500
Thomas, Tarene The University of British Columbia The Highway is Warm $17,500
Thommeret-Carrière, Anne-Sophie Université de Montréal Ethnographie de l’utilisation informelle des médicaments de prescription en établissement de détention québécois $17,500
Thompson, Alexander University of Alberta Built Embodiment $17,500
Thompson, Danielle Wilfrid Laurier University Work Family Conflict: The Lived Experiences of Police Officers who are Fathers $17,500
Thompson-Bled, Sapphira University of Toronto Shifting Trends Towards Extreme Right Populism: The Canadian Context $17,500
Tinsley, Mikayla The University of British Columbia Letting the Cat out of the Bag: An Empirical Study of Pet-Friendly Rental Housing in Metro Vancouver $17,500
Tomar, Balie The University of British Columbia Breastfeeding and Ethology: A Common History $17,500
Tompalski, Jaclyn Carleton University Under-serving the Over-represented―Indigenous Admissions into Drug Treatment Courts $17,500
Toole, Anie Memorial University of Newfoundland Métissage: Materializing Translation in Multilayer Weaving $17,500
Toorenburgh, Lydia University of Victoria Reading the Medicine Wheel: Exploring the Effects of Low Literacy Levels on Indigenous People’s Ability to Access Healthcare $17,500
Tootonsab, Zahra University of Alberta Where water hits home: Colonial technologies of violence on human/non-human beings of “Otherness” $17,500
Tourigny Fleury, Alexandra Université du Québec à Montréal Les expositions jeunesse d’art contemporain au Québec : quel espace pour l’agentivité de l’enfant? $17,500
Tourigny, Sarah Université du Québec en Outaouais Comment favoriser la participation des enfants dans les interventions qu'ils reçoivent : une étude participative avec des enfants de 6 à 12 ans $17,500
Towers, Sarah University of Waterloo When the “forest” matters more than the “trees”: Slow goal progress can lead to unsafe shortcut behaviours via narrowed attention $17,500
Towle, Emma McGill University Supernatural Predation and the Integrity of Court Systems in Medieval Romances $17,500
Trafford, Daniel McMaster University Exercise Psychology research $17,500
Traxler, Sophia University of Calgary Wherever Green Is Worn: The Gaelic Revival and the Irish Republican Army, 1883-1921 $17,500
Tremblay, Vicky Université de Montréal Platinisme et dialogisme : décloisonnement des traditions dans RPM et Bookburners de Nicole Lizée $17,500
Tremblay-Baillargeon, Victor Université de Montréal Le problème de la combinaison pour le panpsychisme $17,500
Tremblett, Sarah McGill University Power, Poverty, and Politics: Understanding the impact of systemic poverty and child welfare involvement on Mi'kmaw families $17,500
Trépanier, Anne-Marie Concordia University ‘Giving What You Don’t Have’: A Technofeminist Analysis of Knowledge Preservation and Dissemination as Artistic Practice $17,500
Trépanier, Emy Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Formation sur le développement de la capacité de mentalisation chez le thérapeute et ses effets sur le maintien de l'alliance thérapeutique avec le client $17,500
Trickey, Jessica University of Waterloo Social Belonging for Black Women in STEM $17,500
Trofimuk, Brynn University of New Brunswick Examining Misogynist Terrorism in Canada $17,500
Trudeau, Austin Concordia University The Impact of Affect on Delayed Discounting $17,500
Tsoumpas, Hilary University of Calgary Using Counterstereotypic Imagined Intergroup Contact to Reduce Weight Bias in Fitness Trainers $17,500
Tsui, Jasmine University of Toronto Choreographic Methods in Theater Percussion $17,500
Tufts, Kody University of Calgary Absent and Altered Prefixes in Tsuut'ina Verbs $17,500
Turner, Iliana University of Alberta Beyond Safe Sex: The Role of Sexual Education and Immigrant Inclusion in Canada $17,500
Usenka, Nastassia Carleton University From Restoration to Sustainable Innovation $17,500
Vachon, Joshua Université de Sherbrooke Boire et manger à Strasbourg durant l’entre-deux-guerres : approche géohistorique du système alimentaire urbain (1919-1939) $17,500
Vadnais, Anne-Catherine Université Laval Entre état de nature et état social : le problème de la signification de la musique chez Jean-Jacques Rousseau $17,500
Vailles, Andréanne Université Laval Musée, ville et tourisme:  enjeux de la (sur)fréquentation touristique à Québec $17,500
Valappil, Gayathri University of Waterloo Canadian Aquaponics: Environmental Burden or Solution? $17,500
Vallée, Sandrine University of Ottawa Incursion dans le vestiaire masculin! – Une analyse des actes langagiers chez la jeunesse franco-canadienne $17,500
Vallières, Mathilde McGill University La dramaturgie des Salons de Diderot (1759-1781) $17,500
Vallières, Noémie HEC Montréal Analyse comparative du directeur artistique, comme dirigeant créatif, et du président directeur général, comme dirigeant stratégique en relation avec la performance globale des organisations dans l’industrie de la mode canadienne $17,500
Van Barneveld, Simon Simon Fraser University Developing and Testing a Predictive Model for Archaic Age Sites in Jamaica $17,500
van den Berg, Sarah Memorial University of Newfoundland The Water Sings Again: Examining the Role of Performance, Place and Sensory Engagement in Facilitating Environmental Empathy and Action $17,500
Van Halem, Emily The University of British Columbia Agencies of change: Transformative pedagogies for social change organizations $17,500
Van Oyen, Julie Emily Carr University of Art + Design More-Than-Human Participatory Research to Inform Constructive Design Research $17,500
van Vliet, Grace University of Toronto The Gaullist Myth: France, Germany, and the European Union $17,500
Van Vuuren, Luke Queen's University Reinterpreting Misconceptions in Byzantine Relations with the Crusaders $17,500
van Weerden, Levi University of Waterloo Preparing for a City of Ageing Condominiums $17,500
Vanderloop, Lisa Western University Coping with Chaos: Adaptive Coping Among Veteran Emergency Dispatchers $17,500
Vanier, Sage Simon Fraser University Connecting the Past to the Present: A Forest Garden at Sts'ailes $17,500
Varin, Rose Université de Montréal The role of children's social demonstration-avoidance goal on academic functioning $17,500
Vasquez Benavides, Winy The University of British Columbia The Right to Food: Nutrition and Food Sovereignty in Protected Areas $17,500
Venturo, Erica University of Toronto Tracing Possible Ancient Roman Trade Routes across Mainland and Island Greece during the Late Roman Period $17,500
Verret, Emilie Université Laval Social perception of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) individuals wanting to become parents $17,500
Vesik, Kaili The University of British Columbia Modeling the effects of multi-dialect language perception and learning $17,500
Vieira dos Santos, Barbara Memorial University of Newfoundland Amefricanizing Social Media: The Case of Black Women Intellectuals in Brazil $17,500
Vigu, Teodora Université du Québec en Outaouais Le soutien social chez les adolescents immigrants : différentes perceptions en fonction du niveau de stress d’acculturation $17,500
Vijayakumar, Abirami University of Toronto Coping Strategies Among Female and Male Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Competitive Employment $17,500
Villanueva, Emily University of Alberta Tomorrow I Will Be Better: A Corpus-Assisted Discourse Study of Diet Communities on Reddit $17,500
Villeneuve, Katrina-Ray Ontario Tech University  Interrogation Techniques: The Impact of False Evidence on the Confessions of the Mentally Impaired $17,500
Vista, Cristine Concordia University On Identity and Nationalism: Investigating the Postcolonial Dilemmas of Philippine Art Education $17,500
Vista, Cristy Concordia University Busted Flush: Worker Responsibilization in a Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program $17,500
Vogel, Kristian University of Toronto The Neglected Voice of the Tenor Saxophone $17,500
Voth, Elisa University of Alberta Unlocking Beethoven's Piano Sonatas: An Injury Preventive Approach $17,500
Vuckovic, Dana York University Absence de la figure paternelle et omniprésence du désir maternel dans le monde de Thérèse Raquin : une analyse lacanienne du désir chez Zola $17,500
Vujcic, Jefimija University of Toronto Oral History and Immigration Communities in Museums $17,500
Waddell, Meghan The University of British Columbia Language in the Margins: Code-Switching in Two-Spirit Poetry $17,500
Walker, Allana Trinity Western University Conceptualizations of Divine Forgiveness Among Emerging Adults with Insecure Divine Attachment $17,500
Walker, Kailey Queen's University Does Connectivity Foster Social Inclusion? A critical examination of digital inequalities in rural Northern Ontario $17,500
Walkowski, Jana McGill University Assessing the use of Development Aid Funding in the EU’s “Border Externalization Policies” $17,500
Wallis, Erica University of Toronto Comparing Digital Civil Engagement in the Chinese and Hong Kong Public Sphere $17,500
Walsh, Nyissa Concordia University Examining the Role of Social Support and Mindfulness on Psychological Distress in Cancer Patients $17,500
Walsh-Beauchamp, Raphaëlle Queen's University An Investigation of Nineteenth-Century Archaeological Evidence for Roman Britain and its Contemporary Reception within British Society $17,500
Walter, Marissa Acadia University An Examination of the Frequency of Affectionate Touch and its Health Associations Within Interracial vs. Intraracial Relationships $17,500
Wang, Eddy University of Toronto A Film-Philosophical Investigation on the Aspects of Love $17,500
Wang, Grace University of Toronto Auditory Categorical Perception $17,500
Wang, Haotong University of Saskatchewan Empirical Investigation of the Chinese Sociocultural Models of Mental Health and Mental Illness $17,500
Wang, Jing University of Ottawa The double-edge sword of Chinese-language digital/social media in Canadian public diplomacy $17,500
Wang, Xing Yan University of Toronto Repetition - Creative Writing MA $17,500
Wani, Sanna University of Toronto Poetics, Affect and Power in Kashmiri Communities $17,500
Waqar, Minal University of Toronto Type 2 diabetes in South Asians: Exploring inherent risk factors and utilization of healthcare services in Canada $17,500
Warner, Lindsay University of Calgary The Intersection of Career and Relationship for Emerging Adult Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics $17,500
Warren, Jared Wilfrid Laurier University The Schools at War: The Department of Education and Ontario High Schools during World War I $17,500
Warsame, Hanna University of Ottawa The Romantic Appeal to Scripture: Byron, Orientalism, and the French Revolution. $17,500
Waterman, Breanna The University of Winnipeg Canadian Responses to Rationing During the Second World War $17,500
Watson, Morgan University of Victoria Women’s Labour and Love: Working Class Queer Experiences in Canadian Urban Centres (1969-1989) $17,500
Weerasinghe, Rashmi Simon Fraser University The Association between Depressive Symptom Profiles and Elder Fraud Susceptibility: A Prospective Model $17,500
Weigel, Matthew University of Alberta Treaty No. 11 Artist's Book of Poetry $17,500
Weir, Jesse Simon Fraser University English Pronoun Dropping Limitations and Motivations $17,500
Weir, Jordan University of Toronto Mapping Queer Narrative $17,500
Welcome, Vergil McMaster University An exploration of the social and economic bases of political power $17,500
Welsh, Hayley McMaster University Childhood Nutritional Stress in Medieval Toulouse, France $17,500
Welsh, Liam University of Alberta Consequences of Wall Street’s “Dirty Little Secret” on Financial Markets $17,500
Whalley, Ashlynn McMaster University Technological Mediation of the Natural World: Intrinsic Value in a Technology Saturated Society $17,500
White, Anna The University of British Columbia Interrogating Cancel Culture: Beyond Binary Thinking in CampOUT’s Leader Training Approach  $17,500
White, Emily University of Alberta Parental perspectives on a dual-language stimulation program and bilingualism: A qualitative investigation $17,500
Whitecrow, Jamie York University The First Indigenous Female Pornographer $17,500
Whittaker, Leah University of Waterloo From Brown to Green: Ensuring the Sustainability of Brownfield Redevelopment through the Implementation of Green and Sustainable Remediation Strategies in Ontario $17,500
Wilkinson, Stephen Simon Fraser University Highbridge and the High Bridge: Segregation, Displacement and Gentrification $17,500
Willett, Samuel Simon Fraser University Scriptural Interpretation in Moby-Dick: Reading Melville’s New Testament Marginalia $17,500
Williams, Logan University of Toronto Curating Performance: the stage, the gallery and the cross-disciplinary body $17,500
Williams, Sarah University of Calgary The Role of Rumination in Gender Differences in Stress Eating $17,500
Williams, Sylvie Anne McGill University Learning from survivors of intimate partner violence: intersectional narratives towards better care $17,500
Willie, Kathleen University of Saskatchewan An Archaeological Perspective on Bison Restoration at Wanuskewin Heritage Park $17,500
Willis, Hannah Ryerson University White Normativity in Canadian Television: National Identity and Popular Culture $17,500
Wilson, Emma-Catherine University of Ottawa Translatio Studii et Imperii during the Hundred Years' War $17,500
Wilson, Fiona Memorial University of Newfoundland Factors Relating to Chronic Pain $17,500
Wilson, Grace Dalhousie University Commodifying the Prisoner in Dorchester Penitentiary, 1880-1900 $17,500
Wilson, Hanna University of Toronto The Intersection of Jazz and Classical Music in the Bass Trombone Repertoire $17,500
Wilson, Leah Carleton University The Autocratization of Human Rights: Israel's Basic Laws $17,500
Wilson, Sara Western University Community-Based Wind Turbine Development: International Survey of Procedural Involvement and Social Acceptance $17,500
Wing, Melissa University of Victoria Unlikely Allies: Canadian Military Headquarters and War Correspondents of the Second World War $17,500
Wittes, Mélanie The University of British Columbia Spaces of Reconciliation: A Transformative Planning Case Study on Co-designing an Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Urban Public Space $17,500
Wolfe, Susannah York University The Many Masks of Sor Juana: Exploring Popular Representations of Sor Juana's Sexuality $17,500
Wolff, Rebecca The University of British Columbia Agricultural change and well-being in the Ecuadorian Andes $17,500
Wolfson, Andrea McGill University Exploring Sex-Work Policy in Canada $17,500
Wolofsky, Tamar McGill University Exploring Social Networks of Asylum Seekers who Arrived in Montreal Between 2017-2018: Pathways for Social Work Intervention $17,500
Wong, Harris The University of British Columbia Does Emotion Regulation Predict Whether Stereotypes Are a Threat to Academic Performance? $17,500
Wong, Katherine University of Calgary Understanding the Language of Art for Children who are Dying $17,500
Wong, Leilan The University of British Columbia The Role of Photography in Intergenerational Learning for the Chinese Canadian Diaspora $17,500
Wood, Emma McMaster University Harlem Renaissance and the Influence of Racial and Queer Identity in Literary Texts, Music and Activism $17,500
Wood, Minda University of Ottawa Youth Residing in Homeless Shelters With and Without Their Family: Mental Health Adjustment and Coping $17,500
Woodman, Walter York University Internet Explorer―Copyright In A Post Colonial World $17,500
Wozniak, Rashell University of Alberta Examining the Moderating Effect of Adolescent Identity Styles on the Relationship Between Mentor Relationship Quality and Well-being $17,500
Wu, Christine University of New Brunswick Have You Eaten Yet? Culture, Identity, Race, and Memory Through Food $17,500
Wu, Nancy The University of British Columbia Missing the 6.0: A Memoir about Figure Skating and Moving to Canada $17,500
Wunderink, Rachelle York University Trauma Endured, Trauma Shared: Creating Safe Spaces for Women in Visual Arts $17,500
Wyatt, Brett University of Regina Down For Mine: Regionalism, Community, and Localized Identities in Midwest Hardcore $17,500
Wyatt, Clare University of Toronto Orchestrating for Electronic Instruments in Musical Theatre $17,500
Wynen, Katelynn University of Toronto Behavioural Insights for Canadian Environmental Policies $17,500
Xue, Nancy Simon Fraser University Upstream Circularity in British Columbia's Mining Industry $17,500
Yager, Hannelore University of Toronto Assessing Patterns between Demand, Storage Capacity and Service Roles of Toronto Organizations in Key Food Relief Catchment Areas $17,500
Yan, Anisa University of Toronto Passing Forks vs. Chopsticks: A Cultural Comparison of Prosocial Development within the First Year of Life $17,500
Yang, Zi Qing University of Waterloo Research on living in the Shanghai alleyways (longtang) $17,500
Yankey, Manzah University of Alberta The Intersectional Nature of Police Culture: Accessing the Experiences of Female Police Officers in Edmonton $17,500
Yeganeh Farid, Sepidar University of Calgary Expression Through Creativity: The Integration Experiences of Newcomer Youth into Public French Schools $17,500
Yeo, Bernadette Western University Caring for Teachers: Exploring Pre-Service Teacher Well-Being, Self-Efficacy, and Vicarious Trauma $17,500
Yeo, Si Ning Queen's University Examining real-time coping behaviours during suicidal ideation in young Canadians $17,500
Yetman, Cameron Western University The Fallacy of Stipulation: Why Conceivability Does Not Entail Possibility $17,500
Yin, Melanie Queen's University The Impact of Education on Long-Term Earnings of Displaced Workers Changing Industries $17,500
You, Zi Ting University of Toronto What makes political intergroup relations particularly intractable? $17,500
Young, Karen Ryerson University Integrating or Assimilating? Undergraduate International Students’ Experiences in Canada $17,500
Young, Keyna University of Alberta Women's Empowerment Through Stylish Baskets in Iringa, Tanzania $17,500
Young, Kirsten Brock University Integrating a Behavioral Skills Training Framework into a Mobile Application to Provide Training to Volunteers Working with a Neurodiverse Population $17,500
Young, Samantha Memorial University of Newfoundland Creating Food Security and Resiliency in Rural Canadian Communities $17,500
Young, Tayler University of Alberta #ToxicTwitter: The Symbolic Annihilation of Women Politicians in Canada $17,500
Yung, Patrick Queen's University Exploration of the Motivations for Teen Dating Violence $17,500
Yuzwa, Jenna Simon Fraser University Recognizing an Important Distinction Between Moral Responsibility and Blameworthiness $17,500
Zacharuk, Brooke Carleton University Architecture for Growth: Building Materials to Cultivate Sustainable Paradigms and Public Well-being $17,500
Zaeem, Zoya University of Alberta ‘Building Your Neurology Acumen’: a flipped classroom approach to strengthen residents’ neurological skills $17,500
Zampino, Elisa University of Toronto The Southern Gothic and the Spanish American Novel: William Faulkner, Juan Rulfo and Gabriel García Márquez $17,500
Zarié, Alexandre Université Laval Usages pédagogiques des espaces scolaires et de leurs équipements par des enseignants du secondaire $17,500
Zavgorodny-Freedman, Katrin University of Toronto Modernist Tensions: Regionalism and Globality in Arthur Erickson’s Vancouver Works 1965-1983 $17,500
Zelt, Julianna McGill University Sense of Belonging in Upper Elementary Youth Through Science Podcast Creation $17,500
Zheng, Jason The University of British Columbia Dyadic coping and support in married couples $17,500
Zikic, Alexandrija McGill University Brain Lateralization of Theory of Mind $17,500
Zogheib, Ciara University of Toronto Investigating and Improving Interdisciplinary Information Management Practices $17,500
Zuhlke, Anika University of Victoria The Sensory Gothic in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles $17,500
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